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Ahead Not all energy companies are created equally; a point that Puma Energy is keen to prove by taking a radically different approach to customer service and relationship building.

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Laying strong foundations

Going even further in Romania

Jetcrete has an impressive legacy of improving the safety standard of multiple mining operations, Page 32

Ford has an envy-inducing global presence that includes Romania, Page 92

Insurance for a brighter future Solarif has taken a three-pronged approach to supporting the development, Page 116

SAFE hands

Excellence & Reliability in Marine Services

TOWAGE | MOORING | SALVAGE | COMMERCIAL DIVING | LIFERAFTS Emergency Response Video Pipeline Inspections PLEM Valve Hook Up & Release Pollution Prevention

Papua New Guinea, Fiji & Solomon Islands


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In the March 2019 edition of Total World Industry, we look at some of the World’s great business Success stories. We delve deeper into the operations of Puma Energy Papua New Guinea and find out about their “journey” as a globally recognised company and brand. We also find out how Australia’s largest producer of Tasmanian-grown Atlantic salmon, Tassal has risen to the top thanks to an unerring commitment to both quality and sustainability Furthermore, we feature companies with a passion for their sector such as Ford Romania, Aston Manor Cider and Jamalco amongst many others. One of our key focus’s in the March edition of Total World Industry is lean operating and what this means for your business, the purpose of the Lean Operating Model is to develop a way of working throughout the enterprise to satisfy the customer, enable growth by eliminating waste and improving margin. Organisations embrace a Lean Model for the following reasons • •

If you would like more information about ways in which Industry Africa or East Coast Promotions can promote your busi-ness please call +44 (0)20 32878 795 or email | editor@ eastcoastpromotions.net East Coast Promotions Ltd does not accept responsibility for omissions or errors. The points of view expressed in articles by attributing writers and/or in advertisements included in this magazine do not necessarily represent those of the publisher. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within this magazine, no legal responsibility will be accepted by the publishers for loss arising from use of information published. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or stored in a retrievable system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of the publisher.

Lean is a bottom-up approach of engagement. It looks to involve every colleague in waste elimination to drive value and margin. It is inclusive as a philosophy towards improvement where everyday ideas are valued for their incremental contribution to the margin. Lean follows certain principles that have been distilled over 100 years into an operating system that thrives across all industries.

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Puma Energy PNG Sprinting Ahead

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22. Tassal 28. Liebherr Austrailia 34. Jetcrete 40. KBSA Kimbe Middle East & Asia

48. Davy Sukamta & Partners 54. Amos International 60. Coleman Microtunnelling 66. Singapore Aero Engine Services 72. Goodwood Ship Management The Americas

80. Jamalco 86. Mobile Mini Europe

94. Ford Romania 100. HydroScand 106. Hirtshals Havn 112. Aston Manor Cider 118. Solarif 124. Optimarin 130. Lessebo Paper 136. Forestwave Africa

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144. Ghana Chamber of Mine 150. SANBS 156. Firmenich

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A New Kind of Cannabis Company

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Four companies merged to form TILT Holdings, the first U.S.-based vertically-integrated infrastructure and technology company for the marijuana market. The cannabis industry has been referred to as the wild west due to the fact that there are so many unknowns as well as a lack of consistency around regulations, partnerships and consumer preferences. This untamed territory is in constant motion, which changes the business landscape on a monthly, weekly and sometimes daily basis. And, the businesses in this space are forced to make decisions on the fly every time an obstacle or opportunity enters their path. At the same time, there’s a gold rush going on—as cannabis represents a lucrative new industry for small start-ups and large conglomerates alike. In an effort to create some order out of the chaos, a newly formed Boston-based company, TILT Holdings Inc., has emerged as a vertically integrated infrastructure and technology cannabis company. Its B2B platform is designed to help this nascent industry grow with capital and other resources. TILT was formed in November of 2018 from a merger of four companies: Baker Technologies Inc., Briteside Holdings LLC, Sea Hunter Therapeutics LLC and Santé Veritas Holdings Inc. The businesses— each of which has roots in the marijuana market—bring their own unique expertise to the mix. Baker provides CRM and analytics software for dispensaries, 6 | total-world-industry.com

Briteside provides prefabricated modular construction for cultivation and production facilities, Sea Hunter Therapeutics is a source of capital and management expertise, and Santé Veritas is a licensed producer in Canada that has developed wholesale contracts. Last week, the company began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (under the ticker symbol “TILT”), and at the same time announced acquisitions of Blackbird Holdings Corp., a cannabis distribution company, and Standard Farms LLC, a multi-state medical cannabis operator focused on greenhouse cultivation and CO2-based extraction. TILT also announced it will soon expand its facility in Taunton, Mass., to support growing demand in the state. The 116,000 square foot facility will encompass 60,000 square feet of flower canopy, producing approximately 30,000 pounds of flower on an annual basis. The location will be one of the largest cultivation centres for cannabis in Massachusetts. It will feature state-of-the-art cultivation technology combining genetics and engineering while lowering TILT’s carbon footprint by more than 60 percent via a proprietary design. There is a lot of IP in TILT’s operations—from the lab to the grow room—which was not shared with the

media during a recent plant tour of the Taunton facility. The company currently has two retail locations in Massachusetts with 12 more planned openings in the state. But the goal is to provide a platform that other companies can build upon across the country. Because cannabis is illegal in the U.S. under federal law, it can’t be transported across state lines. So, to participate, a full-scale operation from cultivation to point of sale is needed. TILT is in business to help companies build scalable, repeatable processes where there is currently zero infrastructure. TILT can provide the capital, the hardware, the software, distribution, and even the plants using best practices that ensure the production of the same quality product each time. And, technology is a big part of the business model. “Automation is at the core of everything we do,” said Joel Milton, president of technology at TILT. But keep in mind, this is an industry in the embryonic stages of development. So, how can a company build a B2B business model that it can replicate across state lines and even globally in what is still an unproven market? The answer is not only in the platform, but in the people. “We are problem solvers,” said TILT CEO Alex Coleman.

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Cruise Industry in Norway to Operate Emission Free by 2026?

The Norwegian parliament has decreed that the country’s UNESCOprotected fjords shall be free from cruise and ferry emissions no later than 2026, DNV GL said. Although these represent ambitious goals, State Secretary Atle Hamar in the Ministry of Climate and Environment believes that the goal is realistic“using a combination of effective legislation and the most advanced hybrid and battery technology available today, and technologies that will emerge”. The new law regarding the world heritage fjords is currently under extended review, with approval expected in early 2019. The measures cover emissions to air, discharge of grey and black water, and visible exhaust from the funnel. The most recent amendments to the regulations also ban the use of scrubbers for removing SOx and NOx from emissions. “For those not running on clean energy like batteries or hydrogen, this will mean a shift to low-sulphur fuel, use of catalytic converters, or other alternatives,” Hamar explained. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designated the Geiranger and

Nærøy fjords on Norway’s west coast as World Heritage Sites in 2005. The intention of the designation is to ensure the protection, conservation, presentation and transfer to future generations of the culture and natural heritage in the unique fjord environment. Tourism is already well developed in these sensitive fjords, and a 40 percent increase in tourist traffic has been projected by 2030. “Growth at this level will be unsustainable unless we find new ways to manage tourism in the heritage fjords. The tourism industry will have to take a role in the clean-up, and the government’s assignment is to implement rules and regulations that place responsibility where it belongs,” Hamar added. In addition to protecting the environment and preserving the natural integrity of the heritage fjords, a key goal with the regulations is to reduce health risks for area residents. A central measure will be to install shore power for all ships to reduce emissions while in port, including supplying adequate power where

grids do not have the necessary capacity. One answer to this challenge is the power dock energy storage concept already in place in Gudvangen in Nærøyfjord, allowing charging over longer periods of time and supplying power as needed to the vessels. “We are also encouraging the use of local regulations in ports to bring about change. Fees and charges can be adjusted to encourage greener practices in ports, finance sustainable solutions on shore, and reward cleaner ships. Owners must be convinced to build sustainable ships and phase out those most harmful to the environment,” Hamar emphasized. Establishing hubs further out in the fjords and shuttling passengers into the protected areas is another option under consideration, according to DNV GL. Hamar noted that the emission-free battery technology that might one day power shuttle craft is already in place on the hybrid Vision of the Fjords and the all-electric Future of the Fjords, both operating in Nærøyfjord. total-world-industry.com | 7

totalworld.industry monthly news roundup

Trump attacks OPEC again, warning against high oil prices President Trump resumed his attacks on OPEC, saying the world is too fragile to handle a price hike and urging the cartel to “relax and take it easy.” Trump’s war of words with OPEC punctuated big price swings in 2018, as he pressured the group to keep the taps open to help consumers. His latest foray was no exception and crude erased gains in New York, sinking 1.6% to $56.33/bbl. The president’s intervention follows a price rally of about 25% this year due to production cuts from OPEC and its allies, diminishing fears about the economic impact of the U.S.-China trade war and Washington’s imposition of sanctions on Venezuelan oil shipments. Now pressure from Trump once again puts Saudi Arabia and the rest of OPEC in a bind. “We might see a less aggressive stance on supply cuts from the Saudis -- this might stop them from cutting deeper,” said Giovanni Staunovo, an analyst at UBS Group AG in Zurich. “But I still think Saudi Arabia has the incentive to see higher oil prices, and deliver the cuts agreed in December,” when OPEC and its partners agreed to remove 1.2 MMbpd.


The risk to OPEC comes in the form 8 | www.industryafrica.net

of the so-called No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act, or NOPEC, an act resurrected by U.S. lawmakers that proposes making the organization subject to the Sherman antitrust law, used more than a century ago to break up the oil empire of John Rockefeller. Congressional support for the bill intensified last year as oil prices neared a four-year high, and Trump publicly blamed OPEC for high pump prices in the U.S. In the past, the White House has opposed the NOPEC legislation -- both George W. Bush and Barack Obama threatened to use their veto. OPEC’s concern now is that Trump may break with his predecessors, and angering him by not going “easy,” as he requested in his tweet, raises the stakes. Trump, before becoming president, didn’t just support the NOPEC bill, he was a cheerleader for it. “We can start by suing OPEC for violating antitrust laws,” he wrote in his 2011 book “Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again.”

Whether by coincidence or design, Trump’s latest tweet comes on the eve of International Petroleum Week, which opens in London on Tuesday. The annual event gathers the who’s who of the oil market and industry for several days of conferences, deal-making and cocktail parties.

Defying Trump

The president last tweeted about OPEC on Dec. 5 -- the day before the organization met in Vienna -- calling on it to “keep oil flowing as is” rather than reduce output. However, the group defied his exhortation, announcing a production cut that was deeper than expected. Saudi Arabia itself has slashed oil shipments to the U.S. to a fourweek average of just 515,000 bpd, down almost 30% from a year ago and approaching the lowest level in a decade. Riyadh is targeting the American market in particular since U.S. weekly data has the power to move prices more strongly than that from other nations.

monthly news roundup totalworld.industry

Schneider Electric Launches Venture Fund

With a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, Schneider Electric plans to support new companies through funding, incubation and partnerships. to fix. We can also help them fine tune products, provide capital, test products and then help them go to market and scale their operations.” Though Schneider Electric Ventures was formally announced at the company’s Innovation Summit North America in November, Diarte says the company has been investing in start-ups for a year. Some of the companies Schneider Electric has already invested in include: Sense, a supplier of power load disaggregation technology; Element Analytics, a supplier of industrial Big Data analytics technology; Habiteo, a 3D specialist for new residential housing; QMerit, a company Schneider Electric refers to as the “Uber” for contractors as well as maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) spend; KGS, a predictive engine technology for just-in-time maintenance; and Claroty, a supplier of cybersecurity technology for industrial operational technology (OT) networks. Based on the company’s investment plans, Schneider Electric says it will focus on three major projects in 2019:

eIQ Mobility, which accelerates electric mobility at scale by providing an "electric fleet as a service " to large commercial fleets. • Clipsal Solar, a business venture for on-grid and off-grid systems for residential and commercial applications in Australia, where 1.8 million homeowners have installed solar panels to help manage energy bills. • Greentown Labs Bold Ideas Challenge, a project focused on fast-tracking entrepreneurs by providing the mentors, team members, grants, and business and technical resources they need to launch successful ventures. Underscoring Schneider Electric’s extension into venture funding, Schneider Electric Chairman and CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire said, “Fifteen years ago, Schneider Electric was mostly a product company. Going into digital means living with your customer and resolving pain points. Our focus on products was not enough.” total-world-industry.com | 9


One of the most significant indicators of automation technology’s rapid advance is the number of technology companies launching venture capital funds to take part in the newest developments. A few years ago, we covered the launch of Siemens Venture Capital Unit to target potential disruptive technologies. Since then we’ve also learned of similar funds at companies such as ABB and Rockwell Automation. More recently, I learned that Schneider Electric has also launched a venture capital fund—Schneider Electric Ventures. Through funding, incubation and partnerships, Schneider Electric Ventures has committed to investing between 300 and 500 million euros on “innovations that will make a major contribution to future sustainability and energy efficiency.” Heriberto Diarte, who handles corporate ventures and external innovation at Schneider Electric, says that “when start-ups are looking to solve problems, we can help them understand the value of the problem they’re looking





Time Zone

Alfex Black Blaze

Suggested retail price CHF 345

Alfex are Daring to be Different. For 70 years, Alfex, the independent watch company based in the Canton of Ticino (South of Switzerland) has been driven and inspired by design and Swiss standards of quality. These values are fundamental for the brand and through the accurate research and development of its products, Alfex embodies its slogan DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! We DARE TO BE DIFFERENT as we offer design and love for details more than fashion and mass production, creativity instead of conformity. Alfex watches are Swiss made, 12 | eastcoastpromotions.net

classical but innovative, and they are produced with high quality components.

components and case with anti-finger print. Suggested retail price CHF 345.-

Black blaze, the Alfex gent model ref. 5776, is the dark side of the light. But the design is not only driven by the black but also by the red color. Small details make the difference and transform this watch in a very masculine and innovative timepiece: the second hand, the index at H 8 and the stitches on the black carbon pattern leather strap are red. The watch is equipped with a Swiss movement, a sapphire crystal, antiallergic

Our Review:

The black blaze by Alfex is a great little Swiss watch, that may well go under the radar to some watch enthusiasts that are always looking at the brands in the upper echelon of the price range. But not us we really feel that you can not get a better Swiss made watch at this price bracket, with its effortless style and lightweight body, this timepiece comes highly recommended from us.

Time Zone

Jorg Gray – The Aristocrat RRP £ 315.00

Jorg Gray “How do you define your time?” Founded in 1998 Jorg Gray has expanded from an American specialty private-label watch company to a worldwide brand. Revered for its fashionable timepieces, Jorg Gray continues to create modern, yet timeless watches while maintaining a respect for traditional principles of precision and attention to detail. The brands visually striking, boldly designed watches combine styling, materials and colours that to todays discerning customer. Jorg Gray designers cut cases from solid blocks of steel. Engineers integrate flawless Swiss and Japanese

movements under the finest sapphire and mineral crystal. Skilled artisans complete each timepiece with the finishing touches; exquisite metal bracelets, superior leather, or waterproof silicone rubber. At no point in their unique ancestry have they skimped on cost, quality or innovation.

Our Review:

The first thing that strikes you about this well priced and well-made watch is not the timepiece itself it is the simple yet elegant leather watch box it is packaged in. which really stands out

against some of the samey wood effect boxes a watch such as this would usually be delivered in. The watch itself sports a 42mm Stainless steel case and stainless-steel strap which makes the watch feel very substantial for a piece that is towards the lower-end of the price spectrum. One thing that really stands out is the royal blue coloured roman numerals on the face of the watch which really pop against the stainless steel body. To summarise this is a great everyday watch for a business man on the move, and for the price bracket it is in it offers great value also. eastcoastpromotions.net | 13





totalworld.industry Puma Energy

Sprinting Ahead

Victoria South


Not all energy companies are created equally; a point that Puma Energy is keen to prove by taking a radically different approach to customer service and relationship building.

Puma Energy totalworld.industry

Energy talks a great deal about ‘journeys’. It’s a clever idea that allows the company to not only allude to the physical movements that its products make possible, but also the way in which personal interactions have moved forwards. Creating lasting relationships with customers, links in the supply chain and wider communities is, ultimately, the journeys that Puma Energy is focussed on and it’s proving to be a phenomenally successful integrated and commercially cognisant strategy. Indeed, it’s the driving philosophy behind the entire operation, “Puma Energy is an integrated global energy company like no other. When we say we fuel journeys, we are not just talking about putting gasoline or diesel in your tank, or providing high quality fuel to some of the world’s largest airlines, shipping companies and power suppliers. It goes further than that. For us, Fuelling journeys is about making a real difference to all of our customers and the life in the communities we serve.”


A brand with heritage Founded back in 1929, in Argentina, the Puma brand came under the CGC umbrella in the form of service stations, to bring fuel products to the people. Humble beginnings soon gave way to exponential growth, with 180 service stations springing into operation. Alongside more retail premises, Puma enjoyed the benefit of larger marketing budgets, resulting in the leaping Puma livery becoming a recognisable sign of quality. Having already branched out into Ecuador, Puma went on to merge with two local operations, in 1994, to create the Eg3 network of service stations, bringing a brand refresh along with it. This would be just the first of many initiatives to extend the reach of the operation that would become Puma Energy, with a global presence that now stretches out into the Americas, Africa, UAE, Europe, Asia and many more. In fact, by 2013, Puma Energy owned and operated 1,600 service stations, spanning five continents, but the evolution of an energy giant wasn’t going to stop there, “In 2017, Puma Energy further expanded its retail network to 3,064 sites, through organic growth and also through the acquisition of a retail

distributor in Panama and of a 51% interest in Admore Gas Pvt Ltd, one of the leading independent oil marketing companies in Pakistan. Puma Energy also added eight new airports (notably Rostov airport in Russia and OR Tambo in Johannesburg), servicing a total of 76 airports across Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.”

