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12 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

14 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

Editor’s Words By Ananda Valeeva Home sweet Home! We all love the idea of a place to relax and enjoy our moments. So, why not in Second Life? I wrote a special article that talks about some reasons we find to have a home in a Virtual world. InnerWorld is growing and it makes Thereaver (“There” as she prefers to be called) and I happier than ever. After 14 Issues, which have been done bravely just by two of us, we really need more people, but the crazy ones, as we are. So, we found a brave one LOL. Welcome Rekah Aichi, our new Assistant Designer, who will start working for InnerWorld in our next Issue. We have more surprises for you… One more column starts this month, the “SL Stories” by Betwixt Epsilon. He is our dear, sensitive and very talented Story Teller and collaborator. Let’s get touched by his words. Welcome to our family,

Betwixt. The Special interview shows the two amazing creators of NOTsoBAD. Emilie Freund and Reda Bertolucci will certainly enchant you. He deserves a special Stamp Award. Alee Luik is one of the most creative and talented creator and entrepreneur of SL and the owner of Horizontes and the Multiplace Complex. And there is much more: TP to Straylight is simply wonderful; check the charming and elegant options we offer in our Top 5, Zoom and Fashion editorials. I hope you enjoy this Issue, which is surprisingly rich! ★ Kisses Ananda Valeeva CEO / Writer / Editor in Chief INNERWORLD MAGAZINE

16 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

Cover’s Challenge By Thereaver Barrymore I must confess that I am obsessive! I am completely crazy about the creations of Emilie Freund and Reda Bertolucci. I knew the store NotsoBad after I visited a friend's house. I was delighted with the wealth of details throughout the house and furniture, though at the time I was just looking for a bottle of wine, and don’t remember what was the reason to celebrate. There was a bottle on a table, he said that I should visit the store and sent the landmark to me. Such was my surprise, and it was love at first sight. At the same time I did not hesitate to contact someone from the store. I have this habit of praising others when I like something, and Reda was very kind to me. Emilie, his partner, was also readily friendly, and whenever we talked, Emilie was very sweet. I didn’t return there for a while, (or I would spend much more money than I already did).

Some time ago, I returned there and saw that the island changed and new sites were added to that. The island follows the high standard of the main store and nothing caught my attention more than a corner shop in the prefabs. There is an opened office available to whoever wants to visit that and check closer the details of the unique personality of each creator. Boards, sketches, books, rolls of plans and details decorate perfectly the whole place, but the light is the main spot of this inviting office. A glass roof allows the sun to show and reflect light on the wood floors and cream walls. There are so many details of light and shadows, which you surely cannot help, but fall in love with the work of these two phenomenal designers. The advantage of being partner of Ananda Valeeva making the InnerWorld, is that we are free to discuss about creators/subjects and I must put on the cover something that fascinates me in particular, even when it is a completely personal opinion, which not always runs entirely on the number 1 rule of journalism: to be impartial. I love to make the Inner along with Ananda, and we love putting people or creations such as the NotsoBad on the cover. There was no challenge, as it was an enormous pleasure. I just placed the logo of the magazine, the text, and there we go! The fifteenth Issue’s Cover was done. I hope you enjoy it! Good Read! ★ Thereaver Barrymore Designer / Art Director / Photographer INNERWORLD MAGAZINE

18 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

22 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

Home Sweet Home A place to call yours By Ananda Valeeva Pictures by Thereaver Barrymore After Linden Labs started providing something new to premium members, the Linden Homes, it inspired me to write and try to understand people's desire to have a home in Second Life. The experience we can have in a virtual world is unique and, when we have goals and targets, it certainly can improve and reflect positively in our real life. We just need to take the best of this opportunity and make things work well, but never forgetting that we have a real life, a real place to live, sleep and go back after staying sometime in our metaverse. When this line is traced and people realize they can live a wonderful real life and have fun and even make money in a virtual world, they certainly will live a very rich and awesome experience. From the beginning we have planted

24 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

The Loft

26 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

LadyKitty Aristocrat´s Linden Home

roots, somehow. Ancient human history

but your fulfillment and comfort.

