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02 - 16 June 2011

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Joburg’s new metro officials




Joburg Mayor Parks Tau dances with members of his council.


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Tau calls

02 - 16 JUNE 2011

‘It is time to put our differences aside and unite in the service of the residents of our city’

for unity Sizwe Mathe


ewly elected Mayor of Johannesburg Clr Parks Tau has urged all political parties to work together in leading the residents of Johannesburg. Tau said this as he delivered his first speech as the mayor of Johannesburg on Thursday at the Council Chambers in Braamfontein. “It is time to put our differences aside and unite in the service of the residents of our city. Joburg deserves only the best efforts from everybody, whether they are in the political leadership, in management, in all positions within our administration and across the spectrum of our partners in business, labour, the faith-based community and civil society,” he said. He added that he wants to express willingness to work together with all political parties and stakeholders. “This will enable us to find workable solutions for the diverse range of developmental challenges facing Joburg as we move towards our vision to become a world class African city.” Tau was elected through the ballot after the opposition Democratic

Alliance (DA) put forward the name of Mmusi Maimane as their preferred candidate. Maimane was the DA mayoral candidate for the City of Johannesburg in previous local government elections. The elections of the chief whip, speaker and the mayor were presided over by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). Tau added that his primary focus will be on human development and improving the quality of life of Joburg residents across all regions and communities. “We received a mandate from the people of Joburg to proceed on the road of developmental local governance. The process of transforming our city’s landscape is on track, it is our commitment to continue along this road of changing the spatial structure of a divided city of the past. “You should expect this administration to focus very strongly and introduce measures and programmes to address issues of social exclusion and underdevelopment,” said Tau. Clr Prema Naidoo was retained as the chief whip, while Connie Bapela was elected as the new council Joburg Mayor Parks Tau shakes hands with the DA’s mayoral candidate Mmusi Maimane during the event. speaker, replacing Nkele Ntingane. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

City Parks has managed to provide public spaces which celebrate landscape architecture and provide space for play and respite in areas where this was not planned

AFHCO brings Shoprite to Doornfontein

Special award for City Parks Own Correspondent


he Institute of Landscape Architecture in South Africa (ILASA) has honoured Johannesburg City Parks (JCP), formerly headed by Matshidiso Mfikoe (pictured above) with an award for excellence for its outstanding contribution of landscape architecture through open space development at community level. The award was presented in Durban last month at the Corobrik-ILASA Awards for Excellence, which aims to acknowledge and promote excellence in landscape architecture and environmental planning and management through peer recognition. “This prestigious recognition by the Institute for Landscape Architects of South Africa reinforces that Johannesburg City Parks is committed to working with high-calibre expertise, to rollout super exciting recreation spaces, to meet the growing needs of

discerning residents in Joburg,” says Geoffrey Cooke, acting managing director of JCP. The adjudicators said City Parks’ achievement was all the more remarkable because Johannesburg does not have any striking natural features. “Johannesburg City Parks does not have the luxury of a coastline, a river or any other breathtaking natural feature in which play and city life easily blend,” they said. “City Parks has managed to provide public spaces which celebrate landscape architecture and provide space for play and respite in areas where this was not planned. City Parks is playing an outstanding role in transforming the urban landscape in its bleakest form, into one which expresses the right to freedom of expression by professionals and urban dwellers who contribute to the vibrant energy the city offers,” he added.

For more information see the next edition of Inner-city Gazette. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

02 - 16 JUNE 2011



Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever - Keri Russel



This is the former United Building Society’s 97-year-old building on Gandhi Square. It is actually the safety deposit box vault of the United, now Absa Bank, secure behind a 25cm thick double steel vault door. There are around 1 000 boxes behind those doors, and another set of vault doors, from floor to ceiling, most of them firmly shut, with their keys lost years ago. Some boxes have their doors open, revealing empty insides. Coming down the stairs into the room, the walls are mouldy, with peeling and bubbled paint. At the bottom sits the large table and chairs at which box owners examined the boxes and their contents, before putting them back into the vault. The room still retains its beautiful decorated green tiles half way up the walls, and its small green and white floor tiles. It has a high ceiling, and on one side, the glass doors of the manager’s office. The present owner of the building says: “All those people who used to have boxes have melted away.” He says the owners of the boxes died years ago, and with their deaths, the keys disappeared. Somerset House is one of many old inner city buildings which is looking a little neglected. Many buildings in this condition have simply been bricked up to prevent squatters from moving in and doing more damage. But, unlike these buildings, Somerset House is still functioning, and has tenants.

