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KRIE LOPEZ Epitome of Pristine

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Editor’s Letter


In lieu of Independence Day, which falls on June 12, we decided to dedicate this issue to what liberates us most, and that of those we featured. An excellent example of the journey towards liberation manifests in our cover subject Krie Lopez, owner of Messy Bessy. She left her corporate job, built the business, and found her calling: to help the disadvantaged. Indeed, life works in strange ways in helping us figure out what makes us truly happy. Father’s Day is also a June holiday. As a wife and a daughter, this day puts a lot of pressure on me. How does one make these special men in our lives know how important they are through the contents of a little box? Artisanal chocolate, perhaps, from Villa del Conte; one of the iconic scents that we personally picked out for our baRED section (page 30). Truth is: nothing material will ever be enough and so, I just hope they know I remember and appreciate them everyday. I wish my simple card sends them that message. Maybe it’s the age, but I have recently been thinking of ways and means to shed some fat particularly in my midsection. I sought inspiration and featured yogini Monique Borja in our empoweRED page (page 38). Hopefully I, along with the Inquirer RED team and our readers, start doing something proactive instead of just talking about it. Inquirer RED Magazine believes that your home should be your sanctuary, and for that reason we feature a dwelling with a lot souvenirs from the owners’ favorite travels. Bringing home mementos serve as a reminder of happy times and helps brighten up the home and spirit—liberation always begins with a healthy spirit. For this issue, we have added two new sections: desiRED, comprised of the month’s most-coveted items, and squaRED, a feature on individuals in their creative spaces. We have the honor of featuring fashion designer Rajo Laurel, whose workspace is full of what fuels his creative journey: books. When the chaos of the present becomes too much, watching a classic film gives temporary escape. This served as inspiration for our fashion pages. We added a couple of items only available online so you won't have to leave your home to shop. The soul has a constant need to feel that euphoria. When was the last time you gave yourself a chance to feel liberated?

Ria Prieto Want to see the other issues of Inquirer RED Magazine? Check out

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Take the Liberty

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Krie Lopez Bessy isn't so messy: Krie opens up for the first time


ON THE COVER: Top, Givenchy, available at Adora, Greenbelt 5; Choker, stylist's own. THIS PAGE: Pleated longsleeve dress, Valentino, available at Adora, Greenbelt 5


acquiRED Gorgeous furniture and textiles


squaRED Rajo Laurel

11 20 26 29 30 32 34 37 38

from Hermès

exploRED Magnificent Turkey for the intrepid adventurer attiRED Fabulous get-ups inspired by film favorites inspiRED This gorgeous home was designed by great taste and a touch of Africa

devouRED Divine chocolate from Villa del Conte baRED A selection of aromatic offerings for males art Armed with a needle and thread, Eugenia Alcaide sews truly remarkable portraits desiRED This month's most coveted items inquiRED What is the most liberating thing you've done for yourself?

empoweRED Monique Borja

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Nécessaires d’Hermès » collection : Carrés d’assise and Groom



Lap of Luxury

The latest home collection from Hermès is a modern vision that cleverly pays homage to French tradition

Hermès recently unveiled its newest collection, les Nécessaires d'Hermès, comprised of tasteful fabric, wallpaper and furniture, as interpreted by Philippe Nigro. He is known for pieces that savants called "reconciliatory," a contemporary style that is flexible and adaptive yet distinct, making it appeal to a worldwide audience. With patterns that emanate traditional Hermès flavor such as horse riding, nature, geometric and nautical, the collection bespeaks a "contemporary vision of the Hermès lifestyle." It is bold and imaginative as much as it is well crafted and functional. •

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nishing fabrics : Spirographie, Brazil, Les minéraux, Carré Cube

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"My library is like a curio-cabinet of sorts. Each piece here begins or ends a creative journey."

The Journeyman

Celebrated fashion designer and marketing wiz, Rajo Laurel, throws open the doors to his workspace, exhibiting his remarkable book collection and fragments of a life spent exploring the myriad channels of creativity P HOTO G R AP H B Y P AUL M O N D O K

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Back in Time

Home to the most well-preserved ancient edifices, Turkey is the heart of Central Asian history TA N YA DE LA P A Z AS I N T E RV I E W E D B Y M ARA S . M I AN O P HOTO G R AP HY B Y Q UAD DE LA PA Z

If travel contributor Tanya de la Paz were to describe Turkey in one word, it would be "magical," an appropriate word for Central Asia that is renowned for its mystery and for its cultural history. Turkey was part of what once was the great Persian Empire ruled by leaders such as Cyrus the Great and Xerxes; a kingdom known for its gold, pageantry, and strong devotion to beliefs. Today it is one of Central Asia's largest spheres of influence, and has been quite active in promoting peace in its neighboring countries, like Afghanistan. Turkish economy has shown steady growth for the past eight years, and tourism is ever budding, putting it on the pinnacle of Inquirer RED 's most ideal travel destinations.

