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Healthy lifestyle awareness

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Stories from the African continent

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City launches annual fashion extravaganza Staff Reporter


Johannesburg Tourism Company acting CEO Phelisa Mangcu. Pic:

oburg’s three-day fashion extravaganza, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Joburg 2013 (MBFWJ), kicks off on March 7. This was announced at the launch that was attended by high-profile designers and dignitaries at the Wits Art Museum on Monday evening. Acting CEO of the Johannesburg Tourism Company (JTC) Phelisa Mangcu said the MBFWJ provides a valuable opportunity for local designers and those in the clothing and textile industry to be exposed and granted access to global markets and decision-makers. “Fashion is the ultimate lifestyle springboard and this exciting event is a wonderful way to showcase Johannesburg as the ultimate lifestyle destination,” she added. The event will provide a unique opportunity to cement Johannesburg’s role as a fashion capital and hub on the African continent as well as a lifestyle destination. The line-up includes

designers such as David Tlale, Gavin Rajah, Suzaan Heyns and Fabiani. The Acting CEO of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA), Siphiwe Ngwenya announced exciting developments for the fashion industry. “We aim to revolutionise Gauteng and by partnering with the fashion industry, we aim to boost growth and revitalise the manufacturing industry. We plan on establishing a fashion council that will work towards securing funding and support for budding designers. We are also working towards revitalising the City’s existing fashion district,” he announced. The decision to return to the Joburg inner-city for the MBFWJ 2013 Autumn / Winter collection is in line with AFI’s aim to provide support to the city’s young entrepreneurs. The move will enable African Fashion International (AFI) to engage with up-and-coming designers by facilitating a skills exchange using AFI platforms, specifically the AFI Fastrack and AFI Next Generation initiatives. AFI chairperson Precious Moloi-

Motsepe said holding the event in Newton will see a flood of urban trendsetters into the area, promoting it as a secure, attractive and commercially viable place to network. “My belief is that Africa holds the promise of a positive future for the production and consumption of luxury goods and fashion. Joburg, as more than Africa’s leading international business and networking hub, holds the key to this promise. The city is a world-class fashion and shopping destination and cultural centre, and its designers are shining stars whose future in the global market looks increasingly bright.” Economic Development MMC Ruby Mathang said partnering with AFI to host the event puts Joburg on a global platform as a fashion industry leader, along with cities such as Berlin, New York and London. “This provides unprecedented opportunities to communicate that Johannesburg is well and truly open for global fashion design businesses, providing a unique lifestyle destination for fashion tourists and buyers.”


Inner-city Gazette


Finance MMC Geoffrey Makhubo

21 - 28 February 2013

Some properties in Joburg inner-city.

Pic: Inner-city Press Agency

Property valuation roll opens Staff Reporter


n a statement the City of Joburg announces that it has unveiled the second general property valuation roll, which will allow generation of

1st FLOOR MEDICAL CHAMBERS, 38 BRUCE STREET, BEREA, 2198 TEL: 011 643 5271 011 644 2864 EMERGENCY: 076 798 2393 EMAIL:

rates on an equal basis for the next four years. The roll was recently unveiled by Finance MMC Geoffrey Makhubo at the Midrand Conference Centre. He said the General Valuation Roll 2013 (GV2013) has been approved

