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Editor’s Letter MEANINGFUL GIVING This month’s editor’s note is probably one of the most difficult ones to write, knowing how the recent typhoon Yolanda has left millions of our brothers and sisters in such dire situations. Last night, I wondered out loud with my husband, can there even be a Christmas, knowing what we know now? But the hard truth is life must go on and that Christmas should be celebrated, though I’m sure we, along with many, will not be celebrating it the same way we did last year. For the November issue, knowing that giving joy is the real value behind the holiday season, we have prepared an excellent line up for holiday gift-giving Ð from products for women to single-serve coffee machines for the whole family. I aspire for this issue to bring everyone a positive light despite what the country has been through these past few months. Cover girl Anne Gonzalez shares how it is her people who build her brand, and in the same way I believe it is up to the spirit of the Filipino people to rebuild what has been lost. The stories found in this magazine will hopefully inspire much-needed optimism, and even if things will never be the same, I wish for you to have a holiday that is more meaningful than last year’s in ways big and small.



Ria Prieto


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Greenbelt 3 - Makati - Tel. (632) 757 8910





Rimowa is available at Adora, Greenbelt 5


Rimowa shows what sets their suitcases apart

One meets all sorts of individuals in airports, and in the sea of faces, a traveller reveals himself in the subtlest way - that is, through his luggage: from the Japanese diplomat with a full weekend closet expertly packed in a micro hand-carry to the rugged backpacker whose rucksack shows that he has been through what looks like the whole of Asia.

Durability over everything else

Carrying a Rimowa brings you in the same league as business travellers, flight crews, tourists, modern high-tech nomads, filmmakers and photographers from around the world. Veteran jetsetters pick Rimowas for one reason: Durability. The grooves, which eventually became an internationally renowned signature style of the brand, originated from the first aluminum suitcase created in 1950 Ð the same kind used in aircrafts, because it allows for the greatest possible stability with the least amount of weight. “We don’t accept any compromises when it comes to our products,” says Dieter Morszeck, Rimowa president and CEO, whose tenure shed light on the brand’s first waterproof system (that protects the sensitive professional equipment from water, humidity, tropical heat and arctic cold, making them apt for film crews, photographers and journalists) and its first recyclable production material, polycarbonate. Keeping to the Morszeck legacy, this material is also used in aircraft windows and construction today, and is extremely durable and impact resistant; dents disappear on their own.

Human meets machine

The core of Rimowa’s design philosophy goes beyond German engineering tradition, and is most appropriately articulated with Morszeck’s motto, “Handmade meets high-tech.” In order to guarantee the exceptional quality of each Rimowa suitcase, most of the luggage is still assembled by hand. Only the polycarbonate shells are deep-drawn by machine ± a process developed especially by Rimowa to ensure the greatest possible flexibility and durability of the material.

A new take on classic

Rimowa knows how to take advantage of its iconic look. They kept the grooves and the convenient rounded rectangular design, and instead introduced multi-sized collections in various colors in shiny and matte finishes, from classic aluminum to racecar red. Some color lines are limited edition only, prompting customers to scramble for the latest. The company has also collaborated with brands that shared in their historic value, such as sports car manufacturer Porsche, aircraft line AirBus and French sportswear label Moncler.

Expanding footprint

Just recently, Rimowa opened its much-anticipated high-tech facility Ð their new North American headquarters, sprawling 80,000 square feet in Cambridge, Ontario. The building was built by an innovative Canadian construction company, and opened to a staff employment of over 300, mostly dominated by locals. The company has embraced Canadian talent and will be building its legacy from this territory moving forward. This ribbon-cutting is an announcement that this brand is here to stay, and will be producing first-class products bearing the value of innovation and cutting-edge technology. •



Organized clutter on dark, no-nonsense furniture serves as unintentional design elements in this publishing office.

INSIDE THE WRITERS' BLOCK Inspired writing and amazing visuals have been born out of this unassuming workplace P HOTO G RAP HY S O N N Y T HAK UR

The nearly bare-boned set up of this publishing office belies the amount of creativity Ă? tempered of course by ethical journalism Ă? that gets generated within its four walls. Moderately disorganized, sparse in interior design and with glimpses of images that have defined its occupants' collective body of work, this space is all about serious business spiced with physical traces of immense creative pleasure.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: The editor-in-chief's cozier corner office; an editor's comfortable chair, a must for long nights of editing; visual inspiration in the creative director's mood board.


