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2013 Rising Stars


Fitness Specialist, Anytime Fitness-Downtown Role Model/Mentor: Corbett Davis, for his dedication, hard work and generosity toward the community. Adrian Lovell, a leader, hard worker and a great man of faith. How to make this a better place to live: To have more positive people support and take action toward initiatives to improve education, job creation, and community health. Is a Rising Star because: “Lorenzo understands fitness and how it contributes to personal and professional success. His creative initiatives for people of all ages not only make you look and feel better, but also reduce the need for costly health care.”—DeeDee Davis


Felony Criminal Defense Attorney, Office of the Public Defender, 1st Judicial Circuit Role Model/Mentor: Judge Terry Terrell. He has defied political odds and risen through from an Assistant Public Defender to the Chief Judge of the First Judicial Circuit. How to make this a better place to live: Howard Thurman best summed it up: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Is a Rising Star because: "Asma is a bright, dedicated attorney that works hard for her clients and still finds time to give back to the community. Truly a talent."—Scott Ritchie


Business Systems Analyst, Covenant Hospice Role Model/Mentor: The women of the Junior League of Pensacola How to make this a better place to live: Increase community leader involvement within our education system to mentor, motivate and influence our youth's future and ultimately the future of Pensacola. Is a Rising Star because: “Covenant Hospice congratulates Kasey Armbruster! Her dedication to our mission is impressive and her efforts truly make a difference in the lives of the families we serve. “—Susan Lovelady




Role Model/Mentor: John Porter taught me discipline, stewardship, servant leadership, and commitment to coworkers, organization, and community.

Role Model/Mentor: Impact 100. An awesome idea that reaches into so many different realms of the community and brings many role models together.

Role Model/Mentor: I have tremendous respect for the work ethic and philanthropy of Fred Levin.

How to make this a better place to live: We have to create an environment of ownership in our community; we can no longer sit on the fence and cast stones.

How to make this a better place to live: Deeper development of the multicultural aspects of the community and continued diversity enrichment.

Is a Rising Star because: “Despite the uncertain economic climate of recent years, Barrie has guided me with sound advice that has protected my family from losses while allowing us to save toward our retirement. A true professional.”—Mike Ellis

Is a Rising Star because: “Since coming back to Pensacola, Erin is making a difference in her field of Acupuncture. Her civic contribution to our community is greatly recognized.”—Dave Clark

Financial Advisor, North Florida Financial

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Acupuncture Physician/Owner, Coastal Acupuncture

CEO, Ballpoint Communications Group

How to make this a better place to live: Unite the next generation of top young talent with Pensacola's legacy leaders and achieve big projects together— Is a Rising Star because: “Aaron encompasses commitment, innovation, energy and the ability to collaborate at a high level. He can bring together the best and brightest, distill a vision or project to its essential elements and produce a result far beyond the expected.”—Lorrie Collier Berry

2013 Rising Stars


Director of Purchasing and Auxiliary Services, Pensacola State College

Role Model/Mentor: Virginia Buchanan. She works tirelessly to make her clients’ lives better and Pensacola a safer place.

Role Model/Mentor: Dr. Susie Jans-Thomas for being a pioneer and continual fighter for equal rights of women and minorities.

How to make this a better place to live: Increased awareness and efforts to preserve and promote Pensacola’s extraordinary natural environment… and a Krispy Kreme on the west side.

How to make this a better place to live: Educational offerings within Pensacola are affordable, high quality and diverse; therefore, let’s promote these characteristics to our citizens and beyond.

Is a Rising Star because: “Scott is an extremely smart, dedicated and passionate attorney who goes above and beyond for his clients each and every day. His work ethic is truly inspiring.”—Austin R. Ward

Is a Rising Star because: “Cassie is a highly focused professional whose leadership as purchasing director has resulted in considerable savings to the college. She is a valuable asset not only to the college but the community.”—Dr. Ed Meadows

Attorney and Partner, Ward & Barnes, P.A.

