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2nd Year. No.8 April 2014. PVP 5 euros

Gran Canaria’s magnificence

Living Madrid Precious time Roberto Verino Spring-Summer 2014

Beijing holds the

China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market





editorial During the last years, the shopping sector has gained great importance in the touristic field, becoming another leisure option when visiting a city or an area. The TaxFree business activity is closely related to the shopping tourism, reason why Innova Taxfree Group has developed strategies and tools in order to promote it and boost it, always working together with shops and brands, while checking shifts and changes of touristic trends. The Tax-Free activity was where we started and nowadays we offer a great range of services and products, with the extra value that selling free of tax represents. Our opportunities are available for shops, brands and 4

institutions, while we continue pursuing our goals: innovation through technology, enhancement of our products, growth and creation of more market options; always supported by our clients and partners. It is demonstrated that TaxFree services and policies are an important mean to promote and develop tourism, specially shopping tourism, particularly at urban areas. In 2014, we will continue growing by supporting, through our products, the touristic development of areas, using commercial tourism and strengthening traditional touristic areas’ offers with the TaxFree added value.

Paris · Saint-Petersburg · Madrid · Barcelona · Bilbao · Palma de Mallorca 5


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Beijing holds the China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market, COTTM



Shopping in Spain AVE experience


Living Madrid Precious Time TRENDS

Training is a key element when receiving Chinese tourists, COTRI TRENDS

Tax Free:

shopping tourism engine



a prêt-à-porter destination

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Pierre Gervois

The luxury travel guru


China Duty Free Group SHOPPING

5 European Cities to Shop

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Deluxe Paris CULTURE

Chinese culture coming to life through dance FASHION


Roberto Verino Spring-Summer 2014

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Innova TaxFree Group at Expo 2015


Tourism • Shopping • Culture • Fashion • Trends

2nd Year. No.8 March 2014. PVP 5 euros

Gran Canaria’s magnificence

Tourism • Shopping • Culture • Fashion • Trends



2nd Year. No.8 .March 2014..


Living Madrid Precious time

Roberto Verino Spring-Summer 2014

2nd Year. No.8 March 2014. Innova Magazine is a magazine produced by innova taxfree grouP, S.L. Depósito Legal M-20047-2013

Beijing holds the

China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market


CEO Luciano Ochoa de Abreu Director Antonio Santos Edition director Adriana Morán Sarmiento

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General Coordination Cristina Martínez


Gran Canaria’s magnificence PLACE TO BE

Luxury accommodation in Costa Brava GOURMET

Spanish Taste

Communication & International Delegate José Luis Baciero Technology Director Abel Santolino Graphic Design Emerio Arena

Communication and Marketing María Rodríguez Country Manager China: Lucía Galarza France: Olivier Comte Italy: Giuseppe Novara Portugal: José Félix Ferreira Turkey UK: Merton Smith

Comercial Manager Natacha Parrón +34 670 91 79 66 CONTRIBUTORS


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China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market will be running in Beijing

Travel and tourism operators have an appointment at COTTM 2014 edition: the most awaited event in this field, placing Beijing as the perfect scenario for upcoming businesses.


tourism Text: News- innova taxfree group/ COTTM

China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market is the most important travel and tourism fair celebrated this year in Asia. It will run from April 9th to April 14th, at the New Hall of Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center, with the participation of the biggest agents in the touristic market, who take the city as the central station for tour operators who plan trips for Chinese tourists. In 2013, The World Tourism Organization declared China as the first market for international tourism, surpassing Germany and The United States, in terms of trips made and expenditures. Chinese tourists spent more than German and American travelers, with a record of $102 billion, 40% more than the previous year. With such figures, no doubt the China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market, (COTTM) will be an international event where companies and institutions will find the perfect opportunity to show their products to

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China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market

a ready-to-buy public. Likewise, COTTM 2014, once again holds the Luxury Travel Showcase, presenting an exclusive area for luxury traveling products, targeting a selected public. The fast and continuously growing number of luxury and high category luxury packages bought by Chinese tourists represents great potential for profitable businesses in the touristic market.

Outbound Toursim

INNOVA TAXFREE IS THERE: innova taxfree group is a strategic partner in the touristic services sector, showing communication tools, shopping options and TaxFree services at COTTM’14. There will be many actions, such as the networking meeting at The Opposite House Hotel in Beijing, focusing on spreading the word about business activities and creating trading relations between collaborators and Chinese travel agencies. It is a marvelous opportunity to take advantage of a fast increase in the luxury and high-end packages in the Chinese emitting market, aiming to offer products and services in a sector that will present a growth of at least 20% in the next years.


Traditional destinations like Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia continue to be very popular among Chinese travelers. Nevertheless, Chinese tourists are gaining importance in the touristic development of some other countries; as a matter of fact, China is the second most important client of Australia and New Zealand. The United States is also a very popular destination among Chinese traverse and The United Arab Emirates is in the first 20 destinations that they choose, UK, Italy and Canada being ahead. The wealthier Chinese people get, the more travel opportunities they want, turning luxury trips a growing sector in the touristic filed.

Middle East Represented COTTM has always had an excellent representation of the Middle East. This year, the biggest stand belongs to the Egyptian Touristic Authority, present in the event for the last 10 years. Iran will also have an official pavilion, as well as many private companies. In the last editions, COTTM had the participation of Dubai, including Emirates Airlines, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan. This year, Sharjah (the 3rd biggest emirate of the seven United Emirates) will be participating.


Shopping in Spain AVE experience

Avexperience is a way to enjoy a country where shopping represents a unique experience: living Spain on a high speed train. Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Sevilla and Malaga have every single trendy need: famous brands, prominent and prestigious designers and trendy fashion shops for everyone. It is only necessary to choose the style that suits you best and start enjoying a shopping day at any of the Avexperience cities. MADRID In Madrid, there is a neighborhood where shopping is a special experience: Salamanca, also known as “Milla de Oro” (Golden Mile). There, you’ll find many things, including prestigious brands and famous actors or singers. Apart from this neighborhood, Madrid has some other streets where commercial activity is the main attraction, such as: Velázquez, Ortega y Gasset, Castelló, Claudio Coello and Lagasca.



There are thousands of shops in Barcelona in many walking boulevards were buying is a comfortable experience that includes visiting historical places and spectacular artistic spots of the city. Strolling around Gracia means to find many firms and exclusive shops, among some of Barcelona’s most symbolic constructions like Gaudi’s and Domèneq i Montaner’s pieces. Buying is also a pleasure in the way from Gracia to Rambla de Canaletas or to Rambla catalunya because you’ll find Caterina and La Boqueria markets.

