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ACCESSORIES July / August 2013 PHOTOGRAPHY by Matt Moore



PARK AVENUE, NEW YORK Fall-Winter 2013/14





every day, we create memories and shape lives

i n s e l e c t st o r e s | available locally a t Etc e te r a , e tc ., Ca pr a & Ca ve lli, Ga r de n Ro o m tess dress 2



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tess home

note from the F O U N D E R & P U B L I S H E R


Coordinating tie and shirt and jacket is a mine-field where only good taste can really guide us. However, we can improve our chances on that mine-field by applying a few basic tips: avoid choosing a tie lighter colored than your shirt or combining a regimental tie with a striped shirt and striped jacket. It's also been said that one should never have more than two or three different patterns in our outfits. So when wearing a patterned tie, keep pocket square and shirt simple. If wearing a shirt with a strong pattern, choose a monochrome tie to go with that. Never matchy-match your tie and pocket square. Also try to avoid having a too polished and affected comprehensive look but opt for so called "relaxed elegance". In terms of clothing it is important the colors and materials are coordinated in the right way. Colors too close in tone can look odd when placed next to each other. Of course, you don’t always need to wear a pocket square and/or tie. Still accessories are an easy way to take your outfit to the next level and give it the final touch. Okay, enough of my advice on style. That’s the wonderful thing about accessories; they add such a unique spice to life and speak our individual personalities. Largely the reason our Photo by Nick Brill

creative staff is thrilled to provide readers with a surprisingly fresh, innovative and diverse July / August issue of InFluential


inding the right accessories to go with your

Magazine. We have so many interesting perspectives on how

outfit is not an easy task. To help you out, in

to accessorize our lives and we can’t wait for you to indulge.

our current issue focusing on Chic Accessories, we've put together some tips for you to keep

Have a wonderful Summer!

in mind when making these choices and also when acquiring new supplements to your wardrobe and your lifestyle. Since my personality lends itself to be a more “formal” type of guy, I feel most comfortable in dressy attire even in extremely warm Texas; a blazer, usually a tie and most

William Jackson

definitely a dressier type of shoe. How do I accessorize?

Founder & Publisher

When choosing a tie for example, I go for definite colors, small patterns such as houndstooth, small cashmere prints or clear stripes with two or three colors at the most. The colors

Facebook: InfluentialMag

of a tie should stand out against the jacket and shirt, but not

Twitter: @InfluentialMag

clash with them.


letter from the e d itor

they would always be with me making sure my marriage was as safe, happy, and as full of love as their 67 year marriage. I suspect that as long as I have my great grandfather’s ring on my finger, I will have just those things. Now, not all of my go-to accessories are as sentimental. I always feel somewhat naked without a flower or two in my hair. Whether it a large red rose or a cluster of small white daisies, I feel that no outfit of mine is complete without a flower. I guess if I’m ever going to San Francisco, I will always be prepared. Then, of course, I have my accessories of the foot kind. I love my Converse. I could wear them day and night. In fact, I try. If you’ve never been to a formal event dressed to the nines while wearing a pair of Converse, I highly suggest it. Sure it doesn’t always go over without an odd look or seven, but at the end of the night, you’re far happier than most anyone else. Of course, Photo by Jody Suarez

I also wear them to movies, restaurants, grocery store, Barton Springs, and any other place I think I can get away with them. I


ccessories. Small, large, living, dead. The world of

almost feel like having the pair of black Converse is as necessary

accessories is vast. In the modern world, it seems

to a closet as a little black dress. And, throw them on together

anything can be an accessory.

to have an elegant yet stylishly comfortable night on the town.

For some, it’s a

sparkly pair of earrings. For some, it’s a hanging

So, what are your go-to accessories? Are there any you want

plant in the living room. For some a fox stole. For some it’s a tassel

to wear but just don’t know how? Are there any you wouldn’t

hanging on the rearview mirror. For some, it’s a dog in a purse.

be caught dead in? Are there any you think would spruce up

Whatever your accessory of choice, it’s a great way to express your

your house, car, or just your life? Well, if you want some ideas,

personality while giving your life a little VA VA Voom.

this issue of InFluential is for you. We want you to know the

For me, I have a few accessories that I wear often and hold near

latest and greatest accessories for your wardrobe, mind, home,

and dear to my heart. My wedding ring is something I’m never

and hobbies. We know how accessories help scream the real you

without. I suspect most brides or fiancés are just like me. But, I

to the world, and we think that makes you an InFluential.

adore my wedding band because it represents a lifelong love and the creation of a family. It’s a simple gold band that belonged to

Happy Reading,

my great grandfather. Before he died, he told my great grandmother not to bury him with it so he would always be with her. Before she died, she


wanted my mother to have it for the same reason. When I got

Laura Suarez

engaged, my mother suggested I use it for my wedding ring, so



C ontents


In flu ence It's All About the Acccessories .....................................12 FASHION & STYLE

It's Hip to be Square.................................................14 FASHION & STYLE

These Exquisite Cuff Links........................................18 FASHION & STYLE

Protecting Your Eyes in Style..........................................24 FASHION & STYLE

Cool & Stylish Camera Trends...................................34 TECHNOLOGY

Mobile Accessories of Summer...................................36 TECHNOLOGY

Winning Chest Exercises for Men..............................38 HEALTH & WELLNESS

Blanc A'Noir PAGE 44

Features Intelligent Lighting Design...........................20

In T H I N G S Maria's Summer Picks...................................52 Objects with Panache................................54

Creating amazement with a philanthropic heart

Influential Minds..................................................27

Traveling Light While Traveling Right....................................................................55

Know the difference between growing pains or emotional pains

The Popularity of the Clutch.....................30


No longer your grandmother’s evening bag

Austin Social Planner Summer Guide........................56 Austin Child Guidance Center Kicks Off Its 2014 Campaign.........................................................57 The Heart of the Matter............................................58 A Toast with Tim Love.............................................. 59

FEATURED TEXAS DESIGNER: J.BIRD................40 Utilizing the refined and creating a current fashion trend alert

NOTE FROM THE FOUNDER & PUBLISHER.................3 letter from the editor...........................................4


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William Jackson

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longer than 300 words. We reserve the right to edit all

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William Jackson


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PETE GOMEZ Pete Gomez is an “influential” wireless professional with over 10 years of experience in the wireless telecommunications device and retail industry. Pete brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for his field and is considered a wireless product specialist/guru.

Kristen M ora d o Director of Public Relations & Marketing | www.ILDLighting.com Kristen Morado is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin obtaining a Bachelors in Journalism in 2011. During her time at UT Austin, she discovered a passion for every aspect of the communications field. With experience in journalism, public relations, and marketing, she is now the Marketing & PR Director for Intelligent Lighting Design. She has a background in fashion marketing and enjoys discovering new talent within the industry. Being in the events world, her true fascination lies in creating profitable events to give back to the community.

T o d d W hite Photographer | www.toddwhite.org Todd White is a photographer based in Austin and Georgetown. He has experience in shooting fashion, commercial and humanitarian projects and weddings. He has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Country Weekly, Country Aircheck and The View magazines and online at People. com. His interest in photography started over 20 years ago during the days of film. His passion with photographing people and “life” grew during a month’s stay in India. After the trip to India, humanitarian visits to Egypt, Kenya, Honduras and Ethiopia set the course for the next phase of his journey into photography.