by the city, which means the roll is officially open for public inspection and objections up to May 3. “The roll consists of 812 769 properties, and has a total value of R912 billion. All the properties are valued at a market rate to ensure fairness. We would like to encourage all property owners to visit the city’s website as well as the inspection venues to check the valuation of their properties,” MMC Makhubo said. He emphasised that the city would not entertain late objections as property owners would have been given 73 days to submit their objections. The GV2013 has a valuation date of July 2012, which means that the properties are valued to reflect the market conditions at that date, and property rates based on the GV2013 valuations will be billed as from 1 July 2013. Municipal Valuer Piet Eloff said the Municipal Property Rates Act (MPRA) prescribed an objection period of a minimum of 30 days. “However, in line with our customer approach, the City has extended and afforded property owners more time for the roll to be made available for public inspection when property owners can exercise their rights in terms of the Act, and object to their values or any other property value deemed to be incorrect.” Eloff explained that the last valuation roll was implemented from July 1 2008 and that by law a city needed to review its general valuation roll every four years. He explained that there were several types of properties, including residential, sectional title, non-residential and agriculture properties. Each was valued differently although they all related to market value. “This is a mass valuation process, the Municipal Valuer uses a computer-aided mass appraisal system to determine the values of all properties. This is based on statistical analysis and geographical information systems that require reliable and accurate data,” he added. The GV2013 will be made available for inspection at 10 venues across the city, where City officials will be available to assist members of the public who wish to inspect the valuation roll or submit an objection. The venues in Joburg inner-city are Valuation Services, Metropolitan Centre, Level B Block Street, 158 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein and Thuso House Service Centre, 61 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein.

21 - 28 February 2013

Inner-city Gazette



Residents sift through the waste for recyclable materials.

Recycling creates jobs

Staff Reporter


ikitup’s Trash to Treasure project has created over 100 jobs in Soweto and Diepsloot alone, through the Buy-Back Centres managed by independent cooperatives, managing director Amanda Nair says. She explains that the project encourages residents to recycle their refuse. “This project promotes job creation as recyclable waste is exchanged for money. At full implementation of the project 950 000 households will be exposed to the separation of recyclable waste at source.” Nair adds that collection of recyclable waste commenced in Orange Farm. “Essentially, it requires residents to use separate receptacles to collect the waste, a black bin for non-

recyclable household waste, a clear durable plastic bag for glass, cans, plastics and the like, and a reusable white bag for all paper materials.” She adds that the project received 25% participation in the Waterval depot area, 7% in the Zondi area, and 7% in Diepsloot. The areas experienced a significant amount of littering and illegal dumping prior to the project’s establishment. “The project has also positively impacted on how people view littering and illegal dumping. In addition to contributing towards a sustainable environment, it also creates business opportunities for the City’s reclaimers and recycling cooperatives that make a living out of selling discarded items. We aim to reduce waste, educate people about the benefits of recycling and create jobs,” Nair says.

Children at the Bongani Creche sing a song.

Pic: Ramona Singer

MMC visits child centres Staff Reporter


his week Joburg Health and Social Development MMC Nonceba Molwele visited childhood development (ECD) centres to determine their compliance with health and social development guidelines. Molwele said the centres should no longer be called crèches. “The word ‘crèche’ has a negative connotation on the development of the child. It is not about making money, but making sure that proper channels are followed to improve the lives of our children. It is important to check the child’s social aspect by involving

parents to ensure effective development.” She added that a crèche was a play school where children go; until they go back home in the afternoon, having done nothing productive. “To ensure effectiveness of these centres, we have to change our mindset. We refer to them as ECD centres as we want to ensure children spend quality time preparing for school.” Molwele added that the health and social aspects of every child should be scrutinised to see if they are lacking in any area. “That would allow for defects to be detected and attended to as early as possible. Remedial measures will be effected to ensure

the problem is solved before it’s too late. Early learning development will go a long way towards addressing problems affecting children as they prepare for school.” She explained that the City will develop comprehensive ECD programmes. “Where there is need for us to go in and capacitate the centres, we’ll do so” Molwele said. She added that her department would soon hold a regional summit with all stakeholders to look into the issue surrounding ECD centres. “I believe that coming together to discuss the way forward will help us all. Working together is essential for the sake of developing the children.”