An ever-evolving portfolio The Puma Energy of today is a far cry from the relatively simple network of service stations that first brought the brand into the consciousness of savvy consumers. Today, the portfolio

of services, products and solutions on offer is staggeringly diverse, yet a natural evolution of sustained success that has been proven out over the last 90 years. The retail arm of Puma Energy continues to go from strength to strength, with new global service stations opening all the time, but having added lubricants, aviation fuelling services, bitumen production and LPG to the ranks, more people than ever, not to mention businesses, are relying on Puma Energy to keep them moving. Naturally, storage, supply and bunkering concerns have total-world-industry.com | 17

SAFE hands

Excellence & Reliability in Marine Services

TOWAGE | MOORING | SALVAGE | COMMERCIAL DIVING | LIFERAFTS Emergency Response Video Pipeline Inspections PLEM Valve Hook Up & Release Pollution Prevention

Papua New Guinea, Fiji & Solomon Islands


Puma Energy totalworld.industry

‘Pacific Towing – Excellence & Reliability in Marine Services’ Pacific Towing, a subsidiary of Papua New Guinea’s iconic Steamships company has provided excellence and reliability in marine services to the extractives community and others for 40+ years. Recently, Pacific Towing has been growing its internal capabilities to increasingly service LNG operations. The core services provided by Pacific Towing are Towage, Mooring, Salvage, Commercial Diving and Life Rafts (Sales & Service). Additional and highly valued niche services to further support their business partners include Emergency Response, Video Pipeline Inspections, PLEM Valve Hook Up and Release, and Pollution Prevention. Pacific Towing has ‘24/7’ capacity to respond to any marine incident. “Extremely well-trained staff with a wealth of local and international marine services experience, in combination with a highly-maintained fleet, and commitment to safety, environmental protection and community, enables Pacific Towing to provide high value and sustainable services” says General Manager, Neil Papenfus. “We are a

company rich in local content and driven by rigorous international standards. We pride ourselves on our reliability not just in PNG but the broader Pacific.” Like many of the extractives companies it supports, Pacific Towing invests significantly in staff training. The company has a proud history of developing the capacity of local seafarers at all levels and safety training for every staff member is paramount. The company trains its staff in accord with its own industryspecific safety requirements as well as those of its clients, including extractives. Papenfus reports that “Pacific Towing’s focus on safety extends beyond our own organisation to collaborative programs with contractors, clients and business partners.” A training program of which Pacific Towing is especially proud and one which is winning it international acclaim in the maritime community, is its ‘Maritime Women’s Scholarship Program’. Commencing in 2018 and in partnership with the Australian Government’s ‘Australia Awards’ and the China Navigation Company, Pacific Towing introduced a scholarship program for aspiring female deck and engine cadets.

Twenty female staff are currently having their careers fast tracked and deriving considerable benefit from the program. Other ways Pacific Towing are facilitating the economic empowerment of women is through their long term involvement with the PNG Business Coalition for Women with Papenfus represented on its board. Pacific Towing is steeped in a tradition of professional seamanship with its operations underpinned by established systems and processes accredited to international standards and best practice. Headquartered in Port Moresby, but operating out of multiple ports across PNG, as well as in Solomon Islands and Fiji, its fleet comprises 11 dedicated vessels supported by nearly 200 highlytrained staff. Pacific Towing has enjoyed considerable growth in its service offerings, capacity and geographic market over the last decade. They are poised for greater expansion in the immediate future and look forward to introducing additional services and growing their network of ports to help further drive the success of your business. Learn more about Pacific Towing at www. pacifictowingpng.com.

total-world-industry.com | 19

totalworld.industry Puma Energy

20 | total-world-industry.com

Puma Energy totalworld.industry

also been addressed, to ensure a consistently reliable flow of products and just to further minimize the risk of error, refining operations have also been acquired. Not a company to risk being unable to fulfill promises to valued customers, Puma Energy has sought to troubleshoot potential logistical nightmares, before they occur. Considering that a good proportion of contracts are with wholesale businesses that order in large quantities, Puma Energy’s logistics need to be smooth and reliable, Which is why, in addition to strategically placed fuel storage facilities and state of the art distribution fleets, marine facilities have also been developed, “We have a wealth of experience in the construction, maintenance and operation of jetties, berths and offshore mooring systems, including offshore mooring systems in Ghana, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Belize, along with port oil jetties in Puerto Rico, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Kingdom, Paraguay, Ivory Coast and Dubai (UAE). We operate one of the world’s largest Conventional Buoy Mooring Systems in Luanda Bay, Angola, and our marine systems play a critical role in securing the supply of energy for our customers in many parts of the world.” In simple terms, Puma Energy has made sure that it can reach any and all customers, regardless of location or logistical headaches, thus protecting its incredible reputation.

Responsibility first

“At Puma Energy, sustainability is about working together with communities to stand up for what matters most to them and their environments.”

total-world-industry.com | 21


In terms of sustainable practices, energy companies are being hit hard, but Puma Energy is already working alongside a philosophy of responsible operation, “At Puma Energy, sustainability is about working together with communities to stand up for what matters most to them and their environments. To do this, we rely on a robust approach to risk, transparent reporting and high standards of ethics, integrity and governance.” In order to achieve its selfimposed high standards of sustainability, Puma Energy has taken the unusual route of acknowledging that air pollution is one of the gravest concerns facing future generations and is placing itself at the forefront of cleaner fuel development, which is

an ongoing endeavour. Determined to provide the highest quality fuel in the market, Puma Energy is going one step further by looking to consistently exceed the minimum requirements set by local governments, thanks to the Puma Energy Cleaner Fuel, Healthier Engines Promise. It’s clear that sustainable operation is no mere marketing ploy, thanks to the intrinsic link between Puma Energy and the many communities that it operates within, “Over the years, we have proven that we invest for the long term. As well as investing in public infrastructure and our customers’ access to quality fuels, we also identify ways in which we can leave a positive legacy for many years to come. We work closely with our colleagues at the Puma Energy Foundation, our charitable arm, to ensure that our community investment makes a difference where it’s needed most. Our joint focus is on trade-related programmes that support social enterprises and boost sustainable employment, as well as projects mitigating the social and environmental issues caused by transportation or infrastructure.” If all energy companies sought to operate with even a modicum of the consideration and self-awareness that Puma Energy does, it would be a very different world, but that’s why this innovative operation stands out from the crowd. Having consistently sought out new ways to meet and exceed customers needs and expectations, Puma Energy continues to delight consumers on a global scale, while never losing sight of the future and the vital role it will play in it. This is why, when competitors are stalling and failing to gather enough momentum to sustain growth, Puma Energy is sprinting ahead.

totalworld.industry Tassal

A sustainable approach to healthy eating Victoria South


Australia’s largest producer of Tasmanian-grown Atlantic salmon, Tassal has risen to the to thanks to an unerring commitment to both quality and sustainability and now, international audiences are enjoying access to this exceptionally special superfood.

Tassal totalworld.industry

you think of salmon, the chances are that Australia isn’t the first country you associate with high quality, sustainable fish farming, but that might be about to change, as Tassal has burst onto the salmon scene with an undeniably exuberant business energy.


A passion for nutrition The team at Tassal put a huge amount heart and soul into every product in its extensive portfolio and while the food production industry might not always be linked to sustainable methodologies and nutritious gastronomy, Tassal is on a mission to change perceptions, “We want to share our passion and knowledge of salmon to bring you easy recipe ideas, cooking tips and meal inspiration for every season and occasion. Food is the most critical need for future generations, particularly sustainable salmon – food with a low carbon profile that is also a superfood. Our people are passionate about producing a healthy, sustainable protein, which is

“We want to share our passion and knowledge of salmon to bring you easy recipe ideas, cooking tips and meal inspiration…”

experiencing increasing demand both in Australia and internationally.” By giving equal priority to safe manufacturing standards, sustainability and taste, Tassal is enjoying phenomenal levels of success, which is even more incredible when you consider that in the world of food, it’s veganism that seems to be enjoying a moment of popularity. Far from being threatened, Tassal is fighting back in the most productive way possible; through education and nutritional expertise.

Tasmanian salmon: the ultimate superfood Fatty acids in the form of Omega-3 is vital for brain development and body health, but our bodies are incapable of producing it naturally. That’s why a supplemented diet is so essential and, rather than taking tablets, Tasssal offers a simple and delicious way to top up the tanks, “There are two different kinds of Omega-3 – those from plant sources (known as ALA) and those from marine sources (called EPA & DHA). While both kinds of Omega-3 are important for good health, the marine Omega-3 is more potent and provides wide ranging health benefits to our bodies and brains. Just 100g of salmon provides 159% of our recommended daily intake of Omega-3, so farmfresh Tasmanian salmon really is nature’s superfood.” When you consider that salmon is also a tasty source of various vitamins, including the all-important B12, there is literally no reason not to cook it up as part of your regular weekly meal plan, especially if you like your protein with a side of ethics.

More than just a buzzword There’s a lot of talk about sustainability and ethical production values in today’s business world, but not every company out there is truly aligned to the principles of responsible manufacturing, which is why Tassal is such a unique operation. By making sustainability a core expression of what the company stands for, more fundamental elements, such as flavour, can take centre stage, with consumers knowing that their consciences are being nourished at the same time as their bodies and minds. “At Tassal, sustainability is more than just an expression; it is a value we live by. Our focus on sustainability has been the basis for developing total-world-industry.com | 23

totalworld.industry Tassal

programmes around food safety, environmental management, fish welfare and our fish quality.” The team goes on to explain how farming can be sustainable, “Seafood is a high protein, low fat, healthy and nutritionally rich food. As the world population grows, traditional methods of 24 | total-world-industry.com

“Our people are passionate about producing a healthy, sustainable protein, which is experiencing increasing demand both in Australia and internationally.”

Tassal totalworld.industry

capturing wild fish can’t meet the increase in global demand for seafood. Responsible aquaculture is an important part of the future solution. Through well-managed salmon farming, we can meet the growing demand and produce a higher quality product, whilst looking after the environment and

communities.� With this in mind, the activities of the company have been geared towards environmentally sound breeding and farming methods, the result of which is a global first for any salmon company: Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification. This accreditation reveals that

Tassal truly is in the upper echelons of responsible farming operations in the world, with best practice and incredible taste coming together like perfect partners, “Tassal has led the way in Australian seafood in terms of corporate, social and environmental reporting and certification. total-world-industry.com | 25

totalworld.industry Tassal

26 | total-world-industry.com

Tassal totalworld.industry

NETS TASMANIA Pty Ltd. 172 Kermandie Road Geeveston TAS 7116 ABN 54 116 268 207 ACN 116 268 207 PH +61 3 62 97 1530 Fax +61 3 62 97 0130 donsnets@bigpond.com Mobile 0418 121616

KGrid 30 years of Success and Innovation with Tassal, providing excellence in Tasmanian Net Making


Nets Asia dedicated interbuild facility

Transparent reporting is key to driving accountability and continuing improvement. Our intent is to provide timely, accurate and material information for our stakeholders. We are committed to tackling sustainability issues with integrity, transparency and purpose.”

KGrid Original thinking and process, unique physical properties, total protection from seal predation.

Super 20 Mono co-polymer developed by Nets for its heavy duty traditional net assemblies.

“At Tassal, sustainability is more than just an expression; it is a value we live by”

A salmon solution for everybody

“Tassal Kitchen is a centre for all things salmon. Salmon is so versatile it can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In our kitchen, we have provided you with a collection of delicious salmon recipes. We’ll guide you with cooking techniques and videos, and share tips so you can create everyday salmon dishes for friends and family.” Essentially, Tassal is a onestop superfood shop. Not only does it systematically produce some of the most environmentally friendly

and sustainably farmed fish in the world, it then turns them into a plethora of delicious and nutritious food options, while suggesting easy to follow recipes to use as mealtime inspiration. From fresh salmon fillets that are ready to be pan-fried and served up with fresh vegetables through to caned flakes that transform any salad into a flavourful feast, Tassal is doing so much more than just providing protein to the world; it’s also teaching a sustainable approach to healthy eating. total-world-industry.com | 27


The best companies in the world account for the fact that their customer base will be diverse and multi-tiered, in terms of spending capacity, and will seek out opportunities to corner every part of the market. Tassal has most certainly taken this approach, by embracing four different product offerings in the form of fresh deli, fresh packaged, smoked and canned. These different varieties allow for a medley of different cooking techniques to be employed as well as new flavours to be experimented with, both of which help to keep kitchen creativity alive, although this has already been accounted for, with Tassal Kitchen,

totalworld.industry Liebherr Austrailia

Built from the ground up Victoria South


One of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of premier construction machinery, Liebherr has grown to such an extent that it has a tangible reach in over 130 countries, including the demanding Australian market.

Liebherr Austrailia totalworld.industry

Liebherr Group is a global success story that continues to impress and inspire and it’s all thanks to the genius of one man; Hans Liebherr. Considered to be a pioneering inventor, it was his creation of the tower crane, in 1949, which has been credited as the beginning of something special.


Humble beginnings The TK10 mode tower cranel, as it would be named, was simple to set-up and easy to transport to a number of building sites and, thanks to a dire need for rebuilding in the aftermath of the war, it lead to Germany playing hot to the inception of the Hans Liebherr Maschinenfabrik company. From here, it was a simple case of continued development and model evolution until suddenly, Liebherr was no longer an engineering and construction works company, but a fully-fledged manufacturer of construction machinery. What followed was a phenomenal few decades of growth, with new offerings, improved designs and increasingly diverse market sectors being explored. Most impressive is the fact that the desire for international reach began as far back as 1958, when Europe and Africa demonstrated their suitability for new branches, “Established as a company in Germany, Liebherr commissioned its first factory abroad in the 1950s. To gain a foothold in the British and North American market, the company built a production site in Killarney, Ireland. Initially, tower

“Hans Liebherr set the tracks for the international direction of the Group.”

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totalworld.industry Liebherr Austrailia

cranes were built here, followed later by container cranes, shipyard cranes and special cranes. In South Africa, in the 1960s, the first branch outside Europe was founded. Hans Liebherr set the tracks for the international direction of the Group.”

The decade that changed the face of a company By the 1980s, Liebherr had a presence in numerous countries, but an exciting development was still to come; the move into Australia. First incorporated in 1981, Libeherr-Australia Pty Ltd was headquartered on Adelaide, in a purpose-built facility that allowed all initial operations to be house din one location. For many operations, this would have been enough, but Liebherr grows at a rate of knots and is never content to rest on its laurels, which is why expansion began almost immediately. “The company has expanded considerably, with offices throughout the country. Today

Liebherr-Australia Pty Ltd sells and supports a range of Liebherr products in Australia and New Zealand, including mobile and crawler cranes, offshore cranes, tower cranes, deep foundation machines, earthmoving and mining equipment as well as refrigeration and freezing appliances.” It comes as little surprise that the southern hemisphere fell under the spell of the Liebherr company and it was just one of the final developments that pushed the creation of one holding organisation into being, in 1983. While a global headquarters makes great sense, logistically speaking, to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction within a specific country, having numerous branches spread out across the land makes the most sense and Liebherr-Australia took this way of thinking to heart. Through a series of company expansions, a total of eight locations have been opened in Australia, with a further three springing up in New Zealand to offer

A branch at every turn With a relatively large number of branches in one country, it made sense to give each one a key area of responsibility, to allow for a more focussed approach. In simple terms, they are as follows: Adelaide – The head office for Liebherr-Australia. A large administration building is joined by a remanufacturing plant and distribution centre to create an integrated site that dictates best practices and codes of conduct for every other branch in the country. Brisbane, Mackay, Melbourne, Mount Thorley, Newman, Perth and Sydney – Branches contain mixes of tower crane sales divisions, mining offices, which look after both sales and marketing and workshop and warehouse spaces dedicated to earthmoving and material-handling technology. Of course, with so many branches and different specialities, it could be

“Today LiebherrAustralia Pty Ltd sells and supports a range of Liebherr products in Australia and New Zealand.”

The Company Specialising in Hard Chrome Plating and the latest thermal metal coating technologies CMT, HVOF & PTA. THE PREFERRED REPAIRER FOR AUSTRALIA’S MINING, CONSTRUCTION, DEFENCE AND MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES FOR OVER 30 YEARS.


The Tool Chrome Company Pty Ltd 4 Leeds Street, Wingfield, South Australia, 5013 Australia T: +61 8 8262 2800 E: dfleer@toolchromecompany.com.au

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a full complement of construction machinery offerings.

Liebherr Austrailia totalworld.industry

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totalworld.industry Liebherr Austrailia

extremely difficult to stay on top of all the innovations and developments hitting Australia, but Liebherr has always excelled in the field of customer communications. Seen as a simple extension of exemplar customer service, the Australian management team has created a newsletter, called The Scoop, a triannual outreach initiative designed to keep anyone connected to the business informed of any and all pertinent news. There’s also a rather fun shop element that has been introduced as well, “In the Australian-based online shop, we offer quality Liebherrbranded clothing, accessories, stationery and our popular models of Liebherr machines.” If you’re wondering why a construction machinery company would need to offer merchandise, stop. Consider for one moment how intrinsically important the goods and services offered by Liebherr are and you’ll quickly understand that brand loyalty comes as standard from its clientele and they’re happy to wear it on their sleeves, or heads.

Family values into the future Having been founded by Hans Liebherr and continued by subsequent generations of the family, there has always been a higher level of personal investment in the success of operations than some companies ever know the benefit of. In fact, today, Liebherr is feeling the impact of welcoming a third generation of family members into the management circle, “Involvement of the third generation at management level safeguards continuation of the organisation as a family-run business. In order to also be in a strong competitive position in the future, the Liebherr Group is investing in strategically selected locations, technological further development and a modern infrastructure.” There’s so much more to mere sentiment here; it’s a case of protecting the legacy of a great man. Having sadly passed away in 1993, Hans Liebherr left his brainchild in the best hands; those of his family. There is definitely more evolution and growth to come, but it’s wonderful to know that the people directing it will always remain respectful of what their forefather built from the ground up. 32 | total-world-industry.com

Liebherr Austrailia totalworld.industry


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totalworld.industry Jetcrete

Laying strong foundations Victoria South


Australia’s largest shotcrete contractor, Jetcrete has an impressive legacy of improving the safety standard of multiple mining operations throughout the country, thanks to innovative best practice initiatives and a desire to stay at the forefront of its industry.

Jetcrete totalworld.industry

in the 1980s, Jetcrete was setup in response to a recognised gap in the market for a construction and miningspecialist shotcrete operation that would improve the operating safety standards and efficiency of multiple other companies. With a staunch vision of how Jetcrete should work and the values that should always underpin its day-to-day activities, “Jetcrete has made a commitment to carry out shotcrete application activities in a cost effective manner, whilst establishing best industry practice and ensuring a total safety environment.” In order to accomplish this vision, stringent rules surrounding safety, performance analysis, decisionmaking, communication, quality and fairness were all put into place and over 35 years later, they are still the guiding principles of the entire company. Not many hugely successful operations can say that, especially not after years of growth and diversification. With an expanded product portfolio, larger staffing contingent and new clients often comes a shift in company values or perspectives, but Jetcrete seem to align with an ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ ethos. Jetcrete’s customer base clearly appreciates the transparent approach, as the services being offered today have become increasingly varied, due to client demand.

A select service for everyone

various sites throughout Australia. All equipment is fitted with the best safety systems available and is compliant with the highest underground specifications used in the mining industry. Using our 28 years of experience with spraying in both the civil and mining industries, Jetcrete now has proven capabilities for all elements of the shotcrete process.” This all sounds great, as long as you fully understand what shotcrete is and the process it requires but not everybody is a specialist in this area. Jetcrete wouldn’t be a leading expert in the field if working with shotcrete was easy, but given how essential the process is for the continuation of other industries, thank goodness someone took the initiative and created an integrated product offering, “Drawing on over 35 years experience with spraying in both the civil and mining industries; with a work force of over 150 personnel and having a modern fleet of plant, Jetcrete now has the proven capabilities for all elements of the shotcrete process. This includes capabilities for batching, delivery and application in any condition or location.” The key takeaway here is that any location can be accommodated. Neither hard nor soft rock mines pose any problem and regardless of whether initial development or rehabilitation is needed, Jetcrete can effectively service all underground sites.

