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Life Skills


Life Skills - Health


Life Skills - Health Health Mgt • 7 P’s of good health - Prevention is better than ? • Your body is talking to you - Are you listening? • There’s a hole just under your nose and what goes into it has more impact on your health than most other things? Know what it is? • Western people wait to get sick to go to the doctor, eastern people do what? 6

Life Skills - Health Energy Mgt • In the Eastern sciences energy is called Life force or Qi while in the west it is called Spirit or Inspiration. What builds and what destroys your energy? • There are four addictive substitutes for natural Qi, Inspiration or Life-force - do you know them and why do people resort to them instead of the real thing? 7

Life Skills - Health Stress Mgt • What is Stress and what causes it? • What is shock and what is healthy stress (Eustress)? • What is the role of the mind in stress management? • Why don’t holidays or time off work sustainably to alleviate stress? 8

Life Skills - Health Emotion Mgt • What is an emotion and what is the fastest way to manage your emotions? • Are emotions healthy and when do they turn unhealthy? • Why is this true “If you can’t manage your emotions you can’t manage your money?” • What have good leadership, great relationship and emotion got to do with each other? 9

Life Skills - Health Change Mgt • Why do people often resist change? • What is the difference between change and growth? • What is the one thing that stays constant in the whole universe? • When do people not resist change and how can you help people through change? 10

Life Skills - Head Space The Skills


Life Skills - Head Space Non Reaction • No matter how it is expressed or what the company structure is, the person who reacts (attracted or repelled) is following the person they react to. • Personal Power comes from the ability to NOT react... why? • What is the difference between expectations and love? 12

Life Skills - Head Space Detachment • Why do people who are attached to the process more likely to lose inspiration? • Why has Tiger Woods golf game deteriorated • Can you lead people you are attached to? • What have inspiration, time, banking, health, relationship, leadership, entrepreneurial skills and happiness have to do with detachment? 13

Life Skills - Head Space Vision • The Size of your vision determines the size of your life. What comes first - wanting or the money? • Chronic fatigue, depression, relationship break-ups and some mental health problems are associated with lost vision. How? • Why do people who lose their appetite and desire lose their money, relationship and health 14

Life Skills - Head Space Talent • There’s no half hearted success stories. If your heart’s not in it, don’t begin it. Why? • What is your specific talent? • Do what you love, love what you do and get paid heaps for doing it. Possible? • What does “from hero to zero” have to do with success and talent? 15

Life Skills - Head Space Evolve • When we grow faster than we evolve, what is likely to happen? • What is a frustra and how do you use the Frustra Busta from Innerwealth to get through them fast? • Why do people who seek peace, calm and quiet not evolve easily? • When a person gets tired, sick or depressed what is nature saying to them? How can we help? 16

Life Skills - Happiness


Life Skills - Happiness Relationship • What is “compensation” and why does it almost 100% of the time guarantee relationship deterioration? • Why do the skills that guarantee entrepreneurial success at work guarantee the failure of relationships at home? • Is it healthy to compare your partner to others? Why? • What is “Turning Up” and how do you do it? 18

Life Skills - Happiness Family • How does living your dream, being inspired and doing what you love help your family, children and friends? • Why is Work-Life Balance a ridiculous model of healthy balance in life? • Given that what you repress others express and given that what you judge you breed, how does evolving at work help your family? 19

Life Skills - Happiness Financial • The person with the least - reacts most. True or false? • Why is a person in financial desperation, dangerous to culture and expensive to employ? • Why is financial the most spiritually important of the seven areas of life? • When do most people financially implode and self destruct? 20

Life Skills - Happiness Social When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world: as I grew older and wiser I discovered the world would not change, so I shortened my sights somewhat and decided to change my country, but it too seemed immovable. As I grew into my twilight years in one last desperate attempt I settled for changing only my family, those closest to me. But alas they would have none of it! And now I realise as I lie on my deathbed, if I had only changed myself first, then by example I might have changed my family. From then, by example, I might have changed my friends. From their aspirations and encouragement I would have then been able to better my country, and who knows, I might have even changed the world. Inscribed on the tomb of an Anglican Bishop at Westminster Abbey

What has this got to do with happiness, health, success, and social life and why would we shrink our action in order to expand our vision? 21

Life Skills - Happiness Wisdom • The day we stop exploring, and lose the sense of child like enthusiasm for enquiry, is the day we sign what certificate? • We spend the first 25 years building an ego, the next 25 benefiting from it, the next 25 years ....... ? • Disorganised knowledge leads to .............. • What does it mean, “teachers are made to be stepped on not stopped on?” 22

Life Skills - Happiness Inspiration • When the inner voice speaks louder than the outer voices, you are ........................? • What’s the main difference between an inspired state of mind and a motivated one? • Name one recognised genius who is or was inspired and share their lifestyle habits with the group? • What are the main differences between inspiration and desperation? 23

Life Skills - Happiness Health • Why is it hard to do good if you don’t feel good? • There are three layers of health - Mind, body and spirit. What are they and how do they connect with each other? • When we say we are happy with our health, does that mean there is nothing wrong with us? • What does “Your Constitution” mean and why is this a vital key to health - mind and body 24

