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OUR FUTURE From L to R: Industry Update Owner Scott Filby, Thomas Burgess, Lachlan Fairfield, Riley Greenwood, Jessica Leong, Ben Nicholson Harrison Pye, Finn Scott, Weiyuan Xin

Manufacturing deserves better than a future fraught with uncertainty and a shortage of skilled, enthusiastic talent. The pathway into manufacturing is harder now than ever before, which is why it’s become so important


AMTIL CEO Shane Infanti is joined on the floor at Austech by Tim Webster and Scott Filby from Industry Update

to reach out to students and get them started on the path to learning practical technological skills: skills that once saw Australia lead the world in scientific breakthroughs. Enter the VEX Robotics championships, a worldwide project

with thousands of participating

GraysOnline has been awarded the contract to dispose of the majority of the manufacturing assets from Toyota Australia's Altona plant, which is scheduled for closure in October 2017. The sale of the assets will be handled jointly by GraysOnline and its Global partner Hilco Industrial, which will add its international reach to the potential market. The fully integrated Altona manufacturing plant includes state-of-the-art engine, weld, paint and assembly

Can schools. you really trust anyone Industry Update found the championship at National Manufacturing Week, almost by accident. Amidst the machinery and talks, students from eleven student Continued page 30






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Of all the predictions that have been made over the last 20 years, the notion that the Internet would kill off all other forms of marketing was something of an overstatement.

Add to that the cost of the stand, the travelling, the shipping of equipment and it soon mounts up into a six-figure sum.

Industry Update is testimony to the fact that the printed word still has validity, particularly in markets such as ours. Unlike the world on newspapers, which has become disengaged from its readers, our delivery of relevant, targeted editorial resonates with both our readers and advertisers.

Surely, the multimedia capabilities of the digital age would mean that all this could be done from the comfort of your own office?

Advertisers return

Indeed in recent weeks, a number of former advertisers have called us and asked to come back onboard. So much for the death of print! One other area that was supposedly destined to die was the trade show. After all, why go to all the expense of shifting all your sales staff and half your engineers to Sydney, Melbourne or wherever for the best part of a week when they should be doing their normal duties.

Multimedia comfort

Well, recent experiences suggest not. After record attendances for AUSPACK in Sydney and for Austech and National Manufacturing Week in Melbourne, it seems that the “old-school” trade show will be with us for some time to come. Just as readers of Industry Update appreciate the physical presence of a printed magazine, there is, it would appear, no substitute for seeing and touching equipment at a show and for talking face-to-face with real people.

This may seem like a dumb question, but how can it be that a supposedly market-led education system cannot cater for the requirements of business and industry? We hear (and write) much about initiatives to accelerate STEM learning in schools. Our universities are growing like never before, pumping out increasing numbers of graduates. Yet we still hear of key skills shortages.

If the laws of supply and demand tell us anything, it’s that if both demand and price increase, the supply should naturally rise to meet it. Perhaps in the world of cybersecurity this has actually happened already. It’s just that those with the skills have a different agenda.

One that is particularly concerning is in the area of cybersecurity, and amazingly this is not a peculiarly Australian shortage – it’s a global phenomenon.

When you consider the chaos caused around the world by the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, the effort that went into creating it was considerable. And yet we know from the publicly accessible accounts into which the ransom was paid that it has only netted around $130,000 for its perpetrators.

There seems to be an almost inexhaustible global demand for IT graduates with any kind of knowledge of cybersecurity, and the salaries on offer are continuing to rise.

Such is the demand for cybersecurity staff that the originators of WannaCry could almost name their own salaries to work on the “right” side of the law.

Now, this really doesn’t make sense, particularly because it is not a new phenomenon.

Could it be that these miscreants released the ransomware to market their own skills?

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PARIS IN PERSPECTIVE By Laurence Marchini President Trump’s insistence on withdrawing the USA from the Paris Accord on Climate Change on the grounds that it put the country’s manufacturers at a disadvantage on the international stage has received wide-scale condemnation – both internationally and domestically. But does it really matter? The withdrawal of the world’s second largest producer of CO2 emissions from an agreement that seeks to mitigate the global effects of those emissions might seem to be the beginning of the end. However, were it all to end tomorrow, if the Paris Accord only accomplished one thing, it marked global acceptance of the science of man-made climate change. And while climate change sceptics remain vocal, the unanimity of Paris ensures that their voices are muted. Trump’s contention that the requirements of the agreement would put US industry at a comparative disadvantage is not dissimilar to sentiments currently being raised in the Australian market, where the necessary end-of-life closures of coal-fired power plant without suitable replacement capacity being prepared are leading to increasing energy costs for both domestic and industrial users. However, while the Australian energy fiasco has everything to do with a lack of succession planning, the situation in the USA is starkly different. Thanks to careful planning and enlightened regulation,

the country’s gas supplies are booming. And US business has been at the forefront of renewable energy development. Indeed, the US Department of Energy reckons that renewable energy generation employs around 880,000 Americans, and a further 2.2 million are employed in its design, installation and manufacture. Despite Trump’s contention that it is the Paris Accord that is putting the US coal industry into terminal decline, it is purely a case of economics. Before the Obama administration, coal-fired plants provided more than 50% of the USA’s electricity. Now, following the replacement of around 400 coal-fired power stations with cheaper gas-fired plants, that figure is closer to 30%. Despite its size, the USA is but one from a list of 195 signatories to the Paris Accord. However, the issue at the heart of Trump’s dilemma is perhaps not so much to do with the USA reducing its own emissions, it is the duty of care that the agreement puts on developed nations to assist those less developed in reducing their emissions. The Paris Accord accepts that developed countries, ie those that have been polluting for longer, should “take the

lead” by taking on absolute emissions cuts. In contrast, it allows developing nations to continue to burn coal and oil to power their growing populations, while they are encouraged to enhance their efforts and “move over time” to cuts. Crucially, the heart of the accord is the consensus that rich countries should provide financial support for the developing nations' emissions cuts.

With its burgeoning renewable energy industry, the USA is well placed to benefit economically from the global switch to low- and zero-emissions generation. And while the Paris Accord is all about saving the planet, it clearly offers opportunities for profit that US industry is keen to exploit. So is it really such a bad deal for the USA, Mr Trump?



INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES Paris in perspective






















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shops that have been used to produce cars that are independently recognised as Australia's best quality locally built vehicles. Because of the fully integrated nature of the Altona plant, the sale will be the most comprehensive ever undertaken in Australia, with items ranging in scale from press lines to robotic welding cells to handtools. The engine plant, in particular, will attract a lot of interest, having been refitted as recently as 2012 to produce the company’s latest generations of petrol and hybrid engines. GraysOnline and Hilco Industrial have already begun marketing the equipment to manufacturers worldwide - www. According to Lloyd Gourel de SaintPern, National Automotive Manufacturing Manager at GraysOnline, the first tranche of equipment will be sold by private

treaty with inspection welcome now and offers accepted up until end of production early in October 2017. He says: “We are already in talks with interested parties, and we’re inviting anyone who has an interest to come and talk to us as soon as possible. Scott Matthews and Logan Fenemor, Project Leads from GraysOnline, are based at the Altona plant and are available any time to assist potential buyers.” “Some specialised equipment will be kept within the Toyota Group and reused in other facilities around the world. But a large portion of the equipment used in this major facility will be available to the market,” adds Gourel de Saint-Pern. “We expect strong interest for the leading edge equipment from some of the developing Asian automotive manufacturers. But there will also be

plenty of top quality equipment available for Australian manufacturers outside the automotive sector.” Once the private treaty sales have been completed, the remainder of the equipment will be sold through online auctions via the established GraysOnline sales channel. The Toyota disposal will follow a similar model to that used by Grays and Hilco in the sale of the Mitsubishi car manufacturing plant in Adelaide during 2008 and 2009. In that case, multiple private sales to Asian based manufacturers accounted for the press lines, vehicle stacking system and Hemming presses. The remainder of the assets were sold over the course of 36 online auctions, with more than 6600 lots offered, attracting more than 21,000 bids from locations across Australia and internationally. GraysOnline is also currently working with multiple auto parts suppliers in Victoria and South Australia. Sales

have already started for Chassis Brakes International, Ai Automotive, Metalsa, Denso, and future projects are scheduled for Toyoda Gosei, Toyota Boshoku and Continental. According to Lloyd Gourel de SaintPern: “The closure of Australian OEMs Toyota, Holden and Ford have ultimately meant that the vast majority of Australian parts manufacturers will also be shutting their doors here late in 2017. Albeit a challenging time for many businesses and staff, GraysOnline offers the best avenue to market for all our clients’ assets and provide assistance through the challenging transition period.” All GraysOnline projects can be found under GraysOnline’s Automotive Manufacturing category; enquiries and inspections are welcome. GraysOnline 0400 827 333

STEM OUTREACH PROGRAMME WINS ROBOTICS AWARD A team of students and their mentors from Sydney has picked up a top prize at an international robotics tournament. The team – Thunder Down Under – won the prestigious Chairman’s Award at the 2017 FIRST Championships held in Houston, Texas, recognising the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the purpose and goals of FIRST. According to Michael Heimlich, Professor at the Department at Engineering at Macquarie University, “This is like Australia winning the America’s Cup



all over again! Nobody expected a team outside of North America to win it and we didn’t just win it, according to the judges, the team ‘changed the paradigm’. It is a very exciting achievement.” The Chairman’s Award is presented according to the contribution of the overall team, not just the robot. It is awarded as a result of what the team has achieved over an extended period of time. Thunder Down Under created an innovative programme for STEM outreach in 200 rural and remote indigenous

communities. This programme was adapted for the inner city, also reaching homeless kids. The team’s outreach extended to 12 countries in almost every continent around the world and the impact of their work has been visible and measureable over more than five years. Prof Heimlich acknowledged the support the programme had received in Australia from FIRST Strategic Partner Rockwell Automation: “Rockwell Automation helped remove one of the major stumbling blocks for running the programme in Australia by providing

access to parts that are usually only available in the US. They have shown a real passion in working with all kids and set up programs to support kids throughout the age groups,” he said. According to Kerryn Sakko, Senior Application Engineer at Rockwell Automation: “FIRST is a great initiative and by getting involved, it gives us the opportunity to help young people foster a lifelong interest in STEM while having lots of fun along the way.”



In no area of industry policy is the gulf between Labor and the Liberals more evident than in the question of how to tackle skills shortages. There is no such thing as a shortterm solution to this question, because it requires policy that responds both to the immediate needs of employers and the aspirations of the future workforce. A successful skills programme, as well as drawing on industry input, also draws on immigration, higher education and vocational education policies. It must be devised in close consultation with each of these sectors. The Turnbull Government’s recent forays into the area have hardly indicated that kind of foresight. In its 2017 budget, the Government proudly announced a new Skilling Australia Fund. It sounds impressive until you remember that during their term in office

the Abbott-Turnbull governments have cut $2.8 billion from vocational education and training. And in this budget another $600 million has been ripped out. This does not inspire confidence that those who administer the Skilling Australia Fund will get sufficient resources to do their job properly. Before the budget, there was the farcical attempt to reform the rorting of 457 visas. The Prime Minister announced that 457s would be replaced by two new temporary skills visas, one allowing entry for two years and the other allowing entry for four years. He also said that the number of occupations for which the visas could be issued would be reduced. An examination of the occupations to be removed from the eligible list, however, raises the question of whether the Government is engaged in anything more than a rebadging exercise. Most of these occupations are rarely sought after: deer farmers, antique dealers and blacksmiths, for example. But foreign mechanics and nurses will still be able to be brought into this country. So just who is the Government cracking down on? It is not clear this is anything more than dog whistling to xenophobes, and it is not surprising that Pauline Hanson rushed to claim the credit. The failure to think through the implications of the change really became

apparent, however, when universities and research agencies pointed out how many people they have in senior roles who are here on 457 visas. These include some vice-chancellors and deputy vicechancellors. Science, research and higher education are global activities, and if Australia creates obstacles to the recruitment of the best people, wherever they might be from, those activities will suffer here, too. Labor’s proposed SMART visa, in contrast, would remove potential obstacles by allowing employers in the education, research and technology sectors to attract world leaders in these fields. It is abundantly evident that there have been rorts in the 457 system, but real reform requires being able to distinguish between employers who do the right thing and those who don’t. The proposed changes to 457s that Bill Shorten has announced are intended to do that. They would remove more than 400 occupations from the eligible list and increase fees for bringing in skilled workers to 3% per cent of the Temporary Skilled Migration Threshold. A Labor Government would ensure that there is independent labour-market testing to determine where there are genuine skills shortages. But Australia cannot rely on topping up with skilled migrants. Beyond the visa

changes, the challenge is to rebuild the vocational education and training (VET) system. That can’t be done without restoring properly funded public TAFEs to the centre of the system, and once again making apprenticeships an attractive option to young Australians and employers. The cuts of nearly $3 billion to VET under the present government have resulted in loss of more than 130,000 apprenticeships since 2013. Labor’s changes to the visa system would help pay for the revival of TAFE, with two out of every three dollars raised from the increased fees for temporary work visas going to the TAFE system. As Bill Shorten said in his Budget reply speech, Government procurement under Labor will play a crucial role, with one in every 10 people employed on future Commonwealth infrastructure projects to be an apprentice. Reskilling Australia will be no small task. But with forethought and careful planning, and with the necessary commitment of resources, it can be done. Senator Kim Carr is the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

INVESTING IN GOOD PRACTICE By Meow-Ludo first DIY lab for biology. He sees these kinds of open, collaborative spaces as the future of training practical skills; something that’s lacking in many graduates.

If Meow-Ludo, molecular biologist and the Science Party’s candidate for Grayndler, is right, Australia’s skills shortage has a home-grown solution. As a candidate for the Science Party, he aims to provide evidence-based policy, believing that embracing science and technology as an agent for social change and empowerment will lead to the most secure future for Australia. Alongside his work as molecular biologist, and his political efforts, Meow is also the founder of Biofoundry, Australia’s



unwilling to provide in-house training, Meow feels universities are simply not stepping up where they’re needed.

“I think the catchphrase of university students is over-qualified, underexperienced. Biofoundry aims to fix that by allowing people to practice,” he says.

“I started [Biofoundry] because I noticed that my lab skills were lacking, and I was a third-year student. I’d say to my lecturers “Hey, can I get in the lab”, and they just said no.”

“There are entry level jobs that say ‘minimum two years experience”, and if you come to Biofoundry, you can actually get two years of [practical] experience before you start your first job.”

“I’ve worked in places where they force people with degrees to go back and do a lab skills TAFE course… we’re moving away from degrees automatically having a lot of value.”

A great deal of advanced manufacturing is beginning to overlap with biology, with cellular agriculture and additive manufacturing changing the way we produce everyday goods. Despite these promising technological advancements, things aren’t moving as fast as they should.

In three months, it is possible to get more lab time at Biofoundry than you would in an entire degree for molecular biology. Their lab space isn’t just for students either, and the tools and equipment there can be just as useful for established practitioners who are getting used to increasingly automated tools.

At a time when many companies say they are unable to find young workers with practical experience, and are often

“We encourage the students to come and use the automated instruments, and get used to programming those

rather than doing the bulk of the work themselves,” says Meow. He is also hoping to democratise the equipment needed to build practical skills. He’s found that it’s possible to build highly accurate equipment for far below market value, which can be significantly marked up in the Australian market. “Uni students don’t even get to touch some of these machines because it’s so expensive, but it’s possible to build these things for a few hundred dollars. Heaps of stuff needs to change, and while universities still have the idea that ‘that’s just the way it goes’ you won’t see the skill shortage lifted.” “I’m also not sure what incentives there are for companies to take people on in the short term. We are ideally situated in Asia to attract talent from around the world. We may see this in the next couple of years, but I wonder what the government is doing to attract that.”

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INDUSTRY UPDATE GOES ANYWHERE You can now access the latest news, views, products and articles from Industry Update anywhere – and not just on paper. The Industry Update website has undergone a radical change beneath the surface, and is now fully mobile responsive. Anyone accessing the site using any mobile device from a smartphone to a tablet and any browser will automatically be redirected to the new mobile site. The mobile version retains the look and feel of the full desktop site, but has a singlecolumn format that makes it easy to read on even the smallest smartphone screen. Navigation is also simplified, with fast scrolling and large easy-to-use buttons

providing easy access to all the functionality of the full website. According to Industry Update Publisher, Scott Filby: “It has taken a while for the right technology to become available, but we believe that this is the best way to take industryupdate. into the mobile media sphere. Unlike sites that require constant zooming in and out to access content, our new mobile presence is easy to read – whatever the size of your screen.” Industry Update continues to expand its multiple media offerings for Australian manufacturing industry, with the new mobile responsive website joining the industry’s best read bimonthly magazine and soon to be enhanced with the launch of Industry Update Video.

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KAISHAN GROUP LAUNCHES GLOBAL EXPANSION VIA AUSTRALIA As China’s number one air compressor company boasting four large production facilities throughout the country, Kaishan has produced more than 30,000 rotary screw compressors and 250,000 reciprocating compressors for application and installation throughout the world. Kashan’s entry into the global market was launched through the acquisition of Southern Cross Compressors Australia in 2014. Southern Cross has operated successfully in the local market for over 30 years and now offers the Australian market a greatly expanded range of quality air compressors (from 3 to 6000kW power) backed by an experienced sales and technical services team. With the recent addition of LMF Compressors in Europe, the Kaishan Group has acquired the ability to provide the highest quality compressor technology for seismic, industrial, and oil and gas applications worldwide. Southern Cross now has the opportunity and ability to market LMF’s world renowned technology, and LMF can now readily expand the marketing and servicing of an expanded range of high-performance rotary screw compressors to a wider industrial market throughout Europe.

