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In my Feb-March ramblings I was musing about how I like to stay positive and anticipate what’s ahead rather than wallowing in the January blues. Now, as if by magic, here we are in late March and it’s a beautiful Spring day! Blue sky, a bit of warmth from the sun and people smiling as they walk around, instead of scurrying along, heads bowed against the wind and rain. It’s so refreshing, even as an earlybird, to wake up in daylight. This is a lovely time of year to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. There’s always a new walk to try in every issue of INSIDE, and often a suggestion for a day out or two, as well as all the events listed in the INSIDE Guide. Also, remember we’re always on the lookout for good local photos for the cover, so if anything catches your eye when you’re strolling around, snap it on your phone and send it in. With Spring in the air, you might feel moved to get a few jobs done around the house and garden. Where better to look for someone to help with your project than in your local magazine? Happy reading.

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ANSON ENGINE MUSEUm CRAFT & DEMONSTRATION PROGRAMME 2019 In advance of the new season, a very successful Craft Day was held at Poynton’s Anson Engine Museum in February. It was primarily the monthly meeting of the Cheshire branch of the Association of Pole Lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers (Wood Bodgers) and, together with friends and guests, 20 people attended. The team were engaged on a number of activities including pottery, blacksmithing, pole lathe turning, seat making, and spoon, bowl and scoop carving. It was also the first time the recently-finished wood shed, complete with a period wood burner, was put to use. The engine and local history museum re-opens on Easter Sunday and the following timetable details when steam and craft demonstrations will be taking place. 21 & 22 April

Easter opening, craft and steam demonstrations

5 & 6 May

Stott Engine running, craft and steam demonstrations

26 & 27 May

Craft and steam demonstrations

16 June Fathers’ Day craft and steam demonstrations 26 June

Midsummer Mingle, BBQ, Mirlees Reunion and Social Day

22 July

Craft and steam demonstrations

25 & 26 August

Stott Engine running, craft and steam demonstrations

22 September

Craft and steam demonstrations

26 & 27 October ‘Turn the Clocks Back’ closing weekend, craft and steam demonstrations 31 December

New Year’s Eve in Steam and Stott Engine running, weather permitting

In addition to these dates the museum is open each Friday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm until the end of October.


Ambassador for Poynton

Without the great teams of Town Council staff, our very capable councillors, my Deputy Mayor who is Councillor Jo Sewart, the support of all the people who come to the events, those who help me fundraise and the fab group of volunteers who work tirelessly to help me put on all these events, I simply couldn’t achieve any of it. I am so very thankful to them all.’ In Sarah-Jane’s first year as mayor (2017-18) she raised over £4000 for Living Well and Poynton Golden Memories, two of Poynton’s Dementia Care groups. She also worked to raise the profile of Poynton’s numerous volunteer groups. This year (2018-19) she’s worked with four PTAs and so far, has raised over £3500 for projects like a Sensory Garden and an outdoor teaching area. Her other aim has been to support local businesses, including a ‘Shop Local’ evening.

Jenny Cooke talks to Sarah-Jane Gilmore, Poynton Town Mayor ‘This has been my second year of office as a mayor. One memory that stands out is when I went to Lower Park School Prom last summer. All the children were dressed beautifully and welcomed me so nicely. A teacher presented me with a corsage. I sat at a table with members of the Year Six School Council and they talked to me and seemed so pleased to see me. It was wonderful, but then hundreds of events have been fantastic!’ ‘From feedback I’ve received, the primary aim of the Mayoral role has been achieved. This is to promote greater awareness and understanding of the town and the town council’s activities. It’s a bit like being a bridge really between the public, other organisations and the council. This is so satisfying to me. When I was asked to do a second year as mayor I was delighted.’ ‘I couldn’t have achieved any of it though, without the support of Chris, my husband, who is also my Mayor’s Consort. He makes sure I get a good hot meal every day. And my son, Adam, is very proud of me. by Jenny Cooke

As mayor Sarah-Jane isn’t allowed to be ‘political,’ she has accepted many invitations to schools, charities, ceremonial functions and to host fundraising events in Poynton like Afternoon Teas, Quizzes, a Santa Walk, a Retro Party, and invitations to other towns and their town council functions. This helps to bring the mayoral job description to life. She has a page on the PTC website which features her monthly reports, and a new Facebook page to enable her role and activities to be transparent to the community. ‘A few years ago,’ says Sarah-Jane, ‘I found a leaflet about the Neighbourhood Plan and as I was keen to protect the green belt as much as, I joined the group as a member of the public. A town councillor in the group at the time was the late Phil Hoyland and he asked me if I’d consider standing for the town council. ‘You’ve got what it takes,’ he said. My response was, ‘Don’t be silly!’ He remains to this day my inspiration because he was so enthusiastic and encouraging. I think one of the saddest things for me as mayor is losing members of the community of volunteers whom you’ve got to know. Phil was an example, and they do leave a gap behind them.’ ‘I do have to think about clothes - if you’re on Facebook it means you can’t wear the same things all the time! Dark clothes do set off the mayoral chain of office though, so I often choose those.

Continued over


‘My second term of office as mayor finishes this May. I will be sad, but it’s been a fantastic experience and I’ve learned so much. Near Christmas I was out seven nights in a row, and it can be tiring! However, I have decided to stand again as a town councillor at the local elections in May and if I’m elected, I’ll continue to do the best I can for Poynton. The final thing I’d like to say is a big “Thank You” to Poynton.’

HOW DO TOWN COUNCILS WORK? ■■ Poynton Town Council (PTC) meets approximately bi-monthly in the council chamber in the Civic Centre, with Sarah-Jane as Chair. There are 18 town councillors, and all are volunteers. Some are retired, about a third work full-time including Sarah-Jane who is the full-time Governance Manager for Johnnie Johnson Housing. ■■ There are several committees eg Planning, Finance, Community which meet between four and sixweekly. Each town councillor sits on at least two of these committees ■■ All PTC meetings are open to the public ■■ Councillors are elected by the public every four years; the mayor is selected by a vote at the Annual Town Council meeting. ■■ Poynton, along with all the other local town councils, comes under Cheshire East. ■■ Over the two years as mayor, Sarah-Jane has attended nearly 200 events.

Saturday 4 May Poynton Town Mayor’s Ball (Posh Party) May(or) The 4th Be With You! Star Wars themed fancy dress optional. Buffet, raffle and DJ. Tickets £10 available from Mates DIY and Poynton British Legion. Fundraising for the Mayors Good Causes 2018-19 which are Health and Well Being projects at Worth, Vernon, Lower Park and Lostock Hall primary schools. Everyone welcome! Poynton British Legion 7.30pm to 11.45pm


TIME JUST FOR YOU When I called into the new Yogalife Studio on Park Lane one cold, bleak afternoon in early March, I stepped into an oasis of calm and wellbeing. Pleasantly warm, with muted lighting, relaxing music and orange blossom aroma infusing the atmosphere, I could have curled up on one of the mats there and then! I spoke to Poynton resident Ian Baylon, one of the partners and the main man behind the opening of this, the third Yogalife Studio in the area. Ian teaches some of the classes himself and has recruited a team of experienced practitioners to lead others. ‘We’re delighted with the response so far – we offered special deals in the opening week to encourage people to come along and try a few classes and we were fully booked in no time! Once people have found the type of

class they enjoy and settled into a routine, it will help us to tailor the class programme and add extra sessions where the demand is high. We have added some complete beginners’ classes too.’ The beautiful studio can accommodate up to 35 people in a class. The room is kept at a pleasantly warm and comfortable temperature for most classes but is also equipped to heat up for the Hot Yoga experience. A state-of-the-art air purification system filters the air after every class, keeping the studio fresh and at the optimum temperature for the next session. If you need them, there are changing facilities and showers particularly useful for the early birds who frequent the 6.15am Flow Yoga on their way to work! If you come ready to participate, you leave your shoes in a dedicated area outside the studio door, and you’re encouraged to pop your phone and keys into little cubby holes at the back of the room, so that your session is a chance to truly switch off and concentrate on yourself with no distractions. Yogalife is currently offering classes for all fitness levels, ages and experience – you can pick up a class guide and timetable from reception or visit the website to find out more. Probably the easiest way to keep in touch, see what’s available and to book classes is to download the app – search for Yogalife Poynton. It’s a very userfriendly app and details all the available pricing plans so you can choose one to suit you. There’s a 2-4-1 introductory offer and some other great value bundles. 4b Park Lane, Poynton SK12 1RE


A moment which resonated was the exchange between grandfather and grandson in which grandfather suggested there was no need to go out into the world because ‘the world has come to us.’ It was this type of writing which appealed to many members of our group.

The Beer & Book Club recommends From a Low and Quiet Sea by Donal Ryan I’ve often wondered how it must feel to finish a book and utter those famous words, ‘I just wanted to turn back to the start and read it all over again’. Well with this book I finally got to do just that. But I don’t think it was necessarily for the right reasons. I think usually people say these words because they have enjoyed the book so much that they want to relive their experience in doing so. My issue was that I felt I needed to read the book again to see what I’d missed and why I’d been left with a feeling of, ‘what just happened there?’ Let me try and explain. The book is based around three different characters: Farouk’s country has been torn apart by war; Lampy’s heart has been laid waste by Chloe; and John’s past torments him as he nears his end. So, we have a refugee, a dreamer and a penitent, one from wartorn Syria and two from small-town Ireland. Three men, as Amazon describes, ‘scarred by all they have loved and lost, searching for some version of home.’ Our group tended to agree that the first of these tales held our attention a little more so than the other two. The attempt by Farouk to escape his country was not only topical but also extremely well described, with tension and intrigue to the fore. One of our members really enjoyed the book, especially for the way it reminded him so much of his own childhood spent in a small community like one described in the novel. He felt he’d met these characters before, the racists and the bigots, characterised by prejudice and racism.


