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Letter from the Editor


Cover Story: Marcus Lefevre


Special Wedding Featuring: Celestinas Amarelo Manga Glam Dreams Topazia Champagne Sascha’s Design Vero Modero Swallow Exquisite Jewellery Chop Zuey

On Cover: Marcus Lefevre Photography: Astralia




Lifestyle: When Your Dreams Come True


Fashion Review: Summer is Coming


Interesting Sims Top 5 Roleplay Sims

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Marie Whitfield Picture by Strawberry Singh

Letter from the Editor Hello, iNOVARE family! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m the new editor in chief of iNOVARE magazine! Despite of that fact, I already feel as if you readers and all of those who work here with me, are one big family! I must confess I have always been a fan of magazines and the way the ideas and images are presented in relation to one another and within a larger point of view. As a designer, I seek inspiration and knowledge, browsing through the various magazines in Second Life©, that way I try to keep myself informed of all trends and events in our loved virtual world. But let me tell you more about what really matters: this month’s issue of iNOVARE magazine! Summer time is at our doors, and it is the time of the year when life just blooms! Some people get married for example, and that is why we have a Wedding Special with beautiful dresses to inspire you and make your special day

|16 just perfect! Also get great tips for your big day on an interview with one of the best wedding planners in SL©. On other hand, if you’re one of those who’d rather get rid of the stress and just relax by the beach, Lex Demonista’s Mix ‘n’ Match will keep you trendy the whole summer long. Or maybe, you’ll want to spend your summer season just being creative and rping instead? In this case we have a list of the best RPG sims on the grid! Don’t forget to check those out! And for of all us who are very curious human beings, The Ten Secrets of Marcus Lefevre will tell us everything that happens inside the Lefevre mansion! What do those walls hide? Let’s find out more browsing through these pages! And let the summer fun begin! Stay with us, enjoy your reading

Marie Whitfield iNOVARE Editor in Chief


Marcus l Written by ShaiLi Alex Photography by Astralia


lamour, grandeur and luxury are things that are fully presented in the life of Marcus Lefevre. He owns the most beautiful and luxurious mansion in Second Life® and undoubtedly the best place that concentrates on many artistic attractions, music and fashion events. In his words: “My home has to be an expression of eternal stability, elegance and openness” (LEFEVRE 2013). Notwithstanding the wonderful place, this article is not about The Lefevre Mansion itself, but about the most popular man of this year.


| 20 Lefevre is a busy man, his life is the center of the attention today. Considering all his popularity, it is hard to find things we do not know about Lefevre. Is it? Do you really know everything about him? We invited Mr. Lefevre, who received me with great sympathy, to make up a list of things that people do not know about him:


He don’t like to teleport. “Whenever I can, I use to walk in SL®. I believe teleporting is taking a lot of great experience we can have by immersing into the creations of other users by walking through the scenes. For example, the Angel Manor Estate is now 7 sims huge, some would think I’d teleport from one to another point. But no, i don’t, I walk it all the way and enjoy the beautifulness of the sims and the builds”.


He has a wardrobe skybox “Whenever you can’t find me at the places I’m usual to find. I’m in my wardrobe. It’s a skybox at some secret land, where I’ve put all my outfits together, where I’ve all my poses and a little sort of photo studio

for myself also. Since the most of my places are less or more public accessible I prefer to change and work on my outfits there as I believe that it would take ‘magic’ of me, if someone observes me while doing so”.


He didn’t want to own a club “Fire Island has become one of the most popular and most influent clubs in the LGBT scene. But before opening it, I actually never intended to open a club. It was just, we had that one region next to my home region and my business partner Swisher was decorating it as wanted to have some sort of beach region and there was about 1/4 of the sim left. So he put a build on it and I was thinking what to do with an empty building. Empty buildings need a purpose to make them live. I don’t think he intended on doing a club either, it just was born out of an empty build. I’d do it again though”.


He is German “Well, it’s not really a secret, and yet I write it nowhere into my profile and often people are surprised when I tell them, that I’m from Germany.

21 | And while I don’t mean to be offensive, but I actually avoid to have other Germans close to me. I prefer not to limit myself to the German Community in SL®, while a large crowd of German SL® users do exactly that. Some even refuse to use translators, when they talk, even while people are around, who do not speak German at all. There are some German behaviors I dislike. That’s basically the reason why I see myself rather as European”.


