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Whole roast chicken, plus 2lt Coke plus 6 rolls


27 October - 3 November 2011

Distributed free to households, churches, schools, libraries and businesses in Bellevue East • Bellevue • Benrose • Berea • Bertrams • Braamfontein • City and Suburban • City and Suburban Industrial • City Deep • City West • Crown Gardens • Denver • Doornfontein • Elandspark • Elcedes • Fairview • Fordsburg • Glenanda • Heriotdale • Hillbrow • Jeppestown South • Jeppestown • Johannesburg Inner City • Kensington • Lorentzville • Malvern • Marshallstown • New Doornfontein • Newtown • North Doornfontein • Rosettenville • Troyeville • Turffontein • Village Main Ext 3 and Yeoville .




Joburg turns 125 P 9 AGE

Joburg in the early days. (Photo Coutesy of Museum Africa)

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Hillbrow police Acting Commander Neo Smith signs the memorandum as the ANC’s Bigboy Kekana looks on.

‘Drug dealing contributes to murders, rape, hijacking and other related crimes”


ANC march against drugs Sizwe Mathe


uring a march against crime on Sunday the African National Congress (ANC) Havana 64 Branch gave Hillbrow police station acting commander Col Neo Smith three months to address issues of drug syndicates and police corruption, ‘or lose his job’. Branch chairperson Bigboy Kekana implored the station commissioner to address their grievances with immediate effect. “If you fail to solve them, we will request for your dismissal because you would

have failed the people. We request that the SAPS increases its law enforcement activities in Berea, Yeoville, Betrams and Hillbrow. It is a fact that these areas are crime infested, and this is borne out by crime statistics released by the SAPS,” Kekana said. Cases of rape, children and women abuse, murder, hijacking and drug dealing must have its own trained officers and specific departments dealing with it, added Kekana. “Drug operations need to be beefed up to catch these criminals, because they contribute greatly to murders, rape, hijacking and other related

crimes being committed in Johannesburg.” Kekana continued that police must also give specific attention to drug syndicates, drug peddling, child abuse, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, sexual crimes and assault. “Police must be rotated as the more they stay in one place for a long time, they then become friends with the criminals. The police must also actively engage with all community based organisations in order to maximize community policing activities.” Accepting the memorandum Col Smith said: “We will not wait to respond to the memorandum but will start to act now. We know there are hyenas in the police ranks, but we will deal with them.” Kekana also identified corner Kotze and Claim streets, as well as corner Tudhope and Olivia streets as crime hot spots that need immediate attention. Jozi Housing CEO Sandy Barnes said: “The problem is that there are many sheebens and buildings which are not properly controlled. We need more police visibility.”









COMMENT Following revelations of unregistered schools in Joburg, who duped parents into enrolling their children there, it is a welcome development to hear the Department of Education stating that it has closed the schools, at least those that were fingered by the press. This is nevertheless not a new phenomenon in the Joburg CBD. For many years such schools have come to be known as fly-by-night schools. In many cases they would open and enrol unsuspecting students, promising to give them quality education. It would then collect fees, and as soon as that was achieved the owners would disappear. A new development emerged in the mid 2000s, in which the fly-by-night schools sought to establish some semblance of validity. They opened up, enrolled students for matric and actually taught them. Some of them explained to the students that they would offer them tuition only, and advised them to register for examinations elsewhere, which was obviously a cumbersome arrangement. The only similarity was that they were still unregistered, and so their students still could not write Department of Education examinations. In another attempt to circumvent this, owners of such institutions would register their students at registered schools, which would hopefully allow them to write examinations. However, such arrangements were prone to develop complications, and often some of the students failed to write the examinations. It is likely that the much publicised Khomanani College that has been closed operated in a similar manner. The Department of Education may close the unregistered school; but it may resurface somewhere else. The onus however lies with parents, who have to ensure that their children get quality education. It is the parent’s duty to establish the authenticity of the school before enrolling the child there.

Models promote alcohol.

Let’s ban liquor advertising ‘Liquor is actually responsible for more deaths than Aids the world over’


s we head for the festive season I believe this is the time to revisit the liquor advertising ban topic once more. It is common knowledge that liquor producers and dispensers do not need to advertise at all, because people will always drink, never mind what happens. Even if the alcohol was banned outright, people would still find ways to brew and drink it. The only reason for the liquor traders to advertise is to lure young people into addiction so that they remain lifetime customers, just as many of their elders who are

We already have a serious drinking problem in this country, and the best we could do for ourselves and generations to come is to stop it. We all know that drinking is not associated with any success whatsoever, so why allow the liquor distributors to lie to our young people, with the aim to get them to abandon their studies and join the drunks in the pub? Alcohol is responsible for the thousands of deaths in the roads that are caused by drunken drivers and pedestrians. Liquor is responsible for more deaths than Aids the world over.