SEVILLA The Andalusian capital has a great variety of shops to offer. The shopping areas are: barrio de Triana (Alfarería, Antillanos Campos and San Jorge Streets), perfect to buy all kinds of ceramics and to find famous shops; Casco Antiguo, specially its walking boulevards Sierpes and Tetuán, where you’ll find big franchises, fashion shops and places to buy typical souvenirs like embroidery, lace and Flamenco suits. But, if you are looking for more traditional and informal options, then you’ll need to spend a morning at Sevilla’s little market, known as “El jueves”, located at Feria Street. And, for very selected stores, the best option is Arenal Neighborhood.

Text: Avexperience

It’s very attractive place for prestigious brands. The most exclusive shops of Turia’s Capital created Dos Aguas Luxury Shopping Association in order to join forces and boost their businesses. Dos Aguas is a mini shopping centre located at the city’s historical downtown, where you’ll also find shops from Poeta Querol and from Marqués de Dos Aguas areas. They have all kind of deals and even personal counseling. Valencia’s couture culture concentrates in four centric axis: Ciutat Vella, Historical downtown, Paz / Poeta Querik and L´Eixample / Ruzafa. Colón market and its surroundings also present interesting fashionable offers with the last trends.



ZARAGOZA The privileged location of this place (in the way between Barcelona, Madrid and País Vasco), has turned Virgen del Pilar city into a very attractive spot for visitors during the last years. You’ll find countless stores of all kind of styles in this city. In downtown (Paseo Independencia, Sagasta, San Clemente, Paseo de Las Damas and Paseo Constitución) there are many boutiques of famous brands. You’ll also find many shopping centres, and our suggestions are: Puerta Cinegia (with fancy lingerie, furs and exclusive shops), located at España Square; Independencia (with fashion and party dresses shops); Aragonia, which is located at Romareda zone in downtown.

MALAGA Malaga is a perfect city for shop lovers and it is easy to find anything we want there. It presents a great variety: shopping centres like Larios Centro, Vialia, El Corte Inglés, and La Rosaleda (in downtown) and Plaza Mayor, a beautiful place just outiside the city (it’s an open place, decorated as a little town, with more than 300 shops). But, if you rather visit exclusive boutiques, there are 2 special areas for it: Larios and Nueva Streets. On the other hand, the typical little markets are also worth visiting, for example: the fair that takes place on Sundays and Huelin, opened on Saturdays at the neighborhood with the same name.


Living Madrid Precious time A project of:


“Madrid Precious Time” is a prototype program originated in the “Cities” project, promoted in 2012 by the World Tourism Organization for the United Nations, UNWTO, featuring 22 countries. Its objective is to stimulate tourism in different cities, through common actions to help encouraging strategic positioning for tourism in the development of such cities, identifying the keys of success of its development and strengthening the concept of “Smart Cities”.

The strategic goals of the program were oriented aiming 7 action areas and 1 specific plan to help analyzing the evolution of urban tourism, through the exchange of experiences of companies, destinations and universities worldwide. “Madrid Precious Time” was specially shaped to target one of those transcendental goals: the implementation of innovative strategies to provide cities with new and more specialized products of high added value, targeting concrete market niches and quality of visitors’ experiences.

Madrid, UNWTO’s central headquarters, is an ideal laboratory to try this prototype. Madrid has always been an international reference for tourism due to its deep engagement with the public and private sectors involved in the project. Likewise, the fact of the “Premium” concept including Madrid’s strategic plan to be an ideal destination for high-class tourism, decisively helped the study to focus on a meaningful concept for Madrid’s touristic concept: luxury and Premium experiences. The study concluded that Madrid should take its authenticity as main advantage to reach the position of an important international destination for tourists, offering exclusive, personalized and outstanding personal experiences. Different organizations took such conclusion as a start to get involved in this fascinating

project: historic, artistic, cultural, gastronomic, commercial organizations and others. It is a project in which time plays a key role as a symbol, a guide and an icon. It is an image that allows the tourist to be present at previous periods, through contemplation of traditional manners; to be present in future eras while watching the latest technological developments. “Madrid Precious Time” is, in fact, a different way to experience Madrid and get to know the richness of its diversity from a privileged point of view.

Intelligent technology and tourism As part of the project, and recognizing the importance of materializing the concept of “Smart Destinations”, the concerned parties have developed many innovative tools in order to satisfy and exceed the expectations of visitors, in this digital era.

This is how technology gets useful for the project: enhancing its image and attracting clients in the most efficient way. Optimizing communication strategies allows tourists to find different options of the city, using a unique and personalized itinerary, specifically adapted to each visitor’s profile.


Why Madrid

Companies like Microsoft, Segittur, Master Tour Alliance, Innova TaxFree, Roberto Verino, Museo Thyssen - Bornemisza, NH Hotels, Jewelry Store Suárez and 50 of the best restaurants of the city that participate in “Madrid Precious Time” are great examples of the dimensions and scopes of this project. According to Yolanda Perdomo, UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme’s Director, “this project is only the beginning of an effort to create a successful cooperation model between Madrid’s public institutions and private companies, which is one of the UNWTO’s goals, acting though UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme.”


trends Text: Lucía Galarza

COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute is an independent research institution, leader in training, quality, research and consultancy over the emitting Chinese touristic market. COTRI

Training is a key element when receiving Chinese tourists “Deep familiarity with the final costumer” is the key factor to meet the needs of Chinese tourists in Europe and to provide an unbeatable experience, according to Geort Arlt, COTRI Director.

THE NEXT GENERATION: According to Dr. Arlt, there is “a new generation of Chinese tourist with greater expectations”. He detailed some characteristics of these Chinese visitors: young, educated, experimented travelers who like to plan their trip depending on their interests and needs. Most of them look at tourism as “investing money in themselves”, considering trip publications in social networks as capital goods of pleasure.


Taking into account the greatness of individual trips and touristic data, and also the fact of many countries softening their restrictions on visas to Chinese tourists, an increase in the trend of individual Chinese tourists visiting around would be logical result. Dr. Arlt concludd: “The game is changing. It’s not enough to have a lot of experience; training is needed”.