His Family in SL® is not as large as many assume “I’m getting asked often, how people would join my family and that it must be great to be a ‘Lefevre’. And while I’m actually not a friend of this family clans in SL®, I’ve my own family, just to be left alone from this other families. Actually my family consists only by a few very close friends only, as there are my two sons Anthony and Michael, my very loyal friends Infa and Lupi, my husband and Swisher as by best friend in SL®. The Lefevre Family group currently shows 90 members I believe, but that

also includes designers, artists, live performer and staff who require permissions at my home. I do not intent on growing my family either, I’m happy the way it is”.


Some people believe he owns half Second Life® “Despite the fact, that actually no one owns anything in SL® but Linden Lab. I ‘own’ only 2 sims, the rest of around 70 sims is rented and runs under the name ‘Master S&M Estates’. My job as CEO of RGF Estates is an actual job, I’ve a boss above me. He’s from Nashville/Tennessee and works for several projects for SL® and virtual worlds in general in real life, while I represent him and RGF Estates inworld. When I took the task as Director of the company, together with Medhi Bury, RGF Estates was only less than half the size it is now. Today RGF Estates ‘owns’ 5% of private land mass in SL® and is therefor 2nd largest private owned estate after Anshe Chung’s multi-estate”.


Ele nao tem ideia do porque algumam pessoas que o temem “Quando eu entro no meu escritório algumas pessoas, especialmente os novos funcionários, ficam um pouco assustados. O mesmo é com os locatários de terrenos, empresários ou apenas o usuário comum que me atende. Por algum motivo, eu não posso explicar, eles costumam ter medo e muitas vezes até mesmo não se atrevem a falar comigo. Enquanto alguns outros que na verdade deveriam ter uma razão para me temer, já peguei muita gente roubando ou enganando os outros. Mas aqueles que me conhecem bem, sabem que eu sou realmente tranquilo. Eu me considero um observador. A maneira como você me trata é a maneira que lhe tratarei”.


| 22 standard suits from Hoorenbeek or L&B. That only has changed significantly due to my engagement for the model- and fashion world. And yet, I personally think there are great models out there, who have way more sense for dressing up fashionable, than I do. I’m still very conservative with my styling and I try not to overdo it either, since I’ve still to represent the estate and my enterprises, which quite requires to remain neutral. I imagine that certain sort of customers or guests maybe would not understand if I’d dress up i.e. in goth style with make up, fingernails etc. So it’s the ‘CEO-Style’ for me, which suits me best”.


He is super unorganized “While the whole machinery about the estate and my other enterprises require some straight organization, plans and schedules, I consider myself as the most chaotic person you can think of. Not only that my inventory is a terrible mess, which I’m probably not alone with, but I usually don’t know what to do, until I log into SL®.

23 | It wouldn’t make sense either. At a certain level of being under public demand you can’t plan your days anymore. People always will interrupt you and ask you to come, to discuss this and that and to do this and that, while you had a complete other plan actually. The only thing relatively sorted is my schedule, my personal assistant is taking care for. I’m trying to do the appointments and events added there as best as possible. In any matter you require my presence, it’s really the best to make an appointment through her. Chances I actually turn up are almost at 100% then”.


His SL® is not really a secret “When the interviewer of the iNOVARE Magazine asked me to write down 10 secrets about me, I didn’t know how actually difficult that could be. It’s a thing I’ve kept all the time to do, I share all and everything with those around me. And while my SL® is not a secret, my real life isn’t either, I’ve never separated both. I do respect if peoples wish to keep their SL® and real life separated I simply

I do not play a game in SL®, nor I’m in a role or character. I’m being myself, with all positive and negative sides. I enjoy being rather true to others and myself, but I understand also, that others use SL® as a playground. And while being there, I do the same on Facebook, feel free to add me there”. So, did you really know everything about him? Visit our fan page in facebook and let us know! And if you want to visit his beautiful mansion, just click HERE.

