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3 - 10 May 2012

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3 - 10 MAY 2012



JOHANNESBURG HOUSING COMPANY - NEW Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC) is currently in its 3rd year of a five year growth plan. It plans to add more than a 1000 units to its current property portfolio of 3352 units to fulfil its mandate of providing quality rental accommodation in the inner city of Johannesburg. JHC has over the past 18 months acquired a number of new buildings as part of this expansion plan. JHC is currently renovating and upgrading these buildings and

two of these, Taylors Mansions and 249 Smits, will be ready for occupation in July 2012. Taylors Mansions is located at 142 Pritchard Street (corner of Mooi street) in the Central Business District. It comprise of 104 units which are being let for residential purposes and 12 shops which are for commercial letting. Taylors is centred within reach of Carlton Centre, main taxi and Rea Vaya bus routes as well as retailers

and restaurants in the inner city. The units range from bachelors, one and two bedrooms with rentals ranging from R2400 to R3 500 a month and are secure quality family accommodation. 249 Smits is in Hillbrow on the corner of Sutherland and Smit streets right next to next to JHC’s Smitshof Mansions. 249 Smits is ideally located between Hillbrow and Braamfontein and is close to Damelin College as well as main


taxi and bus routes. The new Gautrain station (and Johannesburg rail station) is immediately adjacent to the building and it also benefits from good access to both the M1 and M2 highways. This building has mostly bachelor units which make it ideal for single first time tenants. Rentals are also very affordable and start from as little as R2250 per month. There are only 63 units available in this building so prospective tenants are advised

to secure a unit immediately. JHC offers a discount of R1 000 on the first month’s rental, as well as prizes of beds and TV sets (for 249 Smits only) for lucky tenants who meet the application criteria. This offer is limited while stock lasts, terms and conditions apply. Both buildings are open for viewing during office hours. For more info call 010 593-0200. Come and find your Home in the City at Johannesburg Housing Company!


Special from 3 - 10 May 2012


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Distributed free to households, churches, schools, libraries and businesses in Bellevue East • Bellevue • Benrose • Berea • Bertrams • Braamfontein • City and Suburban • City and Suburban Industrial • City Deep • City West • Crown Gardens • Denver • Doornfontein • Elandspark • Elcedes • Fairview • Fordsburg • Glenanda • Heriotdale • Hillbrow • Jeppestown South • Jeppestown • Johannesburg Inner City • Kensington • Lorentzville • Malvern • Marshallstown • New Doornfontein • Newtown • North Doornfontein • Rosettenville • Troyeville • Turffontein • Village Main Ext 3 and Yeoville .






Freeman of Joburg city The City of Johannesburg has bestowed its highest honour to liberation struggle hero Ahmed Kathrada. See page 2.

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3 - 10 MAY 2012

Freeman of the city Top honour of the city given to one of SA’s most revered liberation struggle heroes by the Young Communist League. At the age of 17 Kathrada participated in the Passive Resistance Campaign of the South African Indian Congress. He was part of 2 000 people who were arrested and imprisoned for defying a law that discriminated against Indians. In the 1940s Kathrada first met Congress leaders, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela, I C Meer and J N Singh. In 1951, he was selected to visit East Berlin to attend a youth festival jointly organized by the World Struggle hero Ahmed Kathrada with former cabinet minister Barbara Hogan. Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), and the International Moses Moyo Joe Slovo. A ceremony will be held, Union of Students (IUS). at a dated to be announced, to pubFrom there he visited Poland where licly honour Mr Kathrada. the Auschwitz Concentration camp n the eve of Freedom Day, the Ahmed Mohamed Kathrada (or left an indelible impression on him. City of Johannesburg voted ‘Kathy’, as he is popularly known) Back home in 1952, Kathrada was to bestow its highest honour - the was born on 21 August 1929 in Sch- in a group of 20, including Mandela Freeman of the City title - on Mr weizer-Reneke, a small rural South and Sisulu who were sentenced to Kathrada. He will be only the fifth African town, about 200 miles from nine months in prison with hard laJohannesburger to receive the title. Johannesburg. bour, suspended for two years for The other recipients are former He was introduced to politics as organizing a Defiance Campaign president Nelson Mandela, Mr Wal- a child in Johannesburg when he against six apartheid laws. The ter Sisulu, Dr Beyers Naude and Mr joined a non-racial youth club run campaign was jointly organized by