According to Dr. Arlt, Chinese tourists not only expect to be respected as clients, but also to receive a special service. “It is impossible to meet the needs of this important market without deeply familiarizing with it.” Hotels are the ones who should adapt and optimize their offers the most. With specific examples, he indicated that “Chinese tourists like famous places, distinctive spots or places they have seen on TV. They also like to visit places with a record of something, or recognized as the best in their category. In other words, they prefer exclusive and visited by celebrities over historic. Their joy is found in showing pictures with those celebrities, reason why they like to stay in hotels that are usually the choice of famous people. Chinese love to upload pictures in social networks titled as: “me and him” or “we were at the same hotel”. Likewise, he explained to us a variety of possible misunderstandings. For example: not all Chinese tourists are superstitious about number 4; they not only eat noodles and it is false that they only drink green tea. He added that some Chinese tourists like to watch TV shows in which people speak in Chinese, not meaning that they want to watch CCTV, they only look for TV in their language.


Tax-Free shopping tourism engine


The Tax-Free service allows tourists to receive a refund for the purchasing tax they pay while traveling, as long as they take the products with them when leaving the country. This fiscal instrument adds value to the deals offered by touristic destinations and it is a tool to promote shopping tourism. It functions like a sales strategy for the business that uses it looking forward to increase its foreign customers. The tax Free service is provided by different operators in each country. innova taxfree group is one of those operators, working with strict parameters of transparency, effectiveness, dynamism, good quality and safety to refund the tourist with the corresponding amount of money and to provide enough information to make shopping an easy and pleasant experience while the visit lasts.


commercial and touristic sectors. Likewise, it makes it possible to regulate, control, register and collect tax payments. And it’s all done through a service and a technological system that are innovative and totally safe, eliminating fraud possibilities.

Promotion and benefits National and international promotion of Tax-Free service increases businesses’ attractiveness for foreign tourists, also boosting their sales. The service does not mean a loss in the business’ profits because innova tax-free does not charge any amount. All countries that have implemented the Tax-Free service are obtaining positive results and growing numbers of purchases made by international tourists, which means: lots of more money spent by them.

The benefits that come with the Tax-Free service can be seen in the growing number of foreign tourists (mainly business, academic or leisure tourists) that find the shopping activity an attractive option, as a main or complementary action in their trips. Purchasing products that could be satisfying, desired, needed or symbolic becomes a common practice when showing new objects means a certain life style and social status.

The system is similar in all countries with appropriate regulation. innova tax-free group supports enhancement and development of the system and the tax refunding service. It also advices governments who show interest in developing a law system to boost their touristic offer, taking into account each territory’s conditions and characteristics, focusing in the commercial and touristic sectors.

An increase in sales boosts the commercial activity, encouraging businesses to participate in the national tax system, which allows the Tax Authority to have a broader control over

innova tax-free’s proposal gives the business, shop and tourist the opportunity of doing the buying and refunding transaction in an quick, effective, safe and responsive way. 19

Text: Antonio Santos del Valle / New Markets, Mkt & Communication Manager innova taxfree group

Shopping tourism has been turning into a major economic factor for the development of many countries. The Tax-Free service is a tool that boosts tourism since it offers to foreign clients the opportunity of getting a refund for the taxes they paid while shopping, which increases commercial and economic transactions in touristic destinations.


Instant money innova tax-free group developed a service that upgrades the refund for tourists, it is called “City Cash”. It allows tourists to get the tax refund of his/her purchases through an innovative technology. That is what they do in Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and other places.

Tax Free service’s effect in international touristic destinations is always positive for the national tax system and for the development of the commercial and touristic sectors.

For further information:

During the last years, the Tax Free service has resulted in huge positive results for the economy of main touristic destination of the world. Especially in Europe, it is so important that just by taking Spain figures it is possible to say that shopping tourism generated around 1.500 million of euros, which is 8% of the whole European market, with 14.000 million. In Europe we find 44% of the whole world’s sales, concentrated in just 7 cities of England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain. Barcelona and Madrid hold 48% and 31% of all the transactions, being Paris the leader city due to the quantity and value of the purchases that tourists make there. Regarding tourists, it is important to highlight Chinese and Russian travelers whose average expenditure is 1.449 euros and 682 euros, respectively, being the Chinese tourists the worldwide leaders, generating 26% of the invoicing. A research made by innova taxfree group indicates that when an European citizen spends 1 euro, a person from outside the European Community spends 4, buying products in Europe, sometimes even spending 10 times more during a visit. Such numbers confirm that shopping tourism, strengthened by the Tax Free service, is an economic engine and a main tool when planning touristic polices.


your tax-free shopping & services



Stamp your tax-free, it is your money it is your gift



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a prêt-à-porter destination Spanish Public and private sectors are engaging in an adaptation process willing satisfy Chinese tourists by offering the products and services of an “especial journey”.


trends That is the reasons why the main Spanish cities make tremendous efforts to create touristic services and offers adapted to the needs of Chinese clients: websites about the cities getting translated into Chinese, training key staff, adapting maps of the cities, sharing touristic information, guides and audiovisual systems, smart applications in Mandarin that help with orientation and implementation of emergency numbers. Those being only some of the efforts.

The public sector is generating important actions, among which it is important to highlight Renfe Spain Pass and the Customized Tours. Renfe Spain Pass is a flexible option offered by the Spanish High Speed Trains Service: a personal and not transferable ticket, buyable by non-Spanish residents, that makes it easy for tourists to travel in a comfortable and cheap way. The company’s staffs receive introductory Chinese language courses that include cultural notions, aiming to offer a better client service. Customized tours is one of the most interesting efforts. They are completely adapted to the visitors’ conditions, presenting a new concept of tourism based on “real experiences in exclusive environments”. It’s about turning any activity into an unforgettable experience. Renfe also offers the first “Chinese Friendly” Train Service of Europe. Its high speed trains connect the first 3 “Chinese Friendly” cities of Spain: Sevilla, Segovia and Zaragoza. The latter being incorporated by the end of this year.

Chinese Friendly Station “Chinese Friendly” is a new concept creating opportunities for the Chinese tourists to enjoy different Spanish touristic destinations. It transforms cities, places, institutions and monuments into touristic attractions with high quality services. The “Chinese Friendly” service includes trips schedules, hotel bookings, transportation from and to the airport and shopping activities. It’s a travel pack adapted to the characteristics of groups conformed by about 20 people. It’s a new concept for luxury tourism at acceptable prices.

Touristic Tours • • • • • • •

Art tour Flamenco tour Bullfighting tour The land of olive oil tour Hunting tour Golf tour Luxury shopping tour

AVE CITIES The AVE cities network aims to promote destinations that are connected by it. Its purpose is to boost promotion, as a strategy to beneficiate all the involved cities and touristic operators.