Inner-city Gazette

Leader / Opinion

21 - 28 February 2013

Women abuse is apartheid remnant


The adage that the real story lies in what is left out resonates these days. Some people believe that the current spate of chilling tales of women and minors being abused is not something new. They say this scourge has been there since over 40 years ago, but was not reported by an incompetent press that was bound by state repression rules. The contention is that the only thing new is increased reportage of incidents, which has a bearing on press freedom and improved media competence and resources. Distribution – Free copies door to door delivery weekly to all households and businesses in the Joburg inner-city. Inner-City Gazette welcomes editorial contributions from readers. They may raise new issues or respond to articles published in the paper. Contributions may be sent to the editor’s address below. Published by Inner-City Gazette 149 Pritchard Street, Johannesburg 2000 Tel : 011 023 - 7588 011 024 - 8210 011 402 - 1977 Fax : 086 609 8601 Email : Website :

All rights and reproduction of articles, images and other items published in this publication are reserved in terms of Section 12(7) of the Copyright Act 96 (1978) and its amendments thereof.

Inner-City Gazette subscribes to the South African Press Code that prescribes news that is truthful, accurate, fair and balanced. If we do not live up to the code please contact the press ombudsman on 011 484-3612 or 011 484 - 3618 or .

Danger of chasing the vendors


henever Metro Police raid unlicensed vendors in the streets there is a great amount of commotion as the vendors pick up their stock and run away. This is worse at the Twist and Noord streets Metrorail bridge in the Johannesburg CBD, where there are many such vendors and the street is always crowded. As the vendors run or stampede

they often collide with other pedestrians, and in the confusion serious accidents may happen because that part of the street also has a large amount of motor traffic, which includes speeding taxis. The Metro Police should know this better because their duties also involve controlling traffic. The city council could take some action to ensure the vendors do

not set up their stall there, like fencing the area off. Chasing the vendors in the crowded street may not stop them selling there, but may only lead to a tragedy in the form of traffic accidents there, which would likely involve pedestrians who are not even the vendors the police are after. VN Snyman Johannesburg

I read an article in your newspaper entitled Consider the death penalty written by your correspondent Ronia Mpande in page four (Inner-city Gazette 14 - 21 February). Mpande said because of the widespread cases of rape and murders the death penalty must be applied. First, Mpande does not seem to remember that the death penalty was abolished in 1994, and will never be reinstated in South Africa as long as the majority rules. Mpande also does not seem to realise that the violence currently gripping the country, in which many women are raped and some murdered, is in part a side effect of the violence that was inflicted on the majority black people of this country, and the death penalty of those days was part of it. Needless to say, and very unfortunately, the people had to use violence to end racist rule. People were subjected to state violence for a very long time, which left some of them mentally unbalanced, hence we hear of all these chilling stories of rapes and murders. My solution to this would be government sponsored mass education programmes to help people understand that violence is no longer the right way. Individuals who display mental instability must be subjected to psychological treatment before they become the monsters we see today. Jabulile Nxasane Newtown

Healthy lifestyle awareness

Compiled by Lesego Lala

In general a healthy person doesn’t smoke, is at a healthy weight, eats healthy and exercises. The trick to healthy living is making small changes, taking more steps, adding fruit to your cereal, having an extra glass of water. These are a few ways of living healthy without drastic changes. Nature knows best, stay close to it: Traditional eating habits provide more fibre in the diet, eat natural foods e.g. whole grains and pulse, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, they are good for your heart. Eat to live: do not live to eat: Follow healthy dietary habits from childhood.

Maintain appropriate body weight, avoid feasting, fasting and snacking. Eat slowly, savour each bite. Enjoy variety without losing out on nutrients. Tips for healthy eating: Select items from different food groups. Practice regularity, variety, balance and moderation in food. Eat right quality, eat at least five servings of fruits/vegetables. Avoid refined processed and preserved food, Control your intake of salt and sugar, Restrict to 15% to 25% of the calories consumed, Eat diet low in saturated/animal fats. Avoid hydrogenated oils, use a variety of oils for cooking. Exercise: The best way to ensure that

you keep active over the long term is to include activity in your everyday life chores, gardening and walking can make a difference, or cycle instead of travelling by car or social sporting activities, such as dancing or rambling. Exercise improves mood and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, enhance self esteem, reduce stress. Remember the health benefits of physical activity only last as long as you remain active. Join City of Joburg Health Dept for a fun walk and more activities on 23 March at Diepkloof Club House Phase 1. For more information contact Lesego Lala on (011) 681-8016/(011) 681-8015.