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New Joburg Mayor Parks Tau (front row centre) poses with his members of the metro council. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Mayor appoints his team ‘We will ensure that our vision of building Joburg into a world-class African city continues rapidly’ Sizwe Mathe


he new mayor of Joburg Clr Parks Tau has announced his mayoral committee, which comprises five men and five women. In the announcement of the 10 member committee, Clr Tau said the team will inject a sense of urgency in taking the City to greater heights. “We will be seeking to ensure that our vision of building Johannesburg into a world class African city continues rapidly, and that Joburg becomes the ideal city in which to work, live and play,” he said. Clr Tau added that selection of MMCs was based on a variety of factors. “These include gender, geo-

graphic spread, youth and political experience.” He added that through the portfolio of Finance, to be headed by Geoffrey Makhubo, the City will prioritise economic growth and development to stimulate job creation. “We will continue to focus on achieving financial sustainability, but also to ensure additional revenue regeneration.” Clr Rehana Moosajee will continue in her portfolio of Transport. Other portfolio heads will be Roslyn Greeff for Infrastructure Services and Environment; Chris Vondo for Community Development; Mally Mokoena for Corporate and Shared Services; Nonceba Molwele for Health and Human Development; Dan Mbovu for Housing; Matshidiso Mfikoe for

Public Safety and Sello Lemao for Economic Development. Ruby Mathang has been moved to the portfolio of Development Planning and Urban Management. “The urban management component of the portfolio will ensure the continuation of the inner-city regeneration in Johannesburg,” remarked Tau. The former head of community safety, Elgina Ndhlovu, has been deployed as the Chief of

Library will have a ‘modern feel’ Joburg’s central library has been under renovations since May 2009, but will be opened by November. The deputy director of the library and information services, Atilla Lourens says after completion, the library will have a modern feel. “It was first earmarked for improvement in 2005/6 when the Carnegie Corporation of New York approved the business proposal of library and information services and agreed to a conditional grant of US$2-million. The grant was to link the special collections of books and items that date to the early 19th century to the library’s database or catalogue so that all of the City’s library facilities could have access to the

rare research and documentation. Funding would also be used to subscribe to 40 more electronic databases, digitise newspaper collections and finance additional resources for the five special collections the library houses. The newspaper section provides bound and microfilmed newspapers dating from the early 19th century, and a cuttings collection covering a broad range of topics. The upgraded library will have an updated lending section. There will be an adult reference section and a division for high school students which will contain supplementary materials for projects, study guides and past exam papers.

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Staff in the Office of the Mayor. “We will serve the people of this City with dedication and demonstrate even greater levels of commitment,” Tau said.




There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction - Winston Churchill

02 - 16 JUNE 2011

Help the needy

COMMENT Having installed new local government officials, and in some cases retained the old ones, community expectations are expectedly high. During the campaigning period the top promise from nearly all the politicians was service delivery. Among the assortment of promises they made was to repair all the potholes in urban centres, improve health care, provide housing for the poor and also do something about their toilets. This becomes a time when the newly elected local government officials have to bury their political rivalries, which were characterized by the electioneering mudslinging, and treat all community members equally, regardless of differences in political affiliation or otherwise. They have to acknowledge community diversities and allow for the fact that humans may not have similar political or even general views. This will allow the leaders to serve all members of communities without discriminating against those of different political opinions and allegiances. Upon inauguration new Joburg mayor Parks Tau observed this important aspect of community leadership. In his speech he noted the importance of unity and urged politicians from other parties to unite with his own, in order to help each other to improve life in the city, and pursue the vision of building a ‘world class African city’. Distribution – 40 000 copies free door to door delivery fortnightly to all households and businesses in the inner-city. Inner-City Gazette welcomes editorial contributions from readers. They may raise new issues or respond to articles published in the paper. Contributions may be sent to the editor’s address below. Published by Inner-City Gazette 149 Pritchard Street, Johannesburg 2000 Tel : 011 023 - 7588 011 024 - 8513 011 024 - 8621 Fax : 086 609 8601 Email : Printed by Paarlcoldset(Pty)Ltd Website : PRODUCTION EDITOR Harry Ndlovu +27 11 023 7588 JOURNALIST Sizwe Mathe ADVERTISING EXECUTIVES Peaceful Nyathi - +27 76 870 3009 Diana Chembe - +27 73 123 2289 For Distribution purposes please call Nkosi on 078 070 9998. All rights and reproduction of articles, images and other items published in this publication are reserved in terms of Section 12(7) of the Copyright Act 96 (1978) and its amendments thereof.

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Work in progress at the Joburg library.


‘Just open the library’ I

read in your newspaper (Innercity Gazette 19 May – 2 June) that the city library in Market Street will soon be re-opened. I then went over to the place to have a look around, and all I found were men digging up the whole place, and I no longer believed the article you published in your newspaper. I do not think this library will ever be opened again. The library has been closed for over two years now, and we are told it is because it is being renovated. It is like they are building a new library. Some of us who live in the Johannesburg CBD have to travel as far as Sandton to access

library services, and we are hardly able to meet the transport costs. I do part-time studies and do not afford to buy all the books and other materials I need, so I have to rely on the library. I once tried the one in Hillbrow. It looks very neat, but I found that it does not have the books and other materials I need, and it was the same with the one in Yeoville. I went on to Orange Grove and managed to find some of the books I needed, but most of them were outdated and some study materials I needed were not there. The attendant then advised that I try the Sandton library. I did find

the books and materials there, but I do not afford the transport to get me there whenever I need to. This brings me back to the library in my neighbourhood in the Johannesburg CBD, which is still being dug up. I even have a feeling that the construction company that is doing the renovations is either understaffed, or is buying time to increase its earnings. If this is not so, why don’t they just finish the job and allow us to use the library? I urge the city council to cancel the renovations and just open the library. Frikkie Daniels Newtown