L in d sey J . W iese Lindsey J. Wiese is a travel & lifestyle blogger at blogjoiedevivre.wordpress.com. Majoring in journalism at the University of Houston, Lindsey wrote for the Official Student Newspaper, The Daily Cougar. After graduating in 2004 and completing two seasons in Game Operations with the Houston Rockets, she headed for Chicago for a career in marketing, advertising, and PR. Her work includes a past client roster of “got milk?,” Sonic Drive-In, and Coca-Cola. Since marrying, she’s set full-time work aside to pursue her passion for writing, travel, and philanthropy. Lindsey is a Provisional Member of the Junior League of Austin and participant with Citizen Generation. Follow her @BlogJoieDeVivre.


what our FA B U L O U S rea d ers are saying

W hat is Y o u r F avorite A ccessory ? W hat O ur F abulous R ea d ers are S aying “No matter what event I am attending, I always wear four

“My favorite chic accessory is decorative/

‘must-have accessories’: A fantastic necklace, the perfect

artsy business card holders. I have to

earrings that can tie your whole outfit together, the

attend many functions where I need to

perfect pair of heels that make me look and feel beautiful

pass out my cards, and it's nice to have

(and won’t leave me limping home at the end of a long

them in their own separate container

day or evening), and (of course) the most important

rather than in my wallet. I believe it

accessory of all is a warm genuine smile that can light

makes for a better presentation to people.

up the room.”

Plus, I am drawn to the creative, new designs I am finding in various boutiques around town.”

C ort n e y C aroth e r s Media & Entertainment Coordinator for Social Communications

Renée Hanson

Austin | Austin, Texas

Director of Development, Austin Child Guidance Center | Austin, Texas

“I’ve never been one for shopping, much less accessorizing, but I did discover a fun piece recently that I’ve had fun Inexpensive

“My favorite chic accessories are my handbags, shoes

and easy to throw on any suit, it’s a small and easy way

and earrings. These are the accessories I always

to spice up your regular look.”

coordinate together to add that extra “ump” to my outfit.

experimenting with – the pocket square.

I carry a handbag holder to hang my handbag from the D av i d Y e o m a n s

table, instead of laying it on the floor, table or chair while

KXAN Weekend Morning Meteorologist | Austin, Texas

attending meetings and events. In addition, I carry a chic business card holder to carry my business cards while networking and negotiating business.”

“My go-everywhere accessory is the American Heart Association’s signature Go Red For Women red dress pin, which raises awareness about the #1 killer of women, heart disease. As we say around here,

G l or i a T hor n to n Entertainment Manager, Ohana Promotions Los Angeles, California

the sexiest thing a man can wear is a “little red dress.” “I love my Chubby Stick from Clinique, G l e n H u s ch k a Director Of Communications, American Heart Association | Austin, Texas

it’s just the right amount of moisture and tint of color that brightens my face and makes me feel pretty.” Maya Kra u s s Owner, Maya Star & Co-Star South Congress Austin, Texas




“My favorite accessory is the signature Hermes belt with gold buckle. This versatile piece embodies

“As a gallery owner and mom of two young children (and a new puppy!), I rarely have the luxury

the classic and luxurious character of one of

of shopping for myself. So, when I do get to

my favorite brands, and I know throwing it

shop, I look for a few key accessories that

on will pull together any outfit. Just as easily

quickly become staples in my wardrobe - like

worn in a casual setting as an upscale one,

my Hermes belt. I wear a lot of black and it’s

this accessory will be a staple in my closet for

a great way to add a touch of class to a lot of

years to come.”

different outfits.”

C a s s i e LaM e r e

Lisa Russell

Event Marketing Director, Lexus of Austin | Austin, Texas

Owner of the Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery Austin, Texas

“My favorite accessory for summer is my Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch in Damier

“My favorite accessory is pillows! I

Azur Canvas. The crossbody strap

feel like adding the perfect pillow

makes it ideal for shopping and running

in any room is like putting on

errands. For evenings I use the chain

the perfect earrings or necklace

alone. It’s the perfect combination of

with your outfit. It pulls the look

chic and casual, and it’s great for travel.”

together in perfect harmony.”

Denise Bell

J a m i e G a u thr e a u x

Denise Bell Skin Care | Austin, Texas

Owner of Steel Feather Interiors and PS...i love you.

“My Baggu bag as it holds everything from groceries to lipstick and is fairly indestructible.” “Chic...elegant...and full of color. My latest and favorite La u ra Sh e ar e r

accessory, the Zagg Folio ProPlus for the iPad. It’s

General Manager, Bar Congress, Congress, Second Bar +

new sleek design turns my iPad into a mini laptop and

Kitchen | Austin, Texas

allows me to carry it wherever I go. The backlit keyboard changes into a variety of colors that suit my every mood. What more could a girl ask for? Easy to use, portable, and colorful.” I n gr i d G ar n e r

Austin, Texas


what our FA B U L O U S rea d ers are saying “My hats (I have one for every occasion) to always have

"I love wearing scarves. Even in the Austin heat you can

some extra shade in sunny Austin is a must.”

wear a light weight scarf and make any outfit chic!"

D e rr i c k A m or i k o

Owner, Massage Harmony

Kar e n S m i th

Austin, Texas

Owner, Kantigoods

“My favorites are rings or bracelets to add a splash of color without taking over the ensemble. Plus, I can find some very funky pieces that can be conversation starters.” F e l e c i a J ac k s o n

Columbus, Ohio

“The Nike Fuel band is my new favorite accessory because it tells me how much activity I’ve done in a day and tracks my steps and calories burned.

I sync





my phone and it gives me “My black high heel pumps. jeans or dress.. they go with



banners and emails telling


me how I compare to other A n g e l i ca H e r e d i a

women in my age group. You

Owner, Delicia's Gifts

can also link it to Facebook

Austin, Texas

for your friends to track your progress. It’s nice knowing that as I walk around the resort each day


“Very rarely will you see me without my “signature” piece

interacting with our guests and our staff, that the activity

– a sterling silver bracelet given to me as a gift almost 13

involved helps me practice what we teach to live a healthy

years ago. I love it and feel “out of sorts” without it!”

and balanced life.”

PJ Bar n e s

T racy Yor k

Austin, Texas

General Manager at Lake Austin Spa Resort | Austin, Texas



We relieve the stress of social media, Pr and design so that business oWners can focus on their oWn Passion - running their business. socialcommunicationsaustin.com


In fluence: FASHION & STYLE O ssuaria J ewelry Black Turkey Skull Rosary www.ossuaria.com USA

M isty E vans Design J ewelry www.mistyevansdesign.etsy.com USA

I t ' s A ll A bout

The Accessories w r i tt e n b y Leonardo D’Almagro, InFluential Fashion Editor


ccessories complement





wardrobe and help bring

C ynthia B loom


C ollectible J ewelry








special attention to them. Accessories must coordinate in design, size and color with the rest of the outfit

www.cynthiabloom.com Amazonite, Faceted Apatite, Swarovski Austrian Crystals, 14kt GF chain and earwires, USA

and integrate into your personal style. They should even be in harmony with your makeup and hair. They can turn a casual outfit into one of elegance or one of comedy. Accessories help create your "look."

