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Australian industry is facing a power crisis. And while many critics from both industry and politics have been quick to point the finger variously at state governments, multinational power and gas companies, AEMO and environmental initiatives, we are no closer to a solution.

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Many sectors of Australian industry cannot tolerate supply interruptions. Energy security is essential. And for many Australian manufacturers operating on slender margins, ever increasing energy prices will be the difference between profit and insolvency. ito hib The electricity supply shortfall led to load Exthat t 2 30 + ta en r es es eP shedding in South Australia in30February 2017 is on + Fre Z or e ct ct S predicted to become more commonplace s – in the 11 Produ n o ati str short term at least - thanks to Dthe of the emon aily Dclosure giant Hazelwood power station in Victoria, removing Australia’s 9 –from 12 May 1600MW ofWhere generating capacity the 2017 grid. Manufacturing Value Chain Melbourne Convention Comes Together & Exhibition Centreto be at And while there are currently estimated least 4000MW of new wind utility, PV and rooftop PV

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The world is changing and every media organisation faces the same problem: innovate, or get left behind. Industry Update has always stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to trends in the media. We redesigned our front page when it became clear that readers were looking for headlines to grab their attention, rather than advertising and graphics. We optimised our website and coding to ensure that it met the precise characteristics that Google was looking for (to ensure we can get you to page 1). Now we’ve taken another step forward into the future with Industry Update Videos, a groundbreaking new service that is unlike anything our competitors have to offer. Video has become the social medium of choice in the 21st century, combining immediacy of message with richness of content.



With the help of Australia’s iconic presenter and sports broadcaster Tim Webster, we now offer a brand new way to get your products and services in front of a whole new audience. When people see Tim Webster next to your logo, talking about your products, they’re going to stop and pay attention. Paired with relevant news articles and featured on our website and e-newsletter, these videos are your chance to stand out amongst the crowd and be heard. Tim Webster will also be visiting National Manufacturing Week at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on Thursday 11th May at Stand 2250, to meet and greet all our advertisers and participants in Industry Update Videos.

Even with the government’s recent success in improving tax conditions for Australian companies turning over $50 million or less, smaller businesses still face many challenges in today’s Australian economy. And one of the biggest of these is maintaining cashflow. Big business, it seems, isn’t playing fair. And the (admittedly optimistic) 30-day terms on which we all base our business plans are a distant memory, stretching to 60, 90, and even 120 days as a matter of course. Little wonder, then, that the Federal Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell has accused Australia’s top businesses of treating their smaller counterparts as sources of low-cost (or free) credit. The accusations come as a result of a survey, carried out by the ombudsman’s office, which took submissions from 3000 small businesses. Carnell has proposed a number of measures to rectify the situation. These range from federal legislation to ensure compliance with 30-day terms to

mandating the 100 top businesses in the country to report twice a year on their payment times. Sadly, though, she is unlikely to find too many supporters in a Government that is committed to removing red tape, rather than increasing it. However, one measure that does deserve support is her call for the Australian Government to follow the example set by the US Government and reduce its own settlement terms to 15 days. A recent review by Harvard Business School found that the policy change had created 75,000 jobs and delivered $6 billion into US workers' pay packets. What’s more, the US Government’s example set off a wave of conscience among blue chip companies, which rushed to sign up to President Obama’s SupplierPay Initiative, committing themselves to reduce their payment terms to small business to match those of the government. Leading by example? Perhaps that’s a lesson for governments worldwide. • AMAZING CONNECTIONS... VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP® VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP® offers a revolutionary new way to secure goods in a warehouse environment. The LOGISTRAP® base material is nylon which has a resistance of 1059 N. The metal buckle offers additional strength and has a high vis colour for added safety. The LOGISTRAP® can be tailored for printing and for your own unique individual branding. The VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP® eliminates the need to re-wrap any pelleted item once it has been received in your warehouse. Save time, save money and save the planet with this simple, yet effective solution.

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So, you’ve got a new security policy in place. Now, you don't have to worry about data loss, ransomware, or information theft, and you've dealt with the biggest security threats, right? Wrong. Maybe you read the Industry Update security features and took their advice, or maybe your IT team insisted you make sure your business was secure. Either way, you’ve got a brand new set of rules for your business to follow, but unfortunately that's not the end of the story. Despite all your hard work, you still haven’t removed the #1 cause of technological errors and security breaches: your employees. To be fair, firing all your employees because you’re worried about tech security is a slight overreaction. But the fact remains that no matter how comprehensive your new policies are, employees will always find a way around the rules if they are inconvenient enough. If your security rules are making it harder, more time-consuming, or more boring to get a job done, you can guarantee that the offending steps are going to be skipped at least once a

week. It won’t be malicious, and likely the employee won’t think twice about what they’re doing. Doubtless it will seem perfectly reasonable from their point of view. How do we get around this problem? The immediate reaction is to add more rules, more checks, and make it harder for employees to skip any part of the security checks. This, however, can cost more (in terms of time and morale) than it saves, and it’s not even guaranteed to close all the loopholes. What to do? 1. Clarity This may seem obvious, but your employees need to know what the rules are. They need to know, quickly and easily, what websites are okay to use, what devices are okay to connect, and what to do with removable storage devices. Make sure your rules are simple, clear, and easy to find.

2. Enforcing While over-zealously policing every tiny rule infraction will hurt morale, making sure that employees don’t do what they’re really not supposed to is important. If a website is not to be visited at work, ensure it’s blocked properly. If personal devices aren’t supposed to be connected to work computers, take action when anybody connects one, no matter who they are or how long it’s connected. 3. Accomodate Listen to the needs of your employees and adapt your rules. They need to do their jobs, and if your rules are blocking functions of their jobs, they’ll find a way around them that most likely won’t be secure. If they’re saying “we need to do X”, then find a way to make it happen.

4. Explain Your employees also need to know why they’re following a certain set of rules. From their point of view, it might all seem irritating, obscure, and completely unhelpful, but the rules have a purpose. Make sure that explanations for each of your rules are clearly explained, and if you can, provide plausible examples of issues that occur when the rules are not followed. 5. Adapt There are going to be breaches, mistakes, or deliberate avoidances of the rules. It’s going to happen, so the only sensible thing to do is plan for these occasions. Any robust security plan is prepared to deal with inevitable user-end errors and security flaws. We cannot, unfortunately, expect perfect security. But with time, and practice, we can come fairly close.











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FEATURE: CUTTING AND WELDING Back to Basics with Plasma Cutting

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Full wattage range: 240/480W Output voltage range: 24VDC to 48VDC Input voltage range: 85VAC to 264VAC UL 508 (industrial control equipment) approved • Metal case • Standard rail mount

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Energy security is a crucial issue for Australian industry. A safe, secure and affordable power supply is an essential requirement for our citizens, our economy and our heavy industrial sectors. We have an abundance of coal, gas, sun and wind resources, yet our energy is among the most expensive in the OECD[1]. This impacts on our competitiveness and employment. A reduction in our energy security puts at risk billions of dollars of investment in the livelihood of Australians and our ongoing quality of life. It’s critical that all sectors of industry have access to affordable, reliable and secure energy. Manufacturing is no exception.

Manufacturing is a major force in our economy, employing more than 950,000[2] Australians. Australia must be able to provide the entire manufacturing sector with energy that is affordable, reliable and secure, while meeting our environmental obligations. The Australian Government is committed to setting the right policy environment to provide that affordability, reliability and security. The Government’s focus is on ensuring the energy market operates as efficiently as it can in the longterm interests of consumers, including all sectors of Australian industry. The Government is doing this in the face of numerous challenges. Right now, a tight supply of gas is among the main obstacles to energy security. High prices have also had flow-on effects, through the increased cost of the gas used in gas-fired power generation, which is having an impact on wholesale energy prices. The Government is working on measures to secure the nation’s domestic gas supply and put downward pressure

on gas prices. The Prime Minister has the agreement of gas suppliers to make more gas available to domestic markets, as well as a guarantee gas will be available for power generation at times of peak demand. The Government will look to accelerate the reform agenda already underway through the COAG Energy Council to improve supply and transparency in the gas market. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Dr Mike Vertigan will advise on further options to quickly improve gas market transparency – to put further downward pressure on prices, and the Government has directed the ACCC to review retail electricity prices. There have also been significant changes to Australia’s energy generation fleet, with growth in renewable generation at the same time as the retirement of older coal-fired power stations we’ve traditionally relied on for our baseload power. We are tackling these challenges through a number of measures, including:

the COAG Energy Council reform agenda; the Chief Scientist’s Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market; and the 2017 Review of Climate Change Policies. The COAG Energy Council commissioned the Chief Scientist of Australia, Dr Alan Finkel, to undertake an independent review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market. The review is due to report to COAG in June 2017 and will deliver a blueprint to maintain the security, reliability and affordability of our energy. The energy sector is fundamental to Australia’s functioning and prosperity. The secure supply of energy to industry is a priority for the Turnbull Government and we will continue to work on measures to ensure sectors like manufacturing can count on reliable, affordable and safe energy supplies well into the future. Senator Arthur Sinodinos is the Minister for Industry, Innovation & Science. [1] PM’s Press Club speech [2] A  BS Labour Force data 6291.0.55.003 table 6 (and table 4 for seasonally adjusted data)


In times of crisis, commentators like to call for bipartisanship in finding solutions. The present energy crisis has been no different. Bipartisanship has hardly been a notable element of debate on the crisis, but it is clear that the terms of the debate have changed dramatically in recent weeks. Blackouts and rising electricity prices have been compounded by rocketing gas prices and the prospect of an actual shortage of gas for domestic households and manufacturers. After months of blaming the states, the PM has discovered that not all renewables are bad and now suggests



that “renewable hydro” is good. He has also met gas producers and got some vague promises about providing spot price gas for electricity, but we have nothing about gas being provided as feedstock for manufacturers. I have long been an advocate of finishing the Snowy Mountains Scheme to provide additional pumped hydroelectricity. I am just disappointed in the way these proposals have been announced as if they were an episode of the ABC TV satire, Utopia. It’s quite clear that the political system has failed and we need to move a lot further to fix the problem. All sides of politics recognise there is a crisis for which a solution must be found in the next 12 to 18 months. Following discussions with Manufacturers Australia, ACCI, AIG, the Steel Institute and numerous individual businesses, it is quite clear that access to affordable and reliable energy is the number one issue for Australian manufacturers.

Despite all of the announcements, I’ve heard little that deals with this immediate issue other than the proposals developed by the South Australian Government. The proposal to complete the Snowy Hydro scheme is one that I support, but all we have heard to date is a feasibility study with time lines that keep expanding rapidly and unknown costs. As to the guarantees from gas producers, the commitments remain ambiguous. To quote Innes Willox of the Australian Industry Group: “The test for gas exporters will be whether they can stabilise the domestic contract market, not just tip some gas into the spot market from time to time.” It is outrageous that Australian gas can be bought more cheaply in Japan than it can here. And it is absurd that a country that will soon be the biggest gas producer in the world cannot ensure affordable and reliable supplies for Australia. Energy security and gas supplies are now inextricably interlinked, and if the crisis is to be resolved before Australian

jobs and industrial capabilities are lost the Government must act decisively to ensure that gas producers divert more of their product to the domestic market. The living standards of Australians depend on the political system getting this right. Further, it is now quite clear that the privatisation of the electrical system has not worked. The failure to develop a proper policy framework around climate change has meant that as our old coal fired power stations close, there has not been sufficient investment in new capacity. What’s encouraging is that the SA Government and Mr Turnbull have both recognised that the public sector has a role to play in re building capacity. If Mr Turnbull is willing to do what is necessary to ensure that this happens, we are willing to work with him. Senator Kim Carr is the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

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A-SAFE SETS UP SHOP IN SYDNEY Polymer safety barrier specialist A-Safe has set up a subsidiary in Australia. Sydney-based A-Safe Australasia has been established to serve the Australian and New Zealand market, with additional sales staff in Melbourne and Brisbane, and local stock of the company’s award-winning safety barriers. Heading up the new operation is Mark Collins, who previously worked as an A-Safe reseller in Australia, and has already gained considerable experience in introducing the company’s products to companies of all sizes throughout the country. Says Collins: “When A-Safe was looking to set up in Australia, I jumped at the chance to take on the challenge. Knowing the range as I do, I love working with A-Safe products. They provide genuine, long-lasting safety solutions for health and safety focused companies.”

Collins believes there is huge scope for A-Safe to succeed in Australia, despite the challenges of distance and timings – both within Australia and globally. He says: “Clearly, our biggest growth markets will be in Sydney and Melbourne. But Perth is also important as they have a lot of warehousing opportunities.” “Stock is important to me because we’re on the other side of the world from our manufacturing base in the UK. Shipping times are long, so I need to keep up to date with our warehouse stock so that lead times are kept as small as possible.”

“There can be timing issues because my working day begins when it’s evening in the UK – but that’s nothing we can’t overcome as a global company.” The new Australian subsidiary joins other A-Safe offices in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and the USA.

A-Safe Australasia 02 9625 8927

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GIVE US THE POWER The theory has always been that gasfired generation would be available to “fill the gap” while we transitioned from a coalfired baseload to renewables. But now the seemingly impossible has happened: Australia, a major exporter of liquefied natural gas, has a domestic gas shortage in its major population and industrial areas on the East coast. As Industry Minister Senator Arthur Sinodinos puts it in his article in this issue of Industry Update: “Right now, a tight supply of gas is among the main obstacles to energy security.” The causes of this shortage are complex, and cannot simply be attributed to the huge growth of the Queensland LNG export industry. Other factors such as the abject failure of the coal seam gas sector to produce its predicted output levels are equally to blame. And the lack of a national gas infrastructure does not help with regional shortages. The net result, though, is that the price of gas is rising sharply. And the price of electricity must surely follow. Gas contracts are often long-term deals, but many industrial gas users are already beginning to feel the pain. However, countless more know that this bitter pill is one that will have to be swallowed in the future when their current contracts expire.



For example, average sized contracts negotiated more than a year ago were running at around $6 per gigajoule. And while this was a new high, it was affordable. By mid-2016, the going rate was reportedly $9/GJ. Late last year this had risen to $12/GJ. And by February 2017 a one-year supply contract ranged between $16 and $22/GJ. Meanwhile, international spot prices for gas have actually fallen! Clearly, manufacturers that use gas as an energy source – and even those that use it as a feedstock – have some difficult choices to make in terms of how they can continue to operate profitably. So what are the solutions? The Government has reacted to the security issue with Prime Minister Turnbull challenging the gas suppliers to make more gas available to domestic markets, as well as to guarantee that gas will be available for power generation at times of peak demand. However, the Opposition is focusing on the economic impact, with Shadow Industry Minister Kim Carr stating: “It is outrageous that Australian gas can be bought more cheaply in Japan than it can here. And it is absurd that a country that will soon be the biggest gas producer in the world cannot ensure affordable and

reliable supplies for Australia.” Innes Willox of the Australian Industry Group has proposed a creative shortterm solution. “With spot LNG plentiful and relatively affordable,” he wrote in an open letter to all political parties, “it should be possible to put together a ‘swap’ arrangement in which some of the commitments made by Australian exporters to overseas customers are instead met with gas from outside Eastern Australia, freeing up local gas to be sold into the domestic market.” This is an elegant solution that has the added benefit of reducing costs by shortening the supply chain for all parties.

