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Southeastern Museums Conference


From the President In a recent discussion about the turn of another decade, I heard the quote, “celebrate endings — for they precede new beginnings.” As we end the 2010s and look ahead to 2020, this thought is comforting, hopeful and appropriate as the Southeastern Museums Conference has many accomplishments to celebrate and a plethora of exciting new programs, initiatives and transitions to look forward to. We are excited to share SEMC’s latest Strategic Impact Plan (2020–2022) which builds on the highly successful 2017–2019 Plan. Thoughtful consideration and many hours of work went into this document that will guide us into the future and ensure our organization continues to emphasize membership services, professional development, leadership and sustainability through diverse and creative fundraising strategies. We can look forward to a strong, committed and growing relationship between SEMC and the Association of African American Museums (AAAM) which will be celebrated in 2020 when SEMC, in partnership with AAAM, pilots the exciting SEMC Leadership Institute: Leading for Today’s Challenges. This program will develop a diverse and inclusive group of future museum leaders through an immersive experience where participants can focus and assess how to maximize their personal strengths internally and externally.

Zinnia Willits


In 2020, SEMC will once again join the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) and AAAM as a sponsor of NMAAHC’s Interpretation of African American History and Culture Workshop presented in partnership with the Charleston County Parks & Recreation Commission. SEMC will also continue to celebrate and support the Jekyll Island Management Institute, as it enters its 20th year as a successful museum management training program. After an amazing 2019 Annual Meeting in Charleston, South Carolina we look forward to a warm welcome in Louisville, Kentucky where our membership and museum vendors and supporters will gather to discuss the concept of putting compassion into action across our museum communities. SEMC enters this next decade with a diverse and growing membership and a strong financial base. Fundraising initiatives will be ongoing and essential to the success of new programs and comfortable sustainability of the organization. Challenges lie ahead in terms of continued identification of diverse revenue sources. As SEMC members and stakeholders, I encourage all of you to get involved and contribute however you can, through your time, through your talent and through generous support of SEMC’s endowment and programming. Please take a moment to consider and celebrate the accomplishments laid out in this Annual Report as it is you, the membership and supporters, who have helped our SEMC Leadership create the solid foundation needed to move into the next decade. I look forward to turning the page and beginning the next chapter with all of you. Sincerely,

Zinnia Willits Director of Collections and Operations, Gibbes Museum of Art


Gibbes Museum of Art, SEMC 2019 Annual Meeting, Charleston

Our Mission The Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC) is a networking organization that serves to foster professionalism, mutual support, and communication. A non-profit membership association, SEMC strives to increase educational and professional development opportunities and improve the interchange of ideas, information, and cooperation.

Our Impact SEMC members, at all stages of their career, find professional support and camaraderie from the SEMC leadership and members as they deepen their knowledge of museums, strengthen their practice and skills, promote diversity, and serve SEMC fellow members in need.


Our History 1951:




S EMC was established at a meeting in Norfolk, Virginia. It was agreed that the organization should include the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia. SEMC’s first task was to appoint a committee to get the Southeast included in a Congressional bill to appropriate money to provide places of safe-keeping for museum objects in case of war.

Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia petitioned to join SEMC. The Council suggested they form their own organization, today known as the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums. First five-year plan and added Arkansas to the SEMC.


 osted two professional development workH shops in North Carolina on museum training and historic house restoration.

1960 s :

Hired first SEMC staff with $25,000 foundation grant to carry out further training workshops; SEMC urged the American Alliance (formerly Association) of Museums to formulate a museum accreditation program.


S EMC established a three-day annual meeting.

1970 s :  Local

arrangements and program committees were established for the annual meeting; SEMC published a directory of educational resources.


 SEMC was officially incorporated; and exhibitors were added to the annual meeting.


Moved the central offices of SEMC to Memphis.


Moved SEMC offices to Baton Rouge.


 A full-time Executive Director and a Director of Office and Memberships services had been hired. Shortly after that, SEMC’s endowment was established to promote financial stability.