Opium Evolution presents

July 25- August 1 2014

Sylphia Constantine: Celestinas - .:(CW):. Samy Diamond Wedding

Deborah Vos: Celestinas - .:(CW):. Imagine Dreams

Sienna Bellios: Celestinas - .:(CW):. Protective of a Woman Gown Mesh Wedding

Luana Barzane: [AMARELO MANGA] - Romantic Dress [Bridal] Artur Costa Akina: [AMARELO MANGA MEN] - Tuxedo [Black]



Dream Love: [AMARELO MANGA] - Angelo Mozzillo Dress Erik Bayn [AMARELO MANGA MEN] - Tuxedo [Black]

Astralia: Glam Dreams “ White Spring Roses “ Wedding Gown Deborah: Glam Dreams “ Claudia “ Wedding Gown YeriakTH: Glam Dreams “ Silver Lillies “ Wedding Gown

Dream Love, Carley Benazzi & Astralia are wearing TOPAZIA- Cassidy Gown ( Vanity Spring Collection )

Lex Demonista: Champagne - (C)GRAND SOIR Black Tyrone Toxx Champagne - (C)ELEGANT Grey Marbox: Champagne - (C)GOOD MANNERS White

Lua Vendetta: Sascha’s Design - Medusa Cream Natzuka Miliandrovic: Sascha’s Design - Forever Wedding

Beatrice Serendipity: Vero Modero - Alceste Bridal Black Pedro Naire: Vero Modero - Kairos Bridegroom

Jullie Daines Vero Modero - Bahar Bridal Tyrone Toxx: Vero Modero - Adonis Bridegroom Black

Joanne Vuitton Vero Modero - Spring Bridal Eden Alex: Vero Modero - Teo Bridegroom

Astralia: Swallow make-up gems White (hot light) Swallow Skin Jahaira Peach Locuala Madruga: Swallow Tiara white Swallow Skin Alice

Elleonna: Exquisite Jewellery - Wedding Cake Platinum

Tosha Bergan: Exquisite Jewellery - My Darling Diamond & Platinum Ring

SD Damiano: Exquisite Jewellery - Cherished Platinum Bridal Collection

Ellen: Exquisite Jewellery - My Darling Platinum Set

Astralia: Chop Zuey - Missa Solemis

Dream Love: Chop Zuey - WR Bel Aire Plt Wedding Ring Set

MODELS Diamond Strega Jewel Yeriak Chilli Dementia

Astralia: Chop Zuey - MVW Allegresse Wht Diadem

Caoimhe Lionheart: Hair: Vanity Hair, Vintage Base Hat/Dress: AD Creations Dollhouse, Tribute to Mozzillo Bouquet: .::(CW)::., Zya Orchid and Lilies

Caoimhe Lionheart: Dress: Son!a, LaPointe Bride Gloves: Mimikri, Cuffed Glove Hair Piece: Glam Affair, I Follow Rivers Hair: Boon, Dare83 Earrings: [Mandala], Pearl Rain 2

Bea styling: Dress-Vero Modero: Amasis Bridal Bracelet and earrings- Lazuri: Shahy Pearls and Opals Hair: Emo-tions: Love Serenity styling: Dress - Vero Modero: DorlionBridal Hair - booN: SCOO52 Necklace and bracelet - Finesmith: Mary necklace and bracelet Earrings - Dahlinks: Pearl studs Eyeshadow - Oceane: Nicky eyeshadow black cat Lipstick - Beautiful Deluxe: GlossBoss reloaded 1

BloodyMistress Serenity Dress - Chrysalis: Kaya Gloves - Leverocci: Jessamine Gloves Headpiece - BlissCouture: Charity hat Hair - D!va: part of Air Necklace and earrings - Posesion: Anjelical Face tatoo - Nuuna: Warp white Eyes jewels - blackLiquid: Crystalline Black Diamond Eyeliner - Corvus: Cateyes eyeliner Lipstick - Ricielli: Lipstick 01 / 05

Tosha Bergan: Exquisite Jewellery - My Darling Diamond & Platinum Ring

Adonis Hansome Tux- Utopia Ashton IV-White Hair-Argace Peyton A- Ebony Shoes- L&B Dress Shoe Wingtip Glasses- Gos- Custom Eyewear v 3.3Intuition Gloves- Davinel- JackalFacial Hair- Simon Viva Las Vegas

Zivaah Darling: Top: GizzA - White Swan Skirt: *LpD* - *Queen* Dress White Accessories: - *LODE* Hat - Melancholy [white] - *LODE* Headwear - Sweet Pea [white] RARE - *SoliDea FoliEs* Carina /white headpiece - *SoliDea FoliEs* Summer Bride Headpiece - *SoliDea FoliEs*White Season _headpiece - 8f8 - Spring Imprisoned Horns - White Edition - *LODE* Headwear - BUGAMBILIA [white] - DESIR Liana Butterflies blue Jewelry: - Chop Zuey I Carry Your Heart Ring - Lazuri Celeste Heirloom Bracelet Left Hair: Dura: [LANEVO] HAIRBASE - No.03 (Dura Black) Face: - Deesses Skins: Glamour lipstick - Bable Brown - [KOOQLA] Z-eyeliner (Black) 03

