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February 2013



Jessica Kienle

returns to her roots RED 4.indd 1

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Editor’s letter A busy month February truly is such an eventful month. For one, there is Chinese New Year. And though we are not Chinese, we have come to celebrate this occasion with much gusto, thanks to my sister-in-law, Tessa PrietoValdes, who is knowledgeable about anything and everything that has to do with this occasion. In fact, in acquiRED (p.17), she lets us know the importance of the infinity sign and shows ladies what they might want to ask their partners for Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner. We didn’t forget the men either. Why not gift them with grooming products (pp. 24-27), or check out inquiRED (p.30) to get recommendations of other people’s favorite scents? If you want to take a trip with your loved one, turn to p.8 and find out more about Pune, India, in this issue’s exploRED. For those who are into art or looking to expand their collection, check out Eric Zamuco’s works (p. 6). And get inspiRED with a ’50s home on pp. 28-29. Since we also want to focus on skin without having to bare it

reason this doesn’t apply to our cover girl, Jessica

all, we hope you enjoy our editorial featuring designer

Kienle, who’s easy on the eyes and equally talented

Pablo Cabahug’s black stockings paired with basic

too! Get to know more about her new endeavor as head

nude and white tops; items every lady should have in

of Philux furniture. And finally, we focus on Andrés

her wardrobe.

Vázquez-Prada, the creative director of W/17, and find

I love books! They’re amazing gifts to give and

out his influences and vision.

receive. Ever wonder who designs their covers? Chip Kidd does many of them, and I blame him for half the books I purchased these past few years. Do not judge a book by its cover? Well, for some

Ria Prieto

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Me at work

Mugging with my mom, Maricris

Dreams of flight

That’s me on the left with my brother, Enrique In my book collection: Man Ray, Dealer’s Choice, and Quay

American designer Christopher Noto’s French aesthetic inspires me.


Andrés Vázquez-Prada The Creative Director of W/17 shares snippets of his elegant world and store

My grandkids bring joy to my life Lingerie

In the middle of a model fitting

Black agate shell dynasty chair, W/17 Shagreen side table, W/17

RED 4.indd 31

Argentina tabourets in satin finish brass, W/17

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Contents On the cover: Cotton v-neck shirt dress, Gian Romano

04 06 Fragile state

Eric Zamuco’s latest exhibit captures the fleeting nature of people and places

08 exploRED Pune, India 10 Second skin

Bare all without revealing a thing, in Pablo Cabahug’s Leg Love Designer Series hosiery

16 Page turner

A good read becomes better with book cover designs by Chip Kidd

17 acquiRED Love is definitely forever with a set of eight rings from Jewelmer

24 That neat gentleman

Treat your man to 23 products that leave him with that fresh-from-the-shower scent and feeling

28 inspiRED Old-world accents enhance the nostalgic feel of this authentic ‘50s residence

30 inquiRED What is your favorite scent? 31 empoweRED Andrés Vázquez-Prada Editor-in-Chief Ria Prieto Layout Artist Joan R. Soro Copy Editor Joy Rojas Post-production Artist Revo C. Naval Interns Cristina Legaspi Mara Santillan Miano Patrice Diaz

admiRED / 18

Jessica Kienle This beauty directs her passion for design to her family’s furniture business, Philux

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Contributing writers: Chere Gioskos, Popi Laudico, Mara Santillan Miano Contributing photographers: Jo Ann Bitagcol, Popi Laudico, Toto Labrador, Stanley Ong Editorial Consultant: Thelma Sioson San Juan

Board Chairperson

Alexandra Prieto-Romualdez

VP, Advertising Business Development Manager Sales and Marketing Manager

Pepito Olarte Lou Gonzales Cathy Bautista-Pumarega

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Fragile state

Recalculating, plastic, 2013

Eric Zamuco’s latest exhibit captures the fleeting nature of people and places BY MARA SANTILLAN MIANO

Exploring America from the Midwest to the East Coast before flying back to the Philippines two months ago, Eric Zamuco successfully manifests his vast, worldly vision in his latest exhibit, Site of Marks. Tenuous and literally shredded, Zamuco’s work alludes to his fascination for the fleeting, volatile nature of objects, bodies, and places—a metaphor, perhaps, of the artist’s feelings of “in-betweenness” and diaspora.

