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Bogus health officials ‘They pretend to be environmental health practitioners, issuing fraudulent business licenses, permits and certificates of acceptability to business owners, and charging them money for these services’ Staff Reporter


Environmental Health MMC Nonceba Molwele Pic: Enoch Lehung

he City of Johannesburg, Environmental Health Directorate has issued a warning to the public against people who are posing as environmental health practitioners, says Environmental Health MMC Nonceba Molwele. She says there are people who pretend to be environmental health practitioners, issuing fraudulent business licenses, permits and certificates of acceptability to business owners, and charging them money for these services. “Issuing of a certificate of acceptability (COA) is free. For business licenses and permits there are stipulated tariffs, in accordance with the Business Act. The only costs involved and payable are those that have been approved by the council in terms of its fees and tariffs structure. Health permits are issued in accordance with the Public Health by-laws,” MMC Molwele says. She adds that no rewards must be made for services rendered, as that

might be considered as a bribe. “A criminal case will be opened at the SAPS, against any client and official for acts of fraud and corruption. Environmental health and business license officers are involved in compliance monitoring of premises such as those requiring licensing in terms of the Businesses Act.” Molwele points out that the following are regarded as municipal health services in terms of the National Health Act, 61 of 2003: i. Food control. ii. Waste management. iii.Health surveillance of premises. iv. Surveillance and prevention of communicable diseases. v. Vector control. vi.Environmental pollution control (an integral part of business licensing and have to be evaluated before a license is issued). vii. Disposal of the dead viii. Environmental pollution control ix. Chemical safety License Application Process: 1.1 The applicant has to lodge an

application for an opposite license at the Regional Environmental Health office. 1.2 The Business License Officer, designated staff member or Business License Assistant has to advise the applicant on the following: i. Legislative provisions and processes that are to be followed ii. The Council’s policy iii. The applicable application fees as determined by the Council annually, and where to pay his/her application fee. (Please note that no Environmental Health Practitioner is allowed to accept any payment) iv. The proof of payment must be returned to Environmental Health Offices without delay “The City of Johannesburg Health Department will continue to take measures within its available resources to improve the quality of life of our people and will endeavour to progressively improve the service delivery,” Molwele adds. For more information on any environmental health related issues residents may call 011 407 6494.


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ANC members sing and dance outside Luthuli House.

13 - 20 February 2014

ANC halts DA march

Pic: Hornelia Langa

Johannesburg - The Democratic Alliance’s march for “real jobs” stopped on the corner of Rissik and Marshall streets after the police told them it was too dangerous to move on to Beyers Naude Square. As DA leader Helen Zille was about to start speaking, a group of protesters in ANC attire came running down Rissik Street. Zille shouted, “stay calm!”, but protesters threw bricks at DA members who turned around and started running back to the Westgate transport hub. Police then blocked off roads in the city with nyalas, with groups of singing ANC supporters scattered all over the CBD. Police were ready to fire off a salvo of rubber bullets, and a water cannon was wheeled out

into the street. The ANC said it had asked its members to refrain from carrying bricks. “This is not a brickthrowing event,” ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said. Mthembu said the ANC members who had gathered in town was merely trying to protect the ruling party’s headquarters. “Not anyone has suffered a brick to the head,” said Mthembu. “We have asked them not to carry bricks.” Earlier, a group of people, dressed in ANC attire, threw petrol bombs at police at the corner of Miriam Makeba and Fox streets. A Sapa reporter at the scene said at least four petrol bombs were thrown at police near the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court. Around 100 officers descended on the street to try and restore calm. Police fired three stun grenades at a group of ANC supporters seen running towards the marchers. DA Gauteng premier candidate Mmusi Maimane told reporters that members of the ANC had thrown stones at them. DA supporters were re-routed back to the Westgate transport hub. “The protest is being re-routed back to the starting point,” said metro police spokesperson Superintendent Wayne Minnaar. The Democratic Alliance members were marching for “real jobs”. Sapa

Mmusi Maimane Pic: Ntombekhaya Zibi

DA hails Madiba

Hornelia Langa


n Tuesday DA Gauteng premier candidate Mmusi Maimane delivered a speech in honour of Mandela’s 24 years of freedom. “I take this day as a privilege in honouring the day that our freedom fighter got out of prison. The revolutionary leadership Mandela showed in bringing peace, changed and democracy. Many might think we forgot about him, but we stood in admiration of his selfless humanity for so long. Mandela the revolutionary was fought for freedom and equality for South Africans with two great forces, revolution and reconciliation. The gain of black Africans must not come at the expense of white South Africans.” Maimane said in Gauteng we R6.6 billion has been lost in corruption. “That makes the community to turn into social evils because there is no hope, while this should be the province of opportunity. Selflessness leadership must not pass with Mandela, South Africa’s revolution can never be about populism and deception. Political leaders today are an insult to Mandela’s legacy of selflessness and revolutionary courage. President Jacob Zuma claims that Madiba belongs to the African National Congress (ANC), it is true, but he also belongs to all South Africans. Mandela would never condone a president who presides over rampant corruption in government, led from the top. There is nothing revolutionary about stealing from the poor. On the anniversary of Mandela’s own freedom after 27 years we must not betray his legacy,” Maimane said.

