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ISSUE 1, 2013


Kitengela Edition



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ISSUE 1, 2013


Message from the Project team Dear Readers, Welcome to our maiden Issue of the Intercounty Magazine a quarterly business publication whose aim is to link up your business venture within the county thus giving your business visibility to the customers within your reach.

Kitengela Edition

Titus Korir

This Magazine focuses on all the investors within Counties with the special first Issue featuring Kitengela Township of Kajiado country thus linking them to various consumers/residence or stakeholders within the county. The Magazine is distribute through selected areas designated areas as dropping zones like churches, supermarkets, hotels and other places where our readers can reach them as per the list in the inside back cover page. As a result of abrupt growth in the town, which has seen its population growth raise day by day hence people resulting in a need for housing, as well as commercial growth, the number of players, volume of trade and income has tremendously increased. It is in this context that has made us come up with a magazine to improve the conduct with the entire stakeholder and it helps the readers to gain knowledge of what is going around their county socially, politically and economically that will ideally guide each stakeholder in one way or the other. With the implementation of new projects and commitment from all the stakeholders, we see bright future for a competitive growth within the Counties which our publication will cover.

Esther Mutangili

We believe that the Inter county Magazine will be helpful to you in a way. We look forward to your comments and future contributions to make this magazine endeavor by posting your comment to: info@insightretails.com

Happy Reading..! By: Project Team

James Nzioka



Educational Feature

First Day of

School Mercy Mwaringa is an education manager with nineteen years teaching experience from pre-school to middle level college. She is the founder of Rahma Home study, a preschool in Kitengela that blends the Kenyan curriculum with fundamentals of Waldorf Education.


ontrary to popular opinion, the first day of school can be delightful for the young child. It all depends on how well prepared the parents and children are, as well as the atmosphere in the kindergarten. Parent: Prepare your child Involve your child in the decision to start school by making a preliminary visit to the prospective school together. Let the child take a tour of the facility, meet the teacher and play indoors or outdoors. If you anticipate that school transport will be required, it will be helpful later on if your child sees the bus as well. After the visit, ask for your child’s opinion about the school and create interest in it as much as possible, especially if you are convinced that it is the right kind of school for your child. Parents should give sufficient information about your child to the school by filling in all forms provided during admission i.e. contacts in case of emergency and notify the school of any allergies, medical conditions and personal security concerns for your child if any, Who can pick the child from school? Who should receive communication from the school regarding fees, events and so on? This information will help the teacher minimize any first-day mishaps that could easily occur out of ignorance. On the actual reporting day, ensure that your child takes to school whatever the teacher has requested. Parents often make the mistake of thinking that they can get away with not providing all items on the check-list, such as a change of clothes, a handkerchief or hand towel or even a water bottle. These items are essential for your child’s comfort at school. Children will sense a parent’s apprehension about ‘not letting go’. If you can’t relax when your child gets to school, he won’t either. If you can’t say goodbye when it is time to go, your child won’t either. Unless in extreme cases of separation anxiety, make the drop quick if you are driving your child to school or say a quick goodbye if he is going by the school bus. Avoid calling your child’s teacher during school time. Let her concentrate on bonding with your child and not responding to your ‘fears’. Relax. Remember, if anything goes 4


terribly wrong, as in case of an emergency, the school will get in touch with you. However, if you must, it is alright to call the teacher at the end of the day. Teacher: Receive the children with love Children react positively to warmth and affection. Meeting the child at the classroom door with a big smile and a hug sends the message to him that he is welcome and appreciated; that he is special. During the school day, the child will look up to you as the trusted adult who will meet all his needs. Your communication skills will come in handy as you try to determine what he requires and give him instructions regarding any activity you want him to follow (or not). Be approachable throughout the day, with a gentle voice and a happy face. At the end of the day, send the child forth with a goodbye hug and a thought to help him anticipate the next school day. It will make the second day of school so much happier for him. Kindergartens: Helping new children Some flexibility will go a long way in helping new children settle down in school. The main challenge for a young child is to adjust to a new morning routine regarding wake-up time, freshening up, breakfast and the trip to school. Thus, a new child may be late a few times during the first week. Be a little accommodating. Separation anxiety may cause the child to cry during the first day and display all signs of being homesick. If the child is properly engaged and feels loved and accepted, he overcomes this easily. However, in extreme cases, it should be alright to let the parent ‘attend’ class with the child for a short while to do an activity together until the child is settled. A child need not attend school every day to begin with unless he is happy from the onset. It should be alright to attend just twice or thrice a week initially, gradually increasing the number of days to a full week.