Regardless of which combination of solutions is or can be applied to the gas crisis, action is clearly needed now. In the words of ACCC Chairman, Rod Sims, it has reached “the worst-case scenario.” “We thought the market was going to get tight, but this is worse than we expect. Unfortunately the higher prices in the local market mean some manufacturers are likely to go broke, through no fault of their own,” said Sims. “Companies will go out of business because of this and I think that will be a crying shame.”

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HANDLING DIFFICULT LOADS FOR FORTY YEARS Heavy load specialist Sippel has racked up 40 years of experience handling difficult loads like the one illustrated here – a nuclear neutron beam accelerator machine at the Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation facility at Lucas Heights near Sydney. The machine, weighing in at a mere 15 tonnes, incorporates three omnidirectional hinge points, just to make the task all the more difficult. Nonetheless, it was successfully and safely moved using 14 of the company’s Airskate modules, working together under computer control to support the complex (and valuable) load. Sippel’s in-house designed and manufactured lifting products have been used across a vast array of industries over the past 40 years, including paper manufacturing, printing, confectionery, food, performing arts, process packaging, laboratories, pharmaceutical, oil platforms,

specialised manufacturing areas, heavy and very heavy industrial load applications and vehicular turntables for major financial institutions and railways. Load capacities are almost limitless from 250kg to 1 or 2 tonnes up to 15 or 36 or 50 to 100 tonnes or more. Literally hundreds of different contract/ hire moves have been successfully accomplished, from 2-tonne hibiscus flower bottling machines to 48-tonne injection moulders for plastic milk bottles to 37-tonne military tanks. According to Sippel Group principal, Geof Sippel: “Many moves have been unsighted until we arrive to carry them out. And many repetitive production line move systems are still in service.” Sippel & Co 0411 135 484













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This year’s foodpro food manufacturing event will feature a new initiative focusing on solutions for small manufacturers who produce packaged goods for sale to the consumer. The Supply Chain Integrity Zone will be a joint venture between foodpro and Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL). Traceability and audit compliance over the full supply chain are vital in the food manufacturing process, but smaller manufacturers can find it costly to comply as most technologies for traceability have been developed for use by larger organisations. The Supply Chain Integrity Zone will feature companies from across the supply chain, allowing visitors to discuss end-toend solutions with suppliers best suited for their businesses. A series of seminars will address the latest technologies, capabilities and insights. According to foodpro Event Director, Peter Petherick: “Foodpro has supported Australia’s manufacturing needs for 50 years, and it’s important we continue to respond to the industry as it changes. It’s become clear that there are an increasing number of smaller manufacturers whose needs, although similar to the bigger

companies, must be met in more specific ways. The new zone serves a purpose for solutions and importantly, for discussion and engagement. With a focus on improving traceability and supporting audit compliance, the benefit to the industry will be incredible.” The zone will feature companies that offer solutions specifically for smaller manufacturers who produce fewer than 10,000 units a week. FIAL is directly supporting the zone with the objective of increasing industry capability and compliance. foodpro will be held from 16th to 19th July 2017 at the Sydney International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour. foodpro 03 9261 4500




LOAD TESTING SERVICE CENTRE OPENS IN FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND SEW-Eurodrive officially opened its new 2000m2 state-of-the-art heavy industrial service centre in Mackay on Friday the 17th March 2017. Member for Mackay, Julieanne Gilbert MP, Deputy Mayor of Mackay Regional Council Cr Amanda Camm and 100 guests including SEW-Eurodrive management, customers and suppliers gathered at the company’s Paget facility for the celebration. Robert Merola, Managing Director of SEW-Eurodrive highlighted the significance of this investment. “This new facility supports the company’s philosophy of centralised assembly and decentralised service,” he said. "Customers in Mackay and surrounding region will now be able to take advantage of the technical expertise of a global player with a strong local presence to ensure the reliability and longevity of their operations and processes.”

The new service centre includes a state-of-the-art load testing facility up to 500kW power and up to 600kNm torque. Spin testing and partial load testing up to 1.5MW is also available. According to Daniel Dallari, Sales & Operations Manager – Far North Queensland for SEW-Eurodrive, the load testing facility is a great addition to the SEW-Eurodrive service centre in Mackay. “SEW’s load testing capability will be the first of its kind in Queensland,” said Dallari. “Other gearbox repairers only spin test the overhauled gearboxes and any potential problem will only be revealed after the unit is back in operation.” One major benefit of the new service centre in Mackay will be that customers’ maintenance and service personnel will be able to visit the facility to witness their equipment being load tested. After the formal opening proceedings,

Ragazzini Peristaltic Process Pumps Ragazzini Rotho Peristaltic Pumps are at the cutting edge of “Hose Pump” design and have the features to make pumping easier. They consist of an elastomeric tube that is squeezed along its length by rollers that push the fluid contained within.

Advantages: No seals Easy hose changes Early leak detection No messy lubricants Flows 0.2 to 180,000 l/h Run dry without damage Food Grade Hoses available 02 9898 1800



guests were treated to an evening of good food and entertainment, including a performance from local and international song-writing sensation Brad Butcher. The service centre will allow SEWEurodrive to support customers in

Mackay and the surrounding region with all their drive technology requirements. SEW-Eurodrive 1300 739 287

FULL HOUSE: FOODPRO 2017 SOLD OUT With several months to go before its opening, foodpro 2017 has completely sold out. The one-stop destination for technology and solutions for the food processing and manufacturing industry will be held from 16th to 19th July 2017 at the new Sydney International Convention Centre. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the event, which claims to serve all aspects of the food manufacturing industry with essential opportunities to connect, network and do business. In addition to an extensive array of new food processing and packaging equipment on show, visitors can also learn valuable information from the event’s series of seminars, including “Labelling and the law”, a seminar to be hosted by the Food Authority of NSW. Several of the exhibitors have promised to launch new products at foodpro 2017. These include Gelita, which will debut Bodybalance, a novel collagen protein food supplement for increasing lean body mass and muscle strength and reducing fat mass. Munters will launch its flexible ML/ MX dehumidifier range to help food

manufacturers to solve humidity and temperature control problems. And Unitherm Systems will present its recently patented process technology for producing precooked bacon slices in a spiral oven. The Supply Chain Integrity Zone is an all-new initiative showcasing companies that offer traceability solutions specifically for smaller manufacturers. The zone is supported by Food Innovation Australia, and will also host a series of relevant seminars. The foodpro event is colocated with the annual convention of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology. This two-day event will see upwards of 600 delegates discussing the topic “The future of food”. Covering more than 23,500m2 of the newly built Sydney International Convention Centre’s exhibition building in Darling Harbour, foodpro 2017 will have the largest floorspace ever in the history of the event. Foodpro 2017 03 9261 4500


FLEXIBILITY IS THE KEY TO WEATHERING THE STORM As Soanar Australia celebrates 54 years of supplying reputable electronic products for its customers’ project needs, it highlights that its longevity and success have stemmed from its ability to evolve and keep pace with change. The world has been transformed significantly since 1963 when George Soanes and A+R Transformers teamed up to establish Soanar (SOAN-AR). For those of us that can recall, the latter years of the last century were the heady days of electronics in Australasia. Servicing the thousands of manufacturers (both large and small) were hundreds of electronic component and parts distributors. Today there are noticeably fewer of both.

We’ve gone back to basics with a simple proposition – good value, good service and good stock.

To remain globally competitive and be geographically closer to large markets, most suppliers and manufacturers have merged, moved offshore or disappeared altogether. Rob Ranieri, Soanar Australia’s general manager makes the analogy with a parable about the inflexible and flexible trees. “As the winds of change become a gale force it’s often the inflexible tree with its solid trunk that gets uprooted while the tree with the more flexible trunk just sways with the wind and survives the storm,” he says. “We have spent the last year listening to new and existing customers and now service them better. We’ve gone back to basics with a simple proposition – good value, good service and good stock.” To achieve success, Soanar has developed closer ties with vendors such as Mean Well and ELO, making it

Rob Ranieri, Soanar Australia’s General Manager

confident of achieving the aggressive sales targets it has set. Soanar is also in the process of looking for premises larger than the existing 25,000m2 warehouse in Rydalmere – from which customers can still collect their orders if they wish. “We are going to need additional space to house the additional stock,” says Ranieri. A new website was launched last year to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for and order online. For those still interested in speaking

directly with a person the local call centre is available during business hours. The new look and more flexible Soanar has taken the complexity out of doing business, focusing on its customers who are simply interested in ‘service and stock’. Soanar Australia 1300 365 551

AUSTRALIAN GRAPHENE SPECIALIST INKS INTERNATIONAL BATTERY DEAL High-tech minerals specialist Talga Resources has signed with energy technology specialist Zinergy UK to work on the development of ultra-thin, flexible, printed batteries. The joint development agreement will see Talga supply value-added graphene and graphitic carbon ink formulations for use in the patented Zinergy ultra-thin printed battery. Graphene is well known for its high conductivity, chemical inertness and impermeability. These attributes make it ideal for use in eco friendly, low cost, scalable and corrosion resistant flexible battery components. The development work will focus on creating graphene-coated components that have the potential to improve both the performance and working life of printed batteries. The conductive inks to be used are variants of Talga’s existing value-added

graphene products currently being developed for metal coatings and waterbased eco friendly lithium-ion battery anodes. The market for flexible, lightweight, eco-friendly batteries is growing rapidly and Talga’s work with Zinergy is aiming to develop a cost-value and performance solution for the mass production of printed power. According to Talga Managing Director Mark Thompson, “In the global megatrend of energy storage devices, printed batteries stand out as a potent enabler of mobile electronic technologies, from smart packaging to wearables. We are delighted to partner with Zinergy on the development of their products and the exciting flexible battery market opportunity.” Talga Resources 08 9481 6667




GOING, GOING, (ALMOST) GONE: LAST CHANCE FOR SME TAX RELIEF Remember Joe Hockey? Remember his May 2015 budget? Well, it seems that many have forgotten about it, and Greig Maver of MAVERick Equipment thinks it’s worth reminding everyone. The Growing Jobs and Small Business package in the May 2015 Federal Budget was a generous one – even if it was limited to companies with turnovers of less than $2 million. But it came with a serious incentive for small businesses to invest, allowing them to purchase both new and used capital items valued up to $20,000 and deduct the purchase price from their taxable incomes. Anyone who is now saying “Oh yes, I remember that” has almost certainly forgotten that the scheme was not just for the 2015 tax year. It runs until 2017, which means that those same companies still have until 30th June this year to take advantage of the government’s generosity. “It’ still a no brainer,” says Grieg Maver. “It really is money

for jam, but I’m convinced that people have forgotten about it.” For the benefit of those who hadn’t forgotten (and those who now remember) MAVERick has around 350 items of materials handling equipment in stock and ready to move before the 30th June deadline. As Maver puts it: “It’s not often you can invest in your business and effectively get almost a third of the money back within a few weeks. But, the clock is ticking!” MAVERick Equipment 1800 500 411

IS THIS AUSTRALIA’S SAFEST WORKFORCE? Gates Australia registered a significant milestone in its warehouse last month by passing 1000 days without a lost time injury. The company reckons the achievement has been brought about thanks a range of different safety initiatives, including a revised pre-shift exercise routine, ergonomics workshops for all new staff, improved housekeeping and hazard identification, the installation of safety barriers around walkways and adoption of industry best practices for forklift operators and warehouse packers. The 1000-day record was commemorated with a morning tea for all staff in the warehouse, and the company’s Managing Director Carl McGowan said it was a day for all Gates Australia staff to be proud of. “All Australasian employees have contributed to this with their support and diligence. This is a really significant milestone and one that many other workplaces don’t achieve. It is a testament to our dedication to creating a safe workplace and to the culture that all employees share in – the collegiality, the friendship and the attitude that we all have towards our work here, no matter what area of the business we work in.”



Naturally, now the pressure is really on for all Gates staff to push the safe working record even further! The next milestone - three full years without a lost time injury – is due on the 20th June 2017.

Gates Australia 03 9797 9666




AUSTECH 2017 SET TO RIDE SURGE Australia’s biggest advanced manufacturing and machine tool exhibition returns to Melbourne in May, and the organisers of Austech 2017 are confident that “The Big Show” will not disappoint.

“We’ve definitely seen a big surge in confidence this time round,” says AMTIL Event Manager and Austech organiser Kim Banks, who cites the consistent growth in the Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index since the last Austech two years ago as a key indicator of business sentiment. “Bookings have been coming in a lot earlier than usual, to the point where we’re well on our way to filling the venue way ahead of schedule. What’s also very exciting is the number of exhibitors who are coming back to the show after not participating for the last few years. It’s all looking very exciting,” adds Banks. Austech 2017 will run from 9th to 12th May at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, and organisers are expecting more than 10,000 industrial decision makers to visit the show, which will be colocated with National Manufacturing Week (NMW) and the Safety First Expo. The previous Austech in 2015 was the first since the decision to change the event from annual to biennial. That show attracted the strongest attendance in years and great feedback from exhibitors and visitors alike.

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Austech proudly owned and operated by AMtIL

only in Melbourne Australia’s Premier Advanced Manufacturing & Machine Tool Exhibition

Back with more great ideas and more opportunity. Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre




9th – 12th May, 2017


IN MANUFACTURING CONFIDENCE “It wasn’t a decision we took lightly,” explains Shane Infanti, AMTIL CEO and Austech Exhibition Director. “But it was something our members were demanding. And in the end, Austech 2015 was a great success, not just in terms of the numbers, but in terms of the excitement you could feel throughout the venue that week. And all the signs are that this year’s show is going to do even better.” Highlights planned for Austech 2017 include a Digitalisation Pavilion, exploring developments at the cutting edge of manufacturing technology. Here visitors will be exposed to the smart factory of the future, including robotics and automation, the Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing. It will also host a comprehensive four-day speaker programme. “The Digitalisation Pavilion is going to be a really exciting new addition to the show,” says Infanti. “You hear more and more talk about things like Industry 4.0 these days, but a lot of people struggle to understand what it all actually means. Well now they can get all their questions answered by the experts, right here at Austech.”

Another focus will be the Manufacturers Pavilion, showcasing major exhibits from original equipment manufacturers, including the Hawkei protected mobility vehicle from Thales, and a prime mover from Paccar. And the Additive Manufacturing Pavilion will feature the latest advances in this fast-evolving field of manufacturing. All up, Austech promises to cover all areas of manufacturing, from tooling and workholding to software and systems integration, with more than 120 exhibitors, including key industry players and major machine tool companies. “This is the Big Show – and it only happens every two years,” says Banks. “So mark your diaries and join us in Melbourne.” AMTIL 03 9800 3666

INSIDE THE FACTORY OF THE FUTURE New for 2017 at Austech, the Digitalisation Pavilion is a dedicated area that will explore the latest developments at the cutting edge of manufacturing technology today. Manufacturing is entering a new era of rapid, drastic change. Often described as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it will see advances in areas such as robotics & automation, the interconnectivity of devices, big data and Cloud computing, that together will usher in the smart, connected factory of the future. “We’re constantly hearing about stuff like Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and so on, but a lot of people are still in the dark about what it all means,” says AMTIL’s CEO and Exhibition Director Shane Infanti. “That’s why we decided to introduce the Digitalisation Pavilion at Austech this year. We felt a show like Austech is a great opportunity to bring together some of the key players and the latest technology in this field, so that people can come along and find out about it first-hand.” At the Digitalisation Pavilion visitors will have the chance to learn about the implications of these developments for their businesses, and discuss how they can capitalise on the opportunities this new technology will create. Exhibitors will encompass a broad spectrum of different product categories, such as robotics and automation from the likes of ABB and KUKA, and process control systems from Festo, Sick and Balluff. The Digitalisation Pavilion will also be the venue for a comprehensive speaker programme, where exhibitors will be staging presentations on a range of subjects. industry update ad.indd 1

30/08/2011 5:25:30 PM




FIBRE LASER WITH CUTTING EDGE PERFORMANCE A machine reckoned to be “a cut above the rest” will take centre stage on the Applied Machinery stand at Austech 2017. The Yawei HLF series fibre laser is the latest addition to the range of sheet-metal machinery from Applied Machinery, and is billed as providing premium cutting performance at a competitive price. The unit on show at Austech is the first to arrive in Australia. It is an HLF1530 model, with a 4kW IPG laser source, a German-made Precitec autofocus cutting head, a Siemens 840DSL CNC and a stress-relieved fully annealed frame. Yawei fibre laser systems offer a number of significant benefits including extreme accuracy, speed and consistency of cut, combined with very low operating and maintenance costs.

