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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Power not purchased from the Bonneville Power Administration is purchased on the wholesale energy market.

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CO O P E R AT I V E 2020 fuel mix

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Inland Power’s 2020 Fuel Mix Providing power that is over 91% carbon-free


nergy is a big topic these days in the hallowed halls of our state capitol. From green energy policy to 100 percent carbon-free legislation, the power our members receive and the manner in which they receive it is constantly under review and ridicule. At Inland Power we are strong proponents of clean and renewable energy. We are also dedicated to ensuring the electricity you receive is affordable. In 2020, Inland Power purchased the majority of its power from BPA for resale and distribution to our members. The majority of that power is generated from the hydroelectric dams along the Columbia and Snake Rivers. We are very fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest and have access to this clean, efficient source of power. In 2006, Washington voters passed the Energy Independence Act, which requires electric utilities that serve 25,000 customers or more to obtain a certain percentage of the electricity used from eligible renewable resources, including solar, wind and hydropower.

The percentage of required renewable generation started at 3 percent in 2012 and climbed to 15 percent in 2020. This carries an annual cost to Inland of $1.36 million, which is recovered through your rates. In 2019, Washington legislators passed the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA). This act requires utilities to provide power that is 100 percent carbonfree by 2045. Utilities that provide power generated from resources like coal and natural gas have a long way to go to reach the governor’s clean energy goal. At Inland Power, the energy we provide to our members is over 80 percent renewable and more than 91 percent carbon-free. Needless to say, your cooperative is well on its way to meeting the governor’s challenge.

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he rivers of the northwest are not only icons of the region’s natural beauty, but also a constant supply of energy. Rain and snow feed the water cycle, providing a renewable resource to meet the energy demands of millions while seamlessly integrating other renewables such as wind and solar. Just as the river is always flowing, hydroelectric dams have the ability to constantly generate electricity. Hydroelectric generators can respond to increased power demands at any time of the day or night, and in any given weather condition regardless of wind or sunshine. Because dams can dispatch power to the grid instantly, they provide essential back-up power during major electricity disruptions. Hydropower is also unique among energy sources in its ability to

resume operations without needing to draw power from another source.

Clean energy supports clean air and water Hydropower is the largest source of clean power in the United States. It is fueled by rain and snow, making it a clean fuel and renewable source. It accounts for 90 percent of renewable energy in the Northwest and almost half of all renewables in the U.S. Because it’s fueled by water, our hydro base does not produce air pollution, avoiding the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of more than 10 million cars on the road. This allows us to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, boating or skiing without worrying about air quality or visibility due to smog.

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Hydropower is economical The economic benefits of hydropower in the Northwest are seen in several ways, from the reasonable rates on the electric bills of residents and businesses, to the secondary benefits of job creation, new business development, recreation opportunities and increased agricultural production. Hydroelectric dams in the Northwest produce more electricity than any other North American river system. Hydroelectric power is a domestic source of energy, allowing each state to produce their own energy without being reliant on international fuel sources. Because hydropower costs less than most energy sources, our energy bills are lower than the rest of the country. Check out our “Hydro by the numbers” information inside.

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Inland Power is my cooperative!


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US households served by the Northwest’s hydroelectric output in an average year.


of the Northwest’s renewable, carbonfree annual electricity production.


megawatts of generating capacity of Northwest hydroelectric dams.


of the Northwest’s total average annual electricity production.


The yearly average output of megawatts by Northwest hydroelectric dams.


carbon emissions generated by hydropower production.

Source: NW River Partners

HOLIDAY HOURS The holidays are quickly approaching. We are excited about creating holiday memories with friends and family. The following are this year’s holiday hours for Inland Power. The office will be closed during the following days.

Thursday, Nov. 25 - Thanksgiving Thursday, Dec. 23 - Christmas (Observance) Thursday, Dec. 30 - New Year’s Day (Observance)


t Inland Power and Light, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional member services and programs to help make your life easier. That is why Inland is conducting a survey regarding member satisfaction and future programs. Your participation is highly encouraged and we appreciate your involvement. All answers and personal information will remain anonymous. This survey serves two purposes. First – we want to hear from you about how your cooperative is doing. At Inland Power, our mission is our members. That means we truly care about what is important to you as a member and how we can best serve you.

Additionally, Inland is working hard to meet the state mandate to offer

100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2045 as laid out in the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA). Part of this work includes offering programs to our members such as conservation and weatherization efforts. This regulation also includes provisions for ensuring vulnerable populations, such as low-income communities, are included when developing programs for CETA.This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard and help shape the future of your cooperative. You are an owner of Inland Power, which means you get to call the shots! We look forward to seeing what you have envisioned for the future of Inland Power and Light! Have questions? Contact us by calling 800-747-7151 or email us at


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