January 17, 2013

KYLIE A. BOLSTER, 28, & BILL MANNING, 31 Owners, The Magnolia

Role Model/Mentor: The Halsteads of Jerry's Drive In and My Favorite Things have been wonderful to us and are a constant inspiration. How to make this a better place to live: Support local businesses! We cannot stress it enough. Is a Rising Star because: “Bill and Kiley have poured their hearts into creating a unique establishment which has become a cultural institution in Pensacola. They are good indicators and examples of young people returning to Pensacola and taking a risk to make this city a more vibrant, dynamic place, while keeping it uniquely Southern." —Alistair McKenzie


2013 Rising Stars


Regional Operations Manager, Aspen Dental Management, Inc. Role Model/Mentor: Quint Studer. He has shown you can be successful and push positive change in your community simultaneously. How to make this a better place to live: Reform our education system to be among the elite in the state, therefore attracting more businesses and talent to our area.


Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist, Nemours Children's Clinic-Pensacola Role Model/Mentor: Our pediatric patients and families who consistently encourage with their strength and resilience. How to make this a better place to live: Continuing cooperative research to end childhood cancer.

Is a Rising Star because: “Excited about Pensacola's progress and investing his time and energy in our future, since his arrival, Dave has worked make Pensacola a better place to live, work, and play.”—Tristan K. Harper

Is a Rising Star because: “Dr. Brown has established herself as an expert in childhood cancer and blood disorders. She is a great advocate for her patients and consistently goes above and beyond to make sure her patients are cared for.”— Jeff Schwartz, MD



Credit Officer, ServisFirst Bank Role Model/Mentor: Rex McKinney How to make this a better place to live: Continued efforts to revitalize downtown in terms of entertainment as well as residential housing options. Is a Rising Star because: “Mark Canada chose Pensacola to be where he could build his career and contribute and make a substantial impact. Mark’s positive, enthusiastic attitude, as well as his willingness to serve others, makes him a valued asset of our company and community.”—Rex McKinney

212 1

Community Maritime Park Recreation Coordinator, City of Pensacola Role Model/Mentor: James Broughton. He believes in and practices a love of community and recreation unmatched by most in the field. How to make this a better place to live: Employing grassroots strategies and non-traditional funding options to create a more diversified and sustainable economy as the means to a healthy and safe community. Is a Rising Star because: “Heather’s positive attitude and willingness to think outside the box make her a tremendous asset to our team, and we’re proud to see her recognized as a Rising Star.”—Ashton Hayward


Membership Director, Pensacola Country Club Role Model/Mentor: Maryette Huntinghouse for her constant support of my professional development and the example she sets for community involvement. How to make this a better place to live: Having our city and county leaders work together to bring better educational, economic and recreational development to Pensacola. Is a Rising Star because: “Leia is indeed a shining star here and we all bask in the genuine warmth and hospitality that she spreads throughout our club as our Membership Director.”—Randy Delaney


Business Development, Gulf Coast Community Bank Role Model/Mentor: Buzz Ritchie. He’s shown me the importance of commitment, leadership, hard work, and service to our community. How to make this a better place to live: Steady job growth and retention of homegrown talent to help our area realize its full potential. Is a Rising Star because: “Tom is a tremendous worker with an always positive attitude and an ever present smile. Anxiously tackles every new challenge. In addition, he is among the first to volunteer for bank community service projects.”—Buzz Ritchie

2013 Rising Stars




Role Model/Mentor: Eileen Perrigo from UWF for helping me realize exactly what career path was meant for me and Kathy Summerlin for teaching me to always be confident in my abilities and always aim high.

Role Model/Mentor: Brenda Chromiak. Capt. Chromiak was influential in why I became a Law Enforcement Officer.

Role Model/Mentor: Eileen Perrigo, M.Ed., APR, UWF College Professor. She’s a wonderful professor and taught me so much about the career I love.

Special Events & Marketing Manager, Pensacola Opera

How to make this a better place to live: Continued support for downtown’s thriving arts scene, particularly amongst the younger generation. Also, more support for arts programs in our public schools. Oh yeah, and a Chipotle. Is a Rising Star because: “Morgan has a generous and welcoming spirit and her zest for life, and her work, is contagious. We feel extremely fortunate and proud that she is a part of the Pensacola Opera team.”—Erin Sammis

Major Crimes Investigator/Special Victims Unit, Escambia County Sheriff 's Office

How to make this a better place to live: Get involved, don't just sit back and wait for our community to become a better and safer place to live. Is a Rising Star because: “We are very proud of Nicole’s dedication to this community, especially for her hard work and commitment in the areas of child abuse and domestic violence investigation. Nicole is well known for ensuring that the children and families she works with get the services they need.”—Sheriff David Morgan