Another member felt the book was well written and enjoyed the opening section about trees talking to other trees. Many of us agreed that this was an extremely evocative way for the book to begin. As the book wore on, some felt the plot itself seemed to become more intrusive and the coincidences in the novel did not always quite work. On the plus side we enjoyed the variety of writing styles used within the book and we felt it was poetic, ambitious and wide-ranging. We liked how all three stories were drawn together at the end and we appreciated the use of the vernacular and the funny exchanges between key characters. We thought it was touching at times and we felt sympathy and empathy with several of the main characters. On the down side, we felt the book left us wanting more, but not always in a good way. We found the first third of the book extremely powerful and sometimes wondered whether the rest of the novel maintained its high standard. The book flits between the world at large and the world in miniature; from the mountains of Syria to the back of a bus in a small Irish town. There’s no doubting its ambition, but whether it achieved all it might have achieved, well maybe this jury is still out.

Diary of a geeky knitter Public Speaking When it came time to write up this little column again, the timing couldn’t really have been better as it coincided with a talk I had agreed to give to Ludworth & Mellor WI. I was approached by the secretary, Caroline, about half a year ago to arrange this event, and being so far in the future (this was back in my unmarried days after all!) I said yes without hesitation. Fast forward to about a week ago, where the realisation really hit me that, wow, I needed to give a 45-minute talk about what I do for a living. Something that may appear like normal dayto-day for some, but for the majority of us, it smacked heavily of public speaking. You’ve read my words in past columns about stepping out of your comfort zone and taking that leap, but my goodness had I forgotten the fear that hits you before an interview for a new job in front of strangers, or even giving a dreaded PowerPoint presentation at school. I was very nervous, but I had a good feeling that the ladies in a WI (the friendliest afternoon group in the area, I have been assured) wouldn’t be quite so scary as an English literature teacher asking you your thoughts on The Merchant of Venice in front of a restless group of 20+ teenagers.

They didn’t disappoint! Welcomed by Caroline, Sheila, Elaine and the other members, I gave my talk to what I hope was an interested audience, and enough questions were asked about my job as editor of a crochet craft magazine and what it involves, that it filled me with confidence that perhaps it wasn’t so bad. In fact, the newest face in the group even managed not to cry the whole time I was speaking and given that he couldn’t have been older than 1 year old I took it to be a great compliment. Even his mum, whom he dragged along, was interested - who knew young children these days could be so interested in the inner workings of publishing, eh? At the risk of saying it once, and saying it again, I do heartily encourage you to think of ways you can just step a little further out of your usual routine to do something a little different - maybe you’re not ready to give a long speech in an established group (I may delay my next one for some time…) but perhaps joining or sampling a new group could be the way to go? The Ludworth & Mellor WI meet to have a knitting, crochet and all handicrafts club every Tuesday morning from 10am to12 noon at the WI Hall on Lower Fold Road, and everyone is welcome to join in - members or not; a great way to do something a little different in the week.


Spinach and Feta Frittata


Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 15 minutes Serves: 4 to 6

Ingredients ■■ 2 tablespoons olive oil ■■ 1 medium shallot, finely chopped (about 2 tablespoons) ■■ 1 medium clove garlic, finely chopped (about 1 teaspoon) ■■ 1 (5-ounce) bag baby spinach ■■ 1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh flat-leaved parsley or basil. ■■ Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper ■■ 10 eggs, beaten ■■ 1/4 cup milk ■■ 3/4 cup (about 3.5 ounces) crumbled feta


1. Preheat the grill. Heat olive oil in an 8-inch pan over a medium high heat. Add chopped shallots and cook for 2 to 3 minutes until beginning to soften. Add garlic and continue to cook for a further two minutes until softened. 2. Add spinach and parsley (or basil) and cook, tossing often until spinach is fully wilted and any water released by the spinach has cooked off. Season to taste with salt and pepper. 3. In a large bowl, beat eggs and milk with a whisk until mixed together. Don’t over-beat. Add feta, and season with salt and pepper. Pour egg mixture over spinach then gently stir with a spatula to release the spinach from the bottom of the pan so that the eggs are in direct contact with the surface of the pan, so they cook quickly. 4. Cook until the eggs are almost totally set (this takes 10 to 12 minutes), reducing heat to prevent burning. Place pan under the grill for a couple of minutes, until the top is set as well, keeping a close eye on it so it does not burn. 5. To release the frittata from the pan, loosen edges with a spatula. Place a dinner plate over pan, and holding plate firmly flip the pan over so the frittata releases onto the plate. Serve warm.

INTRODUCING ADLINGTON RETIREMENT LIVING Make a move into retirement living and keep your independence Adlington Retirement Living represents a new way of thinking about retirement living; it’s about choosing the way you want to live, totally independent and worry free. Their developments give you the opportunity to socialise with neighbours, participate in the varied programme of community activities, enjoy a freshly cooked meal in the table service restaurant, treat yourself to a new hairstyle in the salon, unwind in the Therapy Room, enjoy the landscaped gardens, have friends and family stay over in the Guest Suite... and you can always just close the door and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your apartment. The choice is yours, and here’s a few reasons why it’s one of the wisest moves you could make. Where quality living combines with independence Every Adlington apartment is designed to fulfil two essential requirements: a level of community that enhances your way of life, and thoughtfully designed apartments that help to maintain your independence. Built from quality materials and finishes throughout, your apartment conforms to the highest safety standards that include smoke and fire detectors. It’s not only safe, but also secure, as you have an audio and visual security entrance system as standard, allowing you to see who’s calling before letting them in. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered All Adlington apartments feature a modern kitchen complete with fully integrated appliances and contemporary units. Quality carpets are fitted throughout and most apartments have a patio or balcony. There’s also a fully tiled shower room and/or bathroom, and in select apartments you’ll have an en-suite shower too. And, whether it’s a one, two or three bedroom apartment, the master bedroom features fitted wardrobes.

There’s a varied programme of communal activities, ranging from craft demonstrations and exercise classes in the Activities Studio, to informal get-togethers arranged by your neighbours and management team. You can enjoy a freshly-cooked breakfast and delicious three-course lunchtime meal, served at your table in the restaurant. There’s no need to go out to have your hair done either: just book into the hair salon.

Taking care of your independence As we grow older, we may need more assistance to maintain our independence, and that’s something you’ll find at an Adlington development. Before moving in, Adlington ensure that all health and personal needs are clearly understood and that, as those requirements change, so too will the level of care on offer, available through a package tailored to meet your precise needs. Every apartment has 24-hour on-site support, providing assistance and peace of mind. And in later life, should additional care support be needed, the team are on hand to help find a suitable care package for your individual needs. Helping you make the move

Privacy and community: the best of both worlds

The thought of moving home can be challenging, that’s why Adlington offer a moving made easy service. From helping to de-clutter before your move, through to providing you with a Personal Clerk to look after all the issues that come with changing your address, Adlington are on hand to help. They even provide a complimentary handyman to help to get your new apartment looking just the way you like it.

An Adlington apartment gives you the privacy needed to just get away from the hustle and bustle of modern-day life. Outside your door, however, you’ve access to shared facilities that generate a true spirit of community.

Stylish apartment, community, location: An Adlington development is the perfect choice if you wish to live an independent, worry free lifestyle in a contemporary and secure environment.


quick crossword Across 3 Worthless dog (3) 7 Beat to separate the corn (6) 8 Ran away to marry (6) 9 Crab claw (6) 10 Supplying with weapons (6) 11 Blood-curdling (5-8) 13 Saying something with wry humour (6-2-5) 18 Gentle walk (6) 19 Sherlock ______ (6) 20 Played at Wimbledon (6) 21 Package (6) 22 Distress call (3)

down 1 Small shellfish (6) 2 Signalling light (6) 3 Devoid of personality (13) 4 Bonds between people (13) 5 Official, decorous (6) 6 ______ and McCartney (6) 11 Perch, squat (3) 12 ___ Wan - TV fashion stylist (3) 14 Discount store (6) 15 Floor, terra firma (6) 16 Mrs. Bill Clinton (6) 17 Hole to poke your shoelaces through (6)

sudoku How to play Sudoku Fill in the grid so that each row, column and 3x3 box, contains the numbers 1 through to 9 with no repetition. You don’t need to be a genius. These puzzles use logic alone. Watch out! Sudoku is highly addictive.