In this unbearable weather we have to spare a thought for community members who have to spend the cold nights in the streets, and those who live in shacks. This is a direct result of poverty, which determines that some people do not have accommodation. Since poverty knows no race or creed, those are all kinds of people, men, women and children. Over the years there have been reports of some of them dying from the cold. Some of them have been killed by fires in the shack settlements and abandoned buildings. Some have been killed by coal gases they inhaled when they used coal to try and warm themselves. The dangers they face are uncountable. There are organizations and individuals who take it upon themselves to help those people. We have to thank them and urge them not to give up the good work. At the same time I would like to urge any other members of the community who can help to go ahead and do so. One does not need to be rich to help. You can donate that old blanket of yours or any other kind of clothing to them. Some people say if the homeless are given money, it gets used to buy drugs and alcohol. I do not need to find out whether this is true or not, but just help them in whatever manner you can. If your aim is to help the less fortunate fellow humans, that is the best thing you can do. Corine Lukhele Bellevue East

VIEWPOINT Tau - a young lion indeed He is an affirmation of the notion of generational mix within the ANC



he soft spoken newly elected executive mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Parks Tau walked into the chambers very calmly on the day of his inauguration. In his speech he first gave thanks to his family, wife and children affirming that despite the vigour and militancy of being a comrade, one does require institutional backing of a family. He alluded to the fact that without volunteers on the ground the dedication of many comrades in this elections campaign for the ANC,

they would have not achieved victory as the ANC. An astute young leader who has gradually moved in the ranks of the ANC, Parks Tau has been schooled, disciplined and groomed well within the movement of the ANC. He comes from humble beginnings in Soweto, where his passion for politics started in his early days in high school. He is a former leader of Soweto students and youth at the height of the Joburg township’s fierce resistance to apartheid in the 1980s. The young man passionately advocates for education, he continued with his tertiary education. Tau is a permanent student and strongly believes in perpetual learning. He is currently in the process of completing a post graduate diploma in Public Administration. As a true cadre of the ANC, he was vigorously active during the days when politics was fundamentally about risking one’s life,

great courage and sacrifice. In his leisure time in between meetings, political work and now being a mayor, he also stands out as an individual who is a reader and strategic thinker; a person motivated to build his knowledge and education; someone of impressive intellect; and one who believes in loyalty. In Soweto he was somewhat of an upstart, challenging his seniors in an election for the youth congress presidency and winning. Since then he has earned his status in the wider Johannesburg ANC, and is now considered a provincial leader, serving for the second time on the ANC provincial executive. As a councillor, Tau has served two terms on the powerful mayoral committee, which is an executive structure for city government, the first in charge of planning and the second of finance. He has enjoyed a good relationship with the administration and

officials say he has a firm commitment to good governance. Tau is an affirmation of the notion of generational mix within the ANC. At a tender age he has managed to become the executive mayor of Johannesburg, a city known to be the economical hub not only in South Africa, but in Africa. His discipline and astuteness can only inspire other young people within Johannesburg to rise above socio-economic hardships and remain focused on their goals. He has emphasized the issue of service delivery and maintains that he is ready for whatever challenges that might come in his term. He remains a true leader within the ANC over and above his new deployment. He shows no signs of possible character change, as his humility and composer remains his key assets. We wish him well!! Gugu Ndima ANC Communications, Gauteng

02 - 16 JUNE 2011


Bombs kill 10 people Abuja -Three explosions ripped through a crowded beer garden at a military barracks in the northern city of Bauchi, killing at least 10 people. Two separate blasts on Sunday and Monday were in the northern city of Zaria home to Vice President Namadi Sambo. The blasts followed the inauguration of President Goodluck Jonathan in the capital Abuja after an election seen as the fairest in nearly two decades in Africa’s most heavily populated country. Bauchi is located in one of the states which were hardest hit by deadly post-poll riots last month. An army officer who was at the scene said there were at least 2 000 people in the market, which includes beer gardens and eating places, when the explosive devices were detonated. An Islamist sect known as Boko Haram, which launched an uprising in 2009, has been blamed for dozens of killings in the northeast of the country and is also said to be active in Bauchi. Also on Sunday in Zuba on the outskirts of Abuja, an explosion hit a beer parlour slightly injuring three people.


Cops kill refugees

Namadi Sambo

Tunisian cops

Diplomat blasts AU Luanda - The ambassador of Mali to Angola, Farouk Camara has criticized the passivity shown by African countries amid interference in their internal problems by European powers. Camara made this criticism at the interval of political act promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the theme: What future for the African Union with a view of the preservation of African independence and sovereignty. Africa is being abused, particularly by the member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), without the mandates given by the United Nations (UN) and the African Union (AU). He called for the urgent need to cultivate a genuine union between African countries, to oppose the designs of those who want to increasingly see a fragmented continent. Among those attending the meeting led by Angolan foreign minister, Georges Chicoty, were ambassadors accredited in the country, among others.