Happy first day at school!



Aluminium fittings

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Fittings Benefits: Fittings connect different types of joints. Traditional fittings consisted of materials such as steel and copper. The use of aluminum to make fittings is a more recent development. Aluminum is sometimes superior to other materials for fittings with the following benefits derived:• Its relatively low-cost, • Light weight, • Durability and • Resistance to corrosion for it carries flammable solvents safely. Aluminum fittings are available in nickel-plated, anodized, and other finishes.


luminum is often used for fittings with different applications, whether in household plumbing, store fixtures, safety barriers or braking systems. Aluminum fittings have advantages and disadvantages, compared to fittings made of other materials. The grade of the aluminum, the quality of the fitting and whether it is suitable for an application also affects performance.



Disadvantages: Pure aluminum has low tensile strength. This means it does not take much force to break it when it is stretched or pulled. However, aluminum alloys readily with other elements, such as copper, zinc and manganese. These different alloys often have greater hardness and tensile strength. While aluminum has a high resistance to corrosion resistance, it can still corrode and form a white oxide, unless it has an anodized finish.

Furniture Fitting

Getting Furniture for your

Home or office


etting Furniture for your Home or office. When you buy furniture you have the potential to change how you live for furniture can impact your health, your comfort, your efficiency thus you need to buy furniture that fits, supports and enhances the way you live. It makes sense to determine your needs before you buy furniture and get the right furniture for right job and of good quality. Since furniture is essentially a functional commodity and it is meant to solve problems related to how your home or office functions for you, it is important to figure out what your biggest needs are. The constraints related with furniture procurement might relate to your available space, budget, or any other special consideration thus making this the first and most basic step of your buying process.

Factors to consider when getting furniture… 1. The available space This will help you determine the scale and the number of peaces to buy hence helps you to avoid havoc. 2. Who to use the furniture The user’s needs and preferences have to be addressed. This helps you to determine its height, width and even the depth of the seat. It would also be a consideration in choosing colors, fabrics’, finish and material.

5. Consider other furniture/artwork already in the room Consider if your new piece is going to be the focal point in the room or play a secondary role. 6. The duration planned to use the furniture This determines how much to spend on it. This helps you to give you a sense of the quality. 7. The budget You can find a variety of furniture to fit any kind of taste, budget or need. Do research on this and compare stores for price. Don’t rule out used furniture that you can refurbish or re-purpose if your budget is preventing you from buying quality furniture.


3. What is the space used for The furniture to buy should always serve as the background for your life and as it meant to enhance and compliment it, it should not be maintenance nightmare. I.e. the comfortable sitting and coffee table with a hardy finish should be among the peaces you consider. 4. Which color to find attractive Decide on colors that makes you feel good and evoke the kind of mood you want in that room.

A place where Quality Matters Dealers in: Wall units, Beds, Sofa sets, Coffee table, Office furniture, Doors & Frames, Mattresses and General Merchants

For Order Call: 0720 734 484





e are a three star Hotel conveniently located along Namanga road in Kitengela, on the main link between Nairobi city and Arusha, Tanzania, Opposite Equity bank next to Kitengela capital centre. This Hospitality facility has been in operation since December 2011, and our highly qualified members of staff have continually perfected the art of offering the best services both in this county and across borders. With the knowledge that the devolved Government will encourage growth of business in the county levels, we would therefore like to introduce our facility to your organization, as one that offers services which you will highly require.

Services offered at Esidai County Hotel include: Accommodation

We have 30 well furnished rooms to meet your individual needs. These rooms are of different types depending on the occupancy i.e. Single, Double and Twin beds. You will access a wide range of DSTV channels from the LCD screens in each room through out your stay. All our rooms are Wi-Fi enabled therefore you can access internet at the comfort of your room all day and night at no extra charge at all. Once in these rooms you are sure to have all the comfort with room service a phone call away.

Conferencing/Meeting rooms

We have very well equipped modern conference rooms which will cater for groups of people as few as one and as many as a hundred.



