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Volume 1 • Issue 4 • October 2012 Printed in the U.S.A

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Rambling on the Rio Beer! Drinks! Find out how to drink less and drink better. pg. 6

Editor’s Note: I love this time of year. Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas are all around the corner. What I love most about this time of year is the weather. Finally, I can break out my jacket in 68 degree weather and bask in the “winter” freshness. We’ve gone digital. In Laredo magazine is now a digital publication. You can keep our issues on your ipad, tabets, phones, computers, or browse our magazine through our website at This issue is full of links spread throughout the magazine. Simply hover over links and your mouse cursor will change. We will be taking full advantage of our digital medium by offering videos and more interactive content in the near future.

Reviewed The Dark Knight Rises. Vincent Moreno takes one more look back at one of the years best movies. pg. 8

Surviving the zombie invasion Find out what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse. pg. 11

So welcome to the new digital Issue 4. We’ve interviewed the officers of Bordertown Laredo and they’ve let us in on what’s in store for the future. Take a look at our new column, Trending Fashion, where fashionista Tina Flores gives our readers helpful tips and insights on what’s in fashion. We’ve also put a good list together of some of the more recent entertaining moments in Laredo.


Thank you for picking up this issue and I hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together for you. We welcome any feedback or comments. Thank you Laredo!


From Bordertown Laredo to Border Wars. We sat down with some of Laredo’s finest to see what’s next for the reality tv cast. pg. 14

Entertaining moments in laredo take a look back of some of the past years most memorable moments. pg. 20 Trending Fashion Fall is here and our fashion columnist, Tina Flores, has some great tips to leave you looking amazing. pg. 26

Mad Carnival A look back at the Carnival of Madness Tour. pg. 33

Best of Laredo

We take a look at 2 popular resturants. What do you refer: Sushi or Pizza? pg. 37

Ambrose Lerma Jr



event was such a success that instead of waiting a year for the second annual Border Beer Fest the organizers have planned to hold OktoberFest, also at the LIFE Downs Pavilion. This event, to be held Saturday, October 20th promises to expand on the success of the February event with over 200 brands of beer available for tasting as well as presentations on the growing trend of home brewing. For more information please visit www.borderbeerfest. com.

Rambling on the Rio “Drinking less? Drink better!”

Capitalizing on this increase in local interest in craft beers, local establishments such as Hal’s Landing and El Capataz offer a wide variety of specialty brews in addition to standard beer selections. Many patrons have raved about the sampler servings El Capataz offers as a fun yet cost-conscious way to taste 4 different beers at a time.

By Chris Morgan That above quote was actually the tag line for a marketing campaign for a popular brand of Scotch whisky several years ago. However, today it absolutely applies to the attitudes of those who have moved beyond the mainstream beers into the increasingly crowded realm of specialty or craft beers.

“local establishments such as Hal’s Landing and El Capataz offer a wide variety of specialty brews in addition to standard beer selections. “

To introduce their new menu additions in the Spring of this year Hal’s Landing offered a limited series of “BeerFest Thursdays” where a selection of a dozen or so new specialty and craft beers were available in $1 sample servings. According to General Manager Kevin Courser, adding the craft brews to their $3 you-call-it drink menu adds great value and variety to their offerings. While the $1 sample nights are over, Hal’s still stocks several different craft beers and changes up the selections on a regular basis. A large sheet of white butcher paper that lists craft beers on hand on any given day has proven to be popular as patrons could see if a favorite brew is in stock and if not their curiosity tempts them to try something new. This easily visible list has sparked many a conversation among strangers and new friends ask each other about various beers they have sampled.

While mainstream beers like Miller Lite, Budweiser, Coors Light and Bud Light still reign supreme in terms of absolute numbers consumed, the popularity of craft beers that started years ago with the explosion of microbrews has grown into a nationwide trend where several watering holes cater specifically to those customers who rate various brands on bitterness, alcohol content, hoppiness and other qualities not ordinarily associated with drinkers of mainstream beers. Even in Laredo on any given night your favorite watering hole with have some customers eschewing the standards and going for the more robust flavors found in craft beers. Much like wine connoisseurs have done for generations, beer enthusiasts will debate the pros and cons of various types of beer such as the very popular India Pale Ales (IPAs), Stouts, Wheat Beers, Blonde Ales, European Pilsners, etc. Some claim to be knowledgeable enough to explain why certain types of brews are better suited to be consumed with certain types of foods, again much like their wineloving counterparts. The art of savoring the flavors of their beverage as opposed to slamming down mug after mug of draft beer is also a trademark of the craft beer enthusiast.

