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May & June 2013 Year 11. Issue 109 €4.50 ISSN 1790-3114

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| May & June 2013


Destination Greece Minister Olga Kefalogianni / Hilton turns 50 / City break in Athens / Messinean treats Turkish Airlines, up in the air / Explore: Thessaloniki, Patmos, Rhodes, Tinos & Syros Plus: Interview with the Israeli Ambassador, Arye Mekel / Art Athina / Zolotas, ambassadors of Greek heritage / Epikouros’ foodie haunts PLUS: ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT, FOOD & WINE, NIGHTLIFE, SHOPPING, NOVELTIES, MAPS AND MORE

The thing with Greece is that even in the midst of a downturn, it has still so much going for it. It is only when you step away for a bit that you truly realize what Greece has to offer. Just back from a trip to India, I was struck by how efficient the Athens international airport is, the incredible infrastructure we have here, the level of safety compared to most metropolises, the cleanliness…. and of course, the glorious sunshine, the rich Easter traditions and the infectious kefi of being surrounded by hard-to-put-down Greeks.

Sudha Nair-Iliades

publisher’s note And I’m far from being in the honeymoon phase of my romance with Greece. Yes, we’ve messed up on more than one occasion and made some serious errors of judgement, but what is remarkable, is the speed with which we’ve been able to turn around. This time last year, we were precariously perched on the precipice of uncertainty and self annihilation. But as with the Olympics, when push comes to shove, we get our acts together and make a clean recovery, stunning everyone with our quick reactivity and creativity. Within a year, price distortions have been corrected somewhat, arrogance has been replaced with a smile and we’ve come up with creative solutions to stay ahead of the game. The tourists have noticed and they’re flocking back. Along with the tourists, a pride in all things quintessentially Greek is back too. Not the misplaced, complacent ‘we are the best’ swagger… but a deep-seated desire to preserve one’s heritage through intelligent solutions. Whether it is young microbrewers who have chosen to brew beer in their native islands as Alexandros Kouris has with his Nissos beer in Tinos or Costa Navarino Icons who have taken arts and crafts from Messinea across the globe with quality products and savvy marketing, the new Greece is filled with stories of nimble entrepreneurs who have built on Greece’s strengths. Here’s to a great tourist season and to a new Greece!

Sudha Nair-Iliades

Publisher - Editor Sudha Nair - Iliades

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Patia Iordanidou,

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contributors Maria Stergiou

Maria studied Marketing and Communication at Athens University of Economics and Business and then moved to Barcelona where she studied and worked in the events industry. On her return to Greece she worked in the marketing departments of multinationals in the hospitality and advertising sector. She speaks English, Spanish and French and has a passion for flamenco dance.

Journalist and Beauty Editor Patia Iordanidou has worked for various print and online publications such as Vogue Hellas, House & Garden, Athinorama and She writes on many subjects, including fashion, beauty, nightlife, restaurants and travel. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in German studies in Athens, she went on to a Masters in Communication and Media at the Universities of Kassel, Germany and Florence, Italy. She speaks several languages and is fascinated by both culture and fashion.

Dimosthenis Therianos

Dimosthenis Therianos was born and raised in Athens. He studied accounting at TEI Piraeus and continued with studies in Human Resources. Always criss-crossing the city on his motorbike to meet his clients, he makes the most of the opportunity to visit Athens’ trendiest neighbourhoods to keep a lookout for new cool restaurants and bars in town.

Epikouros is the pen name of restaurant critic and food writer Albert Arouh who writes for the Greek edition of Harper’s Bazaar and BHMAGourmet. He has written for several Greek magazines and newspapers. Some of his books include «New Greek Cuisine» (Ikaros, 2012), Art Cuisine: Food as Art (Imako, 2006), Critique of Food Reason (Kedros, 2006), A Taste of Sephardic Salonica (Fytrakis, 2002), restaurant guides to Athens, Only the Best (Axon, 2001) and Athens Restaurant Guide 2011, and he has also edited a series of books under the title Gastronomy and Thought published by Polytropon.

Marie-Irène Moschona

2 insider athens | May & June 2013


After studying theatre at the University of Athens and at Sorbonne, Maria-Irene obtained a Masters in Management of Cultural Activities from the Panteion University of Athens. She was an assistant director at Kappa Theatre, Media Assistant at Badminton Theatre and at the Half Note Jazz Club and editor at the cultural site In this issue, Marie-Irene shares the beauty of Greece through her images in Kaleidoscope.

Mate Aguirre studies Business Management and Marketing at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado (USA). He is currently studying abroad at the Arcadia Center for Hellenic, Mediterranean, and Balkan Studies in Athens, Greece for 4 months and is a big fan of Greek cuisine. He enjoys playing and watching basketball and football and his favourite sports team is the Denver Nuggets.

Eliza Mouzenidou

Patia Iordanidou

Mate Aguirre

Eliza Mouzenidou was born and raised in Athens. She studied Technology of Graphic Arts and graduated with the highest GPA amongst her colleagues. For the last five years she has been working as a graphic designer and has attended numerous seminars on the subject. Her true passion is photography and during her free time she enjoys playing tennis.



Features Art in the time of Crisis 10 Art-Athina is twenty and thriving A new image of Greece 14 Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni on a new attractive Greece

14 20

Departments Keeping alive traditions 30 The remarkable story of Costa Navarino Icons producing Messinean food and art products

Diplomatic challenges 16 Israeli Ambassador Arye Mekel on a new era in Greek – Israeli ties

Reaching new heights 32 Turkish Airlines’ General Manager Gulay Ozturk on the efforts to boost incoming tourism through increased connectivity

Thinking globally, managing locally 18 Mr Loic Wallaert on the launch of Mazars’s activities in Greece

Thessaloniki A guide to the northern city’s heritage sites

Zolotas, an iconic brand 20 A symbol of Greek luxury, Zolotas innovates to retain its allure

Island Charm: 42 Patmos: Mystique and old world charm Rhodes: A Colossus of an island Syros: The Queen of the Cyclades Tinos: Re-discovering Tinos

50 & going strong 22 Bart van de Winkel on the glorious moments of the Hilton’s history as it turns 50 Hospitality 26 General Managers of leading hotels in Greece reveal what it takes to make their cities attractive destinations


The Perennial Question 54 Epikouros addresses a key issue: where to eat in the heart of Athens Exquisite cuisine in a secret garden 56 Aleria’s cuisine matches its elegant decor

Arts 6 Diplomacy 14 Business 18 Luxury 20 Hospitality 22 Agora 24 Made in Greece 30 Travel 34 Cityscope 40 Beauty 52 Gastronomy 54

22 30 40 42 56 Cover picture: shutterstock

4 insider athens | May & June 2013

Arts & events

On the town For location details see listings on page 71




1619 24 24 25 26 may







PlisskĂŤn Festival

Onassis Cultural Center


Benaki Museum

Hub, SixDogs, K44, Hellenic Cosmos  01 The festival of dance and electronic music which became an institution, comes for the third consecutive year in May! Big names have already been announced and the lineup is constantly being enriched.

Subhankar Banerjee Jugalbandi 02 An evening with three jugalbandi players engaging in a high-level musical dialogue. Combining flavours with music, the performance will be interspersed with Indian snacks. Syngrou 107- 109

Dee Dee Bridgewater The legendary Dee Dee Bridgewater comes to Athens with her quartet for a weekend of high artistic enjoyment. Through a multi-faceted career spanning forty years with Grammies and Tonies earned along the way, the glamorous diva of jazz ranks among the top performers of our time as she continues to raise the bar, bridging different music genres together. 32-34 Voutadon Str., Gazi

Costis Antoniadis - Used photos 03 Used Photos are a set of photographic works by Costis Antoniadis realised from 1985 to 2013. Broken images of the city, virtual busts of heroes, landscapes that resemble other landscapes, fake maps and secret collections, explore the relationship between photography, memory, reality and the imaginary. Koumbari 1 & Vas. Sofias

6 insider athens | May & June 2013

The International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens

2013 16-19 May

Faliro Pavilion

(TaeKwonDo Stadium)

Opening: Thursday 16/5: 19.00–22.30 (by invitation only) Opening hours: Friday 17/5: 14.00–21.00 Saturday 18 & Sunday 19/5: 12.00–21.00 Organisation

Communication sponsors

Under the aegis ATHENS

Mε την συγχρηματοδότηση της Ελλάδας & της Ευρωπαϊκής Ενωσης

Arts & events



172 7 8 may


Zoumboulakis Galleries Shining Through A group exhibition “Shining Through” at the Zone D of Zoumboulaki Gallery, curated by artist Mark Noll opens mid-May with 19 artists living and working in Germany, Greece and Cyprus. Referring to the exhibition, Noll wryly observes, “Appearances are deceptive, beauty is only skindeep.” Ermou 135

8 insider athens | May & June 2013




Fuzz Live Music Club & Blokc33 2nd Cuba Festival  04 The 2nd Cuba Festival promises to be one of the most explosive dancing events this summer! The Cuban Beats All Stars band will perform to Greek audiences in Thessaloniki on Friday, June 7 and in Athens on Saturday, June 8 for two foot-stomping nights of music and dance. Tickets: 20, 25€ Block33: 26th Oktovriou 33, Thessaloniki Fuzz Music Club: Peiraios 209 & Patriarchou Ioakeim 1, Athens




209 may


El.Marneri galerie


“Eternal Bliss” 05 Eternal Bliss, an exhibition of 15 talented artists with an other-worldly view on contemporary jewellery and objects promises to offer feelings of divine happiness by fulfilling mortal instincts. Extraordinary forms, materials and colours come together to create a celestial experience! Lebessi 5-7 & 16 Porinou 16, Akropoli

GREAT 2013 Greek Architectural Talent An architectural contest for graduate and post graduate students from Greek schools of Architecture and Greek Students from foreign universities with an international jury selecting the models exhibited at the Athens Concert Hall. The theme of the first exhibition, Their First Buildings, focuses on the talent and the creativity of young architects before and outside the limitations dictated by the assignments they will be undertaking after their studies. Curated by architect Memos Filippidis. Vas Sofias & Kokkali,

On the town For location details see listings on page 71



14 june


14 2121 7







Badminton Theater

B&M Theocharakis Foundation

Sofitel Athens Airport

Onassis Cultural Center

Kaas Chante Piaf 06 Patricia Kass comes for a unique performance at the Badminton Theater, presenting – on the 50th anniversary of the death of Edith Piaf - a tribute to the voice that marked the history of French song. The play “Kass explains Piaf” is, as Patricia Kass says, “a tribute to a timeless artist who always admired the soundtrack of a life full of passion.” Tickets: 30 - 75€ Olympic Properties, Goudi

Markoulakis – The harmony of images, 1956 - 2013 Michael Makroulakis is considered to be as one of the few European painters, who possess in depth the secrets of miniature painting and remains a strong contender of optical beauty, substance and expressiveness. As Angelos Delivorias, Director of the Benaki Museum in Athens, has underlined, a painted bunch of poppies by Makroulakis is “as though whatever is conceived by the sense of sight is then transformed into the sense of touch”. Vassilissis Sofias 9 & Merlin 1

3rd French Gastronomy Festival UBIFRANCE, the commercial section of the French Embassy, the French School and Sofitel Athens Airport Hotel organize the 3rd Festival of French Gastronomy and Art de la Table in Athens from May 21 to 21 June 2013, under the auspices of the French Embassy in Greece. The Festival is an opportunity to discover, explore and enjoy French beverages, foods and art de la table. Athens International Airport

Robert Wilson Video Portraits 07, 08 Robert Wilson is a choreographer, director, artist, sculptor, performer and video artist. His VOOM series consists of 43 videos conceived, designed and directed between 2004 and 2009. The video-portraits interweave photography, film, literature and sound to comment on the history of portraiture as a genre. Although his heroes appear static, they evolve gradually, in a way which arrests the viewer’s attention. The videos star famous actors, artists and authors including Mikhail Baryshnikov, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp, Marianne Faithfull etc. Syngrou 107- 109

insider athens | May & June 2013 9


Art in the time of Crisis

photo by Virgilios Tsioulis


If there’s one area that has thrived despite the crisis, it is the arts. Crises have always nurtured debate and artistic expression and it is in full evidence in Athens. With more galleries sprouting in the past year and participation at the annual Art-Athina intact, art is alive and well in Greece. Alexis Caniaris, General Director of Art-Athina, in conversation with Athens Insider.

rt-Athina is unique among the plethora of international art fairs, many of which have cropped up in recent years. Established in 1993 by the Hellenic Art Galleries Association, “Art-Athina started quite early in the European context”, says Alexis Caniaris, General Director of the event who has taken over the management of the event this year.“It’s not one of the biggest art fairs, but is one of the oldest in existence.” Son of the avant-garde artist Vlassis Caniaris (who passed away in 2011), Alexis Caniaris has been exposed to the Greek art scene early on, and has had personal ties to leading contemporary artists and galleries. For Caniaris, organising Art-Athina on its 20th anniversary feels special in more ways than one. He adds, “The Athenian art fair offers Greeks a unique chance to get an oversight into current artistic creation, gain exposure to a pot-pourri of global and Greek creativity, and glimpse, you could say, what is going on in the world of art.” Twenty years on, Art-Athina remains the most prominent annual artistic event in Greece. This year’s eighteenth event held at the TaeKwonDo Stadium from 16 to 19 May, 2013, puts together a varied programme involving over 800 artists from four continents and sending out a resounding message despite the hard times the county is facing. True to its original concept of promoting the contemporary Greek art scene and establishing a constructive dialogue with international art, Art-Athina continuous on an upward course through a process of constant development in terms of both structure and content. The concurrent presence of Greek and foreign art galleries, artists, museums, foundations and art publishers gives a unique opportunity for bringing together the entire spectrum of the art world and providing visitors with its most comprehensive picture.

10 insider athens | May & June 2013

With a host of parallel events as round-table discussions, presentations and exhibitions by both young and established artists, this edition of Art-Athina offers a glimpse into the business of art. A few highlights include: Symposia: Marina Fokidis invites international figures from the world of art, curators and art critics, most of whom present their work in Greece for the first time to discuss the methodology and the challenges of their profession with a focus on today’s Biennales and “museums”. Platforms Project: Over 550 artists from 17 countries and 4 continents participate in the Platforms Project @ Art Athina. Curated by Artemis Potamianou, the event charts the various artist groups, collectives, platforms and independent art venues of non-commercial (non-profit) character that operate in Greece or abroad in unconventional ways, establishing unexpected dialogues, symbioses and collaborations. Open Form: An open-structure exhibition where galleries from abroad participate with one work or series of works with the aim of establishing an international exchange of views, ideas and propositions around art. Curator: Marina Fokidis Art-Athina Contemporaries: Artemis Potamianou attempts to capture a picture of the contemporary art scene and the multitude of expressions as they are shaped today; this is a happening/exhibition under the title “Paradise Lost”, featuring artists from the galleries represented in the core programme of Art-Athina. Tribute to Desmos Gallery: Manos Stefanidis will present the panorama of Desmos using images and archive material and point out its absence in an age dominated by commercialism and the market, while Dimitris Alithinos, a historical member of the Desmos family, will participate with a surprise contribution.

- ©Corbis. All Rights Reserved

©Corbis. All Rights Reserved

©Corbis. All Rights Reserved

Re-living the ‘80s

©Corbis. All Rights Reserved

It’s so easy to make fun of the 1980s. Ray-Bans, glam-rock hair, acid-washed jeans, the yuppie and Reaganomics, and all those regrettable images of women in power suits and tennis shoes. It seemed even as it was occurring an age of Culture Lite, a consumer-driven wasteland after the socially and politically transformative ‘60s and ‘70s.


six-part mini-series presented by Rob Lowe on National Geographic Channel, The ‘80s: The Decade That Made Us isn’t about nostalgia; it’s about the history of our modern world that spawned political, technological, cultural, and social revolutions that began in the United States and went on to dominate the world. This cultural programming event is the defining biography of a generation. It’s about a decade of people, decisions, and inventions that changed our future, told from the perspective of the unknowing history makers who lived these iconic moments. We worked out, worked harder, played harder and consumed more—because the 1980s was the decade when we went forward to the future. The first launch of the Space Shuttle triggered a technological explosion in global communications that gave birth to our modern love affair with smartphones; Madonna rolled around on stage in a wedding dress, sending shock waves through a celebrity-hungry world that can’t get

©Corbis. All Rights Reserved

12 insider athens | May & June 2013

enough of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry today. These and other incredible stories reveal surprising, unexpected details and twists and turns from a decade you only thought you knew. Narrated by an original member of the “Brat Pack,” Rob Lowe, The ‘80s will put us back in touch with our inner Valley Girl by reliving the music, inspirational sports moments, and scenes from iconic movies and TV shows as well as the very best (and worst) of hair and fashion. What: The 80s: The Decade That Made Us Where: National Geographic Channel When: From 12 May, every night at 21:00. Replays from 14 to 16 May at 23:00 and 00:00 respectively. The 80s will also be aired in a marathon session on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May. National Geographic Channel is broadcast in Greece exclusively through Nova.

©Allsport UK

©1989 Rex Features

©SSPL/Getty Images

© Getty Images

insider athens | May & June 2013 13

A new image of Greece Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni reveals the new Greece – a country that is building on its heritage, beauty and creativity to make itself a more attractive destination.


reece’s image has changed dramatically within the last year. Having gone through the hurdle of the economic crisis, our country has managed to turn a corner. To reverse the negative image. To think positively. To highlight its strengths.

But Greece is not just a political and economic entity. Greece is so much more. It is the beauty of the country, the hospitality of its inhabitants, its history, its present. Through these lines, I am proud to transmit our image of Greece. We know that many Greeks living abroad, but also many visitors, promote Greek culture and the uniqueness of its rich heritage. They have been promoting the comparative advantages of Greece, that for years, have made our country an ideal holiday destination. They have been promoting the Acropolis and Sounion, the historic centre of Athens, Plaka and Thisseio. Greece is a completely safe country for visitors. It has modernized its infrastructure. It has one of the best airports in Europe. It has large modern hotels and restaurants catering to every need.

14 insider athens | May & June 2013

Our country now meets all the needs of alternative tourism and develops its own proposals in religious, spa and sports tourism. Greece has now become an endearing tourist destination, accessible throughout the year. It has expanded its tourist services and aims at quality in services offered by professionals in Greek tourism. Professionals, who, with their smiles, experience and continuous education aim at meeting the needs of customers. Greece has amazing beaches, entertainment, and has been blessed with sunshine. Our gastronomy and our quality products add more value to our tourism product. It is a fact that many of our guests have been enchanted by Greece’s beauty.

Most visitors do not stop on their first trip to Greece. They come more and more often, knowing that every time they’ll discover a new secret. A new secret that will reveal another aspect of our cultural tradition and yet another contact with nature. Greece is undoubtedly a blessed place. A place where one visit is not enough to get to know it. Our people, tourism professionals but also ordinary citizens will be your guides on this magical journey, so that you can discover together, the magical and hidden corners of Greece.

Greece, a journey that never ends‌ Papadopoulos Butter Cookies’ fans, look out for four collectible cookie tin boxes that take you on a Greek summer journey that never ends. Papadopoulos Butter Cookies offer not just a delectable treat to indulge in but are also a unique Greek souvenir to take back home or to gift to dear ones. The special Papadopoulos Butter Cookies edition, featuring four distinctly Greek landscapes promotes Greece as a beautiful destination.

insider athens | May & June 2013 15

Diplomatic challenges On the occasion of Israel’s 65th Anniversary, Ambassador Arye Mekel speaks to Insider, about the new era in Greek – Israeli ties, developments in the Middle East, his great fondness for Greece and the legacy he would like to leave behind. The Ambassador of Israel to Greece, Mr. Arye Mekel, has had an illustrious dual career as a journalist and diplomat. Among other posts, Ambassador Mekel served as an advisor to the late Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, President of the Israeli Broadcasting Authority, Consul General in New York and Foreign Ministry Spokesman before coming to Athens in September 2010. His arrival coincided with a major improvement in relations between Greece and Israel. Greece is going through a pivotal moment in its history. The Middle East is also going through challenging times. What is your main agenda as the Ambassador of the State of Israel to Greece? My main task is to promote Greek – Israeli relations. Bilateral relations have experienced a sea-change for the better. The process began two and half years ago when the Prime Ministers of Greece and Israel at the time, Mr. George Papandreou and Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu respectively, decided to upgrade Greek – Israeli ties. This “strategic opening” was followed by an unprecedented array of visits of high ranking officials from both states. 15 Greek Ministers and the Greek President visited Israel. Over 10 Israeli Ministers and the Israeli President visited Greece. Since the summer of 2012, the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, carried out a highly successful visit to Athens, while the Greek Ministers of Public Order, Defense, Tourism and the Chief of the Greek Armed Forces carried out trips to Israel. Our relations have flourished in spite of political challenges and elections in both states. The Greek Government under the leadership of Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras of New Democracy, has continued the policy of upgrading ties with Israel on all levels. In fact, in 2011, Prime Minister Samaras visited Jerusalem when he was still in the opposition, and declared Israel is a strategic partner. Four Greek Ministers (Foreign Affairs, Defense, Interior and Tourism) and over 1,000 guests recently attended our Independence Day reception in Athens, in a clear demonstration of the strong bonds of friendship between our two states. Greek public opinion has also embraced our strengthened ties. We hope to have a High Level Inter-Governmental Council (G2G) headed by our two Prime Ministers as soon as possible. Foreign Minister Avramopoulos will visit Israel in May where he will meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Of course, one of the primary aims of Greek – Israeli cooperation is to foster regional stability during a time of turmoil in the Middle East and the wider region. Old civilizations but frosty diplomatic relations until the ‘90s, Israel and Greece have since forged closer military and economic ties in recent years. What are the key highlights of this partnership? Our two ancient nations have much more in common than anything that separates us. When you combine this fact with common strategic interests you create a great recipe for a partnership. The key highlights

16 insider athens | May & June 2013

of our upgraded relations include: strengthened military cooperation with joint exercises and military exchanges; a large influx of Israeli tourists to Greece with 400,000 visiting the country in 2012; flourishing cultural exchanges in a variety of fields like film, dance and art; important deliberations for cooperation in areas like energy and agriculture; initiatives for improved business ties including the agreements signed between the Greek – Israeli and Israeli – Greek Chambers of Commerce with the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Technology (EVEA); and the participation of Israeli investors in the tenders for some large privatization projects in Greece (Hellenikon, etc.). With elections in Israel and President Obama’s visit to Israel, do you think there might be renewed hope and engagement with the Middle East peace process? The Israel visit was the first of President Obama abroad in his second term. It reaffirmed the strong alliance between Israel and the United States. Our hope is that the peace process with the Palestinians will be renewed. The Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, has repeatedly stated that he supports a two state solution with Israel as the nation – state of the Jewish people and a Palestinian state for the Palestinians. Israel has expressed its willingness to renew peace negotiations with no preconditions on all outstanding issues (borders, settlements, refugees, Jerusalem, etc.). Unfortunately, the Palestinian leadership has not heeded our calls for new peace talks. Instead, it has adopted unilateral measures which are counterproductive. Meanwhile, Gaza is controlled by the Hamas, which continues to declare its desire to destroy the Jewish State. Do you think the rapprochement with Turkey could help contain the spillover from the Syrian civil war and ease Israel’s diplomatic isolation in the Middle East? Our rapprochement with Turkey is a positive development aimed at boosting regional stability. A sea-change is occurring in the Middle East in the context of the so called “Arab Spring.” The situation in Syria is truly dangerous because of the great human tragedy there with over 60,000 dead, a possible spillover effect, the probability of chemical and biological weapons falling into the hands of extremists, and the various extremist groups operating in the Syrian conflict (Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah, Jihadists, etc.).


Diplomacy I want to stress that as both the governments of Greece and Israel have repeatedly stated, Greek – Israeli relations are not dependent on ties with other countries and are not directed against third parties. They have their own raison d’etre and dynamic. That is why they have been so successful and will continue to be so. There is increased interest in Greece, Cyprus and Israel’s collaboration on a new energy landscape. What is the geostrategic significance? Energy cooperation is one of the key fields of high level deliberations between Israel, Greece and Cyprus. Discussions have focused on the prospect of Greece becoming a hub for the transport to Europe of the large quantities of natural gas discovered in Israel. The same companies which discovered natural gas in Israel also discovered the deposits in Cyprus. Israeli companies have also expressed an interest

Embassy, Aristotle University and the World Jewish Congress – not only paid homage to the historic memory of the 50,000 Jews of the city lost in Nazi death camps, but sent out a resounding message against anti-Semitism, intolerance and xenophobia. There is a calendar full of cultural exchanges between Greece and Israel. Do you believe that cultural ties forge more lasting relationships between countries? They are very important. Our cultural ties are flourishing. Greek musicians, like Glykeria and Giorgos Dalaras, draw huge crowds when they hold concerts in Israel. There was an Israeli Film Festival in Athens last year. Israel films appear in just about every film festival in Greece. The Athens Megaron recently hosted a concert of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, a joint performance of acclaimed Israeli singer Noa and George Dalaras and a concert of Ladino international star,

The triangle of Israel–Greece–Cyprus may develop into a regional power.

in carrying out exploration for possible natural gas deposits in Greece, through official channels. The triangle of Israel –Greece–Cyprus may develop into a regional power. Recently, events were held in Thessaloniki, marking 70 years since the first deportation of Greek Jews to Auschwitz? What was the significance of this commemoration? The Thessaloniki events were historic. They began with a march of thousands of people spearheaded by the city’s Mayor, Mr. Ioannis Boutaris, which started at Liberty Square and ended at the Old Train station where Jews were deported to Auschwitz. They culminated with a large ceremony at the city’s Synagogue with the Greek Premier, Mr. Antonis Samaras, as the keynote speaker that also included addresses by senior World Jewish leaders. The events - which were the result of excellent collaboration between the Municipality of Thessaloniki, its Jewish Community, the Israeli

Ambassador Mekel with the President of Israel, Shimon Peres, during a visit of the latter to Athens in August 2012

Yasmin Levy. The world famous Israeli writer, Etgar Keret, presented his book in Greece last year and Israeli literature has become very popular here. Undoubtedly, the success of these exchanges is also a result of the great cultural affinity between our two nations. What is the best perk of being stationed in Greece? What do you want your legacy to be? The greatest perk of being stationed in Greece has been its proximity to Israel both geographically and culturally, as well as the remarkable beauty of the country and the warmth of its people. I never cease to be astounded by how much Israelis and Greeks have in common. It really makes one wonder how strong relations did not develop earlier. I was privileged to come at a time when our two governments decided to upgrade their ties. The legacy I would like to leave is to know that I helped develop the natural bonds of friendship between Greece and Israel, which our two nations desire and deserve.

