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September 2019


As we head into Autumn, we at Industry Leaders are delighting our sweet tooth with unapologetically zeal. As the days get shorter and the trees begin to turn into colors, we’ve turned to something warm and indulgent to enjoy the crisp delights of the cold weather. The arrival of colder weather doesn’t mean life stops. We can learn this from the Finns who not only survive it but enjoy it! The nation of thousands of lakes loves its sweet lights. Among them is Leipäjuusto or Juustoleipä, commonly referred to as the “Finnish Squeaky Cheese” that is eaten as a dessert, served cold or hot with cloudberry jam and vanilla ice-cream. Pair it with a hot cup of joe and you’ve got something unquestionably autumnal. You can read more on such delights from over the world in this issue. For our more adventurous readers, you may be keen to hear about the young men and women who are making it big; they’ve taken the risk to start companies which have now become household names. Finally, we look at the rise of design-based products on crowdsourcing platforms. Ever wondered what’s the most successful project is in Kickstarter’s design history?

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Bayer Deal Could Leapfrog Elanco to Become Industry Leader



‘Honey on Tap’ Beehive Creates Buzz in Bee Industry



Could One Shipping Container Feed A City?



This young teen-preneur is leading the sugar-free candy revolution



Rising Stars in Business



Culinary Adventures around the World



Animal Healthcare is in an Economic Boom

102 CROWDFUNDED, INC. Travel gear brand Tropicfeel wants to lighten your load on your next trip



Can Two Tobacco Giants Save Themselves From Insulation?

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Maximize your energy upgrades. Utilize our experts. Your business will see results at That’s business on the grid.

BAYER DEAL COULD LEAPFROG ELANCO TO BECOME INDUSTRY LEADER Elanco Animal Health announced on August 20 it would buy Bayer’s veterinary drugs unit in a deal worth $7.6 billion, creating the secondlargest animal health business sector. The acquisition of Bayer’s animal health unit is subjected to regulatory approval. As a part of the deal, Bayer will receive $5.32 billion in cash, subject to customary purchase price adjustments, and $2.28 billion made up of Elanco Animal Health common shares. The Bayer deal would push Elanco’s gross debt to roughly five times adjust EBITDA after taking into account cost cuts it plans to make through the acquisition of Bayer’s animal health unit.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 010

The deal is expected to close by mid-2020, Elanco said.


combined organization will “continue to deliver mid-singledigit revenue growth while accelerating the achievement of adjusted gross margin goals and delivering doubledigit adjusted EBITDA margin

As a part of the deal, Bayer will receive $5.32 billion in cash, subject to customary purchase price adjustments, and $2.28 billion made up of Elanco Animal Health common shares.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 011

growth.” Jeffrey N. Simmons, Elanco president and chief executive, said: “The move combines our long-standing focus on the veterinarian while meeting pet owners’ changing expectation of pet care and access to products.”

“The combination with Elanco will give rise to a leading competitor in the animal health industry, benefiting customers, employees and shareholders alike,” said Bayer chief executive Werner Baumann. The division sells veterinary treatments for both pets and livestock, including the bestselling Advantage treatment for fleas and ticks.

Jeffrey N. Simmons, Elanco president and chief executive, said: “The move combines our long-standing focus on the veterinarian while meeting pet owners’ changing expectation of pet care and access to products.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 012

The Bayer deal would push Elanco’s gross debt to roughly five times adjust EBITDA after taking into account cost cuts it plans to make through the acquisition of Bayer’s animal health unit.

SURPASS ZOETIS AS INDUSTRY LEADER Now that the Bayer deal has materialized, more than 40 percent of the combined company’s sales would come from animal health products, a similar proportion to market leader Zoetis. This news should please investors since pet-health

has become a hotbed for investment for the past few years. According to a report by Global Market Insights, Inc., global animal-health market is expected to peak $36 billion by 2024. Burgeoning pet adoption across the world, especially in developing countries, is driving the surge in pet-health market growth. With increasing disposable incomes, pet owners would be able to spend more on animal healthcare.

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A CUP OF JOE IN EXCHANGE FOR A VISIT TO FACEBOOK CAFE? Facebook has been at the left, right, and center of privacy scandals since we first heard about Cambridge Analytica. Time and again, Mark Zuckerberg had received a stark reminder that longtime Facebook users no longer believe that Facebook is truly private. To change this belief, Facebook has decided to open a number of pop-up cafes across the UK to give people a privacy check-up along with a cup of coffee. At the five Facebook cafes, users will get free tea or coffee and a tutorial on how to customize their privacy settings. To scorned Facebook users, this might be a blessing in disguise. According to a recent

poll, 27 percent of Londoners don’t know how to customize their privacy settings on social media. It’s still bewildering considering how Facebook has been at the forefront of some of the biggest privacy scandals in tech. In the first week of August, Facebook reappeared in the news facing fresh scrutiny over its handling of user data.

FACEBOOK CAFE TO OBLITERATE A HISTORY OF PRIVACY SCANDALS? Facebook has been paying outside contractors to transcribe clips of audio from users of its services. According to Messenger Help Center page, even if one contact in your chat

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 014

list had consented to Facebook transcribing the conversation, any audio in the thread would have been translated, regardless of who sent it. The latest privacy scandal is a result of the many gaffes committed by Facebook. Last month, the U.S. Financial Trade Commission imposed a $5 billion fine on Facebook over

privacy violations. Facebook improperly shared information of 87 million users with now-defunct Cambridge Analytica for political campaigns. Not only Facebook failed to inform the general public but it also requested all parties involved to destroy the information.

Mark Zuckerberg at F8 2019.

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FRANCE TO ARM ITS SATELLITES WITH GUNS AND LASERS? Following the French President’s announcement of the creation of a French space force to protect its satellites, French defense officials have revealed a new cosmic self-defense program to build nanosatellites armed with lasers and guns.

In her announcement of the new defense program, the Defense Minister Florence

This program to arm French satellites with guns will utilize €700 million from the country’s space exploration budget, with more than €4.3 billion to be spent by 2025. Along with arming their nanosatellites with space guns and lasers, part of the budget will also be utilized to update its Syracuse military communication satellites used by the French navy.

The program to arm French satellites with guns will utilize € 700 million from the country’s space exploration budget, with more than € 4.3 billion to be spent by 2025.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 016

Parly said that France is not interested in space wars. It just wants to invest in “reasonable arselalization.” The program also includes building a network of nanosatellites equipped with cameras to keep an eye on potential low-orbit and geostationary adversaries. This ambition was made official in

late 2018 and this year the French officials are building on their ambitions of adding weapons along with cameras. This can be achieved by arming nanosatellites with submachine guns capable of destroying enemy satellites’ solar panels or with lasers that can blind or destroy an enemy satellite. Along with satellite with guns, the officials are also hopeful to create a swarm of satellite launchers able to launch, in a very short time, makeshift replacements of the satellites that are destroyed by enemies.

FRANCE WILL ARM ITS SATELLITES WITH SPACE GUNS, IS IT LEGAL? France is one of the nations to sign the 1967 space treaty. The treaty allows the weaponization of space with the exception of placing weapons of mass destruction. In terms of space laws, France is legally allowed to arm its satellites with guns. However, they will be legally required that space operators Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 017

Along with arming their nanosatellites with space guns and lasers, part of the budget will also be utilized to update its Syracuse military communication satellites used by the French navy. from the National Center for Space Studies join army personnel to develop this capacity. This news comes in just five months after US President Trump signed a directive to establish a new branch of the US military trained to handle adversaries in space.

France was quick to break America’s possible sovereignty in military operations with its own “control of space” program. Furthermore, France is inviting its European neighbors to join in on its efforts in celestial surveillance.

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WHY LITHIUM BATTERY MAKERS STRUGGLE IN PROLIFIC CHILE Electronics giant Samsung and other corporate investors in March 2018 reached an agreement with the Chilean government to erect three lithium battery manufacturing factories in the South American nation.

However, with just a year gone in the arrangement, the deal seems to be falling apart to the credit of the Chile’s government.

The offer from the lithium-rich country was juicy and worth any risk. Most importantly, the companies would be guaranteed a steady supply of lithium at very attractive prices for about three decades for helping the world’s secondlargest lithium miners set up their own electric vehicle battery manufacturing industry. Considering the fact that there is a global race to downsize supplies of the coveted metal, the offer could not be rejected. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 020

An internal document acquired from a state development agency reveals that the government hasn’t delivered the bountiful, bargain-priced lithium as promised. Chilean chemical company, Molymet was to build one of the parts for the battery factory. However, the company has announced its decision to scrap the effort last week, and have

declined to say why. That’s just a fraction of the failures. The company’s decision is coming after South Korea’s POSCO made a similar defection. The steelmaker had in June pulled out of its joint venture with Samsung’s battery unit to build a Chilean plant, stating its reason as a shortage of lithium supplies. Currently, Samsung said it is reviewing the project. Even Fulin, China’s Sichuan

Despite having the largest reserves of lithium in the world, Chile is yet to capitalize fully on its natural resources and turn it to real riches.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 021

Transportation Group Company has failed to get its planned Chilean factory running yet. Albemarle Corp, the world’s

highest producers of lithium is a major player in the deal. The company is expected to supply the planned factories with increased output from its Chilean operations. However, things haven’t really gone as expected, as both technological and regulatory hurdles have

Chile is a powerhouse in the production of battery chemicals. If they can’t do this, everybody needs to pay attention and figure out why.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 022

hampered its efforts. The Lithium miners had a bitter quarrel with the government of Chile over fat prices the Lithium battery makers are expected to pay in exchange for its lithium. Another major challenge facing the U.S.-based miner is that it doesn’t produce the processed

lithium hydroxide required by POSCO-Samsung in Chile. Chile’s next big lithium miner, SQM is also struggling like Albemarle to increase its output as global demand increases. The Chilean government, on the other hand, is quite reluctant to allow fresh investors to come into the “white gold” market. Despite having the largest reserves of lithium in the world, Chile is yet to capitalize fully on these natural resources and turn it to real riches. The country’s latest failure to successfully woo lithium battery makers explains how difficult it will be to take the industry stronghold away from Asia. According to Emily Hersh, a managing partner with the Washington, D.C.-based consultancy DCDB groups, “It’s a big reality check. Chile is a powerhouse in the production of battery chemicals. If they can’t do this, everybody needs to pay attention and figure out why.”

