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January 2013



Jenny Rockett follows her star RED 2.indd 1

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Editor’s letter A fresh start 02 Oh, to be young again. What I love most about the new year is that we are forced to evaluate our lives, hopefully learn from our experiences, and want to live better. If there is anything that defines the young, it is their fearless pursuit to go for what they are most passionate about. Sadly, as we grow older we somehow find ourselves doing what we think we are supposed to do and forget to listen to our inner voice. This issue, we are thrilled to have Jenny Rockett on the cover. Not only an established model, she is also a seasoned traveler, venturing the world to pursue her passions for public policy, media, and life’s little surprises. You will also get an eyeful of the vibrant photos of Francesca Balaguer-Mercado, another young woman who is doing what she loves best, making people come alive and telling a story with a single shot. We also asked some of Manila’s most influential personalities

subject in empoweRED: find out what makes her

to share their lust list for 2013, a mix of fashion,

create the most delicate and beautiful caftans, which

beauty, technology, and art acquisitions.

I personally think every woman should have at least

For those with a passion for travel like our cover

one in her wardrobe. And of course, since it’s the

girl, we hope you enjoy Andy Martel’s Iceland

new year, we had to ask our good friends what they’re

adventure in this issue’s exploRED. Fashion designer

saving up for.

and entrepreneur Josie Natori, meanwhile, is our

Happy 2013!

Ria Prieto Flip through Inquirer RED Magazine’s pages online at Like us on

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Contents On the cover: Feather gown, Maureen Disini This page: Fringe dress, Charina Sarte


06 exploRED Reykjavic, Iceland 08 acquiRED What’s on the must-have list of Manila’s PRVWLQÁXHQWLDOSHUVRQDOLWLHV"

24 inspiRED Rouge awakening 27 Quiet beauty

Rest easy in the clean and simple home systems of Italian furniture company Poliform

28 A circus in his home

Photographer Francesca Balaguer-Mercado captures a circus owner’s residence with characters straight out of his colorful traveling show

30 inquiRED :KDWDUH\RXVDYLQJXSIRU" 31 empoweRED Josie Natori Editor-in-Chief Layout Artist Copy Editor Post-production Artist Intern Design

admiRED / 16

Jenny Rockett This student of the world learns about life through her endless travels

RED 2.indd 4

Ria Prieto Joan R. Soro Joy Rojas Revo C. Naval Cristina Legaspi, Mara Miano PUSH Associates, Inc.

Contributing writers: Francesca Balaguer-Mercado, Mara Miano Contributing photographers: Sara Black, Jo Ann Bitagcol, Andrea Martel, Francesca Balaguer-Mercado, Stanley Ong, Wesley Villarica Editorial Consultant

Thelma Sioson San Juan

Board Chairperson

Alexandra Prieto-Romualdez

VP, Advertising Business Development Manager Sales and Marketing Manager

Pepito Olarte Lou Gonzales Cathy Bautista-Pumarega

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Reykjavic, Iceland Situated somewhere between the Atlantic and Arctic oceans, Iceland, one would say, is aptly named. “I knew it was going

Bláa Iónio, or the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa, is one

to be cold, but this weather was crazy. I had to buy additional

of her favorites. The water was a perfect 37°C, a refreshing

thermals to keep me warm,” says Andrea Martel. But don’t

outtake from the 2°C weather. Guests can rent a private lagoon

be put off by the biting temperature. Andy describes Iceland’s

and enjoy cocktails at the pool bar.

beauty as ethereal, otherworldly—as if you were in another planet, she swears. Traveling with friends in a rented 4x4, Andy soaked up her surroundings, stopping over occasionally to get a good view

The highlight of her trip: witnessing the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, from a rented villa by Glymur, Iceland’s tallest waterfall. It was perfect timing for Andy who happened to be in the country in the year when the natural phenomenon

of natural and man-made landmarks like the Hallgrímskirkja

was said to appear at its best because of the way the stars are

Cathedral, an architectural wonder comparable to the


legendary Norse City Asgard. She also saw the Great Geysir,

RED 2.indd 6

very lush.”

“My friends and I went out to see the Northern Lights three

the Gullfoss waterfall, and the glaciers at Skálanes. “I thought

more times during the trip,” she says. “We’re hoping to go to

Iceland was going to be all white,” she says, “but it’s actually

Finland next, where we hope to see more of its glory.”


