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Special from 15 - 22 March 2012


15 - 22 March 2012 TEL : 011 023-7588 / 011 402 - 1977

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Women’s Day SAPS women gather to commemorate International Women’s Day. See page 2.


For distribution in your shop, school, church, building, police station, etc call +27 11 023-7588.




15 - 22 MARCH 2012

Left : Col Shereen Swartz addresses the gathering. Above : Part of the audience that attended the event. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Women’s Day commemoration Dintle Motlala

‘We need to have self discipline and respect each other as women; we should concentrate on our strengths instead of weaknesses’


omen from the South African Police Service recently gathered at the Hillbrow police station hall to commemorate International Women’s Day. The event was attended by members of SAPS to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women, according to Hillbrow police cluster coordinator Col Shereen Swartz. The commemoration

event’s theme was ‘connecting girls, inspiring futures’. Col Swartz said the day should be celebrated in peace and unity. “It is a day when women get together to celebrate being women. It’s a special day in which we can all come out in strength and wear our uniforms,” she said. Sgt Koena Nkoana of Norwood police said: “We need to have self discipline and respect each other as women. We should concentrate on our strengths instead of weaknesses. We should learn to do things that make us happy,” she added. One of the residents, Babalwa

Thakatshana said: “We are here to empower each other and enjoy ourselves. We should support and love one another, and not forget to embrace our dreams until they become reality.” There was performance by Joyce Ledwaba and Zanele Ngcobo, traditional singers and other entertainment such as modelling in police attire. They danced and sang, celebrating the special day. Ledwaba, an artist, said the day shows that women play an important role. “We are strong and proud. Men should respect us,” she added.


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Tel : 011 024 - 8513

15 - 22 MARCH 2012




Skills centre hosts engineering workshop

BHP Billiton Career Centre manager Phelelia Sekele PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

The initiative coordinates efforts and distributes information to promote engineering as a career

Sizwe Mathe engineering, promotes skills velopment and increases higher education uptake of prospective Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in engineering students. “It highNewtown recently hosted the lighted the centrality of Mathannual schools engineering pro- ematics in the day to day practice gramme, which forms part of of engineering, and projected the the centre’s career advocacy and engineering field and its indusskills development programme. tries as employer of choice.” BHP Billiton Career Centre For the whole week, exhibition manager Phelelia Sekele said the stalls were erected by various programme aims to create aware- higher institutions and companess about the role of engineer- nies which provided informaing and to facilitate learner and tion about bursaries, learnerships industry interaction. and employment opportunities. “The primary objective is to “Interactive presentations and showcase a full range of career workshops that enhance learner’s opportunities available in the in- knowledge and skills were also dustry, enhance understanding provided by engineering students, of engineering as the backbone women engineers and lecturers,” of the country’s economy, create added Sekele. awareness of the diversity of the Last year the government anengineering field, its real life ap- nounced plans to spend approxiplications and how it affects our mately R215 billion on educadaily lives,” she added. tion and skills development, and Sekele said the programme also to develop 30 000 engineers by contributes to the advancement of 2014 to address the shortage of

engineering skills. Since the launch there have been various initiatives to draw learners into the profession. The initiative, called Engenius, was coordinated through the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). It coordinates public and private sector efforts in the industry, and distributes information to promote engineering as a career choice to primary and high school learners. The Sci-Bono engineering week promotes Engenius objectives. “We want the inner city youth to be aware of these initiatives because these workshops are there to help them. The whole centre belongs to them, it’s not a private entity,” added Sekele. The centre will also host a solar science holiday programme from 31 March up to 4 April. For more information call 011 639 8476/8453 or e-mail