Director of Marketing and Special Events, Pensacola Little Theatre

How to make this a better place to live: Make downtown Pensacola housing more affordable, so it would bring younger people in the area to make it more vibrant. Is a Rising Star because: “Sarah’s positive attitude toward wearing multiple hats in the non-profit world makes her a pleasure to work with. We are fortunate that she has kept her creativity in Pensacola.”—Mary Henriques Opportunity is Here

Congratulations to the Rising Stars of 2013! We are with you. We are you. Together, we can make the next two years a turning point for business and cultural innovation in our city. Invest your voice at

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2013 Rising Stars



Role Model/Mentor: Jim Reeves (attorney & developer) & Carol Carlan (CEO, Carlan Consulting, LLC) both challenge me to empower my clients through education and personal attention to detail.

Role Model/Mentor: Sheilah Bowman. Sheilah is a brilliant leader, a great friend and an amazing asset to this community.

Group Benefits Agent, McMahon Hadder Insurance, Inc.

How to make this a better place to live: We should promote Pensacola as a destination for Historical Tourism enthusiasts. Is a Rising Star because: "Robyn is a consummate professional,who cares deeply about her customers and her career. She is also a team player . She is building a career built on trust and personal relationships."—Donnie McMahon

Military and Veterans' Affairs, Congressman Jeff Miller

How to make this a better place to live: Economic development and better paying jobs. Is a Rising Star because: “Justin, a Wounded Warrior, has an innate ability to get answers or resolve matters for veterans and their families, which is a direct testimony to his caring, compassionate but determined personality.” —Sheilah Bowman



Role Model/Mentor: Rodney Rich. Creates good jobs, contributes to civic and religious organizations, helps develop next generation of leaders.

Role Model/Mentor: I have been fortunate to have several role models who exhibit effective servant leadership.

Rabbi, Temple Beth El

How to make this a better place to live: Celebrating and restoring the area's rich history. Is a Rising Star because: “A reinvigorated Temple Beth El has Rabbi Joel Fleekop to thank. He has it all… youth, knowledge and enthusiasm. He epitomizes our logo, ‘Share our Past; Shape our Future.’”—Alice Klein

414 1

Grants & Special Projects Coordinator, Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners

How to make this a better place to live: Increase the availability and affordability of educational and specialized training opportunities that result in a more diverse and versatile workforce. Is a Rising Star because: "Santa Rosa County is very fortunate to have Sheila on staff. She excels in a challenging position while raising a family and playing an active role in the community."—DeVann Cook

Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Pensacola State Role Model/Mentor: Jenny Boucek, assistant coach for the Seattle Storm. She coached me on an Athletes In Action trip overseas in Spain and demonstrated how you can coach a team and really invest in your players’ lives. She has a true, genuine, servant’s heart and is always trying to help those she comes in contact with. How to make this a better place to live: Honestly, haven’t been here long enough to know. I am enjoying the Pensacola area. I would like to see more interaction and involvement in the local sporting events though. Is a Rising Star because: “Leah is an exceptional leader and coach with the drive, enthusiasm and integrity to succeed. She is a role model for our women’s basketball team, our college and our community.”—Dr. Ed Meadows

SHARONICA HENDRIETH-BROWN, 34 Sr. Research Specialist, IMS ExpertServices

Role Model/Mentor: My sorority sisters and the women of my church exude daily positive examples of womanhood. How to make this a better place to live: Learn to "really" appreciate what you already have, setting a prime example for those around you! Is a Rising Star because: “Sharonica is a difference maker in the community. Her involvement in the Sickle Cell Disease Association and Delta Sigma Theta adds to our quality of life. We're incredibly proud to have her on our team.”—Bill Wein

2013 Rising Stars



Role Model/Mentor: Stacey Kostevicki, Executive Director of The Gulf Coast Kids House. Inspiring peer who has made a difference for the children in our community.

Role Model/Mentor: I'm always inspired by the many local visionaries working to make Pensacola an even more amazing place to live and work.

How to make this a better place to live: Continuous support from the community as it relates to the economic growth of our downtown area.

How to make this a better place to live: Job creation at all levels leading our community to economic development, increased quality of life, crime reduction and societal productivity.

