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Insert photograph. Not necessary as you will be working with a Power Point Presentation Europass Curriculum Vitae Personal information Surname(s) / First name(s) Address(es)

House number, street name, postcode, city, country

Nationality Date of birth Family

Explain about his/her closer relatives

Future career prospects / Explain why your classmate has chosen this branch of Batxillerat and what he/she Occupational field expects to study at university Work experience Any kind of minor jobs your classmate may have done Education and training Dates Title of qualification awarded

Add separate entries for each relevant course your classmate has completed, starting from the most recent. ESO, Primary, Vocational Studies = cicles

Name and type of organisation providing education and training

Personal skills and competences Mother tongue(s)

Specify mother tongue (if relevant add other mother tongue(s))

Foreign language(s) Self-assessment (from 1 very poor to 5 excellent)

Understanding Listening


Speaking Spoken interaction

Language Language Language

Social skills and competences Skills and competences

Driving licence

This refers to a description of your classmate’s personality

Organisational / Technical / Computer / Artistic / Sport / other

State for which categories of vehicle.

Additional information Hobbies / Interests / Voluntary work / other

Spoken production


CV-INSNO: Get to know your classmates  

An oral activity to get to know your classmates

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