Kashan’s successful expansion into the Australian and European market is the precursor to an active pursuit of growth markets in SE Asia, the USA and Latin America, with a planned strategy to grow globally through partnerships and acquisitions. The group has also expanded its design, manufacture and installation of power cogeneration plants using waste energy, ORC, gas and steam expanders. Through Southern Cross Compressors Australia, Kaishan supplies its extensive, compressed air product range that, unlike many European designs, offers truly heavy duty, high quality and high efficiency machinery for an enormously broad range of applications. Southern Cross combines its local knowledge and technical expertise with the Kaishan Group’s vast manufacturing and supply capabilities to confidently offer extensive long-term warranties, including a unique lifetime air-end warranty on all its KHE compressors. Southern Cross Compressors (Australia) 1300 098 901

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CRUNCHING THE DATA: ARE WE UP OR DOWN? Are we shrinking, growing, or stagnating? With all these headlines contradicting each other, it can be hard to tell. While one source can say that manufacturing has “continued its downward trend, with the tenth quarter of contraction out of the last eleven”, another can proudly declare that manufacturing has “registered its eighth consecutive month of growth.” How do we resolve this? The differing headlines are in part due to each source of statistics calculating their indexes by measuring different factors. Industry Update relies on two primary sources: the AI group, a national industry association, and the ABS, our governing body of statistics. The most obvious cause of disparity is the time between data points. Monthly releases, for instance, can show growth, but a longer-term snapshot shows a downward trend. This is the

case, for instance, with the statistics for manufacturing’s small Printing and Recorded Media industry. While short term calculations show vast increases month after month for the last half-year, medium-term data shows the industry suffered an incredible drop at the beginning of 2017 from which it is recovering (hence the growth) and the longer term ABS data shows a consistent decrease over the last year. Depending on the source of your data and the timescale you choose, you could claim that Printing and Recorded Media is growing dramatically, fluctuating heavily, or shrinking gradually. As an aside, this is the same reason that an economy can sharply contract without being in a recession: while Australia has undergone periods of contraction, a recession is defined by two consecutive periods of shrinkage, something we have not experienced for almost 26 years (a world record).

Another underlying cause is the fact that sources can measure very different things. While both Ai group and the ABS measure financial data, Ai group also measures various subindexes that are not covered by the ABS (such as new orders, supplier deliveries, and inventories), which instead performs deeper analysis on wages, hours worked, and statistics’s relations to the GDP. This can lead to a situation where the ABS reports manufacturing is contracting, whereas Ai group’s measurements show a definite increase. Confusion can also arise over the use of ‘decline’ or ‘down’. The Food, Beverage, and Tobacco industry, for example, is still growing, but reports can use different language to describe the same set of numbers. It is described as variously “contracting” and “still expanding”; while both labels are valid, the numbers show that while the industry is still growing, its rate of growth is definitely decreasing.

So, that all being said, where are we? Manufacturing in Australia is in a period of overall slowdown, as the growth of large industries eases. Long term trends indicate slow growth, partly countered by recent short-term declines and the inevitable noise of medium-term fluctuations. Also positive to note is that Australia still pushed a trade surplus of $555m in April despite the export fallout from Tropical Cyclone Debbie, which caused significant damage to transport and shipping infrastructure along coast of Queensland and directly cut our ability to export coal, coke, and briquette.

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The Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group) of the Australian Department of Defence (DoD) has developed a 3D printing programme for repairing and strengthening aircraft parts. They're not the first entity in the aerospace industry to head in this direction (Boeing has been producing 3D printed components for several years), but their move towards additive manufacturing shows a confidence in the growing industry. They are, however, part of the stillnew movement towards using additive techniques to repair, rather than build entirely new components.

The programme, developed by the Australian Department of Defence’s (DoD’s) Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group), is aimed at improving efficiencies in repairing components and therefore boosting the operational ability of military aerospace platforms. The Australian DoD are working with industrial partners and RMIT University, Victoria, on the 3D printing program. "Repairing existing parts (as opposed to manufacturing new parts) is often a more cost effective and efficient way of keeping military aircraft in the air. In conjunction with RMIT and industry partners, we have developed laser-based additive manufacturing repairs that can remediate faults such as corrosion, wear and fatigue cracking," says Defence researcher, Kevin Walker. So far, the technique has been used to repair a rudder anti-rotation bracket which is now certified for flight. The next

component the team are working on is a landing gear component for the C-130J Hercules turboprop military transport aircraft. "For Australia, we need to transform, we need to be a globally competitive country, and we need to focus on areas where we're good at, and defence can be a fantastic primer for that," Jens Goennemann of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre said to

Defence Connect, speaking about the interaction between Australia's defence and manufacturing industries. "Bill Ferris calls it the moonshot opportunity. It's a moonshot opportunity if we play our cards right. It's a massive task ahead, but if that can be triggering the transformation of manufacturing, that would be a good thing, and we want to certainly tap into that."

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FOODPRO CELEBRATES A HALF CENTURY 2017 is certainly proving an auspicious year for the food manufacturing and processing industry – global changes are affecting the way we work, the ‘new age’ technologies like 3D printing are becoming the norm, and as the iconic trade exhibition foodpro will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. foodpro continues to be a stalwart of the food processing industry; with an unfailing determination to be a meeting place for every aspect of the food manufacturing and processing industry, it’s proven to move with the times. This year, the sections of ingredients, science and technology are larger than ever, with some of the world’s most advanced technologies available to experience. It is fitting to have the event at Sydney’s newly built ICC exhibition building in Darling Harbour – a venue that boasts the best in exhibitions. Getting to the ICC is simple, with light rail stops at the venue, buses that run close to the venue, readily accessible taxi ranks, the nearest train just a ten minute walk away,

and who could forget – the ability to arrive via ferry or water taxi. For further information on getting to the event, check out the foodpro website. Many will be pleased to see the opportunity to network with others in the industry as an important part of the show. There will be a dedicated bar in the middle of Level 1, and a café on Level 4, plus of course endless opportunities as you roam the two exhibition levels. Highlights of this show will undoubtedly be the debut of some very exciting equipment and technology, especially as sophistication in machinery and equipment is only ever improving. foodpro exhibitors have already previewed the likes of new drainage and pump equipment, smart tools that incorporate RFID and WiFi capabilities, and updates to processes that are making hygiene and traceability easy to track. Free education opportunities will be plenty too, with a line up of seminars featuring topics such as the integration of hygienic drainage systems into food

processing designs; gaining more refrigeration capacity while using less energy; and a look at how technology has advanced mobile robots, and how they can improve food processing. With the event over four days, there is plenty of time to learn, network and engage in some of the food industry’s most exciting updates. Whether on a dedicated hunt for a certain piece of equipment, or you’re keen to get inspiration, foodpro will serve every aspect of your visit, something it’s been doing for 50 years. foodpro will run from 16th to 19th July 2017 at the International Convention Centre exhibition building, Darling Harbour, Sydney. Register online for free entry at

FOODPRO FOCUS FOR WRAPAROUND PACKER Kockums Bulk Systems has been providing high-volume high-speed automatic bagging systems for well over 15 years, and visitors to foodpro stand E56 will be able to see several examples of these systems in action. However, more recently, the company has expanded its range of offerings to include secondary packaging lines comprising systems from international partners TMG and IAS. These new packaging systems include: wraparound packers; pick and place robotic packers; carton and tray erectors; carton closers; tray, pad, and film shrink

wrappers; multi-packers for continuous packing of bottles, jars, pots and similar products; and palletisers. The centrepiece of the new Kockums range is the IWA wraparound case packer, an intermittent motion machine that can be used to pack pouches, bags, bottles, jars, cans, and boxes into single- or double-faced shelf-ready cartons. Already proving popular in the food and beverage industry, wraparound packaging systems are typically faster than the equivalent RSC style packers, and the cases save materials by using less cardboard than an equivalent RSC case.

The wraparound case is strong and offers a tight product fit which results in increased column stability and better use of pallet space. And there is no need for a separate case erector and closer. The IWA machine comes with a custom designed product infeed system for the exact application, and can be specified with a dual infeed system to suit for two different products. Like all Kockums machinery, the IWA wraparound case packer is supported by the company’s partnership programme, which allows customers to select the most appropriate level of support to suit their

Destuff-IT Ergonomic Container Unloader Destuff-IT and Restuff-IT are PLC controlled ergonomic assist devices that help workers to manually load and unload products into containers and trailers. The units use an on-board drive system to move in and out of the containers and have a pivoting conveyor, with a high grip belt. This can be effortlessly guided up and down, left or right to place a product in the desired position & a height adjustable platform puts operators in the best ergonomic position. These devices are designed for demanding, continuous multi-shift operations and to be integrated with extendable or flexible conveyor systems. Watch the YouTube Video

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Australia Wide Service

Destuff-IT at work with 2 operators

own operational capabilities. Partnership services include operator and maintenance training, regular scheduled preventive maintenance, remote assistance, spare parts, and breakdown support as required. The company’s engineers are fully trained on all the machines it supplies and Kockums’ aim is to have the ability to solve 90% of all issues without contacting the OEM. Kockums Bulk Systems 03 9999 0510

r e th e g o T s n o ti lu o S Piecing

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t s e b e h t y l


Industrial Door Solutions M.T.I. Qualos Pty. Ltd. are leaders in the manufacturing and service of Industrial Transparent Flexible Doors, Insulated Traffic Doors, and Roll-Fast Doors. We produce to the highest quality standard within a full range of industrial doors to suit any door application.

Doors are an important part of any food-processing facility, playing a critical role in maintaining hygiene and climate control, and M.T.I. "See-Thru" will be emphasising these aspects at foodpro.

NEW 36pp brochure now available. Contact us to get your FREE copy.

Contact our team today to find a solution for you. M.T.I. Qualos Pty. Ltd. 55 Northern Road West Heidelberg, Vic. 3081 Tel: 1300 135 539 Email: Website:


Visitors to stand P4 will see no fewer than six full-size industrial doors in operation, for example Roll Fast Doors, Insulated Sectional and Insulated Traffic Doors. The foodpro event will see the first outing for the all-new M.T.I. Softedge Internal Roll-Fast door, a novel door design that provides rapid traffic access while minimising heat losses between different climate control zones. With an opening speed as fast as 2m/s and closing speed of 0.8m/s, these Roll Fast doors spend minimal time in the open position. Rapid traffic access Importantly, the Softedge door curtain is made without any rigid pieces, making it safer for use by equipment and personnel. And, should an impact occur, for example with a forklift, the doors are self-repairing, with the curtain automatically guided back onto its track on the next closing cycle.


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9/07/14 5:47 PM

Also for internal use, M.T.I. "See-Thru" Insulated Traffic Doors provide a rugged long-lasting solution to maintaining climate control, even in cool rooms. With a rigid PVC framework, high impact ABS plastic skin and full perimeter rubber gasket, these doors spring back closed as soon as traffic has passed through. These doors come with spring impact bumpers or flat impact panels to help cushion the impact of forklifts and pallet trucks. Maximum thermal insulation Completing the display on stand P4 at foodpro, M.T.I. "See-Thru" Industrial Sectional Doors are available in sizes up to 8m high and 8m wide, and provide maximum thermal insulation for large external openings. They are also guaranteed to survive winds up to 200km/h and water spray at up to 30Pa pressure. M.T.I. See Thru 1300 135 539

Low-cost level measurement. Radar sensor for water management. Reliable level measurement in water treatment facilities, pump stations and rain overflow basins. Open channel flow measurement and water level monitoring.

VEGAPULS WL S 61 ▪ Measuring range up to 8 m

▪ Can be used outdoors without restriction ▪ Flood-proof IP 68 housing

▪ Operation via Bluetooth with Smartphone, tablet or PC

Further information:

Phone 1800 817 135


MOBILE ROBOTS BRING INTELLIGENT APPROACH TO FOOD MANUFACTURING The robots will be on the move at foodpro. More specifically, visitors to Stand S4 will be able to see Omron’s LD Series mobile robots in action at the show. The LD Series are self-navigating autonomous intelligent vehicles equipped with proprietary artificial intelligence technology. This gives them the ability to autonomously transport materials to a target location while calculating the optimal route and avoiding humans and obstacles. The robots have onboard laser sensors that allow them to self-navigate in

dynamic environments. In response to a new obstacle, they autonomously chart a new route by identifying overhead lights and overlaying this ‘light map’ with the ‘floor map’ previously determined, for more accurate navigation. Fleet management software can control up to 100 units simultaneously, providing traceability, job allocation and traffic control, and enabling safe collaboration with humans as well as the other robots in the fleet. Each LD can support a structural payload of up to 130kg on level surfaces

and has an onboard power supply with a runtime of up to 19 hours a day. Depending on the application the robot can be customised, and can achieve a maximum speed of 900mm/s with a cart transporter. These robots are ideally suited for indoor environments such as manufacturing and logistics facilities in the food processing and pharmaceuticals industries. Omron Electronics 1300 766 766

ROBOTS DRIVE THE MOVE TO FOOD MANUFACTURING 4.0 While the food and beverage sector has not been as quick to embrace robotic technology as many other areas of manufacturing, there are signs that the latest technologies are enabling increasing numbers of producers to take their first steps towards “food manufacturing 4.0”. The reasons for the relatively slow uptake are not difficult to see. While a small number of large producers have invested heavily in fully automated production, the smaller artisan food manufacturer will find it hard to visualise a use for robotics in a production process that still largely mimics a scaled-up domestic kitchen – let alone justify the investment. Where there has been considerable success in using robotic technology has been at the end of the production line, where pick-and-place and palletising robots have accelerated the packaging process way beyond the capabilities of any human workforce.

However, the latest advances in robotics and automation technology are creating opportunities for the increased use of robotics in food manufacturing at all levels. Like all sectors within the so-called fourth industrial revolution, food manufacturing 4.0 is driven by data. And advances in sensor technology, from vision systems to metal detectors, mean that increased levels of data are available to guide robotic operations with no need for operator intervention. The ability for a system to recognise that, for example, an apple is still an apple, even though it is slightly different from the

Visual Inspection Systems

previous apple, allows robots to move into areas of production that would previously have required manual intervention. At the other end of the scale comes the arrival of the cobot – or collaborative robot – a machine designed to work alongside a human worker as a form of “third hand”. Automation using small low-cost easyto-program cobots is particularly appealing for small- and medium-sized companies, particularly because of their versatility. This ability for a cobot to be simply switched from one task to another gives these

companies the ability to react to volatile markets and improves competitiveness. What’s more, cobots prove popular with the human workforce. Rather than being seen as a threat, they are appreciated for taking over physically demanding work and giving staff time and space for more valuable tasks.


- the Eyes of Automation • A complete line-up of cameras for a wide range of applications • Powerful controllers for fast and precise inspection and measurement • Easy configuration and set-up

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Your virtual racking inspector Realtime alerts & reports

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INTERNALLY LUBRICATED CHAIN IS PERFECT FIT FOR TRAY PACKERS Tsubaki has developed a special version of its Lambda chain for use in tray packing machinery. The novel internally lubricated chain will be a key feature of the company’s stand (P47) at foodpro 2017. Like the latest generation of Tsubaki Lambda Lube Free chain, the Tray Packer variant is impregnated with NSF-H1 foodgrade lubricant as standard. Unlike traditional lubricated chain, which can contaminate its surroundings and even spoil products being conveyed, the internal lubrication used in Tsubaki Tray Packer Chain cannot be transmitted to products, removing the chance of contamination. Also, the consistent internal lubrication combats the risks of uneven wear and elongation and does away with the need to apply expensive food grade lubricants. Consistent with the requirements of most tray packing machines, Tsubaki Tray

Packer Chain is slightly narrower than standard Lambda chain. The company’s chain designers also had to incorporate pushers and developed a bespoke solution using an engineered extended pin. This enables flexible spacing of the pushers so that different packing configurations can be accommodated. The Tray Packer Chain is supplied with Tsubaki’s Match & Tag service to guarantee a minimum length tolerance between chain strands that run parallel in conveying applications. Multiple case studies prove that even in the most demanding 24/7 production processes Tsubaki Tray Packer Chain exhibits minimal elongation, making its performance unsurpassed and offering unrivalled benefits year by year. Tsubaki Australia 02 9704 2500


A CLOSER LOOK foodpro 2017, 16-19 July ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour

foodpro 2017 is your opportunity to source the latest technology to position your business for the future. Find solutions across all food & beverage sectors to boost the efficiency of your production line. using promo code AUTO at

Acknowledging that mixing vehicles and pedestrians in any workplace increases the risk of potential accidents, A-Safe Australasia will be spreading the word at foodpro 2017 on the importance of maintaining a safe facility. According to A-Safe, a safe facility is one that demonstrates clear segregation of personnel and vehicle traffic, visibly defining routes for each flow of traffic and ensuring that these paths seldom cross. Facilities with traffic management solutions in place will have proper protection of pedestrians, structures and equipment, safeguarding the entire facility and its contents. Where possible, segregation and safety should be “designed in”, with individual routes planned during the architectural stage of a site or facility. Although a proper traffic management system is best built in from the start, existing facilities will see transformational benefits from a newly segregated layout.



