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#ineverystep is a biannual magazine that tells the stories of those whose lives have been transformed by a revelation of Jesus. His story in our story. Our story in His story. A true love story. He is indeed in every step. CONTENT THE ROAD, THE WILDERNESS AND RIVERS IN THE DESERT When two worlds and two spheres collide. FOUR DAYS OF A LIFETIME Prophecies fulfilled. PHOTO JOURNAL A visual journey. THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES Life journey through the eyes of the Wandering Prophet. A MOMENT IN TIME When all else fades away. THE GOOD NEWS STORYBOOK PROJECT Lives transformed for an eternity. MISSIONARY MOMENTS Snippets in time. WISDOM QUOTES Acknowledging those who have gone before.

EDITORIAL Life journey… heavenly interventions, love intersections, new places, new people and new perspectives. A will surrendered with victory possessed, each day a process, part of His wonders, hearts transformed and love perfected. God at work, His Kingdom on earth, entry guaranteed, with destiny assured, forever in His name, alive in Him.

Names have been changed and locations withheld for security and privacy reasons.

God’s love revealed in Jesus is perfected when we know and experience living in Him. jesus loves : the world exists to preach, teach and train on the Kingdom of God so all who are willing may be established in His truth, rooted in His love and filled with the fullness of God. www.jesuslovestheworld.info For more information please email info@jesuslovestheworld.info


We are from another place. A place of green pastures, crops aplenty and refreshing rains. Yet, some years ago, God sent us far north to this desert. Together with my husband we planted a church in this place of dry lands and scorching heat.

Nearby a scraggy camel grazes on the leaves of a lone tree. Several deer take respite huddled under its shade. Here the cows are very healthy as they are given access to choice food and water sources, even though water is scarce…it’s called ‘liquid gold’. We built a tank to harvest the little rain and refreshing we receive during the short winter season. One night our tank was raided and all the water stolen. We have faced many challenges, both physically and spiritually. Each day we hold on to the promise God gave us from Isaiah 43:19 ‘Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.’ (NKJV) The same promise He gave Israel when they were in captivity we believe is also for this region and people group. Then it happened. We had invited a woman from a distant land to come and teach us on the Endtimes and preach this coming Sunday. It became evident from the first session that we were spiritually dry and that God had sent her to us. She revealed to us how Isaiah 43:19 was the scripture God gave her nearly 10 years ago to confirm to come to our country. She shared with us this vision she literally saw in the clouds seven years ago. It was a map of our country. The clouds went half way up ‘We shall overcome over the shape. She asked God for the meaning because Jesus and He told her He was raising up His people overcome.’ – Beena from the south and sending them to the north. Our spirit soared! She did not know we were from the south, as our features do not resemble southern people. We told her our origins. We all praised God and rejoiced in His perfect plan. We delight in being part of His mission and wonders. Over the next five days as we journeyed together, God revealed His Truth, love and power. The result – fear cast out, gospel preached, blockages removed, strongholds torn down, God’s voice heard, healings received, greater revelation of the glory of the Lord and much, much more. Paul testified, ‘God gives you explanation of every detail, amazing. I received so much, especially in how Jesus reveals Himself according to the need and subject. Very powerful.’ Manav, ‘Jesus is coming because He loves us, to take us home.’ As for me, my name is Kaberi. I have learnt many things, but the main thing I received was a revelation of how much God loves me.

Yes, God has started a new thing. We have received such a refreshing from our time together. I did not realise how spiritually dry we were. We know this is only a small taste of what God has planned. Now our entire congregation will do the Kingdom of God Discipleship Program and be empowered to train leaders to take the program and teach others. We will also use the Good News Storybook Program to disciple children. By His Spirit, in His name, to the glory of our Father, our church will continue to become a place of refreshing, spiritually and physically. God has provided a night watchman to guard the water tank so all can partake. Herders have passed by for a free bag of ‘liquid gold’. Yes, to all who are thirsty we say come and drink freely the Living Waters. Come.