Tunis - Ten African nationals were killed in clashes this week between police and residents of a camp for refugees from Libya. The clashes at the UN-managed Choucha camp near Tunis’ main border crossing with Libya at Ras Ajdi, claimed the lives of 10 people from different nationalities. Omar Babekir, a refugee from Darfur said the clashes started after the refugees protested against bad conditions under which they lived and demanded repatriation from Tunisia. Babekir, who had lived in Libya since 2003, said the Tunisian police opened fire on the protesters, killing 10 refugees and injuring dozens. He added that locals also attacked them. All tents were burnt and the refugees were left without shelter or food after the looting of relief stocks. Babekir said Tunisians thought African refugees were mercenaries who participated in defending Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Witnesses said wounded refugees were at the city’s hospital but denied treatment. The camp holds up to 5 000 refugees from Sudan, Eritrea and Nigeria and other African countries.

Govt courts rebels Georges Chicoty

Banda in nationality drama Lusaka - Zimbabweanborn Zambian president, Rupiah Banda has to prove that he is Zambian after opponents claimed he was Malawian, which could damage his re-election prospects. Under Zambian law, a president’s parents should be Zambian to qualify for the country’s top position. Banda is accused of claiming that both his parents were Zambian, but his crit-

ics say one of them was Malawian. While his opponents claim he is of Malawian parentage, he was actually born in Zimbabwe. Banda grew up in Gwanda and learnt in Mtshabezi in Matabeleland South. ExPresident Kenneth Kaunda also faced the same allegations when he challenged, former president Frederick Chiluba. Banda has not responded to the allegations. But gov-

Ruppiah Banda ernment spokesperson Lt Gen Ronnie Shikapwasha lodged a counter claim that Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata was also a Tanzanian. But Banda can take comfort

that he is not alone, US President Obama had to produce his birth certificate to prove that he was born in the United States, rather than Indonesia as his opponents claimed.

Khartoum - Sudan will not open a peace deal with rebel groups which refuse to sign it or are not part of the current process, said presidential spokesman Nafie Ali Nafie. The Sudanese government and the Liberation and Equality Movement (LJM) said they agree on 95 percent of the issues negotiated in Doha. However, mediator, Djibril Bassolé said the conclusions of Darfur conference should only constitute a ‘consensual base’ for future negotiations including JEM and Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel Wahid Al-Nur. Nafie said his government will endorse the peace document even if no rebel group sign it, but would still seek to convince them to adhere to the agreement. Representatives of refugees first boycotted and demanded release of two delegates who are detained and prevented from travelling to Doha. The Qatari state minister for foreign affairs Ahgmed bin Abdullah Al-Mahmoud persuaded them to resume participation.




02 - 16 JUNE 2011

Workshops to improve child education Own Correspondent


auteng Education MEC Barbara Creecy has urged family workshop facilitators to assist families understand simple ways to help children do better at school. Addressing over 500 facilitators from the Central Johannesburg District Office, Creecy said she was encouraged by the enthusiasm of over 5 000 parents who attended the first weekend of workshops throughout Gauteng province. The workshops, which will run every Saturday until October, target families of learners in 1 183 under-performing primary and high schools to provide them with skills to support their children at school. Creecy explained that all the interventions and support provided by the department should be seen as the contents of a three-legged pot, which includes the learners, the educators and their parents.

“If one of the legs is broken, ber of plates at the table or making them read it will negatively impact on the interventions and the edupassages in their school cation of children. The family books, noting that such games support and reworkshops, therefore, are moinforce numeracy and tivated by the need to involve parents in the schooling life literacy skills from a of their children. When chilyoung age. “The department is dren come back from school, parents should ask them how looking at launching school was, so as to open a programme as part of the Extended Puba discussion with children lic Works Programme around the challenges or problems they might be facto recruit three to five young people with maing at school. “The second question is tric who would assist whether children have homewith the supervision of homework. The assiswork and parents can then tance would take place create space for homework to be done. Where a child after school hours but at Gauteng Education MEC Barbara Creecy school.” is struggling and the parent is unable to help, the parent Creecy explained that PIC : LEE WARREN She also encouraged parents of should set up an appointment these workshops had with the class teacher to discuss the young children to play simple never been tried before and were a kind of support needed to improve games with their children during social experiment aimed at providdinner, such as counting the num- ing social cohesion in schools. performance,” Creecy said.

‘The city’s architecture will flourish, and make it not just an impressive African city but a worthy global one’


rchitect Italo Lupini has worked in Joburg city for about 46 years. He has seen buildings come and go, and in more recent years he witnessed the regeneration of the inner city. His company, Lupini Architects has been responsible for some of that change. Lupini says he has been working in Joburg since he qualified as an architect at the age of 24. “I started at JC Cook & Cowen, which was a strong force in the 1970s and ’80s, and even pre-war. Their buildings were contemporary at the time, but because of how old the company was, it retained historic architecture.” Working at the company inspired his own interest in contemporary architecture. His company, Lupini Architects, which he has been running for 33 years, incorporates this design style in much of its work, which ranges from factories and shopping centres to the Linden swimming pool. “When I established my business, my first job was at a friend’s factory, where I had to convert the toilet to an eastern women’s toilet. Since

then I’ve never said no to any job that comes in,” he says. This means he and his team have tackled a 1927 hotel in Lubumbashi in DR Congo, buildings in Braamfontein, auditoriums and music rooms at Pridwin School, and shopping centres around Gauteng. “To date, we have renovated about 12 or 14 buildings in Braamfontein, including interior design.” Lupini takes pleasure in attractive buildings in general, and there are several in Joburg he considers his favourite. “Constitution Hill is one of my favourites because it recognises what was there before – a prison; yet it is not dominated by anything other than contemporary architecture. Its cubic forms and treatment of finishes make it a friendly building even though it is an official one.” The Apartheid Museum is another structure he likes. “Joburg, in terms of other South African cities, is architecturally rich and very profuse. It is a vibrant city, which is an over-used expression but no doubt true, and there is nowhere as integrated. You can meet people at cocktail parties


‘This is a social experiment to provide social cohesion in all our schools’

Joburg architecture ranks third best in the world Lynley Main

Seen it all...architect Italo Lupini in his office.

