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Behind the Fashion Mikey Koffman with The Gallery L.A.



California beachwear.

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In case you need some musical inspiration this summer, we here at Inspirare put together a playlist of all our favorite songs! Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines – Steven Price Daft Punk: Doin’ Right – Paola Soto Aluna George: You Know You Like It – Paula Tabinski M.I.A.: Bad Girls - Adrienne Glenn Icona Pop: I Love It (I Don't Care) – Steven Price Grimes: Oblivion – Paola Soto Disclosure: Help Me Lose My Mind ft London Grammar – Paula Tabinski Rudimental: Waiting All Night – Carole Plancon C2C: Delta – Carole Plancon Yelle: Ce Jeu - Adrienne Glenn


who we are

Meet The Folks Behind Inspirare Magazine

Adrienne Glenn Executive Editor.

Frederick Steven price

Director of Special Projects.

Rose Tobin Design Intern.


PAOLA SOTO Design Director.

pearl michaelson Beauty Editor.

Paula Tabinski Journalist.


The amazingly talented people that add to the words, images and STYLE of Inspirare Magazine To the ones who make our world go round...


Dabbling with many art forms since a young age, she satisfies her innate thirst for creativity by playing with colours, textures and morphology. She considers every face a canvas with endless possibilities to translate beauty the way it inspires her.


By allowing the body to express itself in it’s purest form, she is in quest for authenticity. She devotes her full energy and attention to each individual and subject in front of her lens.



Passionate about all things beauty and wellness related, she has been a Freelance Make Up artist for nearly 4 years and is currently attending Cinta Aveda Institute for an international certification.

A fashion stylist from China, she is currently working towards a fashion merchandising MFA degree at the Academy of Art University SF. She is obsessed with styling and truly believes that it is her passion.

Make Up Artist.





A photographer with a passion for fashion, he is currently attending the Academy of Art University San Francisco for a Bachelor’s degree in photography. He will be looking to move to New York City after he graduates to pursue his career.

He enjoys to work as a team with both model and photographer creating strong and out of the box hairstyles.



Hair Artist.


An East Coast photographer for over 4 years now, she has made the move from shooting primarily weddings and portraits to what she truly loves, street style and fashion. One of the big apple’s greatest fans... you are lucky to have her NYC!


San Francisco. Hair. Fashion. Life

Would you like to be a contributor? Contact us at

Letter from the Editor

Nothing harmonizes with late summer like sun, fun and a pulsating beat! Music follows us from shop to shop, car to car, beach to beach and elevator to elevator. If you take the time to listen around you, music guides us through most of our day... just like the clothes we put on our bodies. Fashion and music have been intertwined as far as I can see back, which was why we at the Inspirare creative office decided to meld the two together for our August issue. The other day, while nibbling these amazing bacon wrapped dates at the delicious Barbacco in the heart of the San Francisco Financial District, I was also inspired by a new friend to speak out on my distaste for the fashion industry pushing clothing on us from seasons far beyond what we are presently wearing. I glance down at my sundress as I read the most current issue of Vogue that is full of models clad in jackets and sweaters. This just doesn’t make sense... why can’t we purchase current fashions in our current season? How come when I go to purchase a sun dress for next weekend’s outdoor wedding can I not find a single thing that isn’t long sleeved? In the interest of trying something new and being a bit of a rebel (nothing new there), I decided to put out our August Music and Fashion Meld issue with a swimsuit on the cover... it’s what most of us are still spending our weekends in, right?! I don’t want to read about winter clothes when I am still sunbathing, bbqing and sweating! Enjoy the beat of the present people! Peruse our issue on your ipad as you lay across the warm summer sand, blasting some Pandora behind it and you will see what we mean!

Adrienne Glenn Executive Editor You can reach her at or 415.449.8894




Benjamin Antz-Recalt

Irina Dzhus

Alejandra de Coss

T-Shirt $167

Terracota Flower Dress $374

Coral Skirt $120

Hello Sisters

Racheli Lila

Andreia Lexim

Green Print Clutch $45

Square Necklace $150

Summer Knit $285

To purchase these lovely items visit: SHOP.INSPIRARE.COM 11


morgan olson This month’s cover model shows us how amazing beachy locks and flawless skin can upgrade any beach. The Santa Cruz, California Beach Boardwalk no doubt loved watching Morgan do her amazing thing for Swimwear by Michelle Byrnes feature editorial. Thanks once again to Stars Model Management, because of you we get to showcase terrific designs on another spectacular beauty! Take a moment to learn a little more about what beats inside this beauty... How long have you been modeling? I’ve been modeling for a couple of years now. Tell us what got you started in modeling… I decided to put my pictures up to a local San Francisco agency and ended up getting signed soon after. Where were you born and where did you grow up? I was born in Austin, Texas but I have lived in San Jose, California most of my life. What is your favorite color? Mmm, my favorite color alternates between purple and blue. It depends what mood I’m in I suppose.

also like to run hiking trails and ride bikes. Also, eating healthy and organically keeps me energized to keep up my workouts. What do you love most about being a model? I love the people I meet the most. It’s so fun to work on a set and get to know the people you’re working with. What do you see as the biggest challenges? The biggest challenge for me is balancing school and work with modeling. Do you have a favorite clothing item or accessory? I love dresses, if I could wear a dress everyday I totally would. Who is your favorite designer? Right now my favorite designer is Jason Wu. How did you prepare for this cover shoot with Inspirare? I looked at the mood board, provided by Jeffry and got a feel for the look they were going for. If you met the designer, Michelle Byrnes, what would you tell her about her swimwear? I would tell her how much I love the bright colors of her swimsuits and that the designs were super fun.

What is your favorite food? Sushi is my favorite food, for sure. If I could have sushi for breakfast lunch and dinner I would.

What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is the perfect way to express yourself. I love the way wearing my favorite dress makes me feel confident and unstoppable.