P ersonal A d ornments J ewelry www.personaladornmentsjewelry.com USA

Among the most used accessories are sunglasses, wallets, socks, jewelry, hair accoutrements and scarves. Some less used, but equally glamorous are gloves and hats. A margo Spring-Summer 2013 www.facebook.com/amargo.marroquineria Colombia 12



G ay I sber www.gayisber.com

S e l e ct i n g Yo u r A cc e s s or i e s

Canada - USA

In fashion there are no rules, but there are some guidelines. These are a few tips I G abriela R igamonti BRACELETS 18KT GOLD & GEMSTONES

would like to share: 1. The most important thing about


accessories are to select a size


proportionate to your body. In general, big accessories look better on larger and taller people while smaller accessories look best on those who are petite. Remember, though, this is not a hard and fast rule. For example, super-sized or mega glasses and sunglasses are popular and look good on many faces. 2. Do not be afraid to accessorize, but

J ulian H a k es

remember, with too many accessories you


might seem overloaded. People will not

London G ypsy G lobal C hic www.gypsyglobalchic.com USA

see you. They will see your accessories. 3. Accessories should complement clothes and not compete with them. For example, if your dress is super elaborate in design with sequins and brocade, accessories should be simple and small. If the dress is simple, accessories can be big and flashy. 4. Accessories are the easiest way to change fashion or keep fashionable. When you buy clothes, you can change your accessories, such as sunglasses, bracelets, rings or necklaces to keep up with the current trends. Always accessorize! The enhancements make your outfit glamorous or casual, sporty or sophisticated. Always remember, before leaving the house look in the mirror.

Remove one

thing. If it doesn’t change your look, you didn’t need it. When selecting accessories use your instinct and imagination. And, have fun! A margo Spring-Summer 2013

M anic T rout J ewelry


Never Forget You Bracelet www.


ManicTrout.com USA IN FLUENTIAL 13

I t ’ s H ip to be

S q u are ♦ w r i tt e n b y William Jackson











A suit just doesn’t look complete without a pocket

rediscovering the art of sporting a pocket

square. The addition of a pocket square adds panache

square. The pocket square is a small

to a suit. The first guideline of pocket square usage is to

accessory that when added to an outfit

always wear one when you wear a suit or sport coat.

allows men to express themselves and

adds a bit of interest to a man’s appearance.

The general guideline is your pocket square color should complement some color on your tie. So, if your tie has a

The origin of the pocket square goes back to ancient

bit of red hue, accessorize with a solid red pocket square

Greece. Wealthy Greeks carried around perfumed hankies

or a patterned pocket square with some red in it. A white

as early as 500 B.C. English and French noblemen carried

pocket square can be worn with any color tie making this

perfumed and embroidered hankies in order to cover

color choice an essential part of every man’s collection.

their noses from the stench of the streets and of other

Popular options on how to fold your pocket square

people. In the early 1900s, a dapper gentleman would

all come down to personal taste. There are three simple

never leave the house without a pocket square tucked

folds which will appeal of the majority of men.

neatly into his suit’s breast pocket.

1. The Straight Fold

2. The One Corner Fold

The Straight Fold is the most

With the one corner fold, you’ll have

The Puff Fold is probably the

simple of the pocket square folds.

a small peak of fabric coming out

simplest of the folds. The desired

What you’ll end up with is a small

your pocket. Here’s how to fold it:

result is to have a small puff of fabric

rectangle peeking out of your suit

Lay your pocket square on a flat

pocket. Here’s one way to fold it:

surface with one corner facing up

Lay your pocket square flat.

and one corner facing down so

Bring the left side to right side

it looks like you have a baseball

Bring the bottom towards the top,

diamond in front of you.

but don’t fold it all the way. Fold the fabric in thirds horizontally so it will fit your suit pocket

Bring the bottom point to the top point so that you create a triangle. Bring the left corner of the triangle to the right corner and the right corner to the left corner. You should end up with a long rectangle with a point at the top. It looks sort of like a fence slat.

3 . T h e P u ff F o l d

coming out your suit pocket. Here’s how to fold it. Lay the pocket square flat. Pinch the middle of the fabric allowing the folds to come in naturally. With one hand firmly holding the pocket square, use your other hand to gently gather it together. Now gracefully gather up the bottom of the pocket square. Place it in your suit. Adjust until you get the desired puffiness.

Fold the bottom towards the top but not all the way. Place it in your suit. Adjust until you get the desired amount of point coming out of the pocket. IN FLUENTIAL 15







In fluence: FASHION & STYLE


These Exquisite C uff L in k s w r i tt e n b y William Jackson


uff links, whether they’re cuff buttons, flats,

one wardrobe component that indicates attention to

chain links, snappers or one-piece links,

detail. You can’t deny the impact they have on both a

are elegant accessories that lend a sparkle

button-up shirt and a classic suit. For those reasons and

to any suit or formal wear. A little cuff link

more, cuff links are the true sign of style and civility.

trivia? The most expensive cuff links ever

The devil is in the details, and that’s why your cuff

sold are said to be a pair given to the soon-to-be King

links are essential. Worn properly, they allude to an

Edward VIII by his then girlfriend Wallis Simpson. They

impeccable persona that’s buttoned-up and polished;

featured diamonds set in platinum and were sold at auction

worn improperly they make you look immature and,

for $440,000. No need to break the bank. No matter your

well, almost ignorant. Cuff links are the ultimate men’s

style or budget, there is a set of cuff links for you.

accessory. A watch is standard fare and rings are tricky

For centuries, cuff links have distinguished gentlemen.

to master; its cuff links that make a direct impact. They

Anyone can button up a shirt and two cuffs, but it’s not

demonstrate to onlookers you have a penchant for high-

just anybody who takes the time to go the extra mile.

end style. Whether you prefer platinum or diamonds,

Cuff links are completely voluntary elements of style

you can ratchet up your style with jewels at your wrist,

indicating the extra mile, and that’s what gives them

especially if they’re paired with the right dress shirt. It all

such prominence. Sure, some see them as stuffy or

comes down to smaller elements of fashion and how you

unnecessary, but cuff links provide men the chance to

employ them to work in your favor.

refine their style. Given they are really accessories; they

Today’s style trends have seen the popularity of cuff

are almost completely cosmetic, providing much more

links grow into a popular fashion statement for both men

form than function. That doesn’t discount their place in

and women alike. It is all about attention to detail. Cuff

men’s fashion; it actually carves it out. Aside from the

links are that final touch of class that proves you take

watch-which is still a utilitarian piece-cuff links are the

your style -- and yourself -- seriously.


feat u re

I ntelligent L ighting DESIGN The passion and creative work behind making any vision a reality

Kristen Morado P hoto s b y Lisa Hause, Studio 563 & Cory Ryan Photography Wr i tt e n b y

Furniture provided by Premiere Party Central and Loot Vintage Rentals Hair by Gabriel Alvarez // Makeup by Melissa Fournier // Space provided by Photogroup

e all know the increasing popularity



and visibility of Austin, so it has come

and productions. “I strive to incorporate hardware and functionality that

as no surprise that Intelligent Lighting

will allow me to give every

Design (ILD) decided to make Austin their

[ILD] client the absolute

event design headquarters six years ago.

best tools available for

Originating in Dallas, Texas in 2006, the company was


known for their entertainment services including DJs,

said. “I have to analyze

audiovisual production, and concert production. It was over

each event from every

the course of a few months that ILD management realized

possible perspective and

that creative lighting design for events was an up and

watch our clients and

coming trend they could successfully provide for the client

team members to see

and their attendees.

what will create the most



Through trial and error, Intelligent Lighting Design’s Vice

enjoyable, efficient, and

President of Creative Services, Brian Dawson, assembled

innovative experience for

an international team of engineers to create the iDesign


lighting series. Dawson spent seven years creating, building,

The iDesign Pro18HD

customizing, and designing the iDesign line of lighting

fixtures display seamless

equipment that is used primarily for private event design

color projections in over



149 million colors making it the only one of its kind. The

creativity that makes our city so unique. Dawson has

iDesign series, alongside the ILD team, has attracted the

successfully foreseen new trends in event production,

attention of many known corporate names including

and he stresses the importance of making any design

Southwest Airlines, Ferrari, Jaguar, Saucony, Febreze,

a reality. “I have to stay ahead of the constant growth

Doritos, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

of the lighting industry and forecast trends before they

As technology booms, so do the different designs being manufactured by ILD, including their iDesign

become trends and then have equipment ready to meet the trends when they become popular.”

