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Chris Perez Project photo courtest of Laredo Rattlesnakes

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Mass Chaos Tour

Laredo Rattlesnakes at the lea & Laredo Lemurs at uni-trade stadium Have an event that was In? Please submit your photos with the name of your event for consideration to

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Editor’s Note: The business of publishing is a tough one. Seldom in life do we get anything easy and for my staff and I, this is no exception. In Laredo magazine aims to bring you what other’s don’t cover and to bring you stories that need to be heard. On our cover we bring you the tried and true, Laredo Rattlesnakes. This team in their freshman season has done a tremendous job in entertaining the city of Laredo and have had a great season. This is a sport and a team to look forward to even as their season comes to an end I know I will be out supporting them next season. We bring you live music stories from freshly ingrained memories of the Mass Chaos Tour while also speak to Chris Perez about his life, music, and other thoughts. Chris performed at AJ’s and recently had a book signing. We have plenty in store for you this issue and our next issue has me so excited I wish I could tell you what’s in store. You’ll have to wait for our July/August issue. As we go into the hottest months of summer (could have fooled me that June wasn’t the hottest) there are plenty of hot events coming up. Please support your community and be proud to be In Laredo. Ambrose Lerma Jr






Rambling on the Rio

In Theatres

This issue we profile Avengers along with last issue’s Cabin in the Woods.

They put what on pizza? Chris Morgan takes a closer look at comic themed, Laredo Pizza Factory.

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Pg. 6 A Massively Chaotic Experience Laredo can save the rock. Halestorm, Staind, and Godsmack blow the roof off of the LEA.

Best of Laredo

If the Shoe Fits.

This issue we feature the El Capataz and

Laredo Theater Group International takes a classic tale to the stage.

Luminescence Salon.

PG. 13 Pg. 10

PG. 16

Chris Perez Speaks with Feeling.

Laredo Rattlesnakes. Cover Story Arena football and one Laredo’s newest teams. Take a closer look at the team as their season comes to an end.

We talk to Chris about life, music, books, and the media. Find out what Chris Perez has to say.

Pg. 19

Entertainment Ink LWA Wrestler, Abel Cruz, lets us know how it is. Find out about his $27,000 journey. PG. 25

Youth Fascination Profiles

Heaven Starr

A deeper look into some of Laredo’s beauty. pg. 27


Rambling on the Rio “They put WHAT on a pizza?!?” By Chris Morgan

When I first told my brother that I sampled the “Hawaiian” specialty pizza from Laredo Pizza Factory, his response was, “I dunno, I’ve never heard of pineapple on a pizza.” Neither had I, but the first taste of the pizza with pineapple and smoked ham topping and I was in my own mental luau. At first glance, the pizzas look like the thick crust pizzas that were popular a few years ago; but when you take that first bite you realize the crust is very thin but the thickness comes from the layer upon layer of Italian whole-milk mozzarella. Laredoans of all ages were in for a special treat in October of 2011 when this new pizza joint opened the doors and not only offered pizzas in convenient 10, 14 and 18 inch sizes, but almost 30 toppings to choose from and priced per topping so patrons can order any combination they are brave enough to try.

And if that wasn’t enough, they offer different sauces from Old World tomato sauce to an olive oil & garlic sauce and even a BBQ sauce. If the plethora of topping choices seems daunting to some, they have come up with over 25 whimsically named specialty pizzas featuring some classic and some unique combinations. In addition to the “Hawaiian”, some already classic local favorites are the “Spanish Harlem” (white sauce, chorizo, tomatoes, corn, jalapeños, cilantro (yes, CILANTRO!), and white onions and the “Texas Ranger” (BBQ sauce, chicken, red onions, cilantro (can you tell I love cilantro???) and jalapeños. And there are so many more to choose from, and each available again in 10, 14 or 18 inch sizes. One would think with this much time and creativity devoted to their pizzas, everything else would be an afterthought. No, no, no, 6


señor… they have 3 salad choices to choose from, each piled high with fresh ingredients. A large selection of fountain and bottled soft drinks and various cakes on the dessert menu complete the menu. According to co-proprietor Jorge Gutierrez, when the space next door to his well-known watering hole Average Joe’s (aka AJ’s) became available, his entrepreneurial spirit began conjuring up various ideas for the rental unit. Enter Jeff Treviño, who partnered up with Jorge in Laredo Pizza Factory and not only brought down his pizza expertise from trendy Austin, but also had a hand in designing the restaurant’s layout so the bright lights and cheery colors are like a beacon on a dark night. Upon entering Laredo Pizza Factory one is immediately surrounded by comic book superheroes taking up both side walls. From classic lithographs to hand drawn representations by their youngest customers the decor tells the public that this is a place perfect for teens and those with young children. According to Gutierrez, they discussed whether to offer beer and wine, but because they wanted to keep it family-friendly, they decided to stick to soft drinks, juices and water. Of course, for those who prefer an adult beverage with their pizza pie the simple solution is to place an order “to-go” and take it next door to AJ’s where you can enjoy your pizza with some cold beer while catching the evening’s sports entertainment on one of their several television screens. So, next time the pizza cravings hit, head on over to 9652 McPherson Rd. Ste. #4 and enjoy one of the freshest tasting pizzas you will ever have. Orders for pick-up can be called in to 956-724-6767. And to catch a glimpse of some of their fans enjoying the fun and great food, as well as keep up with latest events and specials, visit their page on Facebook. This is one restaurant where the urge to designate a particular pizza as your favorite is overwhelmed by the urge to keep trying their seemingly limitless topping combinations. As a matter of fact, they encourage patrons to design their own unique combination, because, as their menu proclaims, “it could become our favorite!” Keep laughin’, amigos.