With the right guidance, facility managers can renew existing sites – implementing segregation at any point. In turn, they’ll benefit from improved productivity and employees will feel protected, and therefore valued. Visitors to foodpro stand P57 will be able to see A-Safe’s award-winning range of polymer safety barriers, designed to help maintain safe facilities. A-Safe Australasia 02 9625 8927


It goes without saying that hygiene is of paramount importance in any food processing operation. The consequences of poor hygiene at any stage in the paddock to plate journey of foodstuffs can be catastrophic. But, fortunately, the global acceptance of the necessity for the highest hygiene standards in food production is spurring technological advances that make the task of maintaining those standards less onerous. The key to maintaining hygiene throughout the processing chain is to have the proper procedures in place. And that means GMP – or good manufacturing practices. Good manufacturing practices cover many basic operational conditions and procedures that span the whole manufacturing operation from the building itself to the equipment used, cleaning regimes, pest control and avoidance of foreign matter in the finished product. Within these criteria, there have been a number of recent developments. For example, HACCP Australia has just released a new standard based on international best practice for pest control operations in the food manufacturing industry. This is the world’s first such standard that applies to both manufacturers and to pest management service providers, and is likely to be adopted in numerous other countries. When it comes to manufacturing equipment, the hygiene requirements of the food processing industry place special emphasis on both the design and the materials used in such equipment. The necessity for equipment to be sanitised using various combinations of chemicals, pressurised water and high temperatures limits the choice of the materials that can be used and also places tight tolerances on the construction of equipment. For example, all sensitive electronics need to be sealed away from

the “wet” side of the design, and there can be no nooks and crannies in which bacteria can “hide” from the washdown. Stainless steel has always been the material of choice for food processing equipment thanks to its strength, coupled with properties of chemical resistance that mean it will not react with food products and can be cleaned at both high temperatures and with aggressive cleaning agents. However, welding of stainless steel is not a trivial operation, and special emphasis must be placed on the finishing of any weld, to the extent of grinding and polishing to ensure an even result. Recent advances in materials technology have led to the development of a number of different food-grade plastics that share the beneficial attributes of stainless steel with the added advantages of light weight and flexibility. These new materials have allowed machine builders to move further into the food processing chain with complete systems that can tolerate industry standard washdown procedures, from flexible conveyors to robotic actuators that are delicate enough to handle fragile goods such as eggs. And at the end of the line, ever more sophisticated sensors are available to detect contamination before it reaches the consumer. These range from inline metal detectors that can both detect and remove metal contaminants from product streams to ever more sophisticated X-ray and vision systems capable of screening output at production line speeds, even after it has been packaged. The latest advances in hygiene for food manufacturers will be on show at foodpro 2017 from 16th to 19th July at the Sydney International Convention Centre.

700.00 mm


600.00 mm

foodpro 03 9261 4500 INDUSTRYUPDATE.COM.AU




One company that is sure to be on the radar at foodpro 2017 will be sensor specialist VEGA Australia, which will be demonstrating a range of measurement solutions for food manufacturers and builders of food processing machinery on stand W37.


The company’s ranges of sensors for use under hygienic process conditions measure level and pressure in tanks, containers and pipes with both high accuracy and high reliability. These sensors answer the special requirements of the food industry with gap-free designs, certified materials and process fittings, and shock-resistant, dry ceramic sensors. Particular examples on show at foodpro range from the VEGAPULS WL S 61, an entry-level radar sensor for continuous level measurement of water and wastewater, to the VEGAPULS 64 the industry’s first radar level gauge for liquids to operate at 80GHz. While these two sensors may be from different ends of the market, they share one thing in common in that both can be remotely interrogated, adjusted and



controlled using a common smartphone, thanks to the inclusion of a Bluetooth interface. The company’s radar level sensing portfolio is not limited to liquid applications. Also on show at foodpro, the VEGAPULS 69 brings this technology to bulk solids, making it suitable for food industry silo measurement applications from grains to flour and sugar. Also sure to be of interest to food and beverage processors, the VEGABAR 80 series of pressure transmitters are finding widespread use in the industry for both pressure and level measurement. These ruggedly constructed sensors feature fully flush ceramic diaphragms and can handle industry standard CIP and SIP procedures. VEGA offers a wide range of sensors for the food processing industry, and the company’s engineering experts will be available at foodpro to discuss the full range of applications covered. VEGA Australia 1800 817 135


HACCP CERTIFIED MECHATRONIC DRIVE SYSTEM IS FIT FOR FOOD PROCESSING The MOVIGEAR type B mechatronic drive system from SEW-Eurodrive has received Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification for wet areas, making it suitable for use in all areas of the Australian food and beverage industry. HACCP principles ensure the highest standards of safety by identifying potential contamination entry points and then implementing rectifying and monitoring procedures. Machine components mounted in production or processing areas are often exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals. The shape of the component, its material composition and the method of substrate protection all play a large role in the cleaning efforts, likelihood of becoming a source of contamination and product longevity. Thanks to its corrosion resistance, stainless steel is the material of choice for components and fixtures in the production

environment in the food and beverage industry. However, due to cost pressures, weight restrictions and component availability, components such as motors and gear units are often supplied with housings made from aluminium or steel. Designed specifically for the food and beverage industry, MOVIGEAR for wet areas has a number of advantages over traditional drive solutions. Up to three core products can be assembled into a “selfdraining” and compact housing: gear unit, motor and drive electronics (optional). Combining the technical and practical advantages of all the three drive components leads to an increase in the performance, efficiency and reliability. The MOVIGEAR product range can be easily integrated into most materials handling applications such as conveyor systems. The smooth housing of the MOVIGEAR for wet areas is finished with an HP200 treatment that is burnedin to the surface during the application

process. Highly resistant to rigorous cleaning regimes, including chemicals and high-pressure washdown, the integrity of the surface finish eliminates the possibility of “paint-liftoff” often associated with traditional surface coatings. The inherent anti-stick properties contribute to a reduction of debris build-up resulting in reduced cleaning requirement and less system downtime. The standard inclusion of stainless-steel shafts, fasteners and auxiliary fittings further enhances the noncorrosive properties of the MOVIGEAR for wet areas. The fully enclosed nonventilated drive system uses convection cooling, eliminating the need for a motor fan, which might increase the spread of germs and bacteria due to air swirls. Sealing is enhanced by the use of high-quality gaskets and seals fitted between all segments of the MOVIGEAR housing.

The MOVIGEAR is compliant with IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency) standards, and so offers considerable potential for energy savings. SEW-Eurodrive 1300 739 287

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600 GROUP ADDS SE ASIAN DISTRIBUTORS Against a background of explosive growth in Thailand and Indonesia, Steve Drummond, SE Asia Sales Manager of Sydney-based 600 Machine tools, has been on a trade mission in the region, designed to further strengthen the company’s distributor network. This followed a highly successful participation in the TIMTOS exhibition in Taiwan. In Bangkok, he met with senior executives of Min Sen Machinery, which is now the exclusive representative in Thailand for the globally famous 600 brands, Colchester, Harrison, and PrattBurnerd. Says Drummond: “Min Sen is one of the biggest machine tool suppliers in Thailand, and we are delighted to have this respected company in our Asia-Pacific distribution network.” He notes that the Bangkok-based distributor has particular strengths in two of 600 Machine Tools’ most important market segments: government, and education and training. Another newcomer to the network – Indonesia’s Kawan Lama, which translates as ‘old friend’ – is also a major player in these two dynamic market segments. A giant family company based in the capital city of Jakarta, Kawan Lama Sejahtera services the needs of such industries as automotive and transport, construction, mining, forestry, manufacturing, and national and provincial government. Drummond had the opportunity to undertake sales training with both these new distributors, and noted the thirst for knowledge evident in management and staff: “Specifically, they were very keen to learn about ‘the mill-turn phenomenon’ that is the all-new Harrison Alpha XC combination CNC lathe,” he says. "The breakthrough XC can conduct off-centre drilling and boring, hexagonal milling, and much more. What this remarkable combination CNC lathe gives workshops is the ability to perform secondary operations that usually require machining centres or expensive slant bed CNC turning centres.” The highly versatile XC range now incorporates driven tooling and full c-axis interpolation. This feature, a significant addition to the simple-to-operate CNC Alpha lathe, now allows operators to carry out secondary operations at the machine in one setup.” The 600 Group has created a short video, to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of this remarkable combination CNC lathe. Visit com/watch?v=Lwh3t6XQnJE



• • L to R: Ferry Ardiwinata (Sales Director, Kawan Lama); John Chee (Product Manager, Kawan Lama); Steve Drummond (SE Asia Sales Manager, 600 Machine Tools); Tony Sartono (Managing Director, Kawan Lama); and Vincent Mintarja (General Manager, Kawan Lama)

Not fake news Engineers at 600 Group UK are close to taking the wraps off a range of new machines that are due to make their official debut at the massive EMO Exhibition in Hannover between 18th and 23rd September. According to Steve Drummond: “Two other machines from our conventional range had aroused considerable interest

The Harrison M300 centre lathe has been designed to allow easy control of its comprehensive capabilities, making it an asset in the toolroom, apprentice training, and secondary and tertiary education. It has the power to deal with heavy metal-removal, at the same time offering precision for fine tolerance turning, with routine servicing requirements kept to a minimum.

in Bangkok and Jakarta. The Colchester Triumph VS2500 variable-speed manual lathe sets new standards of performance with its combination of electronically variable spindle drive and a constant surface speed option.” “The result is a cutting performance far superior to standard centre lathes and many CNC machines. Precision, power and durability have been built-in to give many years of reliable performance from this heavyweight conventional lathe.”

The all-new Harrison Alpha XC combination CNC lathe

Getting a grip When the Gripfast combination power chuck was introduced to the Asia-Pacific market at the TIMTOS exhibition in Taipei by 600 Group company Pratt Burnerd, workshop managers from all over Asia crowded the demonstrations. Asia-Pacific distributors and their major clients could immediately see the time-saving advantages provided by this new product. Many were surprised when they saw that the Gripfast chuck converts

from a three-jaw chuck to a collet chuck in just 40 seconds, and it also converts to a mandrel chuck. On the record In recent times, the world’s best chuck has been complemented by the Gripsafe gripmeter, which accurately measures and records chuck gripping-forces within seconds. As Steve Drummond says: “All chucks, both manual and power chucks, lose gripping pressure with age and lack of maintenance. A workpiece becoming dislodged from a spinning chuck becomes a missile! No-one wants to see an operator injury, or worse, when a simple test could save a lot of trouble.” Health and safety Happily, the Gripsafe is suitable for use, on all makes and types of chuck, and has been developed to help customers comply with health and safety legislation, allowing them to ensure that their chucks remain fit for purpose. Steve Drummond reckons that 600 Machine Tools is going from strength to strength in the Asia–Pacific marketplace, and highlights a recent comment from the Minister for Trade, Steven Ciobo: “We are a vibrant, diverse nation - full of opportunity, using innovation to lift productivity and increasingly plugged-in to the value chains of Asia and beyond.” 600 Machine Tools 02 9674 4738

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EB-330DSC Swivel Head-Dual Mitre Metal Cutting Band Saw

VB-300 Metal Cutting Vertical Band Saw • • • • • •

Wood Working

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310 x 175mm capacity 500 x 400mm cast iron table Variable blade speeds Table tilts ±15º in 4 ways 0.37kW. 0.5hp, 240V motor Inc. air blower, butt welder, grinder, shears & light

• • • • •

295 x 230mm capacity Swivel head up to 60º Ball bearing blade guides Quick action clamp lever 1.6hp, 415V motor Includes coolant system

51 x 2mm tube capacity Ø1-1/4” x 1/8” pipe capacity Stores up to 50 programs 1.1kW 240V motor Includes 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4” pipe formers

• • • • •

200 x 200 x 4mm capacity Safety blade guard Cast iron working table Adjustable stops & guides Transparent safety blade guard • 2.2kW / 3hp, 415V


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PB-1030T Hydraulic NC Panbrake

• • • • • • •

GHD-50 Geared Head Drill

• • • • • • • • • •

80 tonne capacity Dual independent operation ø26 x 22mm punching 460 x 15mm flat bar shear 152 x 152 x 13mm angle shear 45 x 45mm square solid bar shear Ø30 round solid bar shear 50.8 x 90 x 12mm notching Power inching for easy job set up Curved shear blade to reduce job distortion • Adjustable stroke for faster punching • 7.5kW / 10hp, 415V motor power • Includes auto touch & cut systems

IW-60H Hydraulic Punch & Shear 60 tonne, 5 work stations ø28x15mm plate punch 350x15mm plate shear 100x100x13mm angle shear 50.8x90x8mm notch Length stop & guide stops 5.5kW/7.5hp, 415V motor Order Code: P173



Lifting Handling

HN-220 Hydraulic Sheet Metal Notcher

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Workshop & Automotive




Measuring Equipment

TB-60 Electric Pipe & Tube Bender

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Order Code: B010A

Machine Tool Accessories

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50mm drill capacity 4MT spindle taper 240mm spindle travel Automatic drill feeds Motorised rise & fall table Table tilts ±45º & rotates 360º 3kW / 4hp, 415V motor Includes coolant pump, light & drill chuck

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HG-1060B Hydraulic NC Guillotine

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PB-1030T Hydraulic NC Panbrake • • • • • • • •

BS-330FAS NC Swivel Head Metal Cutting Band Saw • • • • • •

330mm round capacity 460 x 220mm rectangle capacity Swivelling mitre head to 45º Bundle cutting clamps Hydraulic retracting rear vice jaw Includes hydraulic swarf conveyor • 3.75kW / 5hp, 415V motor

3050mm x 3.2mm bending capacity Ezy-Touch NC touch colour screen control Stores 99 programs with 20 bends each Programmable opening height & bend dwell time Hydraulic clamp & bend 1000mm manual backgauge Quick action rapid head adjustment 5.5kW / 7.5hp, 415 motor

3100mm x 6mm cutting capacity Ezy-Set NC-89 Go-To digital display for backgauge Hydraulic material clamping for accurate shearing Equipped with shadow line lighting Squaring arm incorporating flip over stops Rapid blade adjustment 9Crsi blades for stainless steel Sheet supports with ball bearing guides Photo electric rear guarding with 3 beams 7.5kW / 10hp, 415V motor

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BM-90HV Turret Milling Machine

TM-2680G - Centre Lathe • • • • • • • • • •

660 x 2000mm capacity 2 axis digital readout system Large 120mm spindle bore Triple SKF German spindle bearings 400mm wide induction hardened bed 2 speed high/low tailstock Metric & imperial thread cutting 12 spindle speeds (12-1200rpm) 11kw/15hp, 415V motor Includes 3 & 4 jaw chucks, faceplate, steadies, light, foot brake & coolant system

• • • • • • • • • • •

Order Code: L639D

Order Code: M633D



$ - MARK

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NT40 vertical & horizontal tapers 3 Axis digital readout system Hardened ballscrew X & Y-Axis (X) 1120mm (Y) 520mm (Z) 440mm Variable speed, 60-3600rpm 1470 x 370mm work table Square slideways X & Z-Axis Turcite B coated slide-ways Servo X & Y-Axis feeds 3.75kW / 5hp, 415V motors Made in Taiwan







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teams from four Victorian secondary schools were taking part in a competitive robotics competition as part of the Design & Technology Teachers Association Victoria’s pre-season VEX robotics tournament. The programme has only been running in Australia for a few years, but internationally, it’s been around for much longer. Travis Burroughs, Art & Technology Head at St Mary’s Coptic College and Robotics Coordinator for DATTA Victoria, has been involved since early 2009, and has been a vocal advocate for the programme’s Australian expansion. “I ran teams in Canada, and we made the world championships a few times,” he says. “You notice that a lot of the science education you see in Australia, it has… lots of little kits and things that are only good for one-off lessons.” “Whereas the stuff in North America seems to be more educationally driven; things like VEX Robotics where teachers can work on it throughout the whole year, or school career, and it’s more holistic.” In an economy where employers often say that new entrants to the workforce lack practical experience, extra-curricular



projects like VEX are essential. The tournament structure allows for a continual cycle of building, testing, and revision; the same kind of development cycle faced in the real world and the right kind of iterative approach that’s most useful for accelerating learning. “The kids who are doing the robotics tend to get ahead of the kids in physics, in programming, in the maths that’s directly related to the robot. It gives them an advantage,” says Burroughs. “In North America, most of the kids from my teams have gone into an industrial job. These are kids who graduated high school two or three years ago, some of them are mechanical engineers, electricians, it’s the full spectrum but everything the kids ended up doing for a career was based off those robotics.” The format is simple: each year (in April, as the tournament runs on a northern hemisphere schedule), the REC foundation releases a new game format, a new challenge for the teams to solve. Teams at each school then work to design, build, and code a robot that will perform against other teams. Teams from different schools face off in local competitions, then national competitions, and if they do well enough, the VEX international championships. In North America, where the competition has significant traction, teams attract sponsors, live news coverage on ESPN, and particularly skilled players may be offered scholarships from partner universities. “Industry Update, in cooperation with

various state education departments, has been a big supporter of programmes with innovation aimed at connecting business with the future generations of engineers and industry talent,” said Scott Filby, producer of Industry Update. “The VEX robotics programme is an outstanding initiative, and Industry Update is committed to giving it our maximum support; we’ll be playing a key role in encouraging business and the manufacturing industry to participate as sponsors.” Teams are looking for sponsors to assist with the costs of robotics kits and travel; something that is not covered under standard school budgeting. “To provide an example to the industry, Industry Update is also proud to announce that we are the official sponsors for Peninsula Grammar. I strongly encourage our readers to become involved with this innovative programme and help support the future leaders of our industry,” said Scott. “We must make a decision today to ensure a sucessful tomorrow.” In Australia, the few years VEX has been running haven’t quite been enough to attract national coverage or scholarships. “It’s still just starting here, so if I look at Vancouver when it started eight, nine years ago, the scale would be about the same, and then through media coverage and partnerships with universities it started getting built up real quick,” says Burroughs, who sees the potential for rapid expansion over the next few years. With a national distributor being secured for the VEX robotics kits, the programme is set to expand further into NSW over the next year, with other states hopeful to follow suit.

The upbeat and hopeful nature of the VEX programme, and those involved in coordinating, matched the atmosphere at National Manufacturing Week. While not participating in the tournament, students had a chance to walk the convention floor and soak in the wide array of technology on display.

“We are thrilled with the 2017 results, which have certainly been one of the biggest years on record for National Manufacturing Week in Australia,” said NMW Exhibition Director Robby Clark after the show had closed its doors. “It is encouraging to hear many of our visitors, exhibitors and speakers view National Manufacturing Week as an event to mark in the calendar, with some already signed on for 2018 and beyond.” And those sentiments were echoed by Shane Infanti, Chief Executive Officer of Amtil, whose Austech exhibition was rightly dubbed “The Big Show” – thanks to the impressive array of capital equipment its exhibitors managed to transport to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. “Our exhibitors tell us they were impressed with both the quantity and quality of the visitors to the event. And what’s more they tell us that the level of business confidence among the visitors was considerably higher than in recent years,” said Infanti. Austech and National Manufacturing Week ran from 9th to 12th May 2017 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, with the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo on 9th and 10th of May.