The JumpStart Program began. This program flourished during the first decade of the 21st century and is now known as the Jekyll Island Management Institute (JIMI), offering an eight-day intensive museum training to museum professionals with two years’ experience or more. Moved the central offices of SEMC to Atlanta. S EMC established a Hurricane Katrina grant fund and awarded over $500,000 to museums and museum employees affected by the storm in Mississippi and Louisiana.



S EMC, the five other regional museum associations, and the American Alliance of Museums completed the first National Museum Salary Survey, the only comprehensive study of its kind for our diverse field.


S EMC, the five other regional museum associations, five state museum associations, including Florida and Virginia, and the American Alliance of Museums completed the 2017 National Museum Salary Survey.


With Association of African American Museums and National Association for Interpretation, SEMC co-sponsored NMAAHC’s Interpretation of African American History and Culture Workshop, presented in partnership with the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission.

N ow :

S EMC continues to create programs like JIMI, the Interpretation Workshop, SEMC Leadership Institute, and the National Museum Salary Survey to support its ongoing mission to foster professionalism and support for museum professionals.

S EMC established a partnership with Atlanta History Center where the SEMC office relocated.


SEMC 2019 Annual Meeting in Charleston had record attendance of 800 and contributions at $70,229


Impact Plan In 2019, SEMC Council completed the third year of our Impact Plan, for 2017–2019.

Impact: SEMC members, at all stages of their career, find professional support and camaraderie from the SEMC leadership and members as they deepen their knowledge of museums, strengthen their practice and skills, promote diversity, and serve SEMC fellow members in need.

Organizational Focus: Advance racial/ethnic diversity of its membership, including individuals, museums, and the council.

Action Plan Focus: • Technology • Annual Gatherings • Honing Our Craft • Marketing/Communication • Inclusion

Our Past Year Highlights In the past ten years, I have seen the growth and development of SEMC as an impactful resource for professional development opportunities, dynamic exchange of ideas, and powerful network. SEMC has progressed from an inward focus on stability and sustainability to an outward focus on our impact on Southeast museums and service to museum professionals. SEMC 2019 Annual Meeting with 800

registrants had the highest contributions and attendance since 1997. SEMC endowment at $539,548 exceeds half a million. The Reserve Fund at $259,889 provides funds for new initiatives, such as the SEMC Leadership Institute: Leading for Today’s Challenges. As we enter the next decade in 2020, Southeast museums will engage our communities and have global


impact in ways beyond our imagination with new audiences, exciting programs, dynamic exhibitions, and innovative technology. SEMC is launching our new Impact Plan 2020–2022 with thoughtful direction and responsible foresight. I am most excited to see how SEMC will meet the needs of future museum leaders in small and mid-size museums. I want to thank SEMC Council and members for their leadership, dedication and commitment to Southeast museums and network. 2019 has been an exciting year for SEMC. SEMC had an amazing annual conference in Charleston with 800 attendees. Over 52 volunteers welcomed Southeast museum professionals to Charleston. The 14 museums in Charleston hosted educational workshops, programs, off-site tours and fun evening events. In 2019 the SEMC Exhibitions, Publications and Technology Competitions had 166 entries and 61 award winners. In addition to the selected five student presentations, this was the third year of Students Work in Museums (SWIM) poster showcase. The SEMC Scholarship program offered 15 scholarships, including the Presidential scholarship, sponsored by Zinnia Willits, the African American Museum Professional scholarship, and two scholarships for historic house museum professionals, sponsored by Historic House Museums Affinity Group (HHMAG) and John A. Woods Appraisers. Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation also sponsored 10 South Carolina Lowcountry scholarships. Sixty-six program sessions, nine off-site tours/workshops, and 68 Resource Expo