“Jetcrete owns and operates a fleet of specialised equipment at

The right people for the job


“Jetcrete has made a commitment to carry out shotcrete application activities in a cost effective manner…”

To maintain the exceptional standards that Jetcrete has become synonymous with, of course, requires a team of expertly trained staff and Jetcrete can boast some of the most proficient professionals around, “All shotcrete operators have a minimum of 8 to 12 months intensive training, including concrete batching and delivery driving prior to their appointment as a ‘sprayer.’” All of this follows a strict and in-depth recruitment process, designed to ensure that only the very best people are welcomed into the Jetcrete family. Taking cues from parent company the Byrnecut Group, potential candidates are expected to pass multiple stages of short-listing and screening and even then, they still have a lengthy journey ahead of them, total-world-industry.com | 35

totalworld.industry Jetcrete

filled with development initiatives and training. Perfection demands commitment and Jetcrete employees are left in no doubt as to this.

Considering the customer Given that all Jetcrete shotcrete sprayers are expected to learn from the ground up, taking roles throughout the company before being entrusted with the responsibility of a sprayer’s role, every part of the process has a certain level of prestige. This is exacerbated by the fact that both the batching and delivering facets of the company were initiated for the good

38 | total-world-industry.com

of the most important people; the customers, “After initial shotcrete trials for Goldfields in 2003, Jetcrete set up an on site batch plant at the Agnew operations to enable 24 hour concrete, CAF and shotcrete manufacture.” There are also batch plants in operation, “To date Jetcrete operates 13 of its own batch plants in addition to operating 4 client and hire batch plants producing in excess of 250,000 m3 of shotcrete/GP concrete per annum. The concrete can either be transferred into a low

profile transmixer or delivered by an underground-approved ‘road going’ concrete truck.” That’s what you call an integrated business model, with an extra layer of staff dedication in that everybody learns the ropes at each stage of the process, but there’s even more to the Jetcrete portfolio than shotcrete application, as quality assurance and civil infrastructure services are on the roster as well. Quality assurance speaks for itself, as the team conducts a number of site tests to ensure compliance with Australian standards, as well as annual

Jetcrete totalworld.industry

complete package to the mining industry.” This means that in addition to the exemplar underground works that Jetcrete has become known for, it has also branched out to become a preferred construction partner for projects within the mining sector including site office, workshops, machine foundations, drainage and earthworks. On the face of things, Jetcrete is simply Australia’s largest and

most experienced concrete spraying operation, but dig a little deeper and there’s so much more to discover. Taking pride in every stage of the process, from the procurement of incredible team members through to completed infrastructure and spraying projects, Jetecrete is a specialist contractor that’s showing no signs of ever slowing down, especially when it comes to helping the mining industry, by laying strong foundations. total-world-industry.com | 39


auditing of all equipment, but the civil infrastructure arm is a little more involved, “Jetcrete has a team of engineers, project managers and qualified tradesmen that are capable of delivering civil infrastructure works in remote locations all around Australia. With a fleet of equipment including mobile batch plants, concrete boom pumps, road and underground agitators, backhoes and loaders, Jetcrete provides a

totalworld.industry KBSA - Kimbe Papua New Guinea

Thriving at the frontier Mike Garwin


• • • • •

Ivan O’Hanlon and his mission for Papua New Guinea A land that is 80% rural Looking for opportunities rather than difficulties KBSA and helping PNG communities Passing on the mantle for the future.

KBSA - Kimbe Papua New Guinea totalworld.industry

the world of business, major brand companies are usually associated with an equally well-known state of the propensity for big market business societies. Such examples could range from Apple products that has its roots in America as it was first developed within USA to Huawei, with its founder even serving in the Peoples Liberation army for the Peoples Republic of China. These very small selections are just snapshots of the idea that these companies’ affiliations are connected to highly pro-business countries with their citizens well known for mercantilism. Most readers here would have heard of these companies and the global outreach they provide. However, there are areas in the world that are more than just the famous ones found in mainstream knowledge. Papua New Guinea would not be the first choice in the people’s mind of a full metropolitan and cosmopolitan state. In fact, with the present development of the county, it should not be anyone’s first choice in their minds in this current time. Near 80% of the population live in rural areas with little contact of the modern world and the life with it. This contrasts sharply against the current trajectory of the world where more people move to urbanised regions as economic opportunities develop. Its unique facet is its near 700 native languages spoken within these communities and a plethora of natural resources that is within its borders. Indeed, the state of Papua New Guinea tends to support itself financially via the agricultural business such as palm oil plantations and other such monetary practices. For those living in rural isolated communities, few contacts with each other let alone modern practices and subside on subsistence agriculture with nonmonetary gains. So how is this so relevant? Kimbe Bay Shipping Agencies Ltd (KBSA) is one of the few companies that not only tackled the challenges of basing their operations in Papua New Guinea but also thriving in this sort of society. In a country that has bare infrastructures for multicorporation as a concept alone, new forward-thinking ideas with entrepreneur spirit must be


‘Starting as a family business more than 40 years ago, KBSA is now a group of connected companies. By supplying the best quality products and services, we help rural businesses in PNG thrive and support local communities in West New Britain.’

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totalworld.industry KBSA - Kimbe Papua New Guinea

involved to be successful in Papua New Guinea. When the founder of KBSA, Ivan O’Hanlon, arrived at the shores of one of the most remote countries in the world, he had some ideas. Starting from the basic idea of ‘what is missing and how can I fix this situation?’, Ivan O’Hanlon noticed the fledgling but rapid development of palm oil agriculture. The name of the company, Kimbe Bay Shipping Agencies, with the word Kimbe alludes to the original setting of the company in the region. KBSA set up in Kimbe Town (capital of the West New Britain Province) in the late 1960’s as it started to become the agricultural centre for palm oil. As such with this economic commodity that Papua New Guinea was producing, Ivan O’Hanlon saw the potential as a support service for this quick growing industry alongside a population increase due to palm oil developments. Capitalising on these turn of events, Kimbe Bay Shipping Agencies original foundation was built on port services, pilot services, stevedoring with customs and clearance. This was all to assist and support the palm oil industry which was indicating huge economic interest. The investment paid off 42 | total-world-industry.com

KBSA - Kimbe Papua New Guinea totalworld.industry

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totalworld.industry KBSA - Kimbe Papua New Guinea

Len O'Hanlon

‘To support our local area, KBSA is involved in a number of on-theground improvement projects Kimbe Town. As well as helping the Kimbe Rotary Club, our staff get hands-on with community clean-ups and charity events'

and the business earned enough capital to diversify into other areas such as their own agribusiness of cocoa and copra in the 1970’s. From this point further onwards, the company has grown out even further and by 2019, KBSA is involved with property development, construction, automotive and the previous services that they were founded on. So, whilst the initial boom of KBSA was based on smart investments, what has kept the company going on and further expanding economically? Well, KBSA provides an answer with ‘Starting as a family business more than 40 44 | total-world-industry.com

years ago, KBSA is now a group of connected companies. By supplying the best quality products and services, we help rural businesses in PNG thrive and support local communities in West New Britain.’. The KBSA company has the home advantage of building up brand loyalty associated within Papua New Guinea and due to PNG’s small urban population, the generations living in urban areas would be most likely seen and bought KBSA products. Knowing the high standards of KBSA, the local people especially in Kimbe are happy to use this home-grown company

even though other competitors are attempting to place a foothold within the lands of PNG. The cultural significance of the KBSA cannot be understated in Kimbe as even as tourists’ reviews note that there is a large presence of KBSA owned shops which are possible because locals support them. The second part of their answer were also their associated investment into the rural population with their quote ‘we help rural businesses in PNG thrive and support local communities in West New Britain’. So how do KBSA involve themselves with the

KBSA - Kimbe Papua New Guinea totalworld.industry

citizens of Papua New Guinea? From KBSA about their projects ‘To support our local area, KBSA is involved in a number of onthe-ground improvement projects Kimbe Town. As well as helping the Kimbe Rotary Club, our staff get hands-on with community cleanups and charity events. Each year, KBSA supports our local technical colleges with generous grants and practical, on-the-job training for graduating students in electrical, carpentry, auto-electrical and automechanical skills. To encourage local development, KBSA also offers hardware and homeware discounts to all our local churches and schools.’ An example was in 2016, the Rotary club which KBSA supports and employs individuals within the club donated hospital equipment in the provincial hospital in Kimbe. Provincial Health CEO Stanislaw Tao in 2016 at the time thanked for the donation “I am truly humbled by your actions and generosity. We will continue to enhance the partnership with

To encourage local development, KBSA also offers hardware and homeware discounts to all our local churches and schools.’

you and other stakeholders in the province”. This shows KBSA emphasis on maintaining its roots and mission to help the PNG connect with the world with its economic benefits. Ian, Len and Ben O’Hanlon are the three sons that have now taken over the company with Ivan O’Hanlon retiring to a welldeserved rest. Whilst Ivan O’hanlon had created and pioneered the ship of KBSA, his three sons are no less ambitious then he is and all three set high bars for the company in the future with investments that ties the PNG economy with much larger markets such as China and Australia whilst developing on the people in PNG. In many senses, the passing of the mantle represents the future of the new generation of PNG with newer opportunities to interact and grow with the world. With its record of trust with local community and ambition to spread KBSA further than ever before, may the KBSA continue the voyage that it started in the 1960’s.


The hidden oasis of Kimbe, West New Brtain is home to the world’s most beautiful places. Immerse yourself in PNG’s rich culture, dive the best reefs in the world, soar above the jungle by helicopter to magnificent waterfalls or trek active volcanos .There is something for every family member to enjoy. Explore our all-inclusive packages today and start your adventure of a lifetime.

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BOOK ONLINE | www.liamoreefresort.com



Middle East & Asia


totalworld.industry Davy Sukamta & Partners

Engineering with passion Victoria South


As a specialist in structural engineering, particularly with regards to high-rise buildings, Davy Sukamta & Partners has shown that with a wealth of expertise and a genuine passion for both the design and construction industries, that the only way is up.

Davy Sukamta & Partners totalworld.industry

in 1989, Davy Sukamta & Partners (DSP) has seen the landscape of structural engineering change dramatically in Indonesia. With ground space fast becoming a premium commodity, thanks to unyielding growth in the commercial sector, clients began looking to innovative structural engineering firms to suggest new and exciting ways to capitalise on smaller footprints. DSP, being a company that never shies away from a challenge, began looking upwards for inspiration and in doing so, has carved itself a premium reputation in the high-rise buildings sector.


Buildings like no others To the untrained eye, one high-rise building might look just like the next, but DSP works strenuously to prevent this from actually being the case, by interacting with project architects in a more unique way. Rather than suggesting a formulaic or prescriptive structural solution across the board, the DSP team seeks to open the channels of communication and imagination, “Our approach, through dialogue with the architect from the very early phase of design, gives optimum structural cost while supporting the design intent.” What this means, essentially, is that the structural elements are considered on an individual basis, in a bid to not stunt the creativity of the new building in question. Whereas some companies might seek to simply offer standardised highrise templates for ISO compliance, DSP is an integral part of the design procedure, interjecting its own vision as to how the architecture of the future could look and perform. The question is, why take this unusual step? “As a leading structural consulting firm in Indonesia, we search for unique and innovative solutions to each project, with in-depth knowledge, passion and commitment. These attributes are reflected in the quality of our projects.” More than simply phenomenal portfolio showcases, every building that DSP contributes to is a demonstration of what the company stands for, which is why the designated purposes of said buildings are as diverse as the structural solutions being offered. total-world-industry.com | 49

totalworld.industry Davy Sukamta & Partners

50 | total-world-industry.com

Davy Sukamta & Partners totalworld.industry

“Our approach, through dialogue with the architect from the very early phase of design, gives optimum structural cost while supporting the design intent.”

No one-trick pony If a company focuses for long enough on one particular genre of their industry, eventually, it will become something of an expert and that, unfortunately, is where complacency often sets in. Where a desire to be different and unique once ruled everyday operations, suddenly, doing ‘the bare minimum’ or what is expected is deemed sufficient, but DSP has deliberately avoided this pitfall. By maintaining a huge degree of diversity in terms of the projects being undertaken, DSP has, effectively, kept itself on its toes, forcing new perspectives, challenges and opportunities for increasingly inspired idea forging. Yes, this is a company considered to be a goto for high-rise building support, but there’s no one-size-fits-all

blueprint, thanks to the many different sectors DSP works within, “We offer comprehensive structural engineering services for a broad range of building projects including mixed-use developments, hotels and resorts, high-rise residential buildings, high-rise office buildings, hospitals, retails, industrial buildings, theme parks, sport halls, schools, museums, and churches, industrial plants, and many others.” As you can understand, a high-rise commercial property will have very different needs to a proposed residential building, for example, and while staying on top of legislation, standards and ISO compliance issues for so many different construction projects is challenging, DSP has turned it into a fine art. This is a result


Cert No. : 15/03308

• Ground Improvement

Cert No. : 12/02047

• Retaining Walls



Alamanda Tower 19th Floor. Jl. TB. Simatupang Kav. 23 - 24, Cilandak Barat, Jakarta Selatan 12430 - Indonesia Tel : +62 21 2966 1988 (hunting), Fax : +62 21 2966 0188 Email : bauerina@bauer.co.id

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totalworld.industry Davy Sukamta & Partners

of having completed hundreds of projects within Indonesia, since 1989 and breaking the company’s focal points down into five separate areas; structural engineering, façade engineering, evaluation and retrofitting, value engineering and foundation engineering.

Designing better structures Something of a strapline for DSP, the notion of ‘designing better structure’ is evident in every operational department, “Our structural engineering firm offers specialist services such as analysis and design of tall building structures to achieve optimal building configuration considering structural, functional and economical aspects via expertise and coordination with all disciplines.” This isn’t where the creativity ends though, as the façade engineering team are bringing a lot to the table as well, “We provide façade engineering services, such as analysis and design of precast concrete facade system for buildings, canopy, special building features such as crown structure, spires, metal screen facade, including the structural attachments to the supporting structure considering wind loading obtained from wind tunnel test study.” When you discover that previous projects include a Guinness World Record-holding largest LED-lit façade and a premium storefront for Louis Vuitton, things begin to come into focus, but it’s not all glamour and glitz, as the evaluation

“As a leading structural consulting firm in Indonesia, we search for unique and innovative solutions to each project…”

52 | total-world-industry.com

Davy Sukamta & Partners totalworld.industry

“We strive to provide sustainable innovations to our clients, through our knowledge and experience.”

and retrofitting team has a serious responsibility to uphold, “We carry out evaluation of existing buildings for compliance with the latest building code considering seismic effects and determination of strengthening solutions to enhance the buildings' performance to an acceptable level. Also, evaluation and rehabilitation of fire damaged structures, post-earthquake inspections for buildings, strengthening of structure to increase the load capacity and renovation of buildings.” All of these tasks are undertaken while designing methodologies that will comply with client budgets and timescales. That’s no easy feat, especially when coming up with innovative new engineering solutions is a top priority.

Designing the future

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“We strive to provide sustainable innovations to our clients, through our knowledge and experience. Presently, our innovation and commitment are becoming instruments for completing projects cost efficiently and within specified time frames. We are the pioneers in the design and use of many construction innovations, applying many first times in Indonesia such as RC core wall and outriggers, seismically isolated structures and Up-down construction.” This all sounds amazing, but what does it actually mean for potential clients in Indonesia? Simply put, it’s a guarantee of structurally sound and effective buildings, regardless of projected use, that will come in on time and within budget. They’ll also be in line with the architect’s vision and perfectly finished to be fit for purpose. That’s what happens when you work with proven industry experts that are consistently engineering with passion.

totalworld.industry AMOS International

All at sea Victoria South


A competitive and complex industry, the marine and offshore sector demands high standards from the organisations that support it, but AMOS makes the task of being a comprehensive solutions provider look deceptively simple.

AMOS International totalworld.industry

International Holding has partnered with Gaylin Holdings Limited in a groundbreaking merger that has changed the face of marine and offshore services forever. The newly formed AMOS Group Limited is a giant step forward for both former companies in terms of forging a path to global recognition for a diverse portfolio of products, services and tailored solutions, “Our expanded operational footprint significantly increases cross-selling opportunities for our key supplier brands as well as our own ALCONA brand of products which includes ‘Crew Gear’ personal protective equipment and a growing range of technical supplies and daily consumables developed for the marine and offshore workplace.”


A name to trust What’s in a name? Quite a lot actually, in terms of AMOS. Standing for All Marine Offshore Solutions, it gives you a good idea of not

“We now have a unified, motivated international team, representing and supporting a worldclass portfolio of industry leading brands.”

total-world-industry.com | 55

totalworld.industry AMOS International

56 | total-world-industry.com

AMOS International totalworld.industry

only how broad the offerings from the company are, but also how comprehensive they are. Moreover, it gives an insight into just how fully integrated the newly homogenised team is, “We now have a unified, motivated international team, representing and supporting a world-class portfolio of industry leading brands, backed by a single, focused promise. When our customers demand solutions - We Supply.” Having come together, Gaylin and AMOS are able to offer customers access to a unique blend of financial strength, logistics expertise, innovative infrastructure and impressive strategic outreach, “The AMOS Group network strategically links 11 key locations. We supply customers with technical service and supply solutions across four of the most vibrant oil and gas production zones on earth and through four of the world’s busiest ports - Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Busan.”

Rising to every occasion Pooling resources, expertise and geographical reach, the newly formed AMOS has one goal in mind: to surpass the expectations of clients through the provision of economically sound solutions. On the face of it, this sounds like an attainable goal for any successful operation, but when you add in the complexities and competitive nature of the offshore industry, the mandate becomes a little harder to meet. Except for AMOS, which has risen to the ever changing demands with a natural grace and a portfolio of products that defies expectation, “We now offer both our marine and offshore customers a regional network of fulfilment centres to manage technical supplies and provisions, plus regional rigging, lifting and mooring solution centres where we provide rigging design and engineering, wire and synthetic rope solutions, powered lifting & winching and a wide range of inspection, maintenance and testing services.” As a significantly larger company

“Our Singapore Solutions Centre is undergoing expansion. Completion is scheduled for early 2019. The new 250,000 sq/ft building comprises of company headquarters office, warehousing and fulfilment centre, cold chain storage and provisioning.”

“We supply customers with technical service and supply solutions across four of the most vibrant oil and gas production zones on earth.”

total-world-industry.com | 57

totalworld.industry AMOS International

58 | total-world-industry.com

AMOS International totalworld.industry

“If it can’t be done safely with due regard to our environment, then it isn’t part of our plan.”

