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EDITORS NOTE Summer is here. So boys and gals with inks, what are you waiting for? Its time to turn up the heat and flaunt your tattoo. Aren’t tattoos wonderful? Each one is its own fabulous mix of colours and each design its its own unique piece of art. Boys show off your tigers, dragons, tribal tattoos and girls, don’t stay behind. Go on and flaunt designs like butterfly, angels, stars and many more! Tattoos are a rage amongst youth but still remain a taboo many in India. Also there is lack of knowledge about various forms of body modification. Body modification in India is commonly seen only as body piercing and tattoos. But there is so much more. Just type in ‘Body Modification’ into your Google search bar and see the long list of things most people don’t even know about. There is ear gauging, scarification, silicon implants (and no we are not talking about Pamela Anderson’s silicon valley!), dermal implants and the list goes on. Being an amateur artist myself and an tattoo admirer I could not resist the addiction of getting tattooed again and again. A big myth associated with tattoos In India is that tattoos cause cancer and are only for thugs and hippies. My mother was no different. So when on my 18th birthday she went with me to a tattoo studio and paid for my tattoo it was the best birthday gift ever. I had my first tattoo - even though it was a very small 2x2 inches. My mother told me, “One is enough now no more.” But soon it turned into an addiction in the course of 6 years I have gone under the needle 8 times. I am proud of my tattoos but

my mom is not. She still gets annoyed everytime I come home with something new. The one tattoo my mother is most proud of is my mother and father’s name on my shoulders. Rest are all just ink to her. But that one holds a big place in her heart. A tattoo can be the most beautiful piece of art you can carry with you whole your life if done by a professional artist using the most hygienic methods. Tattoos have been a part of Indian culture over a long time. There still are tribes who practice the art of tattooing using old methods of home made inks and needles. They don’t use machines and they don’t use the high priced inks. Their tattoos are a simple black colour and have simple designs. I always wanted to promote the culture of tattoos in India and remove all the myths and taboos associated with tattoos. I know there are many young boys and gals in Indian homes who want a tattoo but cant one because the family says ‘NO’. Just hearing the word tattoo is enough for them to put their foot down. They don’t even want to see what their child wants to get done. It could be a well thought design which could portray their freedom, their thoughts, their personality. In this issue we have included article on Zombie Boy the celebrity who has featured in Lady Gaga videos, and has even walked the ramp for some very famous designers despite having tattoos all

over his his face including skull. We have included interviews of some well-known tattoo artist in India and have covered some amazing work of artists from around the world. To stay up to date and give you the latest in lifestyle we have even thrown in articles and reviews on gadgets and some tips on fashion as well. The whole idea behind starting this magazine is to inform people in India about the various forms of body modification and remove the many myths that surround the term. The last 2-3 months have been very tiring but extremely rewarding as this first edition of the magazine is finally ready. I would like to thank all the people who have made launching India’s first tattoo magazine a reality. People like Lokesh ( owner of Devil Tattooz ), Hardy ( owner of Funky Monkey ), Abhinav ( owner of Machine Bites Tattoo ). I also thank my team at ink 2.0 - content writers, photographer, designers - people without whom the magazine would never have been completed. I also apologise to those team members who have had to bear the brunt of my temper time and again. Well, now without any further delay I present to you INDIA’S FIRST TATTOO MAGAZINE - INK 2.0. There is a lot more to come in the following issues. So if you don’t want to stay behind in the world of tattoos and other forms of modification and want to stay up to date on technology and fashion we suggest you make INK 2.0 your newest bible. Please go through the issue and send us your valuable comments. You can write to us at to inquire about how you can get your free copy of the magazine. See you all with the July issue ( ink2.0 is a bimonthly magazine which would have one issue in every 2 months ). Happy Reading! Raunaq Arora







The origin of the word ‘Tattoo’, too, has an intriguing tale. While some say, it is derived from a Polynesian word - ‘ta’, meaning striking something; others believe that it hails from a Tahitian word - ‘tatau’ meaning ‘to mark something.’


hen words fall silent, tattoos stand loud! The trend of tattoo has passed through an exfoliating historical tunnel which has ultimately led to the reincarnation of the momentousness of the very artwork.

Defying religious positions about not desecrating the body, like the Biblical one that holds “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead,’ tattoo art has attracted much attention and continues to get more popular with each passing day. It was once believed that the human body was one of God’s perfect creations and any attempts to modify or enhance this masterpiece by any means, tattooing included, meant mutilation. However, this was brushed aside over many centuries of human and art evolution. Reaching the finesse, that it has today, tattoo art predates evolution of modern society. Interestingly, over the last few decades, many fine specimens have turned up on bodies that were accidentally preserved in glaciers or those that have been found on mummies preserved in burial tombs. Tattoos are believed to be one of the oldest forms of art that holds varied significance for different cultures all over. One of the earliest bodies found to have tattoos on it is that of the Otzi iceman that was discovered high up in a melting Alpine glacier in 1991. Tattoos have also been discovered on mummies excavated in Siberian Russia, in Egyptian and Japanese tombs and burial grounds. The art is also inherited by several tribal societies around the world which continues to be practiced in their community till date.


The Otzi iceman body with 57 tattoos is estimated to be over 5,000 years old! Mummies (2400 years old) discovered on the Atali Mountains in Siberia, mummified remains (2000 years old) of Amunet, a priestess at Thebes in Egypt and mummified remains (3000 years old) from Japanese tombs too have tattoos on them. The art, as it evolved, is believed to be much older. Another possibility that could have led to discovery of this art form is by sheer accident! Who knows, right? Maybe, while nursing a wound, rubbing in rudimentary healing herbs, ash, or grinded minerals often left behind a mark that stayed till the body lasted. It must have been after much experimentation that art of inserting colored materials beneath skin’s surface led to a tradition of inscribing human bodies. The origin of the word ‘Tattoo’, too, has an intriguing tale. While some say, it is derived from a Polynesian word - ‘ta’, meaning striking something; others believe that it hails from a Tahitian word ‘tatau’ meaning ‘to mark something.’ In tribal societies, tattoos began to denote status and rank with time. For some people, tattoos held religious symbolism and others used tattoo decorations to depict bravery, pledges of love, amulets, talismans and protection. History also shows how tattoos were used to brand outcasts, slaves and convicts. This art form, like many others, had by now polarized and found yin with yang. Living out on open oceans for weeks and months at a stretch, seafarer communities, especially pirates embraced the tattoo art who in the medieval times would primarily use it for identity purposes. While pirates would use them as rowdy sailors’ signs or as symbols for aligning up with other gangs out there in the wild seas, other seafarers would undergo tattooing for being recognized after drowning, a risk always associated with the sailing community. Be


From a primitive, dark and secluded world, a quantum jump into mainstream culture, today tattoos are hipster symbols of rebellion. They can be noticed on a street like an accessory, something that people decorate their bodies with. ing identified by a tattoo after a drowned sailor’s body surfaced on the ocean helped to conduct last rites. It was for them that tattoo artists in the recent past were mostly found around ports unlike the numerous studios that have come up in urban centers around the globe in the last decades or so. The concept of being tattooed still holds tribal affinity. Interestingly, tribesmen in remote Papua New Guinea still use tattoos as a sign of a boys’ entry into manhood. Today, it’s no longer considered a taboo. People now willingly get themselves tattooed. It could be for religious, magical or cosmetic reasons; or simply to celebrate body art and express individual creativity. The resurgence of tattoo art today is believed to have come about with spread of pop music, pop culture, individualism and advent of television. The colorful and enthusiastic youthfulness encountered in the 21 Century has left the connoisseurs of tattoo with no option but to act like any lazy parents who have acquiesce in the whims of their spoilt child.