Text: Cristina Martínez Allué

During the first 2 months of 2014, Spain received 6,2 millions of foreign tourists, 11,8% more than the same period of 2013. The fact is that Spain is a land of ancient traditions, holding many heritage cultural areas, and its gastronomy is based on the use of fresh and high quality products and on the work of experimented and recognized chefs. This is why Spain is the 3rd country to receive more foreign visitors, according to World Tourism Organization’s figures (WTO). Many of these millions of visitors come from China (203.400 Chinese visitors came to Spain between January and February 2013).


interview Text and photos: China Elite Focus

The luxury travel guru Pierre Gervois, Founder and Publisher of the Shanghai Travelers´ Club magazine Pierre Gervois is seen by many Chinese travelers as a major luxury travel influencer, and his opinions about destinations, hotels and brands have a substantial impact on the travel decisions and travel trends of China´s high end outbound travelers.

When High Net Worth Chinese travelers plan a luxury leisure trip outside China, there is a question that instantly pops up in their mind “What does the Shanghai Travelers´ Club magazine says about a destination?” Published in Chinese Mandarin language only, this magazine - available for the iPad - is China´s best kept secret of Chinese frequent travelers searching for the most exclusive luxury travel and shopping destinations in the World. But who is the discreet man behind this magazine? Pierre Gervois was born in Paris where he studied philosophy and political science, and he lived in Shanghai from 2007 to 2013, where he founded China Elite Focus in 2008. “I had many discussions with Chinese friends who complained to me about the absence of trustable & independent, source of information in Chinese language about luxury travel experiences all over the World, and in particular in the U.S.”, Pierre Gervois says. “I wanted to do something about this and give them the best possible quality of independent information about the world´s best hotels, resorts and exclusive shopping experiences. The same kind of information normally reserved to a small elite of international frequent travelers, but not yet available in China at this time”. In 2008, Pierre Gervois founded China Elite Focus Limited, and launched the same year the Shanghai Travelers´ Club magazine, China´s first ever information newsletter entirely 25

The luxury travel guru The Shanghai Travelers´ Club magazine has published articles about the most exclusive hotels and properties all over the world, oftenly featured for the first time in China in this publication. To name a few: The legendary Ritz hotel in Paris, the Waldorf Astoria in New York, private islands in the Maldives, Private jet & helicopter experiences in New Zealand, Polar expeditions, private viewing of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry at the legendary Place Vendôme store in Paris, or horse riding experiences at Mustang Monument, a stunning luxury eco-resort in Nevada surrounded by 600 wild mustangs and property of Madeleine Pickens.

about international luxury travel, all in Chinese mandarin language. This publication has been an instant success, and praised by its subscribers for the high quality of the content, carefully curated by Pierre Gervois and written by a small team of talented, hand-picked, Chinese travel editors. “I remember”, said Pierre Gervois, “we published a story about a yachting event in 2010, and one hour after the release of the newsletter, we receive a phone call from the executive secretary of one of our readers - a Chinese private entrepreneur from Beijing -who told us that her boss would love to have a VIP invitation for this very exclusive event, because he wanted to buy a US$60 million yacht. We managed to send him an invitation for this event, and we learned a few weeks after that he actually bought the yacht, paid cash”.

In 2011, following the results of a survey made with the subscribers, Pierre Gervois initiated a major change: upgrading a simple e-mail newsletter to a beautiful magazine with much more content and an enhanced reader´s experience. “Our team made a tremendous work on this project” said Pierre Gervois. “Within one year of development, we have created our own, proprietary, digital publishing platform delivering a superior reading experience for the iPad, China´s most popular tablet, and Chinese outbound travelers´ #1 device”. “I´m incredibly proud of the result that makes the Shanghai Travelers´ Club magazine the most trusted and beautiful luxury outbound travel magazine for the Chinese elite travelers”. wIn late 2013, Pierre Gervois relocated to New York City at the occasion of the opening of the U.S. subsidiary of China Elite Focus, and spends his time between New York and Shanghai, and of course all over the world to discover new destinations and experiences.

INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE In 2014, China Elite Focus and Innova Tax Free signed an agreement to promote Innova TaxFree retailers to the readers of the Shanghai Travelers´ Club magazine, and encourage them to shop in priority in these stores. “When our readers do shopping in Europe, Japan or South America, getting advantage of the Tax-Free shopping is important, in particular for our readers, who can spend EUR 50,000 to EUR 100,000 in shopping during their trip. I know Innova Tax-Free delivers a great quality of service to international shoppers, and I´m proud to have a partnership with this great company”.



China Duty Free Group

China Duty Free Group Co., Ltd., established in 1984, is the only state-owned enterprise specialized in nationwide duty free business with approval from the State Council. CDFG unifies the management of the national duty free industry in accordance with the “four unified� management policy granted by the State (i.e. unified operation, unified purchasing, unified retail pricing and unified setting of management regulations). 28

CDFG has set up nearly 200 retail stores in over 90 cities in 30 provinces, cities, autonomous regions (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) in China. CDFG has established six customs supervision logistics centers, located in Dalian, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong


Currently, CDFG is the largest duty-free retailer in China and ranks at the forefront in the global duty free industry. CDFG has been devoted to providing luxurious and comfortable environments, excellent quality and reasonable prices, professional management and excellent tourist experiences. CDFG’s business cover nearly a thousand types of merchandise in over 20 major categories, such as imported tobacco, wine and spirits, perfume and cosmetics, clothing, leather goods, jewelry, watches and Chinese specialty products. With an improved product structure and an offering of complete products, CDFG gives customers a duty free shopping experience at optimal prices.

Text and photos: CDFG

In its rapid growth of 30 years, CDFG has established long-term cooperative relationships with more than 300 top luxury brands in the world, and now provides international travelers, sailors, diplomats and offshore travelers in Hainan with nearly a thousand types of commodities in over twenty main categories. With more than 200 duty-free stores of nine types serving airports, airplanes, borders, ferry terminals, railway stations, shipping supplies, diplomats, cruises, and downtown in thirty provinces, cities and autonomous regions (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) all over China, CDFG has become the duty-free operator offering the widest array of duty-free stores and the largest number of retail outlets in a single country. As a leader of the industry, CDFG developed from a distributor of duty free goods to China’s largest operator of luxury goods at present, realizing the tremendous change from being a single distributor to retail operator, from business in traditional duty free field to travel retail.