“Our Singapore Solutions Centre is undergoing expansion. Completion is scheduled for early 2019. The new 250,000 sq/ft building comprises of company headquarters office, warehousing and fulfilment centre, cold chain storage and provisioning.” Looking at things in this way, you could say that from the merger through to the creation of a onestop integrated headquarters, AMOS is moving into the future with cohesion at the centre of every endeavour and it’s a good job too. Given the complexities the company could face on a daily basis, from logistics to maintaining a valueadded supply chain and installing products offshore, streamlining wherever possible is a valid plan for the future. The world will always need offshore and marine specialists, especially those that can demonstrate a natural ability to adapt to industry changes and post-merger, few operations are as flexible as AMOS, or as safety and future-conscious. As James Parsons, COO said, “If it can’t be done safely with due regard to our environment, then it isn’t part of our plan.” One thing is certain; AMOS is a company that isn’t afraid of a challenge and while there’s a global marine industry that relies on the provision of innovative solutions, future proofed technologies and value-added products, it will never be all at sea. total-world-industry.com | 59


with strong underpinnings and a contingent of expert team members, spread out around the world, whatever the rigging, mooring, lifting, logistics or equipment needs a customer might have, AMOS will be able to accommodate them. It’s worth remembering here that this is an incredibly specialist area of operation. Supplying, installing and maintaining lifting equipment is one thing, but add in the extra layer of difficulty that being at sea brings and suddenly, it becomes apparent just how skilled the AMOS team actually is. Most impressively, there is seemingly no desire to exploit this to the detriment of clients, as remaining a good value option is just as important to the team as launching new products and investing in staff development, “World class products, unrivalled production and test facilities and a comprehensive product inventory allows us to continually meet the quality demands of our industry and the operational needs of our clients. Our continued investment in production capacity, new product lines and supporting services enables us to deliver greater value to our clients.” Value is such a key component of the AMOS brand that it directly lead to the inception of ALCONA, an in-house range of professional equipment and industry-relative consumables, all offered at a reasonable price and as the management team says, “The supply chain stays lean and the value stays in the products.” This genius sourcing of the right manufacturers and suppliers goes even further towards keeping costs low for customers, as it’s not just ALCONA purchasers that feel the benefit of an integrated and reliable supply chain, “Our customers have access to an international network of over 2,500 proven and validated suppliers, through a single point of contact and a single payment channel. Managing this degree of complexity demands a world-class procurement and logistics operation.” World-class is right and thankfully, AMOS has invested not only in the products that make a difference to its customers, but also itself, on a physical level. The company offices, worldwide, have been fitted out to exceptionally high standards but it’s the Singapore headquarters that are the best representation of the integrated direction that the company has taken,

totalworld.industry Coleman Microtunnelling

Going Undergound Victoria South


As is so often the case, it’s the imperceptible talent of ground works companies that contribute most to laudable projects in the world. Coleman Microtunnelling has been a key partner to the oil, gas and water industries for over 40 years and looks to be going from strength to strength.

Coleman Microtunnelling totalworld.industry

in 1971, Coleman Microtunnelling (CM) has gained a name for itself thanks to a commitment to innovative tunneling solutions that can assist clients in their desire to complete vital infrastructure quickly and on budget. Having never been a company that simply follows the pack, CM has come to be recognised as a pioneer, thanks to the adventurous spirit of one of the founding members, John Coleman and his award-winning Mahatma Ghandi Road sewer extension project, which saw the first example of microtunnelling being attempted in South Africa.


“Within the tunnelling contracting industry, the Group has an enviable track record, a minimal environmental footprint and a highly skilled and diverse capability range. Offerings include shaft construction, microtunnelling, TBM, Auger Boring, Direct Pipe, HDD, Bothar Crane Hire and Bothar Built tunnelling machines.” Comprised of CM, Bothar Boring

and Innovative Pipeline Crossings, the Group benefits from 25 measurable years of experience.

Digging deeper Expertise is one thing, but the companies that really stand out are usually working to alongside an impressive set of values that support a comprehensive mission and CM is no exception to the

Organic growth Initially founded in the UK, CM has enjoyed significant growth and with it, a global reach that has allowed for exciting projects to be undertaken over various continents. 2015 saw CM joining the Bothar Group, an international contracting giant, but not at the detriment of existing and original clients and their particular market sectors. That’s what makes CM so special. Yes, this is an operation that started as a relatively small company, but through hard work and dedication to always seeking out new and better ways to complete tasks, it has been accepted as an international force to be reckoned with, but without turning its back on valuable relationships, “Coleman Microtunnelling enjoys long-term client relationships born from providing consistently high levels of service, quality and reliability. We believe that given the wider group’s on-going investment in new technology, use of a highly trained and skilled workforce, and all this delivered within best engineering practice, is something that the client base of Coleman Microtunnelling will continue to value.”

Part of the family The Bothar Group is worth understanding in a little more detail, as CM joining it has certainly created a construction superpower. With offices throughout the world and plans to open even more, the Group is able to offer premium tunnelling solutions to an international roster of clients,

“Coleman Microtunnelling enjoys longterm client relationships born from providing consistently high levels of service, quality and reliability.”

total-world-industry.com | 61

totalworld.industry Coleman Microtunnelling

rule. Acknowledging a desire to be “recognised as a global partner that provides excellence in the delivery of tunnelling solutions”, CM has set out to accomplish this vision through a sustainable business model that prioritises innovation and shared values, “Our commitment to sustainable business practices and client satisfaction is reiterated in the Group’s underlying values. The 62 | total-world-industry.com

Group’s core values are driven through five key areas of business practice: safety, integrity, quality, ideas and teamwork.” Add to this, the can-do culture that CM prides itself on and suddenly, the diversity of the offered services portfolio starts to make perfect sense.

A portfolio for a global market No two construction projects are

“Our commitment to sustainable business practices and client satisfaction is reiterated in the Group’s underlying values.”

Coleman Microtunnelling totalworld.industry

total-world-industry.com | 63

totalworld.industry Coleman Microtunnelling

64 | total-world-industry.com

Coleman Microtunnelling totalworld.industry

ever the same. There might be similarities, but terrain, weather conditions, previous works and many other factors always have a role to play and as such, one microtunnelling offering simply won’t be enough to accommodate every potential client. CM recognises this and as such, has sought to offer project partners a smorgasbord of services, thanks to the Group’s various talents, “With a full suite of tunnelling services for all projects world-wide, we have a thorough understanding of a project’s distinct ground conditions, diameter and drive length, always ensuring the best equipment selection. We offer a variety of tunnelling solutions including: shaft construction, microtunnelling, tunnel boring and pipe jacking, auger boring and crane hire.” The result of offering such a vast range of infrastructure-critical services is a host of international projects that have been completed to an incredible standard and, by proxy, lead to more and larger contracts. Repeat custom is always a sign of a job well done and CM enjoys a client base comprising of many regulars. It’s not good fortune that has lead to this, but considered practices, good value and a contingent of staff that can demonstrate their expertise, “Repeat business with many clients reinforces that the Group can make a significant contribution to the success of your project, with staff and work crews who have a proven track record in the successful execution of the construction of tunnelling projects.”

“Repeat business with many clients reinforces that the Group can make a significant contribution to the success of your project…”

clients, allowing the completion of important projects when companies lack an immediate budget.” While microtunnelling and associated services could still be considered relatively niche, CM is keen to make them available to any and all potential clients, hence taking the innovative step of offering project financing options.

Yet another demonstration of why CM has come to be known as a pioneer, this financing initiative all but guarantees a future filled with yet more exciting projects. While the reach of CM is ever growing and being felt in new countries all the time, it will always stay true to its roots thanks to exacting standards, while going underground.

Proud supplier of Slurry Treatment Plants for Coleman Microtunnelling

Making great ground

100 95 75

A Company of the

International Group 25

Schauenburg MAB GmbH Weseler Str. 35 45478 Mülheim a. d. Ruhr Germany

Ad Coleman 2019 Freitag, 25. Januar 2019 09:49:20

website: www.schauenburg-mab.com e-mail: sales@schauenburg-mab.com phone: +49 (0)208 - 9991 - 0 fax: +49 (0)208 - 59 24 09

total-world-industry.com | 65


Having spent over 40 years honing the skills of its staff, refining operations and diversifying offered services in line with organic growth, CM is now in a position to look to the future with incredible confidence. Wherever microtunnelling is needed, CM is ready to step up and exceed expectations, “All in-house staff are thoroughly familiar with the Group’s equipment, work teams, tunnelling construction techniques and are committed to Zero Harm and maximum public safety. The Group has the capacity to operate on a project anywhere in the world and is able to provide finance to

5 0

totalworld.industry Singapore Aero Engine Services

A Pedigree Like No other Mike Garwin


• • • • •

How the Asian tiger roared Singapore airlines and its unusual birth Singapore Aero Engine services and its expertise More complexity for more safety and power A union that trends upwards

Singapore Aero Engine Services totalworld.industry

like the rest of its history has a remarkable tradition and growth from the unexpected. Singapore as a city state first was never imagined to be more than a regional power at best after the split between Malaysia and Singapore on 9th August 1965. After some initial developmental pains and tribulations, Singapore’s effective economic policies directed the its position in the world as one of the main trading hubs within Southeast Asia. The port of Singapore, one of the busiest in the world cemented it as both a commercial and economic hub. Due to these economic ties, Singapore is known as one of the Four Asian Tigers. Mimicking its meteoric rise is their aviation importance and capabilities. Singapore airlines effectively started with its carrier in 1972 though its complicated history as a national airline for both Malaysia and Singapore called Malayan Airways in 1946 results in some nebulous celebrations over its technical inception. When Singapore was voted out of the federation of Malaysia, the airlines were tied together calling it the MalaysianSingapore airlines with the final separation being in 1972. Singapore Airlines were pioneers in providing in-flight services. Services we deem necessities now all were created in 1951. These were cabin crews and in-flight food and drinks. By 2001, personal video players to customers irrespective of economy, business or first class were included. The carrier also


‘Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited (SAESL) is a joint venture company between RollsRoyce Plc and Singapore Airlines Engineering Company'

total-world-industry.com | 67

totalworld.industry Singapore Aero Engine Services

Torus Group Maintaining fuel efficiency throughout the Turbo Fan engines life is vital to

profile variants. The integrated measurement system

the operators. With this in mind, Torus

is utilised for pre-machining inspection

Group developed the A521 CNC Fan

optimising the cutting sequence to

Track Boring Machine.

provide ultimate machining efficiency.

As a strategic first tier supplier to

Once the machining is complete, the

SAESL, Torus were delighted to provide

measurement system automatically

the solution of adaptive accurate fan

conducts a full inspection, producing a

track boring process. The A521 has

measurement report tailored to the end

capability of machining complete or

users requirements which include: full

even partially re-lined fan cases, of

profile scanning, multiple gauge point

all engine types with minimal tooling

measurement and full radial scanning.

change requirements, utilising fewer

These reports, not only ensure total

personnel, producing a more accurate

traceability for all machined engines,

profile than traditional methods in a

but also mean that the Leading and

fraction of the time.

Trailing edge fan-tip clearance

The A521 Fan Track Boring Machine,

check, is a single operation, whereas

features a CNC control of the cutting

traditionally this laborious process may

path negating the need for expensive

have been repeated two or three times

More information at www.torus-group.com

fixed profile templates prone to

before the fan track was cut to size.

For any additional information please speak to:

inaccuracy and wear. Additionally,

Furthermore, the fan-track can

cutting profiles can be easily produced

actually be ‘reverse’ engineered to suit

Fiona Southwick

from the fan tracks CAD files giving

the fan-set, optimising efficiency, not


unprecedented flexibility, dramatically

only of the process but of the air-flow

Tel: +44 (0) 1952 210020

reducing lead time and costs for new

and ultimately fuel burn.

Email: fiona.southwick@torus-group.com

Accurate fan track bore in a fraction of the time Torus’ A521 CNC Fan Track Boring Machine provides efficient and accurate fan track boring. With the ever increasing need for Turbo Fan engine efficiency in mind, Torus Group has developed the A521 CNC Fan Track Boring machine. The machine produces an accurate fan track bore in a fraction of the time of any other system whilst at the same time requiring fewer personnel for set-up and operation. T +44 (0) 1952 210020 tms.sales@torus-group.com www.torus-group.com 68 | total-world-industry.com

Singapore Aero Engine Services totalworld.industry

invested early in new planes and was the first customer for several iconic aircraft, including the Airbus A380, Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350 XWB. Awards were gifted towards Singapore airlines and due to these qualities, they were the gold standard of many airlines for its care, services and technology. Recently in the end of 2018 was Singapore rated back at the top with New Zealand’s 5-year reign as a close second. However, behind all these praise worthy track records, there is a basis that it relies on. These are the aircraft and the engines themselves. ‘Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited (SAESL) is a joint venture company between RollsRoyce Plc and Singapore Airlines Engineering Company. The company first started operations in 2001 and since become a market leader for both engine overhaul and component repair services. As a result of the sustained business growth, SAESL has continued to expand its facilities and develop new capabilities for both its engine overhaul and component repair businesses.’ It is highly effective as due to their connections between Rolls Royce and Singapore Airlines Engineering

Company, they are the forefront of maintaining all services that use these technologies. ‘The Engine Overhaul business has the capability to service all products in the Trent engine family, this includes: Trent 500, Trent 700, Trent 800, Trent 900, Trent 1000 and Trent XWB; SAESL is the only Trent engine MRO that can support all product variants. The Engine Overhaul business has the capacity to repair and overhaul over 300 Trent engines per year and it is equipped with a state-of-the-art Engine Test Facility that supports our best in class engine turnaround times’ as their own confident analysis of their abilities say. So what is a ‘Trent’? Described in their own words ‘Rolls Royce Trent is a family of high bypass turbofan engines manufactured by RollsRoyce, and all are developments of the RB211 with thrust ratings of between 53,000 and 97,000 lbf. The Trent series currently consists of the 500, 700, 800, 900, 1000 and the Trent XWB. The Trent uses a three-spool design rather than two, and while the Trent is a more complex engine, it benefits from a lighter weight, and a shorter, more rigid core which suffers less performance degradation than a

'The Engine Overhaul business has the capacity to repair and overhaul over 300 Trent engines per year and it is equipped with a state-ofthe-art Engine Test Facility that supports our best in class engine turnaround times.'

total-world-industry.com | 69

totalworld.industry Singapore Aero Engine Services

The Trent uses a three-spool design rather than two, and while the Trent is a more complex engine, it benefits from a lighter weight, and a shorter, more rigid core which suffers less performance degradation than a traditional two-shaft design

traditional two-shaft design. The advantage of three spools is that the fan can be turned by its own turbine to rotate at its optimal (low) speed; the two compressors are then driven by the two other turbines. First run in August 1990 as the model Trent 700, the Trent was the launch engine for both of the 787 variants (Trent 1000), the A380 (Trent 900) and the A350 (Trent XWB). The Trent XWB, for which SAESL has been selected to be the lead MRO facility, is the sixth-generation engine of the Trent family and also the most powerful and the fastestselling engine in the Trent series. It develops 75,000lb to 97,000lb of thrust and is regarded as one of the world’s most efficient large aero engines. Custom-designed for the A350, more than 1,600 of the engines have so far been ordered.’ As for a summary, the Trent is effectively a more complex engine with more power and would degrade far slower due to its three-spoon design. These commitment to quality explains why it is Singapore Airlines most favoured turbofan engine design. On February 2018, Rolls-Royce signed contracts with Singapore Airlines at the Singapore Airshow covering Trent 1000 and Trent 700 engines. Singapore Airlines had placed a $1.7bn order for Trent 70 | total-world-industry.com

1000 engines to power 19 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. This order, originally announced in February 2017, was in addition to an order for Trent 1000 engines for 50 aircraft, made by SIA Group, in 2013. The signing for the airline resulted in the service of its first 787-10 aircraft powered by the latest version of the Trent 1000, the Trent 1000 TEN (Thrust, Efficiency, New Technology). For SAESL, these increased orders and new technology is covered under their expertise on their engines thereby ensuring continual growth due to ever increasing demands due to the success by Singapore airlines. The facilities and expansion of SAESL can facilitate this happy increase. SAESL has an incredible pedigree with high growth expecting in its future due to their demands. As a joint venture company of famous heritages such as Rolls-Royce and Singapore Airlines Engineering company, excellence in imbedded within the framework of the company. Their special expertise on a more complex engine alongside working with an airline that is currently considered the best in the world in 2019 sparks fierce pride in their work. It is no wonder their motto would mimic their present state which is ‘Servicing the best by the best.’

Singapore Aero Engine Services totalworld.industry


total-world-industry.com | 71

totalworld.industry Goodwood Ship Management

The secret to smooth sailing Victoria South


An independent marine operation with a difference, Goodwood Ship Management offers a comprehensive and fully integrated range of services that promise to infuse ordinarily complex shipping operations with a degree of operational excellence that’s incredibly rare.

Goodwood Ship Management totalworld.industry

marine industry is notorious for implementing necessarily high standards, due to navigating complex logistical difficulties on a day-to-day basis. When you add in international operating paramenters, suddenly, even the most experience ship owners can find themselves struggling to stay on top of everything, which is when a high level ship management company becomes a valuable resource. Goodwood Ship Management (Goodwood) is by far one of the best examples of how the right company can lighten the load for discerning clients, through a personal approach, “Goodwood is managed by a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of shipping background and operational expertise to handle the most complex international shipping operations. We take ownership and embrace the owners' approach, allowing ship owners to secure and service very long-term contracts from the most demanding charterers. We take challenges as opportunities. We enjoy working hard and making things happen.” The key element here is that Goodwood is able to assimilate a client’s ethos and values, to guarantee a seamless service, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a set of strict company guidelines being worked to.


A management company on a mission With a clear and decisive vision of being the undisputed leading provider of “quality ship management services to the marine industry”, Goodwood operates in line with a stringent set of mission values that prioritise ethical and transparent methodologies and help the team to promise, “To be a role model in our industry by providing a highly professional, dedicated and transparent ship management services to our customers/clients, to prevent human injury, loss of life and to avoid damage to the environment by pursuing a policy of zero accidents and zero spills. To encourage and foster an innovative spirit with the aim of continuously seeking improvements to the quality and services offered by us to our total-world-industry.com | 73

totalworld.industry Goodwood Ship Management

customers, to build a long lasting relationship with our customers and employees and to continuously aim to excel industry's highest standards, while conserving energy through operation/equipment modification.” These might sound like a tall order, but Goodwood is no fledgling operation. With the same core values underpinning every contract it undertakes, the team is able to approach every task with a systematic and considered attack. Using strength, quality, teamwork, loyalty and creative responsiveness, Goodwood has been able to truthfully proclaim that, “When it comes to delivering ship management services, we excel above expectations.” When you take a look at the portfolio of services actually on offer, this rather humble boast comes into sharp focus.

solutions, as the diversity of fleets being managed also have to be taken into account. Chemical tankers, bulkers, container vessels and a host of other ship types are all given the Goodwood treatment, but the in-depth roster of services really is the thing that keeps clients returning for more doses of satisfaction and peace of mind. In a bid to create comprehensive and tailored ship management solutions for its clients, Goodwood is pleased to offer the following:

Lightening the load

Purchasing – From supplies to spare parts and provisions, Goodwood can take the sting

It’s not just a case of offering a sizable plethora of management

74 | total-world-industry.com

Technical management – Superintendents are placed onboard vessels to monitor operating efficiency. Crew management – When time is of the essence, sourcing experienced and recommended team members is near impossible. Goodwood has access to a selection of experts that can be deployed instantly.

out of managing an economical purchasing plan, with the added bonus of a computerised inventory system. Insurance – Brokering a competitive renewal quotation and assisting with claims is a specialty for Goodwood. Information management – When you outsource a great deal of your operational and admin duties, it can be easy to lose track of everything, but Goodwood offers instant access to a network of information dedicated to each client. Accounting reports, ship drawings and crew lists are just a handful of the resources available. Marine consultancy and new building supervision – Experienced engineers and architects are in place to supervise and advise as to the construction of new vessels. Goodwood understands that having an extra expert by your side, during an expensive project, can be invaluable.