F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N ,

It is the not-so-glossy underbelly of the magazine industry. Behind the provocative cover photos, the detailed exposÊs, and the nuanced profi les on the rich, the powerful and the famous are cluttered desks of writers and editors who rarely sit still in their chase for stories, visual pegs and scribbled notes tacked on a board, stacked fi les that will make no sense to an outsider and personal tchotchkes that seem to serve as reminders that there is life beyond work. —SGM


COMFORT AND JOY Check off the names on your Christmas list with these objets d'art that are a pleasure to look at and are even more wonderful to hold

precious time Chopard Happy Sport elevates the timepiece with exquisite and customized details To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Happy Sport offers a chance to personalize models by means of a playful and exclusive service available through the Chopard boutique network. Pink or blue sapphires or tsavorites; a steel bracelet or a glossy leather strap; moving elements spinning between two sapphire crystals and shaped like fish, a poetic snowflake, clover or a lucky horseshoe, stars or butterflies. Watchmaking freedom has never enjoyed such vast scope for creativity expressed through exuberant, urban, sophisticated and charming variations. •

Clockwise: Happy Sport Purple Chronograph, My Happy Sport Bespoke Passion watch with baby blue alligator strap, My Happy Sport Bespoke Passion watch with pink alligator strap, Happy Sport White Chronograph with diamonds, Chopard, Greenbelt 5

old but gold

Linda Farrow is a fashion classic rejuvenated Established in 1970, the Linda Farrow brand of luxury eyewear rose quickly to acclaim amongst stylish Londoners and international jet set. Originally a fashion designer, Linda Farrow was one of the first to treat sunglasses as fashion, producing one cutting-edge collection after another. A tireless experimenter, Farrow pioneered many of the shapes and styles that remain stylish today. In 2003 following her death, her son Simon Jablon and his wife, Tracy, discovered thousands of undiscovered designer eyewear in one of their warehouses. Refusing to let these treasures go to waste, they decided to relaunch the brand and have since been working closely in collaboration with global designers Dries Van Noten, Oscar de la Renta and Alexander Wang, to name a few. • The Philippines is only one of the two Asian countries that currently carry Linda Farrow Vintage. Products are available at LS Pascual Optical, Level R3 Powerplant Mall and Level 2 Shangri-La Plaza. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: AP45 oversized studded cat eye sunglasses, Linda Farrow x Agent Provocateur, LFL122 22k gold-plated snakeskin round glasses, Linda Farrow, LFL38 snakeskin rimmed cat eye sunglasses, Linda Farrow, ROW63 mid-frame bridged round sunglasses with stainless steel details, Linda Farrow x The Row, LFL199 22k gold-plated titanium aviators with water snakeskin, Linda Farrow, ROW34 oversized round sunglasses, Linda Farrow x The Row

a library of scents Behind each Hermès fragrance is a story about its luxurious heritage

Acquiring an Hermès perfume can be likened to acquiring a book from a vast historic library. The adventure began in 1951 when Edmond Roudnitska, considered one of the greatest perfumers of all time, created Eau d’ Hermès. Ten years later, Hermès made history when Calèche, their first women’s perfume, was born. Since then, the world has witnessed successions of creations from great names in perfumery, all passionate about the craftsmanship of fragrance design. It is, after all, an art, much like the design of shoes, clothing and bags. In 2004, Grasse native Jean-Claude Ellena joined the company as an in-house fragrance designer. In his language, there is no mention of markets, targets or concepts: “Above all, I believe that fragrances should have form, distinction, imagination, generosity, sensuality, surprise, so that no perfume is simply reduced to the status of a product, an object, a commodity.” Born into the trade of perfume making, Ellena is mindful of the difference between pleasure and luxury in his design philosophy, the latter being at the core of the global brand: “Pleasure is selfish. Luxury is something you share. The aim of perfumery, like all the arts, is to create products that arouse sensual pleasure. As a man and as a composer of perfumes, I have to feel pleasure in order to be able to give it. The pleasure of surprising, of evoking,of suggesting, of gradually hinting.”