I have been in ministry for over 30 years. Before my life with Jesus I was part of a rebel group that was against Christians. I did not meet Jesus on the road to Damascus, but I did experience the living God and gave my life to Him all those years ago. It has been an incredible journey so far. I have been involved in many things, yet in the last four days I have gained so much that I cannot contain it. My name is Akash. Day 1: After some time I enter my house. Sitting with my newly married son-in-law is a woman from a distant land. He calls her Mom. He introduces her as his spiritual mom. We talk. We have the same spirit and same heart. Expectations of what God will do as we journey together start to rise. We go to my son-in-law’s mother’s house. My son-inlaw’s mother and my daughter have prepared lunch for us. We eat. We talk. A young man enters. He has a troubled mind and is slipping into a greater darkness each day. The woman from a distant land is asked to pray for him. What took place next opened my eyes to the many wonders of God. The woman from a distant land shared about her mother’s journey who, as a Christian, became disturbed of mind. For 20 years she lived in a mental hell. Expert doctors said she would never recover, lost forever, never to have sound mind again. She states, ‘Many people hurt, rejected and betrayed my mother. She was emotionally abused and kept such things in her heart. This gave the evil one access to her mind. Yet Jesus never left her. She was His forever.’ I listen. We all listen. She continued, ‘My mother’s deliverance came when she admitted the reality of her troubled mind and asked me to pray. We prayed. At that moment Jesus brought peace into my mother’s mind. Jesus restored her mind totally!’ We all were silent. Shocked. Our beliefs were challenged.

The woman from a distant land turned to the young man, gave him respect, looked him in the eye and asked, ‘Do you want me to pray for you?’ ‘Yes,’ he replied. The woman continued, ‘If Jesus was standing here in the flesh and said to you, “Son, what do you want me to do for you?” What would be your answer?’ I held my breath, wondering what a man of troubled mind would say. Does he even know what he needs? He answered, ‘The Spirit of God!’ The woman from a distant land joyfully explained to him how he could receive the Spirit of God, and at that moment the young man surrendered his life to Jesus. They prayed. The Son of God became the deliverer and Lord of destiny for this young man. Right before us light went into his eyes, the look of fear was cast out. Such peace came upon his face.

‘I learnt two important things today: never, ever refuse anyone Jesus; and the Spirit of God is forever.’ – Akash

During this time I felt a strong presence of God. I cried. I sat in wonder of God Almighty. Evening came. Tonight in the church service my son-in-law will translate for his ‘Mom’. He is expectant that God will do much. I sit. I watch. We worship. I see she has a heart of worship, truly in Spirit from heaven, pouring out from the depths of her soul. I want to lead my congregation to such a place. With the welcoming and introduction complete, it is time for the sermon. I sit. I watch. I listen. From the first word, I felt such a presence of God. Again I cry. I see the people catch the message with great joy. At the conclusion of the message – the moment of decision – I see half the congregation openly weeping in the presence of God. I see about fifteen percent of the congregation surrender their lives to Jesus. I see the senior pastor openly crying, surrendering all to God. People come for prayer. Some receive a prophetic word, some wipe tears from their eyes after a gentle touch from Jesus, others drink freely in His presence, refreshed and revived. My son-in-law testified that, even while translating, he was both challenged and touched by the powerful message. As a result he has surrendered ‘that thing’ to God. ‘Mom’ also testified, ‘When I see people receive a greater revelation of His love, truth and power, totally set free and experiencing the living God, being transformed for all eternity, I too receive.’ Yes, everyone received something from God that night. I sit in wonder. What will God do tomorrow?

Day 2: I woke up with more words for my next song. I have written and recorded many songs in my heart language. Now I am writing my first English song. I feel so energised. Such is the presence of the living God. Once a month pastors from different ministries come together for fellowship. Often it becomes more of a challenge than a blessing as many will talk over the other, each with their own agenda or need. I observe today is very different. The pastors come to do leadership training given by my son-in-law’s ‘Mom’. The morning session I will never forget. Let me tell you what happened. With the welcoming and introduction complete, it is time for the teaching. We begin with what is called The Secret of Success. We learn what it is to soak in God’s presence, surrendered to our Father’s will. As we do the practical, all eyes closed, ‘Mom’ starts praying against any blockages that are stopping us from surrendering and receiving all of who Jesus is.

