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THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Between the two rounds of our Best of the Triangle contest, we logged more than six hundred thousand votes from more than twenty thousand voters in more than three hundred categories, far more votes than in any previous contest. In the end, our hive mind produced a definitive compendium of cool stuff to do, cool places to eat and drink, cool services to check out, and less-cool politicians to throw something at. You’ll notice that we did things a bit differently this year. First, we’ve augmented our traditional readers poll with more than eighty writers’ picks—our favorite odds and ends, quirks and hidden gems, things that inspired and outraged us over the last year. Second, we restructured our balloting process into two phases: the nominations phase, in which readers submitted their favorites in each category; and the finalists phase, in which readers chose from among the top four vote-getters in the first round. The idea behind this change was to better engage with our audience. This new process produced winners who reflect the choices of a larger percentage of our readers than ever before. And it worked: in both breadth and depth, this is the best Best of the Triangle ever. At least, we think so. —Jeffrey C. Billman


best of 2016

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The V&E Simonetti Historical Tuba Museum PHOTO BY ALEX BOERNER

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best of 2016
















Best reason to love the Triangle

Best local columnist

Finalists: The people, food scene, parks and trails

Finalists: Kirk Ross, Bob Geary, Josh Shaffer


Best reason to leave the Triangle


Finalists: Go to the beach, bad public transportation, road infrastructure and traffic

Best use of public money

Public schools

Finalists: Parks and greenways, Capital Area Greenway Trail System, bike infrastructure

Best waste of public money

The General Assembly Finalists: Enforcing Raleigh’s downtown drinking ordinance, light rail, closing in I-540

Best politician (Durham/Chapel Hill)

U.S. Representative David Price

Finalists: Mayor Bill Bell, Senator Mike Woodard, Councilman Steve Schewel

Best politician (Raleigh/Cary)

Attorney General Roy Cooper

Finalists: U.S. Representative David Price, former state senator Josh Stein, Mayor Nancy McFarlane

Best local politician in need of a reality check

Governor Pat McCrory

Finalists: All of them, Senator Thom Tillis, Mayor Bill Bell

Barry Saunders Best local crank

Grayson Haver Currin Finalists: Ross Grady, Larz Robinson, Andy Little

Best local do-gooder

C. Scott Holmes

Finalists: Van Alston, Amber Smith, James Tripp

Best local Facebook page

New Raleigh Finalists: SoDu Parents Posse, The Green Monkey, Piedmont Picnic Project

Best local Instagram account


Finalists: @NewRaleigh, @RaleighFoodPics, @thedurhamdoll

Best local Twitter feed


Finalists: @ncbeerguys, @WCPSS, @MajorTheBull

Best local-interest blog

Bull City Rising Finalists: Triangle Food Guy, Triangle Foodie Adventures, The Raleigh Connoisseur

Best local-interest website

Finalists: Bull City Rising, Chapelboro, Open Durham

best of 20 16

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The INDY’s Guide to Dining in the Triangle




Senate leader Phil Berger

The INDY’s guide to Triangle Dining


to all our loyal patrons and friends for the votes!











Defining the Mediterranean Diet 112 W. Main St • Durham (984) 439-8702 6 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 20 16 919.967.2666 410 W. Franklin St • Chapel Hill OPEN DAILY 11am - 10pm

Best HB 2 fact-check

Human Rights Campaign on Phil Berger

So this House Bill 2 thing has been quite the cluster, yeah? It quickly became clear after Pat McCrory and company rammed this sweeping anti-LGBTQ law through the legislature after all of twelve hours’ deliberation that they were completely unprepared for the blowback—the boycotts, the denunciations, the demands from corporations that North Carolina reverse course, the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit. Much dissembling followed, with McCrory repeatedly going on national television to allege that out-of-state liberal bullies were ganging up on him. Still, the award for most pathetic defense of this pathetic legislation has to go to Senate leader Phil Berger. And the award for best HB 2 fact-check, then, must go to the organization that made it known to the world, in wonderfully snarky fashion. In April, the Human Rights Campaign— the group McCrory has claimed is more powerful than the NRA—obtained a letter Berger sent out to CEOs, essentially trying to ward off even more economic damage. The HRC then posted this letter on its website, marked up and fact-checked in red ink. So when Berger serves up a grammatically atrocious word salad—“Many people including the bill’s primary author, well respected Charlotte attorney Rep. Dan Bishop, argue persuasively that the ordinance attempts to avoid running afoul of the state’s legal

precedent which makes it a second degree trespassing violation for a man to enter a woman’s bathroom or locker room by banning any signs designating sex-specific bathrooms in public buildings and private businesses altogether”—the HRC marks it with the annotation, “Huh? This makes no sense. Also, have you met a trans person?” And when Berger writes, “If one city can enter the marketplace and require gender-neutral bathroom facilities in private businesses, what stops the 651 local governments in North Carolina from setting different standards and remedies?” the HRC responds, “Uh, you do realize this is how local laws work?” And so on. Legislation conceived in bigotry deserves to be smothered to death with mockery. And while the HRC ably mocks, it also provides a necessary injection of reality into Berger’s anti-trans fever dream. No, Senator, Charlotte’s ordinance did not mandate gender-neutral restrooms. No, Senator, the ordinance does not provide trans men with a legal loophole to molest little girls. No, Senator, the law did not merely restore the status quo; it made North Carolina the first state to force trans people to use restrooms that don’t conform to their gender identity. Yes, Senator, this bill is an embarrassment that has done tremendous damage to this state’s reputation. Thanks for that.

Best local radio personality

Best charitable group

Finalists: Gene & Julie Gates, Bob Dumas, Mir.I.Am

1820 James Street, Durham Finalists: Table, 100 Women Who Give a Hoot, Activate Good

Frank Stasio (WUNC) Best local radio station


WUNC 91.5 FM

Best local activist group

Best local TV newsperson Finalists: Durham People’s Alliance, Saturday Chores, CHALT (Chapel Hill Allliance for a Livable Town)

Finalists: WKNC 88.1 FM, WQDR 94.7 FM, WHUP 104.7 FM

Bill Leslie (WRAL)

Finalists: Tisha Powell, Barbara Gibbs, Kevin Kaze Thomas

Best neighborhood to live in (Durham)

Trinity Park

Best local TV weatherperson

Greg Fishel (WRAL)

Finalists: Watts Hospital Hillandale, Duke Park, Northgate Park

Finalists: Elizabeth Gardner, Don Schwenneker, Chris Hohmann












Best place to believe in the state’s future

Best place to despair about the state’s future

Dix Park

North Wake Landfill District Park

Raleigh officials have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to the 306-acre campus of Dorothea Dix, which it acquired from the state last year for the hefty sum of $52 million. Actually, considering the possibilities while roaming the rolling hills of Dix’s green grounds, the price seems laughably small. With its mix of curious old buildings, secluded forested areas, and wide-open fields, Dorothea Dix suggests amphitheaters and carousels, art installations and picnics, bike courses and beautiful gardens. Given the combined vertical growth of Raleigh and the political turmoil of North Carolina, it seems more and more like a sanctuary, a safe space meant to foster smart new city assets and build new energy. There’s no question mark in the Triangle more exciting than the one hovering over Dix.

9300 Deponie Drive, Raleigh


Venture just beneath the southern tip of Falls Lake’s lowermost finger or just north of Interstate 540, and you’ll stumble upon a scene that has surely fallen out of someone’s postapocalyptic dream: a resting mountain of trash, covered with sweeping green grass and infiltrated by exhaust pipes and waterworks. Children chime musical instruments in the nearby public park, decorated with trashcans that are playfully aggressive about waste disposal, while mountain bike trails form rings around the peak’s base. At first, Trash Mountain seems somehow idyllic, an act of reclamation against our wasteful ways. But climb or bike to the top of the mountain and look down, and you’ll watch a stream of trucks and vans bring new garbage into a separate sorting facility. No, we haven’t fixed the systems that pimple the earth with hills of refuse; we’ve just camouflaged their results in surreal scenes of imposed tranquility.

best of 20 16

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To advertise or feature a pet for adoption, please contact


thanks for your vote!

To advertise or feature a pet for adoption, please contact

610 W. MAIN ST. To advertise or feature a pet DURHAM, NC 27701 for adoption, please contact 919-683-2109 POSHTHESALON.COM 8 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

n, m


READERS poll Best neighborhood to live in (Raleigh)

Five Points

Finalists: Oakwood, Boylan Heights, Mordecai

Best people-watching

N.C. State Fair

or feature 1025To Blueadvertise Ridge Road, Raleigh Finalists:aWeaver Market, pet Street for adoption, Durham Farmers’ Market, RDU

please contact Best place to take visitors from out of town (Durham/Chapel Hill)

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

420 Anderson Street, Durham Finalists: American Tobacco Campus, Durham Bulls Athletic Park, UNC campus

Best avant-garde bathrooms

Best place to die a fiery death

Best building that shouldn’t be where it is

Best local politician keeping it real

Counting House

The weaving lane between US-15 N and the Durham Freeway

University Tower

Jillian Johnson

111 Corcoran Street, Durham (919) 956-6700

To advertise featureNorth a pet forCarolina’s adoption, With all the furororover please contact bathrooms, Counting House, the restaurant inside Durham’s 21c Museum Hotel, just had to make a statement against HB 2 (which it did), as the proprietors of the most experimental lavatories around. The toilets stand like dares in transparent glass cubes on an elevated concourse plainly visible from the bar. The trick is that the glass becomes opaque when you turn the lock. It’s very cute, but let us ask you something: How many times have you forgotten to lock the e a pet bathroom door at a bar? Hang out around the stalls late-night and you’ll likely witness ontact some unwitting radical body art.

US-15 exit 108, Durham 911

“OK, here it comes. Mirrors aligned? Check. Wipers on? Check. Goggles? Check. Helmet? Che—wait, where’s my helmet? No time. At sixty-five miles per hour, only seconds to gauge the whims of other entering and exiting cars. Don’t like the looks of this Ford Fiesta. Who picks puce? Someone shifty. Better move. Signal, ease over—Jesus, where did this Beemer come from? Headlights, man! Swerve back, almost clip the Fiesta, which has irrationally slowed to fifteen. Exit about to slide by, jerk over, and pray no more traffic enters the fray. Who the hell thought up weaving lanes, Möbius and Poe? Stupid daily battle for survival just to get to wor—oh my God, truck! Truck! HONNNNNNK!”

3100 Tower Boulevard, Durham Depending on your particular circle of friends, you either refer to the lonely skyscraper officially called University Tower as “The Pickle Building,” “The Green Weenie,” or “The Dallas Phallus.” That last nickname—our favorite—is a dig at Texas developer Tommy Stone, who apparently never got the news that his seventeen-story building looked like a big ol’ green glass dildo. But hey, it’s been there since 1985 and shall likely remain forever, producing strange feelings within us every time we cruise off Chapel Hill Boulevard onto 15-501. So let’s cherish it for the classic conversation piece that it is, even though the conversation usually begins with, “Good Lord, that’s ugly!”

In April, when Duke students staged a weeklong sit-in demanding the resignation of university vice president Tallman Trask over allegations of racism, Durham city council member Jillian Johnson could often be found hanging out on the lawn outside the Allen Building, conferring with the organizers, speaking to the media, and generally serving as an advisor to the cause. She was likewise vocal at protests over federal efforts to deport undocumented teenagers in Durham and allegations of abuse at the Durham County Detention Center. If the issue is civil rights and a demonstration is planned, it’s more than likely you’ll find Johnson in the crowd, maybe holding a sign, maybe speaking into a microphone. True, she’s only six months into her term on the council, but nobody can say public service has changed her approach to the political process.

best of 2016

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Best place to find the worst people in the Triangle

The state lottery

WRAL’s Facebook Page

The INDY and Representative Paul Stam have never really gotten along. In fact, Stam— a powerful Apex Republican who has served eight terms in the state House and is currently Speaker pro tem—makes a point of never returning our phone calls, ostensibly on the grounds that we sell naughty ads in the back of the book. But credit where credit is due: Stam, a stalwart conservative who once passed out pamphlets calling bestiality, necrophilia, and pedophilia “sexual orientations,” is right about one thing. Relying on the state lottery for education revenue is terrible policy. In April, when state lottery officials proposed increasing the amount of money the state spends advertising the lottery, Stam responded: “Some argue that the money plays an important role in supporting education. Many have persuasively argued that the lottery actually reduces support for education funding since gamblers think they have done their part for education by buying tickets. What this increased advertising would really do is produce more misleading and deceptive advertising.” He is correct that the lottery is a form of taxation—specifically, a tax on the poor, who are more likely to both buy tickets and spend a larger share of their income on tickets. As a Carnegie Mellon University study found, “Lotteries set off a vicious cycle that not only exploits low-income individuals’ desires to escape poverty but also directly prevents them from improving their financial situation.” Stam is leaving the legislature after this session. For the most part, we won’t miss him. But hey, even a stopped clock, right?

Living in the Triangle, it can be easy to forget you exist in a mostly progressive and politically correct—or at least politically polite—bubble. Racism, homophobia, sexism, and good old-fashioned ignorance are not welcome here. Or so we imagine. These qualities persist, however, in the comment sections on WRAL’s Facebook page, along with the requisite terrible grammar. The comments serve as a startling reminder that, no, not everyone thinks just like you and your friends—and that these folks are your neighbors, voting in the same elections as you, and probably for Donald Trump or similar Neanderthals. Thus, articles on HB 2 will lead to comments arguing that “‘transgender’ is a disease” and “who cares about all us strait [sic], non-confused individuals.” An anodyne story on President Obama visiting Japan elicited this gem: “The WORST president in history trying to save face. Please have your bags ready and packed. I can’t wait until you hit the streets and are arrested immediately!!!” (The president’s alleged crime is unclear.) And a recent post on sanctuary cities led to this nugget of wisdom: “The farce of the age … illegal aliens criminals [sic] raping and killing a country, defecating on it [sic] sovereignty and treasonous government does nothing.” (Wonder who that person’s voting for.) Pro tip: if you want to hang on to your sanity, follow the golden rule of the Internet— never read the comments.

Best place to learn the difference between a sousaphone and a euphonium

V&E Simonetti Historic Tuba Collection 1825 Chapel Hill Road, Durham (919) 402-0864 At a time when it feels like the small family business is an endangered species in Durham, it’s reassuring that one as unique as the Tuba Exchange has not only lasted for decades but lives on as a museum. Vince Simonetti built his hundreds-strong marching band of rare tubas, euphoniums, sousaphones, and helicons while selling others to school bands and private collectors nationwide, out of a bright yellow house on Chapel Hill Road. This year, after the Simonetti family chose to sell the business and retire, the collection opened to the public for free afternoon tours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Even if you’re not interested in the history of the tuba—which Vince Simonetti can and will thoroughly catch you up on—you should drop by to behold one of the most distinctive visual spaces in the Triangle, with all that tangled brass bulging on the floors, ceilings, and walls.


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best of 2016

SolarBees on Jordan Lake Jordan Lake is an incredibly vital resource for Wake and Chatham counties; it’s the source of their drinking water, and you don’t get any more vital than that. And yet, it’s also been terribly polluted by runoff from developers. In lieu of actually stopping those developers from polluting the lake, the legislature, in its infinite wisdom, decided to drop $2 million on these things called SolarBees, giant mixers that are supposed to eliminate pollution. But—as environmentalists predicted—the SolarBees didn’t do anything to clean up Jordan Lake. At least, that’s according to a draft report the Department of Environmental Quality released in March. But then the DEQ, in classic McCrory administration style, quietly retconned that report and promised a new version. And then the DEQ demoted Steve Tedder, a water-quality expert who had the temerity to question the administration’s decision to retract the report, from his post on the Environmental Management Commission’s Water Quality Committee. On May 5, we finally got to see that new report; lo and behold, all criticism of the SolarBees was scrubbed. But that very afternoon, the DEQ announced that, because the SolarBees were ineffective, the program was being shut down. Then, a week after that, the DEQ’s Environmental Management Commission approved the original SolarBee report and passed it along to the legislature. And then, a few days later, the DEQ said it was going to pass along its own report to the legislature. We’re so confused. Anyway, the Jordan Lake rules—the ones that limit pollution into the lake, which the legislature put on hold—were scheduled to go into effect sometime between now and 2018. Unless, of course, the legislature found some other way to piss away money to keep developers happy. And—what do you know?—that’s exactly what they did. Just last week, the N.C. Senate included in its budget a provision that would delay the Jordan Lake rules’ implementation through 2019, while the state spends $500,000 studying whether algae-eating freshwater mussels can clean up polluted water bodies like Jordan Lake. We give up.



Air Horn Orchestra

Best thing Paul Stam is actually right about

Best boondoggle




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5/23/14 3:45 PM

Diane Von Furstenburg St. John • Lilly Pulitzer Citizens of Humanity Kate Spade • Coach Michael Kors 7 for all Mankind Marc Jacobs • Theory And more… 1000 W. Main St, Downtown Durham (919) 806-3434 Cameron Village Raleigh (919) 803-5414 Now accepting seasonal items for consignment. No appointment necessary. Reserved parking 12 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

Handcrafted Chocolate FROM BEAN TO BAR TO BONBON SNAG A BAR AT Viderichocolatefactor 327 W. Davie St., Sweet 100, Raleigh 919.755.5053


C. Scott Holmes PHOTO BY ALEX BOERNER BELOW Wake County Commissioner Matt Calabria PHOTO BY JEREMY M. LANGE

Best new liberal lion

Best DPD foil

Matt Calabria

C. Scott Holmes

November 2014 was a good month to be a Democrat in Wake County. (Most everywhere else, not so much.) A progressive wave swept the county commission’s conservative majority out of office, ushering in a new generation of liberal leaders—John Burns, Jessica Holmes, Sig Hutchinson, and Matt Calabria—who over the last year and a half have better funded schools and jump-started an all-important transit initiative, just as they promised during the campaign. (Their utter dominance—Dems now hold all seven seats—led Republicans in the legislature to gerrymander the commission districts to help their brethren get elected.) But if we have to single out one for praise, it’s Calabria, an attorney from Fuquay-Varina who has led efforts to raise the wages of the county’s lowest-paid employees and provide protections for its LGBTQ workers. In an era of HB 2, and with the General Assembly peering over their shoulder, there’s only so much local governments can do to move the ball forward. Piece by piece, Calabria and his colleagues are doing it.

I n M a rc h , a n i n d e p e n d e n t st u d y commissioned by the Durham Police Department found what most people in Durham already knew: Durham police pull over black male drivers at a disproportionately high rate. The news was particularly unsurprising to C. Scott Holmes, an attorney and N.C. Central professor who has been studying the DPD independently for several years now. With the help of his law students, Holmes compiled statistics showing that 90 percent of those charged with nonviolent “resist, delay, and obstruct”—sometimes known as “contempt of cop”—in Durham in the last eighteen months were people of color. “People have been suffering on the streets, bleeding, dying in Durham for years, and every step of the way the police have said there’s no problem, everything’s fine,” Holmes said at a press conference following the DPD’s study. He called for more accountability in the department and more action from our elected leaders. If those things ever come, it’ll be due in no small part to Holmes’s dogged efforts.

