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iNOVARE Magazine Contents August/September 2014 16

Letter from the Publisher


Cover Story: Editorial Clarity-Flux RicoRacer


Fashion Spread Featuring: Champagne


Fashion Review: Opium Evolution


Blogspot: Linda Reddevil Yeriakth Couturier Rehana Seljan Anouk Lefavre Deborah Vos Joanne Vuitton Eira Juliesse Sylphia Constantine Asa Vordum


Lifestyle: DJ Filipe Cobalt

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ShaiLi Alex Picture by Strawberry Singh

Letter from the Publisher

Let me talk about a group of people who knew how to be helpyful with the iNOVARE Magazine to build it up. Thank you to all the models, writers, stylists and photographers who have joined us in recent months. A big thanks to Astralia for all the hard work she do to make this magazine always amazing. Without these people we would not be here today, giving you this new release. I hope you enjoy your reading. Best regars,

S. Alex

iNOVARE Publisher






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A Couple’s Perspective Written by Liat Reina Photography by Astralia (STAND4LOVE website)

t may be one of the more tragic facts in human history, yet time and again groups of people have been made targets for hate. Be it due to religious beliefs, gender, appearance, or lifestyle choices, there are volumes of stories about violence and persecution aimed at a select few. No matter how far our society advances in other ways, it seems we cannot escape this tendency. One group which continues to struggle with this harsh 23

reality today is the homosexual community and recently I was honored to interview a well known couple about their experience and thoughts on homophobia. Many residents in Second Life® are familiar with the multitude of accomplishments of both Editorial Clarity and RicoRacer Flux. Each has made a name for himself independently in pursuit of their individual interests. Their relationship with one another is almost as well known and as an openly gay couple sharing the virtual lime light, their insights into homophobia were profound. “Whether it is words or physical violence, homophobic attack is very damaging. Many young gay kids commit suicide every year and gay people are still being beaten and killed in the streets because of who they are. Gay people are still losing their jobs, family and friends every day, just because they love someone of the same gender” shared RicoRacer Flux while Editorial Clarity added, “I think it certainly 24

damages confidence. Makes people afraid to be who they really are in public in case they will get judged or attacked with homophobic remarks. I can relate to that somewhat. From seeing other people getting bullied for being gay, it did knock my confidence and really delayed me coming out as gay to my family and friends as I feared what they would say.” These two powerful perspectives on the d a m a g e s inflicted and suffered as a result of homophobia are both impactful and terribly sad. The very real and justifiable fears Clarity references are something to which Flux can personally attest. “When I was 16, my family found out that I was gay and kicked me out of the house with nothing but the clothes on my back. Being told that I am dead to my own flesh and blood and they are ashamed of me because of who I am is horrible. I have lived on my own since then. Homophobia has always been a part of my life and it hurts worse when it comes from your own flesh and blood.”


Yet despite the magnitude of the trauma which can be inflicted through intolerance, both of these men have words of hope for the victims. From Clarity, “Don’t be afraid to be who you really are. Luckily today it is more accepted in society to be gay than it was say 10 years ago. Come out of the closet publicly when you are ready and comfortable to, don’t let anyone force you and don’t feel like you HAVE to right away.” “I just want them to remember one thing from what I have personally experienced... It gets better. If you ever think of killing yourself because you have no hope, don’t. It gets better. If you ever think of hiding who you are and living a life full of lies, don’t. It gets better and you will find love. The world is changing slowly. More and more countries and states in the world are giving gay and lesbian couples equal rights. I think the world is more accepting now than ever before. There will be ups and downs and it is a tough road of struggles for equality but I know it will get better” is Flux’s impassioned perspective.