It was at that exact moment it happened. I opened my eyes and I saw a great light coming from ‘Mom’. It was so intense. I sat. I watched. The garland flowers and her clothes were fading, but the light remained so bright, her face the brightest of all. I was shocked. In all my 30 years in ministry I have never seen or experienced such a thing. I had to leave the room. Outside, as I sat, I felt blessed and a tremendous new freedom when I experienced this light. I asked God, ‘What is this?’ Instantly God reminded me of a prophecy over me 20 years ago. It was said I would be given and experience a great light. Today, this prophecy was fulfilled. I remember as a young boy many people rejected me because I had nothing. I now realised I had kept this in my heart, holding on to the rejection. This prevented me from receiving all of His light, all of Him. I am now totally set free. Today I received and experienced the fullness of His light. I sit in wonder. I watch. I listen. All day everyone was attentive, responding to questions and writing answers. When today’s teaching is complete each one has the opportunity to testify. One by one they share what they had learnt: ‘I was amazed knowing a great leader, our Christ, made His disciples part of His wonders.’ ‘I was dry in my spiritual life and came to know the reason, and again I have submitted my life, my self, my will to Father’s will.’ ‘In this seminar I received Holy Spirit and encouraged by whole seminar, I thank God.’ ‘I praise the Lord in Jesus’ name for I was so sick before coming into this seminar but I was healed completely when praying and submitting session done.’ So many more...

Day 3: Today, another seminar. We worship together, in His Spirit and in His truth from the depths of our souls. There is total unity in Jesus. Today’s session begins. ‘Mom’ asks, ‘What are the ways God reveals Himself to people, to us?’ I think of this topic…how God reveals Himself is a big, big topic. I realise through this how much God loves me and this is His work and God wants us to enter into the fullness of His light. So many testimonies! ‘I understand true story of creation, everyone equal in God. I understand my Father is God and He loves me a lot. I keep place for God in my heart now on. I am really happy God created me in His own image and satan has no place, no rights over me, and I am not giving him any place in my life.’ ‘How God created the world. God can do many miracles in our life. God says Father’s love always with us. We should not forget the love of the Father.’ ‘We never thought such things, now we see God’s plan and have been thinking on these things to build teams so we can go to new places.’ ‘I was in bondage of satan and all evil desires of this damaged by evil world. No doctors healed me or gave me the peace that I needed. But when I came to Kingdom of God Leadership Training program I realised how important I am in His Kingdom. God spoke to me clearly, I heard His voice to be part of His Kingdom. Now, again I submit myself to will of Father and going to do ministry.’ So many more... Day 4: Today is Sunday. We sing. We dance. We are as one. There is an enormous presence of God. We all enjoy. It is now time for His Word. I sit. I listen. I watch. ‘Mom’ and translator are as one. The Holy Spirit flows freely. Time of decision – twenty percent of people first time receive Jesus as their deliverer and Lord of their life. Sixty percent receive a spiritual refreshing like no other. Many also receive their physical and mental healing as the Father pours out His Spirit upon us. Praise His holy name! Later, as we prepare for the long drive to our house church plant where ‘Mom’ will again bring the Word and introduce the Kingdom of God Discipleship program, I am thinking that this will be our last worship together, for some time anyway. I know she has to leave us. I saw how she has given everything of herself. The tears start yet again. Sadness. Yet she leaves us with so much, including a piece of her heart. God willing she will return to us soon. Yes, God sent her to us and to God we give all glory, for only He could do this, only He.

MISSIONARY MOMENTS: Stranger, ‘You are so immersed in this culture.’ My reply, ‘That is the amazing grace of God.’


People gather. They murmur amongst themselves. ‘Could this be true?’ ‘No outsider has ever come to us.’ ‘Is she really coming?’ No one is certain. Five links in the chain of recommendations, none knowing the other, yet God has a plan. Even in doubt, the leaders choose to trust God. They believe He is sending His servant to speak everything that belongs to heaven… the heavenly things of His Kingdom. Expectations rise. Two programs: The Kingdom of God Secret of Success Seminar and The Kingdom of God Leadership Training are announced. Preparations begin as doubts remain. Will she really come to us? Meanwhile, in a distant land, a woman is thinking... another plane, another auto, another train, another town, another village, another heart, another opportunity to see the glory of the Lord reach out to the lost and found. Such is the life of the Wandering Prophet. With a simple Word from my Father, ‘It is time to go to new places, new people, new horizons and teach and preach my Kingdom’. With a song in my heart, ‘Oh I’m running to your arms, the riches of your love, will always be enough, nothing compares to your embrace, light of the world forever reign. My heart will sing, no other name, Jesus, Jesus’. It is time. I step out. Humid, oh so humid. I squint at this new world in a distant land. The roadside is littered with rubbish, many piles of rubbish, and the open drains carry all sorts of things. Looking ahead I see string suspended on a post from which empty plastic bottles dangle. Underneath glass bottles are stacked side by side – both ready for refilling. A motorbike toots ‘coming through’. A small group is making plaster-cast gods in silver and gold. My thoughts turn to Ephesus in times past. Giant dragonflies hover into my vision, breaking my thoughts. There’s the sound of motors, horns, voices and the rumble of a distant train, while the smell of urine, smoke and refuse mixes with diesel fumes to permeate the air. Then, turning a corner, the change in the landscape is immediate. The town, albeit small, is ablaze with colour, sights and sounds… two wheelers creeping along, three wheelers darting here and there, jam-packed buses barging through, people, their eyes fixed with distrust and fear.