Best place to get lost in local sci-fi and fantasy


Bull Spec

Best place to take visitors from out of town (Raleigh)

To put it properly, Samuel MontgomeryBlinn is a damn maniac. He’s a dad whose day job with computers we can barely comprehend, yet he still somehow manages to keep the most extensive record of local sci-fi, fantasy, and horror signings, readings, screenings, and publications in his online magazine Bull Spec. Plus, he gets out there, posting flyers so that people will show up to the events. How he does all this remains a mystery, but he’s helped draw attention to some of the most overlooked creative minds in the state, bringing spec-fic fans together in a celebration of the fantastic. Maniac.

N.C. Museum of Art

2110 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh Finalists: N.C. State Farmers Market, N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences, Pullen Park

Best-kept secret

Funny Girl Farm

504 Erwin Road, Durham Finalists: Crude Bitters and Sodas, Flash Chorus, UNC Cypher

Best place to pick up INDY Week

Whole Foods Multiple locations Finalists: Weaver Street Market, Elmo’s Diner, Bean Traders

Sam Montgomery-Blinn PHOTO BY JUSTIN COOK

best of 2016

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Piedmont Wildlife Center says

Sparrow & Sons


for voting for us as The Best Durham Summer Camp! 919.489.0900

We Are Ready to Go....Rain, Sleet or Snow

Family owned and operated since 1941 • Serving the Triangle for nearly 74 years THE SPARROW FAMILY THANKS ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS!

Carrboro & Chapel Hill : 919-942-5171 •

THANKS FOR YOUR VOTE, YOU ROCK! Thank you! | Raleigh

, Durham u o y k n tha ng us a i k a m r fo vorite local fa 7! 9 since 19

Southern Hospitality with a Big City Variety

320 S. Wilmington St., Raleigh, NC 27601 • 919-833-6105

best Breakfast best kid’s menu 776 Ninth Street, Durham y 919.416.3823 y Open DAILY from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm

14 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

Mon-Fri 7-4 • Sat 9-2 (Brunch) Catering, Dine-in, Take-Out

Come see what everybody is talking about!

Best place to smoke weed in public

North Carolina Museum of Art 2110 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh

This will no doubt get us in trouble, but is there a better public place to have your head above the clouds than the North Carolina Museum of Art’s park on a sunny day? There’s a “cloud chamber,” a tiny, round, dark room through which a pinhole in the roof projects an image of the sky above onto the floor. There’s a metal tree, giant earthwork rings, and a bench that works as a microphone. You can stroll the greenways, get lost in the surrounding woods, or stare out at all the joggers and picnicking people from Lowe’s Pavilion. And if all that doesn’t enhance your buzz, just remember that those shrubs and sand pits you see across the lawn are an art installation that spells out “Picture This.” Whoa, dude. You’re the wrong kind of high to see it, exactly the right kind to believe it.

Best local reporter we’d like to see interview Governor McCrory

Laura Leslie, WRAL Due to egomania, anxiety, or an admixture of the two, Pat McCrory tends to do more national press than local press these days, ensuring that he embarrasses us and himself from the biggest platforms possible. When the gov does do local interviews, though, WRAL’s blustery and officious David Crabtree always gets the job. He softballs it, too, as though McCrory and the governor were old golf buddies, sitting down to skirt around the issues of the day. Here’s an idea, Capitol Broadcasting Company: let Laura Leslie do it. The capitol bureau chief is righteously tenacious and wry, sporting the composed kind of fierceness that would make her a perfect sparring partner for the sitting political pawn. Crabtree brings out McCrory’s goofy, creepy grin. Leslie may bring him to genuine confusion and glorious tears. TOP

N.C. Museum of Art RIGHT Pat McCrory PHOTOS BY D.L. ANDERSON

Best group protest

Air Horn Orchestra

6:15 p.m. Wednesdays, outside the Governor’s Mansion In the interest of disclosure: the Air Horn Orchestra—a group that gathers outside the Governor’s Mansion every Wednesday evening to interrupt Pat McCrory’s dinner with the blissfully obnoxious sounds of air horns, trumpets, drums, and God knows what else—is the brainchild of INDY contributor Tina Haver Currin and INDY managing editor Grayson Haver Currin, her husband. So yeah, we’re biased. But between the orchestra and the equally brilliant NC Needs You, a campaign to stop artists from boycotting us, few grassroots efforts have been as successful at focusing the national spotlight on our governor and the in-progress disaster that is HB 2. They’ve garnered media attention in sources ranging from The New York Times to The Washington Post to The Atlantic to NPR to NBC News to local TV and radio stations. And they’ve earned the governor’s ire. “Blowing horns outside of the house here and cussing and swearing is not good dialogue,” McCrory lectured during an appearance before the Chamber in May. You know what’s not “good dialogue,” Pat? Targeting already-marginalized populations— i.e., transgender people—to rile up your base in an election year.

best of 20 16

| | 6.8.16 | 15


16 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 20 16

EAT+DRINK Best barbecue in Wake County

The Pit

328 West Davie Street, Raleigh Finalists: Clyde Cooper’s BBQ, Danny’s BBQ, Ole Time Barbeque

Best bagel


Best biscuits in Durham County

1002 Ninth Street, Durham Finalists: The Bagel Bar, New York Bagel and Deli, Weaver Street Market

Best bakery in Durham County


2706 Durham Chapel Hill Boulevard, Durham Finalists: Loaf, Rise, Scratch Baking

Best biscuits in Wake County

Multiple locations, Finalists: Bread & Butter Bakery & Coffeeshop, The Phoenix Bakery, Sugarland

La Farm Bakery

723 Rigsbee Avenue, Durham Finalists: Geer Street Garden, Harvest 18, Watts Grocery

Best barbecue in Durham County

Best Bloody Mary in Orange/Chatham County

The Original Q Shack

Acme Food & Beverage Co.

2510 University Drive, Durham Finalists: Backyard BBQ Pit, Picnic, The Pit

110 East Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: City Tap, LaPlace Louisiana Cookery, Venable Bistro

Best barbecue in Orange/ Chatham County

Best Bloody Mary in Wake County

Allen & Son BBQ

The Raleigh Times

6203 Millhouse Road, Chapel Hill Finalists: Acme Food & Beverage Co., Hillsborough BBQ Company, The Pig


Multiple locations, Finalists: Beasley’s Chicken + Honey, Flying Biscuit Café, Jubala Coffee


4248 Northwest Cary Parkway, Cary Finalists: Boulted Bread, lucettegrace, Yellow Dog Bread Company



Best Bloody Mary in Durham County

Best bakery in Wake County


Best biscuits in Orange/ Chatham County

1305 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Neal’s Deli, Rise, Time-Out

Weaver Street Market


Multiple locations, Finalists: Monuts, Pie Pushers, Scratch Baking

Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen

Best bakery in Orange/ Chatham County



14 East Hargett Street, Raleigh Finalists: Flying Biscuit Café, Jose and Sons, NoFo at the Pig



best of 2016





| | 6.8.16 | 17

Guru Guitars The Humble Home of Tone Thanks for Voting Us Best Of the Triangle!




Best bread in Durham County


2706 Durham Chapel Hill Boulevard, Durham Finalists: The French Corner Bakery, Loaf, Ninth Street Bakery






Best bread in Orange/ Chatham County

Weaver Street Market

Multiple locations, Finalists: Bread & Butter Bakery & Coffeeshop, Chicken Bridge Bakery, Great Harvest Bread Company

Mecca Restaurant PHOTO BY ABBY NARDO

Guitar Repair • Customization Restoration Guitar Lessons Vintage/Used Guitars & Amps Strings & Accessories 5221 Hillsborough St. Raleigh, NC (919) 833-6607


Thank you for making us the Best! Central Dermatology Center offers state-of-the-art skin care services in a caring and warm environment. Led by Dr. Beth Goldstein, our highly trained team of board-certified physicians use the latest technological advances in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology to provide comprehensive, personalized care for your skin including: • Individualized treatment plans for a variety of skin conditions • Total body skin examinations • Skin Cancer treatment including Mohs Surgery • Cosmetic services including lasers, fillers and much more • Additional locations in Cary & Sanford to conveniently meet your needs Call for your appointment today! 2238 Nelson Highway Chapel Hill, NC 27517 (919) 401-1994 18 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

Best power-broker dining spot in Raleigh

Best power broker dining spot in Durham

Mecca Restaurant

Beyú Caffé

Mecca, of course, is a venerable Raleigh institution; at eighty-six, it’s by far the oldest restaurant in downtown Raleigh, and one of the few places seemingly untouched by downtown’s steel-and-glass revitalization. And, if you’re in Raleigh’s political scene, there’s a good chance you have lunch there on the reg. Current and former elected officials, aides, operatives, city officials, journalists, big-shot lawyers (Mecca is across the street from the 301 Fayetteville building, which houses powerhouse law firm Parker Poe), and PR folks—they’re all there, stuffed into the too-small booths, eating fish sandwiches and burgers and plotting the future of the state and city.

Coffee, brunch, lunch, cocktails, dinner, live music: Beyú Caffé supplies so many of life’s joys. Its diverse offerings make for a diverse clientele. Without fail, Beyú is the best place in town to watch the city’s movers and shakers moving and shaking: a county commissioner glad-handing the room; two techies scheming on a new idea; a jazz musician dispensing with scheduling and social-media chores on a laptop; a journalist picking the brain of a bureaucrat. Beyú recently moved two doors down from its old home, but we’ve seen little evidence that its new space is any less of a magnet for Durham influencers. And given that it now owns its building, chances are it will continue to be a vital civic hub for many years to come.

13 East Martin Street, Raleigh (919) 832-5714

341 West Main Street, Durham (919) 683-1058




Mateo Bar de Tapas PHOTO BY D.L. ANDERSON

Mecca Restaurant PHOTO BY ABBY NARDO


Best restaurant bread service

Pan con tomate at Mateo Bar de Tapas 109 West Chapel Hill Street, Durham (919) 530-8700

Few restaurants in downtown Durham s, dinner,are consistently doing it better than Mato many ofthew Kelly’s Mateo, a higher-end spot that make for ainfuses Spanish tapas with Southern charm, eyú is thea place where you can get a delectable stalk of ity’s mov-roasted cauliflower for a $20 meal—or, when g: a coun-it’s on the ever-changing chalkboard menu, he room;a succulent $50 lobster. But if you want to dea; a jazzgo cheaper, you really can’t go wrong with uling andMateo’s pan con tomate. For just six bucks— a journal-four if you get the small, but you don’t want to crat. Beyúdo that—you’ll get warm Italian-style bread om its oldimported from Toast, smeared with tomace that itstoes that have been crushed into an uneven r Durhampaste and bathed in olive oil and salt. If you w owns itswant to add on, you can top all of this with ue to be aa first-rate manchego, ham, or anchovies. me. But you really needn’t bother. The bread— infused but not soaked in the oil and tomato—does the heavy lifting.


Deadline: June 15th Publication Date: July 27th Contact your rep or

READERS poll Best bread in Wake County

La Farm Bakery

4248 Northwest Cary Parkkway, Cary Finalists: Boulted Bread, Great Harvest Bread Company, Yellow Dog Bread Company

Best breakfast in Durham County

Elmo’s Diner 776 9th Street, Durham Finalists: Monuts, Rise, Scratch Baking

Best breakfast in Orange/ Chatham County

Elmo’s Diner

200 North Greensboro Street, Carrboro Finalists: Acme Food & Beverage Co., Breadmen’s, Neal’s Deli

Carrboro Plumbing is a locally owned, full service plumbing company. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: It is always guaranteed!

919-408-9407 best of 20 16

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Summer is here and the Real Estate market is HOT!

Call Ty Flynn

Broker/Realtor for your real estate needs! Voted one of the Triangle’s best! (919) 987-4683





Best breakfast in Wake County

Big Ed’s City Market Restaurant

220 Wolfe Street, Raleigh Finalists: Brigs Restaurant, Joule Coffee & Table, La Farm Bakery

Best brewery in Durham County

Thanks for your support! Shoppes of Kildaire 1357 Kildaire Farm Rd. Cary • (919) 377-2700

Fullsteam Brewery

726 Rigsbee Avenue, Durham Finalists: Bull City Burger and Brewery, Ponysaurus Brewing Co., Triangle Brewing Co.

Best brewery in Orange/ Chatham County

Mystery Brewing

437 Dimmocks Mill Road, Hillsborough Finalists: Carolina Brewery, Steel String Brewery, YesterYears Brewery

Best brewery in Wake County

Trophy Brewing

827 West Morgan Street, Raleigh Finalists: Big Boss Brewing Company, Crank Arm Brewing Company, Raleigh Brewing Company

Best burger in Durham County

Bull City Burger and Brewery 107 East Parrish Street, Durham Finalists: Dain’s Place, Only Burger, Town Hall Burger and Beer

Best burger in Orange/Chatham County

Al’s Burger Shack

516 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Buns, Linda’s Bar and Grill, The Wooden Nickel

Best burger in Wake County


237 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh Finalists: MoJoe’s Burger Joint, Players’ Retreat, Tribeca Tavern

20 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 20 16






Best burrito in Durham County

Cosmic Cantina

1920 Perry Street, Durham Finalists: Chubby’s Tacos, NanaTaco, Taqueria la Vaquita

Best burrito in Orange/ Chatham County


711 West Rosemary Street, Carrboro Finalists: The Colorado Burrito, Cosmic Cantina, Fiesta Grill

Best burrito in Wake County

Gonza Tacos Y Tequila

Multiple locations, Finalists: Baja Burrito, Chubby’s Tacos, Salsa Fresh

Best Caribbean or Cuban

Old Havana Sandwich Shop

310 East Main Street, Durham Finalists: Carmen’s Cuban Café, Cuban Revolution, Jamaica Jamaica

Best chef in Durham County

Matt Kelly (Mateo Bar de Tapas, Vin Rouge)

109 West Chapel Hill Street, Durham;

2010 Hillsborough Road, Durham

Finalists: Aaron Benjamin (Gocciolina), Scott Howell (Nana’s), Amy Tornquist (Watts Grocery)

Best chef in Orange/ Chatham County

Andrea Reusing (Lantern)

423 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Vimala Rajendran (Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe), Bill Smith (Crook’s Corner), Aaron Vandemark (Panciuto)

Art: • Food Trucks:

R n oo m e e r G


Serving Durham for a long-ass time!

Many thanks to all who make what we do possible! 1108 Broad Street at Club Blvd. 919.286.2359

WOW! Thanks for TEN YEARS of votes! July 16, 11am PUPPET SHOW: Caterpillar & Butterfly @ Flyleaf Books EWS Now Offering Extended Day Early Childhood Programs til 5:30 AND 3-day and 5-day Nursery Options. Tour today!


304 W. Weaver Street, Carrboro • 929.3552 •

New Location • Now in Carrboro! best of 20 16

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3915 BERYL RD, RALEIGH, NC 27607 919-572-2870 MON-SAT 10AM-6PM • SUN NOON-6 PM 22 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

R Best chef in Wake County

Ashley Christensen (Poole’s, Death & Taxes, etc.)




Best Chinese restaurant in Wake County

David’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar Finalists: Scott Crawford (Standard Foods), Cheetie Kumar (Garland), Regan Stachler (Little Hen)

1900 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh Finalists: Beansprout Chinese Restaurant, Peace China, Red Dragon

Best Chinese restaurant in Durham County

Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop

Happy China

2505 Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard, Durham Finalists: Hong Kong, Neo-China, Shanghai

Best Chinese restaurant in Orange/Chatham County

Gourmet Kingdom

301 East Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: Hunam, Jade Palace, Red Lotus


Best chocolate in Durham County

121 North Gregson Street, Durham Finalists: Cocoa Cinnamon, Miel Bon Bons, Parker & Otis

Best chocolate in Orange/ Chatham County

Southern Season

201 South Estes Drive, Chapel Hill Finalists: Chapel Hill Toffee, Chocolatay Confections, Matthew’s Chocolates






Best chocolate in Wake County

Best coffee shop in Wake County

Videri Chocolate

Cup A Joe

327 West Davie Street, Raleigh Finalists: Escazu Artisan Chocolates, lucettegrace, Chocolate Smiles

Multiple locations, Finalists: BREW, Joule Coffee & Table, Sola Coffee Cafe

Best coffee shop in Durham County

Best cupcake in Durham County

Cocoa Cinnamon

Mad Hatter Bakeshop & Cafe

420 West Geer Street, Durham Finalists: Joe Van Gogh, Beyù Caffè, Respite Cafe

1802 West Main Street, Durham Finalists: The Cupcake Bar, Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop, Smallcakes

Best coffee shop in Orange/ Chatham County

Best cupcake in Orange/ Chatham County

Caffé Driade


1215 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Cup A Joe, Looking Glass Café, Open Eye Cafe

140 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Cafe Carolina & Bakery, Kelley G Cupcakes, Phoenix Bakery

Best cupcake in Wake County

Gigi’s Cupcakes

1028 Oberlin Road, Raleigh Finalists: The Cupcake Shoppe, Smallcakes, Sugarland

Best place to live out your Drunktown fantasies

Best place to get drunk with your dog

Ruby Deluxe

Tasty Beverage Company

414 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh They said there were too many bars in downtown Raleigh, that Sodom had shifted from the safe zone of Glenwood Avenue to the more commercially essential Fayetteville Street. Too much vomit in the street, they said, too much racket filtering into the high-rise condos and apartments above. So, a crew from Slim’s—the blessed cockroach of Raleigh bars, built to outlast any apocalypse—did the only thing they knew how to do: they opened another bar on Fayetteville Street. Ruby Deluxe is the dive bar Raleigh has been missing since the Jackpot fell to development, the fancier but no less fun kin of Slim’s. The low ceilings and intense paint, garish lights and modest menu speak to cheap, great parties that last for an entire weekend. They host improvisational music nights, LGBTQ dance parties, and metal DJ sets, all in service of a good time. And after HB 2’s passage, the staff banned Republicans, Nazis, and the aliens from Independence Day from its restrooms. Ruby Deluxe for City Council!

327 West Davie Street, # 106, Raleigh (919) 828-2789

Green Room

Best case for an exception to the smoking ban

Green Room

1108 Broad Street, Durham (919) 286-2359 An aging paper sign taped to the wall inside the Green Room, Durham’s venerable pool hall—featured, of course, in Bull Durham—reminds patrons that, as of July 1, 2009, smoking will no longer be permitted inside. Seven years on, this is an absolute shame.


We’re by no means endorsing smoking—a terrible, deadly plague peddled on the masses by rapacious corporations—or calling for the ban’s repeal, which has done enormous good for North Carolina’s public health. But every rule needs an exception. And no place cries out to be an exception quite like the Green Room, the divey institution where decades of cigarette smoke still seem to linger on the walls. It’s the kind of place that demands a cold beer in one hand (the Green Room has a superior beer selection) and a cig in the other. It feels wrong to play pool any other way.

Tasty, located down the way from Jose & Sons in Raleigh’s Warehouse District, has a fairly terrific bottle selection, especially its collection of first-rate and hardto-find sours. If you’re in the neighborhood, you might pop by to pick up a sixer for the night. You might also stop at the little bar in the back to see what new and interesting concoctions they’ve got on tap. And if you’re lucky, you might find one or two—or, on busier nights, four or five—adorable doggies wandering about, sniffing, licking, snagging whatever chips or crumbs find their way to the floor, and being generally adorable. Which is enough to make your happy hour just a little happier.

best of 2016

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804 W. Peace St. • Raleigh • 834-7070

“We carry all Clove & International Cigarettes”



Put a little south in your mouth.