From r to l: Greek Foreign Minister, Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos, Ambassador Mekel, Minister of Defence, Mr. Panos Panaghiotopoulos, and Gen. Chief of Staff of the Greek Armed Forces, Gen. Mikhail Kostarakos, at the 65th Anniversary of Israel’s Independence Day.

insider athens | May & June 2013 17

Thinking globally, managing locally With 13,500 professionals in 71 countries, Mazars has been providing audit, accountancy, tax, legal and advisory services globally. At the launch of Mazars in Greece in April 2013, Mr Loïc Wallaert, Member of the Global Executive Committee in charge of international coordination, shares Mazars’s strategy for Greece.

Mr. Loïc Wallaert, you were in Athens on April 3 to launch Mazars’s activities in Greece. As a well-known global audit, accounting and consulting group employing more than 13,500 professionals in 71 countries through member firms, how does Mazars’s presence in Greece mark a positive signal for the Greek economy? Since 1995 and the creation of our integrated partnership, we have chosen to develop our activity internationally in line with the needs and strategies of our clients. We are constantly expanding our international coverage to ensure we can operate for all our clients wherever they are. Mazars has very strong historical European roots and it was naturally important for us to also be present in Greece. Mazars being a selective and demanding firm, we have actually been looking for the right firm and right partners for years in Greece. We took some time because we wanted to make sure that the people we would find would be the right ones, sharing Mazars’ vision, strategy and values. This period of economic change has brought good foundations to build a strong team with whom we share a high level of ethics and technical standards. And this is indeed positive news.

At a time when some investors have been shying away from Greece while others have been flocking to take advantages of the opportunities that present themselves, how do you read the market? Independently from market conditions, what is critical to success in our industry, is the quality of the people, their ethics and their capacity to understand their clients’ challenges, both in the short and long run. Economic instability is now affecting all sectors. Companies themselves seem to have accepted that uncertainty is the new reality and are therefore building this into the way they operate. Mazars is not here to “take advantage of opportunities” but rather to help

18 insider athens | May & June 2013

companies respond to challenging needs created by these complicated market conditions. Companies are looking for organisations capable of advising them on their expansion and on how to gain even better control of their risks in the context of increasing regulatory pressure in most regions of the world. This is the case in Greece as well, facing increasingly competitive markets. With its strong international and local expertise, Mazars is well equipped to understand its clients’ strategic needs and combine effectively its professionals’ business skills to meet those needs.

Who are Mazars’s key clients in Greece? During your recent visit here did you have some interesting meetings with potential clients? Our clients span many different business fields and vary from small family enterprises to large multinational and international companies. Founded in December 2007 by young partners with solid experience in their respective areas of expertise, our local team in Greece soon became well established in providing services to an assortment of sectors, including but not limited to public and non-profit organisations, business services, health care, retail, banking, insurance, shipping and manufacturing. To give you an example of their impressive growth and the level of trust and respect they have gained in the market in just a few years, our Greek team is now leader in providing internal audit services to public hospitals in Greece. The objective of my recent visit was not to have one to one meetings with potential clients but to meet various representatives of the local business community. In addition to our launch event, which was very pleasant and successful, I had some very fruitful and interesting exchanges with local business representatives, along with my Greek partners.


What are the key services offered by Mazars in Greece? As the market challenger, how is Mazars best suited to offering tailor-made solutions to its clients? Mazars in Greece offers Audit and Assurance, Financial Advisory, Tax Advisory and Compliance as well as Outsourcing services. The Mazars promise really is above all a commitment to responsiveness, simplicity and therefore effectiveness for our clients. Our added values stem from our insistence on agility in the context of an unstable market that can be difficult to decipher. We can put the right experts in the right place to offer our clients tailored solutions based on getting to know them and their business.

What are the lessons you have learnt from other markets that you can put to good use in a challenging Greek business environment? The market is looking for integrated, international players. That applies equally to big international groups or SMEs who are expanding beyond their home market and looking for new outlets. In an increasingly complex world, where business is mostly global, companies are going to favour the kind of “one stop shop” we offer, without formulaic standardization: a complete range of professional services, closely managed and delivered through a single point of contact, plus the same standards of excellence no matter what geographic zone they are in. What we have also learnt is that companies are looking for trusted partners capable of helping them manage change, improve business performance and safeguard their development. They need to be able to count on partners who guarantee them both reliability and flexibility, who have a global approach to business issues and a high level of technical expertise, but also specific local knowledge. The Partners

of Mazars in Greece are Certified Public Accountants (GR) with long professional experience and they are all members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece.

How does Mazars propose to assist Greek companies in implementing International Financial Reporting Standards? Almost of European countries have now come across the challenge of transitioning to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This particular procedure is not just the application of accounting techniques for the preparation of the financial statements. The implementation of IFRS can influence in a great deal the appearance of enterprises’ financial image. Mazars has developed dedicated expert teams in order to advise its clients in structuring their financial transformation while implementing those standards. We have now done this successfully in many countries and have gained very strong and recognized skills in that area. Mazars teams also have many years of expertise in the implementation of IFRS for groups listed in the Athens Stock Exchange and in the audit of IFRS standards financial statements. They can therefore use their broad experience in assisting Greek companies in the difficult attempt of transiting to IFRS. Mazars can also assist executives who are just in the procedure of evaluating whether or not to implement IFRS, by helping them make the best decision depending on their company’s environment. Mazars partners can also provide valuable support to companies which have already transitioned to IFRS, by offering them: • the possibility to solve several technical difficulties linked to the procedure of formatting financial statements, • continuous information pertaining to new Standards’ requirements, • timely alerts on changes that emerge in the existing Standards.

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Zolotas, a brand ambassador for Greek heritage A symbol of Greek luxury and workmanship for over a century, the House of Zolotas, with French Marianne Le Clere-Papalexis and son Georges Papalexis at the helm, innovate to retain the allure of their iconic brand. Georges and Marianne Papalexis


arianne Le Clere-Papalexis always strikes an elegant presence in Athenian circles. Usually dressed in white, her only accessories are the creations of her own house of jewellery, Zolotas, that she has headed for the past ten years. Having worked closely with Xenophon Zolotas, since the early seventies, she was soon considered the ambassador of the brand and its ‘spiritual heiress’ by her mentor. In 2003, she acquired full control of the company and has perpetuated the centuries old heritage of jewellerymaking at Zolotas. Founded in 1895, a year before the opening of the first Olympics, Zolotas has long been recognized for its meticulous reproductions of ancient and Byzantine jewellery as well as its own designs. Its richly textured 22k yellow gold designs has adorned the graceful limbs of many a celebrity and the crowned heads of royalty. Zolotas’ designs brought to life ancient Greek motifs, fantastic lions, snakes and rams and forms inspired by embroidery and architecture –retaining its quintessentially Greek character and earning the house an enviable reputation. The house’s appeal has endured over the years - its distinctive rings, drop earrings, necklaces and bracelets are still a draw after more than a century. Describing the Zolotas clientele as “individuals always in search of true values within their acquisitions” Marianne Papalexis explains, “They belong to an elite group of people who choose to be and act different. They appreciate the values of our classical spirit, go along with our aesthetic, enjoy our perfection and get excited by our modern cut.” This grand display of the love of Greece and Hellenic culture is what attracted international recognition from celebrities such as Eliza-

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beth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve along with the social and political elite, including the Kennedys, firebrand actress-turnedpolitician Melina Mercouri, actress Irene Papas and shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, who sought Zolotas’ creations for both his loves – Maria Callas and Jackie O! Royalty have been huge fans of Zolotas too – from jewels and tiaras for the Greek Royal family to wear to the coronation of King George V of England 100 years ago, to Queen Noor of Jordan, the jewellery house has maintained its allure by combining the aesthetics of classical Greece with contemporary designs. Designers who have created for Zolotas include such renowned artists as Paloma Picasso, Takis, Fassianos and Nisa. For Georges Papalexis, “getting inspired by sculptures and paintings and translating them into jewellery is always a challenge, it is also a journey into someone else’s world and the result is immensely satisfying to both parties. The fusion is unique and gives birth to very distinctive jewellery, which we always create in limited series in order to keep its rarity. Some of the pieces are even made just once and are quoted as true art pieces and purchased by collectors.” From designing jewellery to creating the torch for the Special Olympics 2011, Georges Papalexis seeks inspiration from “all kinds of visual elements issued from the Mediterranean civilization such as art, nature and architecture.” In keeping with the Zolotas tradition of intricate creations inspired by early Greek designs, Papalexis “likes getting inspired from older or ancient elements and to reintroduce them as jewellery with a modern cut.” Marianne Papalexis adds, “At Zolotas, the driving principle has always been to honour Beauty through a combination of precision craftsmanship together with the fabulous memories inherited from classic Greek art and innovations.” Towards that end, Zolotas organized and created jewellery for the exhibition ‘Princesses of the Mediterranean’


Catherine Deneuve

Paloma Picasso

Melina Mercouri Queen Noor of Jordan

Jackie O

Adriana Karembeu

Irene Papas

Liz Taylor

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

Lola and Xenofon Zolotas

at the Museum of Cycladic Art drawing inspiration from the pieces worn by influential women in the Mediterranean basin in the 6th century BC.

cesses of the Mediterranean, Marianne Papalexis adds, “The Zolotas house draws its strength from ancient culture and 120 years of history. It is in a period of crisis, that one has to be at one’s creative best.”

But the 120-year journey had not always been paved in gold. The company was witness to and suffered the dire consequences of the depression of 1929, the two World Wars, the Greek Civil War, and more recently, the recession in Greece. Drawing inspiration from the prin-

Zolotas continues to preserve the sense of history that has been the cornerstone of its business with added collections that include goldplated and silver jewellery at very affordable prices, letting less-famous women feel like celebrities in their own right.

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50 & going strong

The Hilton Athens is so much more than just a hotel in the Athenian cityscape. General Manager Bart van de Winkel shares the glorious moments of the hotel’s history as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

When one refers to the Hilton in Athens, it is so much more than just a hotel. An entire area around the building is simply referred to as Hilton; it is perhaps one of the most important landmarks after the Acropolis in Athens’ cityscape; a meeting point for opinion makers and a symbol of sophisticated hospitality. As the General Manager of this iconic hotel, celebrating its 50th anniversary, what is it about the Hilton Athens that you think sets it apart? Hilton Athens was the first international chain hotel, which had ever opened in Athens and is a remarkable building of an unprecedented size and innovative services. From an architectural point of view, it combines an imposing magnificence with the minimal style of Ancient Greece. Hilton Athens was indeed one of the buildings which defined the architectural aesthetics of the ‘60s in Greece and, despite its cosmopolitan character, it featured some powerful Greek elements thanks to the use of the Pentelic marble and the monumental artwork of the façade by Yannis Moralis, one of the most important 20th-century Greek artists. All these years, lots of celebrities have passed the threshold of the Hilton Athens: heads of states, famous artists and renowned scientists. At the same time, this emblematic hotel has always been the favourite meeting point of the Athenians, who have tried their first American hamburger and club sandwich at the Byzantino Restaurant or tasted their first cocktail at the Galaxy Bar. Throughout these 50 years, the hotel has been influencing people in so many different ways: weddings, congresses, parties, book presentations, award ceremonies, you name it. Let’s not forget that a whole area has been named after the hotel: it is called “Hilton” and constitutes a point of reference, even in the road signage (i.e. 10 min away from the hotel) which is something unique in Athens and in Europe and shows the hotel’s major influence in the city. Hilton Athens is not just a hotel, but an integrated part of the city’s social, cultural and business life. It has always been functioning in a multidimensional way in the city of Athens. For instance, it established the first art gallery in Athens, the so-called “Hilton Gallery”, which was a unique point of reference during the 60s and the 70s. Today, Hilton Athens does not just expose art as part of the hotel decoration but it incorporates famous art pieces in its whole existence. Apart from a permanent exhibition, Hilton Athens is constantly investing efforts in culture by hosting periodical exhibitions of Greek and foreign artists in its large, luminous lobby. These initiatives enhance the commitment of the hotel towards the enrichment of the Athenian art scene. In its 50 years, the Hilton has borne testimony to Modern Greek history – from the monarchy to the military dictatorship and the restoration of democracy to the triumphant hosting of the Olympic Games. What have been some of the events of the past fifty years that have become an indelible part of the Hilton’s history? I would certainly highlight the year of 2004, when Hilton Athens was the Headquarters of the International Olympic Committee and 2011 when it was chosen as the Headquarters of the organizing committee of the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens. Could you name some of the glamorous stars and heads of state that have stayed at the Hilton? From Aristotle Onassis to Frank Sinatra and from Ingmar Bergman to Anthony Quinn, Hilton Athens has always been the point of reference for the international jet set. Daniel Day-Lewis, Willem Dafoe and Roberto Benigni are only a few examples of celebrities who have recently chosen Hilton for

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aramanlis onstantinos K e Minister, C m ri P l. Looken te th The el of the ho miniature mod e th Constan, es in lic ub am ex nt of the Rep de si re P e nnis th ing on are ouil Kefalogia ister Emman in M s, so at tinos Ts os in 1959. Spyros Staik and architect

Ingmar Ber wife at thegman with his Galaxy Bar

enhower, Julie Eison’s daughter, ix Richard NHilton Athens at the


The Ter photograpsihoris Ballroom phed in th e ‘70s

Galaxy Bar

onder Stevie W

Bart van de Winkel, GM Hilton Athens


at the H

The Hilton po

ol in the ‘70s

Photographs: Hilton Athens archives, AVP Architects and from the archives of the Florou brothers)

their stay in Athens. Head of States like Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have stayed in the presidential suite while very recently Angela Merkel and François Hollande chose Hilton for their meetings during their day-trip in Athens. However, for us celebrities are also our “unnamed”, loyal guests who have supported the hotel over the years and are now Hilton HHonors members. Do you think that the Hilton may have grown older, but has aged gracefully? Do you think that beauty and youth are desirable but experience and wisdom stand you in better stead in the long run? Absolutely! What is unique about Hilton Athens is that despite its 50 years, it is still very popular among young people, who choose to come here for a first date or for a big party. In addition, the hotel with its design is still to date a contemporary, modern building and it will never age. In a competitive hospitality sector, where guests are more discerning and more demanding than ever, how can you make your guests the brand ambassadors for your hotel? It is true that our guests are the most successful ambassadors of our hotel. We can see it in the positive reviews that we receive through the Guest Questionnaires or through the Social Media. A thank you letter is

the biggest award that we, as hoteliers, can receive. And we are happy to have quite a big file of those “awards” at the Hilton Athens. What we are also proud of is our Hilton HHonors guest loyalty program. By staying with the various Hilton hotels, frequent guests can accumulate points which they can redeem for amazing rewards and experiences. The Hilton HHonors program is one of the largest programs of its type with over 30 million members who are indeed the best ambassadors of the Hilton brand. Three quick questions: a) As a guest, what is it the first thing you expect as you walk into the lobby and what is an absolute no-no. b) As a manager, what is the one rule you will not bend. c) As an Athenian, what is the one thing / trait you’d like to preserve and one you’d like changed overnight. a) A warm welcome and a big smile will certainly make my day. Absence of eye-contact with the guest is an absolute no-no. I like my people to be alert and proactive with guests. b) Grooming, positive attitude and consistency c) I would like to preserve the so-called Athens nightlife and the amazing archaeological sites. What I would like to see is more parks, more green zones.

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Ambassadors of Filoxenia General Managers of leading hotels in Greece reveal what it takes to make guests happy and their cities attractive destinations Describe Greece in three words

Cyril Manguso

Michael Metaxas

Afroditi Arvaniti

Panos Panayotopoulos

Irene Vasilopoulou

Sofitel Athens Airport

Astir Palace Resort

Athens NJV Plaza

Athenaeum InterContinental

St. George Lycabettus






Magnificence Hospitality Hope

Unique Historical Hospitable (Philoxenia)

Unique Magnificent Land of Gods

Classical Sun & Sea Inspiring

The three S ‘s: Sun, Smile & Soul

As a business traveller, what is it that you look for as you check in to a hotel?


As a traveller what I principally look for and what our clients also do is an attentive, impeccable and efficient service, a quality of equipment and installations, a convenient location. Safety and comfort are of course major criterias as well.


When arriving at a hotel I look for a speedy seamless check-in. Now days it is important to have free WiFi access in all hotel areas whether it is the lobby or the guest room. A smile and a warm welcome at the reception and being escorted to the room is a plus. On short stays I even don’t even mind if the room is not serviced as long as this is tied with a benefit such as miles or donation to a charity.


I would expect a fast check in, a front office that can give me all useful information of what is happening in the city, a clean welcoming room, high speed internet and good breakfast & coffee.


Quick check in • Hi-speed internet • Location • Club floor and Club floor facilities • Cleanliness and quality service • Comfortable bed • Appealing design • Friendly & helpful personnel


As a business traveller a very significant factor is the hotels location in a quiet, small safe area. It is important to have interesting attractions (restaurants, sites, museums etc.) within walking distance of the hotel as time for the business traveller is often very limited. Of course high speed internet access is essential as are other facilities such gym and spa in order to be able to relax and wind down after a busy day.

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What are the challenges Athens faces as a city-break destination? What changes would you like to be implemented?




4 5

Athens is a fascinating city enriched by its cultural heritage and the diversity of its sites. It is really a pity that the destination has suffered from bad advertisement linked to the crisis. We notice clearly a harmful lack of positive communication for the destination impacting its attractivity. On the other hand, the city remains quite expensive on the additional services and its access (means of transportation). The lack of direct connections with big producing markets such as the United States or Asia and also Europe is a drawback which cannot be ignored. In order to move ahead and make this change, Athens needs a concrete communication strategy to promote the city as an exclusive destination and the democratization of its means of transportation. It is also important to make the city attractive for the tourists by promoting the opening of shops and cultural sites on the week-end or some public holidays, by maintaining a clean and welcoming image of the city and by encouraging more and more cultural events. The biggest issue that Athens now faces as a destination is the continuous disruption as a result of strikes that affect the various means of transport. In addition the demonstrations in the centre of town receive bad publicity overseas that scare potential travellers. The cost of flying to Athens remains on the high side when compared to reaching other European destinations. Accessibility holds the key. Furthermore, Athens as a city and more particularly during the weekends, offers limited attraction as private shops or malls are closed.  ccessibility is a very important issue. During the last two/three years a lot of airlines have cancelled their scheduled flights due A to the high airport fees. Accessibility and direct flights is an important decisive factor for choosing a city break destination both for travel agents as well as individual travellers. By default this limits the potential of a destination. So I believe that the relevant Ministries should focus and do whatever is possible to discuss with airlines and airport authorities and reverse this situation. Furthermore the promotion of an updated identity of Athens as a vivid city with unique Museums, modern art happenings, great restaurants and night life should be constantly promoted throughout the year by the Municipality, Athens Convention Bureau and GNTO. Instead we had from a very poor promotion to no promotion, by the above institutions, which resulted in the loss of important number of arrivals and revenues from city break visitors. I believe that from the time that the economic crisis started has been a great defamation of Athens, much more than any other destination in the country. This is due to the fact that for more than two years now only negative aspects of the city were promoted, instead of emphasizing in the positive transformation of the city to a very attractive destination full of new trends and art. So accessibility and smart marketing is two most important issues we should focus on in order to bring back Athens into the foreground of top ten, city break destinations. Insufficient marketing boost as a conference destination. Accessibility issues (ie lack of low cost carriers with direct flights to Athens) Suggested changes: • Targeted, well planned & timely implemented marketing strategy • Public sector support to hoteliers to update their product • Attract foreign investors to enhance city’s product as well as infrastructure, etc • Cultural Events and or Festivals • Competitive pricing in local restaurants and bars. Athens is the only European capital which is surrounded by some of the best beaches in the world and also nearby islands that can be visited in one day. Even ski resorts are close by. Not to mention the huge amount of history, cultural monuments and museums to be visited. All of the above make it an ideal city break destination. Changes to be made in order to improve this ideal even more is shops being open on Sundays, extended opening times of museums and archaeological sites. Plus of course less taxes at the airport would help Athens become an even more popular city break destination.

Sofitel Athens Airport

Astir Palace Resort

Athens NJV Plaza

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In a competitive hospitality sector, where guests are more discerning and more demanding than ever, how can you make your guests the brand ambassadors for your hotel?


We will strive to provide impeccable service and make our guests’ stay unforgettable aiming this way that they will share their experience for instance in the social media. In this perspective and through continuous efforts to provide guest satisfaction, Sofitel offers spontaneous “Cousu-Main” services coming from the heart.


Making each stay unique, authentic and with a local touch. It is the only way a guest walk away and become a brand ambassador. I believe their experience has to have something unique about the property they stay in.


I believe warm, personalized service is the key to a great experience for guests that can make the best promotion for our hotel. The great comments on the experience of a satisfied guest in Trip advisor, facebook, twitter or any similar social media is 10 times more effective to any other publicity.

4 5

The mission of IHG and the Athenaeum InterContinental is to create Great Hotels Guests Love and every day the Team of the hotel goes the extra mile to meet & exceed guests’ expectations. Athenaeum InterContinental apart from showcasing the most spacious rooms in Athens, the most extensive meeting facilities, award winning dining venues & upscale leisure facilities, features also the best Club product in the city with 2 dedicated Club InterContinental floors of premium complimentary benefits & services. The main thing apart from the location of course is impeccable friendly service, the SMILE! and Greek philoxenia. Also trying to be different from others, to stand out by offering your guests that extra something that they will always remember.

Athenaeum InterContinental

St. George Lycabettus

What is it that gives Greece a comparative advantage over its neighbors and where does it lag behind?


Greece has multiple advantages compared to its neighbours: the incomparable beauty of the country, the diversity of its sites and its cultural heritage. What lacks is: the promotion and highlight of those strengths


 ood weather for most of the year. It is centrally located within Europe making it an easy access to east or west both for business and G tourism. Not enough promotion is done overseas promoting Greece as a product and most of initiatives are done by individuals and not enough is done by state. In some countries it is difficult to obtain an entry visa to Greece. The few and “very expensive” airline seats prevent travel


Rich history, Art and culture, beautiful country with a vast variety of landscapes, great sunny weather at least 300 days per year, warm welcoming people are among the most important advantages. Accessibility, strikes and other uncertain factors that can result transportation issues within the country, lack of clear strategy of both promotion and marketing of the destination Greece in the 21st century.


• Value for money • Athens is perceived as a cosmopolitan city • Athens can be combined with a stay on an island (that are so different) • Fantastic weather and sunshine (340 days of sunshine a year) • Promote Athens as well as Greece • Upscale services (+) • Hospitable locals (+) • Lack of sufficient infrastructure throughout Greece (negative)


It’s advantages are definitely the climate – the shining sun and of course the numerous islands all with their own history and culture have something rare and different to offer its visitor. Unfortunately it lacks good marketing & positive promotion.

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Keeping alive


empowering local communities

How was Costa Navarino Icons born? Navarino Icons was born out of the desire to promote the culinary traditions and authentic products of Messinia, Greece. We recognized a need for high quality, beautifully packaged Greek food and cultural products in the international market place. Do you think that hotels have a lot more to gain by providing customized products that guests can savour as an experience long after they have left the hotel? We strongly believe that hotel guests are looking for products that have a connection to the place where they are staying. Navarino Icons products are used throughout our hotels in food service, mini bars, turn down service, VIP gifts and of course they are sold in our Kafenio store. They serve as an extension of our brand and philosophy and a commitment to introduce people to all that the region of Messinia has to offer. We know from sales numbers and feedback from our guests that they are highly appreciated. Did you realize then that your products would be lining the shelves of gourmet stores worldwide – from Dean and Deluca’s in the US

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and Harrods in the UK to boutiques in Hong Kong and Singapore? We knew that authentic Greek products deserved a place on the shelves of the best gourmet stores in the world and our desire was to create a brand that could provide these stores with exactly the kind of products they were looking for. Along with the desire to create something special came a lot of hard work, research, and door knocking. We are so pleased that the likes of Dean & DeLuca, Harrods and Julius Meinl saw the benefit of stocking Navarino Icons products on their shelves. Taste can be very subjective. What lies behind the universal appeal of Costa Navarino’s Messinian products? Authentic Messinian food products are appealing because they are simple and straightforward and use only the best ingredients. Our EVOO, our Hilopites (hand cut pastas) our traditional Pasteli bar, and all of our products are made with care and respect for tradition. We pick our olives by hand and transport them in small batches to be pressed in order to preserve their exceptional flavour, our Hilopites are made the same way they have been made for centuries in the region, our Pasteli bar, (sesame seeds and honey) has its roots in ancient

Made in Greece

1 9

Peter Poulos and Marina Papatsoni created Costa Navarino Icons, a company specializing in high quality, beautifully packaged Greek food and cultural products from Messinia to cater to the needs of five-star resorts at Costa Navarino. Their products are now stocked at high-end stores across the globe at the likes of Dean & DeLuca and Harrods. In conversation with Athens Insider, Peter Poulos shares his passion for Messinian tradition and their plans for the future.