the ANC and SA Indian Congress. , Kathrada was placed In 1954under restrictions by the Security Police and was arrested several times for breaking his “banning orders”. In 1956, he was among the 156 Congress activists and leaders charged for High Treason. The trial continued for four years after which all the accused were acquitted. Kathrada, Mandela and Sisulu were among the last 30 to be acquitted. While they were on trial, in 1960, the ANC and PAC were banned. In 1962, Kathrada was placed under “house arrest”. The following year Kathrada broke his banning orders, and went “underground”, to continue his political work. In July 1963, the police swooped on Liliesleaf Farm in Rivonia, a Johannesburg suburb where Kathrada and other “banned” persons had been meeting. This led to the famous ‘Rivonia Trial’, in which eight accused were sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour. They included Mandela, Sisulu, Kathrada, Govan Mbeki, Raymond

Mhlaba, Denis Goldberg, Elias Motsoaledi and Andrew Mlangeni. Kathrada spent 26 years and 3 months in prison, 18 of which were on Robben Island. While in prison he obtained four university degrees BA (in History and Criminology) B Bibliography (in African Politics and Library Science,BA Honours (History) and BA Honours (African Politics) Soon after his release on 15 October 1989, the ANC was unbanned. At its first legal conference in South Africa, Kathrada was elected onto its National Executive Committee. Until 1994 he headed its Public Relations Department. At its Conference in 1997 Kathrada declined nomination to the National Executive Committee. In 1992, Kathrada undertook the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca. In 1994 Kathrada was elected to Parliament and served as President Mandela’s Parliamentary Counsellor. He was chairperson of the Robben Island Museum Council until his term expired in 2006.

3 - 10 MAY 2012


Above and centre: The building and uncollected refuse where the tenants lived. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY



The residents gather their belongings to move to new accommodation.

Evicted tenants get new homes Limakatso Khalianyane


fter years of living in appalling conditions in a hijacked building, 40-year-old Sifiso Makhathini now lives in a clean bachelor flat with all the amenities that one needs. Makhathini is one of 33 people who were moved from Number 7 Saratoga Avenue, in Doornfontein to the MVB building owned by the Johannesburg Social Housing Company on the corner of Quartz and Hancock streets in Joubert Park. Another 55 people were taken to a shelter called Ekuthuleni

on the corner of Nugget and De Villiers streets. The 132 residents of the hijacked building were told they would be moved, by the MMC for Housing Dan Bovu. This came after a Constitutional Court ruling in December 2011 ordering the City to provide alternative accommodation to people who were evicted from buildings owned by private individuals. For two-and-a-half decades, Makhathini, a professional painter, had been calling the place his home. The dilapidated seven-storey build-

ing has not had water or electricity for several years. Makhathini said he loved his new place because it was clean and safe. “At Saratoga,” he said, “you had to buy every day, especially things that need to be kept in the refrigerator.” The conditions were bad and lives were at stake as paraffin stoves were used for cooking. Makhathini will pay R750 a month at MVB. He said although he did not have fulltime work, he could afford the rent because he made good money when he had jobs. People who cannot

afford the rent and the unemployed were sent to the shelter, where they were given facilities to sleep. Samson Maitisa, Jackinah Kganyago and their little boy are among the 55 people who went to the shelter because they did not qualify for accommodation at MBV. Here, they will be involved in programmes that will help them acquire life skills, with a view to helping them get jobs. Although some people were a bit hesitant to leave Saratoga Avenue, transport organised by the City was on standby to take those who were

ready to move to their new homes. Some still had to apply for space at MBV and pay their deposits, which they had not done until the move became a reality. The initial number of people who had to be evicted from 7 Saratoga Avenue was apparently just 20 when the court case began. It is believed that once it was clear the City would provide alternative accommodation, some fetched their relatives from rural areas. The number then escalated to 86, before increasing even further.