The facilitators said they found the workshops particularly enlightening and parents were making very profound points around their involvement with school work and school life. More family workshops will take place in Gauteng every Saturday until October. School principals will be able to provide more information on workshop venues. Interested parents can contact (011) 355-0000 or log onto BuaNews



and strike a business deal then and there.” This, he feels, contributes to why Johannesburg was ranked the world’s third best city in Wallpaper magazine’s Wallpaper Design Awards in January this year. Wallpaper is an internationally renowned high-end magazine, based in London. It covers design, fashion, architecture, travel and lifestyle. “Joburg is impressive; there is a nice sense of regeneration, where semi-industrial buildings have been turned into arts centres and places of fun.” Venues such as Arts on Main and the Newtown precinct appeal to him for this reason. He also enjoys how suburbs such as Auckland Park and Melville, where his company has its offices, have retained their old feel by maintaining their ‘nice leafy streets’. Lupini’s love of Johannesburg city’s architecture does not stop there, though. “I absolutely love Soccer City, which has taken the calabash out of the calabash and turned it into architecture,” he says. This is the stadium that hosted the opening and closing ceremonies and matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup; and which won the world’s best sport building at the 2010 World Architecture Festival. Lupini believes that the architecture of Joburg will continue to flourish, and make it not just an impressive African city but a worthy global one. “The regenerative forces make Johannesburg a world-class city, no doubt,” he adds.

02 - 16 JUNE 2011







02 - 16 JUNE 2011

Induction for new councillors

‘The councillors have come into a challenging environment with numerous backlogs’ Staff Reporter


Acting CoGTA Minister Nathi Mthethwa

Councillor Induction Programme (CIP), aimed at ensuring that the newly elected councillors have a general understanding of their leadership role and legislation at local government, has been developed through a partnership between the South African Local Government Association and CoGTA. Acting CoGTA Minister Nathi Mthethwa said the Induction Programme will be further supported with a continuous systematic training and capacity building programme. “This is to build a new cadre of councillor who is committed to delivering quality services, intolerant of corruption, committed to the principles of Batho Pele (people first) and one who relentlessly pursues good governance, accountability, transparency and participatory democracy,” he added.

The newly elected local government councillors have to take on the task of delivering services to South Africans, and improving the standard across the board, the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) has said. The department announced that there was no time for any individual to rest on their laurels, as much had to be done in terms of making services accessible to every person in the country. “The new councillors have come into a challenging local government environment with numerous backlogs and challenges, but one which is also marked by pockets of service delivery excellence as a result of various intervention programmes that government has embarked upon since 1994.” The department said statistics from the latest General Household Survey released by Statistics SA in early

May, show improvement in the provision of sanitation, water and electricity by government, while also revealing the amount of work that new councillors still had to undertake as they settle into their new responsibilities. Despite a range of challenges that include limited resources and capacity, municipalities have managed to ensure that 94 percent of households had access to running water by 2010; 80 percent of households had access to decent sanitation and 75 percent of households had access to electricity within the same period. Acting Minister Mthethwa said these are positive results of cooperative governance by national, provincial and local government with communities. “The newly elected councillors must build on to these positives to advance a more heightened delivery of services,” he added.

School in drugs awareness drive Carol Mashaba


arktown Boys High school together with SAPS recently conducted a drug awareness campaign. In the campaign, which has been conducted for the past four years, police are invited to check the school for drugs once or twice a year. Deputy principal Willem Swart

said the campaign is important as many of their boys live in the innercity and are exposed to drugs. “Former drug addicts are invited to address the boys to increase their knowledge on the subject. The school provides quality education and also gives bursaries to students who want to study teaching, who in turn return to serve the school over an agreed period,” he added.

Hillbrow SAPS members who participated in the campaign pose with the school’s deputy principal Willem Swart . PIC : CAROL MASHABA

CBD street to be renamed Mbhazima Lesego waka’Ngobeni Parts of Loveday Street in the Joburg CBD will have new signage by August, as the City reviews public submissions for its renaming. Portions of the street chosen for renaming include Hoofd at the intersection of De Korte Street; Juta Street at the corner of De Korte Street; the section between Smit Street and Leyds Street; and the section between Noord and President streets. Proposed new names are those of academic and anti-apartheid activist, David Webster, and human rights lawyer and activist Bheki Mlangeni. The chosen names comply with the City’s Policy on the Naming and Renaming of Streets and Other Public Places, under which the use of personal names should be avoided except in special cases. The renaming is premised on the confusion of the actual location of Loveday Street, as parts of certain streets are also known as Loveday Street. As a result, three themes were submitted, including profiling current and historical centres of significance in local governance and

honouring Mlangeni and Webster. Webster taught anthropology at Wits University. He was shot dead by a covert government agency outside his house. Mlangeni was a human rights lawyer and activist who died in 1991

after unwittingly opening a parcel from the Braamfontein Post Office, which contained a bomb. The intended target of the parcel was Dirk Coetzee, a former policeman who gave evidence against state-sponsored death-squads.