Otherworldly doesn’t begin to describe a country famous for its stunning light display and geothermal spas

1/17/13 4:41:05 PM

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To have and to hold What’s on the must-have list of Manila’s most stylish PHOTOGRAPHS BY JO ANN BITAGCOL

Janina Dizon Hoschka Jewelry and accessories designer 1. Chanel crystal heel shoes 2. Valextra luggage set in pearl 3. The Lipstick Watch by De Grisogono 4. A hot air balloon trip through the Napa Valley 5. A stay at the Icehotel, Sweden

RED 2.indd 8



1/17/13 4:41:16 PM

Gec Chia COO, Poliform 1. Hermès cufflinks 2. Tom Ford suit 3. Vacheron Constantin watch 4. Trip to the Maldives 5. Prada Infusion d’Homme

Charlene Cobankiat-Tiu Managing director, Coby’s Design Home Furnishing 1. Harry Winston radiant-cut yellow diamond ring 2. Peep-toe pump 3. Patek Philippe nautilus ladies self-winding watch 4. Leica m9 titanium camera 5. Bobbi Brown caviar and oyster palette

RED 2.indd 9

1/17/13 4:41:27 PM

Marco Lobregat Founder, Ministry of Mushrooms 1. Terre d’Hermès cologne 2. Ermenegildo Zegna suit 3. Gucci loafers 4. iPad 5. Prada wallet

Ruby Gan Owner, Schu Bar and Myth 1. Penhaligon Malabah 2. A pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps 3. One week vacation with my boys 4. Stella McCartney Run Loose tank 5. Valentino Rockstud Medium tote (in fuchsia or red)

RED 2.indd 10

1/17/13 4:41:41 PM

Quito Lopez Head for store development Starbucks 1. Prada messenger bag 2. Rolex RG Day-Date II 3. Frederic Malle’s French Lover perfume 4. Lanvin Evolution Cut-Collar jacket 5. Tom Ford Bradley metal aviator sunglasses

Mel Cuevas Columnist, Inquirer Lifestyle; editor, 1. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Matte Luminous Lip Colour in L’Impatiente 2. Bulgari Serpenti Rose Gold and Diamond ring 3. Muji double-ended hexagonal pens 4. Garance Dore illustration 5. Leica X2 camera

RED 2.indd 11

1/17/13 4:41:54 PM

Ipe Cruz Publisher, Rouge 1. Cartier Love bracelet 2. Alexander McQueen black tuxedo 3. Dolce & Gabbana black leather shoes 4. Hermès Idem belt 5. Etro pocket squares

Joey Samson, Fashion designer 1. Works by Paulo Vinluan and Gino Tioseco 2. Tuxedo shirts 3. Playmobil, Schleich pop-up books and 3D puzzles 4. Designer archive pieces 5. Music created by Ariel Lozada for his shows

RED 2.indd 12

1/17/13 4:42:08 PM

Quad Dela Paz Digital director, Starcom Mediavest Group 1. IWC Portuguese watch 2. Car shoe 3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 4. Bose Soundlink portable speakers 5. Bulgari MAN perfume

Joyce Ore単a Owner, JO Joyce Ore単a Jewelry & Accessories 1. Thonet bicycle by Andy Martin 2. B&O BeoPlay A9 wireless sound system 3. Blossom One Limited coffee 4. Swatch New Gent Lacquered Sunray Glam 5. Jimmy Choo + Rob Pruitt smoking slipper

RED 2.indd 13

1/17/13 4:42:22 PM

Pauline Juan Editor-in-chief, Preview Magazine 1. A supply of scented candles by Astier de Villatte, Diptyque, or Votivo 2. Herm猫s Alhambra plates 3. Lanc么me Bright Eyes BB cream 4. Inigo Elizalde throw pillows

RED 2.indd 14

1/17/13 4:42:27 PM

RED 2.indd 15

1/17/13 4:42:39 PM


Sequined shift, Rhett Eala


Student of the world She’s traveled all her life, but Jenny Rockett’s journey to new experiences, cultures, and ways of thinking is far from over

RED 2.indd 16

1/17/13 4:42:42 PM


RED 2.indd 17

1/17/13 4:42:46 PM

Thanks to Instagram, I found out that an old friend of mine

with this fast-paced life, I always make time to be healthy. That

was back in Manila.

means running, reading for pleasure, eating well (motto: you are

I met Jenny Rockett more than a decade ago when I was

what you eat), and doing something for the soul every so often.