Goodwood Ship Management totalworld.industry

In addition, accounting services are also offered, and can be viewed as complementary to the rest of these more specialist elements. Seeing the full list of services really helps to create a greater understanding of just how

comprehensive and integrated ship management can be, when you work with the right company. It also demonstrates just how essential Goodwood is, as there can’t be many ship owners that have the time to take on such a variety of tasks.

Management services that guarantee a simpler future Imagine a scenario where an emergency situation arises on board a large container vessel. Now imagine that you, as the ship’s owner, haven’t had to tackle such

total-world-industry.com | 75

totalworld.industry Goodwood Ship Management

a problem before and you have a limited amount of time to get everything operational again. It’s in this instance that being able to draw on the expertise of a dedicated ship management team would be so invaluable, especially one that always has an eye on the future. Consistently looking for new technologies, selecting the crème de la crème in terms of experienced crewmembers and bringing the very best design engineers into the team, Goodwood is a company that lives and breathes integrated solutions. Essentially, it’s a one-stop shop for all things marine managementrelated, with both existing and potential clients being kept in the loop, thanks to a dedicated communications outreach, “Our corporate newsletter, Foresight, is published every quarter. It provides our readers (our seafarers onboard and staff ashore and our customers) with an insight into our business development, new projects, updates on technical and safety related matters and staff news.” Already a force to be reckoned with, Goodwood is only ever going to get stronger, bigger and more customer focussed, which has to be the secret to smooth sailing.

“We, at Goodwood Ship Management, share a mutual passion for paper and its ability to transform your printed matter into something extraordinary.”

76 | total-world-industry.com

Goodwood Ship Management totalworld.industry


total-world-industry.com | 77





totalworld.industry Jamalco

Made of Tougher Mettle Victoria South


A joint venture between the Noble Group and Clarendon Alumina Production, Jamalco is a premier bauxite mining operation that has put Jamaica firmly on the mineral excavation map through continued growth and impressive annual yields.

Jamalco totalworld.industry

in 1959, as a venture that exclusively looked ay bauxite mining, Jamalco was originally called Alcoa and found success four short years after inception with a considerable bauxite shipment being exported in 1963. This bolstered the confidence of the operation and allowed for steady progress that would lead to diversification in the early 1970s. Moving into alumina production, a state of the art refinery in Halse Hall Clarendon was put to excellent use, from 1972 and allowed for an impressive initial production capacity of 500,000 tonnes per annum. This, in turn, was exported, allowing for a steady rise to prominence for the whole company, which would result in a very lucrative partnership.


A natural alliance Having steadily increased the alumina production capacity, Alcoa garnered the attention of the Government of Jamaica, to the point where it purchased a 50 per cent share in the company, in 1988. While Alcoa remained in place as the managing partner, a new name was chosen, to represent the new relationship and Jamalco was born. Thus started years of phenomenal growth.

“We relentlessly pursue continual improvement to consistently deliver world class alumina‌â€?

total-world-industry.com | 81

totalworld.industry Jamalco

82 | total-world-industry.com

Jamalco totalworld.industry

“It is Jamalco's policy to operate in a safe, responsible manner which respects the environment and the health of our workforce…”

By 2003, the annual alumina production capacity had risen to an impressive 1.25 million metric tonnes, more than double the initial amount and 2007 saw things get even more impressive, with 1.425 million tonnes being produced. That wasn’t the only exciting development of the year, however, “Following the 2007 expansion, Jamalco’s ownership structure changed with Alcoa owning 55 per cent and the Government of Jamaica, 45 per cent.” There was one more change in ownership to come, which transpired in 2014, “In December 2014, global commodities company the Noble Group acquired Alcoa’s 55 per cent stake in Jamalco, while Clarendon Alumina Partners (CAP) retains its 45 per cent ownership of the joint venture.” Ownership changes could easily stunt the growth of lesser operations, but Jamalco simply flourished and as such, has refined its processes to a fine art, making it a pinnacle of the Jamaican commercial landscape.

Built for purpose The day-to-day activities of Jamalco have entirely dictated the cutting edge facilities in place, all of which have been built in logistically perfect locations, “Jamalco mines bauxite and refines it into alumina before it is exported from its port at Rocky Point, Clarendon. On average, 2.5 tonnes of bauxite produce one tonne of alumina. The alumina is exported to aluminium smelters where it takes around two tonnes of alumina to produce one tonne of aluminium metal.” Taking into account the phenomenal quantities of materials being both exhumed and processed, not to mention the logistics of transferring them to their next destination, it is a relief to know that the Jamalco team was proactive in terms of building specialist facilities throughout the island, “Jamalco’s bauxite mines are located in South Manchester on the Mount Oliphant plateau and in Harmons Valley. The railhead

CONRAD DOUGLAS & ASSOCIATES LIMITED Project Planning, Project Development, Project Management, Environmental Management, Engineering & Technical Consultants



“Science & Technology for Sustainable Development" Scientists, Engineers, Planners and Attorney-at-Law with expert knowledge in the chemical, process, energy, minerals, infrastructure, agricultural, industrial, tourism and housing sectors. Premier environmental management firm with extensive professional experience in project planning, project development, project management, environmental management and climate change using integrated scientific and technological approaches and methodologies for Environmental Assessments, Environmental Permitting, Audits and Due Diligence Audits, Sustainable Developments and Feasibility Studies

Reputable practitioners providing high quality professional services. Serving Jamaica and the World for thirty-three 33 years. Contact Information: Suite #2, 14 Carvalho Drive, Kingston 10, Jamaica, W.I. Telephone: 1 (876)-929-8824 | 929-8823 | 929-0023 | 929-0025 Fax: 1 (876)-960-2014 Email: info@cdaestech.com | cdaestech@hotmail.com | conraddouglasnassociatesltd@gmail.com


total-world-industry.com | 83

totalworld.industry Jamalco

from which bauxite is trammed to the refinery is located at St. Jago in Clarendon. The refinery is located at Halse Hall in Clarendon and the port from which alumina is shipped is located at Rocky Point also in Clarendon.” There’s such a natural flow to the process, from initial mining of raw bauxite through to the exporting of alumina that Jamalco has almost instilled a rhythm, through careful and considered location planning and easy transport links. Indeed, few other mining operations, worldwide, are so well thought out as to include a seamless link to a commercial tram system, as well as easy access to a capable port, but this is a company that seeks to be the best, in every way possible.

Quality as well as quantity It’s a well-known adage that claims quantity is no decree of quality, but in the case of Jamalco, the two have been combined beautifully. Having gradually expanded to reach a production capacity that is, frankly, exceptionally impressive, particularly for an island, at no point has the quality of processing or the finished alumina suffered. Why? Because the team is fully

“We will not compromise environment, health or safety values for profit or production.”

84 | total-world-industry.com

Jamalco totalworld.industry

total-world-industry.com | 85


committed to being “the best alumina producer”. While some lesser competitors might measure success in terms of reduced costs and increased profits, Jamalco takes a different tack and looks to, “We relentlessly pursue continual improvement to consistently deliver world class alumina, to enhance customer satisfaction by consistently meeting and exceeding their expectations, to be costeffective and remain competitive in the global market and to operate in a safe, environmentally and socially responsible manner.” Considering what an invaluable resource alumina is and how competitive the industry must be, it speaks volumes as to the details and attitudes that allows Jamalco to set itself apart. Though the company values human health above all else, which is apparent in the comprehensive health and safety policy, there is an intrinsic understanding of how an operation such as this could prove detrimental to the environment. There is also an acute awareness that simply speaking of green initiatives is not good enough, “It is Jamalco's policy to operate in a safe, responsible manner which respects the environment and the health of our workforce, our customers and the communities where we operate. We will continually improve our Environment, Health and Safety Management System and support pollution prevention strategies. We will not compromise environment, health or safety values for profit or production.” The alumina industry is vital in so many ways, yet as the general population, we are staggeringly unaware of how much we rely on it. Considering that the manufacture of numerous everyday objects, from drinks cans through to cars and even aircraft are all dependent on a reliable supply of high quality alumina and, initially, bauxite, Jamalco is positively improving the lives of countless people worldwide. What’s more, having had the foresight to enter into a joint venture, to create a fully integrated mining, processing and exporting operations, Jamalco has proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that it is prepared for any industry turbulence, thanks to being made of tougher mettle.

totalworld.industry Mobile Mini

Small in Name Only Victoria South


Offering a two-pronged approach to mobile site solutions, Mobile Mini is leading the charge in terms of the provision of secure containers and various accommodation units to businesses in the UK and it enjoys a legacy dating back to the 1970s.

Mobile Mini totalworld.industry

Mini has made a big splash in the UK site solutions market, thanks to a gradual programme of evolution and development since the company’s original inception, “We have been operating in the UK under the Mobile Mini name since 2006, but our roots in the UK run much deeper. Our predecessor companies, all suppliers of secure storage containers and portable site accommodation, can be traced back to the early 1970s.” Originally founded as as Ravenstock Hire and Tam Hire, back in the 1970s, following a number of successful years, the early 1980s saw the operation merge and rebrand itself as simply Ravenstock Tam, before finally settling on Mobile Mini Inc in 1983. This wasn’t the end of the story, however. The 1990s bore witness to the founding of Container Sales & Hire, which went on to be acquired by the Mobile Storage Group and here’s where the story gets interesting. After being listed as a public company, Mobile Mini Inc goes on to acquire a number of smaller storage operations, including Mr Box, leading to the company structure that is in place to day and an undisputed position as a UK market leader, with global reach into America and Canada.


Containing the load Split into two interest areas, Mobile Mini takes a divide and conquer approach to site management, with secure storage being a particularly important facet, both to the company itself in terms of profitable return and the customers that need peace of mind while working on site, “Mobile Mini provides secure storage containers for your storage requirements, including containers for hire and containers for sale. We deliver directly to you from our network of branch locations across the UK, US and Canada, while a number of our facilities also provide self-storage options.” Container hire is a great option for temporary site storage needs, with units being offered in a variety of sizes and with or without specific modifications. The construction, retail and education sectors are just a select handful of the industries that take advantage of this costeffective storage solution, but total-world-industry.com | 87


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purchase is also an option. Both new and used containers are available to buy, which is perfect for permanent sites, but even this isn’t the end of the container offerings, “Several of our UK branches provide highly secure self-storage container facilities for both domestic and business use. Short term and long term lets are available at competitive rates. Also, our expert storage container conversion team can offer their advice on how you can turn your shipping container conversion idea into a reality, by enhancing and modifying units to suit your requirements.” This last element demonstrates that the management team at Mobile Mini has a real ‘finger on the pulse’ attitude, as container conversions have become exceptionally popular in recent years. From independent businesses to contemporary office buildings and even as part of the micro-home movement, containers have so many more uses than they used to and Mobile Mini is embracing this fact as it moves into the future,

while simultaneously maintaining the second arm of the company.

Staying on site In addition to storage containers, Mobile Mini offers a comprehensive selection of site accommodation options, each geared towards maintaining the profitability and productivity of customers and their business models, “Mobile Mini’s secure and portable site accommodation units for hire provide a range of on-site facilities, including portable offices, canteens, toilets and showers, drying rooms and more. Our site accommodation units are available in a number of sizes and layouts, to serve all your requirements.” Boasting a number of features, including integrated flooring, insulation, lighting, electrics and window security as standard, these are not your flimsy site office cabins of old. Gone are the days of draughty, unsteady installations that were designed to withstand minimal weather conditions and for a short

“Mobile Mini provides secure storage containers for your storage requirements, including containers for hire and containers for sale.”

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totalworld.industry Mobile Mini

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Mobile Mini totalworld.industry

period of time and in their place now stands a range of incredible static solutions that can cover a range of uses, including the modern welfare unit, “Our versatile welfare units are purpose built for remote locations or sites without electricity or water connections. These secure units are completely self-contained and designed to fulfil the welfare needs of staff for the duration of a project, while complying with all relevant health and safety legislation.”

perhaps the most demanding client of all, but it has inspired an evergrowing range of on-site provisions, “Mobile Mini has a long history of providing site accommodation and storage solutions to the construction industry. We understand the different on-site facilities needed for your workforce during building projects and can provide offices, canteens, drying rooms, toilet blocks and storage facilities in a variety of sizes and layouts, to best serve your requirements.”

A solution for everyone

Facilitating the future

When you consider the diverse needs of the main industries that take advantage of Mobile Mini’s product portfolio, everything comes into sharp focus. While education departments struggle with reduced budgets but larger class sizes, accommodation units can provide valuable extra classroom space for a fraction of the cost of building new school wings. Similarly, when retail outlets outgrow their premises and need more storage space, a number of containers could solve the problem in an instant, thanks to the fast delivery guaranteed by Mobile Mini. The construction industry is

Mobile mini is in a unique position in that it can let its key customer dictate what it offers. As the construction, retail and education sectors evolve, Mobile Mini can too, in line with new parameters of need. In the meantime, however, the management team can focus on maintaining excellent client relationships and further bolstering the company’s reputation for being a large and vital presence in numerous supply chains. After all, Mobile Mini might sound like a bijou operation, thanks to its moniker, but in reality, the company is small in name only.

“…our expert storage container conversion team can offer their advice on how you can turn your shipping container conversion idea into a reality…”


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totalworld.industry Ford Romania

Going even further in Romania Victoria South


One of the largest and most recognisable companies in the world, Ford has an envy-inducing global presence that includes Romania, where the motor trade is really moving.

Ford Romania totalworld.industry

part of a company as gargantuan as Ford could allow country-specific arms to get lost in the overarching ethos and success of the parent organisation, but Ford Romania is using the guiding principles, combined with a local touch, to offer something special and unique to its customers, “Being a global company, it is important for us to have a set of standards that we can evaluate - and also by which we can be evaluated by others. These standards materialise in our vision, mission and values.” Truer words have rarely been spoken, as Ford has a vision of being recognised as the world leader in automotive products and services, alongside a mission to remain globally diverse, with a family ethos and to always be looking for ways to bring innovation to the industry. This might sound like a broad overview, but locality is taken into account, when it comes to the company values, “We do what is right for our people, our environment and our


“We do what is right for our people, our environment and our society, but above all for our clients.”

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totalworld.industry Ford Romania

“Being a global company, it is important for us to have a set of standards that we can evaluate - and also by which we can be evaluated by others.”

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society, but above all for our clients. Ford Motor Company aims to integrate into the world around it.” There can be little doubt that this approach directly contributed to Ford being named as one of the most ethical companies in the world, in 2017. This accolade is something that the company has taken particular pride in, due to the stringent assessments carried out, over five different categories. Far from being able to excel in one area and then skate by in others, companies considered to be particularly ethical need to be able to demonstrate commitment to higher codes of practice in numerous areas of operation, “The ‘Most Ethical Company in the World’ is based on a structure developed by the Ethisphere Institute to determine the performance of an organisation in an objective, consistent and standardised manner. The distinction is based on the assessment of five categories: ethics and compliance; corporate

faith and responsibility; culture of ethics, governance and leadership; innovation; reputation; the importance of Ford's commitment to consumer ethics.”

A fresh approach Ford Romania has already established a fantastic reputation for itself, in terms of customer service and going the extra mile to ensure an incredible experience for all consumers, but a new face at the helm promises to inject rejuvenated excitement for exceeding expectations. Attila Szabo might not be new to Ford, but his role as General Manager of Ford Romania promises to be somewhat exciting, as well as a natural evolution of his impressive career, “Attila Szabo has been working for Ford Motor Company for over 17 years. He has occupied various positions, from fleet sales director and sales director Ford Hungary and direct European markets at Ford Europe's price manager. The new function adds to his role, General

totalworld.industry Ford Romania

Manager of Ford Romania. He will oversee Ford operations both in the Czech Republic and in Romania.” He certainly has his work cut out for him, as the Romanian branch of operations prides itself on offering a full complement of services for every possible incarnation of client, from those that book in for an annual service through to individual private sales and commercial vehicles. That’s a lot to oversee, while also maintaining high customer service standards that have become the norm for Ford Romania, but if anyone can handle the pressure, it’s Szabo and much of the groundwork has already been laid in the showrooms throughout Romania.

“We do what is right for our people, our environment and our society, but above all for our clients. Ford Motor Company aims to integrate into the world around it.”

A solution for everyone For those people looking to purchase a reliable, thoroughly checked vehicle that can safely transport themselves and their loved ones, there is nowhere better to visit than Ford Romania. With a fantastic selection of both used and new cars to choose from, there is a solution for every budget and specific set of requirements and negotiations are never off the table. Ford Romania wants people to have easy access to a car that will improve their quality of life, “Ford launches Ford Approved in Romania, Ford's Roller Vehicle Certificate Program. What does Ford Certified Roller Vehicle mean? A vehicle produced in Ford plants, sold by a Ford dealer, maintained on time with Ford materials following Ford's procedures and inspected, revised and certified by a Ford specialist. In addition, Ford Approved vehicles have a maximum run of 120,000 km, are put into circulation for up to 5 years and are accompanied by a warranty of at least 12 months and by Road Assistance.” While the term ‘used cars’ might bring certain concerns to mind, Ford Romania aims to eradicate them by offering vehicles that are guaranteed quality. That blue emblem on the front of every car is more than just branding; it’s a sign of trust, as well as variety. From city cars to family-sized vehicles, SUVs, high performance cars and commercial models, Ford Romania offers an enormous range of on-road solutions, perfectly designed and equipped to tackle different terrains and weather conditions, but that’s not all. Just 98 | total-world-industry.com

as the blue badge on the bonnet is a sign of trust, it’s also a membership card into an all-inclusive club that allows all Ford drivers to rest easy that their vehicles are being perfectly maintained by an expert service team. With just one click of an online button, a full assessment can be booked and owners can enjoy peace of mind that their trusted steed is being looked after by the real experts. Though Ford might be an enormous worldwide superpower in the sense of automotive innovation, the really impressive thing about the company is how the smaller, country-specific branches take global attitudes and standards and build a local brand around them. Ford Romania is a fantastic example of this, with a cohesive team in place that is consistently seeking to exceed customer expectations and devise personal solutions to meets every individual’s needs. Buying a Ford is so much more than just purchasing a vehicle; it’s an initiation into a family and while the company’s tagline reads “Go Further”, all the evidence suggests that, thanks to Szabo and his team, everyone is going even further in Romania.

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totalworld.industry Hydroscand

Going with the flow Victoria South


A global success story that has profited from spotting a niche in the hose and related products market, Hydroscand is a premium example of the drive, expertise and industry knowledge necessary to garner an international client base.

