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Injury Advice Line 1800 245 100

Contact an injury advice line to discuss your legal options with a no win no fee accident injury attorney

When you have experienced an injury at work, or suffered an accident in a public place or injuries from a car accident you may be entitled to compensation. How much compensation you are entitled to will depend on three main things these are;-

1. What injuries you have sustained – are they permanent? 2. Where the injuries occurred – which State or Territory? 3. Why the injuries occurred and were they avoidable / preventable?

All cases are judged on their own merit and need to be assessed individually. Contact an injury advice line to find out where you stand and what compensation you are entitled to.

Following an injury or an accident here are some important things to remember;-

Report the incident straight away

If you have been injured at work, report the incident to your employer straight away. This is important as everything needs to be documented. Sometimes details are forgotten later on. Make sure everything is recorded.

If you have suffered an accident on the road, then you need to report the incident to the police immediately. Strict time limits apply and you may have up to 28 days in which to report a road accident and it is best to do it straight away.

For a slip trip or fall in a public place you will need to report the incident to the relevant person. This may be a shop manager or shopping centre management, or the local council if for example the slip trip or fall happened on a public footpath. Again strict time limits apply do make sure your report it sooner rather than later.

Get medical attention

Getting the right medical attention is extremely important. Getting you injuries properly assessed and getting the right treatment and advice is the most important thing. Your injuries need to be properly monitored and all hospital and medical appointments need to be documented as these documents will support your compensation claim.

Contact an injury advice line

Getting the right advice and forms from an injury advice line will put you in a better position as you will have the right support at hand to assist you. What’s more the injury advice line will arrange free legal advice and a no win no fee lawyer if required. A no win no fee lawyer will fight for your rights and everything you are entitled to under the law. Get the right advice today. Strict time limits do apply for compensation claims so make that call – it might make all the difference giving you peace of mind when you need it most.

The Australian Injury Helpline PO BOX H313, Australia Square, SYDNEY, NSW 2000 Email: Injury Advice Line: 1800 245 100 FAX: 02 9247 5499 Web:

Accident injury attorney australia injury advice line  
Accident injury attorney australia injury advice line  

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