working for a teen magazine. What struck me most about her was her quiet, demure disposition. Unlike most models her age wanting to know what outfit they were going to

What is passion to you? Passion is living for something; holding onto an ideal (howev-

wear or which makeup they were going to use, she would

er simple or grand), focusing your mindset towards it and—most

simply sit in one corner and read a book.

importantly—having the patience and strength to endure. It is

After a couple of years, a friendship formed and if you

absolutely the greatest feeling in the world to be passionate for

ask me about Jenny, the last thing I would probably remem-

something and makes every moment of one’s life worth living.

ber is that she’s actually a model. More than a pretty face,


she is driven and extremely intelligent—two of the many traits I like and admire most about her.

What’s your passion? I live and work to travel. I have been traveling all my life and I am still excited at the thought of going somewhere new or visit-

What are you busy with these days? The last few years have been a whirlwind between work, writing a travel blog, and studying again. In three years, I think I have lived in six different countries and three con-

ing somewhere old, too. Not sure why I don’t exhaust of travel, but I tend to be pretty rapacious about seeking new experiences, cultures, and ways of thinking. It’s an obsession, actually! Two years ago, I started a travel blog (www.transmongolian-

tinents—mostly for modeling, sometimes for photojournal- to chronicle my train journey from Asia

ism, and lately for school. When I left New York in 2009, I

to Europe. It was a train journey from Hong Kong with stops in

lived in Manila, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Paris.

Beijing, Ulan Bator, Moscow on my way to Paris. No other travel

At the moment, I am back in Singapore finishing my last se-

experience has consumed me more than this trip and it was an

mester of my post-graduate studies, working on a research

unforgettable epic journey that has stayed with me on subse-

project in Thailand, and traveling for product endorsement

quent travels since.

work around Asia. Where are you going to school and what course are you taking? You modeled a lot. Are you still pursuing that? Yes. I started modeling rather young at 12 years old and I never imagined I would still be doing it today! Even in New

Why? In 2011, I started a master’s degree in public policy at Sciences Po University in Paris. I now live in Singapore, finishing a double

York when I was studying and working full time, I modeled

degree at the National University of Singapore and majoring in

on the side. But it was only until I came back to Asia that I

public management and governance. I am interested in how the

immersed myself in it completely. What was supposed to be

private and public worlds, as well the media of a country, shape

a two-month stint in Hong Kong in 2010 turned out to be a

the lives of people and determine the fate of many. I pursued these

two-year international career, which continues to sponsor

courses because I wanted to have a macro-perspective of how to-

my education and support my love for travel. I am incred-

day’s world works and how it can be changed for the better.

ibly thankful every single day for my blessings, lucky to be able to work on a job I enjoy, and inspired by the creative, talented, and passionate people I work with.

What do you plan to do in the future? When I was in New York I worked in media at the United Nations and CNN. I would like to continue the public work I started

How do you balance your time? In my view, balance is everything. That’s really the key to

RED 2.indd 18

there doing something with news production and media, hopefully with a little more confidence and value added after my master’s

enjoying life and drawing the most from it. Graduate school

degree. I also dream of opening my own boutique coffee shop in

is very demanding. So aligning my schedule with my prod-

Manila, serving the bean as thoughtfully and carefully as one

uct endorsements when they arise can be difficult. To deal

does with wine. One day.

1/17/13 4:42:47 PM

Maillot, Por Do Sol

RED 2.indd 19

1/17/13 4:42:49 PM


Little white dress, Patrice Ramos-Diaz

Blazer and dress, Paul Smith

RED 2.indd 20

1/17/13 4:42:54 PM

Fringe dress, Charina Sarte

RED 2.indd 21

1/17/13 4:42:57 PM

Beaded top, Jun Escario

What five things do you like most about Philippine poli-

country, I strongly believe Filipino politicians are capable of


possessing these traits with the right incentives.

It’s free entertainment, catty, bewildering, “flexible,” and there are a lot of good people in politics (we just don’t hear enough about them). To be a Filipino politi-

What are you most excited about? I am excited every day about life. The biggest travel jour-

cian is probably the hardest job in the world. I have the

ney of all is life. I always try to remind myself that we have

highest respect for those who can stomach it at any con-

one life, and it is up to us to enjoy its moments fully, tran-

sequence without sacrificing their highest morals. Now

scend the things that don’t matter, and travel our life jour-

that’s a really hard thing to do!

neys well.