HR Generalist, Studer Group

Is a Rising Star because: “Lauren has made multiple contributions at Studer Group. She will undoubtedly continue to have impact and embody our mission to make healthcare better for employees to work, physicians to practice medicine and patients to receive care.”—Shannon Libbert


Customer Service, Gulf Power

Is a Rising Star because: “Wes is doing great things at Gulf Power and in our community. Always putting our customers and the community at the center of everything he does, Wes demonstrates leadership and Gulf Power values by serving others."—Stan Connally




Treasury Management Officer, Vice President, Coastal Bank and Trust Role Model/Mentor: Rachael Gillette, Pensacola Young Professionals Director. I have learned so much from Rachael’s leadership, dedication, and passion for Pensacola. How to make this a better place to live: Increase awareness and opportunities to high school and college students of all local charitable organizations and “how they can get involved.” Is a Rising Star because: “Aaron strives for excellence in everything he does. When he is engaged in a project, you can expect success. He is an asset to our bank and the greater Pensacola area.”—Michael Holland



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2013 Rising Stars




Role Model/Mentor: Claire Bockwith is a dynamic business owner with a passion for knowledge and volunteering.

Role Model/Mentor: Gail Dorsey with her expertise in financial planning and accounting has given me confidence planning for my future.

Role Model/Mentor: Jayer Williamson. Sincerity and commitment set him apart as a genuine leader.

Investment Services Coordinator, Rodney Rich & Company

How to make this a better place to live: I hope the expansion of downtown includes additional dining and retail options as well as parking near the stadium. Is a Rising Star because: “We are proud to have Amber as a very positive, professional member of our team. She cares about the future of our community and expresses her commitment every day to our clients through her dedication and enthusiasm. “—Rodney Rich

Box Office Manager, Pensacola Blue Wahoos

How to make this a better place to live: Creating more interest in the Pensacola area for residents and tourists. Pensacola has unbelievable natural attractions and a downtown district with tremendous potential for growth. Is a Rising Star because: “Eric Kroll is a great young leader. He has been able to take our ticket office to new heights and live by the Blue Wahoos mission and values.”—Jonathan Griffith



Role Model/Mentor: Aside from those I’ve met at work, I haven’t yet connected with a role model.

Local Mentor/Role Model: Hon. Jan Shackelford. Even when faced with making difficult decisions, Judge Shackelford has always shown a great deal of character and integrity.

Director of Assessment and Planning for the Division of Student Affairs, University of West Florida

How to make this a better place to live: I’d like to see recycling made easier and have it be more incentivized for greater community participation. Is a Rising Star because: “Sarah exemplifies the spirit of a Rising Star because she has the heart, the mind and the desire to improve Pensacola. UWF and Pensacola will be better with her here.”—Brian Turner

616 1

Attorney, Young, Bill, Roumbos & Boles, P.A.

How to make this a better place to live: Continue the effort to attract more businesses to the Pensacola area… and no tolls to the beach. Is a Rising Star because: “Justin was an Assistant State Attorney before recently moving to private, civil work. He is well respected among his younger peers and is a very good overall representative of the young professional community.”—Cameron Stephenson

Graphic Designer/Marketing Manager, Arrow Embroidery & Screen Printing/The Open Rose Florist

How to make this a better place to live: One person stepping up, doing simple things that encourage others has a ripple effect and builds community pride. Is a Rising Star because: “Ashley possesses a strong work ethic, attention to detail and her commitment to community is unwavering. She is a selfless leader and I look forward to seeing how high this star rises.”—Jayer Williamson


Attorney, Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon Role Model/Mentor: Andrea Krieger and Sally B. Fox. Both are active in the community and have character traits that assist them in being successful in both their personal and professional lives. How to make this a better place to live: Pensacola should continue to build up and improve its downtown. Also, more individuals should become aware of and participate in non-profit organizations Is a Rising Star because: “Andrea is an asset to our community. She is active in United Way, Junior League, and other civic and charitable organizations. She is an outstanding attorney and embraces all challenges with zeal and compassion.”—Sally Fox

2013 Rising Stars




Role Model/Mentor: Rev. Matt Currin, Rector Emeritus of Christ Church, for his faith in love, justice and dirty jokes.

Role Model/Mentor: Stephen Black, creator of Impact Alabama, who enhances students’ sense of social responsibility by engaging them in service-learning opportunities.

Role Model/Mentor: I am blessed to have numerous role models, it is impossible for me to name just one.