has showed it in classical texts, images and archaeological studies. Even though

But, it is important to note that

nomads chose traveling around, they still

economic power has vital influence on

have their tents and life style and need

decisions. In fact, some people think that

to stop and make the place their “home”

only those who have and hold the

for a while. It is true that our

economic and financial power can choose

adaptability seems limitless and doesn’t

freely where and how to stay and which

matter what; we always find a way to

lifestyle they can follow. This is one of

show our identity. Being consistent with

the worst symptoms of our society. The

your expectations is a good way to begin

prospect of universal rights of citizens

to evolve and achieve dreams.

cannot allow the exclusion and racism and this is a fight for us all. We seek

A plant without roots dies. And how

global citizenship and naturally to

about a person? Why do we need a place

belong, grow, and have an identity from

to call home? Maybe, dignity or to feel

a group. It is the constant search for

there is always a place, a nest to return

recognition in the group and through it.

after a long day? It can be small and cozy,

Everyone has the right to be citizens of

exotic or big and fancy. It doesn’t matter,

the world. Be it real or virtual!

28 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

Our Global society moves faster than ever, in search of features and better options of life.



culture and people, but also generates


requirements, which limit and question the need to establish bases. There is no doubt that a consumer society can exert positive influences, which stimulate the growth and healthy ambitions. Maybe real life can’t offer all possibilities to achieve the wealth you deserve and wish, but a Virtual life can be an ample territory to realize

BP´s Skybox

fantasies and experiences, in a place

lives. The sense of community we bring

where you can become who you want

from RL to SL builds an emotional

and have the life style you’ve dreamed.


It is a great platform to carry out







projects, which may even become real. I have always thought of sophistication, I have always thought that Second Life is

simplicity and freedom as rather a

a wonderland and this magic virtual

tendency for regular things. Then, a

environment offers endless possibilities

virtual world like Second Life offers

to fulfill dreams, which sometimes we

many options by the real state market

are not able to reach in real life.

headed by Linden Labs and many

Would you dare to go beyond real

companies, which were born in our

possibilities and build the house of your


dreams and call it home? Why so many

founded by Anshe Chung, the first

people have bought or rented virtual


pixilled lands and houses? Would it be a

millionaire in SL, was the pioneer to

utopian contradiction?

offer the land dream to residents; the

Dreamland, person





Second Island also is a very successful SL is a community of interacting

group and represents many others in this

“species” – don’t forget you can be

market or just to mention some amazing

anything or anyone there - sharing the

furniture and homes companies such as

virtual environment. We share beliefs,

Horizontes, NotsoBad, Creative Fantasy

preferences, skills, feelings and much


more. Second Life takes on a life of its

Barnesworth and Loft. Many residents

own and this virtual life can be surprising

want a place to call their own. They buy

and inspire many to improve their real

lands, put on their houses or even they

30 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010





The Botha Architects

AL'OL Architecture

Odette by Pre Fabulous

32 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010


The Cube by Nielzer Stardust






decorate gardens

with and

amazing beauty to make it look even better than RL, specially the ones who can’t do it because their reality doesn’t allow them to dream so high.

34 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

Like in real life, also to make good deals and succeed, you must research and

from a resident. Of course you can also

learn a lot about real estate as prices can

rent land or a nice house.

vary a lot. It is also extremely important to know and decide if you will buy it

A big part of the Second Life economy is

directly from Linden Labs or only lease it

virtual real estate and many factors

motivate residents to purchase property.

Maybe you can dream of something that

Most of all want privacy and a place to

will not fit as you wish.

enjoy their friends or gather with their beloved. Well, the concept of buying and

We can play and have our dream house

owning real estate in Second Life

in SL and the reasons can be so varied,

requires some planning. Don’t forget to

as for our enjoyment, to meet up with

check some points: All land in Second

friends or to build a traditional family.

Life is rated PG or Mature. So, be aware

There are themed regions and such

that some content is more "adult" than

amazing buildings, which brought a new

other content, and also check the prim

fancy and elegant environment to SL.

and script limits that land will support.

Many RL architects are creating amazing

36 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

The Lodo Loft by Ravish Builds

projects in-world and some people are

friends also got vacant plots in many

even learning a lot how to improve their

various places. New items and services


always seem such attractive, but we





designing their own houses and it has

should use what we have wisely.


Yeah! Same as my chaotic inventory... I






have tons of stuff, but some folders have never been opened since I bought them.