Social network in charity ‘It is easier for like-minded individuals to rally around a cause without knowing the affiliations of those who are coming together to support it’ Sizwe Mathe The strength of the South African Twitter community has demonstrated its societal strength through the Twitter Blanket Drive. The initiative, engineered by Melanie Minnaar, was formed in 2010. It began as a social initiative for online networkers with a charity benefit. “It was a human reaction to a basic human condition, and its following has grown exponentially. The aim for 2011 drive is to raise 8 000 blankets,” says Minnaar. She adds that social networks can be used effectively to address various societal ills. “In social media networks, it is easier for like-minded individuals to rally around a cause without knowing the

affiliations of those who are coming together to support the cause. Essentially this means that the advantage of using social networks is to cut through the clutter, to simply get on with the cause at hand.” She adds that Kids Haven in Johannesburg received blankets last year. “The generosity of volunteers and their resources cannot be overstated. As the project grows, the national coordination will require more focus to ensure the project stays true to the intended vision. Whether it is about blankets, food, shoes or education, what is important is that thousands of virtual strangers join hands together to make a conscious effort to make a difference. If people donate anything during the campaign period then we have created a movement to change thoughts into action, which can only benefit society as a whole.”

02 - 16 JUNE 2011







02 - 16 JUNE 2011

New CBD street parking system New system is set to reduce traffic congestion enforcement Gerrie Gerneke says the parking system will be effecoburg’s new parking system, in tive from June in Jeppe, Von Wielwhich parking marshals man- ligh, Anderson and Rissik streets; age kerbside parking, will soon be and will be rolled out to more CBD launched in the CBD in a bid to re- streets in July. duce traffic congestion. “Over 60 parking marshals with The system was piloted in Braam- hand-held parking metre devices fontein in 2010 and has been in and portable ticket printers will be use since December last year. deployed in the CBD. Parking will JMPD director of electronic law cost R3.75 for half an hour, R7.50 for an hour and R15 for two hours.” The JMPD decided to extend the parking system into the inner city to manage kerbside parking. Gerneke says since the beginning of May, flyers have been distributed to inform motorists about the new system. “This is the only kerbside parking management system that provides the JMPD with a platform for parking law enforcement in the city,” he added. The marshals will give parking tickets to motorists. These must be placed on their dashboards as proof of payment. Each ticket will have a unique bay number, the registration number of the vehicle and the expiry time for parking; and motorists who do not comply will Parking marshal Vincent Zungu shows be prosecuted. a motorist how the system works.

Limakatso Khalianyane


Electioneering posters in Johannesburg.

Parties face fine for posters ‘They understand the importance of availing advertising space and keeping the city clean’ Own Correspondent


olitical organisations have 30 days after the elections to remove their posters from the streets, or face a fine. In a press statement soon after the polls City of Joburg spokesperson Virgil James said any party posters remaining after 18 June will be removed by the City at a cost of R7. 38 per poster, and the party concerned will be invoiced. “There have been no problems

with the removal of posters after past elections. Parties have co-operated in the removal of their posters as they understand the importance of availing advertising space and keeping the city clean.” According to Section 28 of the Outdoor Advertising By-law, posters can only be secured to street lamp poles; they must be attached to waterproof material that will not be dislodged by adverse weather conditions; and they must not impair the vision of motorists or pedes-


Community project launches book

Sizwe Mathe Last week Tuesday, Makhulong, a community development wing of the Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC), launched a book that reflects its successes over the past 10 years. The title of the book, authored by Kimon Phitidis, is Building Community One Layer at a Time. Former CEO and founder of JHC Taffy Adler (pictured above) said the past 10 years have not been easy. “There have been setbacks and disappointments, and many challenges.” He recalled an anecdote from one of JHC’s first rental administrators Nadima Ahmed. “He shared with us at a staff meeting that success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. It is the accu-

mulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that leads us to either fortune or failure,” he said. Adler added that it is important to clean sanitary lanes in Hillbrow. Makhulong chairman Peter Lekgoathi said the organisation has grown significantly over the years. “We are an established organisation which has made a seminal contribution to the development of the inner-city. It is as a tribute to these people and the difference they make that we chose to include a number of personal profiles in the book. We hope their stories will give a sense of impact of Makhulong programmes.” He added that Makhulong has made youth education; sport; tenant support services and neighbourhood development as their priorities. “We have helped form a number of youth clubs, where young adults in the buildings define their own social priorities and develop programmes to support these within a Makhulong facilitated process.” Lekgoathi added that eKhaya programme in Hillbrow, initiated by Makhulong, has attracted over R200 million investment towards upgrading buildings and R42 million of investments towards upgrading public infrastructure. “We have learned a lot over the past 10 years, and we still have a lot more to learn,” he added.

trians. All councillors were issued a memorandum in April, outlining the relevant details of the by-law. “There were no limitations to the number of posters each party could display, as well as no cost, because local government elections are a national event conducted in the interest of communities,” James said. However, compliance with the bylaws means that the political organisations need to remove their posters within the allocated period to avoid penalties, James added.