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IMPOSSIBLE FOODS IS COPYING HANGOVER-FACING BUDWEISER WITH ASIA EXPANSION Impossible Foods moved into Hong Kong barely 18 months after it announced opening for business worldwide. The meatless burger maker is now planning aggressive expansion in Asia where over 46 % of the world’s meat is consumed.

Foods senior vice president for international, Nick Halla, said “Asia is by far the number Impossible Foods’ first foray into Asia was through Hong Kong roughly 18 months after launching worldwide.

Asia accounts for more than 46% of the world’s total meat consumption, according to a 2019 report by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This crowns Asia home for the highest meat consumption in the world. In an interview with CNBC on Thursday, Impossible Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 024

one focus for us. It is core to our mission and core to our business.” The company’s first foray into Asia was through Hong Kong roughly 18 months after launching worldwide.

equivalent to roughly two pieces of 10-oz steak. That’s about four times more than the volume consumed in the United Kingdom, the university’s research found.

According to the University of Hong Kong, the city plays host to one of the highest meat consumption per capita in the world. On a daily average, Hong Kongers consume meat

This implies that Impossible Foods, which basically produces plant-based protein products, had to settle for a different market strategy for its expansion in Hong Kong.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 025

hit the mass market once the chefs include the product on their menu, Halla said. Halla disclosed that the California-based company’s first task in the new market is building the credibility that its vegan meat is not the plantbased product of the past. “So here in Hong Kong, we started with two of the most meat-heavy, global-renowned chefs, May Chow, and Uwe Opocensky, to help us tell that story.” Impossible Foods will be viewed as credible and hence

Impossible Foods could possibly adopt a different approach in its Hong Kong expansion, in contrast to its profitable strategy in the United States, where it recently sealed a deal with fast-food chain Burger King. On April, Impossible Foods launched a new product in St. Louis, Missouri, burgers made with its plant-based patty called “Impossible Whopper.” A recent study revealed that the performance of the St. Louis

Asia accounts for more than 46% of the world’s total meat consumption, according to a 2019 report by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 026

Impossible Foods, which produces plant-based protein products, has to settle for a different market strategy for its expansion in Hong Kong.

outlets is so far better than that of Burger King’s national foot traffic average by 18.5%. Impossible Foods’ meatless burger/products made its way into the menus of restaurants after the company’s collaboration with Burger King which saw them work with American chefs. “We have to be strategic about how we start and how we grow,” said Halla. ”So [we are] starting

with the really premium chefs, top-end hotels before we go to the Burger Kings in the world.” Impossible Foods could be copying Budweiser which recently failed to sell the largest IPO of 2019 after banking on Chinese drinkers. Interestingly, the rapid growth of alternative meat market is responsible for foreign expansion plans. Barclays bank predicts that the market could worth over $140 billion by 2029.

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‘HONEY ON TAP’ BEEHIVE CREATES BUZZ IN BEE INDUSTRY HOW THIS FATHER-SON TEAM BUILT ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST CROWDFUNDED PRODUCTS Flow Hive was born from the frustration of harvesting honey and creating an invention that was gentler on the bees and easier on the beekeeper. It was during a hot, sweaty harvest with sunburn and lots of bee stings that Cedar Anderson, a third generation northern NSW beekeeper, realized there had to be a better way to harvest honey. He and his father Stuart then spent 10 years tinkering with prototypes to invent Flow Hive, the beekeeper’s dream. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 028

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 029

Where did the idea first come from? And what does it take to put together such an important social pursuit? Industry Leaders: Flow Hive is said to be ‘the most significant innovation in beekeeping since 1852.’ How did you come up with the idea?

Cedar Anderson: It was a process of trying and failing. It took extreme amounts of perseverance and optimism to carry through from an idea into a disruptive technology that changes the world. When the first jar of honey came out of a beehive and into the jar it worked perfectly. At this point, I was living in a shed with a baby on the way. I’d given up every other form of income and was completely

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 030

It was a process of trying and failing. It took extreme amounts of perseverance and optimism to carry through from an idea into a disruptive technology that changes the world. - Cedar Anderson, Co-Inventor of the Flow Hive.

relying on this invention to be successful. My father didn’t have any money either, so we borrowed money from family members to build the first pre-production models, which needed $20,000 for injection mouldings. From here, we explored various paths to market and landed on crowdfunding. We didn’t have the funds and didn’t want to go down the venture capital path.

People have often asked, “Did you ever think of giving up?” The answer is no. I always thought I’d be able to find a way to achieve what we set out to do. Since then, I’ve learnt that business is a game of perseverance and problemsolving to overcome obstacles. Many people thought that what we had invented wasn’t possible and wouldn’t work (it does). Many thought we’d never be

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 031

able to start from scratch and make and deliver 25,000 hives in just eight months (we did). We were running a 24/7 production line in Brisbane to make all the orders. But it wasn’t quick enough, so we put our inventing hats on to again. Thirty per cent more production was gained by placing the injecting moulding machines inside big tents with industrialsized dehumidifiers to stop the tools from sweating. The dehumidifiers cost $100,000, which was a big risk, but it paid off because we were able to produce more and able to meet the demands of the market.” Industry Leaders: Tell us a bit about Flow Hive’s journey. How has it grown over the years, and what are some of the challenges you have faced while scaling up?

Flow has won multiple awards for innovation, design, marketing and business including Good Design Australia, D&AD White Pencil, Fast Company World Changing Ideas, two medals at Apimondia International Beekeeping Congress and was declared NSW Business Chamber’s Business of the Year. - Cedar Anderson, CoInventor of the Flow Hive.

Cedar Anderson: Once the technology was patented, a crowdfunding campaign and video were launched on Indiegogo in February 2015. What happened next was quite extraordinary. The $70,000

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 032

goal was reached in seven minutes. In two hours, it was the fastest crowdfunding campaign in the world to reach $1 million. In eight weeks, it reached US$12.2 million. Thousands of hours went into everything from marketing, design and manufacturing, to logistics and customer support decisions. Next began the scramble to fulfil

orders — before Christmas! Amazingly, Flow managed to deliver on their commitments only a few weeks behind schedule. While leaping a succession of supply chain, manufacturing and logistics hurdles, the team developed its internal processes and moved toward being not only a manufacturer and marketer of the most significant beekeeping invention since

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 033

Chamber’s Business of the Year.

1852 but also as a prominent advocate for bees. The intended audience was beekeepers, but the idea sparked the imagination and around 40 per cent of the people who pledged to buy a Flow Hive had never kept bees before.

Cedar is now at the helm of a company that has matured into not only a successful Australian exporter, but a prominent advocate for bees and the natural world. A global community of 100,000s of people has sprung up around the idea of being kinder to bees and taking better care of our local environment.

Fast-forward to 2019, and there are now 65,000 Flow Hives in use in more than 130 countries. Manufacturing and logistics processes have been optimised and the company now generally dispatches orders within 24 hours. Flow has won multiple awards for innovation, design, marketing and business including Good Design Australia, D&AD White Pencil, Fast Company World Changing Ideas, two medals at Apimondia International Beekeeping Congress and was declared NSW Business Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 034

How do you see the beekeeping industry changing in the future? Flow Hive is a game-changer – it makes beekeeping so much more accessible and brought beekeeping out of the too-hardbasket and into backyards, rooftops and balconies at an unprecedented scale. Suddenly anyone can reap the rewards of a restful and environmentally regenerative hobby in a way

that was gentle on the bees and the beekeeper alike. It became clear that the market didn’t want just the Flow technology so we made a beautiful item to go into the garden to house our technology and create a turnkey solution for our audience. Having significant advantages of zero processing equipment needed and a lot of labour saving, plus the unique observation windows, the Flow Hive far was deliberately priced higher than conventional beehive prices. Industry Leaders: What could the government or society do to encourage more social entrepreneurship? Cedar Anderson: The BeeInventive culture is inspired by bees and we endeavour to take a leaf (or petal) from their book – we call it The Flow On Effect! We strive to do business in a regenerative, ethical and

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 035

sustainable manner and have joined the global movement of like-minded people using business as a force for good as a Certified B Corporation. Flow is about more than just

harvesting honey in a gentle way—it’s about creating community, educating people about the importance of bees, and empowering beekeepers both old and new to make a positive change to help protect these important little creatures. Humans, honeybees and our agriculture have been in

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 036

symbiosis for a long time now. Humans have brought the honeybee with them wherever they’ve travelled, because there’s this amazing amount of pollination that the honeybee can do. A typical hive of say 50,000 bees can pollinate up to 50 million flowers a day. There is no other insect on the planet that can do this, and that’s why the honeybee is such an extraordinary insect when it comes to our pollination needs. It’s said that if the honeybees disappeared, we would lose a

third of the food types on our shelves. But if that happens, we’re in far more trouble than losing a third of our food types. Honeybees are in the spotlight because they are so important to our agricultural needs, but to me, they represent a bigger picture. A bigger picture of all of the species of pollinators, and there’s something like 20,000 different species of native bees in the world. Ten per cent of these are already