Terre d’ Hermès

A brainchild of Ellena launched in 2009, this fragrance is a history of an alchemic journey through the elements: earth, air and water. A woody, vegetal and mineral eau de toilette, its top notes are grapefruit and orange, with base notes of oak moss and benzoin.

Eau d'orange verte

Eau d'orange verte was Hermès’ first cologne, first formulated in 1979 and inspired by the odor of moist, rose-scented morning undergrowth. Through the expertise of Ellena, it’s grown to a generous, figurative expression of simple pleasures, a summer scent with a distinct freshness of citrus, mint and wood. It is subtle and unobtrusive.

L’Ambre des Merveilles

Amber means mystique. It roots back to a time when legitimately natural amber, known as ambergris, was extracted from the intestinal concretion of sperm whales for use in perfumery; an ode to the imaginary world of heroes who lived “in the belly of the beast”

and escaped Ð from Jonah to Pinocchio. This fragrance has a discreet amber essence, with vanilla, labdanum and patchouli.

Un Jardin sur le Toit

“A perfumer’s place is everywhere and nowhere,” says Ellena. For this particular scent, it was a rooftop garden. Inspired by a gardener’s constancy, patience and pleasure satisfied from waiting, Ellena infused essences of apple, pear and magnolia. “In order to make it really Parisian,” Ellena points out, “I sprinkled it with light.”

Jour d'Hermès

One of Ellena’s most recent concoctions, Jour d'Hermès is a light, floral scent that ends in a drydown of musk. Interestingly, Ellena opted not to include specific notes in the press release, wishing that instead the user discover her own choice of flowers, smell what she wants to smell. It is an uplifting, happy perfume that is delicate but distinct. •

All available at Hermès, Greenbelt 3

utter delight The iPhone now packs function with charm in these adorable cases The multi-layered Defender Series iPhone 5s case guards against drops, shocks and dust while maintaining seamless usability. The high-impact polycarbonate shell fully covers the iPhone 5s while the integrated screen protector guards against scratches and smudges. Built-in memory foam cushions the device inside the case while the outer slipcover absorbs impact from drops and shocks. • Defender Series for iPhone 5s, Otterbox, Power Plant Mall

revival of the fittest “King of Boots" Stuart Weitzman pays homage to functional fashion The global following of the Stuart Weitzman brand is credited to one of the hallmarks of his design philosophy: Looking sexy and feeling comfortable. "Every woman I design for appreciates that a shoe doesn't have to kill you," the shoemaker tells. "No shoe comes out from our factory without being designed on the inside." Weitzman believes one of the best assets of his footwear is that it roots from generations of expert tradition, one that began with his father Seymour Weitzman, who started a shoe factory in Massachusetts in the late 1950s. The Stuart Weitzman brand has a fashionable global presence with retail stores in the United States, Italy, France, Australia, Hong Kong, Greece and now, the Philippines. The store at SM Aura Premier offers a full range of footwear for various uses, from boots and flats to career and weather. Follow Stuart Weitzman on Instagram WeitzmanPH. @S • FROM TOP: Zipit Gold Glitter, Demiswoon Black Nappa, Dude Neutral Sport Suede, 5050 Black Nappa, 5050 Topo Suede and Manlow Black Nappa, Stuart Weitzman, available at Level 2, SM Aura

admiRED admiRED

Pink jersey top, Carven, Univers, One Rockwell; pants, Balenciaga, Univers, One Rockwell; shoes, Stella Luna, Adora, Greenbelt 5


Anne Arcenas-Gonzalez reveals seeing through people is what seeded success for Havaianas Philippines