A little further and the landscape turns semi-rural… huts, shanties, more rubbish, temples and more temples. Images of gods are everywhere, small and large, revered and ignored in equal measure by young and old. Then I see a cross, a red painted cross. Finally I’ve arrived! In the alley adjacent to the church some local men huddle around a blanket. Dice are thrown, bets are cast. I can hear singing over the noises. It stops. People emerge from within to greet me. The announcement is made, ‘Praise the Lord… she has come!’ The men move further down the alley. Once inside my eyes dart here and there to absorb the contrast. Behind the altar, a spectacular mural painted by a local believer of the congregation features Jesus on the cross with the Holy Spirit behind Him symbolised by a gigantic dove and extended wings with flames of fire. We sing songs, each one curious about me. Five questions are asked including the standard, ‘How old are you?’ When I announce my age is 56 years, gasps are heard from the congregation. More people come. A full house! It is time. The seminar begins. I stand up and proclaim, ‘Over the next few days as we journey together, expect to hear from God…’ It is now evening on the first day. I take time to reflect… Father, as always, I am in awe of you. Leela is the first. ‘We were given example drawing tree, shows our life how to receive from God and grow in His love. Picture before our eyes always will not forget that.’ Charisma joyfully declares, ‘I never sat the many hours but today I sitting this many hours to listen to God’s Word. We wrote everything down on these handouts in our own language filling in the blanks. We will read them again so that we will understand and take more from the fullness of God.’ Many more testify, but now it is time to sleep. As I close my eyes, I lay down my crown at Jesus’ feet. Jesus kneels down, picks up the crown and places it back on my head. As I feel His loving arms around me, yes His presence all around, upon and within, I sing, ‘Praise the name of the Lord our God, praise His name for evermore, for endless days I shall sing your praise, the Lord, the Lord our God.’

‘I thank God for this teaching. I observe the tree has many branches but only a few branches have fruit because they are surrendered to the will of God. I don’t want to be branch without fruit, I want to bear fruit. This I want to be so I surrender to Father’s will.’ – Mohan

The elderly woman at the back slowly rises and walks all the way to the front. Nervously she takes the microphone and, with tears in her eyes, begins to tell her story and experience of this seminar.

Day 2: The rhythm section is on fire! Great joy to all as I join in, shaker in my right hand, microphone in the left. Father, in your Spirit and in your Truth, let us worship only you. I look out into the congregation. At the back sits one very elderly woman wearing simple clothes and big bifocal glasses. She is in total surrender and heartfelt abandonment as she raises her arms in worship and adoration. My spirit rises, my heart is overjoyed. The songs end. Opening prayer. Hearts prepared, Bibles raised high. Handouts and pens are distributed. It is time. Today’s topic is relationships in the Kingdom of God living in this world damaged by evil. The contrast between a Christian’s life surrendered to the Father’s will, by His Spirit being transformed each day into the character of Christ (the Jesus tree produces Jesus fruit), and a Christian’s life who chooses to follow their own selfish desires of power and control. As we systematically go through the scriptures, discussing real life situations, asking questions of the text and discovering the answers, there is no one untouched by God: ‘Everyone has family problems, mainly wife husband. Now we clearly understand it is because we use our powerful free will against God and others. Yet by accepting Christ we are surrendering our lives and obeying the will of the Father, we are getting in the Kingdom of God on earth.’ ‘I am this church pastor and proactive every week, in this teaching the truth was given in such a way the very common people can understand the Kingdom of God on earth.’