Peter Poulos

Greece and is produced in small workshops not far from the Resort. The enlightened consumer is looking to make an honest connection with the products he or she buys and Greek Messinian products satisfy that need. As foodies, did you insist on exacting standards and authenticity of recipes or did you alter it slightly to suit dietary trends and tastes, such as gluten-free and sugar-free products? Of course we insist on exacting standards and authenticity for all of our products. We work closely with our producers on ensuring the highest standards of quality and traceability. Fortunately, most of the products in our line are already naturally gluten free. Our products are produced and packaged without preservative and artificial ingredients, just as they’ve been made for centuries in Messinia. What’s next on the agenda for Costa Navarino Icons? We have big plans for Navarino Icons. We are constantly sourcing new traditional products from the region and introducing these products to the international market. We are actively expanding into the airline

catering services business as we feel you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality while you travel. Recently, we become a partner with Wynn Casino and Resorts, who will be selling our cultural items at their venues, promoting the history and natural environment of Messinia. Through Costa Navarino Icons, you have not only kept alive dying traditions but have been a source of livelihood for entire communities in the Messinia region. Do you think it is an example that can be emulated in other regions of Greece that have rich culinary and handicraft traditions? We are proud of the work we have done to help preserve the incredibly rich and varied culinary traditions of Messinia. It was our goal from the start to help empower the small local producers in the region and as a result to create jobs. We strongly believe that this model can be replicated all over Greece and we have already seen the beginning of this start to bloom. Messinia and Greece have so much to offer and we are honoured to be playing a role in introducing our food and culture around the world.

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Reaching new heights Turkish Airlines’ General Manager Gulay Ozturk speaks to Athens Insider on the efforts by her company to boost incoming tourism and business to Greece through increased connectivity.

Turkish Airlines has been consistently voted the best airline in Europe and has expanded its activities to 221 destinations with new cities being added every month. For the Greek market, Turkish Airlines not only provides direct flights from Istanbul to Athens and Thessaloniki but it is also the airline of choice for international tourists who want to visit Greece. How important is the role played by Turkish Airlines in the Greek tourism industry? Over much of the past decade, Turkish Airlines has been a rising star in global aviation and continues to expand and rejuvenate its fleet. The airline has now reached its goal of operating a fleet over 200 aircrafts. Being the airline which flies to the highest number of destinations in the world than any other airline, Turkish Airlines connects Greece to the rest of the world in the most comfortable way. Greece is reachable from any country in the world with this connectivity provided by Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines operates between Athens 21 times a week and we will start to operate 25 times a week starting this June and it flies daily between Thessaloniki and Istanbul. We are trying to make Greece known to the world not only for its beautiful islands but also its mainland which has ancient treasures and picturesque landscapes. Greece is an important market for Turkish Airlines as already proven by all our activities. We believe in the

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potential of this market and we continue to support the country in the best possible way, through incoming tourism. Athens and Thessaloniki are very close to Turkey and this is a significant factor for the development of our businesses and the attainment of our targets. We continue our efforts with the organization of events, press trips, FAM trips from developed countries because we believe that Greek tourism has a lot to offer to foreign visitors. We carefully examine our strategy for the following years by taking under consideration the opportunities Greece can offer. What are the comparative advantages of Turkish Airlines over other airlines? We reached our goal of operating a fleet of 200 aircrafts and this makes Turkish Airlines, the airline with Europe’s youngest and most modern fleet and it is an important step as it works towards its goal of having the largest global network of an airline. It is presently the world’s fifth largest airline and with the addition of the 200th aircraft, the airline continues to strengthen its position. We also have our own maintenance centre which is providing technical services to many other airlines in the world. With this strong fleet structure behind us, we enlarged our network and became the airline that flies to more countries than any other airline in the world and this creates a big advantage in offering the best and widest network of connections.


We are connecting our clients to Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa from wherever they are. Our inflight service is regarded in the aviation world as a star and our cooperation with high class catering Do-Co is a guarantee about the quality of food we offer our passengers. Air travellers voted our airline as the “Best Airline in Europe”, and the Comfort Class seat is selected as the “Best Premium Economy Class Airline Seat” and is an indicator of Turkish Airlines’ comparative advantages. What are some of the new services offered by Turkish Airlines? Any new destinations in Greece? We are the number 1 airline which flies to more countries than any other airline in the world with 98 countries. New destinations that opened in 2012 are Kermanshah and Isfahan (Iran), Douala and Yaounde (Cameroon), Niamey (Niger), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Sebha (Libya), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Mombasa (Kenya), Male (Maldives), Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada (Egypt), Aden (Yemen), Nouakchott (Mauritania), Djibouti (Djibouti), Kinshasa (Congo Dem Rep,) Ganja ( Azerbaijan), Edinburgh ( UK), Osh ( Kyrgyzstan), Aalborg and Billund (Denmark), Abidjan (Ivory Cost), Ulan Bator (Mongolia), Taif and Yanbu ( S. Arabia), Leipzig and Bremen (Germany), Bilbao (Spain), Kigali (Rwanda), Novosibirsk (Russia) and Mogadishu (Somalia) .

In 2013 we started Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Friedschafen (Germany) and we will start Luxembourg (Luxembourg) and Malta(Malta) in a very short period. In Greece, we hope to start flights to Crete which we think will be very positive for the Cretan tourism and economy. In June, we will be starting a fourth flight between Istanbul and Athens with great connections to Buenos Aires and Sao Paolo and additional connections to Los Angeles. These flights we believe will also serve business oriented travelers as it is gives enough time to do their business not only in Istanbul but also in other Turkish destinations and get back to Athens on the same day. How is Turkish Airlines coping with the challenges by remaining competitive with attractive fares, high standards of service and global expansion? We are making many investments in all fields from maintenance, technical support to inflight service and this gives us a leading role in starting new trends in this industry. We keep a close eye on the market and try to provide our passengers with the most competitive fares without sacrificing our quality. We get feedback that those passengers who travel once on Turkish Airlines plan their trips with us next time they fly.

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A family getaway with fun and creativity

Stay Taste

Indulge in eclectic flavours and unique concepts from the world over. Athenians familiar with Nargile and Inbi will find their Messinian counterparts here. For the health conscious, try Flame where the philosophy is based on indigenous produce and local ingredients and Omega dishes presenting an Omega3 rich cuisine. The Westin also offers a buffet breakfast that includes dishes rich in antioxidant foods and SuperfoodsRX®. For authentic Italian cuisine lovers, Da Luigi is the place to be. You and your children will definitely love The Diners, a 1960’s-style American diner for grilled favourites and extra thick milkshakes. Enjoy family entertainment with ten-pin bowling, pool, video games and an indoor cinema to the music of the rock-and-roll years.


Tee-off at Costa Navarino’s 18-hole Dunes Course designed by former US Masters Champion and Ryder Cup Captain, Bernhard Langer, and at the 18-hole, par-71 Bay Course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. The cutting edge Sports & Entertainment Center offers a full range of sporting activities and entertainment facilities including bowling, basketball, volleyball and five-a-side football. A holiday here is also a great way to hone racket skills for kids and parents alike at the Navarino Racquet Academy where tennis, table tennis, speedminton, squash, badminton are taught by experienced coaches. Water-sports enthusiasts can choose from a range of aquatic activities such as wind surfing, kite-surfing, diving and kayaking while those keen on exploring Messinia’s rugged terrain can opt in for mountain biking and hiking.


Voted as the “Best Family Destination” in the Mediterranean amongst Europe’s Starwood Hotels & Resorts, The Westin Resort Costa Navarino proposes a plethora of children activities; a wonderful aqua park with water slides, playground and recreational centre offering also indoor basketball and volleyball. Worldwide Kids Company brings its global expertise to Costa Navarino’s philosophy of engaging children creatively through fascinating day-long activities at the SandCastle for kids from 4-12 and imaginative play at Cocoon crèche for 4 month-old babies to 3 year old toddlers. Both centres have been specifically designed and built for children. Within the weekly activities programme, families enjoy many of the offerings at Navarino Dunes including watersports by Navarino Sea, golf lessons at the fully equipped Navarino Golf Academy, tennis lessons at the Navarino Racquet Academy and outdoor activities by Navarino Outdoors for exploring the Messinian countryside. The choices are numerous for every age and the possibilities endless.. A major attraction for young guests is the Navarino Natura Hall by Hellenic Postbank. Through interactive means, both parents and kids learn about the uniqueness and beauty of the natural habitats of the region and familiarise themselves with environmental protection issues, for a truly fun and learning experience. Keep up with your exercise program while on vacation! WestinWORKOUT® Gym facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment and a 21m indoor pool to boost your energy. You may also join the runWESTIN™ programme for a guided run and enjoy fresh air, nature and an Ionian Sea sunset. If your self-imposed mission is to detox, the sprawling 4,000 m2 Anazoe Spa is the perfect sanctuary to lie back and enjoy, while olive-oil inspired signature treatments work their magic on your sore muscles.


The resort’s rolling hills, olive groves, lush mountains and pristine sandy coastlines lend themselves to an experience like none other. Overlooking the Ionian Sea coastline of The Dunes Beach, The Westin Resort Costa Navarino’s 445 rooms and suites, inspired by old Messinian mansions, spring from nature and create an ambiance of genuine hospitality. Most of the rooms enjoy unobstructed views of the Ionian Sea, while almost all ground-floor accommodations have individual infinity pools and a mix of garden, golf and resort swimming pool views.


The Westin Resort Costa Navarino offers a family holiday, rich in experience. With fun-filled family time and sporting activities, a stay here lets you discover passions you never knew you possessed and gives you the opportunity to make time for those you had little opportunity to pursue.

An experience like no other.

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A Gastronomic Eden If flavour is memory, then one thing is certain: that staying or visiting the Astir Palace Resort this summer will evoke memories that you will remember for a long time ...

Il Tramonto

Matsuhisa Athens

Galazia Hytra

means sunset and it is certainly the most appropriate name for this restaurant to enjoy spectacular views of the blue Saronic Gulf and sunsets painted in vivid hues in a setting of incomparable beauty, combining authentic Italian dishes and an extensive wine cellar with the finest wine labels. Guests can enjoy the creative flavours of Italian cuisine in a manicured lawn with unobstructed views of the sea. This year’s season begins with a new chef and a revamped menu. Tel: 210 8902000, 210 8901794

to be a sought-after city hot spot on the Athenian gastronomic scene matching the high standards set by Chef Nobu. With breathtaking sunset views, Matsuhisa Athens offers an idyllic setting to enjoy cocktails and martinis with friends after a hot summer day at the Martini Lounge. Whip up an appetite for sushi and savour a gourmet meal in a unique setting. Tel: 210 8960510

- where the horizon meets the sea, returns for the seventh consecutive year to the hottest spot on the Athenian Riviera from 26 May at The Westin, Astir Palace Resort. Awarded a Michelin star for two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012, Chef Nick Karathanos introduces a new concept this year. The gourmet menu remains, but a large area inside the restaurant and on the terrace will be transformed into a bistro with simple, yet refined, Greek dishes. Tel: 210.8902000, 210 89002137

Astir Palace Resort Apollonos 40, Vouliagmeni,,


24 hours


Thessaloniki Take an extra day to follow in Maria Stergiou’s steps along its waterfront walkways, assuage your sweet tooth with tsoureki and trigona, and dance till dawn down by the docks.


charming city with a vibrant past, Thessaloniki lives up to its reputation as one of the most attractive and hospitable destinations in Greece. From ancient Roman baths and Byzantine churches to modern cafes and storefronts, the main attraction here is the city itself.

36 insider athens | May & June 2013

Saturday 10.00 Tsimiski Shop till you drop The corner of Tsimiski and Agias Sofias is the ideal starting point for a morning stroll down one of the most renowned avenues in Thessaloniki. Tsimiski, known as a shopper’s paradise, boasts elaborate storefront displays and several cafes ideal for people-watching. Exuding enticing wafts of freshly baked tsoureki bread, one of the most famous local bakeries is Terkenlis (Tsimiski 30; tel 2310 271148). A Thessaloniki staple since 1948, it’s sure to satisfy your early morning sweet tooth with its irresistible tsoureki and sugar-dusted, cream-filled bougatsa.

11.30 Aristotelous Square The heart of the city A square of immense proportions, running from Egnatias Street all the way down to the waterfront, buzzing Platia Aristotelous is surrounded by characteristic Neo-Byzantine buildings, archaeological sites, cafes, restaurants, and long established hotels. Take a seat and take it all in.


Lefkos Pyrgos A bit of history Besides being a characteristic landmark, the Lefkos Pyrgos (White Tower)is a restored 16th Century Ottoman structure that has been converted into a unique museum of the city’s Byzantine past and is definitely worth a visit (tel 2310 267832; website www.lpth. org). Using the White Tower as a starting point, walk along the waterfront to enjoy the breathtaking views of the gulf, finishing up with an iced coffee at popular Thermaikos Café (Nikis 21; tel 2310 239842). If you prefer more sedentary sightseeing, take a seat on one of the ships moored in front of the White Tower. Offering refreshments and music of all sorts, these floating cafes will take you on a magnificent ride around the bay.


Old town Travel back in time Situated high above the city centre, the old town of Thessaloniki lies within the city’s old castle walls. As if time has stood still, the old town is a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city below. Get lost wandering the narrow cobblestone streets, admire the enchanting architecture, and take a peek at the incredible view.

38 insider athens | May & June 2013


16.30 Panorama View from the top One of the most affluent neighbourhoods of Thessaloniki, Panorama is also known for delicate triangle-shaped pasties filled with cream known as trigona. Stop off at Elenidis (Venizelou 12; tel 2310 344948) and buy a box of delicacies, or take a seat at Tasos (Kominon 16; tel 2310 345589) and enjoy them then and there.


Agios Dimitrios Church An air of mystery Thessaloniki is dotted with Byzantine churches, but this one is dedicated to the city’s patron saint, and was built over an ancient archaeological site that was once a Roman Bath House and later became known as the crypt of St Dimitrios. Access to the church and the catacombs are open to the public.


Ladadika A pleasant transformation The conversion of the gritty Ladadika district into a nightlife hub has attracted visitors and locals alike. A walk through the pedestrian streets leads to the popular Zithos restaurant (Katouni 5; tel 2310 540284) serving a range of mezedes, beer and wine, and speciality soutzoukakia.

An elegant boutique hotel in the centre of Thessaloniki.

23:00 Mylos Where art and nightlife come together Continue the evening at the Mylos art and cultural centre (Ag Giorgiou 56; tel 2310 551836) offering anything from art galleries and live music shows to an ouzeri and dance club. A distinctive venue with a laid-back atmosphere that is sure to please the most distinguished clientele.

Rooms and suites, Campari bar, H2O Restaurant and the well equipped Conference Hall and business rooms for seminars and social events are available to the most demanding clientele.

• Distance from city center (Aristotelous Sq.) 500m • Free access to our parking lot (limited spaces) • Free Internet access • All public spaces are suitable for those with reduced mobility • Your small pets are welcome • Flat screens, refrigerator, safe and hairdryer in all rooms 65 Olympou Str. Gr 546 31 Thessaloniki | Tel: +30 2310 366 466 | Fax: +30 2310 276 133

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Top Hane

Heritage Walks in Thessaloniki Named after Alexander the Great’s sister, Thessaloniki, is in fact, an openair museum showcasing its Byzantine and Ottoman influences. A heritage guide to the city’s historic past by the Thessaloniki Hotel’s Association.


e start with Thessaloniki’s most identifiable landmark, The White Tower and meander through its streets to reveal the city’s architectural gems. The White Tower – City Museum The emblem of Thessaloniki, the White Tower, built on the site of an old Byzantine tower, is intimately connected with the city’s history and is the focus of many legends reflected in its various names. It was referred to as the Fort of Kalamaria (18th century) and later as the Tower of the Janissaries and Tower of Blood (Kanli Kule), referring to the use of the building as a prison. In 1890, the tower was whitewashed by a convict in exchange for his freedom, and was henceforth known by its current name, the White Tower. This complex constructed in 1535-36, now houses a museum where visitors can enjoy a digital reconstruction of the city’s history. Louloudadika, the Baths of the Great Market (Yahudi Hamami) In Turkish records, the baths, built in the 16th century are known under a variety of names: the Baths of the Great Market (Pazari kebir hamami), the Women’s Baths (Kadinlar hamami) and the Jewish Baths (Yahudi hamami). The latter, and best-known, name is owed to the location of the baths in an exclusively Jewish district. Historic market sites: Vatikioti-Athonos, Vlali, Bezesteni Within the commercial centre of the city, between the streets of Ermou, Dragoumi, Egnatia, Yennadeiou and Karolou Diel are three

40 insider athens | May & June 2013

Traditional Kafenio - Turkish Consulate

market complexes which have defined the commercial life of the city for centuries. It was within the narrow streets and alleys of this quarter that most of the city’s commercial activity took place. At the heart of the district stood the Flour Market or the Kapani, a name still used by local people to refer to the market. The little square in the centre of the Vlali market was occupied by stalls selling pets and other animals like sheep and chickens. Bezesten (covered market) One of the most important legacies of Ottoman history in Thessaloniki, this building was located right at the heart of the market area and represented a focal point in the life of the city under Turkish rule. Derived from the Turkish word bez, meaning cotton, the textile market, built in the 15th century, is a rectangular structure with entrances at the centre of each side, covered by six lead-covered domes. It is one of the very few Ottoman buildings in the city which has retained its original use, although modern visitors will probably not enjoy the same wealth of sounds, sights and smells that the market must have once offered. Hamza Bey mosque (Alcazar) Originally constructed as a mesçid or parish mosque without a minaret in 1467/68 by Hafsa Hatun, daughter of Hamza Bey, Beyler Bey of Anatolia, the building is known locally as the Alcazar, after the cinema that was housed inside it for many years. It is one of the most important examples of Ottoman architecture in all of south-eastern Europe. Bey Hamami (Paradise Baths) This large bathhouse was constructed in 1444 by Sultan Murat II and was designed for use by both sexes. It remained in use until as recently as 1968. Ottoman Bank (formerly the Frangon National Insurance Fund office, now the State Conservatoire). The present building was constructed after 1903, on the site of the mansion of Jek Abbott. The main feature in the layout of the building is the internal atrium, which appears closed on the ground floor, with a vaulted glass roof. Its style is neobaroquewith clear French influences. Pasa Hamami (Phoenix Baths) Located at the junction of Zefyron, Kalvou and P. Karatza Streets, Pasa Hamami founded by Cezeri Kasim Pasa around 1520-1530, remained in use until 1981. Vardari Fort (Top Hane) The fort, located at the south-western corner of the city wall system, was constructed in 1546 by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (15201566) in order to protect the western flank of the port. Top-hane (arsenal tower) was designed to allow the use of artillery and must have formed part of a programme to modernize the city’s fortifications.



Bey Hamami

Home of Mustafa Kemal – Ataturk (Turkish Consulate) Next to the Turkish Consulate General stands the house, in traditional architectural style, whose historical significance lies in the fact that it was the birthplace of the founder of the modern Turkish state, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938). The house is now a museum. Yeni Hamam (Aigli Baths) Built by Hüsrev Kedhuda in the late 16th century, this was a bathhouse with separate facilities for both sexes. It underwent radical modification when it became the Aigli cinema, which remained open until 1978. Alaca Imaret Camii or Ishak Pasa Camii (Alaca Imaret Mosque) The mosque was built by Ishak Pasa in 1484 and formed part of a vakif or charitable foundation, which also included a poorhouse and school. It took its name Alaca from the multi-coloured walls of the minaret, of which only the base remains. The building is now used for staging cultural events. Main Administrative Building (Konaki), now the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace The building was home to various departments of the Turkish administration (accounts, land registry, mortgage registry, magistrate’s court, the great hall of the prefectural council, the foreign affairs directorate, the police and gendarmerie, the court of first instance and commercial court, the religious court etc). In 1907, the building housed the Turkish Law School. Since 1954, it houses the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace. The vicinities of Aghia Aikaterini, Tsinari and Taxiarchon Church This north-western area of the Upper City corresponds more or less to the old Turkish quarter of Yakub Pasa – known for its many public fountains, school, opium den, poorhouse and mosque with graveyard. The features these buildings share, in common with their counterparts all across the Upper City, are traditional architecture with cer-

Alaca Imaret

tain neoclassical features, sahnisia or projecting upper floors and the symmetry of ground plans and facades. The area of Tsinari, (from the Turkish word çinarli, meaning a plane tree) also boasts a few architectural gems, especially The National Map and Cartographic Heritage Centre and the last example of a typical kafeneion of the Turkish period, the Tsinari, opposite the fountain of Murat II. In Iki Serife, around Romfeis Square, examples of Balkan architecture dominate. The Gardens of the Pasha A small group of buildings intended to adorn the huge gardens that once belonged to the hospital (where the Ag. Dimitrios hospital now stands), this great open space was surrounded by high walls and planted with pines, with fountains and other decorative features, intended to provide cooling relaxation for the visitor, as well as a splendid view of the city below. Alysseos Tower or Trigonio Tower (Tzintzirli Kule or Kousakli Kule) During Turkish rule, known as Tzintzirli Kule (tower of the chain) or Kousakli Kule (girdled tower), the Trigonio Tower, together with the White Tower and the Vardari Fort, formed part of the system of defenses constructed by the Turks to strengthen critical but vulnerable points in the Byzantine fortifications. Eptapyrgio Fort (Yedi Kule) The Eptapyrgio Fort is an adaptation of an earlier Byzantine fort, which underwent modification in 1431, immediately after the capture of the city by the Turks. The Eptapyrgio owes its name, like its namesake in Constantinople, to the seven rectangular towers of which it is composed, together with the curtain wall and the central tower of the gateway, laid out in the shape of the Greek letter P. In the late 19th century, the fort was converted into a prison, Yedi Kule. The prison was closed down in 1989 and the fort now houses the offices of the 9th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities.

House of Kemal Ataturk

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Mystique and old world charm An island that arouses all your senses: from the tinkling bells of the monastery, the subtle scents of sage, thyme and rosemary, the indescribable blue of the Aegean, the salty taste of sea urchin soup and the all-pervading aura of spiritual energy – Patmos is all that and so much more.


holy destination, known for the scene of the revelation of the Apocalypse of Saint John and one that welcomes pilgrims from afar for celebrations of the Dormition of the Virgin (August 15th), life in Patmos is regularly punctuated by processions and religious celebrations that last well into the night. If in Patmos just for a day, try going for a morning walk up Psili Ammos, have lunch at Diakofti, sip coffee at a cafe restaurant in the shipyard while admiring sailboats under repair, take a dip in the Apollou Bay, watch a sunset in Livadi Kalogiron while eating kebabs in a trailer or up the ante and enjoy a gourmet dinner at Benetos.

42 insider athens | May & June 2013


Photos: Christos Drazos

How to get there:


Ferries (BlueStar) depart from Piraeus in the evening, once or twice a week, for Patmos (eight hours). Opportunities to fly (OA) to Samos, Kos and Leros and then to Patmos by boat.

Local pastries in Oriental flavours at one of the many pastry shops of Skala. Buy original jewellery creations at Iphigenia and Midas at the port and at Filoxenia and Art Spot, in Skala (behind the main square towards Chora). Hand-painted icons in Parousia and Selene in Skala.

Visit: The town of Chora and the Monastery of Saint John the Evangelist. A must-visit is the Cave of the Apocalypse, on the road from Skala to Chora.

Swim: At the crescent of golden sand that is Psili Ammos, the tongue of white gravel that is Petra, the turquoise waters of Agrio Livadi and Geranou Livadi and the multicoloured pebble beach of Lampi

Eat and drink: Lunches in the tavernas in Livadi Geranou, Psili Ammos, Lampi (each bay has its own charming taverna) and for a change from traditional Greek fare, George’s Place on Kampos beach. For a more gourmet experience, Benetos, on the road between Skala and Grikos, Tel: 224-703-3089 For a cocktail by sundown, the Arion in Skala or Astivi Cafe 1673 in Chora.

Stay: Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa Patmos Aktis Suites and Spa Hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel situated only a few steps from Grikos beach. Considered possibly the best located hotel in Patmos, its guests can enjoy a contemporary luxury atmosphere where romance and tranquility rule. A boutique hotel with 56 rooms and suites, exclusive spa facilities as well as a spectacular restaurant and bar in a unique seafront setting. Private pools, free parking and a 24-hour room service are available. In-room facilities include complimentary Wi-Fi, a minibar and LCD TV screens. The Apocalypsis Restaurant serves sophisticated Mediterranean flavours prepared with fresh local ingredients. The Theion Sea Bar serves drinks and cocktails in a relaxing atmosphere offering views of the sea. Grikos Bay, Tel: 22470 32800,

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Syros, the Queen of the Cyclades An island that combines its majestic naval past with vibrant island charm, Syros retains its authentic character all-year round


n island with rare splendour and charm, Syros gets its name from the Phoenician “Ossyra” meaning “happy”. Hermoupolis, the capital of Syros, is also the impressive and culturally rich capital of the Cycladic islands . The largest port in Greece, before Pireaus was developed, Syros enchants its visitors instantly with its large square, its historic buildings, its countless narrow stone alleys, its rich naval tradition and its majestic atmosphere. With a Catholic church and an Orthodox church perched on each of its two hills, Syros’ multiculturalism and natural beauty, its lacy beaches and warm sea and its daily connection with the port of Pireaus, renders the island one of the most attractive destinations for visitors from Athens and elsewhere. Syros’ picturesque coastal villages of Kini, Vari, Phoenica, Galissa, Delagratsia, Mega Yalo, with their spotless beaches, are worth a visit and while there indulge in local delicacies, especially the Halvidopita with scrunchy almonds, succulent loukoumia and the famed San Michalis cheese, made of local cow’s milk matured for at least 4 months. Long-time Syros insider Diane Valmas recommends all day bar-restaurant-cafe Mamos in Hermoupolis, Allou Yallou in Kini for meals on the waterfront and for fresh Italian gelato, Dai da Vi. If you happen to be in Syros in the summer, also take in the annual Aegean Music Festival held at the Apollon theatre, modelled after La Scala in Milan.