With its extreme accuracy, speed and consistency of cut, combined with very low operating costs, the new Yawei HLF fiber laser is the perfect way to take your business to the next level. Dollar for dollar, the new HLF is in a league of its own, opening up possibilities for companies all across the laser cutting sector; from start-ups through to full production, 3-shift environments.

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With a quality German built Precitec auto-focus cutting head, IPG laser source, Siemens 840DSL controller and a fabricated, stress-relieved fully annealed frame it really is a cut above the rest.

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PREPARING THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY FOR WHAT’S NEXT BY ANTHONY BOURNE Servitisation is not a particularly new phenomenon. The term was defined in the late 1980s in an article in the European Management Journal, but the concept of bundling service packages with products to add value goes back to the 1960s and the innovative, ‘power-bythe-hour’ concept of Bristol Siddeley, a British aero engine manufacturer later acquired by Rolls-Royce. It offered a complete engine and accessory service that enabled operators to forecast service and replacement costs more accurately and eliminated the need for them to purchase stocks of engines and spares. Yet despite being around for 50 years, it’s only relatively recently that servitisation has become a talking point, especially in the manufacturing industry. Some of the main drivers behind the servitisation revival are growing competition at local and global level and the commoditisation of products. Margins are being squeezed, so new revenue streams are required. Instead of accepting the received wisdom that competitiveness

Antony Bourne, Global Industry Director of Industrial and Hightech Manufacturing for enterprise applications company IFS, has over 20 years’ experience in the IT and manufacturing industries. Prior to joining IFS in 1997, he held Business Analyst positions with Ford Motor Company and AlliedSignal where he implemented ERP applications as well as business process improvements.



can only be achieved by offering cheaper, faster or better products, manufacturers are increasingly seeing themselves as service providers, offering total solutions rather than just products. Take Rolls-Royce, for example. Instead of asking its customers what they want (A: aero engines), it asks them what they want to achieve (A: maximise flying time). So Rolls-Royce offers TotalCare, enabling customers to purchase the power of an engine while Rolls-Royce delivers the support that ensures the engines deliver power. In other cases, adding service has been found to result in: • 5 –10% annual increase in service revenue for OEMs • Maintenance cost reductions of 25–30% • At least 10% reduction in fuel consumption • CO2 emissions down by 10–15% Servitisation – why is it trending? A major part of what makes servitisation hot today is the emergence of new technologies and capabilities that enable much more advanced and complete service options. The Internet of Things (IoT); advances in sensor and beacon technologies; the ability to quickly convert operational data into real business intelligence through advanced analytics; the ubiquity and range of mobile technologies and devices – these and other innovations are paving the way for a totally different take on the role of the contemporary manufacturer. Technologies driving change So what’s required of manufacturers who want to servitise their business? Like any other major innovation in the industry, servitisation means that enterprises will need to confront change to be able to grasp the opportunities it presents. Some of these will be technology-based. A study from the Cambridge Service Alliance in 2015 found consensus among capital equipment manufacturers (CEM) on five key technology requirements to enable servitisation in the future: 1. Predictive analytics to predict specific failure modes 2. Remote communications to resolve issues remotely 3. Consumption monitoring to create customer-specific service offerings

4. Pushing information to employees/ customers via mobile platforms 5. Mobile platforms to access business software remotely for maintenance techniques, product details etc. Manufacturers will need to assess the individual value of these, and other, technologies for their operations to ensure medium-term service competitiveness. Rethinking the organisation Servitisation comes with a number of organisational challenges as well that may cause manufacturers to question the process. Will it be necessary to invest in new equipment? Do we have the people with the required skill sets to deliver on our service promises? What will adding service entail in terms of new regulations and compliance issues? All are valid issues, and enterprises will also have to learn that, to win new customers by adding service, sales cycles will be longer. Instead of selling wares, they will be selling value, such as lower costs or higher revenue, and that often requires more persuasion. Therefore, among other things, they will need the right enterprise software in place to facilitate this change. However, these are challenges that companies need to overcome if they are to continue to be competitive in their markets – indeed for some, it will be a matter of survival or not. Servitisation in practice Manufacturers that are already reaping the benefits of servitisation include players in a wide array of sectors. Dutch technology firm Philips provides one of the world’s busiest airports, Amsterdam-Schiphol, with ‘lighting as a service’. Because efficient LED lamps are highly expensive, the airport authority opted for a servitisation package from Philips to provide lighting. In line with its eco-friendly policies, Schiphol airport has reduced electricity consumption by 50% without having to buy a lamp. Also on the subject of environmental benefits, servitisation approaches at MAN Truck & Bus UK have cut customers’ fuel consumption by at least 10% and reduced CO2 emissions by up to 15%. Xerox makes most people think of photocopying machines and other products. Yet the American global corporation has made a significant shift from a product to service-centred

business model, focusing on business outsourcing, document and digital printing and software solutions. Using these solutions, enterprises such as Reuters report a 19% reduction in total cost of ownership, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is 100% compliant with security requirements, and the UK Department of Work and Pensions has reduced electricity consumption by 36%. Beijer Electronics, a Swedish-based producer of electronics hardware with markets worldwide, is another case in point. Forecasts showed that within six years, the automation industry’s hardware focus will be transformed and sales growth rate will decline. How, then, was the company to secure its future? The survival path Beijer chose was to add software that helps customers



By Laurence Marchini

The most heralded benefit of the fourth industrial revolution (or Industry 4.0) is the availability of increasing volumes of data concerning the performance of manufacturing operations (so-called “big data”). These data range from the enterprise level, to the plant level, and down to the individual machine level. Naturally, the more data you have, the more accurately you can paint a picture of the performance of the enterprise, the plant and even the machine. But, as with much in life, it's not just the volume of data, it's what you do with it. And the sheer scale of the task has many manufacturers perplexed, particularly at the smaller end of the market. One company that is promoting an alternative solution is Rockwell Automation, and the key to the solution is in the active participation of the machine builders. Remote troubleshooting is nothing new. A machine breaks down and the manufacturer of that machine can access sensor data to determine the cause and initiate repairs. More recently, this has extended to preventive maintenance, with critical components such as bearings monitored 24/7. Today, remote machine monitoring and machine diagnostics (RM&D) is a growing trend, with a number of dedicated software suites available to simplify the process for manufacturers who are not in the market to design their own solutions. However, RM&D remains an addon. The vision of the future portrayed by Rockwell Automation is one where Industry 4.0 is integral to the machine, built in at inception by the machine builder. With this level of integration, the machine builder can remain in control of the machine 24/7, making small adjustments to keep the

to control and manage their hardware. And that’s where the company sees future revenue growth and new business opportunities. One of the tools Beijer is using is a CRM solution from IFS that is integrated with its business software. Among other things, it puts accurate customer information directly into the hands of sales staff, enabling them to tailor offerings to different categories of customers. Beijer is also looking at mobile CRM as a means to speed up information flows and access sound business intelligence in the field. One effect of this is that Beijer’s customers get through-life service that enables them, in turn, to resolve their customers’ problems and create the feeling that they and Beijer are ‘in this together’, thereby encouraging greater

customer loyalty. These and other companies that have added advanced services as a means of increasing the value of their offering tend to use some or all of the technologies underlined in the Cambridge Service Alliance study, including predictive analytics, remote communications, mobile platforms and consumer monitoring. Servitisation – what’s next? Companies that have added service to their offerings, adapted their organisations to enable this and acquired the requisite technology (often in the form of integrated, full-scope enterprise software) have confronted the question of ‘What’s next?’ – and reaped significant benefits. In fact, adding service contributes to much of what is the very essence of good business,

machine running at optimum efficiency. This makes perfect sense. Nobody (including the user) knows the intimate workings of the machine better than those who built it. And, with multiple identical or similar machines operating at different locations (and in different manufacturing companies), that leads to an ever expanding knowledge base. Much has been made of the concept and merits of high-value manufacturing. And one of the concepts that we are urged to embrace along the route to high-value manufacturing is the service aspect – the so-called “servitisation” of a product. Here it is worth looking at some of the recent evolution of the IT industry, where software as a service - or SaaS - has become a the accepted delivery model for many business applications. And it has even spawned several specific variants covering platforms (PaaS), desktops (DaaS), managed software (MSaaS), mobile backends (MBaaS), and information technology management (ITMaaS). So what chance for MaaS - or machinery as a service? There certainly remain a number of barriers. For example, why would any manufacturer consent to its process optimisation data being used to improve the performance of similar machinery operated by a competitor? However, the concept of paying for a guaranteed service, and even a guaranteed level of manufacturing output, has the potential to rewrite the economics of the manufacturing enterprise. And it all starts with big data.

that is, actively looking to the future and seeking to shape it, to create opportunities rather than merely grasp those that arise. Benefits reported include: • Enhanced revenue – reported growth between 2x and 4x • B  etter margins – increases of 3–10% reported • S  ustainable business growth – increases of up 5–10% reported • G  reater customer satisfaction – they are getting what they want • M  ore repeat business, greater market share, and a better reputation • Predictable income streams For decades, IFS has worked with manufacturers to help them design, make and sell their products. Now, the company

is taking the next step and enabling them to efficiently add service to their offering. Combining a comprehensive suite of enterprise software that covers ERP, EAM, field service management and mobile workforce management with enterprise operational intelligence and advanced analytics, IFS enables manufacturers to actively take part in the transformation process, giving them the capabilities and insights to make decisions based on realtime statuses to not only meet customer needs but also anticipate them. Being able to handle today’s business challenges is important; shaping what’s next is crucial to growth and continued success. IFS 03 9810 1100




MACHINE AUTOMATION CONTROLLER IMPROVES SPEED AND PRECISION When it comes to machine control for small to midsize production machines, Omron’s new NX1P comes equipped with stateof the art technology to meet the demand for efficient production of high-quality products. Based on Omron’s Sysmac (System for Machine Automation Control) platform, the NX1P features advanced motion control, with built-in Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT ports. Using the EtherCAT real-time field network, users can connect up to eight servos, I/O devices, vision systems and other devices using just a single cable, thus reducing wiring work. While the Ethernet/IP port is used to share data with a host PC,

other controllers or the Internet, the IO-Link master unit enables monitoring of machine information, providing early warning of any error in the system. The NX1P can increase a machine’s speed and precision by controlling up to four synchronised axes achieved, providing functionality like electronic gear/ cam and linear/circular interpolation. It is battery free to reduce machine maintenance, and features an SD memory card slot to restore, backup and verify data in the controller. Now with up to two built-in option board(s) there is no need to increase the size of the control panel to add serial and analogue communications. This makes it an ideal compact controller with

push-in-plus terminals for the I/O on the CPU unit, simplifying connection and saving wiring time. These features together with a fast execution time of 3.3ns make the NX1P an easy-to-use high-performance compact controller. With technological advancement within automation industry, OEMs are moving from pulse I/O to EtherCAT based to motion control, and Omron’s NX1P offers all the advantages of an entry-level controller with its all-in-one compact design and features. Omron Electronics 1300 766 766

MODULAR PANEL COMPONENTS ENABLE MACHINE MINIATURISATION RS Components is now offering the complete Omron Panel Solution portfolio. As part of this portfolio, the new Value Design for Panel project involves over 350 products, with more than 200 of them being new products with upgraded features that bring a commonality of design and modular approach to control panel design and installation. All the products within the new Panel Solution have been redesigned to a smaller size, allowing users to save up to 50% of the original required space for the same panel. The modules have also been

designed to the same height, which helps with cabinet airflow to give the maximum cooling effect. Closer side-by-side mounting is also possible due to reduced power consumption (therefore generating less heat) for each model, at an ambient temperature of +55°C. Time and money are addressed through the deployment of the Omron-exclusive Push-In Plus terminal technology, which can save up to 60% in terms of wiring time. This wiring solution is vibration proof and doesn’t need to be retightened like terminals that use screws. Terminal block cable entries,

independently developed with Push-In Plus technology, are all forward facing for easy wire insertion. Primarily aimed at machine and panel builders – for both conceptual R&D designs and actual real-world applications – the ease at which the solutions can be deployed also offers maintenance engineers an efficient solution when replacing or upgrading legacy systems. Indeed, devices with unified specifications allow users to much more easily exchange modules, customising panels for each customer.

The design approach deployed by Omron in its innovative Value Design for Panel concept is set to create a major milestone in control panel development. With similar sizes and easy application, designers and engineers will be faced with fewer variables in terms of size, spacing and heat dissipation and less complicated build sequences: it’s true design for manufacture. RS Components 1300 656636

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Robust MAGNETIC PROGRAMMABLE Incremental and Absolute Encoders

Features TM


+ 61 2 9482 3733


• Program with a mobile phone • No software to install • Wi-Fi connection to encoder • Online storage of configuration • Range of housing sizes 58 and 36mm Dia.


Options • Incremental Only • Absolute single or multi turn • Gray or Binary Code • Dual Incremental and Absolute • Any values 1 to 16,384


BLUE LASER SENSOR THRIVES ON REFLECTIVE SURFACES Bestech now offers a blue laser sensor specially designed for displacement and distance measurements on directly reflecting surfaces. The optoNCDT 2300-2DR is compact sensor that operates at high speeds on these surfaces and provides maximum precision in the nanometre range. The sensor is particularly useful for thickness measurements of flat glass, distance measurements on annealed glass and assembly monitoring of extremely small parts. The measuring rate can be set up to 49kHz, which is why the sensor is ideal for process monitoring tasks. An advanced real-time-surface-compensation (A-RTSC) feature enables precision realtime surface compensation for different surface types. Data output is via Ethernet, RS422 or EtherCAT. In operation, the sensor is installed parallel to the measurement object. The blue laser light is directly reflected onto the receiving optics by the measurement object. Unlike a red laser, the blue laser

Aluminium Casting Engine Line Machining light does not penetrate the measurement object. A sharp point is projected onto the surface, which enables a stable signal on the receiver element – achieving nanometre resolution. In addition, the extremely small laser spot size allows the sensor to detect very small objects. Bestech Australia 03 9540 5100

The ATEX Directive and its corresponding standards place special requirements on any equipment that might form an ignition hazard in potentially explosive atmospheres. CES-C04-AP/AR transponder coded safety switches from Euchner can now be used in potentially explosive atmospheres in zones 2 (gases) and 22 (dust).

For explosion protection, the compact safety switches are available as interlocking devices without guard locking or with monitored guard locking for the safety of

GraysOnline in conjunction with Hilco Industrial have been appointed by Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) to manage the sale of plant and equipment from their car manufacturing facility in Altona Victoria, Australia.

The sale program, includes a large number of equipment to be sold via private treaty from their production shops including:


The ATEX-compliant version of the CES-C04 comes in a specially developed plastic housing guard to effectively protect the safety switch against the effects of possible impacts, thereby meeting the requirements of the directive.


Robotic Automation Testing Furnaces Assembly Presses Travelling Gantry Cranes

Plant services and equipment including Maintenance Workshops and General Equipment is to be sold via online auction. To view sale, visit: Offers are invited on major equipment until Tuesday 3 October 2017.

personnel. The status LED indicators of the CES-C04 are easily visible through windows in the housing guard. Installed CES-C04 devices in the field can be retrofitted at any time. Treotham Automation 02 9907 1788

To arrange an inspection or for more information please email: or contact: LOGAN FENEMOR: +61 410 082 603 or SCOTT MATTHEWS: +61 400 827 333




QHDC AUSTRALIA AND BLICKLE JOIN FORCES QHDC Australia has over 30 year experience in the supermarket retail industries, servicing countries throughout the world, and producing one of the most durable and structurally strong supermarket trolleys throughout the world. Over the past 8 years QHDC has become an important and reliable supplier of wheels and castors to resellers, manufacturers and end users. As the exclusive Australian distributor for the highly respected German castor manufacturer Blickle,

QHDC carries a vast range of wheels and castors suitable for light to heavy industrial and medical uses. The Blickle range includes stainless-steel and zinc-coated castors, springloaded, high-temperature, selfaligning for AGV use, drive wheel – in fact wheels and castors for almost any application. All Blickle wheels and castors are manufactured under the strictest quality control using modern techniques and equipment at the company’s Rosenfeld facility in southern Germany.

Other top brands distributed by QHDC include Primo, which is the world leader supplying parts for wheelchairs and mobility scooters, Haion for hospital bed castors, and Di Candia for food-grade and hightemperature castors. QHDC will be exhibiting on stand 3944 at AIMEX from 29th to 31st August 2017 at the Sydney Showgrounds. QHDC 07 5582 0000

FIBREGLASS SCAFFOLD SOLVES WORKPLACE SAFETY ISSUES Introducing the Instant Fibreglass Scaffold, the ideal equipment for working in environments where there is any risk of exposure to live electrical conductors or chemical agents. The nonconductive and nonreactive fibreglass structure provides an inert, stable and lightweight scaffold that offers safe insulation from electrical power and a corrosion-resistant structure capable of handling exposure to chemical agents. The Instant Fibreglass Scaffold improves workplace safety in many industries. It is suitable for safe use in oil refineries, power stations, food manufacture, railways, utilities, aviation, electrical engineering, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, military applications and



the gas industry. Many of these types of premises raise a variety of safety risks associated with metal scaffold towers that are neatly solved by the inherent features of fibreglass. As fibreglass is nonconductive, it is safe to use around electrical systems and ideal for railway usage or by electrical engineers carrying out installations, repairs, inspections or maintenance. Fibreglass is also nonsparking, avoiding fire risks around combustible materials like gas, chemicals, paint and even dust. The scaffolding is corrosion-resistant, ensuring continuing stability and strength, even when in contact with fuels, oils, lacquers and most industrial site solvents. In addition, nonoxidising fibreglass

stays clean and residue-free with minimal maintenance, making it ideal for use around food preparation or clean environments like research labs and hospitals. It also makes the Instant Fibreglass Scaffold ideal for use in coastal or maritime applications with salty atmospheres. Instant Access has been manufacturing premium scaffolding since 1968. It was the first company in Australia to offer aluminium mobile scaffolding and continues to develop cost-effective access solutions for the ANZ market while operating a quality system to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008. The company is committed to supplying and supporting products

that meet or exceed Australia and New Zealand legislative standards providing efficient, responsive and professional solutions. Instant Access 1300 10 20 80


Packaging Equipment

Safe Access

We have products & systems for a wide range of industries including food & beverage, postal, 3rd party logistics, pharmacy, distribution centres, aviation, general warehousing in fact any organisation looking to streamline their workplace. Our Safety m nt Syste Manageme arty P is now 3rd Certified!