So, next time you are out at a bar to listen to some music or catch a game give your taste buds a treat and try a beer you’ve never tasted before; you just might surprise yourself and become part of the growing niche of craft beer fans.

Such is the local popularity of specialty beers that in February of this year, LIFE Downs hosted the first ever Border Beer Fest, a celebration of suds where beer enthusiasts sampled various brews and enjoyed food and music along with plenty of Laredo-style mingling. The 6

Keep laughin’, amigos.

Expanding on the success of Beerfest, Oktoberfest will have over 200 brands of beer available for tasting. 7


The Dark KNight Rises By Vincent Moreno

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES **** stars (A) (94/100) Epic.
 The Dark Knight trilogy is complete. What will likely be regarded as one of the greatest trilogies in cinema history, Christopher Nolan has finished his Batman story in a tour de force fashion. From the action set pieces, the air heist prologue, and the demolishing of a football stadium, the entire city of Gotham is under occupation by Bane’s forces. With this, Nolan captures a sense of unnerving realism like never captured on film before. All told within a grand IMAX presentation, the film reaches an epic scale of visual proportions. A few notable flaws come with the last installment of the trilogy, such as Bane’s vocal mixing, a logistical issue I feel director Christopher Nolan could never quite fine tune. Whether he wanted Tom Hardy’s dialogue to sound raw and menacing or balance it out with forefront clarity, so that audiences would find it easier to understand, there seemed to be a noticeable discrepancy between the two versions. Ultimately, parts of Bane’s origin didn’t quite win me over. On a positive note, I liked how director Chris Nolan connected Bane’s storyline to The League of Shadows, which returns the story to the origins of Batman’s legacy. Minor pace issues following the prologue were apparent, but after and not much longer, the film finds its way to an incredible, stunning climax. Overall, The Dark Knight Rises is as an ambitious entry as they come, but I couldn’t give it a clear path of dominance over its predecessor, The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker is forever etched at heart; therefore, I find his performance superior to Tom Hardy’s villainous masked Bane. Not to take away from a great performance on Hardy’s end, Bane did give me some Darth Vader type reminiscent nostalgia. The female leads play a central role in the film, as Marion Cotillard’s character Miranda Tate (SPOILER ALERT) has us fooled throughout the majority of the film, with her alter ego Talia Al Ghul being revealed in the final minutes. Anne Hathaway’s performance as Selina Kyle really brought it to the forefront, as she is able to strongly convey the complexities of the character with precision, putting the non-believers to rest on their worry of whether Hathaway could walk the cat-rope. Morgan Freeman’s Lucious Fox still manages to provide the necessary toys for a good adrenaline rush. Christian Bale and Michael Caine give their better performances of the previous two installments, and are potential locks for Oscar nominations. 8

9 Photo courtesy of Warner Bro.s.


Surviving the

Zombie Apocalypse By Ambrose Lerma jr



very day there are constant threats in and around Laredo from drug traffickers, human smugglers, terrorist shoe bombers, and ignorance. The city of Laredo has multiple plans and procedures to handle just about any disastrous situation except for the Zombie Apocalypse which, lets face it, will soon be upon us. Now, some of you might not believe in the Zombie Apocalypse and that is fine, just don’t be knocking on my bunker when the zombies want to eat your brains. To prepare you for the new “border wars” against the dead we offer this guide line to help with your survival. 11

Guns & Ammo Shelter Zombies, as we all know from watching movies, can only be killed by destroying their brain. They cannot function without their brain so that means no biting or eating perfectly healthy Laredoans. I recommend you load up on guns and ammo. Zombies differ from humans since the stopping power of a powerful gun does not affect a zombie. The only thing that affects a zombie is a shot to the head. Because of this I recommend you get guns that hold many bullets in their clips and always carry a back up gun in case you run out of ammo. Once you are armed and loaded you can now travel.

Some of you might think that if you were caught in the Z.A. the first place you’d take refuge is at Mall Del Norte. I mean, they have a Starbucks, Chikfila, Taco Palenque, and of course the Chinese food place that loads up your plate if you ask for it to go. At first it might seem like a good idea until zombies start crowding the mall like shoppers during Christmas season. So where do you go? You need to find a smaller shelter that is easy to defend and that also has a few escape routes. If things get hairy you need to escape and fast.