A healthy body is important as a model, how do you keep yourself fit and happy? I like to work out, sometimes I’ll go to the gym, but I

If you could tell the world one thing about Morgan Olson, what would it be? One of my favorite hobbies is laser tagging. :)

Inspirare Cover Model


about Inspirare

At Inspirare, we believe the best way to create innovative fashion is to connect inspired designers with individuals who love to express their own style. Out of that connection comes collaborative, unique and beautiful clothing. Discover



At Inspirare, we find emerging designers to share with you. You help launch new brands by voting, buying, and sharing with your friends.

Inspirare is fashion empowered by consumers. Designers get their big break, and you get clothing that truly lets you express who you are because you helped create it.

Support your favorite designers by voting and purchasing, and let your personality shine through Inspirare curated designers. Be rare. 14



Haute Items

Musically Inclined Each of us should march to the beat of our own drummer when it comes to fashion. Be it a guitar, piano or music notes‌ individuality strikes a chord this summer with these fun finds for the musically inclined!

Red Carter Guitar Swimsuit $260

Shop Neiman Marcus

Charlotte Olympia Black Serenade Shoe $944

Shop Boutique1

Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance $49

Shop Sephora

M.A.C Viva la Glam I $15

Shop M.A.C

Betsey Johnson Striped Dress $118

Shop Betsey Johnson

ZAZZLE Keynote Clutch $56

Shop Zazzle



My Tee Spot

Cassette Tape Tie Tack $12

David Bowie Tee $13

Shop Plastiqueshop

Shop myteespot


Keep Calm Belt Buckle $37

Shop Zazzle

Urbanears Ocean Color Headphones $60

Shop Urban Outfitters

Superette Guitar Pick Necklace $239

Shop Superette 19

ZAZZLE Iphone Tape Case $14

Shop Zazzle

Tom’s Music Notes $60

Shop Tom’s Shoes Outlet

ASOS Jack Necklace $34



Hancholo Turntable Ring $200

Shop Hancholo

In the Key of Chic Dress $125

Shop Modcloth

Beats by Dre Beats Pill $200

Shop Beats by Dre





of Frankie Loves Fashion

Written by Paula Tabinski

Meet Nicole, an LA native and daily fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who recently launched her own e-commerce store With her effortless Californian edgy style, Frankie knows how to keep it fresh, chic and stand out from the crowd in a city full of competing Angels. Nicole’s style versatility is admirable as she flits between grungy, hip, sophisticated, chic, and casual looks on a daily basis, which keeps everyone guessing what she will wear next. The best thing about it is that it is affordable! No wonder she has so many loyal followers coming back to her page for inspiration and tips. We could all take a leaf out of her book‌ 22

“I’m a huge fan of mixing designer pieces with affordable pieces!”

How would you describe your style in 5 words? Edgy, Classic, Effortless, Casual, Chic. What’s your fashion forecast for next year? Name three items/designs. The Fall 2013 shows definitely had me excited and looking ahead to Fall...I’m absolutely loving the influx of menswear coats and fabrics, edgy leather, and chic suits. I also can’t wait for cozy knits (as seen at Alexander Wang & Theyskens’ Theory), houndstooth (as seen at

Lanvin), and leather (as pening here. The weathseen at Chanel & Givenchy). er and the whole vibe of the city have definitely What are your autumn influenced my classic outfit ideas? but edgy style. I can’t wait to mix glam and grunge!   A leather How your fashion style biker jacket with a plaid been consistent or has flannel and a fur stole. I it changed with age? also can’t wait to pair a My style has definitely well-tailored suit with a evolved with age. It’s casual tee to give it that more polished and I have casual chic vibe that I really learned to go outlove! side of my comfort zone.

affordable pieces! For more affordable pieces I’m a huge fan of Topshop, Asos, Zara, Gap and of course Shop Frankie’s! Also, Nordstrom just changed their Savvy department to fun, chic and affordable items which I love. For higher end pieces I love Intermix, Beckley Boutique, Barneys and Shopbop.

Where do you live and how has it affected your style? I liKe in L.A. so we definitely have that “Cali Casual-Chic” thing hap-

What are your influences or where does your inspiration come from? Taylor Tomasi Hill and Miroslava Duma are huge fashion influences

Where are most of your clothes from? My clothes aren’t from any one place and I’m a huge fan of mixing designer pieces with

for me. I also love to peruse on Pinterest, Caroline’s Mode, Who What Wear, Fashionising, and to name a few.

one’s concert tonight, who would you see? Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z

What’s your song or alWhat are your favorite bum at the moment? pieces in ‘Shop Frank- Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines feat T.I. & Pharrell ie’s’? The inventory in the shop changes so often to keep Choose a song/artist that fresh vibe going but for each scenario. right now I would have Having Drinks: to say the high-waisted Miguel – Adorn Road-trip: cutoffs are my fave! Miley Cyrus - We Can’t Do you prefer dressing Stop up or dressing down BBQ: Bruno Mars - Treasure and why? During the week when Dark rainy day: I’m working I’m usu- Rebecca Ferguson ally dressed down un- Nothing’s Real But Love less I have a meeting or work event. But “dressed What would be your down” means a great choice or choices of fitting pair of jeans and songs for a catwalk some heels! I love to with your collection on? dress up my denim or Right now it would have my tees by adding some to be  Calvin Harris chic accessories and a Sweet Nothing feat Florfun pair of shoes! ence Welsh. Complete the sentence. I am happiest when...I’m To learn more about Nicole visit: with my family. What kind of music are you into? I grew up in a house where soul music was what we jammed to 24/7, so naturally I love me some soul, hip-hop and R&B. But I do like to throw in a little indie rock every once and a while! If you could go to any25



Real fashionistas and the true style guru know how to dress down and still look amazing‌ this summer with DDCC designs go from the farmer’s market to a day of lunch and shopping and then out on the town, with nothing more than what fits in your awesome new Big Buddha bag! To shop DDCC:

Photographer: Steven Price Model: Katy from Exalt Model and Talent Agency Stylist: Kaitlyn Vitug Mua/Hair: Maria Vallejo


The BEAT GOES ON Photographed by Andréanne Gauthier - Make Up by Amal Aoufoussi - Hair by Vincent Dufault  Models: Aubrey & Florence from DULCEDO Model Management 


Written by Pearl Michaelson

War! What is it good for? Well, a lot of trouble for my beauty babes, actually. August brings the eternal battle of fighting for the remnants of summer, to the beauty forefront. Feel inspired by the final beauty beats of summer and the electric breezes with metallic hues. Dress your peepers, contour your cheekbones, and impart a shine of irresistibility to those oh-so-kissable lips with shades that sing to you. The jams of summer drift out of your iPod as you lounge around with friends on a porch, reminiscing and laughing together. Incorporate this beauty trend with a peachy bronze eye shadow, a pop of shimmered bronzer to contour and a light, pearly lip-gloss to glisten in the twilight hours. You’ll look dazzling with a sense of effortlessness as you command the room while in relaxation mode. For my ladies who are amped up and ready to dance the night away, own the DJ’s latest mix in the metropolitan nightlife. When you go out on the town, movin’ and groovin’ in your stilettoes, a gunmetal grey eye shadow paired with a rich lipstick promises to attract and hold stares from all the fellas. Nobody can resist the seduction of a gunmetal metallic smoky-eye as it visually screams your sexy poise. Shine as bright as Rihanna’s diamonds with metallic shades splashed into your looks. There are those hectic days, crammed into your schedule with errands unceremoniously

thrown atop one another in a cluster of anxiety and burden. Don’t lose your cool in the onset of Autumn’s slight breezes. Do a disco jive to some “Stayin’ Alive,” as you keep the beauty heat thriving on busy days between appointments. Take a couple minutes out of your schedule to dust a rosy shimmer to your cheeks for a natural blush. Swipe a mauve metallic lipstick to give you an assertive edge on your day. Ready, set, go! Hit the ground running after you take your beauty boost. When you feel great, you’ll do great, darling. While most gals begin their cool-weather digressions, opting for lazy relief over crazy-hotness, keep your smokin’ edge above the rest this season with a metallic take on your everyday looks. It’s easy to slip into something comfortable without any thought of your beauty shot, which at times is the sexiest look of all. But there’s a time and a place for relaxation; save it for an intimate vacation with your sweetie. You’ve got a sizzling statement to make. You’re bringing sexy back. Gold, silver and bronze will dazzle the crowds, and light a fire that’ll keep you hot in that late summer breeze. Heading into the cooling abyss of fall, we need to enjoy this last bit of shimmering summer light as dusk falls into autumn’s darkness. Metallic shades bring the heat with sizzling passion to your looks as we head into cooler weather, because your beauty beat must go on.








Bling Bonanza


THE NEW VICTORIAN WOMAN Old world romanticism mixes with divine French luxury in our featured brand, Victorian Woman. Designed by Manuela Biocca, this brand embodies the definition of feminine. She designs and crafts, by her own hands, a variety of lovely corsets, hats, lace jewelry, hair accessories, purses, bags and much, much more. Victorian Woman is created with only the most luxurious of materials, a delicate blend of silk, satin, taffeta and brocade and adorned with lace, leather and gemstones. Inspired by culture from all over, she pulls her handmade visions from the arts, cinema, sculpture, illustration, music, romantic literature, Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelite period painting, legends and mystery. To shop Victorian Woman visit: To read more about Victorian woman visit:






NEW YORK CITY Photography by Paula Bartosiewicz

New York is the mecca of fashion, and even more so, the mecca for street fashion. New Yorker’s spend a large part of their lives on the streets, and fashion plays a major part in their days. When you are seen by hundreds of people every few blocks… simple, boring clothing you pulled off your floor just won’t do. This summer our fabulous street photographer, Paula Bartosiewicz, hit the pavement and showed us exactly how New Yorkers rock the most current fashions when the balmy days of summer boil up over the sidewalk and staying cool is just as important as looking that way!





Behind The fashion

MIKEY KOFFMAN: L.A.’s Fashion Royalty Written by Pearl Michaelson

If you don’t know who Mikey Koffman is yet, you’re late in the game, and if there’s anything she hates, that’s it! She tells us, “In my book, being five minutes early is considered being on time.” With a larger than life motivation, Koffman has taken the fashion industry by storm. Known for both her dedicated work ethic and Swarovski crystal bow ties, this leading lady has created and cultivated countless fashion shows. Koffman lets us in on her secret to success, stating, “My ultimate prize is my passion and determination to continue to grow as a person and producer.” Her strength of character and stamina to harvest top of the line fashion events has enabled her to climb to the upper echelon of the industry. Koffman’s events, most notably being her creation of L.A. Fashion Weekend, have brought fashion to regions in a new and exciting way. As a native from the City of Angels, Koffman has been surrounded by hungry business people her whole life. What sets her apart from the others is her adaptability. Throughout her work experience Koffman has had to weather unpredictability that the professional world can sometimes bring. Even so, she has learned to maneuver her way through the obstacles, telling us, “My business acumen has become second nature to my personality- never knowing what is coming your way, but always able to adapt to anything you face.” There’s no stopping Koffman as she brings

fashion to higher heights with her aptitude for this ever evolving business. Koffman gained notoriety as she stepped on the scene as the first female motorcycle shop owner in Long Beach. This only quenched her thirst for success momentarily, as she set out to create her own clothing line. A long list of credits added to her name following these accomplishments. Through her ongoing endeavors she embodied the epitome of entrepreneurial audacity, with businesses that walk the walk and talk the talk. Her entertainment and fashion events production company, the Gallery L.A., has brought fashion to Los Angeles in unprecedented ways on the West Coast. After all of her success in the fashion industry, she explains her biggest joy is, “Producing LA Fashion Weekend. Every season I see my dreams come to life. Seeing your creation come to life is one of the best feelings ever. Even though it can be mentally and physically exhausting, it gives me an exhilaration like nothing out there- not even motorcycles.” What sets Koffman above the rest is her incomparable ability to produce results and bring fashion to an exciting reality. The adrenaline rush the industry gives her carries into the excitement she creates around and within her productions. What challenges her is the conceptual design of her products. Her events create a fashion 48