IN THEATERS MAY 4 NATIONWIDE in 3D and IMAX 3D by Vincent Moreno


he Avengers have assembled and are prepared to do battle this summer. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury round up the all-star heroes. Written and directed by Joss Whedon, who last month’s co-written feature “The Cabin in the Woods,” opened to favorable reviews from the critic community. Whedon is looking to have repeat success and huge box office success with his biggest challenge and juggernaut FX drive picture, “The Avengers.” It’s quite the burden having to weave multiple super heroes in one film and finding a good balance to satisfy the studios and fans.

Marvel, according to IMDB reportedly invested $220 million dollars to the project which is quite a hefty tab and doesn’t include marketing expenditures. However, I doubt the executives are sweating this one to make its money back because after all this is a Marvel project and the comic has a strong following. This is going to be a worldwide affair with 3D and IMAX 3D premium pricing you can take it to the bank. I have to admit that I wasn’t highly anticipating "The Avengers" like many other fan boys but I recently caught up to speed with "Thor" and "Captain America" which I found them entertaining. I now feel a bit more prepared 8



0 b er, its and a ing

e ught hI red 8



and ready to enjoy the big screen action with the heroes assembled thus far. Up to now, Marvel films like "Spider Man 2," "X2: X-Men United," and "Iron Man" are my favorites. With the few early screenings that have been held to press, it is being critically lauded as one of the best Marvel films to date and with the final battle of the picture as epic. You can see "The Avengers" in 2D, 3D or in

IMAX 3D. Typically for a big summer blockbuster as this one you’d want to experience it in IMAX. "The Avengers" isn’t a “3D motion picture event” and is a post-converted film so I’d recommended to see the film in 2D in the biggest auditorium you can find. The film stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremey Renner and Samuel L. Jackson.

THE AVENGERS Dir. Joss Whedon Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action throughout, and a mild drug reference. (Motion Picture Association of America)



The Cabin in the Woods

“Society needs to crumble.” Marty “The Cabin in the Woods” is more complex than just five Americans headed to a mysterious yet familiar cabin in the woods. The characters in play are “the dumb blonde” Jules played by Anna Hutchison, “the jock” Curt played by Chris Hemsworth, “the scholar” Holden played by Jesse Williams, “the fool” Marty played by Fran Kranz and “the virgin” Dana played by Kristen Connolly. So “truth or dare?” POP! Opens Pandora’s box of horror. Let the game begin. What’s fresh about writers Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s script is how the group chooses to meet their end unknowingly by picking up an object in a room of darkness. Anything you’ve ever loved about the horror genre or can imagine is brought upon these five unlucky individuals with no mercy. The group must find a way to survive or better yet escape the trap of the cabin,

but are they able to escape? They aren’t alone. Every step or move they make is overlooked by game management lead by Richard Jenkins “Sitterson” and Bradley Whitford as “Hadley.” To a certain extent it’s controlled by a crew of men and women in a bunker with big screens but Jules, Curt, Holden, Marty and Dana get to make their own decisions. As you go deeper below the depths of the cabin, all nightmares have been captured into storage in the form of prison like cells, cubes with a view. I will now leave you with that notion. Drew Goddard’s directorial debut with this horror feature is a success. He’s brought horror back with some complexity, fresh perspective and a fair share of comedy. Entertaining and enough gore to go around. One last thought, “Merman? Oh come on. The Cabin in the Woods is “IN” with *** stars (B-) 9

Photography by: Ambrose Lerma Jr


Massively Chaotic Experience:

By: Roland Ortegon


t feels great whenever a rock show rolls into town. Not having to worry about gas money, hotel charges, or requesting days off from work are obvious incentives to attending concerts locally. And it does not get more local than the Laredo Energy Arena. On Wednesday, April 25th, the notable venue presented a grand evening of heroic hard rock. Staind and Godsmack co-headlined The Mass Chaos Tour with supporters Halestorm and Man Made Machine. Yet, with extra cash and time, would Laredo’s rock crowd make this tour’s stop in the Gateway City a remarkable evening? Could this nicely, noisy visit justify the masses of chaotic “no call-no shows” on the morning of April 26th? And will there be future hard rocking after parties? Well, as forceful front man Sully Erna’s “Whatever” lyrics repeatedly scream, “Yeah! Yeah!!” and hopefully, “YEAH!!!” First in line was Arizona’s five piece Man Made Machine. Their gritty, aggressive brand of pop rock entertained an arena decently crowded with early birds. Violently vulgar, Joe Cotela’s wicked word choice reflected the band’s sentimental, post-show Facebook update: “Thank you Laredo, TX! You guys f----n rock!!!” Several likes, “epic” comments, and similar replies from crowd member/Oni Rising lead singer