19 The bright, pop-art look of the portraits in this feature could not be more appropriate. There is an exuberant freshness to Anne Arcenas-Gonzalez, and I use the word freshness because as much as she is exciting, her energy does not exhaust you. People like being around Anne. People like talking to Anne. She looks at people in the eye. She remembers their names. When Anne walked in for the shoot, she skipped the small talk and asked me how I was, with an earnest tone as if to an old friend. She could tell I was anxious; I had a scheduled eye laser surgery hours later. Amid her hectic schedule, she spent a solid fifteen minutes to assure me that everything was going to be alright, as she has gone through the same treatment. I was extremely pleased about her kindness for one reason: She had no idea it was I who was going to write her story. Her sincerity is refreshing. For someone as busy as she, Anne admirably sees people for who they are Ð actual human beings. Anne is, in all ways, personable. A common tip from the most successful CEOs in the world: You don’t become successful in a business unless you inspire people, unless they want you to be successful. People naturally lean towards those who are good-natured and ethical, those they can trust enough to follow. So it’s not at all surprising that the company Anne directs, Terry S.A. Inc., has grown exponentially since the hit of Havaianas. Under her charge, it has grown to be a fashion and lifestyle company that now manages a portfolio of international brands: Bensimon, canvas sneakers from France; Bobble, stylish water bottles from New York; Aura Athletica, a premium athletic and leisure apparel retail chain; and Thread 365, a proudly homegrown essential clothing brand. “My husband Freddy and I had dreams of creating a business of our own, and amid several ideas we toyed around with, the opportunity of distributing Havaianas presented itself. It fit our lifestyle, personalities and objectives,” she tells. “So we took it. It was a mom-and-pop operation in the beginning. We worked out of our childhood homes. The main office was my brother’s old bedroom and the stock was stored in Freddy’s.” They began with zero employees when they established Terry S.A. Inc. in 2003. Around two years into the business, they took on a third partner, moved into a real office and began building from there.


Oversized top, Balenciaga, Univers, One Rockwell

“We were newbies so the thought of hiring people was daunting,” Anne admits, but later on they realized that in order to operate more effectively, they needed to invest in people. Hiring people allowed Anne to focus on bigger things, and she saw that entrusting the nitty-gritty to others led to more good opportunities. “That changed the game for us.” As managing director, Anne credits her company’s competitive advantage to developing her people. “I try to encourage my team to share their own ideas, challenge existing concepts, make their own decisions and have a real say in the business. I believe in letting people fail as long as they take responsibility for it. I don’t think everything starts and ends with me. There is always something to be learned from others whether they are seasoned or new employees.”



She exposes her employees to as many aspects of the business as possible, even if it is not their area of responsibility. “This allows them to see the bigger picture and sometimes ends up unmasking another skill or interest,” says Anne, who asks her subordinates at strategic planning meetings to recommend and suggest trainings and seminars they want to participate in. “For key positions, travel is also important. We have sent some [employees] abroad to meet with principals, or immerse themselves in businesses in the region.” Although Anne has always enjoyed marketing and selling, from helping out friends in bazaars to setting up her own garage sales, she never imagined a career in entrepreneurship. “I focused on history and political science and had dreams of a career in foreign service, like the UN or EU,” she shares. “I knew I could be good at [business], but I did not think I could make a career out of it.” To her, it was all about the fun and making money. Maybe it is her positivity that draws people, and she effectively translates it into a fun energy that flows from her brands to her employees, and eventually, to the consumers. People flocking to All Flip Flop stores has become an annual phenomenon. “We love to keep things fun [at work]. My employees love dressing up for themed celebrations for some reason, so we celebrate Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Halloween and Christmas together with costume parties. The company really gets into it.” She admits her eagerness for the holidays. “[I am looking forward to] our company party, it’s always the highlight of our year. The employees have chosen to do a festival of sorts, with music, booths and various activities; and of course, enjoying big, delicious meals and loads of laughs with family and close friends. I love the holidays. It represents hope. And we all could certainly use a bit of that this year after what the Philippines has been through.” •





REFINED ENTERTAINMENT Conversations are better off at home over artisan-brewed coffee

Known for sourcing and providing the finest ingredients and flavors, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has built relationships with the best private coffee farms and tea estates around the world, selecting only the top one percent of Arabica beans. The global franchise has made it possible for coffee lovers to enjoy its finest coffee outside of the cafe through the CBTL™ System, a single-serve machine that can be loaded with ready-to-brew coffee capsules. Each beverage capsule features an internal two-filtered system to ensure evenly balanced extraction and optimal flavor. Every serving of espresso, coffee and tea is freshness-sealed within its capsule to lock in its exquisite taste and aroma. The machines make perfect gifts for individuals, households and corporate groups to brighten their mornings at home or in the office. • Machines and capsules are available at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf branches nationwide.