COMMENT The recent announcement that government will introduce more strict rules in regulating the distribution of alcohol is a welcome development. The current legislation which allows liquor outlets to distribute alcohol at just about any time often leads to uncontrolled consumption, and unacceptable consequences. That often includes alcohol abuse by especially young people who should be otherwise concentrating on improving their lives. In some cases the youths go to school under the influence of liquor, with a debilitating hangover, and sometimes even carry the booze in their schoolbags to school. In the recent reported incidents of shocking behavior by learners, involvement of alcohol was often either suspected or confirmed. Recently the authorities announced a proposal to raise the legal age limit for liquor consumption to over 21. Many mental development experts maintain that a human may only be regarded as having reached maturity at the age of 21. Even lay people may understand that at 18, the person is a teenager whose mind and body is still in the development stage, and not fully developed. Therefore, to allow such a body to be tormented by corrosive intoxicants like Vodka and whisky would lead to disastrous effects. Youths often find it difficult to control their behaviour and emotions after taking alcohol. Many young people do not take the need to practice safe sex seriously, and if they get drunk they ignore Aids prevention procedures. Many youths die from HIV/Aids related illnesses these days, many of which resulted from infection in which alcohol was involved. Sometimes the youths get introduced to liquor aged about 12, and the alcohol prevents proper development of the mind, and we end up with morons or persons of retarded reasoning capacity by the time they reach adulthood. Distribution – 40 000 copies free door to door delivery weekly to all households and businesses in the Joburg inner-city. Inner-City Gazette welcomes editorial contributions from readers. They may raise new issues or respond to articles published in the paper. Contributions may be sent to the editor’s address below. Published by Inner-City Gazette 149 Pritchard Street, Johannesburg 2000 Tel : 011 023 - 7588 011 024 - 8210 011 402 - 1977 Fax : 086 609 8601 Email : Website : Printed by Paarlcoldset(Pty)Ltd

All rights and reproduction of articles, images and other items published in this publication are reserved in terms of Section 12(7) of the Copyright Act 96 (1978) and its amendments thereof.

15 - 22 MARCH 2012

Housing group is failing ‘The entity used R575 000 to evict only four tenants’


ohannesburg Social Housing Company is clearly failing in its mandate of providing affordable rental housing services and products to the people of Johannesburg. The incompetency of JOSHCO is clear for all and sundry to notice, and on the other hand politicians, (read ANC), rear their collective hideous heads, intervening selfishly on behalf of defaulting tenants among other factors. For instance the entity has stubbornly vowed that it will not maintain the residential buildings in

Community members at the reopening of the revamped Casa Mia building in Berea last year. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

areas like Eldorado Park since the tenants in that neck of the woods are determined that they will not pay rent as they want ownership and transfer of rental unit. In their wisdom JOSHCO response is to refuse maintenance instead of address this issue which has been going on for many moons. Can you imagine if all tenants of JOSHCO boycott rent, and the entity apply this principle, needless to say all the buildings will be run down. In Kliptown which has a large number of tenants boycotting rent, JOSHCO at least has showed some

Cout .......... please consider Call for donating your second hand items to I Care, an NGO working to charity transform the lives of street children through rehabilitation, or housing them in donations reunification one of the I Care family homes. leaning,



We really need items of furniture

muscle to evict some defaulting tenants. However the entity used an astronomical sum of R575 000 to evict only four tenants, that is clearly much too much on everyone’s standard. To add salt to injury is that the very four rent defaulting tenants were returned to the building, when ANC politicians selfishly intervened on their behalf. On another matter JOSHCO can leave some buildings unoccupied for longer period, for instance Casa Mia in the inner-city has been vacant for a long spell, despite being revamped, the entity claims that such as chairs, tables, couches and carpeting in order to work effectively with the children. Items of clothing, shoes, especially those for boys, linen and dry foods are always welcome. Donations can be delivered to the I Care drop-in centre, 91 Caroline Street, Brixton (old Scout Hall)

electricity is not enough for projected tenants who will be accommodated. The entity promise that they have been working forever to correct this measure, exactly when this issue will be resolved, is anyone’s guess. While the entity should be faulted on its blatant incompetency, JOSHCO should also stand up to politicians who stick their noses in matters that do not concern them. The ANC intervenes purely to earn votes in the coming elections. Clr Sipho Ndlela DA Spokesperson from Monday to Friday 8am 4pm. Alternatively we can collect, call Todd on (011) 830-2604 or Shirley on careline 0861 470 047. The generosity of the public is what we rely on to serve the underprivileged children in our society. Shirley Van Rensburg Brixton

Tribute to acclaimed freedom fighter She was at the forefront of the revolutionary struggle and had thousands of followers


t was on 13 March in 1980 when we lost one of the most profound leaders in South African history, Lilian Ngoyi (pictured). She died of a short illness aged 68 but her contribution to the women’s movement will be remembered for generations to come. Every young girl should look to Ngoyi as a role model and an inspiration to continue the women’s liberation movement which is far from over. Despite being a black woman, suffering under triple oppression, she was at the forefront of the revolutionary struggle and had thousands of followers. Ngoyi was not only the President of the Federation of South African Women, but she was the first President of our great movement ANC Women’s League. She also held her own among the men and was the first woman to be elected to the National Executive Committee of the ANC.