Adding to the flame of beaming fashion industry is the vogue set by various actors, singers and performers. Take an example of Hollywood, Angelina gets a tattoo made on her back, even before it reaches every Page 3, the Angelina lovers would already have a similar one on them. Guns and Roses for whatever reason have rose as their symbol, but it definitely started the trend of engraving roses on the body as a sign of feminism, equality for some non Christians and fashion for the most. Bollywood is no far behind in counter parting the previous. Saif Ali’s ‘Kareena’ tattoo had once been on the hype, coxing even the boys next door to have one! From a primitive, dark and secluded world, a quantum jump into mainstream culture, today tattoos are hipster symbols of rebellion. They can be noticed on a street like an accessory, something that people decorate their bodies with. There may be no escape from the anti-establishment age that we are beset with. Sporting a tattoo maybe a mark to join the growing tribe but artists often warn customers about engraving a lover’s name, for a tattoo typically or ironically outlasts a hot romance.


The Tattoed Ones

The very stylish hair stylist, Nikhil feels good to flaunt his tattoos in front of us… Name -Nikhil Sharma Occupation -Founder and director of RIDE FREE INDIA and creative head affinity salons

“ Every tattoo on my body holds a record of a chapter in my life. It was my first tattoo that motivated me to indulge in the craze of tattoos. In 2005, I got the famous mantra of Buddhists ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ engraved on my body. This one reminds me of the days when I was totally soaked in the principles of Buddhism. Tattoos are a great way of expression. Every tattoo keeps me intact with my past. My tattoos have summarised the person I am; they are my identity. Good part is that my profession lets me flaunt my creative side while keeping myself grounded.”

Speaking to us is the manager of a renowned brand. Shreya expresses her never extinguishing love for body art….

Name -Shreya Madan Occupation -Branch Manager, Affinity, Punjabi Bagh “ A star with clouds stand to a reason on of my feet. These were my first, which I had gotten around 5 years back to represent the solemnness of free thinking. My tattoos also illustrate my confidence in Lord Shiva. I feel strong about tattoos and love the idea that it remains with the bearer till eternity. When you are wearing the engraved picture of your ideal inspirer, you are bound to excel at work and so have I. It’s a great mode of articulation, which has given me the liberty to stand firm on my articles of faith…in a way it reflects my existence.”





i own


the devil


FTER CLIMBING what seems like an unending flight of stairs you stumble out onto a bright, sunlit roof. And before you have had a chance to catch your breath it leaves you with a ‘whoosh’ as you are confronted by an absolutely stunning, giant black and white mural of a hand holding a tattoo needle, painted on the wall. The artwork can only be described as magnificent with its detailed shading and three dimensional effect that makes it look so real that you almost expect it to move as you stare at in wonder. Welcome to Devil’z Tattooz. Pushing open the door to the studio, you are further amazed by tattoo art that adorns the walls leaving you in no doubt that you are in a space where tattooing is a serious passion and a serious business. Devliz Tattooz has rapidly gained the distinction of being one of the best studios to go to for tattoos of all kinds. And this is all thanks to one man - Lokesh Verma, tattoo artist - extraordinaire and owner of Devil’z Tattooz, whose reputation as one of India’s leading tattoo artists is only growing by the day. Lokesh’s love affair with art began early. Even as a child he loved to paint and was especially fascinated with sketching, spending a lot of time capturing images on his sketchpad. His tremendous talent was recognised and rewarded when he won the first prize at an Asia level international painting competition, when he was just fourteen. But his journey from the talented young boy to the accomplished artist he is today has not been an easy one. Lokesh’s


nikhil sharma page


decision to pursue his passion and become a tattoo artist, instead of choosing a career in business administration for which he held a degree, was not something people around him agreed with or understood. Faced with criticism and judgmental attitudes of people, for whom tattooing was something associated with hippies, gangsters and those who were ‘good for nothing’ , it was his sheer stubbornness, passion and strength of spirit that kept him going. Lokesh worked day and night to earn and save enough to purchase the equipment so crucial to his dream, even working as a part-time DJ in a local bar. A self-trained artist Lokesh worked hard to perfect his art. His constant search for ideas and inspiration and his desire to learn and experiment with different styles and skills have resulted in him developing an exceptional bouquet of tattoo styles, from traditional and tribal to new age tattoos and portraits. His personal favourite though is the black-and-grey shading style, of which he truly is a master. Lokesh made his first ever tattoo  on himself, an ambigram on his left hand that reads both Devil and Angel. Slowly as he grew in skill and confidence, his trials extended to his father, his friends and then their friends. And after that there was no stopping him. In 2005, at a time when there were hardly any tattoo studios in Delhi, Lokesh opened his first studio

Lokesh’s decision to pursue his passion and become a tattoo artist, instead of choosing a career in business administration for which he held a degree, was not something people around him agreed with or understood. 16


in Vasant Vihar, followed by his studio in Greater Kaliash, Part 1. From the very beginning Lokesh wanted his studio to maintain very high quality standards. He spared no expense in ensuring that his tattoo studio was at par with international standards, using the best quality equipment (even though it meant importing equipment because he was unable to find it here) , maintaining world class hygiene standards and assuring clients a comfortable tattooing experience. Lokesh is regularly invited as a guest artist by many tattoo studios and travels all over the world to do guest spots. He also makes it a point to invite guest artists from different parts of the world to visit Devliz Tattooz. This exchange is very important he feels as it ensures a two-way learning process and allows artists to learn and grow. Some achievements that Lokesh is most proud of are a portrait of Che Guevara that he did sometime ago and a Dali that he inked on artist Sudip Roy. He has also done a full-back Budhha that he tattooed for a friend, which took almost 40 hours over 7-8 sessions to complete.   The popularity of tattooing as a form of self expression has  grown steadily over the years. It is no longer something that is restricted to only a few. When Lokesh first opened Devilz Tattooz, he used to ink about 15-20 clients a month, but now this number has grown to a staggering 250300 clients a month.  Amongst his many clients we find a long list of recognisable names. His celebrity clientele includes famous choreographers  Remo D’Souza and Dharmesh, and Swedish band Freak Kitchen’s Chris, Interiors of Lokesh’s Studio 18


gal, a master tattoo artist for whom Lokesh had tremendous admiration. Lokesh gave him the freedom to draw whatever he wanted to. “All I wanted was a masterpiece from him,” he says. Lokesh hopes that someday he reaches such a stage with his clients.   Lokesh has big dreams, but he also has has the talent and the passion to make these dreams real and we are more than certain that he will.