21 - 28 February 2013

Inner-city Gazette

‘Theft from vehicle’ men held Crime Reporter


n Wednesday Joburg police arrested a 40 year-old man for alleged theft out of a motor vehicle in Fordsburg, says police spokesperson Warrant Officer Xoli Mbele. He explains that three suspects were captured by CCTV cameras stealing groceries from a white Ford Bantam bakkie. “The victim bought groceries from a shop and put them into the

back of his bakkie. He returned to the shop, but when he came back to the vehicle he realised that his groceries had been stolen. One suspect was arrested but his two accomplices are still at large. The stolen items were not recovered,” W/O Mbele says. He adds that the previous day police arrested another suspect over a similar offence in the Joburg CBD. “The owner of the car left his silver BMW parked at the corner of Mooi

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and Bree streets and went into a shop. When his car keys vibrated he went out to check his car and saw two men inside it. They had gained entry into the car by breaking the front passenger window of the vehicle. One of the men was arrested and the victim’s cellphone recovered, but the other man escaped.” W/O Mbele says the man who got arrested has been charged with theft out of a motor vehicle, and also with malicious damage to property.


CCTV footage shows thieves breaking into a parked vehicle.



Inner-city Gazette


Army jury jails Sahrawis

Rabat - A military court has jailed a group of Sahrawis accused of killing security force members in Western Sahara. Eight were jailed for life and four for 30 years. A 25th defendant was tried in absentia and given a life sentence. Some of the defendants had feared receiving the death sentence. On November 8, 2010, Moroccan forces moved to dismantle the Gdim Izik camp near Laayoune, the main city in the disputed Western Sahara, King Mohammed VI which thousands of Sahrawis had set up in protest over their living conditions. Authorities say 11 people died in the violence, among them members of the security forces, and 70 were wounded. Observers and rights groups have expressed concern over claims by the accused that they were tortured in custody, and insist that the trial should have been held in a civilian court. Amnesty International condemned the military trial and said torture claims should be probed. Western Sahara is a sensitive subject in Morocco, which annexed the former Spanish colony in 1975 in a move not recognised by the international community. Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has proposed autonomy, but Polisario Front separatists insist on the right of the Sahrawi people to a referendum on self-determination.

Focus on Africa

Kampala - This week’s deployment of 500 DR Congo troops will boost the AU regional taskforce in the hunt for the LRA’s Joseph Kony. The battalion was presented to Dungu in Orientale Province by DRC’s Maj-Gen Amuli Bahigwa, and handed it over to the Special Envoy of the Chairperson of the AU Commission (AUC) for the LRA issue, Ambassador Francisco Madeira. The Regional Task Force, commanded by Brig Dick Olum includes 500 troops from South Sudan, 2 000 from Uganda, 350 from Central African Republic, and the DR Congo troops have increased strength to 3 350 soldiers, which however is still short of the required 5 000. DRC’s deployment is in line with the decision of the Joint Coordination Mechanism for the elimination of the LRA, which tasked affected countries to designate Sector Commanders, contribute and deploy their contingents under the taskforce. Regional security officials had expressed frustration that DR Congo’s failure to deploy troops was affecting the hunt for LRA.

Riots over cholera scare

Thomas Sankara

Gunmen seize foreign workers Abuja - Gunmen have kidnapped seven foreign workers of Lebanese construction company Setraco in Bauchi State. Among them were four Lebanese, a Briton, an Italian and a Greek, police said. Bauchi police chief Mohammed Ladan said gunmen also attacked a police station and a prison that night, but were repelled.

