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L A B G U Automatic monitoring and total traceability

Quality Assurance

At any time, for each monitored channel, LABGUARD 2 measures and records continuously the different configured parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2…) • Edition of clear and accurate alarm reports for immediate use • Edition of graphs • Maintenance follow up: calibration, software update, routine maintenance • Quality follow up: non conformity report edition • Audit-trail

• Certification

• Accreditation • FDA compliant (21 CFR Part 11) • GLP

Modular Cycle monitoring programming module Different alarms may be programmed according to cycle of the monitored equipment Ideal for sterilisation or incubation cycle monitoring (Module included in the standard version) Automatic integration of the thermal calculations (pasteurisation and sterilization values)

Mapping Module Mapping may be realized easily Automatic calculation and report edition (optional module)

Localization module for equipment in alarm In addition to textual information about the probe in alarm, the user may, at any time, locate the concerned equipment, for a rapid intervention (optional module)

U A R D The complete and evolutionary solution

• Simple and rapid installation • Wireless transmission of numerised data via radio or carrier wave • Thanks to modular conception, installations may be upgraded without interrupting the existing monitoring • The software application can also be installed in network




Simple and rapid calibration • Calibration can be made by the user, with a kit including a reference probe and a calibration software, without stopping monitoring • Calibration can also be made by our after sales service

Autonome transmitter module • 1 or 2 inputs • no connecting cable

Alarm transfer module A simple setting procedure configures the media to use: fax, e-mail, phone, the person to contact and the concerned time range. (optional module)

Module for remote consultation via the Web By Internet, Intranet (optional module)

A team of specialists at your service Technical interventions, advice, remote maintenance Interventions planning and follow up Hot Line for immediate advice on monitoring equipment range

Hot line especially dedicated to temperature monitoring system LABGUARD 2 and other IT products (LABMASTER, LABINCUBATION…) Guarantee of an answer within 2 hours following the call (working days and hours)

Remote maintenance Rapid diagnose via remote control of your computer (depending on equipment)

Equipments qualification IQ, OQ, PQ Qualification for the temperature monitoring equipment 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software

Performance controls Laminar flow cabinets, incubators, water-baths, media preparators, sterilisators, etc.

Metrology i.e.: incubator temperature measurement control, temperature mapping of an incubator or a water-bath, temperature probes calibration, etc.

AES Laboratoire is registred as a training center: Equipment operation, equipment maintenance, metrology, microbiology, rapid methods for analysis, sample or culture media preparation, etc.

HEADQUARTERS • AES Laboratoire Rue Maryse Bastié • Ker Lann CS 17219 • F-35172 Bruz Cedex Phone: 33 (0)2 23 50 12 12 Fax: 33 (0)2 23 50 12 00 .

USA • AES – Chemunex, Inc. 301 N. Harrison Street, Suite 109 Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone: 609-497-0166 • Fax: 609-497-7307

GERMANY • AES Laboratoire GmbH Wilhelm-Str. 49 D-74918 Angelbachtal Phone: 49 (0) 7265 493155 Fax: 49 (0) 7265 917915 •

SPAIN • AES Laboratorio C/Santa Fé, Local 3 08191 RUBÍ (Barcelona) Phone: (34) 93 588 40 12 Fax: (34) 93 588 85 94 •

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Cycle monitoring programming module • Accreditation • Certification • FDA compliant (21 CFR Part 11) • GLP Mapping Module Localization modul...


Cycle monitoring programming module • Accreditation • Certification • FDA compliant (21 CFR Part 11) • GLP Mapping Module Localization modul...