That was during the1950s, one of the most turbulent decades of our political history. It was she who led the historic march of 20 000 women of all races to the Union Building in 1956 to protest against pass laws for women. The significance and impact of this march led to us celebrating National Women’s day on August 9. Ngoyi also understood the im-

portance of gaining international support to oppose the Apartheid regime and travelled extensively to tell of the atrocities being committed at home by the then government. She explained the progressive policies of the ANC to an international audience and assisted greatly in the international democratic movement. For her defiance of apartheid Ngoyi had her fair share of persecution. She was arrested and charged with high treason along with 155 other women at the end of 1956 and was subjected to various types of bannings and house arrests, but it never stopped her dedication to the fight for what she believed. Ngoyi never saw the free South Africa she dreamed of and fought so boldly for. She never saw the release of Nelson Mandela and never saw black and white people sitting on the same buses; going to the same

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schools; sharing meals in restaurants and having the freedoms of an equal society. She did not see our progressive constitution and policies that see women with 50 percent representation in government structures, but for this life we enjoy today we owe much of that to her. The ANCWL believes she would be proud of how far we have come as a country and what has been achieved, for this the ANCWL thank Ngoyi for her remarkable contribution and we hope to live up to the high standards she set out for us when the ANCWL was formed. We will continue the fight for the full emancipation of women, the abolishment of the patriarchal mindset and an end to violence against women. We shall do this in honour of the great Lilian Ngoyi. Troy Martens ANCWL, Johannesburg

15 - 22 MARCH 2012



Region faces starvation N’djamena - Relief agency Oxfam warns that West Africa may soon face a major food crisis. It said a combination of drought, high food prices, reduced harvests, poverty and conflict were spreading an emerging crisis across Chad, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and northern Senegal, and 13 million people could be affected by the looming crisis. Oxfam’s regional director for West Africa Mamadou Biteye said a concerted aid effort is needed to stop tens of thousands dying due to international complacency. In Chad, the situation is already so bad that some villagers are digging into ant hills to collect grain the insects have stored. In the countries most affected, malnutrition rates are at between 10 and 15 per cent, and more than one million children are at risk of severe acute malnutrition. Oxfam said that in northern Mali, clashes between the army and Tuareg rebels had forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes, adding extra pressure demand for resources in surrounding countries. The group wants to raise $37 million to provide food and support to about one million people.

Mamadou Biteye

Demos against breakup

Mustafa Jalil

Tripoli - Thousands of people have rallied to denounce moves by leaders in the east to create a semi-autonomous territory. Demonstrators chanted slogans demanding unity and used shoes to hit photos of Ahmed Zubair alSenussi, the head of the regional council seeking a split. Senussi said he was ready to hold talks with the country’s leadership about setting up the oil-rich semi-autonomous territory, to be known as Cyrenaica. He said he was committed to federalism but was prepared to discuss what form it would take. Interim leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil, of the National Transitional Council (NTC), also called for dialogue but said national unity would be defended by force if necessary. Crowds gathered after clerics warned that the autonomy plan could lead to the break-up of the country. Following independence in 1951, Libya’s three regions enjoyed federal power until the country became a unitary state in 1963. Cyrenaica stretches from Sirte to the Egyptian border in the east. It contains two-thirds of the country’s oil reserves.

Worst fight since 2009

Thousands flee fighting Kinshasa - Fighting in North Kivu has forced over 3 000 civilians into Uganda since the beginning of this year, UNHCR says. The UN agency said an average 50 people were passing over into Uganda every day, after a series of attacks on farms and villages in the northeastern region. About 2 200 civilians crossed into Uganda in February alone, it said. UNHCR official Celine Schmitt said they are in the midst of a plan to return displaced Congolese civilians from Uganda - after signing an agreement in 2010. “But now people are fleeing into Uganda again.” Between 2010 and 2011, about 7 000 displaced Congolese living in Uganda returned to the DRC. According to the UNHCR, the new wave of displacements include many of the returning civilians who had made the journey back in the last two years. Some of the refugees told UNHCR staff that following nightly attacks by armed men, whole villages had fled into neighbouring Uganda.