3 - 10 MAY 2012

Tavern is very noisy COMMENT South Africa’s status as a beacon for press freedom is being threatened by increased state involvement, the SA National Editors Forum (SANEF) said on World Press Freedom Day. In the statement it expressed that we celebrate the role of the news media around the world in sustaining democracy, fighting tyranny and enriching public life, it said in a statement. South Africa remains a beacon of press freedom on the African continent, but that status has come under real threat from new legislative proposals, from hostile political rhetoric, and from the conduct of some senior state officials, it added. It said journalists, civil society groups, and trade unions were united in their opposition to aspects of the Protection of State Information Bill. It observed that without the insertion of a clause protecting from prosecution those who publish such secrets in the public interest, the Bill is a danger not just to press freedom, but to democracy. It said it was pleased to be able to point to a growing body of jurisprudence that not only protected media freedom, but also secured it against prepublication censorship and acknowledged the need to protect sources. “Of course press freedom requires more than good laws. It can only flourish in an environment where openness is cherished, where journalists work free from harassment, and diverse voices are able to be heard,” it said. “Press freedom and the quality of democracy are intricately linked, and we celebrate and guard our own not in isolation from the rest of the continent, but in solidarity with a cause that crosses all its borders,” Sanef said.

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Schoolboy porno viewers - buy them fong-kongs


here is this debate about schoolboys getting involved in pornography and rape these days. Many of the boys have told us that they get so involved in this because of being forced into it by their fellow youths, which is called peer pressure. This is obviously a lame excuse for the youths to be involved in this appalling berhaviour. Parents are not completely out of the blame for this kind of behaviour by their children. The boys have told us that they rape

their sisters because of their exposure to internet pornography, and the need to prove their manhood to their peers. As proof for having had sex, they then record the moment using their cellphones, the same ones they use to access the pornography, which is then posted onto the internet for the whole world to see. This makes us realise that the cellphones are an accessory to this kind of bad behaviour by our boys. As a parent I suggest that we control the

use of the phones by blocking pornographic sites. At the same time I am aware that a majority of the parents do not have the kno how on getting to do this, and do not have the money to hire others to do it for them. In this case I think the fong-kong phones come in handy. Just buy them the fong-kongs that will not access the internet, but will allow telephone connection with parents at all times. Leticia Simelane Braamfontein

I started living in a building near the corner of Quartz and Bok streets in Joubert Park last month, and now I think of moving somewhere else. Everyday when we try to go to sleep it becomes impossible to fall asleep, because of the noise in the area. Most of the noise is the very loud music coming from very big speakers of a nearby tavern. The place is in a residential area and the owner does not seem to care about anyone else in the neighbourhood. When I arrived here last month I asked about the noise. I was told that the owner was asked to reduce the volume at least at the time when most people go to sleep, but the noise became worse since then. My flat mate also said they even tried the police but the same continues. The shebeen owner obviously only cares about profits and nothing about the hundreds of people who live in the area, and those are the same people who support his business. He has to know that most of the money people spend at his tavern get it from the jobs they have to wake up and go to every morning, or they get fired. Thuli Bowen Joubert Park

FNB airtime reward programme Programme to benefit customers who earn less than R200 000 per annum Moses Moyo


our million customers stand to benefit from a unique new rewards programme launched by FNB, which aims to reward good customer behaviour. The programme applies to all Smart Account, Personal Cheque and Credit Card customers, but has been specifically designed to benefit customers who earn less than R200 000 per annum. “As part of our drive to incentivise sensible and responsible customer behaviour we are significantly expanding our service offering and constant improvement of our product range. In doing so we are ensuring that all our customers enjoy the full benefits of banking with FNB,” says Michael Jordaan, CEO of FNB. As from 1 May 2012, FNB customers can get up to 15% back on their airtime purchases made through FNB’s electronic channels such as Cellphone Banking, Online Banking, FNB ATMs and the FNB Banking App. In addition, the existing Fuel Rewards

rewards programme more inclusive and addresses two key expenditure areas for customers in this segment – the cost of travel and the cost of communication,” Jordaan adds. The rewards programme is free and will apply automatically to customers – there is no need for customers to register, and the first rewards will be paid to eligible customers on 8 June 2012. James Fowle, CEO of FNB Smart Transactional Banking says, “Besides teaching our customers how to transact differently and rewarding them in the process, electronic banking helps the cusSmart Banking CEO James Fowle tomer in that they carry less programme (which allows cuscash and are able to track and tomers to earn up to 15% back on manage their spending behavior fuel purchases) will be extended better. Rewarding our customers to FNB’s mainstream custom- and developing innovative ways ers – customers earning less than in which to do so, is a key focus R100 000 per annum. point for us in order to grow our “These are very real benefits for relevance in the mainstream segall our customers and will make a ment.” significant difference to the cost of Details of the rewards programme living, particularly for our main- are as follows: stream customers. It makes our * From 1 May, FNB customers

