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A message from your Hyundai Dealer Marketing Manager… Are you Get SUV Ready this May? In 2017 Hyundai UK and the Dealer Marketing Service created its first national and Dealer promoted sales event in the form of ‘GET SUV READY’. This was well received nationally and helped us to bolster enquiry levels and sales during an industry wide downturn. A downturn that we are still experiencing and need to address with hard hitting campaigns. In order to hit the ground running in Phase 2 we are happy to announce the launch of ‘Get SUV Ready May Event 2018’ Having opted in to this exciting event, we would like to say thank you for your support and are sure the event will help you to drive footfall for your Dealership in May. To make the event work as hard as possible your central fund allocation for P2 will be used to create this national and regional event. The event will focus on driving traffic to your dealerships through a combination of high impact National promotion and regionally targeted communication. This year the campaign will focus on 3 key models the Tucson, Santa Fe and All-New KONA with an incentive of £500 towards purchase for any customer that test drives and then goes onto purchase within the month of May. This offer will be available to retail and Affinity customers and can be used in combination with the Phase 2 tactical offers available on these models. All elements of the Get SUV ready campaign have been carefully designed to work together so that important traffic driving activity can be run on your behalf with the ability for you the dealer to take part and support the event at a local level. In combination with the HDMS and HES teams several packages have been developed to help you up weight and support promotion at a local level. Your contribution for this event will be set at a fixed £800per dealership/satellite site with other packages available to up weight your regional activity highlighted within this and subsequent event documents. We hope you agree that running this event again in 2018 offers a great opportunity to speak to many new customers and also aid the retention of current customers. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact a member of the HDMS team. Good luck getting SUV ready this May. Kind regards Nick Page

Event Marketing Activity The Get SUV Ready May Sales Event will be supported by national media, local media and in dealership activation. We will be activating and issuing the following on your behalf:

NATIONAL MEDIA Traditional & Geo-Targeted Digital Radio

Footfall Driving Mobile Advertising Online Display Advertising Autotrader In-search



AutoTrader – Local, dealer specific search & display

X2 Outdoor Wind chaser flags with Wheel brace

500 Prospect records per dealership

X1 Outdoor Banner

X4 Emails to prospect data

X3 Livery kits for KONA, Tucson & Santa Fe

Direct Mail retargeting

X2 Floor stickers X3 Model specific X Banners Model specific rear view mirror hangers

Upweight Your Local Activity… Several packages will be available to you through HDMS to buy and upweight your local marketing activity. Further detail and information on the packages below will be included in our campaign guide which will distributed to the network next week. Just some of our packages will be as follows:



Buy more prospect data to increase your event comms to a wider targeted audience.

Support any existing social media campaigns with targeted Facebook to increase your customer touchpoints.



Provide dealerships with event support so that you can concentrate efforts over a specific weekend or each weekend during May.

Use digital local press to generate ‘key’ local awareness and encourage test drive sign ups.

Your ‘Get SUV Ready’ Event…

Image for illustrative purposes only.

To make the event a big success within your dealership, we would strongly advise using your POS and create your very own ‘Get SUV Ready’ zones (space permitting). Group your SUV’s together to provide the customer with an immersive experience. We would suggest using this opportunity to promote Hyundai accessories such as roof bars, roof boxes and interior accessories etc… Match these accessories up by sourcing lifestyle elements such as mountain bikes shown here to highlight the key attributes of each vehicle. Make use of the other POS items available through the Hyundai Dealer Marketing portal such as showroom window sticker, floor stickers and much more to really make an impression

HDMS will also be providing a full in depth guide to the Get SUV Ready Event week commencing 16 th April. This event guide will provide all relevant information you need to run a successful event covering media, deliverables, package and much more. Watch out for the HDMS email next week!!

Should you have any initial questions about the event then please speak with your Dealer Marketing Advisor who will be able to explain to you the details and benefits of the Get SUV Ready May Sales Event. They will be on hand to answer any questions and help you to plan an effective marketing campaign to support the May Sales Event.

Contact your Dealer Marketing Service Please contact the Hyundai Dealer Marketing team now on 0844 209 0180 Malvina Nicolaou – Areas 1, 2 and 3 Matt Rowley – Areas 4, 5 and 6 Lloyd Randall – Areas 7, 8 and 9 Alex Robinson – Area 10 Joe Mckenna – Hyundai Event Support 0845 873 5924

Get suv ready initial comms final  
Get suv ready initial comms final