Kong. These centers cover the whole country, and have adopted advanced control systems to improve efficiency and quality in logistics, realizing faster nationwide delivery of duty free merchandise.

In 2011, the offshore duty free business of CDFG in Hainan was under successful operation, opening a new chapter for China’s duty free industry. The Sanya duty free store is a world-class downtown duty free store, and one of the top duty-free stores in Asia. The CDFG has gone to great effort in its construction. The store covers an overall business area of 10,000 square meters and is now the largest downtown offshore duty-free store in mainland China, providing a complete selection of brands and the most favorable environment. This duty free store mainly offers 13 categories of commodities, including perfume and cosmetics, jewelry, watches, clothing, leather goods, luggage, sun glasses, travel goods, tableware and kitchenware, beauty and health care products, toys, Chinese and Hainan specialty products, etc. as well as thousands of products from nearly one hundred international top grade brands. Through the Sanya Duty Free Store, large numbers of international top grade luxury brands have been able to enter the mainland duty free market in mainland China for the first time, and successively setting up many duty-free boutiques with the most updated images, largest areas and the most complete varieties in China. 29

China Duty Free Group

The CDFG Haitang Bay International Shopping Center, invested in by the CITS Group Corporation, is a large duty free business project that is operated completely by CDFG and is now the largest duty free shopping center in the world. It is also a high-end commercial complex of travel retailers that combines duty paid and duty-free shopping, dining and entertainment, cultural exhibitions, and more. Going back to the history of China’s duty free business, the Haitang Bay International Shopping Center is a large theme mall of the highest grade for duty free shopping that provides the largest number of international top brands and it will further drive and promote the overall quality, size as well as the integrated operation capability of China’s duty free industry. It is expected to become a new urban landmark of Sanya and Hainan with its extremely modern travel specialty and business attraction.

The CDFG Sanya Duty Free Store, as the first pilot duty-free boutique under the Hainan offshore duty free policy, has always been very popular with Chinese consumers since its opening. It is currently the most attractive high-end shopping location in Sanya and even in all of Hainan. It also serves as an optimal exhibition platform for various international luxury brands that enter China through the duty free channel.

With advantages in the accumulation of procurement channels, distribution network and retail management in duty free business, CDFG has been actively exploring China travel retail market in an effort to diversify its development. CDFG responded positively to the “Going Global” strategy aimed at the state-owned enterprises and regarded the wholly-owned subsidiary, Hong Kong China National Duty Free Merchandise Co., Ltd., as the basis to constitute an extension platform for overseas business. In 2013, CDFG established a branch company in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to develop and operate duty free projects in Cambodia, furthering CDFG’s progress internationally. Looking into the future, CDFG will reorganize its resources in duty free and travel retail, with unremitting effort, become world-class duty-free goods supplier and operator to provide our customers commodities and services with high values and at reasonable prices. While strengthening and expanding China’s duty free industry and travel retail industry, CDFG will pursue its goal of becoming a world-class large business group and make greater contributions to the prosperity and development of Chinese tourism industry!




European Cities to Shop SHOPPING: For further information about the location of innova taxfree in these cities, please visit:

It is said that no-one gets the whole experience of a city before going shopping in it. There are five destinations in Europe that demonstrate the truth of that statement: the main European capitals are very attractive for professional shoppers.

Dublin The city is divided by Liffey River and offers almost endless possibilities that turn it into a very attractive destination for tourists: the ones who love nature and de ones who love urban environments. Shopping is included in the Irish capital’s magic experience. To the river’s north, you’ll find O’Connell Street and Henry Street: 2 streets full of shops and shopping centers, perfect for curious costumers. O’Connell Street is an unmissable place, since it is one of Europe’s biggest streets. Temple Bar area is the best place when looking for typical products; it is far from shopping centers and houses many shops to buy crafts. To the river’s south, you’ll find one of the busiest and most important streets: Grafton Street, a boulevard where many street musicians and artists perform while citizens walk through. 32

shopping The Eternal City’s streets evoke its golden period with monuments and ruins sparkled all around. Nowadays, Rome is one of the main capitals of fashion in Europe, presenting great variety for shopping options. At the famous Via Condotti you’ll find shops by the most important designers, from Italy and from the rest of the world. It is very close to Spanish Square, which makes it a place walked by thousands tourists every day. Bulgari

Text: Alberto Gonzalo


workshop was opened there in 1884, adding a glam touch to the city. Corso Via, one of the main avenues of the city, with many shops distributed along Roma’s downtown, perfect for all tastes and pockets. Campo dei Fiori is another recognized shopping area. Some of the streets that emerge from this square, like Via dei Giubbonari and Via del Pellegrino, are still named after artisans who used to have their workshops there. It is currently full of fashion, crafts and antiquities businesses.

Lisbon Lisbon, located at Tagus River’s mouth, is as entertaining and comfortable as any big metropolis. When shopping, our suggestions are: Rua do Norte is probably the trendiest Street of the Portuguese capital. It houses ancient businesses refurbished as fashion shops, perfect for trends lovers. Lisbon’s shopping temple is on Liberdade Avenue: a chic way with French style housing important designers’ shops as well as national and international brands. Chiado is another luxurious area. It is located very close to Baixa, displaying old buildings and with stores that revive previous periods when walking through. It is here where you find local remarkable designers’ shops, like Ana Salazar o Storytailors. 33

Five European Cities to Shop Edinburgh The Scottish capital is a magic place, full cultural and architectural heritage. It’s a charming destination with cobbled streets, smoky chimneys and many museums. Edinburgh is the second most visited city in the United Kingdom, after London. It receives more than 2 million tourists per year. Among its main commercial areas, the following must be highlighted: Royal Mile, with

London Many people take Oxford Street as the most important commercial street of London, because it houses all kind of stores: small clothing shops and big franchises. But, United Kingdom’s capital has many other shopping options: Covent Garden is a place known by its open market and by the clothes and souvenirs shops located on the streets around.