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who hold an FNB Smart Account, Personal Cheque Account or FNB Credit Card will benefit from a new Airtime Rewards programme. * Airtime Rewards will give customers up to 15% back on their monthly airtime purchases made through FNB’s electronic channels. * The first Airtime Rewards will be paid out in the first week of June 2012. * Smart Account and Smart Cheque customers (customers earning up to R100 000 per annum) will now also be eligible for the bank’s innovative Fuel Rewards programme (which pays customers up to 15% back on their fuel purchases). * Customers will be rewarded according to their spending behaviour and in line with their lifestyle. They will be rewarded on either their Airtime or Fuel purchases – whichever is higher. * Smart Account Customers can redeem their rewards in the form of free airtime * Personal Cheque and FNB Credit Card Customers will redeem rewards in eBucks or cash (if they do not have eBucks account).

3 - 10 MAY 2012




Armed robbers caught red-handed Sizwe Mathe


ohannesburg Central police have arrested two suspects in connection with a robbery at Ancestral Liquor Wholesalers in corner Polly and Durban streets. A Z88 pistol with no serial number, eleven live ammunitions and money were recovered from the suspects, says spokesperson Warrant Officer Xoli Mbele. “The suspects allegedly robbed a 38-yearold male liquor wholesaler. Two of them pretended to be customers carrying a crate of empty beer bottles; while inside the store one of them pulled out a firearm and ordered the wholesaler to lie down.” The suspects then took an undisclosed amount of money. However, the victim managed to escape without injury. “One suspect fired three shots at a victim but missed him. Police on patrol heard the shots and saw two suspects running away. They gave chase and cornered

the suspects,” adds W/O Mbele. The suspects were charged with business robbery, attempted murder and possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Meanwhile, the police have arrested a 22year-old Mozambiquan national for alleged common robbery at Wanderers Taxi rank. W/O Mbele says the six suspects allegedly robbed a 21 year-old male student walking towards the taxi rank. “The victim was answering his phone next to KFC at Park Station when he was surrounded by the suspects who searched his pockets. They then took his cellphone, wallet with R 800 and a bag full of clothes. When the police approached the scene the suspects ran away but one of them was apprehended. The victim’s belongings were not recovered but an investigation is continuing; the other five suspects are still at large,” he adds. To report robbery and other related crime anonymously to the police send a text message to 32211 or call crime stop to 08600 10111.

Cops seize loaded guns Crime Reporter


illbrow police have recovered two loaded guns at a building in Berea, according to police spokesperson Jenny Pillay. She says officers Sergeant Roberts Magara and Warrant Officer Noel Mbedzi received information concerning a vehicle, a Golf 5, which was reportedly involved in a business robbery in Kempton Park earlier during the day; and was parked in the basement of a

building at corner Johnston and York streets in Berea. “The vehicle was fitted with duplicate registration plates and had no occupants. Police opened the vehicle and found a black bag which contained two firearms, one a Vector pistol with nine rounds of ammunition and a Z88 pistol with 16 bullets. Both guns had their serial numbers filed off,” Sgt Pillay says. The firearms will be sent for ballistic examination to determine if they were used in committing of other crimes, she adds.


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Tel : 011 024 - 8513

The city’s symbol for its growth and development blueprint.

City alters governance model Mbhazima Lesego waka’Ngobeni The City has restructured its institutional model, guided by the tenets of iGoli 2002, which dovetail its 30-year growth and development blueprint, Joburg 2040, released last year. The new model defines four key areas of intervention and desired outcomes: governance, economic growth and job creation, social development, and sustainable human settlements and spatial restructuring. Some City entities and departmental functions are merging to eliminate the cumbersome burden of governance, as well as duplication. “We want to build a high-performing metropolitan government that is responsive and accountable to its residents,” reads the institutional review document. Under the changes, there is a new City manager and senior management. The remainder of senior management and board members of municipal entities are being appointed. The Promusica Theatre in Roodepoort, the Joburg Theatre Complex in Braamfontein and the Soweto Theatre are being merged into one institution with one board. The Johannesburg Zoo has been disestablished and merged with City Parks under the department of community development. Changes have also been made to the Office of the Mayor, which will now deal with social cohe-