“To people, you are what your tattoo means”, he further adds. However sometimes clients are too rigid about what they want, leaving none of the creative freedom and space that artists so require. RJ’s Nitin (of Kurafati Nitin fame) and Megha and cricketers like IPL star Manpreet Goni. An interesting fact that Lokesh tells us about is that about 65% of his clients at Devilz Tattooz are women and not just college students and young women but housewives and older women as well. Common motifs amongst girls and women are butterflies, angels and tribal designs, while men prefer tattoos that signify power and passion. So symbols like devils, dragons, tiger, skulls are more common. Spiritual tattoos like Ganesh, Shiva, Buddha as well as symbols like 20

Om, swastikas and crosses are also very popular. A big change that Lokesh has noticed over the years is that clients are becoming more knowledgeable about tattoos and have begun to give much more thought to what they want inked, which is how it should be. “A tattoo always has a meaning. It’s on your skin, after all - if you get a tattoo, you wear an attitude on your skin”, reflects Lokesh. “To people, you are what your tattoo means”, he further adds. However sometimes clients are too rigid about what they want, leaving none of the creative freedom and space that artists so require.   Lokesh has come many a mile from his early days as young man who dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist. Today, he is an exceptionally talented and experienced artist with a vast repertoire of styles and skills and many awards. But Lokesh is not done dreaming yet. He tells us about a folder of designs, not surprisingly portraits, that he is still waiting to ink - Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin and Audrey Hepburn among some of them. We get a further glimpse into his dreams when describes his visit to a tattoo convention in Barcelona, Spain where he met Victor Portu21





The Tattoed Ones

Accounting here about his tales of tattoos is Inder Pal, a very reverent media personality….. Name - Inder Pal Singh a.k.a IP Occupation - Guitarist with menwhopause and Senior Producer , NDTV “ I started my drive with tattoos when Delhi had no corner for tattoos. Tribal cloud, it was… my first tattoo, right on my neck. I was really inspired by the history of body art among the tribal communities, how they were invented and how they were used as a garment. My wearings symbolize freedom, my individuality and monologues with my inner self. They have made a progressive alliance between me and my work. This art of body painting has never failed to amaze me for it endows me with freedom, clarity, strength and a comprehensive vision of my individual expressions. Body as a canvas, thus is my story.”


Vikrant, an extremely passionate and lively DJ speaks to Ink 2.0 about his tattoos…

Name -Vikrant Rathore a.k.a Audiogramme Occupation -Music Producer “My very first tattoo was a beautiful design depicting all the religions, which represents my support to secularism and my love for diverse culture. I believe that one’s body is a canvas and tattoos- symbol of one’s ideologies, beliefs and convictions. In fact, I believe that tattoos are the only thing that we can take away along with us when we die. It is like a friend who remains like a shadow with you all your life. I am happy to wear the tattoos that represent my true self, my attitude towards life - free and liberal just like the one on my left arm - a dj spinning his cd. That’s so me!”



“Everybody has their own opinions, their own ideas, of what beauty is”

RICO ZOmbie Boy|


The Zombie Boy – Personifying the Tattoo Art To be alive while dead is how Zombie Boy can be best described. Meet this 27 year old Quebec Born Tattoo idol, who survived a life threatening benign tumor when was just 15. Overwhelmed to discover a thin line between life and death, Rick Genest or Rico, as his close friends address him, soon got obsessed with body art. He chose tattoos as the medium of expression, leaving the world awed by what he wishes to tell them through the mummy of tattoos that covers 80% of his body flesh. Personifying Freedom, the body modifications to Rico is his way of telling people to stop pushing others into what they think is correct. A social rebel, he repels the idea of parents, teachers and authorities directing the lives of others. The tattoo cover on Rico’s body are a reflection of the opposing forces of good and evil, life and death, as well as authority and anarchy. It all began with a small Zombie tattoo on the left arm when he was 16, and today there is barely a speck of his skin that’s without an inscription. The Zombie Boy, as he is popular the world over, graces a skeletal corpse tattoo that covers the length and breadth of his body. Rico started working on his Corpse project when he was all of 19 years old. It took several painstaking sessions over many years to

accomplish what this young artist set to achieve. The outcome of the Project was the Zombie Boy; a human being tattooed all over, symbolizing a decomposing corpse. The tattoo designs over his ‘alive’ corpse are composed of the most unique and fragile of the human organs. The naked jaw over his face, a full bony skull over of course the skull and intestines & armpits crawling with worms & spiders compel people. Look forward to a deeper meaning and understand the relationship between the life force and body, or reject it as macabre, refuse to accept it as a brilliant artistic expression and move on with the monotonous day to day life. At a tender age, Zombie Boy had a strong desire to make a career in the film industry. He was influenced by artistic Expressionism of the 1920s, freak shows & silent movies. He was also fascinated by the occult, extreme performance and horror movies. He never thought his tattoos would give him a career. He retaliates that many times in the past; he would think that having so many tattoos only fucks up a person. Respectable employers like McDonalds, and other big companies would never hire you. But, the next we know is that we see him catapult to fame by virtue of his skeleton tattooed body. A photographer’s muse, Genest has been featured in dozens of


RICO reputed international publications. His modeling assignments and photographs portray him with heart-piercing expressions. The entire human body exuberates through his postures and movements. Every single move he makes, adorns a dignified elegance of its own. The black ink on the artist’s body is not an extraneous sheet of cover; it’s an adornment of what lies inside the real Rico. The Zombie boy’s moving story and his endless talent with acting and modeling have made him an inspiration for the world. Discovered by Lady Gaga’s fashion designer Nicola Farmichetti, he was featured in the video album beside the diva herself for her most


coveted song, ‘Born This Way.’ He also walked the stage for Thierry Mugler Autumn/Winter Collection in 2011. His Mugler show was photographed by Mariano Vivanco and featured in the sixth volume of Vogue Hommes Japan, the famous men’s magazine. Loved by many, and repelled by a few, the artist believes that true beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and can only surface when one is true and genuine. Women and Men are mad for this ‘walking tattoo of an artist.’ Those who’ve personally met him, admire him for his soft spoken, articulate and respectable conduct. They’re intrigued to discover a gullible personality underneath the nerd with the inked body. Welcome to the world of Zombie Boy.


revolutionaries of tattooing in india People want tattoos but just because an artist does it cheap doesn’t make him a tattooist after all we are playing with someones skin and life.


1.When and how did you decide to enter the world of tattooing What was your first tattoo? My first tattoo was in the US while at college a small devil (covered up now by a bigger piece now ) Back in 2002 when I wanted to get another tattoo I was amazed that there wasn’t even one studio in India where I could get a tattoo done in hygienic conditions. I saw this as an opportunity and decided to open my own studio.

3.What kind of tattoos do you specialise in? We specialize in all kinds of tattoos

2. Being the owner of India’s first tattoo studio, tell us how this industry has grown since you began your career? It has grown immensely and keeps on growing but unfortunately there are very few studios and artists who are good. Owning a tattoo machine and being registered with snap deal doesn’t make you an artist and that is the case with the industry now. People want tattoos but just because an artist does it cheap doesn’t make him a tattooist after all we are playing with someones skin and life. I wish they would apprentice with bigger artists before branching out on their own.