Bond Street is the ideal place for luxury shopping. Armani, Chanel and Versace are some of the distinguished designing houses located at this premium street. Regent Street is full of fashion and other products shops. It is important to highlight Knightsbridge neighborhood because the most famous department stores of the world are located there: Harrods y Harve and Nichols.

souvenirs and gifts shops; Princess Street, with some shopping centers, big stores like Jenners and many international brands; and finally, Multress Walk in St. Andrew Square, a narrow street with luxury shops like Louis Vuitton. The ultimate street of luxury is George Street, with the most exclusive shops of the city. The Scottish Harrods is named Jenners, located on Princess Street, it’s one of the most famous business of the country.

shopping Text: innova taxfree group

Deluxe Paris Paris is worldwide known as the capital of fashion. It’s a glamorous destination with lots of benefits for the most demanding foreign visitors. Deluxe shopping has turned into a very attractive option in touristic destinations. Paris is not the exception and it is also getting involved in this new trend that encourages millions of people to travel around Europe. Innova Taxfree group’s 70% of transactions are related to the luxury sector. That is why we offer a personalized service in France’s capital, including: transportation for tourists who get taxfree benefits, so they can easily reach shops, in a privileged and safe manner; introducing tourists to high-quality brands; increasing shops deals; and solving client troubles. And it is all done within an attractive and unique touristic program.

Personal shopper Beatrice Wang, a trends and Paris lover, passionate about the city of fashion and shopping, opens the doors of luxury to the most exclusive Asian clients. At the city of fashion and shopping, Wang (who fluently speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, French and English) finds those exceptional spots that must be booked to welcome the visitors with VIP style. Beatrice Wang saves time by anticipating each client’s needs. Tourists receive a specialized and exclusive service, according to theirs imagination and desires, making every visit an unforgettable and unique Parisian experience.

INNOVA TAXFREE PARIS: 36, rue Etienne Marcel 75002 Paris


Chinese culture coming to life through dance A daughter, costumed as a man, takes the place of her father in war. A magic monkey, an ogre and a pig-man protect a Buddhist monk in a trip to the occidental paradise, looking for the original scriptures. And Mr. Buddha prays for gods in heaven to descend to China and walk among its people, creating a civilization to last 5000 years.


It is no longer necessary to visit dance schools in Beijing or Shanghai to find out about the value of an ancestral culture. Chinese classic dance is globally reviving and its new home is in New York City. Professional dancers from Shen Yun Performing Arts in New York depart from there and travel the world showing their talent. Barcelona is where they’ll be in April. Shen Yun Performing Arts, a Chinese dance and classic music company whose name could be translated as “the beauty of dancing divine beings” is certainly a high standard representative of its kind. Shen Yun’s mission is to boost Chinese traditional civilization rebirth, with dedicated artists from around

the world. They have 2 kinds of dances: Chinese classic and traditional technique. Their work revitalizes the traditions of many areas from the Central Kingdom by telling stories in each performance. In every season audiences enjoy and feel astonished while watching Mr. Buddha’s quadriga descending from heaven. They meet ancient heroine Mulan in the battle field, travel with Monk Tang and his disciples, Bonzo Sha and Ba, along with Chie, the wonderful Monkey King, to the Occidental Paradise. Chinese culture is full of stories like this one. Some of the stories are beautiful fairy tales taken from a huge spiritual legacy, some others come from parables inside a story. Songs about Heaven,


Texto: Ying-Ying Zhang - Fotos: Shen Yun Performing Arts


Chinese culture coming to life through dance

HIGHLIGHTED: SPANISH THEATER Shen Yun Performing Arts will have its first performance in Spain at Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, April 9th to 12th. For more information:


Earth and Humanity’s achievements have cing one word: it’s the language of the Chinese been sung since the moment in which god- classic dance. dess Nü Wa created the Chinese people out Classic dance was developed in a similar way of spirit and clay. to the one in which Chinese written language was born, and it continued its perfecting proA story with personality cess for thousands of years. It is deeply rooted According to a legend, Cang Jie (4 eyes in traditional ideas about beauty and grace, god) discovered the hidden words in some comprising a system of movements, postures drawings made in the shell of a turtle and, and gestures. Physically, it is very demanding after that, he came up with the first Chine- because it uses dramatic techniques with turns se characters. From that moment on, a rich and flips, sharing ideas with martial arts. catalog of texts started to be developed, including timeless poetry and dynasties There is a crucial element in Chinese dance: documents, and also Taoist parables and yun, a word that could be translated as the spirit of dance itself. classic novels. To understand the Chinese language is a key factor in order to unlock the Chinese civilization’s treasures; obviously a very hard task for some people. Luckily there is a language understandable by everyone, without pronoun-

Shen Yun historic dances form a thread linking past and present, transporting the audiences to far way places and dynasties. Chinese people’s history is long and keeps on expanding. Classic dance allows us to witness it.

Desde 900 €


Silk animal prints

Flowing dresses in printed silks

Carmen Roberto Verino Spring-Summer 2014 A tribute to Latin and ethnic women, who with stamina, joy, sensuality and elegance, enjoy feeling admired while sharing prominence with Latin men. The Spring-Summer 2014 collection combines design with the appearance and character of muses as Maria Felix or Erykah Badu, icons of glamour, style and originality. 40

Roberto Verino focuses on ethnic purity, flowers, earth tones, ebony and ivory. The sobriety and texture of white and  black, together with the natural tones of ivory, bursts with the joy of flowers and fluid prints hiding in a summer night inhabited by elegant feline animals. On this trip of summer fun, the Latin man is classic, serious and comfortable in fresh, loose, natural silhouettes.

fashion Text and photos: Roberto Verino Exotic night: black jet and midnight ebony

Ethnic purity, flowers, earth tones, ebony and ivory



w w w. c o s t a b r a v a h o t e l s d e l u x e . c o m 42



Purificaci贸n Garc铆a



Purificaci贸n Garc铆a



Purificaci贸n Garc铆a



Purificaci贸n Garc铆a


S h o p o n l i n e : w w w. o h m y g o d . e s C . C . G r a n P l a z a, 2 - M aj a d a h o n d a S e r ra n o , 7 0 • E l C o r te I n g l Ê s ( S a n c h i n a r ro y S e r ra n o ) M A D R I D M å s i n fo r m a c i ó n : 9 1 5 7 6 1 3 8 2



Avda. Eduardo Zaplana, Rotonda del Fuego. Terra MĂ­tica / Costa Blanca / Alicante. Tlf: 966 81 84 00

Viaja a Tailandia sin salir de EspaĂąa

innova taxfree news innova taxfree group - Italy

Innova Taxfree Group at Expo 2015 Confesercenti Oriental Lombardia and Innova Taxfree Group are getting ready for Expo 2015. innova taxfree group and Confesercenti Oriental Lombardía had an important meeting on March 5th in order to explain details about the next Expo 2015 in Lombardy, which will be an international event with historic figures for tax free transactions. The meeting, held at the main hall of Confesercenti de Brescia, had for chairmen Confesercenti Oriental Lombardía’s president, Alessio Merigo; and innova taxfree group’s Country Manager in Italy, Giuseppe Novara. After Merigo’s presentation, Giuseppe Novara explained the benefits of tax free services and technology advantages for shops and businesses. Such information generated great interests in all guests and partners. It is important to highlight that the agreement signed by the 2 institutions includes all Italian Confesercenti locations. This event, with the participation of Giancarlo Morghen (Confesercenti Milano), Stefano

Boni (Confesercenti Brescia) and Davide Cornacchia (Confesercenti Mantova), is the basis for posterior meetings with the purpose of reaching settlements for Expo 2015: a global occasion in which countries from all continents share their traditions, creativity and innovative spirits.