Joseph Kony

Drive to catch rebel chief Kampala - International Criminal Court prosecutor Louis Ocampo supports a new campaign to capture alleged war criminal Joseph Kony. He said the social media campaign by Invisible Children had ‘mobilised the world’. The US group’s half-hour film on the use of child soldiers by Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has been viewed

nearly 20 million times on YouTube. Journalists and activists in Uganda have called the campaign ‘patronising’, while analysts said it fails to fully reflect the reality on the ground. The LRA campaign of terror began in northern Uganda over 20 years ago when they said they were fighting for a biblical state and the rights of the Acholi

Mogadishu - Scores of people have been killed after al-Shabab fighters attacked Ethiopian troops near the border. The fighting in Yurkud is the worst involving Ethiopian troops since they returned to Somalia last year after withdrawing in 2009. The fighting came the day after the AU said Ethiopia planned to pull troops out by the end of April. Bay region governor Abdifatah Mohamed Gesey said 130 fighters were killed, with minimal loses on the government and Ethiopian side, after the group tried to seize Yurkud twice. Al-Shabab’s Sheik Abdiaziz Abu-Musab said they killed 73 soldiers and lost five fighters. The attack was typical of the groups’s new strategy of attacking enemy rear bases after being forced out of urban areas by pro-government forces. people. It now operates primarily in neighAl-Shabab is under pressure from an AU force of bouring states. Ugandan and Burundian troops which ousted them The group is notorious for kidnapping from the capital Mogadishu, and Kenyan troops children, forcing the boys to become fighters and using girls as sex slaves. Abdifatah Gesey who entered Somalia from the south in October.





15 - 22 MARCH 2012

15 - 22 MARCH 2012







15 - 22 MARCH 2012

Gunman Joburg cops arrested nab 90 suspects Crime Reporter

Crime Reporter Johannesburg police have arrested 87 suspects for various offences during crime prevention operations which ended this week Monday. Police spokesperson W/O Xoli Mbele says among the suspects three were arrested for common robbery, two for malicious damage to property, four for attempted common robbery, six for assault with an intention to do grievous bodily harms and 10 for fraud,” explained W/O Mbele. The rest were arrested for possession of housebreaking implements, common assault, shoplifting, and theft. “Others were arrested for possession of suspected stolen property, domestic violence,

possession of fake DVDs, possession of dagga, inconsiderate driving, public drinking and drunk driving,” added W/O Mbele. Meanwhile Joburg police arrested two suspects in connection with armed robbery and possession of suspected stolen property. The suspects were arrested in Fennel Street, Rosettenville, after they allegedly robbed four victims walking in the road. “One of the suspects pulled out a firearm while his accomplice produced a knife; the third suspect searched the victims and took their cellphones. A police patrol managed to apprehend the suspects. The victim’s four cellphones were recovered; a knife and a toy gun were found in possession of the suspects,” said W/O Mbele. The third suspect escaped.

End St Mall fun day

Sizwe Mathe


variety of activities have been lined-up for AFHCO’s family fun day at 120 End Street in Doornfontein next week Wednesday. AFHCO’s urban development manager Lebo Mashego (pictured) says

the event will run from 11am up to 3pm on 21 March. “This is a great opportunity for kids and families to enjoy themselves.” The activities will be inside the mall and at the nearby park. Soweto Marimba Band and other artists will perform, he notes. “A load of excitement for children is guaranteed, and we hope parents will attend too.” Entertainment for children will include face paintings, jumping castles and football. There are also chances to win R 1 000 and R500 shopping vouchers, Mashego adds. Entrance to the event is free and refreshments will be provided. “If people want to buy their own food it will be at discounted prices. This is a get-together of inner city families.” Emergency services will also be available, Mashego says. “People must not fear anything, the ambulance will be there for emergencies.” For more call 011 224 2400 or email:


olice have arrested a man for allegedly pointing a gun at a woman in Pretoria Street, says police spokesperson Sgt Jenny Pillay. She explains that police responded to an alert from a security guard. “The police found the suspect with a CZ pistol with 14 bullets, and the gun’s serial number had been filed off.” Meanwhile in King George Street, Jobert Park, police arrested a suspected robbery gang member after two men were robbed at knifepoint. Sgt Pillay says two men were robbed of their cellphones and R3000. “The victims reported the matter to a police patrol and pointed out one of the suspects and he was arrested.” Police arrested another man for alleged possession of R2 000 worth of dagga in Wolmarans Street, Braamfontein. “The dagga was hidden in a Jungle Oats and a coffee creamer box,” Sgt Pillay adds.