5. Do you think tattooing is fully accepted as art? Slowly it is being accepted as art, though Indians still want things cheaper and don’t respect the art side of the tattoo though that is changing and we are very proud of that.

4. Tell us about a tattoo that you are most proud of? Or your favourite tattoo so far? What made it special ? the tattoo of Shivji done for Sanjay dutt is something that we are very proud of, his brief to us was executed to perfection and post that he got a few more from us

6. Who are you usual clients? Can you tell us any unusual tattoo stories? Our clients are the upper middle class of india who are well educated and widely travelled and know what quality tattoos are .


tattooing? The individuality of tattoos still excites me . 8. What are your plans for next ink session on your body? Nothing planned for the moment since I just stitched one of my hands last month . ž sleeve done in old school Japanese style in black and grey. Done by Raju Pandeya who is one of the best artists in India in my opinion


9. Where do you see yourself ten years from now? That’s too far away still, trying to live one day at a time. 10. What advice would you like to give someone who wants to become a tattoo artist? Learn your art from a master before calling yourself a tattooist.






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MACHINE BITES TATTOO studio 1. When and how did you decide to enter the world of tattooing? Tattoos have interested me ever since I was a child. My earliest memory of a tattoo goes back to when I was just 3 years old. I remember my grandmother had her name tattooed on her hand and one the staff who worked in our house had a Trishul tattooed on his arm. I remember being very curious about these tattoos, and wondering how they were done. My grandmother told me stories of how tattoos were a tradition in her time. And this made me want to know more. I read about O”tzi, the frozen mummy, who had about 75 tattoos and realised that tattooing was not just some thing new and modern but was an ancient art form. I was so fascinated that I started making tattoos on my hands - of course all of these were temporary as stickers and sketch pen tattoos were the only medium available to me. But these temporary forms didn’t satiate my urge for a permanent tattoo. I wanted a permanent tattoo. I finally got a chance to get my first tattoo when I went for a trip to Goa with a group from school. It was at this time that I was diagnosed with IDDM (insulin dependent diabetes ) and my doctor and my family didn’t allow me to get pierced or get any form of scratch on my body. However this didn’t stop me and decided to research and learn more about tattooing and prove that diabetics could get tattoos too. I came across different tattoo artists, watched tattoo shows and programs on various forms of media. It was then that I learnt about Darren Brass, Miami Ink, who is also insulin dependent but still had tattoos. I also learnt about many more people and their experiences with tattoos. Through my research I also learnt about Body Modification and its various forms. I 50


learnt about branding, scarification, body implant and permanent body marks as tattoos or as a ritual. I then decided that at some point of time in my life, I would get all these techniques applied on my body, to experience them. I finally got my first tattoo on my birthday. I was in 11th standard at the time. Everyone in my family accepted it but asked me not to get more. Like any other form of art, tattoos are an addiction too. One of the things I liked most about it was that once you have a tattoo, it can’t be rubbed but can be extended or covered. This was fascinating and something I definitely wanted to learn. A year later I got my tattoo extended by an artist Funky Monkey, who was really intense and someone I admire immensely. He drew things free hand according to the body contours and I learnt my first rule of body modification which is ‘never copy’. Always get what you feel inside. My passion for this art form made decide to do a BFA degree from a reputed university. But due to distance and some other issues, I was unable to pursue this till the end. I left University and started looking for other options. Being the only son in my family, I was also carrying the burden of having to run my family business and so I started a BBA course. But once again I left midway, as I realised this was not my passion - I was only interested in arts. I dabbled with other fields like Hotel Management but that didn’t last either. Finally I made up my mind to pursue the art of tattooing. That’s when I came across Lokesh at Devilz Tattooz. He gave me an opportunity to step into this wonderful and intense world of tattooing. With his guidance and family support I started my journey in 2008. In 2009 I opened my first commercial studio in a well known commercial market hub of Delhi University and gained acceptance from other artists. I started traveling all over the world learning different art forms, visiting conventions and meeting tattoo artists around the world. Between 2007 and 2009 I met many brilliant artists who have taken tattooing in today’s world to a different level - Paul Booth, Bob Tyrrell, RT, Toxic, Andy Shou and Sameer Patange, to name a few. Lokesh and I decided to get a tattoo done by Sir Mohan of Mohan Tattoo, Nepal. We had read about him in BMEzine magazine. When we met him, we were very impressed not just by his work but also his passion for art. He isn’t just a great 52

I think that there never is an ending to learning. artist but is also a really good person, true at heart. He taught me a lot about this art form and about life too. I take this platform as an opportunity to thank him for being my mentor in life and art. 2. Tell us a bit about your journey to become a tattoo artist? Where did you learn the art of tattooing? Where did you train/ apprentice? I think that there never is an ending to learning. There is a constant learning at every point, in every aspect of life. My initial learning and training was with Lokesh of Devil’z Tattooz. In my 3 months of apprenticeship with Lokesh, I learnt a lot and after that there’s been no end to it. Since then I have been globetrotting and meeting different artists from across the globe, reading about art history, watching videos, documentaries. 3. What were the reactions of people - family and friends- when you chose to become a tattoo artist? I remember my birthday when everybody was waiting to wish me and I was late, as late as 1am. It was not just about being late but a surprise that I was waiting to give to my family. And the surprise was my first permanent tattoo. I still remember how scared I was about the reaction. My heart was sinking but my dad cheerfully accepted it and

asked me to cut my cake. I couldn’t have asked subjective on my part to name any one. Art of for more on my birthday. infinity cannot be described by anyone. I have My family has always supported me in my art. I been influenced by anybody and everybody. I have also always tried to make them understand have been influenced by literature (whatever I the depth of this form of body modification as read), artists, my family, poets, and everything unique traditional art. It’s not been easy at times else in life. but it’s also not been tough as everybody in my 5. Tell us about a tattoo that you are most proud family has an artistic bent. of? Or your favourite tattoo so far? What made 4. What kind of tattoos do you specialise in? it special? Well, it’s a tough question beWhat would you say was your style? Where did cause its difficult to judge a piece of art. One of your major influences come from? Being a tatmy favourite tattoos is that of my parents on my tooist itself is a specialization. However I mostly body. But like I said, every tattoo is best in its do photo realistic tattoos and fantasy forms in own way as they are all intense and meaningful. black and grey. I do not copy pictures although Whether they have been done on my clients or I do take reference and learn the geometry of my own body, they are all very special and close the form and practice different styles. I believe to my heart. I have had a great experience with that a tattoo is a reflection of one’s personality. I all the tattoos that I have done so far and I love believe that the universe is an immense art form them all. created by an intense artist. The universe has 6. How has the tattoo scene changed over the many galaxies painted in it and it is in one such years? What is different now since when you galaxy that we live. Its humbling to know that first started? Have you noticed a change in the this is the only galaxy amongst so many that we kind of images people want tattooed? Do you have sketched in our mind. If we can decorate think tattooing is fully accepted as art? our planet earth with the available resources, if Life is a circle, it grows and ends and we can decorate our homes, our lifestyle, if we grows back again. It is the same with any kind of can portray ourselves by wearing clothes then work. It grows and ends and grows again. why can’t we describe ourselves with permanent I would say that the tattoo inart, an art which describes our reality, phases of dustry has changed a lot over the years. Earlier, life which one is not able to describe through people didn’t have much knowledge about this learned or given words. I do not blindly tattoo my form of art. But now there is increasing awareclients. For instance, if a client asks me to to do ness about this art. Artists try their best to talk to anything I like or to suggest a tattoo, I won’t do their clients and make them understand the art. I it without having an in-depth conversation with try to make my own fantasy based on the client’s him or her. Choosing a pattern or choosing any perspective. I explain it to them and I also explain image for a tattoo can have different implications the procedure involved. It helps both the client in different cultures. I always try and match the and the artist. There were very few artists when I tattoo with the culture and client’s personality. started. People have learnt about this form of art I then design it, explain it to my client and only through time and that’s how industry has grown. then tattoo him or her. I am currently working There is a healthy competition which is vital to with Dilip, who has a Masters degree in Fine Arts. an industry’s success. Initially, when I started in Both of us are working on our own tattoos based 2008 – 2009, I had to be more commercial, to on universal moral facts and culture. Culture earn a living. But soon I realized that every tattoo itself is a vast sea and each culture has its own is special. That’s when I started talking to my adaptations and philosophies. We try and do clients to tattoos based on culture, religion, adaptation, fantasy and flashes. I am constantly learning about the art and practice of tattooing. I believe that no one can ever learn the depth of any art till his last breath. One can only become better and better. As far as my influences go, it would be very 53