Hydroscand totalworld.industry

back in 1969, Hydroscand is an innovative Swedish operation that, through careful diversification and considered growth, has now captured the hose and fluid connectors market in 18 countries. By retaining a focus on the provision of products that perfectly balance affordability and reliability, Hydroscand didn’t struggle to fast become the goto name in the industry, a fact that’s evident from its impressive turnover, “With a turnover of 220 million Euros (2017), over 220 branches, more than 400 resellers and over 1 200 employees we serve more than 100 000 customers in Europe, Asia and Africa. Our ambition is to always be close to the customers and our shops are all supplied with a complete stock, modern machines, broad experience and a lot of knowledge within hoses and fluid components.” Interesting wording there. Rather than simply opening new branches wherever could be financially viable, Hydroscand chooses to declare its presence in places where people will benefit most from it being there. This unique focus on the customer gives a brief insight into the operational values and ethics in


“We help and support our customers in their development and in the increase of their efficiency and profitability…”

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totalworld.industry Hydroscand

“We always offer differentiated, affordable services and solutions to our customers and we always focus on profitability for the customer and ourselves.”



PH Industrie-Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG Wuppermannshof 8, 58256 Ennepetal, Germany Tel. +49 (0) 2339 6021, Fax +49 (0) 2339 4501 info@ph-hydraulik.de, www.ph-hydraulik.de

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place, which, when coupled with an extensive product range, leaves no doubt as to why Hydroscand is such a premier operation.

Designed for life The concept of reliability has been built into every facet of Hydroscand, right from its inception back in the 1960s. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that this is partly due to the Swedish roots of the company, but the staunch values of the founding partners have to be considered as well and they are clear to see in the business vision, mission and idea. Initially started in response to a need for a potentially global operation that could provide costeffective services and products relating to hoses and fittings, Hydroscand has a clear mission, “We help and support our customers in their development and in the increase of their efficiency and profitability, by offering innovative and differentiated services and solutions.” This element is important, as

the entire company is run alongside a customer-driven supply chain. In other words, what the customer needs drives growth and continued profitability, so it’s important to offer a wide range of solutions, which demonstrably benefit the customer in more than just the expected ways. This cyclical and symbiotic business model is terrifically efficient, selfperpetuating and certainly ties into the vision of what Hydroscand can and should be, “Hydroscand is to be the most profitable and innovative partner for OEM and aftermarket customers within services and solutions for hoses, fittings and related products.” Now the largest supplier of hydraulic hoses and fluid-related fixtures in the whole of Scandinavia, this vision has been realised and more, what with the enormous global reach being enjoyed. Something that hasn’t suffered in the wake of such success are the original values of the company, which continue to be upheld today,

PH catalogue available as app for Android and iPad

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totalworld.industry Hydroscand

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Hydroscand totalworld.industry

“We always offer differentiated, affordable services and solutions to our customers and we always focus on profitability for the customer and ourselves. We consider the customer in everything we do and the entire company is aligned to the needs of the customer. We constantly measure what our customers think about us and we strive to always exceed our customer expectations. We deliver a high quality product and service.” In addition to customer satisfaction, more internalised values are also adhered to, “We strive to create a safe working environment and focus on being a model corporate citizen, training our staff and customers in order to minimse all hazards in the workplace and we are the most innovative company in our industry and always curious to find new solutions and services for our customers. Local entrepreneurship is part of our DNA and this together with strong support functions in a global company, makes us strong and quick to react.”

“Hydroscand offers a wide range of services, from product development to HoseExpress, a mobile hose service available on site. With our products and services, we are the most reliable solution for you.”

A solution for every situation This is the very definition of a niche and integrated operation, as not only can you purchase replacement or upgraded parts, you can actually have an expert team deliver, fit and test them for you as well, when a fast resolution is needed. This is why HoseExpress was started, initially in Sweden and it is now enjoying global rollout. A 24/7 service designed to keep businesses of all types in operation, mobile service vans are dispatched, fully stocked with a huge range of Hydroscand products in order to repair and reinstate a variety of commercial machinery and vehicles. Everything about Hydroscand is impressive. On a base level, creating a globally successful business from the supply of hoses and related items is staggering, but to do so without ever compromising values or quality, while not straying from Sweden, is even more laudable. A master class in gradual, directed growth, customer service initiatives and common sense diversification, Hydroscand is all but guaranteed to enjoy even more success in the future, but until then, it is simply going with the flow. total-world-industry.com | 105


It would be an exercise in futility to attempt to list the entire product portfolio that Hydroscand offers and it’s more than likely that a few more items would have been added by the end of this article. Given that customer needs and demands are driving the diversification of services and products, combined with an ultra responsive Swedish company headquarters, it honestly wouldn’t be a shock to discover that a new subsidiary, global branch or product line had been added to the roster. One thing that can be said, with a high degree f confidence, is that if there is a part that is somehow relevant to hose and fluid connectors, Hydroscand sells it. In addition to an impressive number of products on offer, Hydroscand is also a service provider. This natural step has allowed Hydroscand to get up close and personal with its loyal customers, while going the extra mile in pursuit of exceeded expectations, “Hydroscand offers a wide range of services, from product development to HoseExpress, a mobile hose service available on site. With our products and services, we are the most reliable solution for you.”

totalworld.industry Hirtshals Havn

The Right Port of Call Victoria South


A vital resource for the Danish maritime industry, the Port of Hirtshals is considered to be one of the major commercial enterprises of the region. Looking to support business development, alongside the more usual port activities, this is one impressive piece of infrastructure that keeps evolving.

Hirtshals Havn totalworld.industry

are the days when ports were simply used to moor and/ or repair ships, as now, they are becoming commercial hardhitters that offer unique business development opportunities for enterprising operations that would benefit from a waterside location. Few locations prove this as succinctly as the Port of Hirtshals, which has grown throughout the years and evolved into something far more than a simple shipyard.


A harbour with history Intrinsically linked to the city of Hirtshals, found on a peninsula of Northern Denmark, the port has continued to grow in line with the needs of the population, meaning that expansion has been consistent and predictable. Today, the port is of such a size and the portfolio of operations is so diverse that as a commercial operation, it has an impact on the whole of Denmark. The most impressive part of this is that it wasn’t considered to be a good idea to build a port where it is, thanks to the unusual shape of the coastline, but pioneers always find a way. Made operational in 1929, after being given authorisation to be built in 1917, the port was a labour of love for civil engineer Jørgen Fibiger, who both designed and built it, while living on site. In fact, his contribution to the maritime landscape was so significant that the building he appropriated for his lodgings has been kept and now plays host to the Skagerak Group’s headquarters. From day one, the port proved its worth, with foreign fishing vessels flocking to it, thus setting into motion a lifetime of expansion plans and a rather surprising added bonus, “The port and the companies that established themselves here grew in harmony with each other in a common goal of development, and the city grew rapidly in line with the port.” The ultimate in symbiotic growth, this paved the way for extensive expansion in later years and in the 1970s, things really went up a notch. As the fishing industry had become enormous, so too was the transport side of things becoming a far larger interest area, thus demanding improved facilities and plans for dealing with increasingly large vessels. Such developments total-world-industry.com | 107

totalworld.industry Hirtshals Havn

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Hirtshals Havn totalworld.industry

continued into the 2000s, when things really changed.

A new direction 2001 brought about huge change for the port, as the company acknowledges, “One of the more landmark events for the Port of Hirtshals took place on January 1, 2001, when Hirtshals Municipality took over the Port of Hirtshals from The Danish State for a purchase price of DKK 115 million kr. With the local presence was the foundation created to develop and launch new visions for Hirtshals as a modern company based on the potential that its unique geography gave, and in close cooperation with businesses in and around the harbour.” From humble beginnings as a simple port with a focus on the fishing industry, the Port of Hirtshals was suddenly thrust into the commercial big leagues, with strategic initiatives, considered financial investments Referencer and development opportunities

being actively sought out. Though you might assume that dramatic expansion would take a considerable amount of time to put into practice, the opposite was true in this case, “As part of the strategic Pejling in container traffic, the investment port purchased a mobile crane with Pejlebådene hos Rohde Nielsen A/S er alle udstyret med den nyeste teknologi og er i stand a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes. The til atwas leveredelivered detaljerede multibeam-pejlinger, crane on December 31,der giver et komplet billede af havbundens beskaffenhed. 2001, and at the same time it was decided to build a new quay stretch Skjold R er den seneste tilføjelse til virksomhedens gruppe af pejlebåde. Båden er baseret of 300 meters with a water depth of i Grenå og kan sejles til alle havne i Danmark på kort tid. Båden er med sine lille 9.5 centralt metres.” dybgang og høje manøvredygtighed ideel til opgaver i havne og smalle sejlrender, men kan The quay was completed in little oversamtidig a year, which point attention ogsåat operere i mere udsatte områder. was turned to the fisheries division, Skuld R2004 er et ubemandet fartøj medport en længde på ca. 1,2m, der er trådløst opereret fra land. “…in and 2005 the built ’Dronen’ transporteres i en varevogn og kan udsættes af blot én enkelt person. Skuld R’s støra new auction hall, FiskeTerminal Hirtshals. It a total concept relse betyderis at den kan løse opgaver påthat smalle og ellers ufremkommelige steder, samtidig meets requirements for optimal medall at den med fordel også bruges på åbne områder. Dronen kan ligeledes opereres på andvanddybder documentable of the på underhandling 1m. fish from landing to transport to the processing companies. It contains all the activities associated with landing, sorting, auctions and transport of fresh fish.” The port of today is unrecognisable from its inception

“The port and the companies that established themselves here grew in harmony with each other…”

Rohde Nielsen A/S har stor erfaring med uddybning og oprensning samt udførsel af pejlinger i danske havne og sejlrender: Toste R har de seneste år arbejdet i nogle af landets vigtigste havne såsom Esbjerg, Frederikshavn, Aalborg m.v. med både tilbagevendende og akutte oprensningsopgaver. Fartøjet har desuden stået for uddybning af havneområder – af bl.a. en lystbådsmarina i Tyskland. Pejlebådene, Skjold R og Skuld R, assisterer både Toste R og rederiets andre fartøjer i havne og sejlrender i hele landet. Udover ovennævnte havne har Skjold R udført opgaver i bl.a. Nakskov og Vordingborg havne og sejlrender. Skuld R har leveret pejlinger af flere dele af Esbjerg Havn samt af de vigtige svenske havne i Gøteborg og Falkenberg.

Worldwide performance Tommy M. Nielsen Områdechef

Tlf: +45 20 21 87 86

Email: tmn@rohde-nielsen.dk

With a highly professional team Rohde Nielsen A/S operates worldwide, performing beach nourishment, land reclamation, port development, offshore trenching and backfilling, and capital- and maintenance dredging.

Rohde Nielsen A/S

Nyhavn 20

DK-1051 Copenhagen K

Phone: +45 33 91 25 07

E-mail: mail@rohde-nielsen.dk


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totalworld.industry Hirtshals Havn

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Hirtshals Havn totalworld.industry

and there’s no sign of the developments slowing down.

A port for the future Working to a vision of being a “basis for growth and development in the Hjørring Municipality”, the Port of Hirtshals has become a recognised business centre that does more than simply operating as a port. Rather, it oversees these duties and offers support and potential for any companies that identify as being within the maritime industry. Manoeuvring itself into a position to be less of an independent company and more of a partner to countless others than operate within the same business sphere, the port has a 2020 master plan being put into action, “The future objective of the Port of Hirtshals is to be Scandinavia's focal point for freight transport, Denmark's leading consumer fishing port and an important player in the Danish sector within service to the maritime industries.” Objectively, it could be argued that these goals have already been accomplished, but there is always room for improvement. By focussing resources on securing even more solid financial footings and by

investing in the human resources in situ, the port looks set to be an unstoppable force. Perhaps this is why a presence in the political aena has also been initiated, “The Port of Hirtshals is constantly working to improve the framework conditions for the Danish ports and for the industries that are dependent on the ports. Therefore, the port also participates in the public debates on themes that are relevant to ensuring the port's business opportunities and themes that can ensure that Denmark is stronger in international competition.” This final element gives more insight into the Port of Hirtshals than anything else. Having been operating as a successful port for a number of interests, from fishing to transport and logistics and everything in between, for many years, it is now expanding its reach, for the good of the community. By tying the success of the region and even the country to its profit margins and opportunities for development, the Port of Hirtshals has proved, categorically, that in terms of a bright future, it is the right port of call.

“The Port of Hirtshals is constantly working to improve the framework conditions for the Danish ports and for the industries that are dependent on the ports.”


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totalworld.industry Aston Manor Cider

Raising a glass

Victoria South


Proud to be the largest independent cider producer in the UK, Aston Manor Cider has stayed true to the family ethics and local connections that not only helped at the point of inception but have also kept the brand portfolio so fruitful.

112 | total-world-industry.com

Aston Manor Cider totalworld.industry

was a special year for the cider industry, as Aston Manor burst onto the scene with a real aplomb. Harbouring a clear aim of changing the landscape of the UK alcoholic beverage market forever, by exclusively delivering products that meet the highest standards of taste and quality, while remaining 100% family-owned, growth was fast. When a relatively new operation enjoys a certain degree of success right out of the gate, there can be an overwhelming temptation to capitalise on it as motivation to ‘trim the fat’ and start outsourcing to save costs, but Aston Manor has remained faithful to the UK. In fact, it has spread out and made its presence felt throughout the country, “Aston Manor Cider has a production and packaging facility in Birmingham, orchards in Worcestershire and Herefordshire and a further production and packaging facility at Tiverton in Devon.” By taking such an integrated


“The £10m, invested over three years, has doubled both the volume of production and employment, making Aston Manor a cider manufacturer of scale.”

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totalworld.industry Aston Manor Cider

“We currently export a range of our ciders to more than 20 countries including America, Russia and a number of countries in Africa. We welcome export enquiries.”

approach, the risk of standards dropping can be entirely eliminated and a genuine ‘Aston manor’ stamp can be placed on each and every product in the portfolio.

Investment in the future Having enjoyed 30 profitable years, the team at Aston Manor began looking to the future. With a name that was already trusted and considered to be a mark of quality, growth and development initiatives would prove exceptionally low risk, which is why, in 2013, the planting of 1,000 additional acres of orchard were announced. Amounting to 350,000 new trees, this move would prove beneficial to more than just Aston Manor, “…we have agreed 25 year contracts with our farmer and grower partners.” While UK cider aficionados can look forward to an uninterrupted supply of their favourite tipples, farmers and growing partners have the guarantee of a 25-year relationship that will safeguard

their own businesses and that’s nothing to sniff at. Given how turbulent most industries have been in recent years, this level of security is hard to come by, but orchard planting was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of expansion, “The Tiverton site has received significant investment to transform its capacity and capability. The £10m, invested over three years, has doubled both the volume of production and employment, making Aston Manor a cider manufacturer of scale. In the autumn of 2013, a new fruit processing and pressing facility was added in Stourport-on-Severn in Worcestershire. This represented further major investment to support the expected growth of the business.” 2013 was clearly a very busy year for Aston Manor, but with an ever-growing client base, notably delicious products already on offer and a strong family ethos running through the core of everything, growth was inevitable.

We congratulate Aston Manor Cider

on their continued growth and development as a major supplier of quality ciders

Suppliers of A FULL RANGE OF high quality juices and concentrates from Apple to Zuccini CONTACT US

114 | total-world-industry.com

T: +44 (0)1480 417070 Skype: Orchardorg Web: www.too.uk.com E-mail: info@too.uk.com

Aston Manor Cider totalworld.industry

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totalworld.industry Aston Manor Cider

That being said, the scale of these developments is impressive. With some extensive growth groundwork laid in 2013, 2014 and beyond was only ever going to be another success story for this innovative and imaginative company, “In order to support further growth, in July 2014 the business announced a multi-million pound deal to create an outstanding logistics facility at a new site, just three miles from the Aston production site.”

Our brands range from mainstream ciders like Crumpton Oaks and Kingstone Press to awardwinning premium ciders…”

Staying true to an original vision Having always operated in such a way as to be “recognised as the most capable, progressive & professional cider company delivering sustainable success”, it should come as no surprise that product quality, investment into both people and manufacturing and customer service standards are all considered to be of the utmost importance. In fact, these facets are what the operating mission of the company has always been comprised of. Perhaps it’s the family connection that keeps ethics and dedication at the forefront of everything that Aston Manor does, after all, it’s rare in today’s business world for a people over profit approach, but somehow, this team has balanced the two perfectly. What’s more, it has proven to be the catalyst for regular diversification and site developments, both of which have lead to a host of accolades, including some for just the facilities being utilised, “In 2016 both the Aston and Tiverton manufacturing sites were awarded BRC AA* ratings, the highest possible grading by the certification body BRC Global Standards following unannounced audits. The Stourport fruit processing plant was awarded a BRC AA rating, which is the highest mark for a prearranged inspection.”

A local touch with a global reach Having grown to such an extent that new headquarters were necessary, Aston Manor sought to expand and further modernise the already impressive Witton logistics hub. With new management offices created, all support functions are now coordinated from one selfcontained and specifically designed centre, which is vital when you consider the size and variety of the 116 | total-world-industry.com

brand portfolio being managed, “Our brands range from mainstream ciders like Crumpton Oaks and Kingstone Press to awardwinning premium ciders such as Friels and Knights Malvern Gold. We have won over 25 different taste awards in the last three years, which is testament to the care that goes into every cider that we produce.” This becomes even more impressive when you recognise that there are seven brands being produced under the Aston Manor banner, in addition to a number of own-brand offerings for private customers. The latter has actually earned the team yet another award, in the form of the own-label alcohol supplier of the year 2013 at the Grocer Gold Awards and set the scene for international distribution on a far larger scale than you might imagine, “We currently export a range of our ciders to more than 20 countries including America, Russia and a number of countries in Africa. We welcome export enquiries.” It’s easy to think of UK companies as being small, maybe even home grown, especially when they continue to pride themselves on being a family-run, integrated operation, but Aston Manor has a stature all of its own. By constantly seeking to reinvest in its people, facilities and product portfolio as regularly as possible, the company is on a path destined for even more success and there’s no better reason for raising a glass.

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totalworld.industry Solarif

Insurance for a brighter future Victoria South


Solarif has taken a three-pronged approach to supporting the development, continuation and promotion of the solar energy market and it’s doing so with a global presence that looks to be entirely future proofed.

Solarif totalworld.industry

saw entrepreneur Harry Wolkenfelt launch a new kind of company. Solar Insurance & Finance was in support of two goals; to make solar installation projects as riskfree as possible and to ensure that simple funding options are available to anyone looking to embrace futurefriendly energy options. A solid business plan and inscrutable ethics allowed the company to enjoy success, essentially, from the moment of inception and though it was focussed in one country, others soon followed, “At first, Solar Insurance & Finance was mainly active in Belgium. The reason for this was the stimulation of the purchase of solar installations in Belgium with socalled green certificates, a specific subsidy. More countries decided to provide subsidies in order to stimulate sustainable energy, such as solar energy.” The development of an international market meant that potential customers from far and


“We now have a unified, motivated international team, representing and supporting a worldclass portfolio of industry leading brands.”