Down-home style traditional country cooking. Made from scratch desserts, fresh vegetables and meats seasoned just like Grandma’s.

Women’s Health Alliance Chapel Hill Obstetrics and Gynecology

Thank you for voting for us as Best Women’s Health Practice for the third year in a row! Melinda Everett, WHCNP thanks you for your vote for Best Women’s Health Practitioner for the third year in a row!

Take home family meals • Catering Mon-Sat 8-9:30 • Sun 8-9 • Sat/Sun B r unch until 1pm

408 W. Rosemar y St., Chapel Hill, NC 919.942.5837 • W W W . M A M A D I P S . C O M

THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES! 24 | 6.8.16 | |

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Our certified nurse midwives thank you too!

120 Conner Drive • Chapel Hill 919-942-8571 •

Living foods packed with the “FLAVA” that keeps you wanting more! CATERING • FOOD DEMONSTRATIONS BRUNCHES • HEALTH & WELLNESS SEMINARS

Best place to get excited about bread

Boulted Bread

614 West South Street, Raleigh (919) 999-3984

Best place to get strange beer for cheap

Boxcar Bar + Arcade

330 West Davie Street, Raleigh (919) 803-2796 Kick-the-keg specials—in which the surviving remnants of a certain draft beer are offered at a discount in order to make room for another round, much like an end-of-season sale at a clothing store—usually aren’t all that special. But how about a kick-the-keg with interesting beer and free air hockey? Raleigh’s Boxcar has an aggressive craft beer selection, with surprising sours and seasonals tucked into a thoughtful stock of IPAs, lagers, and the like. On Monday nights, many of the most curious selections go for $3 a pint—the same night of a free weekly air hockey tournament that brings in some rather competitive

Dog Stylists


The crew at Raleigh’s Boulted Bread represents neither the oldest, most experienced, nor most lauded bakery in the Triangle. No James Beard nominations or massive distribution chains to speak of here, just a small space on a shabby strip on South Street. But every time you visit, it’s hard not to leave well fed and totally excited about the possibilities of yeast, flour, water, and air. Maybe it’s the smells that waft through the closed doors, or the stone mill kept on display in a small room with big windows, like a prized possession. Maybe it’s the constantly evolving pastries, some of which seem to spin like pinwheels or wrap around themselves like a cobra, or the loaves that can incorporate grits or smoke. Boulted is one of the most aspirational upstarts in the Triangle, boasting an enviable level of execution that makes you want to work there, at least temporarily, and eat more bread forevermore.

4125 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd. • Durham 919-960-1832 •

players. And the more you drink, the more you help the crowd on Tuesday night, when all taps go for $3; if you get the dregs on the old kegs, they get dibs on the new stuff.

Best Sunday morning traffic jam

Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen

1305 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill (919) 933-1324 Of course you’re willing to wait in line for Sunrise’s biscuits—buttery, oversize, homemade, packed with cheese and eggs and sausage or whatever you desire, the perfect cure for a Sunday morning hangover. Trouble is, because Sunrise is a drive-thru, waiting in line means having your car idling in the right lane on East Franklin for five, ten, fifteen minutes, while those foolish enough to not be going to Sunrise pass you on the left. Which can be an unnerving experience. But not unnerving enough to keep us away.

From Pets to Champions

Best downtown Durham standby

Ninth Street Bakery

136 East Chapel Hill Street, Durham (919) 286-0303 It’s easy to complain about runaway real estate costs in Durham and meals that cannot be bought for less than $20. But it’s even easier, and much more satisfying, to call in an order to Ninth Street Bakery, an anchor of downtown Durham since the early nineties—when the very idea of having an anchor in downtown Durham seemed like a sad joke. Ninth Street is a production bakery, yes, shipping loaves of three-seed or seven-grain across much of the state most every day. But the options in its storefront cafe constitute one of downtown’s most overlooked treasures. By morning, you can have a perfectly savory Asiago scone or an indulgent blueberry cream cheese Danish; by lunch, sandwiches, salads, and specials that shift from curries to potato-topped pizzas get you in and out of the door fast and for close to nothing. Linger a bit: Ari Berenbaum, a former employee who has owned the spot since 2013, always has primo soul or dub cranking from the corner speakers.


Certified Master Groomer

3207 Old Chapel Hill Rd Durham 919-489-9364

best of 2016

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Authentic Mexican Restaurant DINE IN • TAKE-OUT • CATERING

SUPPORT THE GOATHOUSE CAT REFUGE A nonprofit, no-kill, cage-free sanctuary


919-928-9002 Beer & Wine • Lunch Specials Tues-Sat: 11-9 • Sun 11-8 3307 Hwy 54 (5.3 miles west of Carrboro Plaza)





You’re invited to a Garden Brunch

A festive, multi-course Italian meal with wine pairings and live music

Love ? y d n i e h t

e Support th businesses rt who suppo us...

S hop local! 26 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 20 16

SATURDAY, JUNE 11 AT 12 PM The Goathouse Refuge, 680 Alton Alston Road, Pittsboro, NC Tickets: $80. All proceeds benefit the cats and kittens at The Goathouse Refuge To purchase, visit or call 919-542-6815




Visit the kitties or contact us about volunteer opportunities.

The Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

Donate online or bring in gifts of food, beds, blankets or towels.

VISITING HOURS ARE 12-3 PM, 365 DAYS PER YEAR 680 Alton Alston Road, Pittsboro, NC 27312 919.542.6815







8200 Renaissance Parkway, Durham Finalists: Baker’s Dozen Donuts, Duck Donuts, Monuts

Best draft beer selection in Durham County

Sam’s Bottle Shop

Best deli in Wake County

Best draft beer selection in Wake County

Best desserts in Durham County

Raleigh Beer Garden

The Parlour

117 Market Street, Durham Finalists: Guglhupf, Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop, Scratch Baking

Best desserts in Orange/ Chatham County

Just ’cause you’re struggling doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. A few minutes of scrounging for change in your couch cushions should yield enough to snag a delicious sugary treat from one of several Pelican’s SnoBalls locations in the Triangle: shaved ice flavors like cherry, grape, or lime, or something a little stranger, like wedding cake, pink champagne, or dill pickle. Even a massive SnoBall will run you less than five bucks, making Pelican’s a quick, cheap sweet-tooth satisfier.

614 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh Finalists: Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, Busy Bee Cafe, BottleMixx

Best food truck

Chirba Chirba Dumpling


A former industrial park off Highway 64 in the not-so-sleepy Pittsboro that now houses Piedmont Biofuels and a bunch of other earthy businesses may not be where you’d expect to find one of the Triangle’s most exciting booze scenes. But here it is: Fair Game Beverage, a premier wine and spirits maker, and Chatham Cider Works already call The Plant home. Next year, so will Starrlight Mead. And as Pittsboro’s growth hits the accelerator, who knows how many more liquid merrymakers will join them.

Best draft beer selection in Orange/Chatham County 106 North Graham Street, Chapel Hill Finalists:Tyler’s, Wooden Nickel Pub, Mystery Brewing

3817 Beryl Road, Raleigh Finalists: Manhattan Cafe, New York Bagel and Deli, The Village Deli

220 Lorax Lane, Pittsboro

1112 N.C.-54, Durham Finalists: Tyler’s, Growler Grlz, The Glass Jug

Beer Study


Multiple locations,


2694 Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard, Durham Finalists: Durham Co-op Market, Parker & Otis, Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop

410 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Bona Fide Sandwich Co., Neal’s Deli, TRU

The Plant



Mediterranean Deli

Pelican’s SnoBalls


Best donut

Best deli in Orange/ Chatham County

Best broke sweet treat


Best deli in Durham County

Foster’s Market

Best beverage district you’ve never heard of

S Finalists: American Meltdown, Pie Pushers, KoKyu

140 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Chocolatay Confections, LaPlace Louisiana Cookery, Matthew’s Chocolates

Best French restaurant

Best desserts in Wake County

Vin Rouge

235 South Salisbury Street, Raleigh Finalists: Hayes Barton Cafe, Bittersweet, Smallcakes

Best fries in Durham County


Best distillery in the Triangle

Durham Distillery

711 Washington Street, Durham Finalists: TOPO Organic Spirits, The Brothers Vilgalys, Fair Game Beverage Co.

2010 Hillsborough Road, Durham Finalists: Coquette Brasserie, Provence, Rue Cler

Bull City Burger and Brewery

107 East Parrish Street, Durham Finalists: Bull McCabe’s, The Federal, Geer Street Garden

best of 2016

| | 6.8.16 | 27


Best fries in Orange/ Chatham County

Best hot dog


Al’s Burger Shack

Multiple locations, Finalists: King’s Sandwich Shop, The Roast Grill, Tasty 8’s

516 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Linda’s Bar and Grill, Spotted Dog, Tyler’s

Best Indian restaurant

Best fries in Wake County

Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe


237 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh Finalists: Capital Club 16, Carolina Ale House, Kings North Hills

431 West Franklin Street, #415, Chapel Hill Finalists: Cholanad, Mint, Sitar

Best frozen treats

Best Irish pub

Maple View Farm

Bull McCabe’s

3109 Dairyland Road, Hillsborough Finalists: Locopops, The Parlour, Yogurt Pump

427 West Main Street, Durham Finalists: Hibernian Irish Pub & Restaurant, James Joyce, Trali

Best Greek restaurant

Best Italian restaurant in Durham County

Mediterranean Deli


410 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Kipos, Spartacus Restaurant, Taverna Agora

3314 Guess Road, Durham Finalists: The Boot, Lucia, Pulcinella’s Italina Restaurant

Best guacamole

Gonza Tacos Y Tequila

Best Italian restaurant in Orange/Chatham County

Multiple locations, Finalists: Carrburritos, Dos Perros, Guasaca

411 West Italian Cafe 411 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Antonia’s, Il Palio, Panciuto

Best place to eat with your hands

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant 2109 Avent Ferry Road, #146, Raleigh (919) 664-8151

East Africans have a tradition called gursha, a show of friendship by feeding someone else with your own hands. At the low-key Abyssinia, feeding yourself with your own hands is just as gratifying, though it’s more fun to break injera—the spongy, flour-based bread that resembles a giant pancake and is served with each dish—with a friend. Abys-

28 | 6.8.16 | |

sinia has options for meat eaters and vegetarians alike, and anything that goes in your mouth you’ll scoop up with injera. Entrées are cooked with Ethiopian seasonings like berbere, made from chili peppers and garlic, and niter kibbeh, which is clarified butter seasoned with up to thirty spices. Kibbeh is what gives many of the dishes their rich, delicately spicy flavors. Take small bites, but arrive hungry; this is food that demands to be savored.

best of 2016

Best place to watch the sunset

On a rocking chair, eating Carolina Crunch ice cream, at Maple View Farm 3109 Dairyland Road, Hillsborough (919) 933-3600 Since 2001, Maple View Farm, out in the countryside south of Hillsborough, has sold homemade “cow-to-cone” ice cream out of a store on its property. As tasty as its treats are, they’re arguably secondary to the other prod-

uct the farm is peddling: pure bucolic charm. In this, it has few peers in the Triangle. If you can’t find a seat on one of the couple-dozen rocking chairs that line the ice cream shop’s wraparound porch, there are picnic tables on the hill; both offer stunning, westward views of North Carolina pastureland. If we were more adult, we would order the seasonal flavors of ice cream—blueberry or blackberry in the summer, North Carolina sweet potato in the fall, eggnog come Christmastime. But we can’t help ourselves: the Carolina Crunch (vanilla ice cream, Butterfinger and Heath bits, caramel swirl) is simply too good. We order it in a waffle cone and time our trip so that it can be enjoyed as the sun falls out of the sky. Then we rock on the porch a little while longer and drive home, belly full, soul full.


Thank you to everyone who voted!

Mark Cagle, DVM

Providing the progressive, quality and individualized care that each pet family member deserves

1012 Broad St., Durham • 919.908.6744

Gregory A. Fisher, M.D., FAAP Charles W. Lallier, M.D., FAAP Vivian O. Makar, M.D., FAAP Maxine L. Murray, M.D., FAAP Stephanie S. Rand, M.D., FAAP Robert B. Stifler, M.D., FAAP Kyne M. Wang, M.D., FAAP And joining Regional Pediatrics in August, Jessica Schwartz, M.D.

Now accepting new patients!

919-447-2202 • 4022 Freedom Lake Dr, Durham 919-544-2049 • 5315 Highgate Drive Ste 101, Durham

best of 2016

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Q: What do you do with one of these? A: Get in the BEST shape of your life!

While online, sign up for a FREE Special Report “The Top 5 Lies About Weight Loss”

In honor of Best of the Triangle 2016, all former or potential new clients who mention this ad, will receive a 20% discount when they sign up for membership including a Free Jump Start!

Unparalleled, EXPERT instruction in Durham and Chapel Hill! Call or See Our Website for Details!

4125 Chapel Hill Blvd. • Durham • 919-403-8651










Best Italian restaurant in Wake County

Best Japanese restaurant in Durham County

3121 Edwards Mill Road, Raleigh Finalists: Daniel’s Restaurant & Catering, Gravy Italian-American Kitchen, Piccolo Italia

415 East Chapel Hill Street, Durham Finalists: Basan Bull City Sushi, Shiki Sushi, Yamazushi

Bella Monica


Thanks for your votes year after year!

Thanks for voting for us as Best Law Practice in the Triangle! PHOTO BY ALEX BOERNER

919-401-0062 111 Cloister Court Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Breakfast All Day! 324 W. Rosemary Street

30 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

Best place to meet a ghost

Best local tempeh

Death and Taxes

Tempeh Girl

Before Death and Taxes was a James Beard Award semifinalist—OK, way before—the nearly century-old building that now houses the Ashley Christiensen joint served as a funeral home and later as a bank. Somewhere along the way, it earned the distinction from the Triangle Paranormal Society as the most haunted building in Raleigh, maybe after one of the group’s representatives supposedly entered the space and promptly fainted from the energy. People reported hearing mysterious footsteps and voices while the building was being restored—including a contractor’s young daughter and the nice man she met, who was only visible to her—and there are still plenty of creepy components, including a basement bank vault and a sketchy elevator. And if you don’t happen to meet a ghost at Death and Taxes, you can still feast on some of the best food around. It’s a win-win, you see.

Tempeh, with its fungal, nutty density, is the most satisfying of vegetarian proteins— less alien than tofu, less gluten-mad than seitan. The delicious cakes of fermented soybeans go great in tacos, salads, eggs, and, of course, Southeast Asian dishes—pretty much anything. Even if you didn’t realize it at the time, you’ve probably enjoyed the traditional Indonesian-style tempeh artisan Beth May makes in Hillsborough with her company Tempeh Girl, using soybeans grown in Rocky Mount. She also supplies many co-op groceries in the Triangle with a sustainable homegrown staple.

105 West Hargett Street, Raleigh (984) 242-0218

(919) 265-8497


Thanks for voting for Sitar for Best Indian food again!

LIVE SITAR AND TABLA EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY Ask about our elegant private dining hall for any occasion!

3630 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd., Durham 490-1326,

Lamb • Seafood • Dieters & Vegetarian Specials • Lunch Buffet 7 Days a Week • Dinner Buffet Fri. & Sat.

Best Japanese restaurant in Orange/Chatham County

Best late-night meal in Durham County

206 West Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: Japan Express, Kurama, Oishii

723 Rigsbee Avenue, Suite A, Durham Finalists: Cosmic Cantina, Dashi, Heavenly Buffaloes

Akai Hana

Best Japanese restaurant in Wake County


5910 Duraleigh Road, Raleigh Finalists: Ajisai Japanese Fusion, Kanki, Sono

Best kid-friendly restaurant in Durham County

Bull City Burger and Brewery

107 East Parrish Street, Durham Finalists: Elmo’s Diner, Pompieri Pizza, Geer Street Garden

Motorco/Parts & Labor

Best late-night meal in Orange/ Chatham County

The Wooden Nickel

105 North Churton Street, Hillsborough Finalists: Cosmic Cantina, Linda’s Bar and Grill, Time-Out

Best late-night meal in Wake County

The Raleigh Times 14 East Hargett Street, Raleigh Finalists: Capital Club 16, Mecca, MoJoe’s Burger Joint

Best kid-friendly restaurant in Orange/Chatham County

Best Latin American restaurant in Durham County

200 North Greensboro Street, Carrboro Finalists: Carolina Ale House, Radius Pizzeria, The Shoppe Bar & Meatball Kitchen

200 North Mangum Street, Durham Finalists: Blue Corn Cafe, Luna Rotisserie & Empanadas, Mesa Latin Kitchen

Elmo’s Diner

Best kid-friendly restaurant in Wake County

Carolina Ale House

Multiple locations, Finalists: Chow, Kings North Hills, Sassool


Dos Perros

Best Latin American restaurant in Orange/Chatham County

Fiesta Grill

3307 N.C-54 West, Chapel Hill Finalists: Calavera Empanada & Tequila Bar, El Restaurante Ixtapa, Lucha Tigre

pumped to be best of’ in durham real estate for 8 years running! Thanks everybody!!! 919.237.3701 best of 2016

| | 6.8.16 | 31

TS! N E I L C R U WE LOVE O g us n i t o v r o f u o Thank y ! E L G N A I R T E BEST OF TH

Ninth Street Dance

Dance is for Every Body!

Thank you for supporting this local Mom & Pop shop! Keep it local, y’all. 905 W. Main St Suite F In Historic Bright Leaf Square, Durham

Dance and movement classes for people of all shapes and sizes.

CLASSES INCLUDE: Ballet • Modern Jazz • Lyrical • Tap • Hip-Hop Break Dance • African Belly Dance • Bhangra Swing • Salsa • Pilates Tango and more!

1920½ Perry Street, Durham 919-286-6011

Thanks for your Votes! Burritos-Tacos-Nachos-Housemade Salsa-Margaritas! 711 W Rosemary St • Carrboro • • 919.933.8226 32 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 20 16

7440 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh (919) 758-8557 •

The Pit Authertic Barbeque PHOTO BY JEREMY M. LANGE

READERS poll Best Latin American restaurant in Wake County

Alpaca Peruvian Chicken (formerly Mami Nora’s)

Multiple locations, Finalists: Centro, Guasaca, Oakwood Cafe

Best Mediterranean

Mediterranean Deli

410 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Neomonde, Sassool, Sitti

Best Mexican restaurant in Durham County


2512 University Drive, Durham Finalists: Dos Perros, Gonza Tacos Y Tequila, Taqueria la Vaquita

Best secret vegetarian junk food

Best place to eat cheese fries for dinner

Best cocktail with peanuts in it

Best free happy hour

The Pit Authentic Barbecue

Spotted Dog

Captain Howard’s, Foundation

621 Broad Street, Durham (919) 286-2290

One of the things it’s easiest to miss as a vegetarian is disgusting fried bar food, but the veggie-friendly Carrboro mainstay Spotted Dog has you covered on that. Not only do its beer-battered shoestring fries, a husky ochre in color and taste, come covered in a perfectly unwholesome mound of melted cheddar cheese, but they’re also dolloped with sour cream, scallions, and—the crucial ingredient—soy bacon bits. Of course, you’ll apply ketchup liberally. You can eat like you’re in college again without breaking your dietary vows and feel only a little gross afterward. Pair it with the potato soup to find out if a person can actually turn into a potato.