Grand Mall, Ayala Center, Makati • Shangri-La Plaza Mall • Alabang Town Center • Ayala Center, Cebu Rockwell • TriNoma • Greenbelt 5 • Mall Of Asia • Abreeza Mall, Davao • Newpor t Mall • Robinsons Place Midtown

L’OCCITANE en Provence – Philippines



WHAT SHE WANTS Tasteful presents for the discerning woman

L'Occitane 2013 Limited Edition Hand Cream for Dry Skin, Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate, Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in Initiation, La Prairie Skin Caviar; Annick Goutal Nuit EtoilĂŠe fragrance, all available at Rustan's

Nars Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection nail lacquer in Manosque, Deborah Lippmann Jewel Heist Collection nail lacquer in Laughin' To The Bank, Deborah Lippmann Jewel Heist Collection nail lacquer in Glitter And Be Gay Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Rubis; L'Occitane 2013 Limited Edition Hand Cream in Passionate Jasmine, Diptyque Ecorce de Pin scented candle, all available at Rustan's


FRENCH HOLIDAY A more subdued Christmastime and New Year’s Eve in Paris W O R D S AN D P HOTO G R AP HY JE N N Y R O C K E T T


"Festive" would probably not be the apt adjective to describe Paris during the December holiday season. Christmas decorations, lighting arrangements and Christmas carols are anything but omnipresent, especially when compared to other, more holiday-spirited and consumer-driven cities. But it is in the Paris’ wonderful subdued celebration during the months of December and January that the city reveals its charm and color. The Paris I am referring to delights quietly and is best spent with loved ones, a warm wardrobe and an excited spirit. December and January are perhaps the best months to visit the major attractions in Paris. Crowds are less at the museums, dinner reservations easier to secure and the Parisians are somewhat friendlier closer to Christmas. If you plan to visit several museums, it would be wise to buy a Paris Museum Pass as that would save you the hassle of queues and lining up for museum tickets at the city’s major museums and monuments (2-day pass: 39 euros, 4-day pass: 54 euros, 6-day pass: 69 euros). Discovering Paris by foot is one of the best ways to see the city and explore its wonders and idiosyncrasies. If you don’t mind braving the cold, the Velib is an even better way to cover more ground. It is also a great way to feel like a Parisian. The Velib is the world’s third largest bike-sharing program and Parisians of all ages use the bikes from the city’s many dispatch racks. Just be sure to use the assigned bicycle paths and bike with caution; Parisian drivers can be particularly impatient.

A Parisian Yuletide holiday is a quiet affair where you can enjoy simple pleasures that make memories for a lifetime: strolling down streets with a view of the Eiffel Tower, ice skating, and discovering quaint corners of the city.

There are the typical tourist attractions to see: the Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Seine and Jardins des Tulieres, among others. But there is so much more to do and experience outside of these usual spots and they can be rather unique and lively during the holiday season. Take a stroll on Rue Mouffetard in the 5th arrondissement, for instance. The quartier is a pleasure to walk in with its cheese deli shops, creperies and small boutiques spilling over energy and life on to the cobblestone streets. If you don’t mind rummaging, the flea markets on Rue Cler, Saint-Ouen and Vanves can also be very interesting shopping alternatives to shopping at Champs-Élysées and SaintGermain for unique treasures and big bargains. If you’re looking for something to do on New Year’s Eve, you could spend it watching the countdown underneath the Eiffel Tower with other revelers. It’s difficult to get a taxi during that evening and you will probably have to walk by foot through the crowds and cars from a certain distance, but it is definitely a magical experience watching one of the world’s most beautiful monuments dazzle and sparkle against fireworks to welcome the new year.



• Hotel Daniel • Hotel Montalembert • Hotel Clos Medicis • Hotel Saint Thomas d’Aquin • Hotel de Fleurie • Hotel Saint Pierre

Monsieur Bleu at Palais de Tokyo fine dining with a terrace view Bones cozy and relaxed dining with excellent food Ralph’s comfort food in a fashionable setting Musée d’Orsay Restaurant high tea extravaganza Café de Flore a classic choice Carton the boulangerie (bakery) with the best baguette in town, period. Pierre Hermé a formidable Ladurée-rival with macarons to die for