exhibitors provided new ideas, professional expertise and best practices. This year’s conference theme focused on “Transforming Myths” starting with the “Sea Island Resistance Tour” to the following sessions: “Engaging Descendant Communities in the Interpretation of Slavery at Museums and Historic Sites,” “Talking Race: The Power, Influence, and Responsibility of Museum Professionals,” “Transforming a Historic Landmark Building,” “Debunking Fundraising Myths,” “Women on the Rise: Truths and Myths Revisited,” “How to Transform a Narrative,” “Collecting Difficult History,” “A Change is Gonna Come: How to Successfully Prepare for Institutional Transformation,” “How Do We Draw Out Kernels of Truth: A Multidisciplinary Myth-Busting Roundtable,” “Dispelling Myths About Distance Learning: How to Bring Your Institution to New Audiences,” and “Myth: Play is for Kids.” SEMC 2019 Annual Meeting culminated with the keynote address by Walter Hood, who is designing the landscape environment for the new International African American Museum in Charleston. The Council discussed our impact and joint vision for SEMC’s future. The Jekyll Island Management Institute 2019 (JIMI) had national impact with 16 cohorts from eight Southeastern states and from outside our region including New York. Thanks to the generosity of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) and a six-year partnership with the Association of African American Museums (AAAM), SEMC was pleased to

offer the John Kinard Scholarship for two AAAM members to attend JIMI. This year 12 of the 16 JIMI cohorts received scholarships, including SEMC’s LaPaglia Scholarship, Col. “Buddy” Sturgis Memorial Scholarship, Mary Miller, Lancaster’s, Gaylord, and five state museum associations (Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina). JIMI 2019 provided leadership training for a dynamic, diverse class. SEMC joined NMAAHC and AAAM in sponsorship of the 2019 NMAAHC’s Interpretation of African American History and Culture Workshop presented in partnership with the Charleston County Parks & Recreation Commission. In its fourth year, this program built upon the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) core Interpretation Certification Program. The impact was clearly illustrated by the recent cohorts from a diverse range of museums and historic sites.

Also in 2019 SEMC leadership focused on the organization’s impact on museum professionals. In partnership with the Association of African American Museums, we are planning and fundraising for the SEMC Leadership Institute: Leading for Today’s Challenges to pilot in 2020. We are passionate about the professional support, camaraderie, and network of SEMC, and in the past year provided more opportunities for professional learning for Southeastern museum professionals.

Susan Perry Executive Director, SEMC

SEMC wants to serve members’ diverse needs and improve communications. SEMC has expanded the content of social media coverage and digital communications. We had 285 new members in 2019, for a total membership of 2,574 members, including bundled members. SEMC realizes the potential to grow our membership, and wants to provide more membership benefits and resources. In 2019 SEMC rebranded with our new logo and website www. semcdirect.net.


Thank You to Our Conference Sponsors Platinum Sponsors Blackbaud (Evening Events) Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation (Evening Events & SC Lowcountry Scholarships) National Museum of African American History & Culture, Smithsonian Institute (Event Management)

Gold Sponsors Florence County Museum (Evening Events) South Carolina Federation of Museums (Evening Events) Explore Charleston (Transportation)

Silver Sponsors Atelier 4 (Tote bags) Collector Systems (General Session/Keynote Speaker) HealyKohler Design (Director/Trustee Reception, Lanyards) HW Exhibits (Evening Events, Grand Opening Reception) Johnson Controls (Evening Events) Patterson Pope, Inc. (Evening Events) Solid Light, Inc. (General Session/Keynote Speaker)


Bronze Sponsors 1220 Exhibits, Inc. (Director/Trustee Reception) ACME Technologies, Inc. (Grand Opening Reception) Alexander Haas (Director/Trustee Luncheon) Banks Creative Studio (Graphic Design) Bonsai Fine Arts, Inc. (Volunteer T-shirts & Collection Track sessions) L. Carole Wharton, LLC (SEMC Council Legacy Reception) Cowan’s Auctions (CurCom Luncheon) Banks Creative (Graphic Design) DLR Group (Director/Trustee Luncheon) Duncan-Parnell (Printing) Hollinger Metal Edge (Disaster Preparedness Workshop) Our Fundraising Search (Grand Opening Reception) Riggs Ward Design (Grand Opening Reception) SunTrust (Registration Table) The Design Minds, Inc. (Equity and Inclusion Action Team & Meet-Up) TimeLooper (Technology Track) Travelers Insurance (Director/Trustee Luncheon) Warren Lasch Conservation Center (Evening Events)

Mobile Guide Sponsors Vamonde

Charging Station Sponsors Spire Art Services

SEMC Scholarship Sponsors Kyle Bryner (Seasoned Museum Professional Scholarship) Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation (SC Lowcountry Scholarships) Historic House Museums Affinity Group (HHMAG) John A. Woods Appraisers Zinnia Willits (President’s Scholarship)