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Tanya recommends the following places to visit: Ephesus This is the best place to get a feel of what it was like during the Roman period with its wellpreserved temple ruins. It boasts historic mustsees, including a large gladiators' graveyard. It has been said that the Gospel of John may have been written here. It is also one of the seven churches of Asia mentioned in the "Book of Revelations." The weather is warmer in this part of the country, and it is best to go early in the day or late in the afternoon. Basilica Cistern In Turkish, Basilica Cistern literally translates to "Sunken Palace." It is one of the largest water reservoirs lying beneath Istanbul, with grand columns affixed with the visage of the mythological Gorgon Medusa. It was prominently featured in Dan Brown's controversial new book, Inferno. Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia Also known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the Blue Mosque is a combination of both Byzantine and traditional Islamic design. Pope Benedict XVI visited the Blue Mosque in 2006 and spent time there to meditate; it is only the second papal visit in history to a Muslim house of worship. Hagia Sophia is a historic museum that used to be a church and a mosque. Capadoccia Only an hour away from Istanbul by plane, Tanya especially enjoyed this mountainous region of Turkey because of the hot air balloon rides, which is the city's main tourist attraction. About 10 to 15 people can share one basket and fly over the city for an hour. She describes the experience as awe-inspiring, and she highly recommends it to anyone who visits. Grand Bazaar Grand Bazaar is the world's largest and oldest covered markets (Today we call it a "mall"). It is a labyrinth of shops that sell delightful local goods, such as carpets, lamps, brass items, ceramics and golden jewelry.

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OPENING PAGE: A facade of the Library of Celsus in Ephesus THIS PAGE (FROM TOP): Stone carvings at the Ephesus ruins; a panoramic view of Capadoccia taken from a hot air balloon; handpainted art on the ceiling of Hagia Sophia; Capadoccia at dawn; brass goods from the Grand Bazaar

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FROM TOP LEFT: The famous phallic rock formations in Capadoccia; bright home accessories made from glass sold in markets; volcanic rock formations at the Goreme National Park; Turkish coins, beads and various trinkets; an example of Byzantine-Islamic architecture commonly found in temples TOP RIGHT: The usual sights in an Istanbul marketplace: colorful plates, slippers and Turkish delight

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• Locals, especially vendors, can be quite aggressive in trade. Be cautious of their prices because they may take advantage of visiting tourists. Prepare to haggle! • To shop in Turkey, you need Turkish lira, and tourists would have to exchange euros for lira. Though some vendors accept euros, the exchange rate is not fairly priced. According to Tanya, prepare to haggle and always canvas first, especially in the bazaars. • Kebap is strongly recommended among Turkish cuisine. There are so many different kinds to choose from. Tanya's favorite is the pistachio kebap, served with aubergine and yogurt, to be washed down with ayran, a local yogurt drink. • If you're traveling on a limited budget and time constraint, focus on the Sultanahmet area. It's rich in history, and there is so much to see. The Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern, for instance, are only a few meters away from each other.

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Krie Lopez is clean and crisp with nothing to hide

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She is pristine like water. Her energy is calm yet pronounced. She speaks with a crystalline voice, and with a quiet grace. She wears little makeup and dresses simply, with her long black hair tied in a low ponytail—as if daring you to look beyond that pretty face because, God knows, she is so much more than just that. It is almost unfair how people only write about her work, but it is because she prefers to be private. Silent waters run deep, they say. For the first time, Krie Lopez, founder of the country's first natural cleaning products brand cum social entrepreneurship venture Messy Bessy, opens up and gives us a profound insight into her work and personal life. Krie finished Management Engineering in Ateneo de Manila and was a former financial analyst for one of the country's most prolific coffee companies. She left the corporate world, where she met her husband, and proceeded to begin her own organization, H.O.U.S.E. (Helping Ourselves Through Sustainable Enterprises), a program that seeks to improve the lives of formerly trafficked, abused, out-of-school and impoverished young adults, mostly ages 18 to 25, through work, academic training, and values formation. Messy Bessy Cleaners, Inc. began as the pilot project of H.O.U.S.E. It is the first and only manufacturer and wholesaler of natural, biodegradable household cleaners, with the goal of educating and employing these disadvantaged individuals to help them lead a more promising future. At 36, she is a budding businesswoman, a loving wife to her husband Noey and a proud mother to two-year-old Stella.