TO DO Ice skating at the Eiffel Tower, Trocadéro or Hotel de Ville One truly unique experience in Paris during the holiday season is outdoor ice skating. Gliding on ice around the bottom of the Eiffel Tower (free with admissions) or across the Seine at Trocadéro (5 Euro fee, including ski rental) will easily be a defining Paris travel moment, or a picture-worthy event at the very least. The ice rink at Hotel de Ville is also a good option if you need ample space to ice skate (5 Euro fee, including ski rental). Shopping at the market at Rue Cler (7th arrondissement) There are several markets in Paris and this could be a good one for some Christmas shopping. Vendors here sell everything from beautiful fresh produce to antique furniture, old books and vintage clothing; often, items are well-selected. Even if you’re not in the mood for shopping, simply sauntering the charming streets of this quartier can be a rewarding experience. Taking the Batobus Shuttle There are some views of Paris that are seen best from the Seine. The ferry shuttles between 8 major attractions: Tour Eiffel, St-Germain-des-Prés, Jardin des Plantes, Le Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Notre Dame, Hotel de Ville and Champs-Élysées. (1-day pass: 15 euros; 2-day pass: 18 euros; annual pass: 60 euros) Visiting the Musée d’Orsay If there is one museum not to miss in Paris during the holidays (or any season), it would be the Musée d’Orsay. Their permanent collection is impressive, featuring works by the great impressionist and post-impressionist masters Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Cézanne and Seurat, among others. Formerly a train station, the

architecture of the museum is in itself a work of art. Don’t miss dining at the chandelier-adorned restaurant at the museum for lunch or high-tea. Visiting the Sacre Coéur The uphill walk through Montmartre to get to the Sacre Coéur is made less tiring with the street performances and various boutique shops selling Christmas trinkets, food shops and fountain-centered plazas. It’s a treat when you finally reach the Sacred Heart Basilica as it probably has one of the best panoramic views of Paris. Hearing Christmas Mass at Notre Dame It is worth traversing the crowds to make it to the Christmas Eve midnight mass at the Notre Dame. The energy in the cathedral is surreal and rather special.

SHOP • Le Bon Marché • La Grand Épicerie • Galeries Lafayette • Monoprix • Louvre underground mall

Note: If your visit happens to go beyond New Year’s, you might just be in luck for the Winter Sales in Paris. The city-wide, government-regulated sale that will run from 8 January to 11 February 2014 will delight shoppers with the 30 to 70% discounts on merchandise. Shoppers will be happy to know that most shops will be on sale (“soldes”) simultaneously and that discounts increase as the sale period nears its end. Best of all, the shopping experience is tax-free, above 170 euros. •

Self-portrait as Avatar, 2013

THE NEW INFERNO Leeroy New takes to theater for his exhibit's grand closing

Interdisciplinary artist Leeroy New surprises once again with "Gates of Hell," a life-sized inferno complete with avant-garde installations and haunting creatures, livened up with performances from theater community Sipat Lawin. A product of his generation’s fascination with pop culture, graphic novels, sci-fi literature and industrial design, New has been intent on re-articulating the idea of abnormalities with his own brand of mythology. An example is the use of the artist's own body covered in layers of expanding foam, captured in film stills entitled Self-portrait as Messiah, Self-portrait as Avatar and Self-portrait as Martyr. As a final performative response to the show, Sipat Lawin activates the space and enriches the artful execution with a narrative where the performers literally immerse themselves into the art medium, creating an experience of the sacred and profane. —MSM




WHAT'S THE BEST PARTY YOU'VE EVER BEEN TO? “I am a 16-year-old trapped inside a 27-yearold body. I also don't like to go out and 'party.' When Halloween comes around, I tend to go a little overboard with the parties. I love costume parties! It's the only time you can party like a child but have adult perks.” —ROBIN NIEVERA, MUSICIAN

“Personally, I really love weddings. Most of the weddings I have been to have become the best parties I have ever attended. There’s just something magical about them!" -LORALEE SOONG,

“The parties I truly enjoy are the ones that celebrate a good cause. Today, our country is devastated with the aftermath of the super typhoon Yolanda. We need to come together to help rebuild this country. Charity balls such as the Red Cross and Tatler directly contribute to restoring our communities whether it be through education, cultural support or aid towards areas affected by natural disasters and calamities.” -PIE ALVAREZ, MAYOR OF SAN VICENTE, PALAWAN



“One of the best parties I've played for was Sundance in 1999 at Pueto Galera. It was three days of mayhem organized by Erick Edralin and Mico Valenzuela. There so many more but it's all a blur!”