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in touch your local community noticeboard april - may 2019

Something different from St George’s Singers St George’s Singers go on tour every year and this year they will be heading to Belgium where they will sing in historic churches and cathedrals in Bruges, Ghent and Brussels. Soon after they return, they will be presenting their summer concert at their “home” church, St George’s Poynton on 8 June at 7.30pm. SGS are known for their versatility with a repertoire ranging from Early Music to contemporary, from classical to jazz and from a capella part songs to symphonic works, but the music chosen for their tours includes an even wider range with a selection of items in a lighter vein. For their summer concert in Poynton they have chosen to bring their tour music to a home audience with a programme of more than twenty pieces ranging from choruses from Handel’s Messiah to Teddy Bear’s Picnic and everything in between (and including some items that will be familiar to other singing Poyntoners!). Full details will be published on the choir’s website. Tickets are £12, £10 concessions, with £2 students and children with reductions for group bookings, and can be booked by phone 01663 764012, email to or online at

The choir’s final concert at the Bridgewater Hall on 5 July is by invitation from Chetham’s School of Music to perform with their choir and amazing orchestra to perform Mahler’s huge Symphony of a Thousand. Tickets will be on sale from the Bridgewater Hall Box Office 0161 907 9000.

ADLINGTON WI Meet like-minded enthusiastic women in the area and make a difference locally. Adlington WI meets on the first Tuesday of the month to hear an excellent speaker, as well as offering craft classes, table tennis, Mah Jong, lunch outings and more throughout the month. Pop in to see us and be sure of a warm welcome, good company, a drink and a slice of homemade cake! We meet on the first Tuesday of every month, cost is £2. For details of upcoming speakers, look at the INSIDE Guide. If you would like to know more about joining the Adlington branch of the WI please contact either the President, Rosemary Murray, on 0161 439 1632, or the Secretary, Jackie Shaw, on 01625 266251,

Adlington Village Hall, SK10 4LF 1.30 to 3.30pm Continued over


in touch - your local community noticeboard

POYNTON MOBILITY MATTERS Poynton Mobility Matters are a friendly group of disabled people and their carers who get together for a drink and a chat to talk about anything and everything. We meet every other Wednesday at 11.30am at Wetherspoons in Poynton which has disabled car parking spaces and accessible toilets. We are also interested in improving accessibility for disabled people and have projects in mind that Poynton Mayor Sarah-Jane Gilmore at a will raise awareness about disability issues in our Poynton Mobility Matters gathering. community. For example, some public transport bodies provide services to help people with disabilities with their bus and train journeys. These services are very helpful but not many people are aware of them, so we want to promote them as well as supporting the transport organisations to put their efforts where needed. We’d like to set up Poynton Mobility Awards - a scheme that recognises businesses and services in Poynton who consider the needs of their disabled clients and customers eg points would be awarded to shops that have level thresholds making it easier for chair users to access the premises or for helpful staff who can assist customers. We would provide these businesses with a sticker for their shop frontage to recognise their efforts. If someone is thinking about purchasing a mobility scooter it can be difficult to know what features are useful and just as important, how to use the scooter safely! We would like to produce a video explaining the benefits of the Poynton Easy Access Scheme (P.E.A.S.) which allows you to hire wheelchairs and mobility scooters from the Civic Hall. The video would show you what to consider and tips for ‘Surviving on a Scooter’.

You’re more than welcome to come along to meet with the group - bring a carer if you like. If you would like to know more about the group, please contact Alan McGlone on or call 07960 494572. We give notice of our fortnightly meetings on Facebook’s Poynton News and Gossip.

VOLUNTEERS WANTED FOR SUMMERFEST Poynton Summerfest is an increasingly popular annual event which takes place on the Middlewood Way and Mount Vernon field every July. There is a small group of local volunteers who are responsible for planning and managing the not for profit event, which is partly sponsored by Poynton Town Council, The current Chair and Co-Chair have decided to stand down after seven years building up the event from what was originally the Middlewood Open Day. This used to attract a few hundred visitors - the current event attracts two to three thousand residents of Poynton and visitors from further afield with its mix of live music, local produce and food offerings, children’s entertainment and much more. For the event to continue to flourish, a new chairperson and additional committee members are needed to build on the success that has been achieved to date and take over organising the event into 2020 and beyond.

Should you wish to play a leading role in providing one of the events that helps to make Poynton a great place to live, and give something back to the community, then please contact Steve Clarke on 07918 640245 or email


Continued over

in touch - your local community noticeboard

MOVIE MUSIC & MORE Poynton Gilbert & Sullivan Society will be holding their Spring Concert “Movie Music & More” at the Legion Club Poynton SK12 1JY on Friday 31 May and Saturday 1 June at 7.30 pm. Conducted by Richard Huggett and Catherine Silman with accompaniment by Stephen Reynolds. The programme will have a medley of music from West Side Story, a selection of movie and musical numbers by Irving Berlin, a singalong featuring Sixties Classics followed by a Mary Poppins medley and three American songs with an evening theme. Tickets will be available from or 01625 876394 plus from Mates DIY on Park Lane or on the door, and are £10 for adults and £5 for 16 and under. The concert will finish with a short selection from Gilbert & Sullivan’s annual fully costumed show, which this year is ‘’The Sorcerer,’’ to be performed at the Civic Hall Poynton from 1st to 5th October later this year.

Curtain Call for Henbury Hall We are really pleased to confirm that the highly popular plant fair at Henbury Hall will go ahead for one last time this year on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 June and that this is the final opening of the garden before the hall and gardens move into new ownership. So, we encourage all garden lovers to make the most of this opportunity to come along and explore this treasure. Entry to the lovely 12-acre gardens and plant fair is only £3. Henbury Hall is a hidden gem in the heart of the rolling north Cheshire countryside, set in an undulating landscape and surrounding two magnificent lakes, the gardens contain many fine trees and shrubs including some rare specimens as well as more intimate spaces such as the walled garden. The plant fair features highly respected specialist nurseries with a great range of perennials, alpines, shrubs, trees, rare species and old heritage varieties. The fair is open from 10am-5pm and there is lots of free parking. Homemade refreshments and light lunches will be available. Dogs on leads welcome. The gardens are two miles west of Macclesfield on the A537, (SK11 9PJ for Satnav).

Full details from


National Garden Scheme

Spring Openings 2019

At the time of writing, we have all just experienced a lovely, generally warm and sunny February. What a contrast to last year, when we were battening down the hatches ready for the Beast from the East. Come rain or shine, though, gardeners continue to garden, and garden visitors continue to want to get out to visit. As usual, our early gardens have now completed their ‘Snowdrop Openings’ and already, with the early warmth, we can see some of the magnolias opening! At the National Garden Scheme in Cheshire and Wirral, having completed a near-record fundraising campaign during last year (2018), we are looking forward to doing it all over again. Let’s see if we can whet your appetites for what is to come.

Brook Cottage

If you can reach the Wirral (conveniently just off the M53, Jn 4) the well-established Poulton Hall, with its literary themes and gardens designed specifically for children is opening on Saturday 20 and Sunday 22 April. Sunday 21 April also sees one of a number of openings by All Fours Farm, set right alongside Curbishley’s Roses, so you can visit and spoil yourself with an Easter present! Long Acre, Bunbury, another longstanding opener welcomes us on Sunday 28 April. On 4 and 5 May, the spectacular Mount Pleasant opens, with views across to Wales and the Cheshire Plain.


by John Hinde

NOTE: REGRETABBLY, MANLEY KNOLL, SCHEDULED TO OPEN ON 5 MAY, WILL NOT BE OPENING DUE TO ONGOING WORKS TAKING PLACE AT THE PROPERTY. Brooke Cottage, home of designer Barrie and wife Melany Davy will welcome visitors again after its refreshing last year: it features on the cover of our current Cheshire booklet. We have a new garden for you on Sunday 19 May, Hall Lane Farm in Daresbury. Originally designed by leading designer, Arabella Lennox Boyd for the Daresbury family, it’s now in the capable hands of the Bibby family and their garden team. Cheriton, Alderley Edge opens on 26 May, establishing itself as a favourite, whilst 10 Statham Ave, Lymm will no doubt dazzle visitors with its exuberant, structured planting! Cheshire and Wirral have nearly 80 gardens and it’s only possible to give a sample here. Apologies if we haven’t mentioned your favourite garden. Full details are available in the well-established yellow booklet available in garden centres, libraries etc or, in case of difficulty from, from, via the NGS app, or usually by simply putting the garden name into Google (other search engines are available!) followed by ‘NGS’. If you are interested in opening your garden to help us raise money for our charities, (we will be donating about £3M to our charities this Spring based upon money raised in 2018), please contact us (you can use the email address above) and we will be happy to talk to you and if suitable, provide every help and support.

Fabulous Phlox Border phlox are old fashioned plants with a bright new future as gardeners switch to perennials with great scent, hardy disposition and minimal care requirements. They can give years and years of service in the herbaceous or mixed border and provide a wonderful, scented summer display. The ideal site is sunny, with rich, well-dug soil and perhaps a little late afternoon shade to protect them from the extremes of summer heat. In practice they get full sun or light shade in my garden and do pretty well in either.

Phlox make good cut flowers – cut in the morning and remove the lower leaves. At the end of the season cut down the stems to ground level and put them in the council green waste bin rather than the compost heap to avoid carrying any pests or diseases from season to season.

