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THE ISLAND The name of this island is Las Banderas. This island is located in the Pacific Ocean. It has foods from other countries: Egypt, Hawaii, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Spain.


Hawaii Hawaii´s cuisine is based on fish, pineapple, papaya and mango.It consists of delicious and exotic dishes such us opihi, a small mollusk that can be yellow,red or black. Poke is the name of the Hawaiian version of ceviche.You can prepare any fish, but in the island is typical tuna marinated in vinegar, tomato, onion and soy sauce. Hawaii typical meals are: Poke,Poi,Laulau,Lomi Salmon and Haupia.

Saudi Arabia The people of Saudi Arabia like eating well, whether sitting at the table with knife and fork, on the floor and eating a feast of rice with their hands, there`s a lot of delicius food. For the Saudis are forbidden to eat pork and drink alcohol, because it is written in the Koran. In Saudi Arabia there are many typical dishes like: Shikamba,vegetable salad, kofta, ‌

Egypt As the Mashi dishes include rice with meat served with grape leaves, tomatoes, eggplant or green peppers, cold starters are a mezze as kobeiba, meat, fish and nuts, baba gannoush, mashed eggplant with garlic; the kibbeh, lamb meatballs, fried corn meal; sambousek, vegetable pies, hummus bi tahini, chickpeas pureed with tahini, wara annab, stuffed grape leaves.

Australia The dish typical is meat pie.Other foods are cabanassi are like sausages like salami. They cook kangaroo, crocodile and buffalo. A popular dessert is the pavlova. It is a cake made with cream fresche and fresh fruits (kiwi,peach...). They have many foods meat and three vegetables. Part of the cuisine is of British origin by the first settlers.


The cuisine of Spain is a diverse way to prepare dishes, which is enriched by the various regions of Spain. Home cooking that ranges from rural and coastal style represent the result of many diverse cultures and landscapes and climates.

Spain Abudant dishes are prepared from dried vegetables, used in various potage and cooked dishes throughout the Spanish geography. Cereals are important in the Spanish food and are generally employed in the bread making, giving many different varieties in each region. Olive oil is widely used in Spain. Rice is used in coast dishes like paella. We consumes a lot of pork.



QUESTIONS 1.There are foods that are typical from Spain? 2.How are banknotes and coins island called? 3.Where is located the island? 4.Say what you remember from Saudi Arabia 5.Complete sentences:

A}Spain abudant dishes are prepared from ________

QUESTIONS B}In Spain we consume a lot of ______ C}Hawaii´s cuisine is based on _____,_____,_____ and ______. 6. What is the name of the currency in Las Banderas?


Paloma Gómez Lorena González Raúl Hidalgo Paula Guerrero Pablo Fuentes


It has foods from other countries: Egypt, Hawaii, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Spain. The name of this island is Las Banderas. This island is...

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