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 037

facing complete extinction. “So, the losses related to honeybees, or apis mellifera, is a bit like the canary in the coal mine. It’s pointing out when humans change almost every surface of the earth, drastic effects of this has drastic ramifications on our ecosystem

and all of the species that need their habitat to survive. There are places in the world that are reporting 90% insect losses across the board. There are places in the world where honeybees cannot survive and now people are resorting to hand pollination, climbing up trees with feathers and pollen. “We need to save the honeybees. Not for the selfish reason of having food types on our supermarket shelves, but

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 038

because if we can’t provide a world where honeybees can survive, we are going to lose so many species and eventually find it hard to survive ourselves. Something like a billion litres of insecticide gets sprayed onto our home earth surface each year. We need to stop that. Our forests and wild spaces are still being cleared at unprecedented rates. We need to reverse this. We need to get out in the yard and create habitat for all of

these species which are on the brink of extinction. All of these little pollinators. In doing so, we create stepping stones through the urban landscape and give some of these spaces a chance. We need to bring back the wild spaces. We need to re-wild our world. The government can help by developing policies that removes barriers for startups, while funding innovation hubs and enterprise centres, and providing direct funding to social enterprise start-ups. Provide encouragement for innovation in renewable energy, environment, and social impact sectors. Society can help by choosing to purchase products and services from social enterprises, and by switching personal investments from polluting industries to the new economy. Impact investment groups can help by shifting to a stronger focus to funding a broader range of social enterprises in Australia.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 039


Industry Leaders: What are your plans for the future, and where do you see Flow Hive in another 5-10 years?

In the domestic market, we will be addressing brood inspections with some innovative technology we are inventing, making it far easier to access the brood box.

Cedar Anderson: Beyond conventional harvesting, the next biggest frustrations for beekeepers are: brood box inspections to look after the bees; and finding out what you need to know as a new

Support for our new beekeepers is being addressed by a global launch of an education platform, which will include content from Cedar and his father and many other experts from around the world.

Most beehives exist in the world in the commercial sector, which we have only scratched the surface of. We’ve been sinking significant resources into developing a commercial offering that will be a real game changer. We have already tested and built Flow Hives to operate on autopilot with load senses sensing the honey, and they’ll automatically harvest themselves. - Cedar Anderson, Co-Inventor of the Flow Hive.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 040

Most beehives exist in the world in the commercial sector, which we have only scratched the surface of. We’ve been sinking significant resources into developing a commercial offering that will be a real game changer. We have already tested and built Flow Hives to operate on autopilot with load senses sensing the honey, and they’ll automatically harvest themselves.

We have developed the telemetry so they can be operated and monitored remotely, even if the hives aren’t in cell phone signal area. Automation of the hives and telemetry will give commercial beekeepers a real competitive advantage while saving a lot of costs on labour.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 041

COULD ONE SHIPPING C O N TA I N E R FEED A CITY? Silicon Valley hasn’t always been synonymous with environment-friendly policy. Whether it’s Apple’s reliance on mining valuable metals off the planet for iPhone parts, or Uber’s contribution to climate change and rising carbon emissions. But with growing pressure to adopt sustainable business models is the need of the hour. We’ve witnessed the arrival of tree-planting search engines to solar roads. We’ve seen startups putting the planet before their profit statement – New York-based Square Roots Grow is no different!

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 042

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 043


Entrepreneurs Kim Musk and Tobias Peggs are trying to fix America’s food production problem without harming the planet with Square Roots Grow.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 044

Budding agricultural entrepreneurs Kim Musk and Tobias Peggs are trying to fix America’s food production problem without harming the planet with Square Roots Grow. The younger Musk’s urban farming incubator teaches young farmers how to farm in cities while preaching the benefits of locally sourced, non-processed food. Until now, the startup has operated out of a shuttered factory near public housing projects of Brooklyn’s BedfordStuyvesant. Square Roots has built indoor farming facilities in refurbished, shipping containers, which it uses to grow food and teach farmers in a year-long program. At Square Roots’ vertical farms, the entrepreneurs grow hydroponic crops like microgreens, herbs and strawberries. These hydroponic crops grow in a nutrient-laced water solution, not soil. A single shipping container provides 320 square feet of growing space. It is fitted with long, narrow towers studded with crops that are hung like vertical blinds from the ceiling in rows. Unlike traditional outdoor farms, the plants receive water and nutrients from irrigation pipes running along the top of the towers and their sunlight from strips of LED lights. Last year, more than 1,500 aspiring farmers applied for the 13-month-long resident entrepreneurship program at the urban farming campus. At Square Roots, budding agricultural entrepreneurs learn about not only agricultural science but also product management such as marketing, community outreach, and business. During a typical week, entrepreneurs spend about 15 to 20 hours doing farm work – 10 hours over the business side and 10 hours getting coached by a team of Square Roots’ in-house experts and mentors. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 045

Square Roots teaches young farmers how to farm in cities while preaching the benefits of locally sourced, non-processed food.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 046

The program is free to participants. Farmers get to keep a portion of the money they make from selling crops at Square Roots. They say “best things in life don’t come free” and it’s probably true. Participants have to put down a $5,000 deposit at the beginning of the entrepreneurship program, for which they can apply for microloans through the USDA. After operating out of a single location for two years, Square Roots is now ready to branch out. Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Washington, D.C., are one of the few sites Peggs is eyeing at the moment. Musk and Peggs will narrow down the list of ten by the end of this year.

BUSINESS IN A BOX To set up its first-ever base in Brooklyn back in 2016, Square Roots raised $5 million in seed money. For each of the ten new locations around the country, a little less than $1 million is needed. The agricultural entrepreneurs are also just helping farmers find buyers for their produce, like restaurants and stores. Some of Square Roots’ staff of fourteen help generate leads of potential clients lists. Around 30% of what the farmers earn goes to Square Roots, and expenses are another $30,000 – which leaves them with an annual profit of $30,000 to $40,000. The urban farming accelerator program also runs an online delivery business, as a part of a weekly subscription service for companies in the area, including WeWork, Vice Media, and

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 047

Kickstarter. One bag of fresh greens costs $7 per week, and a seven-pack costs $35. Unlike most supermarket vegetables, which travel for days before you buy it, Square Roots harvests the same day as delivery. The greens are gmo-free, spray-free, and fresh all year round – even when there is four-feet of snow on the ground. The greens come in grab-size bags with a QR code on the back. By scanning the code you can learn the name of the Square Roots farmer who grew it, and when the cultivating process began.

SMART FARMING Earlier this year, Square Roots announced that it is partnering with Gordon Food Services, a distribution company that works with retailers across the United States. As a part of the setup, Square Roots will build indoor farming facilities inside climate-controlled shipping containers on or near Gordon Food Services’ warehouses. Each of the 200 warehouses will get around 10 shipping containers, with each container generating around 50,000 pounds of produce per year. Gordon Food Services CEO Rich Wolowski made a similar point in the announcement, saying, “Customers want an assortment of fresh, locally grown food all year round. We are on a path to do that at scale with Square Roots and are excited to be

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 048

Square Roots has built indoor farming facilities in refurbished, shipping containers.


Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 049

At Square Roots’ vertical farms, the entrepreneurs grow hydroponic crops like microgreens, herbs and strawberries.

the first in the industry to offer this unique solution to our customers.” Square roots will grow an assortment of fresh herbs: basil, mint, sage, and chives. The startup might expand into other Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 050

crops in the near future. “This partnership means we will grow delicious, local, real food at huge scale,” Tobias Peggs, co-founder and CEO of Square Roots, said in the release. “We’re so happy to be working with a mission-aligned partner in Gordon Food Service — leveraging technology to bring real food to a huge number of people across the country, while delivering real social impact by empowering thousands of young people to become our country’s future farmers.” The global vertical farming market is expected to peak $9.96 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Growing automation in agriculture and increasing use of big data is likely to drive the market. Despite the high costs and limited yield range, the potential is not lost on investors. After all, vertical farming ensures the stability in the yield production and maintaining reliability even in adverse climate conditions. Besides, it promises multiple benefits over traditional outdoor farming, such as less use of water, low dependence on agricultural labors, and lesser need of agrochemicals. Square Roots is not the only major US player in the sector. Recently, AeroFarms, a producer of leafy greens, raised $100 million from Ingka Group, Ikea’s parent company. Another player, Bower Farming, raised $95 million in a funding round backed by Google Ventures and Uber chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi. The future is here, and it’s green. PHOTOS: SQUARE ROOTS Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 051

Alina Morse, Founder and CEO, Zollipops Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 052


OF SUCCESS THIS YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR IS LEADING THE SUGAR-FREE CANDY REVOLUTION. Lollipops are mostly sugar and thus one of the most dangerous candies for your teeth. Unlike sugary candies, lollipops do damage faster because of how they’re eaten. That doesn’t mean your teeth are going to fall out at once, but over time too much sugar can increase your risk of metabolic disorder, high blood disorder, diabetes, and heart disease. The damage that’s done to teeth and gums is the main reason that Alina Morse was not allowed to have lollipops as a child. As the story goes, on her way out of the bank with her father, Alina, then seven years old, was offered a lollipop. Her father warned her the lollipop would rot her teeth and gums. And so Alina began wondering if they could make a healthy, kid-friendly candy that’s good for the teeth. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 053