Visitors to Stand 750 will be able to see the HLF-1530 in action, alongside a Yawei PBH series CNC pressbrake. Also featured by Applied Machinery at Austech will be Hurco’s market leading range of 5-axis CNC machining centres. Hurco’s own applications engineers will be on hand to demonstrate the machines and to explain the benefits of 5-sided machining, even for traditional 3-axis parts. Austech 2017 also sees the launch of the Applied Machinery App for Apple and Android phones and tablets. The app will provide “at a touch” access to detailed technical data on machines available from Applied



Machinery, together with subscriber-only special offers and discounts. Following the conclusion of the show, the app will be expanded to include a number of useful technical features, including engineering tips, tools and calculators.

Applied Machinery 03 9706 8066





Austech 2017 will be the Doosan VC630/5AX five-axis machining centre, making its first exhibition appearance in Australia.

The VC630 has been designed from the ground up with a high-rigidity machine structure for high-precision five-axis machining. Offering a choice of Fanuc or Heidenhain controllers, the VC630 offers simultaneous control of all five axes enabling precision manufacturers to machine parts to completion in a single setup. The built-in high-speed main spindle features a four-row precision ceramic bearing that minimises heat generation and enables the spindle to reach maximum speed in the minimum time to optimise productivity. With an option of 12,000 or 20,000rpm spindle speed the VC630 is capable of heavy-duty machining of materials such as titanium and Inconel in addition to high-speed cutting of aluminium and other nonferrous materials. The machining centre can handle large workpieces up to 730mm diameter and

500mm in length, with a maximum load of 500kg. This also enables a variety of parts to be machined in a single setup. The tool changer capacity can be specified between 40 and up to 121 positions as a matrix system, and the machine’s rotary tilting table has 150-degree A-axis (tilting) capability and 360-degree C-axis (rotating) capability. VC630 machines can be also supplied with an integrated pallet system for further increased productivity. Visitors to Stand 560 at Austech 2017 will be able to see the Doosan VC630/5AX five-axis machining system in action, together with a range of other machinery from the team at Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse. Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse 02 9890 9111



Multi-Purpose Moving Column Machining Centre • 2 or 3m X Axis Travel • 3, 4 or 5 Axis Variations • Centre Partition Productivity Option


High Speed High Precision 5 Axis Machining Centre • Fully Supported Trunion • 5 Axis Simultaneous or 4+1 • Ø630mm Table, Large Working Envelope



Super Multi-Tasking Turning Center • Up to 2540mm Length x Ø660mm Turning Capacity • 300mm Y Axis Travel • High Power High Torque Spindles

$70 FREE


(07) 3274 4222


MELBOURNE (03) 9212 4422

(08) 9373 9999

1/2 Windsor Rd, Northmead

625 Boundary Rd, Coopers Plains

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11 Valentine St, Kewdale

Specifications & Prices are subject to change without notification.




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AMTIL MEMBER MTI QUALOS RETURNS TO AUSTECH WITH SOME OF THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS FROM ITS LONG-TERM PARTNER MITUTOYO. Visitors to Stand 624 will be able to see a number of novel applications for Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machines, together with all the latest software advances from a company that has been represented in Australia by MTI Qualos for more than 50 years. All new at Austech will be the Mitutoyo QM-Height Series 518 digital height gauge. This highprecision measuring machine uses a high-accuracy and high-resolution absolute linear encoder for position detection. In addition to height measurement, onboard firmware

allows the QM-Height to measure inside/outside widths, inside/ outside diameters, circle pitch (height components), free-form surface maximum/minimum heights and displacement by scanning measurement. The unit remembers each measurement in order to enable comparison with subsequent measurements. One feature that is sure to impress visitors to the MTI Qualos stand at Austech is the Mitutoyo QM-Height’s integral compressor, which at the flick of a switch allows the unit to be floated into position ready to take its first measurement.

All measurements are shown on an easy-to-view, simple control panel, which allows single-key operation of all main measurement functions, including go/no-go operations for QC. Two versions of the height gauge are available, with measurement ranges of 0-350 or 0-600mm (0-14 or 0-24in). Both feature class-leading leading accuracy of 4.5µm. A full range of options are available, including a variety of probe contact points, output to a PC via USB Input Tool Direct and wireless output using a U-Wave transmitter.

In addition to its display of Mitutoyo measuring equipment, MTI Qualos will also be featuring a selection of its other lines of machine accessories, including ranges of chucks and vices from Bison. MTI Qualos 03 9450 1900

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Austech proudly owned and operated by AMtIL

only in Melbourne Australia’s Premier Advanced Manufacturing & Machine Tool Exhibition

See the latest technology Connect with industry Learn about new products and processes Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre




9th – 12th May, 2017


AN APP THAT KEEPS YOU UPDATED. NOW THAT’S APPLIED THINKING. Scan QR code or search for Applied Machinery in your app store

With its extreme accuracy, speed and consistency of cut, combined with very low operating costs, the new Yawei HLF fiber laser is the perfect way to take your business to the next level. Dollar for dollar, the new HLF is in a league of its own, opening up possibilities for companies all across the laser cutting sector; from start-ups through to full production, 3-shift environments. With a quality German built Precitec auto-focus cutting head, IPG laser source, Siemens 840DSL controller and a fabricated, stress-relieved fully annealed frame it really is a cut above the rest.

For more information: Call: 03 9706 8066 Email: Visit:

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SEMINARS, SHOWCASES, DISCUSSIONS AND NETWORKING AT NMW 2017 NATIONAL MANUFACTURING WEEK RETURNS TO MELBOURNE FROM 9TH TO 12TH MAY AS AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST GATHERING OF MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY DECISIONMAKERS UNDER ONE ROOF. Held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the four-day event will feature more than 30 speakers, more than 230 exhibitors and a number of networking opportunities for those working along the manufacturing value chain. The 2017 National Manufacturing Week speaker programme will feature a leading edge series of seminars, showcases, interactive discussions, and networking sessions addressing the critical touch points that will help drive the Industry 4.0 revolution. Industry Capability Development: These sessions will focus on investment, supply chain integration and industry capability promoting initiatives, and supportive industry, government and community led networks promoting team-based approaches to manufacturing sector development. Product and Service Innovation: Manufactured products are changing radically, and the very nature of

manufacturing is shifting towards “manufacturing as a service” as part of complex horizontally and vertically integrated supply chains. NMW 2017 will explore advances in manufactured products, services and supply chain integration in Australia and abroad. Technology Innovation: The pace of technological change is relentless and manufacturers must keep up with it to maintain their competitive edge. NMW 2017’s extensive exhibition and content programme will both feature a broad showcase of innovations in advanced manufacturing design and technology. Through live tech demonstrations and hands-on sessions, attendees will have many opportunities to skill themselves around new techniques and technologies. Process Improvement: Lean, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Agile, Value Engineering, there are many methodologies out there that manufacturers can call upon to strategically improve their processes and

organisational productivity. These leading case studies and interactive sessions will highlight process improvement approaches in manufacturing which deliver practical increases to manufacturers’ operational efficiency and effectiveness. Speaker highlights include keynote addresses from: CSIRO Manufacturing Director, Dr Keith McLean on “A road map for unlocking future growth opportunities for Australia”; Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council Chairman, John Pollaers on “Scaling up Australian manufacturing – what

will it take?”; Andrew Pether, Head of Regional Technical Support, Universal Robots (Singapore), on “Opportunities for Australian manufacturing SMEs to use collaborative robots”; and Australian Manufacturing Growth Centre Managing Director, Dr Jens Goennemann on “Australian Manufacturing Growth Centre’s Sector Competitiveness Plan”. More than 30 speakers have been confirmed for National Manufacturing Week, with the full list now available online.

AU-1071+1072-BRG+ECS 230x100_AU-1071+1072-BRG+ECS 230x100 23.07.15 13:55 Seite 1



The lubricant-free, low-cost way to swivel, rotate, oscillate, move and achieve linear motion ... construct sustainably with dry-running polymer bearing solutions from igus .

Moving energy made easy for any motion. Simply construct using e-chains , cables and components from igus . For selection aids, service life calculations and configurations visit



Sydney (02) 9907 1788 Melbourne (03) 9555 4890 Brisbane (07) 3633 0010



Perth (08) 9303 2348 Auckland (09) 278 6577


® plastics for longer life ®

ion s


ito b i Exh + at 2 30 t n se e r es P n e 30+ Fre Zo r cto e S ct 11 Produ ns o i t tra s n o Daily Dem

Where Australia’s Manufacturing Value Chain Comes Together

9 – 12 May 2017 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre



FREE TO ATTEND Delivering the next Industrial Revolution

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FLEXIBLE STORAGE SOLUTIONS KEEP TOOLS ORGANISED AND SECURE BAC Systems comes to NMW 2017 with two significant additions to its award-winning range of high-density storage solutions and industrial workshop furniture: the R Series Module and the BAC Wall Panel. The new BAC R-Series modules are shallow lockable cabinets that can be used for shelving or shadowboard. Ideal for securing workshop assets while keeping them visible, these glass-fronted cabinets are just 395mm deep and 1010mm wide. Their modular design allows multiple units to be combined to create a highly flexible lockable storage solution. The BAC Wall Panel is a development from the company’s very successful BAC Toolrack. Billed as the latest innovation in tool display storage, this steel toolrack comes with a huge range of toolbars, hooks and pegs, suitable for all types of tools from handtools to CNC tooling. The options include a large number of new


toolbars the company has created following extensive research into customer requirements. “We are very excited about the BAC Wall Panel and its flexibility,” says BAC Systems Sales Manager, Robert Griffin. “It can be mounted on walls, inside cabinets, on benchtops, or on an A-frame within a cabinet, offering workshop managers innumerable options for storing tools to maximise productivity.” Visitors to Stand 2630 at NMW2017 will also be able to see other Australian-made innovations from BAC Systems, including examples of the company’s ever-popular BAC High Density Drawer Storage Module, billed as the best highdensity storage solution for small parts available today. BAC Systems 02 9832 2777

Quality Supplier of State-of-the-art Machine Tools, Accessories & Laser Products

TYKMA Electrox Range of Lasers

Harrison Alpha CNC Teach Lathe

Utilising the latest technology to address a broad spectrum of marking applications

Swing from 350mm to 1000mm, including oil country range

YCM Full Range of CNC Machining Centres and Lathes

Colchester & Harrison Manual Lathes

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CLAUSING Fanuc Robodrill

A quality machine for every application

The ultimate high speed machining centre with quality and sophistication

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TIM WEBSTER TO HOST INDUSTRY UPDATE VIDEO AT NMW Iconic Aussie newsreader Tim Webster will be visiting National Manufacturing Week at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on Thursday 11th May as part of a new role as the host of Industry Update's Video Series. The leading Australian manufacturing publication is launching its new online video initiative on Stand 2250 at the show, with Webster as the anchorman. According to Industry Update Publisher, Scott Filby: “When we came up with the concept of Industry Update Video, there was only one person to host it. Tim has worked on Industry Update before, and is so well known to our readership that he was the natural choice.” Industry Update Video offers companies the chance to publicise their products and services through a series of short promotional videos presented in

news bulletin style by Tim Webster. All videos will appear on the Industry Update website and on the Industry Update YouTube channel. And companies will be able to include them on their own sites. Says Filby: “If a potential buyer in the manufacturing business visits your website and sees a screen grab of a video hosted by Tim Webster we think they’re certain to click on it – if only to find out what he’s doing there!” Tim Webster has a busy day ahead of him in Melbourne, with the organisers of both National Manufacturing Week and

the collocated Austech exhibition lining up industry figures and commentators for him to interview, including former Minister for Small Business Bruce Billson. Tim Webster is a much-loved Australian television and radio personality and sports broadcaster. His career includes presenting the Perth edition of Ten News at Five and being sports presenter on the Sydney edition of the programme. He also worked on Ten's Late News as well as Sydney's Ten News at Five and Sports Tonight. He now hosts a weekday afternoon radio programme on Sydney's 2UE.

Visitors to National Manufacturing Week in Melbourne are likely to spot a familiar face on and around Stand 2250 on Thursday 11th May.

*Via Toll Ipec Road. Mention this ad when placing an order before 30 June 2017.





As one of Australia’s leading solutions providers for warehouse and logistics cleaning, Tennant stays ahead of the game with its high-capability products, providing a feature set that will save time, money, and peace of mind. Tennant's industrial sweepers filter dust particles down to 3 microns, 0.5 microns on most of their ride-on models.

This protects your facility and employees from potentially harmful dust particulates. Tennant's sweepers also help to protect your merchandise from fine dust and reduces the slip and fall potential of customers and employees in your facility. To reduce costs and environmental impact, many of Tennant’s sweepers are equipped with Tennant’s exclusive ec-H2O cleaning technology, which reduces the need for regular detergent use in your facility. ec-H2O technology electrically converts water into a cleaning solution to reduce your cost to clean and improve floor traction and safety, whilst enhancing your facility’s image. This follows Tennant’s guiding policy of helping customers sustainably clean spaces with fewer resources and reduced emissions. To see how the company’s range of scrubbers are redefining the way the world cleans with chemical-free technologies, eliminating emissions, and reducing noise pollution, visit Tennant at Stand 1116 of NMW.

INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND THE IIOT WITH NHP NHP Electrical Engineering Products is bringing its half-century of experience to NMW, hosting both a stand, and a seminar as part of the Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation Workshop.

Tennant 1800 226 843


In all industrial applications, failure to ensure the protection of employees, the

general population and critical assets puts you and your business at high risk. Opening talks on be? the first day of the IICA Are you asthe safe as you should Workshop, Jaques Groenwalde (NHP’s selfproclaimed ‘Product Guy’) will talk about growing the Industrial Internet of Things, and the lessons that can be taken from the consumer-level Internet of Things which already exists. Visit NHP at their stand to learn more about the 75,000 line items that they have on market, and how they match the needs of their customers with the vast array of products they offer from their large array of suppliers. In particular, ask about the products they offer to fault-proof systems and ensure safety of your workers and operators. When you’ve got mission-critical systems that you can’t afford to go down, NHP has a comprehensive array of suppliers and equipment to keep you running, no matter what. 2

NHP Electrical Engineering 1300 647 647



INDUSTRYUPDATE.COM.AU + 61 2 9482 3733



“Building a safety leadership culture from the ground up” is the theme for the Safety First Conference & Expo, to be held from 9th to 12th May 2017 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event aims to shift away from the old-school safety philosophies of controlling staff through policies

and procedures to actively engage employees and their leadership with the specific safety challenges faced by heavy industries. Safety First will provide delegates with the latest policy and regulation overviews, practical expert advisory sessions, industry case studies, interactive workshops and live demonstrations aimed at safety practitioners in industry sectors from manufacturing, mining and utilities to building and construction. According to Event Director Robby Clark: “The Safety First Conference & Expo pools the latest expertise into one place, helping delegates acquire the fundamentals of promoting a safety leadership culture, improving mental health and wellness in an industrial environment and keeping abreast of emerging developments in industrial safety and technology.” “Our 2017 theme encourages the next generation of safety leaders to value the wisdom of the workforce, respecting employee intelligence and inherent capacity all while encouraging safety at all levels.”