So do they believe that there will come a day when homophobia will no longer be a factor for homosexuals? “I think it all comes down to peoples beliefs… What would make me happy is when News Reporters stop reporting famous people coming out as gay as breaking news. The day that happens I feel it isn’t seen as a big deal anymore” envisions Clarity. While Flux proposes “I believe that visibility is the key. If gay people are honest and open about who they are, many people will begin to understand that we are all human. Gay people are your brothers, sisters, co-workers, friends, mother, father, neighbors, etc. We are just like you and only want to live our life and love equally. This is the reason why we started the STAND4LOVE campaign so that we can show everyone that we are capable of loving someone and be loved in return and we deserve the same rights as anyone else.” If we consider how far acceptance for same sex couples has come over the past as well as these concepts for how to progress further,





there certainly seems cause for hope. “Be proud of who you are and don’t let the world and the minor few whose opinions are very narrow minded change you. Maybe you are someone who doesn’t feel ready to be open about your sexuality yet, but one day you will be. I was one of those people that hide it for a long time but eventually something just snapped and now over a year l a t e r , I couldn’t be happier and more comfortable with who I am.” offers Clarity. Flux concludes, “People are not perfect. We each have our own faults and flaws which is what makes us all human. Learn to live with love and understanding instead of hatred and fear to something or someone we don’t understand. No one is higher or lower than you. We are all equal and should have equal rights. Spread LOVE, not hate” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT STAND4LOVE




Astralia: (C)NAIADE Bronze Carley: (C)NAIADE Citrus 34

Champagne Sparkling Couture


Tyrone: (C)UNITY Medium Green Lex: (C)UNITY Medium Pink Bosco: (C)UNITY Dark Gold 36

Champagne Sparkling Couture


Caesar: (C) Brazilian Majesty Eleseren: (C) Brazilian Jumgle 38

Champagne Sparkling Couture






Linda Reddevil: Jacket: LeeZu! Arabesque Shorts: (Milk Motion) navy pin up shorts Lips: .Birdy. Lippy {Pinks} Hello kitty Hair: *ARGRACE* Akane Earring: *NB* Pearl Earring Necklace: .:AVALE:. Fantasy Pearls 44



Linda Reddevil: Top: [Amarelo Manga] - Blouse Emilly Pants: ISON - nova zipper pants Shoes: ::DirtyMind:: Vadio Platform Pumps Lips: [mock] Cosmetics Pinky Pearl Lipstain Eyeshadow: .random.Matter. - Aislinn Shadows Bracelet: Izzie’s - Hole Bangle Earring: LaGyo_Alice earring Hair Adornment: LaGyo_Anthurium and palms Lilac Watch: LeFemme watch MUSCHI Hair: [sYs] LIO Hair 46


Deborah Vos: Top - MAAI Vedrana shirt * yellow Skirt - part of *LpD* - *Fiona* Outfit Orange headwrap with hairbase - Miamai_Beatrice headwrap - luxe - papyrus Earrings - [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Mongo Earring Yellow Shades - ieQED ace.shades.yellow Nails - MONS applier



Deborah Vos: Top - Tee*fy Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt Tropical Pants - part of GizzA - Tube Jumpsuit Hair - Exile::Blown Away Earrings -[F]oil- Aloha Earring- Red Ring - (Yummy) Garden Cocktail - Green Shades - M O N N I E R - Sunglasses Fresh/Red Lipstick Egozy Mendoza lipsticks Nails - beauty by alaskametro<3 Slink manicure/ pedicure - â&#x20AC;&#x153;Coralâ&#x20AC;?

Jullie Daines Vero Modero - Bahar Bridal Tyrone Toxx: Vero Modero - Adonis Bridegroom Black 50


â&#x20AC;&#x153; 52

Devorah Vos: Top - erratic / amber - tie-up shirt / hawaii Pants - Liv Glam Fingernail Moon Hair - Analog Dog Issues 1b Bracelet - [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Arco Pink Bracelet Hair piece - {le fil casse} hair cluster pink Eyeshadow - MONS Eyeliner Smokey2 - grass Lipstick - Pink Acid Camille Lip Balm - Tangerine Nails - beauty by alaskametro<3 Slink manicure/pedicure Turquoiseâ&#x20AC;?