AS 4801:2001

Jump on our website now to find our vast range of products that improve productivity, safety, efficiency & profitably. When people in your workplace use our lifting & handling aids there is less chance of injuries. There will be a more contented workforce & they will be

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Safety Certified AU1275-SC

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Scissor lift tables can provide simple and safe solutions to potentially hazardous lifting problems, and Safetech is Australia’s leading supplier of hydraulic scissor lift tables. Over the past 30 years, the company

has designed, manufactured and installed more than 5000 scissors lifts in applications around Australia from warehousing and logistics to commercial vehicle maintenance and mining. Safetech AS Series scissor lift tables

cover a broad range of capacities from as little as 1000kg up to 25t or more, and are available with lifts up to 14 metres. However, the company appreciates that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and is vastly experienced in tailoring its solutions to the exact requirements of the application. Variations and options include low profile, high cycle, hazardous zone, explosion proof, flame proof, lift and tilt, lift and translate, conveyor decks, vehicle mounted, automatic indexing, electrohydraulic, pneumatic and more. In all cases, safety is guaranteed by the company’s Smartlift control system, coupled with a range of descent protection options. All equipment designed by the company’s qualified engineers to applicable standards, and is manufactured

in Australia to the highest quality standards. Safetech 1800 674 566

Instant Fibreglass Scaffold Ideal for environments with a live electrical risk Non-corrosive - ideal for chemical environments as well

All frames and braces are constructed with pultruded 2.6mm fibreglass tubing

Modular and expandable Stable working environment Fast assembly

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• MATERIALS HANDLING - Forklift Fundamentals Part 1



In the first of a new series of articles, Ross Grassick of Lencrow Materials Handling defines the various classes of equipment that are commonly used in Australia and explains their safe and legal use. PEDESTRIAN REACH TRUCKS

POWERED PALLET JACKS Powered pallet jacks are used for transporting of pallets from one place to another. The units employ batteries for drive and lift. These units are much more ergonomical than manually operated units. They come in a number of different designs to suit a variety of applications

The most common is the standard walk-behind unit. These have capacities from 1500 to 3000kg and are made to suit standard pallets. They have hydraulic lift and lower by means of buttons on the handle. The drive is operated by a twist throttle on the handle, and the brakes are operated by lowering or raising the handle. These are also available in a mini version that weighs only 420kg, but lifts 1300kg. This type of unit perfect for use in the back of trucks and delivery vehicles, or as a light-duty unit in shops or factory outlets.

Tip: A powered pallet jack can be used by any staff member as it does not require a licence - only that the operator has received instruction on safety and unit operation. Some of these units used in distribution facilities have the facility for the operator to ride on or in the unit. There are four types: the “platform rider”, which has a fold-down platform on which the operator stands; the “end rider”, where the operator stands on a fixed platform; the “centre rider”, in which the driver stands on a platform between the load and the power unit; and the “ride in” unit, which has a rear stand up control where the operator stands and steers by means of steering wheel.



Some ride-on units are available in double length. This enables them to carry two pallets at a time, one behind the other. Important considerations when choosing a powered pallet jack are: 1. The weight of the load 2. T  he surface and distance over which it will be used 3. The hours of operation required per shift.Powered pallet jacks

PEDESTRIAN FORKLIFTS Pedestrian forklifts are designed for use on smooth level floors, and powered units are fitted with brakes.,They can be used by all staff members as they do not require a licence - only that the operator has received instruction on safety and unit operation.

Pedestrian reach trucks are the most versatile type of pedestrian forklift and come in a large range of configurations of mast lift heights, with the most common capacity being 1500kg. The unit has the ability to reach the load forward of the outrigger legs, enabling goods to be stacked on docks or block type stacking. The units all come with traction batteries for heavier duty operation and have lift, reach and tilt functions and options of side shift.

Battery electric forklifts are generally used for internal warehousing, cold storage and hazardous areas. The advantage of using battery electric units is that there are no harmful fumes, there is minimal noise, and they have lower running costs. These units are available in an abundance of styles and specifications, all with unique advantages. The basic differences are covered below, but for a more in-depth introduction to these units please contact one of our fully trained consultants.

TIP: It is a Workcover requirement that all forklift drivers are fully trained and licensed. There are hefty fines for noncompliance. REACH TRUCKS



Pedestrian stackers are available with capacities up to 1500kg and many lift heights. All stackers have outrigger legs between which the load is lifted. The units have power drive and some come in push. The units also have low duty and high duty battery options depending on operational needs. Most of these units only have a lift function.


A counterbalanced stacker comprises a power drive unit with the forks in front of the unit. It can block or dock stack. With capacities to 2000kg and many lift heights, the only disadvantage is the length. Being counterbalanced, the unit is longer and requires more room to turn. These units all come with traction batteries and lift and tilt as standard. Important considerations when choosing a pedestrian forklift are: 1. The weight and size of loads 2. T  he lift height required and headroom in which the unit will work 3. The type and condition of the floor 4. The hours of operation required.

These units are available as either stand-up or sit-down models. The mast on these units reaches forward to retract with the load: this design allows for aisles to be quite narrow, allowing the number of pallet bays to be maximised. These units should only be used on level, smooth, hard surfaces.


These units are generally the same as reach trucks, except the mast has a pantograph section that scissors in and

MATERIALS HANDLING - Forklift Fundamentals Part 1 •

out, allowing for even narrower aisles and greater warehouse productivity.


These are the fastest moving of the battery electric forklifts, and ideal to replace internal combustion forklifts where fumes can create a problem. These units come in both three- and four-wheel configurations. Three-wheel trucks have a narrower turning radius, whereas the fourwheel configuration is better for heavier loads.


These units are particularly productive when required to operate in very narrow aisles or other confined areas handling long loads.


TIP: The nominal lifting capacity of any forklift is derated with lifting height.

The turret truck offers a high capacity for very narrow aisles, increasing warehouse capacity and productivity.


These units come in two styles: low level and high level. The low-level order picker is highly versatile for first and second level pick heights. The high-level order picker (see turret trucks) is ideal for vertical picking tasks, reaching up into the warehouse to prepare orders.

TIP: Contact Workcover to ensure the driver has the correct licence for an order picker, as some of these units require special licences. When enquiring about a forklift suitable for your application, the following information is essential to ensure the correct equipment is quoted: 1. Capacity required both at base and full lift height 2. Size of load 3. Lift height required 4. Collapsed height restrictions 5. Type of racking 6. Aisle width 7. Daily operating hours 8. Ambient temperature.


These units possess a unique turret head that is able to pivot to 90 degrees.



Internal combustion forklifts come in a huge range of specifications, all tailored for different applications. A few of these are detailed below, but it is always worth having your premises evaluated by a trained consultant to ensure any equipment purchased is fit for its purpose.

TIP: It is a Workcover requirement that all forklift drivers are fully trained and licensed. There are hefty fines for noncompliance. Body Counterbalanced: (standard) conventional design for everyday use where space is not an issue, can be used on most surfaces. Stubby: as above, but where space is limited this has a smaller turning circle, allowing aisles to be narrower and making more use of available space. These units are only available with limited capacities. Mast Two stage: as the name suggests, this mast has two stages of lift, and is ideal when there are no height restrictions. This is a less expensive option, with the added advantage of easy vision of the load through the mast Three stage: provides the ability to reach the desired height, with the added advantage of a lower collapsed height, allowing access to areas that may not be accessed with a standard two-stage mast. Container mast: this is a threestage mast that collapses low enough to allow the forklift to be driven into a container for loading and unloading. The maximum lift height for this type of mast is 4700mm.

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Fuel Petrol: Easy to use and readily available – for outdoor use. LPG: Easy to use and readily available – for outdoor use. Dual fuel: using either petrol and LPG, or petrol and CNG. As above, with option of longer run and emergency reserve. Diesel: Ideal for sites with their own supply, offering lower running costs, for outdoor use only. Diesel units are also available in flameproof configurations for dangerous goods and flammable conditions. Tyres Pneumatic: The best option for areas that may be rough or uneven, with the ability to provide a little give and smoother ride. These tyres can, however, be subject to bounce with a heavy load on board. Puncture proof: These are ideal for use in situations where the ground surface is in good condition. They are long lasting, and can be regrooved, but are not as forgiving over rough surfaces. Cushion tyres: A narrow band of rubber is welded to a larger diameter steel rim, providing very stable load holding at heights. When enquiring about a forklift suitable for your application, the following information is essential to ensure the correct equipment is quoted: 1. Weight and size of load 2. Lift height required 3. Headroom restrictions, eg mezzanine floors, low doorways, entering shipping containers for loading/unloading. Lencrow Materials Handling 1300 536 276



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ADVANTAGES OF RENTING AN OVERHEAD CRANE IN COMPETITIVE INDUSTRIES Rental cranes allow users to have a dynamic stock of important equipment that is easily adapted to changing circumstances. As technology continues to advance exponentially, adaptability is key to business success. For industrial companies, it’s not economical or logical to consistently replace large, heavy pieces of machinery or plant like cranes every time a new piece of technology comes along, because these items are large capital investments.

For companies that know their needs are often changing, it sometimes makes more sense to rent a crane than to buy it outright. There’s no large upfront capital investment, making your crane an operating expense. Monthly fees can be consistent and monitored and it’s easy to upgrade when needs change. On top of that, Konecranes’ recently launched a new product, RENTALL, which includes all servicing and maintenance as part of the rental agreement, to help customers control equipment and maintenance costs and provide the freedom and flexibility to concentrate on their core activities. There are a number of major advantages to renting a crane. No large upfront costs: Not having to pay a large upfront capital investment can be highly beneficial because those funds can be allocated elsewhere while production can start immediately, and


ROPE AND CHAIN CRANES AND HOISTS: • Helps reduce the risk of accidents • Protects against overloading of Crane and supporting structures • Quick and easy installation and available for all capacity cranes • Available preset or easily calibrated on site • Helps reduce maintenance costs • Minimizes down time • Automatic reset by reducing the load CONDUCTOR BAR • Available in steel and copper • Quickly and easily installed • Supports required only every 1.5m • Also available in a compact cluster range

SIDE PULL PREVENTERS/ROPE GUIDE PROTECTOR Prevents side pulling and protects rope guides and drums on most multi-fall Cranes and Hoists. • Prevent dragging of loads • Helps reduce down time.

Liftco Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd

Freecall: 1800 LIFTCO (543826) Email: Web:



income can be generated to help offset the monthly rental fees. The cranes become an operational expense rather than a capital investment. Easy budgeting: An all-inclusive fixed monthly amount means that budgeting around a crane is made simple. Service and maintenance fees won’t fluctuate either, because that’s all included in the fixed monthly amount. Adaptability: This is often considered to be the most important and useful advantage of renting a crane, because it can drastically improve how quickly a business can respond to changes. Production may need to increase, a new product with new specifications may be added to the production line or operating conditions may change – these are just three of many examples where new or different cranes may be needed to handle changes in a business. With a rental agreement in place, the cranes can be swapped or updated according to business needs, without having the significant costs associated with replacing equipment that is owned outright. Service is included: Having service included as part of the monthly rental agreement is not only a big advantage in terms of budgeting, but also in terms of the operating efficiency of a crane. Konecranes provides preventive maintenance, routine maintenance, TRUCONNECT real-time remote monitoring and 24/7 on-call service in the all-inclusive RENTALL package. Most effective cranes for rental agreements Konecranes’ range of CXT wire rope hoists are ideally suited to a wide range of industrial applications, such as construction and infrastructure, manufacturing and materials handling, energy and oil and gas. CXT is the industry leader in medium to heavy-lifting cranes and comes in lifting capacities of up to 80 tonnes. Smaller, lighter workload CXT models such as the CXT Neo (lifting capacities up to 12.5t) and CXT Explorer (lifting capacities up to 6.3t) are well suited to rental agreements, because they are easy to install and equally easy to dismantle and replace or upgrade. The CXT explorer can even be used outdoors and can be delivered conveniently in a standard shipping container. What happens next? Once a rental agreement is over, there are three options for how to proceed. The rental agreement can be continued for a term negotiated by both parties.

The equipment can be purchased for an agreed price. This option is particularly useful if a rental agreement was advantageous in the initial establishment of a business, but since expansion production needs have stabilised and it’s likely to continue with the same lifting needs for the foreseeable future. The equipment can be returned. Konecranes 1300 937 637


GROUND LEVEL LOADING TRAILER TAKES THE STRAIN AND RISKS OUT OF MOVING Just occasionally, a product idea comes along and you have to ask the question: why hasn’t that been done before? And the Eziloader is just such a product, and one that has the potential to revolutionise one sector of the materials handling industry. Put simply, the Eziloader is a trailer that can be loaded at ground level. Its 3 x 1.5m deck has a 1-tonne load capacity. And it uses industrial grade hydraulic cylinders to raise the deck to its travelling height of 400mm or lower it to its loading/unloading height of 35mm. Safety is paramount, and the Eziloader design incorporates manual locking pins with sensors to confirm that the pins are correctly fitted before the deck can be raised or lowered. When fully lowered to its 35mm height, the deck is easily accessed for any load on wheels or static loads using a simple hand pallet truck or trolley. This makes it suitable for anything from motorcycles and wheelchairs to hire equipment like mini diggers, white goods such as fridges or any palletised goods you could care to name. The Eziloader is the brainchild of Ron Mileham of the King Group of companies, and is the culmination of a five-year project. He says: “We’ve just come back from demonstrating the Eziloader at the Farm World show in

Warragul, and the reaction was incredible. Everyone could see the benefits of the design, from farmers who liked the idea of loading sheep and cattle without a steep ramp to a company that delivers toilets to showgrounds, currently using a very expensive crane truck.” One area where the ground level loading will be particularly useful is with materials handling companies and others with low to the ground products on wheels. For example, companies with mobile scissor lifts – with only 30mm ground clearance – will no longer have to hire tilt trays. They will be able to deliver the lifts themselves - safely. According to Ron Mileham, a rep from one of the country’s largest hire companies admitted to him that most accidents occur when hirers are loading and unloading equipment on trailers, thanks to ramps moving, or poorly loaded equipment falling sideways, sometimes even causing injuries to the hirer or to staff. The Eziloader will shortly enter production in Victoria. It will be made from Australian steel, and will be available in a range of configurations to suit a wide range of logistics and delivery applications. Eziloader - a division of King Group 03 9720 0425



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INNOVATIVE SOLUTION TO SEWAGE PUMP STATION UPGRADE Maintenance crews at Mount Piper Power Station were experiencing problems with submersible sewage pump stations on the site. The issues were many and varied, including lifting chains breaking, pumps becoming stuck on their guide rails, as well as general reliability issues. Even with everything going well, operators would be exposed to a 7m fall into the pit while hoisting submersible pumps to the surface for maintenance. Self-priming pumps The asset owner, Rainer Scheurer, approached Hydro Innovations for some ideas on how he could get away from these issues. Hydro Innovations suggested the use of Gorman-Rupp self-priming sewage pumps, which would mean that only one operator would be needed for most of the maintenance issues, and any work could be done without opening

wet well covers. Scheurer liked the idea, but the pit was so deep that self-priming pumps could not be located at ground level. Hydro Innovations suggested putting the pumps into the existing valve vault (to get pumps closer to water level), re-using the path taken by the old discharge lines, and connecting directly into the existing rising main in the valve vault. Gorman-Rupp’s V3B60-B pumps were chosen for the job. Not only can they deliver the 15L/s flow rate, but most importantly they are capable of repriming the required 7.6 metre suction lift - a tough ask for most self-priming pumps. Hydro Innovations explained that most self-priming pumps with a full casing of liquid are capable of priming to this level, but repriming automatically, with only a partially filled casing (because casing

siphoning can occur between pump cycles) is a totally different proposition. As Gorman-Rupp publishes guaranteed reprime lifts on its sewage pump curves, Hydro Innovations had no hesitation applying the pump on this suction lift. Hydro Innovations was duly given the go-ahead on the project and set to work designing a piping and valve system that could comfortably fit in the valve vault. A compact but practical design was approved and the project delivered. Mount Piper Power Station now has a sewage pump station that is under cover (inside the valve vault), is easily accessed without the need for lifting apparatus, and can be safely maintained by one operator. Hydro Innovations 02 9898 1800

SPECIALIST HIGH SPEED DOORS Noise Security Dust Wind Air pressure Temperature Separation Guard Vermin Spray Clinical Australian & German manufactured doors DMF are exclusive licensed agents in Australia for

DMF International Pty Ltd is a fully Australian owned family business, celebrating 50 years of door manufacturing in 2017. We are specialists in climate control and high speed security door solutions, and flexible PVC door products. With Australia wide service and export to over 10 countries, our experienced approach ensures the best design solution for any application. Call us today for free design assistance . . . . .