What five things would you like to change in Philippine

Name five people you admire and why.

politics? Politics is difficult and takes a long time to change. But our country definitely needs leaders with high morals, big hearts, strong guts, a sense of responsibil-

These are the five that come to mind at the moment and symbolize all the other people I don’t mention: 1) Christiane Amanpour, CNN: guts, justice, and perseverance.

ity, and those who know when it is their time to stop

2) Natalie Portman: class, talent, and intelligence.

serving! Despite the negative image of politicians in this

3) Pia Cayetano: a true Filipino role-model mother, senator, and advocate.

RED 2.indd 22

1/17/13 4:42:59 PM

4) Buddha: spirituality of the self. 5) Lady Gaga: genius.

Love and lust. In The Mood For Love (WKW). Music. Transformative. Nickname. A Rockett Science.

Time for A to Z word play. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word... Age. “…Ain’t Nothing But a Number” (cliché—but so true!). Should never be a setback to accomplish anything.

Peeves. Insincerity. Quote. Precious. One good one will remedy a bad day. Restaurant. House of love.

Brunch. Best meal of the day. Any time of the day.

Sex. Act of love.

Character. Single most important thing a person possesses.

Trend. Classic is always better.

Dream. African safari in Tanzania, Machu Picchu, and Patagonia.

Underwear. Wear it sexy, most especially when you’re

Ego. Study it, tame it. Fame. Responsibility. Guilt. A dose keeps your morals in check.

RED 2.indd 23

Olympian. Religious.

single. Vacation. Roads, oceans, and railway tracks less traveled.

Height. Transcend.

Water or wine? Wine. Shiraz s’il vous plait.

Insecurities. Recognize, understand, and manage.

X-rays. More exists than that which meets the eye.

Jeans. Darkest or lightest blue = totally chic.

YouTube. Procrastination.

Kids. Joy.

Zoo animal. Lioness.

1/17/13 4:43:02 PM



Rouge awakening


RED 2.indd 24

1/17/13 4:43:07 PM

Two design details stand out in

pieces, but comes from a family

this young couple’s home. First,

that appreciates them too. A

the striking red color. “We chose

crystal chandelier given to them

it to complement our Arturo Luz

by the lady’s mother-in-law is

paintings,” explains the woman

among their prized possessions,

of the house, “red being the

as is the pre-war painting, The

predominant color of his works.” As for the antiques that abound in almost every nook

All of the artworks in the foyer are by Arturo /X])XUQLWXUHLV3KLOLSSLQH$UW'HFR

Annunciation by Isidro Ancheta, an artwork from the lady’s dad. Whether it’s another antique

and cranny, these were acquired

or a book to add to their growing

individually and way before the

collection, this couple goes

couple even met. How fortunate

by a simple decorating rule.

to find someone who not only

“Surround yourself,” declares the

shares your passion for such

lady, “with the things you love.”

Trio of Colonial-era religious paintings, including a Damian 'RPLQJRRQWKHXSSHUOHIW

Antique horn

RED 2.indd 25

1/17/13 4:43:26 PM

Clockwise from top: An antique ‘botica’ (apothecary) cabinet, QRZXVHGDVDERRNFDVH Ornately framed antique PLUURU(XURSHDQ$QWLTXH alabaster hand-carved YDVH(XURSHDQ

RED 2.indd 26

1/17/13 4:43:47 PM




RED 2.indd 27

What is it about the all-Italian Poliform that makes it a

various offerings—we’re talking book cases, wall systems,

coveted furniture brand among discerning homeowners in

free-standing units, coffee tables, wardrobes, beds, sofas,

the Philippines and over 76 countries worldwide? Easily, it’s

and kitchen systems. With its quietly elegant and highly

the calming effect achieved by the clean, simple, and timeless

utilitarian aesthetic, Poliform is all about efficiency and

pieces of internationally renowned designers Carlo Colombo,

order—two qualities that every homeowner hopes to achieve.