‘I sit and watch and listen both days teaching. She has the truth, I feel it my spirit. When she laid hands on me my heart received peace and joy. I accepted Christ long before. My family members want me to leave the faith, but now as a result of this teaching, I have strength to continue in faith. I am now more strong to be healed of a broken heart because God in His Kingdom on this earth delivers us from all fear and untruth.’ More tears. We hug and give thanks to God. As we conclude and say our farewells, tears flow. Yet, until we meet again, may His truth remain and grow as each adopts the teaching and helps others discover the Kingdom of God in this world damaged by evil. Another train, another town, another village, another heart... such is the life of the Wandering Prophet.


On the podium for all to see we embrace. This woman from a distant land, VM, prays an amazing prayer over me. I listen to her words as she speaks from God. All else fades away and I hear them clearly above other noises – the speakers playing very loud music, the singing, and the praying. Her words go deep into my heart and spirit. To think just six days ago we did not know each other, but we all knew one thing, God had a plan. To us He was sending her. With the greatest of joy we discovered she has same heart, same spirit, same God-given vision for our people and our country. My name is Beena. I am mother of two children and together with my husband, we set up church planting and development organisation, ministering in two states, in poor remote areas where no one comes. For five days we have journeyed together. We have grown close. It is our delight to surprise her. Second morning by vehicle we arrived to her lodgings, to drive her to the venue for the day’s teaching. She is waiting as usual, so full of joy. Before we set out on the day’s journey God told me to cook boiled eggs for her and bring. Such a simple thing I thought, yet her face was big shock when I gave to her. She roared with laughter and said, ‘Today I had no time for breakfast, and yesterday when walking I thought an unusual thought, I would love some boiled eggs for breakfast tomorrow! But I know these things are not available here, so no problem I thought. I had forgotten this.’ She exclaims, ‘God always provides. It is the little things that amaze me about Him.’ We also noticed how quickly she drank chai and liked so much. We had a special big cup for her today. Her eyes opened wide as we revealed our gift. She laughed and declared, ‘Everywhere I go my cup gets bigger.’ We laughed together and I said, ‘Your cup is running over!’

WISDOM QUOTE ‘One of the most important principles of interpersonal communication is that the person who brings the message is a major component of the message he/she brings.’ Charles H Kraft, Communicating Jesus Way

I usually am not given an opportunity to minister like this, but God opened the way for me to be her translator. God used me mightily through her. I praise God for that. Seeing her give all of herself in such a way, totally surrendered to our Father’s will, remains in our hearts and minds. My husband said to her, ‘I observe everything you do and say, teach and preach, points to Jesus. This has impacted us greatly.’ She is visibly moved and shares, ‘This is what God told me to do, simply reveal my Son, reveal Jesus. When God called me to teach, preach and train on the Kingdom of God, my response was, “Father your will be done, but you will have to do this because I cannot.”’ She continues and testifies that what we see before us is the work of God in her. She simply surrenders and receives. We told her our people need the truth in power and that she comes in His power. We visit a persecuted village where black magic is often preformed over the believing families. Sickness and disease ever present, yet they will not go back to worshipping the village gods. As the faeces is wiped away from our path, the believers lay down some plastic. We all sit together, the three believing families, my husband and I, and VM. VM spoke boldly God’s special message of how Jesus honours and anoints for His Kingdom and glory. I sense faith rising. VM concludes, ‘Together we will pray and declare Jesus is King of Kings in sickness and in healing, yet shall we praise Him!’ As these words are spoken forth, the power of the living God descends. The strong heat pouring off each one’s body is enormous. Heat, I feel so much heat! Together we declare satan and the evil spirits have no power over us. Reaching up to the heavens each one receives. Burdens are lifted, hearts and minds no longer troubled. All rejoice and are totally set free! Her messages are a different perspective to anything we have heard. They reveal only Jesus in such a way relevant to our lives in this time and place. I told her, ‘Your sermon “One Touch from Jesus”, about the outcast woman with the issue of blood, spoke to everyone here in a new way, from God’s eyes.’ Revealing how Jesus gave this woman who was given no respect by her community, equal respect to the man who was given great respect by his community, and how Jesus gave her a voice, a place in the community that rejected her, and how she was given an opportunity to testify speaks powerfully into our lives and community today. With one touch from Jesus physical healing. With one touch from Jesus mental healing. With one touch from Jesus spiritual healing. I will never forget those words. Everyone who heard that day received one touch from Jesus!