Visitors and delegates will have the opportunity to be face-to-face with key decision makers from leading companies, with the exhibitor list including A-Safe, Anthem, Axelent, Dohrmann Consulting, Honeywell Safety, JTA Health Safety & Noise Specialists, Poster Faktory, Safety Mate and UVEX. The conference programme is extensive, with sessions on: promoting a safety leadership culture; mental health and wellness in an industrial environment; safety and industrial technology; emerging developments in industrial safety; and legal and policy updates. The Safety First Conference & Expo will be colocated with National Manufacturing Week, Austech and ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo. Reed Exhibitions 02 9422 2659

SPECIALIST HIGH SPEED DOORS Visit us at Total Facilities Exhibition March 29-30th 2017 ICC Sydney Stand B19

Noise Security Dust Wind Air pressure Temperature Separation Guard Vermin Spray Clinical Australian & German manufactured doors

DMF are exclusive licensed agents in Australia for

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A-SAFE MAKES SAFETY FIRST DEBUT IN MELBOURNE The new Australasian subsidiary of safety barrier specialist A-Safe will be a centre of attention at the forthcoming Safety First exhibition during National Manufacturing Week. The company will be exhibiting a wide selection of components from its award-winning range of rugged polymer safety barriers, and demonstrating their advantages over traditional metal alternatives. A-Safe safety barriers are made with a unique three-layer construction using Memaplex, a robust and flexible polyolefin blend of eight materials and rubber additives. This gives them unique energy-absorbing characteristics, allowing them to flex without breaking, absorbing any impact, and returning to their original shape afterwards. The force of the impact is dissipated along the full length of the barrier.

This makes the A-Safe barrier system ideal for use in warehouses for protecting both people and racking from impact damage from forklifts. But it is equally applicable for areas such as car parks, baggage handling halls and anywhere that vulnerable humans need to be kept safe from moving hazards. One of the key advantages of the A-Safe barrier technology is its low maintenance cost. The colour is bonded

in to the polymer, so there is no paint to repair. Breakages are rare. And because of the energy-absorbing characteristics of the barrier system, the bolts securing the barrier to the floor are put under much less stress than those in a rigid barrier system, and so are far less prone to damage. Visitors to Stand 1220 at Safety First will be able to see a range of different barrier types and components, all featuring the same modular design with interlocking

components that fix together without screws or bolts. Also on show will be a selection of specialist components with moving parts, such as spinning collars that help to deflect impacts, further reducing friction and wear. A-Safe Australasia 02 9625 8927

MENTAL HEALTH IN FOCUS AT SAFETY FIRST A key part of staying safe at work is making sure you’re mentally healthy, not just physically. That’s why Safety First has a set of talks dedicated to mental health in the workplace. Jillian Hamilton, CEO and Founder of risk management firm Manage Damage, will begin the talks by discussing the immediate financial impacts of hurt people. We all want to keep our employees healthy, but a cost/benefit analysis of safety measures can help make the pitch for expanding or adding safety programmes to your workplace. In order to get management buy in, you’ll have to talk in financial terms. When it comes down to it, all businesses are in it to make money and stay afloat - even charities. As a safety professional in a corporate environment you must know your numbers and how you can quantify



the costs and benefits of your work. Following this talk, paramedic and state trauma councillor Paul Spinks will share his experiences dealing with the darker side of mental health and depression. Between the ages of 15 and 44, roughly half of all men will experience depression for at least one significant period in their lives. It’s no longer possible to exclude this reality from our business decisions, and Spinks thinks that it is about time companies become engaged in tackling one of the leading causes of death in Australia. You will be shocked to learn where cracks can form in your mental and

physical health and why it’s a reasonable theory that we must try new approaches to address the elephant in the room. Placing layers of training and surface level concepts on how to better behave and perform, may only lead to reduced outcomes.

In his talk, Spinks will discuss how safety managers can help foster the health and wellbeing of team members, inspiring change and providing a toolkit to act on - to bring about purpose, direction, retention and meaning into the workplace.

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ADEPT AT MORE THAN JUST DRAINAGE Paul Daniel is the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality manager at Adept Drainage, a company that has a firm reputation for ensuring the safe and reliable operation of not only its completed projects, but its entire construction process. Adept Drainage has managed many large-scale drainage projects, aiming for a zero-accident workplace record without compromising the quality of its built projects. The company manages everything from routine cleaning to emergency clearing and fixes. Daniel is returning to Safety First and National Manufacturing week to talk about the magic bullet that makes sure he and his team get what they want, when they want, as safely as possible: rapport.

The only way to get “out of this world” numbers (like 1000 days without losing work time to injuries) is to establish and build a rapport between you and your employees. If they like you, and they understand you, people will willingly do exactly what you want. You can’t get people to do things if they don’t like you, and it’s as simple as that. Daniel will talk about how to build powerful rapport and give examples and techniques that he has used to transform the safety numbers where-ever he goes. Adept Drainage 03 9863 9530

Caption: When dealing with heavy materials and equipment, a safe, respectful approach is paramount.

TRAVEL SAFE WITH TRANSDEV With a multinational structure that spans 19 countries and employs over 83,000 people, Transdev has a massive obligation to keep every one of its employees safe. In Australia and New Zealand alone, it has just over 5700 people operating 2150 vehicles and vessels to deliver more than 145 million customer journeys every single year. In 2016, Transdev embarked on a complete review of its procedures and safety systems, and within the year it rolled out an overhaul of its systems through a new programme called Safe@Transdev. The goal? To keep everyone safe - always. Through rules, oversight, and a

corporate safety culture, the programme sets out a new path for all to improve the knowledge and awareness of what it means to be safe. The project facilitates collaboration, striving for outstanding performance and improving organisational ability and agility across all of Transdev’s businesses to ensure uncompromising safety for all of its people. Wayne Richards, General Manager of health and safety at Transdev, will be speaking about this programme and its new goals at Safety First. After a successful rollout, the 2017 phase of Safe@ Transdev will focus on delivering safety leadership training to 200 leaders within

Australasia, providing improved incident investigation training. In addition, new processes will be developed to maximise the lessons learnt from an incident and to implement actions to prevent recurrence. We will also look to provide clarity on safety accountabilities by providing more focus on the activities that we can do collectively to improve health and safety. This presentation will discuss the project, its impact and future outcomes. Transdev 0429 656 872

PERSONAL PROTECTION FOCUSES ON EYES AND EARS Personal protective equipment specialist uvex will be showing off its latest offerings for the safety and protection of people at work at Safety First in Melbourne. Featured products on Stand 1216 will include the uvex sportstyle line of safety glasses and the uvex K-Series of earmuffs. uvex sportstyle safety glasses feature a close-fitting low-weight athletic design to give wearers the highest levels of comfort, ultimate fit and an excellent field of vision. Approved to AS/NZS 1337.1 for medium impact protection, sportstyle glasses also offer 100% UV protection.



The glasses come with a choice of the company’s lens coatings, including THS superior anti-fog. The side arms combine hard and soft materials, providing comfort with a soft grip on the inside of the arms and brow and ensuring a close non-slip fit. The all-new uvex K-Series earmuffs comply with the AS/NZS 1270 Standard, providing Class 5 (26dB) noise reduction. They are easy to wear, with simple length adjustment and a padded headband for optimal comfort. uvex Safety Australia 1800 815 790


YOU'RE IN SAFE HANDS WITH SAFEMATE Safety Mate is a quintessentially Australian company, delivering the best hand safety equipment and hand protection solutions from around the world to Aussie workers. Exhibiting at NMW alongside Safety First, Safety Mate will be showing its range of safety gear, cutting edge technology, rigorous product testing and superior service. Equipped with some of the world’s best glove brands with experienced and expert field advice, Safety Mate is able to keep your hands safe, no matter the situation. As the exclusive Australian wholesalers of market-leading glove brands such as ATG, Ringers and MecDex, Safety Mate has the products and the knowhow to match your high expectations, so that your workforce gets what they need.

Safety Mate will be featuring Advanced Technology Gloves (ATG) products. ATG designs, develops and manufactures coated gloves, and is one of the very few coated glove producers in the world that is a fully integrated manufacturer. It controls all elements, ensuring maximum quality and product consistency. Safety Mate 1300 267 336

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Where Australia’s Manufacturing Value Chain Comes Together

9 – 12 May 2017 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


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INDUSTRY 4.0: Delivering the next Industrial Revolution Co-Located with

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CLEANING AND HYGIENE EXPO IS THE FIRST OF A NEW BREED The first ever ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo, Australia will be held on 9th and 10th May 2017 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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The new event is the first initiative following the merger of the National Cleaning Suppliers’ Association (NCSA) into ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, and replaces two previously competing shows. “This is perhaps the most significant marketing initiative in our Australian cleaning industry’s recent history,” notes Stuart Nicol, ISSA Oceania Council Chairman. “Our industry has been crying out for a number of years for one dedicated event that addresses the needs of our audiences in this highly competitive and challenging environment, and the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo is the answer to that. The positive industry response to this - from a wide range of stakeholders - has been overwhelming.” “It became clear to ISSA that many Australian cleaning and hygiene industry firms and their customers felt that having two competitive events was financially unsustainable, logistically unworkable, and didn’t deliver enough value,” said Dianna Steinbach, ISSA Director of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania. “Therefore we chose to pursue a partnership with Interpoint to more quickly deliver what the industry most needed. Now, the industry can plan for one annual event that will rotate between the two major cities of Melbourne and Sydney.”

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The expo will be complemented with a robust seminar and workshop programme, networking opportunities, and will be colocated with Austech, the Safety First Conference & Expo and National Manufacturing Week.

"Our industry has been crying out for a number of years for one dedicated event that addresses the needs of our audiences in this highly competitive and challenging environment." The ISSA Cleaning and Hygiene Expo education programme will feature expert advice on business management and winning tenders for building service contractors; the important issues surrounding OH&S and the introduction of GHS when cleaning with chemicals; course-specific IICRC restoration training modules taught by a Master Trainer from the Restoration Industry Association (RIA); and the technological advancements in the FM sector with a guest speaker from Facilities Management Association (FMA). Intermedia 1300 789 845

Superior dust extraction

More power for a professional clean with the new ATTIX series

Power makes a difference when it comes to cleaning performance and dust pick-up. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why the Nilfisk ATTIX 33 & 44 series comes with up to 20% more suction power than existing dust extractors, and stands out as one of the most powerful and reliable machines in itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s class. A sealed dust system and automatic filter cleaning are just a few of the features, designed to meet the tough requirements within building, construction and other industries. Find out more at or call 1300 556 710.

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NOVEL TRIGGER GUN TAKES THE STRESS OUT OF PRESSURE WASHING Global cleaning specialist Kärcher is using the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo to launch the EASY!Force trigger gun for its line of commercial cold and hot water pressure washers. Visitors to Stands B22 and B24 will be able to see the novel EASY!Force, together with a range of the company’s professional cleaning equipment. The EASY!Force trigger gun removes much of the effort involved in using a pressure washer over a long period. The trigger is mounted on the back of the device, and so the trigger gun uses the recoil force of the water spray to automatically hold the trigger down. This eliminates the sore hands associated with traditional devices and allows users to clean effortlessly for longer.

The EASY!Force is also particularly easy to install, and the reduced complexity in hose connection with only one system allows it to be set up five times faster than existing systems. A simple 360-degree turn provides a fully threaded secure connection. Internally, the EASY!Force valve consists of a ceramic ball with ceramic sealing seat that is resistant to any particles that might cause damage. This gives it a lifetime five times longer than trigger guns with conventional valves. The trigger gun also features an intuitive safety lock to prevent accidental engagement. Kärcher Australia 1800 675 714

ISSA EXPO B22 & 24

VACUUM CLEANERS RISE TO INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS Visitors to the Spitwater stand at the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo in Melbourne will be left with no doubt that the company is Australia’s largest manufacturer of industrial cleaning and heating equipment. A major feature of Stand B16 will be the company’s imported vacuum cleaner range, which offers solutions to most cleaning challenges from commercial applications to heavy duty industrial uses. The Italian-made Goldline range of commercial machines comes in a range of sizes for both dry and wet/dry applications. These span low-end units suitable for workshop use to top end models with two or even three motors, making them very high capacity machines used for a variety of industrial applications. Also on show, the economical Silverline range comprises five models, each capable of wet/dry use. These come with stainless-steel or poly tanks, and are ideal for smaller cleaning jobs from shops and offices to small warehouses and workshops. They are tough hard-wearing machines with loads of power and capacity.



Spitwater’s display of Vacuum cleaners at ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo will be completed with the Delfin range for use in true industrial applications such as high volume water collection, fine dust collection using high level filtration and continuous usage, generally in production, to continually collect waste. All Delfin machines offer rugged all steel construction, with bypass motors with individual control, standard pocket filters with efficiency down to 1 micron, electronic filter indicators and manual filter shakers. Some single phase and all three phase models use a side channel blower turbine type motor, which is rated for continuous use, making the Delfin range true industrial machines. The range also includes specialised machines, with compressed-air-driven and explosion-proof models for use in mines and on oilrigs. These machines use venturi suction units and are fitted with special antistatic filters. Spitwater Australia 1300 SPITWATER



COMPACT SCRUBBER DRYER CLEANS LIMITED SPACES WITH EASE The star of the show for Nilfisk at the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo is a machine that is compact, productive, noise free, efficient, effective and long lasting. The new Nilfisk SC250 is an improved compact scrubber dryer that the company reckons cleans limited spaces with ease. The SC250 holds a large 6-litre solution and recovery tank to provide 40 minutes working time without the need for refilling. Yet its lightweight and compact nature makes it easy to carry. An ergonomic handle makes it easy to adjust all settings, a “OneTouch Button” activates all the essential functions, and touch sensors in the handle provide easy operation. Armed with a one-year commercial warranty, the SC250 promises a long lifetime and a low TCO, thanks to tool-free inspection, service and maintenance.

Other product highlights on Stand B18 include: the Nilfisk SC100 and SC900 upright scrubber dryers for cleaning narrow areas; the SW5500 ride-on sweeper; and the GD 5 Battery, a highly efficient cordless, battery driven back vac boasting up to one hour continuous use. Also on show will be the energy-efficient Nilfisk VP600 commercial vacuum cleaner that switches between 350 and 800W operating modes at the push of a button. At the reduced power the operating sound level is just 66 dB(A), making the VP600 ideal for cleaning in noise-sensitive areas.