understand what they wanted. And today, I customize my tattoos to meet my clients’ personalities. The sad part, however is, that there are still many commercial people who don’t even know and understand the intensity and beauty of the art. They do not follow the right procedures and create a problem for the industry as a whole. This is where I feel that an association of tattoo artists should be formed who can regulate the industry and create awareness about it. I wish all the luck and support to those who want to promote this art, either as an artist, or as a body. 7. What do you find most exciting about tattooing? And what is the toughest part? A tattoo is prominent, it is visual. It describes one’s personality and life, which cannot be described in words. It is exciting to know that a tattoo that I have done will be seen many eyes, wherever the body will travel. So my work, experience and vision will be shared by many around the world. But tattooing is also very challenging. The art of tattooing is also about knowing the human anatomy because a tattoo is a kind of second degree wound. And an artist converts this wound into a piece of art. 8. Is there something you want to tattoo but have not yet got the chance? Even if my whole body is tattooed, I will still crave for more as there’s no end to learning and experience. 1. Where do you see yourself ten years from now? Whether ten years from now or beyond, till the time I am alive I will be learning more and more about tattoos and will continue to do tattoos. I will also be doing my family business along with it. But my heart, mind and soul will always be for this intense form of art.






The The age age of of

Smart Cams 58

Photography enters an exciting and ‘smart’ phase with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Camera, a smart camera based on an Android platform that combines the ease of point and shoot cameras with the connectivity of smart phones. Powered by the intelligence of the Android Jellybean 4.1 operating software the Galaxy Camera features advanced optics like a 16-megapixel sensor, 21X optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) that give it the advantage over other high-end smartphone cameras. This exciting new camera also offers top class Android capabilities including wireless connectivity and access to your favourite apps on the Google Play Store! The Samsung Galaxy Camera brings to you all the functions of an advanced smartphone except making calls.


The Galaxy Camera has a large display screen and an extra Quad Core Processor that make it larger and heavier than regular point and shoot cameras. Despite this the camera’s clean lines gives it a sleek and classy appearance. The textured grip of the camera, is designed to prevent the camera from slipping and makes it easy to use even with one hand. Fitted neatly in a compact box the camera comes with an array of accessories which include a wall charger, USB cable, Samsung earbuds and a wrist strap with a leather effect. This camera has a fabulous 4.77” glass coated screen that covers the entire back panel of the camera. This touchscreen acts as both as the user interface as well as the display screen. The display supports HD resolution of 1280X720 pixels and is fitted with a Super Clear LCD that offers realistic colour representation which is great for photography. SHOOTING The only physical controls on this camera are the power button, flash button, shutter control and zoom. All other controls to adjust settings and select shooting modes are presented as options on the camera’s touchscreen. A virtual and intuitive click wheel on the display allows the user to choose from the various modes and settings the camera has to offer. You can select a mode that best suits you depending on how much control you want over the shots. For instance there is an Auto mode, which as the name suggests allows the user to point and click without worrying about settings since the camera automatically adjusts these. Then there is the Smart mode that offers a number of exciting and fun effects for the user to select from before taking the picture, for instance Continuous shooting, Panorama, Best Face, Macro, Sunset, Food, Action Freeze and Waterfall to name a few. A unique and prominent feature of this camera is the Expert mode which allows the user complete control over settings unlike any other point-andshoot or smartphone camera. With this mode the Galaxy Camera tries to emulate a DSLR and allows the user complete control over Aperture, Shutter Speed and Exposure settings. This mode is exciting for both experienced photographers who prefer to control settings manually as well as for new users, allowing them to experiment without feeling overwhelmed. 60

A unique and prominent feature of this camera is the Expert mode which allows the user complete control over settings unlike any other point-andshoot or smartphone camera.

The 21X optical zoom is a revelation and allows the user to shoot subjects that would normally be out of range for any other smartphone cameras. The Galaxy Camera has a quick focus, even at maximum zoom. The Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature controls motion-blurring of shots and is of huge advantage when video recording. The camera has a convenient little button to activate the pop-up flash when required. The Galaxy Camera has a pretty impressive video performance too and delivers consistent, sharp and good quality videos at 1080p and 720p resolutions at a frame rate of 30fps (frames per second). The highest resolution it can capture is 1920X1080 (full HD) at 30fps and the lowest is


320X240 at 30 fps. This low resolution video is especially useful for sharing over the internet in real time. The Slow Motion Video feature allows the user to capture and record precious moments at a resolution of 768X512 at 120fps and play them back slowly, magically. The camera’s OIS and 21X optical zoom truly come to life in video mode. The OIS allows the

Various filters, similar to Instagram are also built into the camera in addition to the Instagram app that is also preloaded on the camera.


user to move around while recording videos without motion blurring therefore maintaining good picture quality. Combined with the optical zoom this allows the camera to capture high quality footage of distant scenes or objects. EDITING AND SHARING The Galaxy camera includes some built-in apps like Photo Wizard and Paper Artist for processing and editing photo content. These apps offer different editing options and allow the user to edit features like contrast, brightness and saturation. Users can also crop, resize and rotate images to fit their requirements. Various filters, similar to Instagram are also built into the camera in addition to the Instagram app that is also preloaded on the camera. You can also download any other photo editing apps that are available on Android by visiting Google Play. Snapseed, Google’s new photo editing app is a good option. The camera also has a well-developed video editor that allows you to cut and stitch shots together as well as apply various transitional effects. Edited videos can be exported at a resolution of 720p. Another very useful feature of the Galaxy Camera

is its auto cloud back up feature that saves photos and videos to the cloud as soon as you take them. Dropbox is preloaded on the camera and allows you to store and share images instantly on the cloud. With the Samsung Galaxy Camera you can always stay connected either through 3G or WiFi connectivity. In today’s world, where constant communication has become an integral part of social living this camera allows you to share images and videos with family and friends through social media platforms like Facebook, personal and professional blogs and even upload videos on Youtube in real time. Although the camera comes with a 4GB built-in memory there also is a provision to further expand memory if required. So if you are looking for a gadget to take beautiful photographs, make memorable videos and stay connected your search might just end with the Samsung Galaxy Camera. So if you love taking photos and videos and want to share and stay connected do check out the Samsung Galaxy Camera - it may be just what you are looking for! 63


1. Halftone Turn your iPhone or iPad photos into unique digital comic strips or give them that aged, vintage look of an old newspaper with this fantastic app. Halftone is more than just a simple ‘photo filter’. It provides different paper styles, captions, graphics, speech/thought balloons and fonts (including comic strip fonts). With Halftone you can open photos directly from Facebook, Instagram or Flickr and save the final images to your album. You could either send these to your friends via email or publish them on Facebook. We recommend you download this app and give your photographs a unique and edgy look.