BETTER-FOR-YOU With $7,500 her grandparents had given her from birthday and holiday presents through the years, Alina Morse began cooking up lollipop batches in her home kitchen. After two years of online research and hundreds of attempts at perfecting her candy formula and numerous plant trials later, Morse had secured meetings from two different candy makers and conducted roughly 15 trials. Once the lollipop was ready for distribution, Alina Morse began reaching out to major supermarkets in the United States. Six months and several pitches later, Morse found a buyer. Whole Foods wanted to buy 36 cases of Zollipops, one for each store in California and Hawaii regions. Despite being the most expensive candy in the Whole Body aisle (one bag of 25 retail for $5.99), the first cases sold out quickly. With each reorder from Whole Foods, the number of cases increased. In its first year of business, Zollipops sold 70,000 candies. Image: Alina Morse Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 054

BESIDES RUNNING A CANDY EMPIRE, ALINA MORSE IS JUST LIKE ANY OTHER KID HER AGE. SHE STILL GOES TO SCHOOL, DANCES, AND TRIES TO GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. Now, at thirteen, she’s the CEO of Zollipops, a $6 million Michigan-based candy company. The “z” comes from the calorie-free sugar substitute, xylitol, which has shown to reduce cavities. It remineralizes teeth and prevents bacteria that consume it from producing enamel damaging acids. Other sugar-free sweetener used in Zollipops is erythritol, which has shown to reduce plaque and oral bacteria. It raises the oral pH and has far more beneficial dental properties. Morse developed the ingredients list through a collaboration with a food scientist and her own dentist. Do you see? Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 055

You don’t have to bite the bullet at the dentist. The young entrepreneur personally taste-tested each batch before settling on the winning formula which comprises of the above-mentioned sweeteners, citric acid, beetroot juice, stevia, and turmeric for color.

NO. 1 SUGAR-FREE CANDY ON AMAZON After joining hands with Whole Foods, Zollipops began shipping on e-tailer Amazon. Last year, it was the bestselling sugar-free hard candy on Amazon, topping knownbrands like Charms Blow Pops and Dum-Dums. It’s hard to believe that sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan and nonGMO candy beats classics would beat classics but here we are. Zollipops has grown to six employees – with Alina Morse’s parents too having joined the company, becoming her employees. Her mom, Sue, works in sales and also serves as Morse’s official stylist and schedule organizer. Her father, Tom, who worked as a consultant for Deloitte, now serves as Alina’s manager. Today, Alina Morse does most of the pitching at trade

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 056

Image: Zolli Pops Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 057

Image: Zolli Drops

shows and conferences. She attends four to six a year along with her father, and mostly presents the product Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 058

herself. After tasting sweet success at Whole Foods, Kroger, and Amazon, Morse and her father have won orders from HEB, Meijer, Big Y, Jet, U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force exchanges and several dentists’ offices. “Zolli Drops” and “Zaffi Taffy” were introduced in 2016 after several customers wrote to Alina that they preferred a stick-free alternative. These candies come in seven different flavors, including pineapple and peppermint. Zollipops have now become so popular that you’d find them near the cash register or in the candy aisle in major supermarkets and drug stores.

EXPANDING THE FEMPIRE Alina Morse believes that Zollipop is more than just a candy company. This year, the candy company introduced “Zolligrams,” a Valentine’s Day card made to hold its lollipops. Zollipop has now spread its sweet wings across the globe. The company’s offerings are now sold in Australia, China, France and Korea. Besides running a candy empire, Morse is just like any other kid her age. She still goes to school, dances, and tries to get a good night’s sleep. She is a motivated kid who also happens to be more passionate about entrepreneurship, and was fortunate enough to have great parents who enabled her to succeed early in life. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 059

To become a business leader requires innovation and a heart of courage to push boundaries in pursuit of something new that could not work. Indeed, it is possible to rake a profit without taking any risks, but the likelihood is that the venture will lack innovation. It is industry leaders like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk who have risked all and won that capture our attention because they tend to be innovators and risk-takers. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 060

Ruzwana Bashir, Founder and CEO, Peek

Industry Leaders has selected 10 business leaders who have revolutionized different industries from IT and technology to banking and finance, from food and beverages to pharmaceutical. Pat Brown was an easy choice for our list because of his phenomenal success in transforming the way we eat. He is a visionary who is set out to solve the most urgent and important problem in the world. Crucially, he is focused on the big carbon win. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 061

Legendary entrepreneur Peter Beck made it to our list for the incredible vision and a passionate desire he brought to the aerospace industry. In our cover story, we have many such entrepreneurs who have led with persistence and a willingness to be resilient in ensuring their long-term success, even if it might have meant to face short-term setback. These are the men and women who’ll impact our everyday lives in the 21st century, be it through retail, entertainment or technology – their power is unrivalled.

PETER BECK ROCKET LAB Starting a truly original aerospace company is pretty tough in today’s market. With neck to neck competition and open sourcing, it seems like every idea has been scribbled through or executed 1000 times already. But then we hear about Peter Beck and his aerospace company Rocket Lab. The New Zealand based company just completed its third commercial launch of 2019, and is planning to increase the frequency of its launches until there’s one a week. It’s ambitious, and a not particularly well-trodden. Since founding Rocket Lab in 2006, Peter has grown the company to become a globally recognized industry leader in space and a billion-dollar company employing world-

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 062

Peter Beck, CEO, CTO, Founder, Rocket Lab

class engineers and technicians. Peter Beck played a crucial role in the development of the world’s first and only private orbital launch range, located on New Zealand’s Māhia Peninsula. PHOTOS: Rocket Lab

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 063

Under his leadership, Rocket Lab’s launch model will see thousands of small satellites reach orbit on their terms. The man is capable of big, bold moves.

Ruzwana Bashir, Founder and CEO, Peek PHOTOS: PEEK

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 064

IT SEEMS THERE IS NOT ONE AREA WHERE RUZWANA BASHIR CANNOT CONQUER. HER NEXT MOVE WILL BE CLOSELY WATCHED. RUZWANA BASHIR PEEK Ruzwana Bashir is one of the States’ most influential businesswomen; she is the founder and CEO of Peek, an online travel company backed by Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Eric Schmidt of Google and David Bonderman of TPG Capital. Bashir graduated from Oxford University and earned a master’s degree in business administration at Harvard University on a Fulbright Scholarship. She has had a fulfilling career in banking and finance but her impressive resume doesn’t make the story of her entrepreneurial endeavor any less inspiring. Since it was founded in 2012, Peek has revolutionized the travel industry, and is heading to spread its wings across the world soon. It seems there is not one area where Ruzwana

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 065

Bashir cannot conquer. Her next move will be closely watched.

RON RUDZIN & RICKY JOSHI SAATVA LAB It’s likely that many of you know and love, or have slept on Saatva, Loom & Leaf, and Zenhaven. All of which begs the questions: what are these names? With such a stronghold in the world of online mattress e-commerce, Saatva holds a position of great influence. The Saatva company is the seventh-fastest growing private retailer in the U.S with brands such as Saatva, Loom & Leaf, and Zenhaven to convince you to drop thousands of dollars on your mattresses without bouncing on it first to see how springy it is. In 2018, Saatva generated $207 million in revenue and has a solid five-year plan to make peak $1 billion in revenue. Ron Rudzin & Ricky Joshi have been credited with breathing a new life into the mattress industry. Since consumers cannot test the mattress Rudzin thought it was important to provide a white glove delivery experience. The founder haven’t had much sleep themselves – after all, they build the company from nothing.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 066


PAT BROWN IMPOSSIBLE FOODS The chief executive and founder of Impossible Foods is as influential and iconoclastic as they come. Since the company began experimenting with meat-free burger in 2011, founder Pat Brown has attracted over $300 million in funding and has garnered the backing of institutional investors include Khosla Ventures, Microsoft Corp cofounder Bill Gates, Google Ventures, Horizons Ventures, UBS, Viking Global Investors, Temasek, Sailing Capital, and Open Philanthropy Project. Pat Brown has always been entrepreneurial – the idea for

Impossible Burger is now sold at more than 7,000 restaurants worldwide.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 068

Pat Brown, Founder and CEO, Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods came to Pat while he was on sabbatical from his position as an HHMI investigator and professor of biochemistry at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He realized there was a way to make affordable meat and dairy products from plants in the developing world, PHOTOS: IMPOSSIBLE FOODS Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 069

BEN WEISS ONE SAID: “WHAT WE CREATED AT BAI MADE HISTORY. I COULD NOT BE PROUDER OF THE UNBELIEVERS I WORKED SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH GROWING BAI TO BE A DISRUPTOR AND LEADER IN THE BEVERAGE INDUSTRY. where the appetite for meat is on the rise. His unwavering belief in making an impact in history turned his attention to eliminating the use of animals as a food production technology in order to cut down greenhouse gas emissions

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 070

caused by their transportation system. Thus, Impossible Burger was born. Impossible Burger is now sold at more than 7,000 restaurants worldwide including Qdoba, White Castle, Red Robin and at Disney theme parks. Brown plans to launch Impossible Foods’ products in retail outlets in the second half of this year and is actively talking with “top grocery chains in the nation.” He is clearly a strong face behind the name.

BEN WEISS BAI BRANDS As an entrepreneur, Ben Weiss has created a powerful dynasty in the beverages industry. Since its founding in 2009, Bai Brands has broadened its footprint to include big-brand retailers like Target, Costco and convenience store and drug accounts. Ben Weiss one said: “What we created at Bai made history. I could not be prouder of the Unbelievers I worked sideby-side with growing Bai to be a disruptor and leader in the beverage industry. This extraordinary brand has been embraced by millions of consumers, and I am confident in its future.” Bai Brands is rising to become an industry leader in beverages and shows no sign of slowing down.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 071


In three years, Truepic’s technology is already used by the U.S. State Department and others.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 072

Craig Stack, Founder and CEO, Truepic

Goldman Sachs alum Craig Stack founded Truepic in 2015 with the sole aim to combat faux social media accounts, deep fakes, doctored photos and more. In three years, Truepic’s technology is already used by the U.S. State Department and others. Truepic just announced a partnership with Qualcomm, so we expect to hear much more soon. PHOTO: TRUEPIC

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 073

Ethan Brown, Founder and CEO, Beyond Meat PHOTOS: BEYOND MEAT Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 074

Ethan Brown has truly shaken the boat, making him one of the most forward thinking entrepreneurs of our time.