Problem of illegal dumping

Councillor Sergio dos Santos (DA) (pictured) of Ward 54, which includes Theta, Ormonde, Booysens Reserve, Small portion of Robertsham, Crown Gardens, Evans Park, Ridgeway, Winchester Hills, Mondeor, Suideroord, Small portion of Allan Manor says his plan is to maintain good service delivery. “My focus is to maintain the Ward in a clean state but that can only be achieved with the help of all the residents. This can be done by reporting all service delivery issues and get a reference number on 011 375 5555. This includes illegal dumping of building materials and rubble on pavements, which is becoming a huge problem,” he said. Clr Dos Santos said another issue is illegal advertising in the area. “I have been working closely with JMPD to eradicate it. I am also committed to ensure that all by-laws HILLBROW POLICE ARRESTS : 8 - 11 MARCH 2012 are adhered to at all times. I am striving to achieve cohesion with all stakeDrunk and driving 15, assault GBH dagga 2, shoplifting 1, Possession holders on various issues. My request 21, assault common 20, malicious of unlicenced firearm 4, theft out injury to property 3, housebreak- of motor vehicle 1, attempted rob- to the residents is to ensure that all city ing and theft 1, fraud 9, murder 3, bery 4, Domestic violence 1, pos- by-laws are adhered to,” he added. reckless and negligent driving 4, session of fraudulent document 1, Residents may contact Clr dos common robbery 3, extortion 1, Trespassing 1, Attempted murder Santos on 082 394 4053 or email 12 undocumented persons. possession of drugs 3, possession 5, of suspected stolen property 2, cri- Confiscations 15 alcohol kits, 23 men injuria 1, theft 7, armed robbery 5, pointing of firearm 5, theft of motor vehicle 1, driving motor vehicle without license 6, possession of dangerous weapon 2, dealing in

BMW 325i 1998 Model For Sale

Price : R15 000 (negotiable) Contact : 076 681 0577 Running condition

slopes dagga, 687 fake dvd’s, cocaine 2 units, heroine 1 unit, 1 9mm star pistil 1mag and 9 live rounds, 1 tauraus 38 special revolver section 102, 9 pieces nyaope.

Murder suspect arrested Crime Reporter Jeppe police have arrested a 28 year-old man who was wanted for a murder that was committed in September 2010. Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Richard Munyai says the deceased was stabbed in the back with a screw-driver, and identified as Peter Sebate. “The suspect was arrested last week Friday.” Meanwhile police arrested a 20 year-old man for allegedly assaulting his mother. W/O Munyai says the 41-year old mother alleged that her son brought a friend home, while she had told him not to bring him ithere. “He hit her with a bottle on the head, bit her arm, kicked her and threw bricks at her, then stole her cellphone and R 2 000.”

15 - 22 MARCH 2012




Youths compete in performing arts Arts Correspondent


Love poet...Abueng Ntsimane

Poetry sensation ‘I hope these poems will renew the faith of those that had given up on love’ Arts Correspondent


rom the North West comes exciting new talent in the form of young contemporary poet Abueng Junior aka Abueng Ntsimane. His current passion is to provide fellow South Africans with an insight into a man’s heart through his compilation of modern-day love poems, presented in the form of a beautifully illustrated debut book and lyrical CD titled In the scheme of things. Abueng says is chronicles the thoughts and emotions he felt cascading out of him at a time when he was experiencing love and heartbreak. “It is my way of explaining these moments and feelings. Usually, commentary on the subject of love with regards to the emotions, pain and suffering is claimed by women, thus giving light to phrases like, ‘men have no feelings’ or my favourite ‘men don’t feel pain’. Finally, here is love and heartbreak experienced from a man’s point of view.” As typical poets go, thirty-oneyear old Abueng discovered his love for writing only after he had tried his hand at a number of other