Laredo is home to food that you just can’t find anywhere else. So how will you stay accustomed to the foods that you’ve grown to love after the Z.A. arrives? I suggest you stock up on corn, mayonaise and cheese. Nothing will make you forget about zombies like a good ol’ corn in the cup. Also you might want to order extra when you go out to eat. Next time you visit your favorite suhi place or go out to get some tacos order more than you can eat. When you get home you can freeze dry your favorite tacos and that way they will be good to eat come time of the Z.A.



From Bordertown to Border Wars By Dora juarez



n the world of reality television, Laredo has gained a recent claim to fame, as A&E followed around the Laredo Police Department’s narcotics unit in the well-known reality show, Bordertown: Laredo. The episodes displayed the hardships the unit deals with on a daily basis dealing with the ongoing drug wars in the border area. Many have wondered how the show got its start and if the show is coming back. Luckily, to answer those questions, we were able to get a hold of the cast along with the LPD’s representative & fellow investigator Joe Baeza to give In Laredo magazine some of their time to highlight the experience. Joe Baeza gave us a short summary on how the whole show got started. It seemed as though Al Roker had gained intrigue with the LPD’s narcotics unit, after hearing their successful drug busts. The one that struck the interest is the case that gained national attention in where the LPD’s narcotics unit caught two teenage hit men who were members of a drug cartel. After reading about the case on both Esquire and Details magazines, Roker pitched the LPD a show idea. “They didn’t really know what the concept was, so at this point you should think of the project as a big piece of marble and basically as you go along the process of chiseling away at the marble. You get a get closer look at the picture, well what the show was going to look like as in the final outcome.” Joe Baeza said. After months 15

of discussions and go ahead from the city manager and chief of police, the narcotics dept. had a crew of camera operators follow them for 2 weeks. “They were with these guys non-stop, they were introduced, and I don’t think these guys knew what they were getting themselves into.” Joe Baeza said describing the filming of the show. “They were here different times, for three months first and then six months.” Sgt Sifuentes added. When asked what sort of response the show had on the drug trade, Investigator Moreno said, “In way it hurt them, because of the fact that community now knows what they’re doing, they know what to look for, a little bit more. They are actually calling us in if they see us out on the street and will stop us and give us information. Before the show, we really didn’t have the response we had from the community, as well because of the show they know now exactly what we do, so they give us information and we work off that information.” As the crew opened up more we had to ask if they thought the show was in any way a wake up call to the community with what was featured on the show. “Well some of these people would even say that they would see things like that but it didn’t look suspicious to me, now I know it’s suspicious activity that they’re doing so we’ve been getting a lot of calls and there’s even a website that we have for the department that we are getting responses on the website.” Sgt Sifuentes said. “That’s the local reaction, the national impact we had actually, the show averaged about 1.5 million households watching the show every week for a five week run. When you sit and think about being in 1.5 million houses, with people, I mean people blogging, calling it their new favorite show. To me that was the entertainment value and the goal for me. It was awesome to read people on twitter as the show was going on, the comments that they would make during the show. Overall, it was also to educate or to give an education on what happens here matters to them. They really do not see the large picture as in people up north, outside of the state; usually think it is a border issue, when it is actually a national issue. The cartels are not just interested in getting the drugs into the United States and having it stay here in Laredo. Where it’s more accounted and valuable to them is in further northern parts of the United States,” Baeza added. “I think that that’s why we had the response that we did. Because they realized it is just not a Laredo problem or border town problems, it is nationwide. Many cities