Beatrice Serendipity: Hair: KMADD Emma Dress: Bodice from Myth Chloe Wedding Dress (no longer available for sale); skirt from GizzA Dance in the Wind (Pearl) Gloves: AE Opera Gloves for Slink Appliers Hands Jewellery: Chop Zuey Paparazzi Set

Syra Hyun: Dress: .:CV Celestinas Weddings:. Samy Diamond Weddings Hat: Baoba “Wind Wing “ Skin: Glam Affair - Aria skin - Asia Eyeliner: Glam Affair Couture Eyeliner no.05 Eyebrowns: no. 7 mayuge Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Bella V3

Hexe styling: Dress: .::DD::. Into The White and the Skirt from -AZUL- Malika /Pearl (Malika Feather & Malika Skirt) Miamai Rilla Satin White Gloves :: Viettel ::Wedding veil Tinna 2.0 Hair: *ARGRACE* SHIORI - Blacks Jewelry: Lazuri MVW2013 Empress Josephine (Necklace & Earrings) Hobbit styling Dress: tux : .:L&B:. “Modern Black Closed” Mesh 2013 Tuxedo Set Shoes: .:L&B:. “Dress Shoe” Buckle LoaferFatpack w/ HUD Hair: Action Paul flashed hair


| 86

When your dreams COME TRUE Written by Aurora Faromet Photography by Pietra Landar


ho dont wants a perfect wedding? It’s a dream of many couples in Second Life® or real life. A wedding in SL® can be even more fantastic. You can do what you want, there is no limit for your creativity. We received many questions about how to have a perfect wedding or how to plan it. Willing to answer this questions and after a long search, we noticed many couples prefer to hire a wedding planner, we were looking for something special and unique. So today we present you the amazing Pietra Landar. She has always been passionated about weddings: “I’ve been in several weddings in SL®, and I always noticed something that did not please me much, although beautiful, weddings were almost always the same.Then I thought: why do not try to be differently? And I started” she says. Today, she is considered as one of the best wedding planner in SL®. Along with the peope that hire her, she designs the most beautiful weddings, and it’s all exclusive for the couple. In this article you will get all

| 88

89 | advices to have a beautiful and perfect wedding of your dreams, check the interview: Aurora Faromet: How many weddings have you performed? What services do you offer? Pietra Landar: Well, there are so many. I can not tell you exactly because honestly I do not remember (Giggles). But I care a lot about quality so I can not take more than three weddings a month, this is my limit so I can devote myself 100% in all of them and, of course, I never schedule them for the same date. I work with ceremonies and packages, in each package the bride and groom choose the one that fit them best. My goal is to let the bride and groom without any responsibility, they will select everything as they want it to be done, AF: Why is it interesting to get married in SLŽ and what are the advantages of hiring a wedding planer? PL: Marriage in SLŽ is to celebrate love, even if it’s a virtual love. And live a story is

| 90 to live intensely this love. In my opinion, the marriage is the best way to show the live they want to share together. The advantages are that you don’t need to worry about anything. All will be solved by someone else and you just enjoy your day as a bride or groom. AF: When is the best time to hire the ceremonial or wedding planer and what are the procedures after the contract? PL: I need at least two weeks in advance to prepare everything. Each detail takes time. Then I schedule two meetings with the couple: one about contracting and other other about planning. The first one is to show and talk about how I work, what are the clauses of the contract and the packages. The second meeting is more complicated, the couple choose the theme they want (which is a personal choice of them), the colors, the flowers, style of invitation, songs, and many other things like the table, towel, chair, custon cake among other things. AF: Finally, can you tell us

some tips for anyone who wants a perfect wedding? PL: Well, I think a very important tip is that a perfect wedding needs to be done with love and dedication. Every wedding I do imagine as if it were mine. So I make it with dedication. All that is made with love becomes perfect. I would like to thanks iNOVARE for this opportunity to show my work. Also thank the people who make it all possible: Zot Lane and Matthew Khalim, I consider them the best video makers for events in SLŽ. And for the ones who wants to know a little more about my work, just check my page on facebook