About Expo 2015: “Feeding the planet, energy for life” is the slogan for the next Universal Exposition, which will be held in Milan, Lombardy’s capital. The city of fashion will undergo great transformations in other to get ready for this important event: 11 squares of green areas will be created. The Expo 2015 will be running for 6 months. It is estimated that 29 million tourists will visit it, 160.000 per day. There will be 175 countries participating with their expositions.








Gran Canaria’s magnificence 56

Some of the main spectacular characteristics that Gran Canaria Island offers to its visitors are: 24C degrees of temperature all year around, peculiar natural beauty and more than half of its territory declared Biosphere Reserve. Apart from that, its inhabitants are cosmopolitan and very kind. All the aforesaid and the following features: 5 stars hotels everywhere, international cultural shows like the Music Festival, options to practice outdoor sports every day, great variety of golf resorts and high quality spas; makes of this territory a true luxury option for those who want to enjoy their holidays.

place to be

An extraordinary example that demonstrates the great quality of Gran Canaria Island’s options is the fact of it being selected as the best European Golf Destination, by The International Association of Golf Tour Operators. Its modern infrastructure and golf fields (Bandama, El Cortijo, Maspalomas, Meloneras, 2 at El Salobre and 2 more at Anfi Tauro) were chosen over options like Costa del Sol, Turkey, Tenerife, Ireland Murcia and Toscana. Gran Canaria Island has always been the Spanish pioneer in terms of golf. In 1891 it had opened the first golf field in the country, firstly situated in the capital Escaleritas (Lomo del Polvo) and moved to Bandama in 1957. The first members of this golf club (today named Lomo del Polvo) belonged to the English community of Gran Canaria Island, which shows the importance of the British influence in the origins of tourism in this area.

Spa & Wellness One of the factors that adds value to this destination’s high status is its options for Spa, Wellness & Health centres, which present the best facilities in two fields: 1- Wellbeing, with 12 Spas and thalassotherapy centres integrated at high-quality hotels; 2- Medicine, with one of the most recognized and prestigious health groups in The Canaries. Gran Canaria Island is a paradise for those who want to scape routine and stress. There, they find a favorable healthy environment, golden-sand beaches to walk for hours and water with minerals and healing properties. That is why this island is considered an exclusive and luxury spot in the Canary Islands. A variety of treatments made of local products, like Aloe Vera, complement the great diversity of offered services. Gran Canaria Island is a place to relax and spoil oneself. 57

Text and pictures: Patronato de Turismo de Gran Canaria

Golf under the sun

Gran Canaria’s magnificence

Cultural activities and shopping Finally, it is important to highlight two sectors that also contribute in a very important way to make of this island an unbeatable destination, with maximum quality and comfort: culture and shopping. Gran Canaria Island holds once a year and International Music festival, with concerts of the best orchestras of the planet, bonuses, bookings from the previous year and tourists (who usually come during winter) enjoying a show at the level of Paris and Berlin. Likewise, facilities like Alfredo Kraus de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Auditorium, where the Music Festival takes place, or the recently-renovated Pérez Galdós Theater, allow the production of shows and musicals, despite being so far away from the continental territory. And, in this context, it would be impossible not to mention the Opera and the Music and Dance Festivals. In the island tourists find modern and adapted infrastructures appropriate for congresses, conventions and activities in all professional fields. Shopping is the perfect match for the cultural activities that are available in this destination. At Gran Canaria Island, in the South and in the capital, tourists can find the most exclusive brands of all kind of products: fragrances, jewelry, local designers who are internationally successful with names like Gran Canaria or Moda Cálida and big department stores. Everything with great luxe and glamour. Our suggestion is more than clear: enjoy a unique weather in Europe, a natural world that is available 356 days per year, a spring that doesn’t change much, and a carefully kept environment, offering lots of peculiarities and singularities that will make you want to come back. Its inhabitant’s’ kindness and the Atlantic’s deep blue will be the last nudge needed to choose this place. 58


Costa Brava

Luxury accommodation in

Reaching Costa Brava is everyday easier and more comfortable thanks to a partnership between the Spanish and the French high speed train services. Besides, the rise of «Costa Brava, Hotels de luxe» made this area a unique destination for luxury tourism. 60

Costa Brava is the name given to the coastal zone of Spain that begins at La Tordera River mouth and ends at Portbou, the French border. The history of this destination has always involved tourism, with interesting and very exquisite offers, highlighting touristic businesses’ capacity to come up with “Costa Brava, Hotels de luxe”. The exquisite proposal includes historic knowledge, beautiful beaches, marvelous gastronomy, many leisure options and hotels, turning Costa Brava one of the most exclusive destinations of the Mediterranean Sea. Costa Brava’s Hotels de luxe Association was born in 2012, with 17 luxury hotels in the area, each one with a different personality and trajectory. All the hotels, despite presenting distinctive characteristics, also share features like outstanding facilities, magnificent gardens and services guaranteeing comfort and satisfaction to every client.

place to be Text: José Luis Baciero - Pictures: Grup Costa Brava Centre

Mas de Torrent

Vista bella Hotel




This 5 stars hotel has 39 suites, 7 of them with private swimming pool. Its wonderful spa is perfectly integrated in the garden, embellishing multicolor sunsets that can be viewed from a place where all of Costa Brava’s features can be detailed. The hotel’s staffs provide personalized service that, combined with the meticulous decoration of the construction, make of Mas de Torrent a perfect choice wen willing to enjoy maximum comfort without paying extremely high prices.

At Vista Bella Hotel, the protagonist is the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is located between 2 coves, and it seems to be the perfect place to hide from the frenetic style of Roses, its hosting area. The prominent romantic characteristics and Dolce-Vita-caprese style of this hotel would never allow any visitor to feel indifferent. It has 4 restaurants, including Els Brancs, a Michelin Star winner.