We may sympathise with our brothers and sisters who are already addicted to the alcohol, and at least not advocate for the total ban of the liquor. Banning it would land all of them in jail, as they would brew their own and drink it, and also end up drinking harmful substances to satisfy their craving and addiction. I am aware of the negative implications that may go with such a ban, like the loss of advertising revenue to companies and job losses, but the consequences of promoting alcohol outweigh all such considerations. Lindley Weston Braamfontein

We spend our lives questioning our destiny and failing to accept what we have, Yolanda Zondo reflects.

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drowning in the alcohol today. One piece of dangerous alcohol advertising appears on all TV stations associating drinking with success in sport. It also uses a legendary football player to drive its message, which misleadingly means that for young people to be champion footballers they must drink beer. Alcohol producing companies also sponsor football tournaments, in a similar bid to associate the alcohol with sporting success, and that way gather massive advertising opportunities on national and international TV stations. That leads to many youths to experiment with alcohol.

Aspects of a relationship

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A man doses after having one too many.


s human beings we spend our lives questioning our destiny and failing to accept what we have, and blaming God for giving bad people the best things in life. From an early age our parents teach us to work hard and that nothing comes easy, and as we grow older we understand why we were given such priceless advice. Every aspect of our lives has its obstacle. Even things such as

friendship, motherhood and most importantly love, do not come easy at all. Love is not easy; whether you are a woman or a man. Men like claiming that they never fall in love, but they have emotions too, but just not as visible as that of women, so they do love. I have also realised that some women get into relationships with their hearts locked, and minds alert. They do this because they feel they are being treated like fools, and why should they be with someone who is unable to express himself as much as she does. Nevertheless we have to admit that men cannot express themselves, and another truth is they always admit it. However, women never listen, and in turn you may get into another relationship hoping to find better, but you may

have left better five times already. My aim with this belief is not to give you instructions on how to change your man, instead it is to learn to accept him the way he is. A lot of women come up to me and ask me, how is it that you are happy with your boyfriend, what are you doing to him? I am not doing anything to him. Why should I do anything to him? I fell in love with him because of who he is. The things he said, the questions he asked, the way he asked them and how he made me feel special. He has never changed since I met him, and once I nearly lost him because I wanted him to carry both of us in the relationship, and always be the one to make both of us happy. That’s not how it works in a relationship. Men also want to feel special, and want to be loved. However, that is not the only way, as much as men and everybody else be-

lieves that men are not in the relationship for commitment, they are, and the truth is they do it in a pretty odd way, a way you won’t even understand. Men are very straightforward. I have learned about that, unlike women they mean what they say. What is this thing that some women do? They always analyse what their men say. Men get moods, because they are humans first and then men. So they want some space, some alone time you know. It hurts me when I hear of how some women are being physically or emotionally abused, crying out to the world asking people to help them. But we never can because some people mistake hurt and pain for love, and when that happens all we can do is hope that soon they will see the light. Zondo is a Media Studies student at Wits University and Brand Ambassador at Inner-city Gazette.



Gunmen seize aid workers Algiers - Three aid workers have been abducted from the Rabuni refugee camp, officials say. The camp is mainly inhabited by refugees from Western Sahara. The Algeria-based Polisario movement, which runs the refugee camp, said armed men abducted the three on Saturday. It said the attackers came from the direction of neighbouring Mali in four-wheel drive vehicles. The hostages are Italian woman Rossella Urru, Spanish woman Ainhoa Fernandez Rincon and Spanish man Enrico Gonyans. Polisario said Gonyans and one of the Saharawi guards were injured in the attack. A Polisario envoy in Nouakchott accused al-Qaeda’s north Africa wing, the Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) under the authority of Moktar Bel Moktar, of the kidnapping. The Italian foreign ministry said: “We have activated all channels useful in arriving at a positive outcome.” Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez said his government was working with regional counterparts to get the aid workers freed.