have the same problems that we have. I think that’s why we got the response that we did.” Investigator Moreno said. The show has had an effect on the city of Laredo and the investigators shared their point of view on how they saw the after effects. “As Joe said, the issue isn’t about the cartels bringing them into Laredo and it’s just staying here, which a lot of people think it’s a Texas thing and it’s not just because they cross it down in the border.” Sgt Sifuentes said. “This show is the first of its kind, there was no other show either closes or we haven’t seen anything as remotely close to this one. There wasn’t another show where a predominantly Hispanic law enforcement in a predominantly Hispanic city was at the forefront of a national televised network, show what it does every day to guard the United States. What you have seen all the time was the overall Gold’s Gym blow dried air, white guy with Ray bans taking care of us, but it’s never shown the prospect of, wait a minutes there’s actually people who look a hell of lot more like the people who are bringing it here, who are actually fighting the fight. There is actually a misconception, until you actually hear that just because we are the same race and culture and because our roots run deep into Mexico; people in the rest of the United States think we are more inviting, apathetic to the stuff coming into our town or country, which could be further from the truth.” Joe Baeza said. In regards to the show, it seems as though it has gotten a lot of attention, enough attention to be approached by another show, which is on National Geographic, known as Border Wars. Sgt Sifuentes let us know some more info on the episodes that should be airing in the near future. “Actually that was with National Geographic and they showed up here shooting season 3 and they were going to be working from McAllen to Laredo. The ones that came to talk to us were the Laredo group and they said, we have some new bosses and they want to include some more of the community into the show since it was usually done at the border or the bridges al the seasons, since they were filmed there. So once again we were a bit reluctant to do it and they filmed for a week, after that they ended up staying with us. You have to understand, these guys take the footage, the camera men and they send it back to New York. In 16


New York, they’re starting to edit it, look what’s good and what’s not and what they’re going to use on the show. Someone out there told me, no go ahead and stay with those guys. They ended up staying with us 3 months and we just actually got a call two weeks ago that they gave me a call that we made every episode. So they made 10 episodes that were made in Laredo and PD is going to be featured in all of them. It seems that they liked what they saw, it’s basically what the Bordertown got.” With the show taking an effect on their once personal lives, the question was asked on how friends and family had reacted to their recent taste of fame and recognition for their job. “The family, I basically got questions, aren’t you worried about people seeing your face and knowing who you are? Those people knew who was before the show, so they know is as sergeant in the narcotics. Overall my family has been very supportive, loved the show, and were happy with the final product.” Sgt Sifuentes said. “Our friends, that’s all they talked about. They kept asking when the next show is. When’s the next season coming out? We had people that I didn’t even know would just come up and tell me how much they loved the show. When it started coming out, I was at the mall with my wife and kids and all of a sudden two guys were walking towards me and I looked around. They kept walking towards me, so I told my wife and kids, let’s go into a store. We walked into the store and we noticed that they were still by the door, so I told my wife to stay here and see what would happen. So when I walked out, sure enough, they had seen the show and they were from Austin. “Sir we loved the show, sorry if we followed you,

we just wanted to take a picture.” It was an eye opener, because I wasn’t expecting it. That’s just how it was; people were coming up to us and telling us what a wonderful job we did. For me, it got to me when we got to New York.” Investigator Rodriguez said as he paused to clear his throat as it seems the answer was becoming very personal as he tried to regain his composure. “I got a call from my family and the sergeant was there. I’m the youngest of four and we’re four brothers so we all have our own ways of doing our lives. When I got calls and they just told me that they were proud of me and of what I do. I was in New York and that’s when it got to me. Yes we’re close but we’re not like, we don’t show our feelings, we’re guys you know so, we don’t show our feelings. It’s a machismo thing, so I had to leave the restaurant. I kept getting asked what’s wrong, but I just told them that I’d tell them later about it. I just wasn’t expecting that from my 3 older brothers, on what they told me.” Investigator Rodriguez finished off. As our time was coming close to an end our editor, Ambrose, asked the group the closing question. “What do you love about your job?” Ambrose asked. “Comradery, that’s one, I think we’re a pretty tight group. It’s not like, a construction worker or roofing or something like that. Me, I love getting up in the morning and going to work, it’s something different every day. It’s interesting sometimes to read about the investigations these guys do and to be out there. It’s self rewarding in the sense that, people in the same street thank you for taking care of the problem and getting rid of the people. There have been many times where we send the people, I believe Moreno, was recognized not