Editorial Cartoonist, Pensacola News Journal

How to make this a better place to live: Open an Azalea Cocktail Lounge booth in the Community Maritime Park Stadium. Is a Rising Star because: “Andy was also named PNJ 2012 Employee of the Year for his contribution, not only as an editorial cartoonist, but as a great graphic designer who shares his talents with the newsroom and marketing. He is also a generous community supporter.”—Kevin Doyle

Finance Director, YMCA of Northwest Florida

Literacy Coach, Booker T. Washington High School

How to make this a better place to live: Provide additional employment opportunities by expanding existing businesses and attracting new businesses.

How to make this a better place to live: I think that the world would be a better place to live if we all talked and focused more on our blessings, rather than worry about the things we do not have.

Is a Rising Star because: “Young, Smart, Passionate talent with integrity is tough to find. The Y is fortunate to have such talent on our team.”—Michael Bodenhausen

Is a Rising Star because: “Latasha is the epitome of a teacher! She is totally dedication to the field of education and more importantly to the students.”—Reginald Todd

We give our two Rising Stars, “

” Thanks to the Independent News for recognizing Natalie Smith and Wes Hudgens for their commitment to this company and to their community. We’re proud of our Rising Stars.

Wes Hudgens Customer Service Representative January 17, 2013

Natalie Smith Communications Specialist 17

2013 Rising Stars


Senior Planning Associate, Warren Averett Asset Management Role Model/Mentor: Dr. Darren McClellan. He is consistently focused on what he can do to improve the lives of others. How to make this a better place to live: Unity among all of those groups with the goal of making Pensacola a better place to live, work and play. Is a Rising Star because: “Joseph rolls up his sleeves in order to make things happen. He’s bright, determined and committed to seeing Pensacola realize its full potential. He’s going to make a difference.”—Larry Hicks



Executive Chef, Restaurant Iron, Marcus Pointe

Milton City Councilman /American History Teacher, Raymond B. Hobbs Middle School

Role Model/Mentor: Mayor Ashton Hayward, long-time friend and colleague, because he has the courage to make systemic changes in our community that in the past could never happen.

Role Model/Mentor: Dr. Patrick Moore (UWF) has provided me with the professional scope of tools to be an effective public official and historian.

How to make this a better place to live: Pensacola needs to focus on creating more local small businesses that will help stimulate our economy and increase the city’s cultural diversity.

How to make this a better place to live: Political term limits! Instead of worrying about re-election, fresh leadership would prioritize and focus on building a better Northwest Florida.

Is a Rising Star because: “We are very grateful Alex came back to Pensacola after six years studying under the great chefs of New Orleans. With Alex’s return, the Pensacola chef community has one more great chef to add to its culinary arsenal.”—Nikki Nash


Andrea Lyons Rising Star

Is a Rising Star because: “Mr. Meiss is one of the most dedicated teachers I’ve ever known. He deeply cares about his school, students, and his community.”—Buddy Powell


Tom Coady IN Rising Star

“Tom is a tremendous worker who always has a positive attitude and a smile. He anxiously tackles every new challenge and is the first to volunteer for bank community service projects.”


— Buzz Ritchie, CEO

t Gulf Coast Community Bank, we are proud to see Tom recognized as an IN Rising Star. It is employees like Tom who deliver the best in local banking based on personal relationships between banker and customer.


myg u l f bank. co m


ESCLAW.COM | 433-6581 818 1

Downtown 40 N. Palafox St. 434-9300

Cordova/Airport 1177 College Blvd. 475-9300

GC0209 TOM COADY IN AD.indd 1

Nine Mile Road 1554 W. Nine Mile Rd. 484-9320

Pace 4885 Hwy. 90 995-9340


Gulf Breeze 2871 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. 916-9330

1/10/13 12:59 PM

2013 Rising Stars




Role Model/Mentor: Claire Bockwith. Claire is an excellent example to women in Pensacola of the results of hard work.

Role Model/Mentor: Rishy Studer, a successful visionary and entrepreneur. Rishy is generous and heavily involved in the local community, very inspiring.

Role Model/Mentor: Gay Deese (Children’s Home Society of Florida) because she works tirelessly for the wellbeing of abused, neglected, and abandoned children in our local area.

How to make this a better place to live: The community to continue to support the economic growth of Pensacola’s Downtown and local small businesses.