WiBar (wireless) equipment and their ability to control

Besides the thrill of designing equipment, it is the

the lighting all from an iPad. An ILD tech can be on-site

company’s dedication to making a difference within

dressed according to the event attire and completely

the philanthropic world that gives definition to their

transform any room all within a matter of seconds.

work. “When we take a non-profit organization or

The team has wowed critics with their newly launched

fundraising cause, and we really want to help them;

iDesign LED Dance Floor which can be operated by iPad

ILD says ‘give them what they need and change lives,’”

software. ILD’s LED dance floor is currently being used

said Vice President of Regional Operations Katherine

around the U.S. for fashion runways and concerts.

McCommon. “It’s not all about us; it’s about what we

With Austin becoming known as the source for ingenuity

can do for others, too.”

and entrepreneurial spirit, ILD is at the backbone of the






In fluence: FASHION & STYLE

Thierry Lasry "Fingery"

Thierry Lasry "Diamondy"

P rotecting Y our E yes

in style

w r i tt e n b y William Jackson

yes are a beautiful gift of nature and can be


the most magnetic, attractive, and enticing part of human body. But this lovely gift is susceptible to the cruel sun in the summer season which makes sunglasses an essential

accessory to protect your good looking eyes. In addition to protecting your eyes from the sun, sunglasses bring a new light to the face, cover any signs of fatigue, hide your eyes-thus giving a veil of mystery to the person wearing them-and they are stylish. In fact, sometimes all you need to update your wardrobe for spring and summer are a few key statement accessories. What should you consider when shopping for your stylish and important accessory? Determine whether or not the sunglasses: 1. Protect your eyes from the sun with UV protection Prada 2013

2. Provide lens which gives very clear vision 3. Do not have scratch prone lens as to not disturb your



Bright and bold sunglasses frames are popular

4. Complement your stylish and fashionable personality

for summer and within this concept, striped frames have been present on the runways.

Some of our favorite trends for 2013 are chic and stylish, and most importantly, will protect your eyes. Protecting your eyes is very important, and with so many options you can do so in style. See your eye care practitioner regularly to help maintain the health of your precious eyes. 24


Prada put out some particularly bold striped looks almost exclusively for women.


Missoni 2013

Salvatore Ferragamo 2013


A ll- Blac k

Also in contrast to the bright and colorful

Always a favorite among trendy men and

style trends, all-white frames with dark

women, all-black frames will never go away

lenses are always fashionable. These frames,

and have certainly shown that they will have

too, inspire a bit of a retro feel that can have

a presence in the summer of 2013. In all

you looking like a Bond girl but are perfect

different styles from all different designers,

for those bright sunny days by the beach.

black frames will always be an option.

Versace 2013

Prada 2013

S na ke S k in Patterns

N eutral Colors

If you're looking for something a bit more

While bold and bright colors are trendy in

unique, consider one of the many snake skin

basically all aspects of fashion for summer,

design frames that are making the rounds.

neutral colors were also prevalent on runways

Victoria Beckham provides a great example

in early spring. Nude and cream-colored

in an aviator style frame with delicate snake

frames can look both casual and classy with

patterns. A set of frames like these can

the right beach clothing ensemble. A pair of

certainly give you something a bit more

these frames is certainly a great accessory to

original in your collection.

have on hand.


Adult partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs

Specializing in the care of anorexia, bulimia & binge eating diSorder

Adolescent partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs Outpatient psychotherapy and nutrition counseling services Comprehensive treatment for females and males

Kim McCallum, MD, FAPA -Executive Medical Director, CEO

Brad Kennington, LMFT, LPC

- Executive Director, COO

Bridget McCauley, LPC - Clinical Director

Samantha Symons, MD

- Attending Psychiatrist

4613 Bee Caves Road, Suite 104 • Austin, Texas 78746


Toll Free 877.755.2244 Telephone 512.732.2400




feat u re


Influential Mind: Grooming Our Children’s Minds Wr i tt e n b y Louis Taylor, DO





(as needed) consequences, and making it known you

defines it as “to get into readiness for a

will regularly check progress reports on a frequent basis

specific objective;” for our offspring, that

(for example, every Friday).

specific objective is to successfully live

weekend plans may be suddenly sabotaged by a less-

independently. So, how do you effectively

than-acceptable report, there is strong motivation to

groom a child’s mind?


Maintain parental power,

encourage positive behaviors, and squash negative influences like a bug.

If your child knows their

avoid that social embarrassment. Success at school also includes developing the skills needed to cultivate and keep appropriate social relationships. Encourage activities and social interactions

T h e T wo Wo r l d s Co l l i d e

which don’t interfere with grades, and make sure you

For adults with children, our worlds generally revolve

have open communication with the parents of your

around work and our families; for our kids, their “work” is

child’s friends; the proverb it takes a whole village to

school, and their social life is an ever-changing reflection

raise a child is still relevant today for a reason.

of their developmental growth.

The most concrete

measure of your child’s progress may be academic grades;

S o … W h at A r e Wa r n i n g S i g n s o f

most schools now have secure online access to progress



I recommend having clear and encouraging

Dramatic changes (sudden or gradual) in grades or

conversations with your child about expectations and

social activities obviously mean something. The key is to


feat u re

not only ask, but to actively listen and investigate. The

Drugs are easily obtained at most schools and not

solution lies in finding the cause. Addressing a schedule

only at public schools in “bad” areas. I can’t tell you how

which is too loaded with activities is a far cry from dealing

frustrating it is when my adolescent clients brag about

with drug use or the fallout of a broken heart. Of course,

drug and alcohol use. Some parents don’t seem to have

straight-A students can also suffer from severe emotional

a clue about this behavior, but to be fair, maybe it’s not

difficulties, but it’s frequent very difficult to notice signs

that the parents don’t know; maybe they just don’t want

of distress in children who have the intellectual capacity

to know. After all, they have taken the steps needed to

to selectively “hide” their emotions from everyone… even

send their child to see a psychiatrist.

if you are actively involved and listening. What about changes in behaviors? Your child will go

H ow to K e e p Co n t r o l

through lots of developmentally appropriate behaviors

If you are too militant about something, children will

which include questioning and resisting parental values

eventually retaliate in a power-play which may result

and spiritual beliefs at some point.

The difference

in even more dramatic behaviors than you were afraid

between a “phase” and a “problem” is pretty simple; is

of in the first place. On the other hand, you must be

the behavior causing problems (other than simply being

consistent in limits and consequences.


Make it mandatory that you have the active passwords

And what about clothing?

Dressing provocatively

for all social media accounts. Remember that social

or like a gang member is always a reason for worry; it

media and electronics are a privilege not a right. What

screams “poor self-esteem” and leads down a dangerous

would you think of parents who would let their teenage

path. Did your clean-cut little one suddenly start dressing

girl spend the night at an unknown location with

in steampunk, emo, Goth or scene clothing? It certainly

unknown people? The same thing that you should think

warrants close monitoring but doesn’t necessarily

about yourself if you don’t know with whom your child

indicate a sinking ship.

