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Innovative Materials Summary volume 5 2022 This is a summary of the most recent edition of Innovative Materials. Want to read the full articles? HERE you will find more information about subscriptions.

Innovative Materials is an interactive, digital magazine about new and/or innovative applied materials in civil engineering sector, construction, architecture and design.

SUMMARY INNOVATIVE MATERIALS 5 2022 Martian rock-metal composite shows potential of 3D printing on Mars

To investigate the use of space resources in situ, scientists at Washington State University (WSU) have successfully experimented with 3D printing a mixture of regolith and titanium alloy. The aim was to create a strong, high-quality material that can be used in a 3D printing process to make tools or rocket parts one day on Mars.

‘Harsfalt’: fossil-free asphalt

On 21 July, Harsfalt was applied for the first time in the Netherlands. In Harsfalt, the bitumen, which is extracted from crude oil, has been replaced by a 100 percent biological binding agent.

Walls and furniture from popcorn

Affordable housing made of environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral building material: Scientists at the University of Göttingen have developed a process to make panels from hemp, flax and popcorn kernels

Crinklecrankle Wall: Students make artwork from bricks

Students of the TU Delft BK (Architecture) have designed a work of art with dry stackable bricks for the exhibition BRICK | BRICK in the Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort. The title of the work is ‘What do you want, brick?’

Bacteriophages extract raw materials from fluorescent lamps

German researchers have developed a process that allows them to extract rare-earth metals from discarded fluorescent lamps. The trick: bacteriophages; viruses that mainly infect bacteria.

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SUMMARY INNOVATIVE MATERIALS 5 2022 Improving cement with shrimps

By adding nanoparticles from shrimp shells to cement paste, the material becomes considerably stronger. This could lead to less fishing waste and lower carbon emissions from concrete production.

Electricity from your kitchen countertop

Korean researchers have recently discovered how microsupercapacitors, with fast charging and discharging rates and interesting electricity storage, can be applied with lasers to irregular, stony surfaces.

Invisible coating protects wood from fire

Scientists from NTU Singapore have developed an invisible coating that can make wood ‘fire-safe’. The coating ensures that the natural appearance of wood is maintained and yet forms a flame barrier, as soon as it is ‘activated’ by the flames.

Ultraconductive aluminum may beat copper

Copper is an excellent conductor, which is why the material is widely used in electronics. That could be about to change. New American research has provided a method that can significantly increase the conductivity of aluminum, making it economically competitive with copper.

New funding for sustainable concrete substitute

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) researchers Nima Rahbar and Suzanne Scarlata have received $692,386 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to further develop their Enzymatic Construction Material (ECM), a ‘living’, low-cost, negative-carbon building material.


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SUMMARY INNOVATIVE MATERIALS 5 2022 Graphene turns waste into gold

Chinese scientists have developed a method that could potentially allow graphene to extract gold from waste containing only trace amounts of gold (up to a billionth of a percent).

Green electronics made from wood

A research team from Empa and from ETH’s Institute for Building Materials has developed a practical method to make wooden surfaces electrically conductive, making them suitable for use in devices such as touch panels and sensors.

SeaSolv enables waste-free biorefinery of seaweed

Seaweeds (‘macroalgae’) are rich in valuable nutrients for food, nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals. However, these are not easily extracted. In the SeaSolv project, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), together with international partners, has developed an innovative waste-free method for the multi-product biorefinery of these substances. This will use a new class of solvents: deep eutectic solvents (DES).

Making nanodiamonds out of bottle plastic

A team of German and French scientists examined the extreme conditions in ice giants such as Uranus and Neptune. They mimicked the extreme conditions by firing a laser at a thin film of PET plastic and investigated what happened. They discovered, among other things, that it rains diamonds at the edge of our solar system.