On a summer day, few things are more refreshing than throwing some peanuts in a glass of Coke. (No, really, this is a thing.) Raleigh’s Foundation, on Fayetteville Street, offers its own boozy twist on that with the Captain Howard’s, a cocktail with bourbon, cola syrup, lime, and a handful of peanuts, all served in a Collins glass. It’s not always on the menu, but order it anyway and tip your bartenders extra, because damn is it delicious. A perfect, uniquely Southern drink at one of Raleigh’s best cocktail bars.

321 West Geer Street, Durham, and 328 West Davie Street, Raleigh (919) 282-3748 and (919) 890-4500 and Maybe you’ve spent a hot summer day in the garden or on a long bike ride or run. Your clothes are soaked, skin red, and stomach an abyss of emptiness. You desire the fattening gluttony of junk food. If you’re a vegetarian, you may be surprised to hear that you should try The Pit, the relatively high-end barbecue joint with twin locations in Raleigh and Durham. If you don’t eat meat, there’s an off-menu meatless meal that’s better than their veggie burger and that too few seem to know of. Order “The Pit Bacon Cheeseburger” and have them replace the brisket patty with their “Veggie ’cue,” which is Delight Soy nuggets grilled in a smoky, sweet sauce. Swap the bacon for whatever you like, really—more pimento cheese, perhaps, or onion rings or even fried green tomatoes. When it arrives, its size may be embarrassing, its calories arguably life-threatening. But you wanted junk food, right?

111 East Main Street, Carrboro (919) 933-1117

Whole Foods on Friday

213 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh (919) 896-6016

We used to know a guy whose job basically consisted of giving out free pastry samples at Costco. We asked him one time if people ever took too many of the samples. He said no way: the more product he gave away, the better. This is information to be acted upon, and we do so when we visit Whole Foods on Fridays after work. Sure, we sometimes pick up groceries, but really we’re there for the free stuff. There is wine to be sampled. There is cheese to be chewed. Sometimes there are tiny cups of healthy-seeming juices. And remember, this ain’t Sam’s Club: Whole Foods carries the good stuff! The people-watching is topnotch, too, like an art opening sans art: older men with eccentric eyewear, young mothers in yoga pants, bearded dudes browsing craft beer, Duke sorority girls at the salad bar. Go ahead, ask for another pour of that Malbec. It tastes better when you release yourself from the guilt of not buying it.

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BLUE SKIES of Mapleview


THANK YOU to all our customers!


Best place to make appetizers a meal

Best bar you don’t go to (and please don’t start)


106 Main

T h e m enu at Gocciolina, the Italian restaurant tucked in a random shopping center on Guess Road, is more sensible than the rhapsodic visions it summons: imaginary Italian relatives feeding you little spoonfuls of spicy chickpeas and tossing bites of crispy eggplant into your mouth, chased with a swig of Barolo, while a scratchy record plays Luigi Tenco. In an unselfconsciously boring location, a respite from the aggressive hipness of downtown, the restaurant seems to have addressed the small-plate trend by making all of its plates kind of small, even the entrées. The best deals are the antipasti, with prices that decrease the more you buy. If you like the sensory delirium of lots of tastes and textures, and the social atmosphere fostered by sharing food, Gocciolina is a great place to do it while appeasing guests who would prefer a whole lamb chop to themselves. Or, you can meet in the middle with a reasonable portion of pasta and a bunch of bites that feel nourishing and decadent at once.

If you want to run into people, there’s always Surf Club, Motorco, Criterion, Alley Twenty Six, Bull McCabe’s, the Federal, or basically any other bar in Durham. The cool thing about 106 Main is that it’s a nice place to go downtown where no one really goes. Instead of a trendy scrum, it invites a transient-seeming crowd of Durhamites (without ever seeming crowded) to revolve through its spacious spread of pleasantly dim lamps, dark leather couches, tables, and TVs. The vibe is vague, somewhere between lounge and sports pub, with just a whiff of the airport bar. It’s comfortingly low-key, a place you can take a big group after an event, drink alone in peace, or meet someone you don’t know. And you’ll never be lonely: owner Mike Bourquin mixes good, reasonably priced cocktails with a healthy pour and a warm, open presence.

3314 Guess Road, Durham (919) 973-4089

For the For Smile the Smile For the Smile Of a Lifetime... Of a Lifetime... Of a Lifetime... Best barbecue

for vegetarians Call today for The Fiction Kitchen Call today for an appointment! Call for today for an appointment! Call today an appointment! an(919)489-1543 appointment! (919)489-1543 (919)489-1543 (919)489-1543

428 South Dawson Street, Raleigh (919) 831-4177

Eastern North Carolina native Caroline Morrison spent years trying to replicate the barbecued pork of her youth without using meat. After experimenting with different techniques and textures, proteins and plants, Morrison began slowly smoking Delight Soy nuggets (made in Morrisville) and then ripping them apart, much as you might with a hog. And it is perfect, with a chew and W. Woodcroft Pkwy, John R. Christensen DDS, MS, MS Felicia V. Swinney DMD, MS TOP urham, NC 27713 Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry bite that bring to mind the glory of Parker’s or Bill’s, Skylight Inn or Sam Jones. In recent years, a number of vegetarian barbecroft Pkwy, John R. Christensen DDS, MS, MS Felicia V. Swinney DMD, MS TOP 121 W. Woodcroft Pkwy, TOP R. ChristensenPediatric DDS, MS, MS Felicia V. Swinney MS have emerged in the Triangle, DENTISTS cueDMD, options C 27713 Pediatric DentistryJohn & Orthodontics Dentistry DENTISTS Durham, NC 27713 Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry from Luna’s rich jackfruit to The Pit’s childlike nuggets. But nothing tops Morrison’s inspired re-creation, which you can find at Raleigh’s all-vegetarian Fiction Kitchen. John R. Christensen DDS, MS, MS Felicia V. Swinney DMD, MS Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Pediatric Dentistry


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best of 2016

106 East Main Street, Durham (919) 593-0560

Best diner your trendy friends don’t know about

Silver Spoon Restaurant

5230 North Roxboro Road, Durham (919) 479-7172 First things first: Silver Spoon serves chicken and waffles. So there you go. This old-fashioned family diner offers about a hundred breakfast items and around sixty for lunch and dinner. Of course, there’s no way they’ll all be good. (The spaghetti and meat sauce? Meh.) But while a great 24–7 diner still eludes us after the tragic closing of Honey’s (for a McDonald’s!), this friendly breakfast, chicken, and burgers joint, which operates from 7 a.m.–9 p.m. (and closes at 3 p.m. Sunday, after the churchgoer rush), will do just fine. Make sure you get your physician’s OK before you order a “skillet,” a big, cheesy, sizzling open-faced omelet.








Best Mexican restaurant in Orange/Chatham County

Best outdoor dining in Wake County

3307 N.C-54 West, Chapel Hill Finalists: Bandido’s Mexican Cafe, El Restaurante Ixtapa, Monterrey

317 South Harrington Street, Raleigh Finalists: Boylan Bridge Brewpub, The Station, Taverna Agora

Fiesta Grill

Best Mexican restaurant in Wake County

Gonza Tacos Y Tequila

Multiple locations, Finalists: Centro, El Rodeo, Jose and Sons

Best Middle Eastern restaurant

Mediterranean Deli

410 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Neomonde, Sassool, Sitti

Best new restaurant in Durham County

Luna Rotisserie & Empanadas

112 West Main Street, Durham Finalists: KoKyu Na’Mean, Lucia, Picnic

Best new restaurant in Orange/Chatham County

Pizzeria Mercato

408 West Weaver Street, Carrboro Finalists: Imbibe, The Shoppe Bar & Meatball Kitchen, Trilogy

Best new restaurant in Wake County

Death & Taxes

105 West Hargett Street, Raleigh Finalists: more. kitchen & bar, P.G. Werth’s, Standard Foods

Best outdoor dining in Durham County


2706 Durham Chapel Hill Boulevard, Durham Finalists: Geer Street Garden, Motorco/ Parts & Labor, Vin Rouge

Best outdoor dining in Orange/ Chatham County

Weaver Street Market

Multiple locations, Finalists: Acme Food & Beverage Co., Crook’s Corner, Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe

Humble Pie

Best pie in Durham County

Scratch Baking

111 West Orange Street, Durham Finalists: East Durham Pie Company, Foster’s Market, Refectory Cafe

Desserts at lucettegrace PHOTO BY JUSTIN COOK Chirba Chirba Dumplings PHOTO BY D. L. ANDERSON


Best pie in Orange/ Chatham County

Mama Dip’s

408 West Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Acme Food & Beverage Co., LaPlace Louisiana Cookery, Weaver Street Market

Best pie in Wake County

Hayes Barton Cafe

2000 Fairview Road, Raleigh Finalists: Angus Barn, Bittersweet, Slice Pie Company





Best pizza in Durham County

Pizzeria Toro

105 East Chapel Hill Street, Durham Finalists: Lilly’s Pizza, Pompieri Pizza, Randy’s Pizza

Best pizza in Orange/ Chatham County

Italian Pizerria 3

508 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Alfredo’s Pizza Villa, Pizzeria Mercato, Radius Pizzeria

Best pizza in Wake County

Lilly’s Pizza

810 West Peabody Street, Durham Finalists: Capital Creations Gourmet Pizza, Randy’s Pizza, Trophy Brewing

Best restaurant in the Triangle

Mateo Bar de Tapas

109 West Chapel Hill Street, Durham Finalists: Bida Manda Laotian Restaurant and Bar, Fiction Kitchen, Lantern

best of 2016

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Best salad in Durham County

Saladelia Cafe

- Alex, Sarah & Martin

Alex Maiolo

Multiple locations,, Finalists: Geer Street Garden, Pizzeria Toro, Toast

309 W. Weaver St/PO Box 284 Carrboro NC 27510 p - 919.932.9990 • f - 919.933.0155

Best salad in Orange/ Chatham County

Lee-Moore Insurance

Mediterranean Deli

410 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Sage Cafe, Southern Season, Spotted Dog

Best salad in Wake County

Happy + Hale

443 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh Finalists: Manhattan Cafe, Sassool, Trophy Brewing

Best sandwich in Durham County


345 West Main Street, Durham Finalists: KoKyu Na’Mean, Old Havana Sandwich Shop, Parker & Otis

Best sandwich in Orange/ Chatham County

Merritt’s Store & Grill

1009 South Columbia Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Neal’s Deli, Sage Cafe, Sandwhich

POULTRY • LAMB • PORK • BEEF • FISH We’re a classic Butcher Shop where meat is cut to order. NO PRE-PACKAGING.

FRIENDLY. LOCAL. AFFORDABLE. Stop in and see why we’re voted

BEST BUTCHER SHOP IN THE TRIANGLE! We also can order specialty meats, such as: bison, quail, frog legs & venison! 48 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE!

Cliff’s Meat Market

100 West Main Street Carrboro • 919-942-2196 • Mon-Sat 9am-6pm

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best of 2016

Best sandwich in Wake County

The Remedy Diner

137 East Hargett Street, Raleigh Finalists: Capital Club 16, Manhattan Cafe, Person Street Pharmacy

Best seafood restaurant

Saltbox Seafood Joint 608 North Mangum Street, Durham Finalists: 42nd Street Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill, Blu Seafood and Bar, Squid’s

Best Southern food

Crook’s Corner

610 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Dame’s Chicken and Waffles, Mama Dip’s, Poole’s Diner






Best sports bar in Durham County

Tobacco Road

280 South Mangum Street, #100, Durham Finalists: Bull McCabe’s, Dain’s Place, Tyler’s

Best sports bar in Orange/ Chatham County


102 East Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: Carolina Ale House, Linda’s Bar and Grill, Tobacco Road

Best sports bar in Wake County

Players’ Retreat

105 Oberlin Road, Raleigh Finalists: Carolina Ale House, Lynnwood Grill, Woody’s Sports Tavern & Grill, Sammy’s

Best steak in Durham County


345 Blackwell Street, Durham Finalists: Metro 8, the restaurant at the Durham, Vin Rouge

Best steak in Orange/ Chatham County

Bin 54

1201-M Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill Finalists: Acme Food & Beverage Co., Jujube, Kitchen

Best steak in Wake County

Angus Barn

9401 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh Finalists: Death & Taxes, Little Hen, The Peddler Steak House

Best Sunday brunch in Durham County

Watts Grocery

1116 Broad Street, Durham Finalists: Geer Street Garden, Rue Cler, Vin Rouge

Best Sunday brunch in Orange/Chatham County

Acme Food & Beverage Co.

110 East Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: Crook’s Corner, Laplace Louisiana Cookery, Venable Bistro


Thank you to all our clients that voted for us!

Best Sunday brunch in Wake County

Broadway Veterinary Hospital

Flying Biscuit Cafe

205 Broadway St. Durham • 919.973.0292

2016 Clark Avenue, Raleigh Finalists: Capital Club 16, Fiction Kitchen, Joule Coffee & Table

Best sushi in Durham County

From vaccines to acupuncture, we can provide the care to help keep your pet happy and healthy.

Shiki Sushi

207 N.C.-54, Durham Finalists: Basan Bull City Sushi, M Sushi, Sake Bomb

Best sushi in Orange/ Chatham County

Akai Hana


Best not-completegarbage drunk food

206 West Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: Kurama, Oishii, Spicy 9

Cosmic Cantina

Best sushi in Wake County

Late-night (read: drunk-time) offerings tend to be quick and greasy, guaranteeing some rumble down under to go along with that hangover tomorrow. But in Chapel Hill and Durham, Cosmic Cantina shines like a beacon at 3 a.m. with its moderately less foul after-hours fare. Get a mini-burrito snack or go big, and if you’re still gunning for grease, spring for the deluxe chimichanga. And, uh, lettuce, tomato, and guacamole on a burrito counts as a full serving of vegetables, right?


5910 Duraleigh Road, Raleigh Finalists: Sono, Sushi Blues, Sushi Thai

Best tapas

Mateo Bar de Tapas

109 West Chapel Hill Street, Durham Finalists: Humble Pie, Juju, Taberna Tapas

Best taqueria

Gonza Tacos Y Tequila

Multiple locations, Finalists: Chubby’s Tacos, Taqueria El Toro, Taqueria la Vaquita

Best Thai restaurant

Thai Cafe

2501 University Drive, #10, Durham Finalists: Pad Thai, Sawasdee, Twisted Noodles

Best Turkish restaurant


456 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Babylon, Bosphorus, Troy Mezze Lounge

shmear me, baby!

Multiple locations,

Best place to feel old

Orange County Social Club 108 East Main Street, Carrboro (919) 933-0669

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. A Pabst and Archers on the jukebox sure would help a lot. Luckily Carrboro has a Cheers of its own in the Orange County Social Club, the best place to remember how long you’ve been drinking in Carrboro and to observe the aging indie rockers of yore in their natural habitat. Luckily, it’s a great place to stagnate: the pool table is often wide open on weeknights, the drinks cheap and kicky, the cubbyholes above the copper bar stuffed with memories, and the patio wreathed in good old-fashioned tobacco smoke. (Vapers, try Krave.) It’s still where to go after a Cradle show (unless Bowbarr beckons). On the rare occasion we’re obliged to fish it out, we’re always startled by the date stamped on our faded orange membership card, which we’ve somehow never lost: June 2002. Cheers to fourteen more boozy years—if we live that long.

f the

Named one o

nts 25 Best Restaura in America

by Gear Patrol

Featured In: Hours in Durham" "36 New York Times, Show The Good Morning Southern Living OUR STATE

coming soon to cary! y Durham z 317 W. Main St y y Greensboro z 301 MLK Dr y New location z Dame's Express 1917 Yearby Dr. z Duke's Central Campus best of 20 16

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431 West Franklin Street, #415, Chapel Hill Finalists: Mediterranean Deli, Sage Cafe, Spotted Dog

Best vegan-friendly restaurant in Wake County

Fiction Kitchen

428 South Dawson Street, Raleigh Finalists: Garland, Irregardless Cafe, The Remedy Diner

Best veggie burger in Durham County

Bull City Burger and Brewery 107 East Parrish Street, Durham Finalists: Burger Bach, Only Burger, The Federal

Al’s Burger Shack

516 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Buns, Sage Cafe, Spotted Dog

Best veggie burger in Wake County

206 W. Main St., Carrboro 919-942-6848 • 38 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

Best wine list in Durham County

Mateo Bar de Tapas

109 West Chapel Hill Street, Durham Finalists: Counting House, Nana’s, Vin Rouge

Best wine list in Orange/ Chatham County


106 South Greensboro Street, Carrboro Finalists: 411 West Italian Cafe, Fearrington House Restaurant, West End Wine Bar

Best wine list in Wake County

Poole’s Diner

426 South McDowell Street, Raleigh Finalists: Bella Monica, Little Hen, more. kitchen & bar

Best wings in Durham County

Heavenly Buffaloes

1807 West Markham Avenue, Durham Finalists: The Blue Note Grill, Mattie B’s Public House, Oval Park Grille

Best wings in Orange/ Chatham County

The Wooden Nickel

105 North Churton Street, Hillsborough Finalists: Linda’s Bar and Grill, Wingman, Wings Over Chapel Hill

Best wings in Wake County

Best Vietnamese restaurant

8322 Chapel Hill Road, Cary Finalists: Carolina Ale House, Kings North Hills, Soo Café

Lime & Basil


Bida Manda Laotian Restaurant and Bar

The Remedy Diner 137 East Hargett Street, Raleigh Finalists: Busy Bee Cafe, Chuck’s, MoJoe’s Burger Joint

Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar


222 South Blount Street, Raleigh Finalists: The Blue Note Grill, Flying Biscuit Café, Linda’s Bar and Grill

Best veggie burger in Orange/ Chatham County

Enjoy Your Favorite Japanese Restaurant 7 Days A Week


4125 Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard, Durham Finalists: Durham Co-op Market, Luna Rotisserie & Empanadas, Refectory Cafe

Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe



Best wait staff

Best vegan-friendly restaurant in Orange/Chatham County

Come visit the new shop at the Streets of Southpoint.


Best vegan-friendly restaurant in Durham County

Vegan Flava Cafe

Thanks to our customers of 4 years!


200 West Franklin Street, #130, Chapel Hill Finalists: Bahn’s Cuisine, Pho Far East, Saigon Grill

Woody’s Sports Tavern & Grill

Carolina Performing Arts The world’s greatest performers are coming to Chapel Hill—see them up close and personal.