How to make this a better place to live: Execute a strategy and plan for cleaning and continually improving the visual aesthetics of the entire area (i.e. neighborhoods, streets).

Is a Rising Star because: “Autumn role models Studer Group’s every day . Her work is of high quality on everything she executes. She is a horizontal thinker and is a difference-maker.”—Carey King

Is a Rising Star because: “Preston is committed to excellent customer service. His success is a reflection of his hard work and dedication in getting to know his clients and finding them their dream home.”—Rebecca D. Richardson

Business Development Manager, Baptist Health CareHealthy Lives

How to make this a better place to live: Make the downtown area more walker friendly. Is a Rising Star because: “Melanie’s dedication to our community fuels her impressive achievements and benefits not only Baptist, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, PYP, United Way, and many other community organizations but also makes for a happier and healthier Pensacola.”— Meghan McCarthy

Project Manager, Coaching Division, Studer Group

Realtor, Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast

Congratulations to Taylor and Sharonica, our IN Rising Stars. We salute your passion for making our community a better place.

Taylor Simmons

January 17, 2013

Sharonica Hendrieth-Brown


2013 Rising Stars


Director of Parish Social Ministries, Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida



Role Model/Mentor: The late Hally Payne taught me to love Pensacola. I admire Teresa dos Santos and Denise Berry’s intrepid entrepreneurial spirits and Brian Spencer’s relentless can-do attitude.

Role Model/Mentor: Donna Fassett for her outstanding work in this community.

Role Model/Mentor: Mr. Ed Gray III for his genuine and positive leadership in this community.

How to make this a better place to live: Make downtown more walkable and safe to give families activities that they can do all day.

How to make this a better place to live: We need to capitalize on our momentum and continue to move Pensacola forward across multiple fronts, as they are all interconnected.

How to make this a better place to live: We need to capitalize on our authenticity and rich history as well as artistic human capital to highlight the ways that Pensacola is world-class and one-of-a-kind. Is a Rising Star because: “Lindsay’s passion, faith and articulate expressions of love for the less fortunate, matched with an incredible theological education, made her the perfect match at Catholic Charities. This rising talent will make enormous contributions to our community for generations to come.”—Mark Dufva

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Physician Recruiter, Baptist Health Care

Is a Rising Star because: “Matt immediately understood the personal and professional value of community involvement. Along with starting a demanding career with Edward Jones, Matt has jumped right into PYP, serving as co-chair of membership.”—John Peacock

Is a Rising Star because: “We are so proud to have Bobby on our team. He operates with integrity in all that he does and truly embodies the Baptist culture. He is an asset to the Baptist family and promises to have a very bright career here.”—Leslie Hutcherson

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Andy Terhaar Rising Star 2013 1401 East Belmont Street (850) 433-7007 020 2 • 850-469-1144

100 South Alcaniz Street • Pensacola, FL 32502

2013 Rising Stars



Role Model/Mentor: Travis Peterson. He’s an exceptional public relations professional, and although he’s extremely busy, he always makes the time to give great advice.

Role Model/Mentor: I am thankful to have been supported and mentored by many people in Pensacola.

Public Relations Director, University of West Florida

How to make this a better place to live: Continue creating additional jobs through Pensacola’s proactive economic development efforts, providing college graduates the opportunity to stay here and begin their careers in Pensacola. Is a Rising Star because: “Megan Prawdzik is worthy because of one word: dedication. She is dedicated to both the profession of public relations and to the University of West Florida.”—Sabrina McLaughlin

How to make this a better place to live: We must be open-minded to the change and revitalization of our community. Pensacola has such great potential—let’s embrace it. Is a Rising Star because: “Kenzie is one of the most inspiring, dedicated and energetic people I know. Through hard work she turned a dream her husband and she shared, into one of Pensacola’s most successful exercise programs.”—Shirley Cronley

Congratulations to our Executive Chef,

Alex McPhail and all the Rising Stars of 2013!

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Owner, Certified Personal Trainer, Fixed on Fitness, Inc.

Associate Attorney, Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Rafferty & Proctor, P.A. Role Model/Mentor: Pamela Cothran Marsh. She is the first woman to serve as United States Attorney for the Northern District of Florida. How to make this a better place to live: To increase the quality of life in Escambia county, a greater focus should be placed on public safety and crime. Is a Rising Star because: “Erica is classically trained ballerina and a graduate from NYU law school. She handles securities and false claim litigation now. She and her husband have quickly gotten involved with the community.”—Chris Paulos

CONGRATULATIONS 2013 Rising Stars!


arren Averett O’Sullivan Creel Wealth Management congratulates Joseph McNair and all the Rising Stars on their selection in 2013.