Living to Tell the Tale

Roger Salazar means the f-bomb feelings were more than mutual. Mutually attending visitors of 2009’s Stimulate This Tour remember openers Halestorm. Lead singer Lzzy Hale’s large, loud vocals and long-legged look were equally hypnotic. From intimidating intro “Love Bites (So Do I)” to climactically calm closers “I Get Off ” and “Here’s To Us,” their lightning-like passion proved parties are thunderously powerful in Pennsylvania. With the Halestorm cleared, an eager audience speculated which act would play next? Who would close the show? An immense, white sheet hid any hint of band logos or stage setup to indicate the next performer. Laredo didn’t wait long for an answer. Lights turned off. The fabric dropped, and Staind embraced the darkness of a shadowy stage minimally lit with sporadic, red lights. A subtle, crimson laser show complemented the orange-tinted backdrop displaying their latest album’s cover. The warm color combination was reinforced with hard-hitting, opening track “Raw.” This rare tune from 1999’s Dysfunction established the evening’s tone. Its balance of heavy riffs and ghastly growls with lighter licks and high pitched howls summarized Staind’s performance. 10






For over an hour, they swayed from soft to heavy, old to new, obscure to familiar. At times, emotional fans smoothly sang along to slower selections “Right Here” and “So Far Away.” Other moments, harder songs “Spleen” and “For You” assaulted the audience with vicious vocals, gritty guitars, bellowing bass, and damaging drums. The vibrant variety ensued with Aaron Lewis’ soulful, solo, acoustic number “Country Boy.” Its calm, humble vibe was immediately followed by a spiraling guitar rhythm. Lively Mike Mushok’s intro collided with a whirlwind of double-bass drum frenzies executed excellently by new drummer Sal during their passionate performance of “Now.” Find it on promoted release Staind (2011), whose poignant, final track served as the set’s eerie, but moving conclusion. Any traces left from Staind’s haunting encore were quickly “Awaken” by Godsmack’s bursting beginning. The well-known, fast paced hit shredded straight into “Straight Outta Line.” From the elevated view of the spacy V.I.P. section, these show openers clearly engaged the respectably attended Laredo crowd. Though sad to see a large number of empty seats, it was hard staying away from the floor. Sorry upscale access area, but it was time to rock! After being generally admitted, the journey to the front began. This quest to the stage was strengthened by a soundtrack of humbler numbers, such as the energetic “The Enemy” and intense instrumental “The Oracle,” named after 2011’s hard-hammering release. By the time the band blasted more celebrated songs like UFC favorite “Cryin’ like a Bitch” and tribal tribute “Voodoo,” the distance between In Laredo writer and stage was uncomfortably cramped. Still, harmless shoulder shoving, competitive elbow wrestling, and friendly balance practice were small prices to pay for the up close experience. Oh, and leaving with an official Staind guitar pick and Godsmack drum stick also served as excellent battle medals. That’s right, feel jealous; feel VERY jealous. Envy, along with enjoyable enlightenment, was never felt greater by attending drummers as twin, circling drum sets slid into side-by-side, symmetrical stations. Singer Sully on the left, snare shattering Shannon Larkin on the right, and bass/guitar bookends Tony and Robbie made the eight minute “Batalla de Los Tambores” a mesmerizing spectacle. Driven by drums and pulverizing percussion, one final, massive wave of crowded chaos commenced and ended this hard rock event with epic exception. So will this exceptional event’s encore truly be Laredo’s rock finale? Can empty seats and economic exemptions be overlooked in exchange for epically needed emotional evenings? Without a doubt, this city’s rock crowd is not the most lucrative clientele. However, could passion prove more important than profit? Let’s hope so. Either way, if this was Laredo’s last live rock experience, those who attended rocked away feeling far more experienced and much more alive.

Photo by: Ambrose Lerma Jr

Photo by: Omar Costilla

12 Photo by: Ambrose Lerma Jr


erma Jr

Best of Laredo

Omar Costilla

Many of you Laredoans may be wondering where to get the best of the best of the best when it comes to dining, drinking, clothing, and other services. Well, we at In Laredo magazine are tired of not knowing where to get the best! It is up to all of us to submit our votes so that we can give credit where credit is due. You must be a registered user of in order to vote or nominate in a poll. We welcome you to the Best of Laredo and remember only you can choose the Best of Laredo. Who picks the winners?! Laredoans, who vote online at You have the power to pick the best. It’s time to show appreciation and recognize the things, people, and places that make Laredo great. When does voting end? Voting ends on March 2013

The business/person I want to vote for is not listed as an option. Can I nominate somebody? Yes! Simply log, find the poll in which you’d like to nominate somebody, type in your nomination in the “New: Submit your response.” box and your nomination will automatically be added. I’d like to see a new category, can I make a suggestion? We’d love to hear feedback on the Best of Laredo. You can contact us with your suggestions for new categories. If accepted, we’ll add it on next year and notify you of the decision. For more information about the Best of Laredo please contact us at