Training materials such as Flip charts, White boards, Marker pens Public address system and Projectors are readily available. The conference packages offered are as outlined below: 1) Full Board Conference This is an all inclusive package, it caters for the full day conference that is, the hall, stationery two teas and snacks, two bottles of Mineral water, a Buffet lunch with a soft drink, Dinner and Accommodation. 2) Full day conference This package includes stationery, two teas and snacks, two bottles of mineral water and a Buffet lunch with a soft drink. This session starts in the morning and ends in the evening after tea. 3) Half day package This is a package that caters for either the morning session or the afternoon session. A training starting in the morning will end after lunch and one starting in the afternoon will end after the evening tea. This package includes Stationery, one tea and snacks this could either be the evening or the morning tea depending on the start time and a buffet lunch We also facilitate short meetings in our meeting rooms which are charged hourly at fair rates.

Banqueting/Outside Catering

We have the capacity to cater for corporate dinners / lunches and other arranged parties, tailor made to the company or individual specifications offering very sumptuous meals in our specious halls at very affordable rates depending on the number of persons. We also offer outside catering/office deliveries for arranged groups.


For a hungry traveler, office worker, visitor among others who know what quality is, our restaurant which has a capacity of over 50 pax will be the ideal place to have a real meal.

Esidai restaurant offers a choice of various cuisines from International to Traditional African cuisines all done with a passion. Sample our charcoal grilled Nyama choma, our weekly buffets a variety of snacks and bitings.

P.O Box 44-00242 Kitengela Email:Â info@esidaicountyhotel.co.ke TEL: 0706099930 / 0731099925



Travel tips

Tips for Outings


ith you walking and talking and being curious about everything, here are a few tips on how to choose great places to go for outing and how to best prepare for outings. The living room is a place of wonder: But since you and your kids are able to move around (a lot!) and talk a bit about what you see, be ready and eager to start exploring the world on a bigger scale. That means it’s time to start taking on all those special, beloved trips from the animal orphanage, the circus. So the following are the best tips for funning. • Build on your child’s natural interests. You know your child best — what he/she is passionate about, what he/she is scared of — so let those factors be your guide. If your kid loves animals, animal orphanage is a no-brainer, and if is in a music craze, take him/her to a concert for children. • Are kid-friendly. The best places to take kids are really wherever you won’t get dirty looks if your pipsqueak sings along at the top of his/her lungs or has a kicking, screaming meltdown. The people around you have been in your shoes. You also need a venue where you can make a speedy exit if you’ve got a cranky customer. • Filled up. A well-fed tyke is a happy tyke (and you know what a hungry one is…), so make sure yours has a full stomach before embarking on your trip. Pack enough food depending on the period to spend during the trip and enough to satisfy the number of people you may have. • Choose off-peak times. If you can swing it, visit popular spots like animal orphanages and Museums on weekdays before school lets out. The crowds will be smaller (the admission price may be, too). This will save the amount of cash to spend in your trip. • Head out early in the day. This way, your adventure unfolds when you or your child is well-rested and in your best mood, though do be conscious of that nap schedule. Weather conditions of the day should be noted so it may not interfere with your schedule. • Pack more than you think you’ll need. Since you can never fully predict what traffic or admission lines are going to be like, fill your bags expecting to do some waiting. Carrying that heavy bag sounds like a drag, but when a favorite toy or snack tames your kid’s long-line tantrum, the weight will be worth it. Carry enough clothes and food.



• Health care. You can legally buy safe medicine, including prescription drugs. The centers for disease may not recommend buying drugs while travelling as they may be counterfeit, expired, a different drug that expected or may contain too much or too little active ingredients. • Amount to spend on trip. Take a lot of cash with you and make sure the bills are true. If you go to a place that accepts credit cards then you can just re-deposit the cash. It is far worse to end up short of cash with no credit card option. • Security. The police are not always your friends. Sad but truein a lot of places in the world the services of the police are sold to the highest bidder. Therefore, if you can pay them they may turn out to be your friends but in other cases they may actually be the least trustworthy people in the world. Don’t be afraid, But just be aware…!