trades while in search of his true life calling. In 2005, his poem titled Who am I became the theme poem at the International AIDS Conference in Durban. Then, in the same year he formed at Ukhukhanya Arts Project, an NGO with Prof Clive Gray and Kingdom Mufhando, a concept that raises AIDS awareness through the arts in order to raise funds for AIDS orphanages and AIDS trials and vaccines. In 2006, Abueng toured the USA with his collection of poetry and stage performances. Upon his return, he worked as a video editor at Soho Editors, which culminated in his own production company Absenz ‘o Cula, which he started in 2009, and boasts impressive clients like Transnet and Nike. Nothing holds this energetic, creative man back and in 2010 he donned his stage-manager hat while collaborating with Easi Human Capital at the Fifa Congress, Fifa World Cup Fan Fest in Bloemfontein. Later the same year he adapted his poem, In the scheme of things, which his debut book is named after, into a screenplay. He has since

produced it and filmed it using Johannesburg as his backdrop. The film is currently in post-production and is due for release on South African big screens in 2013. He continues to work as a creative director for his company. His commitment to the South African art scene knows no bounds but it’s his poetry that takes pride of place. His newly launched book and CD is self-funded – every single penny from his own pocket, which is an incredible feat for any artist trying to make a living on South Africa’s challenging landscape. In the scheme of things offers a compilation of glorious love lyrics peppered with his life experiences, which include a sweet, heartwarming dedication to his son and a dramatic tribute to Africa. Everyone from the modern woman… and man, to poets, poetry-lovers and all romantics in between will be inspired by his book and CD. “I hope, through my words, you will learn some of my life lessons about love, pain, acceptance, hope and letting go. I hope these poems will renew the faith of those that had given up on love,” he says.

Unique theatrical experience Arts Correspondent


he Market Theatre in association with Standard Bank and Think Theatre present Abnormal Loads between 11 April and 13 May at the Main Theatre. The play was written by 2011 Standard Bank Young Artist Neil Coppen; directed by him and Jana Ramos Violante. Coppen set the play in a fictional battlefield town in the once war ravaged valleys of northern KwaZuluNatal, described as an amalgamation of ghost story, love drama, historical epic and dark comedy. When a 30 year-old loner Vincent Liversage meets 16 year-old Katrien Joubert, the rebellious daughter of the local NG Kerk dominie,

an unusual friendship unfolds and they plan to escape their oppressive town. However, to obtain freedom they must first confront and challenge their divided family histories. As an annual town re-enactment from the Anglo-Boer war approaches, Vincent and Katrien find themselves in the roles of their ancestors, playing out and unwillingly repeating events from their ill-fated love affair. It is not long before they realise that history has a much stronger pull on them than they had imagined. With a narrative that whisks audiences through two centuries, Abnormal Loads presents a theatrical world in which the past runs in tandem with the present and events shift from the grandeur of a battlefield in 1879 to the intimacy of a

2011 bedroom. The production features a cast of some of the country’s finest talents, including Allison Cassels, Mothusi Magano of Tsotsi and Plein Street) and Jenna Dunster (picured) of Isidingo. Movement, sound, music, multimedia and shadow combine to create a unique theatrical experience.

bout 1 300 contestants have entered the National Eisteddfod Academy’s 2012 Young Performer Awards. The National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) is a platform for youth development in music, dance, drama and visual arts and is funded by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) with a grant of R3.5 million. The NEA Young Performers Showcase is a series of concerts where top achievers in those regions can perform. Certificates, medals and other awards presented provide a strong incentive to young performers and create greater awareness of the arts. Initially launched in 2004 for youth performers in the various regions of the National Eisteddfod, the NEA Young Performer Awards competition has been open to top achievers in all other existing eisteddfods and festivals in South Africa. Learners, schools and organisations that participate in NEA are invited to the NEA Young Performer Awards, on condition that they are a recipient of the diploma award. Previous winners of this competition include Andile Ndlovu