ETHAN BROWN BEYOND MEAT Not many predicted that plant-based meat would become one of the biggest food trends of 21st century –but here we are! Ethan Brown is the poster boy for the plant-based burgers scene. After attending Columbia Business School and working at a few high-paying jobs, Brown decided to take a chance on saving the environment. Beyond Meat’s products look like beef or sausage but are made entirely from plants. In 2019, the ten-year-old company went public at a $1.5 billion valuation. Ethan Brown has truly shaken the boat, making him one of the most forward thinking entrepreneurs of our time.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 075




Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 076

Well, maybe not everything you know. Next time you find yourself Peru or Finland, you’ll likely have the mouthwatering citrus delight Ceviche or creamy Juustoleipä on your plate. Industry Leaders has scoured the planet for what we think are the most “unforgettable” and “delicious” foods ever created. Feast your eyes as we reveal musteat foods from around of the world. You’ll find some of these delicacies at a street market in the middle of Czech Republic, or when you’re being entertained by a family in their home, or dinning out at a restaurant.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 077

WAGASHI When it comes to Wagashi, there’s more than meets the eye (and the growling stomach)! These dainty Japanese tea cakes carry a rich history entwined with Japanese culture. In a Japanese tea ceremony, Wagashi is served to complement the bitter, deep taste of Matcha. For some extra lift off, Wagashi is consumed before the Matcha is served, but never together. Wagashi is a selection of confections that reflect a deep appreciation of the four season. For instance, you may see cherry blossom cake to bring you the sense of warmness in the spring. In summer, you find yourself eating green Japanese maple to make you feel the cool breeze, or a low-calorie jellylike raindrop shaped dessert. In fall, you’ll eat a real Japanese persimmon or a flolded leave turned almost crimson to remind you of the vivid crimson and orange scenery. In winter, you’ll see Japanese red camellia in white snow. The feast of cakes isn’t limited to the Japanese tea ceremony scene. You may eat it like any other dessert, at any time of the day, with other types of green tea, coffee or whatever you prefer!

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 078

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 079

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 080

PULPO A LA GALLEGA Seafood in Spain is refreshingly heavy and inventive. No questions asked! With an abundance of freshwater rivers and a long coastline, you’ll find octopus on nearly every menu on the striking Romanesque Galician coast. Pulpo a la Gallega or Spanish octopus, is one of the tastiest ways to try seafood in Spain. There are mainly three ingredients used to season slices of octopus: paprika, olive oil, thick grained salt. The plate of Pulpo is most often served with peeled potatoes boiled and doused with olive oil, salt and paprika. Who knew something so simple could be so delicious. Pulpo a la Gallega is also known as Polbo a Feira in the Galician language. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 081

Käse is German for cheese and Spätzle is traditional egg noodle. Let’s say it is an Alpine version of American Mac n Cheese – only with even more cheese. While we’re at it, let’s set the record straight. Käsespätzle was long before Mac n Cheese. It is a symbolic Bavarian dish and one that’s popular in beer gardens across Germany. Variations on the Swabian noodle are eaten in Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, eastern France, and even the mountainous Italian province of South Tyrol. Spätzle is to German what is seafood to Japanese food or chips to Britain. It is traditionally served as a side to meaty dishes, and sometimes drenched into soups. It is amped up the deliciously gooey Emmenthal cheese and sweet and crispy fried onions. The main ingredients in Käsespätzle are fresh Spätzle, butter, cheese, sautéed onions, salt, and chives. It’s a staple at festivals, and is one of the go-to-dish at one of the most popular German fests: Oktoberfest. This specialty dish is best served with beer.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 082

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 083

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 084

TRDELNIK Trdelnik is one of the most common pastries you’ll find on kiosks in the streets of Prague, and other popular Czech destinations, as well as in Bratislava and other Slovakian cities. It’s sweet and a little flaky, served with a generous dusting of sugar, cinnamon, and nuts. The Trdelnik is widely available from street vendors and is a staple at Christmas markets. This sweet, fire cooked cylindrical cake is relatively simple to make. The dough made of walnut flour is rolled into thin strips, wound around a spindle called a “trldo,” glazed with sugar and grilled over open fire or coals until the dough is flaky brown. A hot, crisp Trdelnik soaking in cinnamon goodness on a chilly December evening is an inimitable experience. These little ‘chimney cakes’ can be sweetened further with an ice-cream filling to make it look tempting. We have to say, plain is best.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 085

CEVICHE Ceviche (say-beach-chay) is a widely popular Peruvian dish bursting with both rich flavor and history. This South American dish has been around for centuries; early recipes came from the Inca Empire that preserved their fish in salt, chiles, and ‘chicha’, an Andrean fermented beverage. In Peru, there are little carts all over the coastal area called Cevicherias where you can get this culinary delight. It can be eaten as an appetizer or main dish, depending on what it is served with. The Peruvians love their ceviche so much that there is a national holiday after the humble dish. June 28th of each year is celebrated as National Ceviche Day. There are hundreds of ways to make Ceviche – but the core elements remain the same: citrus juice to cook the fresh fish, giving it a delicate flavor and slightly chewy consistency. The raw fish marinated in citrus juice is typically served with aji pepper, red onion, along with sweet potato and Andean ‘dime’ sized corn. The dish is simple, yet complex, and nothing less than a gastronomical masterpiece. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 086

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 087

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 088

Leipäjuusto or Juustoleipä (YOO-sto-lay-bah) translates to ‘bread cheese’ and is one of the most unusual cheeses on the planet. It is sometimes called “Finnish Squeaky Cheese.” (The bread signifier has to more to do with its texture than taste.) It originates in Northern Finland and Ostrobothnia, and is made using curdled reindeer milk which is baked or grilled until it achieves a crunchy top. This mild-flavored cheese is buttery with a slightly sweet caramelized outer crust. Interestingly, it’s one of the few non-melting, grillable cheeses (another is Haloumi). Juustoleipä stays in one piece but gets gooey on the inside when grilled. Cold Juustoleipä is pleasantly squeaky in texture and grainy while warm. It makes the perfect foil for a drizzle of honey, and if you’re feeling fancy you can add fruit jam, preserves, or nuts! But the best match for Juustoleipä is cloudberry Jam. This holy union can be accented with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Or, do it like the Finns do – chop it onto bite-size pieces and dip it into filtered coffee. Goodbye, biscotti!

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 089

ANIMAL HEALTHCARE IS IN AN ECONOMIC BOOM A gamut of new products is available to treat hair loss, itchy skin, influenza, nutritional deficiencies and weight loss. You’re mistaken if you believe these healthcare products are aimed at you. Welcome to the growing business of animal healthcare! According to the American Veterinary Medical Association,

In 2018, U.S. pet owners spent an estimated $15.5 billion on over-the-counter pet pharmaceutical products and supplies, more than double $6.2 billion in 2001.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 090

not only is pet ownership widespread but cats and dogs are also living a longer, healthier life. About 57 percent of U.S. households owned a pet in 2016. In 2018, U.S. pet owners spent an estimated $15.5 billion on overthe-counter pet pharmaceutical products and supplies, more than double $6.2 billion in 2001, notes the American Pet Products Association. The amount is only a portion of what was spent on pet health. With the surge in pet ownership, the global animal-health market has peaked $36 billion. Livestock – vaccines, medicines, and medicinal feed additives for poultry, cattle, swine and other animals – accounts for 2/3rd of the market, while pets make up the remainder. Some of the largest animalhealthcare companies like Zoetis and Elanco Animal Health growing at an unprecedented rate.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 091

“Our companion animal portfolio is continuing its positive momentum, with 22% operational revenue growth, based on diagnostic sales from the Abaxis acquisition, strong sales of our key dermatology products, and parasiticides,” said Juan Ramón Alaix, Chief Executive Officer at Zoetis. “We remain confident that our latest innovations combined with our core business will spur future growth and profitability,” said Alaix.

