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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

Editor’s Note By Ananda Valeeva Have






yourself, but even thousand words weren´t enough? So, join the club! The body language is one of the most powerful ways to express feelings, ideas and conquer a better job, friends and a great relationship. Our avatars can express so much, thanks to the amazing creators and their AOs, dances and




everyday moments as, working, modeling or romance. So, this special Issue talks about how charming, funny, unique and sensual our avatars can move and lead us to unforgettable sensations. I interviewed four of the best creators





animations for couples and singles. Check how Artoo Magneto, Craig Altman, Steven Dean & Maeve Strom and Vista Barnes create awesome body art and their ideas. The TP to Misterious Wave will enchant and surprise you. I am sure you will love the new SL Story by Betwixt Epsilon, Bare Feet. Our Fashion Editorial was never so classy and dreamy. It was inspired by the perfect film "Black Swan". Check it now. So, this issue is fully dedicated to the body language and how beautiful and powerful feelings can be expressed without a word. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Move, dance, jump, hold... doesn´t matter what. The body talks! ★ Ananda Valeeva CEO / Editor-in-Chief / Senior Writer INNERWORLD MAGAZINE

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

Cover Challenge By Thereaver Barrymore When Ananda gave the idea for the main subject of this Issue, I got thrilled in a unique way. Since my start in Second Life I learned to love poses and animations unconditionally. As




photography I became addicted



poses and today I have more passion




Such me


have a shop, which is closed now days. Ah, but I miss so much to create poses! Artoo Magneto (AKEYO), Craig Altman (Bits & Bobs), Barnes



Animations) and Steven Dean and Maeve Strom (Essential Soul) are masters and I confess that having them in the magazine

makes this Issue of Inner even more special. It's definitely one of my favorite themes. How to express in a single image all animations of Second Life? Four years ago I bought an animation for couples from Bits & Bobs. After those years and among many innovations created through motion capture, the Resolution is still very current and I can tell, it is among the best animations in Second Life. I chose that to create the cover and I hope you like the result. I also hope it will instills you to read the mag. Kisses and good reading! ★ Thereaver Barrymore Diretora de Arte / Designer / FotĂłgrafa INNERWORLD MAGAZINE

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

Special Article

turn their bodies to face each other. If you both

Body Talks – The silent expression!

are sitting and you turn your body and legs

By Ananda Valeeva

completely to face the person, but he/she has even the feet or legs facing the opposite side,

It is fascinating to observe how the body talks

hey you, I have a tip… run away! This person is

and the way it can express so many feelings

willing to say goodbye and this date is a

and ideas through conscious or unconscious

disaster. Lol.

movements. Non-verbal communication is more powerful than some words. There are

The body talks a lot and it is possible to express

many signals sent by the way you move eyes,

amazing and deep “secret” feelings, even if

your body posture or face expressions. This can

you don’t want to show them. So, it is

be a deep discovery of what makes sense or

important to be loyal and consistent and also

not, as sometimes what is said is completely

to pay more attention to how people behave

different than what a body expresses.

and move their bodies to understand and communicate better. Body language is a

As a simple example: just pay attention to

treasure we should value since it is the mainly

somebody who says that he/she agrees with

way of human expression.

you, but at the same time, this person shows crossed arms in front of his/her chest. It is a

Nonverbal behavior shows states of mind and

clear signal of a big subconscious NO or a

indicates if a person is angry, happy, calm,

barrier that this person creates against you or

excited and so many other feelings. “Reading”

your ideas. Another example that you can

people can be very useful and can surprise by

observe is during a date: we can easily know if

the intrinsic messages. Our bodies carry a

one is really interested or not in the other

peculiar code, which attracts or rejects and

person by the posture of body. When a couple

provoke amazing reactions without any word.

is in love or sexually attracted, both tend to

Our senses react to that, but the visual stimulus

is the sense that will guide you to the next

to control human body language and tell that


sensory pleasure is wrong or a sin. Some would even condemn the free expression of body as