Food Shops Drink Arts & Entertainment Around Town

By: Jackie Verastigui

Trusting a stylist with a haircut is difficult, and hair color even more so. Ismael Inclan, owner of Luminescence Salon, has racked up the experience to distinguish himself as one of the best in Laredo in both cut and color. Ismael has over four years of experience at over five salons before opening his own shop. In that time, he has picked up a long list of repeat clientele who come to get anything from modern to conservative hairstyles. Ismael is multifaceted and can do amazing men’s haircuts and unique, crazy hairstyles. However, Ismael’s specialty is without a doubt hair color. “I know color in and out; it’s all about the basics. I consider what’s already been done to your hair,” Ismael notes as he works his magic non-stop at his salon. Ismael is familiar with the different variations in the hair color wheel. He also takes careful consideration as to what condition your hair is in, what products are in your hair, and your skin tone to pick the perfect tones to use. In addition, Ismael has a unique approach to highlights in regard to shape; he does not use the usual box-technique. Luminance Salon is the perfect place to go to if you’re considering a complete makeover. You will not leave disappointed when you take a picture of a hairstyle you want to try; Ismael boasts, “I can match it or make it even better.” In fact, Ismael notes the difference a radical hair change can make, “attitude is different from blondes to brunettes.” Ismael also mentions the local trend of going red, “I’ve done four redheads this month.” Yet all his expertise during his consultation is ultimately left up to the customer. Laredoans who fear going for a haircut will feel comfortable at Luminance. “If they say half an inch, it’s half an inch; it’s not 12 inches.” Ismael isn’t only prepared in his abilities to work with hair; he uses top of the line products and instruments. “Good products are reliable and give the best results,” Ismael says, as he works with only trusted brands for his hair coloring products and even his sheers. Ismael also goes to annual hair show to stay up to date on new approaches to hair and upcoming products. There are many ways that Ismael has worked to make himself stand out from the many salons in Laredo. More importantly, customers can expect Ismael’s full attention and his ability to give every customer VIP service, “I put all my heart into it.” Ismael knows that your hair is your image, and in every appointment he tries his best to make you feel more “confident about your hair.” 2012 will also mark the third year Ismael has partnered with other local stylists to help provide haircuts to children in the Penitas subdivision. Ismael has also participated in haircuts for Locks-of-Love. Ismael’s dedication to become the best and give back to the community all comes back to one thing, “I like to make people feel good about themselves.” Luminescence Salon 408 Shiloh Dr. 956-220-9506 Monday – Saturday 9am-8pm Appointments preferred

Best of Laredo Nominee

Luminescence Salon Category: Hair Salon




By: Ambrose Lerma Jr

When I first walked into El Capataz I was taken in by the decor and surroundings. The resturant was full of patrons who were enjoying their dinner along with their favorite drink. I sat down to wait for an open table. As I looked around I noticed the old fashioned lights hanging fromt he bar along with the massive selection of beer on tap. The furniture was rustic and the place gave off a ranch feel with the antler chandeliers. The warm lighting and rich wood colors provide a wamr and comfortable atmosphere. This is a great place for a first date or to have a nice dinner with your special someone. Some serious thought and planning had gone behind this resturant’s decor and I could see how this small place off of loop 20 could become such a popular spot.

Best of Laredo Nominee

El Capataz Category: Restaurant

The bar is a happening spot. El Capataz has one of the best beer selections in Laredo and even offers beer samplers. I found their bartenders to be knowledgable in the kinds of beers they carry and their tastes. Yes, I’ve tried one of their beer samplers and the samples were more than enough. I didn’t feel like I didn’t get my money’s worth. If you stop by, try the beer samplers. I started my meal off with the ceviche. This dish has long been a favorite of mine and so I was eager to see how El Capataz serves theirs. The plate came out and as the server placed it in front of me I had to say wow. The dish was very well presented and plated. This ceviche was a little different than what I was used to but that’s not bad. It was something different and the ingredients were well balanced. I did not find myself wanting more or less of an ingredient. For dinner I had a grilled chicken with vegetables. The entree came with a generous portion of chicken along with squash and corn. The meal was extremely delicious. I could taste every single thing on my palate. The meal was excellent but I could not bring myself to finish it. El Capataz has truely made an amazing resturant with great tasting food, and atmosphere. They are located at 7220 Bob Bullock Loop and are open daily starting at 5 p.m. Log on to and vote for El Capataz under the food category for best resturant!


A familiar classic takes the stage

By: Chris Morgan


his is not your father’s Cinderella.

Actually, that’s not very accurate. When the Laredo Theatre Group International (LTGI), in cooperation with Texas A&M International University, raises the curtain to their season finale, fans of musical theatre young and old alike will have reason to smile. In mid-July LTGI is bringing us Rodgers & Hammerstein’s musical “Cinderella”. Producer Joe Arciniega and Director Veronica Ramirez have assembled a strong cast and production team to finish the 2011-2012 season with a spectacular show. Vernon Carroll will be providing invaluable guidance in the role of Advisory Director. While the stage version was originally written and produced for television in the 1950’s starring Julie Andrews, the remake produced in the mid60’s starring Leslie Ann Warren and televised pretty much annually since then is the version many Laredoans of all ages are fond of and make a point not to miss when it is televised. For those who have not seen any version of the musical, and are more familiar with the Brothers

Grimm fairy tale or the Disney animated feature, this production promises to deliver an evening full of music, laughter, romance and a surprise or two that will have audiences bombarding the internet with Tweets and Facebook updates (but not during the show, please!) According to Arciniega, LTGI’s stage version of the made-for-television musical is their most ambitious production yet, budget-wise. Featuring an elaborate set designed with the help of Juan and Telissa Molano of Redline Architecture, this production will impress audiences before the first word of dialogue is uttered or the first musical note from the live orchestra fills the theater. According to Carroll, set design work is usually one of the first tasks undertaken at the start of production. And, while pen and paper are still used by many set designers, the work on “Cinderella” consists of architectural-grade schematic diagrams featuring front elevations, floor plans and other details not normally seen with the old-school set designs. While it is unnecessary and impractical to construct an actual set during rehearsals, having the set design diagrams are essential so the 16



his is not your father’s Cinderella.