sion and poverty reduction, improved quality of services, human settlements and economic development. It is also expected to steer the transition to a low carbon economy. “Most proposed changes in the offices of the executive mayor and the City manager seek to address issues of accountability, oversight, corporate governance and visible political and administrative leadership roles, while changes to the executive management structure and [municipalowned entities] deal specifically with service delivery enhancement and strategy alignment,” adds the institutional review document. The council has proposed that the mandate of the Johannesburg Development Agency is redefined and that some functions currently done by the Johannesburg Property Company are merged. It is envisaged that the agency will lead trade and investment promotion in Joburg. The Johannesburg Property Company will focus on property and asset management in future, and swap some functions with the corporate and shared services unit. A task team is to manage the transition and there were no quantifiable financial implications, the City said. For more information, contact Karen Britz on Karen.britz@joburg, or 011 407 7222, or Rashid Seedat on or 011 4077012.




3 - 10 MAY 2012

3 - 10 MAY 2012



Jailed journo is released Rabat - Newspaper editor Rachid Nini, imprisoned under the penal code for his writings, has been freed after serving a year in prison. “I denounce my imprisonment and conviction under the penal code, and hope I am the last journalist to be tried under it,” he said upon his release. The Al-masse editor was convicted for “trying to influence a court and publishing information on crimes that haven’t been proven”. The charges stemmed from his columns that attacked powerful members of society. Nini was welcomed by a rapturous crowd of supporters, friends and relatives standing outside his home, as he gave a defiant address, accusing the authorities of treating journalists as criminals and demanded they stop sending reporters to prison to muzzle the press. Mohamed Ben Andaloussi, deputy chairperson of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights, was among the activists who welcomed Nini after his release. “We condemn the authorities and want more freedom. We ask for press freedom to be respected and we urge the authorities to stop saying it will do one thing while doing another in practice,” Ben Andaloussi said.

Rachid Nini

Heavy fighting breaks out Bamako – This week heavy fighting erupted between forces backing the country’s new military rulers and soldiers loyal to former President Amadou Toure. The fighting claimed at least 14 lives, according to hospital sources. Soldiers loyal to Capt Amadou Sanogo insisted that important installations in the capital remained in their hands. An officer said they still control the state broadcaster building, the airport, and the military base in Kati near Bamako. Many residents have fled the city centre. Witnesses said the violence was sparked by an attempt by military loyalists to arrest former head of the presidential guard. The parachute regiment, the Red Berets were said to remain loyal to deposed Toure. Capt Sanogo said fighting broke out after he sent some units to the presidential guard barracks to tell them to remain united. “We killed some and captured others, among them foreign troops.” Capt Sanogo has agreed with ECOWAS to return the country to constitutional rule. The deal gave the junta a transitional supervisory role, but Capt Sanogo rejects plans to send ECOWAS troops into Mali.


Church grenade attack Nairobi – Police say a grenade attack in a church has killed one person and injured 15 others. “The person who threw the grenade was part of the congregation and he fled immediately after throwing it,” Joseph Gichangi, the area’s deputy police chief, said. Moses Ombati, the deputy police chief for NaiCharles Owino robi, confirmed the number of killed and injured. The injured were rushed to hospital, five of them in a critical condition, Ombati said. Charles Owino, deputy spokesman for the Kenyan police said the grenade was thrown into the God’s House of Miracle Church in the capital’s Ngara neighbourhood. Members of the congregation said they tried to catch the alleged attacker after the explosion. “A man ran out after the blast and when we chased him he pointed a pistol at us,” said one. The incident is the latest in a series of grenade attacks since Kenya sent troops to fight al-Shabab fighters in Somalia in October last year. The deadliest such blast was on March 10, it struck a bus terminus, killing nine people and seriously injuring more than 40 others.

Mutharika allies ejected Capt Amadou Sanogo

Bombs blast media houses Abuja – There has been coordinated attacks on three media houses in Abuja and Kaduna, killing at least nine people. The three media houses attacked by suspected Boko Haram bombers were the Abuja office of ThisDay, and then The Sun and The Moment offices in Kaduna which were hit almost simultaneously by the blasts. Hardest hit was ThisDay

whose office in Jabi, Abuja, was almost brought down. Witnesses said a suicide bomber forced his way through the back gate of the Jabi office of the media empire and rammed his black Isuzu Jeep into the main building housing the paper’s printing press. The blasts also destroyed nearby buildings. The evacuation and rescue operations were shielded

from the press. The dead and those who were injured taken away before journalists were allowed into the premises. Director of ThisDay, Ireogbu Israel, confirmed that three had died and six injured.