316 S. Baylen Street, Suite 300 | 850.470.5555 |


2013 Rising Stars




Role Model/Mentor: Terrie Taylor, Ransom Middle School PE coach. She lives out honesty, integrity and humility as an example for all to follow.

Role Model/Mentor: Other than my family, Brian Hooper has been the most influential in my increasing involvement.

Role Model/Mentor: Mr. Albert Martin and Dr. Kyle Marrero

How to make this a better place to live: Pensacola is full of great people doing great things. We should celebrate each other’s successes, invite new ideas and not be afraid to take a few risks.

How to make this a better place to live: We need to improve our collective self-esteem. If we do not believe in our community, why would anyone else?

Is a Rising Star because: “This validates what we have known for years at the Greater Pensacola Chamber: Kelly has the passion and skills required to help grow and develop our entrepreneurial and high technology companies in the area,” –Jim Hizer.

Is a Rising Star because: “A Pensacola native, Chris is deeply committed to improving our community for everyone, and his civic involvement is aimed at improving the lives of all of our residents.”—Brian Hooper

Director of Entrepreneurial Development, Greater Pensacola Chamber

Attorney, Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith

Choral Music Director/ Minister of Music, Pine Forest High School/ Englewood Missionary Baptist Church How to make this a better place to live: To provide more cultural arts experiences to our area youth at an early age by way of outreach to communities of all economic levels. Is a Rising Star because: “Micah is the youngest and possibly the first African American music director at Pine Forest High School. He grew up here in Pensacola and graduated from college with his degrees in music. He is truly a rising star.”—Aaron Watson

Congratulations to our Rising Stars Congratulations to

Scott Barnes

Pensacola Rising Star and Partner at Ward & Barnes, P.A.

Autumn Morris

Lauren Holstman

(850) 912-8060 2009 N. 9th Avenue Pensacola, FL 32503 222 2

2013 Rising Stars

LINDSEY BRAXTON SHOOK, 32 Director of Operations, idgroup

Role Model/Mentor: Martha Saunders. She figured out how to “have it all” and survived. How to make this a better place to live: Everyone should find a way to give back to our community—donate your time and/or your money. And adopt your next pet from our local shelters. Is a Rising Star because: “As Director of Operations, Lindsey instituted process improvements that resulted in 20-percent growth of idgroup in 2012. She has also contributed to the community through her leadership role in Big Brothers, Big Sisters Corks & Canvases and oversight of our philanthropy projects.”—Mona Amodeo



Role Model/Mentor: Kathy Anthony. She shares her knowledge, work ethic and heartfelt soul with me on a daily basis.

Role Model/Mentor: Sandy Sims. Because of her unwavering professionalism, dedication, kindness and deeprooted moral character.

How to make this a better place to live: Unite our organizations as a community and work as a team. Let’s reinforce that united we stand, divided we fall.

How to make this a better place to live: More citywide beautification projects that make all of Pensacola a more attractive place to live. Go LEAP Trail 2013!

Is a Rising Star because: “We’re proud of the impact Taylor has on the community through her involvement in PYP and Rotary. Her efforts will have a lingering effect on Pensacola for years to come.” —Bill Wein

Is a Rising Star because: “Natalie demonstrates Gulf Power’s values and what’s great about being a part of Pensacola. She puts others first, and that is the key to her success in business and as a young leader in our community.”—Stan Connally

Executive Assistant, IMS ExpertServices

Communications Specialist, Gulf Power Company

★★★★★ Congratulations To Mark Canada Rising Star at ServisFirst Bank

ServisFirst Bank is proud to have received a Five-Star rating from BauerFinancial. Downtown Banking Center 316 S. Baylen Street, Suite 100 Pensacola, Florida 32502 850.266.9100

Cordova Office Location 4980 N. 12th Avenue Pensacola, Florida 32504 850.266.9160

Birmingham • Dothan • Huntsville • Mobile • Montgomery • Pensacola January 17, 2013