According to Arciniega, LTGI’s stage version of the made-fortelevision musical is their most Actually, that’s not very accurate. ambitious production yet, budgetWhen the Laredo Theatre wise. Featuring an elaborate set Group International (LTGI), in designed with the help of Juan cooperation with Texas A&M and Telissa Molano of Redline International University, raises Architecture, this production will the curtain to their season finale, impress audiences before the first fans of musical theatre young and word of dialogue is uttered or the old alike will have reason to smile. first musical note from the live orchestra fills the theater. In mid-July LTGI is bringing us Rodgers & Hammerstein’s According to Carroll, set design musical “Cinderella”. Producer work is usually one of the first Joe Arciniega and Director tasks undertaken at the start Veronica Ramirez have assembled of production. And, while a strong cast and production pen and paper are still used by team to finish the 2011-2012 many set designers, the work season with a spectacular show. on “Cinderella” consists of Vernon Carroll will be providing architectural-grade schematic invaluable guidance in the role of diagrams featuring front Advisory Director. elevations, floor plans and other details not normally seen with the While the stage version was old-school set designs. originally written and produced for television in the 1950’s While it is unnecessary and starring Julie Andrews, the impractical to construct an actual remake produced in the mid-60’s set during rehearsals, having the starring Leslie Ann Warren and set design diagrams are essential televised pretty much annually so the actors can learn what since then is the version many obstacles will be present on stage Laredoans of all ages are fond during various scenes so they of and make a point not to miss get used to them. Using various when it is televised. chairs and other substitutes for the planned set components, For those who have not seen any during their rehearsals the actors version of the musical, and are develop muscle memory so when more familiar with the Brothers time comes to perform with the Grimm fairy tale or the Disney actual constructed set, they are animated feature, this production comfortable with how they need promises to deliver an evening to move around the stage. full of music, laughter, romance and a surprise or two that will During a recent rehearsal the have audiences bombarding cast and crew were “blocking” the internet with Tweets and various scenes. This is a critical Facebook updates (but not during part of the preparation in that the show, please!)

Photos by: Armando Lopez

Cinderella & Prince Kristelle Martin, Ricardo Holguin

Step Family left to right Joshua Goldberg, Alejandro Lopez and Melissa Barrera Gonzalez

Step Family group left to right: John Maxstadt, Alejandro Lopez, Joshua Goldberg, Melissa Barrera Gonzalez


There will certainly be competition between these two confident actors in terms of the number of scenes each will good-naturedly attempt to steal with their overthe-top portrayals of Joy and Portia. Also joining the cast are Jan Mora in the role of the Fairy Godmother and John Maxstadt as the herald, in addition to almost 30 members of the musical chorale. In what has been a welcome treat for the audiences at other LTGI productions, music will be provided by a live orchestra under the direction of LPO’s Brendan Townsend. Choreography has been entrusted to renowned dancer Cristina Greco. True to their mission, LTGI has once again demonstrated their commitment to staging highquality theatrical productions for Laredo’s audiences. With ten shows scheduled from July 12th through July 22nd at TAMIU’s Center for the Fine and Performing Arts, there are plenty of opportunities to attend a show and be part of something special by supporting quality theatre in Laredo.

For more information, please visit the LTGI website at, or drop them an email at Information can also be obtained by calling 956-319-8610. Of course, they would love it if you would join their open group on Facebook; just search for Laredo Theater Guild International. Not only will you find information on Cinderella, but can enjoy browsing through their archives and be kept up to date on the upcoming season, which is also full of surprises. Like a perfectly fitting glass slipper, you will find this show to perfectly fit your desire for a fun evening of entertaining theatre. Writer’s note: During my preparation and research for this story, I have been given the honor of being invited to join the LTGI Board of Directors. I hope I can live up to the great work done by everyone involved with this organization.

Photo by: Teresa Jolie

Chris Perez

Speaks,With Feeling

By: Roland Ortegon


n Laredo, rockers take time immediately crowding the house. Last month’s grand Mass Chaos concert rocked few empty chairs while indie-rock promoter B-Live’s uphill revolution proves the Gateway city’s majority prefers a specific brand of music. So much, does Laredo love the Latin sounds that Mana’s impressive show easily sold out. Citizens further proved their devotion for musica en Espanol on the blisteringly hot day of April 18th at H-E-B Plus. Despite the heat, a long line of infatuated fans wrapped around the market’s lengthy sidewalk anticipating their cherished moments with Grammy-winning guitarist Chris Perez. Got to admit though, it was hard not feeling that same star struck sensation before beginning his interview for In Laredo magazine. Modest, passionate, and often misrepresented, Chris Perez informed Laredo’s growing publication on everything from forthcoming projects to beloved family and currently promoted book: To Selena, With Love. As the title of his book suggests, the awaiting crowd mainly attended out of affection for Selena. This only makes Chris happier. He understands these memorial moments are “for her loyal fans.” Perez is additionally “conscious of people’s perceptions” regarding Selena’s fame advancing his personal career. That’s why he specifically avoided releasing any solo material, despite pressuring professional offers, coinciding with “The Queen of Tejano’s” tribute in text. Though the musician’s first authoring attempt, Perez said the

