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Be aware of phantom load Many electronics and appliances consume electricity even when switched off. This is called phantom load. Here’s how to fight it. •First, find anything with a light that stays on all of the time. Also, look for anything with a remote as well as gaming consoles and chargers, which use electricity even when they aren’t charging anything. •Then, plug printers, stereos and other electronics into a power strip, so you can turn several devices off quickly. A “smart” power strip can cut off power to some devices automatically and let you keep power to others, such as a cable box that takes a long time to reboot when unplugged.

PaySite kiosks available •CJ’s Country Market at 7404 Batesville Pike in Jacksonville. •Crossroads Express at 6027 Arkansas 36 in Rose Bud. •Dodge’s Chicken Store at 209 W. 22nd St. in Stuttgart. •Dude’s Place at 3811 Arkansas 38 in Austin. •Harps at 1515 Arkansas 5 North in Benton. •Phillips 66 at 4071 Arkansas 294 in Jacksonville. •The Country Store at 6699 Heber Springs Road N. in Drasco. •TJ’s Country Store at 207 N. Fourche Ave. in Perryville.

2013 September Bill Information