February 1-10, 2017

GL ASS at 80 a C E L E B R AT I O N o f p h i l i p g l a s s

A Sufi Journey 16/17

General Public Tickets on Sale June 8th best of 2016

| | 6.8.16 | 39

Carolina Performing Arts

16/17 S e a s o n H i g h l i g h t s



Chris Thile

Among the most interesting and entertaining musicians around, Grammy winner and MacArthur “Genius” Grant recipient Chris Thile has forever changed the course of the mandolin. After 15 years with the wildly popular Nickel Creek, he founded the modernist string band Punch Brothers and ventured into solo work encompassing a dizzying range of musical styles and instruments, including his remarkable concerto for mandolin and orchestra. Moving freely from bluegrass to Bach, jazz, blues and beyond, he has collaborated with Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Béla Fleck, Dolly Parton, the Dixie Chicks, Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush and others.



portrait of myself as my father

nora chipaumire

For the past decade, Bessie Award-winning dancer/choreographer and former Urban Bush Women star nora chipaumire has challenged stereotypes of Africa and the black performing body, art and aesthetic. Deepening her investigations, portrait of myself as my father celebrates and critiques masculinity—its presence, presentation and representation. This profound work considers the African male through the lens of cultural traditions, colonialism, Christianity and liberation struggles, exploring how these ideas might impact the African family and society on a global scale.







Mystical Music

ETM: Double Down


Hossein Alizadeh

Dorrance Dance

Thompson Dec





Sufi Songs

Steep Canyon

Youssou N’Dour


10 Big Band Holidays

Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra

General Public Tickets on Sale June 8th 40 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016


N e w 16 /1 7 S e a s o n A n n o u n c e d



16/17 S e a s o n H i g h l i g h t s

Heroes Tribute: A Celebration of the Music of Philip Glass, David Bowie and Brian Eno

A Merge Records Group & Unc Symphony Orchestra

On several groundbreaking recordings made in the late 1970s, David Bowie combined influences from world music,


experimental avant-garde and rock and roll, redefining the future of popular music. Co-written with Brian Eno and recorded in Berlin, Bowie’s heady 1977 album Heroes was released as punk rock was blazing. Years later, the album served as an inspiration and point of departure for one of composer Philip Glass’s symphonies. Here, Philip Glass’s Symphony No. 4, “Heroes” is performed by our own UNC Symphony Orchestra led by music director and conductor Tonu Kalam.



San Francisco Symphony

The San Francisco Symphony under music director Michael Tilson Thomas is among the most artistically adventurous arts institutions in the US, praised for outstanding musicianship, innovative programming, highlighting American composers and bringing new audiences to classical music. The April 5 program features music of the 20th century: John Cage’s poetic The Seasons, Shostakovich’s Cello Concerto No. 1 performed by Gautier Capuçon and Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra. The April 6 program features the Adagio from Mahler’s tumultuous 10th Symphony—his final work—along with his Symphony No. 1.

Feb Jan


Shemekia Copeland





Words and Music in Two Parts

Kronos Quartet and Philip Glass

with Laurie Anderson and Philip Glass



Marcus Roberts and the modern Jazz Generation









Ticket Services 919.843.3333


Carolinaperformingarts.ORG best of 20 16

| | 6.8.16 | 41





Sat 3 | Sun 4

The Nutcracker Carolina Ballet

Thu 8

China Philharmonic Orchestra Long Yu, music director and conductor Clara Yang, piano

Sat 10

Big Band Holidays Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis and Catherine Russell, vocalist


Fri 10

Fri 17



Mystical Music Hossein Alizadeh

Mon 27

Fri 13 Mon 12 Wed 14 | Thu 15

Sun 18

Fri 20

Wayang Bocor Eko Nugroho

Fri 27

Nani Topeng Losari

ETM: Double Down Dorrance Dance Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identity Ping Chong + CompanY

Fri 14 Tue 25

Fri 28


Clear & Sweet zoe | juniper Brooklyn Rider with Anne Sofie von Ot ter, mezzo-soprano



Richard Thompson Sufi Songs Youssou N’Dour



The House is Black Sussan Deyhim

NOV Mon 7

Isabelle Faust, violin and Alexander Melnikov, piano Tue

Thu 10

Fri 11 Wed 16 | Thu 17

Marcus Roberts and the Modern Jazz Generation Bayou Blues Shaina Lynn Vienna Philharmonic Franz Welser-Möst, conductor



portrait of myself as my father nora chipaumire Steep Canyon Rangers



Labels Joe Sellman-Leava

Ticket Services 919.843.3333 42 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016


Bruckner Orchester Linz Performs Philip Glass Dennis Russell Davies, chief conductor Robert McDuffie, violin Heroes Tribute: A Celebration of the Music of Philip Glass, David Bowie and Brian Eno featuring A Merge Records Group UNC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Tonu Kalam, conductor The Complete Piano Etudes by Philip Glass Timo Andres, Anton Batagov, Aaron Diehl, Philip Glass, Jenny Lin, Margaret Lynch, Maki Namekawa, Michael Riesman, Mick Rossi, Clara Yang Dance Lucinda Childs Dance COmpany Dracula Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet Michael Riesman, conductor



Fri 3


Fri 7

ShemEKIa Copeland

Words and Music in Two Parts Philip Gl ass and L aurie Anderson featuring the Philip Gl ass Ensemble Michael Riesman, music director and conductor

Chris Thile

OCT Wed 5 | Thu 6

Thu 23 | Fri 24



Dara Ajok a TheatrE Steve Earle

Tue 7

Vijay Iyer SEXTET

Wed 8

Mark Padmore, tenor and Jonathan Biss, piano

Thu 23 Fri 24

Fri 31

Martha Graham Dance COmpany Sounds of Kolachi

APR Wed 5 | Thu 6

Wed 12 Fri 14

Tue 18

San Francisco Symphony Michael Tilson Thomas, music director and conductor Gautier Capuçon, cello Sanam Marvi J.S. Bach’s St. John Passion Bach Collegium Stut tgart and GÄchinger Kantorei Hans-Christoph Rademann, music director and conductor Behzod Abduraimov, piano

Part of Sacred/Secular: A Sufi Journey Part of Glass at 80: A Celebration of Philip Glass



Many thanks to our friends and patrons for their love and support!

LUNCH Tu-Fr 11:30-2:30 DINNER 5:30-10 BRUNCH Sa & Su 11-2:30 1116 Broad Street • Durham 919.416.5040 •




P hy de au x mon-sat 10-8pm sun 10-6pm Chapel Hill Raleigh Cary

EvErything you nEEd for your cat, dog, bird, and small animal. best of 20 16

| | 6.8.16 | 43





o f


p o l l

Best art gallery

North Carolina Museum of Art

2110 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh Finalists: The Carrack, FRANK Gallery, Pleiades Gallery

Best barista in Durham County

David Chapman, Bean Traders

105 West N.C. 54, #249, Durham Finalists: Areli Barrera de Grodski, Cocoa Cinnamon; Ali Linn, Respite; Susie Locklier, Cocoa Cinnamon

Best barista in Orange/ Chatham County

Rajeev Rajendran, Caffe Driade

1215 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Rashed Arafat, Joe Van Gogh; Josh Kimbrough, Open Eye Cafe; Spencer Lee, Open Eye Cafe

Best barista in Wake County

Larz Robison, Café de los Muertos

300 West Hargett Street, Raleigh Finalists: Ross Gongaware, Cup A Joe; Klay Misenheimer, Bittersweet; AJ Viola, BREW

Best bartender in Durham County

Shannon Healy, Alley Twenty Six

320 East Chapel Hill Street, Durham Finalists: Katy Creech, The Glass Jug; Leslie Matista, The Bar; Daniel Sartain, Bar Virgile 44 | 6.8.16 | |

Best bartender in Orange/ Chatham County

Jamie McPhail, Orange County Social Club 108 East Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: Cynthia Burkins, YesterYears Brewery; Wayne Jordan, City Kitchen; Ari Sanders, Mystery Brewing

Best bartender in Wake County

Mark Connor, Slim’s

227 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh Finalists: Lucius Cyrus, Person Street Bar; Tom Fisher, Person Street Bar; Garrett Waddell, Stanbury

Best comedy club

Goodnights Comedy Club

861 West Morgan Street, Raleigh Finalists: ComedyWorx, DSI Comedy Theater, Neptunes Parlour

Best gay or lesbian bar

The Pinhook

117 West Main Street, Durham Finalists: The Bar, Flex Nightclub, Legends

Best karaoke

The Pinhook

117 West Main Street, Durham Finalists: Flex Nightclub, Kingdom Karaoke, The Northside District

best of 2016

Silverspot Cinema


best of 20 16

| | 6.8.16 | 45

Thanks to all our fab customers who voted us the

BEST CONSIGNMENT SHOP IN THE TRIANGLE! Tu-Fr 10-7 • Sa 10-5 • Su 12-5 Falconbridge Shopping Center exit 273 off I-40 (Behind Hardees near Mardi Gras Bowling Alley) Across from Nantucket/Harrington Bank

Chapel Hill • 919.403.9977

Best creepy abandoned castle

Best fancy-pants movie experience

Castle Mont Rouge

Silverspot Cinema

957 Mountain Brook Road, Rougemont Deep in the rolling pastures of Rougemont, past the last gas station and miles up a rutted dirt road, a castle nestles in the trees. It has the requisite turrets, towers, spires, and cupolas. Stuccoed and tiled in lavender, rose, and verdigris, the improbable structure seems defiant of its surroundings, asserting the identity of the building: picturesque, fantastical, iconic, castle. But venture around the back, and you find a darker side of the fairy tale. The castle has been abandoned and fallen into disrepair, the irregularly shaped windows all broken. Light filters into what looks like a Gothic cathedral made of two-by-fours. The interior, never completed, is filled with trash, and the walls are scrawled with apocalyptic graffiti. A plank with the words “For And For” carved into it is nailed to the wall. The truncated dedication evokes the castle’s lore: an artist named Robert Mihaly created it in tribute to his wife, who died before it was finished.

Best puppet theater (with apologies to Paperhand)


THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR US DURHAM! Durham’s locally owned source for the highest quality pet supplies, holistic nutrition & animal wellness expertise. • High Quality Pet Food & Treats • In-store Bakery • Preventative Health Supplements • Educational Workshops & Events • Exclusively USA & Fair Trade Items

1000 W. Main St, Durham • (919) 908-1887 46 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

Ever seen a marionette made of khaki pants, PVC pipes, or human flesh? OK, maybe not that last one. But Chapel Hill puppet builder and puppeteer Tarish “Jeghetto” Pipkins is undoubtedly semi-revolutionizing a centuries-old craft. Over the past year, his ingenuity has made such a splash in the puppeteering world that when the big shots at New York’s Furry Puppet Studios were hired to create the lookalike puppets in Missy Elliott and Pharrell Williams’s “WTF” video, Pipkins was called in at the last minute to rebuild the puppets so they could do precise dance moves. 5P1N0K10 (Spinokio), Jeghetto’s own puppet hip-hopera, has had two successful runs here at home, and he was recently named codirector of Chapel Hill’s Beat Making Lab, where he teaches young people how to build and manipulate puppets. Looking to be wowed? Find him busking on a corner near you.

201 South Estes Drive, #100, Chapel Hill (919) 357-9887 Going to the fancy-pants movies might be pricey, but Silverspot Cinema’s upgrades are well worth the extra few bucks. In addition to a wide range of theater-appropriate snacks, you can also get dinner and cocktails to enjoy during your flick. The seats are ample and comfortable, offering room to slouch and stretch. But it’s not just about the creature comforts: the theater’s pictures are sharp and clean, and the sound is crystal clear. If you really love the full cinematic experience, this is the place to go.

Best palace of puzzles

Cipher Escape

250 Dominion Drive, Morrisville (919) 378-9362 The notion of being locked in a room and challenged to find your own way out is a hellish nightmare for most of us. But the lockedroom games that Morrisville’s Cipher Escape offers are fun opportunities to bend your brain as you try to beat the clock. The teamwork element is crucial: different problemsolving approaches are an asset as you work your way through riddles and other puzzles. You’ll end up surprised at what you and your teammates accomplish.

Best place to dance on roller skates

Disco Sweat at Wheels Fun Park 715 North Hoover Road, Durham (919) 598-1944

A few times a year, Chapel Hill’s Nightlight moves its monthly Disco Sweat dance party to Wheels Fun Park in Durham for a night of roller skating to disco deep cuts. Turns out, roller skating is kind of hard, and dancing CLYDE while doing it is even harder. But these BYOB parties are some of the most fun you can have. The DJs always have excellent tracks on deck—and you’ll also learn which of your friends is secretly a dope skater.

Join us for a



A festive, multi-course Italian meal with wine pairings and live music The Goathouse Refuge, 680 Alton Alston Road, Pittsboro, NC Tickets: $80. All proceeds benefit the cats and kittens at The Goathouse Refuge To purchase, visit or call 919-542-6815





Visit the kitties or contact us about volunteer opportunities.

The Refuge has many incredible cats in need of loving homes.

Donate online or bring in gifts of food, beds, blankets or towels.




VISITING HOURS ARE 12-3 PM, 365 DAYS PER YEAR 680 Alton Alston Road, Pittsboro, NC 27312 919.542.6815

The INDY’s Guide to Dining in the Triangle

The INDY’s guide to Triangle Dining ON THE STREETS NOW! best of 20 16

| | 6.8.16 | 47

Beth Tacular of Bowerbirds PHOTO BY ABBY NARDO






Best neighborhood bar in Durham County


723 Rigsbee Avenue, Durham Finalists: Dain’s Place, The Glass Jug, Surf Club

Best neighborhood bar in Orange/Chatham County

The Wooden Nickel

105 North Churton Street, Hillsborough Finalists: The Baxter, Linda’s Bar and Grill, Orange County Social Club

Best neighborhood bar in Wake County

Players’ Retreat

105 Oberlin Road, Raleigh Finalists: The Green Monkey, Lynnwood Grill, Person Street Bar

Best open mic night





Best place to get specialty cocktails in Orange/ Chatham County

The Crunkleton

320 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Lantern, Laplace Louisiana Cookery, Peccadillo

Best place to get specialty cocktails in Wake County


213 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh Finalists: Bittersweet, C. Grace Cocktail Bar, Fox Liquor Bar

Best place to hear bluegrass

Cat’s Cradle

300 East Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: The Blue Note Grill, Community Church Coffeehouse, PineCone

Best place to hear blues

The Pinhook

117 West Main Street, Durham Finalists: Deep South The Bar, Local 506, Nash Street Tavern

Best outdoor music venue

Koka Booth Amphitheatre

8003 Regency Parkway, Cary Finalists: Duke Performances Music in the Gardens, North Carolina Museum of Art, Red Hat Amphitheater

Best place for indoor fun

Museum of Life + Science

433 West Murray Avenue, Durham Finalists: The Baxter, Boxcar Bar + Arcade, Sky Zone

The Blue Note Grill 709 Washington Street, Durham Finalists: C. Grace Cocktail Bar, Lincoln Theatre, The Pour House

Best place to hear hip-hop or soul

Cat’s Cradle

300 East Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: Motorco, The Pinhook, UNC Cypher

Best place to hear jazz

Beyù Caffè

341 West Main Street, Durham Finalists: C. Grace Cocktail Bar, Neptunes Parlour, The Shed

Best place to get specialty cocktails in Durham County

Alley Twenty Six

320 East Chapel Hill Street, Durham Finalists: Bar Virgile, Counting House, The Durham Hotel 48 | 6.8.16 | |


best of 2016

Best venue that doesn’t exist

Best album we’re still waiting for

Durham Fruit & Produce Company


305 South Dillard Street, Durham The Durham Fruit & Produce Company has already hosted a number of notable shows, from Durham choreographer Nicola Bullock’s Undone to Duke Performances artists like Mantra Percussion and the Rushes Ensemble. Imagine what the venue will do when it actually opens. The warehouse on Dillard Street, named for what it once was, has been undergoing renovations since 2014, when Tim Walter purchased it as a photography studio and venue. The official opening always seems to be a few months away, and the in-process personality of the space matches its mission and aesthetic. The building is composed of open-sided concrete cubes, and the plan is to maintain the utilitarian history of the warehouse within its design. When the renovations are finished, the Fruit will feature a black-box theater, a studio for large-scale installations, artist studios, and a wraparound porch. Walter says the programming will highlight diverse art experiences for its patrons, while providing emerging or experimental artists the opportunity to utilize the space at relatively low costs.

Fo u r years ago, t h e in d ie fo lk ac t Bowerbirds started a crowdfunding campaign to finance the construction of a proper studio in which they would record a new record. Fans of the trio, led by married couple Phil Moore and Beth Tacular, came through with $38,000 and were told the record would be forthcoming in 2013. Well, the studio got built. But for their troubles, contributors have received a few lugubrious, excuse-filled e-updates and an LP by Tushka, Moore’s electronic side project, which took precedence over meeting the commitment to make a Bowerbirds record because, you know, art. (In one update, Moore promised fans updates on “first glimpses at all things Tushka.” Gee, thanks! How about my Bowerbirds record?) In late 2015, the band’s management stated that a new Bowerbirds record would indeed be forthcoming; it just wouldn’t say when. Numerous legitimately complicating factors have arisen to delay the project—most notably parenthood—but life doesn’t absolve you from your commitments. This lesson seems not to have sunk in with Bowerbirds, who made a very real pledge to the people who love them best and don’t seem particularly concerned with making good on it. So, yes, this record, which has now taken longer than My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, is greatly anticipated. Let’s hope it’s worth the wait.

please contact

PET LOVERS LOVE BARNES! So much more than a garden store...

Find out how we can serve you!

HUGE selection of top-rated pet foods including Orijen, Fromm, Taste of the Wild, Natural Balance & Blue Buffalo Treats, beds, leashes & collars Wild bird feeding & backyard chicken supplies Lawn/garden supplies and pottery

774 Ninth St. • Durham • 919-286-7331 •

To advertise or feature a pet for adoption, please contact

Orange County Animal Services

1601 Eubanks Rd • Chapel Hill • 919-942-PETS (7387)

I can see why this place is the BEST !

To advertise or feature a pet for adoption, please contact

To advertise or feature a pet for adoption, please contact



Redefining the entire boarding experience.® The first to offer play groups 7 days a week 1101 Dawson Rd. | Chapel Hill | 932-4738 WWW.DOGGIESPA.COM

JIMMY is a very affectionate dog that quickly bonds with people. He is a bull dog/ lab/hound mix, with extremely cute ears. He is fun to walk and jogs at a nice pace. He is great with other dogs and he loves his foster home’s 2 kids (age 10 and 12). He is crate trained and is perfecting house training. He is a very endearing dog and visibly shows his joy in being a part of the family. At Second Chance Pet Adoptions, our mission is to champion homeless cats and dogs who are healthy or treatable in the quest to find their forever home and engage with our community to promote responsible pet ownershipultimately reducing future generations of homeless animals. For more information contact Second Chance at (919) 851-8404, secondchance@secondchancenc. org or Also, Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

4711 Hope Valley Rd, # 6B Durham, 919-237-2557 GROOMERS Beth Johnston Jessica Cameron & Colleen Risbeck Certified member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America Pet CPR Trained and Certified (American Red Cross)

best of 2016

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50 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

READERS poll Best place to hear rock ‘n’ roll

Cat’s Cradle

300 East Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: Kings Barcade, Lincoln Theatre, The Pinhook

Best place to hear world or international music

Duke Performances

Multiple locations, Finalists: Cat’s Cradle, Lincoln Theatre, Motorco

Best place to shoot pool

Green Room

1108 Broad Street, Durham Finalists: Circa 1888, Speakeasy at Tyler’s, West End Wine Bar & Billards

Best strip club

Capital Cabaret

6713 Mount Herman Road, Morrisville Finalists: The Men’s Club, Pure Gold, Teasers Men’s Club


Most confusing annual festival

Best unexpected public art


7708 Burwell Street, Raleigh

Downtown Raleigh, September 15–18, 2016 Explaining to people what SPARKcon is should be easy by now. But it’s not, and that remains both a blessing and a curse for Raleigh’s now-ten-year-old “Annual Festival of Creativity.” SPARKcon has always embraced a bottom-up structure so that interested parties cultivate half-week programs of, say, comedy or music, fashion or food, literature or acrobatics. We’ve seen truly terrific things at SPARKcon and, more important, people inspired to set out on new endeavors of their own. Sometimes, though, that very loose structure and broad branding seems to make the momentum wax and wane. In 2016, as in 2006, the event seems both awesome and inchoate, full of potential hits and misses. Potential hits and misses— maybe, after a decade spent searching, that’s the best definition for the region’s most perpetually promising event.

