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CHALLENGE 1. Get to know your team – discuss a little bit about this challenge 2. Make forced combinations: combine a random product or a random activity with a human pleasure or a human virtue. Give it at least 20 chances. 3. Choose the most empathic idea. 4. Make a 1-minute-show to present your team to the group and explain your empathy idea.

4 DESIGN OPPORTUNITIES PRODUCT focus  (start with an existing  product)  PLEASURE FOCUS  (start with human pleasure  and minimization of pain)   MEANINGFUL FOCUS (start with human virtues,  self‐actualisation and  minimization of value  conflicts) 

CONTEXT focus  (start with an existing  situation or activity) 

a confessional: combination of chair (object) + being free from sin (virtue)

wailing wall : combination of human virtue (being free from sin) + context and activity (gathering there once in your life)

Robot nurse: combination of robot + human virtue (being physically healthy) + human pleasure (laughing)

Object (ring) + human pleasure (minimization of pain: not always having to explain to others in which mood you are)

A distorting mirror: laughing (pleasure) + m (object)

Belt/tool for trombone player with only 1 arm: human virtue (self-actualisation) + human pleasure (enjoying music) + context (physically disabled)

A bib for a group of adults: human pleasure (food) + human virtue (human relations) + context (restaurant) + object (table)

Social bench. Hello! says the  pillow. MaisonCaro explores the  possibility how interactive  textiles can be integrated into a  social event. She developes an  interactive pillow where the  virtual becomes real and soft. A  pillow as a conversation starter,  created during 100years Vooruit.  A pillow for tomorrow with  support of TIO3, using old  techniques in cooperation with  MIAT and knit Museum Sint‐ Niklaas.

Social Bench: a bench (object) + human virtue (human relations) + context (waiting room at hospital)

The bench as a social  experiment. MaisonCaro creates  a long pillow as a soft chain; a  series of connected items to  share. A fabric lamp, a fabric  speaker and a fabric audio jack  are integrated in the pillow, all  to share and play. A game where  spectators watch players and  passers‐by watch spectators.  Where unrelated pairs become  related pairs and virtual  becomes real. The pillow  enables us to participate,  cooperate and be part of a  generative process.

Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell sees objects as communicating living organisms that spark up new sensations and people’s imagination. His latest venture, Communication Line, is a public bench created for Dutch Design Week located right in front of Eindhoven’s central cathedral. The aim of this quirky collection of interconnected chairs – with attached cocoons – is to help people socialize and to promote playful dialogue.

Bench (object) + human virtue (communicating) + context (city)

Read more: Nacho Carbonell's Cocoon Seats Encourage People to Socialize in a Playful Way | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

45’ to think, 45’ to present

24 3 14 create an empathy tool  

Creative warm-up workshop about empathy and design, given during the Intensive Program 2014, hosted by Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wale...

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