Villa Selena, a luxury getaway At Villa Selena, luxury meets hospitality in this boutique hotel (the only five-star facility on the island) combining exquisite aesthetics with a family environment and ultra modern facilities. With special emphasis on the cultural heritage and natural beauty of Syros, it constitutes the ideal answer for travellers looking for a quality, comfortable hotel with an authentic island atmosphere. The Villa has different levels and boasts a spectacular view of the sea and the town. The interior with its antique furniture and shiny white marble bring out the unique character not only of the building itself, but also of the region. Subtle luxury pervades the entire building with its rich and beautiful textiles adding to its warmth. A spacious terrace with a panoramic view, ideal for breakfast or a drink in the evening, with the backdrop of the illuminated city, the sea and the magnificent blue dome of the St. Nicholas church, complement a luxurious stay for lovers of tranquillity and good taste. Babagiotou 1, Hermoupolis, Tel: 22810 86007,

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A Colossus of an island


Old Town

46 insider athens | May & June 2013

Colossus of Rhodes

Special promotion

The land of the Colossus, daughter of the Sun, island of the Hospitaliers, Rhodes boasts world heritage monuments, unique natural sites, picturesque villages, endless sand and pebble beaches and wonderful sunsets over Anatolia. Enjoy a unique stay at the Sheraton Rhodes Resort to make the most of this island, steeped in centuries of prosperity and multi-culturalism.


ith a rich, eclectic history reflecting the many influences of those who traversed through it for commerce and conquest, Rhodes offers a bit of something for everyone. Medieval Town A World Heritage Monument by UNESCO, the Medieval Town of Rhodes has a unique architectural history as it houses many ancient ruins, Byzantine churches, Gothic basilicas, mosques and synagogues. It is the largest inhabited Medieval city in Europe, with dozens of shops, bars and restaurants. The Medieval Moat, circling the walls, is excellent for a nice afternoon walk. Palace of the Grand Master Located at the highest point of the Medieval Town of Rhodes, the Palace of the Grand Master served as the Headquarters of the Knights of Saint John, during Medieval Times. It survived through centuries only to be destroyed around 1850. It was completely restored during the Italian Occupation of Rhodes and served as a summer royal residence. Today it is a museum and venue for cultural events. It also hosted the European Union’s Summit in 1988. The exhibition “Rhodes, 2400 years” is a must see. Archaeological Museum of Rhodes The exhibits at the Archaeological Museum include antiquities from Rhodes and the surrounding islands. In its 16 rooms and halls it shows ceramics, statues and jewelry from the 9th Century BC till the Hellenistic Period. Its gardens are full of mosaics, and it also hosts Prehistoric antiquities and an Epigraphical Exhibitions. Mandraki The heart of the historical center of the modern city of Rhodes, Mandraki is a unique collection of Belle-Epoque and Medieval buildings. The Mandraki Marina (the war harbour of ancient Rhodes), the Three Windmills, the Nea Agora building and the Fort of Saint Nicholas are some of the historical sites to be found here. They all offer a unique view of the Palace of the Grand Magister and the surrounding parks. Acropolis of Rhodes Crowned with the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the Acropolis of Rhodes overlooks the entire city of Rhodes, with unique views of the city and the shores of Turkey, across the sea. The Ancient Stadium

and the Odeon (theatre) from the Hellenistic Period have been well preserved and are perfect for hosting events and picnics alike. Museum of Modern Greek Art The Modern Greek Art Museum presents extensive painting and engraving collections not to mention numerous sculptures, drawings and documents of historical value. Its collection is divided over three buildings and it is considered one of the largest in Greece. Lindos One of the most photographed sites in the Aegean and possibly the most famous landmark of Rhodes, Lindos is both a historically interesting site and a top touristic destination. Its Acropolis is a unique amalgam of history as it includes ancient, Byzantine and Medieval buildings combined with a unique view over the Mediterranean Sea. The picturesque village, with its small alleys, white houses and crystal clear beaches, are full of surprises. Kallithea Springs Kallithea Springs are just 9km from the city of Rhodes and was built to accommodate people visiting Kallithea for its healing waters, back in the 1920s. Kallithea Springs has served as a film set and has been a major attraction throughout the years. The Valley of the Butterflies (Petaloudes) The Valley of the Butterflies is a unique natural site famous for the millions of butterflies (tiger moths) that lies inside a protected area, just 23km from Rhodes city. Filerimos The Mountain of Filerimos is located just 15km from the city of Rhodes. At its summit, where the Acropolis of Ialysos once stood, is the Monastery of the Virgin of Filerimos, a sacred place for both the Knights and the locals. Don’t miss Via Crucis, a pathway decorated with scenes from the Passion of the Christ that leads up to a 23m high cross with a spectacular view of the interior of Rhodes. Ancient Kamiros The ancient city of Kamiros is one of the most well-preserved ancient cities of Greece. Visitors can walk through alleys, explore houses and visit temples and ruins of this unique site, mentioned by Homer in his Iliad.

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Lounge bar

Main restaurant

Main pool

Prassonisi A small island at the southern tip of Rhodes, Prassonisi is separated from the mainland depending on the tide, as the sea withdraws allowing access to the island by car or on foot. It is also a surfer’s paradise with high waves for the experienced athletes on its one side and smaller waves on the other, perfect for amateurs. Symi Symi, connected to Rhodes by ferry daily, is one of the smallest islands of the Dodecanese and unfolds itself as a colourful amphitheatre above the main harbour. Chalki Just next to the island of Rhodes, Chalki gets her name from the copper (chalkos) mines that once made it rich. With beautiful architecture and exquisite beaches, Chalki is ideal for a day trip with daily connections to Rhodes or Kamiros Scala. Cultural Summer Every summer, popular Greek artists, international festivals and Greek theatrical plays throng to Rhodes. Guests can also join locals in the celebration of patron saints with lots of traditional music, food and open markets. Gastronomy Le Gourmet, at Ixia, within walking distance of the Sheraton Rhodes Resort is considered one of the best restaurants in the area. Marco Polo, inside the Medieval Town, offers modern Mediterranean cuisine in an idyllic inner garden. Mourela, at Kiotari offers traditional Greek flavours and local cuisine on the waterfront.

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Deluxe room

Accommodation Sheraton Rhodes Resort is located just a few kilometers from the medieval town, a UNESCO heritage site and a few steps from a pristine beach. The Sheraton Rhodes Resort offers 401 spacious guestrooms and suites with a variety of mountain, garden or sea views. All rooms have been refurbished and feature “Sheraton Sweet Sleeper” beds, a plush mattress with the finest quality linen, cozy duvets and plenty of comfy pillows. In room facilities include flat screen LCD television 32’’, individually controlled air conditioning, electronic safe box (laptop-sized), coffee & tea facilities, branded bathroom amenities, DVD player (upon request) and WiFi internet connection (with extra charge). Facilities & Services Sheraton Rhodes Resort offers a host of dining options at its three restaurants, designed to meet every taste. Its pool bar and lounge bar are perfect to enjoy spectacular Aegean sunsets while sipping tantalizing cocktails. Facilities available at the resort include a private beach, 3 outdoor pools, 1 indoor heated pool, health club, fitness 24h/24h, a tennis court, 2 squash courts, basketball, volleyball and water sports centre anda kid’s club. Conference facilities The Sheraton Rhodes Resort also has a selection of multi-purpose function spaces including an Imperial Ballroom and 14 meeting rooms which vary in size, offering a total Conferencing area of 2627 square meters. The hotel can accommodate up to 650 delegates for a Conference and up to 800 guests for a banquet. The facilities offer natural daylight, wireless internet throughout the meeting spaces, a fully operational business centre and “the Link at Sheraton” where guests may check their emails at no additional charge.

A “Product of the Year”… with Greek flavours!


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When a new series, created with love and passion, earns itself such an important award from its consumers, the distinction is doubly remarkable. All of us at Tsakiris Chips thank you for having placed “Flavours from Greece” amongst the top products of 2013. Your recognition fills us with renewed appetite and energy to create more indulgent surprises in the future.

Product e of the


nsumers Greek co novation in reward


Market research for the Product of the Year for pre-selected innovative FMCG products (snacks category) was conducted by TNS Icap with 3000 Greek consumers in November 2012.

Rediscovering Tinos 40 white little picturesque villages, more than 700 churches and monasteries, immaculate dovecotes and beautiful sandy and pebble beaches and now a beer to call its own - are what lend Tinos its unique character

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till unknown by the majority of foreign tourists, Tinos mostly attracts Greek pilgrims travelling there to see and touch the miraculous healing icon of the Virgin Mary, that was found in 1822. Believers take part in the two annual religious pilgrimages, on March 25 and August 15, when the icon is carried down the harbour over the heads of the faithful. The pilgrimage in Tinos is equivalent, at a smaller scale, to the one of Lourdes, in France: thousands of Greeks Orthodox believers walk on their knees from the harbour to the church of Panagia Evangelistra to ask for the protection and favours of the Virgin. Tinos is the most important Orthodox place of worship, but at the same time an important Catholic centre; this mixture of religions, most rare in Greece, gives to the island, a particular and unique character. The amazing Tinos is not only an island of religious faith but also the island of art: some of the most important Greek artists were born there such as the painters Nikephoros Lytras and Nikolaos Gyzis, sculptors such as Phlilippotis, Voulgaris and Giannoulis Chalepas who perpetuate the island tradition in marble-carving until today. Other artists who have made Tinos their home include Vlassis Caniaris and Costis Tsoclis. Tinos Dovecotes Tinos is famous for the many intricately designed dovecotes found here. They are fortress like stone structures with two levels of which the lower level is usually used to store utensils and other items, decorated with both geometric and non-geometric patterns. It is believed that these elaborate patterns are the reason why the pigeons are attracted to these dovecotes. Today, you will spot plenty of dovecotes near Komi, Krokos Village, Tarabados Valley and Kardiani Village. Though the exact number of these dovecotes is not known, it can be said for a fact that it exceeds six hundred. The best thing about them is that they are very well preserved many are still in use and can be found all over the island.

While in Tinos, enjoy a bottle of Nissos Beer. Born in and inspired by the island, its creator Alexandros Kouris fondly observes, “ It has a whiff of the Aegean, loves summer afternoons, it is inspired by the fruits of the land, the olive trees, the light, the wave, the sea breeze and has the enduring values of companionship, tradition, talent, generosity, persistence, hospitality distilled into it.” Produced at the Cyclades Microbrewery in Vagia, where the old “Rodia” tavern used to be, Nissos is a beer with character that blends harmoniously with Greek and local Cycladic gastronomy, ideal for the warm Greek summer. Beer like wine and food, represents a place, is part of its identity and serves as its ambassador and in that sense, Nissos is a worthy promoter of its native Tinos.


Agios Sostis is a long seaside resort in close distance to Chora. Agios Ioannis Porto is the most popular beach, Kolympithra is a picturesque beach that attracts many visitors in summertime. Its crystal waters are surrounded by beautiful vegetation. Panormos is a sandy beach and picturesque atmosphere. Agios Fokas is a long beach with sandy and pebbled spots, located very close to Chora.

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The Scent of a woman Your fragrance defines you. Beauty editor Patia Iordanidou helps you figure out which scent suits you the most


The Cosmopolitan If you like to dream and to travel, to live and to capture new exciting experiences, Elizabeth Arden takes you to the chic 5th avenue in New York, Guerlain seduces you in the fragrant gardens of Guerlain Shalimar and Estee Lauder brings an exotic Caribbean flair to your evenings. 1. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC limited edition. At Notosgalleries 2. Shalimar Parfum Initial L’Eau Si Sensuelle limited edition 3. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau Fraiche Body Splash 4. Balenciaga Paris Eau Rose limited edition 5. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skin Scent

2 5 3

1 2 3

The Fashionista From glamorous Jimmy Choo and elegant Bottega Veneta to the famous designer duo from Amsterdam Viktor & Rolf your favorite designers and exclusive fashion houses are here to spoil you with the latest and hottest fashion and beauty trends. You are definitely on, right?

5 4 52 insider athens | May & June 2013


1. Mango Lady Rebel Dance Queen. Available at Sephora 2. Bottega Veneta Eau Legere. At Notosgalleries 3. Thierry Mygler Angel Aqua Chic limited edition. 4. Jimmy Choo Flash Eau de Parfum 5. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Velvet Sensation Perfume. At Hondos Center




by 1. S pread a little light and very shiny or iridescent shadow on the centre of the eyelid. It creates contrast and illuminates the eyes.


2. A  long with the summer, comes the luminizer! Apply over eye shadow to give shine to eyelids, or apply it on top of cheekbones over blush.


The Classic type


All time classic beauty brands respond to the needs of classic women. The exquisite, classy and chic Hermes meets the JPG Classique which celebrates its 20th anniversary with unique haute couture finery and Van Cleef & Arpels which represents a world of values and dreams.

1. J o Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber Cologne. Available at Attica Center 2. Van Cleef & Arpels Reve Eau de Parfum 3. Hermes Collection Colognes Eau de Mandarine Ambree 4. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique “Belle En Corset” limited edition 5. Trussardi Delicate Rose

3. E  xploit eye shadows to the maximum. Use a dry or dampened brush for a more intense effect. The ‘wet’ look also seems perfect with glitter. You can also mix the wet & dry finish together: apply dry shadow with the brush across the eyelid and then apply the same colour liquid at the base of the upper and / or lower lash line using an eyeliner brush. To illuminate eyes, apply golden shade in the inner corners of the eyes! 4. B  efore plucking your eyebrows, coat eyebrows with a cloth soaked in warm water to open up skin pores, making the process less painful. 5. I f your nails are short and you want to make them look longer, use lighter nail varnishes. Darker shades make your nails look shorter and lighter shades make them look longer!

20% Off! Cut this coupon & avail of 20% off on all exclusive brands at Sephora’s stores in Greece.

• Attica, CityLink Panepistimiou 9, 211 1802600, Kifissias Ave 37A, Maroussi, Tel: 211 1814000 • Hondos Center, Omonia Square 4, 210 5282800, Pentelis Ave 4, Halandri, Tel: 210 6851166-7 • Notosgalleries, Stadiou & Aiolou, 210 3245811 • Sephora, Ermou 24, Tel: 210 3313167, A. Metaxa 33-35, Glyfada, Tel: 210 8943378

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The Perennial Question Trata


Epikouros, Greece’s best know food critic and gastronomy expert addresses a key issue: where does one find fresh, inexpensive fish, followed by a good Greek dessert and the perfect cup of coffee in the heart of Athens


hen one is in the centre of Athens, the perennial question pops up, usually asked with some trepidation: Where can we eat? The question becomes even more pressing in case one happens to be a foodie, not particularly obsessive, but definitely one who enjoys good food and looks for it. Now, in the centre of Athens, there is a vast array of restaurants, tavernas, bistros and all sorts of eateries, but almost none that fits the demands of a foodie. There is of course good old Grand Bretagne with its two historic and excellent restaurants, but it is more for the well heeled than for those who look for a casual, inexpensive meal after a movie or a show, or even after shopping. There are plenty of fashionable places in the area around Kolonaki, but none that serves food good enough to make one endure either the loud music or the gloomy postcrisis atmosphere marked by the absence of the highly missed fashion designer Gavalas and his entourage who symbolized the pink bubble of Greek lifestyle before it burst. So where can we have a decent, inexpensive meal in the centre of Athens? Let me compound the question and make the conundrum more difficult. Where in the dead centre of Athens can we find a decent taverna that serves excellent, fresh as spring air fish, which is also inexpensive? If you turned to a local Athenian for guidance, he/she would probably reply by setting you on the way towards the south of Athens to one of the many expensive fish tavernas that are sprinkled on the coast line between Glyfada and Sounio. Or send you to the tourist trap par excellence in Mikrolimano in Piraeus, which is the seafood equivalent of Plaka. Only very recently, almost a month ago, the best, in my opinion, fish taverna in Greece, called Papaioannou, has moved from where it used to be amidst the labyrinthine inroads of Piraeus, to

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Mikrolimano, closer to the beguiling sea. But this perhaps you knew already. What perhaps you did not know is Trata (fish boat), an excellent and inexpensive (an extremely rare combination) fish taverna in the dead centre of Athens, on Themistokleous street, just off bustling Omonoia Square! It is a clean and inconspicuous place, dressed in island white, staffed by friendly people whose judgment on the catch of the day can be trusted. There is, at the back of the restaurant, a display of a small collection of fish and seafood that are sparkling fresh, with their glowing

Where in the dead centre of Athens can we find a decent taverna that serves excellent, fresh as spring air fish, which is also inexpensive? eyes gleaming in the hope that they are going to be the chosen ones. If it so happens that you are a large group of people, I would strongly advise you to select a large fish (the larger the fish the tastier its flesh). Then let the expert cook grill it on the bone (anything else is considered gastronomically incorrect). This is the best possible way to have the fish retain all of its glorious juices, its flesh moist and succulent, and its bone as white as the teeth of a Beverly Hills star wannabe, with a hint, an imperceptible hint only, of pinkness, grilled au point as



the French say. Accompany the glorious fish with freshly boiled wild greens, a sort of dandelions (radikia) bathed in golden, virgin olive oil and a few drops of lemon. If, on the other hand, you are just two, then I suggest you begin with a few starters, such as the creamy white tarama salad -the pink one is the bogus, coloured one served in tourist traps- wonderfully balanced between the briny taste of the fish roe and the savoury sweetness of the olive oil. Either have it with the fresh and lightly toasted bread or with the hand cut chips fried in olive oil. It is a wonderful combination. You can continue with small Aegean sea red mullets, fried on the bone, which I recommend you eat using your hands, as the frying is very dry, tasting the crunchy exterior (do not squeeze lemon on top because you will lose the crunchiness), moving on to the exquisite rosy flesh, munching the crispy tail and then ending with the head, which is the ultimate delicacy, almost with a fruity taste, and then leaving only the remains of the bone. This is the best example of nose to tail gastronomy long before Fergus Henderson discovered it. As a main dish you should order a plate of razor clam linguini, sufficient in quantity for two people, which is perhaps one of the best pasta dishes you can find in this God forsaken by the Italians city: the razor edge freshness of the clams (when in season) cooked to perfection mingles with the comforting taste of the linguini bathed in a luxurious sauce of the juices of the seafood. Mouthwatering indeed! A nice crispy white wine from Greece may accompany your meal, selected from a relatively small wine list whose limited choice is compensated by the very friendly prices. Try always the bottled and avoid the house wines. First, because you are otherwise missing the opportunity to taste some of the really world class whites produced in Greece. Second, because though tempting its price may be, you do not know the provenance or quality of the house wine. The one served in Trata is not bad, but I would still go for a white from Santorini. Now, you may be tempted to finish with dessert usually given as a treat. I would advise you to resist the temptation once again and take a short walk to Omonoia Square, just a block away and seek the ultimate pastry shop serving traditional Greek sweets, Stani on Marika Ko-


topouli street. There, you must absolutely have the anthogala which is a sort of a mousse made with the top of the cream of the milk served with honey - an absolute delight that puts fromage blanc to shame. Or you can have a wonderful rice pudding with cinnamon sprinkled on the top, or a krema, a sort of thick but feather light custard cream, or a plate of delicious loukoumades, fritters served with honey, or all of the above plus more. Now, once again, resist the temptation to have coffee, get up slowly -after having paid of course- and stroll back towards Trata, only one street further, on E. Benaki, where you will find TAF. There you will taste the best espresso in the country, if not in Europe. The barista is a world champion and the owner is an afficionado importing his own varieties. Then, return to your home or hotel and sleep calmly knowing that you have solved the greatest gastronomic conundrum of Greece: where can you find a good and inexpensive fish taverna in the centre of Athens, and a superb pastry shop, and the best espresso... You sleep the sleep of the gastronomically just. Trata 8 Themistokleous street and 9 Nikitara street, Athens Tel:210 3838531 25-30 euros per person without wine. Fish is ordered by weight and prices range between 45 to 75 euros per kilo. It is very good value for money. Stani 10 M.Kotopouli street, Omonoia Tel: 210 5233637 Taf 7 Emmanouil Benaki street, Athens Tel: 210 3800014


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Exquisite cuisine in a secret garden On the gritty Meg. Alexandrou street, a few gastronomic gems sit cheek-by-jowl with run-down buildings. Joining an elitist list of new-wave restaurants that have made Metaxourgeio home, Aleria is a beautiful secret. Housed in a painstakingly restored neoclassical house, Aleria also has perfumed garden tucked at the back and the cuisine is a perfect match to the elegant interiors.


leria, located in the Metaxourgeio area of Athens offers a harmonious combination of elegantly designed decor with a cuisine that is world class in its inventiveness and quality. Designer Sofia Kehayiadaki manages to strike the perfect balance between luxury and ambience, creating a restaurant which is quite formal but still unpretentious, cozy and elegant. Equally unique is the inner courtyard, where the restaurant is housed in the summer, surrounded by meticulously planted herbs and Mediterranean flora. But what is a restaurant if not the food it offers. And the food at Aleria rises up to the challenge. Gikas Xenakis, a highly awarded chef and proponent of New Greek Cuisine is a star to watch out for. A typical menu includes wild mushrooms ragout with trahana and parsley sauce, slowly cooked pork belly with celery root puree, coriander sauce and pickled onion and mousse of rice pudding with bitter chocolate for dessert. Combining innovative Mediterranean recipes with a refined touch Aleria offers a unique gastronomic experience at very good value-for-money. Meg. Alexandrou 57, Metaxourgeio. Tel: 210 5222633,

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Gift a slice of Greece to your family and friends for just 30 euros a year*. Win fabulous prizes including flight tickets, hotel stays and spa treatments. Special offer available until 20 June 2013.