Pete Beerman’s Gears If you’ve never had an occasion to visit the City of Raleigh Northeast Operations Center or the seemingly endless rows of commercial warehouses that surround it, you might consider yourself lucky—until you realize you’ve been missing four of Raleigh’s best pieces of public art for two years. Installed in April 2014 by bicoastal sculptor Pete Beeman, these four colossal Gears are massive odes to industry, big enough to stand in and heavy enough to fear. Made alternately of concrete, weathered steel, and stainless steel, they look like discarded props from a Depeche Mode video. One is even a trellis for a billowing vine, which wraps around the metal in quiet defiance of might. At the edge of Durant Nature Preserve and Capital Boulevard’s artery of sprawl, it’s a perfect symbol of balance between greenery and machinery.

Best theater to see an indie film

Best place to play bumper pool in shorts

Carolina Theatre


347 West Main Street, Durham Whiskey, the crepuscular liquor and cigar bar that previously occupied the Main Street elbow where beer bar Criterion is now, always made us feel like we’d dressed up for a night at the theater but then got stuck hiding from the Luftwaffe in the dark. The first thing Criterion did right was to get rid of the antiquated dress code. The second was to end the brownout and turn on some freaking lights. And the third was to stash a free bumper pool table (and table soccer!) in the back of the long, narrow saloon, complete with drink holders screwed onto the sides. Why pay money to play pool, the ubiquitous guitar of billiards, when you can play free bumper pool, the rare harp of billiards? It looks easy, but it’s really tough; the pockets are barely larger than the balls and the bumpers are deviously placed. It’s the most interesting cue game around, at least until some enterprising brewpub or retro barbershop springs for a snooker table.

309 West Morgan Street, Durham Finalists: Chelsea Theater, The Rialto, Silverspot Cinema

Best trivia night in Durham County

Fullsteam Brewery

726 Rigsbee Avenue, Durham Finalists: Bull McCabe’s, The Pinhook, Tomato Jake’s Pizzeria

Best trivia night in Orange/ Chatham County

Mystery Brewing

437 Dimmocks Mill Road, Hillsborough Finalists: The Baxter, Linda’s Bar and Grill, YesterYears Brewery

Best trivia night in Wake County

Flying Saucer

328 West Morgan Street, Raleigh Finalists: High Park Bar & Grill, House of Hops, Woody’s at City Market

best of 2016

| | 6.8.16 | 51





52 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 20 16

Best p


807 East M (732) 570 shedjazz.c

505 South Blount Street, Raleigh (919) 889-2927

919-956-5603 |

Brightleaf Square, downtown Durham 919-683-1474 •

Best place to look at weird art

The Sh

The She If there are now plenty of places to seecovered w weird art in the Triangle, that’s partly thanksliving-roo to Lump. Founding director Bill Thelenfor poetry proved it was possible to plant a low-renthas increa collective gallery on Blount Street, in thehosts Duk sleepy Southern city Raleigh was twentythoughtfu years ago, and make it bloom. In the pro-and nation cess, he helped pioneer the more versatile,ly, the pro experimental, provocative gallery scene weYow. With enjoy today. Lump has hosted nationallypour-over known artists like Shepard Fairey and Markfor unive Mothersbaugh, but more important, it nur-than som tured young artists who grew into pillars ofhas also h the Raleigh scene, including Paul Friedrich,sion, the Laura Sharp Wilson, and Harrison Haynes.experimen And it did so while pushing the edge of theSo Readin avant-garde, sometimes controversially. (Itessential, once placed a convicted child molester in itsShed is th storefront—as art.) But with Thelen finally stepping down after this twentieth season, dubbed “Lumpxx,” and a new director coming in next year, will Lump stay ahead of the curve? Visit now in case not.

To our customers and friends who voted for us. Thank you!

Bonneville Electric, Carrboro • (919) 932-6938 •

65 Years Strong! Thanks for making us your place to shop!

125 West Main Street, Ste. 100, Carrboro 103 S. Elliott Rd, Chapel Hill

@PTAThriftShop •

Best place to hear poetry

The Shed

807 East Main Street, Durham (732) 570-2935 The Shed’s candlelit tables, tapestrycovered walls, and comfy couches create a living-room atmosphere that is also perfect for poetry, which the Golden Belt jazz club has increasingly embraced. Most notably, it hosts Duke’s Little Corner Reading Series, a thoughtfully curated showcase for the local and national literary academy—most recently, the prolific poet, critic, and curator John Yow. With a bar stocked with wine, beer, and pour-over coffee, it’s a more inviting venue for university-sponsored poetry readings than some obscure campus room. The club has also hosted a packed house for Inversion, the reading series associated with the experimental music festival S.W. The So & So Reading Series at CAM Raleigh remains essential, but with all this new energy, The Shed is the place to try poetry now.

Best place to look at art mid-bender

21c Museum Hotel

Thank you for your votes!

111 Corcoran Street, Durham (919) 956-6700 Say, one evening, you’re tripping down the street in downtown Durham. You’re several drinks in, and you think, I’d like to see some art. Except on Third Fridays, you’d be stymied if 21c Museum Hotel weren’t waiting at Main and Corcoran, with its sizeable contemporary art gallery standing open twenty-four hours a day. Conceptual, curated, and packed with significant artists, the gallery has had shows we really liked and shows we really didn’t, but never any shows that left us feeling neutral and unmoved. Best of all, it’s free, though if you want to keep boozing, ten-dollar cocktails await at the hotel’s restaurant, Counting House, downstairs. If you want to keep keep boozing until you can’t drive (and you have about three hundred bucks to spare), plenty of charming retro-futurist rooms await upstairs. Nice ducky.

Active Release Techniques & Neurokenetic Therapy Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage NEW LOCATION! 3410 Six Forks Rd • Raleigh, NC 27609 919.832.3365 • DRMOLLYACTIVECHIRO.COM best of 2016

| | 6.8.16 | 53








54 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

Beauty World



p o l l

Best auto repair in Durham County

Best accountant

Linton & Associates

5011 Southpark Drive, # 100, Durham Finalists: Chris Arena; Anthony F. Armento, CPA, PC; Chris Cheney, CRI

Best architect in Durham County

Ellen Cassilly, ECA

600 Foster Street, Durham Finalists: BuildSense; Coby Linton, Linton Architects; Center Studio Architecture

Best architect in Orange/ Chatham County


4906 Meadow Drive, Durham Finalists: Neal’s Garage, Ingold Tire & Auto Service Center, Massey Bros Automotive & Towing

Best auto repair in Orange/ Chatham County

Chapel Hill Tire

Multiple locations, Finalists: Auto Logic, Al’s Garage, Sturdivant’s Tire

Philip Szostak, Szostak Design

Best auto repair in Wake County

310 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Dail Dixon, Jay Fulkerson, Arielle Condoret Schechter

1818 Saint Albans Drive, #106, Raleigh Finalists: A&J Automotive, Duty Tire & Service Center, Torque Automotive

Best architect in Wake County

Best bed & breakfast

704 North Person Street, Raleigh Finalists: Clark Nexsen; OXIDE Architecture; Andrew Osterlund, AOArch

2000 Fearrington Village Center, Pittsboro Finalists: Arrowhead Inn Bed & Breakfast, The King’s Daughters Inn, Small B&B Cafe

Creech Import Repair

in situ studio

Best attorney

Bagwell Holt Smith

Multiple locations, Finalists: Sam Coleman of Coleman, Gledhill, Hargrave, Merritt & Rainsford; Marcus E. Hill; Ron Cooley, Cooley Law Offices

Fearrington House Inn

Best bike shop in Durham County

The Bicycle Chain 5400 Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard, Durham Finalists: Bullseye Bicycle, Durham Cycles, Seven Stars Cycles

best of 20 16

| | 6.8.16 | 55

R E A D E R S Best bike shop in Orange/ Chatham County

Best consignment shop in Orange/Chatham County

100 Boyd Street, Carrboro Finalists: The Clean Machine, Performance Bicycle, Pittsboro Bicycles

103 Jones Ferry Road, Carrboro Finalists: My Secret Closet, The Red Hen, Rumors Boutique

Back Alley Bikes

Best bike shop in Wake County

Oak City Cycles

212 East Franklin Street, Raleigh Finalists: All-Star Bike Shop, Cycle Logic, Flythe Cyclery

Best bookstore


Quail Ridge Books

4381–105 Lassiter at North Hills Avenue, Raleigh Finalists: Flyleaf Books, Letters Bookshop, The Regulator Bookshop

Best butcher shop

Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop

121 North Gregson Street, Durham Finalists: The Butcher’s Market, Cliff’s Meat Market, Left Bank Butchery

Best CD/record store

Schoolkids Records

905 West Peabody Street, Durham Finalists: Carolina Soul Records, Chaz’s Bull City Records, Nice Price Books & Records

Best children’s clothing shop

The Red Hen

201 South Estes Drive, Chapel Hill Finalists: Glee Kids; Kid to Kid; Once Upon a Child, Cary

Best comic book store

Chapel Hill Comics

316 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Atomic Empire, Capitol Comics, Ultimate Comics

Best consignment shop in Durham County

The Stock Exchange


Deadline: June 15th Publication Date: July 27th Contact your rep or 56 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

p o l l

6120-B Farrington Road, Chapel Hill Finalists: Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel, Pennies for Change, Refinements

PTA Thrift

Best consignment shop in Wake County

Cause for Paws Thrift Store

1634 South Saunders Street, Raleigh Finalists: Dress, Fifi’s Fine Resale Apparel, Revolver Consignment Boutique,

Best contractor in Durham County


502 Rigsbee Avenue, Durham Finalists: CQC Home, G. Crabtree Home Building, Krichco Construction

Best contractor in Orange/ Chatham County

Actual Size Builders

8523 Meadow Ridge Lane, Chapel Hill Finalists: Grey Star Woodworks & Design, Peter Thorn Builders, Trades of the Triangle

Best contractor in Wake County

Will Alphin, Alphin Design Build

905 Tryon Hill Drive, Raleigh Finalists: John Cooper, Southeastern Properties and Development Company; OXIDE Architecture; Wake Remodeling

Best dance studio

Ninth Street Dance

1920 Perry Street, Durham Finalists: Aradia Fitness, Barriskill Dance Theatre School, Empower Dance Studio

Best early childhood learning facility in Durham County

Carolina Friends School

404 Alexander Avenue, Durham Finalists: Children’s Campus at Southpoint, First Environments Early Learning Center, Lakewood Avenue Children’s School

R E A D E R S Best early childhood learning facility in Orange/ Chatham County

Emerson Waldorf

6211 New Jericho Road, Chapel Hill Finalists: Childcare Matters, Children’s Campus of Chapel Hill, Montessori Academy Of Carrboro

Best early childhood learning facility in Wake County

Arts Together

114 Saint Mary’s Street, Raleigh Finalists: Follow the Child Montessori School, Heartwood Montessori School, Language Planet Montessori

Best electrician

Bonneville Electric

210B Maple Avenue, Carrboro Finalists: Michael & Son Services, Miller & Miller Electric, Simpson Electrical

Best environmentally friendly store

The Scrap Exchange

2050 Chapel Hill Road, Durham Finalists: Durham Co-op Market, Twig, Vert & Vogue

p o l l

Best erotic gifts

Cherry Pie

Multiple locations, Finalists: Adam & Eve, Frisky Business, Priscilla McCall’s

Best ethnic market


3817 Beryl Road, Raleigh Finalists: Grand Asia, Li Ming’s Global Mart, Mediterranean Deli

The Scrap Exchange 2050 Chapel Hill Road, Durham Finalists: Cary Quilting Company, Mulberry Silks & Fine Fabrics, Thimble Pleasures

Best fair trade store

Ten Thousand Villages

Multiple locations, Finalists: Durham Co-op Market, One World Market, Weaver Street Market

Best financial advisor in Durham County

Marie Baker, Edward Jones

Best place to shop for an embalmed two-headed turtle

Best place to ponder cultural appropriation

The Little Leviathan

125 East Parrish Street, Durham (919) 908-7675

We don’t know what you’d do with a lock of Charles Manson’s hair, and we don’t want to know. But we know people who know people who can hook you up. They once had a hank at The Little Leviathan, an “oddities” shop that pops up at cons and shows like the mythical town of Brigadoon, only with more taxidermy. If you venture into their domain, you’ll leave with your head filled with images that will stay with you. Or get a lock of Manson hair, if you want. It’s not our place to judge.

We love you, and your dust! Thanks for voting for us! Serving Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Pittsboro, Hillsborough & Durham Call (919) 967-7592 for your free estimate!

Best fabric store

404 Hunt Street, #130, Durham Finalists: Jerry Bergner, Integrated Life & Financial Planning; Andy Esser, Edward Jones; Richard Rand, UBS

212 Powell Drive, #126, Raleigh (919) 798-7757


Thanks for your votes! Favorite Running Store in the Triangle! Use Indy20 for $20 off a 2016 Training Program • #RunRDU

A huge Thank You to our SPAH-Tacular clients and fans! We have expanded our services for pets: Certified Laser Therapy • Certified Chiropractic Treatment Certified Rehabilitation/Agility/Neuro/Post-Operative Therapy

Everyday Magic

On Durham’s historic Black Wall Street, you’ll find a prime example of white nonsense. At the corner of Parrish and North Church streets, Everyday Magic sells stuff you “need” to get your woo-woo on: bundles of sage, crystals, tiny rings, and tall candles emblazoned with the words “boss bitch” or “bae.” The shop defends its sale of dream catchers as being totally OK and not at all appropriative, but still, a clue catcher might be more useful. Ta-daaaa!

5601 Fayetteville Rd, Durham • (919) 226-0043 best of 20 16

| | 6.8.16 | 57

Thanks to all our loyal customers for allowing us to serve you the past 31 years!

Pampered Pooch,Inc.

3123 Roxboro Road, Durham • • 919.220.1083

58 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

R E A D E R S Best financial advisor in Orange/Chatham County

Kim Ray

103 West Weaver Street, Carrboro Finalists: Timothy Rauwald, UBS; Tommy Sikes, Sikes Capital; Gretchen Stroemer, H&R Block

Fitch Lumber

700 Ninth Street, Durham Finalists: The English Garden, Fallon’s Flowers, Pine State Flowers

Best hotel

Best garden store

Logan Trading Company

105 West Main Street, Carrboro (919) 408-9596

707 Semart Drive, Raleigh Finalists: Durham Garden Center, Fifth Season Gardening, Stone Bros. & Byrd

Vape defenders love to get huffy about their vapors, because, as they’re quick to remind you, it’s not smoke, it’s water vapor! Thus, the logic goes, the activity cannot be considered annoying. If you’re looking to keep your head in some insufferable clouds, Carrboro’s vape-friendly kava bar Krave—an oasis of heady vibes, maaaaan—is one of just a few bars that haven’t vanquished vaping. Krave will help you get your kava buzz on, too, to get you really far out.

Carolina Soul Records 117 East Main Street, Durham (919) 908-6620

Very little digging is required to find a whole lot of gold at Durham’s new Carolina Soul. The shop slings used records almost entirely, and it stays stocked with about ten thousand albums and 45s. It’s not hard to find something special—or, for that matter, drop a hundred bucks in a single trip. As its name suggests, the store specializes in soul, but there’s also plenty of funk and jazz, a respectable rock selection, and dozens of dollar bins to dig through.

Multiple locations, Finalists: Captain Tilley Downtown Handyman; Frank Dick, Mr. Fix It; Joe Monitor

Best florist

3500 North Roxboro Street, Durham Finalists: Hill Country Woodworks, Screaming for Vintage, Vintage Home South


Best handyman/woman

Best hardware store

TROSA Thrift Store

Best place to find a rare record to brag about

19 West Hargett Street, Raleigh Finalists: Accipiter, Edge of Urge, The Green Monkey

1 Park Drive, Durham Finalists: Jason Garey, Northwestern Mutual; Jason Jonczak, Edward Jones; Alan Morgan, Ameriprise Financial

Best furniture store

Best place to vape

DECO Raleigh

Amy Kiser, Quality Home Repairs

Ninth Street Flowers


Best gift shop in Wake County

Best financial advisor in Wake County

AXA Advisors, LLC

Carolina Soul Records

p o l l

Best gift shop in Durham County

Morgan Imports

309 North Greensboro Street, Carrboro Finalists: Burke Brothers Hardware, Handy Man Hardware, Public Hardware

The Umstead Hotel & Spa

100 Woodland Pond Drive, Cary Finalists: 21c Museum Hotel, The Durham Hotel, Washington Duke Inn

Best house cleaners in Durham County

Carpe Diem Cleaning 902 Pearl Street, Durham Finalists: Lucie’s Cleaning Service, Mariana’s House Cleaning, Tangerine Clean

Best house cleaners in Orange/ Chatham County

Two Maids & A Mop

113 South Gregson Street, Durham Finalists: Indio, Parker & Otis, Vaguely Reminiscent

Multiple locations, Finalists: Clean Away Maids, Town & Country Cleaning Services, Triangle Green Cleaning

Best gift shop in Orange/ Chatham County

Best house cleaners in Wake County

Southern Season

201 South Estes Drive, Chapel Hill Finalists: Cameron’s, This & That Gift Gallery, Womancraft

Triangle Green Cleaning

5878 Faringdon Place, Raleigh Finalists: Better Part Cleaning, Metro’s Other Woman, Two Maids & A Mop

best of 2016

| | 6.8.16 | 59


“Thanks for voting us the best!” THE ANIMAL HOSPITAL of CARRBORO

112 W. Main St • Carrboro • (919) 967-9261 •

Featuring L’Oreal!