“Russell Muth is a great producer who made a great product.” -Sgt. Sifuentes


to long at the courts, because they have a drug program. One of the guys he had arrested had gone to the core program and stayed sober for over 300 days and he graduated and he’s clean. Rewards of people thanking you for what you do.” Sgt Sifuentes said, “I love this job, going on 23 years already; I wouldn’t change it for anything. It’s been wonderful, like the sarge said, in one of the episodes; we’re out there taking out the scum of the earth, the ones that are endangering our kids basically. The most enjoyment I got out of my job is seeing the kids, going to the schools, seeing the way that they act. As soon as we walk into the gym, they start yelling, “Hey look, it’s Bordertown.” I got to all of us in a sense that we’re doing something positive for the kids, for the youth here in Laredo. In every school we went to, we heard the same thing. We didn’t hear any bummed voices saying, like why them. It was always positive. I think that that’s given us more effort; more energy to do our job better, because we know what the end product is already. It’s going to be the kids, knowing that us talking to them, that someone here in Laredo to talk to about job. I think that that’s been the most positive part about working here.” Investigator Rodriguez said. “I have to agree with investigator Rodriguez, the most satisfaction that we’ve gotten from this job, is that now we can go to the schools and talk to the kids and they’re actually responding to us. We’re just not there talking, we’re paying attention and they’re asking question. I think that that’s a great feeling for us. Makes us feel better in knowing that we’re given back to the community.” Investigator Moreno said. As we closed off our interview, Joe Baeza rewarded us with some keep sakes from the LPD and we were thanked as we actually wanted to thank them for the time they gave In Laredo Magazine. The department is still in the talks with A&E on attempting to get another season of Bordertown picked up. As for the episodes of Border Wars, they should be airing in the near future, so keep them on the look out. Thanks again to the LPD Narcotics Dept and Joe Baeza for giving In Laredo Magazine a great interview.



3. DRIVE-THRU CONTROVERSY What man (and some women) wouldn’t want pretty girls in bikinis serving their beer, delivered right up to your vehicle? Most would say “heck yea!” but in reality, this concept has sparked more controversy and concern than fantasies come alive. The infamous drive-through beer runs around Laredo have created a mass pouring of comments from both the pro and con sides of this topic. Some say let them be and that it is freedom of expression. But just where do we draw the line on our constitutional freedoms? Others are very adamantly against these establishments allowing their lingerie clad (and some in less than that) parade around outside their establishments where passers-by and unsuspecting children in their parents cars lose a bit of their innocence each time their daily commute takes them past the drive-through businesses. The issue has drawn attention of politicians and law enforcement as well. Online petitions are being distributed in hopes of collecting enough signatures and comments for local and state legislatures to convene and fix the problem.

Enterta in ing Moments in Laredo

By Rena Cannon 1. SARA WALLS YOUTUBE VIDEO. Sara Walls was a name that was unfamiliar to Laredoans before February of 2012. From one day to the next, Sara became a sort of celebrity around these parts. Mrs. Walls posted a video on YouTube of herself describing Laredo, its people, its traditions and customs, and why she hates it all. The hateful video garnered a lot of response from Laredoans, ex-Laredoans, and people of surrounding communities alike. The media jumped in on the chaos that stirred up our otherwise happy, menudo-loving community. Sara’s husband granted radio and local news stations brief interviews but did not have much to say except for apologize for his wife’s harsh words. The internet video loving Mrs. Walls declined an on-camera interview and hid away from the cameras like a celebrity fleeing from the paparazzi. Our own mayor spoke to the media and offered Mrs. Walls proof that Laredo and her citizens have a lot more to offer than the negative things she so rudely commented on. The YouTube video was soon removed from the internet but copies and recordings have surfaced to show the world one woman’s hateful and unwarranted remarks. Many posted their own videos in retaliation or defense of our town.

4. BORDER WARS Border Wars is a television series aired on the National Geographic channel that follows U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and other divisions of the Department of Homeland Security as they fight a “war” against the smuggling of illegal aliens, narcotics, and fire arms and other criminal activity on the borders of the United States. This intriguing show will soon showcase other law enforcement entities this coming season and how those entities work together with federal agents to combat border problems. 10 new episodes will air this season that will feature the cast of Bordertown: Laredo, another tv show that followed the elite Laredo Police Department’s Narcotics Unit. Laredo Police Officer Robert Sifuentes, cast member of Bordertown: Laredo stated in a brief phone interview that Border Wars will air the new episodes starting either late October or early November this year. The officers from Bordertown: Laredo became local, home town celebrities of the sort when the A&E network aired the show filmed entirely in Laredo in 2011. Now, their relentless work against border crimes will expand into a new network, to more viewers.