Some of those social groups

is socializing (in person or virtually) and about what

have stereotyped problems such as depression and drug

they are talking. Yes, yes, I know, you’ll hear the wailing

use, but sometimes those groups foster creativity in

and gnashing of little teeth about the violation of their

unexpected ways (for example, writing poetry or finding

privacy and that “no one else’s parents do it.” If they

a fashionable way to wear a typewriter or steam engine).

have nothing to hide, they shouldn’t mind. And yes, other

It’s probably safe to say our parents also worried about

parents DO have access.

us at times as we went through our “what was I thinking?”

every email or text or blog, but intermittently check all

phases. Remember those oh-so-fashionable fanny packs,

of the passwords, and have concrete consequences

parachute pants, mullet haircuts, leg warmers, and

(discussed in advance) for violations. Don’t accept “Oh,

Madonna-inspired undergarments-as-daywear?

I forgot.” Maintaining parental control is crucial to being

I’m not advocating reading

able to effectively lead. If this were a job situation, “I Sex, Social Media, and Drugs


forgot” wouldn’t be accepted.

Grooming is also defined online as “the criminal activity

Trust your instincts if you have suspicions about your

of becoming friends with a child, especially over the

child’s behaviors. If you even remotely think drugs might

internet, in order to try to persuade the child to have

be factor, do random drug testing, but know that there

a sexual relationship with you.” Sexting is on the rise,

a lot of readily available ways to “cheat” a home urine

and social media is ubiquitous. So how can you possibly

drug test. My suggestion, if you have strong concerns,

monitor everything? In a nutshell, you can’t, but it’s your

is to have it done at a physician’s office (on the way to

responsibility to try.

or from school without notice to your child). Consider a



serum (blood) drug screen which would be harder for your child to “cheat.” Again, ready yourself for the “you don’t trust me” guilt trip, and keep your cool and your parent hat on at all times. Pa r e n t o r F r i e n d ?

And a Surprise!

Look, it’s all well and good to want your children to like you. But first and foremost, BE A PARENT! They may freak out about you getting to know their friends’ parents or protest about you not respecting their privacy, but they can have all of the privacy they want once they are adults and successfully living independently. It doesn’t matter if they want or like parental guidance, it’s a necessity. If your child becomes angry at you, look at the bright side, you’re obviously doing your job; it’s their way of fighting for control, and (particularly in the American

Lo u i s Tay l or , D . O .

culture), control and independence are desired qualities. Sometimes rules are not actually the real reason for your child’s anger.

Actively listen to your child. Many

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry | www.doctortaylor.org

kids actually want limits (which gives them a sense of structure and protection) even though they would never

Louis Taylor, D.O. earned his medical

admit it to you. While working at a psychiatric hospital,

degree from the University of North

one of my patients completely surprised me by revealing

Texas Health Science Center (Fort

that she purposely caused chaos at home to incite her

Worth) and completed his psychiatry

mother’s wrath and punishment as “it’s the only way to

residency at Scott and White (Temple,

get my mother to be a mother to me.”

TX) and Austin Medical Education Program





T h e D ow n a n d D i r t y o f It A l l

completed his Child and Adolescent

Consistency, consistency, consistency. Cave in just once


(to pressure to not follow-through with a consequence),

Southwestern Child and Adolescent

and you’ve instantly taught your child that it’s worthwhile

Psychiatry Residency Program at Seton

to attempt undermining your authority.

Family of Hospitals.

Be actively





involved in your child’s daily activities, and if there are two parents in the picture, make sure that you are

His clinic is located off of Bee Cave

both aware of what’s going on every day to avoid that


inevitable attempt by your child to have you undermine

org for further information or to request

each other’s authority. We’re all busy, but it’s unrealistic

an evaluation.

to help (or sometimes even know if help is needed)

appointment: (512) 522-5116.

Visit the website DoctorTaylor.

Office hours are by

without knowing what’s really happening. Oh, and one last thing. Enjoy your child!


it’s an incredible responsibility to be a parent, what an amazing opportunity to know and share love.


feat u re

T he P opularity of

The Clutch Purse Wr i tt e n b y Lindsey J. Wiese

Judith Lieber Cupcake Clutch 30




n a category once reserved for galas, balls,

in 2002, Lauren Merkin put her Columbia business

and black tie events, the evolution of the

degree to work by filling a niche in the handbag industry.

clutch purse has gone far beyond its roots

Her business acumen, some well-placed contacts, and

of satin, silk, and beads. The grand dame

creative roots led to her first big order at Bergdorf’s.

of the category, iconic Judith Leiber, has

Loyal celeb fans soon followed.

set the gold standard for smaller-sized evening bags worthy of pairing with haute couture gowns.

Found in a wide array of colors and textures, the brand


has found that sweet spot between trendy/current and

Leiber’s collectable creations withstand the test of time,

functionality/quality. If you’re new to the clutch game,

still shining as the perfect finishing touch to most red

there is no better place to start than with a Merkin bag

carpet looks. Artistic and elegant, these museum-quality

– it was the first of the modern clutches. They’re simple

pieces have paved the way and inspired modern incarnations of the clutch purse. However, the clutch purse has delightfully




evening timeframe altogether. They are finding a home at brunches and bridal showers alike.

Leaving its

“after 5” birthplace, the accessory that we now call simply “a clutch” has eclipsed the evening bag category and secured a place in the handbag world. The small-but-mighty clutch is a newfound



taking the place of similar-sized shoulder bags.

Unfortunately (but

not permanently), the previous go-to going out bag --the small shoulder bag-- seems to have fallen out of current fashion’s favor. Old favorites, such as the Fendi Baguette and Louis Vuitton Pochette, have sought solace in storage closets while their little sister, the clutch, has her day in the limelight. If you want to correctly capture the clutch look, ditch those shoulder straps & wristlets altogether because now it’s all in the hands. Merkin bags are the best example of the modern clutch purse and are high-end yet accessible.

Launched Merkin bag


feat u re

Lulu Guinness Red Lips Clutch

yet fun and absolutely no-fail.

can forget Natalie Portman photographed carrying an

On the other hand, if you’re ready to divert from the

Olympia Le-Tan (is that her favorite novel she’s carrying

classic clutch archetype, there’s an array of options for

or her purse? – why, it’s BOTH!) thereby making the

daring divas. Clutches are now coming in unexpected

designer’s unique hardback-book clutches cool.

materials from woven recycled paper to metallic snakeskin.

Due to their size, clutches are easily packed in your

Season after season I’m amazed at all the

work tote then pulled out to use on their own for girls’

fresh and unique takes hitting runways and red carpets.

night out, happy hours, or an impromptu date; providing

McQueen’s “Knuckle Duster” is a fab example: its classic

a seamless transition piece for office-to-after-hours

box-clutch structure is topped off with a row golden

accessorizing. Dressy, chic, and perfect for showing off

rings (reminiscent of brass knuckles when carried)

a fresh mani and an armful of stacked bracelets, clutches

perfectly mixing princess with punk. Another standout is

stylishly move from day-to-night. They’re the au courant

Lulu Guinness’ Red Lips Clutch, a sexy statement-making

miniature pocketbook – a perfect handheld carryall for

piece and a favorite of unique personal style trailblazers

the utmost essentials a girl requires.

Helena Bonham Carter and Dita Von Teese. Last, who

Alexander McQueen "Knuckle Duster" 32




TASTE RESPONSIBLY. JAMESON® Irish Whiskey. 40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof). Product of Ireland. ©2013 Imported by John Jameson Import Company, IN Purchase, NY 25727 FLUENTIAL 33

In fluence: TECHNOLOGY




C ool & S tylish C amera T ren d s Wr i tt e n b y Todd White

n a society where we tend to state that


“bigger is better,” we are seeing the opposite occur in the photography market. This shift started a few years ago when Fuji introduced the X100 Rangefinder

style camera. That camera kicked off a trend that has

Olympus OM-D

offer greater control over depth of field.

lasted and reshaped the landscape of camera gear and

A few of the most popular cameras in this market

challenged the digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR)

are the Sony NEX-6 and NEX-7, Fuji XE-1 and X-Pro1,

as king.