experience felt simpler than songwriting. “It’s easier telling a known story rather than creating a song out of thin air.” Assisted by a team of managing agents, Chris’ literary efforts received the “Book of the Month” honor from Latina Book Club: a recognition Perez proudly accepts with honored surprise. It truly is rewarding “not holding back from the truth” as Chris accomplished for the book’s content concerning honest history less loveable than Selena’s historic smile. Expressing emotions and sincerely speaking for over 30 minutes, Chris Perez clearly couldn’t withhold opinions of his public representations and their artificial inaccuracies. Without naming names, though several were spilled, Chris blames several Spanish “news” programs for scandalous distortions of seemingly innocent interviews. While sensitive to their quest for ratings from audiences fixated on drama, Perez feels that “99.9 percent of the time, they put their own spin on your words.” While in agreement, interviewing someone dissing interviewers awakened a sense of ashamed awkwardness. Still, the laidback legend assured his preference for radio and publications like In Laredo, whose print-friendly pages won’t “alter his interview by slowing it down or adding sad music for dramatic effects.” One guilty program’s recent broadcasts even reported being denied interviews. This confirmed media exclusion hardly hides apparent hurt felt when reporters selfishly single out his widowed past for ratings races. In spite of predictable publicity 19

Photo by: Tricia Perez Ratcliff

programming, Chris Perez endlessly appreciates Selena fans always associating him with her astounding legacy. No amount of media manipulation can deny Perez’s musical passion. From guitar work with Selena Y Los Dinos and her brother A.B. Quintanilla’s groups Kumbia Kings and All-Starz to gigging with The Chris Perez Band and current lineup The Chris Perez Project, he’s established an immense musical legacy as well. Latest single “Todo es Diferente” is found at There, fans can also find “priority-shipped, personalized autographed editions” of his book for a few bucks more. A future release is loosely scheduled for a hopeful 2012 date, truly honoring his decision to delay any music concurring with Selena’s literary memorial. Luckily, the Perez project will preview new tunes while “waving the rock flag” at Average Joe’s May 26th. Before rocking Laredo, the group is unveiling a Latin rock exhibit for Los Angeles’ Grammy Museum. Prestigious as the performance may be, Chris’ outlook remains modestly curious: “I’ll know when I get there.” Harder for him was hiding excitement when addressing Laredoans, whose “supportive affection is unmatched by other Texas fans.” Between his passionate playing and Laredo’s love for Latin music, the chemistry clearly creates a match hand crafted in heaven. Even more sacred than the bond between musician and city is his family relationship. Chris balances fluctuating schedules and unpredictable, artistic inspiration with priceless time for his children. Like the loose nature of making music professionally, Perez surprises his kids with unscheduled, coveted visits. Whether domestic or musical, this spontaneity reflects Laredo rockers’ reluctance to promptly buy event tickets. Understandably, few feelings match the amusing freedom of impulsively attending an unscheduled concert. Spontaneous patrons will pay $3 more than the $12 presale for AJ’s Saturday the 26th gig. An after show book signing will close Chris and Laredo’s newest, notable chapter. These mutual moments embracing life as it comes embody what being In Laredo is all about. 20



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By: Ambrose Lerma Jr

The Laredo Rattlesnakes made their home game debut early April and have become one of the summer’s highlights. They’ve had a good start and continue to play hard for their Laredo fans. Indoor arena football is perfect for those football fans who need some football during the NFL’s off season. I recently had a chance to attend one of the Rattlesnake’s games and I have to say I was impressed. The hits are real, the turf is green, the cheerleaders are dancing, and there’s not one element at the Laredo Energy Arena that doesn’t say football. You have a great view sitting from anywhere and if you are lucky enough to have seats at either ends of the goal posts then you have a chance to catch one of the team’s footballs during any extra point kick. I think part of what makes attending a Rattlesnake’s game is that you always have a chance at coming away with a souvenier. There’s no seering heat inside the Laredo Energy Arena so you can sit back, munch on some snacks, and enjoy the action. Arena football uses a 50 yard field, half the length of an NFL field (100 yards). About a week later I caught up with the team at one of their practices at TAMIU. The guys practice close to sun down but the heat is still blazing as the guys suit up in practice pads and hit the field. The team practices hard as headcoach Rod Miller guides his players while making sure everybody runs the plays correctly. At one point the team was having trouble running a play when a couple of the players spoke up, “We can’t win by running the plays like this. Lets get it right!” These guys have fire in their eyes and they work for wins. That makes me feel good about the Laredo Rattlesnakes. The players and the coching staff work for their wins and that means they care about bringing wins to the city of Laredo. With the Laredo Bucks hockey team leaving town one starts to wonder about our local sports teams. It seems as though we lost one and have gained three, inlcuding the recently announced basketball team that will soon be playing at the LEA. The city now has plenty of sports entertainment options and the Rattlesnakes is definitely one worth supporting. With the last game of the season on July 6 and a season record of 5-4, the Rattlesnakes are in contention for 1st place. Quarterback Matt Jeffers, ranked 4th in the league 23

in passing average per game, helps lead the team . The team is also ranked 2nd in the league in kick off returns and 1st in FG returns. The team undoubtedly has plenty to be proud of and plenty to improve on. The season as been a good one and I have no doubt that next season we will see a leaner, meaner Laredo Rattlesnakes team. The team has also recently changed ownership with local docter, Dr. Judson Somerville, buying a majority interest from Chad Dittman. Dittman will still retain a minority interest in the team. Who knows what changes next season will bring with new ownership. I know as long as the team keeps working hard and practicing that we will see more victories from this team. I encourage everybody to support the Laredo Rattlesnakes and other local teams. We finally have more sports entertainment options. If we want our teams to stay in town we must go out and show support. It’s not only fun but perfect for families and friends to come together. See you at the games! For more information about the Laredo Rattlesnakes please visit their website at