Border phlox are incredibly hardy and start to show new growth in February. The new leaves are often attractively coloured but only a few varieties maintain these coloured leaves into summer, the others gradually turn green. Good coloured leaf types include Starfire and Blue Paradise. Variegated phlox have lovely white and green or cream, red and green leaves throughout the summer to compliment the flowers. Enriching the soil with compost dug into the top 1ft of soil will do wonders for the plants. I find the chalk in mushroom compost helps to reduce mildew problems. I always give my phlox a good dressing with a wellbalanced fertiliser like Growmore in spring followed by blood, fish and bone in mid-summer. Also give the plants some space if possible, to improve air circulation; plant border phlox about 2ft apart. Water the ground not the plant and try and use water at air temperature (say from a water butt, or a can filled a few hours before) rather than an icy blast from a hosepipe. by Martin Blow >

There are 100’s of varieties to choose from and often it’s the old, heritage varieties that are new to our nursery range as they are “rediscovered,” growing in happy neglect in an old garden. In recent years we have reintroduced the old German varieties Sternhimmel (Starry Sky) and Lavendelwolke (Lavender Cloud) to go with Monte Cristallo and Kirchenfürst plus a new English variety raised by Terry Dagley and named Maude Stella Dagley, as well as promoting old English varieties such as Elizabeth Arden, Bright Eyes, Border Gem and White Admiral. Once you’ve grown border phlox you will be hooked by the beauty of the flowers and the heady scent on a summer’s evening. Janet and I run Special Perennials, our website is full of colour photos and growing tips. We sell by mail order and at Plant Hunters’ Fairs throughout the season. Please see Locally we will be at the Plant Hunters’ Fairs at Bramall Hall on Sunday 7 April and at Adlington Hall, Macclesfield on Sunday 12 May (£3 for garden & fair entry). We are happy to bring orders to plant fairs for you to collect.


n to n y o P in music live f o me o h The FORTHCOMING EVENTS April/May 2019 Created by Poynton people and for Poynton people, Poynton Live is a free-to-use and not-for-profit website with its own Facebook page and Twitter feed. It is widely used by local event organisers and is attracting ever-larger audiences. Tickets can now be bought online for some events and many are sold over the counter at MATES DIY on Park Lane. SPYGAME - Poynton Players


Mon 1 to Sat 6 Apr 7.45pm

Sun 5 May - Poynton Sports Club 2pm

Contestants for a reality TV Show gather in a country house to compete for a large cash prize but only if they survive the ultimate spygame. £9 (concession Mon)

The Oasis Experience and These Smiths, plus support, in aid of Ollies Army. £15 - 20 at

PMVC SPRING CONCERT Sat 6 Apr Poynton Methodist Church 7.30pm An entertaining evening of male voice singing; with a wide selection of choral music. £9 at door or call 0161 439 6419

THE HALEY SISTERS Fri 12 Apr – Poynton Legion 8pm

Fri 10 May – Poynton Legion 8pm Rik Roberts & Les Renshaw are joined by poet John Lindley in a multi-media performance! £12.50 at Mates DIY, (no fee) or call 01625 876966

POYNTON G&S - MOVIE, MUSIC & MORE Fri 31 May/Sat 1 Jun- Poynton Legion Club 7.30pm

The Sweethearts of Song return to Poynton with the legendary Brian ‘Slidey’ Smith on guitar. £12.50 at Mates DIY, (no fee) or call 01625 876966

Medleys from West Side Story and Mary Poppins, a 60s singalong and much more! £10/£5 (u-16) from, Mates DIY, 01625 876394 or at door


PHOENIX FOLK at Poynton Legion

Sat 27 Apr - Poynton Civic Hall 8pm Maplewood with Rhodri Davies - Joyful and energetic dancing with a caller to guide you. £9 (£4.50 under 16) at door or from

EPIPHANY COFFEE CONCERT Sun 28 Apr – Poynton Methodist Church 8.15pm An evening of Irish Celtic music with guest artists and local Epiphany string players. £8.00/Free (u18) Pay at door



Monthly Friday night folk music evenings featuring high quality singers and musicians from around the UK and hosted by Grace Notes. Fri 5 Apr Prelude – Hit recorders of ‘After the Goldrush’. Fri 3 May Quicksilver - Outstanding musicianship and light-hearted humour. Fri 7 Jun Winter Wilson – Superb singing and musicianship plus amusing tales. Fri 5 Jul Captain of the Lost Waves – Eccentric, creative and innovative folk!

See for m

MANFORDS COMEDY CLUB at The Club (formerly Poynton Workmen’s Club) Monthly Friday night live comedy shows featuring four brilliant comedians from around the UK, personally selected by Jason Manford. A great evening of original stand-up comedy with some top names from the UK touring circuit and television. £12.50 from venue or Fri 12 Apr Alex Boardman, Nick Doody, Celya Ab and Jo Caulfield. Fri 10 May Danny McLoughlin, Jenny Collier, Lindsey Santoro and MC Hammersmith

LIVE MUSIC at The Club (formerly Poynton Workmen’s Club) Sat 6 Apr Sat 13 Apr Sat 20 Apr Sat 4 May Sat 11 May Sat 18 May

The Click – favourites from the 60s to the present day The Cadillacs – fabulous 60’s band Off the Record – Pop & Rock dance floor classics Rock Back the Clock – superb 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll band The Still – classic hits from the 60s to the present day Just for Kicks – popular songs from every genre

See for more details. The free-to-use, not-for-profit website with its own Facebook and Twitter feed!

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Celebrating 30 years in the Hearing Industry Highly trained hearing aid audiologist David Roche celebrates 30 years in the hearing industry this May. David set up Cheshire Hearing Centres as a dedicated high street independent centre offering daily clinics Monday to Friday with evening and Saturday appointments by arrangement. Through their head office in Bramhall, the business has earned an outstanding reputation for excellent customer service and client satisfaction. Over the years David has helped thousands of clients, including one or two well-known faces, enjoy normal conversation even in noisy places Cheshire Hearing Centres pride themselves on their independence - this means they are truly able to recommend what is right for the client regardless of the manufacturer. By offering a no-obligation trial on all instruments, they can assist clients in overcoming any initial concerns and help them discover what modern digital hearing aids can do for them.

Being independent allows Cheshire Hearing Centres to introduce the very latest technology to their clients first. Even David with his years of experience is getting quite excited over the latest development from Audibel. Via® AI is the world’s first Healthable hearing aid to provide both superior sound quality and the ability to track body and brain health. Featuring integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Via AI is the first-ever hearing aid with fall detection and alert capability. It also translates 27 languages instantly, has Amazon Alexa connectivity, voiceto-text transcription, and much more – the list is long! David is extremely approachable, he is more than happy to discuss specific concerns you may have over your hearing or the problems experienced by a loved

one. Even if you haven’t purchased a hearing aid from Cheshire Hearing Centres, they are still more than happy to provide you with a six-monthly check-up service, free of charge. One vital part of the service they offer is Clinical Ear Care - more commonly known as wax removal. Many GP surgeries no longer offer this service and the wait for an appointment at a health centre can be up to six weeks. Cheshire Hearing Centres have developed a reputation as one of the leading companies in this field by investing in hospital quality ENT equipment to provide microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation procedures. They were one of the first practices to introduce video otoscopy (where you can see inside your ear) before, during and after the wax removal procedure. All staff are graduates of the NHS Clinical Ear Care Centre of Excellence in Rotherham. Their fees, £40 for one ear £60 for both, are based on there being a successful outcome – there is no charge if a client needed to come back a second or third time, client comfort and safety is paramount. To celebrate David’s milestone, Cheshire Hearing Centres will be holding two Open days on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th May, where you can either have a full hearing assessment and demonstration of the latest Via hearing instruments, or just pop in for an informal chat about any hearing concerns. If you are unable to make it to the Bramhall centre, you don’t have to miss out as they will be offering the same opportunities on a home visit basis. Contact them on 0800 970 8850.


Alderley Edge Walk description: An easy circular walk starting from the NT car park next to the Wizard Inn. It follows good woodland pathways out along the top of the Edge, with great views north, before heading west down gentler pathways towards Nether Alderley. The route follows country lanes, before crossing farm fields back on to the top of the Edge. Distance: 5 miles Map: OS Explorer 268 Wilmslow, Macclesfield and Congleton Start: National Trust Car Park next to the Wizard Inn (SJ 860773) Travelling from the north, use the A555/A34 link to Alderley Edge village. Go through the main street as far as a small roundabout on the Macclesfield junction. Turn left up the B5087, climbing on to the Edge; in less than a mile, the car park is just beyond the Wizard Inn on your left. Toilets available in the car park. Leave the car park by a gate opposite the toilets, cut across the field and turn right after the swing gate on to a wide walking track. When you reach a junction of pathways, turn left through the gate and follow the good path slightly uphill until you reach a sandstone outcrop and former copper mine workings. This Triassic sandstone is a remnant of desert conditions from about 220 million years ago. Notice the rounded and quite large pebbles embedded in the rock, thought to have been carried by occasional river floods in the desert.