2. SANTIAGO PUERTAS’ RESPONSE Such was the outcry of anger, disgust, and remorse towards the Sara Walls YouTube video that a kind hearted, witty, Laredo native “Santiago Puertas” came to the rescue of us poor Laredoans with his own YouTube video. “Santiago”, a fictional character in a sombrero, sunglasses, and thick Latino accent, filmed himself much in the same manner as Sara Walls did at his kitchen table. “Santiago” offered insight on what it is like to be Latino in a mostly Anglo, fictional community in Colorado (which happens to be the state where Sara is from). “Santiago” tells us that the town is #1 in the nation for jaywalking and that no one speaks Spanish there…. how horrific for him! This parody of a “rebuttal” video had many of us laughing our socks off and it helped shed a little humor on the ugliness of what the Sara Walls video tried to create. 20


5. THE LAREDO BUCKS Hockey in Laredo, Texas??? Yes, as far-fetched as that may sound to outsiders, hockey was a reality for many years in Laredo, in part due to the building of the arena. When the arena concept was brought forth to city leaders, the idea was to bring a CHL hockey league to Laredo. At first people were skeptical but then the idea was embraced and a faithful fan based emerged. Enter stage right the Laredo Bucks. This team enjoyed success in attendance, sales, and game scores, especially in the first years of its existence. In fact, the Laredo Bucks brought home the CHL President’s Cup for several years. The Bucks also won several Southern Conference Championships as well as Southeast Division Championships. Sadly, the economy at its stagnant state caused a decline in fan attendance and sales and the Arena decided to let go of the Bucks in 2012. This marks the end of an era where the impossible was made possible in Laredo, however, it does not signal an end to professional sports in Laredo nor the possibility of hockey returning someday.

8. MUSIC TO MY EARS 2012 brought great tours and bands to Laredo, most of them in the Laredo Energy Arena. Great rock bands have been making their way to the Gateway city and exposing rock fans to more and more rock shows with such tours as The Mass Chaos Tour that featured Godsmack, Staind, and Halestorm or the Carnival of Madness Tour that brought in Evanescence, Halestorm, and Chevelle. Mexican or Latino artist have also packed the house with such artists as Vicente Fernandez, Gypsy Kings, Espinoza Paz, and Mexican rock band of legend, Mana. Most recently, the 3 Gigantes Tour featuring Latin heart throbs Chayanne, Marco Antonio Solis, and Marc Anthony brought in enthusiastic fans of ballads and Spanish pop. These are only the acts that have graced the stage at the LEA in 2012 alone. Concerts in Laredo are not limited to an arena venue. Other festivals and events always promise great musicians during Jamboozie, Autmust Fest, and the newest additions to the Laredo music scene, Urban Fest and the follow up to this year’s Beer Fest, Oktoberfest.

6. NEW TEAMS IN TOWN With the Bucks gone, we can still look forward to indoor sports such as the new professional indoor football team the Laredo Rattlesnakes. The Rattlesnakes offer high paced and action packed games to a very enthusiastic football loving town. This team is compiled of football champs from all over the country. Rattlesnake games are sure to keep us on the edge of our seats. Also new to the Gateway city and to the Arena are the Toros de los dos Laredos, an international, professional basketball team that plays both for Nuevo Laredo and Laredo. The Toros will be calling the LEA their new U.S. home and will also continue playing in their Nuevo Laredo home court at the newly built Gimnasio Multidisiplinario de Nuevo Laredo.

9. HELICOPTER TRAINING? Earlier this year, Laredo was abuzz, literally and figuratively, with the arrival of military helicopters flying overhead around the city and parked at an old air force base area near the west side of the current airport. A temporary makeshift military camp was set up in that area to keep the curious out and keep the military personnel and equipment in. This did not stop onlookers from driving by and wondering what all the fuss was really about. Authorized personnel told the media that their presence here is to conduct training missions for Middle East deployments. Many locals think otherwise. Although the terrain and climate in Laredo closely mirror that of regions such as in Afghanistan and Iraq, there are other areas of the United States that are more like those regions. Such areas include the Mojave desert and other arid areas in Arizona and throughout the south west USA. In any event, many folks around here are whispering conspiracy theories that they were actually here to spy on Mexican cartel activity just across the river from us or that they were may have even been conducting research on all those recent UFO sightings. I don’t know about you, but I smell a strong case of the Twilight Zone here.

7. UNI-TRADE STADIUM With the completion of the Uni-Trade Stadium just next door to the Arena, we can also enjoy the boys of summer with the Laredo Lemurs Baseball team. The stadium features affordable and comfortable seating for everyone, a grassy slope to watch the game at, club suites and a kids zone for the little ones to play off some of that energy. Uni-Trade Stadium was built as a multiuse facility that can host other events besides baseball so we can be sure to hear about upcoming events not related to baseball.



