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This is a summary of the most recent edition of Innovative Materials. Want to read the full articles? HERE you will find more information about subscriptions. Innovative Materials Summary volume 2 2023 Innovative Materials is an interactive, digital magazine about new and/or innovative applied materials in civil engineering sector, construction, architecture and design.

Separating polyester and cotton

American researchers have developed a method with which they could separate blended cotton and polyester fabric using enzymes. In a landfill, the polyester will not normally decompose, and the cotton may take several months or more to break down. The new method would make it possible to separate cotton from polyester in less than 48 hours, after which the clean polyester can be recycled.

‘Stronger position of critical raw materials essential for the EU’

Experts from TNO investigated and came up with a few solutions that a committee of the European Parliament wanted to know more about. The TNO report recommends building up additional stocks in Europe for products that contain critical raw materials, such as solar panels, machine parts, optics, and mechatronics (systems that incorporate mechanical, electronic, and digital solutions).

3D printed ferroelectric materials eliminate harmful bacteria

British scientists have for the first time successfully created a new kind of ferroelectric composite material with antimicrobial properties using a novel multi-material 3D printing process. They say the use of electrically responsive ferroelectric materials gives the implants the infection-fighting properties, making them ideal for biomedical applications,

Functional perovskites from algae

Scientists have transformed single-cell algae into functional perovskite materials. The team led by scientists at the B CUBE - Center for Molecular Bioengineering at TU Dresden converted mineral shells of algae into lead halide perovskites with tunable physical properties.

Building on Mycelium

In the ‘Building on Mycelium’ project, the Biobased Building professorship of CoEBBE, investigated how mycelium biocomposites can be used for the construction sector. That led to the Whitepaper: Building on Mycelium that was published at the beginning of this year.

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Curcumin: sustainable packaging and materials

The CurCol project, in which partners from Ireland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands collaborated, investigated the potential of Curcumin as a natural coloring agent. Curcumin is already used in foods.

Mastering steel deformation

The automotive industry frequently uses steels containing multiple phases, in particular soft ferrite and hard martensite. These types of steel have complex microstructures, making it difficult to control the processes of plastic deformation and damage caused by pressure. Tijmen Vermeij researched exactly how and why these processes occur in multi-phase steels. He received his doctorate cum laude from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Techical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) on Friday, April 2.

New additives could turn concrete into an effective carbon sink

Recent research by a team at MIT has shown that the introduction of new materials into existing concrete production processes could significantly reduce the carbon footprint without changing the mechanical properties of concrete.

‘StarCrete’: new building material for Mars

Scientists at the University of Manchester have developed a new material, ‘StarCrete’ that could be used to build houses on Mars and is made from alien dust, potato starch and salt.

‘Biological’ glass

A research group led by Prof. Yan Xuehai from the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a family of eco-friendly glass of biological origin fabricated from biologically derived amino acids or peptides. The material is biodegradable and biorecyclable.

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Nanobuttons make materials much stronger

American scientists have developed a new material made of countless interconnected micro-knots. These tiny knots make the material far tougher than identically structured but unknotted materials.

A sewn-in pump

Swiss researchers have developed fibre-like pumps that allow high-pressure fluidic circuits to be woven into textiles without an external pump. Soft supportive exoskeletons and for instance thermoregulatory clothing, can therefore be powered from pumps sewn into the fabric of the devices themselves.

New: the oxygen-ion battery

A new type of battery has been invented at TU Wien (Vienna): the oxygen-ion battery. According to the inventors, the battery can be extremely durable while no rare metals are needed to make it. In addition, it solves the problems of fire hazard.

Breaking down waste and reforming it into products

Scientists at the University of Twente are researching new products from so-called complex and ‘wet’ waste streams. This involves efficiently isolating the chemical components that are then used in new materials. This spring sees the start of the project ReBBloCS - Renewable Building Blocks from Complex and wet waSte - with a grant of 3.8 million euros from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

Using artificial intelligence to design innovative materials

Advanced materials become increasingly complex due to the high requirements they must fulfill regarding sustainability and applicability. Dierk Raabe and colleagues of the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE) have been researching the role that artificial intelligence (AI) could play in materials science.

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MaterialDistrict 2023

From Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 March, MaterialDistrict Utrecht 2023 was organized in the Werkspoorkathedraal in the same city. The event was attended by more than 4,400 architects, designers and other interested parties.

SeaWood Materials

SeaWood Materials is a series of fibreboards made from brown seaweed, developed by Rotterdam based company Blue Blocks. SeaWood is a 100 procent natural, compostable, and chemical free board material that can be used as a building material, for interior design products and acoustic wall panels.

Burned Wood

Burned Wood is a young company based in Enschede that specializes in hand-burnt wood based on the ancient Japanese technique Shou Sugi Ban (Yakisugi); a technique for preserving wood. The top layer of the wood is burned in a controlled manner, after which the excess carbon is removed. The remaining carbon layer can be treated with a natural wood oil or stain.


Studio Volop has developed a collection of sustainable and circular materials based on local waste streams, recycled glass, and natural raw materials. The material is marketed under the name Diggels and, according to the manufacturer, is suitable for use as a worktop, kitchen worktops, counters, or rear panels.

