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SMART MANAGEMENT. SMART LIFE. SMART HUB. SmartHub allows you to manage your account anytime, anywhere from multiple devices. When you set up a SmartHub account you have various convenient options such as bill pay, monthly usage tracking, service issue reporting and member service assistance.


n today’s world the ability to manage and look up information from multiple devices is an essential function for most busy and onthe-go members. That’s why we are pleased to provide you with Inland Power’s SmartHub tool.

Members can easily download the free Inland Power SmartHub App through Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. Once an account is created, members have more flexibility and gain easy access to their account information. SmartHub is also a

powerful communication tool, allowing members to get the latest information through our alert system. The feature provides members with notifications of service work, news, promotions and events. To learn more about going paperless and managing your account with ease, please scan the following QR code or visit, inlandpower.com/smarthub.

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How efficient is your home? DIY Audit Tool vs. Professional Home Audit What is a home energy audit?


home energy audit, also known as a home energy assessment, can help you understand the whole picture of your home’s energy use. An audit can assist you in determining how much energy your home uses, where your home is losing energy, and identify problem areas and fixes you should prioritize to make your home more efficient and comfortable. You might be wondering whether or not you should complete a comprehensive home audit on your own, or enlist a home energy assessment professional. Let’s take a look at both options. Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Home Energy Audit While a professional energy audit provides the most complete picture of your home’s energy use, a diligent self-assessment can help you pinpoint problem areas and prioritize your energy efficiency upgrades. When walking

through your home, keep a checklist of areas you have inspected and problems you found. Do not assume that just because your home is recently constructed, or even new, that there are no opportunities to save energy. Energy-saving technology continues to rapidly evolve, outpacing training commonly available to many builders. If you would like to explore the Do-it-Yourself Home Energy Audit route, we suggest taking a self assessment provided by the Department of Energy to help you identify problem areas and prioritize your energy efficiency upgrades. To learn more about DIY energy savings, visit inlandpower.com/energy-saving-tips. Professional Home Energy Audits A professional home energy audit will provide a thorough assessment of your home’s energy use. In addition to a roomby-room examination of the home, an

auditor may employ equipment such as blower doors and infrared cameras. Inland Power recommends doing your due diligence to find the right professional for you. To learn more about both options, visit inlandpower.com/home-energy-audits.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY Tip of the Month Insulating your electric water heater can reduce standby heat loss by 25 to 45 percent, saving you 7 to 16 percent on annual water heating costs. The Dept. of Energy rates this project as medium difficulty, meaning most homeowners can tackle this project on their own. You can purchase pre-cut jackets or blankets for about $20 at most home improvement stores. Visit energy.gov for project tips and additional considerations. Source: energy.gov

Inland Power is my cooperative!

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Space Heater Use


any utilize space heaters to increase warmth in rooms that might not heat up as quickly as other areas of a home. If this is the case, it’s important to be aware and cautious when purchasing and using a space heater.

Helpful Safety Tips 1. Only use a space heater that displays the seal of a nationally recognized testing laboratory, such as “UL.” This ensures the heater is protected against ignition when tipped over.

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nland Power, your Touchstone Energy® cooperative, is proud to be an integral part of the communities we serve. That’s why we’re introducing the Co-op Connections Card, a member benefit that provides discounts on products and services from participating local and national businesses. The Co-op Connections Card is FREE to all members. There’s no sign up or annual fee. You can easily recognize where the Co-op Connections Card is accepted by decals in retail windows, or simply download the Co-Op Connection app to your smart phone or tablet to find discounts when you are on the go! To sign up and start saving with your Co-op Connections account: 1. Locate, download and open the Co-op Connections app 2. Click “sign up” 3. Enter your zip code 4. Select Inland Power 5. Enter your contact and login in information 6. Click “create account” 7. Start saving! We continue to recruit local businesses to the Co-op Connections program. Please feel free to email us at inlandpower@inlandpower.com if you have a favorite business you would like us to reach out to regarding participation.

2. Use only heaters intended of indoor use only. Never run outdoor heaters, BBQs, or other outdoor appliances inside! 3. Do not use other appliances on the same circuit as your space heater and plug your heater directly into a wall outlet. 4. Never use a space heater when sleeping or if you leave the room. 5. Place space heaters on hard, level surfaces. 6. Keep heaters at least three feet away from children, pets and flammable materials. 7. Try other options to warm cool spaces: · Use an electric blanket to keep warm during the night. · Caulk and weatherstrip around doors and windows to prevent heat loss. · Consider adding insulation to your attic and around duct work.

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Helping to make futures bright! 2023 Inland Power Excellence Award


re you a parent preparing to send their high school senior or college student to a higher education school? Now is the time to the begin the scholarship application process. The Inland Power Community Foundation is pleased to offer 15 - $1,000 scholarships. These scholarships are active for current Inland Power members and their children. This includes college students who are members or students who can still be claimed as legal dependents of Inland Power members. A legal dependent is one who can be claimed on their parent or guardian’s tax return. All applications are due Thursday, April 13, 2023. The Foundation will conduct the review process in May and recipients will be selected and notified in June. Past scholarship recipients may reapply. However, at least ten of the 15 scholarships will be reserved for new applicants. Applications will be sent to high school counseling offices within the Inland Power service territory, or can be found on our website at inlandpower.com.

Funding for the Inland Power Excellence Award is made possible by the Inland Power Community Foundation. The Foundation’s committee also serves as the scholarship committee. The Inland Power Community Foundation was developed to generate and collect charitable donations to improve the quality of life for the communities we serve through individual, family and nonprofit organization donations. To learn more about the foundation, visit inlandpower.com/community-foundation. If you wish to make a donation to the foundation, please email to community-foundation@inlandpower.com.