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Sampling is an essential step in the airborne contamination monitoring. The new Sampl’air generation offers superior performance and complete traceability (Sampl’air Pro)

Sampl’air Pro and Lite

Technical specifications

The Sampl’air is available with two levels of functionality: Pro and Lite. The Pro version includes the traceability functions and the PC/printer connection.

• Flowrate: 100 l/min • Dimensions: 130 x 170 x 300 mm • Weight: device + grid (battery installed) <1.8 kg device in its case with accessories <3.5kg • Battery lasts for 4 hours = 25 cycles of 10 min (tested on more than 10,000 uninterrupted sampling cycles) • Languages: English, Spanish, German, French • 100-240 V battery charger

Ordering information AESAP1076 Sampl’air Pro Comes with stainless steel grid, Sampl’air data manager software, PC connection cable, remote control, charger, carrying case, control certificate, operator manual

Calibration Service Our Sampl’air air samplers can be returned for calibration or calibrated by an authorised distributor. Our calibration instruments are traceable to international standards and are available upon request.

AESAP1078 Sampl’air Pro 3C Comes with 3 stainless steel grids AESAP10175 Sampl’air Lite (Without traceability functions and PC/printer/barcode connection) Comes with stainless steel grid, remote control, charger, carrying case, control certificate, operator manual

Sampl’air mk 2 ®

AESAP1079 Sampl’air Lite 3C Comes with 3 stainless steel grids

2 simultaneous samplings: Twice as quick!

Accessories AESLM0029 AESSA0103 AESOC0018 AESSA0606 AESSA0609 ANI205228

Barcode reader (only for Sampl’air Pro) Ticket printer (only for Sampl’air Pro) Additional stainless steel grid Adjustable aluminium tripod Telescopic handle Carrying case for 20 Petri dishes 50 disinfection wipes

Sampl’air mk 2 can be fitted with an optional second sampling unit which cuts collection times in half. Sampl’air will pay for itself in record time. Performing simultaneous sampling operations for two separate flora complies with clinical sector guidelines (Yeast and Moulds / Total Viable Count). Secured sampling cycle, battery lasts for 8 hours while using 2 sampling units simultaneously.

Ready-to-use culture media AEB121700 AEB520710 AEB522860 AEB522879


MCA (Chloramphenicol Malt Agar) 10 plates PCA 20 plates TSA 20 plates TSA, radio sterilised, triple packaging, available upon specific contract, 120 plates YGC-Agar 20 plates

HEADQUARTERS • FRANCE AES Laboratoire Rue Maryse Bastié • Ker Lann CS 17219 • F-35172 Bruz Cedex Phone: 33 (0)2 23 50 12 12 Fax: 33 (0)2 23 50 12 00

USA AES – Chemunex, Inc. 301 N. Harrison Street, Suite 109 Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone: 609-497-0166 Fax: 609-497-7307

AESAP1061 Sampl’air mk 2 Comes with control unit, sampling unit, stainless steel grid, 2m-lead, 230V charger, remote control, carrier bag, instructions & test certificate Accessories AESOC0073 AESOC0022 AESOC0012

Additional sampling unit with stainless steel grid 8 m lead PTFE coated 2m lead (resistant to peracetic acid)

GERMANY AES Laboratoire GmbH Wilhelmstraße 49 D-74918 Angelbachtal Phone: 49 (0) 7265 917 912 Fax: 49 (0) 7265 917 915

SPAIN AES Laboratorio C/Santa Fé, Local 3 08191 RUBÍ (Barcelona) Phone: (34) 93 588 40 12 Fax: (34) 93 588 85 94

ITALY AES Laboratoire s.r.l. Via Panà, 56B 35027 NOVENTA PADOVANA (PD) Phone: +39 049 8705804 Fax: +39 049 8709691

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Succeed in your microbial air monitoring!



Pure Air needs Pure Performance !

New generation Accurate and reproducible • • • • • Secured sampling

Electronic speed and flowrate auto control

Battery load indicator and secured cycle (start not allowed if battery power not sufficient to complete a cycle) Individually tested with its grid installed, comes with a control certificate ISO/DIS 14698-1 compliant

Comfortable use • • Intuitive use

• •

Light and easy-to-transport - weight of device + case + accessories < 3.5 kg (device only 1.8 kg) High capacity battery lasts for 4 hours (25 samplings of 10 min). Capacity tested on more than 10,000 uninterrupted cycles. Uses Ø 90 mm (Ø 100 mm) standard Petri dishes

Robustness • • •

Stainless steel sampling grid can be steam sterilised ABS Housing

Resistant to disinfectants and peracetic acid

Specifications • • • •

Sampling volume adjustable from 5

Delayed start adjustable from 1 s to

Remote control of several sampl’air

Alphanumerical display of message

n Air Sampler

50 litres to 10 m3

o 60 min

r simultaneously

es and parameters

Traceability and documentation*

• • •

Total traceability (location, date, time, culture media, sampled volume, operator,...) Program, export and process sampling reports with the Sampl’air data manager software (FDA CFR 21 part 11 compliant) Optional ticket printer (adhesive labels) and barcode reader

*available only on the Pro version

Optimise your Sampl’air performance • •

Comprehensive range of specifically designed ready-to-use culture media Radio sterilised media available in triple packaging


Calibration Service Technical specifications Sampl’air Pro and Lite AEB121700 MCA (Chloramphenicol Malt Agar) 10 plates AEB520710 PCA 20 plat...

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