SERA Sponsors Transportation Consultants International  (Registrars Respite co-sponsor) Willis Towers Watson (Registrars Respite co-sponsor) Past Perfect Gaylord (SERA member discount)

Evening Event Host Museums Aiken-Rhett House The Charleston Museum Gibbes Museum of Art Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art Middleton Place South Carolina Historical Society

Off-Site Tour/Program/Workshop Host Museums Charles Towne Landing The Citadel Drayton Hall Hampton Park Heyward-Washington House McLeod Plantation Historic Site Old Exchange Building The Powder Magazine South Carolina Aquarium


Thank You JIMI 2019 Sponsors Alabama Museums Association (AMA) (JIMI 2019 scholarship) Arkansas Museum Association (AMA) (JIMI 2019 scholarship for tuition/travel) Cynthia and John Lancaster (JIMI 2019 scholarship) Gaylord Archival, Inc. (JIMI 2019 scholarship) Goosepen Studio & Press (JIMI newsletter) Jekyll Island Museum & Historic Preservation John Kinard Scholarship Fund, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (two JIMI 2019 scholarships) Mary Miller (JIMI 2019 Scholarship) Mississippi Museums Association (MMA) (JIMI 2019 scholarship for travel) North Carolina Museums Council (NCMC) (JIMI 2019 tuition scholarship) North Carolina State Historic Sites Peter S. LaPaglia JIMI Scholarship (JIMI 2019) Satilla Computer Solutions South Carolina Federation of Museums (SCFM) (JIMI 2019 scholarship for tuition/travel) South Carolina Military Museum (2019 scholarship in memory of Col. Ewell “Buddy” Sturgis) Tellus Museum

JIMI 2019 Operating Support George Bassi Mary Agnes Beach Austin Bell Mary Durusau John Fields Pody Gay

Mary Hauser Josh Heuman Martha B. Jackson Jolie Johnson Elise LeCompte Gloriaann Sanders

Gary Spencer Beth Thompson Sarah Tignor Scott Warren



JIMI 2019 Class


SEMC Endowment Gift Campaign exceeded a half-million at $539,548


Thank You SEMC Members We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our mem­ber museums,   corporations, and benefactors during 2019. Corporate Members   Business Associates A Different View Limited Blair, Inc CatalogIt Conserv Crystalizations Systems Inc. Mallory Alexander International Logistics Printology Signs & Graphics Transport Consultants International

Corporate Friends 1220 Exhibits, Inc. 22 Dragons Absolute Museum & Gallery Products ACME Technologies Inc. Alexander Haas Armour Systems Art Display Essentials, a 10-31 Company Atelier 4 Aurora Storage Products, Inc.

Available Light Belfry Historic Consultants, Inc. Blackbaud Bonsai Fine Arts Inc Boston Productions Inc. Building Four Fabrication Canizaro Cawthon Davis Carolina Conservation Charlotte Van and Storage Charlton Hall Auctions Cinebar Productions, Inc. Collector Systems, LLC. Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts Cortina Productions Cowan’s Auctions Creative Arts Unlimited, Inc Daruma Tech Delta Designs Ltd. DLR Group dmdg2 Dorfman Museum Figures, Inc. Duncan-Parnell


Encurate Mobile Technology ERCO Lighting, Inc. Exhibit Concepts, Inc. Explus, Inc. Formations, Inc. Frina Design Gallagher & Associates Gaylord Archival Gerard Hilferty & Associates, Inc. Glavé and Holmes Architecture Goosepen Studio & Press Guide ID Haizlip Studio HealyKohler Design HNOC Traveling Exhibitions Hollinger Metal Edge, Inc. Huntington T. Block Insurance Agency, Inc. HW Exhibits Interactive Knowledge Johnson Controls Lake City Creative Alliance Logis-Tech, INC Mad Hat Creative LLC Malone Design/ Fabrication MBA Design & Display Products Corporation Merlan Exhibits Mid-America Arts Alliance/ExhibitsUSA / NEH on the Road Monadnock Media, Inc. Museum of Discovery Nationwide Security Corporation NMHS Unlimited Film Productions