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Ganpati Festival sights and sounds


Pune, India

In my Indian yoga home of Pune, one of the most well-known

beloved Ganesh. An elaborate procession and ceremony brought

of all Hindu deities is the elephant-headed god Ganesh, or

the deity to his honored place to stay for the duration of the

Ganpati, as he is fondly called in the Maharashtran metropolis.

festivities. The air was filled with the sound of drums and all

Revered as the remover of obstacles, Ganpati has endured

around us were colorful floats and beautiful large-scale rangoli

considerable challenges such as the wrath of his father Shiva

patterns drawn straight onto the streets using fine-colored sand.

when the young Ganpati forbade him from disturbing the

Meanwhile, in every home in Pune, special altars were erected,

sleep of his mother, Parvati. Enraged, Lord Shiva cut off

occupying half the living room, where aarti or more intimate

Ganpati’s head and replaced it with that of an elephant’s, as the

worship and devotion took place several times a day.

story goes. Ganpati is evident in almost every street corner and home,

brought to the river, immersed in its waters, and returned to

where his statues and images are worshipped daily with

the mother god. I braved the heavy throng of Indian devotees

offerings of flowers, food and candles, not unlike Filipinos’

bearing their gods and final offerings; the air was thick with the

devotion to the Sto. Niño. But once a year this religious fervor

scent of incense and flowers, dense with the sounds of chants

culminates in a 10-day celebration called the Ganpati Festival,

and prayers and a visual cacophony of color against candle

and in September 2011, I was fortunate enough to have been

light—all so spiritually intoxicating even for a Filipina Catholic

there to celebrate with my Pune family.

like me. There are many things amazing and breathtaking about

Special altars called mandals were erected along the streets by society patrons to house karwahe-sized figures of the

RED 4.indd 8

At the end of 10 days as ritual dictates, all Ganpatis were

India, but none more than the unconditional spiritual devotion so strongly held in their hearts.


A 10-day festival for a beloved god culminates in a rich and spiritually intoxicating river procession

2/7/13 8:08:00 PM

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1/1/28 6:16 PM



Yvonne Quisumbing dress, VITO Studio

RED 4.indd 10

2/7/13 8:08:05 PM

HOSS long-sleeved top and platforms, Rustan’s

RED 4.indd 11

2/7/13 8:08:10 PM


Thakoon top, Univers. HOSS gladiator heels, Rustan’s

RED 4.indd 12

2/7/13 8:08:15 PM

HOSS banded dress, Rustan’s. Jil Sanders strappy heels, Univers

RED 4.indd 13

2/7/13 8:08:19 PM


Rachel Roy wrap dress in nude, Rustan’s. Pierre Hardy heels, Univers

RED 4.indd 14

2/7/13 8:08:23 PM

Josie Natori knit dress, Rustan’s. Strappy heels, Jimmy Choo

RED 4.indd 15

2/7/13 8:08:26 PM

HIS STORY: Now based in New York, Chip Kidd has been hailed by ‘USA Today’ as ‘the closest thing to a rock star’ in graphic book design. He’s associate art director at Knopf, but many authors insist on having their book covers designed by him.

Page turner

A good read becomes better with book cover designs by Chip Kidd BY CHERE GIOSKOS

Choosing a book among hundreds and thousands in a

Still, many will agree that it’s a book’s cover that initially

shop takes some time and thinking. Unless it’s been highly

draws a reader in. And it’s only after reading the book when one

recommended, well-reviewed, or given as a gift, a book doesn’t

decides whether it’s worth keeping—or a waste of one’s time and

capture your eye just like that.


Kindles and other tablets aside, buying a book to take along

Chip Kidd has spent years interpreting novels through his

for that long trip or a quiet night at home is a combined effort

cover designs. Look at the images on this page. The covers may

of the senses. Fingers go through the texture of the jacket

be new to some but they’re oh-so-familiar to those who still live

and pages, while the nose gets a whiff of the subtle scent of

for the feeling and high of holding a book in their hands.

book paper.

RED 4.indd 16

2/7/13 8:08:30 PM


Infinity times eight Love is definitely forever with a set of eight rings from Jewelmer

Jewelmer’s Les Divines redefines the ring as the ultimate


symbol of eternal love. The perfect gift to give and receive in the month of hearts, this set of eight delicate, feminine rings

Infinity is a characteristic of never-ending possibilities with

is meant to be worn stacked, but makes quite an impression as

limitless options and choices. The infinity symbol (figure eight)

well when worn one at a time.

is universally recognized as a symbol for eternity.