Joyce Banda

Lilongwe - President Joyce Banda has announced her new cabinet, which has left out former ministers under the late Bingu waMutharika. She placed herself as Commander-in-chief of the army and the police; in charge of the civil service, disaster management, nutrition, and HIV/Aids. Former justice minister Ephraim Chiume has been appointed to Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation portfolio, while former Finance Minister Ken Kandodo, a grand-nephew of Malawi’s founder Kamuzu Banda, takes the defence ministry. The reshuffle has restored several former officials who, like herself, were thrown out of Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party, including Khumbo Kachale, who has been named health minister. Former foreign minister, and late Mutharika’s brother, Peter Mutharika, has also been replaced. Ministers who tried to deny Banda the presidency were also left out of the new cabinet, and face charges of an attempted constitutional coup.

Join the winning team Moses Moyo

Smerf Illes (second left) and his band entertain the crowd.


Freedom song and dance Babalwa Bungane


ip hop artists celebrated 18 years of freedom on Freedom Day, entertaining their fans the best way they know how. The event started with a two hour workshop held at Museum Africa in Newtown, addressing the hardships this genre of music faces. The main focus of the workshop was on how to best distribute hip hop music and make it accessible to the average South African citizen. The artists agreed that their music sales are not growing because of people who get the music via Bluetooth. The emphasis was mostly


on accessibility of the music and originality. “There is so much to learn when you are independent”, said Thapelo Mokoena. Mokoena, who is known for the Hunter’s Dry liquor advert was among the panel from the media industry that were there to give motivational talk to upcoming musicians. The panel included representatives from YFM, and also Hype magazine. Mokoena who is the producer of the movie, Skyf, said he finds inspiration through travelling all over the country and talking to the people. He suggested that musicians should do the same. “In order for hip hop

music to be known, the artists need to make a lot of shows all over the country, then people can start downloading their music,” said Mbewu Malusi, an ‘underground’ artist. The overall message was that the musicians must stop complaining and take the initiative. After the workshop the crowd enjoyed performances from various artists and break dancers, with DJ Switch on the decks. Shiz Niz presenter, Mo was the Master of Ceremony. The theme for the day was ‘Back to the city’. The highlight of the day was when ‘underground’ artist, Thabs, wowed the crowd with his performance.

IFA, which stands for Independent Field Advertisers, is the network marketing division of Clientèle Life, one of the most trusted and respected names in the South African financial services sector. In July 1998, Clientèle Life identified an opportunity in the insurance industry and introduced a “first of its kind” marketing approach – the IFA Business Opportunity. Through the IFA Business Opportunity South Africans have the opportunity to apply for insurance products that suit their needs and at the same time, have the opportunity to earn an additional income by introducing others to the opportunity? The simplicity of the concept means that the IFA Business Opportunity can be taken up by almost any adult South African, regardless of their qualification or work experience. With hard

work, tenacity and determination, an IFA can build a promising and sustainable business. The rewards and earning potential are directly proportionate to the effort IFAs put into their business. To become an IFA you need to: • be 18 years old • be a South African Resident (have a valid ID Number) • have a debitable bank account By mastering the art of inviting people to attend an IFA Presentation and introducing them to the IFA Business Opportunity you will be rewarded with regular earnings and bonuses for all the IFAs that have applied for a Clientèle product and paid their premiums, provided the minimum criteria on building a team has been achieved. With hard work and constant effort, you will continue to be rewarded by IFA. If you want to join or want more info about IFA Contact Issac Masinga at or dial 083 434 0798.

HILLBROW POLICE ARRESTS 23 - 30 APRIL 2012 Assault GBH 17, Reckless and Negligent driving 1, drunk and driving 30, pointing of firearm 1, armed robbery 2, arson 1, shoplifting 12, possession of suspected stolen property 7, attempted murder 2, intimidation 1, Common Robbery 7, Assault Common 28, crimen injuria 1, Possession of

dagga 4, theft under false pretense 2, theft 9, driving motor vehicle without license 6, Rape 2, Trespassing 1, theft of motor vehicle 3, Fraud 4, Possession of drugs 10, fraud and forgery 1, murder 4, Theft out of motor vehicle 3, malicious injury to property 1, Sexual assault 1, extortion 1.