We can interpret gestures and expressions and

a wrong interpretation of Hedonism, a classic

then, behave under their influence on our

school of thought that spread the philosophy

beliefs or wishes. Dancing has been one of the

on the supreme goal of life as the search of

richest forms of body language and it is part of

pleasure and contentment. So, I ask you, whats

human being’s behavior since ancient times.

wrong with that? Body talks and can lead you

So, since tribal or folk dances to the charming

to amazing pleasure and joy. Doesn’t matter

and intoxicating classic ballet, or even the way

which message your body shows and there is

a stripper dancer uses the body to seduce… all

nothing wrong with sensual or just the

movements carry subtle messages and its own

indulgence of a virtuous and temperate life. It

body language.

is up to you, but the main question here is how much you allow your body talking to be

The way we walk, move hands and arms or the

expressed. A social ethics can make your

entire body transmits more messages than we

professional and familiar life or a relationship

could imagine and this is a powerful tool of

pleasant and successful.

communication, which can be used to conquer somebody, a new job or even an audience. But,

Body language is the key of a good and

many people still don’t know or realize they

pleasant life… so if this is so important and

could use this to make their lives much better;

powerful, how could it help us in a virtual

they behave under lots of “rules” imposed by


society and their body language is not natural or free.

Just imagine avatars made of pixels and remember when you were “born” as a static

Religions and archaic moral beliefs have tried

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

and no charming doll. The way to walk and the

robot movements were terrible. So, thanks to

You can move and try the body language in all

the amazing, creative and sensitive creators

ways and your avatar can be an amazing link

who brought the Animation Overrides (Aos) and

to make your real life better. If you are shy or

the fantastic options of walking, sitting, moving

can´t express yourself the way you wish in real

and even dancing.

life, why not try in your virtual life first? It can be wonderful for your next relationships, job

They also created the animations for the ones

and life in general.

who want to live all possibilities and explore all kinds of pleasures in their virtual lives, such

There are all kinds of animations and dances

as making your particular show as the best

since classic ballet to the craziest dance. You

dancer of the club or beautiful couple dances

can walk or sit like a sexy and chic model or a

(romantic or sensual) that will provoke the

funny crazy guy. Modeling was never so real

deepest and strongest sensations.

and perfect since creators started catwalk animations. You can express yourself in all ways

You can have romance, sex and passion in the

you wish and even if tonight you want to have

most realistic and perfect way. Just try beds,

dinner with somebody, there are perfect

rugs, furniture and all romance and sex

animations for eating. Think of a way to

animations available for your pleasure. There

express an action or feeling and you will find it

are experts in those creations and there is no

in awesome animations. You can paint on a

limit for imagination and how body language

canvas, climb stairs, or martial arts and

can be expressed not only in real life, but also

wrestling. There is no limit to the imagination.

in your Virtual life. They brought real movements to the highest levels and I wonder

Gestures also can express happiness, anger,

if they will be able soon to create perfect face

goofy moods and everyday we can find more

animations, to complete the whole pack.

way of body talking in–world. The quality of those Aos, dances and all animations is so

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

perfect that some creators even use MOCAP

movements of all poses.

(Motion capture) tools to capture all body movements





If you are still a bit shy of dancing, modeling,

completely realistic. It is amazing if you pay

walking or sitting in your unique way or even

attention to the way an avatar can behave now

have never tried some sensual or hot moments,

days. The experiences are more real and

don’t waist your time. Run to the best stores,


buy your animations and poses and live the most amazing experiences.