ITEMS FROM: Eternity Wedding Supplies & Prefabs

ITEMS FROM: Eternity Wedding Supplies & Prefabs

ITEMS FROM: Eternity Wedding Supplies & Prefabs


H Written by Lex Demonista Photography by Lex Demonista


ey guys! Guess what? One year is almost passed since I said this sentence but... Summer is coming! And so which better occasion to talk about the new trends of fashion for summer 2014? Taking a further look on the biggest fashion websites it came out that this summer the coolest trends are a while jump back in the future, with a mix of old geometric lines and checks and leggins and sandals and denim with a touch of futurism in accessories. This should be a pain to imagine but don’t worry we’ll see how to mix and match them in the best way to create the coolest outfit for this upcoming

| 106

107 | summer. Lets take a look at the newest fashion runways S/S 2014, my heart and my eyes stop on the givenchy couture S/S 2014 show. I’m looking at mens walking in a runway with leggings, but holy god, they are amazing mixed with shorts and shirts and they are so cool! So why don’t we try to mix up something like that? Start engine and let’s go! Typing shorts in marketplace we have a lot of possibilities but my interest is on one of the creations by Fatewear, a cool pair of shorts with a beach style but with geometric lines and cool colours, Fatewear Spitz trunks in ocean texture, with colorful lines between blue, azure and green. Without any doubt I will get them, but where should I find a pair of leggings that match with this trunks? searching... searching... nothing! Should I search for another pair of trunks? of course not! Let me buy a full perm pair of leggins and add an handmade texture on them! And guess what?? it works!

For whom between you guys are scared about handmade clothes don’t be! It’s easy and cool! A model should always find a way to create the outfit that has in mind. Sandals are a big problem cause it’s hard to find a good pair of sandals for mens, at least in Second Life®, there are some but they don’t work with leggins cause they are too elegant or sporty. But I’m sure I saw something cool somewhere, but I can’t remember, so I star teleporting around SL® trying to find something and when I land in The Mens Dept suddenly I remember. Yes, in that corner I saw something cool in the past days, and here they are! Flite Bahama Sandals in 4 wonderful colors and texture, let me try them and -whooohooooo- perfect! Now I should find a shirt or something else. My eyes fall on the marketplace page of Apple May Design, there is this new open shirt -hmmmm this seems soo cool- let’s try a demo. Yes, this Apple May Designs - Plaid Unbuttoned Shirt is exactly what I’m

| 110 looking for, it’s great, elegant, simple and very fresh! This outfit is growing up soo good guys! Let’s find something to add, a handbag, a necklace and -why not- a good hat. I’m always in The Mens Dept and right in front of the Flite Sandals there is a very beautiful handbag, it’s fashion and they are available in many colors. Just one of the latest creations by Zenith: leather art bag, for this outfit I choose it in Blue and red. And if we go on red what a better occasion to wear the newest necklace from Mandala, the KOTOWARI_Necklace coming with a hud to chenge texture and colors. I need a hat now and marketplace help me again! Turn the page and what am I seeing? The new ARGRACE Straw Fedora, coming with a texture hud, this is more than perfect! Here we are, the style is done, and we finish it before the sun rising on our heads! Lets go out and show this! Keep in touch guys, summer is here!



TO Rople



OP eplay

MS Written by Eden Alex Photography by Dean Joe

1. Realm of Mystara


elcome to the Realm of Mystara, a fantasy roleplay sim founded by Annie Ibanez. The sim offers lots of character possibilities. Selecting your own race, alliance, etc. It goes much further each race has its own rank structure, laws and other info that makes this roleplay one of the best in Second LifeŽ. This roleplay sim requires some roleplay experience since most stories are complex and almost all of its users are experienced paragraph roleplayers. SprightlyWolf: “I like the depth Mystara has on each individual race and how they come together in the story lines. I started here because I was looking for a good fantasy realm and Mystara seemed to pick up on all the little details that most overlook on specific races. Plus the admins are very friendly and the other roleplayers are too.�

Na’Sabal-Une (nasabalune.fang): “Realm of Mystara is a rather wonderful place to RP, really. I absolutely adore the sim and its players because there tends to be a high quality to the RP all around. I actually came from a place called Crossroads before which was a CCS sim, but the actual RP part of it was lacking, everyone posted only 1-2 lines for the most part, and I would get even 1 or 2 word responses sometimes! It was just absolutely ridiculous. So I started looking for a new sim, and I actually had a friend who RPs in Mystara who I ended up talking to. she invited me to come play, and it just took off from there. I enjoy roleplaying here because, as mentioned, the quality of RP is absolutely amazing, and on top of that the sim is gorgeous. I’ve never encountered a one or two-word response in RP, really. The only downside to Mystara is that while the sim is gorgeous, it can occasionally bog down computers due to the vast majority of mesh it takes to have such a gorgeous sim chain, though it’s usually not bad enough that you can’t just ignore it in the end. But people

But people with lower-end computers might have a bit of trouble here and there.” CLICK HERE FOR THE WEBSITEere.” CLICK HERE TO VISIT

2. Crack Den


eople whom are interested in a urban roleplaying theme will love Crack Den. The sim offers multiple sims with many options such as work, gang, being corrupt or a good guy. Many small stories tend to happen all of the time which makes it interesting since it also follows up with the main story. This makes the Crack Den a unique place for sure. James Chase (anyasummers): “I suppose why I feel it’s a good roleplay sim is because of the living atmosphere all the players give it. I know some sims you visit and it feels a little empty most the time but for me, when in Crack Den, I feel as if everything is one continuing story. Stuff that happens with my character takes place and doesn’t reset. The people in general go with it. Plus the variety of stories always around you. It’s as if you can go to any part of the sim and find something new. The cop players have their stories, hospital etc. CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE CLICK HERE TO VISIT

3. Star Wars Legacies


or all the Star Wars fans we present to you the Star Wars Legacies. A Star Wars roleplaying sim that follows the legacy story of Star Wars. The sims represent Coruscant and Tatooine. With the characters options such as mandalorians, jedis and siths. But also clone/storm troopers. A wide variety that brings you to the Star Wars legacies. Something remarkable about the sim is that they use a combat hud to simulate the fights which is also an interesting and different aspect of the roleplay community. Dorien von Jaeger (selkra.munro): ´Well, I’m a GM here so I’ve been here since before it even opened as Star Wars Legacies. I have to be here everyday as I am a GM and it’s a fun place to roleplay. The storylines here are very open for the different groups, there are planned events obviously that try to incorporate the entire sim if possible and have run very smoothly thus far and people seem to enjoy them.´ CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE CLICK HERE TO VISIT

4. Goatswood


elcome to medieval England “Goatswood” a small town that has encountered many odd occurances in the past. The sim has been made very beautifully which makes the roleplaying experience very realistic since you really get the feeling you are actually there. The roleplay has several secret societies which makes the roleplaying a lot of fun for those who love supernatural roleplay. BilliAnn Bravin: “The players here sort of play out their own storylines -backstories- as we interact with each other and create new stories from those. We have a number of vampires and werewolves -called wargs-among the residents, and a few fae as well, though the last don’t interact much with the villagers. There are a number of secret societies, the Hellfire Club for the Decadents and the Order of Enlightenment for the Romantics, for example.Those are the external groups, with secret inner orders as well. Players join various groups, Romantics, Decadents, Gypsies, Industrialists (for a touch of

steampunk), Orientalists, Heathens (for the witches), pagan villagers, etc. We have vampire hunters as well, called Vordenburgs. Much of the RP is simply driven by character interactions, though there are some storylines set up by those who are moderators, known as the elders.” It can be very intricate. Before I started in Febrary, there was a storyline with a Headless Horseman. There’s even a video about it on YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE CLICK HERE TO VISIT



inter is coming”, the famous world of Game of Thrones has come to Second Life®. Current sims include Highgarden & the Reach, the Eyrie and the Vale of Arryn with more sims coming. The style of Roleplaying is very uniaue, people post storylines in group notices which you can join. This makes the roleplaying experience very unique and definitely one of the bests of its kind.

great way to be made to feel welcomed. The reason it is different then other places is here they have a story line that is posted in notices allowing you to join in if you would like or to create your own story line and weave that in or out the main story line as you see fit. It allows for a greater margin of creativity.

CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE Torin Breen: “Well, what attracted me here was the story line in the books and the HBO series.When I landed here I saw so many opportunities for character development and the great way the welcome center was set up. What keeps my coming back are some of the really super people I met on my first day role playing here. As an observer I met a lady who runs one of the taverns and a dancer there. Even with our observer tags on they welcomed us warmly and encouraged us to join in the role play. A few minutes later a noble lady did the exact same thing. It was a great way to be made to feel