Paolo Piva, Jean Marie Massaud, and more. To experience it firsthand, drop by the Poliform showroom

For further inquiries, contact Anna Go Chia at (0920) 923-

on Nicanor Garcia Street in Bel-Air, Makati. Bright interiors

2320 and or Gec Chia at gcchia@poliform.

and wide, open spaces allow a better appreciation of the brand’s


1/17/13 4:43:54 PM

A circus in his home 3KRWRJUDSKHU)UDQFHVFD Balaguer-Mercado captures a circus owner’s residence with characters straight out of his colorful traveling show TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY FRANCESCA BALAGUER-MERCADO


“The Majestic” is a series of photographs taken in the

vibrant world called “The Majestic” exists within Greg's

wonderland known as The Gregangelo Museum in San

home. Each image was inspired by a specific location in

Francisco, CA. It was a project that started from the desire to

the house. Various elements like colors, style, and mood

take portraits of local circus performers in the Bay Area. After

all inspired me in creating visual narratives for specific

sending numerous e-mails to various circus troupes asking

rooms and spaces around the house. I would look at a

to photograph them, I only received a response from one—

space and think, "What kind of character would hang out

Gregangelo’s Velocity Circus.

here? What would their story be?" And that's how I would

I immediately responded to the e-mail, which was quickly followed by a phone call from Gregangelo Herrera, the founder

build my concept. I think one of the main reasons why “The Majestic” was

and owner of Velocity. Greg said he wasn't a big "phone

successful was the way Greg, as a fellow artist, trusted

person" and would rather meet me in person to discuss the

my creative vision. He allowed me to create freely while

ideas I had for the photo series. I was quite reluctant when he

being inspired by his creations. He let me interpret his art

said we should meet at his home to go over the details. I was

through my eyes. I had the freedom to style each area as I

living in San Francisco then, and had my fair share of, let's

pleased, use the models, makeup, and wardrobe I believed

say weird and sometimes scary experiences meeting up with

would best tell the story.

complete strangers. But there was something telling me to go

In the end, I felt like I was given the opportunity to

for it. So, just for safety, I left a note on my study table saying

really develop my personal aesthetic and style during this

I was to meet this guy named Gregangelo Herrera, along with


his address. Just in case. I arrived at Greg's residence, and the minute Greg opened

International Photography Awards and has been exhibited

like landing in a different world. I was instantly inspired.

at the Kimball Gallery of the de Young Museum in San

The concept for the series comes from the idea that this

RED 2.indd 28

‘The Majestic’ series has won awards in the prestigious

his front door, everything made sense. Entering his home was

Francisco, CA.

1/17/13 4:43:55 PM






7 1. Prince Genie 2. Twins 3. Seahorse 4. Strings 5. Galaxy 6. Mermaid 7. Disco


RED 2.indd 29

1/17/13 4:43:56 PM

Anna Tuason, housewife ´$UDLQ\GD\":LWKÀYHFKLOGUHQDQGD SXSS\,KDYHWR1RWKLQJPDWHULDO,ORQJIRU DWWKHPRPHQW¾ Tweetie de Leon-Gonzalez, model/ entrepreneur ´0\0DUFKHVDFOXWFK)RUVRPHUHDVRQ when I look at my Marchesa and Kotur FOXWFKHVWKH\PDNHPHKDSS\¾ Andi Vasquez-Prada, creative director, W/17 (above, left) ´6HOILPSURYHPHQW,W¡VWKHEHVWLQYHVWPHQW¾ Mariko Jacinto, artist (above, right) ´,DFWXDOO\GRQ¡WVDYHEHFDXVH,EHOLHYHLQWKHQRZ¾

inquiRED Cookie La’O, professional golfer ´&ROOHJHIXQGIRURXUNLGV¾

What are you saving up for? &RPSLOHGE\5LD3ULHWR

Bianca Santos, creative director, Linya Disenyo “I save up mostly for business trips that I WU\WRH[WHQGDVDPLQLKROLGD\,FLQJRQWKH FDNHDUHDUWZRUNVDQGSHUVRQDOMHZHOU\Âľ

RED 2.indd 30


Romeo Nuguid, pediatrician ´$FUXLVH,¡PJRLQJRQWKLV$SULO¾

1/17/13 4:43:57 PM

Me at work

My childhood

School photo Classical piano piece

Tools of the trade


Josie Natori The internationally acclaimed fashion power house is inspired by family and fabrics with a feminine touch My grandkids bring joy to my life Lingerie

Caftans In the middle of a PRGHOĂ€WWLQJ

The team hard at work in the factory

RED 2.indd 31

My fave gadget


1/17/13 4:44:06 PM

RED 2.indd 32

1/17/13 4:44:07 PM

Red Magazine - Jenny Rockett follows her star  

Red Magazine - Jenny Rockett follows her star

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