Northern Light Productions OnCell Our Fundraising Search Oxford American Patterson Pope Perkins + Will Q Media Productions, Inc. Quatrefoil Associates QuietPixel, Inc. Re:discovery Software, Inc. Riggs Ward Design Ripley Entertainment Significant Developments, LLC Skinner, Inc. Smithworks Creative Arts, LLC Solid Light, Inc. Solomon Group Speak Creative Studio Displays, Inc. The Design Minds, Inc. TimeLooper Tour-Mate Systems Transformit Travelers Insurance Universal Fiber Optic Lighting, LLC. U.S. Art Company Vamonde Visit Mississippi Warren Lasch Conservation Center Willis Towers Watson – Fine Art, Jewelry & Specie Zone Display Cases

Joy Bivins and Walter Hood at the SEMC 2019 annual meeting, Charleston


322 new members and 2,574 total members, including bundled members, in 2019


Institutional Members 21c Museum Hotel Louisville A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery Abraham Lincoln Library & Museum African American Military History Museum Aiken County Historical Museum Alabama Department of Archives and History Albany Museum of Art Aldie Mill & Mt. Zion Historic Parks Alexandria Museum of Art Altama Museum Amelia Island Museum of History American Civil War Museum Andrew Low House Angola Museum Anniston Museum of Natural History Appleton Museum of Art Arkansas Arts Center Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources/Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism Arkansas National Guard Museum Arkansas State Parks Arlington Historic Houses Art Center Sarasota Art Museum of the University of Memphis (AMUM) Asheville Art Museum Atlanta Contemporary Atlanta History Center Augusta Museum of History Bandy Heritage Center for Northwest Georgia Barrington Hall/City of Roswell Georgia Bartow History Museum Beaches Museum & History Park

Beaufort History Museum Beauregard-Keyes House Bechtler Museum of Modern Art Belle Meade Plantation Bertha Lee Strickland Cultural Museum Biblical History Center Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Birmingham Museum of Art Birthplace of Country Music Museum Blowing Rock Art & History Museum Blue Ridge Institute & Museum Bob Campbell Geology Museum Booth Western Art Museum Bradbury Art Museum, Arkansas State University Burritt on the Mountain C. H. Nash Museum Caldwell Heritage Museum Calhoun County Museum Cameron Art Museum Cape Fear Museum of History and Science Carnegie Center for Art and History Carnegie Visual Arts Center Carroll Reece Museum Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum Casemate Museum, Fort Monroe Authority Catawba Science Center Center for Puppetry Arts Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art Cherokee County Historical Society Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home Children’s Hands on Museum City of Harlem, GA


City of Raleigh – Historic Resources and Museum Program Clark Atlanta University Art Museum Clemson University Clinton House Museum Coastal Georgia Historical Society Coastal Heritage Society Collier County Museums Columbia Museum of Art Computer Museum of America Cook Museum of Natural Science Cookeville Museums Coral Gables Museum Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Culture & Heritage Museums Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens Curtiss Mansion, Inc. Customs House Museum & Cultural Center Dade Heritage Trust Daura Gallery, Lynchburg College David J. Sencer CDC Museum DeSoto County Museum Discovery Park of America, Inc. Dorchester County Archives & History Center Downing Museum at Baker Arboretum Drayton Hall Dunedin Fine Art Center Dunedin History Museum Earl Scruggs Center East Tennessee Historical Society Eleanor D. Wilson Museum at Hollins University


Elliott Museum and The House of Refuge at Gilbert’s Bar Evan Williams Bourbon Experience Flagler Museum Flannery O'Connor-Andalusia Foundation Florence County Museum Florida Craft Art Florida Craftsmen, Inc. Florida Holocaust Museum Florida Museum of Natural History Florida Museum of Photographic Arts Florida State University, Museum of Fine Arts Folk Pottery Museums of NE GA, Sautee Nacoochee Cultural Center Fort Smith Regional Art Museum Friends of Cassidy Park Museums Frist Center for the Visual Arts Gaston County Museum of Art & History Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia Georgia Southern University Museum Georgia Writers Museum Gibbes Museum of Art Greenville County Museum of Art Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art Hampton Roads Naval Museum Hampton University Museum Hermann-Grima/Gallier Historic Houses Hickory Museum of Art High Museum of Art High Point Museum Hills & Dales Estate Historic Arkansas Museum Historic Augusta, Inc.