FOCUS ON AFRICA Moktar Bel Moktar



NTC pledges early polls Tripoli - Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril has unfolded plans for elections within eight months of a national council to draft a new constitution, and for the formation of an interim national government. The NTC has declared full liberation of Libya after the killing of ex-leader Muammar Gaddafi. “The priority is now on removing weapons from Mahmoud Jibril the streets, restoring stability and initiating a process of national reconciliation,” Jibril said. He said the first election should take place within eight months to constitute a national congress of Libya. “This national congress would draft a constitution, on which we would have a referendum, and form an interim government to last until the first presidential elections are held.” Gaddafi’s death achieved the main goal that united the rag-tag militias and army battalions that fought his forces since the uprising began in February. Stability will require the NTC - which comprised secular liberals, Islamists and tribal elders to prove a willingness to compromise, a quality that was anathema under Gaddafi’s one-man rule.

Biya wins disputed poll Yaounde : Incumbent leader Paul Biya has been declared winner in this month’s presidential election, extending his three decades in power by seven years. President Paul Biya got 77 percent of the vote to beat 22 other contenders, the nation’s Supreme Court announced. Security forces were dispatched to the court last Friday during the announcement of the results. The leader’s supporters celebrated outside the court as opposition supporters displayed protest banners. The 78-year-old politician has led the west African nation since 1982. His new seven-year term means he will be at the helm into his mid-80s. John Fru Ndi, leader of the largest opposition party, was declared runner-up with 10 percent of the vote. Other contenders followed with minimal wins. Opposition candidates have urged citizens to protest over alleged election fraud, with a dozen contenders signing petitions calling for the ballot’s annulment. They allege Biya resorted to massive fraud to win the election, which included ‘voting by deceased people’ to extend his nearly 30 year rule.

AU ‘closes’ Libyan issue

Paul Biya

Cops attack poll protesters Kinshasa - This week police assaulted and teargassed opposition supporters demonstrating in central Kinshasa demanding free elections. Activists of the opposition Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UPDS) party rallied calling for the November 28 election to be “free” and “transparent.” Dozens of police fired teargas on them and chased

them down the streets. They assaulted several protesters, injuring several and arresting many. UPDS secretary general Jacquemain Shabani said many activists were injured. Police had similarly dispersed three previous marches, including one on outside UDPS headquarters, where they fired live rounds and teargas while arresting eight people.

UPDS leader Etienne Tshisekedi, who was prime minister during dictator Mobutu Sese Seko’s regime, is a presidential candidate in the election, also contested by incumbent President Joseph Kabila. Etienne Tshisekedi

Addis Ababa - The AU has declared the “chapter closed” on the death of ex-Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, saying it has always supported for Libya’s new leadership. AU spokesman Noureddine Mezni said the organisation had announced even before Gaddafi’s death that it would work with the interim government. “We welcomed them and even raised Libya’s new flag last week,” he said. The South African government urged reconciliation and disarmament. President Jacob Zuma joined the AU in recognizing the new leadership last month, but has said NATO’s military intervention undermined AU efforts to find peaceful solutions for member states. Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has remained silent about the matter, but Information Minister Webster Shamu said Zimbabwe cannot accept what has happened as a legitimate way of correcting systems on the African continent.

Who requires permission to embark in struggle? Lehlogonolo Mashifane


hen I wrote this paper a few months ago I affirmed that the “Youth must own up to the struggle”. I wrote not having pre-empted the immediate popular mass actions across the African continent and the rest of the so-called developed world, mostly if not all led by the youth. The only demand being that there should be better governance,as well as the people being given space to choose their leaders and decide their fate. This demand has now been echoed in the United State of America through the “Occupy wall street” campaign. Similar campaigns in Europe are witnesses, where the continuous mismanagement of their financial intermediaries and bad corporate governance driven by greed and desire to maximise profits remain a threat to the savings of elderly people who can no longer work to protect and guarantee comfortable lives post retirement age. We find ourselves in the age of popular revolutions consistantly triggered by the poor socio-economic conditions on the ground. It is therefore not surprising that the most hit by these realities will be the ones agitating and leading these mass actions i.e. the youth. Seventeen years post democratic breakthrough and democratic governance in South Africa has not in the slightest of ways implied that the government of the day should be complacent or run a risk of being viewed as such. Nor has it implied that a liberation movement of a mass based character such as the ANC forgoes its makeup and cease to