Free call 1800 281170 44



REAL-TIME MONITOR KEEPS RACKING SYSTEMS SAFE Available now in Australia from A-Safe, RackEye is a one-of-a-kind live monitoring system that keeps watch over racking systems in warehouses and other storage facilities. Even in the best-run warehouses, the legs of racking systems are subject to impacts. These may range from a gentle nudge from a pallet truck to a full on impact from a loaded forklift. And while any given impact may not bring the whole rack crashing down, it can weaken the system, leaving it in an unsafe condition. The consequences of a rack failing can be catastrophic. The resultant collapse can endanger the lives of employees, and the cost of damaged stock and loss of business during the clean-up can be considerable. Australian Standard AS 4084-2012 on steel storage racking mandates that safety inspections be carried out at least every 12 months, and standard practice is to perform such checks more frequently. But the time taken to visually check a large installation can be considerable. And time is money. This is where RackEye comes in, providing continuous rack monitoring inbetween annual inspections. RackEye uses patented sensors that have been developed and rigorously tested to differentiate between everyday bumps and impacts that cause damage, including deflections that may not be easily visible to the naked eye. When a significant impact occurs, the affected RackEye sensor flashes and nominated personnel are alerted via the system’s smartphone app and email, giving precise details about the location of the damage so that immediate action

can be taken. This early warning not only improves workplace safety, it prevents the potentially disastrous consequences of undetected damaged racking. The RackEye system continually tracks and records all impacts, providing a complete history for every rack leg in a constantly evolving database. The data are stored on a secure server and accessible at any time from any device, making it an excellent tool for health and safety managers who may need full visibility across multiple sites. Experience from early deployments of RackEye suggest that the presence of the system itself encourages safer driving as forklift drivers know they are being monitored and will be accountable for damage. This is particularly useful in hightraffic areas and blind corners – some of the most frequent areas where collisions can occur. A-Safe Australasia 02 9625 8927



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According to ISS ProRack, a privately owned Australian electric forklift specialist, the inevitable dominance of lithium-ion battery power across all industrial trucks is a sign of progressive business leadership rather than a short tremor of a revolution. “When Tesla’s Elon Musk offers via Twitter to solve South Australia's power crisis with a lithium battery power wall, as in “100 days installed or it’s free”, and gets Aussie tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes on board, we know that heavy duty lithium-ion energy is a serious business development heading for mainstream,” says Robert Boustead, General Manager Operations at ISS ProRack. Now is the time to seriously consider what’s in it for your business. And, more importantly, what is the risk of not going lithium in your warehouse operation. ISS ProRack distributes the Nichiyu electric forklift brand in Australia, and has already beefed up its range with lithiumion trucks from Nichiyu and Noblelift across the most essential models from powered pallet trucks, stackers and walkie reach trucks, to the ubiquitous counterbalance forklifts. This is driven by strong interest from the company’s customer base in the food, pharmaceutical

and personal care industries. So, why the rush? When it is possible to achieve forklift availability, uninterrupted, for up to 24 hours, seven days a week, without requiring a battery change, it quickly starts to make economic sense. Lithium-ion forklift users benefit in economic and ecological terms from fast recharging times, zero maintenance and an up to five time longer battery life. Importantly, Li-ion forklifts provide a cleaner and safer environment for people and products. Less recharging translates directly into energy cost savings and a small ecological footprint. “Green is the new black. And, solid black looks extremely good on the triple bottom line (3BL). Lithium-ion technology delivers this now in forklift market,” says Robert Boustead. “Looking beyond the operational benefits lithium-ion technology already delivers, as leaders we need to remember that in the age of social media, what’s good for the society and the environment, directly links to profits.” The li-ion triple bottom line The still-higher acquisition cost argument is quickly dismissed by progressive CFOs when the ROI is

viewed as lifetime cost of ownership. This is because the benefits of lithiumion technology positively impact on all areas of business: from drivers' and other employees' work safety, the COO’s operational cost focus, the CMO’s obsession with product marketability, to the boardroom’s focus on long-term performance and corporate social responsibility reputation. “In business, it’s always the focus on the customer and the economics driving the decisions. When we start thinking about total lifetime cost of ownership, in deciding between lead-acid and lithiumion, the choice is a no brainer,” says Robert Boustead. “Cleaner, safer for people and products, cheaper to run for longer… Of course, our customers want to see the savings “now”. And, we can clearly deliver this with our Noblelift li-ion forklifts.” The good news is that the acquisition cost of li-ion battery-powered industrial trucks has already fallen by around 50% since 2011. Some equipment is already on par or below. For instance the 1.4T lithium-ion Noblelift Walkie reach stacker from ISS ProRack sells for about 11% less than an equivalent lead-acid model from a major brand. The cost is clearly associated with the agility and single focus of this manufacturer on lithium technology. No need to change the battery means no downtime and no need to buy a spare battery, battery changing equipment or special charging stations. It also means no risk of workplace injuries during battery changes and no need for costly acidprotection areas. Zero battery maintenance eliminates the cost of downtime, reducing overall cost of forklift maintenance. No fumes and no dangerous acid spills associated with wet batteries makes lithium-ion forklifts ideal for operations in confined spaces, but especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries, even in

temperatures ranging from -20 to +55°C. ISS ProRack now offers a solid range of Noblelift and Nichiyu Lithium-ion forklifts and plans to expand it as technology sweeps across the industrial truck market. The company sees this emerging ultraclean technology as an extra advantage for Australian food and wellbeing products in their competitive war for markets in China and Europe. ISS ProRack 134 234

Top 10 benefits of li-ion business leadership 1. Zero battery maintenance 2. R  educed overall equipment maintenance cost 3. N  o need to change battery – or buy associated equipment 4. F  ast charge - zero to full charge in less than 2h 5. O  pportunity top-up charging within workers’ breaks – 60% in 40min 6. S  uper-long battery life - up to five-times longer than acid battery 7. E  nergy saving - up to 30% less energy than lead-acid battery models 8. E  co-friendly - no gas emissions or acid spills 9. C  ompletely safe for employees and goods 10. Reduced risk of workplace accidents during battery changes

FREE TEMPLATES SIMPLIFY TACTILE INSTALLATION Floorsafe offers a huge range of tactile indicators that can be used to enhance pedestrian safety by providing additional warnings of impending hazards. The range includes PVC, stainless-steel, brass and carborundum tactiles, with bar and directional shapes in addition to the standard round profile. Now, for a limited time, the company is offering free interlocking tactile templates with every bulk order to simplify installation. Depending on the size of the order, Floorsafe will supply up to eight interlocking 300 x 300mm templates that can be used



to ensure accurate alignment of the tactile installation. Floorsafe reckons it has the lowest prices in Australia for tactiles, and will not be beaten on quality or service, either. Applications advice is available over the phone, and the company’s online shop provides quick access to the complete range of tactiles and other flooring safety products. Floorsafe 1300 717 769


ELECTRIC FORKLIFT IS OPTIMISED FOR COOL DUTIES Leading Western Australia-based meat wholesaler DBC is benefitting from the extensive service and backup of United Forklift and Access Solutions. The backup from United includes cool room conditioning and a custom-fabricated waste handling rotator attachment to minimise handling and maximise hygiene, ensuring optimum productivity and reliability even in the toughest cool room and waste disposal applications. United supplied DBC with a CAT 1.8T electric forklift, a CAT 1.8T LPG forklift and a CAT 3.5T LPG forklift on longterm rental agreements, for uses such as in-freezer storage, transporting goods and waste disposal. “Working in cold environments means that not every forklift can be used for every application. Only electric forklifts can be used in our cool rooms, and they need to be cool room conditioned,” explains Steve Ogilvie, Maintenance Manager at DBC. The company employs more than 200 people locally and services Western

Australia with high quality meat, as well as an innovative range of ready-made meals. The company has a strong focus on customer service and on-time deliveries. “Cool room conditioning basically involves changing the hydraulic fluid to suit cold conditions, so that the viscosity remains unchanged, regardless of the temperature,” says Ogilvie. United also supplied a customdesigned rotator attachment with a hold down clamp for the 3.5T LPG forklift, which is used for waste transportation and disposal. It allows the forklift to pick up large bins and automatically pour the waste into a disposal area. “Previously we had to manually tip the bins to dispose of the waste, which is quite time-consuming when you’re working at height. United’s rotator makes this job much easier and safer too,” said Ogilvie. “Our forklifts are essential to our business. If we can’t empty out our fridge each day, we can’t restock the next day and business grinds to a halt.”

“What we’ve found particularly impressive with United is the service and backup. The staff are knowledgeable and reliable and if we ever need anything, I have full confidence that they’ll be able to provide us with the support we need.” The two United CAT LPG forklifts are designed for use in demanding applications and provide the ideal balance of power and performance. They feature a fuel efficient and clean K15 LPG engine, which has lower fuel emissions without compromising on performance. The United CAT 3-wheel electric forklift is ideally suited for narrow warehousing configurations, where the 3-wheel model has greater manoeuvrability than 4-wheel alternatives. It also features a quiet, clean engine with adjustable power settings for different applications. In addition to the rental forklifts, United also sold DBC several machines that had undergone a special anti-corrosive treatment for operating in harsh conditions

at the company’s skin sheds. “Sheepskins are treated with salt to preserve them for exporting, so the machines are basically driving around in salt. Keeping them fully operational in such corrosive conditions is a credit to the United technicians,” said Ogilvie. United and DBC have worked together for over 15 years, with longterm rental options providing DBC with a dynamic forklift fleet that can respond quickly to changing customer needs and business cycles. United Forklift and Access Solutions 131 607



Tennant’s NEW Electric M17 Battery SweeperScrubber with ec-H20™ increases productivity with innovation designed to maximize efficiency and provide high-performance results. Call 1800 226 843 (FREE CALL) and quote this special promo code for more info:

J U N i U m* * Terms & conditions apply. © 2017 Tennant Company. All Rights Reserved. ec-H20™ technology is exclusive to Tennant Company.

Machines with real

WOW FACTOR Pro-PanelTM Technology exclusively from Tennant




HIGH-SPEED DOORS LINK WITH CONVEYORS Many of the problems of maintaining climate control, hygiene and security when moving materials and products between different zones within a manufacturing or storage facility can be solved using high-speed roller doors.

stock on the conveyor to other forms of logic control that operate the door at the correct time to allow the goods to pass through.

High-speed-door specialist DMF has completed a number of projects that have involved installing small fastaction roll doors on conveyors and small hatch systems.

This system can also be employed for palletisers, creating not only a climate control solution, but also improving safety as the rapid-roll door eliminates personnel access to the palletiser during operation.

By interlocking the door with the conveyor system, the movement of stock between the areas can be fully automated, thus minimising the loss of conditioned air.

DMF is an Australian manufacturer of high-speed roll doors, and can customise the products to suit design requirements.

DMF uses a variety of sensor technologies to enable this synchronised operation, ranging a simple photoelectric sensor that is triggered by the arrival of

DMF International 1800 281170

INFLATABLE PIPE STOPPERS ARREST SPILLS QUICKLY One of the environmental challenges facing operators of high-traffic warehouse and distribution centres is how to safeguard against waterway pollution from accidental fuel, cleaning chemical and hazardous material spills from vehicles, loading equipment and cargos.

runoff at different stages of production, or when spillages occur.

Pronal inflatable pipe stoppers are available in Australia from Air Springs Supply. Widely used by food and beverage, defence manufacturing and chemical processing companies, the stoppers are rapidly deployed, easily transported and widely applied in remote, temporary and permanent industrial situations. They are suitable for most types of pipelines up to 2200mm inside diameter.

In other instances, they are used to temporarily seal off sections of pipe where leaks are occurring, serving the dual role of enabling pressurisation of that section so leaks can be detected, then protecting the workers in the pipeline from any product flows while they work to fix the problem. The common factor with maintenance, testing and emergency situations is that they need stoppers that can be rapidly and securely deployed to provide primary or secondary safety and environmental security as required by both by Safe Work Australia and State Environmental Protection Agencies.

The range includes stoppers that can be permanently located in pipelines for instant remote inflation with compressed air or other gas when there is a risk of toxic

Air Springs Supply 02 8877 5500

BOOM AND SWING GATES COMBINE FOR WORKPLACE SAFETY While safety barriers and appropriate signage have important roles to play in keeping pedestrian traffic away from industrial vehicles in the workplace, there will always be instances where a designated employee walkway crosses an area where heavy industrial vehicles are operating. Now, access control specialist Rotech has come up with a novel combination of its standard products to improve workplace safety in areas such as these. The solution combines automatic pedestrian swing gates on the walkway and a boom gate across the roadway. Electrically operated safety locking mechanisms manage the operation of the gates and ensure that only one gate is open at a time.



In normal operation, the pedestrian swing gates are locked and the boom gate is raised to allow forklift traffic flow. When a pedestrian presses the access button, the boom gate closes, and only when it is fully down do the swing gates open. Rotech’s automatic boom gates are designed to ensure quick, safe and secure vehicle access control. And the company’s pedestrian swing gate openers with electronic safety and positive locking provide a safe and efficient option for industrial gates. Rotech 07 3205 1123


SCISSOR LIFTS AND PALLET LEVELLERS – WHY, WHEN, WHAT? In the first of a two-part feature, Lindsay Wakefield provides an introduction to scissor lifts and associated products. Why? Manual handling can expose workers to physical risk - excessive force, awkward postures, and repetitive motions that can lead to injuries, wasted energy, and wasted time. To prevent this it is important to improve the fit between the demands of work tasks and the capabilities of your workers. When? This one is simple: every business should constantly monitor its workplace for risk, and act to prevent injuries before they occur. Scissor lifts, pallet levellers and other lifting products play a critical role in preventing injury when manual handling is required. What? There is a wide array of products available and what to choose can be confusing. Here is an overview of some of the more common lifting equipment on the market. Industrial scissor lifts and tilters are used for a wide variety of applications in many industries. The main types of industrial lifts are defined below. Lift tables/scissor tables are scissor lift devices used to raise, lower, stack, convey and/or transfer material between two or more elevations. Lift tables can incorporate rotating platforms (manual or powered), tilt platforms, conveyors, etc as part of their design. The single leg set is the most commonly used lift type. It offers stability and can handle heavy, evenly distributed loads. A multiple height lift is made up of two or more leg sets. These types of lifts are used to achieve a high travel with a relatively short platform. A multiple width lift is made up of two or more single leg sets, side by side, with a common top and base frame. It is used for loads with large plan view dimensions. A multiple length is made up of two or more single leg sets, end to end, with a common platform and base frame. It is used when very long loads must be handled, such as long lengths of pipe or lumber. Pallet levellers are designed to assist operators when they are manually loading or unloading a palletised load. As the load weight increases or decreases, the auto leveller gradually lowers or raises to position the top of the load at a comfortable working height. A rotating top can be incorporated to minimise reaching movements.

specific elevation for an extended period of time. Mounting Industrial scissor lifts and tilters can be mounted in any number of ways to meet specific application requirements. Surface mounted lifts are used when the lowered height does not interfere with the A pallet leveller keeps pallet or stillage application. For example, if the lift loads at an optimum working height when is lowered with material stacked loading or unloading on a pallet and the pallet is then removed by a fork truck, the Dock lifts, or elevating docks, are lifts lowered height of the lift does not whose travel is generally 1.8 metres or interfere with the application because the less and which is used at the loading dock fork truck does not need to drive onto the to load/unload material to the ground lift to pick up the loaded pallet. or a dock. They can be true lifts or more Pit mounted lifts are suitable when commonly they may just tilt to adjust to the platform must be flush with the the height of the truck. surrounding surface. For example, if the Industrial tilters position containers/ lift is lowered as materials are stacked on material at an angle not greater than 110 degrees. And turntables are used to rotate a container/material on a horizontal plane up to 360 degrees.

a pallet and the pallet is then removed by a pallet jack, the platform must be flush with the surrounding surface because the pallet jack must be able to roll onto the lift platform to remove the loaded pallet. Mobile (or portable) lifts are used when the unit must serve more than one workstation. A mobile lift can be manual or power driven. Mobile lifts can also be used to transport a load from one location to another. The lift can be track mounted or have fixed or moveable castor wheels for manoeuvrability. How? Choosing the right product for the application can be difficult and careful consideration is required to make sure your purchase is effective and productive. We will examine this in the next issue of Industry Update. Safetech 1800 674 566


ABRASIVE BLAST EQUIPMENT Protoblast Company has been designing and manufacturing to suit customer’s individual needs since 1975. • Abrasive Recovery Systems • Airless Blast Machines • Section Blast Machines • Dust Collectors

Dock levellers tilt to provide a seamless transition between a truck and the warehouse Actuation There are three types of actuation available for industrial tables: hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical. Hydraulic actuation uses one or more hydraulic ram or cylinder to power the lift up or down. The power source can be either electric or pneumatic. Pneumatic actuation uses air bags or air cylinders as their power source. Pneumatic tables are fairly limited in their application because of a low stroke and other restrictions. Mechanical actuation uses screw, spiral, gear, chain or lever systems to raise or lower the lift. Usually more expensive, these non-hydraulic lifts are suited for precise control applications where positioning at specific elevations is required or where the lift must maintain a

The best way to prepare a surface for a coating is by using the abrasive blasting process. Whether you need to blast castings, concrete blocks, screws, surfboards or steel work... Protoblast has the experience to design and supply equipment that is fast, efficient, improves your product and saves you money... year after year.

P.O. Box 157 Picton NSW 2571 P. 1800 772 320 Inter. +61 2 4677 2320 E.




SAVING POWER – ONE BATTERY AT A TIME entering the next phase: energy storage batteries so that solar energy can also be used at night-time.