DRC troops join AU force

Joseph Kony

Call to probe assassination Ouagadougou - A French left-wing parliamentarian has called on the government of Blaise Compaore to shed light on the assassination of ex-president Thomas Sankara in a coup that was carried out 25 years ago. Communist MP André Chassaigne said a commission of inquiry should investigate the coup that was supported by Liberia, Ivory Coast, Libya, United States and France. Twelve Burkinabé MPs wrote to their French counterparts two years ago to demand a parliamentary inquiry into Sankara’s death. Chassaigne said it is time for France to heed their call. “To a certain extent France is responsible for this assassination. I believe that France, which today claims to behave differently towards Africa under what I personally would call a virtuous circle, must tell the truth. We cannot leave the people of Burkina Faso and the peoples of Africa in the dark about what really happened,” he said this week. An inquiry that would shed light into the circumstances of the assassination would be good for France too, Chassaigne said, adding that it would improve France’s relations with African countries.

21 - 28 February 2013

Recently kidnappers killed a German hostage during a rescue operation. Suspected Boko Haram gunmen kidnapped an Italian and a British man last year in Kebbi State who were later killed during a British special forces rescue attempt. Boko Haram has claimed several attacks as part of a battle it says will create an Islamic state in the north.

Maputo - Two people died in clashes between police and mobs claiming that health workers are Kismayo causing, rather than curing cholera, in the Mecufi district of Cabo Delgado province. A group of people tried to invade the health post in the Mecufi administrative post of Murrebue. They wanted to remove patients from the health post for fear that they were being deliberately infected with cholera. Police arrested eight people who had allegedly spread the disinformation about cholera. A few days later assailants beat to death the secretary of the Mecufi neighbourhood Cesario Abuchir, accusing him of working with government officials to spread cholera. A mob attempted to attack the Murrebue police post, in an attempt to release the people arrested after the attack on the health post. Sources said police opened fire to restore order. On Thursday schools, markets and other services were closed, and local leaders had fled. Every time there is an outbreak of cholera in Cabo Delgado, or other northern provinces, there are peoArmy Chief of Staff Lt-General Azubuike ple who claim that government and health workers Ihejirika has announced that the army is to are deliberately trying to poison local people. The deploy a Special Task Force to confront ter- Lt-Gen Azubuike results have often been tragic, including deaths, inrorism, armed banditry and kidnapping. juries and destruction of health equipment. Ihejirika

Discovery Health recently conducted a bake sale to raise funds for the Nazareth House old age home of Yeoville, in which about R2 785 was raised for the place. The ladies pictured above are some of the residents of the centre. Pic supplied by ARCAY Burson-Marsteller

Coming Soon For more information call 011 057 5641 Email :

21 - 28 February 2013

Inner-city Gazette




The Arts

Inner-city Gazette

21 - 28 February 2013

Sephuma’s first gospel beat She delivered her songs with visible passion, as tears ran down her face

Poelano Malema


usician Judith Sephuma has recorded her first gospel album. The recording was carried out live at the Lyric Theatre in Joburg last Friday, and local celebrities and many of her fans attended the event. Sephuma delivered an amazing performance and received a

standing ovation from the audience. She delivered all of her songs with passion, and tears ran down her face as she performed the traditional hymn Ke sekilwe ke Jeso, which entranced the audience in a spirited sing-along. Neville D, who wrote five of the songs Sephuma performed, said Judith took gospel music to a new level in Africa. “The show was

just unbelievable, he added.” Award-winning musician Pastor Benjamin Dube, who featured Sephuma on his latest album, said the show was top of the range. “Judith has proven that when you take professionalism, excellence and skill, this is what can happen. As she sang I felt like going onto the stage and telling her not to stop singing,” Pastor Dube said.