By: Dora A. Juarez

Entertainment Ink L

aredo has always had a growing fan base for wrestling. Local alliances , such as the LWA and 5 Star Wrestling, have been known to give exposure to wrestlers who have big dreams of making it to one of the famous wrestling federations.  Anyone who has been to the local events has had the privilege to see the up and coming native San Antonio wrestler, Daryl Robles aka Abel Cruz.  When I met Daryl I had no idea that this very friendly courteous man, could be the same bad boy who is known for his major attitude problem while in the ring.  Thanks to my twin sister, Nora, and family friend, Cassandra, I was able to get a hold of Daryl and got him to agree to let Entertainment Ink cover one of his fights. He took a few minutes out of his time to give us a look in the life of Daryl Robles and the creation of Abel Cruz, which we were warned, might make a cameo somewhere in the interview. E.I: Hi Daryl, thanks again for letting us here at Entertainment Ink ask you a few questions. Do you think you can tell us what it is that got you into wrestling? Daryl: Wow, well professional wresting is something I always wanted to do. Growing up in San Antonio, I was a bigger, well chubby kid on the block. So when it came to baseball, dodge ball, well I wouldn’t say football because I was good at it, but all those other active sports, was a lot harder to keep for being a big kid, but when the kids would wrestle in the front yard or in the backyard, I was the champ. . It was just a good time in my life, I remember growing up I had all the fun. My dad had bought me all the figures, bought me the t-shirts, and all the apparel. It was just that I idolized those guys and I told myself that if I ever get myself in good shape that it’s something I would try to do. E.I: It is well known that you were a contestant on the E! show, Bank ofHollywood. Would you like to share the experience with us? Daryl: I was working for a very big company at the time, working a 8-5 job, Monday through


Friday, what most people do in their lives at that age, I just wasn’t happy. I knew that going to work every day, putting in 40 hours a week plus, coming home living, I don’t want to say it a mediocre life, but it was a mediocre life, it wasn’t for me. One day I was goofing off at work, went on the internet and went to Craigslist. I saw an ad for casting for Ryan Seacrest productions, the show at the time was called Chance, What’s your dream? As I just said, my dream was to be a professional wrestler and that time in my life I was going through a lot of changes mentally and physically. So I responded to the ad, just an email, quick email. Within 2 months, they flew me out to Hollywood. I got to meet Ryan Seacrest, got to meet some pretty famous people in Hollywood. Got casted for the show, Bank Of Hollywood. Out of, I couldn’t tell you how many contestants, well over 50. They saw mine and they saw preparation and the detail, the attention and were extremely impressed, and it wasn’t that difficult at all to get that 27000 from them. I’ll never forget it, it was actually Halloween eve, October 30, 2009, I was in Hollywood and they told me yes. I remember the last few words while I walked off that stage were from Candy Spelling, she looked at me and said, “Young man, you got it.” Those words never left me. E.I.: How has the wrestling community that you are working with in the central and south Texas area treating you? Daryl: It can be challenging as far as the people accept you and embrace you. Even though professional wrestling is entertainment, there‘s still a sense of competition there, in the fact that when people see you, especially the people you are competing against. They see you as, just another guy that is going to take their spot, it‘s just another guy who is going to progress further than I have and that can be challenging. Some guys are accepting, willing to take you under their wing, some guys are just in it to take care of themselves and nobody else. E.I. Would you like to share any info for the public to be able to either contact you or know

what’s going on with Abel Cruz as in Facebook or website? Daryl: Absolutely baby, you got Abel Cruz here, the number one shot gun here to tell, what’s your magazine’s name, because daddy don’t have time to learn names of magazines? “In Laredo Magazine” Okay you can be quiet now and In Laredo Magazine, I’m telling each and everyone of you that are reading, go to daddy’s twitter, follow him at @d_rumble I am not going to spell it for you because that spelling right there is a 6th grade education which you should already have. That again is d_rumble at twitter. As far as Facebook is considered, you can like daddy’s fan page. Don’t request me on my personal page, because I don’t know you, I don’t care to know you, but I want to make sure that you like me on my fan page and you can find that by typing in D Rumble Fan Page Featuring Abel Cruz. I see that you might be laughing but you need to understand one thing, you may think you’re ready, you may think you’re willing, you may think you’re capable, but In Laredo, none of you is Abel. There is only one man, Abel Cruz. E.I. Would you like to say any parting words to the readers? Daryl: Abel Cruz doesn’t have time to say thank you to anybody, magazines, tv shows, people, peons, but Daryl Robles does have time to say thank you In Laredo magazine, god bless.

After the interview was over, Entertainment Ink was treated to the wrestling show with great ring side seats thanks to Daryl and Cassandra. As much to our dismay that Daryl’s (Abel Cruz) wrestling match ended in defeat we were very entertained by the show and kindness that Daryl showed in letting us get to know the person behind his alter ego bad boy, Abel Cruz. If you’d like to know more about when Abel Cruz will be in the ring please go to the links mentioned above. This is all for this month, until next time, this is your entertainment minion, signing off, over and out! 26

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G S Th o n

You may have seen this fresh face in local magazines or maybe you were shopping online and saw her modeling clothes for Heaven Starr, 18, is climbing up her career ladder as a model and isn’t coming down.

with photo shoots since you are a model. Which photo shoot would you say was the most enervated? STARR: When I worked with Joe Brand we were there from 7 a.m.; for hair and makeup, and we didn’t get out till around 8 at night. It was about a 12 hour shoot.