I interviewed some of the best creators of Aos, dances and many other animations, and they

And don’t forget… Let your body talk… Doesn’t

are really fascinating and very sensitive to the

matter if the real or virtual one. But, express

body language. The best way to understand the

yourself as much as you can. It is the best way

process of their creations and ideas is reading

to liberate your inner being! ★

their words. Check the interviews. Another kind of non verbal language that has multiplied in-world are the poses. Everybody wants to behave charmingly or in a personal and unique way as models or having fun with friends and beloveds. There are also creators specialized in couple poses, which inspire lovely and very beautiful photo albums. Group poses are one more great way to experience body language and our avatar will never behave the same way. The perfect observation of the physiology of the body is visible in the

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

“May I sit with you?" I turned and looked back over the bench for the source of the voice. It was difficult to focus on the sea of tall flowers and grasses in the meadow after staring at the light of the setting sun on the waves for so long. "It is such a beautiful spot. But if you'd rather be alone, let me know and I will come back some other time." My eyes found her. Bare feet, a summery white dress with a slit on one side showing an athletic leg, an unadorned lovely long neck, auburn hair on fire in the rays of the dying sun, she smiled and waved. I sat up straight and smiled back gesturing towards the bench,

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

"Please come sit. It will be my pleasure."

towards me with her eyes full of mischief.

"I am Carol", she said walking out of the

I laughed briefly in response and looked

meadow towards me. The long stem of a

away shaking my head. "Fact is that I

sunflower clutched in one hand, she

don't. But that don't excuse my rudeness

crossed the few feet of gravel that

in staring at you Carol." It was as if my

marked the waterfront and sat down on

internal compass swung from the setting

the far side of the bench. Her eyes were

sun to you, I thought to myself.

fixed, as mine had been only a few moments ago, on the long shimmering

"Michael. That's my name."

flame that stretched from the horizon to nearly our feet as the sun set over the

"Michael", she said softly and turned back

water. She watched the flame flicker on

to face the flame. Extending an arm out

the undulating surface of the sea and I

towards the sea, she pursed her lips into

watched her. Her upper body hugging a

an oval and exhaled deeply and sharply.

folded leg raised so that its foot perched

The sun died. ★

at the edge of the bench, her skirt pulled up so that the other lower leg was free and swinging in time to some internal music. Her chin rested on the raised knee, the sunflower plucked from the meadow caressing her hair, her eyes reflecting the slowly deepening colors of the flame she was so intently watching. "You don't have company often, do you?", she asked eventually, turning her face

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

SPECIAL INTERVIEW artoo Magneto – AKEYO By Ananda Valeeva

Artoo Magneto, the creator of AKEYO, is a RL expert in 3D Graphics and creates an ample variety of different products for Virtual worlds, such as amazing Avatar Accessories like sneakers, caps, hats, furniture and garden accessories loaded with animations. More than that, he creates also a fantastic range of Animation Overriders and Dance Animation. Enjoy this amazing talented artist. InnerWorld: What is your opinion about Virtual Worlds in general? Artoo Magneto: Virtual Worlds are super exciting to me! I think it is what people like me, have been waiting for since the idea of a “cyberspace” or "virtual reality" became popular in the mid 90s. I hope these things will develop much further than we can imagine today. It is like seeing how the future becomes real. InnerWorld: Tell us about your experience of joining Second Life. Why did you start a virtual life? Artoo Magneto: I came to second life to help creating the presence of a big RL car brand during the Second Life Hype period. While exploring SL I luckily met a few very cool & inspiring people, which made me stick with SL after the car

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

work half days at a media agency where I

brand left SL one year later.

do 3D animations. InnerWorld: After your first experiences in SL what inspired you to create your

When I started working in the 3D Graphics

own brand and so vast range of

about 15 years ago, I kind of exchanged


my cool & exciting hobby to a job, which sounds great in the first thought... but, in

Artoo Magneto: at the beginning it was

real, I lost my beloved hobby and took the

just for the fun of creating things that I

counter sides like deadlines and picky

would like to have.

clients into it, which killed some of the fun. So, I don´t want to lose my ‘hobby’

I made me vampire fangs, laser Beams


that shoot out of the eyes, odd-eyes or a hat that shows your pulsating brain

If I would depend on the SL income, it

exposed under a glass bowl... Then, a SL

would might destroy the real passion and

buddy who later became a RL friend

fun I feel for it.