Designed with the prettiest and most auspicious of details, Les Divines rings also are crafted with the finest materials that the Jewelmer brand is known for. Keshi pearls are miracles of the purest nacre, or mother of

With the two circles joined, the pattern has no ending and no beginning. As an avid feng shui fan, I like to use jewelry with the infinity knot symbol as a good luck charm. Also known as the

pearl, and serendipitous surprises of Mother Nature herself.

mystic knot, this figure is the most well-known symbol for

No two are alike in their shape or color. Their exceptional

eternity. With unending luck, prosperity, and abundance, the

luster and inherent brilliance reflect radiant light from the

infinity knot ensures the energy it attracts is continuous.

mysterious depths of the ocean. Reflecting the tastes of emperors across the dynasties, gold is king. Among nobles, golden keshi pearls spell style as much

Personally, I think the infinity symbol is love, for it could draw the energy of eternal love, as well. At an intensive feng shui course in Malaysia, Master Lilian

as luck; these gems are expertly set in 18k yellow gold for the

Too taught us to form the infinity sign with our two fingers to

genuine element of wealth and prosperity.

harness the energy of the moment in times of major obstacles

Pure white boxes of eight round rings are extra auspicious, drawing on the number 8 and its perfect symmetry and

or problems. The continuous action will somehow resolve the situation to your favor.

balance in each of these infinite treasures.

RED 4.indd 17

2/7/13 8:08:33 PM




Rick Owens tank, Univers

RED 4.indd 18

2/7/13 8:08:36 PM

‘I always thought that true beauty comes from within. Someone who is well-rounded, who knows how to give as well as receive, and who exudes demure confidence is, to me, beautiful’

RED 4.indd 19

2/7/13 8:08:39 PM

I believe there are two types of people: those who love the

You model. How do you balance your time?

spotlight and those whom the spotlight loves. Jessica

Modeling is something I do on the side, more like a

Kienle belongs to the latter. One of the most striking

hobby. I prioritize my work at Philux, so I make sure I

women in Manila, she makes heads turn wherever she

schedule shoots on days where I don’t have any meetings

goes but doesn’t seem to give it much thought. In fact,

or important tasks to complete.

after spending a couple of hours with her, she makes you forget about her looks; instead, you tend to remem-


You have beautiful skin. What’s your beauty ritual?

ber how sweet and charming she is. Not to mention very

It’s very simple. I wash, tone, and moisturize. I also

talented and creative when it comes to design. Back from

drink a lot of water and try to get at least eight hours of

her studies abroad, she now heads the design team of

sleep every night. That always helps!

Philux, her family’s furniture company. What five things do you think make women beautiful? What are you busy with these days?

Confidence, drive, humility, generosity, and humor.

I am currently working on Philux’s new collection that we will be launching this fall. It is so exciting because this collection will be so different from anything we have ever done before!

In your opinion, what makes a person beautiful? Though physical appearance is the first thing you notice when meeting someone for the first time, I always thought that true beauty comes from within. Someone who

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working

is well-rounded, who knows how to give as well as receive,

for the family business?

and someone who exudes demure confidence.

An advantage is that ideas are easy to communicate and they materialize a lot faster. A disadvantage is that it’s not always easy to separate family time and work when we are all together!

What do you plan to do in the future? Work-wise, I would eventually like to set up my own interior design practice. Outside of work, I have always wanted to volunteer at a foundation for unprivileged

Were you pressured to help out or is furniture design

children, so I would like to do that some time in the near

something you wanted to do?


I have always been very passionate about furniture and interior design, and I was never pressured to help

Who do you admire in terms of furniture design? Who are

out in the company. Growing up, I always enjoyed visit-

your influences?

ing the factory with my dad, and I also loved fixing up

Scandinavian designer Hans Wegner, who popularized

the showrooms with my mom. It’s an industry that I was

mid-century Danish design. Of local designers, I really

exposed to at a very young age so I’ve really grown to

admire the work of Kenneth Cobonpue.

love it and appreciate the work behind it. What are you most excited about? Spontaneous weekend getaways.

RED 4.indd 20

2/7/13 8:08:39 PM

Maillot, Por Do Sol

ASPESI tank, Univers. Jeans, G-Star RAW

RED 4.indd 21

2/7/13 8:08:45 PM

Time for A to Z word play. Please tell us the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word... Age. Time. Brunch. New York. Character. Personality. Dream. Big.


Ego. Boost. Fame. Popularity. Guilt. Free. Height. Tall. Insecurities. Some. Jeans. Skinny. Kids. Someday. Love and lust. Completely. Music. Life. Nickname. Jess. Olympian. Lochte. Peeves. Pet. Quote. Motto. Restaurant. Date. Sex. Female. Trend. Fashion. Underwear. Secret. Vacation. Beach. Water or wine? Water. X-rays. Scary. YouTube. Fun. Zoo animal. Lion.