Some members of the Dance Spectrum. Pic: John Hogg

Dynamic line-up for dance festival Arts Correspondent A rich heritage of dance styles will be exposed at the National School of Arts’ Festival of Fame Expressions of Heritage between February 25 and March 2 in Braamfontein. The NSA’s flagship production, Dance Spectrum, showcases the learners in a programme of classical ballet, contemporary, Spanish and Afro-fusion. Classical ballet is in the spotlight in Minkus Variations, choreographed by Manuel Norambuena and Sarah Hurter to the stirring music of Russian Imperial Ballet composer, Ludwig Minkus. Pictures of Africa, African Revival and Tribal Heartbeat feature the choreography of Lauren Jones. Her contemporary vocabulary conjures images of nature and vast beauty of the African landscape. Expressing the essence of ubuntu: “I am because of who we all are,” Pictures of Africa shows in narrative dance that no matter our differences we can all stand united. In a confluence of cultures, Gillian Bonegio uses kwela music to open her dynamic Spanish programme. This is followed by a Flamenco Tango La Mari Morena, with authentic Spanish vocal and guitar accompaniment by Raul Bonegio. Guest choreographer Gregory Maqoma of Vuyani Dance Theatre brings his choreographic style staging two movements from his celebrated, The Four Seasons. His Winter expresses the season of loss and despair, while Summer reveals hope and the possibility of a prosperous new dawn. In a celebration of heritage, the NSA will present Tranceformations, the seminal work from Sylvia Glasser and Moving Into Dance Mophatong. Created 21 years ago this work was inspired by Bushman/San rock art and trance dancing. Tranceformations is a trailblazing work that has transformed perceptions and attitudes to San culture and to theatrical dance. It pays tribute to dispossessed people and their culture. Glasser will present a special lecture on Tranceformations on 27 February preceding the performance. From I Dance Productions comes a contemporary dance programme entitled White Noise. Raindrops, Heavy, Muse, Art of Motion and Breathing are the works of Angelique Harris and offer her insight into notions of tradition, honesty, destiny, self-reliance and self-image in the challenging world of the young artist. In the Architect of the Mind, Lauren Jones explores thoughts and ideas, original and borrowed, demanding detailed attention and creative processing. For more info visit

21 - 28 February 2013

Inner-city Gazette





Inner-city Gazette

21 - 28 February 2013


21 - 28 February 2013

Inner-city Gazette


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Close call in league contest Soccer Correspondent

Chiefs/Wits action in the last encounter.

Previous winners display the Nedbank Cup.

Chance for amateurs to face Nedbank winners R8 000 for every goal scored in the Nedbank Cup tournament to be used towards building a multipurpose sports facility in a school still to be chosen Soccer Correspondent


edbank’s Group Executive for Marketing, Communication and Corporate Affairs Thulani Sibeko recently announced that amateur players would compete against the next Nedbank Cup champions. The amateur team, to be called Nedbank Ke Yona will comprise of 18 players aged between 18 and 35 who will be selected from all provinces through a reality TV series public vote. The chosen players would be trained by professional players and soccer legends. After the match, if they proved good enough, they would be open to offers from professional clubs.

NFD League Fixtures Sourced from

Responding to the announcement of this initiative Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula said government associates itself with initiatives like this. “We like to inject life and purpose to those without. They are going to make a young person in the dusty street have hope. Football is the number one sport in our country. Let’s revolutionise sport, build our own talent so we can have a stronger team, so we can be competitive. The most important aspect is unravelling and nurturing talent. We want role-models, not losers,” he added. Nedbank also increased the ultimate prize-money from R6 million to R7 million, and a chance to play

Sunday 03 March 2013 Polokwane v Cosmos - University of Limpopo 15:30 Roses Utd v Vasco Da Gama - Botshabelo Stadium 15:30 Afric Warriors v TR Zulu - Charles Mopeli Stadium 15:30 Saturday 09 March 2013 Dynamos v Roses United - Giyane Stadium 15:30