“It gives me an exhilaration like nothing out there- not even motorcycles.”

world for her clients to breathe the industry’s top producer’s works. The pay-off, she explains, is, “Knowing that the shows I produce leave guests and clients with a smile on their face and eager for the next event motivates me to do it again and again. My biggest passion in the industry is definitely production- hence me owning my own production company.” Her dedication to her craft has created a following and loyalty to her shows amongst her clients. The passion she exudes shows in every bit of her production company as they continually create thought-provoking and insightful experiences within the fashion world. Coming up for the queen of L.A.’s fashion scene are projects that will make you wonder how she does it all! Koffman informs us, “Unbelievable things are happening right now. I will be producing Fashion’s Night Out at the Forum Shops inside Caesar’s Palace Hotel. I am also excited to have NOBU as a sponsor once again

for L.A. Fashion Weekend. We will also have our hands in the inaugural Palm Springs Fashion Weekend.” With this list of things on board for Koffman, one wonders how she stays balanced. While she tells us that’s her most difficult task, Koffman exposes, “I have learned to prize the good, honest people in my life that enjoy me for who I am and not the events I produce. There is something to be said about people who you can count on and want to work hard for.” Koffman’s productions kindle the most elite fashion desires; however, she takes note of the people who really care about her. This mega-mind had to start somewhere and it’s the people who loyally cherish her hard work ethic rather than the work she produces as a separate entity that she categorizes as the special ones. These grounded statements say more about her character, and prove she has the level-headed stance to keep her at the head of the game with her production company. INSPIRARE.COM 50

Mikey Koffman has taken the tumultuous road to success with strength. She promotes perseverance in order to thrive, asserting, “It can be challenging to put all the pieces together, but if you have a solid team, you can absolutely get it done. One more thing- DON’T BE LATE!” She says this in the hope that others searching for success in her field will understand the dedication necessary to stand firm and prosper. Her recipe of determination and value of true partnerships within the business have led her up a path to notoriety within the fashion industry, which has been full of hard-earned accomplishments. In closing her interview with Inspirare, Koffman expresses, “I am truly grateful for all the opportunities I have received that have brought me to where I am in my life today.” We’re happy not only that she received those opportunities, but that Koffman possesses a fire to illuminate the opened doors’ unknown pathway and the gusto to persevere in the stormy, competitive market, producing fashion shows the West Coast had never seen before. Koffman’s productions continue to leave us in awe of this woman behind the fashion. To learn more about Mikey and L.A. fashion events visit:



THE LIVIN’ IS y s a e Photography by Jeffry Raposas Model: Morgan Olson with Stars Model Management Stylist: Con He Hair Stylist: Seanna Murray Make-up Artist: Autumn Hunter Assistant: Alicia Garcia

Swimwear, Michelle Byrnes; Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable, Urban Outfitters


Swimwear, Michelle Byrnes; Sofware Fold Front Top,; Colorflash Sunglasses, Armani Exchange; Dot Bead Necklace, Madewell; Silver Bracelet, H&M



Swimwear, Michelle Byrnes; LA Hearts Jacket, Pacsun; Denim Short, ZARA; Necklace, JEWELIQ.COM; Dazzle Bar Wrap, JEWELIQ.COM



Swimwear, Michelle Byrnes; Necklace, JEWELIQ.COM

Swimwear, Michelle Byrnes; Sofware Fold Front Top,; Colorflash Sunglasses, Armani Exchange; Dot Bead Necklace, Madewell; Silver Bracelet, H&M




Swimwear, Michelle Byrnes; Replay Vintage Sunglasses, Karma Loop





Swimwear, Michelle Byrnes; Sofware Fold Front Top, REVOLVEclothing. com; Colorflash Sunglasses, Armani Exchange; Dot Bead Necklace, Madewell; Silver Bracelet, H&M


Swimwear, Michelle Byrnes; Gold Silver Bracelet, H&M



Swimwear, Michelle Byrnes; Black Studded snapback, Stampd Los Angeles; Colorflash Sunglasses, Armani Exchange; Blue Buckle Bracelet, JEWELIQ.COM; White Headphone, Beats by Dr. Dre




“clothes have the power to make you look how you feel, or want to feel”

Written by Pearl Michaelson

What makes an artist create? What inspires them to pursue their dreams with endless gusto? Fashion designer Michelle Byrnes holds fashion in respect to the wearer. Her determination to create styles that embody personality shows in her ability to design multiple fashion genres. Byrnes tells us, “My new collection will be targeting the jet setting business woman. It will have swimwear, since I love it so much, but it will have clothing and be more accessible to a broader audience.” This broad exploration within her line will enable more women to enjoy the comfort of her designs on a daily basis. By addressing the variety found in this fashion, her new line will be targeting the jet set ready gal with a complete embodiment of the style. This fashion designing sage has lived a life full of stylistic discovery. She experienced first-hand the power of style by “growing up with custom made clothes, waiting in line at sample sales, digging through racks at thrift stores before vintage was ‘the thing.’” The time she has spent exploring fashion through styles over time has given Byrnes the insight to differentiate what’s trending from timeless pieces. Her excitement is set aflame by the ever-evolving industry. Byrnes expresses her continued passion for the industry is because, “It always changes. Every season there are new colors, new trends, and timeless pieces.” Aesthetics revealed through the evolution of fashion has given Byrnes the courage to try new things and expand her label. Her artistic direction continues to lead her in new and exciting