Historic Columbia Foundation Historic Fort Lauderdale Historic Natchez Foundation Historic New Orleans Collection Historic Oakland Foundation Historic Paris-Bourbon County/Hopewell Museum Historical Society of Western Virginia History Museum of Mobile History of Diving Museum HistoryMiami Horry County Museum Hunter Museum of American Art Huntington Museum of Art Huntsville Museum of Art Indian Rocks Historical Society Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami International African American Museum International Civil Rights Center & Museum International Museum of the Horse International Towing & Recovery Museum Iredell Museums James K. Polk Home Jean Lafitte National Historical Park & Preserve Jekyll Island Museum Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at AU Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum Kennesaw State University – Museums, Archives & Rare Books Kentucky Artisan Center Kentucky Center for African American Heritage Kentucky Department of Parks Kentucky Derby Museum Kentucky Historical Society

Kentucky Native American Heritage Museum, Inc. KMAC Museum Knoxville Museum of Art LaGrange Art Museum Lauren Rogers Museum of Art Leepa-Rattner Museum Lighthouse Art Center Gallery & School of Art Lightner Museum Longue Vue House and Gardens Longwood Center for the Visual Arts Louisiana Art & Science Museum Louisiana State Museum Louisiana State University Museum of Art Louisiana's Old State Capitol Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami Magnolia Mound Plantation Maier Museum of Art, Randolph College Mandarin Museum & Historical Society Maria V. Howard Arts Center Marietta Museum of History Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art Marine Corps Museum Parris Island Matheson History Museum McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture McKissick Museum, University of South Carolina Meadows Museum of Art at Centenary College of Louisiana Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University Middleton Place Foundation Mint Museum Mississippi Department of Archives & History, Museum Division Mississippi Industrial Heritage Museum, Inc.



Mississippi Museum of Art Mississippi Museum of Natural Science Mobile Museum of Art Morris Center for Lowcountry Heritage Morris Museum of Art Morse Museum of American Art Mosaic Templars Cultural Mountain Heritage Center Muscarelle Museum of Art Museum Center at 5ive Points Museum of Anthropology, Wake Forest University Museum of Art – DeLand Museum of Arts & Sciences Museum of Design Atlanta Museum of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg, FL, INC Museum of Florida History Museum of Science & History Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind National Civil Rights Museum National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the Marine Corps National Sporting Library & Museum Newcomb Art Museum North Carolina Museum of History Northeast Georgia History Center Oak Alley Foundation Office of Historic Alexandria Oglethorpe University Museum of Art (OUMA) Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art Old State House Museum Opelousas Museum and Interpretive Center

Orange County Regional History Center Orlando Museum of Art Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Paul W. Bryant Museum Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum Pinellas County Historical Society/ Heritage Village Polk Museum of Art Portsmouth Museums President James K. Polk State Historic Site/ NC Dept of Natural & Cultural Resources Reuel B. Pritchett Museum Reynolda House Museum of American Art River Discovery Center Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking Rocky Mount Historical Association Rowan Museum, Inc. Rural Heritage Museum/Mars Hill University Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts Sallie Mae Ligon Museum and Archives Sarasota Museum of Art SC Confederate Relic Room & Museum SC State Museum SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film SCAD Museum of Art Schiele Museum Shiloh Museum of Ozark History Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center

Susan Perry and husband, Mike, at the SEMC 2019 annual meeting, Charleston


South Boston – Halifax County Museum of Fine Arts and History South Carolina Historical Society South Carolina Military Museum St. Mary’s Submarine Museum Sumter County Museum Swope Art Museum Tampa Bay History Center Tampa Museum of Art Taubman Museum of Art Telfair Museums Tellus Science Museum Tennessee State Museum Tennessee Valley Museum of Art The Bass Museum of Art The Charleston Museum The Chrysler Museum of Art The Columbus Museum The Dixon Gallery & Gardens The Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia The Guntersville Museum The Mennello Museum of American Art The Mosaic Museum The Museum at Mountain Home The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia The Oaks House Museum The Old Governor’s Mansion/Georgia College The Parthenon The Ralph Foster Museum The Royce J. & Caroline B. Watts Museum, West Virginia University The William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum


The Wolfsonian – Florida International University The Wren’s Nest Thomas County Historical Society Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Monticello Thronateeska Heritage Center Tryon Palace Tubman Museum U. S. Marshals Museum, Inc. Union County Heritage Museum University of Alabama Museums University of Mary Washington Museums University of Mississippi Museum & Historic Houses University of Richmond Museums UWF Historic Trust Van Every/Smith Galleries at Davidson College Vero Beach Museum of Art Virginia Beach History Museums Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Virginia Museum of History & Culture Walter Anderson Museum of Art Washington and Lee University Waterworks Visual Arts Center Watson-Brown Foundation, Inc. Weems-Botts Museum West Baton Rouge Museum West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History Wetzel County Museum Whalehead in Historic Corolla William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum Windgate Museum of Art Wiregrass Museum of Art

Aiken-Rhett House, SEMC 2019 annual meeting, Charleston



Annual Meeting attendance has more than doubled since 2011


Thank You to Our 2019 Endowment Contributors Many thanks to our endowment contributors in 2019 for investing in the future of SEMC! The growth of SEMC’s endowment is essential to ensure that our organization will be able to provide opportunities for learning and networking for museum professionals in the Southeast.

Patrick Daily Sara Elliott Freda Mindlin Nathan Moehlmann Keith Post Robin Reed Scott Warren

The Past Presidents Circle Members of the Past Presidents Circle have contributed $150 annually for at least two years to the endowment fund. George Bassi Sharon Bennett David Butler Tom Butler Tamra Sindler Carboni Micheal A. Hudson Douglas Noble


Robert Rathburn Graig D. Shaak Robert Sullivan Kristin Miller Zohn

The William T. and Sylvia F. Alderson Endowment Fellows Thirty-four members of SEMC have made commitments of distinction as Alderson Fellows. Their investment of at least $1,000 each is a significant leadership gift, reflective of a personal commitment

to the professional association that has meant so much to each of them.

Platinum Alderson Fellows (minimum $5,000) Sylvia F. Alderson Bob Rathburn Graig D. Shaak Nancy & Robert Sullivan

Medallion Alderson Fellows (minimum $2,500) George Bassi Sharon Bennett David Butler Tamra Sindler Carboni William U. Eiland Martha Battle Charleston Pamela Meister Richard Waterhouse

Alderson Fellows (minimum $1,000) T. Patrick Brennan Michael Brothers W. James Burns Horace Harmon Brian Hicks Pamela Hisey Micheal Hudson Kathleen Hutton

Rick Jackson Andrew Ladis John Lancaster Elise LeCompte Allyn Lord Michael Anne Lynn R. Andrew Maass Darcie MacMahon Robin Seage Person Allison Reid Steve Rucker Heather Marie Wells Kristin Miller Zohn

The Peter S. LaPaglia JIMI Scholarship Fund Established in 2009 to honor Pete LaPaglia’s dedication to the museum field and recognize his inspirational leadership of SEMC’s Jekyll Island Management Institute, this fund helps endow an annual JIMI scholarship. The year 2019 marked JIMI’s 19th anniversary, and the fund has reached over $30,406.

George Bassi Austin Bell Melissa Buchanan Sharon Corey Jamie Credle Stephen Drury William Eiland Anna Gospodinovich Claire Gwaltney Shelby Henderson Walter Hill Kim Johnson John and Cynthia Lancaster Julie Lohnes Nathan Moehlmann Anne Pratt Robert Rathburn Tania Said Tania Sammons Deitrah Taylor Vanessa Thaxton-Ward Stacey Thompson Rebekka Wade Scott Warren

The Leadership Institute Fund

JIMI Sustainability Fund

SEMC is raising funds to plan and pilot the SEMC Leadership Institute: Leading for Today’s Challenges in 2020.