actively mobilise organised labour and civil minority still benefit at the expense society towards the full implementation of of the oppressed black majority. the Freedom Charter which remains the ba- With NUMSA, Cosatu having sic guiding policy of the ANC. thrown their full weight behind Our people ought to understand that only the defence of the people of South they can free themselves from living in di- Africa’s right to decent jobs, quallapidated buildings without electricity and ity education and nationalisation as running water, and living along river banks an act against the merciless system which carry the possibility of being washed of economic oppression rampant in away whenever there are massive rains. To our beloved country. achieve this, a vote once in five years and This goes to show that the struggle a passive democracy could never be suf- led by the ANC Youth League, beficient, but the active participation in their longs to the broader and still largely own liberation is the key. economically oppressed masses of Equally so, they must our country. The have faith that for them Our people ought to un- Youth must be moto engage in struggle they derstand that only they bilised and should need not require a permit can free themselves join the march. from those who by virtue South Africa canof occupation of political from living in dilapi- not be surprised organisation positions are dated buildings without by the mass mosupposed to lead them in electricity and running bilisation taking struggle nor the state applace current as paratus can then be used water, and living along the youth of our river banks which carry country alongside to silence them. It is not by a stroke of the possibility of being progressive youths luck that the ANC Youth in the world during washed away whenever the 2011 WFDY League by choosing to champion the ‘Economic there are massive rains. festival declared Freedom October Youth war on the imperiMass Action’ on the 27th and 28th October al forces in pursued of international 2011has opted not to be popular with the peace and solidarity. ruling monopoly capital but remain true and As such the 17th World Federation loyal to its constituency, the youth and the of democratic youth festival held in black majority. our country declared that “imperial policies This is informed by the founding commit- attack the full development of education and ment that “Africa’s cause must triumph” of the young people, preventing them from and that no meaningful fabric of a rainbow accessing a free and quality education that is nation can be constructed if the rich white a school of freedom and commitment with

peace”, we must continue fighting! Lehlogonolo Mashifane (pictured above) is an ANC Youth League JHB Region Deputy Secretary Writing in his capacity as a member of the society and a supporter and participant in the march.










Vendors must look after the streets

Although it has been a while since I took a walk down Eloff Street after hours, but the last time I did, the stretch between Bree and Market streets looked like a scene from Uprising, a movie about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. All sort of debris were scattered all over the street and pavement, as the street sweepers battled to remove the pile of garbage to redeem the place. This is what our street traders leave behind. With the rise in the levels of unemployment, as our economy fails to absorb many people in the formal sector, the informal sector becomes the way out for many. Many economic researches reveal a growing informal economy consisting of cash-only street traders. This economic activity supports a huge population, including immigrants who are not in formal employment. Some economist argues that South Africa’s informal industry is the largest in the world, perhaps only second to the informal sector of Beijing, China. Street trading has been there for years. This is how some of us made pocket money when we were in high school. We would catch a train either to Westgate of Faraday mangobe (without buying a ticket), save whatever little money we had to buy carry bag stocks in Faraday and sell them. My spot was in front of a butchery in Fox and West Street (now known as Ntemi Piliso). While making an honest living, one had to always be on the look out for abogata (cops). With our All Star takkies and Dickies trousers, we were often too slick and fast for them, and I guess they also knew that we were innocent laaities trying to eke out a living in Jozi. But, at least in my spot, I would ensure that every time I leave, of course with the help of the Portuguese uncle in the butchery, I clean the place and throw the rubbish in his rubbish bin. Now I am not too familiar with challenges faced by street hawkers, for they are guaranteed to be there. But the responsibility to look after our environment falls squarely on our shoulders. It can’t be correct that every time we leave our places of trade we leave the area as if there was a bomb blast. Again I might not be privy to programmes, if any, that the authorities have come up with, to address the problem of littering, but we should all agree, particularly our street traders, that this is an important environmental issue. This is not to suggest that street traders are the only culprits to blame for littering in Jozi, as research has shown that the two primary sources of litter are pedestrians dropping garbage in the streets or gutters, and motorists discarding garbage out of windows. However, our street traders have an added responsibility to look after the streets as their areas of trade. Under current economic conditions, informal trading will remain, for a while, the main source of income for many people. Therefore, it makes sense to take into account long term issues like the environment into our hands. The damages caused by littering are not easy to reverse and cost a lot of money to correct. Carelessly discarded garbage causes harm, damages our waterways, costs us money and basically suggests that we do not care for our environment. A clean, habitable and beautiful Jozi is for our benefit, and therefore our responsibility to do something about. As a start, we can all support our street traders to reduce littering.

Region F inspector William Thwala (black t-shirt) and Clr Takalani Munyai (green striped shirt) with community members. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Ward 63 cleans up the streets Sizwe Mathe


uring a clean-up campaign over the weekend Ward 63 Councillor Takalani Munyai encouraged residents to cultivate a culture of cleanness, as this will result in more businesses and the betterment of their lives. “The campaign was aimed at cleaning streets and the alleyways, but the target was the dirtiest streets, and essentially to create awareness about the importance of keeping

our streets clean. It is only the people who can keep the streets clean,” he said. The campaign was a culmination of regular service delivery meetings held every Monday at Hillbrow Recreation Centre, added Munyai. “The major problem is from people who throw rubbish through windows and balconies. Flat dwellers are not taking full ownership of their areas. Property owners must ensure that their buildings do not contravene city by-laws. We call on them to work with us in this .”