Rick Owens tank, Univers. Jeans, G-Star RAW

RED 4.indd 22

2/7/13 8:08:50 PM

Cotton T-shirt dress, Joey Samson

RED 4.indd 23

2/7/13 8:09:00 PM


From left: Clinique scruffing lotion, Rustan’s; Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau, Rustan’s; La Prairie The Advance Marine Biology Collection, Rustan’s

That neat gentleman

Treat your man to 23 products that leave him with that fresh-from-the-shower scent and feeling PHOTOGRAPHS BY STANLEY ONG

RED 4.indd 24

2/7/13 8:09:12 PM

From left: Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport perfume, available at major department stores; Haynes full throttle guide to grooming set: shower gel, shampoo and soap, Rustan’s; Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50, Kiehl’s.

RED 4.indd 25

2/7/13 8:09:28 PM


From left: Kérastase Homme Capital Force shampoo, leave-in, and anti-hair loss roller, available at leading salons; L’Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Powered Water, available at leading department stores; Lab Series AB Rescue Body Sculpting Gel and Maximum Comfort Shave Cream, Rustan’s

RED 4.indd 26

2/7/13 8:09:53 PM

Clockwise from top, center: L’Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Scrub, available at leading department stores; Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio; Acca Kappa Muschio Bianco; Yves Saint Laurent HOMME; and Clarins body toning gel and exfoliating cleanser, all Rustan’s

RED 4.indd 27

2/7/13 8:10:02 PM

Large, open windows make this the breeziest part of the house. The couch and seats are by Eric Paras, the larva sculpture by Pidge Reyes.

Blast from the past inspiRED

Old-world accents enhance the nostalgic feel of this authentic ’50s residence PHOTOGRAPHS BY JO ANN BITAGCOL

With the spate of modern skyscraper condominiums sprouting

department stores, and personal travels. “I like an old-world

all around him, why this homeowner chose to live in a 1950s

atmosphere,” he says.

house in a quaint compound in Pasay City seems an unlikely

RED 4.indd 28

But while he’s succeeded in maintaining his home’s

choice. “I like the feeling that I’m not in the city,” says the

nostalgic feel, this gentleman certainly isn’t averse to modern

man of the house. “There’s greenery all around and the

conveniences. An improved kitchen, he thinks, is a welcome

quietness at most times.” Describing his style as eclectic, he

touch to a home that harks back to the days of uncomplicated

favors furnishings and accents found in second-hand shops,


2/7/13 8:10:13 PM






6 Antique horn

RED 4.indd 29

1. An ‘aparador’ from Evangelista Street stands beside a second-hand parlor chair. 2. One of five lithographs of Pandy Aviado’s ‘Marian’ series lining the wall of the first flight of stairs. 3. Inspired by the Holy Rosary, a chandelier by Pidge Reyes hangs over the stair landing. 4. From left: A Vietnamese oil painting given by designer Dennis Lustico, a wood block print by Pandy Aviado, and digital art by Junjun Sta. Ana on the floor of the receiving room. 5. From a second-hand store on Evangelista Street, one of a pair of garden seats now serves as a book stand. 6. The homeowner’s desk.

2/7/13 8:11:22 PM

Juana Yupangco, Baby Magazine editor-in-chief “Jo Malone Lotus Blossom & Water Lily. It has a sophisticated, approachable scent that can go from day to night.”


Victor Cembellin, MAC senior makeup artist “I love Gendarme. I travel a lot and when I’m about to board a plane, I spray some on and I feel like I just came out of a bath ’cause it smells like soap.”

Ornusa Cadness, model, DJ “Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel has to be my fave. It reminds me of my childhood and it’s not too heavy. I also get a lot of positive feedback from guys when I’m wearing it.”

RED 4.indd 30

What is your favorite scent?

Cita Revilla, TV host “When I’m just in jeans, I normally use John Varvatos Artisan, and when I have to get dressed for a formal function, I use Bulgari Jasmin Noir.”

Compiled by Ria Prieto

Kai Lim, Cura V partner “It has to be Frederic Malle Iris Poudre. It’s light, clean, and easy on the nose. Like powder coming from a bath.”

Ian King, Victoria Court managing director “Hmm, I have quite a few! Clinique Happy is off the top of my head but I have old scents I like: Cool Water, Polo Blue and Black!”

2/7/13 8:11:27 PM

Red Magazine February 2013  

Red Magazine February 2013