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The sweden localitation is in the north of Europe. The language of Sweden is swedish. The Sweden population is 9.000.000.

Krona. Monetary of Sweden

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.

Tyresta The Tyresta is a park natural in Sรถdermanland.

Stora Sjรถfallet The Stora Sjรถfallet is a natural park in Lappland.

Bl책 Jungfrun Bl책 Jungfrun is a natural park in Kalmarsund.

In Sweden there are a lot of mountains.

Here there are 4 mountains of Sweden: Escandinavian Alps, Kebnekaise, Syland, Tynnyrilaki.

River • • •

The river Angerman is 463 km long. The river Angerman flows into Bosnia.

Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russian Federation, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

Most of Sweden has got a warm climate. Sweden has got four different seasons and warm temperatures all year. The three history regions of the country has got small different climates. Gotland has got oceanic climate, Svealand has got humid continental and Norrland has got a boreal climate.


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