He added that through partnership with Region F, the ward will strengthen the adherence of city by-laws by the residents. “There is also a growing trend of illegal taxi ranks operation; we will leave no stones unturned against this trend. We must ensure that this area is clean to attract more business people back to Hillbrow. In fact, of recent, a lot of businesses have been coming back to the area and we encourage other businesses to follow suit,” he said. Region F urban inspector William

Nedbank regional manager Lucas Malese cuts the ribbon with the aid of a staff member.

Thwala, responsible for Hillbrow and Berea, added: “The positive attitude from residents demonstrated their willingness to keep their area clean. In addition, the community must be active participants in such campaigns,” he said. Clr Munyai added that before the end of the year there will be another clean-up campaign, which is expected to involve municipality entities like City Parks, City Power, Pikitup, Joburg Water, Johannesburg Roads Agency, JMPD, and environmental health stakeholders.


Nedbank branch promotes financial well-being Moses Moyo Nedbank has extended its wings in the inner city with its latest Personal Loans branch in one of the busiest bus terminals Gandhi Square as part of its strategy to make banking more accessible to communities. Sarel Rudd, Managing Executive of Nedbank Personal Loans explained that the branch marks the increased footprint of Personal Loans branches launched around the country. “In addition to 429 Personal Loans Kiosks, this branch is keeping with our commitment to make banking more accessible and providing people with

services to meet their various needs at every stage of their lives.” Nedbank has been operating in the personal loans field for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience leading the bank to hold the number two market share position amongst the four large banks in the country, noted Rudd. “Nedbank understands that consumers are faced with increased and wide-ranging challenges in managing their finances over and above their daily purchases of food, transport and other expenses. The Personal Loans offering is tailor-made to provide consumers with muchneeded financial support during times of unforeseen circumstances and

to fund future needs such as paying for school fees and home improvements,” said Rudd. According to Lucas Malese, the bank’s Gauteng Central Sales Manager, the branch will offer loans from R1000 to R120 000. “Gandhi Square is vibrant area, and this is demonstrated by the number of businesses in the area. The branch will also give commuters easy access to loans,” he said. It will take only 24 hours for the bank to approve the loan, added Malese. “As a bank that cares, we are aware of the challenges facing our clients, and as a result it is important to ensure that our processes are underpinned by

world class risk management practices that support responsible lending. “Nedbank continues to invest in various programmes to promote financial well-being to empower our clients to manage their finances wisely and realise a better life,” remarked Rudd. The bank will also be donating basic goods such as toiletries and home ware to the community of Duduza, after it was struck by a tornado in September. The official handover of goods collected will be held on 28 October 2011 at the Collection and Distribution centre in Duduza. For more info call 011 241-6861 or visit





A test for local CID functionality Sizwe Mathe AFHCO’s urban development manager Lebo Mashego (pictured left) says the company’s latest tenant, Shoprite Checkers in Doornfontein, affirms the company’s commitment to the regeneration of the inner city. Mashego adds that the opening of the store will bring more people into the. “This will in turn put Doornfontein City Improvement District (CID) to the test on issues like public space safety and cleanliness; along with

the development and maintenance of public infrastructure like parks, resting areas, transportation terminals, pedestrian crossings and street lighting,” Mashego says. The retailer began operation at 120 End Street on Tuesday. “It is not only about creating dignified, safe and affordable rental accommodation, but also to develop inner city communities. Doornfontein is situated in close proximity to the city’s major transport routes, world-class sports and recreation infrastructure, schools and institutions of higher learning, and has a

burgeoning textiles and engineering sector. “Over the past four years, the area has witnessed an increase in rental residential property developments. However, all these exist in isolation to one another. As a result, local living practices are defined by institutional function. “We believe that AFHCO’s current offering will encourage learners, workers, sports organisations and teams to venture beyond confines of their institutions and mingle in public spaces in the area,” explains Mashego.