Developing drugs for animals is faster and less expensive, since it requires fewer clinical studies and therefore, fewer subjects.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 092


For Zoetis, two of its fastest-growing markets are Brazil and China. These are the two developing regions where pet ownership is growing and so is their level of care. In China, Zoetis’ pet revenue was about $84 million last year, up 47% from $57 million in 2017. Even smaller players in the industry such as Philbro Animal Health earned 19 times what it was expected to during its fiscal year ending in June. Industry Leader Zoetis gained an annual return of 25% since it was spun off from Pfizer in 2013. The animal healthcare sector has its advantages. Developing drugs for animals is faster and less espensive, since it requires fewer clinical studies and therefore, fewer subjects. Most of these companies try to find compounds that have proved to be successful in humans so they don’t have to build from scratch. Another reason, and a very important one, is that generic drugs are seen as far less of a threat. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 093


World Pet Population Data (various sources) Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 094


Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 095

INNOVATIONS IN ANIMAL HEALTHCARE A lot of animal health companies are now coming up with lifechanging drugs. These include treatments for cattle with bovine respiratory disease; dogs with parasites; cats with weight loss; and dogs with itchy skin or pain issues. Pain medication for animals wasn’t even a thing in the ‘70s, for instance. Pharmaceutical companies are now starting to develop new approaches towards animal healthcare. In 2016, Zoetis won approval to launch Cytopoint. This therapeutic drug is injected in dogs to treat atopic dermatitis. It uses monoclonal antibody to target and neutralize canine IL31, which sends signals to itch to the dog’s brain. Cytopoint’s sales totaled $124 million last year. Even smaller players in the industry such as Philbro Animal Health earned 19 times what it was expected to during its fiscal year ending in June.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 096





Note: supplies include items such as nutritional supplements. E=Estimate. Source: American Pet Products Association Money spent on pet food, medicine and veterinary care in the U.S. has more than since the start of the millennium that have helped the industry grow at roughly 5% a year.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 097

Animal healthcare products and supplies are also getting simpler. As pet owners would know, it can get hard to keep track of their dog’s monthly flea, tick, and heartworm disease regimen. Zoetis is now trying to launch a product that includes treatments for all three and others into a chewable tablet administered monthly. Previously, some of these parasiticides treatments had to be applied topically. Its range of products includes Simparica, a monthly chewable flea, tick, and lice pill for dogs. As a part of its expansion

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 098

plans, Zoetis plans to roll out Simparica Trio, for flea, tick, lice, heartworm, and other parasites in 2020. Elanco Animal Health’s product Interceptor Plus, which controls $100 million in sales last year. which wards off fleas, ticks and multimillion gains too.

in the chewables category, heartworm in dogs, raked Merck’s products Bravector, lice in dogs and cats made

But some of these innovations are rolling out in the form of better diagnostics, genetic testing, and even electronic tracking of herds in livestock. For instance, livestock healthcare is extremely dependent on protein production, whether it’s beef, milk, cheese, pork, poultry, or fish. It is also hinged on global population growth and evolving food trends, as the middle

In China, Zoetis’ pet revenue was about $84 million last year, up 47% from $57 million in 2017.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 099

class in developing economies move from eating rice and grains to proteins that are now affordable. Things are changing. Companies are now trying to push the antibiotic-free beef, pork, and chicken which is indirectly affecting the medical treatment of livestock. For example, Perdue Foods, now raises its poultry under the label “NEA”, i.e. No Antibiotics Ever. McDonald’s followed in Perdue Foods’ footsteps and announced it would reduce the overall use of antibiotics in its beef. People are not afraid to spend more when it comes to pet


Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 100

Elanco Animal Health’s product in the chewables category, Interceptor Plus, which controls heartworm in dogs, raked $100 million in sales last year.

therapeutic products. On the contrary, the livestock healthcare is quite price sensitive even today. This doesn’t nullify the growth rate animal health companies are experiencing at the moment. A lot of these companies have been able to identify their financial strengths and are now starting to invest in areas that will amplify the return and bring long-term profits and growth. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 101


Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 102

TRAVEL FAR, FAST, AND LIGHT Travel gear brand Tropicfeel wants to lighten your load on your next trip. For Alberto Espinós and Lucas De Gispert, travel is life. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the duo traveled to top destinations like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and nearly 20 European countries as backpackers for authentic adventure. On one trip to the South of Asia, after walking for miles in poor and worn-out footwear, the Espinós and De Gispert came to a shared conclusion: Adventure and shoes that make you comfortable go hand-in-hand.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 103

CROWD FUNDED INC. In the summer of 2016, the two aspiring entrepreneurs came up with the idea of creating the perfect adventure shoe for backpackers. Minimalist travel is the mantra for backpackers who have very limited space and have to hold everything on their backs. It goes without saying that if you plan to go on a backpacking adventure, you’ll need a good pair of shoes that versatile enough. You would agree if you’ve ever had to leave your travel footwear out to dry overnight on a hotel balcony or pack them in a zip lock bag only to permeate the smell of marinated shoes all over your clothes. When Espinós and De Gispert returned from Thailand, they spent months doing research to learn about the footwear frequent travelers rely upon. This brought to light a pain point all travel bloggers shared: they always needed to carry extra footwear and that translated into extra luggage. Based on their R&D, the two aimed to create footwear that

Tropicfeel Monsoon 2.0 Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 104

would be as comfy as sneakers, and technical enough to get the traveler through hiking and off-road adventures, and water-resistance enough for water sports, and of course, stylish enough to appear in travel photos. In early 2017, the two entrepreneurs founded Tropic, now Tropicfeel. They launched the first version of their sneaker together called Tropicfeel Monsoon owning to its waterresistant design. Neither had a background in product design or show design, so they traveled to Alicante, a Spanish city home to the country’s most famous footwear makers. There, they collaborated with master shoemakers and designers and built a prototype for their versatile sneakers in less than fourteen days. The prototype, however, was drab and not quite useful. The two realized that if they wanted to make a good product, they would need professional help. Soon the entrepreneurs embarked on another journey to find a professional designer. Along the process, they worked with shoe factories and producers to source the right materials. With the help of

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 105

CROWD FUNDED INC. the right people, they were able to get hold of breathable fabrics and slip-resistant rubber for the outsoles. To launch a successful product, Espinós pitched investors to source startup funds. As a part of the process, he directed the investors’ attention to headlines such as “More millennials, Gen Zs want to travel than buy home, start family: Report,” “Wanderlust for millennials is about more than pleasure,” and “How Millennials are Changing the Travel Industry.” In no time, he was able to secure close to $5,000 in seed funding, along with an additional loan of $70,000. In July 2017, the duo launched the first version of the tropic sneaker. Based on the initial positive responses the product garnered from the travel community they sold 1,500 pairs right away. That summer, they hired a full-time footwear designer and began working on building the next version. As a part of the process, they paid attention to user feedback to tinker around for the Monsoon 2.0, which included replacing actual laces for elastic no-tie laces, etc. The result? Monsoon 2.0 weighs less than seven ounces, it’s vegan, and has a removable footbed

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 106

When EspinĂłs and De Gispert returned from Thailand, they spent months doing research to learn about the footwear frequent travelers rely upon. This brought to light a pain point all travel bloggers shared: they always needed to carry extra footwear and that translated into extra luggage.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 107


Tropicfeel Monsoon 2.0 is the 16th highest funded project in Kickstart’s design history. It is also the highest funded project to come out of Spain, and the highestfunded shoe campaign around the globe.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 108

along with an odor-resistant, antibacterial mesh structure. To introduce the Monsoon 2.0 to a wider audience, the duo brought the product to the world’s most popular crowdfunding platform: Kickstarter. They launched their campaign in April 2018, and spent more than a year prepping for the big and exciting launch. Their efforts paid off and Tropicfeel’s initial goal of $14,000 was met in less than an hour when it reached $116,000 in 24 hours! The duo never expected that kind of response. Tropicfeel had now made a deal to work with the same supplier as the big Spanish footwear brands, like Kelme, Desigual, and Munich. The kickstart campaign ran for six weeks and raised under $2.4 million in funding from 26,000 enthusiastic buyers. Out of the 33,813 design-based products on Kickstarter, only 12,090 have been successfully funded. Out of these 12,090 products, less than hundred has raised more than $1 million. Tropicfeel Monsoon 2.0 is the 16th highest funded project in Kickstart’s design-based products history. It is also the highest funded project to come out of Spain, and the highest funded shoe campaign around the globe.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 109

A MARLBORO RE-MERGER CAN TWO TOBACCO GIANTS SAVE THEMSELVES FROM INSULATION? The sharp decline in tobacco consumption over the past 50 years has been key to public health achievement. Today, only 21 percent of adults in the United States smoke cigarettes compared to roughly 42 percent in 1964. Over the years, slumping sales have shaped key trends in global tobacco production. First, per capita tobacco production has Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 110

An exterior shot of the Altria Group Headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 111

A shot of the sign in front of the Altria Group Headquarters and Philip Morris USA Headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 112

rapidly declined in the Americas and Europe, dropping to 80% of the levels in the ‘60s (Figure 1). Second, the global share of tobacco production has shifted from North America and Europe to Brazil, China, India, and some African nations. China remains a powerhouse in tobacco manufacturing production; in 2013, its total manufacturing production peaked US $17.8 trillion, accounting for 38.1% of the global total.

Thanks to public health initiatives, taxes, and other regulations, there has been significant progress in limiting tobacco use which has coincided with a global decline in smoking rates. This decline is further accelerated as smokers pick combustible cigarettes to a range of reduced harm products. The slump in tobacco demand has put Philip Morris International (PMI) and Altria back together as they find themselves in a position that could be no longer economically sustainable. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 113

A SHIFTING LANDSCAPE OF TOBACCO PRODUCTION The two companies are discussing a blockbuster deal that would reunite the Marlboro marker with the parent company that sold it off a decade ago. Ten years since the de-merger, it is becoming clearer than ever that the separation was a mishap. While the de-merger insulated PMI from US litigation, it also exposed both Altria and PMI to serious vulnerabilities. In the first years since the de-merger, PMI witnessed higher volume growth in emerging markets of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. As years went on, it held the promise of


Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 114

A shot of the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco canning process taken at Alteria’s Nashville, Tennessee manufacturing facility.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 115

steady growth and made the occasional acquisition. On the flip side, Altria booked profit from the US businesses through price increases on its tobacco products. It also started diversifying its portfolio by buying companies in the smokeless tobacco business starting with the acquisition of UST. Out of the two giants, PMI was the first to show signs of a slowdown. With its headquarters in New York, PMI reports its earnings in US dollars and pays its dividends in dollars, although it has minimal dollar-based earnings. This has exposed the company to vulnerabilities such as currency fluctuations, starting in 2014 when the US central bank announced its plan to begin tapering its quantitative easing programs. PMI’s earnings from

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 116

profitable markets like Japan, Russia, Indonesia, and the EU were now severely impacted. This also impacted PMI’s stock buyback programs as well as its volume growth. In the years leading to this upcoming merger, PMI’s volume declines were much closer to Altria’s cigarette business in the United State. The quantitative easing programs by the US central bank would not have severely impacted if PMI and Altria were a merged entity. This re-merger would give a stable source of earnings and the highest degree of insulation from regulatory risks. The merger would create an industry leader with a market value of $200 billion.