Nilfisk 1300 556 710

SWEEP AND SCRUB IN ONE GO. THE NEW COMBINED SCRUBBER DRIER/VACUUM SWEEPER B 300 R I. With this combined scrubber drier/vacuum sweeper, you can kill two birds with one stone. In one single pass, it overcomes even the toughest challenges and practically halves working time in the cleaning process. The B 300 R I is highly manoeuvrable and agile, withstands even tougher applications easily and also shines on large surfaces with working widths up to 1.65 metres (scrub vacuuming) or up to 1.75 metres for sweeping. The powerful and robust combustion engines, either liquid gas or diesel, and a fresh and dirty water tank capacity of 300 litres each ensure very long work intervals. A marvel of productivity: Kärcher’s new B 300 R I combination machine. 1800 675 714




BACK TO BASICS WITH PLASMA CUTTING Tex Whiting, a consumable sales manager for Hypertherm, explains the technology of plasma cutting and outlines the systems available. Plasma cutting is a thermal cutting process in which a beam of ionised gas heats an electrically conductive metal beyond its melting point and flushes molten metal through the kerf of the cut. The electrical arc is produced between the electrode (negative potential) in the torch and the workpiece (positive potential) being cut by ionising a beam of pressurised gas at a temperature between 8000 and 20,000°C. The ionised gas (plasma) is constricted and focused through a nozzle, which produces a dense plasma arc that melts and severs various types of metal. This is the principal process for both manual and mechanised plasma cutting systems. Manual or mechanised? Manual plasma cutting systems are moderately small power supplies that use a handheld plasma torch for cutting various types of metals. These systems are manoeuvrable, versatile, and can be used for a variety of cutting applications. These power supplies have a range of cutting capabilities depending on the output current of the cutting system. Typical power supplies can be rated as low as 7 to 25A and as high as 30 to 100A. Some power supplies, however, are available for handheld cutting rated at up to 200A, but this is not typical.



Manual plasma systems normally use shop air as the plasma gas and/or shield gas, and they are designed so that they can be used with a range of incoming voltages. The input voltage is between 120 and 600V, using either single- or threephase power supplies. Manual plasma cutting systems are generally used by fabricating shops that handle thin metal, in factory maintenance, in farm maintenance, at welding repair centres, in metal service centres (scrap and dismantling applications), in construction work (such as buildings and bridges), for commercial ship manufacturing, trailer manufacturing, auto repair work, and artwork. Typically, they are used in lightmetal applications for trimming excess material. A typical 12A handheld torch will cut material up to 5mm thick at approximately 380mm/min. A typical 100A, handheld torch cuts material up to 30mm thick at around 510mm/min. Generally, a manual system is chosen based on the thickness of the material to be cut and the desired cutting speed. A system that delivers high cutting current cuts faster. However, when cutting at higher currents it becomes increasingly difficult to control cut quality. Generally, mechanised plasma cutting systems are significantly larger than manual plasma systems and are used in

conjunction with cutting tables, including a water table or downdraft table with a gantry system that runs on various drives and motors. Also, mechanised systems have computer numerical control (CNC) and torch height control (THC), which may include initial height sensing and voltage control.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase or upgrade a mechanised plasma system or use a manual process should be based on the facts. A mechanised plasma cutting system can be incorporated into a punch press, laser cutting, or robotic cutting system. The size of a mechanised plasma cutting configuration is based on the table and gantry being used. Tables may be smaller than 1.5 x 3m or larger than 15 x 30m. These systems are not easy to manoeuvre, and so all of their components should be considered, along with the layout of the facility, before installation. Typical power supplies have a maximum current range of 100-400A for oxygen cutting and 100-600A for nitrogen cutting. Many systems have intricate cutting capabilities at lower current ranges, such as 15-50A. Some systems allow for nitrogen cutting at 1000A and higher, but they are not common. The typical power supply voltage for mechanised plasma systems is 200 or 600V with a three-phase power system. The gases most commonly used are compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, and a mixture of argon and hydrogen for cutting mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and various exotic materials. Combinations

of these gases are used as the plasma gas and the assist gas. For example, for cutting mild steel, it is not uncommon to use nitrogen as the plasma cutting start gas, oxygen as the plasma cutting gas, and compressed air as the assist gas. Oxygen is used for mild steel (carbon steel) because it produces high-quality cuts in material up to 30mm thick. Oxygen also can be used as the plasma gas for stainless steel and aluminium cutting, but it produces a rough looking cut. Nitrogen is suitable as a plasma gas and assist gas as it produces excellent cut quality on almost every type of metal. It is used for high-current applications, cutting metal up to 75mm thick, and as the assist gas when cutting with nitrogen and argon/hydrogen plasma gas. Compressed air is the most commonly used gas, both as a plasma gas and an assist gas. It works relatively well for low-current cutting applications in metals up to 25mm thick, leaving an oxidised cutting surface. It is used as the assist gas when cutting with air, nitrogen, or oxygen plasma gas. An argon/hydrogen mix is usually the plasma gas of choice for cutting stainless steel and aluminium. It provides a high-quality cut, and it is required for mechanised cutting of material thicker than 75mm. Carbon dioxide also can be used as an assist gas when cutting with nitrogen plasma because it cuts most metals and provides good cut quality. Nitrogen/hydrogen and CH4 methane are two other types of gas occasionally used in the plasma cutting process. Plasma and assist gases are only two of the critical choices that need to be taken into consideration when installing or using a mechanised plasma system. Gas tanks are available for purchase or rent, and they are offered in many different sizes, which means an area needs to be created to store them.


A substantial amount of wiring and plumbing for gas and coolant is involved with the installation of a mechanised plasma system. Beyond the mechanised plasma system itself, a table, gantry, CNC, and THC will need to be chosen. OEMs generally offer an array of equipment choices that are adequate for any cutting application. What mechanised process makes sense? Because of the complexity involved in selecting a mechanised plasma cutting process, a substantial amount of time should be set aside to research various system configurations and criteria. Consider: • the types of parts to be cut • the number of production pieces to be cut per batch • the desired cut quality and speed • the cost of consumables • and the overall operating cost of the configuration (including consumables, electricity, gas, and labour). The size, shape, and quantity of the production parts may dictate the type of CNC, table, and gantry required.

For example, production parts that are small and intricate may require a gantry with a specialised drive package. The rack-and-pinion drives, servomotors, drive amplifiers, and encoders used on the gantry determine the cut quality and speed capability of the plasma system. The cutting speed and cut quality also depend on the plasma system, the CNC, and the gases selected. A mechanised

system that has current ramping and gas flow ramping at the beginning and end of the cut will increase consumable life. Furthermore, a CNC with high storage capacity, a variety of programming capabilities (such as freezing the height of the torch at the end of the cut), and fast processing speed (including I/O communication) will lead to a reduction in operational downtime and an increase in

cutting speed and accuracy. Ultimately, the decision to purchase or upgrade a mechanised plasma system or use a manual process should be based on the facts. Faced with such a decision, a fabricator should consider size, shape, and thickness of the material being cut. Hypertherm Asia Pacific +65 6841 2489

Let our engineered plastics CUT your maintenance & energy bills Cut To Size Plastics’ outstanding ranges of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) offer a superbly low-friction, hard wearing and energy-saving alternative to metal in countless applications.

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Our world-class selections of these self-lubricating non-stick engineered thermoplastics – complemented by market-leading ranges such as Acetal, Nylon, Oilamid, Delrin and Teflon – deliver superior resistance to impact, shock, abrasion and wear. With low moisture absorption and high resistance to chemical corrosion, (including hard washdown chemicals) UHMPWE is ideally suited to manufacturing applications such as: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Conveyors and bulk handling machinery Protective linings and rollers for production, processing and packaging Change parts for the food and beverage industry Chain guides, runners. Wear strips and side plates Ultra- slippery liners for trucks and bins Compliance to world’s-best hygiene standards

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Forklifts should never be operated without a rating plate, as the operator will have no indication of the capacity of the unit. All the data appearing on the rating plate must be calculated by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Damaged or illegible rating plates must be replaced and the plate must be visible to the operator from the operator’s compartment. The first lines of the plate contain the basic information concerning the truck: the make, model and serial number uniquely identify the unit. The “Max height of lift” is the height of the top of the tines (this also the height that is rated for maximum height capacity). The “Max back tilt” indicates the maximum safe rear tilt for the unit. The “Battery weight” is specific to battery electric trucks, and is important as the weight of the battery forms part of the unit counterweight. If this weight is not achieved in the battery, the capacity of the unit must be reduced to compensate for the reduced weight. (However, this does not work the other way more weight will not increase capacity.) The “Tyres” rating indicates if the unit is specified with pneumatic or solid tyres, and with some manufacturers the capacity may change as a result. “Front” and “Rear” are for pneumatic tyres and show the pressure required in the tyres to achieve the capacity indicated on the rating. “Mast forward tilt” indicates the permissible forward tilt. This is important as the further forward you tilt you increase the load centre, and this reduces capacity. Every forklift is rated for a load centre: this is the centre of the mass being lifted, and the forklift should

14.1 METHOD Trucks and attachments shall bear the information specified in Clause 14.4 by the use of legible, permanent and accessible nameplates and markings. 14.2 NAMEPLATES Nameplates shall be durable, corrosion-resistant and mechanically attached to a permanent part of the truck or attachment. Nameplates shall not be attached to fork extensions. 14.3 CURRENCY OF INFORMATION Information shall be valid for the truck or attachment on which it is displayed. Where a truck or attachment is modified (see Clause 10.5), the information shall be modified accordingly. 14.4 INFORMATION TO BE MARKED 14.4.1 Lifting constraints: Trucks shall have a nameplate or nameplates, within direct view from the operator’s position, which shall bear the following information: (a) For each powered industrial truck fitted with forks dimensioned to handle Australian Standard pallets, ie 1165 x 1165mm in accordance with AS 4068, the rated capacity in kilograms at the 600mm load centre in accordance with Clause 2.2. (b) For counterbalanced powered industrial trucks, the rated capacity in kilograms at the standard load centre, in millimetres, in accordance with AS 2359.3 if required. (c) For each industrial truck, the alternative capacity in kilograms in accordance with Clause 2.3.1 if required. (d) For each attachment other than forks, the model number or catalogue number of the attachment. (e) For high-lift trucks, maximum lift height, in metres or millimetres. (f) For trucks with tilting mast, forward and reverse tilt angles when unladen, in degrees. (g) The height at which any travel speed changes are automatically imposed. 14.4.2 Manufacturer and design information: Trucks shall have a nameplate or nameplates, in a readily visible position, which shall bear the following information: (a) Name or mark of the manufacturer or distributor of the truck. (b) Design mass of unladen truck, in kilograms. For electric trucks this shall exclude the mass of the battery. (c) For trucks powered by an electric motor (i) minimum and maximum service masses of the batteries that may be used, in kilograms; (ii) arrangement of battery or batteries; and (iii) total battery voltage. (d) Where pneumatic tyres are fitted, correct inflation pressures, in kilopascals.



indicate this on the rating plate. So if a load is 2000mm wide the load centre will be 1000mm. (This works as a basic indication but the mass with an attachment also allows for vertical and horizontal axes as well.) Moving on to the main body of the rating plate, this table relates to attachments that can be used with the unit.

Forklifts should never be operated without a rating plate, as the operator will have no indication of the capacity of the unit. Down left hand side is the name of the attachment that is being rated. (You may require more than one rating if you have more than one attachment.) In the columns under “Mast vertical”, “Length” is the length of the fork tine, “Height” is the height at which the rating is made (you may have more than one but this would require height indication), “Load centre” is related to the load centre at which the capacity is made (in the case of use with standard pallets it would be 600mm), and “Safe working load” is the capacity at the height and load centre. The second group of columns under “Mast forward tilt” follow the same criteria as “Mast vertical”, but in the tilted forward position. Lencrow Materials Handling 1300 536 279



SLIMLINE SAFETY LIGHT BARRIERS COME WITH BUILT-IN EVALUATION Control Logic has expanded its selection of safety optoelectronic devices with the new SLB series of safety light barriers from Schmersal. Boasting incredibly small dimensions and built-in analysis, the range includes the SLB 240 (Type 2), SLB 440 (Type 4) and SLB 450 (Type 4). Standard features include integrated safety monitoring modules, automatic start or restart interlocks, safe OSSD outputs, integrated visual indication, four-stage optical coding for multiple units in close proximity, prewired or M12 connectors and IP67 protection. The range is up to 15m for the SLB 240/440 and up to 75m for the SLB 450. An optional electric heater is available on the SLB

450 to offer frost-free operation in low temperature applications down to -30ºC, making it perfect for applications that require protection of equipment within cool rooms, freezers and outdoor applications. The Schmersal SLB range can be used on all equipment where a narrow protective height is required and/or the equipment length is long. Example industries include paper and printing, timber processing, mining, packaging and warehousing. Control Logic 1800 557 705

MULTIFUNCTIONAL GATE BOX OFFERS MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY The MGB2 is the latest version of the Multifunctional Gate Box (MGB) locking system for safety doors on machines and systems. The new design offers additional functions, with a modular layout and maximum flexibility all integrated into one device. The modular version is equipped with a bus module (MBM) with Profinet/Profisafe integrated. It can be connected directly to the MGB2 or, if space is tight, can be mounted remotely and connected using cables. If the bus module is mounted remotely, up to two MGB2 modules can be connected to one MBM. The modular design allows the MGB2 to be equipped with different functions. It offers space for two submodules, with up to three different controls each.



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A submodule can be replaced at any time, even during operation, as the MGB2 is hot-pluggable. The MGB2 features an extremely robust industrial housing and has an integrated solid doorstop and mounting plate. It can be mounted on doors hinged on the left and right, as well as sliding doors. The locking force of 2000N prevents unintentional opening of the safety guard. It meets requirements of all relevant standards, including EN ISO 13849-1 and EN ISO 14119. Treotham Automation 02 9907 1788



N I V E R S A RY | 1300 536 276 (Australia wide) INDUSTRYUPDATE.COM.AU



SAFE AND EFFICIENT LOADING AND UNLOADING OF PROFILE CUTTING TABLES For many years Tecnomagnete of Italy has led the way in magnetic technology for loading and unloading cutting tables. With a multitude of installations worldwide, including Australia, experience and knowhow with permanentelectromagnetic lifting systems has resulted in a range of modular systems that can be adapted to any requirement. Steel sheet as thin as 1.5mm and heavy plate up to 16 metres in length can be handled with ease. Sheet and plate stored in vertical racks can be retrieved and moved from vertical orientation to horizontal, and back from horizontal to vertical for storage. The range includes lightweight systems

such as the self-contained Easy-Lift for conventional 3 x 1.5 metre sheets to heavyduty systems with telescopic beams. All feature wireless remote control and the safety and convenience of permanentelectro technology, which requires no cumbersome and expensive battery backup system. Tecnomagnete’s Australian distributor is Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics. Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics 02 9971 7577

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TIMTOS SHOWCASES THE THREE Ps: PRECISION, PRODUCTIVITY AND PRICE The huge exhibition known as TIMTOS has grown into a major drawcard for Australia’s workshop managers buying or monitoring the latest developments in engineering technology. In today’s fiercely competitive export markets, Australia’s workshops in every part of the supply chain need to harness the right machine tools in order to retain parity with their rivals in terms of the three Ps – precision, productivity and price per component. The UK-based 600 Group places high importance on its presence at the exhibition and, this year, had its top team demonstrating market-leading products from the UK and USA during early March. Leading the charge for Australia were Asia-Pacific Managing Director, Cliff Purser, and Asia-Pacific Sales Manager, Steve Drummond. The two Sydney-based executives introduced to current and prospective customers some of the Group’s top executives from the UK and USA. These included the new UK-based Group Managing Director, Terry Allison, and the Michigan-based global COO of the Machine Tool Division, Don Haselton, along with the Worldwide ProductDevelopment Manager, Mike Berry, from the Yorkshire manufacturing complex. The turn and mill sensation Speaking from the Group’s stand at the show, Cliff Purser said: “The 600 team is focused on helping each customer at every turn, but that may change! Since the

introduction of the all-new Harrison Alpha XC combination CNC lathe, we are now helping them at every ‘mill and turn’,” he said with a grin. This machine caused quite a stir at MACH 2016, and there were very good reasons why so many workshop managers from all over Europe crowded the 600 Group stand at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Purser said: "The new XC can conduct off-centre drilling and boring, hexagonal milling, and much more. What this remarkable combination CNC lathe gives workshops is the ability to perform secondary operations that usually require machining centres or expensive slant bed CNC turning centres.” The highly versatile XC range now incorporates driven tooling and full c-axis interpolation. This feature, a significant addition to the simple-to-operate CNC Alpha lathe, now allows operators to carry out secondary operations at the machine in one setup. Purser added: "Before TIMTOS, we previewed the XC to customers and distributors throughout the region, and they have welcomed the availability of a flatbed machine that can finish the parts in one hit – at a price they can afford.” Following the enthusiastic reception for the breakthrough Alpha XC design,



the 600 Group has created a short video, to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of this combination CNC lathe. Visit watch?v=Lwh3t6XQnJE The heavyweight division Steve Drummond said that the annual Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS) could be regarded as ‘the turning point’ in the Asia-Pacific region for the sale of the latest machine tools. He said that the myriad of visitors to the company’s exhibit, including many from Australia and New Zealand, had expressed interest in two newly introduced turning machines.