To subscribe, call: 210.7298634 or fax:210.7298635 or email: or simply visit our website *70 euros a year for subscribers abroad(postage and shipping included)

Insider guide refer to corresponding area for more information and contact details

restaurant index by type AMERICAN JACKSON HALL Kolonaki TGI FRIDAY’S Kolonaki


ASIAN Far East Glyfada Golden Phoenix Halandri NUI, Kifissia Wagamama Maroussi

BAR - RESTAURANTS Apsendi Halandri BACARO Omonia BALTHAZAR Mavili Sq BARAONDA Mavili Sq CINCO, Kolonaki Eclipse Kolonaki KITCHEN BAR Faliro & Halandri FRAME Kolonaki GINGER Mavili Sq ISLAND Vouliagmeni NIXON Kerameikos PARKO ELEFTHERIAS, Mavili Sq SEMIRAMIS RESTAURANT Kifissia SHOWROOM Kolonaki

FISH RESTAURANTS Ai Nikolas Syngrou CAPTAIN JOHN’S Piraeus ITHAKI Vouliagmeni JIMMY AND THE FISH Piraeus KASTELORIZO Kifissia Kollias Syngrou LA PECHE Glyfada MILOS Hilton MYTHOS OF THE SEA Vouliagmeni PAPADAKIS Kolonaki PLOUS PODILATOU Piraeus Psaroma Halandri THALATTA Gazi TO 25ARAKI, Glyfada VAROULKO Kerameikos ZEFYROS Piraeus

FISH TAVERNAS Almyra Halandri DOURAMBEIS Piraeus Ichthyes Kifissia KOLLIAS Piraeus MAISTRALI Vouliagmeni PSARAKI Vouliagmeni TRATA O STELIOS Pangrati VASSILENAS Piraeus


GOURMET AVENUE Syngrou Bo Botrini’s Halandri KUZINA Thissio Eclipse Kolonaki Fuga Mavili Square Funky Gourmet Kerameikos

HYTRA, Syngrou KOOL LIFE, Kifissia P-Box Kolonaki Polly Magoo Metaxurgeio PremiEre Syngrou

GREEK 2 MAZI Plaka ATHIRI Kerameikos Berdema Kifissia CUCINA POVERA Pangrati DAKOS Kolonaki DIPORTO Psyrri ELAIS GI, Kifissia ELIAS KOUKOUTSI, Voula EDODI Acropolis FASOLI Exarhia IDEAL Omonia KARAVITIS Pangrati KAVOURAS Exarhia MANI MANI Acropolis MELILOTOS, Monastiraki PLATANOS Plaka PSOMI & ALATI, Halandri RAKOKAZANO, Halandri PROSOPA Gazi TO KOUTI Monastiraki YANTES Exarhia YDRIA Plaka

GRILL Meat Square Glyfada & Halandri Meatropoleos 3 Syntagma Telemachos Barbeque Club Kifissia

INDIAN Indian Kitchen Syntagma Indian Masala Thissio ISKANDAR Alimos JAIPUR PALACE, Kifissia KOHENOOR, Gazi

INTERNATIONAL Ache Glyfada Gefsis Me Onomasia Proelefsis Kifissia

ITALIAN 30 SOMETHING, Halandri AGLIO OLIO Acropolis ACQUA AZZURA Kifissia AL BACIO Vouliagmeni AL FRESCO Vouliagmeni AL MILANESE Kolonaki ALTRO Kolonaki BOSCHETTO Kolonaki CANTUCCIO Psyrri DA VINCI Ag. Paraskevi DVLCIS IN FVNDO Voula GENOVESE Voula LA CASA DI GIORGINO Gyfada IL SEGRETO Voula Il Tinello Faliro IL TRAMONTO, Vouliagmeni MAGIAMO BY MEAT SQUARE, Kifissia Mauzac Maroussi Matilde Pizza Bar Gazi Nanninela Ag. Paraskevi Pausa Maroussi

Piazza Mela Kifissia, di Antonio Halandri SALE E PEPE Kolonaki SCALA VINOTECA Kolonaki TONY BONANO Piraeus VEZENE, Hilton VINCENZO Glyfada

JAPANESE DOSIRAK Syntagma FAR EAST Syntagma FREUD ORIENTAL Kolonaki FURIN KAZAN Syntagma GOLDEN PHOENIX Kifissia INBI Kolonaki KIKU Kolonaki MATSUHISA ATHENS Vouliagmeni NOODLE BAR Syntagma SHOGUN Kifissia Square Sushi Kolonaki


MEDITERRANEAN Alatsi Hilton Apla Kifissia BAKU Vouliagmeni BEREKET Glyfada BRACHERA Monastiraki BYZANTINE RESTAURANT Hilton CAFE AVYSSINIAS Monastiraki CAFE BOHEME Kolonaki Common Secret Kifissia CASH, Kifissia DAPHNE’S RESTAURANT Plaka DORIS Monastiraki FATSIO Pangrati GB CORNER Syntagma HYTRA Plaka IDEAL RESTAURANT Omonia KITRINO PODILATO Gazi KOUZINA CINE-PSIRRI Psyrri MAGEMENOS AVLOS Pangrati Mauzac Kifissia MEIDANIS Monastiraki NICE N EASY, Kolonaki OCHRE & BROWN Psyrri Olio by Portofino Ag. Paraskevi PARLIAMENT Syntagma PRYTANEION Kolonaki PSARAKI Vouliagmeni RATKA Kolonaki TA KIOUPIA Kolonaki TO KOUTI Monastiraki ZEPHYROS Piraeus ZORBAS Piraeus

MEXICAN AMIGOS Glyfada DOS HERMANOS Kifissia EL TACO BUENO Maroussi Santa Fe Halandri



MULTI ETHNIC Altamira Kolonaki




RETRO Aneton Maroussi


SOUVLAKIA AND KEBAB BUTCHER’S SHOP Gazi DREAM GRILL Voula Gourounakia Kifissias Kifissia KALAMAKI KOLONAKI Kolonaki KILIZA Glyfada NAIADES Voula SAVVAS Monastiraki SCHARA Vouliagmeni SIGALAS-BAIRAKTARIS Monastiraki Souvlaki Bar Thissio THANASSIS Monastiraki Tike Kifissia



TAVERNAS FILIPOU Kolonaki LOUIZIDIS Vouliagmeni MAMACAS Gazi Meat Me Kifissia O Tzitzikas Ki O Mermigas Kifissia, Syntagma SKOUFIAS Exarhia VLASSIS Hilton


VEGETARIAN Avocado Syntagma

WINE BARS FABRICA DE VINO, Exarhia HETEROCLITO, Syntagma L’Enoteca Halandri Whispers of wine Maroussi

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Insider guide Gifts Greece is for Lovers Karyatidon 13A Tel: 210.924.5064 Tongue-in-cheek souvenirs for the discerning traveller


Kitrino Podilato

Valtetsiou 51, Tel: 210.381.3358 Spanish and mediterranean cuisine in the heart of Exarhia

Keramikou 116, Tel: 210.346.5830 Mediterranean cuisine in a modern industrial atmosphere


Skoufias Lontou 4, Tel: 210.382.8206 Exceptional entrees you are unlikely to find elsewhere

Aglio Olio &




SHOP Syllektiko Paleopolio Asklipiou 41, Tel: 210.364.1718 Antiques of all sorts and restoration services

Vinyl Microstore Didotou 34, Tel: 210.361.4544 New vinyls & cds; also reissues from the 60s & more

Yesterday's Bread Kallidromiou 87-89, Tel: 210.881.1233 Imported second-hand clothes; individuality guaranteed

EAT Fabrica de Vino Em. Benaki 3, Tel : 210.321.4148 85 wine etiquettes and mini mezzes in an industrial environment

Fasoli Emanouil Benaki 45, Tel: 210.330.0010 A great meal in an uplifting environment Mani Mani

Asimenia Bakery Beles 1 and Androutsou Tel: 210.924.7655 Raisin bread, almond shortbread, yummy cookies & tasty loaves





Circus Bar

Bars, Clubs & Lounges

Navarinou 11, Tel: 210.361.5255 Attracts a hip and happening crowd in a cozy space

Ginger Ale Themistokleous 74, Tel: 210.330.1246 Enjoy a cocktail or a coffee in a retro pop atmosphere

Vox Arahovas 56 & Themistokleous Tel: 210.383.5811, One of the oldest summer cinemas in Athens is a picturesque place for a retro-tinged drink

EAT Butcher’s Shop Persefonis 19, Tel: 210.341.3440 Traditional psistaria serving grilled meat dishes

Kohenoor Triptolemou 41, Tel:210.345.5762 Indian authentic specialties in a neat setting

Mamacas Persefonis 41, Tel: 210.346.4984 Modern taverna located in an old barrel warehouse offering traditional Greek fare

Themistokleous 64, Tel: 210.381.0202 Dine while enjoying live Rebetika music

Edodi Veikou 80, Tel: 210.921.3013 Fresh ingredients presented at your table, then cooked to perfection

Mani Mani Falirou 10. Tel: 210.921.8180 Peloponnesian specialities with Mediterranean touches

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Meg. Vasiliou 52 & Konstantinoupoleos 4 Tel: 210.341.3433, Delicious dishes in a warm atmosphere right beside the train tracks. A popular gay haunt.

Valtetsiou 44, Tel: 210.330.1369 Modern Greek cuisine prepared with organic ingredients.



Porinou 13, Tel: 210.921.1801 Authentic Italian pasta in a cozy setting, accompanied by luscious salads and homemade dolci

Central Athens

Matilde Pizza Bar Konstantinoupoleos 44, Tel: 210 3411878 Authentic Italian cuisine in a cozy setting

Vitonos 5, Tel: 210.346.4204 Fresh seafood creations

Almaz Triptolemou 12, Tel: 210.347.4763 Lounge in a modern atmosphere while listening to music from around the world

Barouge Andronikou 4, Tel: 210.342.4994 A staple of Athenian nightlife

Dirty Ginger Triptolemou 46, Tel: 210.342.3809 Excellent cocktails, meat dishes and “hot” finger food

Gazarte Boutadon 32-34, Tel: 210.346.0347 Lounge bar with excellent views of the Acropolis, ethnic music and live events

Gasoline Gargittion 23Α, Tel: 210.346.9396 All day bar with freestyle music and interesting guest-nights

Tapas Bar Triptolemou 44, Tel: 210.347.1844 Cocktails and tapas at the bar, just like in Spain

Villa Mercedes Andronikou & Tzaferi 11 Tel: 210.342.2380 Mega club ideal for all-night dancing



Ilias Lalaounis museum


Shop, Eat, Drink & Chill!

EAT Alatsi Vrassida 13, Tel: 210.721.0501 Exquisite Cretan specialties

Byzantine Restaurant

Athens Hilton Vas. Sofias 46, Tel: 210.728.1400 Traditional Greek recipes with a Mediterranean twist

To advertise, contact Degustation menu at just 40 â‚Ź

Central Athens


Marie Chantal Boutique


Athens Hilton Vas. Sofias 46, Tel: 210.724.4400 Simply prepared local flavours. Guaranteed value for money

Pireos 80, Tel: 210.522.8400 Seafood prepared by Michelin star-winning chef Lefteris Lazarou

Spefsippou 11, Tel: 210.722.2029 Old-fashioned chic for little princes and princesses

Solonos 8, Tel: 210.360.3775 Classic American sportswear



Megalou Alexandrou 80-82, Tel: 210 524 3340 Scandinavian cuisine

Kanari 8, Tel: 210.361.7714 Good-quality orthopaedic shoes as well as funkier styles

Iraklitou 13, Tel: 210.363.1731 Ethereal frocks, pretty tea-dresses and accessories from around the world

Milos Garden

Vezene Vrasida 11, Tel: 210723002 Modern bistrot serving seafood & cured beef

Vlassis Neandrou 15, Tel: 210.646.3060 & 210.725.6335, Family-run taverna serving traditional Greek food




SHOP Antiques Kilim Hali Valaoritou 9 Tel: 210.363.7056 Antique carpets from around the world

Beauty &

Fashion Atelier Loukia Kanari 24, Tel: 210.362.7334 Fairytale dresses in lace and embroidery from Greece's doyenne designer

Bespoke Athens Anagnostopoulou 15-17 Tel: 210.364.5518, Made-to-measure suits and shirts from top international tailors


Athens Hilton, Vas. Sofias 46, Tel: 210.728.1402 Rooftop cocktails in a chic atmosphere

Ermenegildo Zegna Skoufa 18, Tel: 210.361.3700 Home of fine fabrics and handsome tailor-finished suits

Free Shop Voukourestiou 50 Tel: 210.364.1308 A haven of hip, carrying labels from Balenciaga to Martin Margiela to Marlene Birger

Giorgio Armani Koumbari 8, Tel: 210.361.3603 Suit- and dress-maker to the stars

Hugo Boss


Amerikis 19, Tel: 210.360.0516 Smart separates for a work wardrobe

Solonos 26 Tel: 210.364.0560 Shop natural Greek cosmetics, get a prescription cream made up and have a quick massage

Kalogirou Patriarchou Ioakim 4, Tel: 210.335.6401 Fetish footwear from Prada, Tod's & Casadei


Galaxy Bar

Elina Lebessi

Bambineria Kanari 5, Tel: 210.339.2597 Designer togs for tots


CHILL Hiltonia Health & Wellness Club Hilton, Vas. Sofias 46, Tel: 210.728.1801 Indoor and outdoor pools

Kanari 21, Tel: 210.360.4481 Casual clothing and gifts for kids

Jack in the Box Haritos 13, Tel: 210.725.8735 Beautiful wooden toys and more

Olive Tree Spa

Bespoke Athens


Chatzigiani Mexi 4, Tel: 210.724.4425


EAT 1 Michelin star

Kanari 12, Tel: 210.362.7123 Designer items from Prada, Brioni, Donna Karan, Fendi and other top-flight brands

Funky Gourmet

Paramythias 13 and Salaminos, Tel: 210 524 2727 Haute cuisine in art deco interior

Coach Tsakalof 28, Tel: 210.362.5669 Leather totes and luggage in easy American style

Athiri Plataion 15, Tel: 210.346.2983 Greek & Mediterranean cuisine in beautiful surroundings

Deux Hommes Kanari 18, Tel: 210.361.4155 Greece's design ambassadors create structural separates and heavenly bridal gowns.

Awarded Toque

Aleria d’Or in 2013 Meg. Alexandrou 57, Tel: 210.522.2633 Adventurous Greek cuisine in a cosy setting

Dior Boutique Aleria

Voukourestiou 18-20, Tel: 210 361.3014 High-end designer fashion

insider athens | May & June 2013 61

Insider guide Shop, Eat, Drink & Chill! Lacoste

Rere Papa

Solonos 5, Tel: 210.361.8030 French take on American sportswear

Skoufa 62, Tel: 210.364.4300 Distinctive creations by two young Greek women and other international imports

Lanvin Iraklitou 9 Tel: 210.360.8315 Alber Elbaz's gloriously chic take on the classic French couture house

Linea Piu Sekeri 6, Tel: 210 360.6125 Collections from exclusive fashion houses including Chanel, Galliano, Lagerfeld and Sonia Rykiel

Luisa Skoufa 15, Tel: 210.363.5600 Designer emporium stocked with Chloe, Roberto Cavalli, Ralph Lauren, Missoni & more

Marc by Marc Jacobs Xanthou 3, Tel: 210.363.6030 Budget knick-knacks and must-have casuals from America's fashion hero

Observatory Attitudes Solonos 9, Tel: 210.364.6910 The ultimate fashion store

Paul & Shark Anagnostopoulou 6, Tel: 210.339.2334 Casual yachting styles

Thalassa Collection Patriarchou Ioakim 30-32 Tel: 210.725.8525 Original silk designs for scarves, ties, shawls & blouses

Vlassis Holevas Anagnostopoulou 19 Tel: 210.361.6167 Elegant fashion with a contemporary twist

Flowers Fleria Patriarchou Ioakim 35 Tel: 210.722.9697

Food & Wine Cava Anthidis Ypsilantou 13-15, Tel: 210.725.1050 Comprehensive wine and liquor wholesalers

Kylix Karneadou 20, Tel: 210.724.5143 Quality picks from the world’s best vineyards; including Greek labels

Wine Garage Xenokratous 25, Tel: 210.721.3175 Browser-friendly cava with helpful service

Gadgets Octopus Solonos 15, Tel: 210.363 6677 Quirky designs with a sense of humour

Gifts Eclipse

Benaki Museum Gift Shop

Preview Patriarchou Ioakim 19 Tel: 210.722.4731 High fashion designer shoes

62 insider athens | May & June 2013

Vas. Sofias & Koumbari Tel: 210.367.1045 Artefacts and jewellery inspired by the museum’s exhibits

Liana Vourakis Pindarou 42, Tel. 2103617705

Home Christofle Koumbari 5, Tel: 210.362.0483 Classis silver and crystal ideal for wedding gifts

La Fenetre

Central Athens EAT Bakeries & Patisseries Cake Irodotou 15, Tel: 210.721.2253 For real American homemade cheesecake, brownies and more

Irodotou 21, Tel: 210.723.5029 Elegant objects and sophisticated gifts for the house, mostly from France




Patriarchou Ioakim 33, Tel: 210.723.7656, A range of international brands in crystal, china and other eye-catching homeware accessories

Jewellery Apriati

Kriezotou 12, Tel: 210.364.2948/ Loukianou 21, Tel: 210.729.3453 Desserts and cakes

Al Milanese Xenokratous 49, Tel: 210.729.4111 Authentic Italian cuisine for the discerning

Altamira (Multi-ethnic) Tsakalof 36A, Tel: 210 361 4695 Flavours of multiethnic cuisine

Pindarou 29, Tel: 210.360.7878 Smartly designed necklaces, bracelets and rings


Elena Votsi


Xanthou 7, Tel: 210.360.0936 Conversation-starting pieces in gold and stone

Fanourakis Patriarchou Ioakim 23 Tel: 210.721.1762, Unique collection of animal and insect pins & earrings

Folli Follie Tsakalof 6 & Solonos 25 Tel: 210.323.0739 Greece's high-street export stocks affordable watches and everyday bijoux

Liana Vourakis Anagnostopoulou 26-8 Tel: 210.362.2564 For unique baptism and wedding gifts, start here

Oxette Skoufa 37, Tel: 210.339.0547 Trendy, affordable jewellery

Ozzi Skoufa 30, Tel: 210.364.2139 Greek silver fashion jewellery

Van Cleef & Arpels Voucourestiou 1, Tel: 210.331.0319 The jeweller of the international jetset

Haritos 39, Tel: 210.724.2717 Tiny funky restaurant that specializes in Italian food Evangelismos Park, Tel: 210.721.0893 Italian food in a lush central setting

Cafe Boheme Omirou 36, Tel: 210.360.8018 Welcoming nook with Greek cooking and more-ish cocktails

Cinco Skoufa 52, Tel: 210.364.360 Stylish, lively tapas bar with great cocktails

Dakos Tsakalof 6, Tel: 210.894.7040 New-age Cretan specialties

Eclipse (Bar restaurant) Alopekis 21, Tel: 210 364 1545 Fabulous cocktails and creative Mediterranean cuisine by Yiannis Baxevannis

Filipou Xenokratous 19, Tel: 210.721.6390 Home-cooked Greek taverna dishes

Frame St George Lycabettus Hotel Dinokratous, Tel: 210.721.4368 Exotic cuisine in the heart of Athens

Freud Oriental Xenokratous 21, Tel: 210.729.9595 Sushi in a cool setting

Central Athens

To advertise, contact Ouzadiko

TGI Friday’s


Karneadou 25-26, Tel: 210.729.5484 Traditional Greek appetizers & ouzo

Kolokotroni 35, Kefalari sq. Tel: 210.623.3945 American restaurant with real steak and barbecue sauce for casual dining!

Skoufa 47-49, Tel: 210.364.5888 All time classic café bar

Papadakis Fokilidou 15 & Voukourestiou 47A Tel: 210.360.8621 Paros' legendary gourmet restaurant serving seafood in the heart of Athens

For Creative Cuisine

Ten Ploutarhou 10, Tel: 210.321.7836 One of the most popular hot spots in town

Cafés Da Capo Tsakalof 1, Tel: 210.243.3902 Long-established people-watching hangout


Inbi Iraklitou 21, Tel: 210.339.2090 Sushi fusion

Kolonaki Square, Tel: 210.364.5068 Enjoy a cup of java if you can find a spot

Jackson Hall


Milioni 4, Tel: 210.361.6098 Gourmet burgers with all the fixings

To Tsai

Ploutarhou 32, Tel: 210.721.8800 Souvlakia on the sidewalk have never been so trendy

Kiku Dimokritou 12, Tel: 210.364.7033 Fresh, beautifully presented sushi

P-BOX Haritos 24, Periscope hotel Tel: 210 7298556, Simple ingredients, special flavours in a setting designed by Theodore Zoumboulakis

Prytaneion Milioni 7, Tel: 210.364.3353 Generous portions of Mediterranean fare

Ratka Haritos 32, Tel: 210.729.0746 Popular haunt of the rich and almost famous, with cosmopolitan cuisine

Sale e Pepe Aristipou 34, Tel: 210.723.4102 Authentic Italian trattoria

Scala Vinoteca Xenokratous 51, Tel: 210.722.9106 Fine French cuisine

Sina 50, Tel: 210.361.0041 Mediterranean restaurant ideal for wining & dining

Le Grand Balcon



St George Lycabettus Hotel, Kleomenous 2, Tel: 210.729.0711 Gourmet Greek cuisine

Nice n Easy Omirou 60 & Skoufa, Tel.: 210.361.7201 Gourmet cafe-restaurant with organic products and jazz music

Orizontes Lycavyttou Lycabettus Hill, Tel: 210.722.7065 Gourmet dining with a spectacular view

Milioni 12, Tel: 210.364.6460 Missoni-designed interiors, serving unique Mediterranean flavours

Square Sushi Deinokratous 65, Tel: 210.725.5236 High-quality sushi & other Japanese favourites

Ta Kioupia Dinokratous & An Polemou 22 Tel: 210.740.0150 Superb set menu of Greek and Continental classics with refined touches

DRINK Bars, Clubs & Lounges Central

Kolonaki Square, Tel: 210.724.5938 The place to see & be seen while sipping on coffee or cocktails

City Charitos 43, Tel.: 210.722.8910 Modern aesthetics, mutli-culti crowd and soulful music

Mai Tai Ploutarhou 18, Tel: 210.725.8306 Early evening cocktails in a laid-back atmosphere

Rosebud Omirou 60 & Skoufa 40, Tel.: 210.339.2370 All day hang-out with music ranging from jazz to famous soundtracks

Mavili Sq

Soutsou & Likavitou, Tel: 210.338.8941 Tea & tea paraphernalia from around the world

Kalamaki Kolonaki

DRINK Balthazar Tsoha 27, Tel: 210.644.1215 Lovely garden and chic interior attracts a cool crowd

Baraonda Tsoha 43, Tel: 210.644.4308 Gourmet cuisine and funky beats

Briki Dorileou 6, Mavili sq. Tel: 210.654.2380 Trendy hole-in-the-wall hangout

Flower Dorileou 2, Mavili sq. Tel: 210.643.2111, Fun, funky and affordable watering hole

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insider athens | May & June 2013 63

Insider guide Shop, Eat, Drink & Chill!

Central Athens Taf

Avissynias 3, Tel: 210.321.7202 Traditional Greek recipes with a European twist overlooking the Acropolis & Observatory

Normanou 5, Tel: 210.323.8757 Outdoor bar in a neoclassical building with arty atmosphere and great exhibitions

Café Avyssinias Kynetou 7, Tel: 210.321.7407 Spcializing in regional dishes & live music on weekends

Doris Praxitelous 30, Tel: 210.323.2671 Hearty stews & pasta dishes at reasonable prices

Meïdanis Sokratous 3 & Evripidou Tel: 210.324.9073, A menu that is sure to please with speciality oven dishes




Tamarind Thai Kitchen, Address: Kerameikou 51, Metaxourgeio. Tel: 210 5225 945

Vas.Sofias & Kokkali 1, Tel: 210 724 2979 Italian inspired menu by chef Andrea Berton at the Athens Concert Hall

Ginger Dorileou 10-12, Tel: 210.645.1169 Original dishes and innovative combinations in an elegant atmosphere

St’Astra Alexadras 10, Tel: 210.889.4500 For an unforgettable roof-top dining experience

To Parko Eleftherias


Next to Megaron Mousikis, Tel: 210.722.3784 Classic recipes and nice atmopshere in a lush green park




Archeon Gefsis Kodratou 22, Tel: 210.523.9661 Ancient Greek cuisine makes a unique comeback after 25 centuries

Polly Maggoo Leonidou 80 & Salaminos, Tel: 210 524 1120 Gourmet cuisine in a post-modern and industrial setting. New hot spot for the trendy

64 insider athens | May & June 2013



Mitropoleos 86, Tel: 210.321.9919 Gyros & Middle Eastern dishes like pastourmali



Normanou 7 Tel: 210.331.1638 Small antique shop in the heart of the flea market

Paleovivliopolio Hiotakis Normanou 7 Tel: 210.324.7835 Historic bookshop houses rare & old books

Food & Wine Arapian


Kalamiotou 19, Tel.: 210.322.2458 Greek-Mediterranean cuisine with fresh local ingredients

Monastiraki Sq. 2, Tel: 210.321.3036 Century-old restaurant serving a variety of fresh dishes

Souvlaki Bar Adrianou 7 & Thisiou 15, Tel: 210 5150550


Bairaktaris Monastiraki Square 2 Tel: 210.321.3036 Old-world taverna serving traditional Greek fare


Themistokleous 2, Tel: 210.383.8485 A traditional Greek ouzeri

SHOP BEAUTY & COSMETICS Korres Ivikou 8 & Eratosthenous Tel: 210.722.2774 Natural Greek products made using Mediterranean herbs

DRINK LIVE BARS Half Note Jazz Club Trivonianou 17, Tel: 210.921.3310 A jazz club with great history, hosting important names from the international music scene.

Evforionos 13 & Eratosthenous Tel: 210.756.6008, Greek cuisine with a menu that changes daily

Adrianou 23, Tel: 210.321.3229 Mediterranean fare right next to the ancient agora

Miaouli 2-4., Tel: 210.324.4244 An urban terrace with the most stunning view of the Acropolis


Panepistimiou 46, Tel: 210.330.3000 Greek classics in oldworld decor

To Kouti


Evripidou 45, Tel: 210.321.7187 Sausages, pastrami & cured meats

Ideal Restaurant





Mitropoleos 69, Tel: 210.324.4705 A souvlaki lover’s paradise

Evripidou 41, Tel: 210.321.7238 Old-style butcher shop offers interesting sausages, pasturma & smoked meats Evripidou 31, Tel: 210.321.7225 Well-known herb haven

Pangrati Omonia


360 Cocktail Bar


Ifestou 2, Tel: 21.321.0006

A for Athens

Loukoumi Bar Plateia Avissinias 3, An all day hang-out with good music, cool atmosphere and great views

Six Dogs Avramiotou 6-8, Tel: 210.321.0510 A day&night cultural entertainment center and bar with a vivid 600m2 back-garden.

Cucina Povera

Fatsio Efroniou 5, Tel: 210.721.7421 Greek food & political gossip

Karavitis Arktinou & Pausaniou Tel: 210.721.5155 Classic Greek cuisine in a dining room lined with wine casks

Magemenos Avlos Amynta 4, Tel: 210.722.3195 Mediterranean fare, welcoming decor & generous servings


2 Michelin star s

Pyrronos 5, Tel: 210.756.4021 A mix of European & more exotic flavours. Voted one of the best in Athens

Trata o Stelios Anagenniseos Sq. 7-9, Tel: 210.729.1533 The best grilled fish in town

Central Athens

Antique stores Maritinos Pandrosou 50 Tel: 210.321.2414 Specializes in 19th Century folk art, embroidery & furniture

Fashion Christoforos Kotentos Sachtouri 3, Tel: 210.325.5434 Glamorous & unique designs

Home Notoshome

Food & wine Mesogaia Nikis 52, Tel: 210.322.9146 Packaged & fresh speciality foods

Kratinou 5, Tel: 210.374.3000 Home décor superstore


Amorgos Kodrou 3, Tel: 210.324.3836 Hand-carved & painted furniture

EAT 2 Mazi Nikis 48, Tel: 210.322.2839 Creative gourmet dishes that change monthly

Daphne’s Restaurant Lysikratous 4, Tel: 210.322.7971 Refined classic Greek dishes in a resplendent atmosphere

Electra Nikodimou 18-20, Tel: 210.337.0000 Roof-top dining with Greek cuisine


Venizelou Paleologou 4, Tel: 210.322.6711 Unpretentious gourmet cuisine by Olivier Campanha

Platanos Diogenous 4, Tel: 210.322.0666 One of the few remaining tavernas preserving 1940s Athens

Ydria Adrianou 68 & Eolou Tel: 210.325.1619 Taditional Greek cuisine

Accessories Bag Stories Panepistimiou 41, Tel: 210.323.7405 Luggage & travel bags by Tumi, Porsche Design, Rimowa & Delsey

Antiques Antiqua Vassilis Amalias 2-4, Tel: 210.323.2220 One of the oldest antique stores in Athens

Cellier Kriezotou 1, Tel: 210.361.0040 Speciality wine shop

Lepeniotou & Ivis 1 Tel: 210.323.3670 Authentic Italian cuisine in a friendly environment



Ermou 44, Tel: 210.325.8260 International cosmetic brand for women who like to play with colour




Theatrou & Sokratous Tel: 210.321.1463 Old-world tavern offers bargain basics like salads, sardines & fava




Aisopou 10 street, Tel: 210 32 33 825 Kosher menu and mediterranean “repertoire”

Kouzina Cine-Psirri Sari 44, Tel: 210.321.5534 Mediterranean fare & eclectic music

Nara Nara Karaiskaki 26, Tel: 210.331.2091 Lebanese food & dancing

Ochre & Brown Leokoriou 7, Tel: 210.331.2950 Mediterranean/French cuisine

DRINK Bars, Clubs & Lounges Cantina Social

Try the Polish beers

Leokoriou 8, Tel: 210.325.1668 Tiny standing bar, ideal for socializing.