Graduating this summer in June from United High School, Starr has already given prominence in advertisements; such as Joe Brand and Lily Hachar Dance Studio, that has been featured in all major local magazines, and has even worked with Original Wear Clothing modeling their signature Aurdrey Fine Jersey Stripe T Dress.

GAREAUX: How was it working with Joe Brand? Was it fun? STARR: Of course! It’s always really fun. They had an abundance of clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories for us. It was about 2 vans full, and these clothes and diamonds were very expensive. It was really cool to get to model in them.

Modeling clothes for designers such as Laura Reynoso, Amanda Von Fender, and Ana Segura, isn’t the only thing she does though. This teen beauty has set many high goals. I’m sitting down with Starr to find out more about her career and her future ambitions.

GAREAUX: So what lead you to choose modeling as a career path? STARR: I was found on MySpace; when MySpace was cool [laughs] my friend’s uncle (Frank) who is a photographer added me and messaged me and told me it wasn’t a scam, he really wanted to work with me, and there was an upcoming contest coming up. So I talked to my parents, we met Frank, and he took my pictures.

GAREAUX: Most photo shoots are very time consuming and you’ve had a handful of experiences


G d S a it y d

G ta S U a

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e d


GAREAUX: And that’s when it started? STARR: Yea. From there I met my manager Miriam and she kept telling me and influencing me to enter modeling contest’s and from there I met more photographers, got my pictures taken, and then it just snowballed to what I am and do today. Ford Models had called me a week or two after one of the shoots I did in Dallas, TX, with a photographer named Malek, but they told me I was two inches too short and to go back next year. GAREAUX: And did you go back the next year? STARR: They had e-mailed me, but at that time I decided to finish school first then to continue with my modeling career. GAREAUX: Well your already about to finish high school this June. Are you going up there now? STARR: No I’m not going to. I decided to go straight to New York. My manager lives there and really wants me to go. I’m suppose to go next month actually. GAREAUX: What modeling agencies are you looking into? STARR: Elite Model Management and Wilhelmina Models. Those are my favorites. I also like Ford Models but that’s only if I stay in Texas. I’m looking for something more up north. GAREAUX: Anyone can say modeling is a great job, it’s a dream job, but what is the one thing you don’t like about it? STARR: Hmm... I love being in front of a camera, I love the attention, I love to dress up. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you don’t get to keep the clothes [laughs]. It kills you when you’re modeling thousand dollar clothes but you don’t get to keep them... GAREAUX: Is modeling the only career path you are taking? STARR: Actually no, I really want to go to Saint Louis University. I got accepted already. I want to study art history and become a director or curator for an art museum. GAREAUX: I bet your parents are really proud of you, do they support your career path? STARR: Of course! A hundred percent! Anything I choose to do or be they are right beside me backing me up. GAREAUX: When you’re not busy with your hectic schedule and you get time for yourself, what do you like to do? STARR: Sleep [laughs]. I like to sleep, and whenever I do have time off I usually fly to Kentucky to go see my fiancé

for a week or two, and I enjoy those weeks because our time is limited together. GAREAUX: Are there any upcoming projects your excited about? STARR: I am always excited for any modeling project that I’m asked to participate. I am looking forward to seeing the results of this one for In Laredo magazine and I am also looking forward to working with Laura Reynoso for her jewelry line. I’ve worked with Laura several times for Joe Brand and it’s always a pleasure to work with her. GAREAUX: How was it working with I checked out the website and it was so thrilling to see your face there! STARR: Working with Karina Cantu from Beauxx is always great. I’ve worked with her for 7 months. The photographer and the other models that I work with are so friendly, they are all great company and always very professional. I’ve really enjoyed working with them. It’s always nice driving up to Austin and San Antonio to team up with them. GAREAUX: Besides the designers and makeup artists, you have worked with a handful of photographers, which ones did you enjoy working with the most? STARR: Frank from Noah Diego’s Photography whom was the one who found me and started my modeling career, so I’m extremely grateful to him. Carlos Ramirez from Digital Republic, Malek from Dallas, Walter Iglesias from Beauxx and Benito Martinez. I think it’s very important to have a photographer that gives good direction when needed and makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. They are all amazing photographers that I enjoy working with. GAREAUX: Are there any models that inspire you? STARR: I do have a couple models that I somewhat ‘idolize’, in a sense. Models such as Miranda Kerr and Grace Kelly, both gorgeous women. I can only hope that I will carry their success one day. GAREAUX: Where do you see yourself in upcoming years? STARR: In the next few years, I see myself getting married, of course, to my amazing fiancé. I’m also moving to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and finishing school. Eventually making my way to New York and hopefully getting signed. It’s hard to me, a contracted model and go to school at the same time, especially when you live on opposite sides of the country. Living in Kentucky will only benefit me by bringing me closer to New York and closer to where I want to be. GAREAUX: Well, I just want to thank you for sitting down and talking to us, and I wish you the best with your career. I know you will get to the top and I can’t wait for that day. STARR: Thank you so much it was great working with you, thank you for this opportunity.




Issue 3  

In this issue we take a look at the Laredo Rattlesnakes, interview Chris Perez, talk with LWA wrestler Abel Cruz, and explore El Captaz fin...

Issue 3  

In this issue we take a look at the Laredo Rattlesnakes, interview Chris Perez, talk with LWA wrestler Abel Cruz, and explore El Captaz fin...