(pictured) and Camille Bracher, both top achievers in the SA International Ballet Competition and Julian Hepburn, a finalist in SA’s got Talent. A number of top achievers from the NEA Young Performer Awards 2011 were featured on TV recently. Among them were the Dominican Indumo Yolusha - Marimba Band (2011 winner) and Iman Bulbulia (most inspiring performer 2011). This competition involves an adjudication process of four rounds by a panel representing the various genres. Adjudicators of the final event over the past years have included Sibongile Ngoma, Gladys Agulhas, Neil Sandilands, Henry Mylne, Bianca le Grange, Vinette Ebrahim, David April, Fiona Budd, Iain MacDonald, Roderick Jaftha, Diane Coutts, Jan Engelen, Paul du Toit, June Kraus, Annake de Viliers, Jolette Odendaal and Tiro Moshosho. All rounds take place at the ProMusica Theatre. The first round was on 28 February and up to 17 March, and the quarter final from 17 to 22 March. The semi-finals, presented as evening concerts, will be from 7 to 10 May, while the grand final will be on 19 May. Prize money of R50 000 will be awarded to the top junior and senior performers in the Classical, Crossover and Contemporary Music, Speech and Drama and Dance genres. For more call 011 886 6005.




15 - 22 MARCH 2012

15 - 22 MARCH 2012




Extra show added to barnstorming tour Uncanny impersonations of famous women Arts Correspondent


ue to popular demand, a new show has been added to Ceri Dupree’s The Ladies I Love tour at the Johannesburg Fringe Theatre. Local audiences have been blown away by Dupree’s uncanny impersonations of famous women that are both hilarious and brilliant in their realisation. The one-man, many women, show has delighted Johannesburg audiences with an evening

of glamour, glitter, comedy, vocal impressions and extravagant costumes. Due to the popularity of the show, an extra one has been added on 18March at 3pm. Dupree (pictured) has worked all over the UK in cabaret, corporate functions, summer shows, musicals and pantomimes. He has been given rapturous reviews in far-flung places like Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Greece, Barbados and Australia. His show brings

Joburg the glitz and glamour rarely seen outside Las Vegas. His extensive repertoire of theatre shows include Hello Dolly! Rock Hard (sixties tribute show), Hot Stuff/three national tours (seventies tribute show), the Ultimate Hen Party (UK tour), and the Rocky Horror Show (as Frank-n-furter of course!). Over the years he has impersonated almost every major female star one can think of; from Marilyn Monroe to Madonna,

Arts Correspondent

Master classes for arts teachers


he Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation (DALRO) calls upon primary and secondary school teachers in Gauteng to apply to attend a two-day musical theatre master class on 3 and 4 May. DALRO managing director Nothando Migogo says this is to provide support and training to teachers whose role is to develop the passion of musical theatre in the youth. “We trust these master classes will add value and provide the tools to take South African schools’ musical theatre to the next level.” The DALRO Musical Theatre Master Class is presented by the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) as an extension of the Trust’s Building Blocks Programme. The programme is aimed at capacity building and

to Barbara Cartland; Tina Turner to Camilla Parker Bowles. Some of his latest creations include the glorious Amy Winehouse and the extravagant Lady Gaga. The show will include 21 impressions of the woman he admires with the likes of Dame Edna, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Eartha Kitt, Cleo Laine, Amy Whinehouse and more female stars. He was last in the country seven years ago. The Ladies I Love is on at Joburg Theatre’s The Fringe until March the 25th.

sustainability of the arts in South Africa. The Master Class is hosted by UJ Arts and Culture at the University of Johannesburg and will bepresented in the studios of the UJ Arts Centre on the Kingsway Campus in Auckland Park. The aim of the class is to equip participants with information, knowledge and tools to successfully put together a musical from beginning to end with good production values, even on a tight budget. The curriculum aims to bring participants a holisticview of the entire production process, from selection of a musical to the night the curtain goes up. The Master Class will be presented by musical theatre experts, Anton Luitingh and Duane Alexander. Luitingh is currently the resident director on the South African production of

the Phantom of the Opera. He has been involved in many facets of the entertainment industry, working as an actor, singer, songwriter, director, musical director, musician and voice artist. Eligible candidates are invited to apply to attend the Master Class at no fee. For more information visit www.act. Successful applicants will be required to arrange and cover the costs of their transport to and from the class. The closing date for submissions of applications is 30 March 2012.