Olympus OM-D series and the Nikon V2. When deciding

Rangefinder style cameras had their start in the mid-

which of these models to purchase, it is all a matter of

1920s with the introduction of the Leica A. This camera

design, features and budget. The original Fuji X-100 and

started the era of 35mm photography. Fast-forward to

the newer XE-1 come highly recommended.

today and we are seeing a resurgence of Rangefinder

As with all camera gear, there are pros and cons to

style cameras. These cameras are classified in two

these systems. These cameras are lightweight and

categories – mirrorless and micro four thirds.

smaller which makes them great for travel. Great lens

Mirrorless and micro four thirds cameras typically have

options and the stealth factor make them great for

smaller image sensors than DSLRs but are more capable

street photography. Some cons tend to be the low-light

than point and shoot cameras. These cameras are being

performance is not as good as a DSLR, slower auto-focus

called “next-gen” or “third-generation” cameras. They are

on moving subjects and a shorter battery life.

stylish with their retro bodies and rugged appearance. Mirrorless and micro four thirds cameras do not have

These cool, stylish and rugged cameras are taking the industry by storm. There are quite a few professional

a mirror and a pentaprism which allows smaller bodies to be designed. In a DSLR, the mirror is what you hear click or slap when you take a picture. These cameras do not typically have a standard viewfinder that you look through to take the photo but rather an electronic screen on the back of the camera. Some models of these cameras also offer interchangeable lenses. The design of the camera body allows these lenses to be smaller and Fuji

photographers who are switching to these cameras and some are even saying this is the future of digital photography. That remains to be seen, but for now, the Fuji XE-1 with a leather strap is the perfect, stylish, and chic camera for today’s photographer. Special thanks to Precision Camera in Austin for the use of the cameras and studio for the photos in this article. Fuji X-Pro1 IN FLUENTIAL 35

In fluence: TECHNOLOGY


Pete Gomez

1 . M o t o r o l a S - 1 1 HD

purchased from any wireless carrier or big box retailer.

As you and I both know, Austin is full of “InFluential”

For more information visit www.Motorola.com.

activities and music this summer. Whether it’s running, walking, riding, stand up paddle boarding or just lounging

2. LifeProof Cases

by the pool, the Motorola S-11 HD provides super

Are you wondering what “InFluential” style accessories

lightweight comfort and breakthrough, pulse pounding

there are for your iPhone or iPad? Try LifeProof cases.

HD audio technology without out all the wires and knots

They are next level, all-protective cases that protect

of your typical wired headset. The S-11 HD is designed to

against water, dirt, snow and shock to your device.

be durable. The sweat from a good workout won’t stop

Features include:

these headphones as they are sweat proof. Motorola has

Water protection up to a depth of 6.6 feet

also added 3-point adjustability with flex features around

Total IP-68 protection which means continuously

the S11-HD keeps your ears comfortable.

and permanently sealing your device making it sand proof, dust proof, dirt proof, and water proof

Features include:

Protection from melting ice and snow wicking into

Up to 6 hours of music playback time

Up to 7 hours of talk time

Up to 6 days of standby time

United States military standard that addresses the

One touch controls allow you to use and change the

functional drop

• •

your device •

Meet or exceed MIL-STD-810F-516.5 which is the

EQ settings, adjust the volume, answer/hang up calls

Multiple color options

Rapid charge with only a 5 minute charge will power

For $50 for iPhone, $75 for iPad LifeProof has a

up for an hour of usage

water protection program that either repairs or

Syncs up to any compatible Android or Apple phone,

replaces your device within one year

tablet, MP3 player, laptop or device with an A2DP profile The Motorola S11-HD retails for $99 and can be



Remember that LifeProof cases are designed for many


environments and situations; however, they are not indestructible.

iOS 5.1 or greater •

Smart alarm

LifeProof cases retail for $79.99 and can be purchased

10 day battery

from any wireless carrier or big box retailer. For more

Water resistant

information visit www.lifeproof.com

Day and night form factor

Power nap

3 . Up W r i st b a n d a n d App b y J aw b o n e

Simple sync

Recently, there has been an explosion of fitness devices

Multiple sizes and colors

and apps designed to help you meet your healthy lifestyle

Connects with iOS apps RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal,

needs. The Jawbone Up, a stylish and colorful wristband,

MayMyFitness, Withings, IFTTT, Wello, Notch.Me,

tracks your movement and sleep. Partnered with an app

Sleepio, Lose it!, and Maxwell Health

that displays your data, lets you add things like meals and mood, and delivers insights that keep you moving forward.

The Jawbone Up Wristband retails for $129.99 and can be purchased from any wireless carrier or big box. The Jawbone Up App is available for FREE at Google Play

Features include: •

Sleep tracking

24/7 activity tracking

Food & drink tracking

Mood tracking

Insight engine

Idle alert

Compatible with Android OS 4.0 or later and iPhone

Store or Apple App Store. For more information visit www.jawbone.com/up.


In fluence: HEalth & Wellness

W inning C hest E xercises for M en w r i tt e n b y Kyle Golden P hoto s b y Adam Moroz of Adam Moroz Photography



o one would argue that one of the most

twice a week, if not three times. You will however want

defining, masculine features of a man is his

to include a day of rest in between your chest workout

chest. Next to the arms the chest is probably

days to promote the regrowth of the muscle tissue.

the second most focused on muscle group

If your usual workouts have become a little stale, try

for men. If you want to increase the size

adding some new chest movements like the ones we

and strength of your chest it is important to make sure

have suggested below. Before long you just might notice

chest exercises are included in your gym workout at least

your shirts fitting tighter in an area you will welcome.

Low t o H i g h C a b l e F ly

E x p lo s i v e P u s h u p

Start by setting a cable machine up with the handles at a

Start face down on the floor with your hands placed a few

high position. Stand facing away from the cable machine

inches from your body in line with your chest. Using your

with a cable handle in each arm. Keeping a slight bend

arms, push your body up with enough force so that both

in your elbow, slowly lower your arms in front of your

of your hands leave the ground for a brief moment at the

body and toward the floor. Slowly return your arms to

top of the pushup. Lower your body back to the ground.

the starting position. Repeat 10-12 reps.

Repeat for 10-12 reps.