Jamie Allen argues that energy storage is the key to efficient resource utilisation. The Australian energy landscape is changing and the national conversation is now focused on which energy source will provide a sustainable future for the country. Similarly, as more people turn towards renewables, from solar to wind to hydroelectric power, discussion is growing over the best formula and combination of these energy sources to harness grid-scale power. Here comes the sun The Australian climate offers the greatest opportunity for solar energy. The sun shines as the most sustainable and lasting option – power can be harnessed from 6 to 12 hours a day, dependent on weather conditions, and it’s free to access. With rising energy costs and incentives reducing, homeowners and small businesses are more open to investing now to save later. Enter the energy storage revolution; since the rise in the popularity of solar panels over the last decade, solar technology has advanced significantly. We are now

Sustainable Australia Australians are open to renewable options, and have a proven track record of adapting their lifestyle to combat rising electricity costs. As technology makes harnessing solar energy more accessible through solar panels, the number of homes adopting solar solutions is increasing dramatically. With all this energy being generated, the next step is ensuring consumers are able to fully utilise their generated energy. With this in mind, the best companions for solar panels are energy storage systems (ESSs). Solar battery systems provide consumers with the freedom to choose how they consume energy. For those with an unstable grid network, an ESS can be used as a back-up power source, kicking in when the grid drops out. Conversely, for those wishing to become completely independent from the grid, or for those not connected to the electricity network, an off-grid solar system and ESS can provide an opportunity to generate their own power, rather than relying on imported fuels, thus saving money as well as reducing their emissions. ESS can be installed to support existing or new solar panel installations and thanks to technology advancements the compact but energy-dense systems can fit in small and tight spaces. Empowered by power ESSs are used in conjunction with solar inverters, which can provide full monitoring to give consumers a complete picture of how much energy is generated, consumed and stored. A number of system integrations are available specifically designed for on-grid and off-grid, and a range of sizes is available. The market today offers a number of lithium-ion batteries, where a system as small as 10kWh can power

a typical household during peak power times, such as the evening, and recharge when the sun comes back out. It’s not just about consuming power; it’s about powering your home the way you want to. With increasing global temperatures and warmer summers, homeowners are consuming more power through air-conditioners and other appliances, and are looking to increase their energy efficiency and reduce power bills. An ESS gives the freedom to generate and self-consume energy from solar PV to keep energy costs down. Storage batteries give power back to consumers to maintain their lifestyles while reducing their reliance to the grid network. The future of energy The changing energy landscape in Australia has left many consumers scratching their heads and wondering what to do next. The answer is simple; embracing alternative energy sources, such as solar power with added an ESS, will help consumers regain control over their energy and reduce electricity costs. But this is just the beginning; Australia is on the cusp of an energy revolution, and consumers are only just scratching the surface of the benefits of ESSs. With smarter and more economical consumption, Australian households are transforming to be more energy efficient, saving on their energy costs without having to change their lifestyles. Advancements in this technology make solar power with added storage more affordable than ever before, giving consumers control over their energy and enabling them to run more efficiently. The benefits will continue to rise as more consumers recognise solar power and ESSs as the future of energy. Jamie Allen is Business Manager Australia and Pacific at LG Chem. LG Chem

DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES MINIMISE CRITICAL EQUIPMENT DOWNTIME In an industry where unexpected downtime can be costly, a reliable source of power is extremely important. Since 1925, Trojan Battery Company has been the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, delivering reliable power for the most demanding equipment, operating in the harshest conditions. Today’s access equipment users and facilities maintenance management teams face a multitude of challenges. From maintenance backlogs, and balancing maintenance budgets to limited staff, lack of time to complete work and increasing environmental regulations. The last thing anyone should need to worry about is the performance of the battery in these machines. Trojan deep-cycle batteries provide all types of industrial equipment with reliable performance and more productive hours on the job. With more than 90 years of experience in the battery industry, Trojan delivers the



world's most powerful and durable deep-cycle batteries for use in access and floor machine equipment, providing rugged durability, long life and consistent performance day in and day out. Trojan batteries feature the proprietary Maxguard T2 Separator and exclusive Alpha Plus Paste with T2 Technology, which provide increased battery life, extended run time and decreased maintenance. Durability, reliability and performance mean fewer hours of unplanned downtime and more productive hours on the job! The Trojan AC Series is specifically designed for floor machine and aerial work platform applications. And selected models are available in extra-durable Polyon cases for heavy service applications. Trojan boasts the broadest portfolio of deep-

cycle flooded and maintenance-free AGM and gel batteries enabling industrial equipment to operate at peak levels of performance in even the harshest conditions or most challenging locations. After all, maximum uninterrupted time on the job means more profits for the user. Enirgi Power Storage is the Trojan Master Distributor in Australia and New Zealand. Enirgi Power Storage 1300 783 879

Authorised Mean Well Distributor for Australia and New Zealand



RS Series


Single Output Switching


LRS Series


Single Output Switching



RSP Series

Preferred Range

Preferred Range

Preferred Range

- 15/25W - 3.3VDC to 24VDC

- 35/50/75/100/150W - 5VDC to 48VDC

- 200/320W - 5VDC to 48VDC

• Full range:

• Full range:

• Full range:

35W to 350W / 3.3VDC to 48VDC • Input voltage range: 85VAC to 264VAC

15W to 150W / 3.3VDC to 48VDC

• Input voltage range:


75W to 3000W / 3.3VDC to 48VDC

• Input voltage range:

• Ultra compact and 1U low profile • No load power consumption 0.2W to 0.75W

85VAC to 264VAC

• No load power consumption <0.5W


Single Output with PFC Function

85VAC to 264VAC

• 1U low profile


HDR Series

Ultra Slim Step Shape




DR Series


Single Output Industrial

Preferred Range

Preferred Range

- 15/30/60W - 5VDC to 24VDC

- 45/75/120W - 5VDC to 48VDC

• Full range:

• Full range:

15W~60W / 5VDC~48VDC


Full wattage range: 240/480W Output voltage range: 24VDC to 48VDC Input voltage range: 85VAC to 264VAC UL 508 (industrial control equipment) approved • Metal case • Standard rail mount

• Input voltage range:

85VAC to 264VAC

85VAC to 264VAC

• Plastic case • Standard rail mount

Single Output Industrial with PFC function • • • •

15W to 120W / 5V to 48VDC

• Input voltage range:

DRP Series



• Standard rail mount


GST Series


Mains Power Adaptors


Next Gen, Level 6, ‘green’ adaptors • • • • • •

With dimmable options and SAA approved input lead on selected models

LPF Series

Constant Voltage + Constant Current Constant Current Preferred Range - 40/60W - 12VDC to 24VDC

• • • • •

Attention Exporters to USA

Wattage range: 18/25/40/60/90/120/160/220W Output voltage range: 5VDC to 48VDC Input voltage range: 85VAC to 264VAC Low no load power consumption EISA 2007/DoE Level VI) compliant - mandatory in USA DC plug type: P1J (2.1mm) / P1M (2.5mm) / R7B (DIN 4P)


Full range: 16W to 90W / 12VDC to 54VDC Input voltage range: 90VAC to 305VAC IP67 rated Built-in active PFC Operating case temp. range



ELG Series

Constant Voltage + Constant Current Preferred Range

HLG Series

Constant Voltage + Constant Current



Preferred Range

- 75/100/150W - 12VDC to 54VDC

• • • •



Full range: 75W to 240W / 12VDC to 54VDC Input voltage range: 100VAC to 300VAC IP65/67 rated Operating case temp range:


- 120/150/185/240/320/600W - 12VDC to 48VDC

• • • •

-40°C to +85°C

Full range: 40W to 600W / 12VDC to 54VDC Input voltage range: 90VAC to 305VAC IP65/67 rated Operating case temp range: -40°C to +90°C

-35°C to +70°C


 1300 365 551


IS YOUR BUSINESS ON THE PATHWAY TO A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE? Samantha Cross states the business case for sustainable development. were adopted in 2015 by more than 190 countries and provide a framework to address the global issues being faced, whilst also creating a wealth of new market opportunities. There is growing evidence that companies with a focus on sustainable development perform better.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define 17 goals to transform our world - the world in which we live and of which our businesses are an integral part. The SDGs

The business case for sustainable development is strong. “It opens up new opportunities and big efficiency gains, it drives innovation and it enhances reputations. Achieving the global goals creates at least US$12 trillion in opportunities” and “to capture these opportunities in full, businesses need to pursue social and environmental sustainability as avidly as they pursue market share and shareholder value”. (Source: Business & Sustainable Development Commission Report 2017).

GORMAN-RUPP SELF PRIMING WASTEWATER PUMPS easy access lower life cycle lost fastest maintenance

no confined spaces longer lasting 02 9898 1800



less choking

Goal 12, Responsible Consumption and Production, may be of particular interest to manufacturing businesses and to those involved across your supply chain. Seize the opportunity to experiment with new ‘circular’ economy, disruptive and innovative business models, to achieve this goal (and other SDGs) and create a more sustainable business. Have you reviewed: • W  hich virgin raw material inputs that are being used in your business could be substituted with alternative materials recovered from waste and by-products from other processes? • W  hat happens to the outputs from your process, including production waste, that may be of interest to others? • P  roduct stewardship and what happens to the products you manufacture or supply (and the associated packaging) at the end of their useful life?

• W  hich customers are factoring in sustainability criteria and other SDG elements into their procurement decisions? • W  hat your competitors may be undertaking in this space to create a competitive advantage, reduce costs, increase revenues or to meet the changing expectations of communities and customers? If you are a business that wants to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals or understand opportunities in the circular economy, visit Or for specific enquiries contact Cross Connections. Cross Connections Consulting 0423 943100

RECYCLER PUSHES FOR CARBON STANDARD Australian tyre recycler Green Distillation Technologies (GDT) has joined ASTM International to help work on setting a standard for carbon derived from recycled sources. GDT pioneered the use of destructive distillation to recycle car and truck tyres into oil, carbon and steel. However, there is no current international standard for commercial carbon, which is usually produced by burning crude oil. As a result, manufacturers have been slow to adopt the recycled carbon as there is no guarantee of its properties. The company’s plant in Warren in Western New South Wales is already recycling end of life 10kg car tyres that

each yield 4kg of carbon, 1.5kg of steel and 4 litres of oil, while a 70kg truck tyre provides 28kg of carbon, 11kg of steel and 28 litres of oil. Next year the company will begin construction of a second plant in Perth, Western Australia, capable of processing 3.5 tonne tyres from mining equipment. Each tyre will yield 1500 litres of oil, 1.5 tonnes of carbon, as well as the steel reinforcing, which will go back to the tyre manufacturer for reuse. Green Distillation Technologies 03 9826 2335


SURVEY GIVES STAMP OF APPROVAL TO AUSSIE MADE A recent survey conducted by Roy Morgan Research for the Australian Made Campaign has confirmed that Aussies prefer to buy Australian. When asked: “How likely is it that you would give preference to Australian made goods and products when shopping?” 69.9% gave the iconic green and gold kangaroo the thumbs up. “It comes as no surprise that consumers are increasingly demanding authentic, premium-quality products that originate from our clean, green environment and are made to demanding Australian standards,” said Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison. The research confirmed that businesses making products in Australia and marketing this key point to consumers have an advantage in the marketplace. “It makes absolute sense for businesses that produce products locally, to leverage consumer preference for Aussie products,” said Harrison. “And the best way for business to tell consumers that their products are genuinely Aussie is by branding them with the Australian Made logo.” “The famous green and gold kangaroo logo has long been the quickest and easiest way for consumers to identify genuine Australian products. It’s instantly recognised, it’s trusted and it works. So, if it’s Australian made, say it.” Qualifying businesses can register to use the Australian Made logo by contacting the Australian Made Campaign. Australian Made Campaign 1800 350 520

AUSSIE MADE PLASMA CUTTER USES LATEST HYPERTHERM TECHNOLOGY Farley LaserLab has developed an entry-level plasma machine that offers low-cost access to the very latest Hypertherm technology. The Farley QuikEDGE Connect is an Australian engineered heavy-duty machine that is made in Australia using Australian steel. The QuikEDGE has a 1.5 x 3m table design that helps to provide optimum cutting results using the standard Hypertherm Powermax plasma source. However, its robust base is strong enough to support a full upgrade from the smallest plasma unit to the Hypertherm Hydefinition plasma system, and so the QuickEDGE can be expanded to suit changing requirements. The basic version comes complete with the latest Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC controller - complete with a 19in touchscreen HMI - and Hypertherm Pronest LT CAM software.

rails, with a mounted railed torch box for superior cut accuracy, longevity and quality. It uses 4-axis digital EtherCAT drives and motors with planetary gearboxes for precision control.

Farley has built a heavy-duty motion system designed on dual-sided table

The company’s own EtherCAT driven auto height sensor also helps maintain

superior cut quality, with substantially improved productivity and reduced operating costs for plasma cutting applications. With a cutting speed as fast as 20m/ min, the Farley QuikEDGE Connect boasts an accuracy of +/-0.2mm and repeatability of +/-0.1mm. In its basic form it can cut mild steel up to 80mm thick (32mm dross free), stainless steel up to 75mm thick and aluminium up to 50mm thick. A wide range of upgrades is available, including pipe cutting, CNC spot drilling, a CNC oxy cutting torch, a manual angle bevel cut lifter, a wet table, and the ability expand to 6m cutting length.

The Farley QuikEDGE Connect plasma machine is Australian Made

Farley LaserLab 03 9318 0926

Get the It’s recognised. It’s trusted. It works. Australian Advantage Call 1800 350 520 or visit INDUSTRYUPDATE.COM.AU



STRETCH WRAPPING MACHINERY RANGE EXPANDS COVERAGE Signode now offers an expanded range of Octopus stretch-wrapping machines, with a new model, an automatic reel change system and an easy load top sheet device that can also be retrofitted to existing machines. The latest addition to the range is the Octopus Compact TSi, which comes with the new integrated top sheet device as standard. The Compact TSi is built on proven Octopus ring technology, and has many of the options available that exist already in other Octopus models. For instance, No Touch No Tail seaming with a durable cutting element is available as standard. No Touch No Tail prevents the seaming device from touching the load itself and leaves no potentially dangerous film tails. This makes the pallet load automatic

warehouse compatible. Also the “S” type film carriage for easy, quick and safe film reel changes is included in the new model as standard. The easy load top sheet device enables fully dust- and moisture-proof pallet wrapping. When the top film ends, the top film holder moves automatically to the loading position. Changing the top sheet film reel is easy: the leading end of the top sheet is just pulled according the threading

scheme and locked in a specific holder. Therefore the time needed for the reel change is shorter than with the previous system. The automatic reel change system is designed to improve the overall safety of the packaging line. If the stretch film breaks or ends, the system automatically switches to a new stretch film reel and the wrapping of the load continues after the film reel has been changed. There is no

need to stop the line or for an operator to enter in the wrapping area. Once the automatic reel change has been done, the operator can change the stretch film reel outside the safety fencing quickly and easily. Signode 1800 685 824

AUSPACK 2017 RACKS UP RECORDS IN SYDNEY AUSPACK 2017 has been heralded as record-breaking Sydney show by organiser Exhibition & Trade Fairs. The 2017 event racked up several records for AUSPACK, including most space occupied, largest number of exhibitors, largest contingent of international exhibitors, and with more than 6000 visitors, the highest attendance at the Sydney Showground. According to Anne-Marie Mina, Marketing Manager with Exhibition & Trade Fairs (ETF), “There were so many elements that went into making this show

a resounding success. From augmented reality, virtual reality and the customerservice robot AMY all creating interactive and engaging visitor experiences, to the product launches that happened right across the show floor, 2017 was one very memorable show.” Mark Dingley, Chairman of the APPMA commented, “The new awards and processing day, held as part of the growing packaging and processing week, were excellent inclusions and added a lot of value for visitors to what was already

Australasia’s most innovative event for the packaging and processing industry. “As always, the APPMA would like to thank our members, exhibitors, National Technical Forum attendees and visitors to AUSPACK 2017 for their support. Besides the opportunities to see the latest technical developments and solutions, the event is always excellent for networking,” he added. Anne-Marie Mina concluded, “For three consecutive shows, we have

continued to grow the event and continued breaking records. I am super excited that everything went so well and that visitors and exhibitors alike gained so much.” The next AUSPACK will be held from 26th to 29th March 2019 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Exhibitions & Trade Fairs 02 9556 7993

Screw Compressors For full range scan QR code or go to Call 1800 PNEUTECH for all of your compressed air needs.




SMARTPHONE ACCESSORY TAKES CONTROL OF APPLIANCES The world is quickly moving towards having everything in the palm of your phone or tablet, even including replacements for lost remote controls. KlikR is one such product. KlikR is a revolutionary, yet simple and small Bluetooth tile that turns any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into a remote control for nearly all home infra-red controlled devices such as a TV, DVD, cable box and even air conditioner. You simply stick the tile onto or right next to the IR controlled device, download the Klikrnext app, which using its own database learns the remote control codes of the devices in your home, room by room. There are universal remote controls that do this too, but KlikR is much more than this. It comes equipped with voice control so you can give commands directly to your smartphone. For example, you can instruct the app to "turn on the TV" or "change the channel”, and if you get

a phone call while you are watching a movie Klik” has optional smart pausing and muting. If you have multiple users such as family, friends or are listing your home on Airbnb, you can simply share your setup with a QR code from the application's


home screen. Furthermore, all your setup and devices are backed up on the cloud in case you lose or change your phone and best of all with KlikR you don’t need another device to clutter your space. For those looking for a simple,

inexpensive and comprehensive solution to universal remote controls without having another device, KlikR may be the perfect product. TechBrands Australia 1300 738 555


Globally recognised Octopus pallet wrapping ring systems are now available through Signode Australia.



IN AUSTRALIA Over 6,000 units sold globally.

• Extensive range of models with small factory footprints and pallet through put rates up to 135 pallets per hour • 20 wrapping programs including roping for ventilation • Integrated safety features including two key operation & film load outside of the machine • OctoFACE display, designed for user ease of operation • Extensive range of additional features to choose from supported nationally with genuine parts and Signode Octopus accredited service teams. With over 6,000 units sold globally, Octopus ring wrappers will streamline your end of line packaging, improve your throughput rates & reduce your total cost of packaging. For further information or a no obligation on site consultation contact Signode.

ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS h pre stretc • Powered 3m to in lm fi • Turns 1m

1800 685 824


operated • Remote pre stretch powered 3m film into • Turns 1m




HYDROSTATIC SENSOR RANGE COVERS WATER AND FUELS Available now from Control Logic, the LMP307 hydrostatic sensor from BD Sensors boasts an impressive accuracy of 0.1% full-scale output. The Germanmade the sensor provides continuous level measurement in clean or recycled water, waste fluids and fuel applications. There are more than 100 different variations in the range, all made to exacting specifications, to ensure each sensor is precisely matched to the correct application. Options include custom cable lengths, level measurement up to 250m depths, different electrical output types and SIL2 certification for hazardous areas. For diesel fuel or applications where temperature measurement is critical to volume measurement, the LMP307T is a perfect fit. With a Pt100 temperature sensor included in the same housing, it features a separate output for submerged level measurement that is safe yet accurate.

Both the LMP307 and LMP307T level sensors are ideal for use in drinking water systems, wells, and bore holes to water treatment and recycling facilities in addition to diesel fuel tank volume measurement for single generators to large-scale tank farms. Control Logic 1800 557 705

MAGNETIC TOOL AND CABLE HOOK STICKS TO ANY STEEL SURFACE Adept Direct has come up with a powerful magnetic hook for hanging tools, hoses, power leads and cables. The Magnetic Tool and Cable Hook features dual high-strength magnets that hold it to any steel surface. The magnetic hook can be mounted on steel framing, Colorbond fencing, steel cladding, steel purlins etc. And, as it is made with a steel frame that is plastic coated it is not conductive. These magnetic tool hooks are so handy they can be moved to any area that requires tool or cable hooks, in a few seconds. No tools are needed as there are no bolts or screws to undo. Simply shift the magnetic tool hook sideways and reattach. One multipurpose magnetic took hook safely supports leads, air lines, electrical cable and some tools. It is ruggedly constructed with durable zinc plated magnets and cable hook, and is finished in high-visibility red plastic for increased safely.

The cable hanger measures 130mm wide, is 360mm high and weighs 1.5kg. Industrial power lead hooks are also available in economical 10 packs. For applications where there is no steel structure for the magnetic hanger, Adept Direct also supplies a Screwed Cable Hanger Bracket. Adept Direct 02 6964 0222

A REDUCED MAINTENANCE WHEEL FOR FLUCTUATING TEMPERATURES - NO GREASING REQUIRED Tente Introduces the IOP100 Aluminium Wheel for Low and High Temperatures – No Maintenance Required •

Aluminium die cast construction with precision bearing

Ideal oven and baking applications requiring continuous exposure to temperatures from -10 degrees up to 280 degrees

Resistant to most chemicals and oils

Due to its tensile strength, wheel will not shatter or break compared to other traditional high temperature wheels on the market

Excellent performance when used in normal baking conditions

Being aluminium, the wheel will cool down a lot faster than traditional high temperature wheels, meaning less damage to floors whilst waiting for wheels to cool down

Precision bearing means a smoother roll and a greater capacity of 250kg per wheel

Call Tente Castors & Wheels for further information 1300 836 831 or visit INDUSTRYUPDATE.COM.AU




ONE HUNDRED YEARS IN CHAINS 2017 marks the centenary of one of the world’s pioneer industrial chain brands, with Tsubakimoto Chain Co celebrating its 100th birthday with events around the world and a new corporate philosophy. Tsubakimoto Chain Co was founded in Osaka, Japan, in April 1917, and began life by manufacturing bicycle chains. However, in its first decade, the company expanded into the new market for industrial machinery, manufacturing the industrial chains that form the core of its output to this day. In fact, the company’s first century has been marked by the anticipation of global industrial trends and demands, enabling it to set the standards for chains in applications from materials handling to automotive engines. Little wonder, then, that the theme for the centenary celebrations is “Driving the world… and the Future”. Today, Tsubaki manufactures more than 20,000 different chains. The company has 77 bases in 26 countries and regions, including North, Central, and South Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Locally, Tsubaki Australia employs 50 engineering and support staff, and Taku Sakai, Managing Director for the Indian Ocean rim is enthusiastic to promote the company’s

new philosophy – the “Tsubaki Spirit”. “This philosophy represents our guiding light for the next 100 years of our history,” says Tsubaki President, Yasushi O’Hara. “Specifically, it represents our desire to dedicate ourselves to highly diligent manufacturing as well as far-sighted manufacturing. No matter what changes the future brings, some things in society will always remain in motion. Our goal is to be a company that evolves to keep pace with the shifting concept of the ‘art of moving,’ to refine our technology and to meet customer expectations with creativity. Furthermore, we intend to remain an active company that introduces innovations that are one step ahead of society’s expectations.” Tsubaki Australia 02 9704 2500

SOUTHERN CROSS SERVICE MANAGER SEES EXCITING TIMES AHEAD Southern Cross Compressors (Australia) has appointed Shane O’Brien as National Service Manager. With more than 30 years of industry experience with other major companies in the field, O’Brien joins the company at an exciting time in Southern Cross’s development, saying: “With becoming part of the Global Kaishan Group, China’s largest manufacturer of compressed air equipment and the recent acquisition of LMF, which puts us into market leading technologies in large plant, high pressure and gas compressors, there are exciting times to come for the company and my role”. “I will be placing a high emphasis on the employment, development and training of our service technicians



in the new, world’s best technologies, now marketed through the group,” adds O’Brien. “I see the service team as integral to the ultimate success of the company as it moves forward as part of the globally emerging Kaishan Group.”

ACQUISITION EXPANDS 3D IMAGING PORTFOLIO Wenglor has recently bought all shares in ShapeDrive to expand its innovative portfolio of 3D measuring technology and offer new solutions for automated manufacturing and quality assurance. ShapeDrive is a leading international manufacturer of components and systems in the field of 3D coordinate measuring technology for industrial, medical and scientific applications. Automation and digitalisation are advancing with Industry 4.0, in which 3D image processing systems are expanding the opportunities provided by process automation and quality assurance. With Wenglor being a global leading supplier for industrial image processing, Treotham's customers will gain from an expanded portfolio of camera-based sensors and 2D/3D imaging sensors. The new camera systems from ShapeDrive are based on the projection of structured light patterns. Pixel sensors with

a choice of resolutions, working distances, measuring volumes and dot pitches create 3D point clouds by means of light, from which object sections can be quantitatively evaluated or reference model comparisons can be generated. The camera systems boast high levels of precision, and come with comprehensive software support and numerous interfaces. Treotham Automation 02 9907 1788

TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION KIT TARGETS TEENAGE ENGINEERS Available now from RS Components, the Arduino CTC 101 Education Kit is a complete e-learning platform enabling young students to learn the fundamentals of electronics, programming and mechatronics. The CTC 101 kit has been designed for teachers and other instructors in secondary schools, and is targeted at students aged from 13 to 17. The kit comprises five themed modules and includes more than 25 hands-on experiments. All the components are reusable, and so the experiments can be reconfigured in endless combinations and further developed for more advanced students and projects. Each CTC 101 kit includes enough electronic components for a class of 24 students and a teacher. It includes: six Genuino 101 programmable microcontroller boards; six Arduino Education Shields; a set of sensors and actuators; component modules; breadboards; a wide selection of electronic

components, connectors and wires; plus other elements such as servomotors, USB cable, wheels and bearings, batteries and power modules. The Arduino Education programme was set up to empower educators with the necessary hardware and software tools to create a more hands-on and innovative learning experience. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of programming, electronics and mechatronics through a series of well-documented projects and easy-toassemble experiments. Training for the programme is available online and through a combination of recorded lectures, support materials and Q&A forums, via Arduino. The CTC 101 kit is currently exclusive to RS and is shipping now. RS Components 1300 656636

Vaculex TP Express Parcel Handler

Safe Manual Handling at Distribution Centres

Express parcel handling with the revolutionary Vaculex TP Express - Good ergonomics is good economics... Vaculex TP Express – is a unique, brand new vacuum lift, specially designed for express parcel, package & carton handling type of work. They are extremely versatile because they can handle a great variety of item sizes, shapes and weights. They are suitable for any workplace where fast, safe, consistent & effective throughput is required. Clients in the transport, postal, food, meat works, warehousing and many other diverse industries are experiencing the real productivity gains from using the Vaculex TP Express. Vaculex TP Express is very user-friendly and does not require any training downtime to operate. It is so light and easily managed that working speed and productivity are maintained or in many cases increased, which is usually the contrary when using a lifting aid. Ergonomic to use All control functions are built into a compact, ergonomic handle with a suction cup that can rotate 3600 and swivel sideways by 900 to pick parcels from the side to fit where needed. There is no effort during the lifting process. The single handed control of the unit enables the user to move freely whilst using their free hand for manipulation of the load. Lifting fast in poor posture does not require heavy weights to cause pain and strain injuries but this is now all in the past with the Vaculex TP Express.

Distribution Centres Situation: The main areas in a Distribution Centre are the receiving dock, the storage area, the picking area and the shipping dock. Manual work in all these areas might cause problems with repetitive strain injuries due to bad postures and heavy manual lifting that are performed with a high intensity. Solution: Materials Handling P/L, together with our partner Vaculex, have developed specialized solutions to solve these problems in most of the areas in a Distribution Centre. In addition to the reduction of work related injuries Vaculex solutions usually also improves productivity and worker satisfaction. Vaculex solutions for Distribution Centres include solutions for: • Unloading or loading containers and trailers • Order picking in picking areas • Palletizing • De-palletizing



Order picking in picking areas

Unique in its versatility! We offer you a lifting system that is so flexible and user-friendly that nothing beats it. Shape, surface, gripping angle or the need to rotate the load or the lift is no problem for Vaculex TP Express.


This large furniture & home wares distribution uses thirty two (32) Vaculex TP Express units suspended off our MechRail aluminium light crane systems to quickly, safely & easily store & retrieve stock

Unloading or loading containers and trailers

Our website: Phone us: 1300 13 84 35 Fax us: 1800 68 68 96 Email us: IU1706MH

Australia Wide Service


HYBRID INDUSTRIAL SWEEPER CUTS CLEANING TIME INSIDE AND OUT Nilfisk has come up with a hybrid industrial sweeper that it reckons provides a highly productive, comfortable and cost-effective way to sweep large floors and outdoor areas free of dust and debris. With its generous 150-litre hopper, the SW5500 ride-on sweeper has the size and capacity required to significantly reduce cleaning time. At the same time, the SW5500 provides sustainability with its optional hybrid drive technology reducing emissions and noise. A single unit can sweep indoors and outdoors simply by switching between the engine and the electric motor.

The machine features a novel system that increases sweeping performance even when the main broom is worn – effectively extending the working life of the main broom. And it is easy to check if the main broom is correctly positioned simply by touching a button. All sweeping functions are activated simultaneously by pushing a button and activating the drive pedal. And all functions stop when the drive pedal is released, saving energy, reducing broom wear and preventing marks on the floor. Capable of working on 20% inclines,

the SW5500 puts operator safety first by automatically reducing speed on slopes and in tight turns to minimise the risk of tilting the machine. It can also be specified with the optional Nilfisk DustGuard/ misting system to keep the air cleaner and clearer for the operator by reducing dust emissions from the side brooms. Nilfisk 1300 556 710

PROXIMITY SENSORS BOOST SENSING RANGE Turck has a new range of 8mm barrel inductive proximity sensors that feature a new-generation ferrite core that increases the sensing range by up to 50 percent. As a result, flush-mounted devices are available with an extended sensing range of 3mm as well as with the conventional sensing range of 2mm. Similarly, the non-flushmounting sensors are available with a choice of 3 or 5mm sensing range. And, thanks to newly developed sensor electronics, Turck is also offering devices with an ultra-short 15mm design. The modular development approach of the sensor series has led to a wide range of variants that will help users to find the ideal 8mm barrel sensor for their application, without compromise. The sensors are



available in 15, 22, 30 and 40mm lengths. On the connectivity side, Turck is offering M8 or M12 connectors as well as sensors with a cable outlet, which in turn can be ordered with a 3- or 4-wire connection as normally closed or changeover contacts. The sensors with cable outlets are provided with a cable suitable for energychain use, and feature a semi-transparent LED ring at the sensor end that shows the sensing state from any viewing angle. The sensors are IP67 rated, and have an operating temperature range of -25 to +70°C. Turck Australia 1300 132 566




For many years Tecnomagnete of Italy has led the The Easy-Lift 600 is a budget lightweight magnet system to lift large, for loading and unloading way in magnetic technology thin steel sheet. The system is designed cutting tables. for uses such as loading steel sheet onto cutting tables.

The 600offrom Tecnomagnete WithEasy-Lift a multitude installations employs six including permanent-electro lifting worldwide, Australia, experience magnet modules onpermanenta frame, requires no and knowhow with battery backup and being entirely electromagnetic lifting systems hasselfcontained, be easily transferred from resulted in can a range of modular systems one any requirement. that crane can betoadapted Steel sheetwith as thin as 1.5mm and Complete multiple safety heavy plate up to 16 metres in length interlocks to prevent de-activation can be handled ease. Sheet and plate during a lift, with the permanent-electro lifting stored in vertical racks can energy-efficient be retrieved magnets are exceptionally and moved vertical orientation using power from only for activate and de-to horizontal, and back from horizontal to activate functions. vertical for storage. Available in Australia from Serpent & The range includes lightweight systems Dove - Applied Magnetics, Easy-Lift is suitable for sheets from 1.5mm thick and up to 3 metres long and up to 600kg.

such as the self-contained Easy-Lift for conventional 3 x 1.5 metre sheets to heavyduty systems with telescopic beams. All feature wireless remote control and the safety and convenience of permanentelectro technology, which requires no cumbersome and expensive battery backup system. Tecnomagnete’s Australian distributor is Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics. Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics 02 9971 7577 Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics 02 9971 7577

Tente has come up with an answer to the problems of the high maintenance requirements of high-temperature wheels. The IOP100 aluminium wheel can be used in both high- and low-temperature environments, with no greasing required. When traditional high-temperature castors are repeatedly moved between extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures they have a tendency, over time, to shatter or break. This adds to the cost of trolley maintenance and creates downtime for the equipment lying idle waiting to be repaired. Besides its excellent temperature cycling, the other advantage of the Tente aluminium wheel is its high load capacity, which is made possible by the use of an easy-roll sealed precision bearing. These wheels are a standard size, and so can fit into most existing castor frames. In recent trials Tente’s customers

were pleased with the performance of the IOP100 aluminium wheels and have said they will continue to use them. Tente Castors & Wheels 1300 836 831

Even Google advertises with Industry Update Google has all the FACTS and they chose to advertise with Industry Update Media – not our competitors.








LATERAL THINKING You have just bought a new house with a wine cellar in the basement. On the ground floor, next to the staircase, there are three light switches that control lights in different parts of the house. You would like to know which one turns on the light in the wine cellar. How can you determine which light switch is wired to the wine cellar by making just one trip to the basement? Note that this is not a trick question. You are alone in the house, the wiring is hidden behind the wall, and none of the rooms controlled by the three switches is visible from where you are standing. The solution is strictly in the manipulation of the light switches. You can do whatever you like with the switches, but once you go down into the wine cellar you need to know for sure which of the three switches is for the wine cellar.

TEABREAK TRIVIA 1. What is the chemical formula for Laughing Gas? 2. In what year was notorious bushranger Ned Kelly hanged?


7-8 July 2017, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

It’s amazing the video feeds that are available 24/7. Here are a few of our favourites: some feature impressive works of science and engineering; some are just plain daft.

16-19 July 2017, Sydney International Convention Centre


The log fire - sit back and relax. Sydney traffic jams cams - no fumes, no roadrage. The Pitch Drop www.theninthwatch. com/feed - the world’s longest running lab experiment.

GRAMMAR GURU: MISUSED PLURALS Many of the Greek words in common English usage are plural nouns that are frequently misused as singular. •

Criteria is the plural of criterion.

Media is the plural of medium.

And the all-time most misused plural…. •

Data is the plural of datum.

10. What is enough?

1 N2O, 2 1880, 3 Such is life, 4 Fred Astaire, 5 Carlton and Essendon, 6 Aukland (5922km v 6247km), 7 NSW, 8 Albert Ghiorso, 9 John Winston (Lennon and Howard), 10 Enough. Teabreak Trivia warm, switch #1 turns on the light in the wine cellar. If the lamp is cool, switch #3 turns on the light in the wine cellar.



1 tonne of old iPhones contains 300-times the gold of 1 tonne of gold ore. [source: MobileMuster]


9. Which two Christian names link a musical icon and an Australian PM?


Lateral Thinking

8. Who discovered Einsteinium?

23-24 August 2017, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre AIMEX 2017 - ASIA-PACIFIC'S INTERNATIONAL MINING EXHIBITION


6-7 September 2017, Melbourne Park Function Centre WMAA 2017 WASTEQ CONFERENCE RESHAPING REGIONAL RESILIENCE 11-13 October 2017, Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre ALL-ENERGY AUSTRALIA CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION 11-12 October 2017, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre WASTE EXPO AUSTRALIA 11-12 October 2017, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

5-6 September 2017, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

INTO THE NEW FINANCIAL YEAR... ...AND INDUSTRY UPDATE MEASURES UP Industry Update continues to set the standard for manufacturing media in Australia. With our new mobile responsive website and Industry Update Video channel there are now more ways than ever to get your message to the nation’s manufacturing decision makers.

Turn on switch #1 for several minutes, then turn it off. Now turn on switch #2 and immediately go down to the wine cellar (carefully as the light may or may not be on). If the light is on, then switch #2 turns on the light in the wine cellar. If the light is off, touch the lamp. If the lamp is

7. In which Australian state would you find Brisbane Waters National Park?


4. Frederick Austerlitz was born on 10th May 1899 in Nebraska, USA. By what name do we know him better?

6. Which is closer to the South Pole: Aukland or Cape Town?

29-31 August 2017, Sydney Showground

3. … and what were alleged to be his last words?

5. Which two Aussie Rules teams hold the record for the most AFL/VFL premierships with 16 each?



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