directions as she pursues new fashion approaches to represent the jet setting woman. As a woman, it can be difficult finding styles that cater to my body’s best interest. It is with this understanding that Byrnes intends to embark on her new fashion design journey. Byrnes explains, “It’s amazing what a great dress can do. Clothes have the power to make you look how you feel, or want to feel.” She dresses her clients with looks that incorporate the latest trends while staying true to individuality within her label. The importance of personalization to Byrnes shows in her statement, “All of us can remember special occasions in our lives and most of us women can remember what we were wearing. That is a precious gift I am given. I am honored to be part of those moments.” There are those who stand timid and side-lined, waiting for the perfect opportunity to join in the motion the fashion industry creates in its ongoing stream of creativity. Then, there are those who jump in and make a splash. Those are the ones who make up the ongoing flow of fashion. Michelle Byrnes exemplifies this in her efforts for growth within the industry. Byrnes states, “I’ve been given one shot to be something spectacular and as I grow as a person it shows in my ever-evolving craft.” This hunger for growth leads Byrnes through endless exploration of fashion as she follows her passion’s mission to create designs to adorn the jet setting business woman. 74



Behind The Scenes

Down by the Boardwalk... BEHIND THE SCENES!

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is as iconic as apple pie or Madonna. For those of us that reside on the West Coast of the U.S. it is a place that you have to visit at least once every summer break! For our August issue, where to shoot Michelle Byrnes swimsuits was a no brainer. Jeffry Raposas, one of Inspirare’s favie photographers, put together an amazing shoot; and even with a make-shift, on location hair and make-up station by the fishermen, they knocked this shoot out of the park and showcased the perfect California beach girl, Morgan, rocking to some killer tunes in amazing suits‌ all under the perfect California Summer Sun!




Cool, even when it’s


As the season gets to it’s steamiest point we want to accentuate our skin and look completely hot, but not feel that way. In an effort to look and feel your coolest, follow some of these late summer trends and finish up the summer in style!



JUMPSUITs Marc by Marc Jacobs

ark Fast


CUT OUTS Alexander Wang



SHORTS Emperio Armani



The Fashion Insider


A Soundtrack for Your Closet Katie Shiff is a 23 year-old musician and fashion blogger from the UK whose style jumped off from her favourite vinyl. Whilst at University she began to explore the innate partnership between her two favourite mediums; from Jazz’s birthing of the flapper dress to Punk Rock’s baby pink Mohican, music and fashion have always been unconscious soul mates. Living in an age where fashion comes in and goes out like the day’s newspaper, Katie recognised music’s inherent ability to make or break each season’s fast and furious trends. began as a soundtrack for style and music for whomever cared to press play. With its unique eyeglass on the fashion and music world, matching tracks to both catwalks and the more affordable high-street style, fashionsoundtrack began to receive invites to cover events such as London Fashion Week and Soundcityfestival. Realising her passion was opening windows into both the media,

fashion and music world, Katie decided to turn her entrepreneurial skills towards the blog, expanding the brand. Today its creator has moved into consulting on brand partnerships bringing her wardrobe of music-inspired style to up and coming artists, finding the right look to match their chords. Continually moving forward with the site, fashionsoundtrack will be covering the festival scene this summer. Its next stop the Wilderness Festival in Oxford! The site will also be launching a new style of headphones towards the end of August which promise to be the quintessence of the fashion/ music fusion of their exclusive internet home. To find out more visit:



Fashion tells us what we absolutely have to put on our itunes for this summer’s fun!

1. Turn Me Out – Russ Chimes 2. Giving It All – Bondax 3. Warm Water – Banks 4. Happy – Pharrell 5. Make It Good – The White Lamp 6. Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys 7. Soon Come – Shy FX ft. Liam Bailey 8. Get Lucky – Daft Punk ft Pharrell 9. Janglin – Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros 10. Mine Is Yours – Cold War Kids (Passion Pitt Remix) 84



Dear Sweet Home, Alabama. Written by Adrienne Glenn

Natalie Chanin resides in a mindset where slow isn’t a four letter curse word. Most of us live our lives in a world of fast-fashion and inexpensive goods, made quickly at the expense of the environment and even sometimes human lives. Not Natalie, at the head of her company, Alabama Chanin, they base their movement on the concept of slow design. With a heart for the world around her and a mind for change, she recognizes that “consumers are increasingly interested in knowing where their products come from, what is in them, and what using those products will do to their bodies and their environment.” Alabama Chanin embodies the idea that chicness can happen with sustainable, handmade goods and that fast-fashion can have long term effects on us, much in the same way fast-food does. The company name Alabama Chanin has deep roots within Natalie’s personal history. While living and working in Vienna, Austria she was often called “Alabama”, relating her to where she came from and her Southern U.S. attributes. It is obvious that her home state has majorly played into who she is as a designer, a businesswoman and a mother. Her daughter’s middle name is also “Alabama”! A full lifetime spent in the design and fashion world, Natalie Chanin has seen it all, but doesn’t stop amazing us with spectacular quality and innovative new concepts. She took a moment to sit down, answer our questions and tell us a little more about what drives her, and Alabama Chanin, slowly through the design world to the top of the ecological fashion movement. 86