offered me a wall at his club where I should offer my stuff for sale... and

InnerWorld: You are well known per

that´s how it started.





especially for this Issue, I want to talk started

about your Animation dances and AOs.

business in Virtual Worlds, which

Tell about the high technology system

became their real life job. Some of

you use Mocap - MOTION CAPTURE.




them make very good profits. Is AKEYO also your RL job?






motioncapture. You probably know Artoo Magneto: AKEYO could easily be my

this from a typical making-off video,

only occupation at the moment, but I still

where the actor wears a suit with

Picture taken from artoo Magneto´s video on Youtube

reflective markers on it.

animations, dances and AOs?

The capture space is surrounded with a

Artoo Magneto: This, somehow, is that

lot of cameras, which emit infrared light

part that sounds the easiest, but might be

that is reflected by the markers. When

the hardest. - the matter of taste and

one marker is seen from 3+ directions at


once, the computer is able to calculate the exact position in space and that is

I see, for example, a lot of dances that

how the motions of the actor can be

look more like gymnastics to me, and this


would be something I just wouldn´t release.

After that comes the process of bringing the recorded mody motion over to the SL

Finding motions that are good for AO is

skeleton, and then, the editing of the

more tricky from the idea side. The right

motion to make it loop-able, fix errors, or

balance of enough, but not too much


movement, but mainly a good motion











expression. Finally, a last conversion and the upload in SL.The Software I use is mainly Vicon

My rudeboy Ao would be a good example

Blade, Autodesk Motionbuilder and two

of a very defined style and expression; it

self developed conversion scripts.

is hard to find such an idea.

InnerWorld: To express emotions and movements through an Avatar can be a very interesting experience. How do you





sophisticated movements to create your

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

You can find remakes of its animations from nearly all other animation creators who use motioncapture... So, this shows again how tricky it is to find a good own idea.

InnerWorld: Are you used to go to clubs

A few people tried to make a business out

in RL to dance? It seems you are a great

of selling stolen goods and ended up

observer of body language.

paying relatively high monetary penalties.

Artoo Magneto: Of course! I love clubbing

InnerWorld: What is the secret of

and go party frequently. And observing

success behind a multi task creator like

other people is what we all like to do very


much. Artoo Magneto: Passion and patience I InnerWorld: : In 2009 you had all your

would say. You have to love what you

dance animations copied and passed out

do... and you have to work hard. It is all

freely all over SL. You sent many tickets

not as easy as it might seem.

to LL and tried to stop the situation. Was that solved?

Thank you very much, Artoo, for your attention and making our avatars

Artoo Magneto: Yes, Lindenlab is very

behave so charmingly. :P

helpful. Not really quick - but they do care. They developed a system that is able to identify illegal animations by different aspects and remove them grid wide. This system is still in closed beta development and I hope it becomes public soon. Also LL can directly get the RL data from people through the ISPs and in really bad cases they hand these out.

Artoo: Thanks a lot!! I liked your questions. ★

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

SPECIAL INTERVIEW Craig Altman - Bits and Bobs By Ananda Valeeva

He has brought romance, sensuality and action to our virtual lives. Besides his everyday animations Craig creates the best couple animations for his brand Bits and Bobs. If you wish to enjoy fully all movements your avatar can do, know him and his creations better. InnerWorld: What attracted you to join a Virtual World? Craig Altman: I came to Second Life from Ultima Online, which is another form of virtual world, but was more based on combat rather like World of Warcraft or Everquest. Before that I used to play Quake and other similar "death match" type online games, all were basically about playing against other players. Over time this got a bit boring and as the user base or such games tended to be somewhat younger players, it was also often a lot of hassle. I decided to find a game like Ultima online, which wasn't about fighting other players, I saw a post in a forum about Second Life, and as this part of the UK had finally got broadband I was able to give it a try. InnerWorld: Besides the ample individual options you also create the most

amazing, sensual and romantic couple

about 3 weeks of trial and error I had

animations and dances. When and why

managed to make a 2 second long

did you start this fantastic art?