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Maj Gen Pharasi (front row) and Hillbrow police Commander Brig Ntandane (back row in cap) attend the event. PIC : INNER-CITY PRESS AGENCY

Hillbrow cluster hosts child protection seminar Hillbrow police cluster recently hosted the launch of Child Protection Week at the Standard Bank Arena in Bertrams. The launch event was addressed by delegates who included officials from the Department of Education, Health and Social Development. The keynote address of the day’s event was delivered by Community Safety Chief Director Sipho Thanjekwayo.

The event was also attended by schoolchildren and teachers from Jeppe, Hillbrow, Cleveland, Parktown, Malvern, Kensington, Troyeville and Yeoville.Other officials who addressed the gathering were major General Pharasi, who highlighted cases of child abuse. Another speaker was Ntombana Mdluli from the Department of Education, and and Solly Ndaweni from the Department of Health and Social Development.

02 - 16 JUNE 2011




Winners ...(clockwise from top left) Kwela Tebza, Thandiswa Mazwai, DJ Cleo and Zolani Mahola of Freshlyground.

SAMA accolades for Joburg artists Mbhazima Lesego waka’Ngobeni


host of Joburg artists scooped several awards in an assortment of categories in the 17th annual South African Music Awards (SAMAs) last week. Joburg rock outfit The Parlotones won best-selling DVD, best global chart DVD and best music video of

the year for The Stars Fall Down. Legendary group Stimela won remix of the year, best traditional/ African adult contemporary African DVD and best adult contemporary album: African. Other Joburg artists who bagged awards included Patrick Duncan, for best urban gospel album, Thandiswa Mazwai for best urban

DVD and female artist of the year, and reggae artist and DJ Jah Seed won best reggae album for No Retreat No Surrender. Controversial Joburger, Steve Hofmeyr won best adult contemporary album, while Goldfish won the award for best global dance album. Best-selling true-tone went to DJ Mzi and DJ Cleo for Nababantwa-

na. Popular duo Liquideep walked off with the award for album of the year and duo or group of the year for their debut, Fabrics of the Heart. Eccentric outfit Kwela Tebza won the award for best urban pop album for their album, Gauteng Made in South Africa/Mzansi; Theo Kgosinkwe scooped best pop album for his second album, Grateful, while

Tale of death-row inmate Despite his life of struggle, including the time spent awaiting the hangman’s noose, his stories are filled with so much humour and highly entertaining Arts Correspondent A one-man show, A Teacher in The Bushveld is performed by David Butler at the Market Theatre’s Laager Theatre, as from 10 May and up to 12 June. Premiered at the 2009 National Arts festival, the play explores the life of Herman Charles Bosman (pictured right) as a school teacher in the Groot Marico Bushveld, and is based on his own writing, adapted by Nicky Rebelo who also directs. Bosman, hailed as one of South Africa’s greatest literary artists, was born in Kuils River in the Western Cape in 1905 and spent most of his life living in Johannesburg. He was schooled at Jeppe High and Houghton College and then studied for a teaching diploma at Wits University and the Teachers Training College. After graduating he was posted to Groot Marico in 1926. He only spent six months in the Marico. While at home in Isipingo Street,

Bellevue East Johannesburg, during the July school holidays, Bosman shot dead his half brother David Russell in what was described by the press at the time as an act of passion, and by him as an accident. Bosman was sentenced to death by hanging. The sentence was later commuted to 10 years hard labour, part of which he served at Pretoria Central Prison before being released on parole on 15 August 1930. Bosman went on to live the life of an artist, writing poetry, numerous short stories, two novels, a play Street Woman and many essays and newspaper articles. At the time of his death in 1951 he was employed as a proof reader for the Sunday Express. Many years after being released from prison, Bosman made a return journey to Groot Marico to visit his old school, only to find the building in ruins. It is intriguing that despite only having spent six months

in Groot Marico, most of Bosman’s short stories were set in this small conservative North Western town, and despite his life of struggle, including the time spent awaiting the hangman’s noose, his stories are filled with so much humour, and when adapted for stage they prove to be highly entertaining. A Teacher in the Bushveld is presented by the same team that created the highly successful show A Touch of Madness, which explored the life of Bosman as a creative genius from Johannesburg, and which was performed in theatres across the country from 1999, the last run being a season at the Market Theatre in July 2008. Bosman academic and writer, Stephen Gray, described A Touch of Madness as a ‘touch of class… with David Butler delivering a performance of a lifetime’. Maurice Podbrey, writing in the Cape Times, called it ‘Superb theatre… a brilliant examination of the life

of Herman Charles Bosman’. Jill de Villiers writing for The Citizen said: “This is true theatre. A Touch of Madness is an experience that will thrill the heart of anyone who is fascinated by the creative process, the artistic impulse, or that which sets the artist-shaman apart from the rest of humanity.” A Touch of Madness received six FNB Vita regional theatre award nominations 2000/2001 for best lighting design, set design, best lead actor, best script of a New South African play, best director and best production. Nicky Rebelo won the best director award.