Dancers entertain shoppers during the opening of Cambridge Food supermarket in Kempton Park on Thursday. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Join sculptural expo Own Correspondent A new independent multi-disciplinary exhibition and project based space focused on collaboration, dialogue and exchange, will be held on 29 October 2011 at 70 Juta Precinct, Juta Street, Braamfontein. The public is invited to join in the exhibition of sculptural, video based and Stereoscopic (3D) works by Wayne Barker and Don Searll. Called Muse Room, this is an exhibition about juxtapositions, subversion and playfulness in all its contexts. It celebrates beauty and light, melancholy, the role of the model, as well as the performance involved in the act of making art. It makes

reference to the artist’s studio as an allegory of the most intimate, yet presented in the most public of frameworks. The exhibition will feature new and unseen sculptural and videobased works by Wayne Barker and recent stereoscopic compositions by internationally recognized 3D filmmaker and video artist, Don Searll. A collaborative piece by both artists will also form part of the show. The expo poses questions - related to artist at easel and the interaction of artist and model; technically and aesthetically as those asked by artists generations ago to date, but now interrogating these topics by bringing in the element of technology.

Search for trigger-happy gunmen Crime Reporter


olice are searching for two gunmen following a shooting incident at the Highpoint mall on Friday. Hillbrow police spokesperson Sgt Jenny Pillay says police officers noticed two men jump out of a grey VW Polo, one of them with a gun in his hand. “The man opened fire on the police; the officers returned the fire and the suspects fled on foot. One police officer was shot in the shoulder and was taken to Milpark Hospital,

where he was treated and discharged.” Sgt Pillay adds that after that the gunmen hijacked a Toyota Camry in Edith Cavell street, shot a passenger in the leg. “The victim was also taken to Milpark Hospital.” She adds that police combed the area and found the Toyota Camry at the corner of Kotze and Claim streets. “The car that was abandoned had also been hijacked. Police are investigating a case of hijacking and attempted murder, and the suspects are still at large,” Sgt Pillay adds.


Johannesburg 125 years ago





Joburg turns 125 Mbhazima Lesego waka’Ngobeni Joburg’s early settlers unwittingly shaped the future of Africa’s monetary powerhouse when they brought an assortment of cultures, traditions and socio-economic backgrounds, giving the citya multi-ethnic makeup which can still be seen today. Johannesburg is renowned for its cosmopolitan nature, its vibrancy and buoyant aura, a melting pot of all sorts and a place called a home away from home by many of its residents. October marks 125 years since the first residential area was laid out in the gold rush town.Marshalltown in the city centre, today a district of concrete and glass office blocks, was Joburg’s first residential area, named after Scotsman Henry Brown

Marshall who commissioned a plan to build it in September 1886. The plan was laid out in October 1886, between Commissioner, Troye, Ferreira, Albert and Cornelius streets. The Scottish names given to several Johannesburg suburbs and some streets are attributed to Marshall, a prominent pioneer at the time, and auctioneer Richard Currie. In the first quarter of that same year, gold had been discovered on the Witwatersrand, luring multitudes of fortune seekers from across the globe to the tent town that would become Johannesburg. Since the discovery of gold 125 years ago, Joburg has been growing, and today people still leave their rural villages to seek opportunity in the city born out of the dry, sprawling highveld.

Johannesburg today.

Supermarket owner Dario Afeltra (right, in blue shirt) poses with staff during the event. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Spar opens renovated branch Moses Moyo This week the Spar supermarket opened a renovavated branch in Jeppe Street in the Joburg CBD.

The owner of Fontana Spar, Dario Afeltra says they renovated an expanded their supermarket in Jeppe Street in the Joburg CBD. “This was to give inner-city shoppers a wider variety and bulk stock

at low and discounted prices. "All our supermarkets will adopt the new Spar concept of customer pay zone, which is a value add to the existing 24 hour shopping convenience," he adds.





PHUMULANI RENT SLASH - now only R3 870.93 for 2 bedroom loft





Bafunny Bafunny at the Market ‘Comedy can mend broken hearts, fix relationships, fight crime and even cure Aids!’ Arts Correspondent


resh from a scintillating Bafunny Bafunny tour, Nik Rabinowitz returns to the Market Theatre for a limited season of his sell out hit-andrun show, You Can’t Be Serious. The show will be performed at the Main theatre between 14 and 19 November. Apart from satirizing the state of the Rainbow Nation, South Africa’s only Jewish comic to have been born in a stable, examines the plight of Gays and Libyans, Tea Girls, as

well as Cape Town’s Great Previously Advantaged Sharks. He also begs the question: “Just because most toilet bowls are white, does it mean they are all criminals?” Says Nik of his latest offering: “We all know that laughter is the best medicine, but the real power of comedy is to heal the universe… with laughs. Comedy can mend broken hearts, fix relationships, fight crime and even cure Aids!” …. Ok, it probably can’t do the last two, but two out of four is pretty good no?” Best medicine...the 2010 Bafunny Bafunny team.