2. Evernote This fabulous note-taking application for Android, iOS and Windows devices allows you to remember everything from notes and articles to web clips and images across all your devices by syncing this content across these multiple devices. Evernote saves all information on your phone, tablet or computer straight to your Evernote account. It synchronises your notes the minute you log in and at regular intervals, which ensures you don’t lose any data. This app also allows you to take ‘notebooks’ offline so that you can access anytime. Evernote helps you organise your notes which can be accessed no matter where you are.

3. Grooveshark Are you tired of having to walk up to your computer or tablet every time you want to change a song playing on Grooveshark? Well, this iPhone and Android app may just be the answer to this problem. As the name suggests this app allows you to control Grooveshark playing on your device remotely, from anywhere in the house. All you need to do is complete the quick and easy set up and you are connected instantly. This app not only allows player control but also let you search, access playlists and view more from an artist/album.

4. Swype Swype is a super ingenious Android app that allows you to input text on your phone without lifting your finger between keys on your touchscreen keyboard. You simply have to drag your finger between the letters of the word you want to type and Swype figures out exactly what you are typing, instantly like magic. If its unsure, a menu pops up with the most likely options for you to select from. Swype not only makes typing unbelievably easy but allows incredible input speed which saves time and allows you to type emails, notes and SMS’s with minimal effort.

5. WhatsApp Messenger Instant messaging has perhaps never been so simple without WhatsApp Messenger. An app that supports cross-platform messaging without paying for an SMS. Running on 3G and Wi-Fi connections this app is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Symbian phones. Features like notifications when your message has been received, group chats, photo and video sharing and a vast and fantastic collection of emoticons all make WhatsApp Messenger a top messaging app for anyone.


6. Pocket You often come across articles, blogs and pages, online that you want to read but you don’t because of lack of time. Well, this iOS and Android -friendly app is just the answer to your needs. With Pocket you can save any items that you find interesting and access them at a later time. This app has a great layout for mobile phones as well as larger screens, making it very user friendly. It also has the ability to automatically sync with your phone, tablet or computer, so you can view your items even when you are offline. So when you see something you want to see later just ‘Pocket’ it.

7. Pulse Bring all your favourite content - blogs, magazines, Facebook content, RSS feeds, newspapers - into one place with this exciting app. The intuitive interface of this Android and iOS app makes it easy to browse and read content from different sources and keeps you updated about what’s going on in the world. The Pulse. me feature of this app enables you to save content to a personal account that can be saved directly to your Android or iOS device. Pulse makes sharing news stories directly onto Facebook, Twitter and to other apps like Instapaper or Evernote extremely simple with just the tap of a button.

8. Partly Cloudy This exciting iPhone app provides weather information through a unique and interactive clock like infographic. Simply spin the clock dial to find out weather forecast at different times and in different locations. In addition to giving you the temperature, highs and lows, this app also tells you what to expect at any given time - from snow, precipitation and even wind force. You can change the display to view weather information in various formats of - 12 hours, 24 hours or 7 days - for any location. Incredibly easy to use, this fantastic weather app will definitely satisfy all your weather queries, in one simple visual.

9. MPme MPme is a ‘curated radio’ app that suggests new radio stations and music streams to listen to based on your music library, previously listened to radio stations and even your friends’ listening habits (through social media integration). This app for iOS devices provides you detailed track-lists, artist and station information. The user-interface allows you to pull up artist biographies, images and YouTube links. It even has a quick-buy button that takes you directly to the iTunes store in case you liked something enough to buy it.

10. Tweetbot An iPhone app dedicated to all you tweeters, Tweetbot has a fantastic interface, multiple gestures and other features that make it a must have. Tweetbot offers users all of the advanced Twitter features like support for lists, muting specific accounts, hashtags, streaming tweets, Read it Later app integration and last but not the least integrated gestures for navigating the app. Custom sounds and alerts for different actions further add to the Tweetbot experience. All these fab features in an easy-to-use and intuitive UI make Tweetbot a hot favourite for Twitter users. 65



11. Google Currents

16. FineScanner

This Android app brings magazine -style reading experience to your smartphone and tablets. You can access your favourite blogs, magazines and feeds through a crisp and simple interface that allows scrolling up and down to access new stories and swipe within the stories. This app offers editions from publishers like Forbes, The Guardian, Fast Company and Popular Science amongst others. Stories are visually well-presented with images and easyto-read fonts for an appealing user experience. Google Currents syncs across devices and is great for highspeed and offline reading all your favourite editions.

FineScanner redefines the art of scanning. All you need to do is use the camera on your iOS device to scan the relevant document and the job is done! The visual quality of the scans is excellent and it also supports conversion to high quality JPEG and PDF files. With this app you can create a multi-page scanned document or separate images, based on your needs. So the next time you want to scan something, just pull your iPhone out of your pocket, anywhere and anytime.

12. Nike Training

17. Travel Guides

Fitness freaks look out, this iOS and Android compatible, fitness app gives you your very own personal trainer, anywhere and anytime, with just a few taps on your screen. Different workout regimes, multi-dimensional drills and exclusive workout from professional athletes allows you to choose a workout regime that best suits you and then helps you work towards your goal. Step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations ensure you are doing it right while a tracking feature allows you to track details of your workout history and progress. So just set your workout to your own music and prepare to get fit. Travel app claims to “put an entire city in your pocket”. This fabulous app for Android, iOS devices, features over a 130 countries all across the world with advice on where to stay, eat, shop, what to see and more. Just select your destination city and access loads of information. Download interactive maps of the city which can then be accessed offline, saving you from incurring exorbitant roaming costs. You can even add things to the interactive maps, thereby creating you own customised guide. The app is integrated with Facebook, allowing you to ask friends for suggestions and even build common itineraries.

13. Dropbox

18. Strava

Access all your documents, pictures and videos by saving them to Dropbox. Saving your content to Dropbox allows your content to be synchronised across devices and allows you to access these from any computer, smartphone or tablet. This reliable online backup service enables you to share photos and files with family, friends and colleagues with simply a few taps. Dropbox app has a provision to schedule automatic backups ensuring your content is secure and ready whenever you need it. Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices Dropbox is a great app for backing -up everything.