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totalworld.industry Solarif

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Solarif totalworld.industry

wide started approaching Solar Insurance & Finance. Because of the ever growing client base and international acceptance of solar initiatives, the company has, in a relatively short space of time, become a leading global insurance expert within this exceptionally niche field. In 2015, the company was renamed as Solarif and it has gone from strength to strength, incorporating new core business activities into the roster of services on offer.

Three’s a company, not a crowd With a global customer base in place, growth has to be the name of the game for any company looking to make a serious name for itself and Solarif has taken this to heart by centring its operations around three definitive core services. Insurance is the main arm of Solarif’s interests and offers a vital level of reassurance to those operating within the solar energy business sphere, “Solarif Insurance advises developers, EPC contractors and

investors about all necessary insurances to protect their PVprojects. Manufacturers are advised about insuring their warranties and product liability. Solarif Insurance also takes care of the placement, the administrative process and handles claims on their behalf.” It’s no secret that insurance is necessary in all walks of life and business and solar interests are certainly no exception to the rule. In fact, considering how relatively new solar energy is, insurance is even more essential, to give consumers and investors another level of peace of mind. After all, if that one extra layer of protection is what it takes to push people to embrace sustainable energy, the insurance will pay for itself. Next up is the risk management division of Solarif, which offers manufacturers the opportunity to become a recognised Solarif-certified operation, “Solarif Risk Management regulates and performs factory risk assessments for inverter and panel manufacturers willing to become

“Our Singapore Solutions Centre is undergoing expansion. Completion is scheduled for early 2019. The new 250,000 sq/ft building comprises of company headquarters office, warehousing and fulfilment centre, cold chain storage and provisioning.”








HARNESSING THE LIMITLESS POWER OF THE SUN ONE SOLAR PARK AT A TIME Alternus Energy is an Independent Power Producer with a focus on working with independent developers and EPCs actively acquiring ‘ready to build’ and operating solar parks across Europe.

For further information : info@alternusenergy.com Alternus Energy Inc Suite 11 / Plaza 212 Blanchardstown Corporate Park 2 Dublin / D15 PK64

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totalworld.industry Solarif

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Solarif totalworld.industry

Solarif-certified. Furthermore, Solarif Risk Management performs independent PV quality inspections and checks to secure PV-assets and project returns by assuring the quality of the PV installation. Solarif Risk Management has performed over 100 quality inspections and factory assessments worldwide, is a renowned risk evaluator of solar (PV) panels as well as inverters within the photovoltaic industry. We are a market leader when it comes to PV Quality backed up by an insurance.” The key here is to remember that solar energy is still in its relative infancy, meaning that products need to be more than just fit for purpose, they need to sell the industry as a whole. Solar manufacturers have a responsibility to produce items that are reliable, up to the task of fulfilling designated targets and representing the industry in a positive way and Solarif recognises all of these essential facets by offering a service that addresses them. The final core business segment of Solarif is an advocacy role and as an industry expert, this service cannot be overestimated in terms of importance, “Solarif Matchmaker provides professional matching services between buyers and sellers of PVprojects. The projects can be in different phases: early development, ready to build or operational. Solarif Matchmaker has access to a continuously growing network of companies that are active in the solar PV industry, such as solar project developer, investor/asset owner, EPC contractor and debt provider. Solarif Matchmaker identifies the specific capabilities and needs of each client and subsequently converts this knowledge into concrete business opportunities in a professional and discreet manner.”

An added bonus

Creating a legacy Having identified a number of niche services needed in the emerging solar energy business world, 10 years of operation has created a reputation and legacy for Solarif to be proud of. Don’t forget that a decade is nothing in the commercial world these days, so to have already extended a reach into 23 countries, with operational bases in five of them is an incredible achievement. As we swiftly move towards an age where renewable and sustainable energy sources are surely going to be mandatory, having access to funding sources, risk assessment documentation, insurance and advocacy information is going to be more vital than ever. From Solarif’s point of view, the future is all but guaranteed to be hugely profitable. Solar energy is a growing market and there’s no tangible size limitation as t how big it can get. What a joy for Wolkenfelt and his team, knowing that the industry they specialise in offers not only Solarif but also the world, insurance for a brighter future.

“Our Singapore Solutions Centre is undergoing expansion. Completion is scheduled for early 2019. The new 250,000 sq/ft building comprises of company headquarters office, warehousing and fulfilment centre, cold chain storage and provisioning.”

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Not one to overlook an opportunity and with financing having played a role in the first inception of Solarif, Latin American clients can take advantage of a fourth, smaller division of the company, “Solarif Financial provides financial structuring of PV-projects and arranges the necessary finance. Solarif Financial has acquired a vast knowledge of the various specific international financial instruments for the Solar PV industry, together with a deep knowledge of the fiscal/ financial benefits of the countries

we work in. Our goal is to turn each mandate into a win-win situation for all involved parties; the project owner, the investor, the lender and ourselves, building long-term relationships.”

totalworld.industry Optimarin

25 years in the making Kien Ingate


Over 90% of the worlds cargo trade is through shipping lanes and with the new IMO regulation, Optimarin stands above the competition with its technology and commitment to environmental safety.

Optimarin totalworld.industry

trade has very rarely diverged in terms of trading over the oceans. Since the ancient Phoenicians and their trade empire over the Mediterranean seas, sea lanes and travel over the expansive salt water remains amongst the most valued method of delivering valuables. The valued pepper corns and silk from India relied extensively on the trade from ports near the Mediterranean Basin and without maritime influence, such commodities would become much rarer to near unattainable. In the modern world, shipping lanes is still the dominant de-facto method of trading and carriage for world trade. From the International Chamber of Shipping themselves, several facts are presented as ‘The international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade.’ This volume of trade carried out by shipping means without the values of ships and shipping lanes ‘intercontinental


‘The international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade.’

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totalworld.industry Optimarin

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Optimarin totalworld.industry

trade, the bulk transport of raw materials, and the import/export of affordable food and manufactured goods would simply not be possible.’ With modern innovations to technologies that create better efficiencies thereby forging marked improvements in trade, ‘Seaborne trade continues to expand, bringing benefits for consumers across the world through competitive freight costs. Thanks to the growing efficiency of shipping as a mode of transport and increased economic liberalisation, the prospects for the industry's further growth continue to be strong.’ as ICS comments. Despite the innovations with aerodynamic technology, sea travel by trade would still be much more prevalent than flight as ‘There are over 50,000 merchant ships trading internationally, transporting every kind of cargo. The world fleet is registered in over 150 nations and manned by over a million seafarers of virtually every nationality ‘ Modern ships to carry the volume of cargo required use a

‘Optimarin AS was founded in 1994 in Stavanger, Norway and we were one of the first companies in the world to develop a system for environmentally friendly purification of ballast water.

plethora of technologies all equated to balance and displacement of water. Using theories and practice of water displacement, ships have ballast tanks to withdraw or release ballast water. Readers may know the importance of ballast water but for those who do not know its significance, it is water carried to improve stability, balance and trim. In rough waters, ballast water is loaded or unloaded depending on the weather to create extra stability. This technology is useful in areas with rough waters. However, there are draw backs to this method. Environmentally, withdrawing ballast water means potentially withdrawing species from an environment and when expelling water, would expel the same species in another region of the world. These invasive species compete and may even exterminate native species in the environment which raises many concerns. A case study would be the Great Lakes in USA. Zebra Mussels native to the Caspian and Black Sea were introduced to Lake St Clair

and within 10 years, spread to the neighbouring Great Lakes region which cost the US approximately $5 billion US dollars. IMO (International Maritime Organisation) has noted that ‘The spread of invasive species is now recognized as one of the greatest threats to the ecological and the economic well-being of the planet. These species are causing enormous damage to biodiversity and the valuable natural riches of the earth upon which we depend. Direct and indirect health effects are becoming increasingly serious and the damage to the environment is often irreversible.’ These concerns resulted in the IMO creating regulations and guidelines of utilising Ballast Water. In many cases this involves only selected conditions within areas could Ballast water be withdrawn. However, technological treatment of Ballast water is also a standard. As such, Optimarin has been well trusted in developing and installing water ballast treatment systems in compliance for helping the world.

securing power UV Lamps, EPS & Accessories

Proud Partners to Optimarin Ultralight AG - Special Light Sources +423 373 5656 - www.ultralight.li

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totalworld.industry Optimarin

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Optimarin totalworld.industry

how have we managed to suddenly boost sales in this way. But that ‘sudden’ surge is the result of many years of dedication, investment and total focus on BWT. We have patiently developed the market’s most reliable, simple and effective UV technology – a technology that is tried and tested like no other, with no major overhauls or iterations in the last ten years. That means we, and our customers, have complete trust in it, knowing the system inside out. It is easy to use, easy to operate and easy to rely on. Now that the industry is mandated to install BWT systems we see that it’s becoming the easy choice.” This shows a hand that dedicated perseverance and quality is rewarded which Optimarin is at the forefront. In its hand, ethical concern for the environment is now implemented for the world and Optimarin has established itself as the forefront of the leading designs. With recent ventures such as the Royal Caribbean International requesting retroactive fitting on their ships and optimum sales in the future, Optimarin motto ‘The trusted name in water ballast treatment’ is very well deserved.

“This is an overnight success that’s been 25 years in the making,”

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Few companies in the world start off with the idea of environmental protection. Optimarin is one of those few companies that did. ‘Optimarin AS was founded in 1994 in Stavanger, Norway and we were one of the first companies in the world to develop a system for environmentally friendly purification of ballast water.’ Such is their dedication to environmental protection that ‘We chose to pursue a solution that does not use any chemicals and leaves no residual products that are harmful to the ocean or the environment. In 2000, we were honoured by installing the world’s first ballast water treatment system on board the cruise ship Regal Princess.’ These early installations and development did not stop there. Optimarin motto is ‘The trusted name in water ballast treatment’ is a testament to their confidence in their brand and equipment. As such Optimarin receives international recognition ‘After several years of testing, developing and patenting new technology,’ Optimarin says ‘we finally obtained type approval for the Optimarin Ballast System in 2009, in accordance with Guideline 8 and the ‘International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, 2004’. The Optimarin Ballast System (OBS) uses approved technology that significantly exceeds the stringent requirements set out in the IMO Convention. In 2016, Optimarin was the first company to receive approval by the US Coast Guard under their significantly more stringent requirement’. Such is Optimarin equipment and their advanced foresight that their technology exceeds and is approved under tough international standards of other nations. The success of Optimarin is evidently seen in their sales with a confident record of purchases coming steadily. From the CEO Tore Andersen, ‘2019 is already shaping up to set a new standard, with the orderbook currently five times the size it was at this point in 2018. Revenues, he says, are expected to double year-on-year.’. 2018 saw a massive quantity of sales with over 100 units sold but with five times the order of sale, 500 units and more is expected to be sold in 2019. What makes them this effective? Tore Andersen explains it best “This is an overnight success that’s been 25 years in the making. I’ve been asked

totalworld.industry Lessebo Paper

The Making of a Mill Victoria South


It’s one of the most valuable resources in the world, given the huge diversity of uses, but little thought is given to the people behind the pulp when it comes to paper making, until now.

Lessebo Paper totalworld.industry

a traceable history dating back to 1658, Lessebo is a company with a great deal of heritage that permeates every product still produced today. Part of what makes the company and its offerings so special is the almost fairy talelike setting that the mill enjoys, in Sweden, “Lessebo Mill is located in a densely forested area right between large shallow lakes in the inland region of Småland. It is an area characterised by small-scale farming and the traces it has left behind. It is also an area with a long and diverse history of production.” Once an iron-rich region, with workers dredging the lake to produce the vital material, the Lessebo Mill was initially put to use as an iron mill, using hydropower and forest wood for manufacturing. Always a mill with innovation at its core, Lessebo proved to be the very first industrialised company in the region. As the demand for iron was matchedby that of paper products, the mill switched gears and began to focus on them both and there was a valuable customer already waiting in the wings, “When paper production started in 1693 the first and most important customer was the newly established naval base in Karlskrona. This was a long time ago and today Lessebo Bruk is a mill with complete focus on forest based products with a modern product mix of graphical papers.”


History in the making With the Karlskrona naval base contract progressing beautifully, scope was identified for expansion within the Lessebo business model and in 1719, the mill was granted permission from the Swedish national Board of Trade to make and sell paper to other consumers. The importance of good reviews was established even back then, with a guarantee from the Swedish Navy that the paper being produced was of exemplar quality being enough to create a whole new customer base. The Lessebo Mill was going from strength to strength, but it was when a forward thinking industrialist took ownership that incredible change began to really take shape, “Johan Lorens Aschan was the owner of Lessebo mill 18021856. Aschan made a great impact total-world-industry.com | 131

totalworld.industry Lessebo Paper

“We continuously improve our resource management and are reducing carbon dioxide emissions, for the coming generations.”

CROMATOS IS A MARKET LEADER IN EUROPE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF DYES, PIGMENTS AND CHEMICALS FOR INDUSTRY. Our products are characterized by the high quality of workmanship. Cromatos is certified according to ISO 9001:2015


PAPER DYES LEATHER DYES TEXTILES DYES WOOD DYES FOOD DYES Cromatos s.r.l. | Via G. Cardano, 6B/C/D – 47122 Forlì Tel: +39 0543 796191 | Fax: +39 0543 796189 | P.IVA. 02130950401 info@cromatos.com


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on Lessebo during his time as an owner by arranging healthcare and education for all the employees at Lessebo iron and paper mill and the adjacent businesses.” He also bought the first paper machine from England, in 1833. Considering that some companies today still don’t offer healthcare or educational opportunities, this was utterly groundbreaking, back in the day, but it was a valuable investment. They also paved the way for more innovations, such as railway investment, “In 1874, Lessebo paper mill invested in the construction of the railway system in south of Sweden. The investment made it possible to have an influence on the railways’ route and Lessebo got a railway station.” With a tangible distribution network in place, 1881 saw Lessebo stop the production of iron altogether, in favour of focussing solely on paper products, which was significantly easier when the decision was taken to design, build

Lessebo Paper totalworld.industry

and utilise a new integrated pulp mill, ushering in a new era for the company.

A company with a conscience In 2005, Lessebo Paper was awarded with an FSC® certificate, demonstrating a deep commitment to sourcing wood from sustainable sources and via responsible forestry techniques. Relying on the forest, Lessebo has always operated with an environmentally sound ethos in mind, “The pulp in our paper originates from the vast Swedish forests, and we have high demands on how the forest is managed. The ecosystem

is fundamental in our nature and the harvest is therefore made with sensibility. Our aim is that the production of paper will carry on over generations, which is why more trees are planted than harvested.” It’s not just a case of planting trees and making high quality paper, however, as the right trees for green manufacturing need to be identified, which is why Lessebo uses birch, to guarantee low carbon dioxide emissions. Lesser operations often include eucalyptus in the pulpmaking process, but not Lessebo, as it contributes to biodiversity destruction and everything, from the papermaking process to the operating

of the mill, needs to be ethical, “Taking responsibility for the mill’s source of energy is a key factor in minimising the negative environmental impact. Our energy is produced by 100% biomass fuel and our waste energy supplies the houses in Lessebo with district heating. The waste we cannot reuse is donated to local producers of biofuel. We continuously improve our resource management and are reducing carbon dioxide emissions, for the coming generations.” The result of these endeavours is the most climate-friendly paper in the whole world, which is even more incredible when you consider the

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totalworld.industry Lessebo Paper

range of stunning products on offer.

A portfolio to be proud of “We, at Lessebo Paper, share a mutual passion for paper and its ability to transform your printed matter into something extraordinary. Our way of producing paper is a one of a kind procedure that cannot be seen elsewhere and enables us to customise the paper to your special requirements.” With multiple generations of craftsmanship underpinning everything that Lessebo produces, the various brands in the portfolio are all of an exceptional standard and created for specific purposes. From Lessebo Design, which showcases neutral white tones with a matt finish, through to the multihued Colorit and bespoke Unlimited offering, there’s a sustainable and beautiful paper solution for every customer that can identify the inherent genius that goes into the production of every ream. Having become a privately held company in 2013, Lessebo Paper is looking to the future with an optimistic eye and with good reason. A master of its own development, a giant in the world of environmental stewardship and celebrating 300 glorious years of paper production in 2019, Lessebo Paper is a huge success story and for Sweden, it really was the making of a mill.

“We, at Lessebo Paper, share a mutual passion for paper and its ability to transform your printed matter into something extraordinary.”

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Lessebo Paper totalworld.industry


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totalworld.industry ForestWave

From ship to shore

Victoria South


A relative newcomer to the industry, ForestWave Schulte Bruns NL is aiming to change the landscape of shipping management forever and it has a wealth of history, ambition and ethical momentum to support the endeavour.

ForestWave totalworld.industry

Schulte Bruns NL (ForestWave) is a revelation in marine operations from The Netherlands that, despite still being a seemingly fledgling company, is making incredible strides within the ship management industry. Offering a comprehensive one-stop-shop approach to fleet facilitation, it is an active force in the world of short sea and multi-purpose shipping, “Our services include chartering, operations, technical and crew management, claims handling, administration, project development, new building supervision as well as sale and purchase.”


“We want to use multi-discipline fleet teams consisting of hands-on professionals, to integrate operations…”

From small acorns Founded in 2010, ForestWave has enjoyed a significant amount of growth and development in just 9 years, something that could easily be attributed to the history of the company, which started as ForestWave Navigation, “ForestWave Navigation was founded in 2003 by captain owners Gerrit Diepeveen and Sam Gombra, when they ordered two new multipurpose single deckers of 4,500 ton dwt. When Gerrit Diepeveen passed away in 2006, his shares were passed to his son Fred. At that time Fred was the head of the chartering department of a short sea shipping company and responsible for the chartering of more than 40 multi purpose vessels in the range of 3,000 to 8,000 ton dwt. In 2010 Fred took the decision to join Sam to further develop the activities of ForestWave.” Family values and expertise within the marine industry; what more could you ask for? The answer is a merger with a phenomenal German shipping company, to fill any gaps in the knowledge chain and allow for serious diversification. As you might have fathomed, that’s exactly what happened.

A meeting of minds Schulte & Bruns is a premier shipping operation with in excess of 130 years experience and a reputation that speaks volumes. Transportation and warehousing are particular specialties of this innovative company and as such, an impressive fleet of ships and owned storage facilities are just some of the assets that make it such a covetable business. 2011 saw Fred Diepevee acknowledge the potential that

Schulte & Bruns represented, leading to a joint venture that would become a full-blown national acquisition, five short years later, “In 2016, we acquired Schulte & Bruns Nederland and by doing so extended our close cooperation with Schulte & Bruns. Our subsidiary Schulte & Bruns Nederland forms part of the network of chartering offices in Hamburg (Germany), Newcastle (UK) and Sweden. The different offices are connected through one IT system, enabling the overview of the chartering and operations of all 40 ships in the Schulte & Bruns fleet. In this cooperation we, as ForestWave, do the chartering and operations of 25 ships of the fleet.”