Weekly Soccer Tickets Give Away Jomo Cosmos Football Club is giving away tickets to watch its matches at Johannesburg Stadium throughout the NFD season. To win a ticket answer the following simple question by calling the telephone number 011 023 7588. This week you are required to : Give the result of the Nedbank Cup Jomo Cosmos and FC Cape Town match that was played this week. Call 011 023 7588 to submit your answer and stand a chance to win a ticket for the next Jomo Cosmos match.

in the African Confederations Cup. Sibeko added that his bank would donate R8 000 for every goal scored in the Nedbank Cup tournament, to be used towards building a multipurpose sports facility in a school still to be chosen. Meanwhile Joburg inner-city side BidVest Wits have decided to take their 2013 Nedbank Cup Last 32 clash with Kaizer Chiefs on Saturday to Mbombela Stadium in Mpumalanga. Earlier in the season the team played its Telkom Knockout first round match against Kaizer Chiefs at the 5 000-seater BidVest Stadium. They won the game 3-2, a rare highlight for then coach Antonio Habas,

Witbank Spurs v Jomo Cosmos - Puma Stadium 15:30 Black Aces v Santos -Themba Senamela Stadium 15:30 FC Cape Town v F.C A.K - NNK Rugby Stadium 15:30 Thanda Royal Zulu v Blackburn Rovers - Richards Bay Sports Stadium 15:30 Vasco Da Gama v Polokwane City Parow Park 15:30

with CEO Jose Ferreira saying it was never in their thinking to move the match and give up homeground advantage. This time it seems financial considerations have overtaken sporting sensibilities, with the PSL confirming that the club had chosen to take the match to the 42 000 seater Mbombela Stadium. Supersport United also decided to take their home first round match ‘away’ as they play against Moroka Swallows on the same day at the Peter Mokaba Stadium, a regular venue for them in cup games. Among other high-profile first round games Orlando Pirates take on third-tier Maluti FET College at Charles Mopeli Stadium on Saturday.

After the 19th round of the PSL contest Soweto giants Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates remain locked in a fierce battle for ascendancy at the top of the Absa Premiership table. During the week Amakhosi retained their place at the top of the table after beating Black Leopards 3-1 away, where Tefu Mashamaite, Kingston Nkhatha and Lucky Baloyi scored. The Buccaneers however have a game in hand and remained in the same second position with a 1-0 win over Platinum Stars. Daine Klate’s early second half goal was enough for the Buccaneers to claim the three points On Tuesday Mamelodi Sundowns were held to a 1-1 home draw by Golden Arrows, which disappointed coach Pitso Mosimane. In another PSL encounter Ajax Cape Town needed a late goal to draw 2-2 at home to Bloemfontein Celtic. On Wednesday Free State Stars claimed a 1-0 home win over Maritzburg United, extending the KZN side’s PSL winless streak to seven games. University of Pretoria held Moroka Swallows to a 1-1 home draw, while Bidvest Wits came from a goal down to beat Chippa United 2-1 in Johannesburg. AmaZulu moved off the bottom of the table for the first time this season, as they held SuperSport United to a goalless draw. That was the 12th draw for Supersport from 18 matches.

School Children Transport 2013

We cover Yeoville, Berea, Bertrams, Orange Grove, Houghton up to Gresswold schools. Please phone us so as to accommodate your child on the following cell numbers:

078 702 5759 or 073 894 3009 This is our third year making transport easy and accessible to children around our vicinity. You can stop stressing about unreliable transport in 2013 henceforth. We are organised and a God fearing company.

Sales Agents

URGENTLY NEEDED *Commission only *No experience necessary *Start immediately *Full training and support provided To apply SMS your name, contact number and area (where you live) to 076 681 0577 or email CV to:

Inner City Gazette  

21st - 28th February 2013

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