Where did the inspiration for "green cleaning" come from? Have you always been an environmentalist? To be honest, I am not an environmentalist. I don't see myself as an advocate. I don't crusade for or against anything. I think being green is just common sense. Why would we use something that is harmful to the world we live in, to our kids? My daughter licks everything. I really just found the need for natural cleaning products. I'm a pragmatist, like I use disposable diapers because it's practical. Everyone has to do what they can to help the environment. It is simply the humane thing to do. So you're not a tree hugger? No. I love trees. I will hug them. But no. How is it like working with former victims of exploitation? It is very difficult, even until now, five years after I established the business. They are emotionally unstable and have issues with motivation. The poor man's mentality is a huge obstacle to his motivation. Why the specific age group? Most of the workers we hire are ages 18 up to their mid-20s. It is a pragmatic choice because individuals at this age have very little hope for themselves, and at the same time, they have the greatest potential. They are the stage wherein the window of opportunity for change is at its biggest, and they have a chance to mold a better future for themselves. I, along with my team, try to provide them with a holistic education that covers everything from basic academics to values such as respect and compassion.

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OPPOSITE PAGE: Textured buttondown top, Maria Cornejo, Univers, One Rockwell

6/14/13 12:57 PM

How do you pick the members of the Messy Bessy team? They need to know what they are getting into because this is not a typical selling business. They have to be entrepreneurial and better than me at what they do. They also have to fit the culture of the company. We thrive in a culture of respect, positivity and love for others. How has working with Messy Bessy changed your perspective? It really brought me out of my shell. Working with these people calls for you to be tough and thickskinned. Though I know my employees have gone through a lot of hardship, I cannot give in to my pity [for them]. I have to stay professional as their boss. I used to be a non-confrontational person, but now I am because I have to be. What are your future plans for Messy Bessy? I envision for it to be a multi-branded company. I want to expand to personal care products and natural remedies. We are also launching a baby products brand this year. How do you find the balance between being a mother and a businesswoman? And between being a boss and at the same time a friend and guidance counselor to these young individuals? I do not believe in balance. Everything's a dance. For instance, I am a simple. I rarely dress up and look glamorous, but I know how to appreciate the good things in life like traveling. I am a math geek and I love reading books, but I am also very creative and artistic. I like drawing and painting. What is your daughter Stella like? It is funny because she is the opposite of me. She is a big girly girl! I made her first birthday monster-themed, and she will probably hate me for it. She is very obsessive compulsive, like her dad and I. She is less physical and more cerebral. She is very verbal and a bit of a brainiac. Who do people say you are more like, your mom or your dad? My dad. I am a daddy's girl. I don't remember a time when he ever said no to me. I was always the one who took care of him, even as a child. I made sure he took his medicine, things like that. He cried when he found out I was getting married, and cried again during my wedding day. Those were the only times anybody has ever seen him cry.

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V-neck sleeveless top, Jill Sander. Shoes, Louis Vuitton

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Sequined maxi dress, Tadashi, Rustan's, EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall; clutch and platforms, Louis Vuitton

How has motherhood changed you? It made me more focused at work because now I make sure the time I spend away from my daughter is worthwhile. I also needed to be more understanding because I liked being in control, and when you're a mother, you don't have control over everything anymore. What was your childhood like? I grew up in a family of eight siblings, and I was the youngest. Everyone babied me. When I became a mother, it was my first time to take the more mature role, but I like it. In college, I was on the football team and Ateneo's first women's golf team. What is it about you that people are most surprised about? I'm a math geek and a nerd. I have read tons of books. I am also one of the boys! I like beer and scotch. What are you favorite books? I love reading the young adult genre. I just recently finished The Book Thief. I love both fiction and non-fiction. Off the top of my head, I love The Fountainhead, Pillars of the Earth and Elegance of a Hedgehog. I have this weird silent rule of one book per author. I don't like repeating authors, there are just so many of them to get to know! I like stories with heavy and complicated plots. From all your undertakings, what is the most important thing you have learned so far? Poverty is a very complicated problem. Whenever people say, "Education will solve poverty," I don't necessarily agree even though there is some truth to it. The solution is not as simple as that. I have provided disadvantaged people with work opportunities and free education, including values training, but I have learned that it is not enough. The problem is rooted in their mindset: that they are poor and can never get out of their situation. There is an intrinsic lack of motivation, and it is difficult and complex to solve. We redesign H.O.U.S.E.'s educational program constantly to become more effective. What are the most important lessons you want to share with your family? Tolerance and humility. Homophobic and racial jokes are out of the question. I want my children to grow up without a sense of entitlement and instead be self-reliant and independent. I want them to be exposed rather than sheltered. And of course, I want to them to be tough. Manila is a tough place to live in. •