Hip hop mix in the city Hip hop with traditional Xhosa/Zulu/Ndebele/Swati style dancing, undertaken with gumboot tapping, with township jive influences and merged with pantsula Moira de Swardt


There was a mixture of styles during the hip hop event.

ip Hop at its best is wonderfully athletic, exquisitely graceful and incredibly vibrant. The British Council, sponsors including the Goethe Institut and the French Institute, recently brought three Southern African groups, two South African and one Zimbabwean, together with a duo out from France and Germany in a programme entitled Mixing It Up at the University of Johannesburg Arts Centre last week. All four of the pieces were choreographed and rehearsed. Cape Flats Collective kicked off the programme with a charming piece which interrogated South African fusion forms of hip hop, so that we saw hip hop with traditional Xhosa/Zulu/Ndebele/Swati style dancing, hip hop undertaken with

gumboot tapping, hip hop with township jive influences and hip hop merged with pantsula. The overall effect was that a demonstration of unique and attractive dancing which never lost its underlying feel of authentic hip hop. By authentic hip hop I refer to the various styles of street dancing which are recognised as hip hop by fans and fundis of that particular genre. I’m a fan but not a fundi. Zim Ethnic were up next. Working against a backdrop of slides showing the beauty and poverty of Zimbabwe, these six dancers created a powerful demonstration of what I understand by contemporary hip hop. There was no storyline and I found it relaxing to just be able to enter into the dance for what it was. The dancers of Zim Ethnic were Blessing Fire, Isabel

Chingama, Sean George Mambwere, Yeukai Yvonne Zinyoro, Joshua Saunyama and Michael Malahias. Clash 66 featuring Sebastien Ramirez and Mustapha Lehlouh were next. Their piece was very sophisticated and in a dance vocabulary style known as Urban Tanztheater. The work they presented was an experimental work entitled “isms” looking at the various artistic and political currents and how they affect new borders and limits. I loved the way they supported one another at angles that the human body could not work at unsupported. The overall effect was superb. The work was homo-erotic as the two males interacted with each other and this met with some opposing reactions, both of which were expressed vocally around me. The final group were Bread and

Butter from Johannesburg in an unnamed work choreographed by Thabo Rapoo. This work made use of the story of the daily grind of living in Jozi. Knowing Thabo Rapoo’s oevre somewhat allowed me to asses this work at two levels. The first level is on the face of it as a hip hop work. I felt that it was over-choreographed by a non-hip hop specialist and that the dancers lost their individual styles and that vibrancy which is so attractive in hip hop. Even the music lost its distinctiveness as the dancers moved to Vivaldi’s Summer from The Four Seasons. The second level is as a contemporary dance piece making use of new dancers and an exciting dance vocabulary to create a relevant narrative, which worked superbly. So it was great dance, but not authentic hip hop.




15 - 22 MARCH 2012

15 - 22 MARCH 2012






15 - 22 MARCH 2012


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Yeoville community aerobics event ‘It gives confidence to see a lot of people taking ownership of their health’ Sizwe Mathe


Community members engage in the aerobics during the event. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

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en and women recently took part in the annual aerobics event at Yeoville Recreation Centre. The day began with instructors taking participants through different aerobic exercises, which included warm-ups, high and low impacts exercises, cater box and steps aerobics. Jabu Gaeeme, an instructor, described the exercises as tough but fulfilling. “It was not easy. Some people struggled because it was their first time, but it was fascinating.” It was also inspiring to see men taking centre stage in aerobics, added Gaeeme. “They showed great potential. It gives confidence to see a lot of people taking ownership of their health.”

Menzi Lwana, an instructor applauded participants for their commitment throughout the day. “We will put them through intensive training to improve their level of fitness. What we can pick from this competition is the level of commitment from old people, both male and female. They are showing a lot of interest in the sport and this will have a positive impact to their health.” Mpho Jooste, an instructor from Vaal added: “Step aerobics provides training which helps maintain the health of the cardiovascular system. The strength training component of step aerobics helps improve walk and balance. It also provides flexibility training that enhances joint movements,” she said. It was a great feeling to be part of a competition that comprises a variety

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of people, added Jooste. “I haven’t instructed such a number of people in a very long time. It means people in Yeoville really enjoy the sport.” Blessing Mkhwanazi, an instructor from Southgate said aerobics of this nature must be held regularly. Mpho Ramaphala, of Fleurhof Extension 2, who received a medal said: “I didn’t expect it and it wasn’t easy to complete, there were difficulties particularly when doing the cater box exercise.” Another winner Delani Magaza from Soweto added: “It’s a great achievement and it will inspire me to be more involved in aerobics.” The Yeoville recreation centre’s instructor Alleta Cock promised that next year’s event would be electrifying. “We appreciate the support we received from the community.”


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