IQOS device explained to customers at IQOS retail lab in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 117

Both companies sell the Marlboro brand. Altria spun off PMI in 2008. It is the biggest investor in e-cigarette market leader Juul Labs. Last year Altria paid $12.8 billion for a 35% stake in Juul Labs. Altria, valued at $88 billion, would have an ideal partner in PMI which is valued at $121 billion. According to Wells Fargo, the e-cigarette category has grown 97% to $1.96 billion over the past year. Juul’s sales grew 783% between June 2018 and June 2019, peaking $942.6 million. Altria is planning to dive into the cannabis market as more U.S. states legalize the drug. Last year Altria bought a 45% stake in Canadian marijuana company Cronos Group for about $1.8 billion.


Philip Morris International Operations Center Lausanne, Switzerland.

PMI’s diversification strategy has led the company to invest heavily in Juul-rival iQOS, a device that heats tobacco rather than burning it. The device is sold in 48 markets around the globe and has a total of 11 million users. Earlier this year, PMI lowered its earnings forecast and warned investors that it was facing lower of a 2% decline in demand and ship volumes in 2019. Its rival British American Tobacco (BAT) finalized its takeover of Reynolds American Incorporated in 2017, creating the world’s largest tobacco conglomerate. This merger, like this one, was also driven by sales and the rise of vapes and e-cigarettes. According to data provider Refinitiv, the acquisition of Altria by PMI would rank as the sixth-largest takeover in corporate history. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 119




International Auto Show - Las Vegas





13-15 Sep’19

“Over 350 of the hottest new cars and trucks all in one place!” The International Auto Show - Las Vegas, it is one the most important show which is related to the field of automobile industry. The fair will produce a prestigious platform for the automobile manufacturers to direct conference with the professional expertise one new trends and innovation in the respective field and make advance this sectors in global markets. Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

Automotive World Nagoya

18-20 Sep’19

“Japan’s leading trade show for advanced automotive technologies.” The Automotive World Nagoya is a great place for business negotiations and technical consultations between automobile manufacturers and automobile parts manufacturers and suppliers in Chubu and the Kinki region. It exhibits the latest technologies of advanced themes in the automobile industry such as automatic operation, electronicization / motorization of cars, connected cars, weight saving, etc. Highlights • The show where the leading-edge automotive technologies are exhibited in one hall Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 120

• World’s largest exhibition for advanced automotive technologies and a global business hub • This show has the largest automotive and aviation industry clusters Port Messe Nagoya, Nagoya, Japan

International Motor Show

12-22 Sep’19

“The automobiles industry trade fair” International Motor Show continues to exhibit an interesting array of passenger cars, special motor vehicles, E-Mobility and Car IT, Trailers, Model Cars along with Protective clothing, Tuning accessories, service gear, professional literature and periodicals and more. Congress Center Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany

Korea Automotive Industry Exhibition

16-18 Oct’19

“The Automobiles, Spare Parts and Accessories Industry Trade Fair” Korea Automotive Industry Exhibition is a one of the biggest automotive-related exhibition in Korea with the highest number of participants and car spare parts and workshop needs specialized exhibition. The international exhibitors show their comprehensive and innovative range of automotive accessories, workshop equipment, auto-electronic, and technical systems. ConvensiA Convention Center, Incheon, South Korea


05-08 Nov’19 Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 121

“The Automotive Industry Exhibition” The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products. In addition, the Sema Show provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more. Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA


07-10 Nov’19

“International Exhibition for the Automobiles Sector” EICMA, an acronym of International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition is dedicated to sports and the urban public, but at the same time fashion addicted and includes helmets, leather outerwear, duvets, totes, backpacks, silk scarves with the iconic monogram. The thread of the collection, the sign of the wheel on the collar of the jacket, on the cuffs, in the silver bracelets and on the helmets. Fiera Milano, Rho, Italy B








Crittenden Real Estate Finance Conference








18-20 Sep’19

“Conference on crittenden real estate finance” The Crittenden Real Estate Finance Conference is comprised of educational sessions and networking opportunities to aid in the Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 122

growth of your business. Each educational session is facilitated by the industry’s leading executives, with years of experience who are at the forefront of up-to-date information. Spend your evenings networking with industry professionals from all over the United States. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain professional contacts and advanced industry information to help your business prosper. Miami, USA

Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

05-06 Sep’19

“Acquire essential finance skills” Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers is a platform to learn how to think finance, and you will expand your career opportunities. From accruals to write-offs to receivables and payables, this workshop shows non-financial managers the concepts, tools, and techniques that can help make each decision pay off on the job and on the bottom line. AMA Conference Center New York City, New York, USA

Seamless East Africa

02-04 Sep’19

Seamless East Africa provides the attendees with the opportunity to get their brand in front of over 800 banks, government and fintech companies across the payment industry, create and reinforce leadership in these markets, meet and partner with the best banks, government and fintech companies in the region, and much more. Radisson Blu Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 123

Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group

18-20 Oct’19

The Spring Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund bring together central bankers, ministers of finance and development, parliamentarians, private sector executives, representatives from civil society organizations and academics to discuss issues of global concern, including the world economic outlook, poverty eradication, economic development, and aid effectiveness. Also featured are seminars, regional briefings, press conferences, and many other events focused on the global economy, international development, and the world’s financial system. Washington DC, USA

World Pension Summit

22-24 Oct’19

World Pension Summit explores the areas of Longevity And Changing Demographics Across, The Various Costs Of Pensions: Macro And Shifting, The Risks The Various Pillars Of Retirement Social Security, Company Pensions, Supplementary Pensions, And Private Savings Rethinking Pension Promises Breaking, The Fixed Link To A Monetary Value, Intergenerational Risk-Sharing Solidarity, New Asset Classes, and Monitoring Cost Of Investments Benchmarking. Louwman Museum, The Hague, Netherlands

Financial Accounting and Reporting

06-10 Oct’19

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 124

Financial Accounting & Reporting will cover important financial accounting topics and how to report them on financial statements, properly account for assets, liabilities, equity, revenues and expenses, prepare financial statements with the required notes and disclosures in periodic financial reports to recognize the need for transparency in reporting of financial statements and management reports, and report and interpret income statement and balance sheet accounts. BMC Training and Development, Dubai, UAE

Mining Investment London

20-21 Nov’19

Mining Investment London welcomes investors, fund managers, analysts and mining company management teams to one of the world’s great mining finance hubs. Featuring cash-generating producers, near-production development companies, project generators and exciting new discoveries, 121 Mining Investment offers investors the perfect forum to seek out their next big mining investment opportunity. etc.venues County Hall, London, UK E



CHARGE Energy Branding Conference



30 Sep-01 Oct’19

Charge Energy Branding Conference brings together people in and around the energy space to discuss and share ideas on communication, strategy, marketing, sustainability, renewables and innovation through the lens of branding. Gain a fresh perspective on branding energy companies and how to implement it from professionals from outside the energy space. Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 125

Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre, Reykjavík, Iceland

Tanzania Oil & Gas Congress

01-03 Oct’19

Tanzania Oil & Gas Congress, Bringing over 500 attendees together from across Tanzania’s oil and gas value chain, the Congress focused on the latest project updates and developments in the oil and gas industry, as the official platform promoting government and industry collaboration. Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

West Virginia Energy Expo

02 Oct’19

“The oil and natural gas industry exhibition.” West Virginias Oil and Gas Expo focuses on the latest business strategies and opportunities which will help in the recent and future development of oil and gas industry. Developmental changes which are taking place in this sector and which will help in the growth of oil and gas industry will also be discussed in this event. Mylan Park Ruby Community Center, Morgantown, USA

Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference

07-09 Oct’19

“The event is focused on energy industry” Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 126

Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference attracts a global audience of offshore industry professionals. The three-day event features an exhibition where over 600 companies will showcase their products and services. The accompanying conference addresses current and future issues in the offshore industry, covering developments in oil & gas and renewable. RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

GoTech Gas and Oil Technology Showcase & Conference

21-23 Oct’19

GoTech Gas and Oil Technology Showcase & Conference is a great opportunity to connect the Global Oil and Gas industry with Governments, Operators, Manufacturers, Service Companies, Consulting Houses, Academia as well as R&D Centers. The conference addressed the following topics are Subsurface Technologies, Drilling & Completions Technologies, Innovation, Surface Engineering & Operations Excellence, Integrated Digital Oilfields exhibition trade fair. Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

Executive Oil Conference & Expo

04-06 Nov’19

“Where Business Meets Opportunity in the Permian Basin” Executive Oil Conference and Exhibition is a unique opportunity to meet with all of the region’s leaders under one roof. Plays Covered: Wolfcamp, Spraberry, Bone Spring, Leonard, Avalon, YesoSponsorship & Exhibit Space Available. Midland County Horseshoe Arena, Midland, USA

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 127

Energy Austria

06-07 Nov’19

Energy Austria will cover topics like the digitalization of the energy industry, energy efficiency, and the flexibilization of the energy system. It will bring together high-level decision makers from the Austrian, German, and European energy industry and is the best opportunity for political and economic stakeholders to network with investors and service providers to connect and initiate business relations. Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna, Vienna, Austria F






Natural Products Expo East








11-14 Sep’19

“The Largest Natural, Organic and Healthy Products Event on the East Coast” Natural Products Expo East is THE place to see the newest products and trends in health and beauty, organic, and natural and specialty foods. Expo East connects you with the people behind the products, introduces you to industry experts in the classroom, and invites you to have fun with a community of other like-minded professionals. The Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, USA