Unconditional love, tradition and marriage

Ribnick portrays numerous characters from diverse backgrounds, switching roles with ease and dexterity

Arts Correspondent

Absurd caper from eccentric musings Pic : Louis Chetty

Arts Correspondent


he absurd caper from the eccentric musings of Geraldine Naidoo, Monkey Nuts, is coming to Johannesburg soon. Matthew Ribnick (pictured), the celebrated actor known for his offbeat roles, teams up with Naidoo again in a play that is a curious mix of situational comedy, storytelling and hilarious characters. The show is the latest offering by Naidoo and Ribnick who created the hugely popular Hoot and The Chilli Boy. Monkey Nuts is acknowledged by critics countrywide as being one of South Africa’s most cleverly crafted and the funniest shows cur-

rently on stage; and received the prestigious Naledi award for ‘best comedy performance’ earlier this year. It enjoyed standing ovations at every performance during the 2011 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. It tells the story of an eccentric bank teller, Edgar Chambers, whose main hobby is monitoring the prices of grocery items in various stores. So skilled is he at his hobby that he can recite the price of any grocery item, anywhere and at any given time. He is also obsessed with entering all sorts of competitions, and it is this obsession that sparks off the madcap story that has had audiences all around South Africa gasping for breath.

Edgar’s only friend is a monkey that lives in the back of a pet shop but, as the story unfolds, audiences are spoilt with a bevy of Ribnick’s brilliantly portrayed characters, all of them with some sort of connection to Edgar. During the show Ribnick portrays numerous characters from diverse backgrounds – switching roles with ease and dexterity. Like Hoot and The Chilli Boy, Monkey Nuts has left audiences wide-eyed with its particular brand of absurdity. Monkey Nuts is on at the Fringe at the Joburg Theatre from November 9 until December 4. The show is not suitable for persons under the age of 16. For more call 011 877 6854.

The production, Touched premiered at the 2011 Grahamstown National Arts Festival, is one of the best student productions by the Market Laboratory, and will be presented at the Market Theatre’s Barney Simon Theatre between 2 - 6 November. This play unfolds in two acts. It looks at issues of unconditional love, tradition and modern marriage. Just four years into their marriage, a modern couple faces stumbling blocks. Husband Gift loses his job and his wife keeps them afloat financially. There’s a recurring point of contention of Lindiwe wanting children and Gift feeling that the time is not right. In the midst of all this, Gift’s very

conservative uncle comes in to further complicate the couple’s life. The story of this couple’s ups and downs is told by their neighbour, Zodwa, who also adds a comic flavour to the brew. In the second half a different story focuses on the choices young people are faced with, and the importance of having the wisdom of older people guiding them. The story is told through a relationship of a young couple. A young man is faced with an array of choices (spend time with his woman or go to the tavern, spend money at the tavern or at home, get a job or live in poverty) but when his ancestors involve themselves, anything is likely to happen. For more information on this production visit the Market Theatre website.













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Teams ready for Currie Cup final Joubert is doubtful, but has a 50/50 chance of making it Rugby Correspondent


harks flyhalf Frederic Michalak, who left the field during the semifinal against the Cheetahs, will be fit for Saturday’s Currie Cup final against the Lions at Coca Cola Park. However, centre Marius Joubert is doubtful. Sharks team doctor Ewoudt van der Linde said Michalak suffered bruising to his thigh after colliding with teammate Stefan Terblanche. “But he has recovered well and will be ready for the final,” he said. The doctor said Joubert is suffering from a groin problem. “We’ll make

a call on him later in the week, but I would say he has a 50/50 chance of playing.” Van der Linde said all the players who were nursing injuries last week, wing Lwazi Mvovo, Adi Jacobs and Jean Deysel, had all come through the Free State game without any problems. “Apart from the injury to Joubert we came through a very physical game well.” Jacobs could take over at inside centre if Joubert is sidelined, although coach John Plumtree also has the option of switching Pat Lambie from fullback to the midfield and including Mvovo on the

wing with Odwa Ndungane at fullback. Springbok lock Alistair Hargreaves, who has been nursing a back strain, could challenge for a place this weekend. Plumtree is unlikely to tamper with his pack, but Hargreaves could provide lineout cover off the bench. The South African Rugby Union announced on Monday that experienced Mark Lawrence will referee his second Currie Cup final on Saturday. He was in charge of the Currie Cup final in 2007 and the Super 14 final in 2008.

Odwa Ndungane (left) in action against the Cheetahs in the semi-final.