As Uriah Eulenberg said – “After I went to see some plot of Linden Homes, I started

Well, I certainly was inspired by Linden

to build a house by myself. Because I've

Homes though.

already had some land and one of my

I basically welcomed the launch, and the

understand why somebody would have a

market will probably get good effects by

virtual house? But, if you though deeper

that… like I've been enjoying shopping

about this you should ask why to have an

furniture myself”.

avatar in a virtual world? It is all connected and having a house, a place to

So many people are against or can’t

38 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

call home, even in a 3D version can be

Eclipse Loft by Orange Creations

very therapeutic and inspire a better and more balanced real life. You can even grow and improve your life style. So, it is not just a virtual fantasy. It can make your House a really sweet Home! ★

40 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010


48 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

50 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

52 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

54 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

58 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

Meet Betwixt Epsilon By Ananda Valeeva It is a new column to make you dream and enjoy stories of our Virtual World. I am pleased to welcome and introduce Betwixt Epsilon, a very talented writer, who caught my attention by his sensitive, passionate and beautiful stories. Ananda Valeeva. Betwixt Epsilon's puppeteer lives on the north-east part of the United States, a place where it snows far too much for far too many months, but also a place where the summers are long and beautiful and quiet. He has spent his time in SL making and losing friends, building and destroying, scripting, dancing, and listening to music. But, most of all, he enjoys exploring, not sims or builds, but minds. Commerce does not move him, but words do. And so, despite the reluctance of his puppeteer, he has taken recently to writing fiction based on SL experiences. He writes short vignettes about moments in time, usually small intimate moments. Occasionally he will try his hand at a big sweeping, but very short story. Some of earlier vignettes are posted on a blog he maintains at (and the new ones he writes for this magazine will also be posted there). Welcome to our InnerWorld, dear Betwixt!!

60 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

SL Stories - Fall with the stars by Betwixt Epsilon Pictures por Thereaver Barrymore I watched the stars fall. Standing at the very edge of the wind-swept cliff that dropped straight into the water on the Isle of Farias, I looked out west over the ocean. This was the westernmost island created so far and there was nothing, but the surf of mildly choppy water to be seen out to the far horizon. Nothing, except for the stars. They fell at random intervals, the trajectory of their descent tracing a brilliant searing arc through the dark nighttime sky. They had different hues, the falling stars, some had more yellow and some had deep purples. I figured the color had something to do with how far away they fell from my vantage point. I stood motionlessly at the edge of the cliff ignoring the faint din of the celebrating throng on the amphitheater somewhere behind me in the distance. It was new year's eve. The third since she left my world, this world that we had shared for what now seems like an eternity. I had walked out very near the beginning of the singing and dancing unable or perhaps unwilling to share in the joy. I had walked up the steep steps and out into the surrounding ruins. I had walked for long without purpose, and yet instinct or perhaps some unknown and

stronger force had drawn me to the water's edge.I stood rooted, my mind slowly emptying of emotion and thought, focusing just on the falling stars that disappeared over the horizon. The wind had died shortly after I had arrived and nothing stirred. The stillness burned at the edges of my consciousness. I gazed westward steadfastly, holding the stillness at bay, keeping it from consuming me. I don't know how long I had stood there when the emptiness left by the receding mind was replaced by the single overpowering flood of emotion created by the sudden knowledge that in her world she was out at the water's edge too, that she was at her cottage by the beach. Improbable as it was, I was consumed with the certainty of knowing that at that very moment she was outside, her feet soaking in the waves, her eyes fixed on the nighttime sky of her world. She was on the other side of

62 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

the horizon. She was there. She was watching the stars fall. And I knew. I knew just how to get through to her world. How to get through to my love. I had to fall. Fall with the stars, straight into her arms. (Inspired by the lines "I want to fall from the stars, straight into your arms" in a song by Simply Red.) ★

68 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

Stamp Award: Alee Luik Interview given to Ananda Valeeva Pictures by Thereaver Barrymore He is a creative and passionate person, who brought his experience in architecture and designer from RL to the Virtual World. You will also fall in love with him and his creations for Horizons and Multiplace! Alee Luik was conquered by the metaverse after his Brazilian friend, a rl DJ, motivated him. She told him about the wonders of SL, the high level of interactivity and endless possibilities of expression, many times larger than the real world provides. He was delighted to think that he could play a live set for people in various locations around the world and at the same time (which already occurs on the Internet), but still be able to receive real-time feedback from the audience. He was conquered by the possibility of exchanging ideas with people and artists from across the world! So, Alee created his avatar with the help of his DJ friend and began playing in some famous virtual clubs. After his performances as DJ, Alee