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"What this remarkable combination CNC lathe gives workshops is the ability to perform secondary operations that usually require machining centres or expensive slant bed CNC turning centres." Continue on next page...



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From left to right: Steve Drummond (600 Machine Tools Australia), Mike Berry (600 UK), Kevin Mungovan (Clausing Industries USA), Terry Allison (600 UK) and Trevor Matthews (600 UK)

He explained that the Colchester Triumph VS2500 variable speed manual lathe sets new standards of performance with its combination of electronically variable spindle drive and a constant surface speed option. “The result is a cutting performance far superior to standard centre lathes and many CNC machines. Precision, power and durability have been built in to give many years of reliable performance from this heavyweight conventional lathe.” The second newcomer caused some excitement among visitors from the training sector. The Harrison M300 centre lathe has been designed to allow easy control of its comprehensive capabilities, making it an asset in the toolroom, apprentice training, and secondary and tertiary education. It has the power to deal with heavy metal removal, at the same time offering precision for fine tolerance turning, with routine servicing requirements kept to a minimum. Drummond added: “The M300’s safety aspects meet all international standards, and include the latest European CE requirements, making this conventional lathe a valuable asset in any workshop.” No dark satanic mills The 600 Group executives expected – and witnessed – a wave of interest in the range of milling machines from Clausing,



a Group member based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In the spotlight at TIMTOS was the Clausing 2VS, a heavy-duty vertical mill that has two big brothers, and all three are formidable performers. Don Haselton told visitors: “Right from the drawing board, the 2VS has been designed for power, precision, and versatility, and is able to handle most milling jobs. It is one of the heaviest in its class, and is equipped with a powerful spindle-drive motor and an infinitely variable speed drive that delivers a speed range of 60 to 4300rpm.” The Clausing company offers a large range of powerful mills in its comprehensive range of machine tools, and these can be viewed on the company’s website at A gripping yarn When the Gripfast combination power chuck was introduced at the EMO exhibition in Hannover by 600 Group company, Pratt Burnerd, workshop managers from all over Europe crowded the demonstrations. According to Cliff Purser: “It was the same in Taipei. Visitors could immediately see the time-saving advantages provided by the new design. Many were surprised when they saw that the Gripfast combines a chuck, a collet chuck, and a mandrel chuck in a single unit.”

“The result is a cutting performance far superior to standard centre lathes and many CNC machines. Precision, power and durability have been built in to give many years of reliable performance from this heavyweight conventional lathe.” He noted that the new chucks are supplied with a duplicate set of master jaws and simple off-machine jaw setting fixture, enabling the jaws to be preset off the machine, and ensuring a changeover time of less than one minute. Since then, the world’s best chuck has been complemented by the Gripsafe gripmeter, which accurately measures and records chuck gripping-forces within seconds. Drummond said: “Nobody wants to see a machine operator lose his head when a workpiece that is not securely held goes flying off the machine like an executioner’s axe.”

Happily, the Gripsafe is suitable for use on all makes of chuck, and has been developed to help customers comply with health and safety legislation, allowing them to ensure that their chucks remain fit for purpose. Turning to technology Speaking from Taipei, Managing Director Terry Allison summed up the success of TIMTOS 2017. “The 600 Group is a regular participant in this very important event. We are here because the Asia-Pacific region has excellent economic prospects, and is going through a process of expansion, modernisation, and widespread adoption of state of the art technology.” “As usual, TIMTOS has attracted representatives of companies of all sizes in manufacturing and processing, not forgetting the education and training sector, and a cross-section of military bodies.” “Without exception, all of them have found something of interest in the 600 Group exhibit, supplemented by videos on YouTube, and the team on the stand are confident of setting a new record for sales at TIMTOS and in the Asia-Pacific region.” 600 Machine Tools 02 9674 4738


CLEAN UP ON ABRASIVES FOR SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS Many companies using abrasive blasting within their manufacturing processes are literally throwing money away, according to Ben Noble of abrasive blasting specialist Protoblast. Garnet and steel grit are the two most commonly used commercial abrasives. And with garnet costing $500-600 per tonne and steel grit at $1500 per tonne, these are consumables that can put a significant dent in a company’s bottom line. “The trouble is,” says Noble “that many people don’t realise just how much abrasive they are using.” “A truckload seems to last a long time, and they just re-order when they run out. But when they sit down and analyse the figures they are surprised to find that they are getting through tens of tonnes of abrasives every year.” Fortunately, there is an answer. And that is in the form of an abrasive recovery and cleaning system from Protoblast. The company’s bespoke recovery and cleaning systems collect the abrasive after blasting and separate out both the debris from the workpiece and the exhausted abrasive dust to leave “good as new” abrasive ready to be re-used. So effective is the process, that the company tells its users to expect to re-use garnet abrasives around six times and steel grit an impressive 100 times. According to Ben Noble, with figures like this, it becomes easy to justify the investment in the system. “The cost of the abrasive is the sell for the cleaning system,” he says.

“A truckload seems to last a long time, and they just re-order when they run out. But when they sit down and analyse the figures they are surprised to find that they are getting through tens of tonnes of abrasives every  year.” What’s more, the reduction in waste from each blasting session reduces disposal costs – particularly in applications where the workpiece has been contaminated with dangerous substances, such as lead-based paints. Protoblast specialises in the end-toend design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of abrasive blasting systems. Recovery and cleaning systems may only be a component part of these systems, but they may well be the key to profitable blasting. Protoblast Company 1800 772 320



An abrasive recovery and cleaning system can be as compact as this basic unit installed at a Protoblast client’s blast chamber

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AUSSIE MADE MANUFACTURING IS EXPORT SUCCESS Global Spill Control is a “Proudly Australian Made” success story. The company now manufactures in excess of 90% of its products in Australia and continues to grow its Australian workforce. During 2016 it relocated to larger premises in Melbourne’s north and invested in specialist plant and machinery to assist in its growth objectives. But not everything in the garden is rosy. According to General Manager Brad Lowson, the company is regularly overlooked for relatively minor government contracts with no apparent justification – a strange state of affairs considering that Global Spill Control has been the recipient of government grants that enabled it to expand its manufacturing base and its workforce. “They incentivise us to create new jobs and employ more people, but are not prepared to assist by awarding work to local manufacturers,” he says. “We win a reasonable amount of work overseas (including locations as far away as South America), but cannot land a tender to supply virtually the same equipment to the State Government.” The company is a market leader with its range of Australia made spill and safety equipment, ranging from spill kits and absorbents for oil and chemical spills, to sophisticated offshore marine oil spill equipment, safety signs, road signs, containment solutions and dangerous goods equipment and storage.

“So it’s particularly disappointing when we see local contracts, with no ‘Australian Made content’ requirements, awarded to either overseas bidders or to local companies who are simply importing their products. In contrast, look what’s happening at the moment with the USA manufacturing segment” And greater than 90% of the company’s portfolio is manufactured at its Melbourne facilities, meeting the stringent requirements for either the Australian

Brad Lowson is proud of the Australian Made Global Spill Control product portfolio

Made logo or the prestigious Product of Australia logo. “We have a can-do and innovative approach to everything we do and we are constantly looking at ways to drive out inefficiencies in the manufacturing process or procurement supply chain,” says Lowson. “We also source the vast majority of our raw materials and components as locally as possible.” “So it’s particularly disappointing when we see local contracts, with no ‘Australian Made content’ requirements, awarded to either overseas bidders or to local companies who are simply importing

their products. In contrast, look what’s happening at the moment with the USA manufacturing segment,” he says. “Tender evaluation panels do not typically consider the broader Australiawide economic benefits of supporting a domestic manufacturing sector. Quite simply, money spent on Australian made products and equipment stays in Australia. It goes to Australian companies and Australian workers who all pay their taxes in Australia and spend their money in Australia. This has to be a win-win scenario for the Australian economy as a whole.”

Get the It’s recognised. It’s trusted. It works. Australian Advantage Call 1800 350 520 or visit 44



Much has been made of late about the new Commonwealth Procurement Rules, and the requirement for purchasers to consider the economic benefit of the procurement to the Australian economy as a whole. However, that stipulation only holds for contracts valued above $4 million. As Brad Lowson points out: “Most contracts in our industry segment are way below that value. And we miss out on deals valued at less than $1 million, where we see winning tenders with zero Aussie content. That can’t be right!” While Lowson would like to see economic benefit procurement policies extended to all levels of Federal, State and local government contracts, his company continues to expand its Australian manufacturing output. Fortunately for Global Spill Control, its products are in demand outside Australia. The company now exports products through Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America. “It just seems odd,” says Lowson, “that we find it easier to sell the Australian Made story in the Philippines than to the State or Federal Government in Australia.” Global Spill Control 1300 774 557

AUSTRALIAN MADE OR PRODUCT OF AUSTRALIA? With manufactured goods, it is important to be clear about the difference between Australian Made and Product of Australia. For a product to legally carry the Australian Made logo it must have been manufactured in Australia (not just packaged or assembled), and 50% or more of the cost of making it can be attributed to Australian materials and/or production processes.

For a product to legally carry the Product of Australia logo all of the product's significant ingredients must come from Australia, and all (or nearly all) of the manufacturing or processing must have been carried out in Australia.

organised time

Safe solutions for your industry

the time efficient safety PLC Efficiency and safety should not be mutually exclusive which is why Control Logic have introduced the PSC1 range of safety controllers by Schmersal. drive monitoring for up to 12 axes

I/O expansion modules profinet & ethercat communications

Avoid long design processes by generating a schematic wiring diagram automatically once the controller is programmed. With so much time saved, you won’t know what to do with it.


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industrial. electrical. automation.




PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP – SHARING THE RESPONSIBILITY OVER THE LIFECYCLE OF PRODUCTS Taking an active role is the best way to manage and responsibly dispose of (or recycle) an end-of-life product. Samantha Cross takes a closer look at what is product stewardship. As we delve into the world of waste and the best way to tackle its reduction, we can explore the ethics that embody responsible planning and management of the impacts for different products and materials, specifically product stewardship. Product stewardship is the idea that everyone in the product supply chain takes responsibility for minimising the environmental impact of a product over its lifecycle. It acknowledges those involved in manufacturing, retailing, consuming, transporting and disposing or recycling of products that have a shared responsibility. The Product Stewardship Act 2011 provides the framework to effectively manage the environmental, health and safety impacts of products. The framework includes voluntary, co-regulatory and mandatory product stewardship. Voluntary product stewardship can take many forms and may have a focus on a product’s whole lifecycle or may focus on fixing a specific problem related to part of its lifecycle, such as how products are disposed of at end of life. More and more, organisations are participating in voluntary product stewardship as part of their environmental or corporate strategies and obligations.

There are already several well-established product stewardship arrangements being undertaken across Australia achieving positive outcomes. You may be familiar with MobileMuster, DrumMuster, mercurycontaining lamps collected under the FluoroCycle scheme, Cartridges 4 Planet Ark and more recently PaintBack to collect and recycle architectural and decorative paint.

Voluntary product stewardship can take many forms and may have a focus on a product’s whole lifecycle or may focus on fixing a specific problem related to part of its lifecycle, such as how products are disposed of at end of life. A review of the Product Stewardship Act 2011 will commence shortly. Input will be sought from industry,

THE LIGHT, QUIET ALL-ROUNDER UNIFLEX ADVANCED: Cable carriers with a wide range of applications ■ Weight-optimized chain geometry ■ Robust design for long unsupported lengths ■ Quiet thanks to internal noise damping system ■ Extremely fast and easy to open ■ Lateral wear surfaces ■ Many separation options for the cables

Sydney 02 9704 2500


03 9215 2888


f031 115905 Tsubaki 113 x 155mm.indd 1



07 3273 0600


08 6254 0000

28/02/13 12:45 PM

governments and the general public to safeguard the ongoing effectiveness of the act to ensure it’s delivering the best outcomes for business and the environment. A recent initiative in the product stewardship space is the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) engaging the Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) and Helen Lewis Research to explore opportunities to promote and facilitate product stewardship collaboration. As a result, a product stewardship cluster has been established with representation from existing and emerging product stewardship schemes, organisations, government and other industry stakeholders. Cross Connections is excited to be an active member within this emerging cluster group. Although initiated in NSW, this cluster has interstate participation and national relevance. The fundamental aims of the product stewardship cluster are: 1. Facilitation – To identify projects that could improve the sustainability of specific products or materials through collaborative action and shared funding. 2.

Resource recovery innovation – To develop models and projects that promote cross-collaboration to deliver net positive environmental outcomes.


Education – To promote the importance and value of a lifecycle and design sustainability approach to supply chain management.


Collaborative leadership – Facilitate engagement between key stakeholders to drive product stewardship and circular economy initiatives that support sustainable development goals.


Networking – To create a network of organisations with an interest in product stewardship to explore synergies and business opportunities.