3 - 10 MAY 2012

3 - 10 MAY 2012




Mix of magic at arts festival Presentations will include varieties of musical productions from the contemporary to exotic and local classic sounds Arts Correspondent


zansi stars and international guests make for a fabulous musical mix at the 38th National Arts Festival, which runs from 28 June to 8 July in Grahamstown. The 2012 Standard Bank Young Artist for Music, Soprano Kelebogile Boikanyo’s (pictured right) rise in the South African opera world has been nothing short of remarkable. She celebrates her award with a vocal recital, in which she performs with Them-

bisile Twala (Soprano) and Abraham Paulus Ferreira (Pianist), showing off her vocal versatility with a repertoire that ranges from Mozart and Donizetti, to Bizet and Offenbach, to Gershwin and Khumalo. Boikanyo also features, with outstanding marimba player Magda de Vries, in the annual Gala Concert conducted by Richard Cock. Reflect, celebrate, live; is the soundtrack-as-performance of diva Sibongile Khumalo’s (pictured left) musical life. It reprises her teenaged beginnings at the Ionian Youth Music Programme, through the years as a classically trained singer searching for her jazz voice, ending with a celebration of where she is now, and her current musical inclinations. Celebrating the cultural exchange between France and South Africa, the KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra will present an all-French programme, pairing two Romantic masterworks of Camille Saint-Saëns with the unjustly neglected symphony of Paul Dukas. Ensembles from the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra will present a variety of

works, while Colossus is their daring programme of large chamber works; named for the world première of composer David Plylar’s new work, entitled Colossus, which is included in the programme. The Los Angeles Children’s Chorus promises to move and delight South African audiences, and the ATKV present Ave Maria and Hallelujah/Alleluia; a selection of works with a youth choir, musicians and soloist Minette du Toit-Pearce. The innovative mallet percussion duo, Duo FourIVTwo, with classical marimbist Magda de Vries and vibraphonist Frank Mallows, play an inspired repertoire of newly commissioned works by some of South Africa’s internationally acclaimed composers. In African Romantics, the End of Time Trio present works by Max Bruch and Peter Klatzow. Three’s Company explores music for three players Géza Kayser (violin), Liuben Gardev (cello), David Smith (keyboard), from the Baroque and Modernist eras. Pierrot Lunaire, a song-cycle for soprano (Teresa de Wit) and instrumental quintet (End of Time Ensemble) composed by Arnold

Schoenberg, has long been recognised as a key 20th century chamber composition, as important in its revolutionary aims and musical influence as Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring and Strauss’s Elektra. The Chanticleer Singers present Ancient Inspirations, featuring Duo IVFour2 in a programme of music inspired by the original inhabitants of South Africa, with works by South African composers Peter Louis van Dijk, Peter Klatzow and Hans Roosenschoon. Their second programme is the candle-lit ‘All Night Vigil’- Rachmaninov’s Vespers, with soloist Veramarie Meyer. Louis Armstrong & Friends features stunning arrangements of Armstrong classics with fine performances by Prince Lengoasa (trumpet & vocals), Veramarie Meyer (mezzo-soprano) and Nicholas Nicholaidis (tenor) and

is conducted by Richard Cock. Two Trios and a Quintet; featuring Hilton Schilder, Errol Dyers, Steve Newman, Greg Georgiades and Ashish Joshi; shows off the musicianship of this ensemble. Drawing on their vast collective experience of music collaborations, improvisations and performance, and using an array of acoustic string, percussion and wind instruments; musical magic will be made through their combination of various cultural rhythms and instrumental sounds. For more information on the programme, accommodation and travel options to the festival visit