2013 Rising Stars


Government Partnership Manager, Greater Pensacola Chamber Role Model/Mentor: Mrs. Nancy Gindl-Perry, who has always encouraged me to be the best person I can be, get a good education, and to do what I love and to love what I do. She is energetic and leads with passion. How to make this a better place to live: More diversification of our economy, which will lead to a more prosperous community and future growth. We must offer a wide variety of job industries and opportunities in growing sectors to attract and retain talent to our area. Is a Rising Star because: “Ashley’s dedication to the prosperity of this community is unparalleled. She continues to exemplify the very best of what our organization stands. Her super-star status is already widely known.”—Jim Hizer



Producer/Agent, Underwood Anderson & Associates Role Model/Mentor: John Williams (Big John). Hardworking, successful and an all around good person. How to make this a better place to live: I honestly can’t think of one thing I would change about Pensacola, my wife and I love it here. Is a Rising Star because: “Oliver’s commitment to his community, his dedication to the education of his customers and his commitment to preserve the assets they have worked so hard to achieve have made him Rising Star for the future of our company and his community.”—Jim Grace

Partner, Neal & Company, LLC; Pensacola, City Council Dist. 3 Representative Role Model/Mentor: Joe Buehler, a successful local developer, who’s also a really good golfer that I also aspire to be. How to make this a better place to live: Better access to the waterfront and more affordable housing downtown. Is a Rising Star because: “Andy has the ‘right stuff.’ He’s dependable, honest and smart. What keeps Andy solid and grounded is his extraordinary support team made up of wife, parents, business partners and friends.”—Jim Cronley

26th Annual

January 26 at Cordova Park Elementary 2250 Semur Road

Registration 5K Run/Walk 1 Mile Fun Run

6:30-7:30 a.m. 8:00 a.m. 9:15 a.m.

Race Managed by

& Health Fair


K-12 Students $10 (no late fee) • Military w/ ID $15 (no late fee) Adults $20 (through Jan. 16) • $25 (through Jan. 25) • $30 (day of race) K-12 students who register by January 23 will be entered to win an Xbox Kinect donated by United Healthcare!

Register online at (No additional fee to register online)

Proceeds will be used to support Escambia County Public Schools Foundation programs that benefit the more than 43,000 students and teachers in Escambia County School District.

For more information, contact the Foundation at (850) 469-5354 or visit


Vete & Liz Senkus AppRiver • Hancock Bank • Members First Credit Union • Navy Federal Credit Union • Pensacola Apothecary • Pensacola News Journal • Sandy Sansing Dealerships

424 2

2013 Rising Stars


Teacher on Special Assignment in the Professional Learning Department, The School District of Escambia County Role Model/Mentor: Debra Simpkins and Dr. Karen Owen. These two individuals have provided me opportunity for growth and advancement in my professional career. How to make this a better place to live: To make this a better place to live I would advocate for creating a more visible and stronger focus in education from the community standpoint. Is a Rising Star because: “Kim Thomas is indeed worthy of the honor of Rising Star. Dr. Thomas is a quick learner, a problem solver, and someone who is leading the way for teachers and students in our school district.”—Karen Owen



Role Model/Mentor: Kim Nguyen has been instrumental in my personal/professional growth. She has taught me to “Stay hungry, but humble.”

Role Model/Mentor: Lt. Comm. Ralph Gaither. The kindest person I know, Ralph heroically braved seven years as a POW in Vietnam.

How to make this a better place to live: To continue focusing on the revitalization of downtown Pensacola. I love how much it has grown!

How to make this a better place to live: An increased emphasis on the performing arts, especially for youth. Although Pensacola has quality performing arts, we can do more.

Corporate Strategic Planning Director, Baptist Health Care

Is a Rising Star because: “I appreciate Hong’s drive, intelligence, organizational capabilities and overall desire ‘to get things done.’ She is a true asset to Baptist Health Care, as well as the community. Her potential for impact and service has only just begun.”—Brian Matson

Attorney, Beggs & Lane

Is a Rising Star because: “Jack has established himself as an outstanding commercial litigator that has earned the confidence of clients and his fellow lawyers. He has also demonstrated a commitment to improving our community.” –W. Lee Elebash



Director of Student Affairs Planning and Assessment, Student Affairs


Public Relations Director, Marketing & Creative Services

11000 University Parkway, Pensacola, Florida 32514 January 17, 2013 25

rising stars 2013  

rising stars 2013

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