Craig Altman: I actually created the

InnerWorld: It seems very exciting to

couple animations for myself and the

observe the body language and make

partner I had early on in 2005. Couple

those romantic and sensual moments

animations were available, but almost all

for couples and dances. Tell us more

were simply sex based with a few kissing

about this process and how do you

types. So, I figured the best way to get

research dances and movements to use

what I wanted was to try to make them

in your creations? You must have lots of

myself. Then, I bought Poser and over

fun, hum?

Picture sent by Craig Altman

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

Craig Altman: The romantic types if I

coach 2 actors in suits to perform a

have an idea I start there and make it up

romantic scene, if what I want to see is in

as I go along; its rather similar with the

my own mind, better to make it myself.

dances really, I don't really know how to

The process of making a long animation

dance, so I think of them more as

by hand is a very long one, like painting a

"rhythmic cuddles". Dances that are a

picture takes a lot longer than taking a

"type" like the Tango or waltz, I watch

photograph. There is skill involved in

videos of those dances, then I try to make

both, it's just a preference.

the steps. Sometimes I watch ballet videos and in some of the slow dances I

InnerWorld: Tell in one phrase what a

make a few of the moves, which are more

Virtual Life means to you.

ballet than club dance. Craig Altman: Not sure I can think of a InnerWorld: Which tools do you use to

phrase really, will "scary" do?

create such animations? Is Mocap – MOTION CAPTURE one of them?

Thank you very much for your kind attention,





Craig Altman: All couple animations I

romance and sensuality to our virtual

make are made in poser 6, some of the

lives. ★

very new single type animations we did use a motion capture suit to make. Those animations are of things like eating, drinking, painting, speaking etc, i.e. things that are functional and I decided more suited being made that way. Things like romantic animations I prefer to do by hand as I don't really want to be a "film director". I can't picture myself trying to

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

SPECIAL INTERVIEW Maeve Strom and Steven Dean - Essential Soul By Ananda Valeeva

InnerWorld: What attracted you to join a Virtual World? Maeve Strom: I didn´t know what SL was about or if I would like it. I just heard it was like the SIMS, but 1000 times better. I was skeptical, and honestly, wasn´t expecting much of anything. But, I became captivated about the graphic and photography capabilities, shortly after figuring out not how to be a Noob. I discovered through some friends I met along the way who told me to continue to do pictures, and then I discovered through other SL members..., flickr. So, it was a side Hobby to do the photography that drew me in. Steven Dean: Not What, but Who. My RL best friend called me and said "Hey download this game, create an avatar and call yourself Steven Dean, I have the same last name and we will be brothers!". Well, He played for 1 week and got tired. In the meanwhile I found out it was an attractive place where I was able to discover a lot of things.... so here my story starts on Dec 14th 2006. InnerWorld: Why did you decide to create poses? Maeve Strom: Well, Steven and I first talked about creating a SIM

Picture sent by Steven Dean

for people to take pictures, then we both

photography and for this reason, "pose

realized that it wasn´t always easy to find

freaks". At the very beginning we opened

great poses. So, the idea developed into

a photo studio on a homestead and I

learning to make poses and opening up a

needed to find a way to cover the tiers

small shop that had places within the

without touching my credit card.... so

Homestead to take pictures. And maybe

why not... POSES! As soon as I started,

we would break even to cover the costs

Maeve wanted to try too and after a first

for tiers to support our hobby of

release of 11 poses we started growing

photography and poses.

and people appreciating our job. Now our store is known for the quality of the


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InnerWorld Magazine # 20


poses, pics and a body language that

transform out place into a real photo

regular pics then re-creating a new mood


and "static motion" for each pose. I personally





InnerWorld: It seems very exciting to

important and in order to get realistic

observe the body language. How do you

poses, they need to be as close as possible

plan the movements you want to use as

to natural movement. When I first

a pose?