Deborah Vos: Swimsuit - -Pixicat- Swimsuit (Blossom) Hair - booN AAN330 hair brown Lipstick - Deesses Skins: Summer lipstick - COLOR 6 (dark skins) Shades - Faenzo Tortoiseshell Frame Sunglass - Mahogany Nails - Nailed It - Ombre Set 55

Eira Juliesse: Makeup: .:JUMO:. Hunger Games Make Yellow Headdress: [sYs] BIRDY Hair Cuffs: (Milk Motion) My gold cuff FINESMITH- SARIT- NECKLACE CORAL Gown: GizzA - Gilda Gown 56

Elleonna: Exquisite Jewellery - Wedding Cake Platinum 57

Eira Juliesse: Makeup: .:JUMO:. Hunger Games Make Green Headdress: [sYs] BIRDY Hair Jewelry: Lazuri Classic Pearls Dress: [VM] VERO MODERO / Derin Shoes: [Co57] Xondra Gladiator

Tosha Bergan: Exquisite Jewellery - My Darling Diamond & Platinum Ring 58





Sylphia Constantine: Dress: Vero Modero, Flaming Tropical Jewlery: Emo-Tions, Salome Hair: [Lelutka], Jerry HeadPiece: DĂŠsir, Tropicana


Astralia: Chop Zuey - Missa Solemis


Sylphia Constantine: Jacket: COCO, JacketOverShoulder, Vivid Flower Jumpsuit: Vero Modero, Irem Green Jumpsuit Jewelry: Finesmith, Diconay Set Hair: Wasabi Pills, Anya



Linda Reddevil: Dress: OVH - Kleur Long Dress Hair: Vanity Hair Vintage Base Jewelry: A&Ana F.J. Huge Fluo Orange Turban: Baiastice_Turbant Liam 67

MODELS Diamond Strega Jewel Yeriak Chilli Dementia 68

Asa Vordun: Skin: Deesses Skins: Jamila - bald eyebrows Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes - Black Eyelashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash - Upper Headwrap: OVH - Headwrap Text 02 Hairbase: [INK] Hair - buzz-cut ::Blonde Necklace: h.m.a.e.m. - Selsig necklace Dress: OVH - Ethnic Dress - Red 69


Asa Vordun: Skin: Elysium - Shui Eyes: IKON Promise eyes Eyelashes: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash - Upper Turban: Miamai_Kezia MamiWata Turban Swimsuit: Miamai_Kezia MamiWata Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer - Biarritz necklace and earrings and sparkly pearl cuff Makeup: Izzie’s double eyeliner - lilac


Anouk Lefavre: Top: [AMARELO MANGA] - Bikini Daniela [Nature Print 05] Trousers: ** DIRAM ** SAVINA - Orange Shoes: [AMARELO MANGA] - Gladiador Sandals “Verano” [ABSTRACT] Earrings: :: PM :: Feather Earrings in Gold Bangles: MG - Bangles - Athena - Gold Watch: [orage] Gold Beach watch Handbag: [AMARELO MANGA] - Safari Chic Bag




YeriakTh Couturier: Hair: ISON - Bee Dress:.::LD::. Charted Mini - Kiwi Accesories:[Co57] Iggy Leopard Shades (Black Lenses) Jewels: ::je::suis::asymetrique:: oranges::bangles Jewels: [MANDALA]Omochi earrings/red Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUP - orange fizz matte

Tosha Bergan: Exquisite Jewellery - My Darling Diamond & Platinum Ring



YeriakTh Couturier: Hair :Miamai_Sprout Hair_Naturals Accesories: F I N E S M I T H SPIRIT mix add Top:Tee*fy Mia Mini Halter Tank Top Tropical Skirt: Loovus Dzevavor Banana Skirt Jewels:[MANDALA]CHaraCHara EArrings /RED Berry Shoes: [Gos] Marilyn Sandals - Fuchsia Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUP - orange Eyeshadows:NOX. Manic Shadow [Red/Orange]


Beatrice Serendipity: Hair: KMADD Emma Dress: Bodice from Myth Chloe Wedding Dress (no longer available for sale); skirt from GizzA Dance in the Wind (Pearl) Gloves: AE Opera Gloves for Slink Appliers Hands Jewellery: Chop Zuey Paparazzi Set 78