Scholarheio Tripodon 14, Tel: 210.324.1605 A traditional tray taverna with old fashioned decor & prices


Beauty & Cosmetics



Mono Resturant






To advertise, contact

Dude Kalamiotou 14, Tel: 210.322.7130 Uptempo bar inspired by “Big Lebowski”

Soul Evripidou 65, Tel: 210.331.0907 Show off your groovy disco moves

Panepistimiou 17, Tel: 210.325.8440 The largest foreign language bookstore in Greece

Syntagma Square, Tel: 210.324.6210, Five floors of gaming, gadgets & books

Gifts Argalios Filellinon 7, Tel: 210.322.2659 Hand-woven fabrics & souvenirs since 1940

Stadiou 28, Tel: 210.322.2160 Mostly French books and small selection of English fiction

Graf Von Faber-Castell Boutique

Department Stores


Attica Panepistimiou 9, Tel: 211.180.2600 Home to an array of luxury goods

Fokas Stadiou 41, Tel: 210.325.7770 Clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women & children

Panepistimiou 41, Tel: 210.321.8564 Traditional hand-held writing utensils Mitropoleos 13, Tel: 210.323.3534 Traditional & contemporary jewellery

Psarros 1917 Stadiou 3, Tel: 210.322.0908 Executive gifts and smoking accessories


Stock House & Travel


Ermou 45, Tel: 210.324.7732 Outlet store featuring brands from Parousiasi, Cook Shop & Bag Stories

Voukourestiou 21, Tel: 210.362.2863 Fine crystal from the venerable French luxury house

Fashion - Men’s Pagoni Akadimias 61, Tel: 210.363.9277 Selling ties and cufflinks since 1933

Jewellery Apriati


Pentelis 9 & Mitropoleos, Tel: 210.322.9020 Smartly designed necklaces, bracelets and rings



Voulis 15, Tel: 210.323.2321 Specializing in arrangements with wild flowers, many indigenous to Greece

Food & Wine Aristokratikon Karageorgi Servas 9, Tel: 210.322.0546 Handmade chocolates

Voukourestiou 8, Tel: 210.324.7118 Opulent designs in jewellery, watches & accessories

Cartier Voukourestiou 7, Tel: 210.331.3600 Two floors of designs & timepieces by the prestigious Cartier maison

insider athens | May & June 2013 65

Insider guide Shop, Eat, Drink & Chill! Vassilis Zoulias Old Athens


Akadimias 30, Tel: 210.361.4762 Handmade shoes and handbags inspired by films of the 50s & 60s

Panepistiomiou 10, Tel: 210.722.4824 A true French patisserie

EAT Avocado


Stadiou 2 & Vas. Georgiou 210.325.0555 Legendary time pieces and jewellery.

Voukourestiou 21, Tel: 210.362.7118 Old-world shop known for its original & elegant designs

Folli Follie Ermou 18, Tel: 210.323.0739 Trendy & affordable jewellery & accessories

Gofas Stadiou 3, Tel: 210.331.7540 High-end timepieces

Ilias Lalaounis Panepistimiou 6, Tel: 210.361.1371 Fabulous gold designs by famous Greek jeweller

Kessaris Panepistimiou 7, Tel: 210.323.2919 Wide range of luxury brand timepieces

Zolotas Panepistimiou 10, Tel: 210.360.1272 Designs inspired by the antique & classical periods as well as contemporary collections by designers like Paloma Picasso


Cellier Le Bistrot


Panepistimiou 10, Tel: 210.363.8525 Excellent dishes accompany the extensive list of international wines

Filellinon 15, Tel: 210.323.1315 Popular Athenian night spot

Dosirak Voulis 31-33, Tel: 210.323.3330 Japanese & Korean cuisine in the heart of Athens

Far East Stadiou 7, Tel: 210.323.4996 A mix of Asian cuisines in elegant surroundings

Furin Kazan


Apollonos 2, Tel: 210.322.9170 A Japanese favourite of expats & Athenians alike

GB Corner Hotel Grand Bretagne Syntagma Square, Tel: 210.333.0750 Luxurious surroundings, Mediterranean cuisine

Indian Kitchen



The concierge of the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Syntagma Square recommends: New: Freud Oriental, Japanese cuisine, Xenokratous 21, Kolonaki

Apollonos 6, Tel: 210 3237720

Ioannis Royal Olympic Hotel Ath. Diakou 28-34, Tel: 210.928.8400 Greek & Mediterranean cuisine with breathtaking views from the rooftop

Meatropoleos 3

Classic: GB Roof Garden Restaurant, elegant environment, tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking views of the Acropolis

Mitropoleos 3, Tel: 210 3241805 Modern greek grill restaurant

Alternative: Vezene, Modern bistrot serving seafood & cured beef, Vrasida 11, Athens

Noodle Bar

New: Akrotiri Mikro, Vas. Georgiou B’ 5, Agios Kosmas Classic: Baraonda, Tsoha 43, Athens Alternative: Gazarte, Voutadon 32- 34, Gazi

66 insider athens | May & June 2013

Mitropoleos 12-14, Tel: 210.324.7607 Savoury Greek cuisine, perfectly combining modern & traditional elements

Nikis 30, Tel: 210 3237878 Vegetarian restaurant

Shoes Ermou 63, Tel: 210.322.7590 Pick up a pair of Manolo’s at half price!

Tzitzikas and Mermigas

Apollonos 11, Tel: 210.331.8585 A congenial place to drop in for a quick noodle fix

Parliament Vas. Georgiou A & Stadiou Tel: 210.335.2400 International cuisine with Mediterranean accents

Bars, Clubs & Lounges

Explorer’s Lounge NJV Athens Plaza, Syntagma Square, 210.335.2400, Magnificent cocktails and live jazz in an intimate atmosphere



Fokionos 2, Tel: 210.323.9406 A true wine destination with focus on Greek vineyards

Kalua Amerikis 6, Tel: 210.360.8304 Dance the night away in a chic environment

Frequent wine


Voulis 44A Syntagma. tastings Tel: 210.322.9374 Trendy winebar

T Palace King George Palace Syntagma Square, Tel: 210.322.2210 Great for mingling & people-watching

CHILL GB Spa Syntagma Square, Tel: 210.333.0799 Award-winning spa featuring treatments by E’SPA, Valmont & Algoane

Holmes Place Stadiou 4 & Voukourestiou Tel: 210.325.9400, Fully equipped health club with excellent array of classes

The Palace Spa Syntagma Square, Tel: 210.374.3590 Ideal for rejuvenation after a long flight or a hectic bout of shopping



Central Athens

EAT Avenue Metropolitan Hotel, Syngrou Ave 385, Tel: 210.947.100 French bistrot inspired by Michel Roux

Peacock Hotel Hera, Falirou 9, Tel: 210 923 6682 Traditional food with breathtaking Acropolis views

To advertise, contact

Syngrou Ave. 303, Tel: 210 940 8620 Excellent seafood in a pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere

AiNikolas Syngrou Ave. 156, Tel: 210 923 2918 Original seafood dishes, fresh ingredients and simple elegant interior

Kona Kai Athens Ledra Marriott, Syngrou Ave. 115, Tel: 210 930 0000 Polynesian, Teppanyaki and Sushi cuisine in an original luxury setting

Café Zoe Athenaeum InterContinental, Syngrou Ave 89-93 Tel: 210 920 6655 Casual dining and terrific buffets for lunch and on Sundays

Captain John's Ak. Koumoundourou 16A, Tel: 210.417.7589 Traditional seafood

Dourambeis Ak. Protopsalti 29, Tel: 210.412.2092

Jimmy and The Fish Ak. Mikrolimanou, Tel: 210.413.4084. Excellent seafood; try the astakomakaronada

Kollias Plastira 3, Tel: 210.462.9620 Excellent seafood but difficult to find; reserve on weekends


Ak. Koumoundourou 42 Tel: 210.413.7910 Sumptuous seafood & mouth-watering deserts on the waterfront

Indian Masala (Indian)

Tony Bonano

Ermou 129, Tel: 210 321 9412 Amazing Indian food at affordable price in a pleasant environment

Papanastasiou 63, Tel: 210.411.1901 Italian cuisine with a view of the harbour


Etolikou 72 & Vitolion Tel: 210.461.2457 Friendly food and atmosphere

Athenaeum InterContinental, Syngrou Ave 89-93, Tel : 210 920 6981 Gourmet cuisine with splendid views

Apostoplou Pavlou 31 Tel: 210.346.6960 Ideal for a lunch break


Zefyros Kuzina Adrianou 9, Tel: 210.324.0133 Inspired traditional recipes in a cozy arty environment

CHILL Hammam baths Ag. Asomaton 17 & Melidoni 1 Tel: 210.323.1073

Obervatory Attitudes


A. Panagouli 17, Tel: 210.894.2113 The ultimate fashion store

Ak. Microlimanou, Tel: 210.413.4084 One of the hip places to see and be seen with a rooftop bar overlooking the yachting marina

Katafigio Ak. Koumoundourou 4 Tel: 210.413.1612 Club, cafe & beer house

Classic fish taverna

Plous Podilatou





Ak. Koumoundourou 48 Tel: 210.417.5152 Fresh seafood on the quay

Zorbas Ak. Koumoundourou 14 Tel: 210.411.1163 Unique flavours of the Mediterranean




EAT Il Tinello Knossou 54, Tel: 210.982.8462 Real Italian home cooking


Jewellery ZerTeo Metaxa 24-26, Tel: 210.894.6682 Unique jewellery designs

Food & Wine All about Whisky Vas. Georgiou B' 10 Tel: 210.968.1191 Specialty shop with a large selection of single malts, books, & anything to do with whisky

Amphitheas 6 & Poseidonos, Tel: 210.988.6474 Authentic Indian cuisine


Kitchen Bar


Poseidonos 3, Tel: 210.981.2004 Comfort food overlooking the sea

Le Petit Sommelier Zaimi 6, Tel: 210.984.2344 French cuisine & excellent wine list

Posidonos 80, Tel: 210.898.1435 Gourmet French delicatessen

Amigos Kyprou 65A, Tel: 210.898.3167 Mexican flavours in a friendly setting

Bayern Bierhaus Microbrewery Chr. Nezer 19, Tel: 210.894.4439 Authentic German cuisine

DRINK Big Apple South Posidonos 1, Tel: 210.948.5190 Casual cocktails in a modern atmosphere

Beirut Saki Karayiorya 13, Tel: 210.894.3169 Lebanese cuisine & entertainment

Zinc “Flisvos” Marina, Tel: 210.985.3183 Cocktails whith music

Zythos Eleftherias 45, Tel: 210.985.0478 Reminiscent of an Irish pub with several beers to choose from


Michelin star chef

Onassis Cultural Center Syngrou Ave 107-109, Tel: 2177071118, 2103316767 Creative gourmet Greek cuisine by Nikos Karathanos with stunning views



Southern & Northern Athens

Bereket Mikras Asias & Lefkosias 36 Tel: 210.960.9337 Traditional dishes from Asia Minor

Cook Lobby


Ag. Ioannou 13, Glyfada. Tel: 210 9680031-32 Traditional Greek cuisine in minimalist setting


Jamon Pintxos Bar

Enny di Monaco Laodikis 41, Tel: 210.894.0153 Carefully selected designs by various international designers


Laodikis 33-35, Tel: 2108946089 Basque “pinchos” in a cozy, cheerful atmosphere

To 25araki M. Botsari 8, Tel: 210.894.4112 Fresh seafood at reasonable prices

insider athens | May & June 2013 67

Insider guide Shop, Eat, Drink & Chill! Far East

Nest Café Bar

Lazaraki 61, Tel: 210.894.0500 A mix of Asian cuisines in elegant surroundings

Lazaraki 45, Tel: 210.898.6035 An all-day hangout for locals & visitors


Lazaraki 45, Tel: 210.968.0545 Cafe with a unique style & hip design


Lefkosias 42A, Tel: 210.963.85770 Authentic Italian pizza made in a traditional wood-burning oven

Meat Square (Grill) Lambrakis 63 & Ag. Nikolaou, Tel: 210 961 1160 Juicy steaks in pleasant family environment


Konstantinopoleos 13 Tel: 210.894.4648 Delicious kebabs & decadent deserts

La Casa Di Giorgino

Southern & Northern Athens

Molly Malone's Zannitsopoulou 8, Tel: 210.894.4247 Irish pub serving probably the best Irish Stew in Athens

Urban Yoga Center

EAT Dream Grill V. Pavlou 78, Tel: 210.895.5110 Traditional recipes & authentic taste

Dulcis in Fundo Prinkipos Petrou 33, Tel: 210.894.2136 Top-quality authentic Italian

Elias Koukoutsi

Live music Vasileos Pavlou 99,Thursd ay-Saturday

Panagouli 52, Tel: 210.968.0320 Quality French cuisine

Tel: 210.899.5480 A modern “rakadiko” serving Greek dishes. Live music Thursday - Saturday




Vas. Pavlou 74, Tel: 210.965.7706 Popular family grill joint

Giannitsopoulou 1, Tel: 210.894.1310 Value for money Italian specialities with a Southern Italian touch

Il Segreto


Bizaniou 3, Tel: 210.965.9526 Authentic Italian set on a beautiful terrace

Bars, Clubs & Lounges Balux Posidonos 58, Tel: 210.898.3577 Waterfront lounging



Urban Yoga Center

Daskaroli 67, Tel: 210.964.7600 American style bar with rock, blues, soul music and live events

Baku, The Margi

Ithaki Apollonos 28, Tel: 210.896.3747 Beautiful sea view, fresh seafood & great service


Fivis 17, Tel : 210.894.3856 A 20’s themed bar with excellent cocktail list

Cafes Chocolat Zisimopoulou 9, Tel: 210.894.3442 Satisfies even the most discerning coffee connoisseur

Cosi Zisimopoulou 12, Tel: 210.894.5746 One of the first cafes to inspireGlyfada's coffee culture





Apollonos 28, Tel: 210.967.1184 Traditionally prepared seafood dishes presented exquisitely

Matsuhisa Athens Astir Palace, Apollonos 40, Tel: 210.896.0510, Celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa serves up sushi favourites with a Latin-American flair

68 insider athens | May & June 2013

EAT new

Margi Hotel, Litous 11, Tel: 210.967.0924 Delicious variations of Mediterranean food

Al Bacio

Posidonos 17, Tel: 210.896.0400 Trattoria serving traditional Italian dishes & pizza

Il Tramonto Astir Palace, Apollonos 40, Tel: 210.8901794 Creative Italian cuisine with mind-blowing views of the Saronic Gulf

Ag. Nikolaou 10 & Iliou Tel: 210.891.1100 Gourmet Mediterranean cuisine that blends local produce with fresh seafood


Leukados, 10 Tel: 213.025.3946, 6977040841 Release from urban stress


Mythos of the Sea

Ermou 2, Tel: 210.896.0591 Traditional Greek taverna popular with the locals

Capri Bay Grigoriou Lambraki 2 Tel: 210.894.9995, Excellent cocktails in a Moroccan style garden

Il Τramonto


Posidonos 15, Tel: 210.896.2432 Seafood served in an informal setting Posidonos 15, Tel: 210.896.2432 Grills with frills in a friendly setting at reasonable prices

Waffle House Posidonos 17, Tel: 210.896.1227 Sure to satisfy your sweet tooth

To advertise, contact DRINK Posidonos 4, Tel: 210.967.1770 Cocktails overlooking Vouliagmeni Bay

Island 27th klm Athinon-Souniou Tel: 210.965.3563-4 Award-winning cuisine & an unmatched location with views of the Saronic Gulf

Sofa Bar The Westin Hotel Apollonos 40, Tel: 210.890.1709 Modern lounge bar serving up delectable cocktails

Kifissias 250-254 & Serres Tel: 210.671.7890 Refined cuisine and cocktails in stylish urban atmosphere

Astir Complex, Apollonos 40 Tel: 210.890.2000

Bakaliko Ola Ta Kala Kifissias 238-240, Mela Shopping Centre, Tel: 210.808.9908 Quality Greek delicacies

Almyra Filikis Eterias 39, Tel: 210.681.9109 Refined seafood and magical summer garden

Santa Fe Ag. Georgiou 30’B, Tel: 210.685.9690 Mexican food in traditional setting

Kitchen Bar

Divani Apollon Palace & Spa Ag. Nikolaou 10, Tel: 210.891.1100


K. Varnali 6, Tel: 210.689.2015 Delightful gastronomic tour in a relaxing atmosphere

Meat Square Ethnikis Antistaseos 9-11, Tel: 210.683.1300, Juicy steaks in pleasant family environment


Da Vinci Ag. Ioannou 23, Tel: 210.600.0102 Delightful dishes in fantastic ambience


Argyropoulou 8, Tel: 210.801.6533 Decadent handmade chocolates

Vasileos Georgiou B 24b, Halandri, Tel: 210.685.7323 Athens' best table by far

Leof. Pendelis 85, Tel: 210.682.5017 Asian cuisine and sushi bar in luxury environment

Arion Spa


Bo Botrini’s

Golden Phoenix


K. Varnali 9, Tel: 210.685.0644 Exquisite dishes from China, Japan and Indonesia

1920 Ag. Paraskevi 110, Tel: 210.681.3029 Accent on meat in an elegant setting

Sorpresa Italiana Kiriazi 6-8, Tel: 210.801.7886, Authentic fresh Italian pasta, sauces, truffles & more

Stefanidis Finest Foods Dimitrios Square 13, Tel: 210.808.2191 Excellent European delicatessen

Bo Botrini’s


Common Secret

Kassaveti 5, Tel: 210.801.2472 Milk products & patisserie

Kifissias 324, Tel: 210.623.3810 Coffee and light Mediterranean meals in a pleasant setting

EAT Acqua Azzurra Panagitsas 3, Tel: 210.623.3934 Specially-prepared Italian meals

Apla 135 Charilaou Trikoupi Tel: 210.620.3102 Chrysanthos Karamolegos creates refined Mediterranean dishes

Berdema Vas Amalias 20, Tel: 210.801.3853 Traditional dishes from Greece & Asia Minor

Dos Hermanos Kyriazi 24, Tel: 210.808.7906 Excellent Mexican food & super margaritas

Elaias Gi Dexamenis & Olimpionikon 4, Tel: The authenticity of Greek cuisine with stunning views of the city

Gefsis Me Onomasia Proelefsis Kifissias 317, Tel: 210.800.1402 Divine food from all over the world

Golden Phoenix

Peloponnissou 13 Tel: 210.600.5622 Authentic Italian cuisine in traditional decor


Olio by Portofino

Psomi & Alati

Ag. Ioannou 63, Tel: 210.639.1666, Mediterranean flavours in a chic interior



Irakliou 1, Tel: 210.689.5501 Quality Greek mezzes in a cosy simple environment

Jaipur Palace

EAT 30 something


Iroon Sq 8, Tel.: 210.689.9227 Pizza and cocktail bar in a San Franscisco atmosphere

Anahita Chr. Smirnis 3, Tel: 210.689.1222 The only place in Athens to try authentic Persian dishes

Sokratous 23, Tel: 210 683 9348 Imaginative parade of seafood and fresh fish Eleftherioton Sq 8, Tel.: 210.684.8178 Gastronomic paradise serving Greek dishes with a modern twist


Halandri Ag.Paraskevi

Food & Wine


En Plo

Southern & Northern Athens

Cash Diligianni 54, Tel: 212.100.4772 Cosmopolitan hang-out with upscale Mediterranean cuisine

Harilaou Trikoupi & Gortinias Tel: 210.801.3588, Chinese classic popular for the brunch buffet

Gourounakia Kifissias Kifissias 289, Tel: 210.801.1093 Delicious salads, appetizers, souvlakia & grilled platters Evagelistrias 36, Tel: 210.620.1572 Seafood taverna


Kifissias 222, Tel: 210.808.8318 Indian cuisine and fine wines

21 Kifissia



Kifissias 265, Tel: 210.801.3594 Extreme sport paraphernelia

Platanon 2, Tel: 210.807.5408 Part of a chain of upscale seafood restaurants that is sure to please

Vassilis Zoulias Argyropoulou 1-3, Tel: 210.801.7023 Unique designs reminiscent of times past

Kool Life Bo Botrini’s

Life Gallery, Thiseos 103, Tel: 211.106.7400 Lefteris Lazarou's cuisine in a cool restaurant cum deli

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Insider guide Shop, Eat, Drink & Chill!

Northern Athens

Mangiamo by Meat Square

Salumaio di Atene



Ave. 5, Drossia. Tel: 210.800.4700 Open from Mondays to Friday from 3 pm to midnight and on weekends from 1pm to midnight

Panagitsas 3, Tel: 210.623.3934 Authentic Italian food & fabulous desserts

Kifissias 239, Tel: 201.801.0810 Chic lounge serving classic concoctions

Stratigou Lekka 19, Tel: 210.806.6700 Traditional cuisine in a comfy-chic setting reminiscent of the 50s & 60s

Menta Café

El Taco Bueno

HarilaouTrikoupi 92 Tel: 210.623.2358 Simple yet discerning cuisine in a funky Greek taverna

Nargile Harilaou Trikoupi 50 Tel: 210.808.3333 Lebanese cuisine in a cosmopolitan ambience

Nui Gortinias 11, Tel: 210.801.3553 Gourmet mutli-Asian restaurant

O Tzitzikas Ki O Mermigas Drosini 12-14, Tel: 210.623.0080 A modern taverna serving traditional dishes at reasonable prices

Piazza Mela Kifissias 238, Mela Shopping Centre Tel: 210.623.6596, Classic & traditional Italian dishes

Prytaneion Kolokotroni 37, Tel: 210.808.9160 Generous portions of Mediterranean fare

Royal Thai Zirini 12, Tel: 210.623.2322 Thai cuisine in an opulent setting


70 insider athens | May & June 2013

Semiramis Hotel, Harilaou Trikoupi 48, Tel: 210.628.4500 Mediterranean cuisine in a hip atmosphere

Shogun Philadelpheos 2, Tel: 210.623.3622 Promises authentic Japanese cuisine for the truly discerning

Telemachos Barbeque Club Fragkopoulou 22, Tel: 210.807.6680 Rare meats char-grilled to perfection

Tike Harilaou Trikoupi 27, Tel: 210.808.4418 Watch chefs prepare Turkish kebabs and other treats before your eyes

Vardis Deligianni 66, Pentelikon Hotel Tel: 210.623.0650-6, Cornerstone of French cuisine in Greece

DRINK Boudoir Deligianni 50 & Georganta Tel: 210.801.8384, Massive club for dancing & sipping on signature cocktails

Chateau Ag. Dimitriou 9, Tel : 210.801.5830 The cool sets preferred bar with baroque décor and refined cuisine

Ag. Theodorou 10, Tel: 210.808.0193 Traditional home turned stylish cafe

Vinifera Kifissias 317, Tel: 210.807.7709 Selection of wines from all over the world


Meat Me

Semiramis Restaurant

SHOP Golden Hall Kifissias 37A, Tel: 210.680.3450 131 high-end (and high-street) stores for anyone with a passion for fashion

The Mall Athens

Andrea Papandreou 35 Tel: 210.630.0000 Shops, cinemas and food


Ethnikis Antistaseos & Psaron 1 Tel: 210.684.0460 Mexican flavours in a traditional setting

Mauzac Alamanas 1, Tel: 210.619.9902 Clean lines and a beautiful garden make this café, bar, restaurant a must

Oinopathia Aghias Paraskevis 79 & Diogenous Tel: 210.685.5375, Great selection of wines with Greek and international cuisine

Pausa Ag. Konstantinou 46 & Ifestou 3 Tel: 210.617.9290 Italian cuisine accompanied by a selection of Greek & Italian wines

Wagamama Kifissias 37A, Tel: 210.683.6844 Fresh, nutritious Asian fusion food in a sleek yet simple setting


Whispers of wine

Perikleous 28, Tel: 210 612 8841 Multiethnic cuisine in funky environment

Ag. Konstantinou 48, Tel: 210.617.9051 Gourmet food with rich wine list and vintage decor

see & do Art galleries

A. Antonopoulou Art Aristofanous 20, Psirri Tel: 210.321.4994 Artzone 42 42 Vas. Konstantinou, Agalma Troyman, 11635 Athens, Tel: 210 725 9549 Astrolavos Dexameni Xanthippou 11, Kolonaki Tel: 210.729.4342 Astrolavos ArtLife Irodotou 11, Kolonaki Tel: 210.722.1200 Athens Art Gallery Glykonos 4, Dexameni Sq., 106 75 Athens, Tel: 210 721 3938 Badminton Theatre Olympiaka Akinita, Goudi 157 73, Athens, Tel: 211 101 0020 Bernier/Eliades Gallery Eptachalkou 11, Thisseio, Tel: 210.341.3935 Beyond Art Gallery Haritos 10, Kolonaki, Tel: 210.721.9744 B&M Theoharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts & Music Vas. Sofias 9 & Merlin 1, Athens Tel: 210.361.1206 (The) Breeder Gallery Iasonas 45, Metaxourgio, Tel: 210.331.7527 Ekfrasi Gallery Valaoritou 9a, 10671 Athens, Greece Tel: 210 360 7598 EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art Vas. Georgiou B 17 - 19 & Rigilis Str. Athens 10675, Tel: 210 9242 111-3 Fizz Gallery Valaoritou 9c, Athens 10671 Greece, Tel: 210 360 7598 Gagosian Gallery Merlin 3, Athens 10671, Tel: 210 364 0215 Gallery 7 Zalokosta 7, Syntagma, Tel: 210.361.2050 Gialino Music Theatre Sigrou 143, N. Smirni, Athens Tel: 210 9316 101-4 Herakleidon Herakleidon 16, Thissio, Tel: 210.346.1981 Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre 48 Armatolon-Klephton st. 11471 Athens, Tel: 210 643 9466 Jill Yakas Spartis 16, Kifissia. Tel: 210.801.2773 K-Art Gallery Sina 54, 106 72, Athens, Greece Tel: 211 401 3877 Kalfayan Gallery Haritos 11, Kolonaki, Tel: 210.721.7679 Kourd Gallery Kassiani 2-4, Tel: 210.642.6573

Acropolis is open daily and entrance, includes archaeological sites. Tel: 201.321.0219 Ancient Agora was the heart of ancient Athens - the focus of political, commercial, administrative and social life for centuries. Athinais Cultural Centre formerly a silk factory, this space has been converted into a large cultural centre. Kastorias 34-36, Votanikos. Tel: 210.348.0000. Byzantine Churches many churches dating from the 11th and 12th centuries are found around the city. Noteworthy examples include: Agios Eleftherios, next to the cathedral on Mitropoleos Street; Kapnikarea, halfway down Ermou Street from Syntagma; Agi Apostoli, Agora area south of Stoa of Attalos; and Agia Triada (Russian Orthodox church) on Filellinon Street. Churches are open to the public on Sundays and holidays, also usually for daily prayers 7am-1pm and 4-6:30pm. Dress soberly when visiting. Technopolis (Gazi) a 19th century gas factory turned major cultural centre for performing arts and installation works. Pireos 100 & Ermou, Gazi. Tel: 210.346.1589. Hadrian’s Arch a Roman arch that marked the boundary of ancient Athens and the new city. Located at the corner of Vas. Olgas and Amalias Avenues.