Masterworks panels

Poly Products presented during MaterialDistrict its Masterworks facade elements, an innovative material concept for indoor and outdoor use. Masterworks is a composite based on mineral fillers and acrylic polymer. Masterworks panels are almost incombustible, very strong and have a low weight.

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A Waste Epiphany

A Waste Epiphany from Delft is a company that processes two of the most common waste materials in the construction industry upcycled: brick and concrete.

Ceramic house & New Delft Blue

During MaterialDistrict Utrecht, Studio RAP highlighted two current projects: Ceramic House in Amsterdam and New Delft Blue; two projects with 3D-printed ceramics in the lead role.

Salt battery for home use

Storing energy in a salt battery has been seen for years as a sustainable concept that can contribute to the heat transition. Jelle Houben, PhD candidate at TU/e, investigated how to improve materials to increase the battery’s energy storage capacity, and recently developed a salt battery - in collaboration with spin-off Cellcius - that will be used for real-world tests in residential homes.

TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Prize

Last March in Los Angeles, the winners of the TOM FORD Plastic Innovation Prize were announced; according to the organizers of the global competition aimed at developing scalable and biodegradable alternatives to traditional plastic bags. The award was distracted in 2020 by beauty company TOM FORD and non-profit organisation Lonely Whale.


TECU is the brand name of the German manufacturer KME for architectural copper wall cladding. TECU products for the exterior cladding of buildings are made exclusively from 100 percent recycled copper and copper alloys

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Het verbindend kennis- en netwerkevent in de Benelux over duurzame materialen en oppervlaktetechnieken

Het event biedt een antwoord op de volgende thema’s:

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23–25 May • Siegburg/Cologne

23–25 May • Siegburg/Cologne (Germany)

The brightest stars of Renewable Materials

Bio-based, CO2-based and recycled – 500+ participants expected on-site

First day

• Future of the Chemical Industry

• Renewable Refineries

• Carbon Flows and Carbon Management

• Circularity and Chemical Recycling

• PHAs: Deep Dive

• New Label, Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Mass Balance

• Biodegradable Plastics

Second day

• Renewable Chemicals and Building Blocks


• Renewable Polymers & Plastics

• Fine Chemicals

• PEF / FDCA / Furanics

• Innovation Award

Third day

• Latest nova Research

• New Technologies for E cient Renewable Processes

• The Policy & Brands View

• Renewable Plastics and Composites

• Transition Pathways for the Chemical Industry

• Biodegradation

Platin Sponsor Award Sponsor Gold Sponsors
ORGANISED BY NOVA-INSTITUTE SPONSORED BY COVESTRO 1 RENEWABLE MATERIAL INNOVATION AWARD OF THE YEAR 2023 Call for Innovation Vote for the “Renewable Material of the Year 2023” at the Event

Wij leveren complete installaties voor ontstoffing, luchtreiniging en pneumatisch transport

Technieken voor o.a.:

- Ontstoffing van productieruimtes (MAC)

- Reduceren van geuremissies (NER)

- Reduceren van stofemissies (NER)

Componenten die wij o.a. kunnen leveren:

- Natfilters & Droogfilters

- Cyclonen

- Gaswassers

- Topsteen- / Frogreinigers

- Naverbranders

Projecten kunnen turn-key worden uitgevoerd

Wij garanderen de emissie & grenswaarden

Engineering, bouw en onderhoud in eigen beheer

Mesys Industrial Air Systems BV

Molenstraat 27, 6914AC Herwen +31 (0) 316 248744

Hoog vacuüm stofzuiginstallatie Natfilter met slibtransporteur Frogreiniger

Łódź Design Festival

12 - 22 May 2023, Łódź


23 - 25 May 2023, Den Bosch


23 - 25 May 2023, Den Bosch

Renewable Materials Conference 2023

23 - 25 May 2023, Siegburg/ Cologne

FIT show 2023

23 - 25 May 2023, Birmingham

Maintenance Dortmund

24 - 25 May 2023, Dortmund


12 - 16 June 2023, Düsseldorf

METEC 12 -16 June 2023, Düsseldorf

GIFA 12 - 16 June 2023, Düsseldorf

Moulding Expo 2023

13 - 16 June 2023, Stuttgart

LightCon 13 - 14 June 2023, Hannover

Glass Performance Days

14 - 16 June 2023, Tampere


15 June 2023, Veldhoven

International Conference on Masonry Structures, Brick and Concrete Masonry

19 - 20 June 2023, Vienna


20 - 22 June 2023, Ulm

XVIIIth Conference of the European Ceramic Society

2 - 6 July 2023, Lyon

European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing

3 - 7 July 2023, Lissabon

Additive Manufacturing Forum

4 - 5 July 2023, Berlijn

Materials Challenges in Alternative & Renewable Energy 2023 (MCARE 2023)

21 - 24 August 2023, Bellevue

Steinexpo 2023

23 - 26 August 2023, Homberg


6 - 10 September 2023, Kortrijk

Decortech 2023

13 - 14 June 2023, Rimini

Eurosteel 12 - 14 September 2023, Amsterdam

AM Expo 12 – 13 September 2023, Luzern

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