Made Fabulous Just Like You /debellissimas

DB De Bellissimas


Women’s and Girl’s Jewlery



Trending Fashion

With Tina Flores


Model: Edna Iris Chavez

t seems that fashion trends are constantly changing. It’s hard knowing what are the hottest styles this season and what’s totally last season. Well there’s no need to stress out this fall, because here are the Top 5 Hottest Trends for Fall 2012.

Stripes Stripes are totally in this fall. They underline your curves and call out all the right attention. You can mix stripes with bright colors or even other stripes for a fun and flirty look. 26



Polka Dots

Denim is a trend that never goes out of season. But this fall, you can match denim with dark warm colors and graphic tees for a more relaxed and comfortable

Polka Dots have a very retro feel that are totally cute for going out at night. Mix polka dots with dark bold colors for a fierce and sophisticated look.





This fall, bring out your leopard dress or leopard heels for a sexy look. Mix leopard print with lace and black tones for an evening out on the town.

Wear plaid for a sweet and preppy look. Perfect this fall, for school and hanging out with the girls. Mix plaid with leather for an edgier look.



Mad Carnival Savior or Last Sounds to Savor? By: Roland Ortegon



ad Carnival Savior or Last Sounds to Savor? After L.E.A.’s “last rock show,” several succumbed to mourning. Others knew there was more to come: an optimistic encore, restoring this underdog story’s ending. Latest series sequel was The Carnival of Madness Tour’s August 14th Laredo invasion. Icebreakers included radio darlings New Medicine, Cavo, and acquainted alliance Halestorm, as headliners Chevelle and Evanescence closed this carnival chronicle with classy commotion. Though underwhelming attendances questioned rock’s local future, this “last” five-band installment heroically astonished lucky and loyal Laredoans. Faithful first-comers were first served interactive heroes New Medicine and Cavo. Memorable “HEY!” hooks from Medicine’s “Laid” and Cavo’s “Thick as Thieves” simmered with strobe lights, setting the table for one last “Champagne” glass. The radio staple was nostalgically reminiscent of former rock outlets. Sure, stations abused Cavo’s alcohol, but their persistent, promotional absence restrained gaining prettier house profits. “Pretty” comes to mind upon gazing at Halestorm. Yet, the adjective proves inadequate considering Lzzy’s Hale’s enthralling roars. Equally electric enthusiasm erupted as drummer Arejay Hale (Lzzy’s brother) pounced onstage, establishing continuous momentum. When Arejay’s spinning sticks weren’t mid-flight, his legs substituted, creating actual ass-kicking cymbal hits. Mainly showcasing The Strange Case Of… (2012) and highlighting hits from 09’s debut, Hales and company’s set concluded with Arejay’s stage dive. Recklessly riding the wild wave of aiding arms, his stunt exemplified Laredo literally supporting rock music’s backbone. This was hardly pretty; it was beautiful. A beautifully decorated stage awaited first headliner Chevelle. Their aesthetic atmosphere arrayed from red and gold logobearing tapestries to digital crowd displaying backdrops and (of course) a big, black bull. Its stationary presence occupied the tumultuous trio’s unused space while conveniently referencing latest album, Hats Off to the Bull. HOTTB’s tracks, both endorsed and obscure, subtlety scattered their single-stuffed set. With pulsating reprises from “Jars” and dramatic renditions of “The Red’s” relentless recognition, Chevelle assured shocking showmanship. Sharing both name and traits with a vibrant vehicle, their strong sound emissions embodied a raw beauty full of bold force. 33

Emitted raw forces from Evanescence inspired the following poem/ paragraph: Past Pretty/ Beyond Beautiful/ Gorgeous Engorged/ She Embodies Ghost Tints/ Star-Colored Skin/ Blinding Flesh, Enlightening Bright/ Only Her Voice Heard/ Surround Scenery Sounds/ EVolving. EVicting EVil and VANishing VANity/ BlESsing the NESt/ ConfESsing WeaknESs while NEStling SCENTs and SENSEs SENt with SENtences that don’t make SENSE/ Every Essence: Hypnotic, Inspired/ Aggressively Resonant, Delicate Choirs/ Expected Sentiment on Chorus of Lighters/ Her Words: “Good Night!”/ We Heard “Good Life!!!” With such lively energy from Chevanescence and friends, a mourning period for rock concerts is absurd. Rather, this recurring movie metaphor signifies the morning before long, uphill climbs towards distortion-driven days. Journeyers include B-Live Promotions, whose fall dates keep their underdog corner’s white towel from waving for now. Supplying backup is P.O.D., who headlines this year’s TAMIU Autmus Festival. With strong signs of support, it remains a work in progress compared to Vincente Fernandez’s impressive ticket sales. Still, Laredo’s limited, but loyal rockers remain a hopeful minority, making sure their city’s rock shows last. 34