Current information and developing tools are available to help you and your business to understand the benefits of product stewardship and a lifecycle approach to the products you manufacture or supply in the market. Cross Connections Consulting 0423 943100



The Lismore City Council was experiencing chronic problems with the digester pump choking at its South Lismore sewage treatment plant. According to Matt Potter and Brad Hampson from the plant, this pump would choke on a daily basis during its job of

turning over the digester. The pump used was a Gorman-Rupp T3A3S-B self-priming sewage pump, but the sheer number of rags made it very difficult for even this excellent solids handling pump to pass all the rags, all the time. Over the years, the team tried

different wear plates (even from different companies), but the best they could achieve was to limit choking to once or twice a week by installing one of GormanRupp’s self-cleaning wear plates. The council was then told of GormanRupp’s new Eradicator solids management system and wanted to try it. The Eradicator system features an aggressive self-cleaning wear-plate incorporating a number of notches and grooves, as well as a patent-pending lacerating tooth that helps break up stringy materials (such as rags), scrape them off the impeller vanes and pass them through the pump – all without impacting performance or interrupting service. A special cover plate with the system also includes a patented lightweight inspection cover that can easily be removed, if necessary, to inspect pump internals. The Eradicator system is available on all Gorman-Rupp Super T Series pump models, so the range can achieve flows from 5 to 150L/s and deliver heads up to 40m, all while working on suction lifts to 7.6m. Because they are self-priming, the

pumps can be located at ground level, giving operators easy and safe access for monitoring and/or service, unlike submersible pumps that require cranes and several operators to access. And wet well lids stay closed with self-priming pumps so that operators are not exposed to falling into the wet well when anything needs to be done with the pumps. Clearance adjustments, oil changes, and general inspections only take minutes, which adds up to massive savings in time over the life of the pump. As the new system is available as an upgrade kit for existing Super Ts, Lismore Council installed one into the existing Gorman-Rupp T3. The pump then ran for 3 months without a single choke. Over the same period, Matt, Brad and their colleagues at the council would otherwise have expected between 12 and 24 chokes, and so they were very pleased with the result. Hydro Innovations 02 9898 1800

SUCCESSFUL UPGRADE FOR VACUUM SEWAGE SYSTEM TRANSFER PUMP The Kempsey Shire Council (KSC) has just upgraded its vacuum sewage system transfer pumps. KSC had been using a lobe pump to transfer raw sewage from the vacuum tank to the sewage treatment plant, but the need for continued maintenance on the pumps was causing cost and logistics issues. Ian Allsopp of KSC learnt of a successful upgrade by Bundaberg Regional Council, which had changed its lobe pumps to Gorman-Rupp Ultra VS Series two-stage self-priming sewage pumps. The application was virtually the same, with a vacuum tank drawing sewage through a network of sewer lines that are kept under negative pressure by the vacuum tank. When the vacuum tank fills, it needs to be pumped out. Because the tank is under a vacuum (up to -80kPa), the transfer pump needs to be able to pull a “suction lift” equivalent to this, and still be able to produce discharge pressures high enough to transfer sewage to the wastewater treatment plant (in this case, an additional

60m, for a total dynamic head of 68m). After reviewing the system, Hydro Innovations selected the Gorman-Rupp VS3A60-B with a 45kW motor. The pump is one of Gorman-Rupp’s Ultra VS Series of two-stage self-priming sewage pumps, capable of producing heads to 90m. Being a self-priming pump, it is more than capable of producing the required vacuum to overcome the negative pressure inside the vacuum tank. The pump comes as standard with a self-cleaning wear plate system to enable it to handle stringy materials such as rags, has a large open

impeller to handle larger solids and has a large removable cover-plate for access into pump internals to remove large blockages or for inspection. As with all Gorman-Rupp sewage pumps, internal clearance adjustments are able to be done externally, without exposing operators to sewage or the wet well. These adjustments can be done in minutes, so operators can keep the pumps at peak operating efficiency for the life of the installation. Ian Allsopp and a small delegation from KSC went to Bundaberg to investigate

and confirm all they had been told about the success at the Woodgate site with the Gorman-Rupp units. After reviewing the installation and discussions with the operators at the Bundaberg Shire Council, they decided to proceed with the purchase of the recommended Gorman-Rupp pumps for the job. The council is happy with its investment. Hydro Innovations 02 9898 1800




QUALITY AUSSIE MADE LED LIGHTING RESPONDS TO LOW COST IMPORTS Available now from Aqualuma, the Lite-bay is a new Australian-made lowcost option in commercial LED lighting. The new product builds on the company’s premium-quality Highbay product range, offering a cost-effective alternative that is manufactured using majority sourced Australian components and aluminium castings and is assembled using local labour on the Gold Coast. The Australian market for LED commercial lighting has been flooded with imported products of late, inevitably driving quality down. The Lite-bay is Aqualuma’s response. The Lite-bay was designed to provide a simple and cost-effective solution for clients requiring a straightforward luminaire with a high output where

specialised optics, sophisticated controls and complex installations are not required. Like its big brother, the Highbay, the Lite-bay is still an Australian made Aqualuma premium-quality product. Rated at 130W, it has a marine grade epoxy powdercoated aluminium housing and heatsink and comes with an IP66 water ingress rating. However, it comes at a market leading price with an Aqualuma warranty.


ABRASIVE BLAST EQUIPMENT Protoblast Company has been designing and manufacturing to suit customer’s individual needs since 1975. • Abrasive Recovery Systems • Airless Blast Machines • Section Blast Machines • Dust Collectors The best way to prepare a surface for a coating is by using the abrasive blasting process. Whether you need to blast castings, concrete blocks, screws, surfboards or steel work... Protoblast has the experience to design and supply equipment that is fast, efficient, improves your product and saves you money... year after year.

P.O. Box 157 Picton NSW 2571 P. 1800 772 320 Inter. +61 2 4677 2320 E.



Aqualuma Director Carl Amor says: “The new Lite-bay allows us to compete in a new sector where clients need a straightforward lighting solution, without the level of control and optical options that Aqualuma usually offers. There is only one 130W model, efficiency levels are at a highly competitive 127 lumen/W and we can beat the imports on price.” “We have won many awards over the past few years that we are proud of, the latest being the Premier’s Award for Export in December. We export our

existing range to the UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand, and we expect the future demand for the new Lite-bay to be as strong.” Companies can make huge energy savings by switching from outdated metalhalide lights to energy-efficient LED lighting, reducing energy costs by more than 75%. Energy rebates are available in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, making the changeover even more affordable, and in some cases, making it cash flow positive from day one through Aqualuma’s range of financing options. Aqualuma 1300 14 5555

CABLE REELS WITHOUT SLIP RINGS FOR LIGHTING & MARINE INDUSTRIES Igus has designed two new cable reels without slip rings for energy chains, replacing the Jacob’s ladder on lighting bars. These include the light and compact e-spool mini and the motorised e-spool power for extension lengths from 2 to 25m. The space-saving e-spool is suitable for many applications from stage lighting to marine industries. It is ideal for suspending lighting and speaker trusses. Fibre-optic, data, energy or media cables can be guided together in one system, with continuous end-to-end connection. The energy chain rolls and unrolls with an igus twisterband, so that no slip rings are required. The e-spool mini is for extremely small installation spaces and short extension lengths up to 2m. It is very lightweight with an aluminium structure. An extension and retraction speed of 1m/s is possible. Igus provides chainflex cables that are specially designed for use in energy chains; these offer the perfect transmission of data, energy and media, as well as ensuring a long service life. The e-spool power is for extreme conditions and can be used for extension lengths up to 25m. Unlike other e-spools that use a return spring, the e-spool power

uses a motor to offer a much longer service life. It comes with a motor and control unit and is suitable for outdoor use below 0°C. It is corrosion free so is suitable for even the harshest conditions at sea. Igus offers 362 different cables with the DNV-GL offshore approval required for these rugged applications. Treotham Automation 02 9907 1788


“DRY MOUTH” AND ORAL FLUID DRUG TESTING Oral fluid screening devices offer a fast, effective, and noninvasive way to detect drugs of abuse, and as a result the use of these devices for on-site testing detection of drugs in oral fluid continues to grow in in popularity among safety-sensitive industries. Although an oral fluid sample is nearly always available, collecting sufficient sample to perform the test can be challenging at times. Dry mouth syndrome is relatively common in workplace testing and can be a result of the working environment causing dehydration, the anxiety of the collection procedure or taking medications/drugs. Most oral fluid screening devices require 1-2.2mL of oral fluid sample and many involve squeezing the sample collection pad onto the screening device. The high sample volume and collection technique mean that sample collection can take a long time often several minutes.

The Alere ToxWipe requires only 0.2mL of oral fluid sample to run the test and the sample collection involves an easy one-step process which takes only seconds (as shown). With a collection pad designed for active collection and a small sample volume, the Alere ToxWipe can reduce the impact of the most commonly reported difficulty in the harsh workplace testing environment of Australia and New Zealand the “dry mouth”. Alere 1800 622 642




ULTRASONIC CLEANING EQUIPMENT COVERS ALL TASKS GREAT AND SMALL CleenSonic is expanding its range of Australian designed industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment. The range now includes standard units suitable for cleaning items as small as electronic PCBs right up to workpieces as large as diesel engines and automotive gearboxes. Although the concept of ultrasonic cleaning is not new, the technology has evolved over the past 60 years, and today’s systems offer highly efficient cleaning performance without the use of toxic chemicals. In a manufacturing environment, ultrasonic cleaning systems can be integrated into the production process and used to remove residues from manufacturing processes (for example in electronics assembly). And manufacturing assets such as moulds and tools can be cleaned after use without fear of damage. In general maintenance work, ultrasonic cleaning systems are perfect for removing dust, dirt, grime, grease and other contaminants from all manner of assemblies – either prior to maintenance or simply to improve performance of components such as filters, radiators and heat exchangers.

Regular ultrasonic cleaning can keep manufacturing assets in prime working order, from pumps and nozzles to conveyor system components. A key advantage of ultrasonics over other cleaning methods is its ability to clean hidden cavities (effectively in every nook and cranny). No matter how complex the structure of the workpiece, once it is immersed in the ultrasonic bath, the vapour-filled bubbles created by the ultrasonic process permeate through the cleaning fluid, bursting and releasing the energy that performs the cleaning process. And the fact that the process is environmentally friendly is a bonus. As CleenSonic MD Nick Rassios points out: “ Solutions used in our CleenSonic ultrasonic baths are considered carefully to ensure environmental compliance is achieved well above expectation. Managing waste and arresting contaminants is a key focus together with reduced water consumption.” In addition to the standard range, the company is also actively involved in designing and manufacturing custom systems to suit all manner of ultrasonic cleaning challenges.

CleenSonic 02 8880 8000

REUSABLE STRAPS ARE LOGICAL WAREHOUSING OPTION Outdoor specialist Kathmandu has recently moved into a new national distribution centre. Products are shipped all over Australia from the new facility in Truganina. As part of a move towards reusable packaging to help cut costs and waste, all pallets that are stored from the first level to the fifth level of the high-bay warehouse are secured using the VELCRO Brand LOGISTRAP. These LOGISTRAP straps enable quick and easy palletising of cartons to replace shrinkwrap and banding methods. These products provide significant savings in both labour and materials for many of today’s most efficient and sustainable warehousing operations.



Made from VELCRO Brand woven hook and loop, LOGISTRAP is soft to the touch and does not damage packaging. Nor does it cover barcodes or other identifying labels, and so warehouse scanning is not interrupted. The straps are secured and released easily and quickly, with no special equipment. They are available in lengths of 5m in 50 and 100mm, each with a minimum breaking strength of 100kg. Velcro Australia 03 9703 2466


FOOD MANUFACTURING EVENT TO CELEBRATE 50TH ANNIVERSARY Australasia’s iconic food manufacturing event, foodpro, will mark its 50th year in 2017 when it is held from 16th to 19th July at the new world-class International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour, Sydney. Food manufacturing makes up 23% of Australia’s annual exports; the food and agribusiness industry produced $53.9 billion of added value in 2014-15 alone. Since it first ran in 1967, foodpro has played an important role in the growth of the food processing, manufacturing and packaging industries and has contributed

to the development and significance the industry has to Australia. Set to be the largest ever staged, foodpro 2017 will offer a unique opportunity to connect, network and do business with industry peers. The event showcases products and innovations relevant to all aspects of the food manufacturing industry including: meat and seafood, value-added processing, beverages, dairy, fresh food and shelf foods. It is considered to be a driving force behind the Australian food processing

industry with global leaders presenting their latest technology, services and ideas. And with industry added value increasing annually for the past five years, foodpro 2017 is sure to be a popular event on the calendar. foodpro features four key precincts: food processing technology, food packaging, plant equipment, and food technology. Access to new trends will be priority as well as insight into key issues facing the industry such as traceability, food safety and sustainability. foodpro 2017 will also host the annual


AIFST (Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology) Convention. Over 400 delegates are expected to attend the Convention’s 50th year to hear about topics such as the future nutritional needs, technology driving innovation, regulations related to imports as well as a roundtable discussing financing innovation and growth in the food industry. foodpro 03 9261 4500

MONOCRYSTALLINE SOLAR PANELS ARE SMALLER AND MORE EFFICIENT Available now in Australia and New Zealand from Soanar, the latest range of high-performance monocrystalline solar panels made by Powertech are much smaller, thinner, efficient and affordable than their predecessors. Manufactured using 36 pieces of 156x156mm A-grade solar cells cut into defined sizes with four grid lines, the new panels provide excellent performance under low light conditions. And the use of a durable anodised aluminium frame and 3.2mm low iron tempered anti-reflective glass means that each panel can withstand harsh environmental conditions. A hydrophobic surface coating enables the panels to resist dirt and dust, ensuring maximum light absorption and preventing needless power losses.

The junction box and bypass diodes prevent the panels from overheating and suffering from the “hot spot effect”. The entire range is easy to install with minimal ongoing maintenance and is compatible with industry standard inverters and mounting systems. The range is available in seven sizes from 5 to 150W, and all models are covered by a 5-year warranty for defects in construction and manufacturing. The electrical output is guaranteed to remain above 80% of its original rated output for a period of 25 years. Soanar 1300 365 551

Screw Compressors For full range scan QR code or go to Call 1800 PNEUTECH for all of your compressed air needs.




PRESSURE TRANSMITTERS TAKE ON DEMANDING APPLICATIONS Available now from Turck, the PT2000 series of pressure transmitters are based on a welded stainlesssteel measuring cell with no elastomer seals for increased durability and increased chemical compatibility. As a result, the PT2000 is tailor made for the environmental needs of water pumping, hydraulic, and refrigeration applications. Because the transmitter housing is gel filled, the device can operate over a wide temperature range without fear of internal condensation in applications such as pumping ground water. And, as the housing is more compact than existing solutions, it is ideal applications with space constraints. The PT2000 is specified for pressures up to 1000bar and for process media temperatures up to 135°C.

The PT2000 comes as standard with an M12 connector, and is available in multiple wiring configurations to allow for easy integration into existing applications. It is also available with process connections such as NPT, BSPP and SAE, which are commonly used in hydraulics applications. For ease of integration, the PT2000 offers a range of different output signals, including: 4-20mA, 0-10V, ratiometric, 1-6V, and 0-5V. The assembly has an IP67 rating, and has an operating temperature range of -40 to +135°C. Turck Australia 1300 132 566

PREPARATION IS ESSENTIAL FOR COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEMS Almost all factory compressed air systems need some form of treatment to achieve the desired air quality for a particular use. Pneutech Group offers a complete range of compressed air preparation units together with a free advisory service to help clients achieve the desired compressed air quality for each part of their plant. The range of Pneutech compressed air preparation units includes: condensate separators, refrigerated dryers, utility grade particulate filters, submicronic canister filters, high-efficiency coalescing filters, activated carbon filters, breathing air combination filters, pressure regulators, lubricators, drip leg condensate drains, and automatic

liquid level condensate drains. All Pneutech high-efficiency filters are fitted with differential pressure gauges to facilitate monitoring of airflow capacity at any time. For larger industrial installations Pneutech Group offers a site visit service to assist in the determination of the optimum combination of air compressor, pipe layout and air preparation system for maximum factory efficiency. Pneutech Group 1800 763 833

COMPACT CAMERAS FOR EMBEDDED INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS Available now from Scitech, Ximea xiMU compact industrial cameras offer 5Mpixel resolution and weigh only 3.4g. Suitable for use on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and ARM platforms, these tiny industrial cameras are ideal for integration into tight spaces. Featuring low power consumption and flat ribbon flex cables, Ximea xiMU cameras are ideal for embedded vision systems in applications from robotics to microscopy, and kiosks to medical equipment. Scitech offers the Ximea xiMU in both colour and



monochrome versions, both measuring just 15 x 15 x 8mm. Board-level versions are even smaller at 13 x 13 x 3mm. The cameras are based on the popular Aptina MT9P031 sensor and support GenTL/GenICam. They are well suited to synchronised multi-camera applications and to use in portable systems. Scitech 03 9480 4999

Low-cost level measurement. Radar sensor for water management. Reliable level measurement in water treatment facilities, pump stations and rain overflow basins. Open channel flow measurement and water level monitoring.