YeriakTh Couturier: Hair: booN AAN330 hair brown Accesories: Glam Affair - Dahlia Headpiece Caribbean - Glam Affair - Dahlia Headpiece Summer Top: Baiastice_Freedom Bikini-blueJacket: *COCO*_ acketOverShoulders(VividFlowers) Skirt: Tee*fy Laurie Low Waist Hi-Low Skirt Summer Delight Shoes: Pure Poison - Cherry Wedges Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUP blood matte Poses: Slouch 79

Syra Hyun: Dress: .:CV Celestinas Weddings:. Samy Joanne Vuitton: Diamond Weddings Hair: ILLMATIC :: Emora - Jessica Hat: Baoba “Wind “ Make up:+Nuuna+ Wing Meta makeups (F) TOPAZIASkin: Glam Affair Aria skin Asia Seductive eyeshadows Eyeliner: Glam Affair Eyeliner Collar: .::LD::. Han SuCouture Wi Collar no.05 Ears:(FEMALE)_[MANDALA]TAPER_EARS Eyebrowns: no. 7 MANGA] mayuge - Dress Rihana [Printed] Dress:[AMARELO Hair: Mesh Bella V3 [Batik^;^CaTwA^;^ 01] 80



Joanne Vuitton: Hair: Exile::Blown Away Light Reds Headpiece: Swallow Iside Silver Necklace: ISON - safari tribe necklace (gold) Top: .Shi : Sari Wrap [Rigged Mesh] Short: TOPAZIA- Vintage Swimsuit CYAN Braceletâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s&Ring: ISON - safari tribe bracelet and ring (gold) Blue couture asymmetric bangle Shoes: TOPAZIA - Summer strap heels teals for slink high 83

Anouk Lefavre: Trousers: [AMARELO MANGA] - Pants Suzana [Nature Print 03] Blouse: [AMARELO MANGA] - Mini Blouse Suzana [Black] Necklace: ISON - safari tribe necklace (gold) Bracelet: ISON - safari tribe bracelet and ring (gold) Earrings: !Rebel Hope - Infinity Earrings: in gold Sunglasses: *ROLE OPTIC GLASSES - Neca Hairstyle: .:EMO-tions:. * SILJA * 84



Anouk Lefavre: Dress: Zaara : [Mesh] Antara Maxi dress *tropical* Necklace & Earrings: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry Amely Bangle: Zuri Rayna~ Bangle Brushed Gold Hat: LaGyo_Yolanda hat Sandals: lassitude & ennui Kitty sandals - teal Hairstyle: AD - trouble clef 87




Rehana Seljan: Dress | Mishmash Fashion - Button Up Dress (Tropica Palm) Necklace | Kunglers Extra - Abaco (Golden) Jewelry | LaGyo - Maya (Gold) Headdress | LaGyo - Anemone headpiece (Tango) Shoes | Zenith - Greek Leather Heels (Brownish tan / for Slink) Nail | Nailed It - MvW Autumn Set (for Slink)






O Opium Evolution HUNGER GAMES: a feast for the eyes Written by Trav Photography by Sungyoung

On the 1st of August 2014 the community of Second Life was introduced to a tribute to the 2012 classic Movie Hunger games by Opium evolution.

Based on the fantasy classic it is a visually stunning and highly stylized tribute to this movie, and like everything Opium does it was donewith wonderful skill and Opiums own unique and original balance of fashion and theater.