Incline Single - Arm D u m b b e l l B e n c h P r e ss Setup a bench with a 30 degree angle. Select dumbbells that are challenging but ones you can control. While lying on the incline bench press the dumbbells one at the a time toward the ceiling, doing 10-12 reps on one arm

Ky l e G o l d e n

then switch to the other arm for the same reps. Lower

Work It Personal Training

the dumbbell to your chest each time being careful to


not flare your elbow out too much. Kyle is the founder of Work it Personal Training. He is native of San Antonio, TX but moved to Austin in 1997 to attend St. Edward’s University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology. After working in the financial services industry for many years Kyle decided he wanted to bring his passion for fitness to his career life and founded Work It Personal Training in 2007. Kyle has been a guest speaker on fitness and health topics for organizations including the Hispanic

D e c l i n e C h e st F ly

Faculty and Staff Association of the

Setup a bench with a negative angle. Select dumbbells

University of Texas at Austin.

that are lighter than those chosen for a chest press. Lying

is also a graduate of the Leadership

on the bench in the decline position press the weights

Austin: Emerge program.


from your chest toward the ceiling. Your palms should face one another. Keeping a slight bend in your elbow, lower your arms outward, toward the ground until they are in-line with your body. Return the dumbbells to the starting position. Repeat for 10-12 reps



J. BIRD THE MODERN GEM Utilizing the refined and creating a current fashion trend alert w r i tt e n b y Kristen Morado photo s b y Megan Batson


fter appearing at Austin Fashion Week

in the 2nd street district downtown Austin, the J.Bird

and receiving undeniable attention, J. Bird

collection consists of organic elements and has a distinct

jewelry is attracting many eyes on the

aesthetic. Adding gold details to natural stones, this

fashion scene. From styling and creative

luxurious line is simple yet sophisticated. The earthy color

direction to buying and design, designer

palette is ideal for the summer and can easily transcend

Jessica Bird has worked her way through the fashion

into the fall season complimenting any dress attire. The

industry and into a life of jewelry that has got the city

inspiration behind Bird’s collection is the celebration of

buzzing. Her love for art, photography, and street style

natural beauty.

appears in all of her designs that make her collection one of a kind. Jessica received a Bachelor of Science in Textiles and

unique and one of kind, and I want to highlight that as it

Apparel Design from the University of Texas at Austin.

relates to us. It is the idiosyncrasies that make us unique

Many can recall Bird when she was awarded Best

and therein lies within natural beauty.”

Evening Gown and Most Marketable Collection at the

Currently residing in Houston, Bird already has her

Senior Fashion Show “Innovation” at the Frank Erwin

jewelry available for sale at specialty retailers in Houston,

Center in 2011 and Accessory Designer of the Year a few

Austin, and Louisiana, as well as online at www.shopjbird.

months later. Now an up and coming jewelry designer,

com. Jessica is successfully redefining beauty, and

it is her experience at the University of Texas that she

her collection will continue to inspire her followers to

undeniably appreciates.

embrace the elegance of the unique and feel confident

“The UT program was a stepping stone,” said Bird.

while doing so. With a future photo shoot on the beaches

“The city itself is big on local business, and rising from

of Los Angeles, it will be in no due time for the Texas

UT, I have a phenomenal support system behind me.”

designer to have ongoing success throughout the entire

With a line now available for sale at Estilo Boutique


“I want to break the mainstream idea of beauty and bring it backs to its source,” said Bird. “Each stone is






Batson Necklace: Magnesite spike bib necklace on gold plated chain.

Batsonette Bracelet: Magnesite spikes on elastic.








Blanc A' Noir

photo s b y Randy Anderson s ty l i s t Jeanette Chivvis

ha i r & m a k e u p Paige Anderson D e s i g n e r St e l l a Thomas Designs Mod e l Drew Lindsey


A T aste


Argus C id e r y w r i tt e n b y Sean Kray P H O T O S b y KNOXY of Knox Photographics










for the l a d i e s




f o r YO U R f u r r y c o m p a n i o n




SUMMER style Arguably the best thing about summer is going on vacation, escaping reality for a bit and exploring new places. But whether you’ve got limited trunk space, or don’t want to pay that extra bag fee, deciding what to pack can be a bit of a struggle. Here’s a list of trip essentials to make packing a breeze no matter the destination! by fashion blogger M a r i a O r o z o va of fa b i st h e n e w b l a ck . c o m




FIGHTER Bad hair days are not invited on vacation. Pack a bottle of antifrizz serum for a preemptive strike.



S ummer S carves Everyone wants to look chic in

W eightless

the city. A lightweight scarf is the perfect way to class up any

C overage

summer ensemble.

City air can take a toll on your skin and heavy makeup doesn’t help. Try a lightweight, long wear foundation with SPF for just the right coverage.


Face F rames Cat eyes. Avaitors. Wayfarers. The possibilities for shading those eyes are

endless. Just don’t forget to bring a backup pair!




THE PERFECT SHADE What says city glam like a deep red pout? Find your perfect shade and don’t look back!




M ane Patrol

You might be roughing

S ensible S hoes

it but your hair could use

There’s something

some love. Try a finishing spray for all day shine and

inherently cool about


getting to rock hiking boots. Plus, you’re feet will thank you!

7 H y d ration S tation Whatever you do,


B ug B e G one


The last place you want to find yourself is mid hike with no protection

don’t forget to hydrate.

from pesky insects. Pack

Water packs are a

now, thank yourself

cute, easy way to


carry H2O with you wherever you go.




T he F loppy H at

T he T ote - al Pac k age

The pool lounger’s best friend. Provides great

The summer tote is a pool-

shade and lets you still

time essential and a great

look glamorous while

compliment to that new

you nap…no one can tell!

bathing suit.



S uitable S uits

Fantastic F ootwear

Half the fun of a

Shoes make the outfit and your poolside choice is no exception. No watersocks allowed!

poolside vacay is finding


the perfect swimsuit. Just beware of funky tan lines!

Damage Defense Apply and reapply! Sunscreen is so important in maintaining the health of your skin for many summers to come. IN FLUENTIAL 53


O bjects with

Panac h e

Last I heard, chicness comes in any shape or form and found in any part of the world. Today, I’m traveling to three continents (well, sort of!) looking for stylish decor. Look what I've found!

w r i tt e n By Maureen Stevens maureenstevens.com


African Batik prints throw pillows from Derring Hall AFRICA

The Mud Chandelier in ivory from Mud Studio is handmade by a couple who have a clay-


bead project supporting rural

From Spain, a mix of wood and plastic

empowerment in South Africa.

alarm clock radio by Stone Designs

Good stuff and for a good cause.


Floating Chopsticks from Mikiya Kobayashi.


A table lamp from the Italian genius Fornasetti ASIA

Make the perfect Sushi with this wooden battera sushi


The Tonga Winnowing Basket by

mold from Korin.

Africa Direct from Zimbabwe.





Flower me Happy pots from Danish

Steep tea in style with this tea

design studio and duo Meyer-Lavigne

maker and infuser by Teavana.


T raveling L ight

While Traveling Right

w r i tt e n b y Justin McNulty of justindoes.blogspot.com

K e n s i n gto n I n t e r n at i o n a l T rav e l P l u g A dapt e r . When on the road, I always need to make

sure my iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and camera are fully


raveling without overloading your suitcase

charged. Whenever my travels take me out of the

CAN be done!

United States, I always throw my travel plug adapter

L i ght S w e at e r . No matter the

into my suitcase. This travel adapter is small yet contains

destination, a light sweater is always

the right plug to work no matter where I land.

packed in my suitcase. I use the sweater to dress up a t-shirt or polo or to layer over a button down

S k u l l C a n dy Ear B u d s . Inevitably,

shirt that is wrinkled or soiled. You never know when

you need to throw on some headphones

you need to add an extra layer for warmth.

to drown out the screaming baby in the row behind you. I rely on my Skull Candy

T h e North Fac e Bor e a l i s Bac k pac k . I love

ear buds. These chic ear buds do quite

this backpack. It’s stylish, has plenty of storage, and fits

well drowning out surrounding noise,

everything I need when I travel.

while delivering clean and crisp sound.

You can securely hang a light jacket or sweater off the bungee

Mo l e s k i n e Not e b oo k . I always keep a Moleskine

cord. The padded computer

notebook tucked away in my backpack. You never

sleeve protects a laptop or

know when you need to jot down some notes. These

iPad, and organizational sleeves

notebooks are fashionable and functional. The leather

and compartments keep all of

cover stands up to wear and tear, and the back pocket

your travel gear organized and

flap is a great spot to store receipts, boarding passes,


and business cards.

i Pad . One item that is always in my backpack when I’m

jet setting is my iPad. I can load it full of movies, TV shows, magazines, books, music, and all sorts of games instead of lugging around a stack of magazines and books.


summer gala guide Bollywood Ball

Texas 4000 for Cancer

Saturday, July 20 | 7 p.m.