70 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

decided it was time to venture further and take his experience as a RL designer and architect to the metaverse. He says – “Architecture is my second passion in rl and as I was already familiar with graphics programs like 3DSMax to prospects and architectural design, so I thought I could create something in SL too. I started it just for fun, but the thing became serious and reached another level. I wish I had more time to develop my projects in SL, but I think that split time between RL and SL is something that all residents face”. Alee wanted to develop quality projects by grouping wonderful works, as the Kabuki Creations, the animations founded in Horizontes furniture. As we needed to seek everything separate in SL: home security device (very necessary for privacy in SL), devices for light and realistic creations of bathtubs and beds with animations, now he offers all that in one package. And he tells us more – “I also noticed that the stores exposed furniture and homes only side by side and didn’t care about the ambiance. Hence I decided to expose everything in a real way, to give customers accurate idea of

how to develop an environment (including terraplain) and see how it can be a paradise” He sees the need for people to have a house in a virtual world as in real life. “Everybody wants to have a little corner that looks like the place of your dreams, which people often do not have a chance to get in real life. In my point of view, the house is always a reflection of the owner, and people have the chance to express 100% in SL who they are”. The Architecture practiced by Alee is modern, clean and light per excellence. And two of his projects that can be found in Horizontes are projects already developed in rl, with some restrictions to suit the virtual world. Alee cares a lot about the peculiar characteristics of SL and seeks balance, as it is not simple to switch between the numbers of primitives rather than hinder the look and essence of the place. He says – “The stairs made of sculpties and a handrail of textures can destroy the 3D sense of SL. I use sculpties only when they are really necessary, as in complex shapes and other places where you can not use a

72 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

regular primitive. Textures for 3D effect… no way! Abusing sculpties means to make people wait forever to render the house and furniture. There is this characteristic delay of sculpties and also primitives, which are loaded with different textures. It would be easy to make a super realistic house, “baking” all textures in 3DSMax and exporting them to SL. It would bring an extraordinary and realistic effect to creations, but there would be an eternal wait to see them, which nobody wants. The SL creators of content should watch this. Houses with complex shapes and low primitives may seem feasible and economic, but the consequences can be grim. So, the key word is balance”. Alee tells us about his most recent and exciting project, the Multiplace. - “I always wanted to bring quality to my projects in SL and long idealized a project to bring artists of all levels from real life to SL: art, music, architecture, graphic design and everything else... Since I knew the work of InnerWorld I saw they had something I really wanted: a work with the same level that professionals of rl develop. At the same

time I could bring back one of the best vinyl DJs from around the world and also open a space, not only for beginners that are starting to play, but also introduce them to great people such as Al-Dj and others; all artists of real life, which rock their set lists in sl. In short, the project aims to bring the best of real life music, artists, graphic design and architecture, and all this in one place. Gradually we will implement the idea and it seems that people around the world have adopted and praised the project in an extraordinary way. I will follow investing in promoting products and events of high quality with real artists, to bring to SL the best things life has to offer�. ★

76 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

TP to Botanical at Straylight Text by Ananda Valeeva Pictures by Silton Mindes

creation, this time I realized some kind of awesome new emotions coming from its creator.

I already knew this place. Everybody knows there and their store Botanical and, if you haven’t visited Straylight yet, I can tell you should do it as soon as you finish this article!

Emotions overflowed from my inner soul when I saw the landscape and heard the music around. Fantastic shapes and an impressionist pallet of colors brought a vision of old memories from my most magical dreams.

But, even knowing such a wonderful

78 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

The subtle and sensitive touch of light shades took me to the land of dreams and imagination. And it is not only the awesome landscape there to be enjoyed, but the options you can find to make your own garden and landscape, as they have their store. You can dream of a farm, a cottage, garden, island or anything about wonderful creations connected to nature. Take a moment to explore this fantastic Sim and fall in love with its beauty, peace and surprises. ★ Location: Straylight (127,104,24)

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96 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

Special Interview Emilie Freund and Reda Bertolucci - NOTsoBAD Store By Ananda Valeeva Pictures by Thereaver Barrymore

They are amazing artists and designers who brought their RL experience to make Second Life richer and prettier. I got very impressed since I saw their store and products for the first time and they really make the difference in designing furniture and prefabs. I was willing to interview both of them and show to our readers their ideas and thoughts about virtual worlds, art and a bit of their history. So, when I asked why they decided to live a virtual life such as Second Life? They said: Emilie Freund: I didn´t really decide anything, as I came in SL by chance. My Second Life is mostly articulated around my job, but I also hang out or have some chat with my friends. Reda Bertolucci: At first I was interested in Second Life simply because of curiosity and I quickly saw the creative potential

98 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

of this virtual world. And how did partnership?