DJ Kent won best urban dance album for I Can’t Survive. Thandiswa Mazwai: Female Artist of the Year winner. Best rap album award went to industrious producer, Amu, for The Principle. Other prominent winners included Freshlyground for best engineer and best adult contemporary album: English; Mthunzi Namba for best African contemporary gospel album; and Professor’s debut album, University of Kalawa Jazmee, won MTN record of the year. Professor also walked away with the award for best kwaito album and male artist of the year. The Samas were co-hosted by controversial radio and TV host Phat Joe; and model, TV and radio personality Bonang Matheba; as well as TV and radio jockey Sizwe Dhlomo.




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02 - 16 JUNE 2011

02 - 16 JUNE 2011






02 - 16 JUNE 2011


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Rose of Soweto to revive career Ex- top boxer to challenge the country’s heavyweight champion Boxing Correspondent

The Rose of Soweto.. Dingaan Thobela

South Africa’s former three-time world boxing champion, Dingaan Thobela, has applied for a licence to resume his boxing career. Thobela, popularly known as “The Rose of Soweto” during the prime of his career, will be 45 years old on September 24. He nevertheless hopes to be able to challenge South Africa’s new heavyweight boxing champion, Wiseman Dlomo. Thobela’s last boxing match was

a light-heavyweight bout against Soon Botes in October 2006. In that encounter Thobela was badly beaten, and he failed to reach the 10th round. The “Rose of Soweto” started his professional boxing career as a junior lightweight in June 1986. He won the SA junior lightweight and super-middleweight titles, and the World Boxing Association (WBA) and World Boxing Organisation (WBO) lightweight titles. That was on his way to an impressive career record of 40-

14-2, including 26 knockouts. In September 2000 he won the WBC super-middleweight title, when he knocked out Glen Catley against all expectations. After two years without a fight he made a comeback aged of 40, when he fought Botes. Thobela’s trainer, Elias Tshabalala is confident that his boxer will be allowed to return to the ring. This is after 42 year-old South African veterans, Anton Nel and Francois Botha were recently granted boxing licences.

Search for new Proteas coach C

Favourite candidate...Gary Kirsten

CSA tight-lipped about speculation that Gary Kirsten is the frontrunner

ricket SA has begun interviewing candidates for probably the most important cricket position in South Africa, the national coach. Corrie Van Zyl, Andy O’Connor, Boeta Dippenaar and selection convenor Andrew Hudson; and Gerald Majola were said to make up the tough interview panel on Monday. But CSA South Africa has been tight lipped about its list of potential candidates, saying strong applications had been received from South Africa and abroad. Despite no shortlist being confirmed, it is widely speculated that the favourites for the coveted position are former Indian coach Gary

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Kirsten and former Titans coach Richard Pybus. Other reports have indicated that former New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming and former Australian all-rounder and Sri Lanka coach Tom Moody could also have faced the interview panel. CSA is tight lipped about speculation that Kirsten has emerged as the frontrunner for the position of new Proteas coach. Dismissing talks that Kirsten, who lead India to victory in the World Cup, was the obvious choice, CSA said it had received ‘strong applications’ from South Africa and abroad. Former Pakistani coach Richard Pybus is considered to be a strong contender after

Kirsten, while former New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming and former Australian all-rounder and Sri Lanka coach Tom Moody are also believed to be the other applicants. CSA started interviewing candidates to replace Corrie van Zyl, who returned to his position at the CSA High Performance Centre after the recent World Cup in the Indian subcontinent. The panel will make its recommendations to the CSA board after interviewing the candidates for the job. CSA also still has to select a new captain for the South African cricket side, as Graeme Smith stepped down after the World Cup. Bua News

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Heavyweight champion Wiseman Dlomo

In his last bout in 2006 Dingaan Thobela was badly beaten and failed to reach the 10th round.

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Pirates supporters cheer the players as they parade in the streets of Joburg.


Bucs parade draws crowds This highlighted the unifying power of sport Soccer Correspondent


Inner-city Bucs faithfuls during the event.


ollowing a gruelling season of the ABSA Premier League, the champions of the MTN 8 knockout competition, the Nedbank Cup and the ABSA league title Orlando Pirates paraded around Johannesburg CBD to showcase their triple win. The employees of league sponsors, Absa, were afforded a rare opportunity of sharing the excitement with Orlando Pirates players, technical staff and top management, including club chairman Dr Irvin Khoza. “We are truly delighted to have the Absa Premiership winners at our offices,” said Absa Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Happy Ntshingila. The prestigious Absa Premiership trophy was paraded before Absa employees. The Sea Robbers snatched their first league title since 2003 from

the mouth of Ajax Cape Town. Ntshingila added that this has been the most exciting soccer season in the history of South African football. “Staff had the opportunity to share this unique experience. Even non-Pirates supporters joined in the celebrations, once again highlighting the unifying power of sport, be it at national level or in the workplace. On behalf of Absa, I would like to thank the Orlando Pirates team for playing their part in contributing to one of the most memorable seasons ever.” He added that Pirates showed great determination this season. “As a brand, we are excited to be associated with the passion shown by all the PSL teams, they have all been true ambassadors of the beautiful game,” Ntshingila said. The celebrations continued to Hillbrow with a throng of Pirates supporters chanting Pirates slogans in jubilation.

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