The Kitengela Conference Centre & Resort Park

Kitengela Conference Center and Resort Park (The Park) : Giving “Wow” experience to visitors in the rolling Kajiado plains.


he hospitality industry in Kenya has evolved in response to an increasing appreciation of local tourism and demand for high quality but affordable conferencing facilities and services. Kitengela is increasingly seen as an ideal destination for business and pleasure because of its proximity to Nairobi yet secluded in a beautiful rural atmosphere. The emerging diversity of the clientele demands a wide range of services and packages for business, vacation and family entertainment and Kitengela town is increasingly becoming the place of choice for such activities. The new Kitengela Conference Center and Resort Park, has differentiated itself as a unique conference and vacation destination and has given a new meaning to conferencing, relaxation and leisure. This modern African Lodge and recreation facility gives visitors that “Wow” experience and many have termed it a haven of peace and quiet…

Expansive Team Building and recreational facilities: The lodge comes with magnificent flood-lit fields for team building and a wide choice of recreation activities. The well kept grass fields that are surrounded by maturing trees and flowering shrubs are also well suited for weddings and tented camping grounds and can accommodate up to 400 people. The lodge has tents available for rent. Pool-side Events and Weddings: The beautiful pool-side gardens offer a memorable picture perfect wedding at an affordable price. Wedding /private garden event (business, office and birthday parties) packages that suit any budget are available. The poolside gardens can accommodate 200 people. Swimming Pool and Baby Pool: Visitors enjoy quiet relaxation/recreation at the large swimming pool complete with a baby pool that offers endless hours of fun to children. Poolside dining allows families to dine comfortably while watching their children enjoy themselves. Wireless internet available at the poolside gardens allows guests to surf in a very relaxed atmosphere.

The Resort offers a touch of simple country– open-air-feeling and comes complete with a combination of simple relaxation and hospitality which meet highest expectations at best value at pocket friendly prices. The combination of beautiful gardens and recreation facilities with outstanding individualized ser- Restaurants and Nyama-choma: vice offers a relaxing, refreshing and peaceful The Chef has specialized in African and environment for guests and families only a International cuisines including Indian and short distance from capital city Nairobi. Oriental dishes and the restaurant is open for all meals. All foods are prepared using locally Amenities: grown vegetables. The famous Nyama Choma Corner compliments the restaurant cuisines, Conferencing and Accommodation: all sold at pocket friendly prices. The restauThe lodge is a 3 Star Hotel offering 5 star rant specialty is charcoal grilled chicken mariservice and features 40 rooms holding 50 nated in Chef ’s special marinade. pax, 2 conference halls, a restaurant and Nyama Choma Grill Corner.The Moran confer- Children’s Playscape: ence hall holds 100 people and is surrounded The Kitengela Conference Center children’s by beautiful garden and lawn suitable for the playground is a state- of- the- art family entertea/ coffee break/ lunch under the tents and tainment center complete with slides, swings, is also ideal for group luncheons/ dinners tunnels, bridges and mountain climbs and a and or cocktail where diners can dance their lot of space for children to run and play about. way out. The Acacia conference hall holds up The children’s playscape, jumping castles and to 30 and is situated next to breakout rooms fields are free of charge for family outings. that holds 5-10 people. All conference facili- The lodge provides a safe environment where ties and rooms are accessible to people with children are able to play freely through-out physical challenges. the compound. .

The Resort’s Commitment to Community: Kitengela Conference Center is involved in systematic tree planting program, including a wide array of flowering shrubs, and kikuyu grass and has transformed a once dry grassland into a vibrant habitat that is already attracting a variety of bird species. So far the hotel has planted over 10 thousand trees and shrubs. Through partnerships with local authorities and communities, Kitengela Conference Center seeks to spearhead the environmental transformation of the region into a vibrant habitat that supports both human and animal life. Kitengela Conference Center and Resort Park P.O. Box 51833-00200 Nairobi 0704-264-626 email: info@kitengelaconference.com or Visit Website: www.kitengelaconference.com



Classified advertisments

Fairmont Builders & Agri-Business consultants Specialist in - Concrete Slabs - Concrete Fence Posts - Wall Coppings - Culverts - Road Kerbs

- Channels - Louvers Ventilations - Assorted Clay works Products-bricks/Gills/ Vents

Mr. Jonathan Kimolo, Fairmont Builders & Agri-Business consultants

Also: Agri- Business Consultancy - Quail birds Farming & Selling the breeds - Training groups & Chamas on Farming trends

Tel. +254 721 734 578 Along Namanga Rd, Kitengela.