2011 2010

BEST Salon BEST Hair Ha H Hair air Sa S Salon alo alon llon on o n Orange County/Chatham

919.968.8548 • The Galleria 60 | 6.8.16 | |


400 South Elliott Rd.

best of 2016


Chapel Hill





p o l l

Best house painter

Best landscape company

3518 Guess Road, Durham Finalists: Express Yourself Paint, Hansell Painting, Zarazua Painting

700 Mallard Avenue, Durham Finalists: Bland Landscaping Co. Inc., Bountiful Backyards, Tributary Land Design + Build

Gonzalez Painters and Contractors

Best HVAC company

TROSA Moving Company

Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling

Best men’s boutique

Multiple locations, Finalists: Alternative Aire, Comfort Engineers, Michael & Son Services

905 West Main Street, #246, Durham Finalists: Devolve Moto, Lumina Clothing Company, O’Neill’s Clothing

Best insurance agent

Best moving company

Seagroves Agency

1506 East Franklin Street, #100, Chapel Hill Finalists: Matthew Gorman, North Carolina Farm Bureau; Alex Maiolo, Lee Moore Insurance; Luke Russ, Capitol Insurance & Financial Services

Best jewelry store in Durham County


2200 West Main Street, Durham Finalists: Atelier N Fine Jewelry, Hamilton Hill, Light Years

Best jewelry store in Orange/ Chatham County

Light Years

Multiple locations, Finalists: Grimball Jewelers, Melissa Designer Jewelry, Womancraft

Best jewelry store in Wake County

Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

Multiple locations, Finalists: Diamonds Direct, Edge of Urge, Quercus Studios

Vert & Vogue

TROSA Moving Company

Historic Five Points 1813 Glenwood Ave. 919-833-0226

700 Mallard Avenue, Durham Finalists: Cary Moving Company, Chapel Hill Moving Company, DeHaven’s Transfer & Storage

Downtown Durham 810 W. Peabody St. 919-797-2554

Best music lessons

High Strung

1805 West Markham Avenue, Durham Finalists: Meredith College Community School of Music, The Musicians Learning Center, Notasium

Best new business in Durham County

Durham Co-op Market 1111 West Chapel Hill Street, Durham Finalists: Carolina Soul Records, Chet Miller, Little Shop of Horror

Best new business in Orange/ Chatham County

Silverspot Cinema

201 South Estes Drive, #100, Chapel Hill Finalists: Meadowmont Animal Hospital, Pizzeria Mercato, Screaming for Vintage

Best kitchen store

Best new business in Wake County

Multiple locations, Finalists: Kitchenworks, Morgan Imports, Whisk

304 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh Finalists: Holder Goods & Crafts, Lucky Tree Gallery & Café, Paintbar

Southern Season

Best Brunch Best Bloody Mary Best Breakfast Best Steak Best Pie Best Outdoor Seating

#fresh #local #organic #21yearsinthemaking

Devolve Moto

best of 20 16

| | 6.8.16 | 61

Whom did you vote for and why do you think they’re the Best of the Triangle? Send your comments to and they may be featured in our June 15th issue!

Best place to buy church pews (or almost anything else)

TROSA Thrift Store & Donation Center

3500 North Roxboro Street, Durham (919) 220-6119 There are plenty of pretty-good-toexcellent thrift stores in the Triangle. But for its size alone, one stands apart from the rest: Durham’s gargantuan TROSA, which more resembles an expansive, endlessly sprawling Walmart—actually, it used to be a Walmart— than your traditional thrift operation. The cavernous space is packed with dated televisions, old records, tons of books, all manner of clothes and furniture, out-of-tune pianos, and just about anything else your heart desires. (We once found a replacement power cord for our percolator.) And if your heart desires an array of eighties-style brown church pews, well, you might want to check in every so often. A few months ago, TROSA had a good dozen for sale, just $80 a pop. Alas, they were snagged before we could get our hands on them.

Best place to find weird stuff to brag about

Father & Son

107 West Hargett Street, Raleigh (919) 832-3030 If you’re going to Father & Son, you might as well clear your schedule for a couple of hours. The antique store on Hargett Street is a fantastic place to go in seeking a new bookshelf and walk out carrying a cross-stitched portrait of an owl, a pair of bowling shoes, an LP by an eighties Danish speed-metal band, and a new typewriter that you’ll never, ever use. With three full floors of pre-owned crap (and we mean that in the nicest possible way) spanning the last century, it’s incredibly easy to get lost in everything weird the store has to offer. Trust us—you will.

62 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 2016

Best cheap mani/pedi

Nail World

2233 Avent Ferry Road, #111, Raleigh (919) 832-2970 If you’re on a budget but don’t want your nails to look like they were painted by a middle-schooler, skip the salons downtown, in North Hills, or at Cameron Village, and head over to Nail World. You can get a basic manicure for $12 and a pedicure for as little as $25, without skimping on cleanliness or service. If anything, the crew at this family-owned business errs on the side of perfection. They’re friendly and will ask you if you like your color; they’ll give you a massage with even the most basic of services, and, though you’ll never feel rushed, they’ll get you in and out as fast as anyone else. Thankfully, the place is not usually terribly busy.

Best place to buy gifts for your parents

DECO Raleigh

19 West Hargett Street, Raleigh (919) 828-5484 In recent years, the Triangle gift-store sector has boomed, with standbys like Chapel Hill’s Cameron’s or foodie emporium Southern Season augmented by humble weekend markets and high-end boutiques alike. No place splits the middle more capably than DECO Raleigh, a small downtown space with big ideas. Owner Pam Blondin has somehow shoved distinct atmospheres into her one corner, so that the crowded shelves and circuitous aisles suggest a thrift shop, while the goods themselves can make the place feel a touch fancy. And the vibe-heavy “parklet” (a few parking spaces, really, recast as a miniature public park) outside upholds Blondin’s devotion to upping her city’s idiosyncrasy. With trinkets devoted to weed, booze, sex, and snark, and T-shirts that speak to local grammar and graces, DECO has a highly developed sense of humor. But with its home furnishings and candles, perfumes and jewelry, it’s got a sense of decorum, too, suitable for Triangle-centric gifts, however naughty or nice.

Thank you to all who voted for our practice and Dr. Nicolette Schreiber!

Watch your children learn and grow at our premier child development program. Chapel Hill 919-967-5020 Durham 919-806-1900 Now enrolling for Summer and Fall Durham Location 209 E Carver St. Durham, 27704 • (919) 471-2273

Brier Creek Location 8851 Ellstree Lane, Suite 201 Raleigh, NC 27617 • (919) 914-9000

Thank you for your support!

• Top 50 Brokers • Top 4% of RE/MAX Nationally • Average days on market: 18 Renée Hillman

RE/MAX One Realty 919 868 4383 @ReneeSells best of 2016

| | 6.8.16 | 63

R E A D E R S Best nonprofit in Durham County

Thank you for your votes!

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1820 James Street, Durham Finalists: Animal Protection Society of Durham, Habitat for Humanity, SEEDS

Best nonprofit in Orange/ Chatham County

Orange County Rape Crisis Center

We appreciate and thank each and every one of you for making Growler Grlz

YOUR Best of in Durham!


6911 Fayetteville Road, #109, Durham Finalists: Apex Outfitter and Board Co., Great Outdoor Provision Co., Townsend Bertram & Co

Best pet boarding in Durham County

Camp Bow Wow

2612 South Miami Boulevard, Durham Finalists: The Pet Wagon, Southpoint Animal Hospital, Suite Paws Pet Resort and Spa

Green Beagle Lodge

6805 Millhouse Road, Chapel Hill Finalists: Camp Bow Wow, Chapel Hill Pet Resort, Doggie Spa & Day Care

Best pet boarding in Wake County

Pup’s Day Out

2412 Atlantic Avenue, Raleigh Finalists: Dog Holiday Resort, Dogtopia, Suite Paws Pet Resort and Spa


best of 2016

Best pet groomer in Orange/ Chatham County

Green Beagle Lodge

Best pet groomer in Wake County

Best pet boarding in Orange/ Chatham County


3123 North Roxboro Street, Durham Finalists: Beth Johnston, Beth’s Barks N Bubbles; Dog Stylists; Elliotte’s Pet Spa

Best nonprofit in Wake County

Best outdoor outfitter

Pampered Pooch

6805 Millhouse Road, Chapel Hill Finalists: Chapel Hill Pet Resort, Hair of the Dog, Love Overboard

1390 Capital Boulevard, Raleigh Finalists: Activate Good, Cause for Paws Thrift Store, Triangle Literacy Council

2514 University Dr #14 • Durham • 919.360.3332

Best pet groomer in Durham County

1506 East Franklin Street, #302, Chapel Hill Finalists: CLAWS, Compass Center for Women and Families, Table

Urban Ministries of Wake County

919-68-CLEAN (919-682-5326)

p o l l

Pup’s Day Out

2412 Atlantic Avenue, Raleigh Finalists: All About Pets Grooming, Dogtopia, Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming

Best pet-sitting service in Durham County

Bull City Pet Sitting

Multiple locations, Finalists: A Whole Lotta Love Dog Walking & Pet Services, dogwalk, Kate’s Critter Care

Best pet-sitting service in Orange/Chatham County

Green Beagle Lodge

6805 Millhouse Road, Chapel Hill Finalists: Chapel Hill Pet Resort, Doggie Spa & Day Care, Walk and Wag

Best pet-sitting service in Wake County

Pup’s Day Out

2412 Atlantic Avenue, Raleigh Finalists: All Breed Care, Dogtopia, Raleigh Pet Sitters

Best pet specialty store


Multiple locations, Finalists: Oliver’s Collar, Other End of the Leash, Unleashed

Best place to adopt a pet

Animal Protection Society of Durham

2117 East Club Boulevard, #101, Durham Finalists: Safe Haven For Cats, Saving Grace, Wake SPCA

DOWNTOWN KNITS Your Destination for Yarns, Fabrics & Teas Drop by and see our… YARNS & FABRICS THAT INSPIRE

Shop our large selection of yarns and modern fabric prints from Cotton + Steel.

Store TROSA Thrift boro St. 3500 N. Rox ha Dur m 19 919-220-61 to ts if hr at tros


Shop our Teas brought to you from Tin Roof Tea’s and Harney & Sons.


Sign up today for Sewing & Knitting classes to begin creating your own handmade wardrobe. Visit us at for the list of classes from beginner to intermediate.

DOWNTOWN KNITS Thanks, INDY Week readers, for voting us the BEST Local Moving Company & BEST Landscape Company for 2015 + 2016!

Your destination for Yarns, Fabrics & Teas 122 North Salem Street • Apex (919) 249-5638 • Follow DOWNTOWNKNITS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pintrest for daily inspirations and updates.

THANK YOU for voting us the Triangle’s

BEST HVAC COMPANY! Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists in 254 categories that we have partnered with this year — WE LOVE BEING PART OF YOUR SUCCESS.


Thank yo your su u for ort!

4821 Grove Barton Rd. Raleigh • (919) 785-0043 Open every day 11 a.m.-2 a.m. •


Taproom & Brewery: 1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd. Raleigh • (919) 424-7533 Taproom Hours: Monday -Thursday 4p.m.-11p.m. • Friday 3p.m.-1a.m. Saturday 12p.m.-1a.m. • Sunday 12p.m.-10p.m. best of 2016

| | 6.8.16 | 65



from the Chef Hamm INC family!



GET TICKETS: 919-684-4444 • DUKEPERFORM ANCES.ORG 66 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 20 16

P.G. WERTH’S CAFÉ 121 VENUE AT 121 THE SUITE AT 121 DAILY GRIND BAKERY 927 West Morgan St. • Raleigh • 984.232.0415 •

R E A D E R S Best place to buy locally made art in Durham County

Best Realtor in Wake County

401 West Geer Street, Durham Finalists: Bull City Art & Frame Company, Indio, Pleiades Gallery

100 Lynn Road, Raleigh Finalists: Mike Golden, Golden Realty & Management; Don Johnson Realty; Ty Flynn at Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston

The Makery

Best place to buy locally made art in Orange/Chatham County


370 East Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: FRANK Gallery, Hillsborough Gallery of Arts, N.C. Crafts Gallery

Best place to buy locally made art in Wake County


201 East Davie Street, Raleigh Finalists: The Green Monkey, Lucky Tree Gallery & Café, Visual Art Exchange

Best place to buy musical instruments

The Music Loft

116 West Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: Guru Guitars, Harry’s Guitar Shop, High Strung



p o l l

Best plumber

Sparrow & Sons Plumbing

305 West Weaver Street, Carrboro Finalists: Acme Plumbing, Carrboro Plumbing, Michael & Son Services

Best Realtor in Durham County


1901 Chapel Hill Road, Durham Finalists: Toni Davis, Fonville Morisey; Adam Dickinson, 501 Realty; Mary Rae Hunter, Urban Durham Realty

Best Realtor in Orange/ Chatham County

Renee Hillman, RE/ MAX ONE REALTY

Best retail beer selection in Durham County

Sam’s Quik Shop

1605 Erwin Road, Durham Finalists: Beer Durham, The Glass Jug, Ramblers Bottle Shop + Bar

Best retail beer selection in Orange/Chatham County

Beer Study

106 North Graham Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: 580 Craft Beer, Carrboro Beverage Company, Weaver Street Market

Best retail beer selection in Wake County

Tasty Beverage Company

327 West Davie Street, #106, Raleigh Finalists: Bottle Revolution, BottleMixx, Peace Street Market

Best retirement community

Carol Woods

750 Weaver Dairy Road, Chapel Hill Finalists: Carolina Meadows, Croasdaile Village, The Forest at Duke

Best roofing company

Baker Roofing

517 Mercury Street, Raleigh Finalists: Alpine Roofing, Joe Rays Roofing, Walker Brown Roofing

Best running store

Lee Waters, Terra Nova Fleet Feet Sports Multiple locations, Global Properties 605 West Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: Ann Koonce, Fonville Morisey; Armand Lenchek, Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston; Judy Weinstock, The Judy Weinstock Team

Finalists: 9th St. Active Feet, Bull City Running Co., Runologie

Best holdout in Durham

Best store that has a “holiday sale” on 4/20

Massengill’s Auto Service

Hunky Dory

715 Rigsbee Avenue, Durham (919) 687-0558

Massengill’s Auto Service bounced around a few spots in downtown Durham before settling in at its current location in 1998. It suffices to say its surroundings have changed considerably in the years since. Tall condo buildings are shooting up into the sky in nearly every direction. Neighbors on the block now include Fullsteam Brewery, Surf Club, The Pit, and Motorco (itself named after a former car dealership). In the midst of this gentrification lies a tall chain-link fence, behind which sits Massengill’s operations. We hope this valuable chunk of real estate won’t be sold off to make room for a boutique hotel anytime soon. In addition to representing something we value—ordinary services in an area that is starting to feel too slick—Massengill’s is friendly, reasonably priced, and, if you ask, they’ll give you a free T-shirt after they repair your car. It’s got a nice fit to it.

Best pawn shop at which to buy an electric guitar

Affordable Jewelry & Pawn 3616 Hillsborough Road, Durham (919) 382-8021

The storied days of finding a vintage Fender or Gibson guitar for an insanely low price at some mom-and-pop pawn shop are long gone. (Thanks to eBay for clueing in the formerly clueless.) Some good deals can be found at chain pawn shops, but the selection is often hit or (mostly) miss. Not so at Affordable Jewelry & Pawn, next to Strawbridge Studios—behind that big Cook-Out. Owner Darrell Hutson says the store invests a little more in buying the good stuff, so there’s always a nice selection of reasonably priced Stratocasters, Telecasters, and Martin acoustics on the wall. On the cheap side, gift-shopping parents will appreciate the ever-present row of hundred-dollar pointy Ibanezes, perfect for that budding teenage metalhead in your house.

718 Ninth Street, Durham (919) 286-1916 Go a sk yo u r sto n er fr ien d s wh at “Asheville glass” is. If they’ve got a good answer, you know they’re regulars at Hunky Dory. But hell, even if you’re not in the market for fancy glass pipes or (ahem) tobacco water-filtration devices, this is still a great place to waste an hour, especially if your addiction is to vinyl. (Yeah, sure, you can quit records any time you want.) You say you’ve been looking fruitlessly for Yes guitarist Steve Howe’s solo album, Beginnings? Or Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane’s 1977 Rough Mix LP? Hunky Dory’s got you. And Grateful Dead? Zappa? Goes without saying.

Best vision for expansion

The Scrap Exchange

2050 Chapel Hill Road, Durham (919) 688-6960 When director Ann Woodward and the board of the nonprofit Scrap Exchange moved the twenty-five-year-old reuse center into a former movie theater at Durham’s Lakewood Shopping Center two years ago, that was just phase one. The big plan, now coming to fruition, was to buy the whole ten acres and repurpose the once-thriving strip mall into a glorious “reuse district” with a community garden, a sculpture garden, a parking lot mall built of shipping containers, affordable spaces for local businesses, and more. As always, The Scrap Exchange’s main missions are to reduce waste and to teach Durham’s citizens how to make rather than just consume. The Scrap Exchange has always been awesome. There’s no reason to think phase two will be anything less. best of 20 16

| | 6.8.16 | 67


R E A D E R S Best veterinary practice in Durham County

Best salvage/re-use business

Southpoint Animal Hospital

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

5601 Fayetteville Road, Durham Finalists: Broadway Veterinary Hospital, New Hope Animal Hospital, Willow Oak Veterinary Hospital

5501 Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard, Durham Finalists: The Scrap Exchange, Tilthy Rich, TROSA Thrift Store

Best veterinary practice in Orange/Chatham County

Best store to buy eyeglasses

Upchurch Optical

Carrboro Plaza Veterinary Clinic

Multiple locations, Finalists: Carrboro Family Vision, Spec’s, Triangle Visions

104 N.C. 54, Carrboro Finalists: The Animal Hospital of Carrboro, Hillsborough Veterinary Clinic, Meadowmont Animal Hospital

Best summer camp in Durham County

Schoolhouse of Wonder

Best veterinary practice in Wake County

Care First Animal Hospital

5101B North Roxboro Street, Durham Finalists: Carolina Friends School, Durham Academy, Piedmont Wildlife Center

Multiple locations, Finalists: City Vet, Hayes Barton Animal Hospital, Swift Creek Animal Hospital

Best summer camp in Orange/Chatham County


964 East Street, # 100, Pittsboro Finalists: Blue Skies of Maple View, Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts, Emerson Waldorf

Best summer camp in Wake County


Multiple locations, Finalists: Camp Kanata, Cary Academy, Schoolhouse of Wonder

Best tattoo studio

Blue Flame Tattoo

710 West Peace Street, Raleigh Finalists: Dogstar Tattoo, Glenn’s Tattoo Service, Tattoo Asylum

Best toy store

Ali Cat Toys

200 North Greensboro Street, Carrboro Finalists: The Children’s Store, Crowemag Toys, Play House Toy Store

68 | 6.8.16 | |

p o l l

Best vintage/antique store

Father & Son Antiques 107 West Hargett Street, Raleigh Finalists: Dolly’s Vintage, Screaming for Vintage, Vintage Home South

Best wine shop in Durham County

Wine Authorities

2501 University Drive, Durham Finalists: Cave Taureau, Durham Co-op Market, Hope Valley Bottle Shop

Best wine shop in Orange/ Chatham County

Southern Season

Multiple locations, Finalists: Chapel Hill Wine, Hillsborough Wine Company, Vino

Best wine shop in Wake County

Wine Authorities

2501 University Drive, Durham Finalists: BottleMixx, Seaboard Wine and Tasting Bar, The Raleigh Wine Shop

Best place to get hitched

Little Shop of Horror

1040 Duffy’s Way, Chapel Hill (919) 360-4922

Should you wish for a bottle of “Coven”scented perfume oil, a purse emblazoned with the image of Halloween serial killer Michael Myers, or just a nice skull handbag, the Little Shop of Horror will have you cackling like the Crypt Keeper. Stylish meets ghoulish at this gloriously ghastly boutique, with all manner of clothing, accessories, decorations, and more, all based on the horror and genre movies that are also on sale on DVD. Light an Edgar Allan Poe prayer candle, wash yourself up with a Psycho-themed vegan soap called “Norman Loves Mother,” and treat a sweetie to an evening of classic blood-filled cinema in style.

best of 2016

Vert & Vogue

905 West Main Street, Durham Finalists: Magpie Boutique, Mynt, Smitten Boutique

Best women’s boutique in Orange/Chatham County


1000 West Main Street, Durham Finalists: Dina Porter, Lark, Sofia’s Boutique

Best women’s boutique in Wake County

Edge of Urge

215 East Franklin Street, #110, Raleigh Finalists: The Art of Style, Fab’rik, Halie’s Boutique

Best yarn store

Hillsborough Yarn Shop

114 South Churton Street, Hillsborough Finalists: Cozy, Downtown Knits, Yarns Etc.

Best place to buy an Edgar Allan Poe prayer candle 506 North Mangum Street, #103, Durham (919) 688-1237

Best women’s boutique in Durham County

The Barn at Valhalla

Of all the myriad decisions you’ll make in planning your wedding, few are as important as your choice of venue. It’s your canvas, your movie set, the backdrop for an event that will be over much, much faster than you probably realize. The Barn at Valhalla is a beautiful, versatile, thirty-acre space given over to pastures, meadows, a picturesque pond, and of course, a stunning barn, offering the exquisite setting that a red-letter day demands. The Barn earns raves for its unpretentious, user-friendly aesthetic. Guests are given ample access to get set up; they can bring their own DJ, alcohol, and any other elements designed to make the day their own. Of course, if you need help with those things, The Barn is there to help. It can accommodate up to eighteen staying guests, too, allowing for added time with family and loved ones—and at surprisingly reasonable rates.