Tribute Gala

Long Center for the

Saturday, August 24 | 6:30 p.m.

Performing Arts: Kodosky

Austin Music Hall


SCMS 2013-14

The Ice Ball

Concert Season Gala

Saturday, August 24 | 7 p.m.

Friday, August 23 | 7 p.m.

Hilton Downtown

Chateau Bellevuee

GO TEXAN Restaurant Announcing “Diamonds in the

Round-Up Monday

Ruff” 5th Anniversary Gala

July 22 - July 28

Friday, July 12 | 7 p.m.

Various Austin Restaurants

The Palm Door

Visit www.austinsocialplanner.com to learn more about individual events and to get the scoop on everything going on around town!



THE IN FACES & places










1. Linda and Frank Ginac. 2. Nici Huff with special guest Steinway Pianist Reuel Meditz. 3. Seanna Crosbie, William Jackson, Cassie LaMere. 4. Andrew & Karen Smith. 5. Julie & Joel Fleschman. 6. Stephen Stokes, Kristen Morado. 7. Renee Hanson, Dr. Pat Beckham, Margene Beckham. 8. Russell Smith, Dr. John Knowles, Mike Mullen.

Austin Child Guidance Center Kicks Off Its 2014 Campaign w r i tt e n b y Renée Hanson

n June 15, Austin Child Guidance Center

Austin Child Guidance Center is grateful to both Tami

(ACGC) welcomed over 100 guests at

and Mike Schroeder for hosting this event in their lovely

the newly built home of Tami and Mike

new home. The agency is grateful to sponsors of the

Schroeder in Westlake. The private house

of the evening, which include: InFluential Magazine,

concert featured a performance by Steinway

Intelligent Lighting Design, Barefoot Bubbly, White Hat

pianist, Reuel Meditz, who has played at Carnegie Hall

Rum, Live Oak Beer and Texas Tea. A special thank you

three times. The home’s ambience, impeccable design

must be extended to the agency’s board of directors, staff

and scenic view of the lake was a memorable setting

and the consistent support of William Jackson, Publisher

to kick off the agency’s 2014 fundraising campaign and

of InFluential Magazine and the Chair ACGC’s Austin

to introduce new individuals to the work of the Center.

Originals Benefit Concert and Live Taping scheduled on

Austin Child Guidance Center has provided quality mental

September 27th, 2013.


health services to Austin’s children for over 62 years.

Austin Child Guidance Center annually serves over

Executive Director Russell Smith briefly spoke about the

3,000 children and families. The agency’s mission is to

center’s accomplishments, and Nici Huff, Vice President

improve the mental health of children and their families

of the Board of Directors and shared a moving, personal

through early intervention, diagnosis, and treatment to

testimony of receiving services at the center with her two

help them develop the emotional skills for meeting life’s

adopted sons. Honored guests in attendance included;

challenges. No family is turned away for inability to pay

Dr. Larry Stone-past president of the American Society

for services.

of Pediatric Psychiatrists and Dr. Erica Miller-holocaust

For more information please visit austinchildguidance.org.

survivor, accomplished author and psychologist.

Photography by Stacey Harrell. IN FLUENTIAL 57

THE IN FACES & places

The Heart of the Matter


w r i tt e n b y William Jackson

he American Heart Association hosted


its 16th Annual Heart Ball on Saturday,



May 4 at the Hilton Austin. The Heart Ball brought together over 600 of Austin’s most influential leaders from corporate,

philanthropic and medical communities to raise funds and promote the lifesaving work of the American Heart Association. Because of donations from members of the community, along with the contributions of other gracious donors such as top level sponsors St. David’s Hospital and Bill & Pat Munday, the ball raised more than $575,000 to combat cardiovascular disease right here in Central Texas.


The evening’s black-tie festivities included dinner, entertainment by country music legend Clint Black, dancing and an exciting silent and live auction. Locally, the American Heart Association provides people with credible heart disease and stroke information for effective prevention and treatment. The AHA has been able to fund over $35 million of research right here in Texas, including over $23 million at the University of Texas health institutions. Last year 75,000 Central Texas children participated in Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart programs to combat childhood obesity and more than



41,000 Central Texans received AHA training in CPR. We applaud the AHA for their efforts of “Building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke." As a community, let’s partner with the AHA to provide the necessary support so more research can be conducted to help better understand the disease, and more community education programs can be carried out to promote a healthy lifestyle. Photos courtesy of Chrisp Studios. 7 1. Clint Black and David & Lady Huffstutler. 2. Clint Black. 3. Anbu Mahadevan & Dr. Juhana Karha. 4. Guests. 5.Malcolm & Stella Belisle. 6. Event Signage. 7. Pat & Bill Munday. 58



A Toast with Tim Love w r i tt e n b y St. David’s Foundation

n Thursday, April 18th, twenty-five guests


gathered at the hillside home of C3’s Charlie Jones for a St. David’s Foundation Toast of the Town party celebrating the


cuisine of celebrity chef Tim Love, owner

of Fort Worth’s critically acclaimed Lonesome Dove Western Bistro and The Love Shack. With a spectacular Austin sunset serving as the backdrop for the evening, Chef Love gave guests a preview of his Austin Food & Wine Festival fare with a multi-course dinner with wine pairings by Whole Foods Market’s Master Sommelier Devon Broglie followed by dessert prepared by Uchi’s renowned pastry chef Phillip Speer. Charlie and Melanie Jones, along with their co-host for



the evening, La Condesa and Sway owner Jesse Herman, hosted tables while Chef Love and his team of C3 staffoutfitted as servers-prepared the delectable dishes including grilled elk from Chef Love’s own ranch, crispy lamb’s belly, and rattlesnake and rabbit pasta. Pastry Chef Phillip Speer’s dessert included a banana tres leches sphere with liquid nitrogen ice cream. Guests ended the evening with a nightcap round of Love’s signature tequila shots.

4 5

The party is part of St. David’s Foundation’s Toast of the Town, a series of intimate events taking place that raise money for the St. David’s Neal Kocurek Scholarship Fund. Every dollar raised from Toast of the Town is matched twoto-one by the foundation totaling more than $1,000,000 this year. Since 2005, more than 200 students have been awarded scholarships to study health care in more than 30



Texas colleges and universities. For more information on St. David’s Foundation’s Neal Kocurek Scholarship Fund and Toast of the Town, visit www.stdavidsfoundation.org. Photography by Robert Godwin & Stacey Harrell. 1. Celebrity chef Tim Love cooks up a batch of ramps in the outdoor kitchen. 2. Homeowners Melanie and Charlie Jones. partner with C3 Presents. 3. Philip Speer the Executive Pastry chef and Culinary Director of Uchi and Uchiko, with his assistant prepare a dish with freshly sliced truffles. 4. Neal Kocurek Scholar Jigar Satasia, Julie and Wolfgang Niedert. 5. La Condesa and Sway owner Jesse Herman and Shawn Safir 6. Byron & Mary Darby, Anita Maxwell with her husband Earl the CEO of the St. David’s Foundation. 7. Chef Tim Love serves the main course to guests. A few items included on the platter were Pork Belly, Rocky Mountain Elk Loin and Chili Candied grapes. 8. Charlie Jones kicks off the evening with a toast.




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