General manager of the South African Rugby Referees’ Association, André Watson said Lawrence has been one of the best referees in South Africa, if not the world. Lawrence will be assisted by Stefan Breytenbach and Christi du Preez, with Marius Jonker as re-

Sevens player of the year Brenden Nel


pringbok Sevens legend Cecil Afrika (pictured left) has been named the International Rugby Board’s Sevens Player of the year at a function in Auckland on Monday night. Afrika’s determination and grit, and his matchwinning abilities clinched it for him, as he finished the IRB Sevens series as the top try scorer, five ahead of his nearest rival. Considering Afrika also missed two tournaments with a broken cheekbone, it makes his achievement even more significant. Springbok Sevens coach Paul Treu has often praised Afrika as the heart and soul of the side, saying he is the playmaker who can spark a re-

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vival in a matter of seconds; and a specialist in the kick and chase, a move that brought him so many tries in the Series this year. “The team is so incredibly proud of Cecil, congratulations on a very well deserved award brother,” Blitzbokke captain Kyle Brown tweeted after hearing about Afrika’s honour. The award came on the same night that French captain Thierry Dusaitoir won the IRB’s 15s Player of the Year award. Afrika’s speed off the mark has been his greatest asset. His vision has also improved over the past year, understanding where to take his side on the field, and where to angle the attacks. His defence has also been noted to have improved significantly.

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Boks maintain fourth IRB ranking South Africa has remained at position number four in the International Rugby Board’s latest world rankings list. Wales has dropped to eighth place, despite finishing fourth at the World Cup which ended in New Zealand on Sunday. World champions New Zealand hold the number one ranking while France, beaten 8-7 in the World Cup final, are ranked third behind Australia, who took the bronze medal. In the only other movements among the top eight sides, beaten quarterfinalists Ireland and Argentina both move up one place to sixth and seventh respectively. Wales fell to eighth under the rankings points exchange system, having lost to France and Australia in its last two World Cup games. The Rankings (no in brackets is previous position) 1 (1) New Zealand – 91.43; 2 (2) Australia – 87.42; 3 (3) France – 84.70; 4 (4) South Africa – 84.34; 5 (5) England – 81.58; 6 (7) Ireland – 80.65; 7 (8) Argentina – 80.28; 8 (6) Wales – 80.18; 9 (9) Tonga – 76.63; 10 (10) Scotland – 76.20; 11 (11) Samoa – 75.81; 12 (12) Italy – 73.99; 13 (13) Canada – 72.92; 14 (14) Georgia – 71.09; 15 (15) Japan – 70.45; 16 (16) Fiji – 68.78; 17 (17) USA – 65.63 18 (18) Romania – 63.98; 19 (19) Namibia – 61.24 20 (20) Portugal – 60.67




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serve referee during the final. Johan Meuwesen has been appointed TV match official. The Currie Cup final will kick off at Coca-Cola Park at 5:30pm. The main curtain-raiser will be the U21 final between the Blue Bulls and Sharks at 14:30.

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New skipper for Chiefs There is no problem in the team, says VV Soccer Correspondent


n a press statement this week Kaizer Chiefs announced that Itumeleng Khune had been appointed as the new captain of the team. The club added that former captain Jimmy Tau did not resign, and that there was no ‘bust up’ between coach Vladimir Vermezovic and Tau as speculated in the media. Meanwhile, reflecting on his team’s failure to defend its Telkom Knockout Cup title, Vermezovic said his side lacked aggression in the match against Platinum Stars. “We needed to produce a good per-

formance to defend our title, but we were not aggressive enough when going forward. We did not put our opponents under a lot of pressure in their half, as we often do,” he said. The Amakhosi coach also insisted that there was no problem between him and former captain Jimmy Tau, as the rumour mill has churned out. “On that day he played and fought hard. Personally, there is nothing wrong between me and Tau.” The 2-1 elimination by Platinum Stars came on a tough afternoon for Kaizer Chiefs, where they were made to sweat for 120 minutes of highly competitive cup football.

From left : Chiefs coach Vladimir Vermezovic, Itumeleng Khune and Jimmy Tau

“I’m disappointed with the result, obviously we could have loved to win but congratulations to Platinum Stars,” Vermezovic said. It was a torrid afternoon for the visiting Amakhosi, with the baking sun making it difficult for them to play a fluent game. Vermezovic however said they cannot use the heat as an excuse to justify the defeat. “We couldn’t switch the sun off and call for the rain. I don’t want to single out the hot weather as the excuse because both teams played in the same conditions. It was very hot out there, but our opponents adapted better than us,” he said.

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