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Pearls of the Orient

Jewelmer Joaillerie introduces two superb creations: The Pelagia ring and the Grand Tropics necklace At the forefront of South Sea Pearl production is Jewelmer Joaillerie, known for its exquisite and timeless pieces, and of course, for the quality and beauty of the pearls it cultivates. The brand has been around for over three decades and continues to improve on the quality of its overall product, as well as the efficacy and sustainablity of its pearl farming methods. Jewelmer Joaillerie's pearls epitomize luxury and elegance. Draped across a smooth throat, encircling slender fingers, or trailing down slim wrists, their pieces evoke a quiet grace yet a powerful attraction to both wearer and beholder. Their latest offerings are gifts that speak volumes: the Pelagia and the Grand Tropics necklace. THE PELAGIA A sight to behold, this magnificent ring from the Lautitia collection consists of a South Sea pearl, the golden spherical orb sitting amongst

RED 8 REVISED plus1ad.indd 19

blue sapphires—this set apart by sparkling 3.89-karat black and white diamonds set in 18-karat white gold dipped in rhodium, molded into the shape of a fish. One soft touch and the fish's mouth moves—a truly splendid creation from Jewelmer Joaillerie. The Pelagia also comes in another version: one golden South Sea pearl set with 2.11-karat sapphires and 1.7-karat diamonds in 18-karat gold. THE GRAND TROPICS NECKLACE This piece is truly splendid. It is "an ode to a celebration of life and nature in its organic shape, natural texture, and brilliance in exuberant harmony." The piece boasts a 16 mm deep golden South Sea pearl, its spherical radiance complemented by 14.89-karat diamonds and 18-karat gold. The golden orb seemingly rests on a gold petal encrusted with diamonds, the stem widing gracefully around the wearer's neck.

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Bonnie and Clyde CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Emerald-cut earstuds platinum setting, Harry Winston, Greenbelt 5; Silk scarf, Hermès, Greenbelt 3; Luminor Chrono Daylight 44mm, Panerai,


Reel Style

Greenbelt 5; Church Sally Polished Fume in Cherry,; Stretch wool silk trousers, Dsquared2,; D.D. bag medium leather tote, TOD’s, Greenbelt 4; Short sleeve sweater, Kate Spade, Shangri-La Plaza

Pay homage to Hollywood with these classic ensembles C O M P I LE D BY R I A P R I E TO A N D M A R A M I AN O

RED 8 REVISED plus1ad.indd 20

6/14/13 12:57 PM

Rebel Without a Cause CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Aston Martin racing coupe jacket, Hackett, Rustan's; classic cotton tee, American Apparel, www.; silver skull ring, 13 Lucky Monkey, Cura V, Powerplant Mall; 3D cubes men’s socks, Arthur George by Robert Kardashian,; skinny homme jeans, Diesel, Rustan's; Portugese Perpetual Calendar Rose Gold watch, IWC, Greenbelt 5

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6/14/13 12:57 PM

Roman Holiday CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: Women’s Tank francaise steel watch, Cartier, Rustan's; wide suede and alligator print belt, Oscar de la Renta,; leather ballerinas, Repetto, Greenbelt 3; ‘Happy Stripe’ Patchwork lambskin shoulder bag, Lanvin, Adora, Greenbelt 5; tropics bangle, Jewelmer, Alabang Town Center; Longsleeve button down shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren, Rustan's; leather and tulle mini skirt, Valentino,

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6/14/13 12:58 PM

Virgin Suicides CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Elsa Peretti Cross Pendant, Tiffany & Co., Rustan's; Valerie semi precious stone earrings, Dannijo, www.dannijo. com; Mexican beaded bracelet, Hipanema, www.; vintage cigarette case, www.etsy. com; Britton thong sandals, Tory Burch, Greenbelt 5; GE700 leather strap watch in bronze, Swatch, Greenbelt 5; long floral halter dress, Zimmerman,

RED 8 REVISED plus1ad.indd 23

6/14/13 12:58 PM

Skyfall CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: Champs-ElysĂŠes card holder, Louis Vuitton, Greenbelt 4; Paisley silk pocket square, Etro, Adora, Greenbelt 5; Daytona watch, Rolex, Powerplant Mall; Spazzolato dress slip-ons, Prada, Greenbelt 4; cufflinks, Cartier, Rustan's; striped dress shirt, Ermenegildo Zegna, Newport Mall; black single-breasted wool blazer and Men Only straightleg trouser, both from Paul Smith, Shangri-La Plaza; rabbit necktie, Salvatore Ferragamo, Rustan's