13 - 20 February 2014

Inner-city Gazette

School observes safe internet day Ntombekhaya Zibi


n the 11th anniversary of Safer Internet Day (SID) on Tuesday officials from the Film and Publications Board (FPB) and Google communications company visited Jules High School in Jeppestown and discussed safe usage of the internet with learners, parents and teachers. Google’s Public Policy Manager Fortune Sibanda said over the last decade, SID has grown rapidly, now spreading to over 90 countries worldwide. “At Google, we often speak about how the internet has changed the world, especially when it comes to the unprecedented level of access to information offered by the web. However, such changes affect each generation differently. For children,

this is especially important, the internet can help them with their school work, and also to connect with friends, and offers a creative outlet. At the same time, there are tools that families should be aware of, so that children can explore the internet safely,” Sibanda added. Prince Ndamase from the FPB said: “We advise you to use the internet for your benefit and wisely. Do not post or send nude pictures of yourself on the internet because it will stay there forever and haunt you later in life. We just want to make the internet a safe place for everyone who has access to it.”

DA guards squabble over pay



Hornelia Langa Soon after DA marchers retreated to Westgate on Wednesday their security guards accused their leader of not paying them R400 each for the work. The DA’s Kelly Clark said a security company was paid for the work, but would not disclose its name. Gauteng police spokesperson Lt-Col Katlego Mogale said the security guards were advised to lay One of the guards explains the payment dispute to police officers. charges against the man who had recruited them.

Pic: Hornelia Langa

FPB official Prince Ndamase and a pupil address the audience. Pic: Hornelia Langa

He added that at FPB they protect children from TV content. “We rate movies they watch and we also give ratings to all games they play, he added. The school’s principal Gert Van Vuuren thanked Google and the FPB for visiting them and providing the advice about the internet.



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13 - 20 February 2014

13 - 20 February 2014

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Truth that sets people free

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13 - 20 February 2014


13 - 20 February 2014

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Pirates sign Pirates striker Austin Ditlhobolo

Absa Premiership giants Orlando Pirates have reportedly signed Theophilus ‘Ronaldo’ Tsowaseb from Namibia Premier League side Orlando Pirates. His agent Collin April has reportedly confirmed his move to the Soweto side. The 24-year-old striker reportedly announced on Monday that he had signed a three year deal with the Soweto giants, Orlando Pirates. Tsowaseb made his debut for the Namibia national team ‘Brave Warriors’ against Ghana just last month. ‘’We have been keeping an eye on Tsowaseb for the last six months and in January, I approached Dr Irvin Khoza to tell them about this player I believed is a future superstar. He then asked me to bring Ronaldo and the player subsequently impressed the technical team during the two weeks he was there,” April said. Tsowaseb will join the Buccaneers once his move is finalized with the PSL, according to reports in Namibia. He is set to compete with recently signed Mozambique international forward Helder Pelembe as well as Bafana Bafana striker Kermit Erasmus, Zambia international forward Collins Mbesuma and others. ‘’He must work hard and stay focused because I believe he has the potential to go far. I think the deal will strengthen the relationship between the two Pirates teams,’’ April said. A source in the Bucs camp described ‘Ronaldo’ as a hard running striker with an eye for goals. ‘’Tsowaseb was here last week. He looks like an athlete, full of running and he was good in the box as the Namibian scored a number of goals during the training sessions at Rand Stadium.’’

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Doctor Khumalo

Fixture pressure builds up Zain Khan With Kaizer Chiefs embarking on their Caf Champions League campaign, the fixtures are beginning to pile up. Amakhosi assistant coach Doctor Khumalo is however positive that Kaizer Chiefs are flying high at the top of the Premier Soccer League table, though they are about to begin their Caf campaign, which could see them playing 18 fixtures in two months. “It’s the most challenging period, not only in domestic football but also we are playing in the Caf Champions League,” Khumalo said. Such a large amount of games is more than even what English Premier League clubs play during their most congested periods, when they have Uefa Champions League fixtures. Too many fixtures can lead to injuries, and in hindsight Chiefs were right to want to pull their players out of Chan. Safa allowed Orlando Pirates and SuperSport United to withdraw their players, due to their fixtures in the last Caf campaign. However it was shortsighted of them not to consider Chiefs upcoming fixtures too. There’s the Nedbank Cup coming up, and of course the only way their matches can be reduced is if they are knocked out earlier than they hope. Amakhosi need a large squad to contend with the congestion, and one could argue that such a problem probably cost Roger de Sa his job at Bucs, since he gave priority to Caf at the cost of league form. The question now is how Chiefs will cope with all competitions. “It’s a critical phase in terms of maintaining our position on the log. There is also the Nedbank Cup and so many games to be played. However, it’s good that we have depth and there are also some youngsters that you saw during the Nedbank Cup games that are coming up,” said Khumalo.

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13 february - 20 February 2014 Edition

Innercity gazette  

13 february - 20 February 2014 Edition