It’s located at the centre of the Daliniano triangle: Dali’s museum at Figueres, painter Port Lligat’s house and Púbol’s castle, where Gala, his muse is buried. Address Av. Diaz Pacheco, 26 17480 Roses, Gerona, Spain

Vista bella Hotel

Plug Excellent gastronomic option, by Chef valenciano Jordi Garrido. Its dishes incorporate sensations transmitted by the astonishing view enjoyed at the restaurant. Address Near Torrent s/n, 17123. Gerona. Spain


Luxury accommodation in Costa Brava

LA GAVINA It is located at a small peninsula between 2 bays, each one with thin-sand beaches. Its sill keeps lots of history, from the moment in which it opened doors, almost 80 years ago. Its ground has been walked by many actors, aristocrats, politicians, writers and by all kinds of characters; and its soul is able to interpret inclinations for the classic style, without getting trapped in the past. Rafael Masó i Valentí was in charge or architecting this magnificent place that started functioning on January 2dn 1932.

Exclusive It’s the only “5 stars hotel resort of great luxury” in Catalunya, at Costa Brava’s heart. It’s part of S’Agaró, which was declared a place of cultural interest by Generalitat de Cataluña. Address Plaça Roserar s/n. 17248 S’Agaró, Gerona, Spain. Peralada Wine Spa & Golf Hotel

PERALADA WINE SPA & GOLF HOTEL It’s located at Peralada Ville, in Alt Empurdà. It is surrounded by vineyards, has a golf field with 18 holes and a beauty centre wine spa. This 5 stars hotel’s magnificent view of the Pyrenees is ideal to relax and enjoy sports. Peralada Group includes Castillo Peralada Cellars, whose long trajectory has always been related to the promotion and preservation of the region’s wine culture.

History Perelada Castle Cellar’s production is registered in documents dated at the Middle Ages, kept at the cellar’s library.

How To Get There From Barcelona, by AP-7 (E-15) Highway, exit 4 Figueras, to Llançà-Portbou. From France, by AP-7 (E-15) Highway, exit 3, Figueras Norte, to Llançà-Portbou. 62

La Gavina

Reviviendo 5.000 años de civilización

DESCUBRA LA CULTURA TRADICIONAL CHINA DESCUBRA SHEN YUN “absolutamente extraordinarias..“ — Donna Karan creadora de DKNY

“Shen Yun es sensacional y muy profesional“ — Ingeborg Tichy-Luger Presidente del Balletclub de Viena

“exquisitamente hermoso“ — Cate Blanchett Ganadora de un Oscar

“Absolutamente precioso“ — Robert Stromberg Ganador de un Oscar y diseñador de producción de Avatar

“Las posturas de los bailarines, sus movimientos y expresiones son tan bellos y gráciles“ — Dr. Seth Spaulding ex director del departamento de educación de UNESCO

“Trae de vuelta la tradicional cultura en forma moderna“ — Joseph Reuben Silverbird


recomendado por:

Embajador de la Paz de Naciones Unidas


63 Presentado por la Asociación de Falun Dafa España

Spanish Taste Tasting Spain is a new way to travel around Spain through its gastronomy. Going out turns into a unique and innovative gastronomic experience: value-added trips offering a full of flavor experience. These gastronomic opportunities start at 49₏ and allow clients to discover the taste of Tasting Spain’s destinations.


gourmet Texto: BegoñaFaílde - Fotos: SaboreaEspaña From Cambrils to Valencia, going by Sant Carles de la Ràpita and Vinaròs, the beautiful landscape turns into an invitation to calmly taste each dish sitting by the sea and enjoying high quality ingredients that almost mix with an environment bringing sea and mountain together. There are two destinations at the heart of Spain that are classified as the cradle of Spanish gastronomy: Badajoz and Segovia. The land of Badajoz, with intense and rich nature, gives us one of the most exquisite and demanded-by-all-tastes products: ham. Everyday Segovia’s kitchens produce dishes of intense flavors, as its aromatic tradition. Tenerife and Lanzarote: its fishing tradition is nowadays present all the time. It is especially advisable to visit the fishermen pier when boats arrive and fish is taken down. Wine culture reaches its best expression in Valladolid and Logroño, which have the worldwide most valued Protected Designation of Origin: D.O. Ribera del Duero and D.O. Rioja. Soups are the base of these destinations’ rich

gastronomy, and represent a cultural land- less gastronomic tours and feeling tempted by mark. Tours around these cities include cellar an amazing variety of pintxos. visits and wine tastings. Galicia is the place where the the best gastroBalearic gastronomy results from the history, nomy’s essence agglutinates. In A Coruña and civilizations and ancestral cultures of these is- in Ourense cooking is characterized by the simlands. Apart from traditional cooking, Mallorca plicity of the elaboration process, always using and Menorca offer gastronomic options based high quality ingredients. on original proposals: exquisite dishes featuring Madrid’s gastronomy is the result of Spain’s canatural and sea essence in every ingredient. pital dilated history. It includes home produced The gastronomy from the South is characteri- dishes and adopted traditions from the rest zed by tapas eating, orchard and cultural mi- of the country. Sharing the peninsula’s heart, xing. At Sevilla, eating tapas means enjoying Ciudad Real has always been an expression of typical dishes in a special way. At Murcia, Me- its people’s feelings and traditions, with a rich diterranean recipes have their own expression, gastronomy based on preserved field and land presenting orchard as the big star, which adds a resources. natural and unique touch to every dish. And in Cordoba’s gastronomy we find a trace of all the Zaragoza’s gastronomy mixes many typical products that seem to come from an Aragonese cultures that have influenced the city. storeroom. It is a city with multiple possibilities San Sebastian, at North Spain, is the destina- to enjoy typical dishes that are handcrafted and tion holding most Michelin Stars by square me- adapted to today’s trends. Finally, the tastes, ter in the world. This place is where “the new smells and textures of dishes from Lleida are the Basque cuisine” movement was born. Visiting fruits of a productive and generous land, offePamplona means falling in love with its count- ring different products of very high quality. 65


Welcome to Spain’s leading department store offering an exclusive selection of the world’s finest watch, jewelry and luxury lifestyle brands. Enjoy the comfort of a complete luxury shopping experience in Madrid, including delicious dining and restorative wellness treatments, all available at the newly renovated El Corte Inglés Castellana. Step into a new world of style.

C A S T E L L A N A M A D R I D S PA I N 66


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Beijing holds the China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market Travel and tourism operators have an appointment at COTTM 2014 edition: the most a...