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DESIGNERS: Adjunct AKERUKA BOND7 Bravura! Homme B. Barbie Cool Nerd Dot-Be Dynasty E-Clipse Invictus Faster Pussycat & Velvet Elvis J&A Rock Culture Lybra Lyrical B!zzare Templates Moondance Boutique Ooh-La-Licious Skins Rfyre SWaGGa SwaggedOut United Colors Vengeful Threads Vero Modero V-Spot Wicca’s Wardrobe 69 Park Ave POSES by Vestige Poses MODELS: Caesar Langer Christopher Law Geoffrey Firehawk Tadeu Gartner Tesan Lane Salvo Waydelich MrForever PHOTOGRAPER: Astralia

Geoffrey Firehawk: RFYRE MFW SPRING 2015 BALI - PRINT MWFW 2015

Tesan Lane: V E L V E T E L V I S Collection MWFW 2015

Tadeu Gartner: Clef de Peau Jay Skin BRAVURA Bali Breeches Palm Outfit

Salvo Waydelich: V-Spot Beachin’ Skirt and Bag Bolson Tattoo Veni VidiVici MWFW 2015

Salvo Waydelich: United Colors - Bali Tropical MWFW 2015

Caesar Langer: [AK] Skin Menswear 2015 Swaga Short MWFW 2015 SwaggedOut - Spirit of Bali Tatto

Tadeu Gartner: BOND7 MWFW 2015

Tesan Lane: Dot.Be - Eliano Outfit MWFW 2015

Tadeu Gartner: Lyrical B!zarre Templates MWFW 2015

Salvo Waydelich: MAGE FACTORY Island Hopper MWFW 2015

Tadeu Gartner: [AK] Skin Menswear 2015 !:Lybra:! Rob Boxer Breifs MWFW 2015

Christopher Law: Dot.Be Eliano MWFW 2015

Christopher Law: B. Barbie Alex MWFW 2015

Christopher Law: Mariano Outfit for MWFW 2015

MrForecer: Ooh-la-licious Giovanni Skin E-Clipse Jamil Outfit

MrForecer: Dynasty Outfit MWFW 2015

Tesan Lane: |VM| Tony MWFW 2015

Tadeu Gartner: TONY Outfit for MWFW 2015

Caesar Langer: Wicca’s Wardrobe - Nengah-Wayan MWFW 2015

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iNOVARE Magazine - MWFW 2015 LookBook  

iNOVARE Magazine - MWFW 2015 LookBook  

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