Turbo-charged extreme show Event pushes the boundaries of human potential Arts Correspondent


he Le Grand Cirque returns to Joburg Theatre with a brand new, turbo-charged show, featuring some of the most extreme acts in the world. Le Grand Cirque Adrenaline is a jaw-dropping visual feast of the most dangerous, entertaining and thrilling Cirque acts combined with physical comedy routines and feats of skill and agility. It will open on the stage of The Mandela at Joburg Theatre on May 23 for four weeks only. Le Grand Cirque Adrenaline recently received rave reviews in its world premiere at Australia’s Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Morning Herald declared ‘it defies gravity and belief’, while the Daily Telegraph wrote, ‘prepare to laugh yourself silly, gasp in awe and cringe in white-knuckled fear’. “This is a brand-new show focusing on the fastest, highest, most

thrilling and unusual acts on earth,” says producer Simon Painter from the United States. “We have created a testosterone-filled event that really pushes the boundaries of human potential.” Featuring a hand-picked cast of 35 extreme athletes from around the world - including Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Mexico, Spain, Ukraine, Britain and the USA - Le Grand Cirque Adrenaline will capture the imagination of the entire family. Witness the nail-biting Globe of Death performed by the French and Columbian team and directed by Danny Varanne. Three extreme athletes ride upside down on motorbikes and at speeds in excess of 65 km an hour inside of a 16-feet steel Globe cage. The Globe of Death is one of the most thrilling acts ever performed and its danger cannot be understated. Marvel as identical twins bend their bodies in incredible feats of physical plasticity in Barrel Contortion. Gasp

The Globe of Death stunt is one of the most thrilling acts ever performed, and its danger cannot be understated. In the pic motorcyclists prepare to start the stunt performance.

as one of the world’s greatest aerial artists, Russia’s Petru Vasiachi, shows off his amazing strength and agility in Extreme Aerial Straps. And of course no adrenaline-based show would be complete without the perilous and heart-pounding Wheel of Destiny, the most dangerous act ever to be performed in the world and now for the first time on a theatre stage.

The version in Le Grand Cirque Adrenaline is a 35-feet high steel pendulum with two cages at either end and is performed by two of the best Brazilian circus artists in the world, Martin and Visan Espana. With no safety wires, crash mats or other safety apparatus, they will perform on the inside and outside of the wheel; even with blindfolds and a skipping rope.

“This show is designed to entertain, with the most incredible performers on earth and some of the greatest production elements you’ll ever see in an intimate theatre,” says Bernard Jay, Joburg Theatre’s CEO. “We want everyone who sees the show just to have a great night out.” For more info visit or call 0861 670 670.




3 - 10 MAY 2012

3 - 10 MAY 2012






3 - 10 MAY 2012


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Hillbrow boxing tourney Female boxers to take on each other in an exciting event Sizwe Mathe


mateur boxers across the province will compete in a tournament designed to scout for fresh talent this week on Saturday at the Hillbrow Boxing Club (HBC) in Claim Street. The day-long tournament will commence with a match between Alicia Spies, 20 and Anita Powell, 31. The two boxers will be fighting for the first time in Hillbrow, and the boxing club manager-cum-coach George Khosi says the match will be in a level of its own. “The girls are prepared for a fight, they have been training hard. If you are a boxing enthusiast this is the appropriate time for you to witness these aspiring boxers take on each other,” Khosi adds. Gates will be open at 11am and promoters are encouraged to arrive on time.

Spies says she is prepared for the match. “I knew about the match three months back and this gave me time to prepare myself physically and mentally.” She says boxing is her first passion and gives a brief about her boxing career. “I started boxing three years back in Pretoria. There is nothing I know better than boxing. It’s my first passion, and my life.” Spies has an evasive message for her adversary Powell. “She must expect the unexpected,” she cautions. The American-born Powell is not dissuaded by her opponent’s message. She says she is ready for the ‘unexpected’. “I have been training hard in the gym assisted by good trainers. I am ready and eager to win this match, and I am in good shape. It’s all up to me now to win the match. Every experience I get in the boxing ring will allow me to improve my

learning curve in the sport.” In February this year the boxing club unveiled plans to host a series of tournaments aimed at scouting aspirant boxers in the area. Khosi says the tournament forms part of other lineups throughout the year. “Those who perform better stand a chance to win medals and certificates. However, this will also open doors for them to professional boxing,” he adds. The club has over the years produced the country’s champions. The reigning South African middleweight champion Julie ‘Queen’ Tshabalala is a product of the club. It is situated in Claim and Petersen streets. For more details about the club training sessions contact Khosi at 082 260 4804.


The tournament is meant to scout for boxing talent, says Hillbrow Boxing Club manager George Khosi (above).



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