Laura Anderson Brenda Baratto

Alexander Benitez

Anonymous donor


David Butler Pody Gay Calinda Lee Deborah Mack Darcie MacMahon

Rosalind Martin Robin Reed Michael Scott Deitrah Taylor Michael Warren

Thank You Volunteers

Heather Marie Wells L. Carole Wharton Zinnia Willits

SEMC wants to express our deepest gratitude to our volunteers who contributed countless hours in 2019. A special thanks goes to SEMC leadership — Officers, Council Directors, and committees. SEMC had tremendous support of volunteers at SEMC 2019 Annual Meeting in Charleston. Annual conference, JIMI, and other SEMC programming would not be possible without your help. Thanks to all for your time! 34

SEMC received $37,279 in contributions (including the endowment) in FY2019


SEMC Officers, Directors, and Staff 2019 Officers President Zinnia Willits Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston, SC Vice President Heather Marie Wells Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, AR Secretary Deitrah Taylor Perry, GA Treasurer Robin Reed Fort Monroe Casemate, Fort Monroe, VA


Past President Darcie MacMahon Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, FL

Directors Scott Alvey

Matthew Davis (beginning October 2019)

Historic Museums, Georgia College, Milledgeville, GA Pody Gay Museum of Discovery, Little Rock, AR

(beginning October 2019)

Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfurt, KY

Julie Harris (through October 2019)

River Discovery Center, Paducah, KY Glenna Barlow Columbia Museum of Art, Columbia, SC Alexander Benitez Moundville Archaeological Park, The University of Alabama, Moundville, AL

Elise LeCompte Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, FL Calinda Lee Atlanta History Center, Atlanta, GA

SEMC 2019 Council (missing from image, Calinda Lee). Photo courtesy of Michael Lachowski, Georgia Museum of Art.

Deborah Mack Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington, D.C. Rosalind Martin Knoxville Museum of Art, Knoxville, TN Catherine Pears Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA

Lance Wheeler (beginning October 2019)

Two History Museums, Jackson, MS

Staff Susan S. Perry Executive Director

SEMC P.O. Box 550746 Atlanta, GA 30355-3246 Phone: 404.814.2048 Website: www.SEMCdirect.net Email: membershipservices@ SEMCdirect.net Design: Nathan Moehlmann, Goosepen Studio & Press

John Witek Manager of Communications and Member Services

Michael Scott Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site, Beech, SC


A Snapshot of SEMC’s Reach Conference 2019 Attendees: 800 JIMI 2019 Participants: 16 Southeast Museums Advocacy   Day Participants: 66 Facebook Followers: 1,688 Twitter Followers: 1,964

LinkedIn Members: 1,262 SEMC Website: 225,382 page views;   41,547 users; 40,539 new users 220 people downloaded the conference app with   about 6,900 views of the guide and its content.   That’s 32 views per person!

SEMC Membership Individuals Institutions Corporations


Individual Membership

Institutional Membership

Category 1 Category 2


Category 3


Category 4


Category 5 Benefactor

Category 6 Academic

Institutional members by state


Institutional Membership by State



Corporate Membership

Business Associate Corporate Friend

Conference attendees by state

Conference Attendees by State

AL AR FL GA KY LA MS NC SC TN VA WV Other regions International


Statement of Financial Position FY2019* FY2018 Assets Cash & cash equivalents $306,143 $290,359 Investments $518,787 $462,186 Receivables/Prepaid $7,500 $9,880 Total Assets $867,260 $762,425

You can support SEMC general operations,

Liabilities & Fund Equity

Conference in their wills or estate plans. Your

Liabilities $78,997 $64,994 Fund Equity $788,263 $697,431 Total Liabilities & Fund Equity $867,260 $762,425

the SEMC Endowment, the Peter S. LaPaglia Scholarship Fund (supports JIMI tuition scholarships), Legacy Society (Planned Giving) or other activities by donating online at www. SEMCdirect.net. SEMC has created the Legacy Society to recognize the generosity of individuals who have included the Southeastern Museums planned gift will make a difference in the services of SEMC and the future development of our profession. For more information, please refer to the Legacy Society brochure at www.SEMCdirect.net.

*Note FY2019 is July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019.

How Does SEMC Spend Your Money?

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Profile for Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC)

SEMC Annual Report 2019  

Southeastern Museums Conference

SEMC Annual Report 2019  

Southeastern Museums Conference