VEGAPULS WL S 61 ▪ Measuring range up to 8 m

▪ Can be used outdoors without restriction ▪ Flood-proof IP 68 housing

▪ Operation via Bluetooth with Smartphone, tablet or PC

Further information:

Phone 1800 817 135


PROXIMITY SENSOR TAKES IO-LINK ONBOARD Turck is now offers an IO-Link-capable version of its Uprox3 sensor, which like the rest of the range, provides the longest sensing distance of any Factor 1 sensor on the market. The new version is particularly easy to configure, with output functions, sensing distances and other special functions accessible via IO-Link. And each adjustable switching distance can be run sequentially in combination with an IO-Link master. The sensor is operated on an IO-Link master, which enables access to all parameter and evaluation functions. The intelligent data retention inherent in IO-Link 1.1 allows a sensor to be exchanged without having to reset any parameters. The process data available include application-specific

switch points, temperature limits and an identification number, which can be used to identify up to 256 different nodes. The sensing of targets and their simultaneous identification can then be implemented using a single sensor. The Uprox3 IO-Link is available in M12, M18 and M30 barrel-style chrome-brass housings, as well as in PTFE-coated form for welding applications. A further rectangular CK40 type is also available. Turck Australia 1300 132 566

SAFETY CONTROLLERS REDUCE SYSTEM COMPLEXITY AND SETUP TIME New from Control Logic is the compact Schmersal Protect PSC1 range of safety controllers. Featuring an extremely flexible and efficient design interface, these controllers allow users to tailor-make safety related solutions with simple and reduced setup times and options. The PSC1 is freely programmable, with I/O extension modules for signal processing of mechanical and electronic safety switchgear, and includes the ability to generate schematic wiring diagrams automatically when the controller is programmed. The range has a universal communication interface, and only requires one hardware element to create a connection to most common fieldbus systems.

Installation is quick thanks to a TUVcertified safe Ethernet network and is suitable for distributing I/O to minimise the complexity and time required to wire the system. An option to integrate the SD bus gateway allows for additional non-secure diagnostic signals from connected sensors to be transmitted via a standard bus system to an automation control system. Signals can be evaluated to prevent downtime and increase plant availability and efficiency. Control Logic 1800 557 705

SWIVEL CASTORS FEATURE INTEGRATED ELECTRIC LOCKING SYSTEM The e-lock is the latest development in the tried-andtrusted LINEA range of castors from Tente. The locking system is integrated in the castor, and all locking functions are controlled electrically. Switching forcers and switching torque are no longer required, and each switching position can be individually controlled. The controls are freely programmable and can be operated via Bluetooth or radio or using an app. The e-lock also has the advantages of quiet



switching and a particularly low rate of mechanical wear. Furthermore, the designer has much greater design freedom as there is no need for pedals and the switching rods in each castor. Tente Castors & Wheels 1300 836 831



Suhner Australia has come up with a range of cordless maintenance tools and cleansing agents it reckons will make it easier to maintain and fix metal structures and components. The lithium-ion battery-powered tools are suitable for use on stainless steel, aluminium, copper and other metals. The batteries promise long running times between charges, low self-discharge and zero memory effect. All the tools are lightweight, ranging from 2 to 2.4kg, including batteries.

The series of metal maintenance tools comprises: the ATC 7 tube polisher, the AKC 3 fillet weld grinder, the ABC 7 slimline belt grinder with contact arm, and the ASC 9 straight grinder. The new cleansing agents are all plant-based formulations that are free from harmful chemicals. They can be used in public places without posing a threat to humans or the environment. These NSF-approved Suhner INOX agents are applied by hand, and clean and polish metals easily. There are three different formulations: Sun Clean, which is used for removing rust and deposits from stainless steel, aluminium, copper and mild steel; Sun Protect is a neutral and mild agent that washes away all residues and leaves a protective film of nanoparticles; Sun Polish which is formulated for cleaning matt surfaces. As all three Suhner INOX agents are NSF certified they can be used for machine maintenance in food and pharmaceutical environments.

Suhner Australia 02 9648 5888

80GHZ RADAR LEVEL SENSOR OPENS UP NEW APPLICATIONS Thanks to its improved beam focusing, the world’s first 80GHz radar level sensor, the VEGAPULS 64, improves liquid level measurement even under difficult conditions, like tanks fitted with heating coils, baffles or agitators. Crucially, a VEGAPULS 64 with an 80mm-diameter antenna has a beam angle of only 3°, whereas a traditional 26GHz radar sensor with a similar antenna would have a beam angle of around 10°. This allows the sensor to be used in vessels with internal installations or heavy build up on the walls, as the finer focus of the microwave beam avoids these obstacles. The larger the dynamic range of a radar sensor, the higher the measurement certainty and the wider its range of applications. With its high dynamic range, the VEGAPULS 64 can be used reliably on media with very poor reflective properties, and it can even cope with foam, turbulent

product surfaces, condensation or buildup on the antenna. It has an accuracy of +/-2mm, even with a measuring range of 30m. The VEGAPULS 64 is not only ideal for use in the chemical industry, but also in pharmaceuticals and food processing, thanks to its hygienic materials and design. In addition to applications in mainstream manufacturing and processing industries, the sensors have further application possibilities in pilot plants and even laboratories, where radar level measurement technology has not previously been applicable because of size restrictions. VEGA Australia 1800 817 135

TERMINALS FIT FOR HAZARDOUS AREAS New from Control Logic is the R.Stahl Exicom series of explosion-protected HMIs, ranging from small 5in machine-level terminals to top-of-the-range 24in widescreen terminals. All are suitable for use in hazardous area zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. The full range of devices includes handheld terminals, tablets, industrial PCs, rough mobile rig PCs and thin clients. All feature advanced configuration software that is intuitive and easy to use with advanced vector-based graphics. Application is simplified with a large range of drivers

available to interface with the majority of popular control systems. Suitable for virtually any application, the Exicom range can comfortably operate in demanding environments ranging from a scorching desert drill rig to a clinical laboratory producing the next generation of pharmaceuticals. Control Logic 1800 557 705




ELECTRICAL TRAINING PANEL HELPS WITH CERT III IN ELECTROTECHNOLOGY The latest addition to the range of teaching equipment from Bestech is the Model 710A computer controlled electrical training and assessment panel. The unit replicates a low-voltage general electrical installation, and offers the ability to automatically insert wiring faults. Multiple 710A test panels can be interfaced together and operated simultaneously. The 710A is designed for use in training for UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician. It assists in the final unit of competency UEENEEG105A to verify compliance and functionality of low voltage general electrical installation. The board comprises a main switchboard (with a three-phase component), a sub main distribution board, earthing arrangements, and multiple circuits for lighting, power and appliances. All circuits can have faults activated on them or be verified as being compliant and having correct function.

The panel comes with Fault Master software, which is designed for guided training in the classroom. It gives the instructor the ability to activate faults on any one board, or group of boards within a daisychained network, all from a single central PC. Optional web-server-based examination software is tailored for the assessment of an individual student’s competency in inspection and testing of electrical installations. The software can be set to mark the answers and record all the details of the examination. The model 710A represents an installation before the supply is connected, and so there is no risk of electrical shock. The unit is designed with reference to Australian Standards AS/NZS 3000:2007 Electrical installations and AS/NZS 3017:2007 Electrical installations - Verification guidelines.


• Electrical locking of the castor – does not involve switching torques and switching forces

• Programmable logic controller • Extremely low level of mechanical wear • Noise reduced of switching/locking

• Each switching position can be individually controlled

Switching functions Position 1 Position 2 Position 3 Position 4

All castors set to swivel actions (Free) Directional lock for 2 castors Directional lock for 1 castor Total lock

• C ontrols are freely programmable and can be operated via Bluetooth or radio or using an app.

• P edal and switching rods to individual castors are no longer needed

• I n the event of a power failure the castor can be manually unlocked

Bestech Australia 03 9540 5100


ROPE AND CHAIN CRANES AND HOISTS: • Helps reduce the risk of accidents • Protects against overloading of Crane and supporting structures • Quick and easy installation and available for all capacity cranes • Available preset or easily calibrated on site • Helps reduce maintenance costs • Minimizes down time • Automatic reset by reducing the load CONDUCTOR BAR • Available in steel and copper • Quickly and easily installed • Supports required only every 1.5m • Also available in a compact cluster range

SIDE PULL PREVENTERS/ROPE GUIDE PROTECTOR Prevents side pulling and protects rope guides and drums on most multi-fall Cranes and Hoists. • Prevent dragging of loads • Helps reduce down time.

Call Tente Castors & Wheels for further information 1300 836 831 or visit



Liftco Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd

Freecall: 1800 LIFTCO (543826) Email: Web:


INTELLIGENT LOCKERS LEVERAGE INTERNET OF THINGS Playing a starring role at the recent SMART Conference, the Apex AXCESS intelligent locker is the market leader in IoT-enabled industrial vending devices. Apex lockers are designed to help companies manage their mission-critical assets, from handheld mobile devices to calibrated tools. “Just the checking in and out of these items can be labour-intensive using manual asset management processes,” says David Quayle, Apex Supply Chain Technologies Australia Country Manager. “Companies usually try and compensate for this issue by buying more devices than needed. This allows them to replace the devices that inevitably go missing or turn up damaged. The end result of manual asset management is it decreases worker productivity and increases costs.”

All Apex intelligent devices are powered by three different technologies that, working together, enable companies to realise the benefits of the IoT. Apex SmarterSpaces technology tracks every device action. Apex Connect n’ Go technology provides plug and run capabilities, allowing real-time communication with the Apex Trajectory Cloud platform. Trajectory Cloud collects and manages all the data, automatically creating performance reports and alerting managers of status as warranted. Company executives can easily access data through a secure web portal or mobile app. Apex Supply Chain Technologies 02 9450 0866

NETWORK LICENCE PROVES POPULAR IN PCB DESIGN EDUCATION RS Components reports that signups to the educational network licence for the company’s free-to-download DesignSpark PCB design tool have topped 100,000. Launched in 2011 DesignSpark PCB has proved popular in both industry and education. Now, the educational network licence has enabled more than 100,000 users from more than 200 places of education worldwide to learn, share and use the PCB tool quickly and effectively. The network licence provides students, technicians, researchers and others, with the necessary flexibility to use the tool at their place of education and back that up at home on their own PCs.

Originally, the DesignSpark PCB tool required individual installation on each PC in an educational establishment, and this led to a considerable effort, particularly for institutions with hundreds or even thousands of PCs. However, the educational network licence substantially reduces the time and cost it takes to download and install the tool. Furthermore, DesignSpark ensures that the network licence is always supported with teaching materials, tutorials and technical support.

RS Components 1300 656636

COMBI SWITCHBOXES FOR INTELLIGENT PROCESS AUTOMATION GEMÜ has expanded its range of combi switchboxes for intelligent process automation, adding new models and enhancing the existing offering. The company’s combi switchboxes with integrated pilot valves enable fast reaction times, automatic programming of end positions and reduced compressed air consumption.

The GEMÜ 4242 combi switchbox is now available with an increased air output, enabling its use with valves with strokes up to 75mm with this product. The new size also comes with a high-visibility display and position indicator, AS-Interface, DeviceNet, IO-Link and 24V interfaces, and fast commissioning using automatic end position programming, both on-

site and externally. Detailed diagnostics simplify fault analysis. The new GEMÜ 4240 and GEMÜ 4241 types use mechanically adjustable sensors with microswitches or proximity sensors to offer a cost effective alternative to full electronic position detection. ATEX-approved versions are available. Every combi switchbox has a manual

override to enable the activation of the valve without electronic support. This is especially useful during maintenance work. GEMÜ Australia 02 4323 4493





CEBIT 2017 May 23 – 25 International Convention Centre, Sydney 02 9280 3400

NATIONAL MANUFACTURING WEEK 2017 May 9 -12 Melbourne Exhibition Centre

CSIRO COAL GRAIN ANALYSIS WORKSHOP May 25 1 Technology Court (off Bainbridge Drive), Pullenvale QLD

AUSTECH 2017 ADVANCED MANUFACTURING & MACHINE TOOL EXHIBITION May 9-12 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre SAFETY FIRST CONFERENCE & EXPO May 9 - 12 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre 02 9422 2659 ISSA CLEANING & HYGIENE EXPO May 9 – 10 Melbourn Convention and Exhibition Centre AUSTMINE 2017 CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION May 22 –24 Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre 02 9556 7993



CONTECH 2017 May 31 Melbourne Cricket Ground RENEWABLE CITIES AUSTRALIA June 14-15 International Convention Centre, Sydney 02 9556 8847 AUSTRALIAN ENERGY STORAGE CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION June 14 – 15 International Convention Centre, Sydney 02 9556 8847 FOODPRO July 16 – 19 ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour 03 9261 4500

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Mean, Lean, Gr SmartWasher

More details



Valid until 30th

or 1800 675




June 2016.



Significant operating cost reductions over traditional solvent based cleaning systems are realised through elimination of toxic waste removal and solvent replacement. Safe maintenance that and simple any operator can do; a weekly filter change and monthly fluid top up.

Effective heavy duty cleaning, 100% of the time. The SmartWa sher uses Bio Remediat ion technolog y and a proprieta ry blend of micro-organisms to break down oil and grease into water and CO2. SmartWasher’s self-cleaning process ensures it works at full effectiveness, every time.



*Selected machines only. Full details, Terms and Conditions terms and conditions apply. online.

een Machine

. The Power to Clean Safe ly




Learn more about how the SmartWasherTM can work for you

SmartWasher is as environm entally friendly as it gets. Non toxic, non flammabl e and solvent free, waste removal is a thing of the past. Meaning it’s better for the environment and better for you.





PROFESSIONAL This revolutionary ONLY $24,900 technology is Visit crcindustries.c brought to you by CRC Industri es. sher for more information.

Mention this INDUSTRY UPDATE PRODUCT CARD to qualify for a bonus $250 Bunnings Gift Pro-Plas CNC PlasmaCard with every complete before 30/09/2016. sold and paid for

Mention this INDUSTRY UPDATE PRODUCT CARD to qualify for a bonus $250 Bunnings Gift Pro-Plas CNC PlasmaCard with every complete before 30/09/2016. sold and paid for


All Pro-Plas CNC leader in plasma plasma cutting cutting technology systems include plasma source. Hypertherm are a Hypertherm Powermax the industry standard so you know you are investing in in plasma cutting a tried and tested We will match technology the capacity of the plasma source system that won’t let you down. to your needs and your budget. The world



Call 03

9706 8066 Visit www.appliedm .au * Bunnings Gift

Card promo valid

The world leader All Pro-Plas CNC in plasma cutting plasma cutting technology systems include plasma source. Hypertherm are a Hypertherm Powermax the industry standard so you know you are investing in in plasma cutting a tried and tested We will match technology the capacity of the plasma source system that won’t let you down. to your needs and your budget.

Call 03 9706 8066 www.appliedmac

* Bunnings Gift

Call 03


until 30/09/201

Visit www.applied9706 8066 machinery.c

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Card promo valid

until 30/09/2016


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