What is your background in design? Are you formally trained? I studied Environmental Design at North Carolina State University, at what is now called the Annie Albers program. This program was based on Bauhaus teaching methods, allowing me to study design theory alongside manufacturing methods. It was a fantastic education as I shared studios with architects, product designers, landscape architects, etc. We were allowed to stretch our wings and pursue our greatest interests within a curriculum of design theory. I really grew up and learned who I was in Europe, particularly in Austria. Working as a stylist provided a great luxury to play with materials, colors, shape and fit. What I learned about style in those years, I equate to a graduate degree in design. I am the designer I am today because of that time of culture, play and exploration. What was the first piece you ever designed? I’m not sure that I can recall the very first piece that I ever designed in my life. I designed and made many things in my career as a stylist and designer in Vienna, Austria. But, I can recall the garment that inspired the company that has become Alabama Chanin. I was on sabbatical from my work in Vienna, staying for a time in New York City. One night, while dressing for a party, I had a moment that many women face: the feeling of having nothing to wear. So, I cut up a t-shirt and sewed it together with the seams on the outside and some appliques on the front. What inspires you to create? These days, I’m inspired by my community, by the talented artisans that work for Alabama Chanin, and my family. Collaboration appears important to you, is this another way you pull in inspiration? Collaboration does inspire, but not always in the traditional way. Working with artists who create beautiful products at a high skill level challenges you to rise to the high water mark they establish. You can do some of your best work when surrounded by talented artisans that push the limits of

your creative scope. Collaboration is a key tenet of our mission as a company. Seeking out and working with artists, designers, and makers from other disciplines reveals our connections to one another, our interdependence. Not only is it possible to collaborate and create a unique product, it is important to collaborate and look for new outlets for creativity, hopefully making something singular and exceptional – something that will resonate with others. What is your favorite textile to work with? 100% organic cotton jersey. What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? We practice slow design, which is the opposite of “fast fashion.” This is because we see what should be considered malpractice occurring within the fashion community. Garments made of inexpensive materials and under unethical working conditions INSPIRARE.COM 88


cannot be “quality” garments; no piece of clothing associated with human suffering can, to my eye, be a quality item. To the Alabama Chanin standard, a quality garment is meant to last. It is designed and constructed to fit into a person’s wardrobe for years, if not decades. We focus on style over trend. Our fabrics are organic and healthy for the wearer. Our artisans and factory employees are paid a fair wage. To our standards, quality garments can be created when you combine beautiful, durable materials with good design and ethical practices. Tell us a little more about the company and how you would like the world to see it. Commitment to sustainability is central to every part of the Alabama Chanin brand and philosophy. We want the world to see that, at its core, this company is about making beautiful products in an ethical way. That means that we have to be conscientious of our methods as well as our materials. Our philosophy underscores that designers and producers have a responsibility to their consumers

to provide conscientious, healthy, well-made products that will enrich their lives. We seek to create emotional connections with our customers. To us, that means building and cultivating relationships and creating products that will last for a very long time. What advice do you have for aspiring designers? The internet has really helped level the playing field for independent designers. We all have the same basic tools, the same avenues for exposure. A quality product that you are passionate about and some basic computer skills can get you very far. Persistence and patience and a willingness to learn about finance are all important. Maintain and nurture relationships, be kind to everyone you meet, and forget about sleep for at least a decade. Who are some of your favorite designers? I am attracted to many diverse designers – both living and deceased. I revere Claire McCardell for making the practical fashionable; I am inspired by Dries Van Noten and his playfulness with color, texture and layers; I love Ann Demeulemeester’s de90

constructed silhouettes. These are a few – among many – that I hold in high regard. How would you define style? To me, classic style is really just whatever you want it to be. There is so much fun to be had by playing with what are considered classic silhouettes and making them uniquely “you.” What is your favorite item in your closet? I am happiest when I am comfortable. My favorite clothes allow me to relax, move around, and still feel beautiful. What gives you hope? I am hopeful when I see a growing awareness of the “slow” movements of food and fashion. Consumers are increasingly interested in knowing where their products come from, what is in them, and what using those products will do to their bodies and their environment. Take a walk down any grocery store aisle and you will see the increase in health-conscious, responsibly-made, organic products. This is slowly translating into fashion. The market is seeing an increase in demand for organic products, across the board. In fashion, the options are currently limited, but growing. As incidents like the collapse of an inhumane clothing factory in Bangladesh make news in the US, people are less able to turn their heads and pretend that they don’t know how many mass market clothing companies make their products. What achievement in your life (thus far) are you most proud of? I’m proudest of my children, my family, my home, my business, my work, my life—essentially all of it. The whole package. What do you still want to achieve? I want to create job growth within my community that will be meaningful and lasting. The Shoals area lost quite a few jobs with the passage of NAFTA and the promise of cheaper labor elsewhere. Using local artisans is important because it keeps jobs in our community. One of our goals with the A. Chanin machine made line is to put some of those people back to work, making sustainable products. 91

You seem very connected to an organic way of life. Tell us what eco-friendly means to you and what you think repurposing can do for the world of fashion. Eco-friendly, to us, is embodied by the slow food movement, after which slow fashion is modeled. “Good, clean and fair” is the Slow Food credo, and commitment to those concepts is central to every part of our brand and philosophy. We believe that designers and producers of goods have a responsibility to their consumers to provide conscientious, healthy products that will enrich, rather than detract from their lives. Whether a dress calls for recycled t-shirts or locally grown, certified organic cotton, we strive to reduce environmental impact and make the “footprint” of a dress as minimal as humanly possible. We think that other designers can be mindful of waste and use their materials and resources in as careful a way as possible. To learn more about Natalie and Alabama Chanin, visit:

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Shot in the hills of Asheville, North Carolina Tsvety Fashion is showcased in all it’s lyrical beauty. Photography by Christine Szeredy Photography Assistant: April McLaurin Hair and Makeup by Mikala Vandenbroucke Model: Katie Buff Wardrobe: Tsvety Fashion FW13-14 Collection

















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CHEYENNE JACKSON A Singer for All Seasons Written by Adrienne Glenn

With baby blues that you could drown in, Cheyenne Jackson wow’s all of us by being a multiple threat... an incredibly handsome and charismatic actor that can also sing! Not only has he made appearances on epic television shows such as 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Glee, he has graced the stage of Broadway. This month, in between appearances, projects and putting out his new album Cheyenne took a moment to share some tidbits with our Inspirare readers! If you had to pick between music or acting, what would you choose? “Must I? That’s like Sophie’s Choice! Good thing I don’t have to.” As a handsome and stylish man, what does fashion mean to you? “It means feeling good about yourself and expressing yourself through what you wear and how you carry yourself.” 111 INSPIRARE.COM