started, I used to try myself each pose, if you looked at me I look like a fool lying

Maeve Strom: Its not so much "planning"

on the floor or kinda dancing with

the movement as it is having the

background music.

inspiration to create a pose. A lot of the poses for Steven and I meant something

But, Essential Soul is not just poses no

to one another, because it conveyed a

more, thanks to Coma Zero and M4rk3tt0

thought or feeling for one another or a RL

Bonetto we are developing the business

moment for us. But, it also goes without

on shoes and accessories, while Maeve is

saying... practice and knowledge of how

working hard on fantastic Tattoo's and

to manipulate the avatar in the program


you use to achieve that affect is key. But,

Essential Soul brings feelings from every



aspect of life: body language, body art,

"giggles".... nothing like seeing your RL

fashion. Essential Soul is all You can feel,

and SL partner over Cam trying pose

all you can wear, all about Us.








positions. But, we had a method to our madness... and its gotten us to where we

Thank you very much Maeve and

are now.



creations. ★ Steven Dean: Body language is the tipping point of posemaking. I usually take inspiration from RL experiences or




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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

SPECIAL INTERVIEW Vista Barnes - Vista Animations By Ananda Valeeva

He is very creative and his creations bring elegance, charm and attitude to our avatars since 2006. He is an expert in Body language and we can see it by using his fantastic AOs and animations.

InnerWorld: What attracted you to join Second Life and are you also in other similar grids?

Vista Barnes: I loved virtual 3d environments all my life since I saw my first 3d game (wolfestein3d in a 286 :P) and when I first saw SL I was like WOW! Especially the first months, SL experience is amazing; a whole new world to discover. Now I keep an eye open to all new ones around, in spite that lately I look at them more in a commercial way than a hobby. I have joined all the opengrids, in spite I have open a shop just in one of

in the street! Actually, as we use motion

them as a test.

capture, it’s quite different, we try to InnerWorld: When and why did you start

have an idea of what we want, like a

creating your body art, such as AOs and

heroine Ao, and we take inspiration in

animations and poses?

movies, comics, etc...

Vista Barnes: I was trying to create a free

InnerWorld: What tools do you use to

AO for me and my friends with free poses

create such animations? Is Mocap –

around. I could make one female not too

MOTION CAPTURE one of them?

bad (that was in 2006, it was static poses obviously) but, when I tried to make a

Vista Barnes: Yes, we use a motion

male one... all the free poses looked to

capture equipment and a program called

"female”, then I started to read how to

Motion Builder and 3dmax, but I must say

create my own.

I have stated my first Ao with Avimator; A great free software and really easy to






inspiration? Do you observe people

use, at least for the basics. Make a walk with it needs to be really patient…

around? InnerWorld: Tell in one phrase what a Vista Barnes: I must say yes. I analyze

Virtual Life means to you.

everybody, everywhere, all the time... especially when I had to make the first

Vista Barnes: Virtual life is more than the

walks; I was like crazy looking at females

half of my real life. Since I work full time

(and later to males) butts walking all day

on this and I spend connected about 9

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

Picture by Gabriele Sinatra, sent by Vista Barnes

hours daily. I must say I love my job :) My

our virtual lives.

SL job has matched the growth of my family, and I could combine my new SL

Thank to you for giving me this chance.

job during nights with the baby bottles...

Kisses to all. See ya at Vista! ★

I think I am a really lucky man.