RED 8 REVISED plus1ad.indd 24

6/14/13 12:58 PM

The Talented Mr. Ripley CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT: Diagono automatic watch, Bulgari, Rustan's; nude leather round toe pumps, Jimmy Choo, Greenbelt 4; Georgette silk ruffled center skirt, Saint Lauren,; Soho metallic leather disco bag, Gucci. Greenbelt 4; love bracelet, Cartier, Rustan's; necklace, Valentino,; knit top, Lucky Brand, Greenbelt 5;

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6/14/13 12:58 PM


The cavalier gray walls tone down the warmth of the hardwood floors in the main living area.

Where the Wild Things are African wildlife and wood synchronize with ultra-modern lines to make this space both cosy and contemporary

A couple's abode is always a labor of love. In this case, she loves earthy neutrals and he loves avant-garde and ultramodern pieces. The unit, situated in a high-rise condominium in the heart of the country's most prestigious business district, is a beautiful combination of both their aesthetics: a bright, open space that is luxuriously contemporary but with a warm, organic feel. "What I love most about wood is that you can do anything you want with it to achieve a new look," the owner shares. "You can coat it in lacquer, sand it to give it a distressed look or change the finish. It also adds that instant warmth a home needs." Nature and wildlife play a huge part in the couple's choices for home decor. Her father was born in Africa, her husband spent three years in Madagascar, and they spent their honeymoon exploring the vast Dark Continent, from its safaris to its art galleries. Just beyond the shagreen-paneled double doors is a hallway accessorized with vignettes of various art and African photography—something the couple only recently got into. Sebastian Salgado, a respected photojournalists renowned for his bravely intimate black-and-white images of Africa, is a favorite. Southeast Asian accents add historicity: a precious 12th century Angkor bust from Thailand sits on an antique Chinese buffet table, and Fernando Zobel abstract art line the walls. The hallway opens to the spacious main living area, where one side is a gaping window that lets abundant light in and provides a glamorous view of the neighborhood, with its trees, streets and skyscrapers. Modern pieces immediately captivate the eye: a floor-to-ceiling Lionel Smit piece stands in

RED 8 REVISED plus1ad.indd 26

6/14/13 12:58 PM


CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Duck lamp by Porta Romana; painting by Ben Cabrera; Leopard bronze sculpture by Dylan Lewis; shagreen-paneled bar coated in black lacquer is available upon request at Philux; painting by Fernando Zobel

RED 8 REVISED plus1ad.indd 27

6/14/13 12:58 PM

one corner, a Droog milk bottle lamp hangs in another, a classic Porta Romana duck lamp is perched on the consul and the sofa is refreshingly off-white leather. The modernity is well-balanced-out by the solid wood floor panels, cow hide rugs, petrified wood side tables, abaca weave wallpaper and red mahogany furniture from Philux, the company behind most of the home's interior design concepts. Yucca plants and fresh white orchid, meanwhile, downplay the coolness of the cavalier gray walls. "I like sticking to neutral colors. During my wedding, my bridesmaids were wearing gray," she shares. "If I had a bigger space, I would use more color. Since this is a condo, I prefer neutral, earthy shades that are easier to work with. I resort to using texture to add variety. Fabric is a foolproof way to do that if the style is contemporary." The modern dining chairs are upholstered in rich colors, in textured fabric in different patterns. The couple first acquired the space in 2009, and redecorated it twice since. "We just enjoy [decorating] it so much. It is something we enjoy doing together," she admits. "People ask us if we adhere to a certain theme but I will never stick to a theme when I decorate, because then I'll think, 'This does not go with the theme, that does not go with the theme.' If you pick things out by intuition, your style naturally comes out."