You just put out your first solo album, tell our readers why they absolutely HAVE to go purchase it “Because my mom said they do! Jk. But seriously, I am so proud of this album. I’ve worked for two years on it and poured my heart and guts into it and I happen to think it’s pretty damn good!” Can you sing me one line from your favorite song on the new album? “Yes!” What inspires you musically? “People watching, life, pain.” Name your favorite Broadway role and why it is a fave? “My favorite Broadway role was Mandrew in ‘The Performers’…such a wonderful character and beautifully written. Unfortunately, I only got to inhabit him for a short while as we closed quickly, but I would have loved to spend more time playing him.” Cheyenne Jackson’s new CD “I’m Blue, Skies” now available on

UP AND COMING ARTISTS There is nothing better than stumbling on new and delicious talent! Read all about our recent finds from the hottest new UK DJs to Southern California singer-songwriters. Be sure to click on their links and listen to some free tunes while you read, because this music will make your ears and soul tingle‌




Written by Adrienne Glenn

Sweet as can be, Derek Thomas packs a wallop when you actually hear him sing. With a voice, smooth as butter, this young man can sing jazz like an old soul. If you don’t believe me, pause for a moment, open a new tab and play his cover of “Valerie” as you read this. Derek has been singing for as long as he can remember, but only started singing publicly in the last few years. It is obvious when you hear the man and his piano that it comes from a deep place, a place so deep even he isn’t sure where it comes from. When asked what inspires him, he replied, “I wish I could put that into words, or define what inspires me musically, it would be quite helpful to me. When I write, sometimes I have to force it and other times it just spills out. I believe it is beyond me, like Leonard Cohen said ‘If I knew where the good songs came from, I would go there more often.’”

For all you fashionistas, not only is he a musician (swoon) he is also an appreciator of fashion. When asked what fashion means to him he told us, “Fashion is another avenue to express who you are on the inside from the outside. Like music, your style can speak mountains about what kind of person you Looking forward to spending a lifetime in music and are. I dress in mostly secondhand clothing because they’re one of a kind and occasionally built betmake it his career is what drives this guy to not only ter than clothes nowadays. Shoes for example, old sing as often as he can, but also be the focused shoes, can look and feel amazing, with some work, leader of a quartet called Music by Derek Thomas. and yet can last longer than a new pair. I like making This quartet consists of four young fellas who play the guitar, piano, drums and upright bass. Their main old seem new.” His favorite item in his closet is a pair focus is jazz and soul, but they like to consider them- of low-top leather Clark’s that he has reconditioned for over two years now. A man of deep soul who apselves “feel-good” musicians, and also incorporate preciates quality. Amen. rock into their repertoire. Unfortunately, they don’t have any upcoming shows currently booked, but be Listen to Derek Thomas at‎ sure to check their facebook page in the near future. INSPIRARE.COM 114


ETON MESSY & BLONDE Written by Paula Tabinski

Whether you like chilled balmy beats or summery upbeat house, UK based DJ’s Eton Messy and Blonde will mesmerize you with their tracks, which feature gorgeous vocals and hypnotizing synths. Charlie, known as Eton Messy, and Jake, known as Blonde, have worked separately and together guided by the help of Adam, who is the other half of Blonde, as well as the founder of Eton Messy. Their strong collaboration has added to each of their success and thanks to their increasing hits on YouTube, they have been touring all over the UK and played at festivals including Secret Garden party and Outlook and Dimensions in Croatia. Whilst they all grew up separately across the UK their passion for music was unmistakable from a young age and they fused together in Bristol a few years ago, where the music scene is extremely potent. For Messy it started on his YouTube channel, where he uploaded music from across the broad spectrum of house and garage influenced dance music, which has seen a recent resurgence globally. Now, he continues to scout and promote new talent and thanks to his salient ear for music, his channel has nearly 120,000 subscribers. Blonde started when Jake sent Adam tracks while at university, and they decided to collaborate on a track ‘Talk to you’…

creating their new alias. Some of their favorite artists include Maribou State, Eagles for Hands and Pedestrian. It is as much a lifestyle as a music brand, and they work in partnership with photographers from around the world to source and promote images on the videos. They’re really interested in the fashion and lifestyle aspects of the Blonde branding and hope that it will grow to be an integral part of their aesthetic. You can typically find the boys wearing straight black jeans, Nike Airmax’s and plain tees, sometimes with a beanie on top. Their casual street style is imperturbable, just like their music.

Listen to Eton Messy: Listen to Blonde:




DARLING BONNIE High Class Hip Hop Artist

Born Ashley Nichole Best in Castro Valley, California, Darling Bonnie was birthed to shine. Growing up in Oakland wasn’t a horror story for her, but more like an urban fairy tale, which she embraced with great pride. She always possessed a very active imagination and a very strong passion for the arts. Growing up in a home with a mother who believed in broadening her daughter’s horizons and a stepfather who possessed an enviable collection of music and plenty of information to back it up, served to fuel Bonnie’s ever growing creativity.

new duo, found moderate success and completed their 1st mix-tape titled, “Valley of the dolls”, but after the release, the label filed bankruptcy, dropping all acts and the girls decided to also par t ways.