Tan Traders

Samjoe Holdings Ltd

Suppliers of General Building Materials Clean river Sand Building Stones (Bush & Shaped) Murram Hardcore Ballast Hardware material P.O. Box 510 – 00241 Kitengela

Tel. +254 716 032972

Kitengela Mwalimu Electricals Dealers in : All Electrical appliances and Equipment repairs

Dealers in: General Merchadise

Kitengela: Imran Hse 1st Floor RM 39 Isinya: Rimpa Exhibition Centre, Ground Flr RM 04 Tel: +254. 725 916 645

Located at Imran Hse next to Eastmatt GF Rm39. P.O. Box 118 - 00241 Kitengela T. 020 233 2996 / 0724.570302 e. caura64ke@yahoo.com

Are you an agent, property managers or owner selling any property? Expose your property to buyers… Please contact us to advertise your property… +254.725.350 690/ +254.735 350 690 Email: info@insightretails.com

Sentero Real Estate

&Properties management

Home Town Services P.O. Box 9143-00100 GPO NBI T.+254.728 801075 (Alex) email: hometownservices@yahoo.com/ alfaplanet@gmail.com 12

Home Town



Land ,Plot for sale & Property Management For further details contact t.+254.721 425393 / 733 586996 meshacksentero@yahoo.com



PLANT AND NURTURE TREES FOR BETTERMENT OF TOMORROW We contribute towards greener planet within Kitengela & Its Environment. We put a lot of care and pride in ‘babying’ our plants to ensure that you get a healthy beautiful seedling plant that you can have a pleasure during planting and ensure its growth once transplanted if due care will be also undertaken. We offer top quality seedlings with a huge variety of tested and grown plants that are used to enhance landscaping for Hotels, Homesteads, Private estate parks etc within the plains of Kitengela and its adjacent locations. We are also continuing to test, evaluate and offer some other newest varieties of seedlings from other counties to enable us offer our esteemed customers with a wide range of seedlings which suits their taste and preference.

Great seedlings of various varieties at Great price… Contact details:Evergreen tree Nursery Nairobi – Namaga road Next to Tariki ville Plaza - Kitengela Contact: Mr. Ezekiel Njora P.O. Box 2852-00200,Nairobi Kenya Tel:+254.722 621375 Email: ezekinjo@gmail.com




On our Inter-County Directory & Guide 2013/14 which will be published in our quarterly magazines as per sectors as follows:Hospitality& Clubs: • Esidai Hotel • Gray Oak Hotel • Kaputiei Hotel • The Park Kitengela • Ostrich Farm • Sandalwood Hotel • T-Tot Hotel • Nomads • Club 360 • Oxygen

Banks & MFI’s • Housing Finance • Bank of Africa • Standard bank • Co-operative • National bank • Consolidated • Kenya women • Universal • Faulu • Pawdep

Medical Centers • Kitengela Medical • Agakhan Medical • Meridian • Getrudes • Penda • Batian • Shalom • St. Paul

Electrical & Hardware’s • Osram Electricals • Boma Electricals • Mwalimu Electricals • Capital Hardware • Gohabs Hardware • Saris Hardware • Dokims Hardware

Pre-Schools • Valley S • Maa Frobel • Jobek • Bunny

Primary Schools • Kitengela International • Acacia crest • The Orchard • Sunnyside •

Secondary Schools • Sinkett Girls • Kitengela Boys • Kitengela Girls

Colleges & Universities • KCA University • The E.A.University • Path College • Jasmine College • Apogee College • Riccatti College

Property Manager • Jeflink Agencies • Jose-Kinyaga • Ndatani

Insurances& Brokers Apa • Britam • UAp • Chairman Ins. brokers

Pharmacies&Agrovets • Lenana Pharmacy • Kite Pharmacy • Budget Pharmacy • Sidai Agro vet & • Rangers Agro vet

Any your business…!

Get Listed for as little as Kshs .5, 000/= +Vat per year

The Rate is payable once & you will be listed in our Four (4) publications per year. You can forward your details as follows: Business Name: …………........ P.O. Box ……………………... Town …………………………. Tel No………………………… Email: ………………………... Location: …………………….. Sector: ………………………..

and you will get

Insight Retail East Africa Ltd, P.O. Box 36106-00200, Nairobi – Kenya. Tel: +254.735 350 690 or +254.725.350 690. Email: info@insightretails.com Located: Nasaru Centre GF-01, Bhd Co-op Bank Kitengela Sector: Publishing / marketing firm.

Contact us using above details…





Contact: P.O Box 44-00242 Kitengela Tel: 0706099930 / 0731099925 Email: (Inquiries) info@esidaicountyhotel.co.ke (Reservations) reservations@esidaicountyhotel.co.ke Website: www.esidaicountyhotel.co.ke 16





Inter County magazine Issue 01/2013  

Inter County Magazine by Insight Publications

Inter County magazine Issue 01/2013  

Inter County Magazine by Insight Publications