People Skills


People Skill - Coaching


People Skill - Coaching Real Compassion • What is the difference between feeling sorry for someone and having compassion for their circumstances? • Can it be compassionate to be tough on someone who is feeling sorry for themselves? • What does it mean “the life worth living is a life worth writing about and what does this have to do with happiness and coaching? 27

People Skill - Coaching Add Value • Finish this sentence: If you wouldn’t pay for it or didn’t ask for it you don’t have to ........? • Why is seeing the balance in somebody’s situation an essential element of coaching? • What does turning up mean and why is this the single most vulnerable issue in coaching others. • What does losing your inspiration have to do with your skill/ability as a coach? 28

People Skill - Coaching Detachment • Is the quotation “You are never a prophet in your own home” True or False - Why? • Management means you are attached to...........? While leadership means you are attached to ........? • If you lose your inspiration in life, can you still coach others well? • When you coach your children about what is right and wrong are they listening or watching first? And what does this tell you about coaching others? 29

People Skills Conflict Resolution


People Skills Conflict Res Take 2 • People and business grow at the border of ...................? Why? • Who is most affected by conflict and why is the ability to handle conflict one of the most critical entrepreneurial skills? • Evaluate this: peaceful people are angry people. • You are most likely to trigger conflict, anger and resistance when you....... to a situation? 31

People Skills Conflict Res Step Up - Helicopter • What happens when we make a stance on any topic in a public environment? • To resolve a conflict you must ........................? What has time and space got to do with that? • How can you use situations of lost inspiration to grow and learn? • When two people don’t agree, or don’t like each other, or argue what part of their changeable personality is invested32 in this?

People Skills Conflict Res 1-2- Thank you •

When we point a finger at someone in criticism or judgement how many fingers are we also pointing back at ourselves and what can we learn from that?

Somebody said “there’s two sides to every coin” but when it comes to disagreement and emotion that seems to be untrue. Why? 33

People Skills Leadership


People Skills Motivation • What are the two focal points of all Motivation? • What does this have to do with Body, Mind, Spirit? • I cannot motivate you if I don’t know................? • In a relationship a couple is motivated to kiss and cuddle, and stay true, but that motivation can and does go away. How do you prevent that? 35

People Skills Leadership Inspiration • What is the difference between a motivated person and an inspired person? • Why is a company culture that is invested in motivation a much higher cost, higher staffed organisation than a culture of inspiration? • Why does high achievement and success so often lead to chronic fatigue, self destructive behaviour and addiction? 36

People Skills Management • Why is good management an essential backdrop for staying inspired? • What causes managers to so often become disconnected from Nature but connected to ego and personalities? • You manage a situation to prevent it from demotivating - but does that also mean you are automatically motivating people? Why? 37

Self Knowledge Four Great Questions


Results Skills


Result Skills - Dreams • What’s the difference between a vision of the future and a fantasy that can cause you depression and disappointment? • What does the expression “from hero to zero” have to do with dreams and staying inspired? • Who needs a dream and how is the best way to help others find theirs?


Result Skills 11 Steps to Manifestation • See if you can list 5 important ingredients that are needed in order to make something you vision or dream of, manifest in the future. • Why does sharing your dreams and goals with too many people almost guarantee failure. • Which is more important for fast dream manifestation, knowing what you want or knowing how you are going to get it? 41

Result Skills Skill Development • Why did all the hype around the law of attraction fizzle out? What was missing? • To achieve big dreams hang out with people who a/ want the same b/ already achieved the same? • Which would you prioritise in living your dream a/ Ability b/Tenacity c/ Resilience


Why Nature? In a vast sea of motivation and inspirational literature there is one foundational wisdom that both simplifies and solves the question: How do I keep myself inspired. The Universal Laws of Nature have no owner and cannot even be manipulated. One can go outside whether in France, US, Australia or Singapore and there she is, same old nature. Nature embraces the conflict between human will and Universal Law, a sort of umbrella philosophy that explains, contextualises, everything. 1) Natural Law is a practical way to stay inspired. 2) Nature is a universal so, it’s not bound by borders, culture or politics. 3) Nature calms violence, ritualism and formalism. 4) Nature does not enjoin blind faith. Blind obedience to an external authority is seen as early consciousness, a phase of childhood. 5) Nature is a witnessing, rather than a belief system. A witnessing of reality and a celebration of it with hope and cheer. Though it affirms Karma, (cause and effect) it recognises the possibility of the modification of one's Karma (change cause - change effect). It does not lead to despair and defeatism. 6) Nature is both yin and yang. The Laws of Nature embrace both the need for free will and human emotional decisions and yet, balance this with the irrefutable final reality, that a universal law can never be overridden by even the strongest will of emotion or ego. This conflict is seen as the essential nature of all evolution. 7) The role of the teacher in Nature's Law is to ask the student to step back away from their will, their emotion and their beliefs in order to simply witness the potential collision or collusion between what they think and what is universal law.


Innerwealth Self Leadership Review  

This document is prepared for my client who will be doing a review of past training prior to our next training day. This review is for the A...

Innerwealth Self Leadership Review  

This document is prepared for my client who will be doing a review of past training prior to our next training day. This review is for the A...