The basic plot of the film was a Dystopianpost - Apocalyptic world in which the nation of Panem ruled by the wealthy ‘Capitol’ controlling the 12 poorer districts from which every year each district two ‘tributes’ are chosen to fight to the death the winner receiving wealth and glory. When the movie was released it immediately won plaudits for its unique visual style with costumes inspired by the stylings of Alexander McQueen and created by award winning movie costumer Trish Summerville , the movie rapidly became as well known for its sense of style as it story. It is indeed a fashioneester delight and because of this factor its perhaps why Opium is the only production company with the skill , stylistic vision and creative ability to do such a movie justice, with its proven track record and previous shows as Gatsby and New York New York with the brilliant Anastasia Markova at the helm and backed up by the finest production team in SL with its combined ability in art fashion and t e c h n i c a l


brilliance Hunger games is indeed a feast of wonder for the eyes and quite frankly it has its moments of jaw dropping brilliance, it is an intoxicating blend of technology, Music, and fashion a blend that Opium make look effortless in its wonder. A less accomplished organization could be tempted to make this mix a mere parody of the movie but with the fashion talents of some of second life best fashion designers and models and 100 new and exclusive designs it not only is a feast for any fashion lover but satisfy even the most ardent sci fantasy fan. Mirroring closely the plot of the movie its is a series of 12 separate sets over two shows the audience is treated like the crowd in the movie and sits in a auditorium faithfully recreated, so you in effect become part of the show something that adds to a sense of excitement and anticipation sets blend and morph seamlessly from one to another beginning with the first scene it affectionately and respectfully pay tribute to the significant scenes of the movie, but its perhaps the second show were the wonder increases some of the scenes verge on the jaw




dropping and once again highlights the creative genius of the Opium team , don’t want to spoil this show but the parade of tribunes is Christmas for the eyes and one of the best things your likely to see on Second Life, it is simply eye popping the complete show from start to finish highlights the awesome mix of skills that only Opium can bring to the screen some of Sl’s top models on top form show the individual style that only the best can show and with styles from the very best designers in second life its a wonderful and fitting tribute a triumph of style and effects. Anastacia says “ I wanted to capture the essence that we are all just dust in the wind, time is racing and will continue to do so” well time did race by and all to soon this was over. My question would be how do Opium top this I have no clue to its answer but cant wait to see.


















Written by Miata Masquerade Photography by Luise Giordano 115





reat DJs look forwards, backwards, and take risks. They do whatever it takes to say something new with the music at their fingertips. Because good DJs know this truth: Music is emotion.” – Phil Morse.

group. I’m sure this will continue to rise. Most of the club goers know each other, and greet one another as they teleport in. Some clubbers have their own gestures for the DJs, but no matter where their favorite DJ plays, they can find out via group notices and Facebook, and tp in to hear on a moment’s notice. At this club, everyone was chilling to the music, and many gestures were sent out in the local chat. I asked DJ Filipe if he had a set host, and he said not really, he likes to keep his sets unique and new. At GOL, his host was his sister, Gambalina, between them both; they were working for upward of 50 people.

That quote kept running through my head when I went to hear DJ Filipe, at the Energy Club and GOL 9th. There are many who spin in second life; however there are only a few that put their heart and soul into their sounds, and DJ Filipe is one of them. This DJ from Portugal made everyone feel right at home. He was very friendly to the audience, and laughed happily at his wife in the crowd. He plays many DJ Filipe starts his set with the different forms of House, and hard hitting tunes, throws in a I had the pleasure to listen to touch of vocal, and then transitions his Electro/Vocal House music. into a soft side that catches the listener off guard. It is addictive. His partner, Jenn He has a mixcloud http://www. Cobalt (nzprincess. foxdale) was in the audience. As I and a facebook page: briefly talked to her, I found that h t t p s : / / w w w . f a c e b o o k . she gets up at 5 am just to hear c o m / F i l i p e C o b a l t D J her husband spin. I know why. From there you can catch his sounds, but I A typical club will have suggest that you go inworld and people that follow certain DJs, listen. The experience is worth it. he has almost 190 people in his If you’d care to follow him, then


check out his schedule, it’s full and starts with Wednesdays – when he is at GOL 9th from 10 – 12 pm slt. On Thursdays, he is at the Beachwood Club 10 – 12 pm slt, Saturdays – he’s at the Glo Club for 2-4 pm slt, and on Sundays, he’s spinning at the Energy Club from 6 – 8 am slt.


Written by Eden Alex Photography by Dean Joe





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