Thank you very much, Vista for your kind attention and for bringing class to

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

Ballerina in Blue Shape: customized Skin: Paper skin - Trinity / innocent by Redgrave Hair: Tanya - chocolate by Truth Eyes: Primeye black by House of Eyez Dress: Nico Dress (Blue) by Bliss Couture Ballet slipper: Paloma Point Ballet Slipperby Slink Pose: DW Ballerina 17 by Diesel Works

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

The Red Queen Ballerina Shape: customized Skin: Paper skin - Trinity / innocent by Redgrave Makeup: White Widow Face Tatoo Leaves Green by Stan Jigsaw Hair: Peyton Hair - Cavia by Bliss Hair Eyes: Primeye black by House of Eyez Dress: Nina red by Mimikri Ballet slipper: Paloma Point Ballet Slipperby Slink Pose: DW Ballerina 7 by Diesel Works

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

The Butterfly Ballerina Shape: customized Skin: Paper skin - Trinity / innocent by Redgrave Makeup: Warhol's Muse Eyeshadow1 by Cheap Makeup Hair: Frida Ebony by Tukinowaguma Eyes: Primeye black by House of Eyez Ballerina Outfit: Isabella purple by Evie's Closet Pose: Ballet3 by Slink (came with Ballet slipper)

The White Swan Shape: customized Skin: Paper skin - Trinity / innocent by Redgrave Hair: Jocelyn treacle bu Truth Eyes: Primeye black by House of Eyez Dress: Swan Queen White by Nicky Ree Ballet slipper: Paloma Point Ballet Slipperby Slink Pose: Ballet2 by Slink (came with Ballet slipper)

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

The Black Swan Shape: customized Skin: Paper skin - Trinity / innocent by Redgrave Hair: Hera / whiskey by Exile Makeup: Black Swan complete makeup by Yokana Eyes: Primeye black by House of Eyez Dress: Black Swan Ballerina Dress by Vita's Boudoir Ballet slipper: Ashia Point Ballet Slipper Onyx by Slink Pose: DW Ballerina 15 by Diesel Works

Highlighted landmarks by section

{ TP to } Mysterious Wave { Interviews } Akeyo { Interviews } Bits & Bobs { Interviews } Essential Soul { Interviews } Vista Animations

Zone (82, 204, 21) AKEYO (146, 119, 51) The Island (235, 129, 22) Essential Soul Studio (175, 107, 39) Vista Animations (95, 128, 24)

{ Dress Code } Bliss Couture

Gown (133, 201, 353)

{ Dress Code } Bliss Hair

Gown (177, 136, 365)

{ Dress Code } Cheap Makeup

Chowla (41, 151, 79)

{ Dress Code } Diesel Works

Brooklyn (115, 128, 21)

{ Dress Code } Evie´s Closet

Oubliette (184, 189, 248)

{ Dress Code } Exile { Dress Code } House of Eyez

Covet (174, 40, 28) Dragon Claw Island (60, 190, 26)

{ Dress Code } Jigsaw

Avenue Champs Elysees (194, 213, 31)

{ Dress Code } Mimikri

Mimikri (126, 151, 22)

{ Dress Code } Nicky Ree

Deco (88, 85, 34)

{ Dress Code } Redgrave

REDGRAVE Skins Fashion (96, 191, 21)

{ Dress Code } Slink

Sanctum (22, 124, 22)

{ Dress Code } Truth

Truth Hair (113, 35, 27)

{ Dress Code } Tukinowaguma

Tukinowaguma (135, 127, 21)

{ Dress Code } Vita´s Boudoir

Bonaire12 (162, 132, 997)

{ Dress Code } Yokana

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Fox Land (61, 101, 22)

Art Body Store

Reale (148, 160, 62)

Essential Soul

Essential Soul Studio (175, 107, 39)


GizzA Creations (128, 127, 22)

Kal Rau

Second Island Square (64, 106, 22)


LeLutka (128, 127, 25)

Live 2 Life

Magnifique Moolto Redgrave & InnerWorld

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InnerWorld Magazine # 20

Larsson Estates 1 (8, 199, 22) Deep House Island (89, 188, 22)

InnerWorld Magazine # 20 in English  
InnerWorld Magazine # 20 in English  

I interviewed four of the best creators of AOs, dances and animations for couples and singles. Check how Artoo Magneto, Craig Altman, Steven...