Agora Museum Located in the Stoa of Attalos. Tel: 210.321.0185. Atelier Spyros Vassiliou Webster 5A, Athens. Tel: 210.923.1502 Athens University History Museum Tholou 5, Plaka, Tel: 210.368.9502 Benaki Museum Koumbari 1 & Vas. Sofias Avenue Tel: 210.367.1000, Benaki Museum of Islamic Arts Dipylou 12, Kerameikos. Tel: 210.325.1311

Benaki Museum, Pireos Pireos 138 & Andronikou Tel: 210.345.3111, Byzantine Museum Vas. Sofias 22, Tel: 210.721.1027. Hellenic Cosmos Foundation of the Hellenic world Pireos 254, Tavros. Tel: 212.254.0000. Frissiras Vlassis Museum of Contemporary European Art Monis Asteriou 3-7, Plaka, Tel: 210.323.4678 Goulandris Foundation Museum of Cycladic Art Neofytou Douka 4, Tel: 210.722.8321 Herakleidon Herakleidon 16, Thissio. Tel: 210-346.1981. Ilias Lalaounis Jewellery Museum Karyatidon & Kallisperi 12, Makrygianni. Tel: 210.922.7260. Jewish Museum Nikis 39, Plaka. Tel: 210.322.5582. Keramikos Museum Ermou 148, Monastiraki, Tel: 210.346.3552. Maria Callas Museum Technopolis, Pireos 100, Gazi, Tel: 210.346.1589 National Archaeological Museum Patission 44, Athens, Tel: 210.821.7724 National Gallery and Alexandros Soutsos Museum Vas. Konstantinou 50. Tel: 210.723.5857, 210.723.5937 Numismatic Museum Panepistimiou 12, Athens. Tel: 210.363.5953. The Acropolis Museum Dionysiou Areopagitou Street Tel: 210.924.1043,

Just for kids

Tel: 210.322.9705

Lykavittos Hill is the highest point in Athens. Take the teleferique from the top of Ploutarchou St. Megaron Mousikis (The Athens Concert Hall) live concerts, operas and other performances. Vas. Sofias Ave. & Kokkali. Tel: 210.728.2333 Odeon of Herod Atticus built in 161 AD, this is where the Athens Festival takes place. Accessible for €1.50 and open daily from 8:30am. Panathenian Stadium “Kalimarmaro”was the site of the first modern Olympics in 1896. Located at Vassileos Konstantinou and Agras, across from the National Garden. Pnyx Hill here, for the first time in history, every citizen could vote, giving Pnyx the name the “birthplace of democracy”. Close by is the beautiful Old Observatory. Presidential Palace formerly the Royal Palace, this building is used by the President of Greece to host dignitaries. Irodou Attikou Street. Stoa of Attalos shopping arcade built in the 2nd century BC and totally reconstructed in the 1950s. Tues-Sun 8:30am3pm. Admission to the Agora and museum €3.50. Adrianou 24. Tel: 210.321.0185 Syntagma (Constitution Square) is the heart of the city and the best spot for new visitors to orient themselves. The Evzones, dressed in traditional uniforms, guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Parliament. The changingof-the-guard ceremony takes place every hour. Temple of Olympian Zeus once the largest temple in ancient Greece, its ruins lie just behind Hadrian's Arch. Mon-Sun 8am-7:30pm. €2.00. Vas. Olgas and Amalias Avenues, Tel: 210.922.6330. Theatre of Dionysus built in the 5th century BC is where the plays of Aristophanes, Euripides, Aeschylus and Sophocles were first performed. Tower of Winds the octagonal tower, representing the eight directions of the wind, was built in the 1st century BC by the Syrian astronomer Andronicus. Mon-Sun 8am-7pm. Just east of the Ancient Agora. Tel: 210.324.5220.



Pallas Theatre Skoufa 77 & Staikou 2, Kolonaki Athens, Tel: 210 364 0783 Skoufa Gallery Skoufa 4, Kolonaki, Tel: 210.360.3541 Stavros Mihaliaras Art 260 Kifissias & Diligianni, Kifissia Tel: 210.623.0928 Thanassis Frisssiras Gallery Kriezotou 7, Tel: 210. 364.0288 The Art Foundation (TAF) Normanou 5, Monastiraki, Tel: 210.323.8757 The Eynard Mansion Aghiou Konstantinou 20 & Menandrou, Athens 104 31, Tel: 210 322 1335 The National Art Gallery and Alexander Soutzos Museum Michalakopoulou 1 - Vas. Constantinou 1, 115 28 Athens, Tel: 210-7235857 Titanium Yiayiannos Vas. Konstantinou 44, Pangrati, Tel: 210.729.7644 Tsatsis Project/ Artforum 12 Mitropoleos st. & Venizelou PC 54624 Thessaloniki, Tel: 231 025 7552 Xippas Gallery Sofokleous 53D, 105 52 Athens, Greece, Tel: 210 331 9333 Zoumboulakis Gallery Kolonaki Square 20, Kolonaki Tel: 210.360.8278 Zoumboulakis Gallery Graphics & Editions Kriezotou 6, Syntagma, Tel: 210.363.4454

Attractions & Sites


Allou Fun Park Kifissou & Petrou Ralli, Ag. Ioannis Rentis, Tel: 210.425.6999, Children’s Museum Kydathinaeon 14, Plaka, Tel: 210.331.2995. Goulandris Museum of Natural History Levidou 13, Kifissia. Tel: 210.801.5870, Greek Folk Art Museum Daily Karaghiozis puppet shows! Kydathinaeon 17, Plaka, Tel: 210.322.9031 Museum of Children’s Art Kodrou 9, Plaka, Tel: 210.331.22621

Summit The Wall Sport Climbing Center Ag. Athanasiou 12, Pallini, Tel: 210.603.0093, Westin Kids Club Apollonos 40, Vouliagmeni, Tel: 210.890.2000

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partner hotels ARION RESORT & SPA




The legendary beauty resort is part of Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Breathtaking views of the Saronic Gulf, elegant and sophisticated décor in all 123 rooms and suites, private swimming pools and beaches, spa and gourmet restaurants. Apollonos 40, Vouliagmeni. Tel: 210.890.2000

314 deluxe guest rooms, 18 suites. Rooftop swimming pool and bar, health club, Kona Kai Polynesian - Tepanyiaki Restaurant and sports bar. Syngrou 115. Tel: 210.930.0000

Located at the base of the Acropolis and close to Plaka. Pool with bar, roof garden restaurant with Acropolis view. Parthenonos 19-25. Makrigianni. Tel: 210.928.0100

Beautifully renovated property with views of the sea and the Acropolis. Ten minutes from central Athens, the port of Piraeus and main exhibition centers. Syngrou 385. Tel: 210.947.1000



NJV athens plaza

Designed by the Campana brothers, NEW, the latest venture of YES! Hotels has 79 luxury rooms, including 18 Studios and 6 Junior Suites. NEW Taste, is the Hotel’s innovative restaurant concept. Filellinon 16, Syntagma. Tel: 210.3273000

This city landmark is part of Starwood Hotels and Resorts. All 265 rooms and 56 suites are decorated with original artwork and antiques. Reception areas, ballrooms, roof garden with Acropolis view. Luxury spa, indoor and outdoor pools. Syntagma Sq. Tel: 210.333.0000

Crowne plaza

Holiday Inn Attica Avenue

Newly renovated, the former Holiday Inn Athens is at a very convenient location and attracts both business and leisure travellers. Amenities include restaurant, bar, rooftop swimming pool, conference and business facilities, garage parking. Michalakopoulou 50. Tel: 210.727.8000,

New five-star property on Attica Avenue linking Athens with the international airport. State-of-the art conference facilities, restaurant, two bars, pool and fitness center. 40.2 km Attica Road, between exits 17 & 18. Tel: 210.668.9000,


543 rooms with renovated Deluxe rooms and suites. Dedicated business centre facilities and 3.500 m2 of extensive & flexible meeting space. New I-Spa and renovated gym. Award winning restaurants. Syngrou 89-93. Tel: 210.920.6000

Boutique-style hotel with 182 rooms including 23 suites with breathtaking views of the Acropolis, ideally located in the heart of the business and shopping district within walking distance of Plaka. 2, Vas.Georgiou A’ St, Athens Tel: 210 3352400 NOVOTEL


66 state-of the-art rooms, 15 executive rooms and 3 suites. The acclaimed Etrusco Restaurant serves top quality Mediterranean cuisine. Kallirois 32 & Petmeza. Tel: 210.921.5353 ATHENS ELECTRA PALACE HOTEL

Located in historic Plaka beneath the Acropolis. Facilities include bar, restaurant, spa area with indoor swimming pool, business centre, garden and underground parking. N. Nikodimou 18-20, Plaka. Tel: 210.337.0000 ATHENS HILTON


Located seaside with a magnificent view of the Saronic Gulf. All rooms with balconies and sea views. Indoor and outdoor pools, boutiques, beauty parlor, business centre and spa. Ag. Nikolaou 10 & Iliou, Kavouri-Vouliagmeni. Tel: 210.891.1100

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situated close to major tourist attractions with, rooftop restaurant and swimming pool. Vas. Alexandrou 2, Tel: 210.720.7000

Royal Olympic

Holiday Suites

Elegant, all-suite hotel offering high standard accommodation. Each suite provides guests with a separate living room and kitchenette. Arnis 4.Tel: 210.727.8000,

Near the Acropolis Museum. 265 rooms and 45 unique Panorama Suites, overlooking the Temple of Zeus and the Acropolis. Pool, business center, convention and banquet facilities. Roof Garden Restaurant/Bar “Ioannis”. 28-34, Ath. Diakou Str., 11743 Athens, Greece. Tel. 210 9288400,



Turn-of-the-century hotel in Kifissia, part of YES! Hotels.Themed suites with modern facilities. Pentelis 1, Kifissia. Tel: 210.623.3333

YES! Hotel designed by Karim Rashid. 51 luxury rooms, 4 suites and 6 poolside bungalows. Ultra-trendy bar-restaurant. Harilaou Trikoupi 48, Kefalari-Kifissia. Tel: 210.628.4400


508 renovated rooms, two pools, banquet rooms restaurants, convention facilities, business centre & spa. The rooftop Galaxy bar has gorgeous city views. Vas. Sofias 46. Tel: 210.728.1000

The newly renovated Novotel is designed for natural living. Close to Omonoia square and the National Museum. Open plan bar and rooftop bar and restaurant and pool.4-6 Mikhail Voda Street Tel: 210.820.0700,




COSTA NAVARINO The Westin Resort Costa Navarino

Airport hotel. Executive floor, business center and conference facilities. Two bars and two restaurants. Health club and covered swimming pool. Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, Spata. Tel: 210.354.4000 ST. GEORGE LYCABETTUS HOTEL

A member of YES! Hotels. Modern design and simple architectural charm. 16 ergonomically designed rooms and 5 loft suites. “21” Bar Restaurant for indoor and outdoor dining. Kolokotroni 21, Kefalari-Kifissia Tel: 210.623.3521.


Located at the base of the Acropolis and a five minute walk to Plaka. 90 guest rooms, meeting facilities and a lovely atrium barcoffee shop. Rovertou Galli 4, Makrigianni. Tel: 210.923.6832 HOTEL ELECTRA


Located in the upper part of Kolonaki, not far from the Lycabettus (Lykavittos) funicular railway. Excellent restaurant, Le Grand Balcon. Rooftop swimming pool. Kleomenous 2, Dexamenis Square, Kolonaki. Tel: 210.741.6000 THEOXENIA PALACE HOTEL

Luxurious apartments and suites in Plaka. Magnificent views of the Acropolis, Hadrian’s Arch and Zeus Temple. Short walk to Syntagma and Monastiraki. Lysikratous street 9-11, Plaka. Tel: 210.325.9000,

Inspired by old Messinian mansions, the Westin resort’s low-rise villa clusters use natural stone and local design elements to create a motif in perfect harmony with the virgin sandy beach and pristine hillside landscape. Its 445 deluxe rooms and suites, 123 with private infinity pools, offer access to an extensive common pool areas, and reflect Westin’s soothing aesthetic The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort

Within walking distance from all major archaeological sites, business and commercial districts. Includes bar, restaurant, lobby and meeting areas. Ermou 5, Syntagma. Tel: 210.337.8000 PERISCOPE HOTEL


The Romanos Resort boasts of 289 exquisitely appointed rooms and 32 suites with individual infinity pools. Traditional Greek design with contemporary touches sets the tone in each space, where the sparkling blue of the Mediterranean is the preferred hue.


In an elegant neoclassical building in Kefalari, this hotel has a restaurant, bar, gym, sauna and outdoor pool. Business centre, internet and conference facilities. Filadelfeos 2, Kifissia. Tel: 210.623.3622-6 THE MARGI

The Coral’s 86 rooms and 2 suites offer all modern conveniences. Poseidonos Avenue 35, Paleo Faliron. Tel: 210.981.6441 Fresh Hotel

Boutique hotel with 90 spacious rooms and suites and great views to the sea and pine forests. Café Tabac Restaurant offers a unique dining experience while Malabar and J-lounge are perfect for a glass of champagne. Close to the lake, beach and tennis courts. Litous 11, Vouliagmeni. Tel: 210.892.9000. THE WESTIN ATHENS

Part of the Astir Palace Complex with 162 guest rooms and suites and views of the Saronic Gulf. Sea view lounges, trendy bars, fusion and Mediterranean cuisine restaurants and private gazebos by an Olympic-sized pool. Apollonos 40, Vouliagmeni. Tel: 210.890.2000

Situated in the heart of old Athens within walking distance of the Plaka, Psirri and Monastiraki. Enjoy the hip Orange Bar, rooftop restaurant and pool. Sophocleous 26 & Klisthenous. Tel: 210.524.8511-6. amarilia hotel

Amarilia Hotel in Vouliagmeni is an excellent choice for business and leisure travellers. 100 renovated rooms and suites with great sea views, meeting and banqueting facilities, outdoor swimming pool. Ag. Nikolaou 13 Vouliagmeni. Tel. 210 8990391,

Designed for people who wish to be part of all that goes on in the city. 17 rooms, 4 junior suites and a super-lux penthouse suite. Part of YES! Hotels. Haritos 22, Kolonaki. Tel: 210.729.7200,

Mystique is an 18 villa hotel, designed by Frank Le Fevbre. Mystique, Oia. Tel. 22860 71114



Recently refurbished, all 50 rooms are wellappointed and comfortable. Offers good value for money in the Acropolis area. Mitseon 3, Makrigianni. Tel: 210.922.3611-4

@ Would you like TO see your hotel LISTED here? CONTACT US at:

Vedema has 45 rooms converted from a 100 year old neo-classical captain’s house and a private swiming pool for all the suites. Vedema, Megalohori. Tel. 22860 81 796


A luxurious five-star boutique hotel with suitably equipped rooms and suites to ensure a comfortable stay. The spacious terrace with a panoramic view is ideal for breakfast or drinks Tel. 22810 86007,

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AUDIOVISUAL OTE video conference service 7.30am-10pm. Patission 85. Tel: 210.883.8578, 210.822.0399 TCS M. Antipa 20 & 2 Prometheus, Tel: 210.976.7086

COMPUTER & CELL-PHONE RENTAL TrimTel Mobile Communications Michalakopoulou 41, Tel: 210.729.1964

Commercial Office spaces Regus Tel: 210 727 9000 Global Business Services Tel: 210-8764 876 Kifissias Ave. 90, Maroussi

COURIER SERVICES ACS Tel: 210.819.0000 DHL Tel: 210.989.0000 Express City Tel: 210.821.9959 Geniki Taxydromiki Tel: 210.485.1100 Interattika Tel: 210.540.5400 Speedex Tel: 801.11.000.11 UPS Tel: 210.998.4000

Driving Schools in English Denis Kasimatis - Driving School Zografou, Papagou, Ilissia, Psychiko, Cholargos and Goudi - Tel: 210 778 3157 210 779 6981 Trochokinisi Driving School 28th Oktovriou 126, Ambelokipi, Athens Tel: 231 072 9092 Driving School Highway Amfitheas and Ag. Triados 30, 175 64 Paleo Faliro - Tel: 210 988 8098 / 6997 722 777 Vlachos Bros 25th Martiou 11, Peristeri; Xenofodos 17, Peristeri; Afroditis 39, Ilion Tel: 210 574 4895 / 210 576 9190

Relocation Agencies Allied Pickfords Tel: 210 610 4494 Mourouzi 7, Athens Athens Relocation Centre Tel: 210 96 50 697, Zakynthou 10, Attica Movers Tel: 210 922 7221 19, Syngrou Ave Celebrity International Movers 102, Kapodistriou Ave, Tel: 210 272 0106 Corporate Relocations Athens Tel: 210 800 3510, Ag. Saranta 32 Nea Erithrea Orphee Beinoglou Tel: 210 9466100 27th km Old National Road Athens-Korinth Location Elefsinia, GR-19200 Elefsina Omega Transport Thesi Kyrilos, 19300 Aspropyrgos Tel: 210 947 5500 Octopus Relocation Services Ygeias 7, Marina Zeas, Tel: 210 4599530

For Rent: Summer Cottages in Southern Peloponnese Two summer cottages, totally equipped, situated in a large olive grove leading up to a magnificent sandy beach. Large enough to accommodate two families. Contact Information: email: or call: 6945778389

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TRANSLATIONS / INTERPRETING Executive services, translation & interpreting All EU and Balkan languages - legal, technical and medical documents. Athens Tower B. Tel:Â 210.778.3698 Global Business Services Kifisias 90, Maroussi. Tel: 210.876.4876 IBS - International Business Services Michalakopoulou 29, Tel: 210.724.5541

Travel Agencies Travel Plan Tel: 210 333 3300 Amphitrion Tel: 210 900 6000 Meg Alexandrou 7 & Karaiskaki, TravelPlanet24 Tel: 211 107 9684 241, Syngrou Ave. & 2, Alikarnassou 171 22 Nea Smyrni, Athens Mid-east Travel Tel: 211 211 8888 Vas Sofias 105-107 /

Embassies Cultural Institutes

Business services

useful information

French Institute Sina 31, 10680 Athens Tel: 210 339 8600 Hellenic American Union Massalias 22, 10680 Athens, Tel: 210 368 0900 British Council 17 Kolonaki Square 17 106 73 Athens Tel: 210 369 2333 Instituto Cervantes Mitropoleos 23, 105 57 Athens Tel: 210 3634117 Goethe Institut Omirou 14-16, 100 33 Athens Tel: 210 3661000 Onassis Cultural Centre Syngrou Ave. 107-109, 117 45 Athens, Tel: 213 017 8000 Instituto Italiano di Cultura Patission [28 Oktovriou] 47 Tel: 210 369 2333, 210 524 2646 ALBANIA Vekiareli 7, Filothei, Tel: 210.687.6200 ALGERIA Vas. Constantinou 14 Tel: 210.756.4191-2 ARGENTINA Vas. Sophias 59. Tel: 210.724.4158 ARMENIA K. Palaiologou 95, Tel: 210.683.1130, 210.683.1145 AUSTRALIA Kifisias & Alexandras, Tel: 210.870.4000 AUSTRIA Vas. Sofias Avenue 4, Tel: 210.725.7270

AZERBAiJAN Skoufa 10. Tel: 210.363.2721 BELGIUM Sekeri 3, Tel: 210.360.0314 BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Hatzikosta 3. Tel: 210.641.0788 BRAZIL Filikis Etaireias Sq. 14. Tel: 210.721.3039 BULGARIA Stratigou Kallari 33A, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.674.8105 CANADA Ioanni Gennadiou 4. Tel: 210.727.3400 CHILE Kifisias 317A Tel: 210.807.1020 CHINA Krinon 2A, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.677.1212 CROATIA Tzavella 4, N. Psychiko. Tel: 210.677.7033 CUBA Sofokleous 5, Filothei. Tel: 210.685.5550 CYPRUS Xenofontos 2A. Tel: 210.373.4800 CZECH REPUBLIC G. Seferi 6, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.671.9701 DENMARK Mourouzi 10. Tel: 210.725.6440 EGYPT Vas. Sofias 3. Tel: 210.361.8612 ESTONIA Messoghion 2-4. Tel: 210.747.5660 FINLAND Hatziyianni Mexi 5. Tel: 210.725.5860 FRANCE Vas. Sofias 7. Tel: 210.339.1000 FYROM Papadiamanti 4, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.674.9585 GEORGIA Ag. Dimitriou 24, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.674.2186 GERMANY Karaoli & Dimitriou 3. Tel: 210.728.5111 HUNGARY Karneadou 25. Tel: 210.725.6800 INDIA Kleanthous 3. Tel: 210.721.6481 INDONESIA Marathonodromon 99, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.674.2345 IRAN Stratigou Kallari 16. Tel: 210.674.1436 IRELAND Vas. Konstantinou 7. Tel: 210.723.2405 ISRAEL Marathonodromon 1, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.670.5500 ITALY Sekeri 2. Tel: 210.361.7260 JAPAN Ethnikis Antistaseos 46, Halandri. Tel: 210.670.9900 JORDAN Papadiamanti 21. P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.674.4161 Kazakhstan Imittou 122, Papagou Tel: 210.654.7765 KOREA Messoghion 2-4, Athens. Tel: 210.698.4080 KUWAIT Perikleous 2, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.674.3593

Ambulance Tel: 166 Doctors SOS Tel: 1016. They will issue an invoice to claim reimbursement from your insurer. Duty Pharmacies Call 1434, Also check newspapers for listings. Emergency Hospitals Tel: 1434 Fire Brigade Tel: 199 Forest Fire Tel: 191 Poison Hotline Tel: 210.779.3777 Police Tel: 100 Tourist Police Tel: 171 Coastguard Tel:108 Air Police Tel: 210.964.2000

EUROCLINIC PAEDON Lemessou 39-41 & Aharnon 209, Kato Patissia, Tel: 210.869.1900 PAEDON AGIA SOFIA HOSPITAL Mikras Asias and Thivon, Goudi. Tel: 210.746.7000 PAEDON AGLAIA KYRIAKOU HOSPITAL Livadias 3 and Thivon, Goudi. Tel: 210.772.6000 & 1535

Private Hospitals Advanced Medical Services, Symmetria Building Ethnikis Antistaseos 66, Halandri. Tel: 210.677.3573 CENTRAL CLINIC OF ATHENS Asklipiou St. 31. Emergency number 1169 or Tel: 210.367.4000 EUROCLINIC diagnostic, surgical and treatment centre. Athanasiadou 9. (near Mavili Sq.). Tel: 210.641.6600 EURODENTICA Specialized dental care Patision 150, Tel: 210. 866.3367-8 Alamanas 3, Maroussi. Tel: 210.619.5760-1 El. Venizelou 162, Kallithea. Tel: 210.956.5365 HYGEIA Kifissias & E. Stavrou 4, Maroussi. Tel: 210.686.7000 IATRIKO KENTRO (ATHENS MEDICAL CENTER) Areos 36, P. Faliro. Tel: 210.989.2100-20. Distomou 5-7, Maroussi. Tel: 210.619.8100 METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL Ethnarou Makariou 9 & El. Venizelou, N. Faliro. Tel: 210.480.9000 IASO Kifissias 37-39, Maroussi. Tel: 210.618.4000 MITERA Kifissias & E. Stavrou 6, Maroussi. Tel: 210.686.9000

public Hospitals ROAD ASSISTANCE ELPA Tel: 10400 Emergency Service Tel: 104 Express Service Tel: 154 Hellas Service Tel: 1057 Interamerican Tel: 168 Tourist Information Tel: 174

ASKLEPIEION HOSPITAL Vas. Pavlou 1, Voula. Tel: 210.895.8301-4 EVANGELISMOS Ypsilantou 45-47, Kolonaki. Tel: 210.720.1000 KAT HOSPITAL specialized trauma unit. Nikis 2, Kifissia. Tel: 210.628.0000

TZANNEIO Afentouli & Tzani, Pireaus. Tel: 210.451.9411-9

PHYSICIANS (ENGLISH SPEAKING) Ioannis Bitzos, MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Harilaou Trikoupi 62 Kifissia. Tel: 210.808.0682 A.J. Kanellopoulos, MD Eye Surgeon, Mesogeion 2, Athens Tower B’ Tel: 210.747.2777 Dimitris Linos, MD FACS General Surgeon, Kifissias 227, Kifissia. Tel: 210.612.5001-2 heart & vascular centrE E.N. Deliargyris, MD FACC FSCAI Interventional cardiologist. Southern Athens. Vakchou 2 & Vas. Kostantinou Tel:210.897.6276.