Asia Food Expo

11-14 Sep’19

“International Exposition on Food Processing, Packaging and Handling Machinery” Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 128

Asia Food Expo features the latest top of the line packaging & food processing technologies, food marking and labeling services, material handling equipment, food storage systems, baking accessories and equipment, food services supplies & equipment, coffee machinery, confectionery machinery, process control technology, quality control technologies and solutions among other. World Trade Center Metro Manila, Pasay, Philippines

Shanghai International Tea Trade (Spring) Expo

19-22 Sep’19

“International Trade Exhibition for Tea Industry” Shanghai International Tea Trade (Spring) Expo is an international Tea event. The event is one of the important tea exhibitions in China, which will bring top industry companies and tea connoisseurs from all over the world together at one site. This event shows a product from Tea & Coffee industry. This event show products like raw tea, herbal tea, tea products, tea producing services, green tea, black tea, white tea, Oolong tea, tea sets, porcelain tea sets, teapots, tea furniture, tea-related products, and accessories, etc. Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China

The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show

22-23 Sep’19

The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show provides the opportunity to the attendees to discover the hottest products, and the latest technology and equipment innovations and sense the latest trends and gain knowledge to improve their business strategy. It exhibits roasting, brewing, grinding and espresso machine, premium coffee and tea, green coffee beans and loose tea, baked goods, chocolates and Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 129

exquisite desserts etc. The Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, Canada

Americas Food and Beverage Show and Conference

23-24 Sep’19

“International Exhibition for Food and Beverage Industry” Americas Food and Beverage Show and Conference operates to assist companies in growing their market share within the US and throughout the Americas. It provides exhibiting companies and visitors unparalleled opportunities to discover new markets, creates new products, ideas, and innovations. This event provides fingerlicking stalls of spring rolls, noodles, fish, marinated meat, drinks, smoked salmon, herring and much more. Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, USA

World Dairy Expo

01-05 Oct’19

“International Dairy Product Industry Expo” World Dairy Expo is a prominent and an International Trade Show for the Dairy Farmer. It is a focuses on the newest dairy technology and innovations, including animal health supplies, milking systems, feeding products, forage handling and manure equipment plus embryos. Alliant Energy Center, Madison, USA

Grocery & Specialty Foods

22-23 Oct’19

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 130

“The event is focused on grocery market” Grocery & Specialty Foods will provide the attendees with a lot of contacts among the participants. The manufacturers of food and consumer products and all categories related to grocery will be able to market their products, equipment, technology and services to all present. The show will educate the visitors about the related sector. The Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, Canada I










Finnovation Africa: South Africa


01 Oct’19

“FinTech in South Africa Accelerating the Transformation of Banking and Financial Services” Finnovation South Africa is a very different kind of event, a complete reboot, for a very different kind of industry. Deconstructed and shorn of all the usual, tired formats of the traditional convention and built from the ground up as a genuinely new event that is a ground-breaking in its focus as it is in its format and aspiring to be as innovative and transformative as the dynamic FinTech market it serves.Combining a highly innovative and interactive event format with world-class speakers and more than 300 carefully selected participants, Finnovation Africa: South Africa, to be held at the Protea Hotel By Marriott, Parktonian, Johannesburg on the 1st October 2019, will tackle the most pressing questions for the progress of FinTech and the positive transformation of banking in Africa, providing a platform for all stakeholders to engage in creating the future of financial services on the continent – from established banking powerhouses to FinTech start-ups. Protea Hotel by Marriott Johannesburg Parktonian AllSuite, Johannesburg, South Africa Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 131

Interface Salt Lake City

01 Oct’19

The Interface Salt Lake City explores the areas of IT Infrastructure, BC/DR, IT Security, and Enterprise Communications and provides the attendees with the opportunity to find presentations, panel discussions and exhibitors covering a variety of topics, as well as the latest innovations and best practices. Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake, USA

Mobility Business

01-03 Oct’19

Mobility Business, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance, constant connectivity, and optimized travel are rapidly changing organizations, methods, and needs. It is an event that illustrates a large selection of products like videos, interviews, news and exhibitor cards, mobile solution providers and all decision makers in project mode etc. Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France

Global Gaming Expo

14-17 Oct’19

“International Gaming Industry Show of USA” Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is the largest gathering of global, commercial and tribal gaming professionals in North America. Take advantage of new educational content that is fast-paced and actionable and experience first-hand the new products and innovative technologies showcased on the expo floor. It has Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 132

everything attendees need for their casino floor and across their entire operation from traditional casino fare to non-gaming amenities and digital products it is where attendees’ business growth is accelerated. Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

MIPCOM - The World’s Entertainment Content Market

14-17 Oct’19

“Global Market for Entertainment Content Across All Platforms” The World’s Entertainment Content Market features decision makers and exhibitors from countries will come to the event to display and speak about products related to the field of television, content production and distribution, Video and DVD, Cinema, New media, mobile, advertising, licensing and merchandising, service and post-production. They will do networking with the people who are engaged in entertainment and technological sectors. Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference

14-17 Oct’19

“O’Reilly AI Conference, Where cutting-edge science meets new business implementation.” The O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference brings the growing AI community together to explore the most essential issues and intriguing innovations in applied AI. Attendees will experience an unsurpassed depth and breadth in technical content—with a lasersharp focus on the most important AI developments for business. Hilton London Metropole, London, UK Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 133











International Conference on Medical, Medicine and Health Sciences




16-17 Sep’19

“Advances in collaborative research for public health, medical and medicine sciences for better healthcare services to society” International Conference on Medical, Medicine and Health Sciences will cover vital issues in medical, medicine and health sciences under multiple sub-themes. The aim of the conference is to support, encourage and provide a platform for networking, sharing, publishing and nurturing the potential growth of individual scholars across the globe. Nine Tree Premier Hotel Myeongdong2, Seoul, South Korea


16-18 Sep’19

CPhI brings together pharmaceutical professionals each year to network, identify business opportunities and expand the global market. It exhibits innovative pharmaceutical machinery, equipment, and technology to a worldwide forum of a decision, makers face to face. Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre - ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 134

Risk Management And Pharmacovigilance Summit

17-19 Sep’19

Risk Management And Pharmacovigilance Summit aims to create a great atmosphere for PV professionals to network and discuss current issues in the drug safety world. It provides the attendees with the opportunity to hear about all the necessary topics related to the new updates in regulatory, new techniques in digital pharmacovigilance, real examples of benefit-risk evaluation and signal detection, how to go through the inspection, patient support programmes and patient centricity, and much more. Vienna, Austria

Pharma CI Conference & Exhibition USA

18-19 Sep’19

The Best and Largest Assembly of Competitive Intelligence Executives in Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Devices in the World for 10+ Years! The 2019 Pharma CI USA Conference & Exhibition (September 1819, 2019, Newark, NJ) is the gold standard for senior-level industry professionals who seek the latest in competitive and business intelligence. Join us at this premier gathering and network with other key decision makers as you learn about the most pressing and relevant issues facing the competitive intelligence community today. Attend and take advantage of highest ratio of industry practitioners (pharma, biotech, medical device and diagnostics) of any pharma intelligence conference! This is the only event featuring a world-class lineup of speakers offering their unique insights and expertise on the topics you care about most! Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott, Newark, USA

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 135

International Conference on Medical, Medicine and Health Sciences

25-26 Sep’19

The International Conference on Medical, Medicine and Health Sciences conference will cover areas like to support, encourage and provide a platform for networking, sharing, publishing and nurturing the potential growth of individual scholars across the globe. Best Western Hotel Globus, Rome, Italy

Biotech in Europe Forum

25-26 Sep’19

“For Global Partnering & Investment” Biotech in Europe Forum is highly transnational event draws together an exciting cross-section of early-stage/pre-IPO, latestage and public companies with leading investors, analysts, money managers and pharma licensing executives. Supported and designed by leading figures within Europe’s pharmaceutical and biotech industry, this event will once again be covered by our regular media partners. Congress Center Basel, Basel, Switzerland

International Conference on Neurology and Neuroscience

25-26 Sep’19

“Scientific quest to overcome the challenges faced in Neurology and Psychology” Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 136

This Conference will bring all the experts like Neurologist, Neuropsychologist, academics Professionals and students from all over the world to share ideas and exchange their research. This huge event consists of three value-packed days with keynote speakers, presentations, workshops, symposia, poster sessions, and discussions with thought leaders in Neurology. Melbourne, Australia

Emergency Medicine Today Conference

30 Sep-02 Oct’19

Emergency Medicine Today Conference, is one of the most widely recognized EMS educational conferences in the country, offering its attendees the opportunity to hear presentations from outstanding faculty from across North Carolina and the United States. The conference offers continuing education credit for topics of general interest and current advancements in the fields of pre-hospital emergency care, emergency and trauma medicine and public health. The conference audience includes basic life support and advanced life support personnel, emergency medical dispatchers, EMS professionals, EMS administrators, EMS educators, emergency medicine/trauma physicians/nurses, public health professionals, emergency managers, State Medical Assistance Team, law enforcement officials, search and rescue responders, preparedness officials and others who play an important role in critical incidents. Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons, Greensboro, USA

Industry Leaders Magazine - September‘19 | 137

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Industry Leaders September 2019  

As we head into Autumn, we at Industry Leaders are delighting our sweet tooth with unapologetically zeal. As the days get shorter and the tr...

Industry Leaders September 2019  

As we head into Autumn, we at Industry Leaders are delighting our sweet tooth with unapologetically zeal. As the days get shorter and the tr...