“The best party I've ever been to by far is my son Lucas' first birthday party.” -ROLDAN CAPITO, HOME FIX IT MANAGING PARTNER


THINK LIKE THE RICH Millionaire tycoon Ramon Ang shares secrets to success W O R D S M ARA S AN T I L L AN M I AN O

The formula to success is so simple that Ramon Ang, San Miguel Corporation president, Philippine Airlines chief operating officer and Petron chief executive officer, easily explains it in less than an hour. Contrary to popular belief, it is not about what a person does (what investments he pursues, how much money he saves every month, etc.), but how one thinks Ă? his compassion, inclination towards the good and how he values himself and others.



empoweRED Harbor against bad intentions and hidden agendas. “I never had any intentions of trying to get Danding Cojuangco to trust me, or to start a business with me. I never tried to prove anything to anyone,” he begins. Theirs is simply a good relationship, one that started when Cojuangco's son Mark introduced them on the grounds of their common interest in cars and racing. “As a young man, I loved motor sports. When I was a teenager, I started buying and selling used Japanese car engines and heavy equipment engines. I bought them, fixed them up and sold them to car racers.” Luck was on Ang's side, and he also credits his patience and honesty. “I don’t take advantage of people when I do business. I am fair.”


Be curious about everything. Even before studying Mechanical Engineering, Ang liked to tinker with all kinds of stuff as early as when he was six years old. “One time, I took my bicycle apart and couldn’t put it back together. But then I couldn’t go out of the house without my bike. At an early age, I gave myself no choice but to fix things I had broken. “Do you want to know how many magazines I read every month?” He raises both arms in front of him, indicating a meter-thick collection of monthly subscriptions. Ang spends two hours every night reading news and magazine articles on aviation, car racing, motorcycles, guns and more. “That is how I unwind. When I am about to sleep, I’d rather read than endlessly turn in bed. I love to read, and my memory is good.” Ang suggests for the youth to invest in curiosity. “Spend on education. Spend money on where you can learn more: new businesses, new tricks. If you have a lot of money but you spend it on bad things, it’s nothing different from being poor.” He mimes snorting and waves an index finger at me. “Don’t spend on things that will destroy you.”

Surround yourself with competent people. People say Ramon Ang’s invaluable skill is spotting patterns, predicting economic weather and strategizing accordingly. Asked how he developed this eye for trends, he modestly admits that it is not he but his people who collectively accomplish this. “We have experts in every field: Competent engineers, accountants, auditors and master planners. I talk to them on a daily basis. We discuss about everything that happens in the company everyday. That way, I see where things are going. When you talk to your employees everyday, you will understand the situation quickly.” All these businesses can run without him, Ang says, but talking to his employees often improves things significantly, because goals and interests are aligned on a daily basis. View money not only as money but also as freedom and opportunity. According to Ang, the more capital you have, the more opportunity you have. Money is simply opportunity to invest and to help others. Money is the freedom to choose what field of business to get into or to choose to stay home. It is a means to an end, not the other way around. •


celestia trill


lucas yujuico

adrianna & juanmi zubiri

diego moreno

lilli & viole francesco & stefano rufino

bianca tagle

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Gingersnaps holds online model search for kids

Instagram, with the help of Alonso Mateo, has proven that children dressed in vogue can capture almost anyone’s attention. Moreover, they are a reflection of their style-savvy parents. One of the country’s most sought-after children’s wear labels Gingersnaps is holding its first ever online model search, open to kids between the ages of 3-12. Six lucky winners will get a chance to be part of the Gingersnaps 20th Anniversary Fashion Show and be the next face of Gingersnaps. Prizes include cash, gift certificates, in-store poster features, online exposure and a chance to be on one of the Gingersnaps billboards. The candidates will be judged based on the following criteria: Embodiment of Gingersnaps (50%), Photo Projection (20%), Website Votes (20%) and Runway and Interview (10%). • To join, log on to to begin the application process.

Red mag 13th issue  

Red mag 13th issue

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