Nepalese bone chair available upon request at Philux

One of their favorite pieces is a leopard bronze sculpture by Dylan Lewis, whose most prolific works feature the large wildcat predators of Africa. She mentions, "We love art that capture African heritage, and I respect Dylan Lewis because his art symbolizes that appreciation for wilderness and animals and how we should take care of them." "My husband and I choose pieces intuitively," she reiterates. "I'm lucky we have the same tastes, so it was never cause for marital arguments. Ha-ha!" They both like staying in and inviting friends over. For that reason, they had one whole wall torn down, clearing out the maid's room to make space for an open bar. The adjacent wall is covered in travertine—an exquisite Italian limestone—to match the dining table's legs. Among the furniture pieces she designed is the bench at the foot of her bed, her accessories dresser and a shagreen-paneled bar made with wood that she had coated in black lacquer. "You can do so many things to wood! You just have to be creative." Whether or not it was a deliberate effort, the home does quite capture the character of Africa— diverse, historic, imaginative and organic. "I don't just buy for the sake of buying because everything counts. Our home is a labor of love. It is a joint expression of who we are, our lifestyle, our passions." •

RED 8 REVISED plus1ad.indd 28

6/14/13 12:58 PM


Sweet Spells Sublime Villa del Conte Cioccolato Sublime’s chocolates are created to please the most discriminating of palates and the simplest of desires

Villa del Conte Ciocolato Sublime is made in Padova, Italy from the finest ingredients. “In Villa del Conte, we care about the cacao,” says owner Vince Aldanese. The chocolate from Villa del Conte is made to pleasure the Filipino palate. The chocolate comes in domes, praline balls, praline sticks, truffles, Neapolitans, and the egg-shaped Ovetti Confettati, with a wide variety, including blueberry cream, banana cream, strawberry cream, hazelnut, among others. They even have a yummy dark chocolate with hazelnut cream and cereals flavor. “I just remembered the cereals from my childhood and thought it would be a great idea to make this into a chocolate flavor,” explains Vince. Taking a bite out of a Villa del Conte chocolate is pure heaven. The dark chocolate isn’t at all bitter though it figures out a lot in the combinations because as Vince says, “It’s healthier.” The milk chocolate isn’t too sweet. All in all each bite is light and pleasurable, leaving you wanting more instead of feeling like you’ve had too much—no mean feat. You can choose from what flavors you want to what box you want to put it in, depending on the occasion. Though the chocolate is obviously of the best quality, there is a certain warmth and friendliness to the brand that mirrors that of its creator. “I would never consider myself a chocolatier. I’m a chocoholic,” says Vince. Well he sure could have fooled us.—GRT

For more information, call (632) 893 2575 or (632) 621 6101 or email info@ You may also visit any of their branches: Resorts World Manila, Greenbelt 5, and EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

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6/14/13 12:58 PM


Pour Homme

Nothing is sexier than a man who smells good. Here are pre-fall season's top fragrances picked for men by women PHOTO GR A P H Y BY SA R A BL A CK

Annick Goutal Nuit EtoilĂŠe for Men Eau de Toilette Spray Inspired by the majestic tropical rainforest, Nuit EtoilĂŠe relives the experience of untouched nature with essences of citron, sweet orange peppermint, Siberian pine, Balsam fir and everlasting absolutes. Perfect for: The Outdoorsman

RED 8 REVISED.indd 30

6/13/13 1:05 PM


Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme Spray Inspired by the "intensity of an athletic feat," this scent, with top notes of fresh mint, Sicilian mandarin and Moroccan cypress, leaves skin with a fresh aroma and disperses with notes of cedar. Perfect for: The Athlete

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris' Amyris Amyris Homme's top note is a light touch of rosemary mantled on Spanish and Sicilian mandarin, and segues into woody heart notes, ending with tonka bean and modern oud. Perfect for: The Tycoon

Diptyque Volutes Eau de Toilette Spray Wth top notes of mugwort, pink pepper, saffron and mandarin, this classic Fabrice Pellegrin fragrance is a combination of softness, warmth and aroma. Perfect for: The Romantic

Penhaligon's Quercus Made using rare ingredients at "twice the price of gold," Quercus starts with a light burst of citrus and basil, combined with musk and sandalwood base notes to create an elegant, strong and uplifting aroma. Perfect for: The Intellectual

RED 8 REVISED.indd 31

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Threaded Pictures Ginny Alcaide creates portraits with an unconventional twist BY R E N A GU I L A

It was at Art Fair Philippines 2013 that the author first got to see the work of Eugenia “Ginny” Alcaide, a 29-year-old visual artist whose work was distinguished by a most unusual medium for the contemporary art scene. It was constructed with needle and thread on silk screen, a medium that would put it in the boundaries between art and craft. Yet the subject-matter reflects an artistic vision at once classic and contemporary. Alcaide’s family comes from what her gallery’s website calls a “conservative” background. “We really are close-knit,” she told Inquirer RED about her family, “and [my parents] have always been supportive, that they would be behind us in whatever we wanted to pursue.” She started her art by drawing in elementary school. “In high school, I attended a workshop to enhance my skills,” she said, “and one of my instructors in the workshop suggested to my mom that I should take fine arts.” Ginny entered the UP College of Fine Arts, where she majored in painting. “Since my mom is very supportive,” she recalled, “she encouraged me to follow my passion.” Ever since she could remember, Alcaide has always been fascinated with portraits. She had always been into sewing, but at UP, her hobby became part of her art. “We had this [final] thesis [project],” she says, “and I wanted to do something that I really liked but was unconventional.” Her final thesis involved continuous line drawing using thread. It was in 2006 when she graduated from the University of the Philippines. Alcaide’s first group show was at the Arias gallery in Makati, back in college, and it was a mixed media work where thread was also involved. Being part of 10B Alabama, an arts and crafts