English media


Paediatric Hospitals

Newspapers The International Herald Tribune carries the English version of Kathimerini Athens Insider, the bi-monthly magazine for Greece

Radio Athens International Radio 104,4 Good Morning Athens at 10am, english programs at 11am, music programs on weekdays at 9pm, weekends at 1pm


Greek Language

SWITZERLAND Iasiou 2, Tel: 210.723.0364-6 TAIWAN Marathonodromon 57, Tel: 210.677.5122 Representative office THAILAND Marathorodromon 25 & Kyprou, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.674.9065 TUNISIA Antheon 2, P. Psychiko, Tel: 210.671.7590 TURKEY Vas. Georgiou B’ 8, Tel: 210.726.3000 UKRAINE Stephanou Delta 4, Filothei, Tel: 210.680.0230 UNITED KINGDOM Ploutarchou 1. Tel: 210.727.2600 UNITED STATES Vas. Sofias 91. Tel: 210.721.2951 URUGUAY Menandrou 1, Kifissia Tel: 210.361.3549 VATICAN Mavili 2, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.674.3598 VENEZUELA Marathonodromon 19, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.672.9169 VIETNAM Yakinthon 50, Psychiko. Tel. 210.612.8733, 210.675.3080.


LEBANON 6, 25th Martiou, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.675.5873 LIBYA Vyronos 13, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.674.2120 LITHUANIA Vas. Sophias 49. Tel: 210.729.4356 LATVIA Vas. Konstantinou 38. Tel. 210.729.4483 LUXEMBOURG Vas. Sofias 23A & Neofitou Vamva 2.Tel: 210.725.6400 MALTA V. Sofias 96.Tel: 210.778.5138 MEXICO Filikis Etaireias Sq. 14. Tel: 210.729.4780 MOLDAVIA Georgiou Bacu 20, Filothei. Tel: 210.699.0660 MOROCCO Marathonodromon 5, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.674.4210 NETHERLANDS Vas Konstantinou 5-7. Tel: 210.725.4900 NIGERIA Dolianis 65, Maroussi. Tel: 210.802.1188 NORWAY Vas. Sofias 23. Tel: 210.724.6173 PAKISTAN Loukianou 6. Tel: 210.729.0122 PALESTINE Giassemion 13, P. Psychiko. Tel.: 210.672.6061-3 PANAMA Praxitelous 192 & II Merarchias, Piraeus. Tel: 210.428.6441 PERU Semitelou 2. Tel: 210.779.2761 PHILIPPINES Antheon 26, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.672.1837 POLAND Chrysanthemon 22, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.679.7700 PORTUGAL Vas. Sofias 23. Tel: 210.729.0096 / 210.723.6784 QATAR Rigillis 16A Tel: 210.725.5031 ROMANIA Emm. Benaki 7, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.672.8875 RUSSIA Nikiforos Lytra 28, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.672.5235 SAUDIA ARABIA Palaiologhou 2 & Agias Annis Tel: 210.671.6911 SERBIA Vas. Sophias 106, Tel: 210.777.4344 SINGAPORE Aigialias 17, Paradissos Amaroussiou. Tel: 210.684.5072 SLOVAK REPUBLIC G. Seferi 4, P. Psychiko. Tel: 210.677.1980 SLOVENIA Mavili 10, Tel: 210.672.0090-091 SOUTH AFRICA Kifissias 60, Maroussi. Tel: 210.610.6645 SPAIN Dionysiou Areopagitou 21, Tel: 210.921.3123 SWEDEN Vas. Konstantinou 7, Tel: 210.726.6100


useful information

The Athens Center 48 Archimidous Street, Mets, Athens 11636, Greece 210 7015-242 CELT Athens 77 Academias Street, 106 78 Athens, Greece, Tel: 210 3301455 Greek House Dragoumi 7, 145 61 Kifissia, Tel: 210 808 5186 Hellenic American Union 22 Massalias str., 106 80 Athens, Tel: 210368.0900 Omilo Greek Language And Culture Panagi Tsaldari 13 (4th floor), 15122 Maroussi, Tel: 210 6122706

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useful information

Road Assistance ELPA: 104 Public Power Corporation (DEI) In case of power failure: Tel: 210, 523 9939

Weather Attica, Tel: 148,

Water Supply & Sewage (EYDAP) In case of water cut: Tel: 1202,

Citizen’s Rights Ombudsman: 5 Hatziyiannis Mexis (near the Hilton Hotel), Tel: 210 72 89 640

Universities University of Indianapolis Ipitou 9, Athens, Tel: 210 323 6647 DEREE Gravias 6, Aghia Paraskevi, Tel: 210 600 9800

ALBA Graduate Business School Athinas Ave. & Areos 2A, Vouliagmeni Tel: 210 896 4531 American University of Athens Kifisias & Sochou 4, Neo Psichiko, Tel: 210 725 9301 Business College of Athens Tatoiou 2 & Othonos 77, Kifissia Tel: 210 808 8008

International Kindergartens

International Schools

St Catherine's British Embassy School Sofoklis Venizelou 77, Lykovrissi Tel: 210 282 9750 St. Lawrence College Anemon St, Koropi Tel: 210 891 7000 American Community Schools of Athens Aghias Paraskevis Ave. 129, Halandri, Tel: 210 639 3200 Campion School Aghias Ioulianis, Pallini Tel: 210 607 1700 Byron College Filolaou 7, Gerakas Tel: 210 604 7722 International School of Athens Xenias and Artemidos, Kifissia, Tel: 210 623 3888 Lycée Franco-Hellénique Eugène Delacroix Chlois & Trikalon, Ag. Paraskevi Tel: 211 300 9121 Scuola Statale Italiana Odos Mitsaki 18, Ano Patissia Tel: 210 228 2720 German School in Athens Homatianou & Ziridi, Maroussi Tel: 210 619 9261 Greek German School 25 Martiou & Vernardou, Vrylissia Tel: 210 682 0566

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English kindergartens The Cottage Kindergarten Psaron 74, Halandri Tel: 210 682 7629 Early Learning Rizountos 53, Elliniko Tel: 210 961 8763 Hopscotch International Kindergarten Ag. Triandos 93, Vari Tel: 210 965 3985 Kifissia Montessori School Ellinikon Stratou 5, Kifissia Tel: 210 620 7481 Melina’s Kindergarten Harilaou Trikoupi 16, Kifissia Tel: 210 801 2719 Peek-a-boo PreSchool Vougliameni Tel: 210 967 1970 Peter Pan Lakonias 4-6, Voula Tel: 210 895 9654 Prince Allen The English Nursery School Lysimahou 8, Vari Tel: 210 965 6800


Public Services Administration Information Center (paperwork assistance) on weekdays 8am-3pm (KEP): Tel: 177,

National Library Tzavella 25, Tel: 210 382 0657 Benakeios Library Anthimou Gazi 2, Tel: 210 322 71 Nordic Library 7 Kavalotti St, Tel: 210 9249210 and 210 9249211


Post offices operate weekdays 8am-2pm. The main post offices in Athens are located at SYNTAGMA SQUARE and OMONIA SQUARE at Aeolou 100 and open weekdays 7:30am-8pm, Sat 7:30am-2pm, and Sun 9am-1:30pm.

German kindergartens O mikros Antonis Barbayiannis, Pallini, Tel: 210 603 2527

Italian kindergartens Scuola maternal italiana de Atene Mitsaki 18, Ano Patissia, Tel: 210 202 0274 Il Mulino magico Troados 23, Ag Paraskevi, Tel: 210 600 3148 British Council Library Kolonaki Sq. 17 Tel: 210 363 3211/5 American Library Masalias 22 (4th floor) Tel: 210 363 8114 American School of Classical Studies Blegen Souedias 54, Tel: 210 723 6313 Athens College Library Stephanou Delta, P. Psychiko Tel: 210 671 4628 Hellenic American Union Greek Library 22 Masalias St (7th floor), Tel: 210 362 9886 French Institute Library 31 Sina St, Tel: 210 362 4301 German Archaeological Institute Library Pheidiou 1, Tel: 210 362 0270 Goethe Institute Library Omirou 14-16, Tel: 210 360 8111 Italian Institut Library Patision 47, Tel: 210 522 9294 EU Library Vas. Sophias 2, Tel: 210 724 3982

AMERICAN EXPRESS Tel: 210.326.2626 DINERS CLUB Tel: 210.929.0200 EUROCARD Tel: 210.950.3673 MASTERCARD Tel: 00800.1188.70303, VISA Tel: 00.800.1163.803.04

Country Code: 30 City Code: 210 international calls first dial 00, then the country code. To call from a Public pay- phone buy a phone card at the kiosks. Prepaid mobile phone cards (SIM cards) are available for €5 at kiosks, post offices, mini markets and mobile phone company stores.


Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED), Tel: 210 99 89 000

Au petit bonheur 50 Iraklitou, Glyfada, Tel: 210 9658 207 Les Alouettes Spartis 36 & Harilaou Trikoupi, Kifissia Tel: 210 80 11 570 L’Air des Contes 11, Cycladon, Glyka Nera, Tel : 210 600 3196 Le Castelet 18 Gortinias, Kifissia, Tel: 210 808 7760 Mary Poppins 4, Kodrou, Filothei, Tel: 210 677 3803 Play and Learn Kassaveti 22, Kifissia, Tel: 210 801 1428


Social Security & Health insurance (IKA)


French kindergartens Telephone & Internet Services (OTE) New tel: 138, Tel. (defective): 129 OTE customer service: 134 International call information (English, French & German): 169


advertise in our listings, and reach thousands of customers email us at

Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, Spata. Tel: 210.353.0000, 210.353.1000. 24 HOUR VIP TRANSPORT SERVICE

Car rental

WSW Skycap Services at Athens Airport provides Meet & Greet, Baggage Hauling and Transport Service. Tel: 210.353.0100 For info about the public bus lines please check our section Getting Around Ada Rent-a-Car Tel: 210.322.0087 Arena Tel: 210.894.6883, 210.614.7400 Auto Union Tel: 210.922.1211/1213 Avis Tel: 210.322.4951 Budget Tel: 210.921.4771-3 Europcar Tel: 210.924.8810-8 Hertz Tel: 210.998.2000 Michael Stamou Luxury Rentals Tel: 210.922.2442/43 Sixt Rent-a-Car Tel: 210.570.6895, 210.922.0171

LIMOUSINES AAA Royal Prestige Tel: 210.988.3221 Astra Limousine Service Tel: 210.922.0333/807.9996 Convecta Travel Agency & Limousine Services Tel: 210.322.5090 Limousines Kakaya Tel: 210.323.4120

Public transport



Aegean Tel: 801.11.20000 Air France KLM Tel: 210.998.0222 Air Malta Tel: 210.965.2300-22 Alitalia Tel: 210.998.8888 American Tel: 210.361.3373 Air Taxis (Helicopter and plane charters) Tel: 210.938.4149 British Airways Tel: 801.11.56000 BMI Tel: 210.960.0942 Continental Tel: 210.353.4312 Cyprus Airways Tel: 210.353.4100 Delta Tel: 210.331.1673-6 Easy Jet Tel: 210.353.0300 El Al Tel: 210.934.1500-1 Emirates Tel: 210.933.3400 Etihad Tel: 210.960.56.08 Iberia Tel: 210.353.6004 Lufthansa Tel: 210.617.5200 Olympic Airways Tel: 210.966.6666 Qatar Airways Tel: 210.950.8700 Swiss / Crossair Tel: 210.617.5320 Tunisair Tel: 210 3220104-5 Turkish Tel: 210.353.7280-2

Combined tickets for metro, buses and trolleys (€1,40) are available from metro stations and central ticket booths, valid within 90 mins of validation for all public transport - except the airport service, which costs 8€.

EXPRESS BUS from/to airport

X93 Kifisos Intercity Bus Station - Athens Airport Express. Direct Connection to the intercity bus (KTEL) terminals KIFISOS and LIOSION X95 Syntagma – Athens Airport Express. Direct Connection to Syntagma Square at Athens city center. X96 Peiraias – Athens Airport Express. Direct Connection to Piraeus central passenger port terminals. X97 Dafni Metro Station – Athens Airport Express. Direct Connection to DAFNI metro station. Tickets available at the Arrivals Hall; validate on board. Fare is €5 One-way travel time estimates**: X93 (65’ min), X95 (70’ min), X96 (90’ min), X97 (70’ min). For further information dial 185 or visit, For info on trains visit

HELLENIC RAILWAYS ORGANIsATION Karolou 1. Tel: 210.529.7002,

ATHENS METRO Line 1 (Piraeus-Kifissia) 5am-midnight, Line 2 (Agios Antonios-Agios Dimitrios) 5.30am-midnight, Line 3 (Egaleo-

Doukissis Plakentias) 5.30am-midnight Line 3 (Egaleo-Airport) 5.30am-22.52pm and 06.30am-23.30pm. The last itinerary is 2 hours later on Friday and Saturday night than it is during the week.

tram Tram itineraries are only from Syntagma to S.E.F (in Neo Faliro) and from Syntagma to Asklipio Voulas. From Monday to Thursday, trams operate from until midnight and non-stop from Friday morning to Sunday midnight.

TAXIS from the airport cost about €20 to Syntagma Square, €25 to Piraeus, depending on traffic. Between midnight and 5am double tariff applies. Note: If you suspect that you have been overcharged, you can call the tourist police 0n 171

INTERCITY BUSES Terminal 1: Buses for Igoumenitsa, Ioannina, Kavala, Loutraki, Patra, the Peloponese, and Thessaloniki. Kifissou 100Tel: 210.512.4910-1, Terminal 2: Buses for Delphi, Evia, Galaxidi, Karpenisi, Katerini, Lamia, Livadia, Thiva and Volos. Liosion 260. For KTEL itineraries all over Greece call 14505

RADIO TAXI Enotita Tel: 210.645.9000 Ermis Tel: 210.411.5200 Ikarus Tel: 210.515.2800 Kifissia Tel: 210.801.4000 Piraeus Tel: 210.418.2333 Radio Taxi Glyfada Tel: 210.960.5600 There is a booking fee of €2 added to the meter, and a €3,40 + VAT for a pre-arranged meeting. For PET taxis there is an extra charge of €5.

Sea ports Lavrio Tel: 22920.27711, 22920.22089 Piraeus Tel: 210.422.6000-4 Rafina Tel: 22940.22300, 22940.28888

Sea ports & Ferries

getting around Ferries Ferries run year-round. For information on seasonal schedules contact a travel agent or call the Port Police on 210.422.6000 From the Port of Piraeus Northern and Eastern Aegean Islands: Gates A & B Chios, Ikaria, Lesvos, Samos, Dodecanese Islands: Gate E Kalymnos, Kos Leros, Patmos, Rhodes, Saronic Gulf Islands:

Gates G & E

Aegina, Hydra, Poros, Spetses, Crete: Gate A Aghios Nikolaos, Chania, Iraklio, Kastelli (Kissamos), Rethymno, Cycladic Islands:

Gates B, G & D

Astipalea, Folegandros, Kimolos, Kithnos, Milos, Serifos, Sifnos: Gate B Amorgos, Donoussa, Ios, Iraklia, Koufonissi, Mykonos, Santorini, Schinoussa, Syros, Tinos: Gates G&D Naxos, Paros: Gate G

Superfast Ferries Daily departures, Greece - Italy: from Patras and Igoumenitsa to Ancona and Bari Head office: 23-125 Syngrou Avenue & 3 Torva Street 11745 Athens. Tel:210.891.9000 Reservations: Athens: 210.891.9130 Thessaloniki: 2310.560.700, Hellenic Seaways 210 41 99 000, Anek Lines Domestic lines: 210 41 97 420 International lines: 210 41 97 430 Minoan Lines Tel:801 11 75 000

YACHT CHARTERS A1 Yacht Trade Consortium Akti Themistokleous 8, Marina Zeas, Piraeus. Tel: 210.458.7100 Ghiolman Yachts Filellinon 7, Syntagma. Tel: 210.323.0330 Nava Yachts Loudovikou Sq. 6, Piraeus. Tel: 210.417.7728 Northstar Poseidonos 54, P. Faliro. Tel: 210.988.4000 PGA Shipping Posidonos 61, P. Faliro. Tel: 210.985.9400 Seahorse Alkyonidon 83 (Marina), Voula. Tel: 210.895.2212 Seascape Poseidonos Ave. 29, Alimos. Tel/Fax: 210.985.8301 Valef Yachts Pl. Chatzikonstanti 2, Piraeus. Tel:210.451.2010 Vernicos Yachts Posidonos 11, Kalamaki. Tel: 210.985.0122-8

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sales points For central Athens points, see i on map EASTERN SUBURBS Gerakas: Mini Market Milionis: 131, Marathonos Avenue Pallini: Bookshop Bouzas: 63, Marathonos Street Peania: Bookshop Tangopoulos: Agias Triados Street

NORTHERN SUBURBS AG.PARASKEVI: Mini Market Avarakis: 3, Themistokleous Street, Kiosk Theodoropoulos: 8, Polytechniou Street DIONYSSOS: Kiosk Michail: 4, Mitropolitou Kydonion Street EKALI: Kiosk Kyrpoglou: Vassileos Pavlou Square FILOTHEI: Kiosk Roupa: Drossopoulou Square, Super Market Kyriakopoulos: 11, M.Renieri Street, Mini Market Plati: 27, V.Georgiou Street HALANDRI: Mini Market Kyriakou: 3, Lykourgou Street, Kiosk Drizos: V. Konstantinou & V.Georgiou Street, Bookshop Evripidis: 11, V.Konstantinou Street, Mini Market Bakatsia: 46, Pendelis Avenue, Bookshop Vivliostyl: 34, Olympou Street, Mini Market Tsakiri: 76, Ag.Antoniou Street HOLARGOS: Kiosk Bekiaris: 212, Messogion Aveue, Kiosk Tambouridis: 256, Messogion Avenue KEFALARI: Kiosk Glentzis: Patr.Maximou & Apergi Square KIFISSIA: Kiosk Karadouman: 36-38, Kyriazi Street, Bookshop Gioggaras: 34, Elaion Street, Kiosk Koutsodimou: 308, Kifissias Avenue MAROUSSI: Tobacco & Gifts Tsitsilonis: 41-43, Kifissias Avenue, Tobacco & Gifts Raptis: 64, Kifissias Street, Kiosk Stefanopoulos: 46, Kifissias Street, Mini Market Kitsios: 43, Grammoou & Dionyssou Street MELISSIA: Kiosk Manikas: 75, Dimokratias Avenue, Mini Market Koufopandelis: 28, Pigis Street NEA ERYTHREA: Kiosk Anastassopoulos: 142, Harilaou Trikoupi Street, Bookshop Giannaki: 169, Eleftheriou Venizelou Street, Newsstand: 20 klm National Road Athens-Lamia, Kiosk Konidakis: Thisseos Avenue & Papadaki, Kiosk Kallergis: 130, Tatoiou Street NEO PSYCHIKO: Kiosk Katichidis: E.Makariou & Michalakopoulou Street, Kiosk Doukas: 44, Diamantidou Street, Kiosk Gionis: 25, Chr.Smyrnis & Ag.Georgiou Street PAPAGOU: Mini Market Papavassiliou: 16, Ellispontou Street

PALEO PSYCHIKO: Kiosk Kyriakou: Solomou Square, Kiosk Gialama: Efkalypton Square, Kiosk Polydoros: Kifissias & Ag.Dimitriou Street, Kiosk Kalogeropoulos: V. GeorgiouSquare, Kiosk Kontabasis: 2, Amaryllidos & V. Pavlou Street, Kiosk Kalfagian: V. Georgiou B’ 11 POLITIA: Kiosk Vovlas: Politia Square VRILISSIA: Kiosk Theodoropoulou: 5, Analypsi Square, Kiosk Aggelopoulos: Pendelis Avenue & Omirou, Bookshop Karystinaiou: 69, Alefiou Street

SOUTHERN SUBURBS GLYFADA: Kiosk Tamourantzis: 3, Metaxa & Maragou Street, Kiosk Tsakanikas: 3, Lambraki Street, Kiosk Mavraki: Pandoras & Ioanni Metaxa, Kiosk Adamopoulos: 20, Ioanni Metaxa Street, Kiosk Papadakou: 7, Ioanni Metaxa Street, Kiosk Haikal: 1, Ioanni Metaxa & Fivis Street, Kiosk Bolota: Gounari & Iraklitou Street, Kiosk Bellou: 5, Saki Karagiorga Street, Mini Market Agiokatsikos: 24, Ilias Street HELLINIKO: NewsStand: 43-47, Vouliagmenis Avenue ILIOUPOLIS: Super Market Kokossis: 5, Glastonos Street LAGONISI: Kiosk Vassiliadis: 37,5 klm Athinon-Souniou Avenue NEA SMYRNI: Kiosk Manoussos: 28, Eleftheriou Venizelou Street VARKIZA: Kiosk Paraskevopoulou: Varkiza Square VOULA: Kiosk Leontopoulos: 12, Sokratous Street, Mini Market Pournara: 33, Pringipos Petrou Street, Kiosk Christopoulou: V. Pavlou & Ag. Ioanni Street VOULIAGMENI: Kiosk Andrioti: Armonias Square, Kiosk Chryssikos: 1, Ermou Street, Kiosk Kylitis: 14, Thisseos Street PALEO FALIRO: Kiosk Kombogianni: 1, Ag. Alexandrou Street, Kiosk Kapetanou: 24, Achilleos Street, Mini Market Nikouli: 9, Pliadon Street, Tobacco & Gifts Berekos: 1, Possidnos Avenue & Moraitini Street PIRAEUS: Hand Delivery Telstar: 57, Akti Miaouli, Tourist Chop Siatras: 46, Akti Koumoundourou Street, Kiosk Samarogiannis: 7, Merarhias B’Street, Kiosk Siaho: Akti Moutsopoulou (Kanari Square), Kiosk Kentros: 73, Iroon Polytechniou Street, Kiosk Fotis: 1, Loudovikou Street, Kiosk Spalas: 111, Karaiskou Street, Newsstand: Railway Station Loudovikou Square

For central Athens stores, see on map ASPROPIRGOS Filis 100 & Bouboulinas, Tel: 210.558.0989 ERMOU Ermou 24 Tel: 210. 331.3167 & 325.7744 KALLITHEA Thisseos & Davaki, Tel: 210.956.5959 - 956.5446 KIFISSIA Kassaveti 6, Tel: 210.623.1741 & 623.1742 KORYDALLOS Taxiarhon 110A, Tel: 210.569.5270 569.5998 THE MALL, Notios Paradromos Attikis Odou, Tel: 210.630.0125 & 630.0126 AVENUE Kifissias 41-45, Tel: 210.610.9739 & 610.9740

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GOLDEN HALL Kifissias Av. 37A & Sp. Louis, Tel: 210.683.7343 PANGRATI Ymittou 110 & Hremonidou, Tel: 210.751.8005 GLYFADA A. Metaxa 33-35, Tel: 210. 894.3378 & 894.5884 KOLONAKI Milioni 2, Tel: 210. 361.2666 & 362.9925 NEA MAKRI Marathonos Av. 117, Tel: 229.409.9661 PERISTERI Ethnikis Antistaseos 12, Tel: 210. 571.0755 PETROU RALLI Petrou Ralli 97, Tel: 210. 569.6596 & 569.7316 PIKERMI 21oklm. Marathonos Av., Tel: 210. 603.9987 PSYCHIKO Kifissias 210, Tel: 210. 677.5527 & 674.0178 VRILISSIA Pentelis Av. 72, Tel: 210. 810.1971 & 810.1972

city map

Map courtesy of Emvelia Publications

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The big blue If it were to describe Greece with a colour, it would have to be blue. Marie-Irene Moschona’s lens captures Greece in a roaming spectrum of blues from the turquoise waters of Patmos to the to the clear cloudless skies above a wheat field in Naxos, twilight by the foothills of Parnitha, the quintessentially royal blue doors that characterize Greek islands, the inviting blue of the Aegean, the ethereal blue that shrouds this Orthodox church and of course, the vivid blue of the tarpaulin that gives shade to the vendors at the local market.

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ATHENS • 2 Voukourestiou Str. • +30 210 32 27 682 Opening Hours: Mon- Wed-Sat: 09:00- 17:00, Tue-Thu-Fri: 09:00-20:30

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Destination Greece. Minister Olga Kefalogianni / Hilton turns 50 / City break in Athens / Messinean treats / Turkish Airlines, up i...