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5 // Your best choice equipment Each category has its own top of mind products, that’s what happens with Bio-Art appliances. The company ranks the topmost position in the world for semi-adjustable articulator and top 3 for vacuum forming machine. Other highlighted products include: Vacuum forming sheets, magnifying lenses and milling machine. Always focused in giving their products an intelligent solution appeal, Bio-Art provides innovation in health devices. See the whole product line at Dental Expo 2012 and check by yourself why Bio-Art is considered the leader in almost everything it produces. / Visit us at: Dental Expo: Hall 8, booth G, 58.6

6 // Mocom: naturally sterilizers and much more Mocom has recently introduced two innovative thermosealers: Millseal Evo and Millseal Rolling. With its modern, innovative design and compact size, the Millseal EVO thermosealer stands out on account of its user-friendliness and fully automatic management of the bag preparation phase. After setting the length and number of bags you wish to prepare, just press the relative “Programme” key to start the automatic procedure that will automatically prepare the bags in the established quantity and length. Millseal Rolling is a roll thermosealer with an automatic photocell-controlled feed system. Providing medical-grade quality, Millseal Rolling is perfect for speeding up and optimising the sealing of pre-cut bags sealed on 3-sides. The 15 mm sealing multi-band ensure the long-lasting sterility of bagged instruments. Millseal Rolling is also available with an integrated printer that automatically prints the packaging date and expiry date on the bag, as well as the symbols required by the standards in force. /

7 // Innovative Sunburst Model Tray System Sunburst Model Tray System is composed of one model tray, one articulator mounting plate, one push lock and two milling supports (option). We offer our innovative model tray system to solve your problems when using pins. Please visit and download video clip. Our Innovative Model Tray System When using pins 1. Work time about 50mins 1. Long working hours(about 2hours and 30mins) 2. Always equal quality irrespective of 2. Unequal quality depending on technician’s skill technician’s skill 3. Inaccuracy by the play in pins 3. Precise 4. Need pins, pindex systems, adhesive, model Trimmers and model formers 4. No pins, others needed 5. Uneconomical 5. Economical

8 // ALPHA-PRO® WHITE VARNISH, 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish Alpha-Pro® White Varnish is a 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish sweetened with Xylitol, and it is Gluten Free. It sets immediately on contact with saliva or moisture, leaving a smooth thin layer that stays on the teeth. This non-clumping formula is virtually invisible on the teeth. Based on an internal Study Alpha-Pro® White Varnish releases 7x the fluoride compared with the market leader over a 4 hour period. The unique leak-proof mini canister slips into an adjustable finger ring for easy application. Each box contains 50 – 50ml unit-doses, 50 brush applicators, one adjustable finger ring and 50 fun stickers. It is available in three great tasting flavours: Strawberry, Bubble Gum and Melon. It has a two-year shelf life. /


Infodent International 3/2012

Please visit and download video clip. /


Infodent International 3 2012  

Dental Magazine to help distributors and manufaturers do business

Infodent International 3 2012  

Dental Magazine to help distributors and manufaturers do business