Discover the competitive runner within you with this fitness app for your iPhone and Android. Strava Run keeps track not only of your run but also the performance of others using the app on the same run, building up a leaderboard of who performs the best. The app keeps a record of your stats such as calories burnt and average speed. You can see how your friends perform on specific segments of a run and try and beat them to climb the leaderboard. With Strava Run you can explore new running tracks and identify the most popular segments. If you love to run and compete with others this app is for you.

14. Adobe Photoshop Express

19. Scramble with Friends

Bring a professional touch to your iPhone and Android photos with this great little photo editing app. Its super simple and easy-to- use interface allows you to play with your images and create that perfect picture. Simple controls enable you to crop, rotate and resize photos as well as adjust colour, add borders and apply different filters and effects. It simplicity ensures anyone can use it. So the next time you take a photo just edit it with Photoshop Express and create the perfect picture.

Remember those endless games of Boggle you used to play? Well, with the Scramble with Friends app you can relive those fun sessions on your Android or iOS device. Make words from a 4X4 grid of jumbled letters by sliding your finger over adjacent letters - vertical, horizontal, backwards or forwards to make the most number of words. Just like Boggle this is a social word-game app - you can either choose to play against someone from your Facebook list or against an unknown person randomly assigned to you. So the next time you are bored or have nothing to do just ‘scramble’.

15. Slacker

20. GarageBand

This app gives you instant access to the vast world of music and entertainment offering you more than 200 expert-programmed stations. In addition to these preset stations you can also programme your own customised radio station based on your personal artist and song preferences. You can choose to further personalise your experience with news, comedy and sports radio channels. This app makes it easy to build playlists, provide artist recommendations and finetune the expert programmed content. Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry platforms with the Slacker Radio app you can built a station that’s just for you.

Always thought you’d be good at making music? With the GarageBand app you are closer to doing so than you think. This iOS app offers several virtual touch instruments and great options for recording and mixing. For those unfamiliar with playing instruments there is a selection of Smart Instruments that can make virtually anything sound good. For more serious musicians there is the option of plugging in your guitar and playing through the amps on the app, an Audio Recorder for inputing a mic and even a sampler that allows you to record, fine-tune and playback sounds. 67



21. TripIt

26. Overdrive

This app is designed to simplify your travel and reduce the stress and anxiety of dealing with hotel booking confirmations, flight information and even directions from the airport to your destination. TripIt gathers relevant information from different places and makes it accessible in one place. All you really need to do is forward your itineraries and confirmation information to the special TripIt address and you can access it easily on your phone! The app even allows you to store your itineraries offline, ready to be accessed anytime. This app is your travel organiser on the go.

Are cars, bikes, SUVs your passion? Then India’s premier automotive magazine, Overdrive’s app is definitely something you will love. This iOS -friendly app brings you all the latest on cars and other cool rides as well as in-depth reviews, stories and analysis of the latest on the roads. This app provides unique content developed specifically for app users that will not be available in the magazine’s print or web versions. Its crisp and clear layout and exclusive story and video content make this app a handy addition to your life.

22. ICC Cricket

27. Percolator

The ICC Cricket app as the name suggests is designed for all you cricket enthusiasts out there. Keep yourself up to date about what is happening in the world of cricket wherever you go with this app that provides you all the information you need from ball by ball updates, scorecards, team information, latest news and galleries for all formats of the game. The app also offers excessive audio broadcasts and even video clips from post-match press conferences and cricket shows. This app is compatible with Android, Apple, Blackberry and Nokia devices and is a great guide to the world of cricket.

This iOS friendly app turns your photos into a mosaic of colourful circles and bubbles, giving them a modernist twist. The app offers five animated effects, also dubbed ‘brews’ for you to choose from and you also have control over how your percolator combines with the original photos. Easy to use, Percolator renders the pictures quite fast giving them a distinct, fun and modernist appearance with vibrant colours that seem to just pop. A good change from the usual sepia and vintage filters you find, Percolator with its funky geometric circle effect is great fun.

23. Swackett

28. Titanium Backup

An iOS and Android-friendly weather app thats presented in a fun, new way - by using weather information to tell you how you should dress appropriately. The tiny male and female people symbols called ‘peeps’ appear on the screen dressed in clothes that are appropriate for the weather, which is indicative of the way you should dress too. The Swackett app also gives you all the other information required from a weather app, namely hourly and daily forecasts, temperature high and lows and satellite imagery. A fun and practical way of looking at weather information Swackett is a great app for people of all ages.

This powerful backup app for Android allows you to backup, freeze and restore system and paid apps along with all their associated data and market links onto your SD card. The Titanium Backup Root also has a feature called the App Freezer which allows you to completely disable an application without actually uninstalling it. You can also schedule backups and do a ‘zero click background batch backup’. There even is a provision to sync to Dropbox. With this app you can be assured of your data and apps are totally secure.

24. Grand Theft Auto

29. Action Movie FX

Welcome back to the era of big hair, wide-bottomed pants and pastel suits with Grand Theft Auto Vice City for Android and iOS devices. Combining characterdriven narrative with open world gameplay, GTA Vice City brings high-quality graphics, character models and brilliant lighting effects to your screen. Build your criminal empire by stealing cars, busting drug deals in the vast urban landscape, that is Vice City. New weapons, cars , helicopters and motorcycles as well as updated controls truly make GTA Vice City a fantastic and immersive entertainment app.

Want to shoot a Hollywood like blockbuster with explosive action and effects? Action Movie FX for iOS devices gives you the chance to do just that. Once you select the effect the app indicates where the effect will be inserted in the video once it’s completed. Then all you have to do is take the video, edit timing of the effect (if required) and send the final video for processing. The interface is clean and very easy to use with no unnecessary steps and complicated menus. And of course, the resulting videos with their incredible action effects turn your regular home videos into something spectacular.

25. EyeEm

30. Toca

A photography app, compatible with Android, iPhone and Windows phones, EyeEm allows you to shoot, share and explore. It uses simple gestures to allow editing without having to go through different menus- simply snap a picture and then swipe to edit, left and right to add filters and up and down to add frames. This app has a provision for adding text, not just captions but tagging with choice words that are location based. EyeEm also allows the text to be placed on the image, integrating the word into the image. Sharing is simple, just a single click and you can share your photos on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter.

This music creation app is designed to captivate kids and keep them entertained for hours. This iOS app features different animated characters each of which sing or play and instrument that are all part of one song. Children can choose the characters and instruments they want in their band and drag them to their positions - the further back they are placed the louder they are! The cartoon animations are fun and nonsensical and the app supports active and open-ended play which will keep children engrossed. Caution: Parents better watch out, this app might drive you to distraction!



EGG SILICONE SPEAKER Designed to hold your iPhone both vertically and horizontally, this 79 X 54 X 58 mm egg shaped speaker uses advanced acoustic technology to amplify the iPhone’s sound. Don’t let the size fool you, this speaker packs quite the punch amplifying sound by up to 19.5dB! Small enough to fit into your bag, this handy little speaker requires no battery or wires and is perfect for evenings with friends or nights when you just don’t want the party to end. And you don’t have to worry about your iPhone running out of battery - you can charge the phone while it is placed in the egg speaker. That’s right with the Egg Silicone Speaker the party can last forever!