Best place to buy poetry books

So & So Books

704 North Person Street, Raleigh (919) 426-9502 You could cross the shopping area of So & So Books, which shares space with an architecture firm, in one handspring. And maybe that’s what you’ll feel like doing when you realize that the shop’s curation compensates for what it lacks in size. The two owners, Chris Tonelli and Charles Wilkes, carefully select the latest poetry and fiction titles, which reflect their respective expertise in each of those genres. While you can find a smattering of famous poetry at any of the chain bookstores in the Triangle, and a smattering of local poetry at any of the other local indie bookstores, the depth and breadth of the national contemporary poetry on So & So’s shelves far outstrips the competition. (Tonelli is poetry publisher, so he’s always up on the latest.) The storefront also functions as a community hub, regularly featuring visiting and local readers and their books in the intimate but bright, open storefront. | 6.8.16 | 69

Starting this Fall, discover a new season of dynamic contemporary plays and fresh looks at iconic classics.

Detroit ‘67 By

intimate apparel

D o m i n i q u e mo r is s eau

the CruCiBle By


ly n n n ot tag e

twelfth night

art h u r m i l l e r


w i lli am s h a k es p ea re So & So Books

the may queen

my fair laDy


B ook & lyr iCs By

mo l ly s m i t h m etz l e r

m usi C By

a la n Jay le rn e r f re De ri C k lo ew e

aND more!


4516 Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard, Durham (919) 493-5599

visit or call 919.962.7529

ComINg sooN 70 | 6.8.16 | |

JUly 20-31 best of 2016

Best place to buy a Mark Jacobson Toyota

Mark Jacobson Toyota

Get the best seats at the best value. subscribe today and get up to 30% oFF.

get tickets!


You can buy a black blazer at Men’s Warehouse. You can probably find a couple of little white Westies on The beard? Just grow one. But to get them all in one place and then go home in a new or used Mark Jacobson Toyota, your only

option is Mark Jacobson Toyota. The INDY’s favorite hatchback huckster has starred in so many nutty commercials for his Durham dealership that we can’t even. They run the gamut from mildly hokey to clinically insane (there’s one where he springs from hiding in the backseat of a woman’s car, to illustrate how he’s always there for you). He knows it, playing up a noisy, slick-talking character seemingly cast adrift from the Wild West days of local-access cable. Just know that you can Google “Mark Jacobson bobbleheads,” “Mark Jacobson A Few Good Men parody,” and “Mark Jacobson washing dogs” and expect amusing, annoying results.

608 N. Mangum St. Durham 919-908-8970

Thank you, Indy readers, for consistently voting us a top retirement community!

best of 20 16

| | 6.8.16 | 71

Best acupuncturist

Triangle Acupuncture Clinic

Best dentist in Orange/ Chatham County

Ellis General Dentistry

104 South Estes Drive, Chapel Hill Finalists: Shea Broussard, AcuShea Alternative Health Care; Christina Fish, Silver Current Acupuncture; Jude Roman, InsideOut Body Therapies

88 Vilcom Center Drive, #190, Chapel Hill Finalists: Kennedy Dental Group; Dr. Bilal Saib, Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry; Wagoner Dental

Best aesthetician

Best dentist in Wake County

118 East Main Street, Carrboro Finalists: Kim Forster, Aesthetic Solutions; Bonnie King, The Retreat at Brightleaf; Emily MacGregor, The Retreat at Brightleaf

13220 Strickland Road, #166, Raleigh Finalists: Beavers Family Dentistry; Downtown Dental; Dr. Jessica Shireman, Cameron Village Dentist

Wax Poetic

Best barbershop

Multiple locations, Finalists: Dennis Men’s Salon, Mr. Groom Room, Rock’s Bar and Hair Shop

Best chiropractor

953 North Harrison Avenue, Cary Finalists: Chiropractic Partners, Dr. Chas Gaertner; North Carolina Chiropractic, Dr. Molly Hall; Active Chiropractic

The Umstead Hotel & Spa

Rock Paper Scissors Salon and Gallery

106 North Graham Street, Chapel Hill Finalists: Mina’s Studio, Moshi Moshi, To the woods

John Christensen, Durham Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

Best hair salon in Wake County


121 West Woodcroft Parkway, Durham Finalists: Bull City Dental, Gadol Family Dentistry, Dr. Lionel Nelson

72 | 6.8.16 | |

Best hair salon in Durham County

Syd’s Hair Shop

Best dentist in Durham County



Best hair salon in Orange/ Chatham County

100 Woodland Pond Drive, Cary Finalists: Mina’s Studio, Paintbar, The Retreat at Brightleaf


Best gym

413 East Chapel Hill Street, Durham Finalists: Moshi Moshi, Posh the Salon, Salon Povera

Best day spa


Multiple locations, Finalists: Dr. Sue Ellen Cox, Aesthetic Solutions; Dr. Sarah Myers, Duke Dermatology; Triangle Dermatology

Multiple locations, Finalists: O2 fitness, ONE Fitness Training, SYNCSTUDIO

Dr. Blake Livingood, Triangle Health Center


Best dermatologist

Central Dermatology

Arrow & Pedro Williams


Leesville Dental Care

8451 Brier Creek Parkway, #101, Raleigh Finalists: Atomic Salon, The Junction Salon & Bar, Marigold Parlour


best of 20 16













Occoneechee Mountain State Park

best of 2016


| | 6.8.16 | 73

74 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 20 16


Best place to stop and smell the flowers in Raleigh

Best place to stop and smell the flowers in Durham

Best place to hike a mountain

Best park that is not technically a park

The Rose Garden at Raleigh Little Theatre

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area

Duke East Campus

625 Virginia Cates Road, Hillsborough (919) 383-1686

What do you really need from a park? Wide-open green space, a trail to walk on, maybe some recreational infrastructure. Duke’s East Campus has all this, plus it’s conveniently located in the middle of the city. There’s a sand volleyball court, a 1.5-mile jogging path running parallel to the waist-high wall that encircles the campus, and plenty of space to lie out with a book and a blanket. (Need some picnic essentials? Pop into the Whole Foods just across Broad Street.) Some afternoons, watching fresh, young Duke faces come and go, we wonder whether somebody might come up to us and demand proof that we are affiliated with the school in some way. In that case, the story we’re going with is that we’re adjunct—but so far nobody’s seemed to mind.

301 Pogue Street, Raleigh (919) 821-4579 Tucked away in the heart of the city is one of Raleigh’s most beautiful spots, the rose garden at the Raleigh Little Theater. If ever you’re looking to escape traffic and perpetual construction on Hillsborough Street, the garden is an idyllic retreat. It boasts sixty beds with fifty-six varieties of roses and hybrids that are in bloom from late May until the first frost of fall, as well as an amphitheater, old trees, and open spaces. The dog-friendly 6.5acre garden is a perfect place to while away hours, reading, picnicking, doing yoga, or simply wandering around. It’s also ideal for events and gatherings, and there are plenty of summer concerts and shows for those who crave a little outdoor entertainment.

420 Anderson Street, Durham (919) 684-3698

It’s a full-blown North Carolina spring. Roadside jungles are spilling out of the medians. Blossoms are proliferating with astonishing speed. The sun burns away a rainy morning, only to summon an evening hailstorm. In the lush intensity of new plant life, spring feels coiled and ready to burst. If you haven’t been following this unfolding botanical drama, consider a walk through Duke Gardens. The terraced beds leading to the koi pond display the range of flora blooming on any given day. Follow winding footpaths away from the main attraction to discover your own shaded enclaves, frog ponds, moss gardens, and bamboo forests, or the Japanese teahouse nestled by the Sho Unkei Garden.

712 Broad Street, Durham

Sometimes, you just need a break from it all. In the Triangle, there are few better escapes than the lookout at Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area, some 867 feet above the Eno River. As mountains go, 867 feet isn’t much, but ours is not a mountainous area, so you take what you can get. Walk the three miles of trails—mostly low-grade elevation with a few steep climbs, which you’ll feel the next morning—until you reach the apex, then behold the world below. Not much compares, at least not around here.

best of 20 16

| | 6.8.16 | 75






4810 Hope Valley Road, #7, Durham Finalists: Betsy Collie, Rapid Results Fitness; JoJo Polk, Core Fitness Studio; Alisha Woodroof, GetAMPed Fitness

6118 Farrington Road, Chapel Hill Finalists: Saint-Cyr Dojo, Triangle Sword Guild, Triangle’s Karate

Best massage therapist

Michael Barriskill, Mindful Massage



3475 Erwin Road, Durham Finalists: Bloom Integrative Health, Raleigh Naturopathic Clinic, Will’s Wild Herbs

Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts

Dr. Jessica E. Shireman | DMD, PA 2104 Smallwood Drive Raleigh, NC 27605


Best personal trainer

Best martial arts studio

Family Dentistry Services include: • Bonding • Complete & Partial Dentures • Crowns & Bridges • Dental Implants • Filings & Restorative Dentistry • Mouthguards & Nightguards • Pediatric Dentistry • Root Canals • Teeth Whitening • Veneers


Best holistic medicine

Duke Integrative Medicine

We offer comprehensive family and holistic dentistry


3830 Garrett Road, Durham Finalists: Julie H. Marciniak, North Pointe Body Therapies; Blake Moriarty, The Retreat at Brightleaf; WODbody Sports Massage

Best optometry practice

Carrboro Family Vision 200 West Weaver Street, #1, Carrboro Finalists: Academy Eye Associates, Good Looks, Rosenstein Vision Center

Best pediatric practice

Chapel Hill Pediatrics

Multiple locations, Finalists: Durham Pediatrics, Oberlin Road Pediatrics, Regional Pediatrics

Best pediatrician

Dr. Kyne Wang, Regional Pediatrics

4022 Freedom Lake Drive, Durham Finalists: Dr. Gregory Fisher, Regional Pediatrics; Dr. Martha Gagliano, Durham Pediatrics; Dr. Michael Minozzi, Chapel Hill Children’s Clinic

Leigh Ann Yeager, ONE Fitness Training

Best pilates studio in Durham County

InsideOut Body Therapies

5720 Fayetteville Road, #101, Durham Finalists: Bull City Pilates and Massage, Recharge Pilates and Barre, RIDE Cycle Studio

Best pilates studio in Orange/ Chatham County

Carrboro Yoga Company

200 North Greensboro Street, Carrboro Finalists: Carolina Core, Spira Pilates Studio, Studio East 54

Best pilates studio in Wake County

Evolve Movement

Multiple locations, Finalists: Blue Sky Pilates, Lifetime Fitness Cary, Pulse Pilates

Best place to bike

American Tobacco Trail Finalists: Raleigh Greenway, Umstead Park, Orange County

Best place to hike

Eno River State Park

6101 Old Cole Mill Road, Durham Finalists: William B. Umstead State Park, Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area, Duke Forest

Best place to run

American Tobacco Trail 76 | 6.8.16 | |

best of 20 16 Finalists: Umstead State Park, Capital Area Greenway, Eno River State Park


Best place to fly

Cirque de Vol Studios

300 West Hargett Street, #40, Raleigh (919) 615-2484 It’s the superpower most of us have always wanted; though no one will confuse you with a bird or a plane, you can still get airborne with a little patience and a lot of upper-body strength at Cirque de Vol. Classes exist for adults and kids, and the aerial ones include trapeze, silks, and lyra—that giant suspended hoop popular with circus performers. Soak in the health benefits of hanging upside down, including reduced stress and improved circulation, learn to dance sans floor, or activate your core strength while spinning and posing in a ring up in the air. You may be a little sore the next day, but no one said flying was easy.

Best place to disappear

Umstead Hotel & Spa and Umstead State Park 100 Woodland Pond Drive, Cary, and 8801 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh and Who would have imagined that an interstate divides the two sides of paradise? If you leave Interstate 40 at exit 287, you’ll soon find yourself with two very different but similarly named invitations to escape: the nearly six-thousand-acre oasis of William B. Umstead State Park to one side, and the extravagant Umstead Hotel & Spa to the other. With one, you can beat and bang your body through twisting trail runs and mountain bike passes both hidden and marked. You can wade into creeks, idle beside idyllic ponds, or camp in the woods. And, after any or all of those activities, you can flee to The Umstead for the night. It’s a lavish facility of high-end food and drink, and rooms that often harbor visiting celebrities. But our advice, especially after a day rolling over roots in Umstead, is to lurk downstairs in the labyrinthine spa, which will put you in the lap of luxury just a few hundred feet away from the interstate.


City of Oaks Marathon November 6, 2016

Given how often city streets seem to be closed for one road race or another, you may assume that the Triangle hosts a dozen or more marathons a year. While it’s true that regional running culture is especially healthy right now, most area races don’t stretch for the required 26.2 miles, at least along the roads. In fact, only three do—Cary’s Tobacco Road, Raleigh’s Rock ’n’ Roll, and Raleigh’s City of Oaks. The first is tediously flat and less than scenic. The second is pleasant to see but corporately controlled and a bear to run. But the third, which has been running around downtown Raleigh and north through the city’s greenways for a decade now, is the real winner. Set just after Halloween, it’s not an easy course, with rolling elevations past Crabtree Creek and a ghoulish “Hill of Death” beyond the twenty-mile mark. Still, the look is pretty and the crowd pleasant, with easy access for motivational onlookers. It’s one of the only marathons we’ve ever wanted to run a second time.




Best place to observe latest trends in exercise fashion

Harris Teeter in Cameron Village 500 Oberlin Road, Raleigh (919) 828-9216 Here’s a free get-rich-quick scheme: open a pop-up Lululemon shop just outside the Harris Teeter supermarket in Cameron Village and watch the bucks roll in like sweat during a super-strenuous hot yoga sesh. Located less than a mile from a YMCA, N.C. State’s campus, and a few public parks, this grocery has more gym shorts and yoga pants, spandex and Lycra than a Planet Fitness. Whether it’s young dudes coming in from runs or hoop games across the street, moms shopping post-workout during school hours, or State students stopping in for coffee or cookies after leisurely strolls around the city, Harris Teeter serves as the transitional point between exercise and relaxation. Let’s just hope those floors get mopped often.

Thank you for your votes! Oven-made Pies Fresh Salads Sandwiches & Kabobs Catering 9650 Strickland Rd Raleigh • (919) 847-2700 Come visit our newest location: 1347 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary • (919) 300-5586 best of 20 16

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READERS poll Best primary care practitioner

Best women’s health practitioner

953 North Harrison Avenue, Cary Finalists: Dr. Mohan Chilukuri, Durham Family Medicine; Dr. Elizabeth Vandergriff, Preston Medical Associates; Dr. Bruce Wilks, Carrboro Family Medicine

120 Conner Drive, #101, Chapel Hill Finalists: Dr. Nicolette Schreiber, WHA (Durham Women’s Clinic); Carolina Conceptions; Maggie Darst, Capitol Area OB/GYN

Dr. Blake Livingood, Melinda Everett, WHA Triangle Health Center Chapel Hill OB/Gyn


June 19

Best therapist

Carrie Roberson Fasola, Awakenings

Multiple locations, Finalists: Whitney Johnson; Rosellen Reif, Reif Psychological Services; Liz Tatum

Best women’s health practice

WHA (Durham Women’s Clinic and Chapel Hill OBGYN) 120 Conner Drive, #101, Chapel Hill Finalists: Women’s Birth & Wellness Center, Capital Area Obstetrics & Gynecology,Carolina Conceptions

July 17

July 18

Best place to find every cosmetic product you’ll ever need

Beauty World

1418 Avondale Drive, Durham (919) 683-3281,

August 12

August 13

Best yoga studio in Durham County

Durham Yoga Company 502 Rigsbee Avenue, #203, Durham Finalists: Global Breath, RIDE Cycle Studio, SYNCSTUDIO

Best yoga studio in Orange/ Chatham County

Carrboro Yoga Company 200 North Greensboro Street, Carrboro Finalists: Franklin Street Yoga, Loving Kindness Yoga School, Triangle Yoga

Best yoga studio in Wake County

Blue Lotus

401 North West Street, Raleigh Finalists: 110 Yoga, Indigo Hot Yoga Center, Open Door Yoga Studio

Here’s the weird bit: there are multiple Beauty Worlds. The stores in Chapel Hill and Raleigh are not related to the one in Durham, which is top of the line. They even have different websites (the other is Still, their mission—and the bulk of their inventory—remains the same.

Entering Beauty World’s Avondale Drive emporium is overwhelming. The stores sell just about every beauty product you could ever fathom, with endless aisles of lipsticks, lotions, nail polishes, and other vital self-care solutions. Hair products! Barrettes! Scarves! Jewelry! Shoes! Beauty World has it all, and you’ll end up taking home stuff you never knew existed, much less needed. The products are usually priced to please, too, making it that much easier for babes on a budget to doll up. PHOTO BY ALEX BOERNER

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best of 2016


105 N. Churton St.

104 N. Churton St.

111 N. Churton St.

Open often, & open late

Enjoy Every Sandwich

Laissez les bons temps roulez!

Hillsborough’s neighborhood gathering place since 2003. Menus change daily, as do the characters!

We use real, honest ingredients to make good, fulfilling food. Now that’s Bona Fide!

Authentic Cajun Cuisine Fresh, local seafood Brunch & Bloody Mary Bar Joie de Vivre!

“Work is the curse of the drinking class” -Oscar Wilde

“You can trust your dog to guard your house, but not to guard your sandwich” - Tony Rignola III

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food” - Paul Prudhomme

Hillsborough: cool, historic, and very delicious! best of 20 16

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