Micro nonwoven interlocks for enhanced wind power

At WindEnergy 2022 - trade fair for the international wind energy industry held in Hamburg at the end of September, the German concern Freudenberg introduced its new Freudenberg Friction Inserts (FFIs). These are nonwoven inserts that could lead to wind turbines generating more wind energy.

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SUMMARY INNOVATIVE MATERIALS 5 2022 Durable coating kills COVID virus

A team of scientists from the University of Michigan say they have developed the first durable coating that can kill bacteria and viruses quickly and can continue to do so for months.

Batimat Innovation Award: Diathonite Thermostep

The Batimat Innovation awards were presented during the Batimat 2022. Diathonite Thermostep 047 floor insulation material from DIASEN SRL (Sassoferrato, Italy) was awarded the gold medal in the Interior & Garden category. DIASEN says the material improves a floor’s thermal performance while keeping it breathable.

Batimat Innovation Award: IPAC

In the Major works/Structure/Envelope category, the prize (gold) went to the French company BAT’IPAC from Saint-Aignan de Grand Lieu with the material IPAC: a load-bearing and insulating honeycomb cellulose sheet material.

Batimat Innovation Award: UniverCell Cristal

In the Major works/Structure/Envelope category, Soprema won the bronze medal with UniverCell Cristal, a new generation of cellulose wadding. UniverCell Cristal is a descendant of the cellulose insulation UniverCell family of the French company Soprema.

Batimat Innovation Award: CORKAL composite

The cork composite CORKAL developed by the company TECHNAL (part of the Norwegian aluminum producer Hydro Group) is a cork composite material in the form of insulation strips for aluminum frames. TECHNAL earned the gold medal in the ‘Joinery and closures’ category.


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SUMMARY INNOVATIVE MATERIALS 5 2022 Batimat Innovation Award: Repan

Isosta Group received the silver medal (Preserving the environment category) for Repan, a method for dismantling and reusing sandwich panels, consisting of a polystyrene foam core and aluminum.

Batimat Innovation Award: Bamboo window

The fenêtre HYBRID bambou by Minco vec is, as the name suggests, a hybrid window (windows with wood and metal), in which the wood - usually pine and oak - has been replaced by bamboo. Minco’s bamboo window was awarded the silver medal in the Joinery and closures category.

Theunisbrug wins Architecture Masterprize 2022

The Theunis Bridge connecting Merksem and Deurne has been awarded the prestigious Architecture Masterprize 2022. Commissioned by De Vlaamse Waterweg, architectural firm ZJA, in collaboration with Arcadis, Sweco and OKRA Landscape Architects, designed the new Theunis Bridge over the Albert Canal.

A swarm of 3D printing drones for construction and repair

An international research team led by the Swiss materials research institute Empa has teamed up with Imperial College London to develop a system of collaborative, 3D-printing drones. The flying robots work together as a team to 3D print materials for building or repairing structures.

Out with silver, in with copper: a new boost for solar cell production

The rising price and the limited availability of raw materials, especially silver, leads to higher costs in the production of photovoltaic modules. Fraunhofer researchers have developed an electroplating process in which silver can be replaced by copper, which is cheaper and more readily available. To bring the technology to market faster, the spin-off PV2+ was recently launched.

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SUMMARY INNOVATIVE MATERIALS 5 2022 Emergency houses from 3D-printed local clay

The first 3D-printed building in Spain has recently been installed in Spain: TOVA. It is made (almost) entirely from local clay and was completed in a matter of weeks. It was made with 100 percent local materials and local labour, with no waste and almost zero CO2 emissions. According to the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), which was responsible for the development and construction of TOVA, this production concept can be used anywhere in the world, for example in the reception of people in emergency situations.

Co-Consolidated Titanium-Thermoplastic Composite Joints: a study on the mechanisms governing adhesion and durability

Vanessa Marinosci (University of Twente) investigated the interface connection mechanisms between the metal and thermoplastic composite to understand and optimize, in particular, the connection between the titanium alloy Ti6Al4V and C/PEKK composite.

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Paper Clay


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