APPLE IPAD MINI Apple has wowed us once again with its stunning new tablet, the iPad Mini. This smaller version of the iPad has a 7.9 - inch display screen with a 1024 X 768 resolution and can fit into one hand, making it very easy to use. The Mini brings you all your favourite iPad features, along with some new additions - Siri makes an appearance along with a more powerful five megapixel camera, Apple’s new lightening connector (first seen in iPhone 5) and a robust battery life of unto 10 hours! As with any Apple product, the Mini is beautifully designed with sleek lines and Apple’s trademark combination of aluminium and glass. Remarkably thin and light the iPad Mini is, in a nutshell magnificent. 70

KINGSTON WI-DRIVE The latest big thing in Kingston’s line of wireless hard drives is the new Wi-Drive. Designed to fit easily in your pocket this portable storage device now boasts of a storage capacity of 128GB! And that’s not all, this device also allows you to share content with three or more wireless, mobile devices at the same time. You can access the Wi-Drive through any web browser or by downloading the free Wi-Drive app (available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon). With the Kingston Wi-Drive you don’t have to worry about storing and accessing your favourite content. Ready. Set. Store!

LG ND8520 DOCKING SPEAKER This uniquely styled docking speaker from LG with its attractive cube design is perhaps one of the most elegant docks available in the market. Enabled with AirPlay technology it allows wireless playback of music from any apple device . LG has enabled its docking speaker to support non Apple devices too with a USB functionality (supporting MP3 and WMA formats). With a built in subwoofer the speaker has a powerful output of 80 W, which is quite loud. The device comes with additional features like FM Radio and Alarm Clock and even has a Bluetooth app that can be used on smartphones to access these features. With its easy to use, smartphone like touch user interface LG’s docking speaker is definitely a winner.

BATMAN PEN DRIVES Gotham city is under threat, again! And where there is danger in Gotham, there is Batman. Yes, DC Comics has launched limited edition Batman inspired pen drives for your digital data. With a storage capacity of 4GB and Hi-speed USB 2.0 Mac/PC compatibility the Batman pen drives are preloaded with mimoByte sound software, wall papers and icons.These Batman designer pen drives are available in Batman’s signature blue and grey colours (from the latest Batman comic books). So grab your Batman pen drive and let the Dark Knight protect your digital content from danger!

NOKIA LUMIA 920 With its smartphone based on the Windows 8 OS platform, the Nokia Lumia 920 is a serious contender in the smartphone race. Its large 4.5 inch screen, crystal clear display with 1280 X 768 (332PPI) resolution not only make it very legible but also allow colours to really pop ensuring a great visual experience. The phone’s home screen with its vibrant tile interface allows ‘true personalization’ and offers you instant updates and information of all kinds from weather to sports. The phone boasts an 8.7 megapixel PureVew camera and has a built in wireless charging feature. Overall the experience is a fantastic one and Nokia certainly deserves a big shout-out for the Lumia 920! 71

SONY HMZ - T2 Sony’s HMZ personal 3D viewer with its futuristic appearance looks straight out a sci-fi flick. Designed to give you an intimate and personal movie viewing experience this headset fits comfortably, with adjustable straps so that you can find the perfect fit. The twin 720p OLED panels and 1280 X 720 resolution on this head-mounted display simulate a 750-inch screen at a 20 meter distance. This device not only offers 3D support but HDMI-out and passthrough as well. Designed to block out any light from filtering through and with a powerful 5.1 channel virtual surround sound the Sony HMZ-T2 is built for a high quality cinematic experience. All you need to do is just strap it on and you are at the movies!

SONY PLAYSTATION VITA With its PlayStation Vita, Sony has taken handheld gaming to a new level. The PS Vita gaming console, with its quad-core processor, 5-inch OLED touchscreen display, highly responsive controls and stunning visual graphics, is truly a revelation. But whats truly amazing about the PS Vita is the amazing gaming experience it provides - impressive controls, superb visuals and graphics, and great gameplay. A fantastic feature of this device is Cross platform gaming, which allows you to finish a game that you started on your PS3, which means you can continue you game wherever you go! The Sony PS Vita truly comes close to the experience of a home console, on the move. 72

LIFE PHORM You cannot be blamed for thinking this six-legged, spider-like creature has come to life right out of a movie or even from outer space! This is Life Phorm, a highly versatile all-in-one stand built to hold electronic gadgets - smartphones, tablets and cameras! The Life Phorm’s six legs with multiple joints have the ability to change form and hold all your mobile devices in place, leaving both your hands free to work or play with the gadget. This gadget stand is not only useful, it is also one of the coolest things available on the block!

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 800 Operating on an Android platform this incredibly slim tablet from Samsung has a beautiful 10.1 inch LCD display screen with a 1280 X 800 pixel resolution that promises vibrant colours and crisp visuals. Powered by a 1.4Ghz Quad Core Processor the phone has 2GB RAM and an expandable memory of up to 32 GB via microSD cards. Fabulous features like a 5 mega-pixel rear camera, full HD recording, multiscreen function and the embedded S-Pen (stylus) truly make the Samsung Galaxy Note 800 a device worth checking out.

If there’s any mesage, it is ultimately that it’s okay to be different; that its good to be different. That we should question ourselves before we pass judgement on someone who looks different, behaves different, talks different, is a different color. JOHHNY DEPP 73


Hot in 2013 Here is how you won’t miss the trends this season; stand out, wear individuality and make your own style statement! This season is all about following the mantra of ‘ABCD (Any Body Can Dress).’ Use your wit, experiment with colour and most importantly celebrate the woman that you are. Here are some tips that will help you tackle all fashion worries with a bucket full of oomph! Black and White checks along with prints in bright colors on abstract patterns, tribal energies, brushed statements are going to be BIG in all sorts of silhouettes Pant your way around with a tunic teamed with pants and variations of pants such as peg pants, printed leggings etc. with a lightweight jacket; it will be great look for summers. Workdays needn’t make you feel drab as the hottest colors this season are totally eclectic. Likes of, primary hues with super saturated pastels extracted from the soil, such as moss green, 74



Tip for the Season: Say a BIG NO to the outdated, loud brand logos and prints along with the frilly flouncy dresses in all sorts of overwhelming shapes



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apricot pink, lavender, Monaco blue, poppy and mandarin red, emerald green, Neon, vermillion orange, denim blue & bubblegum pink Where to look? Apart from the high street shops, there are boutique shops such as Bombay electric, Bungalow 8, Le Mill, Atosa, MĂŠlange. For fun quirky stuff there is Play clan and Attic. Export surplus us bargain stores are a big hit with college kids. Online portals like Asos, Tadpole store, Pernias popshop should definitely be explored

Pant your way around with a tunic teamed with pants and variations of pants such as peg pants, printed leggings etc. with a lightweight jacket; it will be great look for summers.

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Tip for the Season: Say a BIG NO to the outdated, loud brand logos and prints along with the frilly flouncy dresses in all sorts of overwhelming shapes Trends by LakmĂŠ Fashion Week Talent Box Designers Ken Fernandes, Sonakshi Raaj, Riddhi & Siddhi Mapxencar and Preeti Wanchoo 78


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