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collective which stages periodic art fairs in the New Manila area, made sure her art got to the collective’s booth at Art in the Park 2010. “I used to make accessories for them,” she said. It was at this event that her work got noticed by a small gallery operating in the Greenhills area. “One of [Art Informal’’s] house artists was my professor in UP, John Santos, and he was the one who connected me to Tina [Fernandez, the gallery’s owner],” she said. Art Informal took her in as a house artist and hosted her first solo exhibit, Threads, in July 2012. Since then, her work has been shown at Art Fair Philippines, Art Stage Singapore, and in Art Informal’s own booth at Art in the Park 2013. Her current exhibit at Art Informal, Fragments, is a play on the art of portraiture. “Portraiture is easy to relate to,” Alcaide said, “and you wouldn’t have to explain anything about something that can express a lot of emotions.” For this show, she said, “I wanted to play with portraiture, to create different levels with each face.” She began by sketching out what she wanted the thread portraits would look like, and would sew each portrait in layers. When asked about her influences, the echoes became quite apparent. “I am fond of Renaissance artists,” she said, “and one of my favorites is Michelangelo, because he’s one of the best in portraiture.” She also admits that Santos, her mentor in UP, is someone she admires in the contemporary art scene. Alcaide is scheduled to have another solo show at Art Informal in 2014, and her work will also appear in the gallery’s booths in upcoming art fairs. For the moment, though, she is currently pursuing her other love: making accessories. •

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Mike Stilkey’s work “Discarded Romance” is now part of Fully Booked High Street’s Atrium space. The installation was celebrated with a reception on Friday, 7 June 2013, at which the artist was present. The work is a roughly seven meter high pile of used books taken from public libraries and turned into a canvas for Stilkey’s portrait of a woman. Fully Booked managing director, Jaime Daez, told Inquirer RED at the inaugural event, “[Stilkey’s work] is really imposing, and I don’t think anyone could be indifferent to it when they first see it.” After breaking his ankle in a skating accident, Stilkey took up drawing while hanging out with street artists. His fascination with old books led him to explore the use of its pages and covers as a medium. “I loved going to thrift stores, and to look at things that had some sort of story,” he said. A spillover of paint unto the spines led to a serendipitous first book stack, which got him noticed by the Texasbased Rice University’s art gallery. The present book tower was first displayed in Times Square mall in Hong Kong in 2012, and was acquired by Jaime.—REN AGUILA


To be launched in August, Chanel's three latest products Le Jour, La Nuit and Le Weekend, are designed based on the skin's natural inclination to follow a daily rhythm: when the sun is up, the skin adapts and defends itself, and once it sets, the skin calms down and repairs itself. Today's lifestyle is so hectic that our skin tends to "desynchronize." The skin loses notion of time because it is tired out even after dark, leaving it with no time to repair itself. The Chanel skin trio—to be used in the morning, evening, and once every weekend—resynchronizes skin. It is as if "skin time" is reset, avoiding dryness, uneven tones, dullness and lack of radiance. Le Jour de Chanel, La Nuit de Chanel, Le Weekend de Chanel, Chanel, Rustan's

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ICONIC OFFERINGS FROM ESTEE LAUDER Beautiful With top notes of Rose and Lily; middle notes of Orange Flower and Ylang-Ylang, and base notes of Sandalwood and Vetiver, among others, This aromatic fragrance brings to mind flowerfilled meadows, lavish bouquets, and gardens in spring bloom.


