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Luxurious Super 100’s the tailored look you desire


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Does your formal shirt make the right impression?



Use Your Head Check Your Neck... Cause shirts aren’t just small, medium or large! Your shirt is the first thing you put on while getting dressed for your wedding day. You should feel comfortable, confident and gorgeous! Make certain to get professionally fitted, including a neck and sleeve measurement. We want you in a perfect fitting tux shirt on your big day!

Remember the one finger rule: Make sure you can comfortably fit one finger between the collar and your neck. If two fingers will fit, the shirt is too big!



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Fabulous Day.� 17





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Seeing Stars

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Fabulous Fit


“ Flattering

Find the most


Tall & Thin

Congratulations. You can wear just about any tuxedo, from contemporary styles -- like singlebreasted four button jackets -- to a more classic, double-breasted tuxedo with broad shoulders One caveat: Make sure your trouser legs and jacket arms are long enough.


Go for a smooth, clean look without a lot of frills. Avoid double-breasted jackets which add volume. If you have a large waist, consider wearing a vest. Keep in mind that black has a slimming effect, which makes the classic tux perfect for you. If you’re extremely muscular, be aware of sizing, especially around your neck. You don’t want to feel like your bow tie is strangling you.

Short and Slim

Avoid styles that look too large on your frame. Steer clear of double-breasted jackets. Instead, go for a two- or three-button jacket with a lowbutton stance (it elongates the body), paired with classic tuxedo pants.

Short and Athletic

Stick with a single-breasted jacket. Go for a classic one or two button jacket with a low-button stance which will keep your look streamlined and slim. If you have a heavy waist, choose a vest to draw attention away from your waistline and up toward your face. And once again, remember that black has a slimming effect, which makes the classic tux perfect for you.

You may think that all

tuxedos are the same but they are certainly not! Your groom needs to show off his sense of style with the perfect fitting tuxedo. How do you know if his Tuxedo fits right? Keep these tips in mind when choosing the tuxedo that best becomes your fabulous groom!






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Scan this code with your smart phone camera to INSTANTLY view more details on this tuxedo. (Search your app store for a FREE “QR Reader” today)





Colorfully Ever Color Stylists

We coordinate with all designer dress lines

Seasonal Palettes

Fresh new and fun colors for every season

No Matter the Hue

We’ve got you colored!

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Tux Rental Mad 42

Haven’t selected your formalwear yet? Finding the right tuxedo is as easy as 1-2-3!

ade Easy


Groom and groomsmen. But don’t forget to include important men like fathers, grandfathers and other special VIP’s!


Select a tuxedo that best suits your personal style! Remember to schedule a free Groom’s Fashion Preview and decide what look works best for you!


Make sure to try on your tuxedo at time of pick up. Our in-stock tuxedos ensure any last minute adjustments will be made swiftly and everyone looks their best in time for the celebration! 43

c i t n a m o R destinations filled with faraway, exotic, exciting and unforgettable moments




c i t a m a r D y l h Hig A rich truffle warmth with confidence of amazing glaring appeal



e c n a g e l Pure E

The look of diamond, white or ivory. The endless magic of regal elegance.


. s l i a t e D t s e l l a m The S



Make your little ones feel special, too. When deciding on the tuxedo for the little ones, remember to get him fitted at a My Fabulous Day Retailer to ensure a perfect fit!

t s o m e h t e Mak . s e i r o m e Precious M 51

“ Perfectly Suited

These head-to-toe tips will ensure your guy’s big-day look is tailor-made. Smooth Operator

Hot Under the Collar

Vested Interest

Tying the Knot

A properly fitted tuxedo jacket lies smoothly from shoulder to shoulder across the back, with enough room for comfortable arm movement, (have your groom-to-be give you a hug to gauge his comfort level). If the shoulder padding extends beyond his shoulders, the jacket is too big; if the jacket creases in the back, it’s too small.

Formal dressing requires that the waist of a man’s trousers never be exposed. If your guy opts to wear a vest, he should leave the bottom button undone (the portly King Edward VII started this trend at the beginning of the 20th century). If your groom chooses to wear a cummerbund instead, make sure the pleats face up.