by Barry Wilson, Marple District Rambling Club

Copper mining on the Edge dates back to the Bronze Age and later Roman times, but most was mined from the late 17th until the early 20th Century. The views north and east extend over the Pennines and nearer hills of Werneth Low and Marple Ridge. The main path doubles back round to the left of this outcrop, eventually reaching the Beacon Mound, dating back to the Spanish Armada. Continue west beyond the Beacon but keep to the higher path next to a wall. This takes you along the edge of a field before arriving at a further rocky outcrop, with further stunning views north. Just past this rocky area, go slightly left then immediately right down some steps to a lower path through woodland. Walking below the sandstone edge and heading left, pause to look at the layers of sandstone showing remnants of windblown sand dunes. Soon you reach the well-known Wizard’s Well with inscriptions above it. Not long after this point, veer left up a path which leads you away from the downhill track. A gentle climb brings you to the back of houses, so follow this narrow path where you reach an access road. Go left down the hill to the main Macclesfield road. Walk down hill to the right for 400 yards or so and look out for a path marker leading between the houses on the left. The narrow pathway takes you to a stile next to the rear garden wall of a new house. Cross the stile and bear right to a further stile. This leads you down a fenced pathway to another access road. (SJ 847776) Bear right down the road between some stunning

properties, but look out for another marked pathway on the left in less than 400 yards. Take this clear path behind the houses going due south; there are a series of gates between the fields before you slope down across a slippery footbridge and on to Artists Lane. A good stopping place with seats is at the bottom of Artists Lane and across the former busy Congleton road. (SJ 844769) Return across the road and walk back up Artists Lane until you come to a footpath marker pointing right. This takes you behind more cottages and round a field before reaching a stile and short fenced track. A final stile brings you out on to the cobbled surface of Bradford Lane. Go left up the gentle hill until you reach a wide private road and bridleway on the right. Bear right along this good track through woodland and past a very old stone cottage before reaching a well marked pathway on the left. Go through the kissing gate and head north behind a large walled garden of Hayman’s Farm before breaking out on to a field track. This heads up to woodland, where you go right and follow the edge of the wood which has a private fishing pond in what appears to be a former quarry or mine. Looking behind you, there are stunning views across the Cheshire Plain. Head along the path round the wood and then up to further kissing gates, along field edges until you reach a huge mansion on your right. The path leads you out on to their driveway and through to the access road.

The Walk

Follow the lane past some stables and then bear left into Finlow Hill Wood and along a marked pathway which can be a bit muddy at times. This reaches the Macclesfield road, so cross with care down to the track opposite. In a few yards, take the path on the left, eventually crossing on awkward stile before a driveway to the stunning mansion on the right. Take the path along their left fence between trees until you arrive at a junction of pathways. Go through the gate and turn immediately left between a wire fence and hedgerow. This brings you out on the first track we followed from the car park. Go left through the gate and you will arrive at the small gate across the field and back to the cars. Either the rustic cafe or the Wizard Inn is worth visiting for welcome refreshment. Marple District Rambling Club organises up to nine walks each week on Thursdays and Sundays. For more information, either ring our Chairman, Sue Gilmore on 07775 620398, or our Membership Secretary, Claude Prime on 0161 483 8596. Alternatively, you could visit our website on to learn more about our Club’s programme of walks, socials and walking holidays.


The Power of the Flower I love you. Congratulations! Thank you. Sorry. Get Well. Goodbye… Flowers are used to express so many emotions in our lives. From celebrating a new arrival with the fluffy white of Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath), to saying goodbye with simple white lilies, we choose flowers to tell a story. They evoke memories too. Remember that well known but rather unscientific childhood experiment of thrusting a buttercup under someone’s chin and declaring that ‘yes’ they did like butter? Looking back now, it would have been a great advertisement for dairy products, because, miraculously, everyone loved butter!

of sunflowers can’t help but transport a little piece of Tuscany into a room, and of course, for the romantics amongst us, a beautiful single red rose will always speak those special three words. I love this time of year and the vibrancy of spring flowers. A brilliant blue anemone, a deep purple tulip, a fragrant yellow freesia stem and a pink ranunculus – that’s flower heaven for me! As a flower lover and keen florist, it is always a privilege to be asked to make an arrangement, particularly when it is for a special occasion. To see the surprise on someone’s face when such an unexpected but beautiful gift is presented to them is a real pleasure. Bridal flowers in particular always create great excitement, as beautiful, creative flowers can be so important in making your wedding a unique occasion! During a recent spell brushing up my skills at the UK School of Floristry, we spent some time working on flowers for funerals. Up until that point in time, my business had revolved around happy occasions and I had mixed feelings about designing something for what is understandably a sad event. It was a lovely surprise to discover how wonderful it is to play an important part in celebrating the life of a loved one.

Scent is also a powerful memory trigger. The fragrance of hyacinths will always remind me of school days when we would push a bulb into a vase of water and watch in amazement as the roots entwined themselves around the inside. Whilst the heady scent of Oriental lilies reminds me of being heavily pregnant during a hot summer, sitting by an open window, with the irresistible perfume wafting through the window on a gentle breeze. But it’s not just the scent that is so captivating. Flowers come in so many shapes, sizes, colours and forms. The magnificent statuesque stems of Stralitzia (Bird of Paradise) conjure up images of beautiful tropical islands, whereas a purple thistle may evoke a scene from the Highlands of Scotland. The undeniably happy faces


As you read this article, I will be up to my eyes in roses and hydrangeas, weaving a little magic and transforming them into beautiful arrangements for Mother’s Day. Hat boxes are very popular now and, in my efforts to try and store mine neatly, I seem to have managed to build something resembling the leaning tower of Pisa! As much as I adore flowers, I might just have a couple of days off without a petal in sight, readying myself for my next challenge in the wonderful world of flowers. Susie B’s Bloomers are based in Poynton. You can see a selection of our work on Facebook and at email: by Sue Berzins of Susie B’s Bloomers

Discover Victoria Baths Manchester’s Water Palace When it opened in 1906, Victoria Baths on Hathersage Road, Manchester, was described as “the most splendid municipal bathing institution in the country” and “a water palace of which every citizen of Manchester can be proud.” Not only did the building provide spacious and extensive facilities for swimming, bathing and leisure, it was built of the highest quality materials with many period decorative features: beautiful stained glass, rich terracotta, sumptuous tiles and amazing mosaic floors. Victoria Baths served the people of central Manchester for 87 years and was regarded with universal affection. So, when Manchester City Council decided it had to close Victoria Baths in 1993, there was, unsurprisingly, a vigorous reaction in the local community. The campaign to try and prevent closure of the Baths became the Friends of Victoria Baths and a charitable trust - the Victoria Baths Trust - was set up with the aim of fully restoring the building and bringing the Turkish Baths and at least one of the swimming pools back into public use. This goal is still some way off, but in the meantime, a visit to this wonderful building is well worthwhile.

A Visit to Victoria Baths We were lucky enough to squeeze in a visit last September, on a gloriously sunny Wednesday, just before it closed in October for its winter break. Our guided tour lasted about an hour, starting with a brief introduction to the history. We visited the Aeratone (Jacuzzi) room. We studied displays of photographs and stories about the many colourful and well-known characters that had used the Victoria Baths. We climbed up elegant, tiled stairways. We visited the three impressive swimming pools, each dominated by amazing stained-glass windows, as well as 64 individual wash baths. We saw the Superintendent’s living quarters and learned much about his daily life By Garth Aspinall

and duties. He was responsible for all of Manchester’s baths. Our tour finished with a visit to the Turkish Bath Suite which was reached via a tasteful meeting room, adorned with yet another exquisite stainedglass window – arguably, the jewel in the crown. On completion of the tour, we enjoyed some liquid refreshment and cakes in the attractive Tea Room. There is also a shop offering a range of souvenirs and craft items, many made by local artists. Victoria Baths is beautiful - a great testament to Edwardian architecture, and it merits a visit for this reason alone. That’s why it won BBC Two’s first Restoration programme. That’s also why Victoria Baths has been host to numerous television programmes, including Cold Feet, Peaky Blinders, Who Let The Dogs Out, Life On Mars, Prime Suspect and many more. But equally fascinating is its accompanying social history, depicting a time when females and males were afforded separate facilities and when males themselves were segregated into first and second-class groups. As you walk round this large building, you get a sense of just how much restorative effort is still required. This building is very much a work in progress, and you can only admire the enthusiasm of its many volunteers.

The Year Ahead 2019 promises to be an interesting year – more information about the following opportunities is available on the website. Continued over


SPRINGFEST 2019 The 2019 programme of events has just been launched, all starting with a weekend of Art and Music on Sunday 14 April from 11am until 6pm, and it’s definitely not to be missed! See the website for the full line-up of events.

Open Days Usually the second Sunday of the month from April to November, when the admission price enables you to self-tour the building and provides entry to any special event or activity that might be taking place. Guided tours are available every Wednesday afternoon - pay at the door, or book in advance. Group Tours are available midweek, tailored to meet the needs of social groups, schools and colleges.