My fascination for beauty began at a very young age when I used to play around with my mom's makeup. I grew up with the brands Estee Lauder, Helena Rubenstein, and Elizabeth Arden. I never really knew that they were real people until much later on life when it became my career (I work in the cosmetic retail industry). Learning about Estee Lauder gave me such pure joy because she serves as an inspiration for people like me. I truly love skincare products, makeup and scents. I can't imagine life without them. Estee Lauder, the visionary and entrepreneur, is my role model as a beauty executive. You can imagine my heightened emotions when one fine autumn day I found myself in the office of the grand dame who started it all. Even just touching her ornate desk gave me a thrill. It was on this desk that she revolutionized cosmetics retail, as we know it today. I slowly and appreciatively took in my surroundings in Estee Lauder's corner office—what a feast for a true-blooded beauty junkie like myself. She says in a video archive: "I wanted a goal. I wanted to be on top of something. I would stop at nothing... " Sixty-six years later (she founded the company in 1946). Her grandchildren and Fabrizio Freda, are still on top of the empire she built, which continues to expand to this day.— RHODA ALDANESE

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3-Step System Clinique Clinique's 3-Step System revolutionizes total skin care. Begin by cleansing with the mild Liquid Facial Soap, then tone the skin with the Clarifying Lotion, and finally, slather on Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion for a clean and healthy glow.

Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex The environment can be unkind to one's skin. The Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex comes with an anti-oxidant formula that further renews and protects the skin, greatly reducing signs of aging.

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Photography Duo EWWS (Everywhere We Shoot) came out with their first solo exhibit, which ran from April 27 to May 31, 2012 at Pablo Gallery. The exhibit consisted of photos of grocery staples—noodles, roast chicken, steak, and birthday cake—juxtaposed by brightly colored backgrounds. This collection of photos "entices you to recognize the often overlooked beauty that is often concealed by artifice and commercialism."

TOP TO BOTTOM: "Butter," 2013, Archival Inkjet Print, 40x60 inches; "Fried Chicken," 2013, Durst Lambda Print, 23x15 inches; "Spaghetti," 2013, Durst Lambda Print 30x20 inches

Jasmin & Bergamote, Magnolia & Mûre, Vanille & Narcisse, Thé Vert & Bigarade, L'Occitane, Rustan's


Literally translating to "flying forward" in Chinese, Feiyue is inspired by the lightweight canvas plimsoll popularized in the streets of Shanghai in the 1920s, bringing together individuals from all walks of life—from laborers to politicians. This classic footwear combines authentic Asian vintage charm with French modifications in different colors and different materials. Lo Origine 1920 in white, red and blue, Feiyue, Rustan's

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Created by perfumer Karine Dubreuil who was born and trained in the world's perfume capital Grasse, La Collection de Grasse was created with the most exquisite ingredients— combined in pairs—from renowned fragrance districts Japan, Tunisia, Egypt, Madagascar and France.

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Carlo Antonio, CFO, Century Properties Lose weight. I went from 185 to 145 pounds.

What is the Most Liberating Thing You’ve Done For Yourself? C O M P I L E D B Y RI A P R I E TO

Maureen Disini, fashion designer Studying abroad.

Tina Fernandez, Owner, Art Informal Quit my day job and focus on what I truly love to do.

Tina Tinio, International Area Manager for LVMH Fragrance Brands Givenchy, Fendi, Kenzo in Japan, Guam and Saipan To never fear change and go for my ultimate dreams. Even if it meant living in three countries over three years. To continue believing that anything IS possible and to LOVE challenge rather than fear it. I guess ultimately choosing to live without fear of anything that will come my way has been the most liberating thing I've done. As a result I have been so blessed to have all my dreams come true. And they haven't stopped coming true yet! Oh, and getting the best personal trainer in town when I finally decided to get in shape.

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Christian Gonzalez, Asian region head, ICTSI and director, Solaire Resort & Casino In a personal sense? If that’s the case, it’s when I got the chance to travel to Africa. From a professional sense, moving to Madagascar to work there.

Tom Epperson, photographer Surfing is one of the most liberating things I’ve done. It allows me to clear my mind and focus on being in the moment. There is nothing better than getting a tube ride, experiencing Mother Nature at her best. That moment feels like forever when in reality it only lasts a few seconds. Simple experiences like make you feel energized and ready to take on whatever life dishes out.

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empoweRED "I'm a daddy's girl." MY ROOTS

"I'm from Cagayan de Oro and Iligan." "With my godchild. I have 12!"

"In anything, I try to attain a balance between effort and ease."

"Florence, Japan, India, and London: my favorite travel destinations."

Monique Borja


Focused and ďŹ t, the yoga instructor and owner of Bliss Yoga Manila has achieved an enviable balance between work and play


"Bliss yoga teachers with the founder of power yoga, Bryan Kest from Santa Monica, L.A." "I love sushi!"

"I'm reading this book." "Teaching is a craft I will not stop exploring."

"With the world-renowned and inspiring Rodnee Yee and Colleen in Hong Kong."

"I'm a fan of Tim Mcgraw."

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