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NIGHT, SHORTLY Curated by Halsey McKay Gallery 9 June 2018 – 27 July 2018

Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC

Installation View, 2018 Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC

Anne-Lise Coste’s paintings have the immediacy of graffiti and allow her to express subjective moods mixed with political criticism. Her dada-influenced language and intensely lyrical images exude irony, rebellion and emotion. She creates seemingly straightforward compositions that actually offer us a catalogue of contemporary anxieties. Her Bones paintings act as a kind of Rorschach as she cites “these bones that in 2001 Space Odyssey are shown to be the tool of the creator or destroyer. These bones that float in Georgia O’Keefe paintings. These bones seem to cut sharply to the center of something that is keenly alive in the desert even though it is vast and empty and untouchable... And knows no kindness with all its beauty.”

ANNE-LISE COSTE Permanent Magenta Little Bone, 2016 Oil paint on canvas 18 x 12 in.

ANNE-LISE COSTE Chromium Oxyde Green Little Bone, 2016 Oil paint on canvas 18 x 12 in.

Ivory B

ANNE-LISE COSTE lack Little Bone, 2016 Oil paint on canvas 18 x 12 in.

ANNE-LISE COSTE Naples Yellow Light Little Bone, 2016 Oil paint on canvas 18 x 12 in.

ANNE-LISE COSTE Vermilion Hue Little Bone, 2016 Oil paint on canvas 18 x 12 in.

Installation View, 2018 Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC

ANNE-LISE COSTE Bone (Yellow), 2016 Oil on canvas 62 1/2 x 46 1/2 in.

The exhibition’s title is borrowed from a sundial motto inscription, one of many that Chris Duncan has sewn into black fabric and placed on his studio roof for a six-month period. These works continue Duncan’s ongoing exploration of the sun as metaphor, inspiration and subject. The stitched fabric absorbs ultraviolet rays, rain, and windblown particles over time and employs the celestial body as fabricator. Without the use of dye, emulsion or any intentionally manipulated chemical process, tightly detailed imagery emerges through time and creates a sun-bleached exposure. Once harvested, the thread is cut and removed, allowing the scrunched fabric to flatten and reveal the ghostly appropriated messages.

Installation View, 2018 Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC

CHRIS DUNCAN One Of These Will Be Your Last, 2018 Direct sunlight on fabric 26 x 18 in.

CHRIS DUNCAN The Sun Provides the Shadow, 2018 Direct sunlight on fabric 26 x 18 in.

CHRIS DUNCAN Not Without Light, 2018 Direct sunlight on fabric 26 x 18 in.

CHRIS DUNCAN Mark Only The Brightest Hours, 2018 Direct sunlight on fabric 26 x 18 in.

CHRIS DUNCAN Without The Sun I Fall Silent, 2018 Direct sunlight on fabric 26 x 18 in.

CHRIS DUNCAN Now Or Never, 2018 Direct sunlight on fabric 26 x 18 in.

CHRIS DUNCAN Night, Shortly, 2018 Direct sunlight on fabric 26 x 18 in.

CHRIS DUNCAN Any Hour For My Friends, 2018 Direct sunlight on fabric 26 x 18 in.

CHRIS DUNCAN Our Times At Hand, 2018 Direct sunlight on fabric 26 x 18 in.

Installation View, 2018 Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC

CHRIS DUNCAN Inside Mask, 2018 Ceramic 8 x 8 x 4 in.

Brie Ruais’ ceramic sculptures embody a transition from action to outcome and they begin with a list of limitations. These controls, determine the weight of the material, the action, the time, and the basic shape of her works. She begins with her body weight in clay and then confronts it in a highly physical process that involves kneeling, kicking, spreading, scraping, and skimming. The body operates as a conduit for receiving and communicating messages that escape the limitations of our material and social reality. As a result, clay and body collapse as subject and material merge. Clay has the ability to address conceptions of the internal body and the body of the earth; it is in this space that her work reflects on the history of shared repression and exploitation of the environment. Ruais’ Craters simultaneously look inward towards primordial movement, outward towards the land, and center on the undeniability of traumatized bodies.

BRIE RUAIS Attempting to Contain the Center, 135 lbs (Red and Yellow), 2018 Glazed stoneware, hardware 44 x 44 x 7 in.