Be Involved Anyone can volunteer at Victoria Baths, no matter what your skills, experience or background. For most roles all you need is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Victoria Baths also welcomes proposals from Artists, Artist Groups, organisations and arts students who would like to make use of the building for their work. Past uses have included research projects, performance, theatre, experimental work, exhibitions and site related installations. Victoria Baths, Hathersage Road, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester, M13 0FE Tel: 0161 224 2020


THE IVY COMES TO MANCHESTER What a lovely email to receive - would I like to review and feature one of the most exciting restaurant openings in Manchester? I didn’t take much persuading! Located in the heart of Manchester, The Ivy Spinningfields, set across four fabulous floors, offers Mancunians a totally new dining experience. The restaurant, the largest to open in the UK in 2018, features a ground floor brasserie, first floor private dining room, an opulent Asian bar and restaurant on the second floor and a sumptuous roof garden featuring fire pits and lush foliage on the top floor. From the minute you are greeted at the door, you know the evening is going to a good one. The stylishly-attired staff greet and escort you everywhere you go in a very friendly, courteous but not over-formal manner. Any concerns we had about dining in an empty restaurant on a Tuesday evening were soon dispelled. We’d walked down from Piccadilly, passing many deserted bars and eateries, but The Ivy had a buzz about it as good as you’d expect at the weekend. Our evening started with a cocktail in the first ever Ivy Asia – a glamorous bar and restaurant, serving Asianinspired cocktails alongside dishes such as Wagyu beef with truffle sauce, salmon fillet teriyaki, and avocado, crispy tofu, lime and ginger dressing. The entire floor is illuminated with a show-stopping green, semiprecious stone flooring, set against a striking antique gold mirrored bar, gold-gilt ceiling and luxurious Asian fabrics. It was a stunning setting to enjoy our unusual and delicious cocktails!

We’d opted to dine in the traditional Ivy brasserie, open all day, seven days a week, serving ‘modern British classics’ to suit all occasions. If I chose to criticise anything, I’d say the tables are quite close together so if you’re a couple, sitting alongside a table of four or six, it’s not what you’d call an intimate dining experience. But to be honest, the buzzy feel of the place is what made it for me, so this wasn’t an issue - I’d choose this atmosphere any day over the very formal, superattentive service you sometimes encounter when you’re out for a ‘special’ meal! The menu is extensive and wide-ranging; we eventually settled on starters of Roasted Scallops with grilled chorizo and roasted butternut squash, and Smoked Salmon and Crab with dark rye bread. Both were sensational. For main course, I was slightly disappointed with the classic Ivy Shepherd’s Pie if I’m honest – nothing wrong with it, just not a very inspired choice on my part. In contrast the Monkfish and Prawn Curry with jasmine rice and sweet potato crisps was an absolute winner; it was fragrant and sublime. The cheeseboard was awesome and ample to share but obviously we had a dessert each and the proverbial icing on the cake for me was the Apple Tart Fine with vanilla ice cream and Calvados flambé, an elegant and totally delicious way to round off the meal. For variety, for quirkiness, for delicious and reasonablypriced food in unique surroundings, The Ivy Spinningfields would be hard to beat. Tel: 0161 503 3222 By Claire Hawker


greece & croatia island hopping Lots of Brits visit the beautiful Greek islands every summer. With the crystal blue waters, idyllic storybook villages and fantastic cuisine it’s no wonder. But did you know, there are actually 200 islands and we only go to a handful? You can of course, pick one island and stay there, just chilling in the sun and Greece does cater well for families with lots of well-equipped, entertaining resorts. Or you could take to the waves and enjoy some Greek island hopping. Island hopping in the Aegean is a special holiday experience. Such a romantic idea, this is the perfect option for people who’d like to see a wider crosssection of Greece and have a bit of an adventure whilst on holiday. From cosmopolitan, luxurious islands to the quieter and more traditional, you can explore the diversity by booking on one of the major cruise ships, or you could go for a smaller more sophisticated yacht option or indeed a catamaran. There is a style and a ship for everyone. Each company will offer its own itinerary but here, in my opinion, are some islands you must not miss:

Crete One of the major Greek destinations, Crete is a fantastic starting off point as it’s well connected to lots of the other islands. Ships and speedboats connect Crete to the popular islands in the Cyclades and Dedocanese. Don’t forget to enjoy Crete itself though. With wild, natural beauty, thousands of years of culture and


history, and some fantastic nightlife (for the party people), Crete offers something for everyone.

Santorini Probably winning the award for most breath-taking island in Greece, Santorini is ‘romance central.’ Best known for its iconic architecture, ancient vineyards and volcanic landscape, Santorini offers a sophisticated island stay. You can enjoy some epic sunsets in Santorini, and be sure to visit the town of Oia, one of the most picturesque places in Greece with some wonderful restaurants and boutiques.

Mykonos Party all day and all night in Mykonos at some of the most unique and energetic venues in Europe; beach bars, clubs, drag shows, VIP parties, it’s all here! You can dance from sunrise to sunset - you get the idea! Mykonos also offers great shopping and is listed along with St Tropez and Porto Cervo, guaranteeing a superb shopping spree. You will find lots of designer labels here alongside trendy clothing boutiques. Lucy Allen Personal Travel Consultant Notjusttravel/waitingworld w: e: p: 07512 784700

Another equally beautiful option for your summer break, is Croatia. Fast becoming a real holiday ‘hot spot’ Croatia offers lots of interesting cities to visit, brimming with history and, like Greece, also has a number of beautiful islands to explore. The Dalmatian Coast is a sailor’s paradise and the islands are also a wonderful place to go snorkelling and diving. A suggestion for a week’s stay would be to start in the vibrant city of Split, go overnight to Korcula, then travel down the Peljesac Peninsula wine roads to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik’s stunning old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the setting for King’s Landing in the popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. The city has a booming gastro scene offering lots of wonderful seafood and Croatian wine, and each year fantastic new places are opening. In July and August, you can enjoy the Dubrovnik Summer Festival when the city is full of musicians, actors, folk dancers and art exhibitions. At Not Just Travel we work with all the leading suppliers and therefore offer a fantastic choice of properties in Greece and Croatia. We can organise everything from

villas to B&Bs, family hotels to luxury honeymoon resorts. We also work with all the major cruise companies and boating suppliers so can help find the perfect island-hopping trip for you. The ‘season’ in Greece and Croatia goes on until early October so there is still time to book your beautiful escape. Based in Cheadle and open 7 days a week, we have some brilliant special offers available so hope to speak to you soon. Booking with a personal travel consultant, saves you a lot of hassle, offers you peace of mind and all your holidays are financially protected.


Answers: icing sugar, plate, cream, sponge, tea pot, jam Extra letter answer: coffee


Children’s Activities

Things to do with pre-school kids


Playaway 9.30-11.30am Poynton Baptist Church. Contact 01625 859036

tuesday Rhyme Time 10-11am Term time only, open to all preschool aged children and babies. Come and join in the fun of rhyme, music and song. Expand your social network and meet new parents. Pay per week, no termly commitment. Please call 01625 87115, email or visit Poynton Methodist Church Room 3, off Park Lane, opposite Poynton Civic Hall, next to Waitrose

friday Rugbytots (For Boys & Girls 2 to 5yrs old) The World’s favourite Rugby Play programme, Coached by an award winning coach. Building confidence, Social Skills, Coordination, Teamwork, Colours, Numbers, Shapes and much, much more! Sessions: 2-3 ½ yrs (10:15am, 10.55am & 12.30pm) 3 ½ -5 yrs (9:20am & 11:35am) at the Civic Hall, Off Park Lane, Poynton, SK12 1RB. Term time only. Find out more at or contact Alick on 0345 313 6720 or Email Free tasters subject to availability.


Wednesday Bright Stars Toddler Group 9.30-11.00am Term time only, St Georges Church, Poynton. For more information contact Joe Hadfield 01625 879277 or email Pre-School Dance 2-2.30pm Term time only. St Martin’s Church Hall, Shrigley Road North, Higher Poynton. All children welcome from age 18 months. Contact 07903 727763 or email Rhymetime 2-2.30pm Poynton Library. No booking and no charge. All babies/preschoolers welcome with parents/carers

Thursday Parent & Toddler Group 9.30-11.30am Term time only, Poynton Methodist Church. For more information contact the church office on 01625 871592 Rhyme Time 10.30am Poynton Library. No booking necessary and no charge. All babies and toddlers welcome with parents/carers. Contact 01625 374818 Kickstarters – Age 2-3 9.30-10.15am Age 3-4 10.30-11.15am A world of pre-school football with a superhero twist. Join the miniature recruits, enter the goaliverse, and earn the super power stickers. Civic Hall, off Park Lane, Poynton, SK12 1RB. Register on first day of attendance, all sessions pay as you go £5.

Baby Ballet & Tap 9-10am The Hockley Centre, Park Lane. Step Ahead School of Dance, contact Natalie on 07799 614260 for further details. Methodist Who Let The Dads Out? 9-11am 4th Saturday each month for dads and grandads with their children aged 0-7. £2 per family which includes toast for Dad and healthy snacks and juice for children. Just turn up. Contact church office 871592. Who Let the Dads Out? 9.30am-11am Second Saturday of the month during term time, St Georges Church Hall, Poynton. For dads, grandads and other male carers and their children aged 0-7 years. £2.50 per family which includes bacon butty and coffee for the dads and toast & juice for the children. For more information contact Joe Hadfield 01625 879277 or email Kickstarters – Age 2-3yrs 9.30-10.15am Age 3-4yrs 10.30-11.15am See Thursday. Poynton Sports Club, London Road, Poynton Website: Contact: 07853 273578.

sunday Richmond Rovers JFC Young Ballerz 18 months - 5 years. For more information email Or ring 07411 632114.