Emilie Freund: Our partnership was something truly very natural; we even didn't discuss it first. One day the name of NOTsoBAD came out and one hour later we had our Logo. Reda Bertolucci: Our partnership was done in a very natural way with no doubt or question, and also with no specific ambition, just to use our skills the best way in order to provide high quality items. You create so realistic and amazing furniture and prefabs. Where do you find inspiration and sources? Talk a bit about the creation process. Emilie Freund: My inspiration comes

100 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

following the trends. Once I know what I want to create in SL, I try to find how to optimize it the best, in terms of modeling tool to reduce as much as possible the number of prims, but, also the visual aspect through the choice of the textures and colors and finally the interactive part with the scripts and poses. Our goal is to provide the most complete item as possible. Reda Bertolucci: First, thanks for all these compliments. Then, about our creations and inspiration‌ the process is quite the same as the job of an industrial designer in Real Life. For instance, speaking about heavy work like building Sims, we have to establish Specifications in a first time, the next step is the analysis of what already exists, meaning seeking the web, decoration and housing magazines, etc... We also act following our feeling sometimes, trying to understand and to fit the client's expectations, but moreover we always work as a team, no product is settled by only one part, I am sometimes Emilie's eyes, and she's

102 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

sometimes mine. Do you have any background as designer or artist in RL? Emilie Freund: I've been working in computer graphics since 13 year. Of course this had been an advantage, but I had to improve my skills, as I had no experience about 3D tools. I learned a lot here and Reda shared a lot of his experience with me. Now the tendency has been inverted as the skills I got from here help me in my job :) Reda Bertolucci: Absolutely. Starting with my passion for art, especially drawing, then my interest for computing, which came later. My scholarship background and higher studies are axed around Art and I have a professional experience in graphic art. Do you believe Second Life can help to improve a real life career? Emilie Freund: As I said previously, what I acquired from Second Life provided me more technical skills, mostly, for example, in the management of lights

104 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

and shades, but also all about 3D tools. I use this technical knowledge in my Real Life work. Reda Bertolucci: Certainly yes, as the frontier between Second Life and Real life is really subtle. We are now logging in a professional perspective. Having a home in SL can affect RL? If yes, how? Emilie Freund: It has been almost 3 years since I am a resident of Second Life, and it is true that becoming addict to it is very easy, with or without a house. Now, it is the responsibility of each of us to determine limits if they are needed and to know what SL means to us. Reda Bertolucci: This question can be the subject of a debate :) I think that everyone gets his or her own experience of Second Life. There isn´t a "Yes" or "no", it is all based on your Real life situation, how many times you log in SL, for how long, your vision of this

106 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

world and how you decide to live it. One thing though remains important… you always need to have an hindsight from the virtual world. What could be better regarding the market of lands in SL? Emilie Freund: We made the choice to provide creations with detailed workmanlike graphics, which implies more textures and more sculpties. It could help if the loading time could be shorter to improve the comfort of the users. Reda Bertolucci: Stop copybot!!! “Private joke” ;) I have heard that Linden Lab should provide tools to improve the market. On a global level, SL keep evolving and so does its economy; the development of external websites such as Xstreet sounds like a good solution. How would be the “Second Life of your dreams”? Emilie Freund: From a professional point of view, the SL of my dreams would be a world with no thieves (copybot), where

Linden Lab would provide us more warranties. From a gamer point of view, it would be a world with higher graphics and a better interaction between our avatars and us. Phillip Linden said during an interview that in a not so far future, when a user will move his or her hand, the avatar will do the same… so, imagine how great this will be! Reda Bertolucci: Second Life itself is a kind of dream. Everyone can afford a yacht in SL, but in Real Life, it is a bit more complicated... In my case as we are involved 100% in Second Life, the second Life of my dreams would be one with a graphic quality that would challenge video games such as Crysis, Far Cry 2, 2 Days to Vegas etc. Thank you both for your kind attention. ★

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130 | InnerWorld Magazine ~ Issue 15 ~ 2010

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