Best of Laredo

Many of you Laredoans may be wondering where to get the best of the best of the best when it comes to dining, drinking, clothing, and other services. Well, we at In Laredo magazine are tired of not knowing where to get the best! It is up to all of us to submit our votes so that we can give credit where credit is due. You must be a registered user of in order to vote or nominate in a poll. We welcome you to the Best of Laredo and remember only you can choose the Best of Laredo. Who picks the winners?! Laredoans, who vote online at You have the power to pick the best. It’s time to show appreciation and recognize the things, people, and places that make Laredo great. When does voting end? Voting ends on March 2013

The business/person I want to vote for is not listed as an option. Can I nominate somebody? Yes! Simply log, find the poll in which you’d like to nominate somebody, type in your nomination in the “New: Submit your response.” box and your nomination will automatically be added. I’d like to see a new category, can I make a suggestion? We’d love to hear feedback on the Best of Laredo. You can contact us with your suggestions for new categories. If accepted, we’ll add it on next year and notify you of the decision. For more information about the Best of Laredo please contact us at


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By: Ambrose Lerma Jr

When I sat down to eat at Laredo Pizza Factory little did I know I was in for an amazingly flavorful pizza. I had the Chicken Gorganzola pizza which consists of spinach, chicken, mushrooms, bacon, and gorgonzola cheese. The first bite was delicious, the direct result of Jeff Trevino’s 6 years of gourmet pizza making experience. The slice of pizza took me through a journey of flavors which I had not experienced in a pizza before. Jeff has had plenty of time to master his recipes; recipes which have taken him to finish 8th place in the gourmet pizza competition held every year in Las Vegas. Originally from Laredo, Jeff honed his recipes through his pizzerias which were located in Austin. He and his partners sold the restaurants and since then he has come down to Laredo and has teamed up with Jorge Gutierrez to bring his own unique pizza crafting talents to the Gateway City. When you walk in to the Laredo Pizza Factory you will notice

just how unique their establishment really is. There are huge comic book posters on either side of the walls. One can’t help but look through the posters to look for their favorite super hero. “I’ve seen a few fathers and sons sit down and eat and look at the posters trying to see how many comic book heroes they can name”

Best of Laredo

By: Ambrose Lerma Jr


In a town where there is a surprisingly abundant amount of sushi restaurants there are only a few that really stand out. Everybody has their favorite place but a majority of people I have talked to agree that Sushi Madre is in the top tier of sushi restaurants in Laredo.

Laredo Pizza Factory Category: Pizza


Sushi Madre Category: Sushi

What makes Sushi Madre special? They have some of the freshest ingredients and also use a large variety of ingredients in their rolls. Not only are their sushi rolls delicious but look like a work of art served on a plate. Even their salads look amazing. Their menu offers a little bit of everything. Their poblano soup is also very popular.

The menu offers a wide variety of pizzas with about 29 different toppings to choose from. Some of these toppings I have not seen offered anywhere else, toppings such as chorizo, broccoli, corn, cilantro, and jalapeno. Jeff prides himself on how much attention to detail they give to each aspect of the pizza making process. Everything is fresh. Their most popular pizza, the Spanish Harlem, consists of white sauce, chorizo, tomatoes, corn, jalapenos, cilantro, and white onions.

You can also create your own custom roll and name it. The roll and its ingredients are then stored on their database so that the next time you come in and order your roll they will already know what goes in it. Wow, now that’s a custom dining experience. Sushi Madre has a couple of locations and the restaurant’s interior decor is just as tasteful as their food. The service is always good and their staff always make you feel comfortable and enhance your dining experience. Sushi Madre has truly made an amazing sushi restaurant with great tasting food along with a great atmosphere. They are located at 401 W. Saunders and 8610 McPherson Rd.

They can be found at 9652 McPherson Rd. Ste #4 next to AJ’s. You can also call them at 956-724-6767. website:

Best of Laredo





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