COLBY BIRD Fruit and Bowl, Mahayana Buddhist Temple, Leeds, New York, 2017-2018 Red oak, pine, walnut, poplar, salvaged barn wood, charcoal, photostatic print, wood stain, fixative, wood glue, linseed oil, acrylic, linen tape, insulation sheathing, glass, pencil, drywall screws, brass screws, foam, paint, lightbulbs, light sockets, wiring, metal frame, inkjet print, bricks, Trapa Natans seed pods, double ball-catches, metal wire, copper pipe strap, horseshoe, saloon hinge, Texas Flag, vibrating massage tool box with certificate of authenticity, unspecified IBM recording device, battery, [brick from Orient, NY, wiring, light socket, light bulb], [wood, paint, glass, coin smashed by train, wiring, iron, plant], [wood, linseed oil, wood filler], [brick from artist's studio inside 12 Tribes Community Storage Building, wiring, light socket, light bulb], [wood, wood stain, linseed oil, leatherette, glass door knob, nails, dowel screw, paint], [wood, paint, metal, wood stain, linseed oil], [wood, bug toy, incense], leatherette, bamboo root, acrylic, a dead bee, tile shard from Hudson River, Coxsackie, NY, 4 leaf sprig, paint, wood stain, linseed oil, brass plumbers chain, brass hook, drywall screws, brass hinges, linen, foam, [wood, linseed oil, railroad spike, metal finial, slag glass doorknob, dowel screw, leather and metal hammer holster, hemp rope], [wood, linseed oil, railroad spikes, paint, billiard ball], [crocheted hemp, beads, lampshades, wiring, lightbulbs, light socket, electric knife], [wood, linseed oil, wood stain, food coloring, paint, plastic peach, rubber grapes, wiring, lightbulbs, light socket,hemp rope], light switch, silk flowers, [wood, metal wire, glass dome, leatherette, drywall screws, wiring], leather, Sony Trinitron monitor, VCR, upholstery tacks, [glass, wood, cow bone, flower, water, metal wire, brass screw], [metal, wood, dowel screws, wood stain, wood filler],12 Tribes Community Literature, images/pages from "A World History of Photography", Naomi Rosemblum, 1999, images/pages from "Renoir", by Henry Abrams, 1952. 98 x 77 x 3 in. (wall hung) 98 x 77 x 65 in. (elements un-stowed)

In Colby Bird’s work, the photographic image, here a fruit bowl in a Buddhist temple, becomes a cipher more than a subject. The ornate construction of the frame, the forced-mirroring of the viewer, the object-ness of the photo itself– all of these act in unison to encourage a holistic reading of the works on display. The dark prints topped with glass, combined with the gallery’s overhead lighting, create a mirroring effect, serving to put the viewer “on stage” both inside and outside of the work. Built-in to the reverse side of the work is a tableau of imagined daily activities of the Platonic ideal of “the artist”: casual painting, leisurely reading, and reflective writing.

COLBY BIRD Fruit and Bowl, Mahayana Buddhist Temple, Leeds, New York, 2017-2018 Side View, Back View

Rachel Foullon’s Threshold revolves around the form of a braid. Constructed from dozens of strands of hand-dyed cotton drawcord pulled across a stained cedar frame, Foullon expands on the timeless personal hair sculpture to yield haptic associations. For the artist, the braid is a systematized style of control, a handle, a tail, a vulnerability and a permission. Trunk, alludes to the body’s natural system of replenishment and renewal. Hand-dyed rope resembling the vena cava and aorta weave through pleated linen and cedar as if to supply the work with its own rationale, enabling its continued existence.

RACHEL FOULLON Trunk I, 2016 Western red cedar, upholstery linen, cotton cord, stain, dye 24 1/2 x 22 x 5 in.

RACHEL FOULLON Threshold (braid – strawberry chain), 2015 Polished nickel plated brass, Western red cedar, cotton drawcord, stain, dye, hardware 59 x 15 1/2 x 5 in.

Installation View, 2018 Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC

Joseph Hart’s oversized drawings reflect his physical size and nudge the gestures toward the figurative. The doorlike ratio of these lyrical compositions is determined by the artist’s wingspan. His deft line marks reach from top-tobottom, and left-to-right depending on the positioning of the paper. Drawing is crucially important within the ecosystem of Hart’s studio practice. With the humble materials of graphite and paper, he is able to ignore the pressures of painting, play with line and boundaries, tempo, and be more impulsive and reactionary, which he remarks as a “gratifying way of moving and thinking.”

JOSEPH HART Figure II, 2017 Collage, acrylic and graphite on paper 81 x 32 in. JOSEPH HART Figure I, 2017 Collage, acrylic and graphite on paper 81 x 32 in.

JOSEPH HART Figure III, 2017 Collage, acrylic and graphite on paper 81 x 32 in.


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