This did not stop Bonnie’s drive for success as she began plotting her solo plans, finishing a new music demo and aggressively marketing herself and this determination lead her to her 1st management deal with Rise N Shine Entertainment in 2011. She currently is working on her debut album and is planning to drop a new single this month called, “Publicity She star ted penning her own music at the early age Stunt”, that will feature Bay Area Hip Hop legend of 7 and this passionate gift, that she credits to her E-40. Her live shows have also sparked attention late father, lead her to form her 1st female Hip Hop with her good looks, energetic flow and captivating duo in 2006 with childhood friend Angelique Johnstage presence. She is definitely one new artist to son. They auditioned for TVT recording Ar tist the A’z keep your eyes on as she continues her dream of and after they spit a 16 bar verse, the guys immedi- becoming the next big thing. ately decided to get behind their dream and coined the girl group with the name, “Honey N Da Bank”, as Listen to Bonnie at well as singing them to their label, Wingteam. The 119


NATALIE SMITH She Isn’t Only Better in the Summertime Written by Rose Tobin

Natalie Smith is a young and enthusiastic singer/ songwriter based in Los Angeles, with relatable heart felt ballads and edgy rock tunes that you can’t stop listening to. At an early age, Natalie started writing poetry and singing around her hometown in Northern California. It was only natural that she followed her musical journey through college on the East Coast. While attending school at Berklee College of Music in Boston, she experimented with writing, playing instruments and learning about different types of music, which initially lead her to her passion, songwriting and connecting with audiences. She writes about things that she knows; such as love, loss and finding yourself, making it really easy for her to connect with her 20 something fan base,

but hears great reviews from older crowds as well, which she finds very rewarding. Inspiration comes in many forms to Natalie, often from flipping through magazines, listening to other artists whom she can relate to or admires, or even simply walking around her neighborhood. “The act of sitting down to listen to a good record on vinyl usually relaxes me and gets the creativity flowing,” she stated. Natalie has had many great experiences working within the music industry, her favorite, singing back up vocals for artist Ben Folds, which she said was, “an amazing experience, I look up to him for his amazing musicianship.” She also performed in the early summer at the Novato Art, Wine & Music Festival playing for her family, friends and hometown community. Now you can catch her from Los Angeles to San Francisco playing shows, opening for up and coming artist, Catey Shaw, doing ukulele numbers and being ever so adorable with a little spunk.

Listen to Natalie at




KENNY FEINSTEIN Deeply Americana

With the kind of baby face girls (and some guys) would go gaga over, Kenny Feinstein backs up that super cuteness with incredible musical talent. Graduating from the School of Music at the University of Oregon with a degree in Jazz performance on the guitar, this guy will have you hooked on him and his music. Still a very young man that has only been playing for a mere 12 years, though has already become skilled at 10 instruments! He has accomplished the fiddle, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, lap dulcimer, piano, bass, ukele, banjo and his voice. He tells us he sings, “Everyday!” With a self-defined musical style of Folk/Americana/Punk, Kenny find himself inspired by “nature and the cemetary”. This guy obviously also has a penchant for humor, which in my opinion, improves a musician exponentially. Kenny Feinstein also parlays his gift of music by teaching others. A staff member at multiple music academies in the greater Portland area, he finds undeniable growth in sharing his gift with others. When asked what he has gained from teaching, he told us, “Everytime I teach someone I reinforce the lessons deeper into myself. I like the idea that anytime I have an instrument in my hands, I could potentially be improving.” This is a man who obviously finds incredible joy in music, and you can truly hear that in 123


his notes. He also finds joy in his parents and people that dance to music, so be sure to shake a tailfeather if you ever have the chance to see this gifted artist perform... because that will surely bring a smile to this artist’s heart. Just recently completed is his first solo album and the first record that he has worked with a label to release. His acoustic cover of My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless” releases on September 17th, but you can pre-order it now on vinyl or CD! If you are as into this cute fella as we here at Inspirare are... you can see him play next (hopefully, in his favorite neon yellow pants, complete with a studded belt) on October 12th at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon doing an acoustic cover of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and the Beatle’s “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.” Keep your eyes on this up and coming, driven young musician because we see great things happening for him! Listen to Kenny at To pre-order his first solo album visit:

KIWI TIME A Musing Foursome Written by Pearl Michaelson

There are dreamers and there are doers. Kiwi Time shows the world that honest efforts made to achieve a goal can be met by opportunity, creating a destiny that takes you far from where you started. Their story is that of international motivation. The band grew up together in small town Belarus with a friendship that grew over the years. Anna, one of the band’s vocalists, tells us, “As a group, we are inspired by our friendship, relationships, events, our victories and our failures. We’re inspired by our feelings.” The bond they share stems from their childhood and travels through the experiences life has brought them. They build off their emotions and fuel their creative energy with their collective observations. Due to their migration to San Francisco, the band fused together in a familial way because Anna expounds, “All you have is ambition and a desire to explore.” Kiwi Time’s mission was to create music through their exploration of life abroad and allowing themselves to feel influenced by the opportunities life awarded them. Kiwi Time not only carries a fire to create and entertain, they are humbled and thankful for the part opportunity has played in their journey. Mikalai, one of the guitarists, tells us, “The biggest and most incredible thing that has happened to us was when Yuiy Petushkov of Baynetwork, Inc. discovered us on

Photo Credit: Granted Access by Digital Artist: Jason E. Sutherland

Facebook and offered to become our sponsor.” At this, Yoga, another guitarist and vocalist in the band, expands, “Thanks to this we’re able to reach a new level of our music career.” Their gratitude shows how in tune they are with the industry. They appreciate the opportunity their sponsor gave them to provide the music industry their talent. Kiwi Time’s appreciation makes their music not only incredible to listen to, but adds a sentiment of loyalty due to their genuine character. Home for Kiwi Time is San Francisco these days. They’ve come a long way from Belarus to pursue a music career that’s booming, with songs featured on the radio, six music videos and performances from L.A. to New York. Anna states, “This place changed our life completely and helped all of us to believe in ourselves in that we can be who we want to be.” This is just the onset of their career with a promising outlook towards the future. Kiwi Time’s optimistic attitude and artistic talent shows in Anna’s last statement, as she explains, “Muses can be found anywhere.” This eternal confidence in the creative gifts surrounding the band lends itself to ceaseless growth and an unstoppable career. Listen to Kiwi Time at


Photo Credit: Granted Access by Digital Artist: Jason E. Sutherland Photo Credit: Granted Access Studios by


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