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Thailand’s Lesson

Author: Silvia Borriello silvia.borriello@infodent.com

on Universal Healthcare

With its 513 115 km2, Thailand is the world’s 51st-largest country in terms of total area, slightly smaller than Yemen and slightly larger than Spain

Infodent International | 4 2020

Third-largest country in South-East Asia, after Indonesia and Myanmar. Bangkok or “Krung Thep” is the capital city


With a population of 69.6 million people, an overwhelmingly large majority (96%) is of Thai ethnicity. The rest are Chinese, Malay, Khmer, Mons, and other minorities including hill tribes

Based on official national estimates, poverty declined substantially over the last 30 years from 65.2% in 1988 to 9.85% in 2018

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