Perfectly positioned for the future 9 years might not sound like a long time in the modern business world, but thanks to a savvy partnership and acquisition, ForestWave is bringing so much more to the table than less than a decade of operation. As such, there are solid objectives in place to guarantee more development, along the same impressive trajectory. total-world-industry.com | 137

totalworld.industry ForestWave

To grow is the first priority for ForestWave and there is a considered plan in place to accomplish this through the purchasing of second hand tonnage or commissioning of new items. This could be completed through joint ventures, direct purchases or shop management contracts, which brings us to focus, 138 | total-world-industry.com

“We are always seeking creative and innovative technical solutions for the vessels we manage‌â€?

ForestWave totalworld.industry

the second objective. Sensing a need to hone in on one area, the team is keen to invest in multi-purpose ships in the 5,000-12,000 tonne range. Looking at wider operational considerations, a more integrated approach is being implemented, “We want to use multi-discipline fleet teams consisting of hands-

on professionals, to integrate operations, commercial and technical management thereby creating optimisation of earning capacity, cost savings and simultaneously maintaining first class quality and optimal safety on board.� This makes perfect sense after a few years of successful business. Those

initial fledgling years were for carving a stellar reputation and creating a name for itself and now, ForestWave can start to cash in on the kudos that it has earned, while trimming the fat, metaphorically speaking. Integrating cohesive tasks together in a bid to save time and money is one thing, but to do so without compromising on quality total-world-industry.com | 139

totalworld.industry ForestWave

takes skill and tenacity, not to mention a natural propensity for seeking out solutions, which is the final objective of the ForestWave team, “We are always seeking creative and innovative technical solutions for the vessels we manage, thus creating advantages in terms of safety, cost reductions and eco-friendly operations.”

“The commitment to minimise environmental impact is required from all our employees.”

Ethics through and through Speaking of eco-friendly initiatives, there is a stringent environmental policy in place, as part of the wider company code of conduct and it is the final example of how well thought out the entire business model of ForestWave really is, “ForestWave has established and operates in accordance with an environmental management system for all vessels, based on national and international legislation and industry approved standards like the International Convention for the Prevention of pollution from Ships 1973/1978 (MARPOL) and Maritime Environment Protection Committee

(MEPC) of the international Maritime Organisation (IMO). ForestWave has high standards for design and maintenance of its vessels and for the training of its crew, to ensure minimal environmental impact through the operation of its vessels and execution of projects. The commitment to minimise environmental impact is required from all our employees.” Far from just being commercially successful and having a keen eye for development opportunities, this is a company that has those all-

Smart solutions shaped with human intelligence. We help businesses evolve by connecting them with tomorrow’s thinking, today. Proud Supporters of

ForestWave Navigation

We started out in 1760 as a marine classification society. Today, we’re one of the world’s leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology – improving safety and increasing the performance of critical infrastructures for clients in over 75 countries worldwide.

Contact Us +44 20 7709 9166 • WWW.LR.ORG

140 | total-world-industry.com

important family values and ethics running all the way through it, from the way it operates to expectations placed on employees. What’s more, team members of every level meet these expectations as a matter of course; because nobody is exempt from follow the code of conducts, crewmembers and office-based management included, which is one of the key reasons that ForestWave is definitely going to go from strength to strength in the future, from ship to shore.

'ForestWave has high standards for design and maintenance of its vessels'

ForestWave totalworld.industry


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totalworld.industry Ghana Chamber of Mines

Mining Their Own Business Victoria South


Striving to fulfil a vision of being the respected and unified voice of the mining industry, the Ghana Chamber of Mines has a long history of transparency and good governance within a competitive and everchanging market sector.

what you think you know about the mining industry, as the Ghana Chamber of Mines (GCOM) strives to do things a little differently, to maintain a safe, sustainable and responsible commercial industry that offers inspiration to the world. Moreover, it is the premier minerals association in the country and as such, represents and actively protects the interests of exploration, production and processing operations.


Ghana Chamber of Mines totalworld.industry

The core of the matter What makes the GCOM stand out is that it is completely funded by the companies that have subscribed to membership. Essentially, this means that mining companies, for their own benefit, support the Chamber and vice-versa. This symbiotic relationship is more than just useful; it’s essential, given that the member companies, collectively, account for over 60 per cent of Ghana’s total mineral output. Evolving from the West Chamber of Mines, which comprised exclusively of mining company directors, its official incorporation as a private company happened in 1928, but it wasn’t until 1957 that the name was changed to the Ghana Chamber of Mines. The names wasn’t the only thing to change, however, “By a special resolution on 6th May 1960, the form of the objects of the Chamber was also altered, and on 14th February 1964, the Chamber was converted under the Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) into a Company Limited by Guarantee. In 1967, the registered offices of the Chamber moved to the national capital, Accra.” Since these numerous changes, the Chamber has operated as a voluntary private sector employers’ association charged with the representation of any company or organisation that operates within or in support of the minerals and mining industries in Ghana. The really impressive element is that all the members have come together in a show of cooperation for the greater good and membership fees are used to support Chamber programmes and activities that will educate and improve the landscape of the mining industry for everyone involved.

Bringing transparency to the forefront Since the Chamber’s inception, a clear vision has been in place, “To be a respected, effective and unified voice for the mining industry.” By bringing experts together, bolstered by years of commercial success within the mining market, information can be shared and used for the benefit of the Ghanaian economy. The mission statement confirms the ultimate aims of the Chamber, “To represent the Mining Industry in Ghana, using the resources and capabilities of its members to deliver services that address members, government and community needs, in

“The Chamber’s desire and commitment to serve both members and the country has reinforced the need to strengthen our efforts…”

total-world-industry.com | 145

totalworld.industry Ghana Chamber of Mines

order to enhance development.” It would be remiss to ignore the fact that mining industries, globally, have become somewhat synonymous with negative connotations, particularly in terms of legal issues and transparency, but that is precisely what the GCOM is fighting against. It’s an uphill struggle to reinstate confidence in an industry that has been somewhat prolific in the past, 146 | total-world-industry.com

but the core values of the Chamber are taking much of the strain, “The principles that will guide decision making, which the members of the Chamber will not compromise on, whilst achieving the mission and pursuing the vision are: honesty, transparency, good governance, good corporate citizenship, commitment and unity.” Of course, words on a page are all

very well, but it’s bringing them into manifestation that takes dedication and a solid commitment to the cause. The GCOM doesn’t struggle in this respect, thanks to a solid contingent of both experienced and respected industry leaders that have risen to the challenge of taking up important roles. From the Chamber presidents through to the council and executives, everybody has

Ghana Chamber of Mines totalworld.industry

successfully come together to work alongside one homogenous vision and with Sulemanu Koney in place as the Chief Executive Officer, there is a an incredibly strong guiding hand on the helm. Koney confirmed his allegiance to the existing values and aims of the Chamber in a direct message to the people of Ghana, “The Chamber’s desire and

“…it is envisaged that the website will become a useful tool to bridge the barriers of communication between our industry and the various publics.”

total-world-industry.com | 147

totalworld.industry Ghana Chamber of Mines

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commitment to serve both members and the country has reinforced the need to strengthen our efforts at building an information-driven, people-centred and developmentoriented industry, where everyone can access, share and utilise accurate information and knowledge on mining and mining related activities.” He went on to discuss the importance of a virtual presence for the Chamber, in the modern world, “The Chamber’s presence on the internet is to harness the potential of information technology to disseminate information, facts and figures that will educate and correct the misinformation about the impacts of mining in Ghana. More importantly, it is envisaged that the website will become a useful tool to bridge the barriers of communication between our industry and the various publics.”

The Chamber for everyone

PW Mining Shows The Way In Africa email - pwg@pwmil.com phone - +233 302 518112 - 6 fax - +233 302 518117


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Offering five different categories of membership, a diverse collective of expert minds does not only run the Chamber, they actually run it for everyone in the industry too. From smaller, fledgling operations through to large companies that contribute significantly to the mineral output of Ghana, everybody is welcome and can benefit from the extensive roster of workshops, exhibitions, summits and even awards that the Chamber supports. Adding to regular events is an e-newsletter and a regular supply of local content, with a membersonly portal that allows for pertinent updates. Communication is the name of the game and for Ghana to enjoy continually successful mining and minerals industries, the GCOM is absolutely essential. Without the Chamber, there would be no way of guaranteeing that new legislations, security concerns or important news would be shared, leading to gaps in local knowledge that could be exploited by unscrupulous operations, to weaken the market. Given how critical for the local economy the mining industry is, this cannot be allowed to happen and since the Chamber has been in place, only positive results have been reported. Information, camaraderie and a unified front are what the Chamber promises, as well as the right support for honest Ghanaian companies that want to keep mining their own business.

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Firmenich’s “commitment to shape winning solutions” Kien Ingate


Firmenichs motto of ‘For Good, Naturally’ reaches the shores of South Africa and how “winning solutions” will be brought to them as a global community.

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modern world that in its current state has been led through a multitude of innovations that has all been cumulated since the beginning of the industrial age. Before the inception of the idea of the early technological modern state, the worlds products relied heavily on the ingredients produced by the natural Earth. However, with modern miracles and the creation of synthetic alternatives, the balance between naturals and synthetics has blurred. In terms of the worlds story, this could be typified by the humble plant, Hevea brasiliensis or its more common name, the rubber tree. Before the dawn of the second world war, mass plantations were kept in Southeast Asia to meet with the demand of rubber and the British held regular supplies alongside control within the region. Rubber was and is still crucial for modern machinery in the engines of war. When the second world war broke out with the world split in two, Japan invaded the British colonies which crippled the quantity of rubber that the Allies needed. In response, the modern miracle has been created. Synthetic rubber was formed in response to these shortages. What is the reason for this story? Currently, the scientific innovations are no longer necessarily based on war economy and assets but by the market consumers through the global community. The little rubber tree was among the foundations of mass production of synthetics to fill the demand of the natural product. In many senses, the balance between demand and supply is now being reached due to that innovation. Using the natural environment as a template, multiple creations could be built on the foundations that would not typically exist in the world. In our case for day to day lives, the development and pleasure of our senses is what drives these creations. For this case, Firmenich and its branches are driving this scientific miracle. ‘Firmenich is the world’s largest, privately-owned company in the fragrance and flavour business. Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1895, it has created many of the world’s best-known perfumes and flavours that billions of consumers enjoy each day. Its passion for smell and taste is at the heart of


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totalworld.industry Firmenich South Africa

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Firmenich South Africa totalworld.industry

its success.’ when describing their own company in their own words. However, it understates a few other key successes in its industry. For being the largest privately-owned company, its global presence is involved in more than 100 markets with 66 facilities scattered around the globe. This level of influence is noted alongside their aim to please consumers means a singular drive to find other companies and invest in them to help with their mission. An example would be its dedication to research as Firmenich ‘is renowned for its world-class research and creativity, as well as its thought leadership in sustainability and exceptional understanding of consumer trends. Each year, it invests 10% of its turnover in R&D, reflecting its continuous desire to understand, share, and sublimate the best that nature has to offer.’ For the past 120 years, the original passion of creation and business had not changed but rather evolved. ‘Firmenich is not just the name of a Fragrance and Flavour House. It is also the name of a Family that has been personally committed to its Colleagues, Customers, Communities and Creativity for 120 years. Firmenich was founded in 1895 in Geneva, Switzerland, by Philippe Chuit, a talented Swiss chemist, in association with Martin Naef, a shrewd businessman.’ as noted by their own official history. Indeed, it would be to say the core makeup of the company was devised with scientific innovation and business. ‘They rented premises from a certain Charles Firmenich and it was there that they started creating ground-breaking molecules such as Dianthine and Iralia (still present on the market today) and attracted their first customer, Francois Coty. Since then, Firmenich has remained independent, building on that original entrepreneurial vigour and pioneering spirit. Today we are the world’s largest private company in the fragrance and flavour industry.’ These innovations were in their lifeblood and Firmenich, in their contribution to science, functionally assisted Leopold Ruzicka in achieving the Nobel prize in Chemistry as he was their Director of Research and Development. To meet global demands, expansion and research is necessary. In terms for the market within

South Africa, the acquisition of the company Flavourome was a logical choice. As a previously established privately held flavours company in South Africa with a reputation for developing very well received products, Firmenich could help direct the global intelligence to South Africa and vice versa, knowledge from South Africa to the globe. “The Sub-Saharan Africa region, with its population of 800 million, represents a strategic growth market for Firmenich, As Firmenich has been operating in South Africa for 30 years, this acquisition is a natural extension of our commitment to building longlasting customer partnerships in the region.” Said Patrick Firmenich, chairman of the board, Firmenich. For Flavoursome, this is a happy transition to a company that matches their pride and dedication to global and local innovation as David Wright, CEO, Flavourome said “We are proud to have developed strong relationships with leading food companies in South Africa

“The Sub-Saharan Africa region, with its population of 800 million, represents a strategic growth market for Firmenich”

We are suppliers of quality spices, herbs, seasonings and food ingredients. Spice up your business with our innovative and quality solutions today. Contact us for hot deals and avourful service.



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over the years that have supported our commitment to innovation and service. I am also tremendously grateful to all the Flavourome employees who have fuelled our success. Firmenich will be a great partner for our trusted customers and a great long-term home for our employees.” Firmenich understands the ambitions within South Africa and “Building on Flavourome’s established business in South Africa, I am delighted to be expanding Firmenich’s capabilities in this strategic region,” said Gilbert Ghostine, CEO, Firmenich. “This milestone confirms our commitment to shape winning solutions for our customers in South Africa and beyond.” Firmenich for South Africa is an enriching experience with both sides learning the multitude of what each side can offer. For South Africa, they learn from a company that is within the European Flavour association which directs and coordinates companies on flavours within Europe. Whilst the skills learnt within Europe would be passed on to South Africa, South African knowledge would incorporate into Firmenich that would benefit consumers all over the globe. As Debbie Lu, Senior Food Technologist of Firmenich wisely said “I think food brings people together.”

“We are proud to have developed strong relationships with leading food companies in South Africa over the years"

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Saving South Africa Victoria South


When you remove profit-making motivation from a business, what drives it to succeed? In the case of the South African National Blood Service, it’s the sense of pride that comes from saving lives every single day.

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not-for-profit organisation, the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) provides vital solutions, without being constrained by the usual commercial motivation of fiscal growth. With this removed, the company can focus on what’s really important; providing South Africa with easy access to blood resources that can assist healthcare services in the saving of numerous lives. This is no small feat, given that SANBS operates throughout the whole of South Africa, apart from the Western Cape. Driven by a desire to save patients’ lives, SANBS has a vision to, “Be the cornerstone of healthcare services in South Africa, through the gift of life.” This vision is brought into being alongside a prescriptive and nononsense mission, “The mission of the South African National Blood Service is to provide all patients with sufficient, safe, quality blood products and medical services related to blood transfusion in an equitable, cost-effective manner.”


Ethics and compliance Naturally, there are serious governance concerns to address when operating within the nonprofit healthcare sector and SANBS is careful to comply. Not only does this serve to offer the public peace of mind that they are supporting an operation that is on the level, it also allows stakeholders at every level to feel confident that the services of

“…SANBS is able to respond swiftly and appropriately to the challenges of the health services sector.”

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“You can donate blood every 56 days and we would like donors to commit to regular blood donation.”

SANBS are underpinned by proper regulation. After all, a good deed undertaken in an ethically unsound way loses much of its power. South Africa has suffered from a number of corporate governance scandals in recent years, leading to a significant crackdown and far more stringent assessments, but SANBS has always operated within proper frameworks. Far from needing to change anything significant, the organisation has simply decided to take a more flexible approach, to allow for fast adaptation to any new guidelines that could be released, “SANBS has now embarked upon a process to ensure that it complies with the requirements of the Companies Act 2008, the requirements of the King 3 report, all relevant legislation, and appropriate codes of good practice. The Board recognises that any processes implemented must be flexible to ensure that SANBS is able to respond swiftly and appropriately to the challenges of the health services sector.”

Topping up the tanks SANBS offers a range of critical services, but in order to be able to do this, it relies on the generosity of local communities. Blood drives have helped to educate as to the importance of regular donations, but more is always needed, leading SANBS to launch the ‘Don’t wait, please DONATE’ marketing strapline, designed to encourage regular donors, “You can donate blood every 56 days and we would like donors to commit to regular blood donation. This means at least four donations during a two-year period. This will assist in ensuring a safe and sufficient blood supply.” Considering that all blood donated has a plethora of uses, ranging from straight transfusions through to more specialist applications, the need for regular, committed donors that recognise the importance of what they’re doing is intense and SANBS is keen to use education as a tool for encouragement,

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“Less than 5% of blood is used as whole blood (the way you donated it). By separating the other 95% into its components; red blood cells, platelets and plasma, the unit you donated can save up to 3 lives. Which is wonderful considering the whole process takes only about 30 minutes. Your platelets can be used for a cancer patient, plasma to replace clotting factors in a trauma patient and your red blood cells for patients who needed surgery or suffered complications during childbirth.”

Safer supplies for all The world of blood supplies is clearly a complex one and even when supplies can be maintained, there are issues of quality to contend with. The quality assurance department is charged with making sure that any and all blood and blood components meet objectively regulated standards. This is an in-depth process that requires testing both during manufacturing processes and after processing. There is, however, an onus that falls on professionals outside of SANBS and that’s to ensure that non-essential transfusions are avoided,

“SANBS staff members are responsible for recruiting and retaining regular, safe blood donors, who are essentially the lifeblood of our organisation.”

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“The primary responsibility for ensuring appropriate clinical use of blood lies with clinicians. SANBS plays a key role in promoting effective transfusion practice by contributing to the development of a national policy and guidelines on clinical use of blood.”

Preparing for the future It goes without saying that nobody wishes for blood demand to rise, as that would be symptomatic of a serious health issue, but just as any regular company needs to be prepared for an uncertain future, SANBS has to plan ahead. Supplies need to be maintained, donations increased and services diversified in order to assist with the treatment of many more life-threatening conditions and everybody has a role to play, “SANBS staff members are responsible for recruiting and retaining regular, safe blood donors, who are essentially the lifeblood of our organisation. Blood donated by a volunteer donor is treated with utmost respect, as each unit of safe donated blood is invaluable to patients in dire need of this precious gift.” Moreover, research has a vital role to play as well, “The collection, processing and testing of blood, as well as the issuing of blood products, provides multiple opportunities to pose research questions. The answers to these questions will ultimately contribute to the SANBS body of knowledge and improve service delivery.” So how are donations being incentivised? With clever marketing campaigns that tap into the social media, regular news releases and blog posts that highlight where the precious donations are being used. By personalising the process of saving lives and encouraging a sense of empathy, donating becomes a duty and good samaritans know that they are part of something much more special than a mere for-profit organisation. Diagnosis, donation and delivery. These are the critical elements that SANBS works alongside and thank goodness it does, because through governed work and a commitment to improving the healthcare landscape, it really is saving South Africa.

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06-09 Mar 2019 Glass Industry Show Tuyap Fair Convention & Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey


12-15 Mar 2019 The World's Property Market Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, Cannes, France


13-15 Mar 2019 Trade Fair for Electrical Engineering Messezentrum Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria


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26-28 Mar 2019 The Big Event for Manufacturing & Distribution Professionals Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France



02-03 Apr 2019 The Largest Buildings Event for the New York Metro Region Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, United States

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