Com-Pleat Package

If your fiance is tall and slim, flat-front trousers are a great pick; they’re cut slimmer through the legs and hug the hips nicely. Traditional pleated pants have a more relaxed fit, making them ideal for huskier body types. The pants’ crease should cross the middle of his kneecap, and any pockets should lie flat against the legif they gape open, he needs a larger size.

Great Lengths

The standard length for men’s formal-wear trousers is approximately one and threequarter inches from the floor (shoes on); the pant legs should break on the top of the shoe and angle slightly downward in back.


If your guy complains that dress shirts are uncomfortable, his shirt may simply fit poorly. Have him do the finger test: When his shirt is buttoned to the top, he should be able to slip his forefinger between the shirt’s collar and his neck. If more than one finger fits, the shirt is too big: if his finger doesn’t fit at all, it’s too small.

Long ties are a popular choice in formal-wear today; just make sure the tie is not so long that it peeks out from the bottom of your groom’s vest. If he plans on wearing a bow tie, remind him that the wings of his shirt collar sit behind not atop - the tie.

Flower Power

The perfect finishing touch to a tuxedo, a boutonniere, should always be worn on the left lapel and tilt slightly outward. If he chooses to wear a pocket square instead, it should coordinate with his other accessories.


His jacket sleeves should fall at least below the crease of his wrist, but not reach past the fleshy part of his thumb. His shirt sleeves should extend one-quarter to one-half inches beyond the jacket sleeve.

Great Shape

Remind your groom to make sure he buttons his jacket while being fitted - first, to check that his lapels lie flat and, second, to be certain that the jacket is the correct size. If it’s the right fit, it will taper slightly at the waist and then drape comfortably to the hip.

Covered Up

The proper length for a tuxedo jacket is one that covers a man’s derriere and gives his legs the longest line possible. For a jacket that is perfectly suited to your groom’s proportions, have his tailor measure him from the base of the back of his jacket collar straight down to the floor. Divide this measurement in half, and you have the best length for his physique.

Shoe In

The color of his formal-wear trousers dictates the color of his footwear: Black patent leather shoes are worn with black pants, white shoes with white trousers and so forth. Remember that his socks ought to coordinate, too. Be sure he brings his shoes to his fitting to ensure the pant hem is the proper length.



e v a H t Mus ories s s e c c A From cufflinks & studs to ties and vest, if you believe in living stylishly, then it’s time to accessorize!



r i a f f A Family Fathers, Grandfathers and other Family...


wedding parties are honoring fathers, grandfathers and other key family members by reserving them matching tuxedos. It’s a perfect way of including them in the celebration. If you don’t want them to look identical to the party, have them wear the same style tux and shirts, but a slightly different shade of tie. That way they’ll still be noticed as special, and a distinct part of the party. 57


Blush? Whether it’s blush or baby blue, isn’t just for the bridesmaids anymore. Being creative with has never been so easy.

color color

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Select from 100’s of convenient locations for the measurements to be taken and your desired pick up location. We will send each of your groomsmen an E-Mail Alert to help assure a Fabulous Tux Fit!


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style checklist

Worried that with all the wedding hoopla, you’ll forget those wedding cufflinks? Read on for a groom’s checklist of everything you’ll need. Three Months Before

Decide what you and your groomsmen will wear. Go tux shopping & reserve rentals for you and your guys.

One Month Before

If you’re buying a tux, make sure alterations are finished and go in for a final fitting. If the tux still doesn’t fit quite right, the shop will still have time to make final alterations.

One Week Before

Get a haircut! Get a manicure (no polish -- just clean, buffed nails). Buy new boxers for the big day. Surprise your bride with something stylish.

One Day Before

If you’re renting, pick up your tux. Make sure your groomsmen, your father, and the ring bearer get their tuxes, too. If you’re renting or buying, double check that all the elements are included in the correct size: jacket, trousers, shirt, tie, vest or cummerbund, shoes, cuff links, and dress socks. If you will be dressing somewhere other than at home, pack your tuxedo and other essentials today.


certain “Be to remember the wedding rings!

The Morning of the Wedding Day

Get a close shave. Take a hot shower. Remember your deodorant! This might be a high-sweat day. Remember the rings. Place them in your pocket to entrust to your best man sometime before the ceremony. If possible, ask your mother to pin on your boutonniere. This mother/son moment will bring a tear to her eye. Breathe slowly and deeply, take one last look in the mirror, and get ready for your lovely bride’s entrance.


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