Her teachings and seminars on the Kingdom of God have transformed lives in His love, truth and power. Vijay stood up in front of all, ‘I felt Holy Spirit come upon all of us. I was far away from God. Now this day with this Word I received, I commit my life that is my decision. I have decided to be close to God.’ Amu testified, ‘I learnt Jesus love that much important and if in relationship with Him, we will get results.’ Prasu shocked us when he said, ‘Before I came to this seminar I did not care about church, now my passion is church planting. Today was great opportunity to equip myself, learnt the difference of good and evil and I will stand in the good in my work.’ Ravi said, ‘This is God’s training program, how to live in this community, I learnt to grow in the presence of the Lord we can.’ Rajesh declared as a result of this teaching, ‘Before came here I had perception in mind women lower than men. When VM explained how God created equal order I thought why we cannot discuss more about this in public. This I can do.’ Biju said, ‘I learnt so many things on the Kingdom of God in this world damaged by evil and want to share this teaching with my church and people.’ This is God’s plan. I can testify our hunger is greater, the fire is burning within us. Next time we must give her more days. Many people to reach. To our surprise she has written discipleship programs specifically for our people in our heart language, one for youth/ adults and another for children. We share with her we need more of She wants us to own it, run with this teaching. It is anointed in such it and multiply it. These are her words. She gives freely all she a way to resonate in the situations has received, all of Him. We are of our people. It is the pure good so full of joy. Yes we want it all!

seed that digs deep into our hearts and minds. The educated and uneducated both can understand, empowered to go teach others.

The Good News Storybooks use chronological Bible stories simply told from the viewpoint of the newly literate reader. Using short sentences, repeated words and illustrations from indigenous children, the Good News Storybooks empower the powerless.

THE GOOD NEWS STORYBOOK PROJECT Deep in the heart of town, down the alley, behind the wall, is a community of families, each from a different area. Yet they have something in common – leprosy. Either themselves or someone in their family has this disease. Yes, this is a colony for lepers and their families. Life here is monotonous – the days blend into weeks, weeks into months. Today, however, is going to be different. Expectation builds and excitement reaches fever pitch amongst the children. ‘Here they come!’ the ‘scout’ of the group screams down the line. Getting out of the car are Paul and the woman from a distant land (VM). Before arrival Paul asked VM, ‘What are you going to teach?’ VM replied, ‘Lesson eight from the Good News Storybook Program. It includes a story, Bible memory verse game, action song, and all the children learn to draw the story. The teaching point is The Creator God is the One True God.’ Paul’s response was not the reaction VM was hoping for. Paul with concern said, ‘The children here will not be able to do such things. They have limited education and have never held a pencil to draw.’ Paul had previously seen the success of the Good News Storybooks but had never witnessed a lesson from the program manual. VM reminded Paul of the time, two years ago, when he sent her to the children of street workers. They too had never held a pencil and had very limited education, yet all the children were empowered to participate fully in the Good News Storybook Program and received much from the short session. Paul agreed, but still had reservations as to what all the children could actually do. The children excitedly swamp Paul and VM. The lock on the community room is opened. Children run in screaming with enthusiasm. The noise level is intense. Emotions are high! Paul and VM enter. Paul tells the children to form their lines and sit according to height and gender, ensuring all can see. This takes some time to achieve, but achieve it they do. The opening prayer is given. Amen.

PROJECT UPDATE: 100% OF MONEY DONATED GOES TO THE FIELD The project to date has been translated into nine heart languages, resourced 88,770 children with the Good News Storybooks as their first Bible and equipped 3,912 indigenous leaders with the Good News Storybook Discipleship Program Manual.

What took place over the next two hours was simply amazing. Each child, no matter what age or gender, participated brilliantly and was empowered in so many ways. They received a revelation of the Unknown God – His love, truth and power. They learnt how to draw simply and effectively, worked together as a group with newly found unison and creatively expressed themselves as individuals. Also they learnt the Bible story, which they were able to effectively communicate to others. Paul exclaimed, ‘This is amazing! I have been working with children at risk for many years, all over the world, and never imagined all this could be possible.’ VM responded, ‘God is amazing!’ Paul received a greater revelation of the glory of the Lord and that by His Spirit, all things are possible. Paul has committed to bring the Good News Storybook program and the Good News Storybooks to this community of children over the coming months, and many more throughout this vast land.

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