Website: Contact: 07853 273578


Compiled by Clare Blackie > email:

PRIVATE TUITION What are the benefits? More and more people are adding private tuition into the mix these days, especially in the core subjects and particularly in the run-up to important exams. This could be because class sizes are sometimes quite large, meaning a teacher in school isn’t able to spend much individual time with a student; with private tuition you have a whole teacher to yourself!

COMPUTER PROBLEMS? Broadband setup, Wireless Networking, Virus and Spyware removal, Software reinstalls, Upgrades and Custom builds Free friendly advice NO CALL OUT CHARGE


Mike Knibb 01625 267422

07956 134900

Learning in school moves too quickly for some students, meaning they start to slip behind as they aren’t properly grasping one topic before it’s time to move on to the next. The one-to-one time with a private tutor enables the student to ask questions without drawing attention to themselves in front of their peers and to focus on one topic for as long as it takes to fully understand it. Away from the busy classroom, a student will be more willing to voice their difficulties and hopefully, the tutor will help to resolve them, in a more relaxed environment. The tailored approach to learning offered by a private tutor can be a good confidence boost for a student who is struggling in the class environment. They may be proficient in a subject overall but have a weakness in a particular area. A tutor will be able to identify what the student is already doing well and help them to focus on the areas where they are falling short. As their confidence improves in one subject, this can have a beneficial impact on their learning in the school environment too. A private tutor will be able to make sure a student is covering work relevant to their impending exams as well as making sure that they are approaching their studies in the best way.

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april - may 2019

selected events in your area

Monday 1 April – Saturday 6 April

Thursday 4 April

Poynton Players presents Spygame, A Comedy Thriller by Bettine Manktelow Prospective contestants for a TV reality show gather in a country house, aiming to win a large cash prize, but only if they survive the rigours of the ultimate Spygame. Why were they chosen? Why can’t they leave? Why all the secrecy? Will they get out alive? Book tickets online www.poyntonplayers. or phone 0333 6663399 Poynton Theatre, Georges Road West, Poynton, SK12 1JY

Wilmslow Guild Natural History Society Butterflies of the Philippines by Peter Hardy Visitors very welcome £4 Further information from Chairman, David Warner 01625 874387 Wilmslow Guild, 1 Bourne Street, Wilmslow, SK9 5HD 7.30pm

Tuesday 2 April Adlington WI The Gaskells and Gardens with speaker Jackie Tucker Pop in to see us and be sure of a warm welcome, good company, a drink and a slice of homemade cake! More info from Jackie Shaw 01625 266251 or email Adlington Village Hall, Mill Lane, Adlington SK10 4LF 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Wednesday 3 April Coffee and Conversation Join Andrew for half-an-hour of lively conversation about books in the news. Hear what’s happening in the shop and pick up suggestions for a few ‘good reads’! Price: £2.50 (towards your coffee and homemade cake!) (Coffee and Conversation usually takes place on the FIRST Wednesday of each month at 11am so we’ll be meeting again on 7th May) Simply Books, Bramhall 11am

Thursday 4 April Would you like to meet new friends? Thursday Group is a social group for unattached people of mature years, with several activities run by the members every week. These include walking, dancing, badminton, theatre and restaurant visits. For more info see or ring Bill on 07505 076838, or just come along to new members night on the first Thursday in each month where you will be met by group members. The Bulls Head Pub, 30 Wilmslow Road, Handforth, SK9 3EW 8.30pm

Friday 5 April Poynton Library Quiz night Teams of up to six. Bar open from 7pm. Prizes for winners, runners up and best team name. Tickets £4 (to include a raffle ticket) For more information call 01625 374818 Poynton Library, 7pm for 7.30pm

Wednesday 3 April

Saturday 6 April

Poynton Local History Society ‘Cheshire Parish Churches’ is the title of the presentation to be given by Tony Bostock. Annual Membership of the Society is £12. Guests are always welcome at £3 per visit. Tel: 01625 872068 St Pauls Community Room, Marley Road, Poynton, SK12 1LY 7.30pm

Cheshire Sinfonia - Beautiful Music in Bramhall. Beethoven - Egmont Overture; Berlioz - Les Nuits d’été; Schumann - Symphony No. 1 in B flat major, Op 36, (Spring) Tickets: £12 (Full), £10 (concessions), £3 (students). Reserved tickets available in advance from 07967 852986 or at the door. St Michael and All Angels Parish Church, Robins Lane, Bramhall 7.30pm

Wednesday 3 April Poynton Philatelic Society Guest Speaker Mr Mark Everiss will be displaying his interest entitled ‘Russian Civil War Parts 1 & 2’. This is a superb display covering an important area of Russia’s history. Ron Phelps 01625 877643 North Room, Poynton Community Centre, Park Lane 7.30pm

Sunday 7 April Commissioning Poynton Cross By the War Memorial, St George’s Church, Poynton 12.30pm Continued over


Sunday 7 April

Friday 12 April

Plant Hunters’ Fair Fund Raising Event for special projects at the Hall: £2 Entry to Plant Fair Details at Bramall Hall, Bramhall Park, off Hall Road, Bramhall, Stockport SK7 3NX 11am to 4pm

Stockport Historical Society “Move, Teach, Inspire” - How the National Trust interprets historical research. by Dr Benjamin Wilcock. Visitors very welcome, admission £3. Further information from Tony Nightingale 0161 440 0570 Stockport Sunday School, Nangreave Road, SK2 6DQ (Next to Aquinas College) 7.45pm

Tuesday 9 April East Cheshire Association of the National Trust Lecture – The Riverlands Project with Christopher O Widger Brookdale Club, Bridge Lane, Bramhall, Stockport, SK7 3AB 2pm

Wednesday 10 April The Arts Society North East Cheshire Food and Art Through the Ages by Tasha Marks, food historian and artist. A whistle-stop tour of the history of food as artistic medium; starting with 16th century sugar sculpture and venturing all the way up to 3D dessert printing and beyond. Potential new members are welcome. To attend as a visitor please contact Maggie Schofield on 0161 427 9451 or The Brookdale, Bramhall 10.30am with coffee from 9.45am

Thursday 11 April Worth Probus Professor Nigel Linge will speak to us on ‘Your Route to Superfast Broadband’. Please contact Peter Owen on 01625 871574 or for further details. St George’s Church Hall, 2pm

Thursday 11 April The Family History Society of Cheshire, Bramhall Group Historical Research using British Newspapers by Denise Bates. Newspapers have become an indispensable resource for anyone who is interested in the past, delivering new insights into the society, events and values of bygone times. Admission charge £2. For further details please email for further details. All visitors are most welcome. United Reformed Church Hall, Bramhall SK7 2PE 7.30pm

Thursday 11 April Poynton Home Gardeners’ Club Robin Graham from Drointon Nurseries will be speaking on the History, Care and Cultivation of the Auricula plants. Visitors welcome at cost £3 for entry and any further information from Elaine on 01625 871603 or Royal British Legion Club, Georges Road West, Poynton, SK12 1JY 7.30pm


Friday 12 to Sunday 14 April Bramhall Art Society 52nd Annual Exhibition. Original paintings both framed and unframed available for purchase. Entrance free and adjacent free parking. Tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes from 10am to 4pm, with all proceeds being donated to St Ann’s Hospice. Regular updates at Facebook. com/bramhallartsociety Bramhall Village Club, Lumb Lane, Bramhall, SK7 1LR Fri 7 Sat 10am to 6pm, Sun 10am to 5pm

Saturday 13 April Wilmslow Symphony Orchestra Dvorak’s very popular and much-loved cello concerto in B minor. Our soloist is Simon Turner, co-principal cello of the Halle. Also, the brass section is playing two pieces by Gabrieli - Canzon Septimi Toni no 2 and Sonata pian e forte. Tickets £12, concessions £10 and under 18 £2 from ticket secretary 01925 756144, Bang and Olufsen or Therapy, Wilmslow, via or at the door. Evans Hall, Wilmslow Leisure Centre 7.45pm

Tuesday 16 April Poynton U3A General Meeting Sir Philip Craven MBE, will give a talk on The Paralympic Games – Take off into Sustained Growth. Entrance £1 including refreshments. For more information contact Poynton Civic Centre, 2pm to 4pm

Wednesday 17 April Poynton Philatelic Society Mr Edward Klempka displays his interest in ‘GB Postal History 1840-1850’. This is an exceptional display starting with the first Postage Stamps to be issued, a must for the GB collector. Ron Phelps 01625 877643 North Room, Poynton Community Centre, Park Lane 7.30pm

Thursday 18 April Poynton Townswomen’s Guild To Love and to Cherish with speaker: Kath Reynolds Visitors welcome, £2 Contact: 01625 879087 Poynton Civic Hall 10am to 12 noon Continued over

Thursday 18 April

Monday 29 April to Saturday 4 May

Maundy Thursday snapshots St George’s Church, Poynton 7.30pm

Sweet Charity A musical capturing the rhythm and fun of the 1960’s. Includes the show stopping hit ‘Big Spender’ Box office 0161 302 2302 Brookdale Club and Theatre, Bramhall 7.30pm, Saturday matinee at 2.15pm

Friday 19 April Good Friday All-age service at 10.30am Quiet hour with favourite hymns at 2pm St George’s Church, Poynton

Wednesday 1 May

Easter Sunday Special Services Traditional - 8am Peaceful - 9.30am All-age lively - 11am St George’s Church, Poynton

Poynton Local History Society Craig Horner will give a presentation entitled ‘Early Motoring in the North West’. This is the last meeting before our summer break and will begin with a short AGM. Visitors are always welcome to attend our talks at £3 per visit. Tel: 01625 872068. St Paul’s Community Room, Marley Road, Poynton, SK12 1LY 7.30pm

Thursday 25 April

Wednesday 1 May

Sunday 21 April

Worth Probus Club Members’ Annual General Meeting. St George’s Church Hall, 2pm

Saturday 27 April Poynton Ceilidhs - Maplewood, caller Rhodri Davies Tickets are £9 on the door, cash only, under 16s are half price Poynton Civic Hall 8pm to 11pm, doors open 7.45pm

Saturday 27 April Cheshire Rural Touring Arts present Diyet and the Love Soldiers Diyet fuses Alternative Folk, Roots, Country and Traditional Aboriginal with melodies and stories deeply rooted in her Indigenous world view and northern life. Suitable for children aged 10+ Tickets can be bought in person from the library or via Ticket Source, £12 – Adults, £10 - Concessions (U18, 65+, student, unwaged) Macclesfield Library, show starts 7.30pm, doors 7pm

Saturday 27 April Macclesfield Male Voice Choir annual Gala Concert. They are in fine voice and have been working hard under the direction of their talented Welsh Musical Director Robert Owens, accompanied by the prize-winning Ukrainian pianist Tatyana Goncharuk. The 60 - strong choir will be singing a programme to suit everyone and will be joined by a guest soloist. Tickets are £14 from or call 01625 584820, or from any choir member. Fallibroome Academy, 7.30pm

Poynton Philatelic Society Guest Speaker is Mr Colin Hoffman FRPSL, will be displaying his ‘Rhodesia Selection’. This is a superb collection with a wide range of stamps and postal history from this African nation. Ron Phelps 01625 877643 North Room, Poynton Community Centre, Park Lane 7.30pm

Thursday 2 May Would you like to meet new friends? Thursday Group is a social group for unattached people of mature years, with several activities run by the members every week. These include walking, dancing, badminton, theatre and restaurant visits. For more info see or ring Bill on 07505 076838, or just come along to new members night on the first Thursday in each month where you will be met by group members. The Bulls Head Pub, 30 Wilmslow Road, Handforth, SK9 3EW 8.30pm

Saturday 4 May Poynton Town Mayor’s Ball (Posh Party) May(or) The 4th Be With You! Star Wars themed fancy dress optional. Buffet, raffle and DJ. Tickets £10 available from Mates DIY and Poynton British Legion. Fundraising for the Mayors Good Causes 2018-19 which are Health and Well Being projects at Worth, Vernon, Lower Park and Lostock Hall primary schools. Everyone welcome! Poynton British Legion 7.30pm to 11.45pm Continued over


Tuesday 7 May

Tuesday 14 to Saturday 18 May All Mags

Adlington WI Resolutions and Birthday meeting, with cakes and fizz! Pop in to see us and be sure of a warm welcome and good company. More info from Jackie Shaw 01625 266251 or email Adlington Village Hall, Mill Lane, Adlington SK10 4LF 1.30 to 3.30pm

Sister Act Bollington Light Opera Group present the musical based on the hit movie. Music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Glenn Slater, book by Bill and Cheri Steinkellner, and additional book material by Douglas Carter Beane. Tickets: £12, Concessions £10 (restrictions apply) Call: 01625 431038 Email: Bollington Civic Hall 7.30pm Matinee on 18th only at 2pm

Wednesday 8 May The Arts Society North East Cheshire Dame Zaha Hadid was one of the most distinguished and awarded architects in the world before her untimely death in 2016. This lecture by Anthea Streeter will show Zaha’s completed works around the world in breath-taking images Potential new members are welcome. To attend as a visitor please contact Maggie Schofield on 0161 427 9451 or Brookdale Club, Bramhall 10.30am with coffee from 9.45am

Thursday 9 May Worth Probus Club Pete Webb will speak to us on ‘Earth Quakes’. Please contact Peter Owen on 01625 871574 or for further details. St George’s Hall, 2pm

Poynton Philatelic Society Annual General Meeting, followed by our ever-popular Auction, where members can bring along their unwanted items for other to bid on - plenty of bargains to be had. Ron Phelps 01625 877643 North Room, Poynton Community Centre, Park Lane 7.30pm

Thursday 16 May Poynton Townswomen’s Guild Living in Styal with speaker: Eddy Tarry Visitors welcomed, £2 Contact: 01625 879087 Poynton Civic Hall 10am to 12 noon

Saturday 11 May

Friday 17 May

Chelford Embroiderers’ Guild De-stash Event & Sales Day Your unloved and unwanted textile treasure could become someone else’s perfect missing item. Free Entry. Refreshments available To book a sales table (£10) email: Chelford Village Hall, SK11 9FZ 10.30am to 3pm

Stockport Historical Society Annual General Meeting followed by “The Clayton Hall Story”, presented by Beryl Poole. Visitors very welcome Admission £3. Further information from Tony Nightingale 0161 440 0570. Stockport Sunday School, Nangreave Road, SK2 6DQ (Next to Aquinas College) 7.45pm

Sunday 12 May Plant Hunters’ Fair Half price entry to the Gardens & Plant Fair £3 (children under 15 Free) Details at Adlington Hall, Mill Lane, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4LF 10am to 4pm

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Wednesday 15 May

Saturday 18 May Alderley Edge Symphony Orchestra Offenbach: Overture La Belle Helene Poulenc: Flute Sonata orch. Lennox Berkeley Copland: Saturday Night Waltz and Hoe-Down from Rodeo Dvorak: New World Symphony Tickets £10 for adults and £1 for under 18s. Available on the door or in advance from Ticket hotline 01625 581321 Festival Hall Alderley Edge SK9 7HR 7.30pm

Continued over

Sunday 19 May

Saturday 25 May

Stockport Symphony Orchestra A summer matinee concert with something for everyone! Milhaud Le Boeuf sur le Toit, Woolfenden Oboe concerto: soloist Simon Beesley, Beethoven Symphony No. 5 Conductors Anna Hartmann and Laurent Zufferey www., tickets available at box office, online or on the door. Stockport Town Hall 3pm

Cheshire Chorale and Cheshire Sinfonia – Beautiful Music in Bramhall. J S Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No 1 in F major BWV 1046; Blackford - Mirror of Perfection; Handel - Coronation Anthems. Tickets: £12 (Full), £10 (concessions), £3 (students) Reserved tickets available in advance from 01969 667033 or at the door. St Michael and All Angels Parish Church, Robins Lane, Bramhall 7.30pm

Sunday 19 May Middlewood House Community Hall Open Day & Picnic Why not bring your picnic and join us? A great place for a walk along the canal and the Middlewood Way, or just sit and enjoy the peace of the Higher Poynton countryside. Tea, coffee, cold drinks and teatime treats available. Dogs welcome. Beware, the Satnav will take you to Prince Road via Middlewood Road, but the potholes are amazing! Better to come from Green Lane into Carleton Road, turn right at the bottom into Prince Road over bridge and you’ve arrived! Middlewood House 12 noon to 4pm

Monday 20 May to Saturday 25 May Poynton Players present Straight and Narrow. A warm and moving exploration of not so well-hidden secrets and deep personal and familial love. The cosy domesticity of Bob and Jeff’s life is threatened by a personal crisis in Jeff’s life. But will Bob’s family prove to be more of a hindrance than a help in resolving the delicate situation? And will Bob be able to tell his seemingly intolerant mother that what she sees as the straight and narrow is not the life for her little boy? Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd. Book tickets online or phone 0333 6663399 Poynton Theatre, Georges Road West, Poynton, SK12 1JY

Sat 25 to Sun 26 May Mickey’s Big Day Out presented by NK Theatre Arts Get ready for that special Disney Magic delivered in NK’s unique way and join us for Mickey Mouse’s great adventure during MICKEY’S BIG DAY OUT! Featuring Mickey and Minnie and a host of Disney heroes and villains including some of the most memorable Disney songs of all time. Why not dress up as your favourite Disney Character, meet the characters after the show and join Mickey on his big day out! Tickets: £9/£8 / Family of 4 £30 24hr Box Office 0333 666 3366 The Forum Theatre, Romiley, Stockport SK6 4EA 2pm

Fri 31 May & Sat 1 June Movie Music & More Poynton Gilbert & Sullivan Society Spring Concert Tickets will be available from or 01625 876394 Also, from Mates DIY on Park Lane or on the door. £10 for adults and £5 for 16 and under. Poynton Legion, George’s Road West 7.30pm

Tuesday 21 May Poynton U3A General Meeting Eddie Tarry, Community Engagement manager, HMP & YOI Styal Prison will give a talk on Living in Styal - Building Hope, Changing Lives. Entrance £1 including refreshments. For more information contact Poynton Civic Centre, 2pm to 4pm

Thursday 23 May Worth Probus Club. Geoff Stocker will speak to us on ‘187 Years of the Ffestiniogg Railway’. Please contact Peter Owen on 01625 871574 or for further details. St George’s Hall, 2pm

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Inside Poynton April-May Issue 80  

Community magazine including local news and what's on

Inside Poynton April-May Issue 80  

Community magazine including local news and what's on